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Author Topic: You and Me... and the Red thread - Chapter 20 (09/04/2021)  (Read 94469 times)

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 15 - just friends ?`
« Reply #160 on: October 26, 2014, 01:03:34 PM »
Mayuki  has a storm in her heads uff and they're don't see it. WMatsui is soo lovely and yes jurina should be honest whit Rena. Sae should talk whit mayu and yuki about that. Atsumina is going slowly but in a taboo relationship like that it's minami who has more troubles than atsuko.
Thanks and continue soon.

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 15 - just friends ?`
« Reply #161 on: October 26, 2014, 02:56:29 PM »
Jezzz milky start her move
Yuki!! If you still stuborn you will lose mayu,not to mention milky have a conection on that clan
Plus if im not wrong milky said she aleady has fiance too! Who??
Is she serious about mayu???
Yeah jurina please tell rena that churi is your friend
Oh acchan please forgive bakamina
How can the music box missing? Thats weird

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 15 - just friends ?`
« Reply #162 on: October 26, 2014, 04:47:31 PM »
yukirin just choose nobody =_= is she just love two ppl at the same time? that's no good =(  I love to know the following story would focus on mayuki and saeyaka I love u author san!!!  Miruki love mayu!!! I wonder if she will finally bump into sayanee haha

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 15 - just friends ?`
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woops seem's like saeyaka start got problem here


i'm more concern about the missing music box than yuki's choice  on the games

what if, yuki's parents know a thing about mayu and somehow know she has feeling for yuki, but for yuki sake they doesn't want yuki and mayu together



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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 15 - just friends ?`
« Reply #164 on: November 05, 2014, 09:48:54 PM »
Ah.. Minami is so cute when she was confessing her feeling to Atsuko

And Atsuko is so naughty to tease Minami...

KojiYuu is fun to see too...

Great development there...

Can't wait to see more fun scenes

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
« Reply #165 on: November 06, 2014, 01:33:07 PM »
finally here is chapter 16~
i really tried to finish this even though i'm recovering from flu haha  :lol: i was supposed to finish this last tuesday but i've caught a flu... it sucks    :shocked:

anyways here is the longest chapter so far ~ chapter 16
with an approximately 7100+ words ( acc. to microsoft word's word count   haha :peace: )


Chapter 16 - Mixed Feelings

“matsui-san~” a group of girls in the school was calling Jurina who was waiting outside rena’s classroom. Jurina greeted them smiling.

“say, matsui-san wanna hang out with us~ the exam’s finally over so please~” the girls tried to plead Jurina cutely.

“sorry… I’m kind of waiting for someone, maybe next time?” Jurina winked at them.

Well having an ikemen looks and being athletic made the girls fall for her, not to mention she became a sweet talker by being a play girl for a while. But now that she and rena are in good terms, Jurina was trying not to flirt with others anymore… although some of the girls are chasing after her…

When rena go out of the room, she saw the flock of girls flirting around Jurina… Rena doesn’t know what to feel or rather she knew what she is feeling but the thought of Jurina and her starting over as `friends` made her mind and heart confused…

do I have the right to be jealous? I know we’re starting over as friends but I can’t help to be jealous whenever others try to get close with her”
“No-! I shouldn’t be jealous, I shouldn’t get angry… Jurina did nothing wrong, it’s those damn girls who keep pestering Jurina… I will trust Jurina!

“jurina~ sorry did I made you wait?” rena called Jurina smiling, intimidating the girls who were flocking around jurina

“ah, rena~ let’s go home?” Jurina asked smiling brightly as soon as she saw rena. She walks towards rena, ignoring now the girls who was flirting with her.
She was actually in a rush because she’s worrying about her friend, churi. She wanted to go to their meeting place right now as she was worried but she can’t leave rena alone at school.

“mhm…” rena nodded “but I’m worried about yuki…”

“is she not still okay?”

“she’s not crying anymore but she’s still low-spirited”

“I’ll call mayu to fetch her, don’t worry”

“good thing mayu is always there for yuki” rena said relieved that mayu was always there for her best friend, yuki.

As soon as Jurina called mayu, Mayu rushed to look after yuki… while Jurina and rena went to go home…


“Yuki… do you want to go to the cafe? I heard from yuko nee-chan there’s a café that serves delicious cakes nearby” mayu asked yuki, trying to cheer her up

“… let’s just go home mayu, sorry… I’m kind of tired”

Mayu was disappointed that yuki rejected her offer but she don’t want to lose hope, she wanted to be the one who is always there for yuki.

When they got home yuki headed straight to her room, mayu followed her and tried every way to cheer up yuki…

“yuki, do you want to eat?”

“sorry mayu, I don’t have any appetite”

“yuki, do you want to play games?”

“sorry, just play alone mayu”

“yuki? Do you want to go out? Have some fresh air?”

“sorry, mayu… not now”


“mayu- sorry, I just want to be alone”

Seeing her beloved cry and be like this because of another person made mayu hurt. In addition to that, hearing yuki’s rejecting her invitations while trying to make her cheer up made her more disappointed, more hurt... it was painful… but she was holding her tears because she wanted to be the one who will put yuki’s smile again.

Mayu left yuki alone for a while, respecting what yuki wants for now…

“ah, the music box” mayu suddenly remembered…

she asked the maids who cleaned yuki’s room and as she suspected, it was misplaced by the maids who cleaned yuki’s room… although the maids offered her to look for the music box, mayu insisted that she will look for it.

“I should have given it to her directly… I didn’t remember that yuki have a habit of scattering her things so the maids were always cleaning her things but… how can they misplaced it…” mayu sighed as she regretted not giving the music box and the letter to yuki directly… she wanted to look for it right now but yuki locked herself in her room…

Worried about yuki, mayu was restless… she was walking here and there… thinking if she should go now and see yuki… but she's also thinking `i should let her be alone for now` stopped her from doing so.
After sometime Mayu was just standing in front of yuki’s room, she is hesitating to knock…

“maybe she needs some space…” she was telling to herself…

But deep inside her what she is feeling right now that makes her hesitant was…
`she was afraid to be rejected`
Tired from standing Mayu fall on her knees with teary eyes and telling to herself not to cry and wait for Yuki…
She was in front of yuki’s room for almost an hour… waiting for her…

“yuki-” mayu murmured. A bit later the door was opened…

“mayu? What are you doing there?” yuki said apologetically thinking that mayu keeps on cheering her up but all she does is rejecting her…

“mayu, I’m sorry about earlier… I know you’re just trying to cheer me up” yuki looked down, her face filled again with disappointment

“yuki… that’s okay hehe” mayu looked up and tried to force a smile… actually it’s not okay, it made her feel more pain but she have to be strong and support yuki as she can… because she love yuki more than anyone…


meanwhile, when the matsui`s arrived at their house… Jurina immediately asked for rena’s permission to go out… after all rena was still her master despite of being friends and being her fiancé…

“uhm rena…”

“hm? what is it Jurina?”

“uh- ano… could I go out for a while? Please!” clasping both of her hand, Jurina pleaded to rena

“s-sure… but why?” rena was surprised by jurina’s action… well she’s not used at jurina’s asking her permission... because Jurina always do what she wants

“well… I just need to see a friend. She was crying a little while ago, so I want to comfort her…”

“eh? friend?” rena suddenly felt uneasy

“you see, I made a friend back then… uhm that time when… when you are with… with that girl” Jurina hesitated to say about what happened that time. Whenever
she remembered that time, she can still remember the pain she felt back then, indeed it was still fresh…

“Jurina-” rena hugged Jurina “I’m sorry…” that’s all rena can say… she’s feeling a mixed of pain and guilt…

“hehe, don’t worry about that now my princess… right now is the more important than what happened in the past” Jurina hugged rena back trying to reassure rena that she’s alright.

“Jurina- thank you…” rena sincerely said while she faced jurina “uhm- but about t-that friend… uhm who is it?”

“hehe, about that… you see when I was broken hearted I met her… and we got close because she was also broken hearted… we got along as we talk our problems with each other, she was always cheering me up so I also wanted to cheer her up”

“hmm… I see…” rena was unsure of what to say

“hehe, then rena I’ll be back okay?”

“mhm” rena hesitatingly nod

“thanks rena, I’ll be back before dinner” Jurina said after kissing rena on the cheeks

Rena watched Jurina as jurina left the room…


When Jurina arrived at their meeting place churi was already there…

“churi… are you alright?” Jurina asked her friend, rubbing her back to calm her down

“Jurina… hehe” churi smiled and then hugged jurina, but there were still traces of tears in her face
They sat down then Jurina ordered drinks for them…

“churi, what happened? Why are you crying for her again?” Jurina asked worriedly

“she mailed me again, she said that she’s back here in Tokyo… and asked if could we meet…” churi said with a sniff between her sentence

“so? Did you agree to meet with her? why are she mailing you again anyway?” Jurina asked with a hint of irritation in her voice

“I don’t know…” churi answered, a pain is evident on her voice

“do you still love her?”

“I don’t know either… I thought I already forgot everything about her… I was determined to forget about her, I did everything to forget about her, but with just one mail why am I acting like this? Why did she mailed me again? Why?” churi broke out with tears

“churi” Jurina hugged her worriedly, Churi was just crying and hugged Jurina more…

“did you reply to her?”


“good… tell me if she mailed you again, tell me her name and I’ll face her and  beat her for making you cry like this” Jurina tried to make face,  pumping her fist into the air to cheer up her friend

“eh? haha… mou, no need… but thanks” churi let a small smile seeing that Jurina was trying her best to make her laugh instead of cry

“but seriously, tell me if she bothered you again… I’ll make her pay for what she did to you okay?” Jurina 

“hehe… thanks Jurina…”

Churi’s POV

“Jurina is really nice… back then when Airin rejected me, I met Jurina. She was always cheering me up when I feel like breaking down. If it weren’t for Jurina, I don’t know how to move on with the past”
“I really like Jurina… but she’s already engaged…”

“Churi? what’s with that long face?”

“eh? ah- nothing hehe”

“hm.. you’re still down aren’t you… ah- I know! want to go to arcade center? Hehe~”

“but- your father might scold you if you go home late”

“don’t worry… hehe~ let’s go?”


It was nearly evening, it was already dinnertime and rena was waiting for jurina when jurina’s father went to rena looking for her.

“ojou-sama, is jurina not home yet? Did she left again without permission? I should really punish that child for not attending to your needs”

“eh? no- no uncle, I gave her permission, uhm… I asked her to go buy me some snacks” rena lied to save jurina from jurina’s father

“hm.. is that so? But why is she taking long, I shall scold her later…”

“no uncle, it’s not that… she mailed me that the snacks that I want was out of stock so she went to look at other stores”

“hm.. I see… well then ojou-sama… I shall take my leave… good night”

Rena sighed because of relieve…

“ju-ri-na” rena pouted… “why are you not home yet? Are you having fun with others” rena sadly said looking at the sky through the window

“why is my princess rena sad?” a sudden voice asked

“jurina? What are you doing there on the window?” rena asked surprised

“hehe, I climbed so that dad’s bodyguards wouldn’t notice me…” jurina said as she entered the room through the window

“rena-! Sorry I’m late-!” jurina bowed as she handed rena a paper bag

“eh? what’s this?”

“hehe~” jurina smiled like a cat

“ah-! melon pan~!”

“I went to buy those before I go home so I was late… gomen rena!”

“mhm… hehe~ shall we eat dinner now? Ah I know- let’s watch a movie later, I’ll save these later for snacks...”


“jurina, arigatou~” rena smiled brightly and kissed her cheeks “jurina’s really sweet”


the next day…. It was Saturday

"I know she still keeps on crying last night, but I'm not going to give up that easily. I want to make her smile again." Mayu thought as she stood up from her bed and rush downstairs.

Before yuki wakes up, she was planning to make breakfast for Yuki. She wanted to surprise Yuki at least. She prepares Yuki’s favorite breakfast BanaMayo-pan and Acai Bowl and don’t forget the watermelon juice.  She sliced the banana for the BanaMayo-pan then puts mayonnaise on the bread then the slices banana.

She is really having fun, smiling just thinking that Yuki will surely like the breakfast she was making for her.
Then she prepares the Acai bowl… while putting the other ingredients on the blender she remembered something

“Hmm.. I should look for that music box..”

After she prepares everything she all put it in a tray then carries it upstairs to Yuki’s room. When she enters the room, she carefully walks and make sure she doesn’t make any sounds to wake up Yuki. She puts the tray first on the study table then looks for the music box on the closet.

“Ah! Found it!” Mayu smiled brightly as she reaches out the Music box in the closet.

“ah but the letter, where is it? hmm…” mayu tried to look for it but she was afraid that yuki would wake up by now so she didn’t look for it.

“Now, time to wake up my princess” Mayu said as she hides the music box near Yuki’s bed then gets the tray of food for Yuki. She puts the try on the top of the bed then kisses Yuki’s forehead and brushes Yuki’s bangs to the side.

“Princess, wake up.” Mayu warmly said

“hmmm… m-mayu? ” said the still sleepy Yuki as she slowly open her eyes

“hehe, I made breakfast for you” mayu said smiling then she gets the tray and put in front of Yuki and then sit beside the bed. Yuki then sits up half asleep.

“eh?!” Yuki’s eyes widen as she was now wide awake. She looks at the tray full of her favorite food, then she looks at Mayu who was just smiling at her. She was surprised.

Yuki cannot describe the gladness she felt that time and because of it without thinking her body moves twice on its own. She hugged Mayu really tight.

“Arigatou” Yuki whispered on Mayu’s left ear. Mayu blushed and a curve on her lips appeared.

“Anything for you Yuki, now eat up and enjoy your breakfast princess” Mayu said in a caring tone.

While Yuki was eating the BanaMayo-pan, Mayu is just staring at her. Mayu’s eyes from a happy one turns to a serious one.

“eh? Why Mayu stares at me like that? Did I have something on my face?” Yuki thought

“Anou. Mayu you should eat too. Here eat-” Yuki was cut off from Mayu’s sudden action. Mayu cares her cheeks and then slowly rubs the side of her eyes. Yuki was shocked and just let Mayu do want she wants. Then slowly Mayu kisses the side of her eyes, Yuki just closes her eyes that time when she felt that Mayu’s touch is fading she opens her eyes slowly and sees Mayu looking at her.

“Anou.. I- I have something for you” Mayu said as she grabs the Music box beside the bed


“Ah! Thank you!” Yuki said happily when she receives the Music box

“You can open it”


When Yuki opens the Music box, the Music starts and saw the cursive letters M.Y.

“Mayu” Yuki said in really low voice and holds the music box tighter

Mayu forgot that she didn't have enough time to look for the letter as it is not with the music box when she found it.
“*sigh* I’m so excited to give it to her but the letter...  I should tell her at least. It’s now or never. I will prove my love for her” Mayu thought

“It hurts me when I see you hurt Yuki” Mayu said as she gets Yuki’s left hand and kisses it and then puts it near her heart.

“Yuki you always protected and care for me when we are still kids”

“You are always there by my side and never leave me”

“But now let me do the same”

“Like the sweet music from this music box, let me comfort you when you feel lonely”

“Like this delicate music box, let me protect your heart from pain”

“I will always be here for you Yuki”

Mayu said while staring directly at Yuki’s eyes


Yuki’s heart is beating so fast. She really doesn’t know what to say.  She blinks a few times but still Mayu stares at her directly to her eyes and holds her hand tightly.

“Yuki” Mayu said warmly to her

“Don’t ever forget that whatever happens I’ll stay by your side”

“Mayu” that’s the only thing Yuki can say. She was glad that there is someone even if she acts like she doesn’t care to anyone right now and knowing Mayu is willing to be with her. Her emotions are messed up. She was happy right now but still hurt from before and just that, her body again acts on her own. She starts sobbing and her tears can’t stop from falling, she cries really hard and immediately buried her face right at Mayu’s chest. Mayu just rubs her back while hugging her. 

“Just let it out Yuki, I’m here. You’re not alone.”


On the other place of the city...

A certain girl was tailing her girlfriend on the streets of shibuya…

**** flashback****

After exams, sae rushed to sayaka’s classroom to invite her on a date.

“sayaka~! Let’s celebrate the end of exams~” sae said cheerfully when sayaka step out from her classroom

“sorry, but sayaka’s going to celebrate with us~” acchan said trying to annoy sae, she was behind Sayaka

“yeah~ let’s go!” yuko joined the teasing pulling acchan and Sayaka…

“hey-!” sae stopped them

“uhm- guys, could sae come with us?” Sayaka said as she looked at her girlfriend who had a bullied, childlike expression as the two keeps bullying sae

“hmm… concerned to leave your sae-chan are we~” yuko teased as she tried to put her arms at sayaka’s shoulder but with their height difference she couldn’t…

“well it’s okay~” acchan said and smiled deviously and looked at yuko who also replied with a mischievous smile

The 4 of them went to karaoke afterwards…   

The two keeps on teasing and making fun of sae, they were like a child who keeps on arguing with each other… from what food to order, what songs to choose, who will sing first and such…

Seeing the three acting like that, she mentally face palmed…

“geez… having three kids to baby sit is sure hard” Sayaka said to herself
“hey! That’s the song that I choose!” sae yelled at the other two

“sorry- kid~ but we’ve got the mic first… ne~ yuko~” acchan continued with her teasing

“haha~ yay~” yuko answered

“mou! Why the hell are you two bullying me!?”

“haha~ coz you’re fun to tease~” the two said in sync

Sayaka was just looking at the three… they were loud and annoying but …

Seeing her girlfriend getting along with her friends…

Seeing her anti-social friend, atsuko, having fun

Seeing her always busy friend, student council president yuko, being care free

Sayaka just can’t help to smile…

“okay kids- cool down the food is here…” Sayaka tried to stop the three

“yay~” acchan chirped joyfully

“yea~” yuko followed acchan to settle down on the couch

Sae sat beside her girlfriend but away from the two…

“sa-ya-ka” sae looked at her girlfriend with the most puppy eyes that she could make

“otsukare~” Sayaka smiled to her girlfriend sweetly and pat her head

“They’re bullying me”

“But you guys looks like you’re having fun, haha~”

“What having fun? Mou! We could’ve gone together… not with this two bullies” sae complained and looked at the two who only grinned at her

"hey- aren't takamina sensei looking for you? and yuko, don't you have student council works?"sae asked acchan and yuko so that they would go home but then she was ignored

“Sayaka~ here eat too~” acchan offered while seating near them

“Sayaka~! Tell us stories about yourself~” yuko added

Then the three were chit-chatting while eating…

“oh!?? You’re 2nd dan in aikido? Wow~ sugoi”

“haha, yep….yep many girls were cheering for me and there are some girls who always give me chocolates during valentines, and they say I’m manlier than the guys in our school”

“haha~ that’s true sayaka’s cooler than guys~”

Sae was just looking at them grumbling while eating…
“hmp… they’re wrong… Sayaka might be cool but she’s surprisingly girly and not to mention a bit tsundere… and I’m the only one who can see her cute side…”
“damn it-! I just want to be with my girlfriend!!! *sigh* I’m glad she’s making friends with the others but… mou! What about me!!???”

“and because I can’t have a good time with my girlfriend lately, I asked her for a date this day but she told me…
`sorry sae, my clubmates back at middle school  were inviting me on a lunch`
Damn it… Akimoto Sayaka! I’m your girlfriend I should be your priority! Mou! What are you doing having fun with others without me?”
Sae was mentally screaming as she was following her girlfriend secretly

Her girlfriend went in a small restaurant nearby, she was now with her old friends greeting each other’s. Sae followed her and sat nearby trying to hear every word they say while trying to hide…

“uhm.. Excuse me? Here’s the menu” the waitress was looking at sae who was weirdly lowering her head and trying to hear the conversations of the group of girls nearby

“ah- hehe, sorry, eto… I’ll order this and that.. thank you.” sae said hastily

She can’t see the reactions of her girlfriend as she sat behind nearby so that Sayaka couldn’t notice her…

“then, remember the time when we had practice match with the boys’ basketball club? There was a guy who tried to bully us but Sayaka went to protect us~ she was so cool that time right?” one of the girls said

“haha yeah~ but the other guy, sayaka’s crush, got frightened with her haha what’s his name again?” the other girl said

“hah!?” sae yelled at no one, it was loud enough to catch attention but before Sayaka could see her she immediately lowered her head and hide.
Just hearing those words, sae was now boiling with jealousy and nearly jumped on her seat…

On the other hand, Sayaka was shocked, confused because she knew that she heard sae’s voice…

“am I imagining things?” Sayaka thought

Then the group continued to chat, they are now talking about relationship and stuffs… sae can barely hear them but when their conversations involves Sayaka it seems that sae can hear it more clearly…

“how about you sayaka~? Got any?” the girls were teasing

“ehhh?” Sayaka hesitated to answer, she don’t like this kind of topics, for her this is embarrassing

“ah- sorry we forgot that you’re going in an all-girls school, haha then maybe a girlfriend?” the other girl teased

“eehhh?” the other girls said

“geez stop that guys…” Sayaka calmly said

“haha~ then what happened with the guy who said that he likes you?” the other girl asked

“oh~? there is someone brave enough to confess with Sayaka-chan??”

“hey- don’t say that, am I that frightening?? Geez…” Sayaka just sighed with her old friends teasing…

“what the!” sae yelled and the other girls who were with Sayaka saw her but she immediately lowered her head and tried to sneak out but before she could sneak out Sayaka was now behind her…

“sae? So I’m not imagining things… ” Sayaka sighed rubbing her forehead

“hi- sayaka~ he-he” sae said nervously…

“sae, what are you doing?” Sayaka asked raising her eyebrows

“well, I was nearby and uh- hehe… gomen… I stalked you” sae confessed

“geez… sae, you should’ve told me if you want to come with me”

"eh.. but what i want is alone with you. and what's with that crush and the guy who confessed to you, why didn't you tell me about that?!"

"sae, it’s in the past stop acting like that. Come on now…" sayaka grabbed her childish girlfriend's hand. she then introduced sae to her former clubmates..

"oh, is she a friend sayaka-chan?"

"uhm.. y-yeah... she's the vice-captain of our school's basketball club"

"she's introducing me as a friend huh.. well, we agreed not to tell others that we’re together but I kind of regret it… this is depressing…" sae thought disappointed

"and uhm.. my g-girlfriend" sayaka added, her face was turning redder

hearing that, sae's proud smile suddenly came back.. her face was brighter than ever

"miyazawa sae desu~ yoroshiku" sae delightfully greeted and winked

"so can i snatch away my girlfriend for a while?" sae added smiling coolly and grabbing her girlfriend’s hand but before sayaka's friends could answer… sayaka sent sae a death glare

Sayaka’s friends were surprised that she has already a lover, and what’s more it’s also a girl. They didn’t expect it from Sayaka who is always embarrassed in things like those.

Afterwards... sae was forced to listen and to get along with Sayaka's friends endless chitchats about their past experiences, crushes and love life...


it was already afternoon, mayu was busy cheering up yuki and making her smile and laugh when she saw milky's mail

From: Milky-senpai
Subject: Hi mayu-chan!

Hey! Don't forget our date tom <3
hehe I'll be waiting.

"ah-! i almost forgot i have to accompany milky tomorrow" mayu said and then she replied to milky

From: Mayuyu~
Subject: for tommorow

"Hai milky-senpai, so where are we going tom?"

From: Milky-senpai
Subject: (No Subject)

eh? i thought you have already decided where to go
don't tell me you forgot about me T_T

From: Mayuyu~
Subject: for tommorow

"eh? ah no, no- of course not milky senpai...
uhm i'm just preparing it till now don't worry"

mayu was guilty that she actually forgot her promise to milky that she will accompany her this sunday

From: Milky-senpai
Subject: <3
"really? i'm glad~ you didn't forget
then mail me the details later okay?

mayu was a bit panicked because she don't know how and where to go as she doesn;t normally go in places like amusement parks, she's thinking of getting some help but she don't want yuki to know... so she called yuko

"oh? shiririchan? it's rare for you to call me, what's up?"

"ano.. yuko-nee-chan can I ask you a favor?"

"hm?? anything for you shiriri-chan.. what can nee-chan help you with?"

"actually etou...did you know how to go in disney land ?"

"disneyland? why? are you planning to bring yuki there?"

"etou .. i'll accompany milky"

"ehh??? milky!? hmm.. that's intersting" yuko thought

"ah i see hehe its easy shiriri chan " and then yuko gave mayu instructions on how to get there and the rides that the park have

"is there anything else you want to ask? if you want i can accompany the two of you" yuko offered, worried about mayu

"ah thats all maybe i can handle it yuko-nee-chan thank you so much but please don't tell yuki about it"

"ah okay.."

then mayu hanged up...

"things are getting interesting..." yuko smirked



Takamina just got home from work as she opens the door in their apartment she greeted acchan but no one answered.

"hmm maybe acchan is still in her room" takamina thought then she immediately went to acchan's room


"acchan? are you there? acchan? i'm coming in okay?"

then she found acchan sleeping on her study table with books in front on her, takamina felt really happy seeing acchan working hard even if the exams are over, she still put extra effort on studying

she then puts a blanket on acchan and went to the kitchen to cook food for the two of them.

after a few minutes acchan woke up, she was still sleepy...

Acchan smelled the nice scent of the food that takamina was cooking, she was a bit hungry. She got up and went to the kitchen. She saw takamina cooking for their food.

“minami~ what are you cooking?” acchan said sleepily towards takamina who was cooking.

“ah, acchan- just a minute okay? It’s nearly done, Are you hungry?”

“smell’s good” acchan said as she placed her head on takamina’s shoulder and start snoozing again

“acchan? Hey..”

“hmm?” acchan smiled sheepishly

“geez… look, the omelet rice is done…”

Then the two of them sat and they started eating…

Takamina was happily looking at acchan who was enjoying the food she made

“uwah~ minami~ this is delicious… I love your cooking” acchan happily said smiling innocently

“nee-chan, I love your cooking”

“eh!?” takamina was startled… somehowa part of her memories with her deceased sister was flashed back

“minami? are you okay?” acchan worriedly said when minami’s expression turned a bit pale suddenly

“ahh… I’m okay he-he, don’t worry I just remembered something that I forgot about work” takamina lied so that acchan wouldn’t worry

“I told you not to over work yourself!”

“hehe, sorry acchan…”

“you never listen to me…” acchan grumbled

“ne, acchan… do you want to go to disneyland tomorrow?”

“eh!? really? You’re asking me?” acchan was really happy,  it’s because takamina rarely invite her to have fun

“it’s your reward for being a hardworking student” minami smiled gently

Minami’s POV

“nami and acchan is really similar….is that why I keep on getting flashbacks from my sister?
But thinking about it I have considered acchan as my little sister ever since maeda-san took care of me…”


and then Sunday morning came…

a little squirrel dressed boyishly with pants, a jacket over her shirt and a cap was following someone… she was trailing someone through her binoculars

“ah- there they are…” yuko said to herself while looking through her binoculars, she was sitting on the tables outside a café near the train station

she was trailing mayu and milky who are on their way to disney land but she heard someoNe screamEd

"stop that please or i'll call the police" a girl shouted at the guys whO were trying to harrAss her

"nyan-nyan!" yuko immediately ruShed to the girl. she then jumped and kicked thE guY in the face and punchd the other guy in the stomach then she punched the other one straight in the face.

"yuu-chan?" haruna thought for a second

"Police!" yuko Yelled and grabbed haruna's hand and Ran away from the guys. They aRe now inside the train station, panting.

"eh? yuko-senpai?"

"nyan-nyan what are you doing Alone back there? Don't tell me you sneaked again! Mou! What would you do if that happened again and i'm not around?" yuko said with a worried look, she is looking at haruna straight in the eyes.


for some reason haruna's heart was beating faster as yuko looks at her, or it is just because they have run a while ago... she averted her gaze.

"i really thought it was yuu-chan who saved me"

"ah! i've lost them!" yuko suddenly shouted

"huh? yuko-senpai?"

"come on nyan-nyan" yuko grabbed haruna's hand again. she was planning to trail mayu and milky alone but she don't want to leave haruna alone  because she was worried.

"yuko-senpai where are we going?" haruna asked puzzled

"hehe, you'll see..."


and then yuko and haruna arrived

"ahhh! disney land!!!" haruna shouted delightfully like a child

"hehe~" yuko was busy looking through her gps device, in which she had secretly put a tracking device to mayu while waiting for milky and when yuko was in disguise earlier.

"yuko-senpai! it's disney land! uwa~" haruna said again like a child who can't wait to play, she was pulling yuko's jacket

"hai-hai~  it's disney.. come on nyan nyan" yuko smiled.

actually yuko has two tickets because she called acchan  to help her trail mayu and milky but acchan already have plans with takamina

"seeing haruna being happy like this i feel like in bliss" yuko thought smiling to herself.


on the other part of the city, sae was impatiently waiting for her girlfriend...

"what took her so long?"

"where are you sayaka? you said that you would go on a date with me alone today" said sae who was getting irritated because of being impatient

on the other hand sayaka was rushing towards their meeting place

she was the one Who asked sae on a date because for the past few days sae was grumbling espEcially yesterdaY.

she glanced at her phone only to find out that sae has been calling her many times.

"geez, sae is really impatient"


"sae sorry if you wait long" sayaka apologized as soon as she saw sae

"What took you so...long-" sae jawdropped.

Unlike the usual sayaka who just wear jersey or shirt or long sleeves/blouse and pants, sayaka was wearing a casual dress, it was a short sleeve, knee length korean retro style casual dress. her hair was brushed aside in her right shoulder.

"sae?" sayaka called her girlfriend who seems to be in daze


"is there any problem?"

"hehe~ don't tell me you're late because you dressed up for mE" sae said grinning wider

"shut up" *blush*

"haha look you're blushing, so cute" sae started teasing her

"i should've wear normal shirt and pants if i knew that you're going to tease me" sayaka sighed

"dOn't say that it really suits you, you're really beautiful"


"haha you can't really handle praises"

"mm.." sayaka just nod

"so where are we going sayaka? "

"hmm there are parks near here and we can stroll around the shopping center"

"ehh? that's it? we could've gone in amusement park like disneyland or aquarium parks or some fancy Restaurants"

"No that Would be too expensive"

"I could pay for the both of us though.." sae murmured

Whenever they would go out, they will split the bill and pay on their own. Sometimes they are arguing becaUse sae would insist to pay for the both of them.


Meanwhile back at disney land

“Wow let’s go there mayu!” milky said excitingly as she grabs on mayu’s hands running towards the Star Jets ride.

“Ah- Wait milky-senpai p-please slow down” Mayu said while Milky pulls her while running


“hah-hah milky-senpai I told you not to run” Mayu said Panting as she scolded milky like a child

“haha you really should have some daily exercise mayu” milky said while giggling at mayu

Then after the sTar jets ride they went to the Space Mountain, the ride was really exciting like you’re an astronaut. milky reallY enjoyed it while mayu was just looking at milky,relieved that milkY was havng fun. The next ride was the roller coaster. They are currently in line to the entrance of the Gadget’s go coaster.

“Do we really need to ride *that* thing??”  Mayu said nervously as she stares the ride. Well Mayu was afraid of heights.

“ho ho ho are we a little scared? Hehe Mayu-chan so kawaii… Scared of heights haha” Milky teasing mayu.

“No I’m not scared okay? geez”

“Oh? really? Then let’s sit in front of the coaster”

Mayu’s eyes got widen and now her sweat is really cold.

Milky just enjoy the cute scared face of mayu.

After they tried many rides they go on a customized and personalized shop. There are jewelry and accessories. Mayu and Milky was strolling around until Mayu’s attention has been caught by a sample customized necklace.  It was a locket pendant with a snow flake in front as a design.

“Yuki” Mayu whispered as she remembers the sad Yuki at home. Milky heard it clearly even if mayu just whispered it to the air.

“Ah! Mayu let’s eat! I’m really hungry let’s go!” Milky said trying to get Mayu’s attention and holds mayu’s hand really tight pulling her off from that shop.

They have their meal in a buffet. While eating, Milky always feeds mayu but mayu can’t reject it because she loses the cart race while they are in the Grand Circuit Raceway. Mayu will do anything milky wants until they finish their date.

While eating milky asked mayu

“Do you have fun today Mayu?”

“Well I guess but I should be the one asking you that.. Do you have fun today Milky-senpai?”

“Hehe Yes! Thank you Mayu”

“I’m glad” mayu said as a very gentle and sweet smile appeared on her face

“Mayu-chan you should always smile you know? Its suits you more rather than your serious and cold expression in your face”

“What’s the meaning of that??” and a grumpy mayu appeared

“hehe well I’m just saying that your cute mayu... hmm.. no my bad I mean your handsome sometimes especially when I’m imagining you with a short hair well its suits you too” milky said while pinching both mayu’s cheeks

“yeah yeah yeah”

“Hey I’m serious here mayu-chan and I’m telling the truth”

“yeah got it milky-senpai finish your food now before it gets cold”

“hai hai hai mayuyu~” milky said and smiling widely   

Milky’s POV

The very first time we met, you handed me your handkerchief to wipe my tears away. You’re like an angel saving me from despair and pain.
I was really happy that time; I’m just a stranger but you still you care.

Then we meet again at the art club in middle school, at first I was really shocked and guess what?
Maybe we are really destined to meet again.

I always watch you from a far distance, but there is something in me that wanted to be close to you. That’s why I always cling to your arms even if you don’t want me to but surprisingly you allow me to do what I want.

Then you saw me again in my stage of agony and hand me your shoulder to cry on to.  And then this feeling inside me grows.
We became really close and it was really my achievement when you finally open up those secrets and heartaches of yours.

I really wanted to tell you that I fell in love with you, but i found out that your heart already belong to someone else. But that someone doesn’t love you the way I do.

But still i will keep on supporting you. Because I want you to be happy, even if I’m not the one you like. But now I’ve decided that i will get you and make you look at me and only “Me” Mayu.


going through different rides one after another, yuko was getting a little  tired especially she was still trailing mayu and milky but her nyan-nyan doesn't seem to be tired at all.

"ah, there they are..." yuko said to herself, she was looking through her binoculars. she was planning to follow them but nyan nyan was pulling her

"yuko-senpai lets go there!" haruna excitedly said pointiNg at the attraction called spacE mountain.

yuko  can't say no to haruna so she just let herself being pulled by haruna

"geez nyan nyan" yuko smiled helplessly. although her plan to stalk mayu and milky was interrupted, she can't help but to be a bit happy because she was with haruna.


"yuki do you want to go there? or do you want to eat first?" rena asked her best  friend

"no it’s okay, you should go with jurina" yuki replied while looking at jurina who seems to be excited going in the attractions

"But yuki"

"It’s okay rena"

Actually Rena was trying to call Yuki last Friday and invite her that the four of them would go out but it was just last night that Yuki answered her call. at first yuki refuses to go because mayu wouldn't be able to go, actually mayu asked yuki that she would just go buy something that she can't order online.
rena and jurina went to yuki's place this morning to fetch her that yuki was forced to go.


meanwhile, acchan and takamina was enjoying their free time together...

"minami~ let's take a picture" acchan said smiling.

she was really happy that minami invited her to go out.

"acchan, acchan let's ride those" takamina holding her hands towards the splash mountain

and then after that ride they went to claim the photo that were captured when they are on the ride.

"minami, you look silly in this picture haha" acchan said laughing sheepishly

"hey! don't say that i look cute in that"

"hehe~ what about me do i look cute?" acchan asked making a cute pout

"o-of course you really look cute" said takamina who was blushing a bit

"oh~minami is blushing how cute~" acchan was now teasing her

afterwards they went to the other rides, taking pictures with the sceneries

"hehe, acchan are you having fun?"

"hAi~ because i really want to go here with minami~"

"i want to go to disney land with nee-chan"

another flashback from her sister startled takamina afterwards she was hearing yuko's words in her mind

" what would you do if she get tired of you and love another person? What would you do if she left you?”

takamina's face turned pale... her mind was messed up.

"...mi.. minami" acchan called a frozen takamina worriedly

"ah-! i'm okay acchan he-he just h-hungry"

"hmm i'm getting hungry too, come on let's eat minami"
and then they went to eat..

"minami, this is delicious hehe~"

"you really like tomato acchan" takamina giggled, she was trying to forget those flasbacks and yuko's words that was bothering her for weeks now

while they are busy eating, acchan saw yuki inside cafe where they were eating. she was with rena and jurina.

acchan remembered when yuko called her yesterday, yuko invited her to spy mayu and milky.
seeing yuki was also on the same amusement park where yuko invited her to spy mayu makes her curious, she called yuko.

*acchan calling yuko on phone"

"yuko, where are you? still spying on mayu?"

"hm? yeah i am, i'm here at world bazaar area, at the ice cream cones store, why did you call? ah by the way are you having fun with takamina?" Yuko replied.
actually to make haruna be calm from being hyper to ride all the attractions, she invited her to eat ice cream and also it will be a good spot to spy on mayu and milky through her binoculars as the two were at the shop near them.

"I'm also here at world bazaar area, center street coffee house and i saw yuki here on the same place"

"huh!? say what!?" yuko yelped, the place where acchan said that she saw yuki was just near them...

"this place was rather big but what a coincidence that they are near with each other...
and what are the chances that yuki will see mayu together with milky?"


tbc  :grin:


sorry if the description of the scenery and rides in the tokyo disneyland is a bit uhm... vague?  :nervous
blame my ignorance because we haven't gone there... -yet  :cry:


i just want to share this idea , what do you think of a drabble where the theme is `secret married life`  :cathappy: yep basically that's the title...
when i told yurin about this idea, she was already hyper to make a mayuki version... :lol:
and i have few ideas for saeyaka, wmatsui and kojiyuu and i'm still thinking about atsumina (and other pairs i guess) but it would be too hard to write what i'm imagining even if it's just a drabble haha XD
and my mind was kinda disturbed with another idea ( rough idea actually, though i had made the prologue in my mind but didn't wrote it  :nervous ) about a wmatsui fic, saeyaka and kojiyuu ( coz i just love the shinyuu trio  :lol: ) is also there but it's mostly jurina-centric fic
haha XD and that was another reason why this chap was late for update  :bow:
haha well~ if we have an extra time we're really planning to write the drabble XD
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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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Heh, I look forward to see Yuki's reaction if ever she will accidentally see Mayu on a date with Milky.

I hope Milky will confess to Mayu with Yuki in an earshot. That will surely knock some senses to Yuki.

When will Yuki move on from Sae? Her depression is hurting Mayuyu a lot.

About the secret married life, DO IT!!! :ding:

So much for being a silent reader.

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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I see a lot of drama is coming, thanks and update soon...

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Yurin-san and Ryo-san~! :hehehe:

Let me just say one thing: OHMYEFFINGGAWD :mon determined:


still waiting for that KojiYuu confession lol /slapped/ ouch! :mon cry:

Oi Milky! What do you think you're doing? Tch. :tantrum:

Yuki, what are you doing?! MAKE A MOVE GIRL! :gmon bang:

Takamima, Acchan reminds you of Nami? Whhhhyyyyyy? :hehehe:

Yuko, confess now! This instant! :on gay:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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Prepare fir the ugly sceme

Yuki reaction!!

Well nothing special but i know thing in yuki heart will click! Open and start to running in her blood vessel yeah!

Ok just put one more pair in disneyland

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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an update~ whenever i read mayu's struggle, all i wish is she wont have breakdown.. :cry:

sae's being bullied, lol. and Sayaka's thoughts...

“geez… having three kids to baby sit is sure hard” Sayaka said to herself


i wonder why's takamina having these flashback suddenly..?

I see a lot of drama is coming, thanks and update soon...

agreed with that...

such along update! cant wait for the next one! :thumbsup

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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Didn't Milky mention her parents have set up an arranged marriage for her? And it's connected to their business... Milky's family is one of the families the Oshima family supports... :on study:
Is it possible that Miyuki's arranged partner for marriage is Yuko?  :shock:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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 jurina’s really sweet :nya: :on gay:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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I really can't wait for the wmatsui story  XD
love your fic author san  :thumbup

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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I knew Churi had feelings for Jurina, but I feel bad for her. I mean her feelings always get hurt, first it was Airin's rejection and well now, her love for Jurina is only one-sided.
I'm glad Rena was able to stop Jurina's father from punishing Jurina. Its a good thing that Rena knows what Jurina's father as going to do. It was sweet of Jurina to buy Rena her favorite food, Melon Pan.
Myuyu's really trying her best to cheer Yuki up.
Fufu~ So Mayu and Milky had a date together. I wonder if Milky will confess to Mayu, and will Yuki find out about Wwatanabe's date.
"and uhm.. my g-girlfriend" sayaka added, her face was turning redder
Yatta~ Sayaka finally admitted to her friends that Sae is her girlfriend~
Sae becoming jealous of not having time with her girlfriend, poor her, but then they went on a date together.
But thinking about it I have considered acchan as my little sister ever since maeda-san took care of me…”
Ah, will Takamina forever see Acchan as her little sister? Or will her feelings change from now on?
The coincidence of Atsumina, KojiYuu, Wwatanabe, and Yuki and Wmatsui being at Disney Land.
Can't wait for next chapter :twothumbs

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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Would Minami step up about her feeling toward Atsuko?

Or would she forever think she likes Atsuko only as a sister?

Yeah... Sayaka admitted her relationship with Sae

What about Wmatsui, Kojiyuu, and Mayuki?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 16`
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Yurin here!! I’m back!! I missed you guys so much! I’m really happy with all of your thanks and comments honto ni arigatou~ time to serve you guys   :D

"When will Yuki move on from Sae? Her depression is hurting Mayuyu a lot."
Fufu you'll see :D don't worry I don't like hurting Mayuyu too~ :D Thank you and we have already post the Secret married life though we only have done is the mayuki version. We will try to update more for different version. :D and also we post another drabble The Daily Life of MaYuki Family ^_^

@Archer1992 indeed :D

@ChibiRine Hiiiiiiii~ :) ho ho ho we'll get there soon fufu

@gek geki hi :D we are really sorry for updating so late and thank you for your comment we really appreciate it :D

@Kairi65 hehe sorry for keeping you wait also for the update :) thank you for you comment.

Is it possible that Miyuki's arranged partner for marriage is Yuko?
ho ho nice guess, and to answer that yes it's partly true  :D

@eboo she is sure is sweet :D

@mirurunky Hi thank you for liking our fic :D we will get there again soon :D

@River1721 & @cisda83 there will be a big revelation coming :D

Now, here’s an update mina  8)

Chapter 17 -  Mixed feelings

[part 1]

“uhm… yuko? Moshi moshi? Still there?”
“hai… wait give me a minute to think… hm… ah-! I know!”
“acchan could you do me a favor? I know you’re on a date with takamina but could you help me distract yuki’s attention for a while?”
“huh?  Okay… but what should I do?”
“just talk to her uhm… yeah just talk to her okay?”
“uh huh…”
“Thanks acchan!” Yuko said then hangs up her phone

“Ok Yuko don’t panic... remember you’re Oshima yuko, there’s nothing you can’t do. Hmm… What should I do then? ” Yuko thought as she look at her GPS for location and then looks at Mayu and Milky with her binoculars who was then strolling around a small stall of souvenirs.
“This is not good. It’s not far from where yuki is”
“If I show up in front of Mayu and Milky to distract them ah no good she will get mad at me and I’m also with Haruna hmmm ah but wait I can just say I’m on a date with Haruna… but hmm… but what if yuki saw me? Oh my god this is not good… yuki might kill me if she knew that I know mayu and milky are on a date… what should I do?” yuko was still thinking
“yuko-senpai? Are you all right? Are you tired? Am I bothering you? Sorry for dragging you in the rides” Haruna pouted, she have noticed before that yuko seems to be bothered and not enjoying at all
“eh? no, it’s not that nyan-nyan” yuko felt a bit guilty for making Haruna feel that she’s bothering her
“hmm…” Haruna is still pouting
“hehe~ nyan nyan so cute~ just give me a minute okay, I’ll just have to sort things out. After that, we’ll have fun okay?”
“mm..” Haruna was feeling uneasy or more like she doesn’t know what she is feeling every time her senpai calls her cute so she just nod

Yuko gets her map of the amusement park and looked again at where mayu and milky is. And then she mailed mayu.
“Yosh, this should work hehe~” yuko smirked
 “Huh?! What it is Yuko-senpai?”
“Haha it’s nothing nyan nyan~ let’s go now~ let’s have fun~”
“Etou...Ne~ Yuko-senpai”
“Hai? Nyan nyan?”
“Let’s ride a Ferris wheel later” Haruna said smiling widely at Yuko. She was thankful at yuko, for bringing her in Disneyland, letting her drags her in different rides and letting her have fun.

Yuko just smiled back and nod at Haruna. She was thankful too for having some time with her precious someone. She wanted to enjoy every minute that she get to be with her because she knew that there are many problems and troubles that awaits her and her love for Haruna.


on the other place in Disney, milky and mayu were looking through souvenirs when mayu noticed that someone mailed her.
From: Yuko
Subject: shiriri-chan~
How’s your date with miyuki-san? hehe~
You didn’t lost on your way? Are you enjoying yourselves?
Are you having fun with miyuki-san?
Are you properly accompanying her?
I bet she’s looking forward to hang out with you,
so make sure you enjoy it~ coz you rarely show emotions
Gomen, I’m a bit worried about you hehe~
Ah by the way I have shops and rides that I suggest,
You could bring her there; you two will definitely enjoy it
ah there are cute stuffs in those shops too…
you could by souvenir for yuki hehe~
I’ll send you the list of those shops and rides~

Milky thought that it was yuki who mailed mayu, and that made her jealous.
“mayu? Is there any problem, sorry for forcing you to accompany me” milky asked with a pitiable look, she was disappointed that even though she was with mayu, mayu didn’t seem to enjoy being with her.
“ah- no, I’m enjoying it…”
“you don’t need to force yourself. Well you know, lately you always have the painful look in your eyes, I just wanted to cheer you up and enjoy that’s why I invited you to go out and have fun with me even if I forced you. But I guess I can’t really make you cheer up…” milky said with a depressed tone, turning her face away from mayu’s gaze
now Mayu was guilty, she was thinking that milky just want to hang out with her but she made her disappointed.
She took out her map, and look for those places that yuko suggested… and even though those places are far from where they are, she invited milky to go there so that she can make her at least a bit happy.

Meanwhile acchan did yuko's favor to distract yuki’s attention for a while and talk to her.
Actually Yuko also mailed acchan suggesting what topics she should talk about and along with those are the suggestions for what attractions they should go and those attractions was far from the attractions that she suggested when she mailed mayu.
Acchan was also concerned about yuki so she helped yuko and dragged the three to those attractions.


it was 4 pm when yuki went home, she wanted to go home earlier but her childhood friends, the two matsuis,  trying their best to cheer her up and stay.

When they are just about to go home, yuki let the two matsui’s have some fun together so she was just waiting for the two before going home. But while waiting she saw someone familiar.
“Mayu?! Wait― you said you are just going to shop for anime stuffs, why are you here?”
She saw mayu who was walking and carrying some drinks, yuki unconsciously followed mayu but before she could even get close to where mayu is, she saw someone clings on mayu.
“Huh?! Mayu why are you together with that girl and―”
But before yuki could finish what she was going to say, the girl who was with mayu kissed mayu on the cheeks.
Yuki was shocked that she seems to be frozen from where she is standing. The only thing she can think of is `why did mayu lied to her to be with that girl? `

When yuki got home, she immediately went straight to her room. She buried her face at her pillow hugging it tightly.

“Mayu *sob* Why  did you lie to me? Why are you with that girl?”
“to be with her, is that why you lie to me? Why Mayu?”
“Is she more important to you than me?”
Actually she don’t know why but tears are just falling from her eyes. She doesn’t like it when mayu was with that girl.

“First is Sae now even you Mayu. Why? ” Yuki murmured as she started crying until she fell asleep.


It was starting to get dark, Mayu and Milky are still on Disney land resting in a bench.
“mayu! Hehe~ thank you for today~ it was fun~” milky said smiling sweetly
“I’m glad you have fun milky” mayu replied patting her on her head
“ne Mayu-chan, uhm― do you still love kashiwagi-senpai even if she love someonelse?” Milky asked out of the blue, her sweet smile was now turning into a bitter smile.
That time, Mayu who was drinking a soda nearly choked from hearing that question.
“Huh? Why are you asking me that?” Mayu exclaimed
“Just wondering. So, Do you still love kashiwagi-senpai?”
“O-of course”
“Even if she doesn’t love you back?”
“Because I love her that much”
“hmmm― So, what do you plan then?”
“huh? What plan?”
“what do you plan if she doesn’t love you back?”
“I’m going to get her no matter what happens” Mayu said seriously with a determined eyes.
Milky stared at Mayu’s eyes then look at the ground closing her fist. It was painful to hear. Her excitement and joy for being with Mayu suddenly gone.
“Why did you suddenly asked Milky?”
“Like I said I’m just wondering what your plan is, what will you do if Miyazawa-san gets kashiwagi-senpai again away from you?”
“I don’t know yet. But I am determined to get her now.”
“I see” Milky said as she stands up from her sit and stretch her arms up trying not to cry.
“Let’s go home” milky said forcing a smile
“eh? Are you sure? We still haven’t tried the Ferris wheel; you like to ride that right?”
“Nah we still have time in our next date hehe~ and also you should go back now, kashiwagi-san must be waiting for you” Milky said trying to maintain her fake smile. She somewhat regrets that she asked that question, but still she will never give up that easily.


Meanwhile Yuko and Haruna are still in Disney Land walking around.
“Anou.. Yuko-senpai”
“Hai? Nyan nyan?”
“etou … ”
“Haha~ do you want to ride the ferris wheel before we go home?”
“Eh? How did you know?”
“Because I’m Oshima Yuko hehe~” Yuko smiling like a squirrel.
Haruna was staring at yuko with a little red tint on her face, thinking how amazing yuko is for knowing what she exactly wants before she could even tell, plus she was saved by yuko earlier and brought her in Disney land letting her have fun.
“Eh? what is it? do I have something on my face?”
“ah- no, no- I was just-”Haruna stopped what she will say, she doesn’t even know why she is staring at yuko and blushing at the same time.
“Haha nyan nyan so cute~” Yuko was now teasing Haruna
“mou! Let’s go now to the Ferris wheel ”Haruna lightly punched Yuko’s arm to hide her embarrassment and dragged yuko towards the ride.

Haruna was really excited to ride the Ferris wheel. It was already night that time and the scenery was really beautiful, they can see all the lights in city and the sky that was full of stars.

“Wow! Kirei!” Haruna said excitedly while looking at the window.
“ii desu ne” Yuko said happily looking at Haruna with a caring, sincere eyes.
“Even if this was not planned, I admit that I really had fun. Because I am with Haruna. I really wish we could just stay like this forever.” Yuko thought as she puts her hand on her chin putting and her elbow near at the edge of the window admiring haruna’s beauty
That time Haruna turned to look at Yuko who was also staring at her, their eyes met
“uhm- Yuko-senpai”said haruna trying to avert her gaze because yuko was staring at her but she can’t help looking at yuko
“arigatou…”haruna gave her sweetest smile


Yuko immediately cover her cheeks with her hand that she was using supporting her chin.
“eh? senpai?”
“Thank you too Nyan Nyan…” Yuko said trying to control herself from going crazy as her heart was beating really fast because of that smile.
“Let’s get back here again next time Yuko-senpai”
“Hehe~ sure Nyan nyan, it will always be my pleasure”


@ At Kashiwagi’s residence

When Mayu got home she immediately change her clothes and went to yuki’s room.
She saw Yuki sleeping in her bed hugging a pillow in front of her in a fetal position.
Mayu slowly walks towards Yuki and sat beside Yuki’s back. She reached out Yuki’s hair and brushed it with her hands.
“she must have been crying because of that jerk again…”Mayu said as she slowly trying to put a kiss on Yuki’s forehead.
When she already gives her good night kiss to Yuki, Yuki woke up.

“uhm- sorry princess did I wake you up?”mayu said smiling
“Where have you been?” Yuki asked looking down not trying to look at mayu
“uhm- did you already ate?”
“Where have you been?” Yuki asked in a firm tone
“Uhm.. well In a anime sho-”
“Don’t lie to me Mayu. I know you’re not telling the truth”
“ah- Etou…”mayu was shocked she don’t know why yuki found out that she lied.
“Answer me Mayu. You know me well; I don’t like people lying to me”
“Why would you do that?! I saw you and you’re with that girl! Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Huh?!How did you-”
“mayu why did you lie to me? Why are you with that girl? Are you going out with her?”
“eh? no… I’m sorry Yuki, it’s just-”
“Don’t make up an excuse”
“I really didn’t mean to lie, but I know you wouldn’t allow me if I told you I will go with her”
”why are you with her *sob* Is she that important to you? This is the first time you lied to me and it’s because of another person… I don’t like it. are you going to leave me?”
Mayu was somewhat thinking that yuki was jealous but she don’t want to have her hopes high so she was trying not to think like that.
“why are you not saying something? Ah I know who am I to ask you who are you with anyway, it’s as if I have the right to know, you have your life anyway just go ba-”before Yuki could even finish what she was saying, mayu hugged her tight.

“Yuki I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to lie. You’re more important to me; you just didn’t know how much I value you. I’m really sorry. I don’t like seeing you cry, I won’t leave you. Please Yuki forgive me”
“Just go back to your room *sob* leave me alone”
“No” Mayu answered hugging Yuki tighter
“Mayu…” Yuki hiding her face with both of her hands and still crying. She don’t want to get mad at mayu but there’s something in her that makes her mad whenever she see mayu with that person, and in addition to that mayu lied to her to be with that girl… she can somehow feel a tingling pain in her heart.

Mayu can’t bear seeing yuki cry, especially it’s her fault that yuki was crying. she really thought that sae was still the reason why yuki was crying, so somehow, she was a bit glad. 

“I won’t leave you yuki, that’s how much I love you” Mayu cupped yuki’s face and stared at her, closing their distance, suddenly yuki felt something soft in her lips…
Mayu was kissing her
This makes Yuki’s eyes widen and stopped her from crying. She don’t know why mayu suddenly kissed her on lips, she was telling to herself to break the kiss but she can’t or more like she liked it.
Mayu’s kiss was gentle at first. Mayu was expecting that yuki would push her but yuki was just letting her kiss her.
Yuki’s POV
“Wait?! Mayu?!”
“She’s kissing me?”
“But this is not right”
“But why I can’t move”
“Why is she kissing me?”
“But why am I feeling comfortable with mayu kissing me?”
“My heart is beating so fast”
“Why is she doing this?”
“I can’t hold back”
And then Yuki slowly closes her eyes.

Mayu’s lip is so soft and the sensation that yuki feels right now is really different, making her felt comfortable and loved. Slowly yuki was returning the kiss… and they only stopped when they are out of air.

Mayu didn’t expect that yuki would return her kiss. She doesn’t even know what’s gotten into her that she kissed yuki.
Mayu looked at yuki who has both a wanting and confused look…
Yuki wanted to ask mayu why is she kissing her but she can’t speak, she can only feel the sensation of mayu’s lip on hers
After a few minutes of gazing with each other, Mayu kissed her again but this time more passionate. Mayu licked her lips asking for permission to enter, surprisingly she allowed Mayu to explore around her mouth. It was a passionate kiss yet yuki don’t know why she was feeling comfortable with it.
It was a long kiss. They are now both leaning with each other’s forehead, Mayu that time is gazing at Yuki’s eyes but yuki averted her gaze, she was blushing. The atmosphere has become awkward for the both of them.

“Is Yuki giving her hope? Is Yuki feels the same way for her? Will Yuki forget Sae and just look at her?” these thoughts was running through mayu’s head

“Yuki.. uhm-”
“C-can you Sleep here tonight… and … uhm…hugging me while I sleep” Yuki said not looking at mayu
Mayu was just surprised, she can’t stop but think that yuki is now giving her a chance.
Then the two of them sleep together. Mayu was hugging yuki, and despite that she was just facing yuki’s back her heart was beating fast about what happened that she can’t sleep.
On the other hand yuki can’t face mayu right now, her face was totally beet red from blushing.

“What did just happen?! Mou just sleep already Yuki!” Yuki thought her mind was totally a mess as well as her feelings

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finally..finally..finally!! :cathappy:

mayuki's love is in the air! :wub:

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Yes! Yuki you are on the right track just don't screw it

Author san i really hope yuki won't screw all the sweet kiss on the morning when she wake up
Because i seeing yuki still confused,
Yuki please just trust your heart...if you make a wrong move this time mayu surely gone from your hand,she has pride too you know and she somewhat confessed her will be painful if after that kissed she git reject

Part 2!!!

I  want now!!

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