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Author Topic: My short fics ~ SADISTIC FEELINGS (MAYUKI ft WMATSUI) PART3  (Read 22626 times)

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« Reply #100 on: August 15, 2014, 05:40:00 AM »
Last night I dream vampire Yuki torture me :onionwhip: :mon curtain:
and then because of jelousy ...Geki stab me :mon worklate: when things got interesting :mon duh:
this SADISTIC FEELINGS really give me nightmare :lol:

want more.. :bow: :bow: :bow:

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« Reply #101 on: September 22, 2014, 04:39:59 AM »
                                        PART  3

During class Jurina only could Mayu, she seems acting strange since that night and she haven't spoke with her since then.

Mayu in other hand remembers everything Yuki said that night "Why? Why I'm so different from this people? " She thought looking around at her partners smiling and chatting with each other.

"I have no point in life.. I'm so empty." She thought feeling worst every second.

Without noticing time passed fast and soon it was time to go home.

Everyone was about to go but the most popular guy in the classroom got in the front.

"Guys my birthday is today so I'll be waiting in Halloween theme party, don't go without a costume!" He said happy.

Everyone looked at eachother.

"Is not Halloween yet!" Many spoke.

He got annoyed by the comments "I KNOW THAT'S WHY IS SO SPECIAL DON'T  MISS IT! MY PARENTS ARE NIT HOME" He yelled then walked way with his group of friends.

As Mayu gather her things her friends approached meanwhile Jurina watches them from the back.

"Are you going Mayu Chan?" One of them asked. Mayu thought it for a sec "I don't think so!" She replied her pencil fell so she bent and grabbed it.

"LOOK! LOOK!" One of her friends said.

All of them smiled.

"Mayu Chan has a boyfriend, look what he did to you SO BOLD!" She said pointing Mayu's neck.

Jurina got annoyed.

Mayu blushed then remembered Yuki's bites "Ah... not.. not..a boyfriend!" She answered nervous then grabbed her things and left the classroom fast.

"A friend with benefits" The three girl were gossiping while Jurina was really mad "Tonight, you'll pay~" she thought clenching her fist.


"Black What are you doing?" Acchan asks as she reads a magazine.

Black was looking Gekikara sleeping hugging her doll "Today is that day... Stupid curse!" She said irritated.

"You shouldn't have mess with gypsies!" Acchan says as she change the page.

Black only looked at Gekikara hoping that the curse would fail this time.

"Curses are curses never fail" Acchan let out crushing all hope Black had.

Acchan closed her magazine "Don't you feel a little guilty, first you made her crazy and because of you, she has a curse which for every vampire is the worst!" She asked.

"Shut up!" Yuki let out serious "I'll do anything you ask if you take care of her these 3 days, she gets really boring and all emo during these 3 days." She continued.

Acchan smirked then got closer "Okay.. Don't forget, Look she's waking up!" She says.

Gekikara opened her eyes, she looked at the two girls in front of her "What are you doing?" She asked as she gets up.

Yuki noticed she ignored the doll usually she wakes up and says good morning to it.

"It's already night time so I'll be out!" Yuki let out then left.

Gekikara and Acchan looked at eachother.

~At Mayu's home~

Mayu was laying on bed looking at the ceiling then her phone rang it was her friends telling her that they will go to the party and that they'll pick her up so she can't refuse.

So against her will Mayu dressed up and her costume was of a kitty (kinda sexy) they went to the party.

Everything was going smoothly, she was having fun with her classmates. They were dancing together.

"Who ever thought this Halloween theme party would Rock!" Mayu's friends where shouting while dancing.

Mayu smiled "I forgot what was like to feel normal!" She thought then stopped dancing and went to get something to drink.

The lights were kinda off so it was hard to go to the kitchen.

Someone grabbed Mayu by her wrist then pushed her against the wall in the hall, many were drunk and dancing.

"You.." Mayu let out.

Yuki smiled "Why you didn't invite me? I had to bit the birthday boy!" She said showing her fangs.

"You can't do it here.. I'll scream!" Mayu said with fear.

Yuki laughed "C'mon make a scene! Do it! Show me! I'm thirsty!" She let out shaking Mayu.

Mayu was scared.

Yuki got closer to her ear "Mayu Chan are you scared? Being discovered doesn't worry me, it gets me thrilled." She whispered making Mayu surprised of her twisted personality suddenly she bit her.

Mayu looked at her friends dancing, it became blurry "Not.. my boyfriend.." she whispered.

Yuki stopped draining her blood then looked at her "Are you fantasizing with me?" She asked to the dizzy Mayu flustered.

"Mayu Chan, who's your friend?" Her friends asked around Yuki.

"Vampire.." Mayu replied dizzy while Yuki holds her.

Yuki smiled "I'm her friend Kashiwagi Yuki, somebody's been drinking too much right Mayu Chan?" She said.

Mayu onky buried her face on Yuki's neck.

"You should take her home Kashiwagi San?" One of her friend said looking at her.

Yuki frowned "Why would I do that?" She asked looking at that girl.

"Because you guys are friends!" Another replied.

"Not that close!" Yuki answered fast.

Mayu's friends looked at her "She seems pretty comfy with you!" They pointed at Mayu on Yuki's big chest.

"This girl..." Yuki thought annoyed "okay~" she replied pissed then took Mayu with her.

Once out of the party she carried Mayu bridal style and in no time she was at Mayu's home.

She carried her to her bed then threw her there. Yuki looked at Mayu's room for a moment "I killed your parents and you don't seen too much affected What kind of person are you Watanabe Mayu?" She thought.

~ Meanwhile~

Jurina was pretty hurt hiding behind a tree.

"Food.. where are you?" 3 vampires where shouting.

Jurina looked down "I'm so out of focus that these 3 vamps hurt me badly." She thought thinking about her pride as a hunter.

Jurina got out of her hiding place "I'll will turn you into ashes!" She shouted mad then started fighting with the three.

She stabbed one in the heart and turned into ashes but one of them grabbed her from behind.

"Eating a hunter.. I'm feeling lucky!" The one holding Jurina said while the other laughs.
"Let her go!" Somebody said.

Jurina looked at the girl "You..." she let out surprised.

"Look your own food!" The one holding Jurina said,.

Gekikara moved fast and turned the vampires into ashes in a few seconds, Jurina was scared looking at her.

"Last time I had a really complicated time trying to take her off me, now I'm hurt.. I'll be her lunch in no time!"  Jurina thought.

Gekikara got closer, she used her scarf to stop the blood from Jurina's leg.

"We gotta get you out of Here... they'll noticed." GEkikara said then grabbed Jurina on her back.

"What happened? This vampire some nights ago tried to kill me but now it's different peaceful and calm..." Jurina thought.


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« Reply #102 on: September 22, 2014, 07:42:31 AM »
poor Geki.. Black already bored with her :(

and Geki help Jurina :shock:

can't wait for next chapter~

maybe I can have nightmare tonight :kekeke:

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« Reply #103 on: September 22, 2014, 02:13:10 PM »
WTF!!! Gekikara what happens??
Yuki is so cruel poor mayu!!
Continue ASAP...

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« Reply #104 on: September 22, 2014, 10:24:17 PM »
When did Gekikara turn into a good person O_o'

Yuki stop being so cruel, poor Mayu

Update soon, i mean ASAP

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« Reply #105 on: September 23, 2014, 08:08:34 PM »
It's  a curse long time ago Black and Gekikara messed with gypsies, they made a curse for Gekikara since she was the one who destroyed and ate many gypsies.


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« Reply #106 on: September 26, 2014, 02:43:39 PM »
It's  a curse long time ago Black and Gekikara messed with gypsies, they made a curse for Gekikara since she was the one who destroyed and ate many gypsies.


ohh..that explained it..
hmm..I dunno what to say to Mayu and Yuki  :lol: :lol: :lol:
just...have fun torturing Mayu, Yuki  :roll:

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« Reply #107 on: January 26, 2015, 03:12:24 PM »
Author-san please update this fanfic

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« Reply #108 on: January 27, 2015, 03:52:18 AM »
Ok.. but first I gotta update the exchange :)

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« Reply #109 on: January 27, 2015, 09:23:48 AM »
waaaa~ love all of the short fic n os~ huhuhu~ gonna wait for the update for sure~ ^^

thx a lot for everything~  :3

~LoVe My LiFe~

living normally is a best thing I ever want and have..

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« Reply #110 on: January 27, 2015, 11:42:26 AM »
I love it I want to read moreeee please update soon.

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Re: My short fics: ~~~~~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #111 on: April 22, 2018, 04:27:35 PM »
Well this is also a different short fanfic [sci fy] no name give me names please.
Laying on the grass watching the sky..

"Living like this is pointless *sigh* adults always telling what to do, where to go, how to live.. everything is dangerous here for them~ I wonder if monsters truly exist? I never seen a monster or a demon, I guess I'll never see one"

Mayu Sat and looked around "This is the life I meant to live, hearing stories about monsters and what would happen if I go too far from this protected place.." she thought coldly.

"Mayu chan! Mayu chan!" Jurina shouts running to her best friend.

Mayu held back her hair and looking at the smiling girl coming closer.

"My best friend Jurina always smiling and comfortable with this type of life, I mean she's so adaptable, she thinks I need a boyfriend that's why I'm moody and everything is boring for me!"

Jurina was catching her breath "Mayu chan.. is getting late.. we should go home already." She said then helped her friend to get up.

"What you're scare some demon might appear?" Mayu asked with a smirk.

Jurina pouted "Don't play with those things you heard the adults demos, monsters truly exist outside the barrier!" She said as she walks.

Mayu kept walking behind her friend.

"I wish I could see one with my own eyes.. instead of listening stupid stories of how the 70% of population was destroyed by monsters and how the human race survived"

Jurina stopped walking then turned to look at her friend serious "I know you don't believe it but what other proves do you need? if such things doesn't exist why do they bothered to built that wall? I know this life sucks but it's better than not living right?" She asked looking other way sad.

Mayu looked down.

"I'm such an idiot.. Jurina's dad maybe die he went out of the barrier and haven't come back"

~The next day~ At school~

"You have to kill! Do you understand? A demon won't wait to rip your head off.. UNDERSTAND?" The teacher scolded Jurina.

Jurina looked down "I don't wanna kill.. " she thought sad "I understand!" She replied.

The teacher sighed then looked at Mayu "Now is your turn Watanabe san.." he said as Jurina keeps looking down.

One of her partners was about to attack her but Mayu dodged it and put her feet making him fall then fast pulled out a knife and stopped a few inches from his neck.

Everything happened so fast that everyone in the practice were amazed.

"Good Watanabe san!" The teacher said as her classmates whispers about it.

"Good job Watanabe san!" The handsome guy says with a smile and with his hand on Mayu's shoulder.

Mayu didn't say a word and just ignored him "Sometimes I think something is not right with me.. I don't feel anything, I'm just a shallow person" she thought

~After school~

As the two friends walked home...

"Jurina.. " Mayu called as she walks.

Jurina looked at her "What? What's wrong?" She asked as she walks.

Mayu stopped walking "Don't you wanna go to look for your dad?" She asked coldly.

Jurina grabbed Mayu by her shirt "How can you ask something like that?" She asked mad and pushing her against the wall.

Mayu stand the pain then took a deep breath.

"You don't have parents so you don't know the pain of losing someone of course I wanna Look for him but *looks down for a few seconds* he's dead !" Jurina says still mad pressing her against the wall.

"Think about it! *pushed Jurina* your dad graduated with excellent grades, he's good at fighting and knows how to survive out there maybe he's alive but just hurt so he can't come back!" Mayu says fixing her uniform.

Jurina was shocked "That's truth.. " she whispered.

"You're so used to this system that forgot about having hope!" Mayu says coldly then walks away.

"They fill our heads with stories about no one surviving out of the barrier so now is normal to think about someone's dead when they go out of It.. Fear can make us forget about love!"

~ The next morning ~

Walking to school.

"The sun again, another day I don't feel anything"

Suddenly someone grabbed Mayu's shoulder.

"Mayu chan!" Jurina says serious..

Mayu looked at her friend "Hi" she said

"I wanna go find my dad!" Jurina says serious.

Mayu was shocked "Really? Why?" She asked not believing her.

"I don't wanna keep wondering about him.." She answered sad "maybe he's like you said weak hiding in some place." She said now looking down.

Mayu had a blank expression on her face "Are you aware you can die right?" She asked.

Jurina gulped "I will try anyway.." she answered sure then showed her full bag.

Mayu sighed "I guess,I can't let you die alone!" She said coldly

Jurina smiled then hugged Mayu "Thank you besides I'm not that good at fighting so I need you!" She said still hugging the cold girl.

"I figured" Mayu replied still coldly.

The two girls got out of the barrier fooling the guards then fast run away...

After a few hours of walking they end up in a forest. Jurina Sat and drank some water while Mayu was looking around alert.

"Looks a lot like home I mean trees, grass except there's no houses around at all and we don't know where are we going" Jurina says with a smile after drinking the water.

Mayu was serious "We're just looking for something.. a sign of your dad" she said looking around.

Suddenly a giant spider came down from the tall trees then grabbed Jurina and took her with her.

"JURINAAAAA!!" Mayu shouts then climbs the tree fast.

"HELP ME!!" Jurina shouts scare as she watches Mayu climbing the tree behind her.

The giant spider moved fast through the trees and in matter of seconds Mayu was out of sight.

Jurina was really scared "Let me go you monster!" She shouted as she's tries to break free.

Mayu got down the tree and run to the direction that the spider could have go "damn it Jurina!" She thought as she runs.

Jurina was already crying " Mom I'm really sorry.. I'm not strong like dad or Mayu chan" she thought as she watches the ground somehow she thought about school the last time she was there and how fast Mayu was.

"The knife!" She said reacting then pulled out hers from her pocket and cut the spider's stomach.

The spider let go Jurina but this one falls and hits herself with many branches on her way down.

Jurina grabbed one branched but still she was too high, she was hanging there for a few minutes "What should I do?" She murmured in trouble, her arms couldn't resist anymore so she let go and used her bag as buffer but still end up hurting herlself and fainting.

After some minutes some creatures with green despicable images appeared.

"Food~" One of them said running to Jurina and grabbing her.

The other green things also grabbed Jurina.

"Let's eat her now.." another of them say.

Suddenly something else appeared,the creatures drop Jurina.

"We found it first!" One of the creatures say.

 A noise was made but not understandable for human being.

"Then we'll fight!" Another of the creatures say with the others nodding.

Fast the creature cut theirs head off then got closer to the unconscious Jurina to look at her.

The creature removed Jurina's hair from her face then touched Jurina's blood from her forhead with it's finger and licked it.

The creature was about to eat her but then realized something and fast grabbed Jurina to take her away..


Mayu as she runs saw someone laying on the grass, she stopped running and looked closely "she Looks like a human.. " she thought as she gets closer to the seem to be sleeping girl on the ground.

Mayu was shocked.

"A human,?how can she be sleeping like this so calmed?" She thought as she only sees her profile face.

Mayu got even closer to see her completely, to be sure she's a human.

"Could you please stop looking at me?" The seemed to be  girl asked as she gets up.

Mayu steps back and gulps "So this is how the so called monsters looks like.." she thought shocked.

TO BE CONTINUED!! I changed the name of the thread, seems like I can't do a one shot!! :P


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« Reply #112 on: April 22, 2018, 06:59:06 PM »
Damn all my fics are blocked... -__- What should i do?    :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:                                                                                         
                                                                                                          PART 4

During the lunch time Mayu couldn't help to think about certain vampire girl. "Why am i thinking about her? she uses me as her personal blood bag." she thought slaping herself softly.

"Mayu.. you won't believe what happened to me?!" Jurina let out surprisng and grabbing Mayu to take her to an empty classroom. "Wait Juinaaaa..." she said as she is being dragged.

Both girls entered an empty classroom. Jurina sat on a chair  "I met a vampire who wants to kill all the vampires in this town, she even gave me all their spots
where they hide." the younger of the two said waiting for Mayu reply.

Mayu put her finger on her chin "I think its a trap...Why would she want to kill her own kind? that's fishy." she continued as she walks around the classroom. "I want to kill Yuki but it doesn't seem like we can trust in that vampire." she said.

Jurina sighed "Well i will trust her, she doesn't like being a vampire and will set her free from her nightmare!"

"Her?" Mayu interrupted and looked to the younger girl not hiding her annoyance.

Jurina got up from her seat and gave Mayu a backhug "It's not what you think...she really dislikes Yuki that's why i'm trusting her."

Mayu looked other way "What are you planning on doing?" she asked interested.

"Hunting party. i'll call my colleagues and then we will have a clean city!" Jurina said before Kissing Mayu on her cheek.

Soon the bell rang and the girls went to their classroom. Mayu couldn't help to feel concerned about Jurina so she thought that it might be a good idea investigate by herself if it is a trap.


Mayu was laying on her bed wondering why Yuki haven't come to harrass her like she usually does so she got out of her bed, grabbed some scissors and cut her hand, her hand was dripping blood.

"Somebody missed me?" Yuki with a mischievous smirk said standing in front of Mayu

"It's not what you think!" Mayu let out serious looking other way.

"Right!" Yuki let out then with her finger made Mayu to look at her. "You like this, don't you? you are just as bad as me.." she said grabbing Mayu's wounded hand.

Mayu looked at Yuki as she takes her hand to her mouth and suddenly bit her.

The younger of the two whimpered in pain then watched as the good looking vampire sucked the blood from her hand.

After a few seconds Yuki stopped then looked at Mayu who was absent in her thoughts.

"Somebody is very comfy with this!" Yuki let out and pushed Mayu to the bed behind her then she got on top of her. "What are you hiding?" she asked looking at Mayu in the eyes impressed by her so unhuman antics.

Mayu grabbed Yuki by her neck and pulled her down. Both shared a passionate kiss hands their hands exploring each other's body.

After sometime Mayu surprisingly hit Yuki with a sharp wooden stick. Yuki fell of the bed.

"Holy water... Nice!" Yuki let out hurt but with a smirk "You are so lucky that i can't remove this stick..." she said complaining.

"You like games right?" Mayu asked with smile helping her to get only to put her on a chair then grabbed the chains under her bed.

Yuki bit her lip "This was trap.." she said as Mayu put the chains on her.

 "I like you so won't kill you... yet." Mayu let out with a smile.

"If you wanted to play rough, you just had to ask!" Yuki let out annoyed.


"Are you sure?" Jurina asked unsure

Gekikara smiled "A hunter having mercy with a vampire... that's not correct" she said accepting her destiny.

Jurina looked at the vampire "You saved me...that's why!" she said nervous and red.

Gekikara sighed " Finally i would be able to rest... don't forget tomorrow is the last day i will become a monster again so you better have everything ready!" she said before leaving.

Jurina put her hand on her face "Would i be able to kill her? why am i doubting so much?" she said as she looks how Gekikara leaves. 

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« Reply #113 on: April 24, 2018, 12:20:09 AM »

Thank you very much for the update.
Waiting to know if Jurina could help Rena.
And what will Mayuyu do with Yuki?

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