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Author Topic: The Meaning of Love [Mayuki]  (Read 4276 times)

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The Meaning of Love [Mayuki]
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The Meaning of Love
6043 words

In early November, Watanabe Mayu’s fiancé just cancelled their wedding plan due to Mayu’s circumstances as a doctor that didn't allowed her to have free time together with her fiancé. At first, everything went okay but later on after patiently wait for her, he grew tired and called off his engagement to Mayu. Mayu couldn't understand why he would do that and at first she didn't accept it. But she couldn’t change his decision. So she just accept it even though she didn't want to. Yet, until now she still doesn't know whether her refusal is because of she truly love him or just because she think that it is not fair for him to make a decision without her consent. Whatever the reason is, at this time she is so furious.

“I don't get it Jurina, why would he do that? Was it really necessary to cancel the wedding?” She spoke to one of her colleague, Jurina, while she stirs her wine. Normally Mayu would never drink any alcoholic beverages but this one is Jurina’s idea to get rid Mayu’s uneasiness. She thought maybe Mayu would feel much better after let her feeling go off her chest.

“Just forget it Mayu, maybe this is the best for both of you.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, you never looked happy whenever he was around, I thought you never really love him at the first place.”

“…” Mayu can only remain silent. The trust is, she never fall in love with anyone. She has no experience with love. Sure she had a fiancé, she used to like him and so did he. But she never really grasped the idea of what love is.

“Do you really want to keep marrying him despite that he dumped you? What will you do? Begging to him?”

“…. No I don't want to beg.”

“Then you need to move on from him! Come on you need to forget about all of this!” Jurina chirped.

“I tried, just look at me now.” She gulped down the last of her wine and threw her gaze to Jurina.

“Nice! Keep that spirit! Now follow me, I know some good place around the corner!”

“We’re leaving now?” in reply to Mayu’s question, Jurina just simply grinned and dashed to pay their bills. Mayu sighed, she knows that she shouldn’t ask for Jurina’s help because the black haired woman wouldn’t take her problem seriously. But she had no other option. She slowly rose up from her seat and stood up for a second due to the after effect of the alcohol. It was starting to mess her head and after that she leisurely followed Jurina.

“Where will we go no-” before she finished her question, she heard Jurina’s phone rang.

“Hello?... what? Right now?.... Where’s the other doctor?... I see, I’m on my way then.” Jurina just ended the phone call with troubled look in her face. Mayu knows the answer and doesn't ask anything.

“You should go, I can take care of myself.”

“But promise me you will go to your house after we split.”

“I understand, I will. Don't worry about me.”

“You sure?”

“One hundred percent. Beside I’m not that drunk. Now off you go.”

“We’ll continue this tomorrow ok! Don't you dare to go anywhere without me!” After that Jurina ran to the hospital where they work together. Mayu knows that something urgent happened in the hospital, so she doesn't want to stop her for doing her duty.

Alone in the random street without friend, and slightly drunk, Mayu start to walk without having any place set in her mind, she just walked to random direction. After she walked for several minutes, she could observe that the path she chose was full of light. The area was surrounded with many bars and often she could see nightclubs. Mayu didn't even looked for a glimpse to the signboard she passed. But after strolling around for quite awhile, one signboard caught her curiosity. The color of shocking pink and blue illuminated on the neon signboard. She didn't fully read the signboard, the sign just happened to make her wonder what’s inside that place. Without further ado, she came in to that place.

“Welcome dear customer! Thanks for coming to our club.” she was greeted by the server. She slowly scanned the hall, she could see many young women dressed in fancy dresses and several customers were having a conversation with the girls. This is something new for Mayu. She doesn't have any single clue on what’s going on in this place. While Mayu still amused by her new surrounding, not far from her spot, one beautiful young woman looked fixedly to the potential customer. Mayu sensed someone had staring at her and tried to ease herself by quickly answer the worker.

“Do you have any preference? We will try to find the most suitable one for your liking.” The server smiled. As the server continued to talk, she hasn’t grasped any word he uttered but as a young woman with pride she didn't want to embarrass herself and tried to look tough.

“No, but I would gladly take any recommendations from you.” She smiled.

“Very well then, let me escort you to your table Miss.” After following the server, she sat on the fancy couch and wait for whatever the server will bring. Her eyes now following where the server goes. Right when he wanted to go to the hall, He changed his direction and went to the young woman who just called him. After they had some little chat, the woman who dressed in Tosca blue proceeded her way to Mayu’s direction.

“Hi, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki, thanks for choosing to come here.” One young woman with a dress that showed off her upper part of her body came to greet Mayu. Mayu slightly amazed with the random stranger who now bent down her upper body to make eyes contact with her. Mayu tried her best to maintain her vision from looking into this stranger’s marvelous asset.

“Hi Kashiwagi-san, um my name is Watanabe… Watanabe Mayu.” Not sure whether she should say her full name or not, but in the end she did say her name. She became a little bit nervous when the stranger went too close to her personal space. Without any warn, The Kashiwagi girl sat on her couch and slowly pushed her body a little bit closer to Mayu. She could feel Kashiwagi hands clings into hers. When she still couldn't comprehend the situation, her eyes distinguished a pout in Kashiwagi’s lips.

“No need for being formal with me, you can just call me Yuki or whatever nickname that you like.” And just like that Yuki makes her face becomes warm.

“Ah… sure, uhm Yuki-sa-“ she could feel strong disagreement from her eyes and a cute pout in her lips.

“Yu-Yuki.” now she get a satisfy nod from Yuki and she tighten her hand on Mayu’s arm.

“So what brings you here? I heard that you didn't have any preference?”

“I just happened to pass by this area. Well to be honest I never came to any place like this.” After hearing that Yuki threw her seductive smile to Mayu.

“Good, so I’m your first then.” She said it while placed her palm into Mayu’s hand.

“Pardon? What? My what?” she slightly blushed after hearing what the girl said.

“Your first hostess, silly.” She giggled happily while playing with Mayu’s long hair. 

“Ah… I see.” She surely thought about something else. Anyone who has eyes and ears could easily recognize it from her strange response. Aside from that, now Mayu finally grasped the idea on what place she entered into.

“You know this is also my first time having a girl all for myself. ”She tucked some of Mayu’s hair behind her ear. That simple act and the closeness of their frames were successfully made her system shutting down. The absent of Mayu’s response didn't slipped from Yuki easily.

“Mind to share your thought Mayu? I guess you were quite having some fun with your own thought.” Yuki was whispering seductively in her ear. Mayu could swear to the God she would be dead if the Hostess did more than whispering. Her poor heart still hasn’t get used with this kind of situation.

“No- well, I mean- I thought you- we- uhm, what was your question again?” she couldn't control her heart beat, she tried to make her expression under control but she failed. It was very odd even for her standard, usually she can keep calm just in the blink of an eye. She mentally blamed the alcohol for ruining her composure. Yuki in other hand chuckled at Mayu odd behavior.

“You’re kind of cute Mayu. You just need to be more relax~” she patted and then massaged her stiff shoulder in a seductive way.

“I am…trying.” Mayu felt her throat dry just because of her touch. Yuki noticed it and asked Mayu.

“Say, Mayu, do you fancy some wine?”

“Sure, I would love to have some.” Yuki swiftly tilted her head to the side where the server stood up and gave him some signs. Shortly, the server came with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses.

“Here, let me pour it for you.” She poured some of the wine to Mayu’s empty glass and to hers. She gave one of the glasses to mayu and held one.

“Cheers Mayu!” 

“Cheers...” she felt confused now, before she came into this place, she felt mad, empty and furious. But all of that feeling just simply disappears when she met the hostess. She wonders why...

“Do you have something in mind?” the Hostess girl noticed the subtle changes on the Watanabe girl. Mayu feels that the Hostess can see through her mind.

“It just.. My fiancé just dumped me today..” Mayu gave her a wrenched smile.

“Wow so you had got engaged already? Tell me, I want to know more.” Yuki placed her glass to the table and change her position to have a better look of her customer’s face without let her hand go.

“He proposed to me one year ago, and I accepted his proposal. But these several months I was terribly busy with my job and then… things happened.” She summarized her problem for the Hostess. After she understand Mayu’s problem, she took Mayu’s hand and held it. Mayu averted her gaze from Yuki’s hand to Yuki’s face. She tried to read Yuki’s facial expression, but she couldn't understand her expression. The Kashiwagi seemed to think something but no one can figure it out.

“I’m so sorry to hear that. Do you feel better now?” Mayu took her glass and drank all of the liquid inside the glass. She finally got drunk just from one glass.

“Surprisingly, after I meet you, I feel a little bit better. Thank you Yuki.” she gave the hostess a hug. She surely caught Yuki off guard, but she still reply Mayu’s hug.

“You’re welcome Mayu.” that was the most sincere answer Yuki had for her customer.


There was a moment of silence between them, and Yuki tried to lead the conversation again. A broken heart customer, pretty, had a time to visit a club, what more does she need to list to realized Mayu could be her potential regular? She should make this girl her regular.

“Say, I hope I can see you more often.” the Hostess sounds very suave and smooth. She was so confident that she would get her.


Mayu didn't replied.

“I don't mind if you want to tell me all of your concern.” she drew a line in Mayu’s arm with her index finger in very sexual way.


“I’m not the type of person who offers something to random person or even to my regular customer, but for you, I would willingly stay 24 hours besides you even-” she tilted her head and came closer to Mayu’s ear,  “when you’re in bed.” She whispered to Mayu’s ear.   


One minute. That was the exact number of how long they were hugging each other.  That was quite a long time even for Yuki. Now Yuki was at the point where she started to think whether she fished her customer way too much.

“Uhm, Mayu?” there was no answer. She slightly pokes Mayu’s back. Still there was no answer. She was unsure how to overcome this situation. Finally she slowly pushed her customer off of her. Much to her surprise, her costumer just fell asleep on her shoulder.

“Oh great… What should I do…” she was looking for the manager and when she found him, she immediately called him over.

“Sata-san, put her bill into my account okay, and also can I end my shift today? I guess I will bring her to my house.”

“Sure you can. But is it all right? Why don't you just leave her in a hotel?”

“That’s quite an idea, but don't worry about me. Besides, she wouldn't even dare to touch me even if I want though.” Yuki pouted at the end. Her last sentence was muttered very soft that her manager doesn't have a moment to catch it.


“Nothing… Well then, I’ll leave now. Otsukaresama.” After she finished talking with the manager, and took her purse and coat from the staff room, she started to think. The idea of her manager wasn't that bad actually, she could just leave her on hotel and came back home. But she thought it’s worth a shot to ask Mayu’s house before she decided to go to hotel. When she finished changing her clothes, she went back to Mayu.

“C’mon Mayu, we’ll go home now. Can you walk?” She murmured softly to Mayu, Mayu in other hand didn't response at all. Yuki sighed and went outside together with Mayu on her shoulder and grabbed a taxi.

“Mayu, sweetie, where do you live?” She tried one last time to communicate with Mayu. Yuki didn't want to get her hopes up, but unexpectedly, Mayu mumbling.

“nghh,nomorekaraage...” And then she went back unconscious.

“Wow, I kind or not kinda expect that.” Yuki blinks her eyes repeatedly. Finally She mentioned her destination to the driver and they started heading to nearby hotel.

On the way to hotel, Yuki stole a glance to Mayu’s face. In her thought she keep wondering who on earth would dump a lovely woman like her. Whatever the reason was, she couldn't understand. It surely was a loss for that man who dumped her. She softly stroke Mayu’s hair and it made the Watanabe moved her head to Yuki’s warm hand. Yuki slowly caressed the girl’s soft cheek and moved a little bit closer Mayu’s face.

‘She’s beautiful.’ She wanted to touch Mayu more but she restrained herself.  Just like that she removed her hand from Mayu’s face. But once again the Watanabe girl surprised her. She hugged Yuki’s arm and used her shoulder like her pillow.

“M-Mayu?” she knows the other girl still in her deep slumbers but just a little she hopes that Mayu consciously hugs her hand. She wanted to distract her mind from Mayu, and she just remember that she need Mayu’s wallet in for paying the taxi.

“Mayu, let me take your wallet okay?” She just noticed that Mayu didn't bring any bag so she assumed it located somewhere around her pocket. Now she looked at Mayu’s full body. She has several pockets that are on her trouser and one in the upper left of her blouse.

“Oh boy….” She mentally face palmed herself. Didn't want to get a trouble, she fished out her own wallet. Sure she’s generous, but she’s not that generous for offering her money to total stranger in quite amount of cash. Well at least taxi fare is not expensive but wine is..


“We're finally here Miss.” The driver informs Yuki. She pays the taxi fee. After she reached out the taxi and placed one of Mayu’s hand on her Shoulder, she went inside the hotel and swiftly booked a room. After strolling for a minute she finally can get in to the room. She slowly placed Mayu on the bed and covering her body with bed sheets.

“Well, at least you can sleep more comfortable.”

“Hmm” Mayu just mumbled.

“I’m starting to doubt whether you really are drunk or not if you keep mumbling like that.” She teased Mayu.

“Hrrnm.” Yuki giggled at Mayu’s response. Now she was sitting on the bedside. She was stroking Mayu’s hair gently and taking a good look over the Watanabe’s face.

“I never thought I could be so generous to a stranger.” She chuckled softly after playing with Mayu’s hair for a moment, she start to think.

‘I don't think you would ever come back to the club again. Heck, I bet you even forget me when you wake up in the morning. But if I could make a wish, I want to have another chance to meet with you again…’

“What should I do to make you remember about me?”

She already grasped a thought that even if the sleeping girl could remember something about this night, it could be anything but not her. She wasn't sure whether she wanted to see the other girl again because she wants her as a customer or only as a friend. Whatever the reason was, the only thing that she was convinced about was she felt something different when she saw Mayu for the first time. Mayu is the only one customer that acted gentle. Even though she seduced her more than once, but the lass didn't fell into it, while she’s sure the other customer would try to touch her here and there, but mayu didn't.

Sure she would’ve liked to stay with her until she awake, but she didn't dare to carry on this idea. It would be extremely rash to make such an action. She turned her gaze to the desk where the note and pen located, and suddenly she got another idea. She took out her purse and reached her business card and slipped it on Mayu’s pocket. She wasn’t sure whether she would get the result she wanted or not. But she didn't have any other option so she thought this is the best bet she ever have. After Yuki persuades herself, she strokes Mayu’s cheek once again and ready to go back home. But then, Mayu took one of her hand.

“Nghh, don't go…” Yuki didn't anticipate it at all. She never thought that the Watanabe girl would want her to stay. At that moment, Yuki was sure that Mayu would find a way to see her. She took Mayu’s hand and whispered.

“I’m not going anywhere Mayu, we will see each other soon.” She kissed Mayu’s forehead and let the girl back to her slumber once more.



A loud sound of alarm could be heard round the room. One young woman with eyes still closed, tried her best to find where the sound came from. Her hand roamed aimlessly around her bed.

“Nghh…” she finally found the source of all the loud voice and automatically turn off that noise. She opened her eyes slowly.

“Where am I?” she recollected her sense and pushed herself to sit in the bed. She scanned the whole room and shocked when she fully register the fact that she was in a hotel room. In an instant she pushed the sheets hoping she’s still wearing her outfit and let out a long sighed of relief when she looked at her body still attached with her dress. No one night stand confirmed.

“Why.. I’m here?” she was not quite sure what happened last night. The last thing that she remembered, she and Jurina were having discussion at some bar and then they split up into different place. Jurina went back to the hospital whereas she went into some unknown place and met a woman there.

‘There was one woman... But was it a woman?’ now she remember that she met with one young woman but she couldn't recall who is she. While she was in the middle of recollecting her memory, her eyes saw her phone lockscreen and shocked.

“Gosh, I’m gonna be late!” she hurriedly brushed her teeth and washed her face. Rushing herself out of the hotel room and ready to go to the hospital. When she arrived by riding a taxi, she hurriedly went to her room and she found her friend sitting in her seat, waiting for her.

“Hi Mayu, it’s odd to see you almost late like this..”

“I- forgot to set my alarm last night.” Mayu shuttered. Jurina could sense that she just made up an excuse. It's rare to find mayu lies like this. ‘Something happened last night.’ She bet.

“So how was your night? You went straight home, right?” she tried to gain more information. She patiently waits for Mayu’s reply but the shorter looked confused.

“That’s… well.. I wasn’t…” Mayu couldn't find the right answer as she still confused.

“You weren’t? Where were you?”

“That’s quite what I wanted to ask… I’m not quite sure Jurina, all I could remember there was a woman.. and I woke up in hotel. That’s it..” that instant, she heard the woman in front of her shouted while banged the table with her palms and eyes opened wide in shock.


“WHAT?? NO! Well, I don't know!”

“YOU SLEPT WITH HER!” She bombarded Mayu with false accusation.

“Wait!! It wasn't like that!!” Mayu got panic.

“WATANABE MAYU JUST HAD SE-“ before she could finish her word, Mayu shoves her palm to Jurina’s mouth and bawled.

“S-SHUT UP!!!”

She manages to cool down the savage puppy for a while, but there’s irrefutable evidence that Jurina will not stay put and manageable than 5 seconds as she can see Jurina’s eyes still glittered with excitement, so after she manages to cool down the situation, she let her hand go off Jurina. Both of them are calmer now.

“So how was that? I didn't know you’re into girls. I. WANT. DETAILS!”

“I’m not saying anything like that! It’s not like I’m into her… well I don't know!”

“Well you should check it by yourself, maybe you should meet her again, you know, Thank her for assisted you to a hotel, and the most important thing, sleep again with he-“

“WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!” Jurina patted her on the shoulder and grinned.

“Are you sure? You didn't do anything? Because I could sense you had sexual released last night.”

“For the love of God, I’m freakin’ sure Jurina! I had my clothes on!”

“But that doesn’t mean YOU didn’t do anything TO HER.” she emphases the other possibility.

“I……” She gasped when she realized it might be true since she doesn't know the answer yet.

“Relax girl, I’m just kidding! Well, just half of it.” She tried to look serious but Mayu didn't bother with her effort. Mayu sighed and continued to speak the problem that stuck on her mind since this morning.

“The point is, I don't know how to contact her, and also I don't remember where I met her. It could be anywhere Ju.”

“BOO! Boring! How many times I should teach you that you should take their number if you really like them.”

“You never teach me anything...”

“You’re welcome Mayu!” Jurina hits her back proudly like a father to his only son. It irritated Mayu so bad that she choose to ignore the lass and went to her cubicle.

There was a pregnant pause for a while.

“Anyway, is it just me, or you didn't change your clothes?

“I wake up late, and I don't have time to go back home and change.. That’s why.”

“Or you just didn’t want to remove her scent yet.”


“I’m just kidding. But next time you should really take my advice, I told you to go back straight home didn't I? Yesterday you’re really lucky because some dependable woman assisted you, and she might or might not sleep with you.” Mayu wants to interrupt but Jurina is quickly enough gesturing her hand to stop at her friend. “But what if instead of meeting her, you meet random people and bad thing happen?”

“… I’m sorry if I make you worry…” she lowered her head. She knows her friend cares for her even though she always teases her. But this time she’s the one who at fault.

“Well at least you’re okay, but seriously, no number?!” she tried to ease the tension.

“….” She rolled her eyes. Jurina looked into Mayu’s reaction and just smiled. It seems like the two girls can finally start working. Mayu sat on her workstation and opened up the file that stored on her desk, the file contained some of her patients’ profile. While Mayu started to focus on her work, Jurina’s voice called her.

“Ah anyway, Mayu do you have pen on your desk? I need to left a note in this paper before checking my patient.”

“Sure, hold on a sec.” Since she always carrying a pen on her chest pocket she rummaged in her pocket, but instead of having a pen, she found unfamiliar card on it. As she reads what’s on it, she calls her friend.


“Yes? Any color would fine.” Jurina who is currently focusing on her paper didn't see the odd reaction of her friend. Because she haven’t received any pen,  she darted a glance to her friend, and at that time Mayu spoked.

“I think I know where to find her…”


Later at night, after Mayu went back to her apartment she took a shower and dress nicely. She put on a pair of short dark blue jeans and dark grey sleeveless top covered with red and black long sleeve flannel and wears her ankle boots as the final touch for her outfit. Since the name in card mentioned about club so she tried to look casual as she could because she had no idea what kind of club did she ran into. By using her GPS and her car she finally reached the address she was looking for.

“Here goes nothing.” She walked into the club and somehow she familiar with the environment inside the club. She mentally cursed herself for thinking it was a good idea to wear casual outfit when the club interior screaming glamour vibes. Before she could feel self-conscious with her poor arrangement of outfit, the server welcomed her.

“Evening dear customer, welcome back to our club.” It seems like it was the same server who served her last night. The greeting from that server confirms her thought that she indeed in the right place.

“Would you like having another hostess to accompany you?” the question caught Mayu off guard. ‘Is she off tonight?’

“Can I meet the one who served me last night?”

“Our apologized Miss, but right now she’s on duty. We could recommend you another one to accompany you for a while if you are okay with that.” it’s not a bad option actually, she learned that this kind of club might be expensive, but she’d already prepared with a lot of cash.

“Well if that’s the case I would pay her double, wait- no, triple.” Yes the option of having another hostess is acceptable, but that’s not the reason why she came back to this place. She rather finished whatever business she had in here than arose new problem in her life. She observed the server face, she satisfied with the fact that the server would consider her demand.

“Please excuse me for a moment, I’ll ask her this instant.” The server swiftly disappeared from her sight, he totally had his word, not a long after that he went back to meet Mayu.

“Let me guide you to your table Miss.”

“Does she accept it?” a simple nod with smile plastered on his face was her only answer. They went forward into a private room. Before they reached the room, Mayu passed the hall where a lot of customers and hostess chatted on several booths. She was wondering why she need to go more further and more importantly she assumed she would be alone together with the hostess.

“Why are we here?”

“Oh the hostess requests to have a private room, don't worry you don't have to pay more. In the meantime, please make yourself comfortable.” After that the server leaves Mayu alone.

‘Huh? That’s weird. Why would we need a private room?' she can’t help but wonders why. Out of nowhere she recalled Jurina’s comment this morning and then her face turned pale. ‘Unless… No way.. Did I?’ Not long after that she heard soft clicks of heels echoing and the sound slowly came closer to her room.

“Mayu! What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for coming back.”  Yuki greets her lively, she have no idea that the one who want to pay her triple is Mayu.

“Hi.. Nice to see you too?” she presumed that this woman is the one she met last night since she knew her name.

“What’s with that hesitation? You don't want to see me?” the hostess chuckled as she casually sat right next to Mayu. No more personal space.

“No no no! I want to see you!” she hurriedly replied her question.

“I’m sure you want, you even pay me triple.” Yuki giggled. The room finally got silent in comfortable way. Yuki smiled at her and signaled her to tell what was on her mind.

“Well the thing is, I would like to thank you for your help last night.”

“What help?” the hostess teased her. She knew exactly what kind of help did Mayu referred here but she kept playing dumb.

“You know, assisted me to hotel..” She blushed

“Oh THAT.”

“Yeah, that one..” Mayu kept fidgeting on her place and started to ask question, “Did I owe you something? Because I was drunk last night so I can’t remember anything.”

“Ah so you had forgotten.” Mayu could sense a hint of disappointment on Yuki’s voice. It sent alarm on her head and she mentally panicked. The hostess seemed quickly regained her composure back. Her voice sounds bubbly again.

“Well you owe me something though.”

“What is that?”

“Taxi fare, the wine, oh and also me.” she let out a low and husky voice while pressing her upper body to Mayu’s arm. Mayu could feel the soft rounds squeezed on her arm. She feels hot immediately.

‘O boy, o boy, I really DID something to her, didn't I?’ She cleared her throat and threw her glance from Yuki’s breast to the floor. She didn't want the hostess misunderstand and concluded that she’s a pervert.

“Did-did I do something to you?” she thought the best solution to know the truth was trying to be direct.

“What kind of answer do you want? I can make up any kind of story that I want though.” She placed her chin on Mayu shoulder and looked directly into Mayu’s eyes while one of her hand tilting Mayu’s face, forcing her to look into her eyes and the other playing with mayu’s finger. Mayu froze. It slipped in her mind that this hostess could tell a lie.

“I want honest answer.” Her voice sounds tough and clear. But deep down she’s having difficulty to think straight.

“What if I tell you that you touch me here and there in the hotel room?”

“I did?! I’m.. so sorry for my rudeness.” She couldn’t believe her ears. ‘I did it?? Did what??’

“I don't mind if it was you though.” Mayu was sure that her ears really tricked her well. How come someone you just knew yesterday want to do something with you. She didn't know that one nightstand really existed since she never had any experienced on that.

“What do you mean?”

“What I’m trying to say is you’re allowed to do whatever you want with me.” That’s it. One final blow, and that’s all she needs to shut down Mayu’s brain completely.

“I.. uh… well…” she even cant produce one simple sentence. She didn't know how to response and her eyes darting to somewhere else, anyplace is fine than Yuki’s face. Then she heard giggles. She looked back at Yuki with confused look plastered on her face.

“Oh Mayu you’re so adorable. Relax, you did nothing last night, well I’m kind of disappointed though.” The hostess pouted her lips.

“Really??  She was in the state of being confused. ‘Did she really tell the truth now?’

“See, you’re also disappointed. We could really do that, I don't mind.”

“I’m no-,” she tried to get her pieces of mind back together. It’s no use to talk some sense with the hostess. She needs to finish this quickly.

“How much do I owe you?”

“You don't have to pay me anything, you already pay more than what you should.”

“That’s a different thing.”

“I’m more than happy ‘cause I can see you again, so no need to pay okay?”

“But I feel like I’m using you..”

“Well if that’s the case then.. How about you meet me again, not in here, but outside, we could go out and take a lunch together. You pay of course.” She adds the last words with a playful grin and showing off a row of her white teeth.

“We… could do that.. Yeah..” Mayu took her time to answering the hostess while thinking the possible consequences. At the end it seems fine to take her out.

“Great! I’m looking forward for our date!” she clapped her hand happily.

‘Date. Our date. MY date.’ It surely took a lot of time for Mayu to actually grasp the idea of having a date with a stranger. Technically, she isn’t a total stranger since they met each other one day ago but for Mayu this is like her first time officially talking to the hostess without being wasted.

“Anyway, you look cute, and sexy. Are you trying to impress me, Mayu?” Yuki’s hand traced the fabric from her shoulder to her collar.  Mayu could only gulped from Yuki’s boldness act.

“I saw your business card, since it mentioned about club, I thought I went out clubbing last night.”  She blushed due to her misconception.

“I see. I bet you will look hot when you’re dancing with this kind of outfit. With or without it.” Yuki’s pupil dilated. She could imagine it. But she kept it for herself only. While on the other side, Mayu just lost her words. Her brain gave a red flag that she needs to go out from this place as soon as possible.

“Ah, thank you, I guess? Well, I don't want to overstay my welcome so I think I should go now.” She retreat her upper limb and put Yuki’s hand away from her to the sofa.

“You are very welcome here, don't be afraid. We’re only chatted for a bit.” Yuki moves forward and casually placing her hand on Mayu’s thigh.

“We can talk again later, maybe?” She tried to be reasonable. But whenever she tried to escape, Yuki always knew how to response in casual way.

“Why don't we just talk like, I don't know, right now? I still want to know about you though.”

Mayu threw a questionable look at her, feeling surprised, “What do you want to know about me?”

“Everything.” One word. But contains lot of meaning. She gets the signal. Mayu knows what she was referring to. But she decided to ignore it.

“I guess we can put it on hold. We need to save something for our date, right?” She hopes that Yuki will fall into her word trap. it took Yuki for ten seconds to finally agree with her customer.

“Fine then, you should spill out all the bean about yourself on our date later.” She heaved a sighed of relief when Yuki agreed. She smiled awkwardly to Yuki and stood up when in a sudden Yuki caught her wrist.



“Call me.”


My comment: Hi guys I'm back :) So regarding this fic, I thought my writing style has changed a bit. I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope you guys had the same amount of fun. Please give me a comment or feedback related to my fic. I know my grammar still suck (I’m still trying to improve it), but I want to know what things that I should change. This fic is supposed to be an OS, but I can continue to write 1 or 2 chapters since there's so many things that can be explored and i haven't touched the main issue yet as stated on the title. Please let me know your thought :deco:
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Re: The Meaning of Love [Mayuki]
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2017, 03:00:50 AM »
 :welcome back. Please continue with this. I hope to see more stories from you as they are pretty good.

-from a long time silent reader

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Re: The Meaning of Love [Mayuki]
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mayu was soo~ adorable and i like yuki personality here 😄😄😄

Lovely~ please continue this author-san. I beg you  :D :D :D

Thank you for your nice and lovely mayuki fanfic by the way~
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Re: The Meaning of Love [Mayuki]
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Mayu may have lost her fiance, but she found Yuki. XD

Drunk Mayu is actually adorable. Yuki should be careful about that. :P

And of course Jurina would be the one to tease Mayu about it all. :lol:

Hope to see more from you.

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Re: The Meaning of Love [Mayuki]
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heii.. where're you? i waiting for u update  :cry:

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Re: The Meaning of Love [Mayuki]
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I want an Omake for the date!! Mayuki is the bomb hdnrkrkf The ending was satisfying im just a greedy person that wants more Mayuki XDDD
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Re: The Meaning of Love [Mayuki]
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You really should continue this
This fic is so nice and I really loved it
I want to see the date between Mayuki
And how they ended up together as I feel like that this story hasn’t completed yet like it ended up in a cliffhanger

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