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Title: Angel x Devil -Chapter 10 part 1 (13/11/2011)
Post by: sorakamiya on July 17, 2011, 05:15:28 PM
hi guuuuuys, coz i have finished one of my fanfict now I'll try to make another one.  :grin: :grin: hope u like it.  :grin: :grin:

enjoooy  :thumbsup :thumbsup




What do u know about it?


Its divided into two parts.

Boy x girl....

Man x woman...

Peace x war....

Light x darkness...

Ying x yang...

Love x hate...

Good x bad....

Angle x devil....


Everyone have their own fate, their own destiny. Many people said we have angle around us and also evil.

angle would bring the goodness whether evil the opposite. Angle x devil are too different. They never can be friend, they never can be together.


What will happen if they together?

Could it be?

How could that be?

We'll just see~



douuu???  :huhuh :huhuh i have finished it until chapter 2 but i just gonna see how u think first about this guys.  :grin: :grin:
Title: Re: Angle x Devil (prologue)
Post by: Flean on July 17, 2011, 05:21:06 PM
Gah!!! You've posted it!!!!  :w00t:

I wanna first chap!!!  XD
Title: Re: Angle x Devil (prologue)
Post by: Ninjatigerdemon on July 17, 2011, 05:28:11 PM
So interesting can't wait for 1st chapter  :)
Title: Re: Angle x Devil (prologue)
Post by: khryz0421 on July 17, 2011, 05:34:07 PM
is this the special project you were talking baout sora-neechan?

anyway it's good.. looking  forward for the chap1..^^  :twothumbs
Title: Re: Angle x Devil (prologue)
Post by: Flean on July 17, 2011, 05:38:36 PM
^ now you mention it... i can't wait for the project also!!!  :cow:

go sora!!! :twothumbs
Title: Re: Angle x Devil (prologue)
Post by: khryz0421 on July 17, 2011, 06:34:25 PM
ehh! so its not the special project??  :smhid
Title: Re: Angle x Devil (prologue)
Post by: blughise on July 17, 2011, 07:42:23 PM
It sounds interesting! I can't wait for more! Update soon............ I wonder who are this angel and Devil couple?
Title: Re: Angle x Devil (prologue)
Post by: Arakawa on July 17, 2011, 07:46:21 PM
Woot! New fic haha

Might want to fix the title though (angel).
Title: Re: Angle x Devil (prologue)
Post by: sorakamiya on July 17, 2011, 10:14:39 PM
hi guuuuuys..... thanks for reading my fict.  :grin: :grin: :grin:

@dad and ceggie : nyahahahaha, this is my project with mom. dad havent finished yet. just wait :)))

Ninjatigerdemon : hehehe thanks for reading. I'll post the next now  :thumbsup

blughise : guess whooo???  :grin: :grin:

Arakawa : woakakakaka, i have just realized that.  XD XD thanks for telling me. i have fixed the tittle  :thumbsup :thumbsup

now pleas enjoy chapter 1  :cow: :cow: :cow:


Chapter 1

angel POV


One of the creature in this world. Angels live in heaven. People like angel. They even want to be angel. They said angel is pretty, they got wings , they can fly, they really generous and like to help other people, always do a good did etc. Angle is loved by many people.  That's what people think. Only that, they don't know that angel has a difficult task.


Somewhere in the heaven, there is an angels gathering. All the angels from each grade are gather. This is an usual gathering. Each angel will have their duty. Who will their protect and keep an eye. But, there is one group of angel that not come that day, they said they are the special one. They always take care of the special cases. They are the ultimate angels.

One day, one of the ultimate angels member is called. She is the youngest among the other angels and also the smallest, but she is powerful and have become the ultimate angel in a young age. Her name is minami. 

Minami is called to meet the lord coz something urgent have happen. She hurry fly to the main hall in angel kingdom.

"My Lord, I'm minami. I come as fast as I heard u call me." Minami kneel and bow to the lord

"Ah, minami finally. I really glad that u come as soon as u can." The lord said with a big hope

"Well, let's just to the point. I call u here coz I want u to do a favor to me." The lord then use his magic and show minami a child.

"U see, her name is minegishi minami." Minami look at the girl and nod.

"This girl is a good girl but unfortunately she doesn't have a long live."

"Hmm?! What do u mean my lord?"

"Well, this girl family is a priest and her ancestor is the demon slayer. One day when her ancestor do a ritual to kill the devil.the devil give a curse that if minegishi family have a female child she will die at the age of 17."

Minami shock to what the lord said.

"And how old she is now my lord?"

"She is now 16 years old and she is the only female child in minegishi family that's why the curse haunted her." The lord explain to minami.

"So, what should I do then my lord?"

"Uhm.... U must to protect her from the devil. I'm sure the devil lord will send someone to take her life."

"Ah, I see. But is there anything that could help the girl?"

Somehow the lord look at minami and grin "well, good question. There is one way, she must find her true love / someone who love her to confess to her."


"So I really hope u could help me. Will you?"

" your wish my lord."

"Okay then, start tomorrow u will keep an eye on her. U will disguise as one of the human girl and go to the same school as he. Remember, she shouldn't know that u are an angel and don't let anyone knows u are an angel. U can use your power to help her but don't let she knows. Do u understand?"

" my lord. I'll be doing my job properly."

"Good, now u can leave and prepare everything."

"Excuse me my lord."

Minami bow to the lord and leave the hall go to her home to prepare everything.

'This is gonna be a haaaaaard job~'


Devil POV


Devils is the enemy of the angle. They are bad, cunning, always lure the human to the darkness etc. Many people scared of them but some of them will even sold their soul to devil to make their wish come true, but again it will lead them to suffer.

For many century devil always disturb human. They will do anything to make people bow to them and become their follower. That's are their job.

In Devil world there also a rank for each devil. The highest will be the ultimate devil. This kind of devil should be handle with someone that as good as them like ultimate angel.

One day the Devil Lord call of one the ultimate devil member for an urgent matter. He calls His most favorite one. Her name is atsuko. Everyone call her "kuroi tenshi" means "black angle." She has an appearance like an angle but she lives with the devil. So she is one of the devil also. No one have ever could get away from her charming. That's why this urgent matter fits her. As the lord call her she immidiatealy meet him.

"Atsuko at your service my lord." She kneels and bow to the Devil Lord.

"Ah, atsuko my favorite child u finally come. Just relax, I got an interesting task for u." The lord devil said as give the young cute devil hug.

"What should I do this time my lord?"

The devil lord show atsuko a picture of the girl

"That is minegishi minami. She is the only one female member of minegishi family, the high priest that kill devil and demon. Your job is to take her life before she reach 17 years old."

"Owgh, I see. Its piece a cake my lord I can do that in the minutes." The young devil said full of confident.

"Tsk....tsk....tsk....don't be so sure atsuko u will have a rival in here."

"A rival?"

Once again the devil lord show her a picture

"She is your rival."

"Huh? An angel?"

"Not ordinary angel atsuko. She is the ultimate angel."

"Ah, I see. Well, don't worry my lord I'll make it as fast and as smooth as I can. Believe me."

"Okay then, start tomorrow u will disguise as one of the student in minegishi minami school. Do anything that can harm the kids live and don't let that angle ruin it. U got it?" The devil lord order.

"As u wish my lord." She then bow again.

"Very well, now u can go and prepare for tomorrow."

The young girl leave the devil lord chamber and show a smile in her face

That angel kind a cute~



Next i try to write for the chapter 3  :dozing: :dozing: :dozing:
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 1) update 18 - 7
Post by: Ninjatigerdemon on July 17, 2011, 10:37:29 PM
 XD it's going to be so interesting now
Minami vs atsuko  :cathappy:
I wonder what will happen now
Great chapter
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 1) update 18 - 7
Post by: Flean on July 17, 2011, 10:41:52 PM
daddyyy cant wait for chap 2 now~~~  XD

update soon!!!  :bow: :bow:
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 1) update 18 - 7
Post by: blughise on July 17, 2011, 11:24:19 PM
Just as I thought It's ATSUMINA, my OTP. I thought Acchan will be the angel, but then I realize that won't make sense, because Takamina ain't a devil, but Acchan can  XD, especially when it comes to Takamina! and  will there be other couples too, aside from Atsumina and Mariko and Miichan?? Anways I'm looking forward to the next chapter! UPDATE SOON!
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 1) update 18 - 7
Post by: kahem on July 18, 2011, 01:17:56 AM
Yeah angel Minami and devil Atsuko!!!!!!!
It make me think about a cartoon named 'angel friends'
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 1) update 18 - 7
Post by: AFLynx on July 18, 2011, 04:19:50 AM
 :on woohoo: another Takamina + Atsuko fic! I can't wait for the next update!
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 1) update 18 - 7
Post by: bou-j525 on July 18, 2011, 04:45:39 AM
NEW FIC  :w00t:
OMG it reminds me something  :grin: Now let's see if you can do better than the book I read  :grin:
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 1) update 18 - 7
Post by: YumePouk on July 18, 2011, 08:23:27 AM
Yeah annoter AtsuMina story  :wub: :wub:
Hahaha I wonder how angel Takamina will react when she'll meet devil Atsuko  :P
Can't wait to read chap2
Update soon please~~~~
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 1) update 18 - 7
Post by: sorakamiya on July 19, 2011, 01:31:24 AM
hi guys~  :cow: :cow:

thanks for reading.... :grin: :grin: sorry maybe i cant update fast now, my supervisor ask me to give my final porjct report every week now...  :( :( so i gotta to catch up with it too  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

@Ninjatigerdemon : please keep reading so u will know what gonna happen  :grin: :grin:

@dad : here your request  :grin: :grin:

@blughise : dont worry, there will be another couple. u will know after read this chap i guess...  :thumbsup :thumbsup

@kahem : i remember acchan in kuroi tenshi  and taka in bird :rofl:

@AFLynx : please waiting for the update  :cow:

@bou-j525 : ahahaha, well, i dont know whether i can do better / not , but i'll do my best

@YumePouk : here are the chapter 2  :cow: :cow:

lets get started  :cow: :cow:


Chapter 2

minami POV

"MINAMIIIIII~" an angel squirrel dash to me.

"Urgh....yuko... Let me goooo~ "

"Not until u said what the lord said."

"Okay...okay....okay... I'll tell you."

Finally she let me go and I told her about everything.

"Ah, souka?! Its a hard task minami. But since its u I'm sure u can do it!" Yuko try to make me more confident.

"Yeah, thanks lot yuko. Anyway, is it okay for you to go around like this?" Well, yuko still on her punishment time so she is not free to wondering around.

"Naaaaaaah, its okay no prob. I have told the guard that I want to meet you so he let me go."

"Well, I just kind a worried."

"Hahaha, don't worry minami. I know u worry with me. But I gotta responsible to what I have done and u know that sister." I sigh but nod as what yuko said.

Well, yuko and me really close since we are a kid. She already looks like a sister to me. We made it to become the ultimate angel together. She is the greatest angel but one day she made a mistake. She fall for human and now she is been punished.

"Sooo, u will go tomorrow minami?" Yuko ask me

"Yeah, and I'll prepare everything today."

"Well, I heard u'll have a rival. Be careful okay. Devils could be so sweet but don't ever trust them." Yuko give me an advice as give me a hug.

"I know sist. Thanks."

"Well, I gotta go now. Don't worry little sister I'm sure u can do it and I'll be watching over u."

"Heeeey, I'm not little."

Yuko just chuckle

"Say my regards to tomochin too okay."

She nods and fly leaving me. Whether I back to my place and prepare everything.


Atsuko POV

"Tomoooooo~ I'm home~"

"Owgh, acchaaaaan~ u back. Come here....come here..." Tomo hurry grab my hand and guide me to sit beside her.

"Tell me what the lord said?" Tomo really curious to what lord have said to me.

"Well, I've got a special task from the lord." I said as wink to her

" u have to do?"

"Yeeeaaah, I gotta to get rid a person. Buuuuut, I got a rival." I smile to her and show her the picture

"Huh? Him?"

"Heeeey, the one u call "he" is "she" ."

"Owgh, sorry its just that she looks like a guy." I could hear tomo chuckle.

"Well, she kind a cute though." Tomo look at her and frowned

"Don't tell me u like her?"

I could see her change of expression. "Naaaah, don't worry tomo."

"Glad to hear that." She said as holding my hand.

Well, me and tomo are best friend. We are the greatest devil and have the highest rank. But she has gone through a hard time. One day the lord give her a task. She has to separate a human couple. In the mission she must face one of the ultimate angel. This angle always protect that human. Time passed and during that day she learn something. She learn to love someone. She has made a mistake. She fell for the angel.

Its not one side love. The angel lord found out about this and gonna punish the ultimate angle but she bow to the angel lord and said its all her fault. So, the ultimate angel got punished until now.

She try to forget about her but actually deep in her heart she still love her. I really don't know what is love. Its to complicated.

"So, acchan, u will go tomorrow?" Tomo ask me

"Yeah, and I wanna prepare right now."

"Okay then, I'll gonna prepare some magic portion for you too."

Tomo said and leave me alone there.


in the human world

"Miichan, where are u going?"

"Just go for a walk mom. Don't worry."

"No, u can't go. Now just go inside. Today you have to do some ceremony with uncle."

"But....but mooom...."

"No but. U know u almost already reach that age. We don't won't anything happen."

"Okay, fine. But tomorrow let me go to school. Alone. How about that?"

"Okay. Now let's come inside."

'Tomorrow I'll make sure no one stalk on me when I go to school.'



douuu???  :huhuh :huhuh i'm working on the 3rd chap now.  :grin: :grin: :grin: i should make interesting meeting  XD XD
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 2) update 19 - 7
Post by: kaizoku_gal on July 19, 2011, 01:48:55 AM
Kinda hard to imagine Yuko as an ultimate angel, with her level or pervertedness and all  XD

But nice story!  :twothumbs
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 2) update 19 - 7
Post by: Ninjatigerdemon on July 19, 2011, 03:08:57 AM
Thanks for updating
I wonder how it would be when they finally meet
Can't wait for the next chapter  :)
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 2) update 19 - 7
Post by: AFLynx on July 19, 2011, 04:19:01 AM
 :onioncheer: yay! update!

am I sensing a TomoTomo pairing as well?  :nya:

nice fic! will look forward for the next update!  :on GJ:
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Post by: Flean on July 19, 2011, 05:45:18 AM
Wah~~ This is nice.. :twothumbs  the plot sounds interesting!!! :w00t:

Update soon...  :bow:  update yours and I'll update mine... LOL.. :lol:
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 2) update 19 - 7
Post by: immortal_K on July 19, 2011, 06:33:10 AM
Kinda hard to imagine Yuko as an ultimate angel, with her level or pervertedness and all  XD

agree, but this makes it more interesting,  :twothumbs

Very nice, will be looking forward to next update.
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 2) update 19 - 7
Post by: anoni2 on July 19, 2011, 10:42:35 PM
YATTA!!!! project with ma daughter nin nin good job   :yep:

look look i'm back  XD

tho i don't seem to find where is my notebook  :?
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 2) update 19 - 7
Post by: sorakamiya on July 19, 2011, 11:17:28 PM
hi guuuuuys~  :cow: :cow: :cow: thanks for reading  :thumbsup :thumbsup today i manage to finish chap 3.  :grin: :grin:

@kaizoku_gal @immortal_K : well, since she is to long at human world her pervetness increase i guess  XD XD

@Ninjatigerdemon : hehehe, u will find out it in this chappie  :grin: :grin:

@AFLynx : thanks, well tomoTomo will appear later i guess  XD XD

@Flean : hehehehe, i already update mine dad , now update yours  :twisted: :lol:

@anoni2 : mommiiiiieeee u back finally  :twothumbs :twothumbs heehe now i waiting for yours to update  :grin: :grin: find your lappie mom  :cry: :cry:

okay, i dont know whether this is good or not, u decide guys.... and enjoy....  :thumbsup :thumbsup


chapter 3

next day in human world

"Moooom, I'll go to school now."

"miichan take care okay."

"Hai, don't worry." Miichan put on her shoes and goes out the house.


"Itteirasahai, ki o tsukete ne~"

As leaving her house she stop her step and sense something.

'Ah, I feel something gonna happen today.'

She inhale and exhale her breathe, close her eyes for a moment then open it  and start to skipping cheerfully on her way to school.

On her way suddenly a tall girl bump into her.



Miichan fall to the grounf and her back ache.

" yoooo~"

"Ah, gomen I'm in a hurry. Sumimasen."


The tall short hair girl leaving her.

'Tsk, that girl.' Miichan scratch her back and look down. As she look at it there is a wallet. She pick up and open it.

"Shinoda Model Agency."

'Maaaa, so she is a model. Well, got some address and I just give it back to her later.'

'Now, headed to schooool~'


meanwhile somewhere near the park

Suddenly a light appear in there. As the light faded a figure come out from the bushes.

"Ittai, my head still spinning."

"Now, where am I. Let's see...." She Looks around and finally realize where she is.

"Owgh yeah, now I already in human world. But....what should I do now....its impossible I wonder around with the wing at my back". Minami look at her angel wing and facepalm.

"Uhm....I better tell angel lord first."

Yupz, that's right. Minami already arrive in the human world. Begin to doing her task.

But one she hasn't realize that In the other place someone is watching on her.


minami POV

Finally I arrive in the human world. I got up and looking the scene around me. Well, human world not bad good.

"Uhm....I better tell angel lord first."

I close her eyes and try to contact angel lord.

"Minami, u has arrived."

"Yes my lord. I have arrived. Now what should I do?!"

"glad u have arrived save there. Now u have to get change first." 

"But how my lord?"

"here, take this with u." the angel lord give me a bracelet.

"What is this my lord?" I ask as give a confuse look.

"that is an angel bracelet. It has a power so u can interact with human and hiding your wing."

"Owgh I see. Okay, thank u my lord."

"well then give me more information as u find that girl."

"As your wish my lord."

"and by the way, that bracelet will also change you to attire that suit u."

As saying that the angel lord leave.

"Well, soo seems I gotta try to use this." As I wanna wear the bracelet in my wrist a shadow rush in front of me and I feel the bracelet missing.

"Heeeey?! Get back here. Return my bracelet." I chase the shadow and I finally manage to grab that person hand.

"Gotcha?! Don't u even run away from me. Now give it to me!"

"Moooeee, can't we just playing." The person turn around and pout at me.

"Heeeeeh? Why is a devil like u could be here? Masaka?"

"Haik, I'm atsuko. The kuroi tenshi. Yoroshiku ne~" she wink at me after introduce herself to me.

I frown at the figure in front of me. She suddenly getting closer to me and I just can stunned with her action towards me.



atsuko POV

Yesterday the devil lord give me a task to go to the human world. And now here I am. I have arrived at the human world.

'Urgh, my head feel really dizzy.'

I try to got up and look around the scene in front of me. Suddenly the devil make a contact to me.

"atsuko, can u hear me?!"

"Ah, yes my lord."

"now u already arrived at human world. Do your job smooth and well".

"Yes my lord as your wish."

Good, now here take this with u.

A necklace suddenly wrapped around my neck. "Ah, what is this my lord?!"

"that is a devil necklace. With that your power will increase and let u interact with human. Use that usefully. Now I shall go."

"Thank you my lord."

As devil lord voice disappear I heard a voice near me. I try to look at it and hide behind the tree there. I see a bright light not far in front of me and a figure come out, it her. I just keep watching her behind the tree and couldn't get rid my sight from her. 'So this is the ultimate angle.'

I see she is talking to someone but I don't know with who. Suddenly she already handed a bracelet in her hand. My naughty grin appear in my face 'I think I should play a bit with her.'

I rush forward her like a shadow and take the bracelet from her.

"Heeeey?! Get back here. Return my bracelet." she shout and try to chase me.

'fufufufu..... this is gonna be fun.' I keep running but then suddenly she manage to catch me. 'Tsk , shimatta she is not bad fast.'

"Gotcha?! Don't u even run away from me. Now give it to me!" she said and then I turn around and pout at her

"Moooeee, can't we just playing." all I can see is her confuse look.

"Heeeeeh? Why is a devil like u could be here? Masaka?" her sudden change of expression its really funny.

I giggle and introduce myself to her "Haik, I'm atsuko. The kuroi tenshi. Yoroshiku ne~" she wink at me after introduce herself to me.

she frown at me and I decided to move closer to her. Looking at her expression make me come up with something in my head and my naughty mind appear again. 'She is so cuteeeeee~' as our distance close enough I cup her cheek and then.....

"I kiss her~"



what do u think ???  :huhuh :huhuh please give me a comment!!!  :grin: :grin: i havent write anything for the next chapter so i guess it will take a bit much time  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
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naughty naughty acchan!!!!!  :grin: its so cute please update soon
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Thanks for updating
Great Chapter :cathappy:
 XD I bet that takamina reaction is going to be funny
Like  :shocked
Can't wait for next chapter  :thumbsup
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aiz sly acchan XD

lol takamina get a hold of urself!  it's just a kiss( from a naughty devil~)
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 3) update 20 - 7
Post by: kaizoku_gal on July 20, 2011, 12:55:21 AM
somehow devil acchan is really fitting  XD

luckypoor takamina got a kiss right after reaching the human world  :lol:
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 3) update 20 - 7
Post by: Flean on July 20, 2011, 05:50:29 AM
dies~~~  :nervous   kisu~~~  :inlove: :inlove:

can't wait for Takamina reaction~~  :cow:
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kisssssssssssssssssssss!  :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya:

sora-neechan please update soon :shifty: :shifty:.. i can't wait for chap 4!  :luvluv2: :luvluv2:
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wow acchan is fast  :twisted:

goes right for the kiss  :inlove:

Thanks you, will be waiting for your next update  :twothumbs
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 3) update 20 - 7
Post by: kahem on July 20, 2011, 09:03:22 PM
Woooooooooooooooooooooo kiss!!!!! Good job Acchan ^^
Yuko and chiyuu are punished because of forbidden love interesting
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 3) update 20 - 7
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 :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

Acchan a devil? Takamina an angel?  :on lol: :on lol:

Ahhhhh!! Acchan being all sexy and all    :mon spit: :mon bleed2: :mon blood: :mon angel:

And cute little innocent takamina  :shy2: :shy2:

Update soon!!!
Title: Re: Angel x Devil (Chapter 3) update 20 - 7
Post by: sorakamiya on July 22, 2011, 04:33:04 PM
hi guuuuuys,  :cow: :cow: sorry for the long update...  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: kind a busy recently,  :nervous :nervous

anyway, thanks for reading my fict and all the comment.  :cow: :cow:

now, lets just move out to the next chap,  :thumbsup hope u like it  :thumbsup :thumbsup


Chapter 4-1

Minami POV


'What is this girl thinking?!'

'Omigaaaaa, she kiss me, she KISS ME?!'

The devil girl cup my cheek and kiss me directly to my lips. All I can do just stand there and stunned. I can't say anything and I don't know why I even not push her. Omg what is this.

Suddenly she broke the kiss and look at me as Smile innocently.

"My, u are so cute angel." She chuckle and I snap back to reality.

"What...what....why.....why u do thaaaat?!" I said as trying to hold my high blush and cover my mouth with my hand.

"Heeeee, don't say that it is your first kiss minami." She said pretend to surprise.

'Tsk, yeah she is right. That is my first kiss. Aaaaarght....what should I do. My first kiss is with this little devil. Owgh come oooon...' I face palm and I could hear she is chuckle again.

"What? What so funny." I frown to her and she again begin approaching me.

"Nooo, its just...." Without realize I lost my balance and fall back and my butt fall to the ground.


"Oooowh....minami u are u cute." She giggle whether I try to got up.

As I trying to got up suddenly her face closer to me. It make me surprise and I stunned for the second time.

"Ne, minami~" she said seductively and tracing her hand from my cheek to my neck.

'Omigaaaaah, is all the devil like this.' I shiver from her touch. I just close my eyes then her hand stop around my collar bone.

I open my eyes and I see she bite her lower lips "what a cute angel, too bad u are my rival."

She then pull back and give the bracelet to me.

"What do u mean?" My sight still attached to her.

"Well, u know, I won't gonna lose to u minami." She said as grin to me.

"Hmph, don't underestimate me little devil." I wear the bracelet and suddenlly I change into human form. But the weird thing is 'WHY I DRESS LIKE A GUY'.

"What the....??? Why I style like a guy here." I face palm my face whether then I see this devil look at me just staring.

"Hey, yoooo?! Little devil?!"

"Huh? Uhm...I....I...." Her change of expression surprise me. 'Is she blushing?!' She look away from me and I just approach her.

I place my finger to her chin and make she look at me "Listen little devil, I won't lose from u." I smile and move away from her.

Suddenly I see a dark light surrounding her and she then turn into a beautiful human girl. 'Huh?! is it right what I have seen? A devil like her could look like an angel.'

I snap back as I see someone pass the park where I and the little devil is.

"Huh? That's the girl." As I wanna chase the girl a hand grabs mine.

"What is it again this time little devil?!" I frown at her and she pout at me.

We keep staring to each other and I see the girl already almost lost from my sight.

" let go my hand litthmph..."

Haven't finished my word, again she sealed my lips with hers. Its short and rough kiss. Then she pull from kiss.

I stunned for the second time and try to breathe. She let me go from her embrace and I feel my body so weak and fall to the ground.

"Now, I'll catch up my target.and anyway...."

She turn back before leaving me and said "call me atsuko next time or else I'll do that again." She said as wink to me and leave.

'What the hell that girl think?'

I got up and chasing her.

'Maan, yuko?! U are totally right. Wish me luck?!'


Atsuko POV

I have a task from the devil lord and here I'm now in the human world. I meet my rival and before I do my task I play a bit with her. She is so cute and I don't know, I feel I'm attract to her.

'I wonder if I have known her before.'

I move closer and then something happen

'I kiss her'.

Funny, but as I kiss her I feel something. Somehow there is a different. I can't resist to taste her lips. 'So this how is the feeling kissing an angel.'

I pull out from the kiss and smile innocently to her. 

"My, u are so cute angel." I chuckle to her.

"What...what....why.....why u do thaaaat?!" She said as trying to hold her high blush and cover her mouth with her hand.

"Heeeee, don't say that it is your first kiss minami." I think what I said is a truth.

'My oh my, I get an angel first kiss. Its my lucky day.'

She seems uneasy and her act is so funny. I only chuckle looking at her. Suddenly she look at me.

"What? What so funny." She frown to me and somehow it make me wanna to tease her more.

Then I try approaching her and said in a seductive way "Nooo, its just...."

Haven't finished my sentence she suddenly lost her balance and fall back and landed her butt on the ground. 'What a funny angel.'

"Ouuuch...." She feel the pain in her butt.

"Oooowh....minami u are u cute." I giggle and as she try to got up move closer to her.

Our face only in inch. It make her surprise and she stunned for the second time.

"Ne, minami~" I said seductively and tracing my hand from her cheek to her neck. 'So smooth~'

I could feel she is shivering from my touch.

'My why she is so tempting.'

She just close her eyes then I  stop my hands around her  collar bone.

She open her eyes and I bite my lower lips "what a cute angel, too bad u are my rival."

I said to her, then pull back from the close distance  and give back the bracelet to her.

"What do u mean?" She said as her sight still attached to me.

"Well, u know, I won't gonna lose to u minami." I said as grin to her.

"Hmph, don't underestimate me little devil." She then wear the bracelet and suddenlly she change into human form.

"What the....??? Why I style like a guy here." She face palm her face whether I only can staring at her.

'Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!!! she is so kakkoiiii~'

Then her voice snap me "Hey, yoooo?! Little devil?!"

"Huh? Uhm...I....I...." I try to hold my blushing and I look away from her and she begin approach me.

She place her finger to my chin and make me to look at her.

'Urgh, why my heart beating to fast.'

"Listen little devil, I won't lose from u." She smile and move away from me.

Now its my turn to get change. I use the necklace that devil lord give to me and turn into a human girl.

I could feel that she is staring at me but something got her attention.

"Huh? That's the girl." As she wanna chase the girl I grabs her hand.

"What is it again this time little devil?!" She frown at me and I pout at her.

'Mooouu, why is she always call me little devil. I got a name too.'

We keep staring to each other and finally she feel irritate.

" let go my hand litthmph..."

Haven't finished he word, again I sealed her lips with mine. Its short and rough kiss.

'It irritate me she call me little devil.'

Then I pull from kiss.she stunned for the second time and try to breathe. I let her go from my embrace and for the second time she landed on the ground.

"Now, I'll catch up my target." I smile at her.

"and anyway...."

I turn back before leaving her and said "call me atsuko next time or else I'll do that again." I said as wink to her and leave.

'Fufufufufuf, this is gonna be really interesting~'



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Chapter 4-2

"OMG I almost late." Miichan run through her way to the school. She pass the park and see 2 person there holding hand

'uhm.....I feel an unusual aura around them.'

'I guess its just my feeling.'

'Better move faster now if not I'll got trouble.'

Miichan run faster and just ignore the 2 person that she look at the park before.

Soon around 5 minutes later finally she arrive at school and luckily she hasn't late. But she still feel un easy.

'Uhm....I feel being watch and follow. Better I check it later.'

She got into school and heading her class.

Meanwhile not far from there a figure watch her. this is her school I gotta disguise.


Atsuko POV

After playing a bit with my rival I go chase my target. I try to make sure not make her notice that I follow her. I keep following her until she got into to her school. I just hide and locking at her.

Ah~ so this is her school.

I gotta disguise.

As I try to transform again a familiar voice calling me.

"Hey, what u wanna do?"

That's the chibi angel. She following me until here. I bet its gonna be really hard. I gotta think some plan to distract her.

"Well, well, well, seems I got a new fan here. Are u trying to stalk me?" I said with a seductive tone

"Wha...what?! Tsk...don't be so sure. Its already my job to prevent to do something to her." She said as cross over her hand.

I grin and then challenge  her "owgh, really?!"

"Well, how about we make a bet now minami?!"

"A bet?"

"Yeah, here is the bet if in a month u could protect her from me I'll do anything u ask me. And if u can't...."

I move closer to her and cherish her cheek.

"And if I can't?!"

"U'll be my slave."

I could see she is a bit hesitate but then she move closer to me and our face is about an inch gaps and I could see her smirk

"Hmmmm, don't underestimate me young lady."

'OMG what's this?! Why my heart beating so fast?!'

"Let's make it you'll be my slave if I can make her away from u. A-tsu-ko chan?!" She whispered in my ear.

"O...o...okay?! That's a deal." Tsk, why am I stuttering.

"Well, its set then. Now time for me to change."

"Okay, me too."

I hurry change and wearing the girl school uniform and as I look at her she is wearing a boy uniform. But a bit weird. The uniform its look like a rebel boy school. The up button is unbutton, her long hair become short and spike. A loosen necktie.

OMG she is so HOT?!

"Hey, what are u looking at?"

"What's wrong with your style?" I ask her

"Why? Something wrong? Guilt the bracelet then since it choose for me."

"What do u mean?"

"Well as u see now, korekara , boku wa otokodatta." She said as chuckle to me.


"Ssssshhhhh~ let's start out bet now. Shall we? Acchan~" she whispered to me and then *chuuuu~


He give quick kiss in my cheek and run away from me.

"Huh? What? Acchan? WHAT WAS THAT?!" I look at her and he turn back

"That's will be your nickname for me. Hahaha~"

Huh? She is change so fast. A minutes ago I play and tease her. Now I running chasing him as holding my cheek that he kiss.

Its.... Feel so warm~


Minami POV

now my mission is starting. I meet this kuroi tenshi. She said her name is atsuko. Tsk... She is totally a teaser. And plus she already kiss my twice today. TWICE?! OMG my first kiss was stolen by a devil. I admit she is beautiful , too bad she is a devil. I got up and try to catch up her. She already leave me to chase the target. This gonna be a hard and long work. I sigh then As I walk I hear a voice

"Yooooo minamiii~"

"Huh?! Tomochin?"

Surprise?! Huh?

"Geeez, how are u and what's up?"

"I'm fine, don't worry. Anyway, just let's get to the point. It seems u are having a tough rival here."

"Yeah, I'm sure u know that."

"listen, I don't have much time now. Just let's me give u some suggestion. If u wanna fight a devil u should also be almost like her?! Show her your another part."

"Huh like what?"

Your evilish side.

"Huh, hey tomochin. Tsk she already gone."

"Well, guess she is right. Now let's make a different personality."

I then hurry continue my move. Not long I manage found her and the target. Seems she got a plan. I wait a moment and then calling her

"Hey, what u wanna do?" she look at me with a smirk in her face.

"Well, well, well, seems I got a new fan here. Are u trying to stalk me?" she said with a seductive tone.

"Wha...what?! Tsk...don't be so sure. Its already my job to prevent to do something to her."

I said as cross over my hand.I could see she grinning and then she challenge me

"owgh, really?!"

"Well then, how about we make a bet now minami?!"

I surprise for what she is saying "A bet?"

"Yeah, here is the bet if in a month u could protect her from me I'll do anything u ask me. And if u can't...."

she move closer to me and cherish my cheek. I could feel her warm hand. I look at her and give a challenge look

"And if I can't?!"

"U'll be my slave."

tsk, this gonna be hard. I thought but then I remember what tomo said. I should make the other me. yooossh I could do this.

I move closer to her and our face is about an inch gaps and I smirk at her  "Hmmmm, don't underestimate me young lady."

I could see she is blushing. seems tomo plan work woow, I move even closer

"Let's make it you'll be my slave if I can make her away from u. A-tsu-ko chan?!" I said as whispering in her ear.

"O...o...okay?! That's a deal."

hahaha, she is stutter. thank u tomo..

I pull out and smile to her "Well, its set then. Now time for me to change."

"Okay, me too."

I hurry change and let the bracelet once more do it job but this time I'll choose my own appereance. I hurry transform into a boy. I wear the school uniform and I choose to be a bit wild now. I wear a rebel boy school uniform. I feel that she is staring at me and then I make her back to reality.

"Hey, what are u looking at?"

"What's wrong with your style?" she ask me

"Why? Something wrong? Guilt the bracelet then since it choose for me."

"What do u mean?"

"Well as u see now, korekara , boku wa otokodatta." I said as chuckle to her.

"Whaaaaat?" I could hear her surprise tone. I just chuckle then approach her again.

"Ssssshhhhh~ let's start out bet now. Shall we? Acchan~" I whispered to her and then come on my little revenge to her *chuuuu~

I kiss her cheek~

after the kiss I hurry run away and she just stand there not moving for a moment "I'M GO FIRST!!!! HAHAHA!"

She then back to reality and confuse with my sudden action

"Huh? What? Acchan? WHAT WAS THAT?!" She shout .

I look at her and I turn my back "That's will be your nickname for me. Hahaha~"

as saying that I run towards the school and begin my plan. I guess we have the same idea.

fufufufufu~ she is so kawaiiii~

what a soft cheek~



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Chapter 4-3

"Good morning class."

"Morning sensei~"

"Today we will have a new student. Please coming u two."


"The girl kawaaaaiiii~"

"Kyaaaaa~ the boy also kakkoiii~ I wanna go out with him"

"Calm down kids. Now please introduce your self."

"Ohayou, minna san. I'm maeda atsuko yoroshiku."

"Yosh, ohayou, I'm minami, takahashi minami. Yoroshiku."

"Now okay maeda san and takahashi san, u could sit beside minegishi san over there."

"Arigatou sensei."

"Now let's begin our lesson today."


Minami POV

*sigh yeah, here I'm together with this little devil beside me. I disguise as a student in this gakuen. Since my target studying in here. Now me and this little devil already got into the class where our target is in. U must be wonder how we could get in. Well, just said , magic talks.

After introducing my self I sit beside minegishi. I'm in her right whether the little devil is in her left. There isn't any suspicious during the lesson. I keep my eyes on acchan. Well, that's my nickname to her though. As I pointed to her this minegishi san call me.

"Ano, takahashi kun..." Minegishi talk to me with a soft volume.

"Uh? What is it? I can't hear u clearly." I try to closer my ear to her.

"Welcome here, and don't get offend okay? I just feeling that there is something un usual in u. I don't know what and why but hope we could be a good friend."

I a bit surprise to her statement.

Wooooow, sasuga from minegishi family?!

I scratch my back and smiling to her "owgh, re...really. Don't worry we will be a good friend."

She smile back at me and start to speak to acchan too. She is really a nice girl I gotta to protect her no matter what.

Since there isn't something wrong I pay attention to the sensei. Owgh man, I feel really sleepy. This sensei is toooooooo boring. I rested my head on the table and un accidently fell asleep until the bell wake me up.

*kriiiiing..... *kriiiiing....

"Yeeeeaaaaaay~" I could hear the student cheers.

"Okay kid since we , the sensei are going to have meeting today. Class dismissed now."


Great, now I can do my job at least. I see acchan approaching minegishi and I join them.

"Hi there takahashi kun." Minegishi call me

"Owgh, no need to be formal. Just call me minami."

"Ah~ okay then. Minami kun ok? And please just call me miichan. "

"Sure~" I said

"And anyway, minami where do u live?"

"Huh?! Eto....eto..."

"He live in the aparto."

"Ah yeah, acchan right I live in a aparto around here." I answer her as scratch my back.

"Huh? Acchan? U guys already know each other?" Miichan said


"He is crazy about me." Acchan said as chuckling.

"What?! Don't said something the could make a gossip in here acchan."

"Ahahaha, owgh, I know. U are a childhood friend am I right. Wooow that's great."

"Nothing great about that." I said in a low tone.

Suddenly this little devil bump into me and cling to me "oooowwwwgh, pouting minami is cuteeeee~"

"Gaaaarrrh.... Acchan let me go?!everyone watching us."

"Ahahaha, maaaan u two are somthing. Anyway, I gotta something to do. So see u guys around. Okay?!"

"Ah okay, jaa?!" Miichan hurry leaving me and acchan. And I realize its only just 2 of us in the class now.

"Neeeee~ mi-na-mi~" urgh, why am I feeling shiver suddenly.

"Wha....what are u planning now?"

"Nankaaaa~ saaa~" she move closer and closer to me and now I got trap in the corner of the class.

"What if~" she begin traveling her hand to my neck and her voice so seductive.

"What if what?" I try to sound cool but to be honest this is totally make my heart beat so fast.

"What if...... Today we just finding somewhere to stay then after that we continue our mission." She finally pull back from my face and I'm relieve.

"Uhm.....good Idea?! But this is not one of your trick isn't it?!" I said as looking curious to her

"Ahaha, of course nooooot~" she said as wrap her hand around my neck.

"Jaaaaa~ ishouni iko ka?" She ask me.

"Maaaa, okay?!" I grab my bag and then go out the room and she cling to my hand.

I wonder if all the devil is as cute as her~


Atsuko POV

Today I got into the class and meet my target. The chibi angel also got into the same class as me. Both of us sit next to her.

We have talked together as the school finished. Now today I ask this chibi angel to forget about the mission for a while to find somewhere for us to stay.

And here we are. In front of the aparto that near from the school. We got in and meet the owner.

"Excuse me sir, is there any room available here?"

"Owgh, a young couple eh?"

"Huh? Nohhmph...." I shut minami mouth with my hand and smile to the owner.

"Yeah, and we are wondering what kind a room that still available in here." Minami keep strugle and finally I let him go.

"Ara...ara....u two so funny. Well, there is only one room left I don't know whether..."

"We take it!" Minami suddenly speak.

"Ah, what a fast decision." The owner chuckle.

"Well, I'm sure the room is good."

"Ah, okay then young man, here is the key." The owner give the key to minami and I hurry clinging to him.

"Yeeeaaaay, finally we got our aparto." I hug and then kiss his cheek.

"Owgh, ach .. I mean atsuko not here."

His pout expression just to kawaii..

"Ahahaha, well then, please enjoy staying in here. U two remind me of someone that I know."

"Ah~ well then, we excuse sir. I'll handle the file later."


But before we go I turn back and ask him "by the way what's your name sir?"

"Owgh, sorry, I haven't introduce my self. I'm wisnu the owner. I'll introduce u guys with staff here later. We got nalyn and flean in charge with the aparto care, just call them if u need something. And for the security don't worry. Sora, alex and ceg will handle it."

"Ah, okay, I'm takahashi minami  and..."

"I'm atsuko."

"Okay, we go see our room now."

We excuse ourself and then heading to our room.

As we arrive minami take out the key and unlock the door.

"Wooooaaaa....its great." The room is not bad wide. There is a living room, dining room, kitchen, bath room and bed room.

Suddenly I heard a chuckle "what so funny?" I pout to minami

"Ahaha, nothing it just u are so cute acchan."

I could feel my face is hot and redden. Then minami closer to me , whispered in my ear "I like when u are blushing. Its cute."

"Now let's go see the room."

We go to the bed room and as we arrive and open minami frown

"Whaaaaat? Its only got 1 bed. Aaaarrrgh~"

"Uhm? Why u are so frustrate?"

"Owgh, its only got 1 bed and we are 2." Hearing he panic make my naughty mind turn on and I tease him.

"Uhm... Well, I don't mind if I should share a bed with u mi-na-mi~" I could feel he is shivering from my touch and I could see his blush.

"Wha...what...? Owgh, stop teasing me acchan. Its not funny." Minami said and then sigh.

"Well, can't help, acchan u got the bed, I'll just sleep in the living room." He then leave and I grab his hand

"No, wait?!"


"I can't let u sleep in the living room."

"Uhm? Got better Idea?" He look seriously to me.

"Well, about we share a bed just for tonight? Tomorrow , we got another equipment. Okay?"

"But its unproper a guy and a girl sleep in the same bed."

I laugh so hard and holding my stomach "ahahahaha, minami u are so funny"

"Tsk....heeeey don't laugh?!" He pout at me.

"But, u are a girl b4 , so it doesn't matter."

"But still... Its.... Ah never mind. I just sleep on the sofa."

I hurry grab his wrist "no?! Please! Just for tonight. We will make a line to separate is it?"

He sigh but finally agree "*sigh, okay?! But...don't do any suspicious move okay?!"

"Un, don't worry."

I nod to him and he open the window

"Jaaaa, now I gotta get change and have an ofuro."

"Owgh, okay acchan. Just tell me when u are finish."

"Okay, and minami?"


"No peeping."


I giggling and  hurry go to the bath room and leave him.

Welcome the new life~



"Ah, so this is the place. Better I got in now."

"Good afternoon miss what can I do for u?" The receptionist ask

" there any person here name shinoda mariko?"

"Ah, u mean miss mariko. Yeah she is here."

"Can I meet her?"

"Ah, have u make an appointment?"

"Nope, I haven't."

"Hmm.... Miss shinoda is having a meeting right now. Would u like to wait?"

"Ah, I see. Just give this to her. She bump into me this morning and accidentally drop this."

"okay miss, and may I know your name?"

"Sure, I'm minegishi minami."

"Alright miss minegishi I'll tell miss shinoda."

"Okay, now excuse me." Miichan than go out the building the suddenly a voice call her.

"Heeeey, wait."

"Huh?" Miichan stop her step and turn around

"Owgh, the girl from this morning. Hmmm...can I help u?"

"Tha.....thanks for return this to me."

"Ahaha, u are welcome uhm...shinoda san?!" Miichan a bit not sure what to call her.

"Just call me mariko."

"Owgh okay, then mariko san. Just call me miichan. Now, I gotta go."

Mariko then hold miichan wrist to stop her move "Wait?! I haven't do anything in return."

"Owgh, its okay mariko san. Its not necessary."

"But I want to, let's have a cup of tea tomorrow. My treat!" Mariko said as smiling to miichan.

"Uhm.....I'm not sure yet if I can tomorrow..."

"Well, then let's exchange number. So we can set it up again."

"Ah good idea."

They then begin to exchange number.

"Aaaaand its seeeend."

"Okay, I gotta go. See u later mariko san."

"See u later miichan."

They waved their hand and miichan leave the place.


back to the angel and the devil~

"yoooosh~ this is my side and thats yours~" atsuko show minami

"heee??? why should I be in that side?" minami ask, confuse

"well, I move a lot when sleeping I dont wanna kick u out the bed." atsuko giggling

"*sigh well, cant help. I just go sleep now."

"okay me too. oyasumiii~"


soon, they both fell in a deep sleep but in the middle of the night~

minami and atsuko already in a deep sleep. they sleep facing back each other but suddenly~

"hhmmmnnn~ minami~"

'eh, what is it?' minami feel something sneaked around his waist

"hhmmmnnn~ minami~"

'uuuurrggggh~ she hug me.' minami begin shivering but cant move coz he doesnt want to wake up atsuko

'tsk.... remember me I shouldnt believe in what she said.'

'she is not kicking but hugging~ '



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Finally miichan meet Mariko-sama, she won't die XD
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Chapter 5

next day minami POV

Last night really tiring. I couldn't sleep at all. She keep hugging and snuggle to me. I should get my bed today. If I keep sharing bed with her I couldn't get sleep.

Now I still in bed, lazy to wake up. But the sun light soo bright and it wake me. I try to open my eyes and I found only me in the bed. Seems she already wake up. I go to table and look at my watch and I frown when I look at the watch..




I hurry go to the bathroom and clean my self. After that I get ready and wearing my uniform. I look at the kitchen here there are the little devil.

"Ah, minami, have a breakfast, I already cook for u."

I look at her in confuse "huh? U cook this?"

She nod and smiling to me "yupz, sorry I didn't wake u up. Seems u really tired."

"yeah, and who fault is that."

She bring some of fried rice and give it to me as sitting beside me "here, taste this?"

I look at the food in front of me "uhm.....I should be careful. Is this food save for me?"

"Its okay, I didn't put anything in there. Here I prove it to u."

She grab a spoon and dig in my plate. "See! I'm okay!"

"Uhm.....alright! Ittadakimasuuuu~" I have one bite and then

"Whooooaaaaa oishiiiii~ this is soooo delicious!!" I compliment her. But seriously this is nice.

"Great, I'm glad u like it." She said as smiling to me.

"Hmmm....u totally could become a good wife?!" I said and suddenly she look away and blush.

"I...I....well...thank u." She said to me as blushing.

I could see her cheek redden and it make me kind a want to tease her.

"Haik, finish, thanks for the food." I said and the get up from the chair.

"Okay, time to go its already late." I grab my bag and ready to go.

"Wait for me!"

"Hurry up?!"

"Haiiiik I'm ready." She now stand in front of me and I look her hair kind a messy.

"omigaa she is so sexy....urght nonono....can't think like that. Focus minami....remember, she is your rival."

"Uhm? Why are u looking me like that?"

"Huh? Ow...ow....never just....?!" I approach her and comb her hair with my hand.


"Your hair is kind a messy."

She look down and blush again.

"There u go....kawaiii as well?!" I said and she just stand there stun

"Ahm....uhm.... Tha.... Thanks..."

She is so cute when she is stuttering like that.And Oh my, her hair so soft.

Looking her blushing like that make me wanna tease her. I come closer to her and whispered some thing to her ear

"U...are...welcome!and by the way...."

I cup her right cheek with my hand and give a short kiss in her left cheek

"Thanks for the fooooood." I hurry run away from her and she shout

"Mooooouuuu~ Minamiiiii~"

"Ahahahaha~" I go first as laughing and she chase me.

"what a great day~"


Atsuko POV

Okay, yesterday I shared bed with this chibi angel coz there is only 1 bed in our aparto. We decided to pretend as a young couple since I'm sure the owner won't let us rent the only room there if he found out that we are just uhm... friend? Just let's say that. In the middle of the night I unconsciously hug her. Somehow I feel really calm and save. Different from what I have feel this long.

The next morning I wake up first and look at the chibi angel in front of me. He sleep so tight and so cute. His face so calm. I feel there is a magnet that attract me to come closer to him and kiss his cheek. I got up from the bed get change and prepare for the breakfast.

This morning he already make my heart melt and beating so fast. I don't know what happen to me. The one that I have to do now is doing my task.

we go to school together. I keep clinging to him. I could see his blush and just chuckle. As we arrive at school we meet our target. The day pass as usual but at the end of school I look at miichan that she is talking to a phone. After she finish talking I and minami approach her.

"Hmmm.... U look happy miichan?!" I said to her with a teasing tone.

"Huh? Ah, she is a friend." Miichan said as smiling to us.

"Well, seems miichan have a business acchan let's go."

"Heeee??? But....but..."

Minami grab me and force me out of class.

"Hahaha, good luck u two." Micchan laugh.

Now me and minami is at the school yard talking...

"Mooooo, why u bring me to come here." I pout as he stops his foot now.

"Tsk....listen, I know u will do something to her and I won't let u ruin that." Minami said with a hars tone.

"Heee, I haven't done anything and u already suspicious to me?" He nods and start talking

"Yeah, coz I must be be careful. I shouldn't got distract."

"Distract? Like....this!" I hurry spell a smoke and disappear from him.


As I disappear from minami I follow miichan. She is heading to the main road. There is a bus coming and I hurry used my magic to make the bus lose control. But....




Tsk...the bus hit the side road but miichan manage to avoid it. It coz the chibi angel there. I just watch them.

"Mi...mi...minami! Are u alright?"

" head!!!"

"Minami your head!!!" Miichan look shock.


I see him from distant and look at his bleeding head. He accidentally hit the ground. Somehow I worried to him.

'Is he alright? The blood keep running.' I bite my lower lips. I wanna help but I can't.

'Huh? Wait? Why should I worry to him?!'

'Something wrong with me.'

I keep thinking and then I see a light.



I see minami wound disappear. I forget an angel could cure themself. Well nothing to worry then. I see miichan already gone. Only minami there. He then go. I got out from my hidden and searching miichan.

Finally I see her. She is got into a cafe. And meet a girl. Uhm... Who is that girl? She seems older but so beautiful. As I thinking a hand grab me from behind.

"Eeh? What the....?"

"Tsk....u have to responsible with my wound." Minami said with a cold tone.

"Heee... Its my task I can't help infact u already cure what with that badge?" I pointed to the badge that in his forehead.

"Ah, kore? Well, it impossible for human to get recover fast. It just a fake.why? Worry?"

He said as grin to me and I just pout to him " should I."

He then grab my waist "well, even though that just remember. I'm not an easy opponent." My heart suddenly beat so fast coz the closeness then I move to got out from his hold.

"Me too minami, now let got back to work."

Let's see what could u do next~

I headed to the cafe.


Miichan POV

Today Is a horrible day. A bus almost hit me. Thanks to minami kun he comes and save me. As saying thanks and help him I headed to a cafe. I'll meet someone today. hehehehe... Not really horrible actually since I'll meet this girl. I arrive at the cafe and there is she already wait for me.

"Miichan, over here." She wave her hand and call me.

I approach her and sit beside her.

"Ah, gomen ne mariko san. I got something to do so I late."

"Its okay, I'm glad u come." She smile to me.

"So, what u wanna to eat?" She ask me.

"Uhm.....anything u order its okay." I said as smile to her.

"Ok then." She call the waitress and order a food. We chat as waiting our food.

"So, how are u today?"

"Well I gone through a weird and boring day. U know school." I scratch my back.

"Ah, but school time is fun. Work is exhausted." She pout, omg she is so cute.

"anyway, thank for treat me next time I'll treat u."

"Ah, I'll be waiting. Its really fun to meet u today. Let's don't make this is the last time we go out." Mariko said

"Ahaha, sure. Let's hangout sometimes mariko san."

"Heee.... What with the san? I feel really old."

"Well, mari chan then." I smirk to her and she is blush. Why is she blushing.

We keep talking and laughing until.....



"Minami? Acchan?" I see minami and acchan fall to the ground where acchan is on top of him.

"Your friend?" Marichan pointed to them. Since they still wearing the uniform I bet marichan knows from that.

"Yeah. Why are u guys in here? And what happen?"

"Ouch, that's her fault. We got slipped." Minami look pissed.

"Well, anyway this is my friend shinoda mariko."

"Shinoda mariko desu." She bow

"Takahashi minami desu."

"Maeda atsuko desu."

They both bow. And suddenly,

"Well, miichan and shinoda san we'll be going now."

"Bu...but..." Acchan said

"We should go acchan." Minami grab her and look at her. She just pout and they leave.

"Nice too meet u."

They disappear and I keep talking with mari chan.


back at the angel n devil

They headed to their aparto where greet by a woman

"Hi there, I'm nalyn. U must be the young couple wisnu san told me."

Minami and acchan look at each other and blush.

"Maaa,maaa u guys are so kawaii, anyway takahashi san u got a delivery. Seems that its a bed. They already arrange that and u just could relax."

"Ah, yeah thanks nalyn san."

"U are welcome. Now I gotta back to work."

Nalyn leave and both of them got into their aparto.

"Heeee? U bought a bed."

"Yeah, so tonight I could sleep well." Minami said.

"Moouu..." Acchan just can pout.

They headed to their room and as arrive there minami hurry go to his new bed

"Aaaaaah~ I feel so relieve~" minami lay in his new bed but suddenly


The bed is broke "iiittttaaaaaaiii....."

Acchan just chuckle and then crawl to minami "ach....acchan....???"

"Sooo, seems tonight u have to sleep with me again minami." Acchan said seductively.

"Wha....whaaaaat?! This....this.... Must be you....u did this,  U use your magic." Minami said as pointed to her.

Acchan than pout again "hee, I don't do anything."

Then Still in the same position where acchan on top, she tracing her finger from minami body to her cheek and cheerish it "well, how many time u gonna buy the bed seems the result would be the same."

Minami frown "what that mean?"

Acchan move closer and whispered in minami ear "Give up minami."

"Geeeez, acchan. U are so insist able." Minami said as face palm.

Acchan then got up and pull her tongue out "Minami baaaakaaaa?!"


Acchan go and took a shower. As she got out minami turn to take a shower. As minami finish taken a bath he go to kitchen and look atsuko preparing the dinner. They have a dinner together and as they finish minami clean the dishes.

They got to the room and minami don't have a choice.

"This time u'll sleep that way." Minami pointed.

"Moouuuu, why?"

"No special reason. Now let's get to sleep. I'm tired."

Acchan nod and smile to him. Acchan sleep near the wall.


"Ne minami."


"Can I hug u?"

"Wha...what??" Minami shock

"I'm sorry last night I hug u accidentally, but it because I got to used sleeping hugging something and I easily got a nightmare."

"Heeee???" Minami just sigh


"Its ok if u don't wanna." Acchan then turn facing the wall.

'Tsk.....why she should be doing this. I couldn't look a girl disappointed.'

Then, suddenly minami wrap his hand around acchan.


"Well, just don't to much move okay." Minami said as blushing.

Atsuko then hurry hug minami and snuggle to him. Minami take the blanket and cover their body with it.

"Well, oyasumi minami."

"Oyasumi acchan."

'nanka, I don't wanna let go my hug~'

'I wanna be like this forever~'



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Chapter 6


"Goooo, hide..."

"Bu...but dad..."

"Gooooo now...."



"Pst...pst... Little princess come here." A little short hair kis calls

"Who are u?"

"I'm just a kid, hurry if not they will find you."


"HEY KID!" A man grab the little boy

"What u think u are doing?! Guys get the little princess."

"Noooooo, princess. Let her gooooo....let her gooo.." The little kid struggle and punch the man face.

"Gaaaaargh, u little...." The man drop the little kid and slash his snap


"Nooooo, don't do it to him. Nooooooo...."

"Prin...prin....princeeeess... So....sorry..."





Minami POV

Again today I sleep together with this little devil. I couldn't believe it I got into her trap plus She ask me if she can hug me coz she often got a nightmare. At first I thought she lie to me. But I'm wrong, its not a lie.


'Eh, what happen?'

" Please... Don't..."

I open my eyes and see acchan grip tighten to me.

"Eh? Oi..acchan...acchan..."

"Nooooooo don't hurt that kid....pleaaaase"

"Acchan... What's wrong...?? Ssssh... Calm down.... Calm down....ssssshhh.... I'm here.." I hug her and try to make her calm down a bit. Her move become more rough and I can't hold her anymore.

"NOOOOOOOOO....." She wake up and sweating. I move closer to her and hug her.

"Ssshhh... It just a nightmare acchan. Now calm down. I'm here. I'm here.."

She hug me tightly and rested her head in my chest.

"I'm scare.... I'm scare..." She said as sobbing to me.

"Sssh....its okay nothing to be scare about. I'm here. I'll be always here."

"*sobs...don't...leave me..." She said as hugging to me.

"I won't, now calm down and close your eyes." She nods and I bring her back to lay down and cover her body with blanket as hugging her.



"Thank you."

"Its okay."

She then calm down and back to sleep. Oh my, looking her like this make me uneasy. its sad to look at her like this. And one thing I couldn't believe, is she really a devil?! As I look at her she is not like the other devil that I have met. I cherish her cheek.

'What kind a devil that cry?!'


Today I wake up early. I just open my eyes and look at the little devil beside me. Some of her hair is covering her face. Gosh, so pretty. I wipe away the hair from her face. I could see clearly her face. So cute and calm. I try to touch her cheek with my hand and feel it so soft then suddenly she makes a move. Don't wanna wake her up I just stun there not moving.


'Hmph...she is so cute...'


"Yosh, ohayou?!"

"Ah, sorry I disturbing u last night."

"Noo, its ok. Well, now I got go up." I try to got up and then she hold my hand. I turn around and look her in confuse

"What is it?"

she smiles to me and gesture cutely as saying "where is my morning kiss??"

I blush furiously as hearing her sentence "wha....what...?? Sto....stop kidding and wake up acchan..." I go up as throw her with the pillow.

"Moooouuu, minami hidoiiii?!I mean it?!"

I pull out my tongue to her and suddenly she throw me back the pillow.

"U missssseeeed *bleeeeeh~"



Today as usually we go to school together and I just keep silent about what happen last night. As we arrive at class suddenly there is a guy approach her.

"Maeda san, please go out with me tomorrow!"


I hurry look at that guy and a bit pissed off. Why should I? We are a rival. And what's this feeling?! Something wreck my heart.

"Uhm... Is it a date??"


She looks at me and I just pretend not looking at her.

"Okay, then."


"Arigatou maeda san."

"Anyway, what's your name?"

"Owgh, my name is Ren."

"Ok then ren kun, see u this weekend."

This guy then leave the class. I could feel this little devil keep looking at me. I try to keep calm and miichan approach me.

"Hey, minami u won't do anything?"


"To what have happen."

"Why should I?"

"Maaa....maaa...don't get jealous minami."

"Whatever, I wanna go out now."


I leave the class and go to bathroom. I need to wash my face. Suddenly a voice call me.

"Yooo, minami."

"Tomochin??? Why so sudden?"

"seems that devil got u right now. Hahahaha, she totally wanna make u jealous."

"Shut up tomochin."

"ahaha, okay...okay...I just wanna remind you, beware of her. When u fall u will hard to survive and here I give u a suggestion. Just ignore her. She just wanna make u jealous."

"Yeah, yeah, I know and thanks for the suggestion. Anyway how is yuko?"

'she is fine don't worry.'

"Say my regards to her okay."

'okay, now I gotta go jaaaa naaa~'

With that tomochin disappear and I headed to the class room.


I got back to my chair and looking at this little devil. During the lesson I can't concentrate. Daaaamn, why I feel uneasy now. Then since that accident at the class, everyday this idiot come to meet acchan. They talk and have a lunch together. Even so after school I still watch over miichan, I still have to protect her.

Each day, I can manage to protect her and that little devil haven't got any chance to hurt her. I also could see that she is getting well to that mariko girl. I hope everything will be alright.

Then its time for weekend. It mean its this little devil date time. I wake up and found her no where. Tsk, seems she already gone. I got out the room and there is breakfast plus a not on the table.


Today I got a date

I already prepare for your breakfast

Happy weekend


*sigh why I'm worried. I feel that I don't trust that guy. I go living room and laying there.

Should I watching them?


atsuko POV

Its almost a week I live in one roof with that little angel. I have try to hurt miichan but he always can save her. Actually I kind glad that he can save her. I don't know why it seems I a bit change since I meet him.

Today I'll have a date with ren. He asks me out in front of the class and I accepted it. I actually hoping that minami will do something as he try to ask me out but he just sit there and do nothing. Minami baka. Did he know that I just pretend to like it. I don't like it going out with this guy. I think my feeling to minami have growing now. I want to be embraced with him. Now I'm regret it. Why should I accept ren offer.

Then suddenly someone call me

"Maeda, sorry for waiting."

"Ah its okay."

*sigh he is coming.

"So, where will we go now?" I ask him

"Let's watch a movie first." He said as grab my hand but somehow, I feel someone is watching us.

I release my hand from him and he looks surprise

"Ah, sorry for that."

"O...o....owgh, its okay maeda. Its my fault."

We then begin our date today. We go to the movie, having a lunch together, talking, etc. But my thought is still on minami. What is he doing right now? Has he eat his breakfast?

Its almost dark and now I and ren sitting in a park. We watch the scenery in front of us. Suddenly he grabs my hand and start to talking serious to me,

"Ano maeda there is something I wanna to tell you."

'what is it now this guy? Is he gonna confess to me? Oh my....'

"What is it?"

"Fro...from the beginning I saw u, your face always in my mind I can't get rid out of it. As u accept my date I feel so happy and now I realize that I like you maeda. Would u want to be my girlfriend?"

He now looking at me and move closer to me as wanna kiss me. Oooouch, what should I do now.

"A...ano...u are to close now ren kun."

"I ... I love u maeda."

He is closer and closer. What should I do now. Suddenly I hear he screaming.

"It..tatatataiiitaaaaaaiiii!!!!" I open my eyes and look at him

"Who the hell that throw me with stone?!" He said as rubbing his head.

And we heard something near the bushes.

"Who the hell in there?"


A cat?well this is my chance

"Well, I guess I gotta go now its already night." 

"Wait, maeda u haven't answer my confess" he grabs my hand and I turn to him

"I...I'm sorry ren. I can't. U are a good guy. I'm sure u will find better girl."

"Ah souka." He look disappointed.

"We can be friend." I smile to him and he smile too

"Thanks maeda and, sorry, before I...I almost..."

"Its okay, now I gotta go."

"Wait! Let me accompany u!"

"No need ren. Its okay."

I hurry leave him and headed to the nearest station.

I walk out from the park and then I see a figure. Coming out from the bushes. Its dark and he wearing a black jacket. I can't see him clearly but then I realize that I know who is that person.

'Baka!' I said in my mind as smiling.


at the aparto

"OMG today is so tiring. I gotta change before she comes." Minami change his cloth and clean himseld then headed to his bed and laying there. Then soon without he realize he already fall into a deep sleep.

A couple of minutes later the door open and there is acchan. She walks slowly and put her bag. She looks at the figure sleeping in the bed. She just smiles and go get change her cloth.

As she get change she approach the sleeping minami on the bed but before that she notice the black jacket under the bed.

", u totally can't hiding anything from me." She chuckle and just let the jacket in there.

she begin to stroke minami hair and speak

"Well, minami, seems I make really tired to day. But I'm glad u do that."

She start got into the bed and look once again to her little angel.

"Thanks for today minami." Acchan then move closer and kiss minami forehead and then capture his lips.

Acchan then rested her head in minami chest. She cover both of them with blanket and then snuggle and wrap her hand around takamina. She then begin to fall sleep as smiling.

"I haven't know what happen to me but I think I start fall for you."



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Hmm could Acchan be that princess in the past? but then why did she become a devil?

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Minami getting cute XP

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Chapter 7


“Noooo…. Let him goo… stop….stop torturing him..”

“princess… so…sorry…”

“Garh, this is wht u got when a little angel like you try to fight our lord.”

With one whip it scratch the boy back “GAAAAAAAARRRH~”



Princess…. I’m sor…sor…sorryyy…

~end flashback~


Atsuko POV

Last night really an exhausting day but I feel all my tiredness is replace by a minami warm embrace. I don’t know what happen to me, it seem we are somehow really close before we met now. I feel calm and save where ever I close to him. But…. We are different.

It almost morning and I heard something. I try to open my eyes and look at minami. He looks soo in pain. Is he has a nightmare?

“Mi…minami… what happen?”

“urgh… hurt…”

“what? What hurt? Minami don’t make me worried.”

I hug him and stroke his hair and hugging him.

“it…its hurt… so… sorry… I … I’m so…sorry…”

“Minami… Wake up… minami…”

I still hold him and he finally open his eyes. And I don’t know I suddenly cry. He knows that I’m crying and cherish my back.

“…sorry acchan. I just have a nightmare. Sorry.”

“Don’t make me worried like that.” I start sobbing

“eh? Why are you crying?” minami wipe my tears and I just keep silent.

“I’m sorry to make u worried. Lets just prepare for school now. I’ll go to the bathroom.”

He then leave me in that room and suddenly…


“My…my lord?”

”Seems that u haven’t make in completing your task.”

“I…I am sorry my lord.”

”Seems that angel is always on your way, then I’ll give u another task.”

I frown at what the devil lord saying, I’m afraid “wha….what is it my lord?”

”Kill that angel.”

I shock what I have heard and as saying that the devil lord disappear. I cover my mouth with my hand. I wanna cry, I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t kill minami. I can’t. I wanna cry but I hold it. I don’t have any choice. I have to kill him. I’m a devil here.

Then I heard the door open .

“Acchan? What happen?”

“Nothing, I just have to go. Excuse me.”

I right away leave him. I don’t wanna he see me crying. I hurry go to the bathroom.

I cry in the bathroom and I suddenly hear tomo voice.


“Tomomi, what should I do?”

”I have told u before right.”

“Its all my fault.” I keep crying

”I cant do anything atsuko, all I can say is don’t make the same mistake that I have ever made.”


”I just want u to know that any decision that u make I’ll be always support u.”


With that she then leave.

I guess I have to do that.


I prepare and meet him out side, as usual he waiting for me and we go to school together. On the way I didn’t speak anything to him. We just walk together. Even after school I didn’t say any word to him. I just leave him and go with ren since he ask me to accompany him to a book store. I accompany him and we ended hanging out together well as a friend of course.

Then as it almost dawn, I back to aparto and got into my room. There I could see he is sleeping. I thought, its my chance to get rid of him. I begin to used my magic and summon my weapon. I just stand there cant move, I really cant do this, my tears begin to fall, then suddenly he speaks.

“What are u waiting for acchan?”

I surprise and drop the knife. My hand is trembling.

“U wanna kill me right? Kill me now.”

His sentence is like a knife that strike into my heart.

“I…I ….”

“what acchan?”

He said in a cold tone. And I just silent.

what should I do?

~end of Atsuko POV~


Minami POV

Today I wake up and found this little devil crying as hugging me. I have a nightmare last night. I wonder why its coming again. That is the time of my childhood memory. I don’t wanna to remember that. I feel hurt seeing her crying like this. I wipe her tears and then go to the bathroom. In the bathroom I turn my back and the scar is still there. This scar wont vanish. This scar is my punishment for not protecting the princess.

I begin to take a bath and then headed to the room but before I got into the room I heard that acchan talking to someone.


“My…my lord?”

”Seems that u haven’t make in completing your task.”

“I…I am sorry my lord.”

”Seems that angel is always on your way, then I’ll give u another task.”

I frown at what the devil lord saying, I’m afraid “wha….what is it my lord?”

”Kill that angel.”

I shock to what I have heard, the devil lord now order her to kill me. I feel hurt. But then I look at her. She is trying to hold her tears. will she so that? Kill me. I’m confuse now and I pretend not hearing anything and come in the room.

“Acchan? What happen?”

“Nothing, I just have to go. Excuse me.”

She right away leave me. actually I could see her tears. What should I do now? What if she will do that? During this mission something growing inside my heart. Somehow she mean everything to me now. I could not see her crying, I could not see her in other person hand. I want always beside her. So I decided to keep aware.

As we go to school she didn’t say anything. She even go with that ren again. I don’t get it what is she planning. then I decided to go home and waiting for her. I keep waiting until finally around 7 pm I heard the front door is open. I bet she is home now. Then I pretend sleeping and I heard the room door opened.

I could feel that she is standing in front of me now. I’m waiting but she is not moving. Only silent and sobbing that I heard. Then I decided to break the silent.

“What are u waiting for acchan?”

She surprise and drop the knife. her hand is trembling.

“U wanna kill me right? Kill me now.” I said to her as open my eyes

“I…I ….”

“what acchan?”

I’m waiting for your answer…

~end of Minami POV~


Now the devil and the angel is confront each other. Minami look at acchan with a plain expression.

“Now tell me acchan, U wanna kill me right? Kill me now.”

“I… I….”

“I couldn’t believe this, I think devil still a devil right?”


“Why? That’s the truth right? The lord have command u. what are u waiting for?”

“No… Yamete….”

“Kill me now acchan..”

“No… Please stop…” acchan shaking now.



“Why??? I’m helpless now. Kill me.” minami approach her and bring the knife to acchan hand.

“Yada…” minami bring the knife to her chest now


“YADAAAA!!!!” acchan shout and struggle from minami grip.


“I CAN’T!!”

“WHY? TELL ME ACCHAN WHY???” Minami hold both of acchan hand now.

“BECAUSE I HAVE FALL FOR U!! I LIKE YOU!!! I LOVE U MINAMI!! STATISFY NOW!!” acchan shouting make takamina surprise and loosing his grip to her hand.


“I love you minami, I love u so much. I couldn’t do that. I cant kill someone that I love, someone that important to me.” minami just look at acchan that falling down the ground sobbing and crying.

“I never thought that I will fall for you, but everyday that I spend with you make me change. I even don’t have any urge in doing my task anymore. I wanna be with you. I wanna say I love you but I cant. I know it would impossible. I’m a devil and u are an angel. Angel and devil are enemy, they hate each other. They cant fall in love each other theyhmph….”

Haven’t finished her sentence , minami capture acchan lips and sealed any words that come out from her mouth. Acchan surprise at the sudden action but then she kiss minami back. They kiss with passion and so gently. They taste each other sweet lips.
Minami broke the kiss and guide acchan to sit beside him at the edge of the bed. Acchan only look down and cant say anything. Then minami broke the silent.

“Why u aren’t talking now?”

”What should I say? U must be already hate me now?”

“why would I kiss u if I hate you?” minami said as cup acchan face to look at him

“Listen acchan, I have to be honest to you now. U see, I… I also love you acchan. U don’t know how I have resist my feeling towards you, its killing me, it so painfull, its hurt. And when u are together with the other guy I’m jealous. Each day, each time my feeling to u is growing. I also wanna say I love u to you. But I haven’t got any chance and I’m afraid of being rejected. U always tease me that make me doubt how u feel towards me andhmph…”

Haven’t finish his sentence now is acchan turn capture minami lips. She kiss minami roughly like no other time left. They kiss passionately. Acchan wrap her hand in minami neck and minami wrap his on acchan waist. Acchan pull down to deepen the kiss and then they begin the tongue battle. minami lick acchan upper lips, try to taste his little devil lips. Minami then bring acchan to laying on the bed as still kissing each other. They then break the kiss and look at each other.

“I think I can't hold it anymore. I love u and I want you acchan, but if u don't wanna something happen after this I won't pushed u." Minami said to acchan with a loving eyes.

He is now at the top of acchan and then acchan stroke his hair and smile "I love u too minami. First I thought its a fun game but soon I realize its not a game anymore. I won't u just for my self and I want I only the one for u."


"Anything that will happen today, I won't regret it even I'll have to get punish for the sin that I have done."

"The sin for loving an angel."

She look at minami with a warm and gentle eyes. It seems that she is no one in minami eyes. She is not a devil she is acchan, his only acchan.

He smile and move closer to the little devil face

"I won't regret either acchan."

Acchan then keep stroking his hair and saying "I wanna be yours minami."

"Let me be yours too acchan." They then continue their desire and passion that they have hold this long.

"U don't know how I should resist to kiss u everytime I see u acchan."

Minami begin give a light kiss to acchan lips

"I wanna kiss u like this."

He kiss acchan roughtly. Hungry to taste the sweet lips that have stole his first kiss.


Acchan moan to the kiss and started to snaked around minami neck and the push minami to deepen the kiss. Their tongue thwirl for the dominant and minami wins the battle. He explore every inch of acchan mouth make her moan his name.

They break from the kiss and look at each other.

"Uhm.... I don't know that an angel could be this wild." The little devil teased

"Hmm.....that's your fault." Minami smirk

"Eh? Why is it my fault?" Acchan ask in a pout tone

"Coz.... U are so cute..." Minami said as licking and kissing acchan neck.


Minami start un button the little devil cloth as keep attacking the devil neck.

But suddenly acchan hold minami hand and minami stop.

"hmm? What happen?"

Acchan give minami her usual seductive smile and whispered in minami ear "I don't wanna I'm the only one naked here." She said to minami and minami got blush whether acchan just giggling. Still wrapping her hand in minami neck minami back to seduce her too

"sooo, help be to undress then"

Minami said as smirk to acchan. Acchan bite her lips and begin to un buttoning minami cloth.

Minami kiss now tracing from acchan neck to her colar bone. And planted a mark there.

"Ah, minami..."

" soft...atsuko..."

That night they break the wall between the angel and the devil, they feel all the love and embrace each other.

they didnt thinking about the rule ,

they didnt think about anything.

they only think about them about the love that they share to each other.


meanwhile in the other place

"uhmn... miichan...havent sleep?" a girl snuggle to her beloved person

"ah, mari chan. I cant sleep" the older girl then hug the small girl


"I feel something that gonna happen and I need to do something about it." miichan look at her charm

"will something happen to you?" the older girl look worried

"I think not me, since u already release me from my curse." the smaller girl grin

"we...we...well, I dont wanna lose you so... so..." the smaller girl capture the older lips and they kiss

"I know mari chan."

"I love you miichan, dont ever leave me."

"I love u too mariko."



sooooo dou guuuuuys???  :grin: :grin: if u wanna know what happen in that night between minami and acchan tell me and i'll PM u the full version...  :grin: :grin: :grin: u know what scene i mean  :shy2: :shy2: :shy2:
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I think she wanna do something to save the Forbidden Couple AtsuMina in a near future
The's fate that they meet again after What happend in the past...
I fear that God&the Devil lord will try to separete Takamina&Atsuko and punish them as Yuko or Tomo

I want to know what happen that night
CAN I have the missing part please :wub:
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chapter 8

That night, both the angel and the devil let out all their passion and their love. They breathe in the same breath and move in synchronize. They are one now and no one could separated them.

Minami and acchan breath heavily and really sweaty that night. And finally in one move they let out all they pleasure and lust. Minami now laying on the top of acchan.

Still breathing heavily acchan hold minami and bury his face in her chest



They look at each other as breathe heavily. Minami give acchan a smooth kiss on her lips and acchan kiss him back with passion and love. As they break the kiss minami smirk to acchan

"U are such a wild cat acchan." Minami said and it make acchan pinch his cheek.

"Ittatatatatataiiii yooo~"

And then she pinch his nose

"Heeeee...ats...atsuko....I can't breathe."

Acchan let go her pinch and minami smirk to her

"U could kill me and I don't wanna my baby can't see their dad."

"Eh?! Why u really sure you will be a dad?"

"Uhm...well coz what we have done tonight and u already mine, I  even get hurt at me shoulder." Minami look at acchan.

Acchan see minami shoulder is bleeding.

"I'm sorry."

"Naaah, its okay. U are a wild kitty."

"But u like it don't u?"

Minami kiss acchan "yeah?!"

"Now let's get to sleep."

Minami roll over to acchan side and grab the blanket to cover their body.

Acchan hurry move closer to minami and snuggle to him.

"Ne, minami."


"We will always together right."

"Yeah! I will and u?will u always be my side?"

"Un, I will. No matter who u are and what u are. I'll be beside u."

"I won't regret what happen tonight atsuko. Even if I'll get punish."

"Un, me too."

Soon they feel asleep but before they fall into a sleep acchan say something.

"Ne minami..."


"Do u remember our bet?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Wanna cancel it?"

"No need to cancel it."


"Coz u already mine and I'm yours." Minami said as give a short kiss to acchan.

"I love u minami."

"I love u more atsuko."

And then they both fell in the deep sleep.


next morning

Minami wake up and feel the sun shine above him. He try to open his eyes and find his cute devil still sleeping. He bring his hand to the devil cheek and cherish it.

"U aren't a devil acchan. U are an angel. My precious and beloved angel. No matter what happen I'll be always protect you. Believe me."

Minami then move closer and capture the little devil lips. He kiss slowly in order not to wake up his lover. But suddenly his lover make a move.

As minami gonna break the kiss his week little devil hand grab his head and prevent him break the kiss. They then continue kissing each other passionately. Hungry to taste each other lips. Minami position him self on top of acchan in order to kiss her easily. Their hand twirl each other and minami press his body to her.

They then break the kiss coz in need of air. Minami look at his cute angel and smile.

"Ohayou princess!"

"Ohayou my prince!"

"Well, guess its time for us to get up minami." As acchan wanna get up minami grab her hand and pull her and hug her.

"Let's just skip school for today acchan." Minami said as bring acchan to his embrace. Acchan just chuckle and snuggle closer.



-meanwhile in the other place-

"Ne tomochin~"

"Nani yuko?"

"Why I feel something gonna happen?"

"What do u mean?"

"I feel something gonna happen with takamina."

"Well, yeah me too. What should we do?"

"Uhm..... I'll find away" yuko said as smile to tomochin.


a couple months later

"" Acchan called as hugging him from behind.

"Nani...?" Minami said as looking at acchan.

"Maaa...maaa...look how in a lovely dovely now?!" Miichan try to teased them.

"Mii...miichan...??" Minami start to blush.

"Well, I'm happy for you guys. Omedetou..."

"Yeah...thank you miichan." They both smile to miichan.

"Anyway miichan, we want ro tell you something." Minami then call her.

"No need minami, I already known everything." Miichan smile.

"So u know that I'm a...."

"Yeah, thanks for protecting me, and don't worry acchan I won't mad at u since I look that u are a good devil." Miichan said as hug acchan.

"Miichan...thank u."

"No need to worry. In fact I already free from my curse. Thanks to u too guys. Okay, I gotta go. Mari chan already wait." Miichan said as waving her hand.

"Ne minami, can I ask u something?" Acchan asked him still hugging him

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Uhm....about the scar in your back?"

"Owgh, that's a long story."

"Are u trying saving a little girl that's why u got it?" Acchan tighten her hug now.

"Eh? How u know?" Minami ask surprise


"Are....are u???" Acchan nod and minami hurry hug acchan tighly.

"All I can remember is there is a boy that try to help me. But I don't remember any memory except that." Acchan said almost crying

"I won't do the same mistake acchan. I'll protect u. I'll be your shield."



-at devil kingdom-

"Call tomomi now." The lord

Tomomi come and bow to the devil lord "yes, my lord."

"Seems that acchan has failed. She even fall for that angel. Now GO GET HER AND KILL THAT ANGEL!!!"

Tomomi frown and just stunned there "now hurry doing your task."

" my lord." Tomomi hurry go out the palace in worry.

"what should I do now?!"



"-back at the aparto-"

Minami and acchan are having a dinner now. They look happy together and enjoy the food. After that they sit in the living room. Acchan resting her head in minami shoulder and they start talking.

"Ne acchan."


"I….I …I wanna talk to u about something."

Acchan look confuse at minami “well, you I love u so much right?”

Acchan now looking at minami seriously “And….and…. u know I wanna be your side forever right?”

Acchan nod and hold minami hand. Minami get up and then pul out something from his pocket. It’s a beautiful red box. Minami then lower his body holding acchan hand.

“atsuko…. Will u….will u…”

“what is it minami??”

“will u marry me??”

Acchan surprise as hearing minami propose her and show her an engagement ring. Acchan nod and minami slide the ring to her finger. They then hugging each other.

“Yes…. Yes… YES!!! Of course I want. Minami this is so sweet.”

As the keep embracing each other suddenly there is a voice

“Sorry for disturbing Atsuko, but I gotta take u to the devil lord.”

Minami hurry cover acchan with his body “To…to…tomomi???”

“Atsuko, come I don’t wanna to hurt you. The devil lord searching for u.” tomomi come with the evil troops to take acchan.

“NO!!! NO one could bring atsuko to that evil lord.” Minami glare at tomomi.

Acchan then hug minami from behind and said something to tomomi “Tomomi, I cant, I know the lord will punis me. but I love minami. I cant go with you.”

“Ah. Seems my friend have done the same mistake as I am. So, then I don’t have any choice.”

Tomomi then swing her swords , try to attack minami and acchan but something happen. A white light shine in that room and they heard a voice.

“Takamina and acchan not make a mistake tomomi.” Suddenly all the troops vanish and there only tomomi

“They not make a mistake tomomi, we are make a mistake.”

“eeeh??? Tomochin. U know her?” minami surprise

“of course I know takamina. She is the one.” Minami frown.

Tomochin come approach tomomi and hug her “I miss you tomomi. You have gone through the same situation as them right? We have gone through it. Now lets fixed it. Please.” Tomochin still hugging tomomi.

Tomomi then cry in tomochin embrace and hug her back “I miss u too tomochin. I’m sorry…. I’m sorry… u got punished because of me.”

“There…there…. Now, please don’t cry. Lets help them now.” Tomomi nod and apologize to acchan

“I’m sorry atsuko.”

“Its ok tomomi.”

As the situation calm they have a serious talk.

“So tomochin, why are u here?”

“well, our lord want me to bring u and acchan to him.”

“what??? What the lord wants?” minami ask

“well he already know about u and acchan. He just said that he wanna meet acchan.”

“what for??”

“I don’t know. What do u think?” tomochin ask

“uhm…. Well…..” minami look at acchan and as acchan wanna speak suddenly she feel something

“ugh…ugh…ughmp…uhuk… uhoek…” acchan cover her mouth prevent to throw up. She hurry go to the bathroom and she feel she wanna vomit.

Tomochin, minami and tomomi follow her. minami worried

“acchan….are you okay?” minami ask

“I don’t know, I feel I just wanna vomit.”

Suddenly tomomi whispered something to her

“do you……” acchan nod and tomomi look at minami and tomochin

“what happen to her tomomi?” minami ask as approaching acchan

Tomomi stand beside tomochin and look at her

“well….. u know what that mean when a woman vomit like that minami.”

Minami look at acchan surprise.

“acchan… are you…. Are you…”

Acchan bring minami hand and put it in her stomach and smile.

“say hello to the new family minami..”



so hoooow is it guuuuy????  :huhuh :huhuh :huhuh :huhuh :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: hope u like it and anyway.... who havent i send the full version of chapter 7???  :huhuh :huhuh :huhuh
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Chapter 9 part 1

say hello to the new family minami

Minami a bit surprise at what acchan say to him.

“huh??? Huh?? Wait….wait…it mean that… I …. I will be….”

“you will be a father BAKAMINA!!” tomochin said as laughing

“heeeey, don’t call me that. I just a bit surprise.”

“hahaha chil out chibi angel.” Tomomi chuckle

“well, we’ll let u guys alone now.” tomochin n tomo now leaving minami and acchan together. Minami smile to acchan and bring her to their room. Minami lay acchan in bed and cover her with blanket.

“u should rest acchan. u’ll soon be a mother.”

“I know but somehow I afraid.”

“its okay, everything will be fine.  I’m here with you and I’ll protect both of u.” Minami said as position his self beside acchan on the bed now. they snuggle together and enjoy each other presence.

“ne minami, can I ask you something!”

“what is it?”

“if something happen to me will you forget me?”

Minami frowned at what acchan said and hug her tightly

“I will never forget you. If something happen to u I will also be beside u. I will follow wherever u go. I wont leave u.”

“I’m glad. Thank you.”

“now u better sleep.”

Minami said as hug acchan and stroke her hair.

~back to tomomi~

Tomochin and tomomi now in a roof. they have a serious conversation.

“ne, tomochin what would happen to them?”

“I don’t know. The Lord just ask me to bring them to him. But I still not sure. The situation getting complicated now.”

“yeah I know. Now acchan pregnant and carried his child. This child is special. This child is combination between angel and devil. I’m afraid devil lord planning something.”

“*sigh yeah. Now I remember about the old rumors about our angel lord.”

Tomo then approach tomochin and hug her from behind “uhm? What is it?”

“well, it is said that our lord actually fall in love with a woman from the evil world. They meet secretly and have a secret relationship behind our past lord who is his father. They also have a kid and when the evil lord find out about this he attack our world and there is a war. He manage to capture the child and kill our lord wife which it the devil woman. Our lord in depress but finally manage get over it. He still searching for his child until now. I feel sorry for him.”

Tomochin turn around and hug tomo tightly “I think fall in love with a devil is not a sin. Love is no boundary.”

Tomo hug her back and enjoy tomochin presence “lets start over tomochin.”


~in minegishi residance~

Miichan is having her meditation routine and suddenly she feels something.

“eh? The fire from phoenix candle off. Something not right. I could feel something.”

Miichan get out from her meditation room and go to her family ancient library. She search some ancient book about that sign and finally read it.

when the light from the phoenix burn out it mean a child under the soul of phoenix power will born. This child hold a great power of universe.

“ah, souka. I think it good then. But wait…”

As the power is unlock no one could stop it but this child is born from the forbidden love. This child is a child from Angel and devil.

“OMG… masaka….”

That night miichan search around the library and study more about this.

I gotta feeling that this related to minami and acchan. I gotta help them.

~Next morning~

Minami and acchan wake up early and meet tomochin and tomo In the living room.

“yoo, ohayou.” Tomochin greet them.

“ah~ ohayou tomochin.”

“hmm….wake up so early today. So, have u decided. Will you come with me?”

Acchan and minami look at each other and as acchan nod minami also nod to tomochin “yeah , we will. We cant go anywhere except coming with you. The situation not really save now.”

“I know, but don’t worry me and tomochin will help u guys.” Tomo said as give a peace sign to them

“thank you tomo.” Acchan hug tomo

“so how we got there tomochin.”

“we will go through the portal near the park. That’s the only way.”

They all nod and heading to the park. But situation not let them go through easily. They got block by the devil lord troops.

“Hahahaha, where u guys think u gonna go?”

“who are you?”

“ah~ I’m the 2nd class general of devil lord troops. My name Nobunaga. Now hand them to me and u wont get hurt.”

“we wont do that.”

“well, then I don’t have a choice. Kids, attack them.”

Soon nobunaga troops attack tomochin and minami. Since acchan is pregnant her power is drain. So tomo protect them.

“shit, they are so many.”

“I know but I cant let them take acchan.” minami said as swing his sword to evil troops.

Then suddenly a familiar voice interrupt them.

“hold on a second there. No one can disturb my aparto guest.”

“eh?! Wisnu san?” minami look surprise


“wisnu san get out this is dangerous.” Acchan tell him

Wisnu just scratch his back and smile “well, its okay Mrs takahashi let me and my staff handle this.”

He then pointed to nobunaga “Oiiii, nobunaga. It seems the scar in your face that I made a couple of years ago not enough for u huh.”

“heeh? U…u …”

“yeah its me nobunaga, the great angel gen troops Wisnu sama. Hahaha..”

“What???” tomochin surprise

“u know about him”

“well I have heard about the angel special troops and the gen name wisnu. But after the war between angel and devil he got disband coz helping our lord now.”

“soooo now, guuuuuuuuys.” Wisnu call his troops

Suddenly nalyn, flean and sora appear “that’s the great angel captain.” Tomochin shout

“now go takahashi san. Let we handle this.”

“so u know that we….”

“I already know from the beginning I have already handle this kind of situation. Now go and save your self.”

Wisnu said as begin cast a spell to get rid the troops that blocking our way.

“thank you wisnu san. I hope we can meet again.” They both bow and now hurry headed to the portal,

“well…well… nobunaga, lets start our business now. KID CHAAAAARGE~”


“*hosh….hosh… come on we gotta hurry the portal is nearer.” They run as fast as the can but as the almost catch up the portal another enemy block their way.

“aaaargh not again. Tomochin pouts.”

“now handed them to us tomo.”

“we wont do that orochi.”

“hmph, ah~ I think we got 2 couple here huh. So u are the angel that make my little sister tomo fail her job huh.”

“back up orochi. We love each other u know that.” Tomochin said whether tomo beside her.

“right, now lets begin our business here.”

“come here orochi.” Tomochin said as provoke orochi

They fight each other. Orochi use his spell and dirty move to attack tomochin. But suddenly a evil troops come and begin attack tomo and minami. They cant hold it by their self but the a spell get rid all of them.

“Fire of Flying Dragooooon~”


“yooo, sorry for the late guys.”

“what are u doing here?”

“try to help u guys. Now stop talking and lets get rif this freak.”

With miichan help they can easily defeated the devil troops specially orochi. Tomochin made it to sealed him and teleport him back to the devil world.

“gosh. Your niichan never give up doesn’t he?” tomochin said to tomo.

“gomen about that and lets go now.”

“wait, let me join u guys.” Miichan said.

“but miichan are u sure? This is will be dangerous no problem. I gotta help u guys. I know I can come in a handy.”

“soo how is it tomochin?” minami ask

“hmm… sure she is strong though.”

“okay lets go.”

They all get into the portal and heading to the angel kingdom. Soon not long they already arrive in front of the gate of the angel kingdom.

“well guys, welcome to the angel kingdom.”

With that they got into the gate and headed to the Lord chamber.

I hope everything will be alright



dooouuuuuuuu~ ?????  :panic: :panic: :panic: i'll be working for the next part and there is some surprise there  :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
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Chapter 9 part 2

Finally that day minami, miichan, acchan, tomo and tomochin arrive in the angel kingdom. The hurry go to the lord chamber as they arrive there. Luckily not much people on the way to the chamber coz it would be not good the other angel seeing a human and also a devil in the angel kingdom.

Soon they arrive and ask the guard to let them come in to the chamber.

“please tell the lord that tomochin and minami have arrived.”

“yes, my gen.”

The guard got into the chamber and they wait. Suddenly a familiar voice call them.

“yoooo tomochin, minami.”

“ah, sae and sayaka. Hey guys, long time no see.” Minami said as approach them.

“hahaha, yeah not bad long since your last job. I have heard everything and don’t worry everything will be fine.” Sayaka said to minami

“heeee….it seems u are a real gentleman here huh takamina.” Sae said as chuckle.

“eerrrrr….uhm….this is me in disguise okay stop that.”

“but your wife over there could explain everything.’ Sae pointed to acchan

“let her alone sae don’t say any weird thing about me to her.” minami said as glare to the boyish gen

“ahahaha, don’t worry takamina.”

The guard finally come and let them to enter the chamber.

“excuse me gen. the lord already permit u to meet him. He already waiting.”

“okay thank you. Well sayaka we gotta go. talk to u guys later okay.”

“sure tomochin and don’t be worried takamina.”

They then enter the chamber and meet the lord angel.

“ah tomochin and minami finally u come. I bet its not easy to come here in this situation.” The lord said to them

“no problem my lord. Your word is my command.”

“so lets just go to the point here. you minami, u know how I really disappointed to you. I know you manage to accomplished your task but falling in love with a devil. What have u thinking. Do u know what effect could u cause to the angel kingdom?” minami knows that he is guilty but still he cant let the one he loves got away from him.

“my lord, I know I’m guilty and I know I u got the right to punished me. but I just want u to know. My love to her is pure and I will do anything for her even I have to sacrifice my life.” Minami said full of confident.

“so u will do anything to her? even it could risk your life?”

“yes, my lord.” Minami said as holding his lover hand tightly.

The angel lord then got up from his place and go approaching minami. Everyone just stand there and do nothing. There is only silent until the lord shout.


Hearing that all the angel that in there except them leaving the chamber. Minami surprise with the sudden action of the lord and he feels that the lord is on the rage. The lord move closer to acchan but minami block his way.

“Move out minami.”

“no, until u tell me what u gonna do with her.”

“Move out I said!!” the lord ordered

“I wont.”

“u push me minami.” The lord then use his power and make minami freeze in his place.

“let her alone my lord. She is not guilty.” The lord keep approaching her and somehow acchan keep calm and do nothing.

“show me your right hand.”


“show me your right hand.” The lord ask acchan.

Acchan then show her right hand and the lord lift up his hand cast some spell to her. a white light appear and there is a symbol in acchan right hand. It’s a symbol of an angel wings.

“Its you…finally I found you.” The angel lord move closer and hug acchan tightly

“I found you my child. My little angel atsuko. Forgive me. please forgive your dad coz he cant protect you before. Forgive me.”

What? So acchan is the angel lord lost child.

“wha…what are u saying?” acchan ask confuse

The lord sigh and then try to explain.

“my lord what actually happen?” tomochin also ask

“*sigh the truth is this devil is my lost daughter.”

“so its not a rumor then. The one that said you fall in love with a devil and have a child from her.” tomochin surprise

“yes tomochin its right.”

“so u are my father?” acchan feel confuse

“yes atsuko I’m your father.”

“but it impossible , I lived alone in the devil kingdom and the devil lord who take care of me.”

“that’s its because my fault atsuko.”

The angel lord begin tell them what happen.

~flashback : Angel Lord POV ~

That is the time when I do my first task as an angel prince. I meet this devil girl. We both fall in love and decided to get married. I and her know that this is the forbidden but we both need each other and finally decided to keep it a secret. We live happily until I found out that she is the devil princess.

“what? So u are the devil princess? Why u never told me?”

“I cant, I afraid that my dad will go after you.and u will leave me.”

“Noooo, I will never leave you I love u and also our child.” I hug her

“but Ren u know that this child have a strong power. She is half angel and half devil.”

“I know haruko. But just wait and look at the situation. I ask wisnu to pay attention to you okay?”


Then I order wisnu to look after haruko if I’m not around. My father the previous angel lord did not know about this also. Then that time finally atsuko is born. I and haruko so happy. Atsuko is our life and soul. She is everything. But I know we never can hide this for a long. My father found out about my relationship and he is really mad but it just for a short time. The worst thing is when the devil lord know. He begin to attack the angel kingdom and planning to take atsuko, but actually it not his order. Haruko’s brother the devil lord now plan that all. That night I try to hide atsuko.

“Atsuko my dear u gotta leave. Find somewhere to hide hurry.”

“but daaad I don’t wanna leave you.”

“everything would be fine, mom and dad will go after you. Now go,”

That what I thought at the first and then it getting worst.

“hehehe, ren where is that kid?”

“we wont tell you.”

“oh my….my… my sister haruko. Be nice with your brother, I just wanna meet my niece.’

“what a lame , don’t think that I don’t know what is your plan ryu.”

“well then I think I should do this.” Suddenly ryu cast a spell and that make my wife in such a pain.

“NOOOOOO~ haruko….haruko….speak to me…”

“Ren… pro…tect…our daugh..ter..tell her…. I love her.”

With that word she then passed away and ryu gone. That day I swear that I wont forgive him. Then I heard that the guard found a injured little angel as holding my daughter necklace. I hurry to look at thislittle angel and that I found u minami. U almost died and your back full of wound.

“So…so…sorry my…my… lord. I …I cant protect prin…prin…princess.”

That’s the last word I heard from you then we found out half your memory is gone.

end flashback

“that’s how it is minami.”

“so u already know at the first place?”

“yes, and why I really insist that u have to do this task if I don’t have the reason. I know that u fit for this task and u are already atsuko destiny. Now I will soon have a grandchild. I wont do the same mistake. I will protect my family.”

There is a silent until…

“and anooo my lord how about tomomi? It impossible that she go back to the devil kingdom.”

The angel lord smile and poke my shoulder.

“she can stay in here. I know u love her tomochin and I am sorry that my dad punished u just because u fall in love with her.”

“really? Is it okay?”

“yeah, but now I have to do something.” the angel lord said.

“what is it?”

“I gotta find the angel bracelet that has been lost. I have to find it to release the angel power in atsuko body.”

“aaaand~ where is it?”

“I’m sure minegishi san knows that.”

They all now look at miichan and waiting for her explaination.

“well, based on I know my ancestor have found it but he gave it to a friend. And errrrr….. what is the family name….. waiiit…. Its….koooo….koooo… something with that….”

“is it kojima?” tomochin interrupt

“yeaaaah that is. How u know???”

Tomochin look at the angel lord and sigh “well, that’s a long story.”

“so we gotta find this thing in kojima residence. I could help you guys. I know the owner we really close until something happen to their daughter who is my childhood friend.” Miichan explain.

“then… we can settle another problem.” The lord angel said.

“u mean u gonnaaa….” Tomochin said

The angel lord nod and just say “it’s the time to settle this. I’m gonna fixed everything.”

we gotta call her….



doooooooooouuuuu????  :panic: :panic: :panic: i know its a bit short i'll try to make it longer next time....  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

and could u guess who is it???? i think u already know it  :grin: :grin:
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I hope the person that Destiny to me wiLL come soon too.. haHa!  :P

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~Chapter 10 part 1~

Somewhere in the angel kingdom there is one place that tight secure. A place where an angel must repay for what they have done. A place where magic can't be used there and the place where no one would visit. its an angel prison.

Each room in there already cast a spell so no one could break it. The room is dark and only light with a moon light every night.

in one of the room there , staying a beautiful figure. The one that was the most powerful angel, the one that the greatest of all. But now she only an ordinary angel. An angel that in her punishment time for what she has done in the past. A crime that she has commit. A crime the for actually full of sweetness but deathly....



"So, my lord should we get her now?" Tomochin ask to the angel lord.

"Hmm... Better we visit her tomorrow. U guys just have a rest first. I'm sure u all guys tired. Sashi n rie would guide u to your room." The lord said as leaving the hall.

"Hi everyone I'm sashi n this is rie. Let us guide u to your room."

They then follow sashi n rie to their room. TomoTomo in one room and also minami n atsuko whether miichan alone.


Minami POV

I got into my room and atsuko to take some rest. I help her to lay in bed there. The I headed to the window.

"Where are you going?" Atsuko said to prevent me from leaving her

"Nope, no where I just gonna open the window." I smile to her.

As the windows open I could feel the wind breeze. Aaah~ Its so peaceful. But I don't know until when this is could happen. Suddenly I feel a hand wrap to mine and a weigh in my shoulder.

"What are u thinking?" Atsuko ask me as rested her head in my shoulder.

"No, nothing acchan." I said as squeeze her hand.

"Minami.... I'm afraid." She suddenly said to me

"Ssshhh... Everything will be alright acchan. Now let's have a rest now."

Minami then guide acchan to their bed. He helps acchan to lay there as position him self next to acchan.

"sleep tight acchan. I love u."

"Un... U too minami. Love u."

After that we both soon fell asleep as hugging each other.


~back in the devil world~

"My lord we have a new news."

"What is it?tell me!"

"The angel lord already found out about atsuko and now he wanna release her angel aura."

The devil lord frowned and shout "WHAT?! HOW HE FOUND OUT ABOUT IT??!!!!"

" my lord we don't know." The guard begin to tremble in horror.

"tsk... Damn! If he finally release her angel aura we could be doom. Uhm... But for that he need some charm." The angel lord begin smirking

"Hahaha, but the charm is not in there. I still got a chance. Fufufufu~ GUARD!!! Call wolveri. Tell him to get rid of them."

"Yes my lord."

Hehe, after that I'll attack your kingdom ren.


~next day in angel world~

Minami has wake up early and prepare go to meet yuko with tomochin and miichan whether acchan still sleeping in the bed. Suddenly acchan  try to open her eyes and got up, approaching her angel.

"Uhnm... Minami... Why u didn't wake me up." She said that as hugging minami from back. Still half sleeping.

"Ah, u awake? Sorry, I don't wanna wake u up since seems u really sleepy. Today just stay in here okay. Let me, tomochin and miichan do this." Minani said as look at her pretty devil.

"Moooou, I wanna come too. Let me coming with u." Acchan pout.

"Dameee~ u need a lot of rest. Think about our child okay. Don't worry I'll be quick. Tomo will accompany u." Minami said as give his wife a quick kiss and hug.

"Un.... I believe u and promise me u'll hurry come back okay." Acchan said as hugging and stroking minami hair.

"I will." He then kiss her again then kiss her stomach before he leave "be good child. Daddy go first." Acchan just chuckle looking the scene in front of her. Minami leaves acchan as tomochin arrive in their room with miichan n tomo.

"Yooo ohayou minami, acchan." They greet them.

"Please take care of her tomo."

"Sure minami don't worry." Tomo said as smile to minami.
After that minami , tomochin and miichan headed to the angel prison.


Yuko POV

~in angel prison~

I sit in this dark room, alone. Every day I only think about one person. Its her. Its been 3 years since that incident. I wonder how is she now. I got stuck into this room coz one thing, I fell for human. I got a task to be her angel protector. But it turn out that I love her. Our feeling is mutual. I could sense it. Then one day when I go out with her in my human form the angel guard come and take me from her. I can't do anything since they used spell to catch me. I could see she is crying and shouting to them to let me go but in the end she still can't do anything. I was take to the previous angel lord. He found out about our relationship and punished me.

Each they I spend my day just worrying about her. What happen to her after that happen? How is she now? Is she still remember me? All I can do is just wait. Wait for something that could make me bring to her. Only this dolphin necklace that reminds me of her. We got the same pair. Today, as usual I just stand looking outside from my cell then....

"Yuko, u have been released." The guard said to me and I surprise.


"U have been released now come with me."

OMG is this real?! I'm free. I follow the guard to the outside the prison and there 3 people already waiting for me.


"Takamina? Waaaaaa~ how are u?" We then hugging each other.

"Takamina, what are u doing here?and who that girl?" I pointed to the one of the girl that look like gachapin.

"Owgh, she is miichan."

"Ah, I'm yuko yoroshiku. So what is it about takamina? Why I suddenly get released?"

"I'll tell u on the way back to the palace. I also wanna introduce u with someone." takamina grab me and we headed to the angel palace.

Along the way to the palace takamina tell me all and I know this is my chance to meet her again. As we arrive there are 2 girls approach us.

"Minamiiiiii~" the girl with a short hair run towards minami and hug him.

"Ah, ac..acchan..."

"I miss you." The girl snuggle to him.

"Fufufufu, what a lovely dovely wifu u have there." I smirk to him and he blush.

"Yu...yuko...?!" Minami stare at me

"Uhm? Minami? Kanojo wa dare?"

"Owgh, yeah this is yuko my sister u could say."

"Ahaha, hello there. U must be atsuko right? Takamina tell me a lot about u. And waaaa I will soon to be aunt. Omedetou neeee~" I said as give atsuko a hug.

"Aaaah, thank you. Nice to meet u yuko."

We keep hugging until takamina pretend to cough "*cough....cough... Ahem..."

"Ahahaha, it seems takamina is jealous." I try to tease him "and u are actually a guy takamina. I'm amaze."

"Heey, its because of that bracelet. And plus... I can't get changed."

"Hmm... I wonder if acchan like u as a guy / a girl takamina." Now tomochin try to tease him.

Acchan just chuckle and kiss takamina cheek "I don't care will he is girl / guy. I still love him." She said as cling to takamina's hand.

"Ahaha, I envy u guys." Looking at them I feel a bit envy. I miss my nyan2.

"Yuko." A voice call me

"My lord?!"

"Welcome back. Sorry I could let u go now."

"Its okay my lord."

"U already know what u should do right?" The angel lord ask me.

"Yes my lord."

"Good!! Well, now u guys go take a rest.Tomorrow is the big day."

"Yes my lord." We all say as go headed to our room.

Wait for me nyan nyan. I'll be back?!


~In Human World~

A long haired girl lay in her bed. She looks fine but inside of her mind she cant forget the incident that happen in her life. Something that make her lost her smile and soul.

“I’m sorry.” The girl said every night.

“Please come back….” Something she hopes everyday.

“I promise I wont mad at you anymore…” the promise that she always says.

“Please… I miss you…” the tears that never stop to flow from her eyes….

Waiting for her lover to come




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