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Title: Love With A Touch Of Insanity
Post by: ShibuyaDokiDoki on April 21, 2011, 08:00:04 AM
A BLACK x Gekikara fanfic~  :grin: hope you like it!

I don't know the child's name or gender so until I find out... the child shall be known as "child" and/or "baby"  :nervous lol well... enjoy!!  :cathappy:

Love With A Touch Of Insanity Chapter One

BLACK sighed as she adjusted the strap on her young child. It was almost time for the stores closing time and her child had fallen asleep. She sighed once more and looked outside to see the stars covered by dark clouds that hung in the air and the cold wind that howls mercilessly. She stood at her counter for another half hour, constantly adjusting the strap on her baby carrier until she heard her manager told her it was time to go home. She thanked him, packed her things, and left but not before putting a blanket around the child and a jacket around herself. She stepped outside and instantly shivered as the wind cut through her clothes. She pulled her jacket and the blanker around her and her child closer as to try to keep warm. As she walked, she noticed that not long after she left the store, a group of men started to follow her. She would run back to her house but that would wake the child and she does not want more work to do so she just walked as fast as she could without waking the baby but one she got to a tunnel, she knew it was a bad idea to take this route. She was about to give up trying not to wake the baby and run for it when she found her way blocked by another set of guys. She stopped in the middle of the tunnel and looked both ways and seeing her path was blocked.

"Shit… I would beat their asses to the ground but…"

She shook her head. It's either she put the child down and fight or run like a little girl who couldn't protect herself. Her pride or her child's safety. She chose her child's safety until she noticed the guys closing in and the little light from the ends of the tunnel glinted off steel.


She heard the men chuckle as they cornered her against the wall. They all had the cocky stance with their chins held high and they reeked of smoke and alcohol. If BLACK was still one of the four queens, she would've wiped all those smirks off in less than two minutes… but now she was only a single mother who had to work for her child.

"Hey girlie… let's have some fun. Just put that kid down."

"If your dreams asshole!"

"Ohhhh she's a feisty one!"

"I like them feisty…"

They started to close in and she felt two of them grab her arm. She tried to shake her off but to no avail. She tried to fight them off as best as she could but after minutes of struggling, she nearly gave up… until she heard it… the bone chilling giggle that would've sent people running in all directions… if they knew what was coming. The men stopped and looked around, confused.

"Who the fuck is there?"

The giggling continued and they all moved away from BLACK, their knives drawn. BLACK also looked around wondering where the laughter came from. Then she, along with the men, spotted her. A girl with all dark clothing except for the rhinestones that glittered in the light stood at the entrance of where the group had entered. Her eyes seemed to glow as she bit her nails and watched he men stare at her.

"Oh… another girl… you here for some fun?"

BLACK watched the girl cock her head as she let out another giggle. BLACK could tell the girl was amused… and she was sure if these men don't run, things would get dirty. The men surround her and she looked at them one by one while STILL biting her nails. One of them reached out to grab her and next thing they knew, he was on the ground twitch and screaming. She had broke his hand without effort as she stood there, one hand hanging at her side and there other holding her neck.

"Ne… okotteru?"

"Y-you bitch! You'll pay!"

BLACK watched as they all rushed at her with their knives but all she did was stand there and giggle. No fear was shown as each slash was taken. She side stepped each attempt and brought them all down. She fought them till blood stained her clothes, hands, and floor. The whole time, she had smile on her face and as each man fell, she giggled even louder. When she was done, her hands were covered in blood while splatters covered her face and neck. They were all laying on the ground as she stood in the middle. Some were still conscious while others were out cold. Her hands went back to her face as she once again nibbled on her nails.

"Ne… don't touch… her. She's mine… hehehehehe"

She stepped over the bodies and made her way over the where BLACK stood against the wall. She cocked her head to the side as she studied BLACK's figure. Her jacket was ripped and parts of her pants and shirt were too. The only thing kept safe was the blanket. She looked at the child in BLACK's arms closely and studied the child with interest.

"Are you… okay BLACK?"

"Yea… thanks to you Geki."

She received a giggle in reply as she watched the insane queen take off her jacket and offer it to her. She looked at the queen questioningly but the insane queen only continued to bite her nails and stare. BLACK took the jacket and put it on, Geki's smell immediately invading her senses. Geki surprisingly smelled really good. Like strawberries. She wrapped her child tighter in the blanket and started walking home, Geki following shortly behind. Once they got to her apartment, she took Geki inside, put the child down in the crib, and dragged her to the bathroom. She turned on the bath for Geki and turned to her.

"Take a bath… you're all bloody and dirty. You can stay over tonight. I'll go get you some clothes."

She was about to walk out when she felt a hand grab her wrist lightly. She turned around and found Geki holding onto her hand and looked at her. She looked at Geki who just stared back. She sighed and closed the door before turning back to the queen. She walked up and Geki held up her arms with a smile on her face. BLACK shook her head and took the hem of Geki's uniform in her hands and pulling upwards, slowly revealing pale skin and muscle that twitched with each move of her body. The uniform was gone and she unhooked all of Geki's belts and chains before pulling down her skirt too, leaving her in her black panties and bra. Geki giggled as she saw BLACK's face turn a little pink as BLACK took in the sight of the toned body. When she reached behind to unhook Geki's bra, she felt thin arms encircle her waist and teeth close around her ear. She shivered and held back a moan as she pulled away and looked at Geki disapprovingly. Geki only pouted but stayed still as BLACK unhooked her bra, her arms still around BLACK's waist. When BLACK reached Geki's black panties, her hands shook lightly. She had always, for some reason, liked the insane queen. From her giggle to how she was covered in blood after each fight. She shook her head a bit and hooked her finger on the hem of the black panties and slid them down the long, pale and smooth legs. She threw that to the pile of clothes and led Geki the shower where she washed Geki's hair and back, letting Geki wash the rest herself, and pulled her to the tub. She sat on the little chair as she watched Geki play with the water and bubbles, drifting off into her own thoughts. She was called out of her thought by the sight of a wet Geki wrapped in a towel standing in front of her.

"Ne… BLACK… are you okay?"

"Huh…? Uhhhh yea. I'm fine. Let's go get you dressed… are you hungry?"

"Mmmhmm… A little bit."

BLACK smiled slightly as she let Geki choose her own clothes while she went and cooked something for them. While she was cooking, she heard her child start crying but she couldn't step away from the food. She tried to finish up quickly but suddenly, the crying stopped. She quickly finished and walked to the room. She found the door slightly ajar and she peeked inside. What she saw surprised her as she stood there shocked. Holding the baby close and feeding the child while rocking back and forth, lulling the child back to sleep was none other than Gekikara, the insane queen. A peaceful smile rested on her face as she rocked the child back and forth lightly. Once the child was asleep, she placed the child back in the crib and placed the bottle on the table side before turning to leave. She saw BLACK at the door and smiled at BLACK while she walked out and closed the door lightly.

"G-geki… uhh… thanks for the help to putting the baby back to sleep."

"No problem… hehehe… ne… is the food done?"

"Wha-? Oh yea…come on. Let's go eat."


Title: Re: Love With A Touch Of Insanity
Post by: RenaChii on April 21, 2011, 08:38:24 AM
 :mon closeup:

Finally an update~  :mon inluv:

Gekikara with the baby is so cute~  :luvuluvu:

Please update soon~  :mon cute:
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Post by: crazywota on April 26, 2011, 09:54:05 AM
patiently waiting for the next update   :mon suspect: you still gonna continue this right?

my sister said you aren't sure  :mon hanky: it's great. i really like it :mon innocent:

please do continue, i'll be waiting  :mon cute: :mon cute: :mon cute:
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Post by: khryz0421 on April 26, 2011, 06:52:05 PM
can i ask shibuyadokidoki? could you make a fanfic about mariko-sama??

pls... pls.... pls...
Title: Re: Love With A Touch Of Insanity
Post by: ShibuyaDokiDoki on April 27, 2011, 03:25:49 AM
can i ask shibuyadokidoki? could you make a fanfic about mariko-sama??

pls... pls.... pls...

sure why not...  :) i'll do it when i have time... testing is happening at school and stuff so i'm kinda...  :bleed eyes: haha :sweatdrop:
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Post by: aoi_sora on April 27, 2011, 09:59:21 AM
Black  and Gekikara with the baby!!!  :cow:
please update this Shibuya-san! :bow:
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thank you so much..:)  good luck on your exams....

nice to meet you..
Title: Re: Love With A Touch Of Insanity
Post by: Mari07 on April 28, 2011, 04:23:50 AM
Ahhh Shii-chan~
I love a character who comes to my rescue. Especially if their first name is Rena and their last name Matsui  :drool: i mean ... if their name is Spicey harhar

I hope you update this  :thumbup im sorry it took me awhile to read this fic. ive been roaming the other threads e_e
I havnt updated my stories so much, i need to get to that.

But just because im not updating doesnt mean you shouldnt >_> no. jeje says you cant do that!
Title: Re: Love With A Touch Of Insanity
Post by: ShibuyaDokiDoki on April 28, 2011, 08:17:31 AM
@Mari07 -psh... i was waiting for more MaYuki! and maybe some WMatsui too!  :nervous haha please update soon!

sorry guys... its been a while. everything is so hectic. For the last two weeks, i've been busy with rehearsals for a competition... WHICH WE WON FIRST PLACE IN!!!! (*cough* no one cares *cough*) okay so back to this... yea this isn't my usual kind of fanfic... is it?  :grin: and also... heres what one of my fav authors once wrote... or close to it... "A writer lives on the feedback of the readers."  :) haha well... ONWARD TO THE STORY ~!

As they sat there eating, BLACK turned on the TV and put on the news. As they sat and ate, a report came up about a group of young men found beaten and bleeding near a tunnel. These young men were also part of a gang which the police had been searching for and the police had somehow called this a rival gang's doing which made Gekikara let out a mad giggle. After that, a comfortable silence covered them as they continued to eat. Suddenly, surprising BLACK, Gekikara sprung out a question everyone has been dying to ask but never had the guts to.

"Ne… who is the father of that child?"

"… Why do you ask?"

"No reason. Curiosity killed the cat… hehehehehe."

"It was a man I met in my first year of high school. There was no love… no nothing. It was a simple fling and next thing I knew, I was pregnant. Now why do you ask? There is always a motive when a question is asked."

Before BLACK knew what had happened, Gekikara had her up against the wall, their bodies flushed together. Their thin t-shirts did nothing to stop the feeling of each other's warmth and muscles as Gekikara pressed ever harder against BLACK.

"Because… I wish to know who it was that took my precious jewel from me."

"He took nothing."

"He took everything."

"What did he take then?"

"Something that should've been mine."

"And what would that be?"

"A treasure only a woman has once in her life. Once lost, it can never be retrieved."

"Do tell."

Gekikara leaned up close to BLACK's ear, nibbling it and letting her hot breath mist over. She giggled a little when she felt BLACK shiver at the feeling.

"Your… first… time…"

Gekikara then released BLACK and cleaned up their plates. As she was washing them in the kitchen, BLACK stood where Gekikara had released her… still up against the wall. Millions of thoughts ran through her head at once. She shook her head and regained her composure. She knew immediately what she needed to do… what she WANTED to do. She walked into the kitchen where Gekikara stood over the sink, still washing. She quickly stood behind Gekikara and encircled her arms around the insane queen's waist while nuzzling her neck gently. She blew gently against the back of Gekikara's neck and felt the insane queen shiver in her arms.

"If you put it like that, why not be my first… when it comes to girls?"

She left the kitchen and walked back to her room. She heard footsteps behind her and once she was in her room, she heard the door close and she felt herself land on her bed. This surprised her as she didn't expect it at all. She had at least expected to hear Gekikara say something first. She found Gekikara on top of her in seconds, her face buried in BLACK's neck and she could feel the queens teeth graze her neck.


"Why...? Why what?"

"Why offer yourself now? You knew all along I had feelings for you…"

"I just needed confirmation."

"You're lying…"

"How do you know?"

"Because… you don't have the same feelings as I do for you…"

"How are you sure?"

"I can see it… in your eyes… in your movements… you don't have feelings for me… not like my feelings you."

"I do."

"You don't."

Gekikara pulled away from BLACK's neck and looked down at her. Suddenly, BLACK felt something soft pressed up against her and ignited sparks in her chest. Not fireworks… but just tiny sparks. She felt the soft warmth leave her and when she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see tears in the other queen's eye, threatening to spill.

"A lie… I felt nothing…"

BLACK was sure she felt slight sparks… but that was so slight… but she knew the truth. She knew that even though now, her heart only speeds up slightly, she was sure in the future, she would have a heart attack just from the sight of this girl's insane smile.

"Just give me some time… I'll—"

"N-no… it's… its okay BLACK… just… all I want to say is… I love you…"

With that said she kissed BLACK once more and bolted out the door. BLACK sat on her bed and stared at her bedroom door, which was now ajar, with shock written all over her face. Gekikara, the insane and most feared queen of Rappapa, had just told her, the heartless queen, she loves her. BLACK was then suddenly overcome with grief as she realized she had lost someone who might truthfully love her for who she was and not the body beneath these clothes. She ran outside to find Gekikara's boots gone and the queen herself nowhere in sight. BLACK pulled out her cell phone and tried to call the girl but no matter how many times she calls, no one picks up. She didn't know what happened but suddenly, BLACK was up against the wall once more and she slid to the floor, crying. She stayed there for a while before pulling herself up and walking back into her room. She sat down on the bed while thinking about what had just happened. How can she feel like this for someone who she had never had feelings for except now? She sat there, pondering this thought. Until it hit her like a ton of bricks. She had loved Gekikara from the beginning. She had just never admitted it or was in denial. She shook her head as diamond tears dropped from her eyes once more. As she sat there and cried, she noticed Gekikara's jacket next to her, right where she left it. She grabbed it and held it close, letting Gekikara's scent fill her senses. She fell asleep like that, thinking about the insane queen and what could have been. She vowed to herself that she would make that queen hers… or at least make her see the truth.

Title: Re: Love With A Touch Of Insanity
Post by: eSsIe21 on April 28, 2011, 03:31:10 PM
wah!!!? :shocked:..., yehey new chapter!!!!!!!!!..............

"Ne… who is the father of that child?"

what the hell? :glasses:. kill the father of black's baby!!! :scolding:

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Found ya SHI-CHAN~! Your NUMBER ONE FAN made an account just for you ~!! :onioncheer:
oh don't forget your promised lemon tree on chpter three buddy~ :ding:

-PI-KUN :glasses:
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update :mon innocent: update :mon innocent: update :mon innocent:.... please update... :kneelbow: :mon cute:
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Whaat? I just realized I had not commented here yet O_O
But i did read it. And i was and still is, waiting for the updates ....
Waiting ....
Waiting ........ UPDATE ALREADY!!

Found ya SHI-CHAN~! Your NUMBER ONE FAN made an account just for you ~!! :onioncheer:
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First, let me congratulate you. Why? Because for once in my miserable life, you've made me like a couple that I never really gave much of a thought.

This was a really good read. The chemistry of Gekikara and Black are surprisingly awesome. Characters are totally in-character. (Except Black but it's understandable.)

Well, I'll be waiting for more!

Oh, lastly, I love your WMatsui fic. I'll go review it too later but let me tell you this now, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.  :twothumbs
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pls update~~~ :roll:
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Love this fanfic. Please update.... Oh, and congratulation for your winning. :)
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Yay~ an update~  :onioncheer:

"Let's… give your kid… and little sister or brother…"

"What do you mean Rena?"

"One day… carry my child."

"Hehehe… okay… I'll carry Rena's child one day."

I don't know how but . . .  :mon inluv:

Glad it's an happy ending~  :mon determined:

THANKS~!  :mon squee:
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Whoaaa.... That was fast. I wonder, how can Yuki bear Rena's child?  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Hehehehe.... Just curious. Please update  :heart:
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Wow! I didn't notice the update! Holy crap that was awesome! And very lemony!  :inlove:

Great as always Shibuya-sama! Can't wait for the next chapter! This is seriously making me get over my WMatsui withdrawal.

We. Need. More. WMatsui. Maybe I'll go write my own fic but I'm not really the best writer. Maybe after getting to know the two better.

Edit: I just realized I pressed the wrong thank you buttons. Well.... Yeah.. :facepalm:
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The part wich RenaChii quoted made me smile ^^
It was awesome thx!!!!
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is this done??  :dizzy:but i want more... :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook:

well chapter 3 made me  :on bleed: :on bleed: :on bleed: :on bleed: :on bleed:
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Well... if I didn't see the smut... I wouldn't have noticed your first 2 chapter...

But I didn't regret reading it.... it's very nice GekixBlack story

Hope to see the next update

 :wub: :inlove: :twothumbs :theking
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Love With A Touch Of Insanity

-I like it!
-Chapter 1 and 2 is very nice!
-Please Update!
-Thank You
-Waiting for your next chapter-