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Re: RinoRie FFs - Ai ( One Shot )
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Hello!!  :hee: This is my first fanfiction, I'm sorry for the bad grammar, English is not my first language  :farofflook: I really hope your comments about my story so that i can fix my mistake... Hope you enjoy it

My Choices
Chapter 1

My name is Kitahara Rie, my friends call me Rie or KitaRie. I am the owner of a famous café in Tokyo city. I and Sae are preparing to close the café when suddenly a young lady rushing in to our café.
“Give me a glass of water please “said the lady while she is panting
“But we already closed Miss ”said Sae as she rolled her ayes
“ It’s okay Sae… Here you are Miss” I said as I give her a glass of water
“ Thank you very much “ said the lady
“ It’s okay ” I said
“ How much it cost then?” the lady said again
“ It’s okay… You don’t have to pay it. It only a glass of water by the way” I said
“ Eh… No… I must pay it” she said again while pouting
‘ She is so cute…’ I screamed in my mind
“ Just give me  1 yen then…” I said
Then she looks for  the money inside of her bag but she sigh and looks at me with a-lost-little-puppy look
“ What’s wrong?” I said
“ I think I lost my wallet when I was running back then” she said looked like crying
“ So?” I said to tease her
“ Let me do something for you then” she said
Sae exchange look with Sayaka, by the way Miyazawa Sae is the barista and Akimoto Sayaka is  the cook.
“ Hmm…” I was thinking for awhile
“ Do you have anything to do tomorrow?” said Sae
“ No.. I don’t” the lady said
“ Then can you come here again tomorrow? To help us” Sae said with a grin that she give to me
“ Okay..” the lady said with a big smile
“ Come here at seven in the morning tomorrow” said Sayaka
“ Aye Captain..” the lady said as she respected Sayaka
“ Go home then.. Tomorrow will be a rough day” Sae said
“ Okay.. See you tomorrow..” the lady said as she wave her hand toward us and already stepped out
“ Wait..” I said spontaneously
“ Yes?” the lady looked back at me with a questioning look
“ Your name Miss?”
“ Rino, Sashihara Rino” she said with a gorgeous smile
“ Oh.. Okay see you tomorrow” I said as I feel my heart beating faster
And by the time I can’t see her anymore, I don’t know why but I feel a bit sad when she walked away. And suddenly Sae tapped my shoulder
“ Already miss her,huh?” she said
“ No.. I.. I.. “ I said don’t know what to say
“ Just admit it Rie… You were blushing all the way back then” she teased me
“ Don’t tease her anymore Sae… Just finish your job it’s already late..” Sayaka screamed from the kitchen
“ Okay.. okay.. Madam” Sae said as she go back to her bar
After we finished our preparing we go back to our home ,since Sae and Sayaka live together and our way is different we decided to say goodbye in front of the café.
“ Sleep well tonight Rie… don’t think too much about Sashihara and wait her in your dream” Sae whispered to me
“ Sae it’s enough already, don’t tease her anymore” said Sayaka
“ See you tomorrow Rie..” said Sayaka as she dragged Sae away
I am walking toward my house that not really far from the café. I can’t stop thinking about Sashi since she left us. I don’t know why but her smile can’t leave my mind. I am thinking too much about her that I don’t realize that I already arrived at my house.
“ I’m home”
“ Welcome home darling” answered my mother
“ Do you have your dinner yet?” she asked
“ Yes I do mom, I have eaten my dinner with Sae and Sayaka in the café “ I answered her
“ Okay then, go to your bedroom and take some rest”
When I already stepped on the stair since my room is on the second floor, my  mother call me again.
“ Yes mom?”
“ Tomorrow one of your father business friend’s son will come to meet you, make sure that you already home at 6 o’clock, could you?”
“ I will try mom” I answered lazily
“ You must honey, he is one of the most important clients your father have”
“ Okay Mom” I answered as I stepped to my room
I never like it when my mother and father arranged a meeting with so-called-business-friend’s-son like this.  I don’t want to have any relation yet. I am still at my 23 years and my parents already busy with my marriage. If I count it, this is already the eighteenth time. I think I must have some bath to clear my mind now.
25 minutes later…
It’s really fresh after bath. Now I am laying on my bed, looking at the ceiling. I am wondering what kind of day tomorrow will be. Since tomorrow is Sunday, the café must be really busy but I don’t think that’s the main problem to me at least, because to me the main problem is the fact that Sashi will come to help us tomorrow. It’s not like I hate her or what but I’m sure that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. That smile of her, that beautiful black long hair she has, that beautiful eyes, that big smile she showed me this afternoon, that puppy look when she was pouting, ah.. what am I thinking about? I am imagining her again for the nth time today. I must sleep now because I need much energy to resist Sae’s tease tomorrow.
6 in the morning, Rie’s house
I already awake and now preparing to go work. After I finished the preparations I stepped down to the first floor. On the middle of the stairs I can hear my parents are having a serious conversation
“ She is already 23 years old,” my father said
“ Yes I know that but we can’t push her too much, “ my mother said
“ But she is the only child we have, I can’t wait any longer, you know that”
“ Don’t say like that, you will recover and you can wait for our grandchild together with me” my mother said with a sad tone
“ Yeah… Let’s hope that I will recover but if I don’t?”
I can’t hold any longer, what’s that mean? Dad recovered from what? Is he sick? , so I stepped down as fast as I can that makes my parents shocked
“ You already-“
“ Yes mom, and both of you owe me an explanation because I hear everything” I said before my mother could finish her words
“ We just-“
“ I think it’s the time to tell her everything “ my father said as he sighed
“ Everything?” I said shocked

To Be Continued....

Thank you so much for reading
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Re: RinoRie FF - My choices
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Well it is a work in progress. Welcome!

I would recommend reading some of the others to familiarize yourself to the area and then work on it. A little rough but it can be greatly improved over time
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Re: RinoRie FF - My choices
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There aren't many RinoRie fanfics around, thank you very much author-san!  :D

Waiting for the next chapter  :twothumbs
I ship many pairings at the same time - if you ask me which one is my favourite, don't hold your breath waiting for my answer.

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Re: RinoRie FF - My choices
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@Y2L : Yeah you are right, there aren't many RinoRie fanfics around  :gyaaah:
@kuro_808 : Thank you very much for your recommendation  :mon thumb: it helps me so much  :bingo:
My Choices
Chapter 2

“ Everything?” I said shocked
“ Yes.. I have cancer Rie” my father answered with a low voice
“ What? Cancer? Why you didn’t tell me earlier? “ I said, tears began to make its way cross my face
“ Yes a cancer, we didn’t tell you because we didn’t want to make you fell afraid or sad” my mother said, she looks strong but the sadness is showed in her expression.
I feel my chest straightened, I can’t hold it anymore so I run as fast as I could out of the house. I can hear my mother calling for me but I don’t want to look back now. I am running and running that I already in the front of the café. I enter it and sit on one of the chair. It’s still early so Sae and Sayaka haven’t come yet. I lost my breath because of too much running. After I can control my breath I wash my face at the bathroom I don’t want someone look at my crying face.
Now it’s all make a sense, my father has a cancer and he wants to see me marry with someone so they arranged many meeting for me. But I still can’t understand why they kept hiding it to me, I am their child, right? So I have a right to know that, at least I could help him and search for my lover in my own although I still don’t want to have any relation. All of my though are interrupted by a knock at the café door. I quickly dry my face and rushed to the door. Who that could be? Sae and Sayaka will never knock the door since they have the separate key
“ Yes?” I said as I opened the door, I am really shocked to see who was behind the door
“ Good morning Miss-?” the person said
“ Oh… Eh… Rie, Kitahara Rie”
“ Kitahara” she said
“ Come in Sashi, “ I said
“ I though you will come at seven” I said
“ Yes, but I think it’s not bad to come earlier either” she said
“ I will show you around then”
“ Okay” she said loudly
 Then I showed her around the café, she always has the child like look when I showed her something new to her and that makes me happy. After finished looking around I give her a glass of the most popular coffee at the café
“ How is it?” I asked her
“ The café is reaaally good I love it”
“ I am asking you about the coffee not the café “
“ Oh… Uh… Hehehe” she said with a big grin
“ So how is it again?”
“ Hmm” she though for awhile
“ It’s a bit bitter but I like it so much” she said
After that the situation become silent and I begin to remember my father again, for a while back then I forgot it because Sashi came. I am wondering what should I do now, should I agreed to marry the person that I will meet this afternoon? My father would be very happy if I do that,right?
Sashihara POV
I am looking at KItahara now, her expression is really sad, she looks confused, and just now I realized that her eyes are red. The situation is really silent now, I only can hear the sound from the outside. I don’t like this kind of situation but I don’t know what I must say either
“ Hhh..” then I heard Kitahara sighed
“ Everything alright Kitahara?” I tried to ask her that received a silent
“ Kitahara? Are you okay?” I tried to tap her shoulder, she shocked at my action and now our face are just inches away
“ Oh.. Uh… yeah. I’m okay” she said as she pulled her face back, I felt a little bit disappointed, just a bit you know.
“ You know? You can tell me everything in your mind or your problem, I know we just met yesterday but I’m good at keeping secret” I said that received a laugh from her
I’m happy that I can make her laugh, I don’t like the sad expression of her it makes me sad to.
“ Why are you laughing? I am not joking, I’m serious you know” I said as I pout at her
“ Really? Hahahaha… “ she said
“ You are really mean “
“ I have something that I want you to do then” she said
“ What’s that?”
“ Call me Rie”
“Okay, and you can call me Rino too”
“Okay” then she smiled at me, such a sweet smile
Back to Rie’s POV
“ Actually-‘”
“ Good morning!” we heard Sae screamed before I could finish my words
Because I and Sashi busy looking around we didn’t realize that it’s already 7 o’clock and I haven’t prepare anything. So I just stand up and walked fast to kitchen
“ Eh.. Rie where are you going?” said Sayaka
“ No need to worry Rie… You can do everything with Sashi if you want” said Sae
“ It’s not like what you think Sae!” I shouted to Sae
“ Sae enough teasing” said Sayaka
“ Okay Madam”
Then we begin to preparing the café together with Sashi of course. After the preparation is done I flipped the card in front of the door from ‘close’ to ‘open’. No need to wait any longer, the customers begin to come, and with minutes we already busy with the job. I am busy with the orders, Sae is busy with the bar,  Sayaka is busy with the meal in the kitchen meanwhile Sashi is busy with her little scream when she bring  the meal to the customer, yeah it’s not an easy job if you rarely do it. At 10 o’clock the customer is already rare and it’s already the time of us to take some rest.
“  Sashi you can rest with Rie now” said Sayaka
“ Yes, but don’t you dare to do anything suspicious here okay? It’s a café after all” said Sae with a grin on her lips
“ We won’t!” I said as I feel a little burning sensation on my face.
“ Oh… Rie are you catch any cold or what? Your face is reaaaaly red right now” added Sae
I hear Sashi’s chuckle and I look she is resisting her laugh, i walk away to the restroom avoiding them. I wash my face to refresh my mind, many things in my mind. And suddenly I hear someone entered the restroom and the person is Sashi.
“  Hmm… Rie” she said with her eyes looking down at her hand
“ Yes?”
“ I’m sorry”
“ For what?”
“ Because of me you got teased by Sae if I’m not wrong”
“ Yes her name is Sae and the other one is Sayaka”
“ I’m really sorry Rie”
“ No need to apologize Rino… It’s not your fault by the way. Sae likes to tease me so much”
“ But-“
“ No other buts it’s an order”
“ Okay” she said with a sad tone
Am I too harsh to her? I shouldn’t saying such a word to her, I know that I have too many problem now but I shouldn’t blame it to her, right?
“ I’m sorry” I said, she lift her head and look at me, I’m shocked to see that there are tears flowing down on her cheeks, the guiltiness begin to spreading in my heart
“ Are you crying? I’m sorry i-“ I said in panic state, she shook her head but the tears keep flowing down. And suddenly I feel her arms rounded at my waist and she put her head on my shoulder. Oh My God! She is hugging me right now! I repeat it she is hugging me RIGHT NOW!!! I can feel my heart beating 200 times in a minute, do you think I’m kidding? Of course I’m NOT! Because I begin to feel  that my heart begin to make its way out of my body by exploding. I don’t know if she can feel it and I begin to worry about that so I quickly pull her out of my embrace
“  Rie wh-“  she looks shocked at my action but I quickly make the other move, I kiss her. And to my surprise she kiss me back. Running out of breath we break the kiss. After I can control my breath I look at her when she look at me. We keep staring at each other for a while until I feel my face burning again and I look away.
“ I’m sorry Rino I-“ before I could finish my words she put her hand to my cheeks and pull me to give me a peck at my lips
“ No need to say sorry” she said as she caressing my cheeks
“ But-“
“ No other buts, and it’s an order” she said, I look at her confused and she begin to laugh. Then I pout at her and looked away but her hand resist it.
“ You look so cute when you are pouting like this” she said
“ And now you are teasing me too just like Sae did” I said as I cupped her cheeks
“ I’m sowreee” she said and I immediately let it go not wanting to make her to feel hurt
“ Can I get a kiss then?”  she asked me with a-lost-little-puppy look. HOW THE HELL I CAN SAY NO TO THAT EXPRESSION?
“ Of course you can.. But later at one of your house” said a person from the door

To Be Continued

Ah... it's harder to write the story than i thought  :OMG: and since i am still a student it became harder again  :mon waterworks: but i will try to finish the story and steal times to write it  :kekeke: See you later then :mon bye:
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Re: RinoRie FF - My choices chapter 3
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Hello !!! Anyone miss me?  XD As i read the other fanfic i realized that my grammar is really bad  :banghead: Thank you for all the readers who already read my fanfic. I will try harder to make it better :mon determined:

My Choices
Chapter 3

“ It’s already 11 o’clock and if you still want to continue your business and don’t want to eat your lunch before the customer begin to come to lunch then just continue it but not HERE” Sayaka said as she left us, dumbfounded.
We look at each other and begin to laugh. After that we go out of the room to eat our lunch. I am really hungry right now because I hadn’t have my breakfast this morning. I can see Sae’s grinning at me

“  What the hell are you doing in the restroom that makes you take such a long time there” Sae asked me with her grin, I don’t know why but now I began to think that she always grinning whenever I see her

“ Nothing” I said

“ Really?” Sae said again

“ Yes” Sashi said quickly and then she blinked her aye to me

“ Okay then” Sae said

I am really relieved that she didn’t tease me  any longer and thanks to Sashi too. Time gone by and now it’s already 5 o’clock. We are having a conversation now

“ Sashi, may I ask you a question?” asked Sae

“ Yes, of course. Ask me anything” answered Sashi as she take a gulp of her tea

“ What happened to you yesterday? “ Sae asked. I’m curious about that too actually but I don’t have any courage to ask it

“ Actually…” Sashi said as her face reddened

“ Actually.. Hmm…” Sashi said again as she cleared her throat. Her action makes me curious and nervous at the same time.

“ Actually what?” Sae asked again with her impatient expression

“ Actually.. yesterday a dog was running  after me” Sashi said or should I say a little scream.

Sae shocked and then she laughed, so hard. I want to laugh too but I still have a heart to resist it as I see Sashi’s embarrassed expression. Then Sae asked her again

“ What’s the reason for the dog to ran after you? Do you steal his food? Hahahahahaha”

“ Of course I’m not, I was trying to give him some food but he began to barking and because I was shocked I ran and then when I looked back he already running after me” Sashi explained

“ What was the food?” I asked

“ A candy” Sashi answered as she gave me the puppy look. I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore and began to  laugh at the top of my lungs. I can hear Sayaka’s laughter from the kitchen too.

“ Did I just hear someone said she had given a candy to a dog just now?” Sae said in the middle of her laughter

“ Can’t I give a dog a candy?” Sashi asked with a-lost-little-puppy look at me

I immediately stopped my laughter and looked at her, shocked. I know that there are idiots in this world but I never meet one before. Sae stopped her laughter for a moment and looked at me. After she saw my confused look she began to laugh again and harder than before.

“ You can’t give a dog a candle Sashi. It’s not their food and they can sick if they eat candle. And sae please stop your laughter” Sayaka answered as she put a plate of cake in front of us

“ Okay Madam” Sae quickly answered. And now I realized that Sae is so obedient to Sayaka these days. Maybe there’s something between them and I will know it later. Tehehe…

“ Their teeth will sick? Or they will have a cough?” Sashi asked again, and I can see Sae is struggling to hold her laughter by biting her tongue now, and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry because of it

“ They will die” answered Sayaka sarcastically and I just tapped my forehead

“ Nah.. Now let’s eat and forget about the dog thing” Sayaka said again

So we ate the cake while having a light conversation. We talked about the café, about my friendship with Sae and Sayaka, and many things. We didn’t realize that the sky is already dark, when I looked  at the clock I saw that the long needle is already at 6 and the sort one is already at 7. Oh God! I forget about the meeting! So I quickly take my bag and excuse myself to them

“ Hmm.. Sae and Sayaka could you please close the café without me I must go now” I said

“ What’s wrong Rie? There’s something happened or you have another meeting today too?” asked Sayaka. Both of Sae and Sayaka already know about my meetings since they always help me to fail the meetings

“ Hmm… Yes, some sort of that” I answered

“ Do you need my help again? Just tell me and I will go to help you” said Sae. Yes, Sae and Sayaka always help me. The last meeting, Sae did Danso and pretended  to be my boyfriend, and the second last Sayaka pretended to be the man’s girlfriend that caught her boyfriend cheating.

“ No… I don’t think I need your help tonight since I decided to try it” I said helplessly

“ Eh.. What?! Don’t say that you will agree with your parents plan” Sayaka said shocked

“ Trying it isn’t bad, right?” I said again

“ See you tomorrow then” I said and left them

Sae’s POV

After Rie left us I changed look with Sayaka. Something must be happened to Rie and her parents. It’s impossible that Rie would agree with the plan. I know Rie since we were childhood


“ Yah… Sae!! Sayaka!! Wait for me you two!!” a girl shouting to her friends that already running meters away from her

“ Hurry up Rie or we will late to her party” Sae shouted back to the latter

“ But I already tired” shouted Rie again and that made her friends stopped and looked at her direction

“ Are you alright?” asked Sayaka to Rie as she patted Rie’s shoulder

“ Yes.. I am, but can we take some rest now? My feet really aching” Rie said that received nods from her friends

“ Here I have some drink in my bag” Sae said as she handed a bottle of mineral water to Rie

“ Thank you” Rie received the bottle and drink the water, after that she handed it to Sae

“ Here.. you must be tired too” Rie said and Sae took it then  took a few gulp and handed it to Sayaka too

“ Ah… I’m wondering if we could do this again when we already graduate later” said Sae as she looked at the orange sky

“ Yes.. I want to be together with you all forever” Rie said as she looked at the sky too

“ I hope we could together to but it’s not the time to wondering around because we already really late and you know what will happened to us if we come late to her party” Sayaka said

“ Sayaka you really have no fun” Sae said as she pouted at Sayaka

“ Then let’s have a race, whoever get to her party last must carried the first and the second bags until the graduation ceremony” said Sae, after heard that Sayaka quickly ran and laughing

“ Sayaka no fun” shouted Sae and she began to run too

“ Both of you no fun….!!!” Rie said as she ran too but she only could hear the laughter of her friends.

Flashback End

Sae’s  POV 

Now I am wondering about Rie and forget about Sayaka and Sashi. Then Sayaka tapped my shoulder and pulled me out of my imagination. I look at her and she shook her head as if she said to me that it’s not the time to wondering around.

“ Hmm..” suddenly Sashi opened the conversation

“ Yes?” Sayaka asked her

“ I know I don’t have any rights to ask you but what kind of meeting Rie have? If I could know” Sashi asked again. I don’t know why but I feel  Sashi has the rights to know the problem and I feel that I’ve known Sashi for a long time

“ Actually Rie parents want her to get married soon” I answered Sashi that received a groan from Sayaka

“ Really?” Sashi asked again this time was to make sure that what she had heard is right

“ Yes, I and Sayaka had helped her before but this time I don’t know why she didn’t want our help and chose to agree.” Sayaka said

“ Something must have happened,” I said again

“ What makes you so sure?” Sashi asked again, this person must be really a curious person

“ Because she don’t want to have any relationship, yet” I said

“ Why?” Sashi asked fo the nth time

“ Because she already has someone and want to wait for the person” now Sayaka’s turn to answer the curious girl

“ Who?” and you know it’s Sashi AGAIN who had asked the question

“ Someone from our childhood friends” Sayaka answered

“ A boy?” the-curious-girl Sashi asked again

“ A girl” I answered, now I began to feel that we were on a quiz named Rie’s pastlife or something like Rie’s will

“ The nam-“

“ Sashihara RINO” Sayaka said before Sashi could finish her words. And that makes me and Sashi shocked. WHAT?! Is Sayaka just said Sashi name as her name or she just called Sashi to make her shut up?

“ What?!” I asked Sayaka with l high tone

“ Control your voice Sae, people might think that I’ve done something bad to you” Sayaka said

“ Okay, but from where and since when you know her real name?” I asked again

“ Actually…


Sayaka’s POV

 Today is our graduation day. I am waiting for Sae, Rie, and Sashiko at the front door. It’s already 7.30 and they haven’t come yet, the ceremony will begin soon. I become impatient, I have called them but they didn’t pick it up, I have sent them messages but they didn’t reply it. I’m afraid that something bad happened to them, they never came late to school before. The students already entering the gymnasium now

“ Sayaka.. what are you doing there? The ceremony will be held soon” said Yuko

“ I am waiting for my friends Yuko, you can go first” I said to her

“ Okay then” She said as she left me while clinging to Haruna

It’s already 8 o’clock now and they still haven’t come. So I decided to call Sae one more time and this time she pick it up
“ Hall-“

“ What time do you think it’s now?!” I shouted at her

“ Sayaka keep calm please” she said

“ How the hell I could be calm Sae?! It’s already 8 and do you forget that today is our graduation day?”

“ Let me explain to you”

“ What?!” I said still with my rage

“ Actually we are in the hospital now”

“ What?! We?! Who?!”

“ Aishh… I and Rie are in the hospital now, this morning when we went to Sashiko house to pick her the maid said that Sashiko is in the hospital now because she had been collapsed the night before”

“ What?! She collapsed again? Which hospital?”

“ The usual”

“ I will there in minutes”

“ NO..!!”

“ Why?” I asked her confused

“ Because you must take our graduation certification first” she answered

“ Am I have the other choice?”

“ Of course you aren’t”

“ Okay then see you later” She said again as she hung up

“ I have no choice then..hhh” I sighed and went to the gymnasium

One by one the students name was called

“ Oshima Yuko”

“ Yes!” she said with her dimple smile, she has never change since I know her

“ Takahashi Minami”

“ Yes!” she said as there is someone who shouted

“ Takamidget!!!” and the person was of course Yuko that made Yuko received a death glare from Acchan

“ Kojima Haruna”

“ Yes”  Haruna said and there was Yuko shouted

“ My Nyan nyan is already adult now” Yuko said as she shed her no-teared eyes

And finally the ceremony ended, I quickly went to the administration to take Rie, Sae, and Sashiko’s graduation certification.

“ Excuse me Sir”

“ Yes?”

“ Can I get the certifications of Kitahara Rie, Miyazawa Sae and uhmm…” although we are friends I don’t really know Sashiko’s actual name, we just call her Sashiko since the beginning and because she has such an illness she has not much friends. I think we are her only friends

“ And Sashihara Rino?” he asked

“ Only three certificate left here” he said again

“ Uh.. Yes Sir” I answered as I received the certificates.

“ Congratulation on your graduation Sayaka and tell them my congrats too” he said again

 After I excused myself I quickly go to the hospital. You asked me why I can get the certification quickly? It’s because everyone in this school have known I, Rie and Sae as the basketball club ace and I was the captain.

Flashback End

Sae’s POV

“ Eh…” I can’t say anything after I heard Sayaka’s explanation

“ Yeah.. it’s just like that”

“ Why didn’t you tell us back then?”

“ Don’t you remember the situation when I arrived there?”

“ Uhm… yeah I’m sure I remember that”

“ So Sashiko welcome back” Sayaka said to the already crying hard Sashihara

“ Hmmm… yeah welcome back” I said

“ I didn’t think that you still remember me” Sashi said as she sobbed

“ How we can forget about one of our best friend that really silly and annoying?” I said

“ Thank you” Sashi said again

“ For what? For saying you are silly and annoying?” I said again as I grinned to her

“ Thank you for remembering me” Sashi said as her cry became more loud

“ Don’t make the situation become mellow Sashi” Sayaka said as she patted Sashi’s head

“ By the way a dog wasn’t really running after me yesterday” Sashi said as she wiped her tears

“ Yeah I already know about that ” Sayaka said

“ Eh?” Sashi said confused

“ I couldn’t see any dog passing by yesterday and this area is offices area so I don’t really think that there is a dog here” Sayaka explained, she is really smart

“ Uh,eh.. Heheheh” Sashi said

“ Now it’s not our problem” Sayaka added

“ Yes, Sayaka is right. The most important thing we must do now is to fail Rie’s meeting” I said, at the last sentence my phone rang

I see caller is Rie so I immediately answer it

“ Hello Rie. Need something?” I asked her

“ Yes, could you please pick me at the street A not so far from my house?”

“ Of course I will be there I minutes okay?”

“ Okay” I said and hung up

I quickly put on my jackets and get my car’s key

“ Where are you going? Something happened to Rie?” Sashi asked as she wiped her tears

“ I’m going to pick her now and maybe something had been happened to her beause I think I heard her sob” I said as I stepped outside

“ Take care” I heard Sayaka shouter from the café.

 After I take my motorcycle I quickly go to the said street, if I’m not wrong it’s not so far away from here. Finally I arrived there and saw Rie is sitting on the road while hugging her legs and still wearing her last clothes. I immediately approached her, when she see me she hugged me tight and I could feel she is crying right now. I patted her head and hug her back to calm her down

“ Let’s go to the café “ I said and received a weak nod from her

And with that we ride the motorcycle to the café. Even when we are riding she is still sobbing. No need such a long time we arrived at the café that already closed by Sayaka and Sashi when I was going to pick Rie up. Seeing a crying Rie, Sashi immediately hug her and to my surprise she can make Rie calming down.

To Be Continued

I really want a friend like Sae or Sayaka who will always there for me  :depressed: . See you at next chapter then... :byebye: I really want some comments from my reader  :pleeease:
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Re: RinoRie FF - My choices chapter 3
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Very raw but it takes time to develop as a writer. Best thing to do is to keep writing although many will get better with stricter criticisms
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RinoRie FF - Wait for me ( one shot )
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“ I, NGT48 Kitahara Rie, will graduate”

All of the members and the audience shocked to hear your sudden statement. Me too, I was the one who got shocked to read the news. You never told me about your plan to graduate before. You said to me that I am your best friend but why didn’t you tell me about it? And I read that from the internet, not from you yourself.

Tonight after that sudden announcement you asked me to have dinner together. Although I was still angry to you but I couldn’t refuse it, your request. I went to the said restaurant after I finished my schedule. I wanted to meet you, I wanted to say how I disappointed about your announcement. And as I arrived there I could see you were sitting on the usual table and flipping the menu lazily

“ Yoo… I’m sorry to come late” I said as I sat in front of her

“ No… I just arrived here” she said as she smiled at me

 As fast as I saw your face all of my anger and disappointment disappeared. I could see the sadness from your eyes. It is hard for you too, right?

“ Let’s order something then, I am really hungry” I said and you just nodded, the same nodded that I usually receive but somehow it feels different this time
After we ordered some meals. You looked down to your hand and avoided an eye contact with me. I felt really strange

“ Hey… Rie… what’s wrong?” I said as I moved to the chair beside you, I was really afraid to see your unusual manner

“ I’m sorry Rino”

“ For what?”

“ For not telling you about my graduation announcement”

“ Shhh… that’s not a matter Rie…” I said as I caressed your back

“ But..”

“ No… You have your own reason, right?”

“ I already thought about it since the last sounsekyo”

“ Yeah… enough about it, Rie”

“ I’m sowreee” you said as you looked at me with a swallowen eyes

“ Here” I said as I hug your trembling body that felt really warm

“ I will always by your side, no matter what happened”

“ Even if you aren’t a member anymore, I will still your number one supporter”

“ Hmm…” you nodded and nibbled to my neck

“ You are stinky” you said as you inhaled my scent

“ Of course, I was running all the way here”

Then our order came and interrupted, our lovey-dovey time, us. In the middle of our dinner

“ I will wait for you then” she said to me, still munching her meal

“ Okay… I will come after you, just don’t get bored to wait for me”

The End

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Re: RinoRie FF - Wait for me ( one shot )
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A little somber but hard to swallow personally
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RinoRie FF - My choices chapter 4
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@kuro_808 : which part did you think hard to swallow? i am reaaally curious about that, and thank you for supporting me  :twothumbs

So here the next chapter, happy reading  :hee:

Chapter 4

After a while Rie’s already calming down, still in Sashi’s embrace she tried to explain everything to us.

Rie’s POV

“   I don’t know from where I must explain it to you” I said

“   This morning I heard my parents conversation and found out that my father has a cancer” I said again, trying to explained my problem to my best friends

“   A cancer? ” Sae asked, shocked

“   Yes and the worst that they didn’t tell me everything about that” I said again as a tears falling down from my cheek

“ They didn’t want to make you afraid” Sayaka said, trying to calm me down

“ Yes I know about that, but..” I began to cry, I don’t know what to say

“ So that’s the reason why you wanted to agree the plan?” Sayaka asked and received a nod from me

“ Hhhh…” I heard Sae sighed

“ At least you must told us earlier Rie, We are your friends and we will be always there to help you” Sae said and that makes me want to cry even louder than I’ve already do

“ I’m sorry” was the only thing I could say now

“ What a stupid Rie as always” Sashi said as she chuckled to me

“ Yes you are really right” Sae said as she gave me her grin that somewhat looks so beautiful to me now, but I don’t really  understand why Sashi said that

“ Back then we had the silly Sashiko and and we have the stupid Rie, you are such a perfect couple” Sayaka said and now I am even more confused

“ Yeah.. You two just get married now” sae said as she looked at me and Sashi

“ What do you mean?” I asked her not knowing what the hell is happened now

“ Don’t you remember me KitaRie?” Sashi suddenly asked me. And to my surprise was that she is calling me by the nickname that Sashiko had given to me

“ Sashiko?” I asked Sashi just to make sure that I’m not wrong

“ Yes “ she said as she smiled at me, such a beautiful smile that I missed so much

“ Welcome back Sashiko, You aren’t foget me,are you?” I asked her

“ Of course I’m not Rie or I must say the-crying-baby-Rie?” Sashi said as she laughed and hug me

“ Ah… a lovey-dovey couple everywhere” Sae said as she rolled her eyes while Sayaka just shook her head

“ Ne.. Sayaka.. Hug me too” Sae said as she gave Sayaka her best puppy expression

“ Eh… Do an ikemen need a hug too?” I teased Sae and saw her embarrassed, it’s the time to my revenge Sae

“ So why are you crying?” Sayaka asked me to change the topic, huh?


After I arrived at my house I saw my parents were having dinner with a man

“ Ah Rie you already home” said my mother

“ We are waiting for you, what makes you so late?” asked my father

" i have something to do dad"

“ Let’s eat together then” said the man as he pulled the chair beside him

“ Okay” I answered him awkwardly

“ Rie, He is Mr. Kang’s son, Ray , you already know that Mr. Kang is the most important clien I have right?” my father said

“ Yes I know that “ I answered

“ So if both of you could be together then our family will become closer than before” my mother said

“ But I don’t want to have any relationship yet, Mom. And I’m sure you already know that” I said as I put my spoon on the table

“ Rie” said my father, holding his anger

“ Oh.. it’s okay Mr. Kitahara. Before we are married we can be friend before right?” Ray or somewhat said as he smiled at me

“ Yes you are right boy” said my father

“ I will never marry you, sorry. Because I already have someone” I said with all of my courage

“ Rie!! Enough!! “ shouted my father

“ Darling, calm down” said my mother, trying to calmed my father down

“ Don’t make your father lost his pride Rie” said my mother to me

“ So his pride is more important than me?!” I answered at the top of my anger

“ I am your child right? I’m not your tool to make your business become success Dad!!” I shouted at my father. I never shouted to my parents before but I’ve reached my limit.

“ Go away!! You are NOT my child anymore!!” my father shouted to me

“ Okay!! “ I said as I took my bag and went out of the house

When I arrived at street A I called Sae to pick me there. After she hung the phone, I began to cry. I don’t know what I should do next. After they kept hiding the fact about my father illness now they are pushing me to marry their most-important-client’s-son to make their business become more success. I already realized the oddness since the first meeting because the partner was always their client’s son

Flashback End

I explained the whole problem to them and I didn’t realized that my tears began to flowing down from my cheeks again. After I finished my story Sashi immediately hugged me and I felt really comfortable in her embrace

“ Honestly speaking, I reaaaaly want to know who is the person behind your reason to refuse the plan?” Sae asked me

“ It’s not the time to ask that Sae” Sayaka said as she glared Sae

“ But I want to know too” Sashi said as she pulled my face with her hands

‘ The hell is happened now’ my mind thought

I tried to look away but  Sashi keep pulling my face and now her expression is really serious that makes my hands began to sweating

“ Okay… I will told you” I said in defeat

“ The person I loved is…” I said again as I look at their seriousness expression, that makes me want to laugh really hard now. Especially at Sayaka’s expression
“ The person is Sayaka” I said as I sighed

“ What?!” the three of them shouted at me

“ You’re  kidding right?” Sayaka asked me in disbelieve and all of them nodded to her question

“ Hhhh…” I said as I lowered my head

“ So that’s right, huh?” Sashi said

“ But I thought the person was Sashi” Sae added, their seriousness really makes me want to laugh now but I tried to resist it to have some fun more

“ Me too, I thought the person was me” Sashi said that made my heart beating faster

“ It can’t help then, actually I want to tell you that I love you” Sashi said to me. I looked at her to see her sad expression

“ I’m going home then, see you” Sashi said again as she took her bag

When she already stepped out of the door I pulled her and kissed her , that makes her shocked and blinked her eyes in respon

“ Stupid Rino” I said

“ I won’t kiss you before if the one I loved is Sayaka” I added

“ Eh.. What do you mean?” Sashi asked me

“ I love you Rino” I said as I look into her eyes

“ Ah… Sould I record this drama” Sae said as she shed her not-teared eyes

“ NO!!” I and Sashi shouted at her at the same time

“ Woahh.. Your harmony is really good, I envy you” Sae said as she looked at Sayaka

“ Eh.. What?” Sayaka asked, confused

“ Just realize it already Sayaka” I said

“ Realize what?” Sayaka asked again

“ We have another stupid here” Sashi said as she laugh

“ But Rie you don’t really love Sayaka right?” Sashi asked me

“ I only love Sashihara Rino from now on until my last day on the earth” I said as I put my right hand in front of my chest

“ Hehehehe… Me too… I will only have Kitahara Rie in my heart until I left this world” Sashi said again

“ Stop it you two.. it’s already late. Want to go home now?” Sayaka said

“ Okay”  Sashi said

“ But…” I said

“ You can live with me since today Rie” Sayaka said

“ No… Rie is mine she will live with me” Sashi said as she hugged me

“ Yeah.. Fine. It’s good for me though” Sae said

“ Let’s go home then, I am really tired now” I said

“ Okay… okay let’s go Rie I don’t want you to get sick”

And with that Sae and Sayaka go to their home while Sashi and I go to Sashi’s home. At the Way home

“ Rino.. “

“ Yes?”

“ Do you live with you parents?”

“ No”

“ Eh… Why?”

“ I want to live by my own. I am an adult now”

“ What about your illness?”

“ It already cured”

“ Really?”

“ Yes”

“ I don’t think you got the permission easily”

“ You’re right, my mom didn’t give me permission at first. But after I told her the reason she gave it to me”

“ What’s the reason then?”

“ I said to her that I will live with you and BAM!! She agreed” Sashi said as she clapped her hands

“ What?!”

“ Yes.. even though you don’t have any problem I will still ask you to live with me” Sashi said again as she hold my hand

I couldn’t help but blushing to heard her words. Our weak and childish Sashiko is now a gentle and an adult. And now we already arrived at her house, just a small and simple house but you still can see the luxurious. Yeah… her father is an architect though.

“ Come in” she said

“ I’m home” I said as I felt like crying to remember about being home again

“ Welcome home Rie” Sashi answered with her gentle smile that made my hurt heart feel warm 

“ Want to take bath first?” Sashi asked me

“ Or you want to take bath together?” She asked me again

“ Of course not!! I will take bath first” I said as ran to the bathroom that I still didn’t know where

“ The bathroom is at the corner near the bedroom!” I heard she shouted and then laughed

After I took bath I saw her watching TV while laughing, so I appealed her

“ Hey.. already finish?” she said with eyes still glued at the TV

“ Yeah.. now you can go to bath”

“ Okay, I will go bath then, here the remote control” she said as she left me

I saw the channel and found that Sashi was watching AKBingo before, I switched channel by channel and no one of the channel interest me so I tried to lay down on the sofa and slowly closed my eyes

Sashi’s POV

I finished my bath as fast as I could and after I finished it I quickly went to the living room where Rie was. I saw that the TV is still on and tried to call her but I received no answer so I tried to appealed her. Owww… she was sleeping on the couch and her expression was really cute that I think I had a nosebleed now. I caressed her face as slowly as I could. It’s really soft

“ Hmmh..” she said as she changed her position

 I really want to kiss her now but suddenly

“ Rino…” she said as she hugged me

“ Eh.. Rie you already wake up” I answered but she didn’t answer then I felt her breath is really stable and realize that she still sleep actually

“ Don’t go anymore” she said again as she tightened the hug

“ Okay.. I won’t leave you again” I said as I slept beside her, thank you for my mother that she bought the large sofa

Sashi’s house, 10 a.m.

Sashi’s POV

I woke up and found that Rie not there anymore so I called her but didn’t receive any response. I began to panic I searched for her in the whole house and finally found a note on the table

Rino… When you read this letter maybe I won’t be there anymore… This morning I received a call from my mother and she said that my father’s illness had worsen… I’m sorry Rino,  I decided to accept the engagement because it’s my father’s last will for me. I can’t refuse that. I am sorry Rino… I love you… And I will always love you just like I said at the café yesterday…
Thank you so much for loving me…
From: Rie

What’s this?! I quickly called her but her phone was off, I took a glance at the clock and it’s already 10 now. What should I do? I won’t let Rie married another person except me. In the middle of my panic suddenly I heard a sound of a car’s machine in front of my house, I quickly went out to see Sayaka and Rie in the front of my house

“ Oy… Sashiko.. Hurry up! What are you doing there?” Sae shouted  at me

“ We are going to the hospital now, don’t you want to follow us? Failing Rie’s  engagement?” Sayaka said

“ Of course I want, wait a minute I will take my jacket” I said as I rushed to get my jacket and quickly locked the door

“ Let’s go.. I said as I sat at the back chair

“ Okay” said Sae as she pushed the gas pedal

“ I think you already know what happened right now” Sayaka said

“ Yes, Rie left me a note” I said as I looked at the note again, now I realized that there are some spot on the note that I’m sure because of Rie’s tears

“ And now it’s just you who can stop the engagement Sashi” Sae said

“ Yeah… I think I know that” I said

“ We just can help you unti here Sashiko the result is in your hand” Sae said as she stopped the car at the entrance of the hospital

“ Okay” I said as  I got out the car

“ We will wait you here with Rie or without her” Sayaka said again

“ Sashiko FIGHTING!!” Sae shouted at me as she received a glare from Sayaka

I entered the hospital with beating heart, I know what Sayaka said before was right if I couldn’t make it then I will go home without Rie. But that doesn’t matter since I will make sure that Rie will go home with me. I searched for the room that Sayaka already told me before. When I found it I can’t control my heartbeat anymore. It’s the first time in my life that I am really nervous like this. I opened the door or I rather say I slammed the door and surprised the people inside the room

“ Who are you?!” shouted a young man that stood beside Rie to me

“ Rino?! What are you doing here?” Rie asked me

“ Let me introduced myself, I’m Sashihara Rino. Rie’s girlfriend” I said

Rie’s POV

I nearly said my promises when suddenly someone slammed the door and to my surprise the person was the one who I loved the most

“ Let me introduced myself, I’m Sashihara Rino. Rie’s girlfriend” Sashi said proudly

“ What?! Who is she mom?” Ray asked my mother

“ You!! Who are you daring to say that you are my daughter’s girlfriend?” my mother shouted at Sashi

“ Yes mom.. She’s my girlfriend… The one and only person I love the most” I said as I walked to Sashi’s direction but Ray stopped me by pulling my hand then kissed me in front of Sashi. I quckly pulled my face and pushed him away. Then I looked at Sashi that already had tear in the corner of her eyes

“ Sashi no, it’s not like what you think” I tried to explained to her

“ She’s already mine, just go away if you still have face” Ray said as she grinning at Sashi

“ Ah… I-“ Sashi said as she cleared her throat and stepped behind

“ Excuse me” She said and bowed then left the room, I could feel my heart broke into pieces. I glared at Ray and ran out to catch Sashi but Ray stopped me again

“ Stop it, where are you going” he asked me but I pulled my hand and ran out. I hope Sashi’s still there but when I arrived at the entrance I only could found Sae and Sayaka

“ Where is-“

“ She’s already gone” Sayaka said as she shook her head

“ I really never think that you will agreed at the plan and left Sashi” Sae said as she sighed

“ I think we must go too, we must open the café by the way” Sae added

“ Let’s go Sayaka” Sae said as she opened the car’s door for her

“ We will meet later Rie” Sayaka said then entered the car

“ I don’t know what’s in your mind but you already hurt Sashiko’s heart so much” Sae said as she entered the car and by the time the car is already disappeared from my sight

To Be Continued

Thank you for reading my strory... See you...  :byebye:
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Re: RinoRie FF - My choices chapter 4
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What grabbed me was more of the emotion (Rie oshi)  :lol: As for the story it'll be a sense of development as a writer over time, keep it up
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RinoRie FF - My choices chapter 5
« Reply #10 on: August 25, 2017, 01:55:28 PM »
@kuro_808 : You are Rie oshi? then i have a friend who get hurt of her graduation announcement too Right? :farofflook:

So here the next chapter, actually i almost lost my laptop because my mother got mad at me for too much using it, but i want to post the next chapter as fast as i could :cool1: and actually i have two exams tomorrow  :gyaaah:

Chapter 5

2 days after the last chapter

Since that day Sae and Sayaka’s behaviour became strange they didn’t talk to me that much and I lost Rino too, I couldn’t reach her and whenever I called her, her phone was always off or she didn’t pick it up. I was really frustrated now, although the engagement was failed and now I lived at the second floor of the café, I still had a big problem. It’s not a financial problem but it’s about my relation with my friends

And today just like the other day the café is busy but the different that Sae never tease me again, I should happy about that but I began to miss it and her grin. Sayaka was just as cool as always but I still can feel the distances between us. Now is our rest time, 11 o’clock

“ Rie..” Sayaka opened the talk

“ Yes?”

“How’s your new room? Is it comfortable?”

“ Yes, thank you for your help though” I said

“ Actually-“ Sayaka said again

“ What?” I said

“ No Sayaka… You shouldn’t tell her about that” Sae said

“ No Sae.. She must know that” Sayaka added that made me more curious

“ What do you want to say? Just tell me” I said

“ Actually Sashi called me this morning” Sayaka said

“ What?! What did she say? Is she alright?” I asked her

“ Of course she isn’t alright after what happened” Sae said sarcastically

“ Sae…” Sayaka said with her soft tone

“ She told me that she will go back to Germany this afternoon” Sayaka said again

“ What?!”

“ The flight is 13 o’clock today” Sae added, I took a glance at the clock and found out that it already 12

“ Let’s go then” Sae said as she took her car’s key

“ To where?” I asked

“ Of course to the airport” Sae said again but I just continued to sit

“ Hey.. what are you doing? Let’s go or we will late” Sae said again

“ No..”

“ Why?” Sae asked

“ I don’t want to hurt her even more” I said as I lowered my head

“ Do you even know why she told me about her flight?” Sayaka asked me

“ No, I don’t”

“ She told us so that we can tell you” Sae said

“ She love you so much Rie, even since in the senior high school” Sae added

“ And we know that you love her too” Sayaka said

“ Let’s go!” Sae said as she pulled me out

“ I will wait here!” Sayaka shouted from her chair

And with that I and Sae were in our way to the airport. Sae had driven the car rather fast but we were trapped in the traffic line now. The airport is already near though. Suddenly Sae opened my side car’s lock

“ Go first Rie we don’t have much time left” Sae said to me and I gave her a nod before got out of the car and ran as fast as I could to the airport

‘ I hope I still can make it’

As I reached the airport I immediately went to the information area

“ Can I help you Miss” Said the receptionist

“ Yes.. Does the flight to Germany already take off?” I asked her

Sae’s POV

After I parked the car at the parking lot, I immediately entered the airport and saw Rie was sitting in the front of the entrance.

“ Can’t make it, huh?” I asked her and received a slight weak nod from her. I tapped her shoulder and signalled her to go with me back to the café

“ At least we already tried our best, right?” I said to cheered her up

“ Yeah…” She answered me as she shed her eyes’ edge to stop the falling tears

“ Treat me an ice cream Sae?” she asked me

“ Which flavour?”

“ Vanilla” she said as she linked her arm to mine

“ Okay then, let’s buy it in the usual café “ I said

“ Let’s buy one for Sayaka too”

“ Okay.. She likes the chocolate one right?”

“ Yes”, the conversation ended when we entered the car

“ Just cry Rie… Don’t hold it… Nobody can see you except me” I said as I tapped her shoulder. Tears already fulfil her eyes

“ No.. I won’t cry” She said as she shook her head

“ I will go out then” I said as I opened my side door but she stopped me

“ Don’t you dare to left me too” She said, sobbed

“ Okay… I won’t leave you. I am sorry” I said to Rie as I hugged her and let her cry out at my embrace. It’s hurt to see my best friend crying like this but I can’t do anything, right?

“ She said that to me too, but she left me” Rie said while sobbing, I can see that she’s struggling to stop the falling tears

“ Let’s buy the ice cream then” I said

“ I will buy you two” I said again that received nods from her

“ Let’s go then” I said as I drove the car to the place

After we bought the ice creams we went back to the already closed café.

“ Welcome back” Sayaka said

“ Here.. we bought you ice cream” Rie said as she handed the ice cream to Sayaka

“ Are you okay?” Sayaka asked her

“ Yes.. I am reeeealy fine because Sae treats me two ice creams today” Rie said with her big smile

“ No… you aren’t okay” someone said as she went out of the kitchen

Rie’s POV

“ No… you aren’t okay” I heard the most beautiful voice that I missed so much and I quickly looked at the direction where the voice come from and found Rino stood there with her luggage

“ I am not imagining because I ate too much ice cream, right?” I asked Sae

“ I don’t know Rie… I just looked at you eating two ice cream but I can see her too” Sae said in response

“ You’re not imagining Rie, Sae… And eating too much ice cream can’t make you hallucinating” Sayaka said

“ I’m real you know? “ Rino said, I immediately punched Sae

“ Ouch… why did you do that?” Sae asked as she caressed the punched area

“ Is it hurt?” I asked her

“ Yes of course” Sae whined

“ We are not dreaming then” I said as I walked towards Sashi.

“ Small,” I said as I touched her boobs

“ Heyy….!! What are yo-“ before Sashi could finish her words I immediately hug her

Sashi’s POV

Rie hugged me really tight that I couldn’t breathe, I could feel that she was crying in my embrace

“ Shhh… Don’t cry Rie… I’m here now” I said

“ You’re a liar, you said that you won’t leave me but you left me” she said, still crying

“ You left me too, Rie and it’s really hurt “ I said as I pull her out of my embrace. I took her hand and put it on my chest

“ Here. It’s really hurt here” I said again. She looked at me for a while

“ Small” she mumbled

“ Yah..!! You’re really mean” I said as I turned around. Then she back hugged me

“ I’m sorry, won’t say your boobs are small again” she said

“ No, I won’t accept your apologize”

“ Do both of you forget about us being here?” Sae asked us, Rie quickly broke the hug

“ Hehehe… “ Rie said in response

“ So Sashi, you owe me an explanation” Sae said as she crossed her arms

“ Okay” I said


I was running out of the hospital, my tears already flowing down. I never thought that Rie would agree the plan, yeah I know that the plan was her father’s last will or somewhat but couldn’t she just told her parents that she will marry me? Her father just wanted to see her married before he died right? I didn’t know what to do my heart is really hurt, I love her so much. At the entrance I saw Sae and Sayaka

“ Hey! It doesn’t work, huh?” Sae asked me as she tapped my shoulder, I just nodded in response

“ I must go now, I promised to my mother that I will call her every morning. See you” I said and went away without caring her answer

“ Sashiko wait!” I could hear Sae tried to stop me but I didn’t care I need to be alone now

I arrived at my house and clock the door. I turned off my phone not wanting anyone disturb me. I threw myself on the sofa, I could smell her scent there, the nicest scent I’ve ever smell in my life, the smell of person who I love the most and I hate the most now. As I smell the scent her face kept going around in my mind, her beautiful smile, her lips, her black hair, her pouting face, everything about her. It hurts my heart.  I was crying and crying until I fell asleep because of tiredness.

As I woke up the sky was already dark. My stomach began to growling. So I went to the kitchen to make something but ended up making coffee while crying. Rie likes coffee so much that she wanted to opened a café since high school. And now what the hell I’m thinking? My stomach was growling and I made a cup of coffee for it? I knew I’m an idiot but not this much either. So I drank the coffee in one gulp, it was hot but the pain in my heart was still worse than the pain on my tongue. I laid back on the sofa again, I began to love the sofa now. I tried to sleep but the pain kept waking me up. Frustrated, I turned on my phone to saw 3 mails and 48 missed call. I opened the missed call first to see 35 was from Rie and the other was from my mother. I called my mother and told her that everything was alright and that I ran out of my phone battery because I forgot to recharge it yesterday. Then I opened the mails

The first one

Rino… I’m really sowreee… Forgive me, ‘kay?
The most precious person in your life, Rie

The second one

Hey.. already home? Want to talk? I miss you chuu…
The person who missed you the most, Rie

The third one

Oy! Already sleep? I go away from the hospital and decided to life in the café now, Sae and Sayaka helped me to cleaned the room and to take my things at my home. Want a cup of tea? My treat!
Your future wife, Rie

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry now. Before I could decide which one I should do suddenly I received another mail

Rino…  Don’t avoid me please… I’m alone at the café or I should say my home now, Sae and Sayaka already go home… Want to talk?
Your lost little girl, Rie

I wanted to talk to you too, but my little heart didn’t give me its permission. I’m sorry Rie. I turned my  phone off again. I didn’t know why but I felt really relieved to know that she is alright. And I went to the dreamland.

I woke up early today and immediately turned on my phone. I received 2 mails and 5 missed calls. I opened the mails

The first one

Already sleep? Have a nice dream dear… Let’s meet at the dreamland okay? I’m going to sleep too. See you.. Maybe tomorrow?
Your beloved girlfriend, Rie

The second one

Yo… Do you wake up yet? I’m already wake up… Hey..!! Wake up and send me a good morning message, you lazy Rino
Your abandoned girlfriend

 If I wasn’t wrong the second mail was sent two hours ago and now it’s already 8. I really wanted to send her a mail, but once again my heart didn’t let me to.
 I went to take bath and made some meal for my breakfast. My phone rang for the nth time since I looked at it 30 minutes before. I thought it was Rie so I just avoid it. After I looked at it again, the half caller was my mother so I called her back

“ Hello Mom, “

“ Hello my dear… Have your breakfast yet?”

“ Yes Mom, just have it”

“ Don’t you miss you mom and dad?”

“ Of course I miss you two so much”

“ Want to come here?”

“ But-“

“ You can think of it and we already bought you a ticket and the flight is tomorrow afternoon okay?”

“ Okay mom, I will think about it. See you”

“ See you my dear, take care”

After I hung up the phone a received a mail, but I didn’t want to see it now let’s see it later. I thought back to Germany wasn’t bad, I miss my parents and I had nothing to do here anymore, right? My reason to be here already gone so just back home then. It’s better to pack my things now so I don’t have too many things to do tomorrow.

Time gone by and I didn’t realize it was already 5 p.m. I’m really hungry now since I didn’t eat anything after my breakfast. While eating I opened my phone and there were 4 messages and 41 missed calls that came from Rie. I opened the mails

The first one

Hey… Got breakfast yet? Want to come to the café? Sae and Sayaka are avoiding me since this morning… I’m really feel lonely now.. Answer my call pease….
Your girlfriend

The second one

Yoo… What are you doing now? Are you okay? I’m sorry Rino…

The third one

We closed the café early today because Sae and Sayaka said they have something to do. And I’m all alone here now… Don’t you miss me? Do you think Sae and Sayaka are official now? If they do I want to tease Sae just like she tease us before. Hehehe…

The fourth one

You really don’t want to talk to me, huh? I’m pouting right now

After I read all the mails, I heard a knock at my door. So I quickly turned off my phone and went to the door

“ Yes.. Wait a minute” I said as I opened the door and saw Sae and Sayaka stood there

“ Hey…” Sae greeted me awkwardly

“ Ah.. Hey…” I answered

“ Do you mind to ask us in? it’s cold here” Sayaka said

“ Oh.. I’m sorry… come in” I said as I opened the door wider

After we sat at the living room

“ So.. What do you want?”

“ It’s okay if just a tea” Sae answered me

“ You know that’s not what I mean Sae” I said as I rolled my eyes

“ We come here to see your condition” Sayaka said

“ Rie brought you here?” I asked

“ No it’s our own idea, Rie don’t know about our coming here” Sae answered

“ Just like you see, I’m okay, I’m really okay though” I said

“ No.. you’re not okay, your ayes are red” Sae said as she showed her apologetic smile

“ I just cleaned my house there were many dust here and there so yeah you know what I mean”

“ Okay then…” Sae said again

“ You know, Rie looked at her phone more recently” Sayaka said

“ So what?”

“ Her eyes are redder than your eyes” Sae added

“ And she almost collapsed three times today” Sayaka said

“ So what’s the matter for me?” I answered as cold as I could even though I was really worried about Rie after I heard her condition

“ I think she caught cold too but she insisted to open the café, she agreed to close the café early today because we said that we had something to do” Sae said. I already know about that though, the last part

“ Oh yes.. She moved to the second floor of the café to since yesterday” Sae said as Sayaka nodded

“ We come here as your and Rie’s best friend” Sayaka said

“ It’s hard to see both of you in this situation” Sayaka added

“ Yeah… we already watching both of you since our school day, and we know that you love each other but didn’t want to tell it because you afraid that could make our friendship broke” Sae added

“ We know that you really hurt but we can’t just blame Rie for it even though we can say your pain is because of her, right?” Sayaka said and I thought she is right

“ In the other hand, Rie is hurt too. She must choose between her parents or her lover. Don’t you think it’s a hard decision?” Sae asked me. I didn’t know what to answer and just nodded my head

“ She doesn’t want to make her parents sad nor make you sad neither. And I think you already know that” Sayaka said

“ So what I should do know? She already engaged to that man” I said as tears began to flowing down on my cheeks

“ The engagement was fail, Sashiko” Sae said

“ Eh.. Why?” I asked them, confused

“  Why do you think Rie lives on the second floor of the café now?” Sayaka asked me

“ Eh…”

“ She said to her parents that she will only marry you and go away” Sae said

“ Really?” I asked her

“ Yes… why we must lied to you?” Sayaka added

“ Ah… we must go now” Sae said as she looked at the clock

“ Hmm… Yes, see you Sashi” Sayaka said as they walked away

“ The decision is in your hand Sashiko… Rie decided to be with you and she already lost her parents because of that. Don’t make her even more hurt Sashiko.. We trusted Rie to you, okay?” Sayaka said as she closed the door.

And suddenly I received a mail again

Hey… Have your dinner already? I’m at the park now I can’t resist the loneliness anymore… I never feel this lonely before, it’s because of you Rino, my irresponsible stupid girlfriend…

After that I received a mail again

It’s really cold here… I just realized that I didn’t wear my jacket…

After I read the last mail I immediately took one of my jacket and went to the park. When I arrived at the park I could see Rie was sitting on one of the bench there and she was crying while tapping her phone and suddenly I received a mail from her

I think I will become a human ice now… Hahahaha… What are you doing now?

Why it could sound so cheerful when she was crying so hard now. I knew that she is a strong girl. And now I realized that it’s really cold here, I wanted to give her the jacket now but my feet didn’t want to move. Then I received a mail from her

I think I should go home now, I do think that you will come here before, but you didn’t, huh? It’s okay though.. Wear your jacket if you want to go out, ‘kay? I don’t want you to catch cold

Then I saw her stood up and left while hugging herself, I still could see tears flowing on her cheeks. I am the worst girl on the earth, right? I saw her like that but still didn’t want to approach her when she really needed me. Then I went home with tears flowing down on my cheeks, I didn’t care about the other people who looked at me. When I arrived at home I received a call from her, I really wanted to pick it up and when I already pressed the button, my phone turned off because of running out of battery. I threw it away on the sofa and went to bedroom since the clock showed that it’s already midnight now. But before going to sleep I decided to recharger my phone first.

Today I supposed to flight to Germany to meet my parents there. I still unsure about what I must do today. If I meet Rie I don’t know what to say and now I realized that I’m still not good enough for her since what happened yesterday. And if it’s the case then I just go back to Germany and leave her here so that she can find the other people who is better than me. I’m afraid that if I back to her, I would hurt her again.

So I decided to go to Germany and called Sayaka to say goodbye

“ Hello Sashi”

“ Hello Sayaka, i-“ I couldn’t finish my words, I felt that there was something in my throat that stopped me to speak

“ Hmm… What’s wrong?”

“ I will go to Germany this afternoon”

“ What? Why?”

“ I think I have nothing to do here, and my parents already bought me the ticket yesterday”

“ So what about Rie? Do you want to leave her alone here?”

“ She isn’t alone Sayaka, she has you and Sae”

“ But she needs you”

“ She will find the other person who will be much better than me Sayaka”

“ Do you really think she will?”

“ Of course”

“ If she is like that then she already married and have two children now Sashiko”

“ Eh..”

“ You see that she is waiting for you in this three years”

“ She won’t wait for me again Sayaka, just tell her that I will never back here”

“ it’s better if you think about it once more Sashi, just to let you know when you left us before we almost lost her”

“ What do you mean?”

“ No need to know since if I tell you, you will still go”

“ Okay then if you already decided, have a nice flight then” Sayaka said again as she hung up

What’s she meant by almost lost her? No she won’t do anything just as a suicide, I better to prepare myself and went to the airport now. After I finished took bath I received a mail

Hey… Good morning… I woke up late today.. when I wake up it’s already 10 and I immediately send this message to you.. What a good girl I am, right? I must go now Sae is already glaring at me.. Hehehe… She you… chuuu…

The mail made me hesitated for a while but I already decided that I will go, it’s for her sake too, right?

To Be Continued

The mails are playing the most important part here  :on asmo: i think i must prepare for my exams tomorrow  :on study: See you in the next chapter then  :byebye:
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RinoRie FF - My choices chapter 6 ( The Last )
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I am back  XD I passed one of my exam while the other one was delayed for 2 days  :twothumbs it's already a month since i entered this forum and i am very happy to read the comments from you, so here the last chapter

Chapter 6

So I took my luggage and went to the airport. When I arrived at the airport it was already 12 the I received a mail from Rie

Don’t you dare to go anywhere without my permission. I’m on my way there so just stay where are you stand now

I was shivered as I read the mail, I couldn’t feel any love from it. I decided to sat at one of the bench there where she couldn’t see me if she arrived later. I looked at my phone watch and it showed 12.34 and Rie hadn’t arrive yet. Maybe it’s because of the traffic. Then I heard the call from the caller

“ The passenger to Germany with Akihabara Boeing 1048, please enter the gate 5”

The plane would go soon but Rie still hadn’t come. Then I could see a young lady running to the information area, and she is Rie. I could see Sae at the entrance too. Rie asked the receptionist and after she received the information she went to the entrance and sat there, crying. Then I could see Sae approached her and took her to the car. After they left I quickly went to the train station ad bought a ticket to the Tokyo station.

When I arrived at the café, Sayaka already waiting for me while holding her stopwatch

“ You came more slow than I had planned” She said as she stopped her stopwatch

“ Heh Sayaka.. You haven’t change, do you?”

“ Let’s go make something for them, they will arrive soon” Sayaka said as she went to the kitchen

Flashback End

“ And yeah… that’s how is it” I said after I explained everything to them

Then suddenly Rie’s phone rang

“ Hello.. What? I will be there soon” She said as she hung up

" What's wrong Rie?"

“ I will explain it later, let’s go to the hospital” Rie said and Sae immediately took her car’s key

“ Don’t want to follow us Sayaka?” I asked Sayaka

“ No.. I will wait here for your good news” She said as she waved her hand. I immediately entered the car and hugged Rie

When we arrive at the hospital, I and Rie immediately go in while Sae parked the car. Rie opened her father’s room and we saw her mother was crying there

“ Mom… everything is okay?” Rie asked her mother

“ Rie…” her father said as he pointed his hand to Rie that Rie quickly took it and held it

“ I’m sorry for making you suffered” her father said

“ No dad, it’s not your fault” Rie said as tears began to flowing from her already-really-red eyes. Then her father looked at me

“ Who’s your name again?” he asked me

“ Rino, Sashihara Rino, Rie’s girlfriend” I said as I bowed my head

“ Hahahah… Still same from the first time, huh?” he asked me

“ Forever will be the same my future dad” I said that received a chuckle from her dad and a soft smile from her mother

“ Can I trust Rie for you?” her father asked me

“ No you can’t dad” I said that received a shock from Rie

“ Because the right question is, Can I trust myself to your daughter Dad?” I asked him

“ The answer is not mine, it’s hers” her father said as he looked at Rie

“ Yes you can, you already though” Rie said as she smiled at me. The her father beckoned her to hold my hand

“ Now my job is done I can rest now, I will wait for you there, ‘kay?” her father said as he held her wife’s hand and Rie’s mother just nodded

“ Don’t you dare to take a glance at the other woman when I am not around okay?” her mother said then her father just smiled in response and closed his eyes

3 months after that

Rie’s POV

“ Hey… Sashi be careful!” shouted Sae from her bar

“ I know that Sae! Don’t make me more panic” Rino said as she sighing

“ It’s time to rest Sashi, you can rest to Rie” Sayaka said

I and Sashi sat at our usual rest chair

“ Ah… It’s really hard, I thought I will be able to do it right” Sashi said as she massages her shoulder

“ You will be able to do it later” I said

“ Give me a chuu then” She said as she closing the gap between us

“ Not here Rino” I said that made her pout

“ Back then when you sent me messages there were many chuu, but now you don’t want to give me one” She said as she crossed her arms. Then I pulled her and gave her a peck

“ Enough?”

“ Hehehe… maybe one more?”

“ Rie.. come here please”

“ Okay!”

“ Sae!!!! You are disturbing my moment with Rie again” Sashi groaned

I hope we could be like this forever or maybe we won't


I need to say thank you for all of my readers for reading my not-so-good fanfic  :hee: See you in the next story  :byebye:
And i want to ask you, which part of the story you like the most and not like the most? I will wait for your kind answers  :kneelbow:

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RinoRie FF - The true one Chapter 1
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Hello!!! I am back  :cool1: I decided to only make fanfic about RinoRie yesterday  :twothumbs i wanted the readers replies but i still don't get one until now  :on cloudeye:

Ship : RinoRie, YuiRie, RinoParu, YuiParu

Chapter 1

Sashihara POV

I was studying in my room when suddenly my roommates came and slammed the door

“ Hhhh… I fight with Yui again?” I said to myself

 And no need to wait any longer I heard she began to sobbing. I closed my textbook and approached her. I thought I almost do that every day, I mean comforting her.

“ Rie…” I said as I sat beside her

“ Shhh… Don’t cry, ‘kay? I’m here with you” was the words I could only say and hugged her

“ I saw her with Haruka today too”

“ They are just friend Rie and you already know that since you begin to date Yui, right?”

“ Yes.. But-“

Suddenly we heard a knock at the door; I sighed and immediately went to the door and opened it to saw Yui was standing there. I thought it became our usual daily activity since 3 months ago, maybe?

“ Come in Yui, I will be back soon when you two already finish your problem ‘kay?” and Yui just nodded her head in agreement

I went out to the dorm’s park to make some room for them to resolve their problem. It was really cold here but I didn’t mind it. Seeing my best friend crying like that every day makes my heart hurt. I wasn’t a social person and I didn’t have many friends too. Many people thought that I was an introvert person since I was the first ranked student here but that was only their opinion. I was a super extrovert person if you ask my friends.

Rie and Yui had been dating since we entered Akiba Gakuen, the most famous girl school in this area. Their relationship was alright until Shimazaki Haruka, the transferred student, came to our school three months ago. She didn’t need a week to be one of the popular students in this school, she was smart, beautiful and her father had a great position in government. Many students here wanted to be her friend but I didn’t know why she could stick to Yui, they became close very quickly.

And now here I was, freezing at the park, waiting for them to make up and resolve their problem. Suddenly someone covered me with a blanket from my back. Shocked with the sudden action I quickly looked at the person direction and saw Shimazaki Haruka stood there

“ Mind if I sit with you?” She asked me with such a cute and polite action

“ Yes sure..”

“ What are you doing here hmm..”

“ Sashihara Rino…”

“ What are you doing here Sashihara-san?”

“ Just clearing my mind, And what about you Shimazaki-san?”

“ Eh..?? You already know my name?”

“ The whole of the school already know it, you know?” I said as I chuckled at her questioning expression

“ No… I don’t know that, I need some fresh air that’s why I came here though”

“ Hmmm.. want to share the blanket? It’s cold here and you only wear you pyjamas” I said

“ Okay..” she said as pulled the blanket so that it covered her body too

“ Warm..” she said again as she leaned her head on my shoulder

I could feel the warmth too and it wasn’t the same as the warmth I got when I hugged Rie. We stayed like that until I looked at my watch and realized it was already midnight. I wanted to told it to her but I found her sleeping so I shook her body softly

“ Shimazaki-san… wake up, let’s back to our room”

“ Hmm.. what time is it?” she asked me as she rubbed her eyes that I found really cute

“ It’s already 11.30 “

“ Hmmm… Already that late? See you tomorrow then” She said as she left me, still rubbing her eyes, and left the blanket too.

“ Let’s give it back to her tomorrow” I told myself

Then I went to my room.  The door wasn’t locked and that meant Yui already left the room. I entered the room and saw Rie was sleeping on her bed, so I slowly locked the door and went to my bed. I used Shimazaki’s blanket that I thought it really warm just now.

This morning I woke up earlier than usual to cook some meal for us. After I finished the meals I immediately woke Rie. Her eyes were still red due to the crying yesterday. She woke up and went to the dining table lazily. We ate the meals and after that we prepared to go to our classes. I was in the same class as Shimazaki so I brought the blanket together with me. At 7.30 a.m. Yui picked Rie and went to their class together since they were in the same class. And I went to the class by myself just like usual.

It was still early so the students were still rare. I sat on my chair and took my book to read while waiting for Shimazaki to come. I flipped the page one by one and suddenly someone approached me and lent me a bottle of milk. And to my surprise the person was Rie

“ Here..”

“ What is this?”

“ A bottle of milk”

“ Oh… Thank you..”

“ I bought it to you because you haven’t drink any milk for the breakfast”

“ Eh… you noticed that?”

“ Of course I am.. do you forget that I am your best friend?” she said proudly

“ Okay… okay… Thank you very much then”

“ Yes… I must go back to my class now, Yui is waiting for me. See you later” she said as she left me

I drank the milk until half of it and put the bottle on my table. Then I continued my reading, but I couldn’t focus. I kept thinking about Rie’s words ‘ Yui is waiting for me’. Those words made my heart hurt a bit and I didn’t know the reason. I just kept flipping the pages but my mind was still couldn’t focus. Then suddenly Shimazaki approached me

“ Hey.. why are you daydreaming in the morning?”

“ Eh..”

“ Uhm.. hehehehe… I was thinking about something, not an important thing though”

“ Ooo… so that’s it… have you eaten your breakfast?”

“  Yes I have…”

“ Mouuu… I haven’t eat my breakfast yet..”

“ Do you want some milk? I have drink it a little though” I said as a lent her the bottle

“ Yeay… I really like milk… Thank you so much Sashiko…” she said as she pick the bottle from my hand

“ Sashiko?”

“ Hmm.. Your nickname from me”

“Nickname ?”

“ Yes, you can give me a nickname to”

“ Haruka… Hmmm….”

“ What about paruru ? Yui gave me the nickname”

“ Paruru? That’s sounds good too” Did I heard Yui’s name being said, and she gave Shimazaki a nickname too? Actually what is their relation? I would never give a person a nickname if I was not that close to the person…

“ Hey!! Are you listening?” she said as she tapped my shoulder

“ Eh… Sorry…”

“ You owe me a treat later okay?”

“ Why?” I said shocked

“ Because you were daydreaming while I was talking” she said, pouting

“ Okay… okay..” I said in defeat

“Oh… here… your blanket… you left it yesterday” I said as I handed her the blanket

“ Okay… thank you…”

Then we heard the bell rang that meant the classes would begin soon

“ See you later then” she said as she went to her chair

The class went like usual, when suddenly I received a latter ball from my back. I opened it

Hey.. Don’t forget about the treat ya… the break time will come soon

After I read the letter I looked at the sender direction to saw Paruru was smiling at me. Then I looked back at the teacher direction not wanting received any scold from her.

And by the time the break time came. I put my books back to my bag. Then someone tapped my shoulder

“ Let’s go… I am reaaaly hungry right now” Paruru said to me as she hugged her stomach

“ okay then… Let’s go”

And with that we went out of the class while she linked her arm to my arm. That made me feel uncomfortable but I couldn’t do anything. I could feel everybody’s stare at us as we passed them. Then we passed Rie and Yui’s classroom too and saw them talking. Suddenly Paruru pulled me in the class and approached them

“ Hey.. want to join us to the canteen?” Paruru asked them

“ Eh..” Rie shocked to our sudden coming and she looked at me too with her what-are-you-doing-with-this-kid-from-nowhere look

“ Uhm… yeah…  I owed a treat to Paruru” I said to explain, awkwardly

“ Paruru?” Rie asked me

“ Yeah.. My nickname, right?” Paruru said and looked at me

“ Let’s go to the canteen then, the break time will finish soon” Yui said as she held Rie’s hand

And with that four of us went to the canteen together. On our way the atmosphere was really hard for me. Yui and Paruru kept talking together while i and Rie just kept exchanging glance to each other. Finally we reached the canteen

“ Sashiko I want to eat sandwich” Paruru said to me as she held my hand just like a child

“ Hmm.. okay let’s buy it”

“ Want something Rie?” I asked her

“ No.. I’m full”

“ Then I will buy some drink for us” Yui said and we went buy what we need

We ate our meal in silence. Yui kept telling Rie about her basketball story while Paruru kept entering snack to my mouth

“ Hey… Rino… since when you become close to Shimazaki-san?” Rie suddenly asked me that made me chocked

“ Erm…” I said

“ Since yesterday when we met at the park, right Sashiko?” Paruru said

“ Is that right, Rino?” Rie asked me again

“ Hmmm… yeah…” I said in response

“ You two become friend quickly, huh?” Yui commented while munching her sandwich

“ Yeah… just like what you said” Paruru said again

After we finished the meal we back to our class. We said goodbye to Rie and Yui then went back to our class. As we entered the class the bell rang. Time gone by and the last bell rang. I prepared my things and already stepped out when Paruru suddenly linked her arm at my arm again.

“ Let’s go back together”

“ But I already have a plan with Rie”

“ Eh… let’s go together then”

“ No… Today Rino is mine” Rie suddenly appeared

“ Eh… Don’t you go back with Yui?” Paruru asked

“ No.. Today she has a basketball exercise” Rie answered coldly

“ Bring me with you, please” Paruru pleaded me

“ Erm…”

Now both of them were staring at me but with a different stare. Rie was staring at me with her death glare while Paruru was staring at me with her puppy yet salty look. Ugh.. I couldn’t make a decision right now! Someone help me!!

“ I’m sorry Paruru, we can go together tomorrow, ‘kay?”

“ Okay then, promise me?”

“ Yes.. I promise you”

“ At least we can go to the entrance together, right?” Paruru said again

“ Can we?” I asked Rie and she just nodded

We went to the entrance and said goodbye there. I and Rie walked through the road without talking to each other. I didn’t like this kind of situation, I thought for a topic for a while but ended up cracked my brain because of that. And suddenly Rie opened the conversation by herself

“ I’m really hungry… Let’s go to eat first” oh.. she hadn’t eaten anything except the breakfast

“ Okay… Let’s eat at our usual café then”

We went to the café and the situation was not as awkward as before anymore. When we arrived at the café and already ordered the meal… Rie looked at me seriously

“ What? Anything wrong at my face?”

“ You and Shimazaki-san…”

To Be Continued

Thank you for reading the fanfic, the next chapter will be updated soon  :byebye:

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RinoRie FF - The true one Chapter 2
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Do you like the story? i am wondering if i should put this story in the new topic or keep it continue in this topic? What do you think?  :mon whimper:

The true one chapter 2

“ You and Shimazaki-san…”

“ I already told you about that, right?”

“ But, you can’t be friend with a new person so easily, can you?”

“ Why are you saying that?”

“ I am your friend for years and you can say that already know you better than anyone”

“ Hhhh… So what’s the matter if I be friend with Paruru?”

“ No, nothing”

I could see the sadness from her expression

“ I won’t leave you, I promise”

She looked at me for a while then a smile showed from her lips. Then our order came and she ate it, still smiling. After we paid the bill we continued our journey. We went to the mall where we usually bought our goods. I really enjoyed my time with Rie since she would spend most of her free time with Yui.

At 5 p.m. we went back to the dorm. At the entrance we saw Yui and Paruru were talking while holding hand. I immediately looked at Rie who was clenching her hands now.

“ Rie…”

“ Oy Yui!!!” I ran to Yui and punched her on the cheeks. I didn’t know why but my body just move on its own.

“ Hey!! What are you doing?” Yui asked me while wiped the blood that came out from the edge of her lip

“ I am the one who should ask that Yui!! What the hell are you doing here while holding hand with Paruru like that?!” I shouted at her

“ Stop it!!” Rie suddenly shouted at us

“ Let’s go Rino” she said as she dragged me away but Paruru caught my other hand to stop me. I pulled my hand that held by Paruru and followed Rie
We arrived at the park and sat there. Rie just kept silence for a while, still clenching her hands

“ If you want to cry just cry Rie… It’s not good to hold your sadness inside” I said as I took her hand and held it tight

“ No Rino… I won’t cry. They are friend so it’s okay. We often hold each other hand too, just like we do now”

“ Hmm… You are right”

“ Let’s stay here for a while then”

“ Then why we go away from them before?”

“ I don’t know, I just want to do it”

“ Hmmm..” we kept silence for a while then Rie suddenly stood up and scratched her hands

“ Let’s back then” she said to me and I just nodded in response

Still at the entrance we saw Yui again, but this time Rie approached her and gave her a peck on her cheek. I could feel my chest straightened by seeing it but I didn’t mind because maybe that was because of the coldness. Then both of them entered the dorm and left me there alone. I felt like crying now until I felt someone hugged me from behind

“ Don’t you cold?” the person asked me that I realized from the voice that she was Paruru

“ Yes… here is really cold. Want to come in?”

“ No…” she said as she buried her face on my back

“ Why?”

“ Let’s go to the park… I bring the blanket with me”

“ Okay then..”

We went to the park still I the same position with Paruru back hugged me. Then we sat on the previous bench and covered our body with the blanket. We didn’t talk to each other but I like the atmosphere. I felt really comfortable now as if I didn’t have any problem. Then Paruru leaned her head on my shoulder while I leaned my head on her head. We didn’t say anything but we were happy just by each other presence.

“ Sashiko..”

“ Hmm..”

“ Do you like Rie?”

“ Why are you asking that?”

“ You looked so angry before and I don’t think that’s because of me”

“ Hmm… how can I say it… I and Rie are friend for years and you can say that we know each other better than anyone else. Before she is dating with Yui we already friend and I don’t want someone to hurt my best friend”

“ So you see her as a friend?”

“ No… I see her as a best friend”

“ Then what about me?”

“ You?”

“ Hmm…”

“ You are friendly, smart and popular. Many people want to be friend with you”

“ What do you see me as?”

“ As a human?” I said as a laughed at my own statement but received a glare from her

“ That’s not what I mean”

“ I don’t know Paruru. We just met yesterday and just be a friend for two days. I still don’t know so much about you and you still don’t know me too”

“ Then..”

“ Then let’s be friend”

“ I love you Sashiko”  I could feel the burning sensation from my heart but that was not the same as when I saw Yui held Paruru’s hand in front of Rie before. Was this love? No I didn’t think so. I never fell in love with someone except my father of course

“ Give me some time to think about it”

“ I just want you to know my actual feeling, just that”

“ Thank you”

“ Give me the answer tomorrow then”

“ Eh…? I thought you didn’t need any answer”

“ Why not?”

“ Eh…”

“ Too many ‘eh’ today, let’s go back to our room then. It’s getting colder here”

We went back to our room and when I arrived at my room Rie was taking bath. I laid myself on my bed and closed my eyes. As I close my eyes I could see Rie’s smilling at me, such a sweet smile then  I could see Paruru’s smiling at me too, with a gorgeous yet beautiful smile. I didn’t know what this meant but I could feel that something important would come to my life.

Suddenly I heard Rie’s voice calling me, I thought that was still a part of my imagination until I felt someone’s hand on my head. I opened my eyes and saw Rie was there. I couldn’t control my heart beat as our face were so close

“ Rino… Your head is really hot. Are you okay?”

“ Hmmm…” I said as I tried to stand up but I felt my head really dizzy and decided to laid back on the bed

“ You catch cold Rino, wait here I will take some medicine and a wet towel to compress you, ‘kay?” I just nodded my head

And in minutes Rie came back and help me to sit.

“ Here the medicine”

“ Thank you so much Rie” and I laid back after gulped the medicine

“ Take some rest now. I won’t give you any permission to go out until your temperature decreased”

“ Okay, but you must accompany me here”

“ Okay… okay”

Then I closed my eyes again, she hummed a song as her hand caressing my head, I really like it.

Rie’s POV

Her breath became stable and that was a sign that she already at the dreamland. I looked at the clock and saw It was already 9 p.m. and I decided to sleep to. I already stood up when she caught my hand and hummed “ Don’t go”. She never change and still a little yet adult Rino that I knew. I climbed up her bed and slept beside her because I knew that if I left her just 3 meters away to my bed, she would pouting at me the whole day tomorrow.

Sashihara’s POV

I woke up as I felt the sunlight touched my face. I found Rie sleeping by my side, her face when she sleep was really cute. I caressed her face and felt something in my stomach, I wanted to kiss her. Then slowly I leaned closer but unfortunately there was a knock at the door that made Rie wake up.

“ I will open it, just stay still” she said as she climbed down from the bed and went to the door. If I wasn’t wrong today was Sunday so we didn’t have to go to school. I was wondering who was the guest and heard two people stepped to my direction.

“ Hey…  Are you okay?” Paruru, the guest, asked me while putting her hand on my head

“ It’s really hot, you have fever” she said again

“ She is already like that since yesterday and you better to not disturbing her rest time” Rie said coldly

“ I am not disturbing her, I am worried about her condition”

“ You are too noisy, just say what you want to say and go”

“ Rie…” I said, Rie never be this cold to the other people

“  I just want to ask her to go out with me today just like she promised to me yesterday”

“ But she is sick now “

“ But she already promised to me”

“ Stop it you two” I said, my head began to aching again to heard their arguments

“ I will go with you this afternoon Paruru”

“ But Rino… You are still sick”

“ It’s okay Rie, I already promised it so I must do it”

“ Okay… I will come here later at 3 a.m. okay?” Paruru said as she stepped out, but she came back to kiss me before really went out
Rie was shocked but I was more shocked. After we heard the door closed, Rie sighed and sat beside me on my bed.

“ You really owe me an explanation Rino” she said as she gave me her death glare

“ I don’t know either”

“ You won’t kiss each other if you are just friend”

“ Why?”

“ A friend doesn’t kiss each other” my heart hurt to heard that

“ Then, I can’t kiss you”

“ What?! What are you talking about?”

“ No.. Nothing. I want to rest” I said as I pulled my blanket to cover my head

I heard Rie sighed and stood up

“ I don’t want to lost you Rino, not like I lost Yui for her” was her words before she left me

To Be Continued

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Re: RinoRie FF - The true one Chapter 2
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Hello!!! I'm here!!! :cool2: many bad things happened to me lately  :dizzy:

The true one
Chapter 3

I didn’t know what just happened. But hearing her said that a friend didn’t kiss each other somehow hurt me. Actually what’s wrong with me? I started to acting strange lately. Maybe I should ask Yuko tomorrow.

At 4 p.m. I prepared to go, although my head was still dizzy. I took bath and looked at myself on the mirror

“ Sashihara Rino… Just make your decision already”

After finished taking bath I went to the bedroom and wore my casual clothes. Then I went out and saw Rie was sleeping on the coach. I didn’t want to meet her now, at least until I could find why I felt strange whenever I was with her.

I met Paruru at the entrance. She looked so cute as she smiled at me

“ I’m sorry for the wait” I said

“ No… I just arrived here though”

“ Let’s go then”

“ Do you already feel better?”

“ Hmmm…. Yeah…”

“ I want to go to a place”

“ Didn’t you said you want to go shopping before?”

“ No… Let’s go”

She dragged me to the place and then after walking for minutes we arrived at a playground. She sat on one of the swing and ordered me to push her from back

“ You like park so much, don’t you?” I asked her as i pushed the swing

“ Yes… when I was childhood my mother often brought me to a park, so I am so happy to know our school has a park”

“ I think most of school have a park”

“ This is my first time go to a normal school, Sashiko”

“ Eh… why?”

“ My parents sent me to home schooling, so I don’t have friend”

“ But I am glad to have you now” she added

“ About the answer-“

“ No… I don’t want to hear the answer now. Let’s wait until we arrive at the dorm later, okay?”

“ I understand”

Then we just kept having a light conversation until the sunset. We decided to go back home and bought something on our way for dinner. Paruru told me that this was her first time to eat ramen since her mother really strict when it comes to food. And from our conversation I realized that Paruru didn’t have a happy and free childhood just like the other child. Then we arrived at the door entrance, I began to feel nervous

“ So… What’s your answer?”

“ Before I answer you I want to ask something”

“ Just ask me”

“ I’m not a perfect person and I have many weakness. Do you still want to have a common person like me to be your girlfriend?”

“ Yes I do”

“ Your father has a nice position while my father is only an office worker. Do you still want to be with me?”

“ Yes I do”

“ Then I will answer you now, I will only say it once so hear it carefully”

“ Okay”

“ I want to be your girlfriend Paruru, and I will protect you and let you eat ramen everyday”

“ Hehehe…”

“ Why are you laughing?”

“ Your face is really red”

“ Yah… You are really mean”

“ Can I hug you?”

“ Yes please” I said as I hugged her tight

Without us noticing there is someone who heard and saw everything, and the person quickly left us there. After we broke the hug we went back to our room after said goodbye. On my way to the room there was something in my chest that somehow told me that I had made a wrong decision. When I arrived at my room I found Rie was sitting on the couch just like she was waiting for me.

“ I’m home”

“ Welcome home Rino, already have your dinner?”

“ Yes, I ate some food with Paruru”

“ Okay then”

“ Hmmm… I want to take shower then” I said as I left her

“ Want to talk after that?”

“ Okay”

At the bathroom I was really nervous, I couldn’t take bath properly. Why Rie wanted to talk with me? Is anything bad happened? Or maybe she is mad at me? Gahhh…!!! It was really frustrating. After I wore my pajamas I went to the living room where Rie was.

“ So… What are you want to talk about?”

“ I want to ask you about my homework” she said.

 What?! That was all she wanted to say?! Why the hell did she use that serious yet scary expression before?! Why I must get frustrated just to hear these words?!

“ Uhm… Which one?” I asked her

“ This one. I really don’t know how to solve this problem”

And with that I helped her until the homework done. I was wondering why she asked my help this time before she always asks Yui to help her. Did something happen when I was gone? Were they having some arguments again? That was not my problem though but this made me afraid too. But I really thanked God because I could spend time with Rie today. After the work finished we went to bed because we have class tomorrow.

This morning just went like usual, Rie was picked up by Yui and I went to school alone. But at the end I met Paruru at the entrance and we went to the class together. After we arrived at the class Yuko dragged me away

“ Shimazaki-san I will have a talk with Sashiko now we will be back in minutes”

Yuko brought me to the roof and after she felt the situation was safe she faced me and looked at me with her serious expression. Why people now days have to look at me with a serious expression as if I was the culprit of a murderer?

“ Hey… What’s wrong Yuko?”

“ I heard everything yesterday”

“Everything? About what?”

“ About you confessed Shimazaki-san yesterday”

“ What?! From where did you hear that?”

“ I heard it by myself when you confessed Shimazaki-san at the dorm entrance”

“ Hahh… So it’s like that, I thought you heard it from someone else”

“ You owe me an explanation, don’t you?”

“ Yes… The fact that I wanted to meet you today though”

“ For what?”

“ I want to ask you something important”

“ You want to married?”

“ NO…!! Of course NOT!!!”

“ So about what?”

“ Actually these days I felt strange whenever I was near Rie”

“ You caught cold?”

“ NO!!! Just listen to me properly until I finished my words”

“ Okay, next”

“ Whenever I was close to her my heart beating fast and I couldn’t control it”

“ You have a heart problem, maybe?”

“ It’s not the time to joking around Yuko, I am serious now”

“ Uh… Okay”

“ And whenever I saw her with Yui I felt my chest straightened”

“ Hmmm…” she thought for a while

“ From my diagnose you are fall in love with Rie, Sashi”

“ Eh… Love?”

“ Why are you so shocked?”

“ I never fall in love before”

“ So what about Paruru, you don’t love her?”

“ Eh… It’s not like that. I-“ I didn’t know what to say

“ You what?”

“ I felt comfortable whenever I with Paruru and I thought that It was enough to be the reason to make her as my girlfriend”

“ You are right Sashi, the feeling of comfortable can be a reason to make a relation with someone but it only valid if you aren’t in love with someone else”

“ But I still don’t think that I fall in love with Rie”

“ Just keep avoiding your feeling Sashi and you will hurt more”

“ So what should I do know?”

“ Only you know what you should do, that is your life not mine or the other’s”

“ I-“

“ Just make it clear that you didn’t confessed Paruru because you pity her or something, I will never be friend with someone like that”

Then we heard the bell rang and Yuko left me there after she tapped my shoulder that I thought was the sign of encouragement. I left the roof and supposed to be back to the class but my feet didn’t bring me to. I ended up skipping my school and went to take some walk. Yuko’s words kept rounding my head. I am in love with Rie was her diagnose. She also said that I may be dated Paruru because I pity her. I was really confused now. My feet kept walking and walking that I didn’t realized that now I arrived at my own house.

Actually my school and my house distance were not really far, just need to walk about 25 minutes from my house and you already arrived at my school. The reason why I chose to enter the dorm was because of Rie, I will never let Rie alone and feel lonely was the only thing in my mind when I signed the dorm entered certificate. Until in our first year she dated Yui and spent more times with her. I was happy to see Rie happy but I began to feel lonely. I wouldn’t blame Rie for that because I found my own friend too just like Yuko.

“ I am home” I said as I entered

“ Eh… Sashi” my mother said from the kitchen

“ What are you doing here at this time? Don’t you supposed to be at school now? And you still wear your uniform too, What’s wrong?” she added as she approached me

“ I miss you mom”

“ Come here darling” my mother said as she opened her arms, gestured to me to come to her embrace

“ I miss you too my little girl” she said as she hugged me tight

“ I am an adult now mom”

“ Okay.. okay… Already got your breakfast? Want to eat something? I will cook it for you”

“ No mom… I must go back now, my friend will worry about me” as I broke the hug

“ Rie will?”

“ Mom… You still haven’t change, have you? Still like to tease me. Rie has a girlfriend now”

“ Ow… My Sashi got dumped, huh?” She said again as she tapped my head

“ I have a girlfriend too mom, Rie is my best friend” I said as I felt my chest straightened when I said the words

“ Who?”

“ Shimazaki Haruka”

“ Bring her here someday okay?”

“ Okay… I will back then”

“ Wait… I have something for you, wait here okay? I will be back in minutes” my mother said as she went to her room and came back with an envelope in her hand

“ Here… Take it and read the letter inside when you feel confused someday” she said as she handed the envelope to me

“ It’s not your will later right mom?”

“ Of course it isn’t” she said as she pinched my shoulder

“ I will go then. Take care of yourself and don’t tell dad that I come today, he will cranky”

“ Okay… take care of yourself… Rie… and… your girlfriend too…” she said

I walked again but not to the school nor to the dorm. I went to a park that quite far from the school. I sat on one of the bench there and took the letter from my pocket. My mother said that I could open it when I was confused and I was really confused now. Should I open it now? But I ended putting it back to my pocket. I took a deep breath, feeling the fresh air going through my nose to my lungs. Then I looked my watch and saw it was already 12 o’clock now.

I went to a restaurant to eat lunch there. I still didn’t want to go back, I didn’t mind to get some scold from my teacher or some students became badmouthing me for skipping class. I just wanted to refresh my mind now that I found really hard to do. At 3 p.m. I decided to go back.

At the entrance I could see Rie with Yui at her side trying to calm her down, Paruru who held her phone as it was the most precious item in her life, and Yuko who was chewing her gum. I approached them and immediately got a slap from Rie

“ Where are you going this morning?! Skipping your class without telling us?!” Rie shouted at me

“ I have something to do”

“ What’s that? Is that more important than your class?” she said again still glaring at me

“ Yes”

“ I am really worry, you know” Paruru said as she held my hands

“ I’m sorry”

“ Okay everybody… Can we talk inside? It’s really cold here” Yuko said

“ Okay… Let’s talk inside” Yui said

We decided to talk in Rie and my room.

“ So where are you this moring?” Yuko asked me

“ I went to my house, I missed my mother”

“ Then..” she asked me again

“ Then I went to the park since I thought it was already late for the class”

“ Have eaten your lunch?”

“ Yes I have”

“ Okay… The problem is done” Yuko said again as she clapped her hands

“ I told the teacher that you had a stomach ache and must went back to the dorm, your bag is there” Yuko said again as she pointed at my bag’s direction

“ Thank you Yuko… I will treat you someday”

“ Okay, I must go now, Nyan- nyan is waiting for me”

“ See you then”

After Yuko left us the atmosphere was intense. All of them were glaring at me

“ What’s again?” I frowned

“ Rino… we are your friend, you can tell us everything included your problem, you know”

“ Yeah… I’m sorry. I just need some time for myself, that’s all”

“ I’m your girlfriend, you can rely on me” Paruru said as she hugged me. Yui and Rie shocked about the statement and already wanted to blow me with questions

“ We are dating” I said as I broke the hug, trying to answer their expression

“ What? When? “ Yui asked

“ Since yesterday” I said again

 “Woah!!! What a quick progress” Yui said as she clapped her hands

“ Congratulation Paruru and Sashi” Yui said again

“ Hehehe… Thank you Yui”

“ It’s already late now, we must go back to rest” Yui said

“ Oh… okay Yui, have a nice dream” Rie said as she kissed Yui’s cheek

“ Take some rest too Sashiko” Paruru said and kissed me

Then both of them left us. Rie ordered me to take bath and she slept first. I took bath and went back to the bedroom and found Rie was sleeping on her bed. I approached her and caressed her cheek. My heart began to beating fast again. Was I really falling in love with her?

“ I love you” i mumbled without me knowing

I went to my bed and pulled my blanket. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t. Everything had happened like a wind, so fast yet I still could feel it. What will happens in the future, I was really waiting to see it. If Yuko right that I feel in love with Rie, then I had made a mistake by dating Paruru. I will hurt Paruru, won’t me?

To Be Continued

Thank you for reading   :kneelbow: do you think my grammar is better than before?
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Re: RinoRie FF - The true one Chapter 4
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Hello!!! :hee: Thank you for keep reading my fanfic  :kneelbow:

The true one chapter 4

Time gone by and it was already 5 months after the last chapter. Everything went really good. My relationship with Paruru and my friendship with Rie, everything went good except for my feeling. Not much change, I could say that not much different with my feeling

Today I and Rie had a mathematic additional class. The teacher told me to teach her since her mathematic point was really low. We were I the class now, just the two of us. Since the beginning my heartbeat already racing and I couldn’t focus but thank God she didn’t realize it. I taught her many things that we didn’t realize that 2 hours already passed. It was already 5 o’clock and we decided to go back to the dorm.

In the corridor to our room we must passed Yui’s room. We saw the door was opened a little and Rie looked in from the gap. Then all I could see was Rie began to cry while covering her mouth in disbelieve, I was curious and looked in too. And to my surprise Paruru and Yui were hugging each other in the room. Rather than felt jealous I was angrier to see Yui cheated at Rie. I slammed the door open and shocked them. Paruru immediately broke the hug and looked at me, I could see she was crying

“ I can explain this” Yui said

“ Explain what?” I said, I really wanted to punch her right now

“ Actually-“

“ No… I don’t need any explanation from you Yokoyama-san, let’s go Rino I want to take some rest” Rie said as she stepped away

I wanted to follow her but Paruru stopped me but this time I pulled my hand and went to chase Rie. When we arrived at the room Rie immediately closed the door without knowing that I was at her back, fortunately I could stop the door before it hit my precious nose. She went to the bathroom and locked the door. I could hear her sobs from outside

“ Rie…”

“ No… I want to be alone Rino, please” she answered from inside

“ Okay… I will wait you here, just don’t cry so much, you will swallow your beautiful eyes” I said as I sat down and leaned my back to the bathroom door.

“ Do you remember the time when I dropped my candies when we were child?” I opened the conversation

“ You gave the half of your candy to me, remember it?”

“ Since that day I told myself to always in your side”

“ Just because of a half of an candy I told myself to be in your side forever, Rie”

“ What a simple thought right? But that can makes me stand until today”

“ At first I thought that being friend with you is enough, but these days I want more. I am a greedy person, right?”

“ Seeing your smile can makes me smile too, seeing you cry makes me blame myself for not making you happy, for not protecting you. But then I realized that you already someone’s”

“ But still, I thought that as long as you happy with her, I am okay with it. Every time I see you cry because of Yui, I want to punch her but I can’t do it because she is the one who you love” I released all of my feeling

“ At first I told myself that the feeling I have for you is just a feeling for friend, until Paruru came”

“ I felt comfortable when I was with her but I know that the feeling is not the same when I am with you”

“ So I asked Yuko for her confidences, and just like what I have predicted, she said I am in love with you”

“ When I realized my feeling, I am too late, huh? You already Yui’s and I already have Paruru”

“ But then once again I could stand it, I think being at your side is enough”

“ I tried to run away from my feeling by dating Paruru. I thought my love towards you will disappear by the time. But I was wrong, my love even grew bigger and bigger”

“ I just want to tell you about it, I can’t take it anymore. But I hope after you heard my thoughts you still want to be friend with me”

“ I am really afraid that you don’t want to be friend with me anymore after hearing my thoughts” the tears began to flowing down my cheeks

“ But it’s really hurt to see you get hurt and I can’t do anything” I tapped my chest, wanting to stop the pain

“ I just want to see you happy even though it isn’t because of me… That’s all” I tried to clear my throat from the emotion

Then suddenly the door opened. I was shocked and immediately stood up and stepped back. I quickly swept my tears

“ Already feel better?” I asked her

“ I am the one who should ask that” she said as she stepped closer to me

“ Eh… I’m okay” I said as I stepped back then felt my back already touched the wall

“ You aren’t okay” she said as she kept stepping nearer

“ I am okay Rie, look I am okay” I said but the tears began to flowing down again. Oh God… Why it must flow at this time

“ Still keeping secret from me?” she said and now our distance was just three step away

“ No, I’m not… something just got in my eyes” I said as I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand but it was helpless, the tears even flow harder

“ Stop it… You will hurt your eyes Rino” she said and pulled my hands

She looked straight to my eyes as if she could see everything in my heart. I looked away but then she stepped closer again. And now we almost didn’t have any distance

“ Look at me Rino”

“ No…”

“ Look at me”

“ No…”

“ You said that you love me but you don’t want to look at me”

“ It’s not like that I just-“

“ You what?”

“ I am afraid that if I look at you I will never able to look away”

“ Then just look at me forever then” She said as she pulled my face

“ You are too close” I frowned

“ Why you didn’t say your feeling earlier?”

“ I don’t want to ruin our friendship” I said and tried to looked away again but she resist it

Then someone knocked the door. I made it as the escape way

“ I will see it” I said as I escaped from Rie and opened the door

There stood Yui, she looked so relieved that I opened the door

“ What do you want?” I said coldly

“ I want to talk to Rie, please?”

“ No… I won’t ever let you meet her after everything you’ve done”

“ Rino… Who’s that?” Rie said as she approached us

“ Rie… Want to talk?” Yui said as she saw Rie

“ About what? About you and Shimazaki-san? Nothing to talk about that”

“ Please…”

“ Just go Yui, we’ve known for 2 years now I don’t want to fight with you” I said

“ At least I want to talk to you Sashi, can I ?”

I looked at Rie and she just shrugged her shoulder and left us

“ Okay then, but not here let’s go somewhere”

Then we went to the park and sat on the bench there, she didn’t talk for a while and looked down at her clenching hand

“ I don’t have much time to sitting here Yui”

“ I’m sorry but I don’t know from where I should explain it”

“ Actually what’s your relation with Paruru?”

“ We’re childhood friend and we’ve known each other since we were 2. I and Paruru are neighbourhood and our father is a business friend”

“ Oh… Really? Why you didn’t tell me?”

“ You didn’t ask me but Rie already know it, I’d told her before”

“ Are you roommate?”

“ No we aren’t”

“ So how come you two can together in your room before?”

“ Actually she came to my room while crying… You won’t let your friend stay outside when they came, right?”

“ Uh… Yes”

“ She said she just received a call from her father secretaries that said her father is accused for a corruption case”

“ Eh…??”

“ That’s why she came to my room because you had a class with Rie, her father is the only family she has now”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Her mother died when she was 5, don’t you now that?”

“ No, I don’t. I only know her mother often brought her to a park when she was child”

“ Yah… I can’t say that it was wrong but actually after her mother died the one who brought her to the park was my mother.”

“ Eh… really?”

“ Hmm… that’s right”


Yui’s POV

“ Paruru it’s okay, I will always in your side” I tried to calm down the crying hard little girl

“ But I want my mother” the girl said

It had been a week after aunty passed away. Since that day I became more often to come to Shimazaki’s residence. I wanted to be in Paruru side and not wanting her to be lonely since her father was really busy.

“ Do you want to eat an ice cream?” I asked and she nodded her head

“ Let’s go buy it then” I said as I lent her a hand to help her stand

We went to the nearest ice cream shop. On our way I could see a little girl was crying because she dropped her candles and her friend tried to calm her down too. I thought we had a same condition and without I knowing I let out a chuckle

“ Why are you chuckling? Anything funny?” Paruru asked me with her salty yet cute face

“ No, nothing fun. What flavour do you want?”

“ The strawberry one” She chippered

After we bought the ice cream we went to the ground park, there I could see the previous child and her friend were sitting on the only bench

“ Can we join you?” I asked them while Paruru was hiding on my back

“ Sure, the bench is not ours though” the previous crying girl said as her friend just nodded her head

As we sat Paruru kept holding my hand and I realized the crying-girl looked at it with a curious look and then looked at her friend

“ I want to hold your hand too” she said

“ Okay” then she held the crying-girl hand

Then the crying-girl looked at us again and saw me swept the ice cream at Paruru’s cheek then she looked at her friend again, but her friend’s cheek was clean, then she sighed. After I looked that my devil side appeared. I kissed Paruru’s cheek and her reaction was hilarious. Her face reddened then she looked at her friend again and this time her friend realized her strange act

“ What’s wrong?”

“ I want to kiss the girl too” she said that made me and her friend shocked. I thought she wanted to kiss her friend…

“ Just kiss me then, you can’t kiss a stranger” her friend said and then received a kiss from the girl

“ Let’s go home then” the friend said

“ Thank you very much” was the words said by the crying-girl as she looked back to me while blinking her eye

Flashback End

Rino’s POV

“ You know Yui? After I heard your explanation somehow I feel that we are similar”

“ What do you mean?”

“ You and Paruru are childhood friend just like me and Rie, but I don’t think Paruru is your first love like Rie is my first love” I said and Yui looked at me

“ You are wrong Sashi, Paruru is my first love”

“ IS your first love?!”

“ Yeah… I can’t avoid the fact that I still have the feeling” she said and sighed

“ What about Rie?”

“ I love her or I rather say I think I love her, and you are like that to, aren’t you?”

I just gave her a bitter smile

“ It’s hurt, right? Avoiding your own feeling” Yui added again

“ I don’t want to ruin our friendship just because love” I said

“ Me either”

“ So what will we do next? Should we keep resisting it?” Yui said as she touched her chest

“ I have told Rie about it today” I said

“ Eh…?? Then it means I am the only one left?”

“ She will received your feeling Yui”

“ Eh…?? Why did you say that?”

“ When I and Paruru had a date she couldn’t help but talking about you”

“ Really? “

“ Yes… She always had that shining eyes whenever she talked about you, it’s fun though”

“ Just confess her Yui”

“ But-“

“ Before you are late”

Yui still looked hesitant so I stood up, pulled her hands so that she stood up then push her forward.

“ Eh… Sashi”

“ Just go!!!”

“ Thank you” she said

I  felt like déjà vu now, but I didn’t know why. Hhhh… I would wait for their good news. I leaned my back to the bench and closed my eyes. How about me and Rie then? And why I became so friendly to Yui when I supposed to be cold toward her? My anger went away as I heard her explanation before, as if I saw myself in her. Our situation was really similar and I thought hers was still rougher than mine.

Then I felt a shadow on my face and I opened my eyes. I found Rie’s face there just like what I had imagined every day.

“ Am I hallucinating again?” I said as I touched the face

“ It feels really real and warm” I said again and felt tears on the edge of my eyes

“ Can I kiss a shadow? Hehehe… people may think I am crazy, right?”

“ Rie… I love you so much that it hurts” the tears, one by one, flowing down from my cheeks

“ Your eyes already swallowed Rino” the shadow said

“ Eh…?? You can talk? My imagination can talk? I think I should go to a psychiatrist tomorrow”

“ I am the real one Rino” the shadow said as she kissed  me

“ It even can kiss!!!”

“ I told you I am the real one, baka-Rino”

“ Eh..!! Eh…” I quickly stood up and faced her

“ You are-“

“ I am Kitahara Rie, nice to meet you”

“ And I am not your imagination, I am your roommates and going to be your wife in minutes”

“ Eh…!!”

“ Your favourite word is ‘eh’, huh?”

“ No but I mean-“ I couldn’t say anything as she pulled me to another sweet kiss and it longer than before

“ Just make me as your wife already” she said, I still shocked and slapped my face to convincing myself that it wasn’t a dream

“ You already slapped yourself for 14 times, still want to continue it? Your face already red” she said as she pulled my hands and kissed its back one by one

“ You know? I never kissed Yui’s lips before so you can say that my first kiss is you” she said shyly

 “ So you have the responsibility to marry me” she said again

“ Hey… Why are you not answering?”

“ I don’t know what to say” I said and tears flowing down again but this time it was tears of happiness

“ Just say yes”

“ Yes”

Then she kissed me sweetly and by the time it became passionate. Then someone clapped her hand and we immediately looked at the direction and there stood Yuko and Haruna

“ What a sad drama I have ever watched” Yuko said as she wiped her not-teared-eyes

“ Yuko!!! Since when you are there” I shouted at her in embarrassment

“ Since the beginning, I was the one who told Rie that you were sleeping here

I looked at Rie in disbelieve and she just nodded her head slowly

“ Yuko!!!!” I said as I ran towards her and she immediately running for her life

“ If I got you I will turn you into pieces” I shouted and ran after her

“ Nyan-nyan tasuketeeee!!! Rieeeee….!!! Stop your wife pleaseeeee!!!!”

“ Hahahahahaha…..” we heard Haruna and Rie’s laughter

“ I am sorry Yuko but I already told you to leave us before” Rie said

The End

Since i had too many free times i decided to finish the story  :on gay: Thank you for reading and see you in the next story  :dunno:

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Re: RinoRie FF - Our Second Meet ( One Shot )
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Hello my precious readers!!!  :twothumbs Here a present for you all for reading my fanfic  :)

Our Second Meet

You are Sashihara Rino

I am Kitahara Rie

You are HKT member

I am NGT member

You still continue your journey in 48group

I already announced my graduation

You are AKB48 star

I am a common member

I want to reach you but I can’t

You are too high for me to reach

I am trying hard to reach your level

But you are too high

I want to walk beside you

Just like we did when we start

Do you remember the first time we meet?

We join AKB48 as the 5th gen

We stepped to the theatre for the first time together

I want to back to that time

When we were laughing together

When we were holding each other hand

When we came to AKBingo! together

I miss that time

Really miss that precious time we spent together

As I can’t reach you as a member

I will try to reach you as an actress

Could I ?

You are variety queen

And I will try hard to be the number 1 actress so we are at the same level

Could you wait for me until that time?

Would you want to look back at me?

When I call you?

Would you want to hold my hand again as we did before?

Would you want to laugh and cry together with me?

You are working hard, aren’t you?

As I see you, I can feel that my effort is nothing

So from now on I will multiple my effort and try my best

Let’s meet again when I, Kitahara Rie,  not as AKB48 member but as the number 1 actress


The End

Actually i made it when i was in class while my teacher was talking  :ding: it was about the second world war and i am not really interested in it  :bigdeal: So see you in the next story ( i think i will post it three days from today?)  :byebye:

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RinoRie FF - Be happy always ( prologue )
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Be happy always


I love you Rie… And I want you to be happy… Even though the reason isn’t me… Your happiness is my happiness…
Good bye…  And be happy always…

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Re: RinoRie FF - Be happy always ( prologue )
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Be Happy Always

Chapter 1

I am Yokoyama Yui, the general manager of AKB48 group. I have two best friends whose names are Kitahara Rie and Sashihara Rino. Lately I spent most of my days with Rie instead because Sashi was really busy with her schedule. And now I was eating my dinner with Rie at my house just like how we often do

“ Yui..?”

“ Yes?”

“ You know? It’s already 3 weeks since the last time we hanging out with Rino”

“ Yes, I know that, She has been really busy lately”

“ You are right” she said sadly

“ Let’s call her after we finish our meal then”

“ Okay” she said with sparkling eyes

After we finished our dinner and already cleaned the dishes, I voice called Sashi. Three rings had sounded and she hadn’t answered the call. I saw Rie’s sad expression after the call ended without any answer and decided to call Sashi one more time and finally she answered it

“ Hello”

“ Hello Rino… “ Rie said happily

“ Hey… Rie, are you with Yui now?”

“ Yes I sleep over her place tonight”

“ Have fun then”

“ Hey Sashiko… Do you have any job tomorrow? Want to go shopping with Rie?”

“ Hmmm… Let me see… I am free at the afternoon tomorrow”

“ Then you can go right?”

“ Hmm… I think so, Eh? Are you not joining us Yui?”

“ No… I have a photo-shoot tomorrow afternoon”

“ Oh… I see. I must go now”

“ Okay Sashiko”

“ Sleep well you two” Sashi said and hang up the call

After the call ended, Rie looks so excited and her eyes sparkling from that overwhelming excitement. Yeah… I actually knew that Rie has a crush to Sashi but she hasn’t made any movement yet. I already knew that since I became friend with them 3 years ago. Rie’s action and her eyes whenever she with Sashi is very cute

“ Let’s go to the bed Rie”

“ Okay, Good night Yui”

“ Good night”

At the morning we woke up late because actually we didn’t have any job today. And about the photo shoot, it was a lie. I wanted Rie to have some fun with Sashi, I knew that Rie missed her so much, so I don’t want to bother them.

“ Yui… Which clothes do you think I must wear this afternoon?”  Rie said as she showed me two kinds of clothes

“ The left one more suits you”

“ Okay, then I will wear this later”

She looks so happy and I happy to see that. Then suddenly it was pouring really hard outside and after 2 hours it still didn’t stop. The clock already showed 3 p.m. which means Rie must go now

“ Here… “ I said as I handed her an umbrella

“ What about you? You said you have a photo shoot today”

“ Don’t worry, I have another one” I lied, the other umbrella was borrowed by Kojima Mako

“ Thank you” she said and left me

Not so long after her departure I heard a phone rang. The sound was not the same as mine. And I immediately went to the direction where the phone was and found out that Rie had left her phone. I looked at the phone and saw a message from Sashiko

Hey, Rie… I am reaaaally sorry… I can’t go with you today… My manager just told me that I have another schedule today…
I am really sorry, maybe another time?

I don’t know what to say. After I read the message I looked at the clock and if I wasn’t wrong Rie just left 6 minutes ago, I thought I still could catch her. I ran out of my house and went to the street, still wearing my home clothes and my sandals. I ran as fast as I could and not minding the pouring rain already made my clothes wet. And after running for meters a saw Rie was walking

“ Rie..!! Wait” I tried to stop her and she looked back to my direction, I could see she was startled

“ Yui?! What are you doing here?” she asked me as she pulled me so that the umbrella can protect me from the rain

“ Here… You left your phone”

“ Eh...? Thank you”

“ You have a new message Rie” I said and she looked at the message

She looks sad, but she tried to smile and asked me to go back to the apartment. After we arrived there, she ordered me to take bath so that I wouldn’t catch cold. After I finished the bath I came to the living room where she was. She was reading a magazine that later I found out Sashihara was there. I approached her and sat beside her, she startled

“ Want to eat something?” I asked her

“ No… I am not hungry”

“ But you haven’t eat anything for lunch yet”

“ It’s okay Yui, I am not hungry”

“ What a stubborn girl you are, let me cook something for you then”

“ Hhhh… I can’t stop you, right?”

I went to the kitchen and cooked some food for her, after the meal done I brought it to her. She looked at it for a while and after some minutes of hesitation she took the spoon and ate the meals. She continued to eat it until the 5th spoon then sighed

“ What’s wrong? Is it not good?"

“ No… it is delicious but somehow my stomach doesn’t allow it”

“ Okay then, you already ate half of it so just take some rest” I said and took the dishes to the kitchen

When I arrived she already leaned down in the couch. She put her left arm on her closed ayes, not wanting to see the light. She always does that whenever she frustrated

“ Hey… Rie” she still didn’t move from her position

“ Hey… What’s wrong?”

“ She already promised but she didn’t come” she said. I felt a little pain in my heart to hear that

“ She has a job to do, doesn’t she?”

“ But she said yes”

“ She is busy, Rie”

“ But…”

“ I want to meet her so bad”

“ We can meet her tomorrow or let’s call her”

“ I already called her but she didn’t answer it”

“ I feel lonely Yui” she said again. The pain in my chest got more hurt

“ You have me, I am here”

She moved her arm and looked at me. The sadness painted on her face

“ But you miss Sashi” I said

“ You love her, right?” I asked her with all of my courage

“ From where did you know that?”

“ You said that yourself”

“ Eh..?! I don’t remember saying that to someone”

“ Yeah… You don’t but your actions do”

“ Eh?!”

“ Whenever you are with Sashiko your eyes sparkling, do you know that?”

“ Really?” I just nodded my head in answer

“ You are right Yui, I already have crush to her since our first meeting”

“ A long time love, huh?” I teased her, and her face reddened

“ Hehehe… She is really kind”

“ I am kind too, though”

“ She is funny”

“ My laughter is funny too”

“ Hehehe… Your laughter is number one” she said then laughed so hard

“ Eh? Didn’t you say that you have a photo shoot today?

“ No, today is my day off”

“ Eh?!”

“ Let’s don’t talk about it, want to watch a movie? I bought some CD yesterday”

“ Okay!!!”

And with that we watched some movie until midnight, she already fell asleep. I woke her up to ordered her to sleep in the bedroom. After she woke up and went to the bedroom I turn off the TV and prepared to sleep when my head felt really dizzy. I lay down on the couch, not wanting to disturb Rie’s sleep. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep

To Be Continued

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Re: RinoRie FF - Be happy always ( Chapter 2 )
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Be Happy Always

Chapter 2

In the morning I found myself being covered with a blanket. I remember it really clear that I didn’t use any blanket last night. Then I heard some noises from the kitchen and tried to stand up but my head felt dizzy

“ Yui!! The meals already done!!! Let’s eat” I heard her shouting from the dining room

Once again I tried to stood up but the things around looked like moving, I enforced myself to stand and walked to the dining room but when I just need only 3 step, I felt down. Rie who was setting the table immediately ran to me

“ Yui… What’s wrong?” she asked in a panic state

“ I am okay Rie, let’s eat” I said as I tried to stand up but failed

“ You are really not okay, here” she said as she helped me to stand up and supported me to the bedroom

After I laid myself on the bed with Rie’s help, she went to the kitchen to take the meal and helped me to eat. I like it when her mind only focus at me like this. After I finished the meals I told her to eat her breakfast but she ended eating her breakfast at the bedroom with me, she said she wouldn’t leave me alone. After she finished her breakfast we talked about random things and ended talking about Sashi

“ She is a hard worker, right?” Rie said to me

“ Yeah… You are a hard worker too”

“ I really miss her, Yui”

“ I know that”

“ I miss her joke so much”

“ Hmm…” I answered lazily. She always talked good things about Sashi whenever we talk together

“ Still feel dizzy?” she said as she put her hand on my head

“ You caught a cold, maybe because you were playing in the rain yesterday”

“ I wasn’t playing you know?”

“ Hmm…”

Then suddenly she received a mail, she quickly opened it as if it was urgent. Her eyes were glowing as she read the mail that signed the sender must be Sashi. I looked away from that beautiful yet hurt view

“ Sashi ask me to go out with her today, she ask you to join too” she said

“ No… I will take some rest today”

“ Hmm… Okay then”

“ I will prepare myself first, if you need something just call me out” she said as she stepped out of the room

“ I want you to be in my side” I mumbled softly that made her stopped

“ Eh? Did you said something?” she said as she looked back, I just shook my head

Then after I couldn’t see her anymore I covered my face with the blanket. I did think that she heard that, I did hope it. I wanted her to stay here but I wanted her to be happy in any means to go out with Sashi. As I was thinking too much the dizziness came again. I thought I didn’t have any choices but to rest

“ Yui… I love you” Rie said to me as she held my hands thight

“ I love you too Rie… But what about Sashi?”

“ From the first time the one I love is you Yokoyama Yui”

Then I heard a phone rang and like snapped out. It was all a dream, huh? I checked my phone and found 4 missed calls that came from my manager. I quickly call him back

“ Hello?”

“ Hello, Yokoyama-san? I heard from Kitahara-san that you caught cold, Feel better now?”

“ Yes manager-san, I feel more better now”

“ I have cancelled all of your schedule today so that you can take some rest”

“ Okay… Thank you so much manager-san” then he hung the phone

I took a glance at the clock and saw it is already 5 p.m. Rie had gone for hours now and still didn’t send me any mail. What am I wishing about? She is with Sashi now so she won’t bothered to send me a mail

The dizziness in my head already gone so I tried to stand up and took bath. As I was bathing, Rie’s face kept occupying my mind. What I she doing with Sashi now? Is she having fun? Does she remember about me? That hard thought kept running on my mind

After I finished the bath I checked my phone once more and I saw there is a mail from Rie. Although I haven’t open it the excitement already going through my mind

Hey… Yui, already feel better? I will back home today so don’t bother to wait for me, Rino will drive me home… Today I have so much fun, it is an unfortunate that you can’t join us today. Let’s go together later
From: Rie

I am glad that she was having fun and decided to not answer the mail because I didn’t want to make their time disturbed.

2 days after that

Today I received a mail from Rie and the mail said she wanted to meet me today. It is usual for her to send me that kind of mail but I didn’t know why but I could feel something different from the mail. At the said clock I went to the park. Just to inform you, the park is the one where the three of us usually went together

“ I am sorry for the late” I said as I sat beside her

“ Thank you for coming”

“ So… What do you want to tell me?”

“ Lately I am wondering to graduate”

Hearing that I feel something smacked my heart

“ Eh?! Why so suddenly?”

“ I want to be an actress”

“ You are an actress already”

“ I am not Yui, I want to be an full actress”

“ But you already stared many dramas, right?”

“ Yes, as NGT48 Kitahara Rie”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I want to be known as Kitahara Rie, Yui”

“ And what about me? Do you want to leave me?”

“ You still have a long way ahead and you are the GM too”

“ I will be alone”

“ There are many members Yui and Rino is there too”

“ Think about it once again, please”

“ It’s still a plan, Yui”

“ For me Rie… Please think about it again for me"

“ I will finish all of my duties in AKB48 as fast as I could so that we can graduate together”

“ Really?”

“ Yes, I am serious”

“ Okay then, let’s graduate together”

“ Thank you”

“ Think about it again, I remember that I still have many duties in NGT48 too, I am their mother though” she said that made my heart really relieved

“ Promise me then” I said to ensure it

“ Okay”

To Be Continued

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