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Author Topic: Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update Yuiparu Finale  (Read 37836 times)

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Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
« Reply #20 on: March 24, 2015, 04:29:16 PM »
after story~make it too~xD
sadrilim san..thanks for the update~ 'salute
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Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
« Reply #21 on: March 24, 2015, 07:21:54 PM »
Kuro_black29, i think i will make for Wmatsui or Atsumina first, since i am their oshi. But, i will need some time, since i decided to take some break in making any stories.

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Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
« Reply #22 on: March 25, 2015, 02:06:24 AM »
Awww realy sweet stories
I'm realy enjoy them  :twothumbs

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Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS polling
« Reply #23 on: April 04, 2015, 11:37:55 AM »
Which one should I make first? I have some new idea about yuiparu and sayamilky.
new story or after story?

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Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
« Reply #24 on: April 04, 2015, 12:03:56 PM »
Sadrilim san...after story first pleaseeee..onegaiiiiiiii~
And because wmatsui and mayuki is my oshi~
Hahaha...and then new story..thanks for the hard work~

Waiting for yours awesome story~
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Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
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Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
« Reply #25 on: April 10, 2015, 05:32:44 PM »
before you read the story, please forgive me. The story I make is become lamer and lamer.  :banghead:
I manage to finish the after story, but I don't think it is good enough. so sorry.
But anyway, enjoy it, the Wmatsui after story.

Wmatsui afterstory : My valentine chocolate

Jun is very happy. he can't stop grinning, because tomorrow is Valentine day and he and Rena promised to have a date. He just like a happy puppy, and now his invisible tail is wagging. He prepare a present for Rena. He prepare a ring, and it was worth of his part time job for 6 month. He started a part time job in a cafe, he want to make Rena happy, so he think a present would be good. Yuuma introduce him to a ring maker, he want to have  matching ring with Rena, so he order those ring, that will definitely match for him and Rena.

Rena pov
Tomorrow I will meet Jun kun, it been a while for us to meet in person. Last time is at the wonder land. It was such a nice date.  The other side of Jun is very cute through. I really miss him. Jun kun…

Note : please see the Wmatsui OS first since this fanfic is the after story from that. and also Mayuki OS.

We decided to ride a roller closter, at first Jun decline my offer but, after I insist he finally give in. we sat together. He is really tense, I can sense it from his body language.

Rena : Jun, calm down. it is okay. actually it is fun you know, we can feel the thrill and the speed is awesome.

Jun : Noooo!!! it not fine at all. those thrill and height. Rena, if something happened to me, please be safe. remember I will always by your side, and I want you to know that I love you more than myself always and forever.

Jun looks like want to pass out already, Rena just giggle at Jun reaction. it make her puppy pouted

Rena : Jun kun, don't afraid. I am with you okay? if you are good, I will give you a reward.

Jun eyes beamed like a child. hearing 'reward' word make him very happy.
Jun : you promise?

Rena : un! I promise.  Rena give him a smile, and a pat at his head.

After dating Jun, she find out that Jun actually a bit childish. Outside he looks like a mature and cool guy, but inside he really is a cheerful child with puppy personality. If he is happy, you will see his invisible tail wagging happily. if he is sad you can see his puppy ear bend down together with his tail. And if he is afraid, you can see his puppy eyes and his whine. Just like puppy our matsui boy doesn't like to be alone and for some people Jun attitude sometimes can be annoying (especially for Yuuma, sometimes he can't handle Jun's whining), but for Rena it is different. She love everything about Jun.

.... after roller coaster

Jun : Rena.. Rena..

Jun hold Rena tightly, as if his live is depend on it. The Yuki  just look at him at awe. As Yuki never see Jun like this, for Yuuma, he is relieve he didn't sit beside Jun. He can't imagine if he is being hug by Jun like that. Not in a million chance he will let that happened.

After that, Yuuma and Yuki go to buy some drink, meanwhile Jun is resting accompanied by Rena.

Jun : nee, Rena, how about my Reward?

Rena : hm..? what are you talking about?

Actually Rena just teasing Jun, sometimes she loves to tease him, his reaction just too cute.

Jun : mouu!! Rena chan..

Jun then pouted, it make Rena giggle. She then decided to give him a kiss on the cheek. somehow it make Jun smiled back. He is very happy. For Jun, even a small skinship from Rena is enough, because it is always Jun who give some affection. He know Rena is still nervous when she dealt with man, even though she never complaint if Jun want some affection, but sometimes if Jun is too over, her body language will tell him, that she is nervous. So instead of forcing her to do it, he will always stop. For Jun, he really love Rena so he is willing to do anything for her. He also want to make his relationship with her become deeper, but he will wait patiently for that, even if it will take forever for him.

Jun : nee.. Rena, lets meet again when valentine day come.

Rena : why we need to wait for that long Jun?

Jun : um.. I have some family gathering on 24th and 25th December, so I think it is not possible.

Rena : …

Jun : um.. Rena?

Rena : un! It’s okay. Let’s wait till valentine.

End of flashback

Rena decided to buy some ingredient for chocolate, together Yuki with her other friend Tani and Churi.

Tani : waa.. I am so jealous with you guys, I want a boyfriend too. So I can get a chocolate.

Churi : Tani! If you have boyfriend you need to give chocolate instead of get chocolate.

Tani : eh?! I don’t want to. I am suck at making sweet. It is better I give him something than poisoned him to death. Hm.. what should I do in valentine?

Rena : watch some anime

Yuki : just sleep

Tani : mouu!! Any better idea? Sigh, I hope there is somebody accompany me. My soul is so lonely. My parent ask me to go to Tokyo through. To visit my onee san, but I know my parent just want to be a lovey dovey together at home and my onee san want to go to a date.

Churi : I know! Just  visit the SKE café. I hear from my brother, they give some service for you, if you are alone. Some of their waiters will come and you will have a buddy talk. If you are lucky, you will have some skinship.

Tani : really? Wow! I sure will visit that place!

Yuki : maybe the waiters are ugly boy.

Tani : ehh??? Noo!!!

Churi : no, I have a prove, they are all handsome. I went there a couple time with my sister. The last time I go is at christmast, blame Airin for that, he really a jerk that leave me when christmast. So I go there, and have some fun. I also sent some photo to him.

Churi then show them some photo, and they see it, some of them is just too plain to be called handsome. Then Tani, see somebody, and that somebody is very attractive. She then showed it to Rena and Yuki.

Tani : looks! This one is handsome! I wonder if I will be lucky enough to be a buddy chat with him.

Yuki eyes  grow big, as it want to popped out from it place, as Rena is speechless. The photo Tani showed is  Matsui Jun. He wear a butler like clothes and is smilling in that photo. In that photo, he is taken a photo with Churi.

Rena : sorry guys, I think I have something to do, I will go home first. See you later girls.

Yuki : Rena!!

Yuki is chasing  Rena as, Churi and Tani don’t know what had happened.

Yuki : Rena wait!!

Rena didn’t wait for Yuki, as she keep running, her heart hurt so much. she doesn’t understand why Jun lied to her. Yuki manage to catch her. But, when Yuki see Rena crying, she doesn’t say anything and just hug her. Soothing her, that maybe there is a explanation for this. Yuki then take Rena home and go home, as Rena reject her accompany. Rena know, Yuki need to prepare a chocolate for Yuuma. Yuuma and Jun will come tomorrow, for valentine.

At home Rena just laying in the bed and crying, she want to ask Jun, but she afraid of Jun answer. She afraid Jun is tired of her, because she never be a normal girlfriend.

14th February

Yuuma and Jun come to Nagoya to meet their beloved one. As for Yuuma, he will go to Yuki house and together they will go to restaurant. Yuuma have reserved it as for Jun, he also go to Rena house, so they can go together. But, when he go to Rena house, Rena isn’t there.

Rena grandma : Jun kun, good to see you, but why are you here? Rena leave an hour ago. She dress beautifully, so I know she will have a date.

Jun : eh? really?

Rena grandma : did something happened, Jun kun?

Rena grandma is very happy when they found out Rena have a boyfriend. Moreover Jun is very good at steal Rena granny heart. Well, our Matsui boy is good at this. He is friendly after all. So, Jun doesn’t want to make Rena grandma worried, so he find another excuse.

Jun : ahahah!! Silly me, I am forget to meet her at restaurant. I need to go there now, so Rena won’t wait for me. 

Rena granma : please take care of her, Jun kun.  Tonight, I will go to gathering and I think I will not go home.

After that Jun excuse to himself to find Rena. he phone Rena but, Rena is didn’t answered the phone. He began to panic, as he didn’t know this place. he decided to go to the restaurant, but he doesn’t find Rena in there. As he phone Rena again, this time Rena answered.

Jun : Rena! where are you? I go to your home and your grandma said you already leave. I am so worried about you.

Rena : … Jun, I.. I really love you.

Jun : Rena?

Rena : but, I will never be a good girlfriend for you. You deserve better.

Jun : Rena, where are you now? Please don’t scare me.

Rena : let’s meet at a park near my house.

Jun : wait there okay, I will be there in any minute.

The place their reserved is not far from Rena house, and that park. So Jun run as fast as he can to the park. He afraid something will happened to Rena. At that park, near the the tree, there is Rena standing looking at the tree. The weather is a bit cold, Rena looked cold. When Jun is there, he quickly hug Rena.

Jun : Rena, you made me scare.

Rena : …

Jun : Rena?

Rena : Jun, let’s break up.

Jun : what? No!! I love you Rena. And I will never give up on you.

Rena : but, I am tired of this Jun. I am tired of long distance relationship. And I hate a liar!

After saying that, Rena run away, she is crying but, Jun manage to chase her. He hug her from behind and didn’t let go of her even though Rena resist him.

Jun : Rena, please tell me what happened.

Rena : Jun kun.. why are you lying? I really missed you, every day,

Jun : eh? what are you talking about, Re..

Jun is shocked, he doesn’t understand what is Rena saying as he see Rena is crying, Rena then manage to break free, and run as fast as she can. she manage to go inside her house and close the door. As Jun is in front of her house. He knock the door but, no answer. He know Rena is still in front of the door.

Jun : Rena, please open the door.

No answer from Rena. but then, there is a call from Yuuma.

Yuuma : hey, Jun kun. How is your valentine?

Jun : shut up Yuuma, I doesn’t have  a time to chat for that.

Yuuma : as I thought. Yuki have told me what happened. and I already explain that to Yuki the reason you are working.
Yuuma then told Jun, what had happened.

Jun : souka.. so she is angry because of that.

Yuki : Jun!

Jun : eh??

Yuki manage to snatch Yuuma phone and talked to Jun

Yuki : I need to talk to you, you baka Jun. Jun, you know that Rena never have a boyfriend before, and because of her past, she is become very timid. To tell you the truth, I am very happy because I see Rena become more cheerful, after she have you as her boyfriend. She smiled more and every day not only anime she talking about, she always talking about you when we are hang out together. She is really trust you. So when she find out, you are lying and have some time together with other GIRL!!! She is really sad. She is crying and heart broken, she think she is not good enough for you, she think you are bored, she think you doesn’t like to spent some time with her. You better fix everything JUN!!!

With that, Yuki close the phone. As for Jun, he is standing there. He sigh and take the ring from his pocket. He opened it and see it. He then shout some word.

Jun : Rena chan, I love you and I will wait here until you forgive me and let me in.

Jun is waiting, and waiting. As the weather is become colder and colder, because the snow started to fall. He become tired as he decided to sit down, his body already numb at any point and he think his vision become blurry. He passed out.

Rena is at her room, she heard what Jun said, but she is too angry and sad as she decided to ignore Jun. part of herself want to opened the door, but part of herself is to angry for that. As she lay down at her bed, she become sleepy, when she woke up, it already midnight. She looked from the window and find out Jun is still there. It is snowing and it really make her worried as something will happened to Jun.  So she go down and check Jun. She find out Jun is sleeping, his body is very cold. She then decided to drag Jun inside the house and manage to lay him at the sofa. But then Jun opened his eyes. When he see Rena, he quickly hug her tightly, doesn’t want to let her go.

Jun : Rena, I am sorry. Please hear me, I didn’t intent to lying to you. I.. I want to give you surprise. But instead of make you happy, I end up hurting you. I don’t want to break up with you. I love you.

Rena : Jun…

Jun then take out a box contain of ring and give it to Rena.

Jun : I have working at café because I want to give you a present. A great present for you. I want to give you surprise.

Rena : hiks, baka Jun.. I think you are bored at me, and you want to find another girl. I..

Jun : Rena, please have a confidence. I just love you and my heart will not fall on other women. You are the only women I want. And no other! Let’s engage, I already told my parents about this and they agree. I also have told your grandmother. And ask your parent permission. They agree about it.

He then wipe Rena tears, then he lift her face, as their eyes meet. Rena can see, Jun is very serious. As, he caress Rena face, Jun then kissed her. He kissed her with a full love and passionately. And Rena kisses her back. Jun is very happy, he can felt her kisses to him is full of love. He taken it as a yess answer from Rena. Jun then decided to deepened the kiss. He decided to cross the line. Normally, Rena is will started to tremble, but right now Rena is hugging Jun back to make their distance closer. Until Jun, break the kiss, because they need an air.

Jun : beside of the ring, I have another surprise to you.

Rena : huh? What it is Jun?

Jun : Rena I will move to Nagoya, so we can always be together.

Rena : really Jun?

Jun : un. Starting next week, I will move to Nagoya. take care of me nee, Rena chan.

Rena smiled at Jun baby talk, she find it really cute. As she caress his face give him a quick peck in the lip.

Jun : so Rena chan, where is my chocolate?

Rena : hm..? I don’t have any.

Jun : mouu!! Rena chan, I though I will have chocolate from my girlfriend.

Rena : hm.. alraight, I will give you one.

Rena then take out a chocolate candy, she put it in her mouth as it melt in her mouth, she then kissed Jun, give it to him mouth by mouth. As he sucked every chocolate from Rena mouth. Jun is extremely happy. Never he feel Rena this extreme.

Jun : it is  a good chocolate, my best valentine chocolate ever. Can I have another one? Can I have you as my chocolate valentine?

Rena : hm.. no.

Jun : eh?? Rena chan?

Rena : you need to promise me first. Not to work at that cafe again, Jun can only see me.

Jun : hai! hai! I promised, now can I have my chocolate valentine?

Rena just blush but she give him a nodded. As then Jun move closer and kiss her. They enjoy their valentine together that night.

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So how the after story?Depent of your comments, I will decide to make another or not.

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Gahhhhhhhhhhhh....wmatsuiiiiiiiii~  :shy2: :shy2:
'Died from happiness.... :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook:
awesome after story~  :ding: :ding:  :on gay:
Please do the other sadrilim san~  :tantrum:
And thanks for the wmatsui after story  :kneelbow:
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

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Love it! A lot! :3 good job yo. I want to see mayuki after story. :3. Hehehehhehehe this is awesome.
Thank you for the hardwork. :v

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AUTHOR SAN~~  :deco:
please do make the continuation of this fic.  :mon beam:  :mon inluv:
i want to know what'll happen to them next. :mon XD:
also thank you for the lovely updates, hope to see more coming up~ :heart:  :mon fyeah:

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@yuuchans, haha I will make it, maybe after I finish with other character afterstory.

@Zhen, I will make the other charc afterstory based on the poll. So far, Mayuki is the last. Maybe if it change to be second, I will make it soon.

kuro_black29, sure I will make it, but please be patient. because I need to make the next chapter for Wmatsui long story, my instant girlfriend.

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Awww so cute WMatsui  :)
Now waiting for Atsumina  XD  :heart:

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Yahoo!! I decided to update my Atsumina OS. some of you may be didn't like the story at all. Sorry...
But don't worry. I will make the other after story for Atsumina and my other pairing, if you all insist. lols

Any way, enjoy my lame fanfic. sorry if it become lamer and lamer.  :banghead:

sorry for bad english. And please wait for my other OS, next one is Mayuki!!!! :cow:

Atsumina After story : Always with you

"Minami let’s break up..”

Minami : why? You are kidding right? stop it!

Atsuko clenched her hand and look at Minami with her straight eyes. Deep inside Minami heart, he know that from her eyes, she really mean what she said just now.

Atsuko : I am not kidding Minami, I.. I am tired of you. so let’s break up.

Minami : no! I don’t want to be separated from you. please tell me what’s wrong.. Atsuko. I will change for you. if I upset you, tell me, I will try not to do the thing that upset you. Please…

Atsuko : I am sorry Minami, but we really need to break up. You and me didn’t really mean to be together.

Atsuko want to leave him, but he grab her shoulder and make her to face him, as he want to find that Atsuko is lying to him. But, he find nothing, he find that she is serious.

Atsuko : please let me go, this is the last time we will met.  I have somebody that I love, and I will go with him to US.Please… please be happy.
And with that Atsuko go away, leaving Minami who is desperate. His heart hurt so much, and he really doesn’t understand why Atsuko want them to break up. They really doesn’t have any fight lately. And for God sake, they date each other for 6 years already, and Atsuko never seem that she is bored with him. Why now?!


“ you know what, Takamina.. I never know that you will be in this state.. sigh..”

Minami : ahhh Yuu, my friend. How’s your days? I bet you just have a date with your Nyan nyan. Ha  ha ha... sorry to ruin it.

Minami is at police officer right now. He just get caught because he had some fight with another gangster at bar. And now he is drunk. there are few of bruise in his face, and some cut too. But when Yuu looks at the other cell, the gangster also not in a good condition. Most of them has a bandage in their head and moreover bruises.

Yuu then take Minami out, as he set himself as a guarantee for his stupid friend.  Yuu bring him to his apartment and set him on his sofa, while  he bring some water from his kitchen, Takamina started to sing a song, and dancing while walking toward the toilet. He fall down in the middle through.

Yuu : arggh!! Why you are like this, Takamina?! I will call Acchan.

Hearing Acchan name, Takamina then stopped Yuu for calling her. his eyes looked sad in pain.

Minami : there is not need. She won’t come. I already break up with her.

There is a silent , until Yuu realize what Minami has said.

Yuu : what?! Why? How? What did you do? did you upset her?

Minami : she asked me for break up. She said that she has another person that she loved. I beg for her, but she didn’t want to.

Yuu : and you believe that? You believe there is somebody that she loved beside you? Bakamina, you know she change school because of you, and she didn’t went to Tokyo university even though she have a recommendation to go because she want to be with you, as you know her parent move to the UK, and she  choose to be with you instead of with her parent. Did you think that Acchan is the person who want to break up with you just because she is tired of you? I don’t think so, or it is your love that not as strong as her?

Minami get up, his eyes filled with anger, as he want to punch his friend. He already clenches Yuu’s clothe,  but he didn’t do it. instead, what make Yuu surprise is, he is crying. The cold Takahashi Minami is crying.

Minami : I know it dammit! I also think that there is something wrong. But, what should I do Yuu? She… she kisses somebody else in front of me. just to proof that she have somebody else.

Flash back

Minami doesn’t believe what has  Atsuko said, so after Atsuko leaving him, he follow her to her house,  Minami wait long enough in front of Atsuko door, as Atsuko doesn’t want to let him in. Not long after that, there is a car that stopped in front of Atsuko house, from the car, come out a handsome guy.

Atsuko then opened the door and welcome the guy to come inside. Minami looks angry and held the door to prevent Atsuko to closed the door.

Minami : Atsuko, who is this guy?

Atsuko : don’t held the door please Takahashi san. This is my new boyfriend, Itano Tomo.

Minami : what?!

Hearing Atsuko called him Takahashi instead of Minami, really make him pissed off. More over hearing Atsuko said that this guy in front of him is Atsuko’s boyfriend. Make his heart tears into piece.

Minami : no! you are lying!!

Atsuko : no.. he is my boyfriend.

Atsuko then grab the boy clothes and kiss him. As Minami look at them, he then closed his eyes and go away. Next thing, he do is he is drinking at the bar.

Yuu : that… not possible, right? Takamina…

Minami just shakes his head and continue to go to the toilet. As he finished, he asked Yuu if, he can stayed in his apartment, because if he go home, he will remember Acchan again.  As Minami already sleeping, Yuu go outside and phone someone.

Yuu : hello, Nyan nyan? Are you sleeping?

Haruna : Yuu chan..? umn.. almost, what happened?

Yuu : Acchan and Bakamina aren’t couple anymore. Minami said that Acchan asked to break up with him, did you know something about this?

Haruna : WHAT?!!!  Yuu chan, don’t kidding me.

Yuu : sigh.. I also doesn’t want to believe what Minami said, but seeing him in this stated really don’t think he is lying.

Haruna : Acchan didn’t mention anything. Wait.. she did mention that she want to go to UK.

Yuu : she what?

Haruna : upps… Acchan said not to said this matter to anybody. Sorry Yuu chan.

Yuu : come on Nyan nyan. What did she said? Beside you already said it to me, why not spill all the milk?

Haruna : no.. Yuu chan. I will close the phone first. There is something that I want to make sure, good night Yuu chan. I love you.

Yuu : Nyan.. sigh.. girl’s secret sure is complicated. And now how I will deal with that Bakamina?

Next morning Minami wake up, but his head hurt so much. and his eyes is so heavy. As he adjust his vision. He know that he is at Yuu’s apartment.  slowly, he remember yesterday event.

Minami : so.. it is not a dream huh.. I wish it is just a dream. But looks like it is a reality.

Yuu : yoo Bakamina, you are awake? Take a bath will ya?  Let’s have a breakfast in AKB café. And I don’t want to hear no as the answer. So let’s go.

Minami just smile at Yuu, he know that his best friend just want to cheer him up. After a long day of sake and crying yesterday. Somehow his heart feel better. Alright. I will go to have a bath first. And after that we will go.

When they are enjoy their meal, Yuu got phone from Haruna.

Yuu : moshi moshi.. Nyan nyan?

Haruna : Yuu chan.. are you with Takamina?

Yuu : yeah… he is with me. nande?

Haruna : this is bad, Yuu chan, do you know that Acchan is sick?

Yuu : what?! What happened?

Haruna then tell him, after Yuu tell Haruna that Atsuko and Minami is breaking. Haruna then phoned the other girl to confirm something. As they always have a girl night, once in a three month, last one is held in Acchan’s house. when they are at her room,  Yuki find out a ticket to UK. And they asked Atsuko about it. it is dated on today. Acchan just smiled at them, and said that she missed her parent and she want to go there for a while. But she told them not to tell anyone.

Haruna asked Kasai Tomomi, her friend in UK. As Haruna feel weird, because Yuu tell her about Acchan new boyfriend name. as Haruna remember, Kasai’s boyfriend also named Itano Tomo.  That night, Haruna phoned Kasai Tomomi alas Chiyuu. She really need to wait till night, because of the difference of time.

Haruna : moshi – moshi, Chiyuu?

Tomomi : un.. Haruna..?

Haruna : sorry to interrupt you. but are you still dating that Itano boy?

Tomomi : yes , of course. Why you asked? I will met him though. He is back from Japan.

Haruna : hm..? why so?

Tomomi : he will accompany his cousin back to UK. His cousin is sick. So he will accompany her.

Haruna : may I know his cousin name?

Tomomi : if I am not wrong, her name is Maeda.. Maeda Atsuko.

Haruna : yabai…

End of conversation.

Yuu then tell Takamina about Acchan condition. It make Minami surprised. He is angry to himself. he never know that Atsuko is sick, and never did she say it to him. it make him upset to think that Atsuko didn’t trust him enough to share her pain to him. He is too stupid not not realize there is something wrong with Atsuko.

Yuu : don’t think too much, bakamina. I think Atsuko have her own reason why she didn’t want to tell you.

Minami : Yuu, I need Haruna help. I will go to UK to meet her. I want to know what happened to her and what her reason. Please help me.

Yuu : of course, my friend.

Minami : thank you my friend.


Acchan is at hospital, waiting for her result to come out. she been lying in the bed since yesterday. As she run a lot of check up for her body, she become quite tired since she already at the hospital for three days to do  a lot of check up and preparation for her surgery. Her mind run to a certain midget that make her heart skipped a beat. She really love that certain midget, but now is impossible. After all she the one who asked for break up.

Maeda ma : Acchan dear, are you tired? Do you want to take a rest? or are you hungry? I will buy you some food.

Acchan : un.. both of that, mama. I want to drink a tomato juice.

Maeda ma : wait here okay? I will go to buy some. May be I wil take some time, because I will go back to bring you clothes more.

Acchan : okay mama.

With that Maeda ma is leaving, and Acchan feel so tired so she went to sleeping. In the middle of her sleep. she hear a voice, a voice that she loved to hear, a voice that she miss so much. yes, it is a voice of a certain midget that she loves so much. Acchan open her eyes, and she see Minami right in front of her, smiling. His face is so close to her, as Acchan think that she still dreaming,  she then touch Minami face, from his hair, his forehead, his eyelash, his eyes, his nose, his dimples, and lastly his mouth, and lip.

Slowly but sure, Minami close the gap between them, as Atsuko fell Minami lips on hers, it really made her feel really happy. It is good to have this dream, they kiss and kiss until Minami kiss her more passionately, he depend the kiss and it make Acchan realize that it is not a dream at all. she can feel Minami tongue inside her mouth, and it is too real.

Breaking the kiss, Atsuko face looks surprise, she then touch Minami face again, but instead of held them gently like last time, she pinch his cheek.

Minami : itaii!! Atsuko!! It is hurt!

Atsuko : Mi..Minami?! why are you here?

Minami : to visit my sick girlfriend of course.

Atsuko : wha.. what are you talking, Takahashi san.. you are not my boyfriend anymore.

Minami : please don’t lying, Atsuko. And stop with that “Takahashi san”, it is Minami for you. I know everything. That’s why I am here.

Atsuko seems surprise with Minami’s answer. As she doesn’t even let everybody in Japan know about her condition.

Minami : Atsuko, you will be healty again after this surgery, I am sure of it.

Atsuko just shake her head, as she began to crying.  She know eventhough she pass the surgery. And become healthy again there is something will still be missing.

Atsuko : you don’t understand..

Minami : about what? The possibility of you won’t have a child right?

Atsuko :?!.. how..

Before Minami can answer, from behind Maeda Ma is coming.

Maeda Ma : I the one who told him, Acchan.. I met him before I went back to home.  He insist that he want to be your boyfriend even though he already know the consenquence.

Atsuko : hiks… no.. Minami, I don’t want to.

Minami : not this time, Atsuko. Even though you push me hard this time, I won’t go back. If you don’t want to be my boyfriend, I will always be your side, until.. until you find your happiness.

Atsuko : please.. Minami.. you are my happiness, seeing you sad, also make me sad. that’s why I lied to you.. I don’t want to make you sad.

Minami : so do I, Atsuko don’t you understand than when you said to me that you want to break up, my heart hurt so much, I though there is something missing. And my day seems over. Please Atsuko. If I the one who got sick, will you leave me too? Even though I tell you to go away?

Atsuko : yada!! But…

Minami : no but! Let’s make a promise. After your surgery, I want us to be together forever.. so… Maeda Atsuko, will you married me?

Atsuko just stay silent. Deep in her heart, she is very happy. It is one of her dream. To be together with Minami. And get married and have a child, stay together till they become old. Be happy together. But she know there isn’t any guarantee for her to be alive after the surgery, and if she ever survived, the doctor said that she won’t have a child anymore.  She doesn’t want to ruin Takahashi blood line because of her. Minami is the only child from Takahashi Family, and she ever met Minami’s parent, how they really want for Minami and her to get married soon so they can have a  grand child.

As understand what Atsuko has taught. Minami then held Atsuko hand, gently and with determination eyes, look at Atsuko eyes.

Minami : please don’t say no to me. I know things will be different, but believe me, I am the happiest when I am with you. And I don’t care what people said or even doctor said, I just want a baby that born from you tummy. and if it is impossible, I don’t care. As long as I am with you, then I will throw everything.  We will find a way. Right now, what I wish the most is your heath. And don’t dare you said that you don’t love me. you kiss me hungrily just now, you know that?

Atsuko : Mi..minami!! (blushed)

Minami :  he he.. my love one.  So, are you ready to be my everything?

Atsuko : un.. we will be always together.

end of Atsumina after story.


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Awwww that was cute  :mon waterworks:

Acchan, don't worry, you can adopt, I'm sure Takamina wouldn't mind

Can't wait for the next after story!

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That was.. khmm.. yeah.. from the start very sad.. but at least, they in the end will be together for ever and ever.. well, they have no other choice.  8)
AtsuMina!  :love:
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Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update storyafter (9/9/15)
« Reply #35 on: September 09, 2015, 04:14:39 PM »
Hey all,

I am back with Atsumina again, since the last OS a bit gloomy for them (and I hate to make them suffer), I make the second after story for them. Sorry, I did promised that I will continue with Mayuki, but today the idea pop out, and here it is.

Anyway, enjoy and sorry if there is something that weird term in the story, since I am to lazy to identify Acchan's sickness and so.

ATSUMINA OS : The Happiest Man In The World

Yuuma : Acchan are you sure with this decision? Takamina will kill me for sure…

Atsuko : come on Yuuma, you know that I want it for a long time.

Yuuma : but, this is too risky. What if Takamina and Yuki know? I don’t want to be hate or get killed.

Atsuko : I will deal with Takamina. It is okay..

Yuuma : sigh.. Takahashi Atsuko, I ask you again,  do you really want to do this? it may take your life.

Atsuko pov

Five years since I and Minami get married, everything is great. Minami love me so much, good environment, and great friend. but there is something missing if in the marriage  you don’t have children. I know I should be grateful enough to be alive after the operation. Yes..  I am sick, but that a long time ago. And that sickness almost separated me from Minami. At first it is my decision to break up from him. But he insisted to be with me even though I won’t be able to have any child anymore. He support me and show me how much he love me  very much.

This is the tough decision for him and his family. Because knowing that I have a small possibility to have a children… But Minami insist that he don’t want any girl beside me. And at last his family agree about our marriage.  Me and Minami agree that we won’t talk about it anymore. But, deep in my heart I really want to have Minami’s child.  Bearing his child is one of my greatest gift beside having Minami beside me.

And now I talk about this matter to Yuuma. Yes.. Oshima Yuuma, as known as a great doctor in the most famous Hospital in Japan. As I consulted to him, he find a way for me to have a child. But, he said this is risky and I may die because of that.

Well, I know that I am selfish, I don’t even ask Minami about this, because I know he will object about my decision. I asked Yuuma to trick him, for our last check up, so I can get his sperm. And now the decision is on me. Yuuma seems disagree with Minami’s absence right now. But my decision is final.

End of pov

Yuuma : sigh.. alright, I will inform you three days later. But before the sperm injection, I want Takamina to be here with you. if not, I won’t do this procedure. He is your husband so he need to know.

Atsuko : … fine, I will try to talk to him.

At other place in the same time

Minami : hey.. Yuu.. sorry I am late

Yuu : Takamina I miss you so much!!!! (hug Minami)

Minami : aw!! Don’t do that! I don’t want people think us as a gay..

Yuu : don’t you miss me?

Minami : nope!

Yuu : Takamina, you are so cold.. (fake tears)

Minami  : for god sake Yuu, we just meet last week, and congratulation, Nyan – nyan is pregnant right? I hear it from Atsuko.

Yuu : yeah.. thank you Takamina. But.. hey.. what with that face? You congratz me but you make that sad face..

Minami : ah.. I am sorry, I just remember about Atsuko..

Yuu : ah…

Minami : you know, I think she want a kid…

Yuu : why don’t you adopt a kid?

Minami : I don’t think that the main problem..

Yuu : what do you mean Takamina?

Minami : Yuu.. she want our kid. She want to have a kid that run my blood. Even though I know that is not possible. But she seems to bring that matter again. I think she and I agree not to talked about it anymore. Sigh… I know how much she want a kid just like my parent want to. But if by having a kid will make me losing her, I better end up not having a kid. I am a selfish man right?

Yuu : well, I know you feeling very  well. I also afraid of losing Nyan – nyan. Even though, Yuuma said that everything will be alright. But I really afraid something got wrong when the delivery time come  and I will lose her forever.  And Takamina, didn’t you said that Acchan possibility to have a kid is very low? What make you afraid?

Minami : … I don’t know Yuu. I just have a feeling. sigh.. I better go home, right now. I promise her that I will be at home before 8 p.m.

At Takahashi Resident

When Minami go home, he didn’t find Atsuko in the living room, so he went to their room. it is dark, as he can’t see anything. But when he went inside, somebody tackle him and make him fall down in their bed.

Minami : At.. Atsuko?!

Atsuko sit on top of him, and started to kiss him hungrily. As he touch her body, he realize that Atsuko didn’t wear anything. She is naked.  Minami never get tired of her body, her smooth skin, her perfect body, and mostly her moan. Every time they make out, her moan always make him want more and more.

While kissing Minami, Atsuko began to undress him.  Touching his bare chest, down to his stomach and now to his friend.  Her touch really make him gone crazy. Minami can’t stand of it anymore. He then rolled and now he is on Atsuko top. He started to kiss her all over her face and down to her neck, giving a love bite to her, as Atsuko moan her name, his friend began to be bigger and bigger. Atsuko can feel it between her tight.

Before Minami continue, Atsuko held his face and now they are staring at each other..

Atsuko : Mi..Minami… do you love me?

Minami look at her, he don’t understand why she asking about that thing right now. But, Minami know there is some insecure in her eyes.

Something must be wrong. Instead of answering, Minami seal their lips deep and passionately. After kissing her, he caress her face, and giving her assuring smile.

Minami : Atsuko, I deeply in love with you. I want to be with you forever, and I am sure my feeling won’t change no matter what. What wrong, Atsuko? Did something bad happened?

Feeling that Minami really cared about her, Atsuko really feel guilty. She know that having a kid is not her matter only. But it is hers and Minami, yet she didn’t even tell him up until the now.

Atsuko : hiks.. I … am hiks.. sorry.. Minami… please don’t hiks..hate … me…

Minami : Atsuko… don’t cry please.. tell me what wrong? I promise I won’t angry or even hate you. now tell me, my love.

Minami then hug her, and take her to his embrace. He is confuse but, he wait for her to calm down. Caressing her hair gently and give her a gentle kiss. He wait for Atsuko to calm down. As Atsuko calm down, she started to tell Minami about her plan of having a child.

Minami : wh.. WHAT?!! Why don’t you tell me sooner?

Atsuko : see.. you are angry. (sulking, and pouting)

Minami : eh? no.. not like that… Atsuko, I thought that we already talked about this matter.

Atsuko : …

Minami : if it is because of Haruna is pregnant?

Atsuko then look down not dare to look at his eyes. Bull eyes! Minami thought.  Minami then lift her face. But then, he buried his face on Atsuko’s neck. Inhaling her sweet scent, he hug her and tightened his hug.

Atsuko : Minami..?

Minami : Atsuko.. I am afraid.

Atsuko : Minami.. I know. I also afraid. But I also ready for this. I know I am..

Minami : but.. how? I thought the possibility is very low, because…

Before Minami finish his word, Atsuko interrupt him

Atsuko : I have talked those matter with Yuuma. And he said that with the newest technology, he can make the possibility higher.

Minami : sigh.. I guess let met Yuuma tomorrow, with I know that eyes Atsuko, no matter I said what, you will do it right?

Atsuko : so that mean..

Minami : yeah, let.. try it. let us have our child.

Atsuko : Minami, I love you.

Minami : he he.. now, let me finish what I left. (pinned Atsuko )

Atsuko : Mi..Minami… (.. blush)

Next day…

Minami : Yadaa!!

Atsuko : but, Minami you promised me.

Minami : with the probability you will die? Not a chance.

Atsuko : Yuuma, please help me..

Yuuma : sigh.. what problem did I bring, eh? Takamina, I know there is a possibility for Atsuko to erm.. dying. But the possibility is very low, if she followed the procedure, and if the worst one happened then, there is a way to save her, that is by having  second surgery and take out her ovary.

Minami : meaning?

Yuuma : well, this time she won’t have any chance to get a child anymore and may be she need to consume some vitamin and medicine to support her for a while.

Atsuko : please.. Minami..  (pleading eyes)

Minami : urgh.. fine. If something bad happened and in the end will take her life, I want you to take out the babies, alive or dead. Your life is my top priority.

With that Atsuko started to have follow the program and at last she is pregnant. Not only one child, but two. She bearing a twins.  Minami really take care of her, he hired a housemaid to help Atsuko, give her a delicious food, and also bear with Atsuko high level of stress.  He really make sure that he never missed out anything regarding Atsuko’s health.  Everytime it is time for Atsuko check up, he will take a day off and accompany her.  He really make sure there isn’t something wrong with Atsuko and her babies.

During the delivery day.

Yuuma lead the surgery, as Minami wait in the waiting room accompany by Yuu and Jun. While Rena accompany Haruna. Few days ago, Haruna giving a birth to a beautiful baby girl. As Atsuko have to delivery sooner because of her body can’t stand it anymore and for her own safety and her babies also, Yuuma suggest them that Atsuko need to give a birth sooner.

Yuu : OMG, calm down Takamina. I am really tired to see you walk around like that. you will started to make a hole  if you continue like that. sit down! I am sure Yuuma will take a great care of her and her babies.

Jun : yeah! you are the one to talk, I still remember when Haruna san is giving a birth. You are worse than Takamina, you shaking my body non stop asking me what time it is, and complaining why it is not yet done. But, Yuu is right. Takamina, you need to calm down. believe in Yuuma and Acchan. I am sure Yuuma is trying his best, same with Acchan.

Yuu : HEY!! that;s not true!!

Takamina : but I CAN’T !! I really want to help her or at least ease her pain.

Yuu & Jun : sigh..  ( it is gonna to be a long day)

As the time since take forever, Yuuma finally come out from Surgery room. right after he come out, Takamina quickly run to him, asking him about Atsuko condition. 

Yuuma : congratulation Takamina, you are a father now. two healthy baby boy are born into this world.

Takamina :  How is Atsuko? Is she okay? How her condition? Is she in pain? Did something bad happened?  Yuuma, tell me (shaking Yuuma )

Yuu : geez.. Takamina, calm down. let him finish his word first!

Yuuma : Atsuko is fine, we will move her to her room, after that you can see her.

Takamina can’t stop grinning, he is the happiest man today.  He got to see his sons, before they get inside the cube. Yuuma explain that they need to be inside the cube from a few days,  but not need to worry, they are healthy, just a little weak, because they are force to born soon. After that, he go inside the room where Atsuko is resting. 

Atsuko : Minami… have you see them?

Minami : yeah, they are handsome.

Atsuko : just like their dad (giggle)

Minami : un.. they have your face too Atsuko (blushed)

Atsuko : have you thought of their name?

Minami : un.. I will name them Yui and Sayaka

Atsuko : that is a sweet name.

Minami : thank you Atsuko, for bringing them to me. Thank you Atsuko, for making me the happiest man in the world. I love you.

Atsuko : I love you too, Minami..

end of POV

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Re: Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update storyafter (9/9/15)
« Reply #36 on: September 09, 2015, 05:49:06 PM »
Congrats atsumina and kojiyuu too :D
Will you continue that fic author-san? Nice story~ :D

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Re: Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update storyafter (9/9/15)
« Reply #37 on: September 10, 2015, 12:22:10 PM »

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Re: Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update storyafter (9/9/15)
« Reply #38 on: September 11, 2015, 06:38:03 AM »
Ah... so they have kids at last...

Well the family is happy...

Thank you for the update

Can't wait to see more Atsumina

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update Mayuki storyafter
« Reply #39 on: December 06, 2015, 03:49:47 PM »
Hi all,
I decided to make the other after story and it is Mayuki!!  :cow:

I know I should make Kojiyuu after Atsumina, but the idea for Mayuki has been nagging me for quiet a long time. Sorry  :sweatdrop:

I spilt it into two or three part. hopefully you will like my fanfic.

Mayuki OS : Love and Betrayal

Part one

Yuki POV

Love sure is complicated. I thought I know that I am moved on already, but why after this long time, he come back again? I wonder what is this feeling I have.  It is because Yuuma isn’t here? Is it because I don’t love Yuuma with my whole heart.

End of POV

Yuki and Yuuma has been dating even after Yuuma graduated first and get an opportunity to study in UK.  Yuki know that her boyfriend has a lot of opportunity, but being apart from him for so long, really make her miss him so much. Sometimes she wonder if she really have a boyfriend. It been two years since they started this long distance relationship. And lately there isn’t any massage or even goodnight call from Yuuma.

And in this lonely time, Yuki meet with her crush, Miyazawa Sae. When she is in the middle school, she is close with Sae kun. He is handsome, and always nice to Yuki, not only that, he also an atheltic type who is very active and full spirit very different from Yuuma. But after high school, Sae move to another school and they lost contact with her.

Yuki once have a crush with Sae kun, but she never told him about her feeling. She once regretted it. But after a long time, she finally can forget about Sae and then not long after that she met her cyborg boy. And fall in love with him.

That night, Yuki have a fight with Yuuma. And her feeling isn’t really well. That day is valentine day. And Yuuma didn’t even call her or message her. She know that Yuuma is busy. But how busy is him in this special occasion?!

 Flash back

Yuki walking alone in the street, as tonight is the valentine day. But she feel really awful. She has been trying to call Yuuma, but his phone is not active, she has send him massage from this morning, but until now, there isn’t any message or phone call from her beloved boyfriend. 

She checked her phone again once more time, still there isn’t any answer or reply. So she decided to send another message.

To My idiot Cyborg :

I miss you…

As she send it while walking, she didn’t notice that she bummed into somebody.

Yuki : ah! I am sorry, I… Sae kun?

Sae : Yuki? Kashiwagi Yuki? Is that really you?

Yuki : ah.. yes, it is me. how have you been?

Sae : woah! Fine. I really missed you so much.  I see you has become a beautiful lady. (smile to her)

Yuki : ah..thank you (blushed)

Sae : you alone?

Yuki : un… I want to go shopping after that I plan to go home.

Sae : in this valentine day? Woah.. why don’t you join me to the karaoke? Still remember Sata and the gang? I am going to the karaoke with them tonight, why don’t you also join us?

Yuki : er… I am not sure, Sae kun..

Sae : come on, it must be fun. And It been a long time since we hang out together. Okay?

Yuki thought that she missed her old friend too. Maybe it is not a bad thing to go with Sae kun.  Beside, her boyfriend didn’t even missed her lately. Going out together with a lot of friend is not cheating right? she just go together to that place with Sae.

Yuki : alright, count me in.

So, Yuki go there with Sae. She meet her old friend and they enjoy that day together. Yuki really enjoy her friend company. Until it is late and it is time to go home. Sae offer her to take her home by car. in the car,  finally they can talked to each other freely, they talked a lot about everything that happened, and they talked until they want to reach Yuki apartment. Sae stopped her.

Sae : so Yuki, do you have a boy friend already?

Yuki : hm… I wonder. How about you? I bet you already have a girlfriend already. You are handsome and kind. Every girl will fall for you, Sae kun.

Sae : really?... but I don’t think you are right. there is one girl that I love so much back then, but silly me I never have a chance to tell her that I loved her. until now, I still l love her, and each day my feeling toward her is very strong.

Yuki : you should tell her your feeling, Sae. If not, then you will always think about her and hard to move on.

Yuki isn’t aware of who Sae talking about. The one that Sae mention is Yuki herself.  Sae also love Yuki so much. But back then, he is too young to realize about his feeling. And not long after that, he lost contact with Yuki, because of his father work, he has to move to another place to another place.

Sae : so you think that girl will accept my feeling?

Yuki : hm.. it is depend on that girl, if she love you, may be she will

Sae : heee? What with that answer.. (pout)

Yuki : aww.. Sae kun so cute (poking his cheek)

Looking at Yuki who smile to him, Sae didn’t think to much, and because of the alcohol. He become so brave and move closer to capture Yuki lip. At first, Yuki is so shock. She want to push him, but Sae grip her tightly and making it harder to move. Yuki resist at first, but then she return the kiss.

They kiss and Sae move closer to make them closer. But then Yuki try to push him again.

Sae : Yuki, the person that I said I am in love is you. I have fall for you for a long time. And until now the feeling get stronger and stronger each day. I really want to meet you again, and now I meet you. I won’t give up on you.

Yuki : I …  I … I am sorry Sae kun.

Yuki then directly leave  Sae and go inside. Her mind is at mess, and also her feeling.

Yuki Pov

What is this feeling? Why my heart beating so fast. And why I didn’t reject Sae kun? I … I already have Yuuma with me. After this, I wonder why my heart still beating for other man.

After that kiss, Sae kun confess his feeling to me, and but then in my mind, I remembered Yuuma. On that moment I can see Yuuma face flash in my mind. And I know this is wrong. I can accept Sae feeling. not now, after I have Yuuma. But, why my feeling is beating like crazy. I think I move on already. But, now I not really sure about this.

Yuuma kun… I am sorry.


Yuuma Pov

Tonight finally I can back to Japan,  after three years in UK, finally I can finish my study and I can go back to Japan. I am so busy this morning, because I have rush to go back to Japan. Today is Valentine day after all. I want to give some surprise to my girlfriend.
I bet, her reaction will be very funny. To see me back in Japan. I didn’t tell Yuki about it. because it will be one of my surprise to her. I still have another surprise to her.

I smile as I think about the other surprise. I look at the ring that I have prepared for her. I will ask her to married me. Time fly so fast, as I know I been so busy lately to prepare all the thing done so I can go back to Japan. And I feel very guilty because  I don’t even have a time to talk to her or reply her message quickly.

As I arrive from the airport, I quickly open my phone. And I can see a lot of mail and missed call from my beloved girlfriend. The last email really make my heart hurt.

“I miss you…”

Only those word she texted and it can make me feel very guilty. I quickly called taxi, asked him the nearest flower shop that still open, I need to give her a beautiful flower so she can forgive me, right?

He he.. thinking about her reaction when I am arrive, can make me smile like an idiot. Be it angry, be it crying, or anything. Her reaction really can amuse me.

As I almost arrived to her apartment. I forgot to say that Yuki has move from Nagoya to Tokyo to attend university back then, and she because she continue to work in Tokyo she life in Apartment near her office.

Actually beside of that, it is near my house. so back then I am the one who suggest her to live in this apartment. it have a great security too, so I feel relieve when I have to study at UK back then.

As I knock the door, there isn’t any body inside. I wonder why she didn’t go home yet. It is already so late and I know she never go home this late before. I wait for a quiet a while until I hear a foot stepped that come nearby, I looked and see that is Yuki and the other man.

I think if Yuki see me now, she will laugh at me. because I believe my face is frowning and full of jealous.  I can see how that man keep looking at my Yuki smiling face. And why did she smile so happy like that. Damn it!

That man stopped Yuki for walking farther, and the next one I can see is… that man kiss Yuki. It make my heart boil. I really want to hit him, as I want to come closer, I was shocked. I can see Yuki kissed him back. They are too engross with each other, and looks like they didn’t see me at all.

This can’t be real right? I don’t know why, but I run away. I don’t want to meet Yuki right now. I don’t want to hear that she want to break up with me. I don’t want to hear that she want to dump me. why.. Yuki… I thought that you love me, but why you do this to me!!

End of Pov

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