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Author Topic: Chasing You - Chapter 5 (Umeda Ayaka Graduation Fic) 03/06/2016  (Read 9864 times)

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Chasing You - Chapter 5 (Umeda Ayaka Graduation Fic) 03/06/2016
« on: January 25, 2016, 04:36:18 PM »
Yes, you might have heard about the news. Then, when you see my name popped out to the thread you'd be thinking "Well, I hope she's alright.. Long time since she updated anything.". Sorry haven't been able to write anything, college has taken all my energy away and so does keeping it up with idolling (twitter has lots of my words these days). But trully... what happened on the 23rd was rather a shock for me..

I was a sleep when she announced it. Her graduation was something I'd expected since last year's sousenkyo, but then it didn't happen. Then, there was the NMB48 Anniversary which the same thing happen. Then, her birthday which I was really expecting it to happen but no it didn't... Her other friends, Sae and KK announced theirs just days before she did. When that happened, I was like, "Oh dude.. Worst case ever happen is that this year would be the end of 2nd gen, the most legendary gen ever that AKB48 ever has."

But the worst case did happen, and to make it worse; three of them announced theirs on the same month.

I couldn't cry when I woke up and heard all my friends asking me if I was alright. It was the first 30 minutes of "Wait, am I still sleeping? This is just a bad dream right? I bet this is my bad sleeping posture causing this kind of thing.. Or is it what I eat? Or is it me not brushing my teeth before I sleep??"

But then nothing happened. There's no one came up to me saying, "Dude, you're just having a bad dream.". None. The next thing I did was I got out of my room and came to the kitchen to see my mum cooking dinner. What happened next was out of the blue, I asked my mother for a hug. First thing first, the two of us doesn't have that much of relationship to each other but it was the first in a long time I thing that I actually cried in my mother's arm.

Dang it, only Umeda Ayaka can make me feel like this. As expected of one freaking damn awesome idol.

The next thing happened was history but it was between me crying under my blanket and figuring out what I could do now. The taunting day has come and soon everybody will feel it when their oshimen graduate from the group. It was devastating and all I wanted now is to be there when she said "Thank you for supporting me all this time." for the last time and took down her picture.

Sorry about the blabber, I'm just too upset. Call it hormones or anything but it truly shocks me right to the first 24 hours..

Then I decided, maybe I should write. A graduation Fic, again. Only this time, make sure you don't disappoint anybody.

So then, I contacted a few for suggestion. Kuro and Ame was one, did occasion talk with my fellow Umechan's fan overseas. Kuro was happy to proofread the chapters for me and I am superbly thankful of that so cheers for him too on this.

Lastly, I apologize to everyone that for the time being I'd be focusing on this fic first as I am also start taking part time jobs to earn some extras for hopeful time being to actually be there when she graduates from the group. Fingers crossed and I apologize again for my lack of tendency in writing collab fics with some people I have promised with and made them disappointed in me for a long time already.

- Cometerz48

This one for you, Baba. The dreading time for me to actually write this fic for you. Umeda Ayaka, the best idol I've ever get my self falling to. 

Chasing You - Chapter 1
Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic
By Cometerz48

 Yabushita Shu yawned as he woke up to the smell of smoked bacon sizzling on the stove. He smiled weakly through the bed sheets and pillows, seeing the linen curtains has been opened, revealing the morning sunshine of the city.

He planted his feet on the cold floor before walking to the kitchen, seeing his girlfriend attending breakfast on the stove. Smiling, he crept up behind her and wrapped his arm around her waist. The smell of her morning shower was amazing as usual, a mix of floral and fruity scent that he would always remember.

“Morning, Nagisa.” He whispered to her ear softly.

He felt Nagisa’s jaw moved into a smile, “morning sleepy head. You seemed to be pretty tired last night.”

“Tell me about it..” thought Shu.

He stayed up late and came home around midnight after finishing piles of reports from a certain devil. Nevertheless, Nagisa was still up by the time he turned the door knob revealing her waiting by the bed.

“Sorry, Nagisa… Umeda made me finish the reports before allowing me to go home.” Shu apologized, kissing her neck lightly. He chuckled by the sound of her breath starting to get rapid by my action. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

Nagisa smiled and plated up the breakfast for the two of them before turning around to face him. Shu noticed she’s already in her office attire as well as little make ups, the smell of her perfume enhanced the speed of his heartbeat just by how she turned around in his arm.

She puts her arm around Shu, “I know you would.” She smiled before giving a light peck. “Umeda-san called me half an hour ago, she said she wants you by the office at nine.”

“That witch…” grumbled Shu. Umeda Ayaka, was Shu’s mentor as well as his guardian angel in his early days of work. She helped him getting through most of his work, making sure they are perfect and presentable. The Fukuoka lady was long known by Yamamoto, the boss where Shu’s working now. He was expecting her to be a nice lady with some attitude for slacks, but instead she was complete opposite. Easily pissed, Umeda was the only woman that Shu could swear he can undo time so he’d stop himself before getting paired with her at times.

Nagisa smiled comfortly, she knew Umeda when he introduced her once. Despite being a devil in his mind, Umeda was the first to support the two dating. Shu never asked her for love advises but she seemed to always know which to be spoken without the need to hear about his problems. He asked her once about her love life, she answered like a painful punch to the stomach and gripped his collar to stay away from her love life.

He tried asking his friend, Kamieda Emika, about Umeda. Emika was one of Umeda’s subordinates at times despite her position was actually higher than her, but Emika respected Umeda highly thus knowing the woman’s little history. It wasn’t a rare scene to see Emika ask  Umeda for advice as well, especially about organizing the team.

“She was a leader back then.” Said Emika when Shu took her out to the roof for a quick smoke in which she rejected lightly the cigarette offer. “Something happened, and she was assigned here.”

“Why me though?” asked Shu, twirling his cigarette. “She could’ve picked Uuka or Konomin.”

Emika shrugged, “No idea. Something about you I supposed.”

“Bet she has her own troubles regarding love.” Scoffed Shu. Emika shot him a look, “What?”

The elder woman sighed, “Cut her some slack, Shu. Yamamoto isn’t telling me much but she has a thing or two about love. She lost everything one day, her position, her pride… as well the one she loved the most.”


After dropping Nagisa at the office, Shu drove to his work place. If there is one thing he never told Nagisa in full detail, his job would be it. Being an agent wasn’t as easy as it might be to other people, not only being on the field but also knowing what to plan and how to report back was another skills Shu has to learn before landing on the job. Umeda was his mentor on that, making sure he learns it from her.

Just as the lift slide open revealing his floor, he saw Emika smiling greeting him with a long bright haired figure beside her, checking files on her desk. Shu recognized it from far as his work from last night.

“Great job on the report here.” Said Umeda putting down the file after signing it to confirm the reports. “Sorry for delaying you on your anniversary with Nagisa.”

Shu wasn’t expecting her to apologize like that but he nodded anyway, “It’s fine, Umeda-san.”

He saw the elder woman smile and stood up from the seat, “Emika will check it one more time before sending it to Cameron. Meanwhile, Yamamoto has called the two of us for a meeting in fifteen minutes.”

“What is it about?” asked Shu.

“Another mission I supposed.” Said Umeda sighing. “I need a cup of tea, go get me one Kid.”

Shu obligated and went to the pantry to retrieve the order. Two years ago he’d be cursing in his mind when Umeda was assigned to be his mentor and start ordering him around. But as time goes, he realized she was indeed a great agent to learn from. She acted and made her decisions fast at the time needed. Yes, she orders him around like slaves at times and there were times Shu felt like cursing the woman and eventually he did one day.

Umeda listened to all his curses, complaints and eventually slapped him across the face once he realized he landed on a topic about her past. She didn’t talked to him for weeks until Nagisa knew something was wrong. She told him to go and apologize to Umeda as soon as Shu confessed the problem. It was a night where the two had a normal dinner together as a mentor and a student, no missions and no gunshots... just a normal dinner at a fast food restaurant.

It was also the first time he saw her out of her formal outfit. An olive dress with a golden locket and her hair flowed freely on her back. She was frowning at arrival but the two talked and sit together peacefully as Shu delivered his apologies to her. She listened to him and unexpectedly messed up his hair with an amused face.

“I know you didn’t mean to, kid.” She smiled. “Sorry for slapping you.”

Just like that, Shu realized she was one of a kind mentor. He heard a lot from around him about their mentors playing soft on them as Umeda was strict on him and the only one that can made it lighter was Emika at times. If there is anything else on Umeda it was her tolerance for alcohol. It wasn’t that she gets easily drunk, but it’s when she’s drunk that becomes a thing or two to sigh about. Shu had to bring her home with Nagisa frowning at him as he laid Umeda on the couch and explained to Nagisa how drunk she was that no cab would want to take her, Shu was the only one that could calmed her down as she snored on the way to his apartment.

He came back to the room with a cup of tea. Emika and Umeda was standing in front of the large window, showing the city’s landscape. He couldn’t read Umeda’s expression as usual but he can see Emika wasn’t as cheerful as she was minutes ago. She was holding Umeda’s hand as if she was begging something.

Umeda was the first to realize he was back in the room. She looked over and raised her eyebrows, “I bet that tea is my usual, Kid.”

“Lukewarm, a teaspoon of sugar, and a pinch of milk.” Said Shu. She smiled and approached to accept her cup. Shu glanced at Emika, raising his eyebrows in interest but she only shook her head and her eyes said ‘not now, Shu’.


Umeda looked up from her cup by the sound of the door knocking behind Shu. He turned and saw Uuka poking her head in. “Yamamoto is ready to see you.”

“Let’s go then.” Said Umeda walking passed her student with the cup in her hand. She dropped it by the pantry’s sink and followed Uuka to Yamamoto’s office. Shu followed the two, keeping his usual distance from the woman. Despite the 50cm distance she has set for him to since the first time the two met, it was enough to see the cup she put on the sink before leaving the pantry.

He saw traces of her lipsticks on the edge of the cup, as well as in the tea itself. The tea was no longer light brown but was slightly red instead, makes him wonder how the woman managed to do that.


Ayaka followed Uuka, Yamamoto’s office with Shu behind her. She nods off quickly as Uuka opened the door to the office and saw Sayanee on her desk, waiting for the two of them.

Yamamoto Sayaka aka Sayanee was her junior ages ago before she was assigned to be the head of the branch office. Ayaka knew Sayanee has enough capability not only as an agent but also a big leader in the agency, as she has seen herself in action. Believe it or not, Ayaka was one of Sayanee’s examinees ages ago. And now, she’s her boss.

“Umeda-san,” nodded Sayanee at her. “Shu-kun.” She nodded at Shu.

“A mission?” asked Ayaka straight forwardly. Might sounded rude, but she hates the informal blabbers at times. She’s indeed getting impatient lately.

Sayanee as if she has known Ayaka’s action only raised her eyebrows and handed them both a file, “A witness from a case two years ago was kidnapped. His guardian one was shot dead and the other critical. I want the two of you to find out who did it and find the witness before it’s too late.”

Ayaka opened the file, and froze when she saw the witness’s name. She also froze upon the name of the guardians that was assigned to watch the witness.

The names were familiar to her… triggering her memories back into an event happened two years ago.

“New York?” asked Shu looking up from his file. “You guys even sent him over to New York for witness protection?”

Sayanee peered at the young agent, “It was a request I heard, and it was agreed since it should be unreachable from the ones convicted. But…”

“It seemed like they got him after all.” Spoke Ayaka with a choking tone. She tried to sound calm but knowing the situation, she knew it isn’t going to be easy. “Then we’ll need to go now to New York and find him, he might still be in the city.”

“You’d be working with some local detectives handling the case, Umeda-san.” Said Sayanee. “A deal has been made, do not worry.”

She nodded quickly and signaled Shu to leave with her but Sayanee’s voice stopped her, “Umeda-san, I need to talk to you.”

Cursing deep down, Umeda sighed and nudged her chin to Shu to wait outside. He nodded and went outside before Ayaka turned to Sayanee again. She saw the look on Sayanee’s face and she knew what she’d be talking soon.

“I read your letter.” Began Sayanee. “But the file came first before the letter, so-“

“It’s fine.” Said Ayaka. “Even if the letter came first, I have to do this mission. The witness is my friend and I was the one asking for him to be taken to New York. I am responsible for this one and therefore I’ll do this as my last mission.”

Sayanee nodded, “Take what you need and if you need any help, you know to contact us and I’ll send Emika’s team to back the two of you.”

Ayaka nodded, “Thank you.”

“But..” said Sayanee. “Have you told Shu-kun yet?”

Ayaka fell silence. The thought of her student and telling him has been haunting her for the past weeks, it was a hard choice for her to make but she knew she’d have to decide soon.

“I want to,” confessed Ayaka. “But I wanted him to focus on this one first though. I don’t want him mourning over me just yet.”

Sayanee nodded, “Alright.. But make sure you tell him after this, okay?” Ayaka nodded and accepted a piece of paper from Sayanee.

“Milky told me to give you this, your medicine transcription.” Added Sayanee. “She said to drink this regularly and no skipping on it. If ran out, you can go to local drug store there and ask for it to be made.”

“Check.” smiled Ayaka. “Pass her thanks from me, Yanee.”

“Good luck.” Said Sayanee shaking her senior’s hand. “I’ll see you back here again in a week hopefully.”

“See you then.” Smiled Ayaka before leaving the office.

To Be Continued

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Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 2 (48G X CSI NY)
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2016, 02:35:55 AM »
I guess I am productive when saddened..

Nevertheless, enjoy!

Warning: A crossover is here and beyond. CSI NY Fans, I am one of you as well XD

Chasing You - Chapter 2
Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic
By Cometerz48

Ayaka woke up to a gentle tap on her shoulder. Snuggling on her seat, she peeked open her eyes a little and saw Shu sitting next to her with a cup of coffee in front of him as he read through his files again.

“You asked me to wake you up once they served breakfast.” He reminded her then he observed her face. “Would you like some tea? You looked extremely pale, Umeda-san.”

“I’m alright.” Said Ayaka. “But I’d love my usuals please.” Yawned Ayaka stretching her back as Shu went off to find the cabin attendant for a cup of tea. She looked over at the window beside and saw the landscape bellow the airplane. She’s here... The desert of Vegas was clearly below her, only a few hours away from New York now.

“New York?” Her own voice of two years ago asking him.

He nodded, circling his arm around her shoulder. “I figured it’s a perfect place for the two of us. You know… Morning stroll at the Times Square, the lunch at the Shake Shack.. and a dinner at a local diner before watching your choice of Broadway Show. No missions, no sudden calls, and no firing guns.. Just the two of us.” He said as he played the strands of hair from her ponytail. “Ayaka, what’s wrong?”

That was it, suddenly every nerves in her body tensed up. Knowing it’s her nausea kicked in, she quickly stood up from her seat and rushed through the aisle and knocked out the cup on Shu’s hand accidentally. The tea spoiled on his shirt as well as the floor, “Oi! You- Umeda-san?”

“Get out of the way.” All she managed to say with her hand over her mouth, preventing him to see what’s going on there. He obligated and Ayaka entered a cubicle, locking the door before spilling whatever is there in her mouth to the toilet’s closet.

“Fuck..” she cursed and panted upon the sight of her own blood dripping over the corner of her lips but she tensed up again as the second wave hits her, ready for it she spilled it like the previous time in the toilet’s closet.

“Umeda-san?” she heard Shu knocking the toilet’s door. “Are you alright?”

“Go away, Kid!” her temper kicked in suddenly. Realized what she has done, she took a breath to calm herself down. “I’ll manage. Be back in a few minutes, Kid.”

She took another breath and looked at herself through the mirror. Her bright hair was in a mess and the bloodshot eyes would freak her out on the daily basis before she gotten used to it, especially with traces of blood on the corner of her lips.

She’s so messed up, confirmed.

There were no sleep for her for the past weeks, no comfortable sleep at all. Nightmares haunting her each night was enough but the fact she’s dying just adds it up to the list of her worries. She spent her time to go through old files instead of getting sleep at night.

“You need to get some sleep, Umeda-san.” Said Emika concernedly just before she left for Yamamoto. “If what Milky-san said was correct, you’re not supposed to accept this upcoming mission.”

“But I have to.” Said Ayaka shortly. “I believe you are aware of my situation. Sayanee, Milky, Cameron, Reina and yourself should know perfectly the reason as to why.”

Emika nodded concernedly, “Shu… When are you planning to tell him? He needs to know.”

“I know.” Said Ayaka bitterly. “After this one probably.”

“Please do promise me to do that.” Said Emika worriedly. “I’ve known Shu since he was a rookie, he can get pretty emotional at times.”

“Then I’ll make sure I’m there to give him a punch in the gut to get him man up when that happens.” She smiled at Emika.

Emika took her hand, tracing her pale skin of her hands, “Take care, Umeda-san.”

Ayaka shot an amused smile, “You’re saying it like I’m going to die soon. I ain’t planning to die just yet you know.”

“Just promise me.” Said Emika seriously. “Nothing stupid. Reina-san told lot’s of you already and how you impulsively go Gatling gun on a gang’s HQ once, alone.” She gives a tone at the ending word.

“I won’t, Geez..” said Ayaka pinching the girl’s cheek before eventually letting go. “You’re a great captain, you know that well Emika.”

“I learn from the best.” Said Emika smiling at her. “You and Sayanee are my mentor on that.”

“Then you’d be fine when I’m not around anymore later.” Said Ayaka patting Emika’s hand. “Take care of Shu for me.”

She pressed the cold water button and splashed the water to her face. She grabbed a cup provided in the toilet and filled it with water. Rummaging through her pocket, she found the small container filled with pills Milky told her to consume as the time goes. She took one and gulped it with the help of the water before sighing and slumped to the toilet’s closet.

“Give me some time, will you..?” she prayed deep down before closing her eyes for a moment.

Shu tapped on his seat’s armrest as he anxiously waited for his mentor to return from the toilet. She wasn’t well, he could tell for sure. She was pale as well as been sleeping too much on the plane for someone who hates planes. She looked up once she saw her standing on the aisle and waited him to give some space so she can come back to her seat.

“Are you alright?” asked Shu. “I could ask for the cabin attendant to-“

“I’m fine.” Said Umeda shortly. “Just too tired and.. You know I hate planes.”

Shu nodded, he remembered how much she prefer going with train than airplane when it comes to travelling for assignments. It’s not about heights, he could tell. More of the feelings in it probably.

“Then can we talk about the mission?” asked Shu opening his file. “The kidnapped witness and his guardian were agents before the case two years ago. Do you know anything about it?”

“I think you’ve heard about it, but I suppose I can add up the details.” Said Umeda sipping her new tea. “A suicidal target attacked one of the main base of the agency five years ago, destroying half of the building as well as killing lots of agents in the building. It was a surprise ambush and some of the agents that were killed weren’t aware it happened.”

“They managed to round up the target and he was imprisoned until judge decided to move him to an asylum two years ago. Two agents were assigned to be in charge on the moving, but somehow he managed to trick two of them and the others before escaped, wounding lot’s that were involved in the moving.”


“One of the wounded received a call from the escaped criminal, saying he has his girlfriend kidnapped and he demanded him to obey his orders or she gets killed. He was running out of option until the two that were assigned before decided to break the rule of the agency and went off to look for the criminal and the kidnapped girlfriend. They stormed the place but they set off a trap in the process. The criminal was successfully captured and the girl friend was wounded but alive, but the loss was big as the agent died in the explosion. He was a big asset to the agency.”

“The witness?”

“He was the partner of the passed away agent, wounded badly but alive. He became the witness in the criminal’s second trial but his condition made him unable to be left out alone. So New York was suggested as the place to transfer the witness, along with his friend he was transferred to New York for Witness protection. His friend was one of the guardians over the witness, she asked for it.”

“And now he’s gone, kidnapped.” said Shu. “A bad blood?”

“I can’t think of anything else but that.” Said Umeda, nodding. “But the criminal died a few months ago. He was executed.”

“Then who’s out there kidnapping him?” asked Shu.

“That’s our job to find out.” Said Umeda before eying the distance with serious eyes. “Lets’ hope the detectives can help us.”

Ayaka and Shu pulled out the immigration quickly, signing off some papers regarding their firearms before finally released to get their luggage from the carousel. Shu pushes off the trolley as the two walked out to the airport’s lobby where people would pick up the arrived passengers. Ayaka scanned the horizon in front of her before spotting one man holding a chalkboard with their name on it. Ayaka nudged Shu towards the sign and walked up to the man and finding out he wasn’t alone, instead he was with a woman in her mid-forties.

“Don Flack, I supposed you are Agent Umeda and Agent Yabushita?” asked the man offering his hand to shake with the two which Ayaka accept. “This is the NYPD Crime Lab representative, Jo Danville. Her team will work on the case with the two of you.”

“A pleasure to meet you.” Smiled Ayaka lightly to the two and accepted the woman’s hand to shake. “I’m Umeda Ayaka, you can call me Ayaka.”

“And you can call me Shu, Yabushita Shu.” Adds up Shu. “Thank you for your willingness to work with us.”

“The pleasure is ours.” Smiled Jo. “Welcome to New York and please follow us, the two of you.”

Flack drove all of them through the cities of New York as Jo started a polite conversation regarding the journey to the US. Ayaka tried to focus and replied to the conversation, but her mind was actually trailing away from the reality happening. As the time ticks away, it was the moments that she has been dreading that’s approaching. All shrouded by the past memories again...

“Yuu..?” asked Ayaka. The man beside him raised his eyebrows, “I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?” asked Yuu concernedly as if he was reading her worries. “Are you sick, you looked rather pale Ayaka...”

“Actually I-“

“We’re here.” Said Flack parking the car on the hospital’s parking ground. “I’ll get back to the station and see what Danny has sent me regarding the case. Jo will take you to meet the injured agent.”

“Thanks for the ride, Flack.” Smiled Jo. “This way, please...”

Jo took the two towards the third floor of the patient’s room. From distance, Ayaka could see the policeman guarding the room’s door. After Jo flashed her badge, the two sidestepped and let Jo opened the door for them.

Approaching the bed, Ayaka’s heartbeat goes faster. Lying on the bed was a woman in her late twenties, with bandages on her arms and legs. The tubes attached to the unconscious body was enough to tell that she was badly wounded and the doctors are doing everything to keep her alive.

“Kobayashi Kana, 28 years old. Former Agent, one of the guardians for the witness protection agency.” Confirmed Shu. “Yes, this is her.”

“KK...” mumbled Ayaka. Seeing her old friend like this wasn’t anything she’d ever wanted. The dorky friend of her, lying weakly on a hospital bed because of her request she made two years ago…

“I’ll protect him.” Said the woman after she take a look at Ayaka’s face. It was a different time back then, instead of her it was Ayaka on the bed. “Your request has been granted by the agency.


“He lost too much, Umechan. You know that...” said KK bitterly. “Sayaka and Natsumi’s death years ago from the attack... He hasn’t moved on completely from them and yet there’s Y-“

“I know.” Said Ayaka shortly. “It was the best right?”

KK looked at her friend with a bitter smile before hugging the woman on the bed, “I’m sorry for your loss...”

“No KK… “Ayaka shook her head, trying to hold off her tears. “It was all of our loss. The Agency, our group, yours, and mine... He was all of them and all lost him...”

The ringtone of Jo’s cell phone brought her back to reality, as the elder woman excused herself to accept the call. Ayaka eyed the figure lying on the bed and approached to hold the rough hand of the figure. “KK... I’ll find him and protect the two of you for now...”

“You know her? The guardian...” asked Shu. Ayaka nodded without seeing him as she kept holding the hand tightly as if she could she would flow her energy to her poor friend.

“I just got a call from my team.” Said Jo coming back to the room. “They found something from the clues gathered at the crime scene. I’ll take you to the crime lab.”

“Let’s go then.” Said Ayaka standing up on her foot. “It’s been long time since I hit any crime lab.”

Jo smiled, “Umeda Ayaka, a prodigy I heard. Passed the qualifications on forensic investigation before 23rd Birthday and one of the leading agent as well capable to be an investigator.”

“That was a long time ago.” smiled Ayaka before walking passed Shu and flashed him a look. “What is it?”

“Nothing.” Said Shu before following the two elder woman walked out of the door.

Ayaka flashed another look at the figure, and thought “I promise you KK… I’ll find out who did this to you and find our last friend before it’s too late. You have my word.”

To Be Continued

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Re: Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 2 (48G X CSI NY)
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2016, 05:55:42 AM »
CSI NY is actually one of the better shows I have watched and found that it works so much into integrating both fanships together :nervous

I find that whenever Shu does know about the situation, he'll only worry so probably not until the imminent end :nervous
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Re: Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 2 (48G X CSI NY)
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2016, 02:27:05 AM »
As expected from Come-chan, this is damn good.  :wigglypanda:

When I was reading this, my heart was beating really fast. Dunno why... Maybe I'm just still sad about the news. But somehow sharing the same feelings with other people makes it better. Nevertheless, I know both of us and the others will still and will always support Umeda Ayaka-sama even after her graduation, right?

That's why, I want to thank you for writing this one.


Yuu...? I'm hoping it's Yuuko. LOL.  :ding:

I'll wait for your update~

Ganbatte ne!  :on slopkiss:

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Re: Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 2 (48G X CSI NY)
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@Kuro-san: They're my favorite, and yes somehow they do works well combining them XD. Shu wil find out of course, just the matter of time.

@Ame: HA! That's me catching your adrenaline so that your heartbeat goes faster. I tried making the suspense in the story so that my readers will feel or at least getting a little tension. WE ARE ALL SAD, AME. And yes... I'll support her still no matter what (not unless I see a gossip of her having a bf)  :cry: :cry: :cry:

Getting a little busy since the new semester just started, but I managed. Will keep continuing until the day comes for my tears to be drenched again. :')
Thank you to Kuro-nii as well as Vinnie Juno for giving me the inspiration on twitter (I WAS BIASED THOUGH HEARING IT, BUT I WROTE IT ANYWAY).


Chasing You – Chapter 3

Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic
By Cometerz48


“Un?” Ayaka glanced back to find him with a backpack in his hand. He looked prepared with a grey jacket worn along with a working boots. “A mission?”

“Yes, Takamina assigned it to me and Sae just last night.” He answered. “I’ll be back in three days hopefully.”

“Ah,…” she puts down her spoon.”Okay then..”

“You looked upset.” His face reflected concern and soon approached her. “Are you okay?”

Ayaka tilted her head to avoid his look, “Is just… we’ve been busy lately with our own missions. I’m on a break now and yet you still have assignments..”

The man smiled and touched Ayaka’s chin, tilting it slightly so he looked at him in the eyes, “I know. But I’ll make sure Takamina give me a nice break after this one, okay?”

“Then, we’d have some time together, I promise.” He said finally before kissing her forehead and eventually her lips.

Ayaka’s heart thumped relaxedly, as to how it always feel when it was with him. Everything seemed to be much more peaceful and less cruel to her. But, only this time wasn’t as usual.. instead worries still overcome her senses, ever since a few days ago in the bath room where…

“Umeda-san,” she heard Shu’s voice and a gentle tap on her shoulder. “We’re here, Umeda-san..”

Ayaka fluttered her eyes open, finding herself covered with Shu’s jacket on the passenger seat of one of the officer’s car with Shu already opened her door and Jo was talking to one of the officer around the car.

“Umeda-san, you’re exhausted.” Said Shu, “Look, I’ll ask Jo-san to ask an officer perhaps to take you back to the hotel so you can rest, okay?”

“No, you’re not.” Answered Ayaka straight away as she handed him back his jacket and got off the car. “Not until I get to see some evidence first at least.” She said walking past Shu who just sighed at her.

“Here’s your ID card for the CSI Lab,” said Jo handing the two of them an ID card each. “The director of the Crime Lab is on a honeymoon now, so I am in charge. You two are given full access to the evidence regarding the case.”

“Thank you.” Nodded Ayaka quickly before following Jo inside the building. They got on the elevator and reached the floor of where the lab was located. Everywhere they looked around, the two agents see them examining things, if not taking notes into their papers.

“Umeda, Yabushita, meet Lindsay Messer.” Said Jo introducing a woman with short brown hair and wearing a white lab coat. “Lindsay, this is Agent Umeda and her partner, Agent Yabushita.”

“Pleasure to meet you.” Nodded Ayaka as she shook Lindsay’s hand. “Jo-san said you have something from the crime scene.”

“I processed some kind of sample from the door which was opened forcedly at the crime scene,” said Lindsay showing the three of them the result in her hand. “it turns out to be a mix of Talc, Polymethyl, Methacrylate, Nylon – 12, Dimethicone, as well as Iron Oxides and human sweat.”

“Did you get any result of DNA from the sweat?” asked Shu.

“Didn’t hit anything from the CODIS or the Interpol.” Said Lindsay. “The mix of materials that I just said before are combinations for regular powder used for make ups.”

“Did you get any specific brand of make up where it might came from?” asked Jo.

“I’m running it along with Adam now. It might take some time, but I’m processing it now with him. Sheldon is at the crime scene, trying to dig around for some more. Sid’s processing the body as we speak.” Said Lindsay.

“Thank you for the information,” nodded Ayaka. “May I see the body as well?”

“Follow me,” signaled Jo before nodding off to Lindsay. Through the corridors of the buildings, Ayaka could see all the Crime Lab staff are working on each of their samples from other cases. Reminding herself back then…

“Umeda-san,” she looked up and saw a younger staff of her team. “I found traces of strong type of iron from the swabs taken off the victim’s wound.”

“That might give us an idea on the weapon used as the murder weapon..” said Ayaka putting down her glasses and tried to turn her brain on possibilities. She glanced slightly to the nametag on the staff so she could remember her name, for God Sake, there is just a lot being assigned to her team. “Did you run it on our data, Ms. Nakamura?”

“Yes, I did.” Nodded the young woman showing Ayaka the result to a nearby screen. “It came back to a certain type of hunting knife that was popular around the mid 90’s. The iron found was specifically only found around the area of the middle east until it was stopped being produced a few years later.”

“Hang on..” Ayaka tilted her head as she looked upon the picture of the hunting knife on the screen. “The victim’s brother volunteered for a middle east operation years ago. He got into the accident that cost him five of his fingers, I heard.”

“Then do you think it’s possible he might have killed the victim?” asked Nakamura. “He might have pissed off by the victim demanding more money as his job went uncertain for years thanks to the blast.”

“That could be a motive.” Nodded Ayaka. “But we need to find that knife, first.”

“I’ll get Tanabe-san to scan all the surrounding possible dump area of the victim surrounding the crime scene.” Said Nakamura she intends to leave but Ayaka’s voice stopped her.

“Nakamura,” called Ayaka before flashing a smile. “Good job.” The young intern staff was stunned at first probably due to Ayaka’s smile, but then she replied the smile with a shy nod before leaving to call the investigator.

Shu followed the two older ladies until they reached the coroner’s room. Apart from everything of being an investigator agent, he prefer sticking around near traces of evidence than looking at dead bodies. As far as he started working for the agency, he has seen various types of victims and causes of their death. From bullet to the head to overstep on land mines, he had seen it all and it’s always Umeda that holds him by the neck so he’d not be chickened out.

“You’re an investigator,” she eyed him one day as she held tightly to his wrist. “stop chickening out every time we dealt with dead bodies or I’ll send a report to Emika and Yamamoto so they can re-consider your job.”

“You don’t understand,” he tried to say. “I-“

“You saw them right?” she asked. “Your parents on these table, dead.” Shu clenched his jaw and nodded. “I understand, but these cannot continue. You have chosen this division, Kid. It is either you cope with it or transferred somewhere else.”

“You don’t understand anything.” He glared. “I saw them bleed out to death in my eyes and yet coroners still show them to me after it’s all over. Now let go or-“

“Or what?” she challenged him. “Listen, each of the dead bodies lying on this table once has their life taken away from them. They each have their own stories, their efforts, as well as their sacrifices to achieve for the life which has to end cruelly. All for a death ending where someone taken their life away on purpose. It is our job to not let those go in vain, at least not without any explanations and bringing whoever took their life without justice. Doing that, an investigator must know who will they be searching it’s killer and why. To do that, you must attend the autopsy.”

 “Fear ain’t something you ran away from, kid.” Said Umeda placing a hand on his chest, above his heart. “It’s something you face and conquer so you can laugh back at it.”

He tried since then. Trying to stay focus on the information given from the coroner as the bulging eyes of dead victims were staring to the ceiling weren’t that easy, he talked about it to Nagisa once in a while after they got together, but it’s always Umeda that stand by his side, guiding him through.

Jo led them to the coroner’s room and eventually stopped in front of one body lying as it was being examined by a skinny guy in his middle age, “Sid, the agents are here.” She said before turning to us, “This is Sid Hammerback, our coroner. Sid, Agent Umeda and Agent Yabushita.”

“I’m Ayaka Umeda and this is Shun Yabushita.” Introduced Umeda. I nodded to the guy politely as he took off his glasses.

“I studied a bit of Japanese once, and I believe the name ‘Ayaka’ means a certain flower in Japanese. Is it true? Because I think the name suits you, Miss.” Compliment Sid politely. I couldn’t tell if Umeda was alright with it though, among things she hates; she hates being flirted on. But Sid wasn’t, I could tell. But then Umeda might see things differently….

“Why, Thank you Mr. Hammerback.” Smiled Umeda politely, raising my eyebrows a little.

“Erm, Sid… Body please.” Reminded Jo pointing down to the body. “What can you tell us?”

“A single bullet to the head, that is.” Said Sid pointing to the entry wound on the guy’s temple. “Notice there is no burn marks around it?”

“It wasn’t shot close to the victim.” Said Umeda. “It was shot from a distance.”

“Very good, Umeda-san.” Smiled Sid. Then he glanced at Jo, “Japanese terms for like Mr. or Ms or Mrs.”

“Sid, I know basic Japanese greeting as well.” Said Jo. “So we could tell this wasn’t execution style kind of murder.”

“Yes. But I also found something in the blood.” Said Sid pulling out a sheet of paper from his desk. “Toxin test shows a high level of paralyzing drug on the victim. I passed it on to Adam for a matching sample of the substance.”

“Paralyzing drug?” asked Shu. “He was drugged then shot, is that it?”

“No speculating yet, Yabushita.” Said Umeda before glancing to the coroner. “Do you find any entry wound perhaps, Mr. Hammerback?”

“I’m about to tell that as well,” smiled Sid. “I plucked out a needle from the victim’s neck.” He showed them a needle contained in an evidence bag.

“Talk about paralyzing…” said Jo raising her eyebrows. “The kidnappers know history on paralyzing people.”

“India.” Said Umeda. “In the old days, for many centuries, Indians use blow darts smeared with poison and aim them to the target’s vital points. Human’s would be the neck because there are important veins laying around there and if a poison lands there it will be send straight to-“

“The heart.” Finished off Shu. “Is it possible then if the suspect has something to do with India?”

“We won’t know until Adam find out the substance inside the drug.” Said Jo before nodding off to Sid. “Thanks Sid.”

“No problem,” he said. But as the three about to leave, he called, “Ah wait!”


“Umeda-san,” said Sid looking at Umeda. “Do get some sleep. You look like you could use one.” He spoke in Japanese with a western accent. Shu’s eyes widened as it is probably his first time witnessing a foreigner speaking Japanese, but he did confirmed his suspicion on how much Umeda really needed a sleep.

Jo, looking confused on the other hand, “Sid? Mind telling me?”

“Just telling her a good luck on the case.” Lied Sid with a smile. Shu knew Sid was lying, not because he understood what he said. But he also know he’s a coroner, the guy literally know something was going on with Umeda.

Umeda fell silence, only to exchange glance with Sid before saying, “Thank you, Mr. Hammerback.”  And left followed by the bit of confused Jo.

Shu kept his stance and looked at the coroner that started to stitch back the body on the table, “Mr. Hammerback?”

“Yabushita-san,” said Sid looking up from the body to him. “Please take care of your mentor, she needs a good sleep as well as proper meal if she wants to stay around the case in fine condition.”

Shu nodded, “I understand. I was suspecting that as well… I will, sir.”

“Then you better catch up with the ladies. Jo drives fast to the crime scene.”

“Cheers, Nakamura-san.” Smiled Ayaka raising her glass to meet her menthe’s glass. “You deserve it, because of you we’ve got the killer.”

“It was nothing, Umeda-san..” blushed Nakamura after sipping the glass. “You shouldn’t treat me like this, I mean-“

“My money, my treat on you.” Grinned Umeda. “I heard Takahashi Minami was interested in the case especially on your work.”

“She did asked quiet a lot of things.” Said Nakamura. “A lot.”


“If I wanted to be under her division was one.” Confessed the young forensic. Umeda smiled and patted her back.

“Well done!!”she cheered. “Takahashi Minami usually handles political cases though, so beware of increasing blood pressure.”

“But I like being with you better, Umeda-san.” Said Nakamura. “It’s not a big impact as political cases, but it’s simple and yet still challenging.”

“Don’t call cases simple things, you kid.” Ayaka smiled and flicked her forehead. “If they are, then I wouldn’t be spending myself in the lab and instead knocking down all cases just being at the scene.”

“Gomen,” laughed Nakamura. “How are you and Oshima-san, by the way?”

“We’re,” she put down her glass. “alright….”

“You don’t looked too convinced.” Said Nakamura. “Is it the incident?”

“I don’t think anybody can moved on that easily, Nakamura.” Said Ayaka. “All of us lost at least somebody in that incident. Yuu and I lost two of our best friend that day, Takahashi lost one of her colleague, and you-“

“I lost one as well.” Continued Nakamura. “I swear I’d wring that guy’s head off if I ever meet him, Umeda-san.”

“He’s gone to a facility asylum today, transferred.” Said Ayaka sipping her last bit of alcohol. “He’s going to spend a hell long time there.”

“I hope they had a great security lock down.” Said Nakamura finishing off her glass. “You’re going? Do you want me to drive you home? It’s not safe.”

“I’ll be fine.” Smiled Ayaka putting on her coat after paying the drink for the two of them. “I’m not driving today. Took the train ride this morning, so I’m taking another to go back.”

“You’re still sober, right?” asked Nakamura. “Kidding. I know you are.”

“You’re lucky I’m in a good mood, Nakamura.” Smiled Ayaka. “Jaa~”

Ayaka walked out of the bar and sent straight to the station couple blocks away. The night was slightly chilly, a bit windy to be exact. She pulled out her phone and checked out many missed call coming from a certain person, sighing she called back the number.

“Hello? What’s up Yukirin?” asked Ayaka on the phone as she kept walking towards the station.

“Umeda-san, I heard you’ve gone drinking with Nakamura again.” Said Yukirin. “Please don’t overdo it, you know that you're pr-“

“I know my limits, Yukirin.” Laughed off Ayaka. “One glass and that’s it.”

“Great..” sighed Yukirin. “Have you told him yet?”

Ayaka stopped at her track infront of the subway entrance, “Not yet.”

“You need to tell him soon, Umeda-san.” Reminded Yukirin. “Who knows about this so far?”

“Kana knows and you as well..” said Ayaka pulling her train card out and scanned it. “I told Takamina, giving her a heads up for my break perhaps later when it reached the important stage.”

“Did she said anything about it? Scolding you perhaps?”

“Nope. She was happy and asking to be the Godmother if it’s possible.” Grinned Ayaka riding the escalator to the train. The subway station wasn’t that crowded as it was already late at night, some still riding though, waiting for their train to come.

“That is very her. She asked to be Godmothers of all, last time it was Acchan.” Laughed off Yukirin. “Alright, take care then Umeda-san. Remember your supplements.”

“I will, Yukirin. Catch you tomorrow.” Said Ayaka hanging up on the phone. She hopped on the arriving train and sat on the not so empty seats on the subway. No messages from Yuu yet, but it’s usually reasonable since being on a mission must’ve been taking lot’s of things including phone receptions. She sighed and leaned back on the seat, rubbing her abdomen.

“Soon, okay? I’ll tell him about you soon…”

She reached her station and got off the train. The phone was ringing again when she reached her apartment, Takamina calling.

“Hello? Takamina, if you’re calling about being a Godmother I need to ask-“

“It’s not that!!” said the Head of the agency. “Did Yuu called you anytime by the past hour?”

“Yuu? No he didn’t…” said Ayaka tilting her head slightly but kept walking inside the building. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“His mission…” said Takamina. Judging from the tone, she was worrying, “The guy escaped in the transfer.”

“What?!” widened Ayaka’s eyes turning her keys. “Which guy are we talking about?”

“The only transfer who we’ve all been waiting for.” Said Takamina. “Yuu and Sae was in charge of the transfer.”

Ayaka froze, there infront of her apartment with her hand gripping the handle of the opened door. The thoughts of the incident years ago flashes back into her memories.. Hundreds lying around on their own pool of blood, smokes everywhere, fire broke out in some points of the buildings..

Then there she was, seeing her own friends lying on the coroner table infront of her, covered with the cover protecting the world from seeing them at such condition…

All because of that one sick bastard.

“Yuu!! Takamina, how about him?!”

“We lost contact with him for the last three hours. So is with Sae.” Said Takamina.

“And you just called me in now?!!” yelled Ayaka on the phone. “That’s it I’ll look for him!”

“Ayaka, no!!” said Takamina. “Notice your condition please, you can’t do hasty things like that.”

“I can’t lose him Takamina!!” cried Ayaka on the phone. She felt the tears coming out from her eyes now, thinking it might be the hormones. “Not with him being the father of my child!!”

“So… Yuu-kun is expecting, eh?”

Ayaka froze instantly hearing the voice. She heard it a million times already to memorized the voice, the exact voice confessing calmly how he killed hundreds of agents by his plan, the same one taunting the judge in the court, the same one she hates for taking away her best friends. Anger came, flowing into her veins and turned her calm heartbeat into a furious beat.

Before she could turn and reached out for her gun, she felt a hard impact to the back of her neck. Her knees fell forward as her eyes gone black in instant, plunged into darkness with no ends. But she could hear a laugh, so sinister it beats up her anger and turned it to fear..

“Umeda!! What happened?!!! UMEDAA!!!” she heard Takamina’s voice hazily from the phone.

Then gave in, letting the darkness drag her deeper than ever.

“Umeda-san.” Shu tapped the woman lightly on the shoulder. “We’re here.”

Shu saw the woman opened her eyes slowly, still trying to gather her minds into one. “Jo said there maybe be something you’d want to see at the crime scene, to give us an idea on the kidnapper.”

“Alright..” she mumbled. “Shu, what’s the date today?”

“13th of February.” Said Shu looking over from his phone. “Valentine tomorrow, eh?”

“Nagisa is cool with that?” she closed the car’s door and flashed her badge to the police securing the crime scene, an old looking house.

“I called her, said she’s expecting a big bag of NY’s famous Cheeseburger fresh arriving back home.” Sighed Shu following her inside the house.

Eying the officers collecting evidence and securing the scenes, the two spotted Jo standing beside an African-American guy in his thirties holding a camera in his hand and taking pictures.

“Yabushita, Umeda, this is Sheldon Hawkes.” Introduced Jo to them to the man.

“Call me Sheldon,” he offered his hand for a hand shake which the two accept immediately. “No signs of breaking in, but the place was a mess.” He pointed at the ruined bookshelf, the shattered lamp post on the floor, as well as the pool of blood nearby.”

“The suspect was familiar with them.” Said Umeda nodding her head and knelt down to pick up a book with her gloved hands. “I know this book.. It’s my friend’s favorite.”

“We also found something belonging to your friend..” said Sheldon signaling them to follow him up stairs. The three followed him until they finally reached a bedroom with a red curtain covering about half of the room.

Sheldon yanked the curtain to the side, revealing an area with hundreds or thousands of newspaper cuts, photos, blueprints, ID cards, and various other things. Some connected with red threads and eventually pointing to one picture in the middle of it all…

“Yuu-kun..” whispered Umeda with a shocked gaze on the picture. She approached the picture and traced it gently.

“It seems like Miyazawa and Kobayashi are investigating a case. They were agents before, right?” asked Sheldon.

Umeda nodded, “It’s the case of a murdered agent. A huge explosion that killed him..” she tranced her hand on one of the red thread and followed it until in ends on a picture on the wall. “I was there when it happened.”

Shu watched his mentor gazing at the area, the paper cuts one by one.. “Do you think..?”

“Yes.” Said Umeda turning around to face them. “Whoever did this either has something to do with the case or wants a revenge. Whoever did this, kidnapped Miyazawa Sae and injured Kobayashi Kana.

To be Continued

I do not own CSI: NY, but I do love them XD

Credits to them.~

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Re: Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 3 (48G X CSI NY)
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I found myself intrigued with Ayaka's flashbacks and how everything seems to come back to the moment when the end seems to be around the corner lurking before returning back to reality
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Re: Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 3 (48G X CSI NY)
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I am so hooked on this, really, since the first update  :mon lovelaff:

Obviously, you killed off my oshimen  :mon POd: (I understood correctly that Yuu is dead, right?), so I should be angry, but I love good angst and sometimes to create drama or, in this case, good CSI crossover, we need a well done death that drives our heroine through the story.

Cannot wait to see where the next update takes us.  :mon huh2:

P.S. I would only probably suggest to keep a track on point of view you are using, it didn't ruin the story, but being the grammar nazi I am, I thought I will give you a heads up. If you want a specific scene as an example, I can PM you :)
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Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 4 (48G X CSI NY)
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@kuro-nii: hehehehehehe, I guess I finally achieved my goal to eventually make someone like you intrigued~ fufufufu

@sakura_drop_ sama: Aaaaaa~ Thank you so much for taking interest this fic, Saku-sama  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Yes, I did killed Yuu for the very same reason as you said before. To me every heroine secretly has something sad or dark in their past but again, that is what drives them throughout the story. Thank you also for telling me some faults in my writing.

@ametakarano: Amee-chan~ Yeap, I finally did this pair.  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :fap :fap :fap :fap :fap

NEW UPDATE!! It is indeed a few days left before my kami-oshi a.k.a. our heroine graduates... I am sad but just like the story, it is the sadness that droves me to finish this story. It's amazing how much love I have for her so that I am actually being real serious in this story.  :oops: :oops: :oops:

Thank you for Kuro-nii and Mbak Yuk for proofreading my story, btw~


Chasing You – Chapter 3
Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic
By Cometerz48
“Wakey-wakey, rise and shine princess~”

Ayaka opened her eyes hazily, only to be looking at a reflection of herself on a full body mirror in front of her. She saw herself, still dressed from the blouse she remembered wearing to the bar, only a bit dusty. She saw herself, bounded to a chair with ropes securing her body to the chair, tugging her hands was useless as it might also be bounded as well. Her mouth was covered with masking tape, making sure she cannot open her mouth at all.

“Umeda Ayaka…” chuckled the voice. The same voice she heard before it knocked her out cold infront of her own apartment. She glanced and saw him standing as he leaned on a table not far from her. In his hand was a file with papers contained. “A prodigy in forensic, a high competent Crime Scene Investigator for the country’s agency… I see you are a very special woman.” He smiled reading off the folder.

He closed the folder in his hand as he walked towards her, as if knowing her heart thumped faster and harder, his grinned widened until he knelt infront of her, locking her eyes in a taunting gaze.

“Your eyes.. They are beautiful indeed.” He smiled as he traced the round of her eyelids with his finger. “So beautiful when they are smeared in fear…”

Ayaka’s eyes widened as the finger trailed to her hair, tucking the strands behind her ear, before blowing hot air to her ear. She felt his hand trailing on her legs before it reached her abdomen, still dressed in her blouse. He saw his face enjoying her pants of fear as well as the scent of her body just by sniffing on her ear.

Now she knew why the mirror was placed there, so that she can watch him…

“I can see why Yuu-kun would choose you over that screwed Takahashi..” he whispered. “Ah yes, I knew him from the beginning. Takamina too… In fact, I was their mentor after all..”

He continued, “I’ve seen him and her getting close and closer when I was still in charge of them. They hooked up one night before they were transferred to the Investigation Unit… One month later, I saw Takahashi slapped him in the face. If my hearing was correct, it was when Yuu-kun started seeing you daily..”

Ayaka can feel him sniffing and getting closer to her ear before eventually she released a muffled squeal by the touch of his lips on her ear, his hand caressing her abdomen. “Now… I never thought he’d nailed it eventually on you, a smart beauty who I knew was way different to the stupid bastard menthe of mine.”

“And eventually… getting her pregnant.” His tone changed before gripping on her abdomen hard. Ayaka felt his nails dug her skin through the fabric of her blouse, she screamed but it was muffled by the masking tape on her mouth. He felt his lips and his teeth playing with her ear, cheek, and eventualy her neck. His grip was getting rougher and Ayaka tried to struggle from his assault as tears started to stream from her face, in fear.

She heard a little about him from Takamina. Yuu never wanted to talk about his mentor, the man that he idolized has turned into a psychotic murderer. He was the one that picked him and Takamina from among the thousands of homeless kids spread across the country. He trained the two, brought them to the academy and eventually they became in the same level as him. It started a few years back when he started not appearing when summoned or assigned. Yuu and Takamina tried to contact him, even going to his house but they didn’t find him. It was as if he had vanish in the air.

Then it happened, in the most unexpected day.

Since then, Ayaka hated Valentine day. It wasn’t pink she saw in her eyes, it was all red, bloody red. Flowing from scars, wounds of her friends and herself. She herself broke an arm as Yuu dislocated his shoulder and cracked a few ribs. Both alive, but lost two of their friends, Akimoto Sayaka and Matsubara Natsu. Sae and Kana made it alive but Sae was left devastated as not only he lost his ability to set his feet on the ground, he lost Sayaka as well, his one only lover. Everyone she knew in the agency at least lost somebody..

Because of him.

She struggled, trying to protect herself from him but no avail. He knew the right places to make her scream in fear only to get muffled away. Fear was everything in her mind, his hand started travelling somewhere else. She looked at herself in the mirror, helplessly she pleaded silently.

“Yuu, save me. Please…”

After he was satisfied, he backed out from Ayaka. His face was filled with satisfied expression as he walked away towards a table. Ayaka panted and kept her eyes on him as his hand reached out for something on the table.

“I have a woman too in my life, once.” He spoke. “Unexpectedly she was an enemy.”

He continued, “But both of us, we were meant for each other. It’s amazing our encounter started with clashing blades and continued to be a relationship.”

“Unfortunately, she died.” He picked up something on the table, a syringe filled with a clear substance. “Killed by an agent I hold my hands to when he desperately dying of hunger.. An agent I taught myself to be one.”

He approached back to her, holding the syringe in his hand. Ayaka’s widened in horror realizing what he’s planning to do. Despite not knowing what was the clear substance but she has a good idea what he has on his mind.

“You know what is more unfortunate?” he asked with his cold eyes bared on her, his hand holding her down from struggling. His coldness met fear and panic in Ayaka’s eyes. “She’s pregnant as well.”

Then he plunged the syringe to Ayaka’s stomach, pain shot through straight away. Her screams were muffled but the pain was real, burning sensations spread across her body and probably reached her womb by now. She cried in pain, pleading mentally for it to stop but the pain overpowered her.

She blacked out in pain.. gradually weakening her. Oh how she wished everything was just a nightmare she can just wake from….

Shu has pulled out his camera and taking pictures of the crime scene with Sheldon. He recognized the newspaper cuts as well some of the highlighted lines on the wall mapping made by Miyazawa and Kobayashi. He approached the central of all the red lines, the picture of Oshima Yuu. The agent that died two years ago.

Judging from how Umeda refer the man, he suspected the two are very close. Thinking he might have to give Emika a call, remembering what she said a few months ago,

“Cut her some slacks, Shu. Yamamoto ain’t telling me much but she has a thing or two about love. She lost everything in one day, her position, her pride.. as well the one she loved the most.”

He knew this man has got something to do with it and he is determined to find out more.

“Yabushita,” he heard Sheldon calling him from the door, standing next to him was a man in his early fourties. “This is Danny Messer, you met his wife I believe, Lindsay.”

Shu approached the two and shook Danny’s hand, “I’m Shu Yabushita, I will be working with you all on this case as well. Please give some of your guidance.”

“Yes of course.” Smiled Danny. “Want to get some lunch? Jo is taking your mentor back to the lab, as we’re also done here. Are you done here as well?”

“I am now.” Nodded Shu. “Just let me pack my camera first.”

The young man put his camera back into his bag and was prepared to leave until he saw a picture frame standing on one of the tabletop nearby. He approached and saw a group of people smiling into the camera taking the picture. He recognized Umeda in the picture, smiling bright as she leaned her head to a man beside him, Oshima Yuu. He also saw Kobayashi on the edge, giving a light punch to the chest to a man in dyed heair. Miyazawa was there as well, with his arm around a girl in black hair and muscular figure.

Umeda Ayaka.. He saw her there smiling brightly, so much younger and happier than she is now. Umeda must have gone through a lot. Emika’s expression when she told the story was sad enough…

Suddenly his phone rung, he saw the caller’s name before picking it up. “You’re just in time. I was about to call you, Emika.”

“Just making sure you made it to NY.” she said over the phone. “What have you got so far?”

“We do know now that Miyazawa and Kobayashi are working on a case together secretly.” Informed Shu. “The one where Miyazawa was the witness.”

“He wasn’t the only witness, Shu.” Said Emika sounding carefully. “Umeda was also a witness of the incident.”

“What?” he scrunched his eyebrows. “Then why is she assigned to this case?!”

“She wanted to take the responsibility of this one.” Explained Emika. “You do know Miyazawa and Kobayashi was transferred as witness protection program to NY because of a request, it was from her. She requested it, thinking that Miyazawa would be safer there.”

“No wonder she wanted to investigate this no matter what…” said Shu. “She was thinking whoever did this has something to do in the case, involved most likely.”

“I’m aware of that, Shu.” Said Emika. “Information has been passed that Kobayashi and Miyazawa accessed to the data base on the case. I think they might have notice something regarding to it and decided to re-open it.”

“Why would they, Em? The criminal was already dead, right?”

“If he’s indeed dead, who’s out there that kidnapped Miyazawa then?” asked Emika freezing Shu completely. “It’s got to be someone wanting revenge on his death.”

“Any possible suspect?” asked Shu leaning on the wall. “He was in the agency, right? Before he disappeared and turned into a psychopath.”

“He was close to Oshima Yuu and Takahashi Minami though, since he was their mentor.” Said Emika. “But the two completely dumped him after the incident that killed many agents back then, they were the ones that hunted him and sent him to prison.”

“Any families? Lover perhaps?” asked Shu.

“None.” Said Emika. “He was getting mysterious from time to time before he disappeared. It was like as if he shut away from any society slowly before coming back as a mass killer.”

“Any leads on Miyazawa’s kidnapper?” asked Emika this time.

“We do know, Kobayashi and Miyazawa recognized them.” Said Shu. “No sign of break in but there are signs of struggles in the house. They must be good in guns though.”

“How do you know that?” asked Emika.

“The other agent beside Kobayashi was shot in the head from distance. Not that easy to shoot something moving and small such as someone’s head from distance, shooting the chest would be easier.”

“You’re right..” said Emika. “We could be dealing with professional. Does Umeda know about this?”

“She might. I’m not with her at the moment.”

“Wait, what?!!” yelped Emika on the phone. “Where is she?!!”

“She’s at the NYPD Crime Lab.” Answered Shu. “She told me to help look for evidence at the crime scene.”

“Oh Geez…” said Emika. “You should have stay around her, Shu.”

“Emika, she’s a 32 year old Adult investigator with a shooting license as well as a black belt in Juijutsu. Why would she need a baby sitter?”

“For God sake, you’re so dense, Shu.” Grumbled Emika. “Haven’t you notice she’s pretty pale lately?”

“The coroner here mentioned something about how she needs to sleep properly.” Said Shu scratching his head. “Is she sick?”

“She needs to drink her meds, that’s all I can tell you.” Said Emika. “Jaa then…”

“Wait! She’s sick?! Since when?” he asked. “Don’t you hung up on me!”

“Just a flu she said.” Said Emika. “Tell her, okay?” she asked before hung up on him.

“Damn..” grumbled Shu. He quickly walked out of the building and saw Sheldon and Danny waving at him. “Sorry, just got a phone call from Japan’s office.”

“They’re asking you regarding the case?” asked Danny. Shu nodded, “Jo said, they’re sending the files now regarding the previous one we found in the wall mapping.”

“I appreciated your help, Americans.” Smiled Shu before bowing to the two. “Now, what American cuisine are you planning to show me?”

“Cheeseburger, mate.” Grinned Sheldon before opening the car’s lock. “The best Cheeseburger in the city.”

Ayaka opened her eyes hazily and breathed into the linen of the mattress she slept on. After visiting at the crime scene, she asked Jo to take her to the hotel for a rest. Jo was happy to do so as she also thinks Ayaka could overwork herself after the flight then straight to crime scene, other reason why she decided to do so because of Milky’s text.

Don’t overwork yourself, Umeda-san. Drink your medicine as well~ -Milky

She sighed and took the covers off covering her body, eyeing the scene of New York City from the big glass window. The view was perfect, just the way she wanted to see all these time. She loved the city but never actually been here before. All she heard was how wonderful the place was, a metropolitan city filled with many colors, cultures, art…

Oh, how she loved arts back then… She nailed the pottery class back then in high school, then the drama club. She loved dancing as well before entering the university, then joining the musical club. Graduating from the uni, she still watch musical stages throughout Tokyo, gazing upon the beauty of a story played on stages….

It was Yuu that showed her New York was, it was him that promises they’ll spend their life here one day together.

It was him that didn’t kept his promise.

Ayaka hated it, the feeling of a gaping hole in her heart where Yuu was before. After Yuu’s death she was grieving badly as her wounds healed. When she got back to work, she was never the same. Only answering with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, she was the first one in the lab and the last one to leave, not eating properly and drinking after work…

“Stop it,” she felt her wrist being held by somebody, restraining her from taking another gulp on the scotch at the bar. “Yuu would hate it to see you like this.”

Pissed, Ayaka slap the hand away. “Get lost, Takahashi.” Then she went for the scotch before the head of department slap the glass in her hand. The glass shattered on the bar’s floor.

“I said stop it.”

Ayaka cursed and went for the bottle. But before she could grab it, Takahashi’s hand snatched it away first. “Umeda Ayaka!”

“WHAT DO YOU WANT, MIDGET?!” Yelled Ayaka standing up from her seat and faced the boss. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!”

“That’s it I’m taking you home.” Said Takahashi firmly. Before Ayaka could react, she felt her side are being slammed quickly to the counter top, her hands cuffed. “Come on.”

“GET OFF ME YOU BITCH!!” yelled Ayaka struggling from the cuff as Takahashi pulled her out of the bar. Her voice attracted attentions as well as her struggle, but everybody in the bar knew that Ayaka’s not the type to be messed with once drunk.

Takahashi drove her home as she ignored Ayaka’s curses and screams. She unlocked the door of Ayaka’s apartment and threw Ayaka to the bed after she took off the cuff. Ayaka glared at her boss as she rubbed her swollen wrist.

“Ayaka, stop it. Your alcohol abuse is getting too much.” Said Takahashi pulling a chair and sat on it. “You realized that it has effected you badly.”

“Like hell I care.” Spat Ayaka.

“They’re not coming back.” Said Takahashi looking at Ayaka deeply. “Oshima Yuu and your child are dead.”

As soon as Takahashi finished her sentence, a gush of air passed just inches from her face followed by the sound of a breaking vase. Ayaka reached up for another object to throw but Takahashi pushed her down on the mattress, “THE FU-“


Ayaka’s eyes widened after feeling the pain across her cheek.  She looked up to Takahashi and saw her bitter expression, “Takahashi…”

Takahashi pulled away and helped her sat up before hugging Ayaka tightly. “I know… I miss him too, Ayaka.”

Then she remembered, among all people in the agency, Takahashi was Yuu’s closest friend.

Yuu and Takahashi grew up together, leaning to each other for supports before entering the academy then the agency. They trained together, investigate together, before Yuu was transferred to the investigation department. They could be mistaken as lovers since they are so close but they never were one.

Ayaka cried that night, sobbing all her anguish out from her heart. The day Yuu saved her was something she wished she could let go. The explosion killed Yuu and injured Sae, making him unable to walk on his own feet again. As for Ayaka, the substance injected to her was lethal but she made it to recovery.

However, her child died in her womb due to the poison.

Losing two in a day was too much for Ayaka, remembering them was too painful. She remembered the feelings well enough. Her tears has flowed out too much, hurting her eyes. Since then, she never was the same again she could tell. Every once in a while Nakamura texted her, seeing if she’s doing okay. Nakamura works for Yokoyama now, as the vice leader of the agency. Takahashi’s position was replaced by Yokoyama, her whereabouts is unknown.

She closed her eyes briefly and felt her stomach churned, begging for food. Because of her sickness, she lost her appetite completely. It effected her eating habit and she started consuming liquor to relieve herself. But now that she’s in NY, it seems like she’s up for real food. She quickly rang the room service and asked for a cheeseburger and fries. As she waited, she review her mission files.

“Why would Sae and Kana be still talking about the case..?” asked Ayaka to herself. After the incident, she only ever spoke to Kana. Sae silenced himself after the incident, shutting away after Yuu’s death. Ayaka knew he blamed her for his death, if it wasn’t for her he would have been alive. The day of Yuu’s burial ceremony are still fresh in her mind.

“This is your fault!” he yelled pointing at Ayaka. “If it wasn’t for you, Yuu would have been alive by now!!”

“Sae cut it out!!” yelled Kana holding him back from assaulting Ayaka.

Ayaka couldn’t say anything as she felt Takahashi’s arms around her, pulling her back. Sae was furious as he lost his ability to walk as well his best mate. Her heart felt so fragile than ever, she was too tired to cry again and again. Sae was among those that supported her relationship with Yuu in the first place, grinning from ear to ear. And now, the grin was no more as he only eyed her with hatred as he and Kana boarded a plane to New York.

The sound of her room’s doorbell cut off her thoughts suddenly. Ayaka got up and put on a jacket, she has a habit to wear her underwear when alone at home or in hotels. Shu always slept in other room on each mission, so there were no chance her menthe would see her in underwear. Every time she needs to open the door, she would wear her jacket on top.

Peeking through the eyehole, she saw a woman dressed in as room service with a tray in her hand. Ayaka opened the door for her to come in.

“Room service, mam.” She smiled. “Cheeseburger and fries?”

“That’s me.” Said Ayaka, stepping aside to let the room service entered the room. “How much would it be?” she asked as she grabbed her wallet.

“Your life.” She turned back and Ayaka dodged just in time before a knife plunged into her abdomen. Ayaka’s eyes widened, the woman’s eyes was cold as cold as the sharp hunting knife in her hand. “You’ll pay for it, Umeda.”

“Who are you?!” asked Ayaka before rolling to the side. She eyed her bag where she kept her gun, but it’s sitting behind the attacker and seemed like it won’t be easy. “Who sent you?!”

“It doesn’t matter.” Grinned the woman, slashing through the air where Ayaka’s head was a moment ago. “She sent you her regards as a message before your death.” She kicked Ayaka right in the stomach.

“Ugh!” Ayaka’s back hit the wall, pain shot through her stomach from the impact. She eyed the woman twirling the blade in her hand before throwing it towards her head. Ayaka moved just in time as it’s blade only managed to graze her cheek as she plunged herself to the woman. The two rolled on the floor, punching each other in the face.

“Who the hell sent you?!” yelled Ayaka sitting on top of the woman after punching her right in the nose. The woman did not answer and jerked her hips upwards and managed to turn down the table. Ayaka was on the bottom this time. Ayaka’s heart pounded loudly against her own ribs, she tried to struggle but the woman pushed her throat down, slowly crushing it.

“Die,” she grinned before pulling out a gun and aimed it straight at Ayaka’s temple. Ayaka eyed the gun straight at her face and closed her eyes, ready to feel the bullet seared through her head…


Ayaka did not feel any pain and opened her eyes in question. She saw the woman still on top of her with widened eyes and a hole between her eyes. As if she did not realized she just got shot, her eyeballs whitened before falling to the side. Ayaka glanced back at the door and saw Shu as well as Flack by the door, Flack’s gun was up so was Shu.

“Umeda-san!” Shu approached and knelt next to her. “Are you okay?”

“I’m…” Ayaka blinked and panting, still gathering back her thoughts. Then she touched her cheek where the blade grazed her. “I’m alive that’s for sure.”

“You’re bleeding.” Said Shu pulling out a handkerchief and pressed it against the cheek where it bleed. ‘”I decided to drop by at the hotel to check on you and…” he looked at the dead body. “It seems like it was a right thing to do.”

“She was sent to kill me.” Said Ayaka standing up but pain shot through her stomach again. “Urgh..”

Shu wrapped his arm around her shoulder and led her to the bed. “Emika told me you’re sick.. You should have told me so I’ll stay close to you, Umeda-san.”

“Who do you think I am, huh? A sick toddler?” chukled Ayaka. “It’s nothing big, just a rest should be enough. By the way, did you find anything at Miyazawa’s place?”

“I took photographs of the scene and sent it to the base for a scan and check on the sources of articles and pictures on the wall.” Said Shu. “Do you know who sent her?” she pointed at the body.

“No idea,” said Umeda shaking her head and eyed Flack carefully at the door where he’s probably calling the police and the others to secure the crime scene. “But she mentioned it was a woman.”

“A woman?” asked Shu. “Could Miyazawa be with her as well?”

“Possible.” Nodded Ayaka. “Our best shot would be to ID this woman to find him.” She eyed the body.

Umeda was taken for an interview about the attack after her cuts were treated. Shu in the other hand stood and watched Sid performing autopsy on the Jane Doe. He wasn’t allowed to touch any of the evidence processed but he’s allowed to stood by and watch them being processed.

“So Yabusita-san,” Sid reached out for a pincher. “how often does your mentor smoke? Or drink perhaps?”

“She’s not a smoker but she is a heavy drinker.” Answered Shu. “Three to five times a week I supposed?”

“Hmm… this is interesting.” Said Sid signaling Shu to see what he’s pointing at. “The woman is a clearly heavy drinker based on the liver but notice that she’s quiet slim just like Umeda?”

“She seemed to be fit and active.” Said Shu eyeing the muscles. “She’s trained.”

“Or a professional.” Jo’s voice surprised them both. “Her name is Kate Dorslen, 28 years old and worked as a trainer in daylight.”

“How about at night?” asked Shu.

“A hit man.” Said Jo. “Adam tracked down her network at home and found out a month ago she was contacted to kidnap Miyazawa at his home and she was paid for 10.000 dollars just for the task.”

“And there’s probably more following the days.” Said Shu. “Umeda-san said she was sent especially to kill her by the sender. Any phone number or the email came from?”

“The sender was untraceable, they seemed to be a professional as well.” Said Jo bitterly.

“Why would they want to hire a professional if they can do the job themselves?” asked Shu.

“Again, so it’s hard to track them.” Said Flack coming in to the room. “I found her address, we can look into the house to see if we can find something regarding the case.”

“Fair enough,” said Umeda coming in to the room. Her grazed cheek was treated and her hair tied into a bun. “Let’s go.”

“That is not your jurisdiction, unfortunately.” Said Jo stopping the younger woman. “Whoever did this is after you now, and we need to know why.”

“Because I am sent to handle the case?” shrugged Umeda. “That I’m Miyazawa’s friend?”

“It’s not only that isn’t it?” Jo shaking her head. “It was you the one that sent them here, your position and Miyazawa’s are the same. Both of you are witnesses!”

“and targeted.” Said Flack grimly. “Which makes you not allowed to investigate this case any further.”

Umeda fell silence as Shu holds his breath. “You’re telling me….”

“You may not investigate this case any further.” Said Jo. “Yabushita may do so, but not you.”

Shu glanced his mentor, looking for any signs of her usual frustration. Her eyes were sharp, glancing at the two investigators, but other than that her face showed a mask of calmness that even surprised Shu himself.

“Fine.” She turned her back to leave. “Let it be.”

Shu watched Umeda’s back disappeared around the corner, eying the distance he knew his mentor must had something in her mind. There was no way one Umeda Ayaka would accept such condition.

“You better keep your eyes one her, young man.” Said Sid glancing down again on the body. “As much as she wanted to be involved, the rules says no.”

Shu turned to Jo, “so I’ll still be investigating?” he asked.

“Yes. But you are not allowed to tell Umeda anything of the case.” Said Jo. “Her status has gone to witness now, she will be under protection for the time being.”

“Are you planning to send her back to Japan?”

“No, not yet.” Said Flack. “We’ll still be needing information so we can figure who held Miyazawa as hostage.”

“I will need files of the previous cases regarding to the mapping that Miyazawa made in the house. Would your people send that to us? You also may ask someone to come over and take on Umeda’s place as your partner.” asked Jo.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Nodded Shu. “Thank you. I’ll talk to Umeda-san now..”

“Remember the first time we met, kid?”

“Yabushita!” he heard Yamamoto’s voice calling him. He put down his box filled with his stuff that he planned to arrange on his new table, and turned. Yamamoto was standing by the door with a woman carrying a simple suitcase, the woman was short with long flowing brown hair. Her eyes are filled with intelligence as she eyed Shu approaching the two.

“This is Umeda Ayaka, a senior of mine. She just moved to this branch and she will be your mentor.” Introduced Yamamoto to Shu. Shu nodded to the woman which threw a thin smile at him as eying his eyes.

“Doumo,” greeted Shu. “Yabushita Shu desu.”

“Umeda,” she spoke. Her voice was rather high pitched but sounded reasonable and mature. “Umeda Ayaka desu.”

“Yes.” Nodded Shu as he watched his mentor looking out the window. She was wearing a simple tanktop and shorts, revealing the smooth skin of her arms and legs she rarely seen. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, no make up on what so ever but she’s still beautiful.

“What did you think of me back then?” she asked again, smiling out the sight of New York. “Be honest with me.”

“You’re a smart person.” Confessed Shu. “but…”


“You’re…” paused Shu. “You’ve gone through a lot of things.”

“Sad things mostly.” Admitted Umeda before looking at Shu. “Did Emika or Yamamoto told you anything yet?”

“About you?” she nodded. “Not really… Emika said that you did lost many things before moving to our branch.”

“Oshima Yuu,” she smiled bitterly. “The guy where all the red string attached to him, he was my fiancé.. or at least that’s what he planned it to be.”

No wonder…

“You probably already knew by now that Miyazawa and Kobayashi are friends of mine.” She said. “Oshima Yuu and I, as well as those two were friends in the same department.”

“I saw a picture of you all back in the house.” Said Shu. “with some others.”

“Taken at our yearly celebration.” Said Umeda. “Five years ago. That was the last time we ever celebrate anything together.”

“The others…” began Shu. “The incident five years ago?”

Umeda nodded, “The blast killed many people in the main office, I was out in a crime scene at that time. I shot through the road and arrived to see Yuu and KK taken by ambulance, with some others followed. But I saw Sae struggling from officers taking a body away in a body bag, he was crying and I knew it was his girlfriend, Sayaka, also my best friend.”

“Many lost their friends that day. Yamamoto even lost an important friend that day.” Said Umeda. “You knew the rest of the story.”

“The transfer to asylum,” continued Shu. “The criminal escaped, kidnapped the girlfriend of the agent that was in charge of the transfer, then the agent decided to go over the line.”

“Over the line..” quoted Umeda. “You can say that.” She smiled bitterly.

“Wait,” said Shu realizing something. “Oshima Yuu was the agent incharge wasn’t he? Along with Miyazawa..” Umeda nodded and watched his eyes widened. “Don’t tell me… it was you?”

“Yes,” she caressed her forearm. “I was the one that the criminal kidnapped.”

Shu understood now. He could imagine behind his mentor’s strong teaching, she was weakened because of it all. She lost many things in life, and so forth she regained he footings again and transferred to Yamamoto’s branch. He looked into her eyes, as if dark stories and experiences dwelled together, she was stronger now, wiser, which could be the reason she decided to be his mentor.

“My status makes me unable to investigate further into the case, but they still wanted me testify later.” Said Umeda. “Still, I can’t say I am annoyed by the fact I’m grounded and baby sat by police officer.”

“Promise me you’ll get anyone for this though.” She spoke, looking at his eyes with demanding eyes. “Promise me if you know anything and you’re confused, come to me for advice. I’ll help as much as I can.”

“As long as this body still breathing.” She added. Shu looked up at her and saw a different pair of eyes this time. It was as if she was pleading as well as smiling at him comfortably. “I am proud to be your mentor, Shu-kun.”

It was the first time she ever called him by the first name. She always referred him as ‘kid’ or his last name. But, this was different. It was her pleading to him, trusting him fully for the first time.

“I will.” He nodded. Umeda smiled and rounding her thin arms around him. She embraced him, trusting him completely. “After everything, I promise I wiil.”

“Good..” she whispered and parted away from him. “I told the situation to Yamamoto. She’ll be sending someone down to replace me.”

“Are you really happy with that?” asked Shu.

“Can’t go crazy here, we’re foreigners.” Umeda shrugged. “Now go, find Miyazawa.”

“I will.” Nodded Shu. Just before he closed the door of her room, he hesitated. “Umeda-san?”


“Just tell me if you need anything though.” Said Shu. “Bye.”

Ayaka looked out into the distance. After Shu left, she poured herself some tea. But then she decided to pour another cup provided in the room. She knew she’s no longer alone.

“Darjeeling.” She heard a voice, followed by the sound of creaking cupboard nearby. “Pretty rare here since Americans rarely drink tea at all.”

“But since it’s provided, I’ll take my chance.” Shrugged Ayaka without looking at the mysterious figure approaching from behind. “But I am impressed you’re that quiet to actually stayed there until my menthe left.”

“I had my practice.” Spoke the mysterious figure standing next to her. “I hear Kobayashi’s condition. Is she alright?”

“She will live.” Nodded Ayaka. “Miyazawa is still unknown though. We need to find him.”

“Your phone call,” replied the figure. “I’m in.”

“Good.” Smiled Ayaka weakly before sipping her tea.

“But your condition-“

“I’m still able to catch up with you, I promise.” Said Ayaka. “I had my practice as well, old friend.”

“I still can’t believe it.” Mumbled the figure before embracing Ayaka. “You should not be here.”

“But I am here now.” She parted away. “and I intended to finish the job.”

“One thing I like the most from you, Ayaka: your determination.” Smiled the figure. “Very well… Takahashi Minami at your service.”

To be Continued

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Re: Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 4 (48G X CSI NY)
« Reply #9 on: March 08, 2016, 06:40:34 AM »
The more the past seems to catch up to her, it seems the further it drives her from the sanity around her :nervous
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Re: Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 4 (48G X CSI NY)
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Yeah, I honestly love UmeYuu!! I know that you know that.  XD XD XD

Well... as I was reading the chapter, you got my heart pounding as usual!  :ptam-wub:

I suddenly felt sad and realized that it is indeed a few days before her graduation and... uwaaaaaah!!  :ptam-hbk:

Anyways... The story is damn interesting, as expected from Comechan. GOOD JOB!! We'll patiently wait for the next chapter.

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Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 4 (48G X CSI NY)
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@Kuro-nii: seems like it... It was like I really wanted to show the desperation she's facing and will be facing throughout the story.

@Ame-chan: Yes I do know~ Thus that is why I wrote the fic  :oops: :oops:

Minna, Umechan's graduation has been a pretty saddening moment for me. It goes fast and surprisingly I wasn't crying much but it felt like she left a hole gaping in my heart. Proceeding was hard, but I know I have to finish this. Credits to Kuroiyuki as my proofreader on this.

Enjoy  :oops: :oops:

Chasing You – Chapter 4
Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic
By Cometerz48

“The DNA doesn’t match Dorslen’s.” Informed Jo as Shu inspecting Dorslen’s cupboard in her apartment. “But it came back positive for male and a long term drug addict, no match in database though.”
“If it is true that Miyazawa and Kobayashi recognized the other one, Dorslen must’ve been standing by to help the kidnapping.” Said Shu. “Any results on what kind of drug they are using?”
“Can’t get any results on that if it’s just from sweat.” Said Danny. “You’d need to run a blood test to determine that.”
“So that means girls team kidnapping one hot disabled man.” Whistled Adam. “What? Miyazawa is indeed hot, even for someone in a wheelchair.”
“Umeda said he was one popular agent back in the days.” Said Shu. “Apparently pretty much every woman in the branch has thought of him once.”
“How is she accepting her status?” asked Danny. “This girl is quite neat.” He complimented as he looked through her study table. “The journal is pretty organized.”
“She…” Shu hesitated. “… is accepting the fact and accepts the conditions as well.”
“You don’t look convinced.” Said Jo.
Shu tilted his head, “She’s a woman with a difficult history, Mam. I can’t read what is on her mind sometimes, but she is determined to accept now.”
“Anyways… It is strange for someone with hit man as a work at night to be that organized.” Frowned Adam. “What if the whole thing is about revenge? You said Miyazawa was popular, I bet there were rejections.”
“I supposed so.. That could be a motive.” tilted Shu. “I’ll go ask my mentor later and also others on the department where Miyazawa used to work.”
“Hey, check this out.” Signaled Sheldon near the bookshelf. “What do you see?”
“Spider webs.” Said Adam.
“Thick dust.” Said Jo sliding her finger on the wooden linings of the bookshelf.
“Thick books.” Answered Shu pointing at the encyclopedia. “Why would someone with a fitness trainer as a noon job and a hit man at night, would have collections of encyclopedia?”
“Exactly there, young man.” Smiled Sheldon before walking to the side of the bookshelf. “Help me move this aside.”
Shu and Danny helped the man pushing the bookshelf to the side. It was a lot of work for three man, but they moved it aside and found a hole big enough for one person to enter.
“Talk about secret tunnels.” Whistled Danny. “After you, Jo.”
Jo entered the hole, followed by Shu. The young agent pulled out his mini flashlight and looked around the small room hidden inside. “Wow..”  The room wasn’t very big but it fits a table as well some cupboards and shelves filled with weapons. From army daggers to rifle and handheld guns along with the ammunitions, everything was stuffed neatly and organized on the shelf with labels of which firearms they belong to.
“I don’t think she’s just a mere hitman, Jo.” Whistled Adam. “This is more like a terrorist base than one hit man’s house.”
“This is like a vault of weapons for a task force..” said Shu while he was inspecting the firearms. “We have a bigger one in Japan of course. But this is… “
“There is no way Dorslen can have this many firearms.” Simplified Danny. “We need to take it all back to the base to identify the firearms, to see if we can find at least one with legal license.”
“Found a hair, people.” Said Sheldon. “And it’s brown.” She held it up to the flashlight.
“Dorslen’s hair is blonde.” Said Jo. “This could be the other person’s hair, our kidnapper.”
“I’ll check this one in the lab later.” Said Sheldon as he bagged the hair. “Found something, Adam?”
“Yeap..” said the younger man as he fumbled through a nearby cupboard. “Found these.”
What he found was an old handycam, with a video tape inside the slot.
Shu rose his eyebrows, “I thought people don’t use that kind of camera these days.”
“Oh, it’s been a hip here to use something classic and old.” Said Jo inspecting the video tape. “Look though.”

“Autumn..” read Shu. “As in season?”
“We better find out.” Motioned Jo. “There’s a player there, let’s see what we can get.”
Sheldon turned on the player and inserted the tape before standing next to the others, pressing the TV remote as he did so. At first the TV screen was white, as if something was covering the camera. Then it the object was pulled out of the way, showing the camera a figure strapped to a chair, beaten up but alive.
“Look up now, Sae.”
The figure looked up, revealing Miyazawa’s face. His perfect look was beaten up completely: bleeding nose, a cut on the cheek, and shades of blue around the eye. His white shirt was messy as well as dusty, splattered with blood.
“You…” growled Miyazawa looking at whoever behind the camera. “You’re a disgrace, you know that?!”
“Now… Now.. Don’t be such a naughty boy now we both know you tried to-“
“AND I KNEW IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!” yelled Miyazawa. “You manipulator son of-“
Shu held his breath as his eyes widened upon the sight of an electric stun gun was shot to Miyazawa’s chest. Miyazawa roared in pain as his body shook against the chair, but still constrained by his bounds. His eyeballs rolled backwards, Shu knew it must have been quite a high voltage. And it finally stopped just in time, where Miyazawa slumped forward but still sitting on his chair, panting.
“Now, no swear words Miyazawa.” Chuckled the voice. “You’re just like your mentor, one tough nut but very impulsive. So easy to get into your head.”
The camera then was removed from the tripod, and turned to the cameraman as if they were taking a selfie. Shu held his breath again this time, much shocked than before. The cameraman’s face was familiar, too familiar indeed after studying the case five years ago on the flight to New York.
Oshima Yuu was smiling at the camera casually. He was wearing a green sweatshirt with a grey hoodie, as if he was a normal man.
“Wait, is that..?” asked Adam.
“Oshima Yuu.” spoke Shu still in shock. “He’s supposed to be dead two years ago.”
“Ever play cat and mouse, dear policemen of New York?”grinned him. “Let’s see if you cats can catch a mouse with big stocks of cheese in this city’s maze… But I should warn you.”
“Even mouse can bites back it’s predator.”

“Ayaka..” she heard Takahashi’s voice. “Come here for a second.”
“What’s up?” she sat next to the former head of the agency on the bed, eying photos of the evidence found from Miyazawa’s place. “Yea, I was thinking Sae and Kana were looking back at the case from two years ago.”
“Look,” Takahashi picked up a photo. “It says here, about the death of the psycho.”
“Yes..” fumbled Ayaka as she squinted her eyes to see the newspaper writing in the picture. “I read this one, his death was caused by a heart attack. Minegishi was in charge of the investigation, her team concluded the case in less than a day.”
“Is it possible to look at the autopsy files?” asked Takahashi. “I want to look at it. If Miyazawa and Kobayashi put this up on the wall, there must be something they found.” She pointed a red string on the newspaper in the photo.
“That must’ve lead to somewhere.” Said Ayaka. “But if I called the agency especially Minegishi, she’d reject the request. All the leaders must’ve knew about my current status in this place.” She grumbled.
Takahashi raised an eyebrow, “My my… You must have forgotten that ‘she’ is still there, aren’t you?”
“Who are we on about?” Ayaka’s eyes widened after she finished the sentence as the name of a person popped in her head. “Ah… Yes.”
“She’s definitely going to listen to you, Ayaka.” Nodded Takahashi. “She’d listen to me as well… but she might be storming here with the file instead of sending it secretly.”
“I’m sorry about your resignation.” Said Ayaka. “I heard about it from Sayanee. You had to leave without telling anybody even her.”
“I know.” Said Takahashi eying the horizon. “Yuihan and the director told me it would be saver for me to run away from the country, at least until the agency has more proof to pin it on him.”
“Damn, I hate politic cases.” Swore Takahashi. “I see now why Atsuko decided to retire earlier before her marriage.”
“Speaking of marriage,” said Ayaka. “Asuka-kun is a married man now.”
“Kuramochi?!” yelped Takahashi in surprise. “seriously?”
“Yeap.” Nodded Ayaka looking through her laptop to look for a certain contact. “He resigned about six months ago, and three months later, he sent me a picture of his wedding in Guam.”
“Wow…” whistled Takahashi. “I’m getting old… and my kouhai beat me to the wedding aisle.”
“Same team here.” Said Ayaka. “Now shush so I can call this person.”
“You’re calling her via skype?”
Ayaka nodded, “You missed her, don’t you?”
“Yeap.” Admitted Takahashi.
The laptop screen then connected Ayaka to a certain woman reading an adult novel on her chair as piles of files waited to be worked on. Ayaka raised her eyebrows in amusement as the woman had yet to notice how Ayaka could see her via the camera.
“I see you are busy there, Nakamura. Maybe I’ll just drop by some other time,” said Ayaka.
The woman turned to the screen, “Who the he- UMEDA-SAN?!!” she dropped her book in surprised. “Oh Jeez, you surprised me!!”

“Gotcha,” smiled Ayaka to see such reaction. “Hope you are doing great working under Yokoyama now.”
“Ah Yuihan? She’s great. Listens to my findings, simplify things for others to understand, very capable to connect with as well.” Shrugged Nakamura. “Umeda-san, why are you contacting me? I’ve heard tha-“

“I need your help, Nakamura.” Said Ayaka. “I know you’ve heard the news of my status, unable to investigate any further on Miyazawa’s disappearance but I knew he was working on something. It might be the cause of why he was kidnapped.”
“I-I…” fumbled Nakamura. [font=andale mono]“Are you sure you’re alright to go? Look I’ll help, but I don’t want you to overtire yourself especially after Milky-“[/font]
“I can handle myself!” Ayaka yelled from frustration. Nakamura’s eyes widened upon Ayaka’s sudden outburst. Realizing what she had just done, Ayaka took a deep breath to calm herself. “Sorry.. It’s just frustrating that everyone has been treating me like I’m going to die soon.”
“You’re not and you won’t.” said Nakamura straightforwardly, showing concerns. “I know it is frustrating, but we’re all worried about you..”
“Thanks,” smiled Ayaka thinly. “I’ll make sure I stop before getting too exhausted. Please just don’t tell anybody I’m still working on this case secretly, you know why I must.”
“Alright.. I won’t tell anybody.” nodded Nakamura. “What do you need?”
“I need all the files about The Psycho’s death. Coroner’s reports, prison watch, anything on him.” Said Ayaka. “Send it all through my mail.”
“Okay…” said Nakamura as she typed the commands and scanned the files as well. “Well,… what do we have here?”
“What’s up?”
“The file is encrypted.” Said Nakamura frowning. “Strange.. All solved case files should be free access to me and Yuihan whereas this one isn’t..”
“Can you fix it?” asked Ayaka.
“Give me a moment..” said Nakamura before starting to stare at her computer and typed in various commands, hacking techniques to her keyboard. After a few minutes, the young woman showed a wide smile and clicked the enter button. “Okay I sent it to your email but I took my curiosity to look into the file.. Do you mind?”
“Nope. Not at all..” said Ayaka. “What do you see?”
“The one who signed off the whole report wasn’t Minegishi-san.” Said Nakamura. “It’s Shimada..?”
“Well.. Shimada is Minegishi’s second in command right?” asked Ayaka.
“Yes but….” Said Nakamura. “Would you open up the part of the toxic report where there is a diagram of the Psycho’s blood cell?”
“Okay..” said Ayaka motioning Takahashi to take look at it from her laptop. “It looks pretty normal here..”
“No no, try using the microscopic zoom.” Said Nakamura. “The color of the cells looked normal at first but when you looked more into it you can see that there is something different.”
“You’re right..” said Ayaka. “Anybody can mistake this as a natural cause of death, but this is different.. It was as if the psycho was poisoned but not a regular one.”

“Not cyanide, definitely.”
Nakamura shook her head. “If the procedures were done correctly, there should be a blood sample stored at database, I’ll go and have a double check on that.”
“Who’s in charge of the toxic reports?” asked Ayaka a bit annoyed. “This should be done correctly and it should’ve been doubled check by whoever confirmed the report.”
“Let’s see…” said Nakamura. “It’s Takajo-san.”
“Takajo as in Takajo Aki?” asked Ayaka frowning. She glanced at the confused Takahashi. “She’s pretty observant, she should have noticed the cells.”
“Yeah…” nodded Nakamura. “I mean she has a degree in forensic chemistry as well as biology… She should be aware on this.”
Nakamura looked up from her screen, her eyes widened. “Oh crap, Yuihan is coming. I’m going to turn the connection off okay?”
“Wait Nakamura-“
“I’ll check on the blood samples later and I’ll inform you guys later on.” Said Nakamura.
“Wait,” said Ayaka. “How do you know I’m not alone?”
“You’re with someone right? And that somebody has your laptop and looking to the mail I sent you.” said Nakamura. “I really need to go now, bye!” she flashed a smile before her camera goes black.
“She seems to be doing well.” Said Takahashi. “She does a great job, that kid.”
Ayaka nodded, “But why would Takajo missed on that? I mean if she did done it manually, she could have used a program to identify the substance in the blood cell.”
“Strange..” frowned Takahashi as she scanned down the newly arrived reports. “I didn’t know he has a property in New York..”

“The Psycho.” Said Takahashi addressing her old mentor. “Look, he has a property in Long Island, a warehouse by the looks of it by and he had it since fifteen years ago.”
“He participated in the collaboration training with Navy SEALS before, right? If he’s well prepared, he would have the place as a back place to stay.”
“But the property has been checked by the Agency.” Said Takahashi. “Minegishi’s team was assigned completely on him.”
“Let me guess, Shimada signed off the report?” Takahashi nodded. “We need to check the property.”
“I’ll check, but you are not going anywhere, Umeda.” Said Takahashi firmly. “You need to rest, you’re getting paler.”
“Oh shit, I think you’re right.” Said Ayaka suddenly feeling nauseous, she tried to walk towards Takahashi but instead falling forward. Luckily Takahashi caught her on time.
“You shouldn’t be doing this Ayaka..” said Takahashi helping Ayaka to sit back on the chair. “Yuu wouldn’t like it to see you like this..”
“He also wouldn’t like it if Miyazawa is not anywhere to be found.” Swallowed Ayaka. “We have to find him, Takahashi. You know there is something going on..”
“I know,” said Takahashi. “I’ll check the warehouse but I need you to stay here and rest. If the New York police knew your condition, they’ll definitely send you back to Japan.”
“I know..” said Ayaka weakly. “Promise me you’ll be back.”
“I will,” smiled Takahashi before giving a quick hug to Ayaka. “catch you later.”

“So we have a situation where there is someone who’s supposed to be dead but came back alive through a video and suspected as a kidnapper.” Said Jo firmly. The whole team including Shu was back in the CSI’s meeting room.
“Oshima Yuu was supposed to be dead two years ago.” Said Shu while handing copies of the case file regarding to Oshima Yuu’s death. “Oshima died when he and Miyazawa tried to rescue Umeda-san from an escaped criminal who held her as hostage. Oshima and Miyazawa broke the rule of the agency in order to rescue her.”
“Oshima and Umeda were dating, says this file.” Pointed out Danny.
Shu nodded, “The criminal wanted to revenge on Oshima for arresting him. That is why he kidnapped Umeda.”
“It is actually much more complicated than that, Yabushita.” Said a new voice by the door. Shu looked up and raised his eyebrows upon the newly arrived figure. “Hello, I’m the agent assigned to replace Umeda-san. My name is Matsui Jun and this is my assistant-“
“Emika??” burst out Shu as soon as she saw the Captain of his department behind Matsui. Noticing that all eyes had turned to him, he blushed. “Sorry..”
The captain smiled to Shu, “Hello Shu-kun. I’m Kamieda Emika, I will be assisting Matsui Jun and Yabushita in the case as well.” She introduced herself to the Americans.
“Talk about a lot of foreigners…” whispered Danny before receiving an elbow from his wife. “Ouch!”
“Please do join us,” smiled Lindsay after throwing a scowl to her husband. “I’m Lindsay Messer, CSI.”
“Thank you..” nodded Matsui before taking a seat next to Emika whereas she sat next to Shu. “So as I was saying, there is more to tell than just the criminal wanted revenge for his arrest. Oshima was his student a long time ago, he puts all his hope in Oshima thus he was also part of the Agency.”
“What made him turned bad then?” asked Flack flipping through the folder he’s given.
Matsui looked at Emika, urging her to continue the story. The captain nodded, “The criminal fell in love with a wanted traitor, he was assigned to kill her but instead they developed a secret relationship.”
“Talk about modern day Romeo and Juliet..” whistled Adam before being eyed by Jo. “It’s true!”
Matsui smiled amusedly at the comment, “Well that is true. However, once the agency knew the fact, they sent Oshima and Miyazawa to eliminate her. They did the job and they were also assigned to eliminate the Criminal himself, but when they got to the place he was already long gone.”
“A month after that, the central office of the agency was bombed by him.” Said Shu, knowing the rest of the story. “Miyazawa lost his lover, and Oshima, his best friend, died three years later.”
“Except that guy is alive out there with Miyazawa in his hand.” Said Flack. “Either his death was faked or someone imposes to be him.”
"So you are suggesting whoever kidnapped Miyazawa has something to do with the criminal’s death and the cases back then?” asked Jo.
Emika nodded, “It’s possible. I have seen what Shu sent in about the video, we compared the voice recorded with Oshima Yuu’s voice. It’s a 44% match.”
“How about the other 56%?” asked Adam. “Have you run the scanner to reveal editing on the voice recorded?”
Emika nodded, “I did and still 44% match. It is not impossible that Oshima Yuu is still alive, his remains were cremated after it was confirmed a match to him. It must’ve been someone trying to be him.”
“Then what should we do to find Miyazawa?” asked Jo to the agents. “We do know he might be kept somewhere in a warehouse.”
“The criminal has a warehouse under his undercover name located in Long Island.” Informed Jun before handing out a paper to Flack. “The rent goes for a 10 years already, and it ends in three months.”
“I’ll get the raid team. Miyazawa might be in the warehouse.” said Danny. “You may join us as well.” He told the agents.
Matsui nodded, “Yabushita and I will be coming with you. Emika will stay here to give you access to our files regarding to what Miyazawa was involved in.”
“Alright then.” Said Jo. “Let’s move out.”

“You must’ve been wondering how did I got the job.” Said Emika as soon as the others were preparing for the raid, leaving Shu and Emika alone in the conference room.
“I am more interested how do you become Matsui’s assistant, actually.” Said Shu. “But yes, that one as well.”
“Matsui knew Miyazawa personally.” Explained Emika. “Miyazawa was his mentor back then, and he felt guilty just like Umeda when the incident occurred two years ago. He wanted to help but couldn’t do anything to stop Miyazawa or at least get him and Oshima to think straight. He felt responsible when Miyazawa returned in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.”
“Worked with him one time, professionally. This time he asked me to be his assistant since the obligation for the case was given to him and he gets choose his company.” Answered Emika simply. “How’s Umeda-san?”
“She’s under the police’s watch, luckily the Americans didn’t know she’s sick.” Said Shu. “Emika, amuse me.”
“What do you have in mind, Shu?” asked Emika before opening her laptop, not watching him.
“It’s not just a fever, isn’t it?” asked Shu suddenly. Seeing Emika paused her movement for a second, he continued. “I saw a speck of blood near her lips and a tiny drop in her collar in the plane.”
Emika kept silent. “Come on Emika. She’s not okay, isn’t she?” Shu urged. He placed a hand on the older woman but she avoided his eyes.
“Shu..” she mumbled. “I can’t tell you… I’m sorry.”
“Why can’t you?!” asked Shu a little loud. “You know she’s my mentor!”
“Shu,..” said Emika biting her lips. “Umeda made me promise not to tell anybody. She wanted herself to tell you later when the time comes. I’m sorry…”
Shu let go off Emika’s shoulder and exhaled in frustration. “At least you should’ve stop her from this mission, Em.”
“That’s not my authorization and you know that.” Said Emika. “Yamamoto told me the mission came first before in order before her letter of resig-“
“She’s planning to resign?” asked Shu with widened eyes. “and you’re not telling me about it?”
“Oh damn…” muttered Emika realizing what she nearly said. “You know what, you need to go now Shu.”
“Not until you tell me the whole sentence, Em.” Said Shu with a serious face. “I will not-“
Shu’s voice was cut by a knock on the door where Matsui was standing with a Kevlar vest on his torso. “Sorry to interrupt, but we’re leaving in any moment soon. Yabushita?”
Shu hesitated for a moment, “I’m coming.” Then he turned to Emika, “I’m going now, we’ll talk later.” He sounded in his best serious tone before leaving the room as he heard Emika took a deep breath.
Papers sprawled on Ayaka’s bed, papers she had on the case before she was dismissed from the case. Her laptop was on as well, looking into the data that Nakamura sent in a few hours before. Ayaka sighed after reading about seventy pages long of the reports. She leaned back to the bed and eyed the opened window, showing the night sky of New York.
She hated the fact that she was dismissed and time is running out to find Miyazawa now. The first 48 Hours are the most critical time to find him, hoping he might be alive. Beyond that, hell knows.
She picked up her ringing phone and saw the caller’s number before picking it up, “Yes?”
“I found the warehouse.” Said Takahashi in the other line. “Darkened but it seemed like it had been used recently.”
“How do you know that?” asked Ayaka scramming her computer now, opening a software to detect where Takahashi was through a tracker she had given Takahashi beforehand.
“The generator for the warehouse is still warm.” Said Takahashi. “They didn’t want to attract any electricity resources, they used the generator powered by petrol. I’d say they turned off this generator about an hour ago.”

“If somebody is using it before, there must be something we can find in the warehouse.” Said Ayaka. “A trace, fingerprints or footprints perhaps.”
“I’ll try to get in.” nodded Takahashi. “There are cameras in each corner of this street. See if you can hack them and use them to keep an eye on the street here while I’m inside.”

“Give me one minute…” muttered Ayaka before her fingers worked on the magic of hacking. “Okay got them. You have half an hour upmost before the server notices I hacked the camera.”
“That’s more than enough.” Said Takahashi. “I’m going in..”
“Careful, are you using the front door?”

“Nope.” Said Takahashi. “I prefer using the windows, it is much more challenging.”
“Don’t break any glasses, Takahashi,” said Ayaka. Then she saw another call coming in, an intercom. “Ah it’s Nakamura..”
“What do you have for me, Nakamura?” asked Ayaka after she clicked the speak button, revealing Nakamura’s face.
“Some information and a message…” said Nakamura grimly. She was biting her lips and looking anxious, wondering what had happened. Ayaka then knew what made the woman anxious as soon as the camera turned to a figure standing behind Nakamura’s seat.
“Umeda-san, it has been a long time.” Nodded the figure behind Nakamura.
“Yokoyama..” spoke Ayaka eying the Head of the Country’s Agency, Yokoyama Yui through the camera. “Yes it has been a long time..”
“May I ask, something Umeda-san?” asked Yokoyama lightly. “Don’t blame Mariko here.. It was my curiosity that caused me to find you contacting for a file from Mariko, correct?”
Ayaka didn’t answer straight away, “I have my suspicions, Yokoyama. There was something odd in the investigation file, the toxic reports are not-“
“I’ve seen what Mariko is looking through for you.” Said Yokoyama. “Now that I’ve seen it, it is odd as well.”
“Then you must understand that-“
“I do, but we have our policy, Umeda-san.” Said Yokoyama. “No private investigation especially when you’re-“
“THEN FIRE ME YOKOYAMA!!” Yelled Ayaka, surprising herself and the other two on the line. But she didn’t care, “YOU KNOW THERE ARE FAULTS IN THAT REPORT AND YET YOU ARE IGNORING THEM INSTEAD OF LETTING ME-“
“Umeda-san,” said Yokoyama. “calm down.”
“DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, YOKOYAMA!” Yelled Ayaka. “You do know that psycho killed many of us.. I don’t intend to die unless he goes to hell first.”
“Umeda-san!” said Yokoyama firmly. “Listen, I’ll let this slide.”
“What?” asked Ayaka stunned. That was quick..
“But in conditions,” said Yokoyama with a raised eyebrow. “Mariko will help you on what you needed and I will try to help as well.” She said to the now smiling Nakamura.
“And if you are busted by the authorities that you’re still investigating this case, you are on your own.” Said Yokoyama. “If this gets reported to the higher ups, there is possibility that you’ll get in trouble once you’re back. So it is better that you run off and conduct the investigation on your own until you’re done with it.”
“Done,” said Ayaka. “I put in my letters already anyway. They may as well kick me out anytime.”
“I know.” Said Yokoyama. “And do not pass out. If they knew of your sickness, according to the law, you will be deported to Japan straight away.”
“Deal.” Said Ayaka. “Thanks Yokoyama.”
“Go get this case uncovered, Umeda-san.” Nodded Yokoyama. “Miyazawa senpai and Kobayashi senpai are great people, find whoever did this to them..”
“You don’t need to tell me such things.” Replied Ayaka with a satisfaction. She saw the director smile before turning the camera back to Nakamura.
“Okay,” said Ayaka. “What have you got for me, Nakamura?”
“Got the toxic results from the blood sample that has been stored in the database.” Said Nakamura showing a diagram on the screen. “In the original coroner’s report it says negative for any types of poison or suspicious substance. But after a further look into it, I found traces of Grayanotoxin in the blood.”

“Grayanotoxin..?” asked Ayaka with a frown. “Isn’t that a toxin from flowers? Damn, I don’t have my old notes but I think I’ve heard of it before in university.”
“To be exact, you can get grayanotoxin from roots of tree roses.” Said Nakamura. “But the toxin itself gave many effects when consumed, vomiting, headaches, stomach aches are the first symptoms. The next that might come are heart attacks, seizures, and even death.”
“Nakamura, is paralyzing also a side effect when it is consumed?” asked Ayaka.
“Yes, that is also included.” Said Nakamura. “You don’t think-“
“What have you got on the authorization of the report?” asked Ayaka quickly. She knew what Nakamura was thinking as she also thought the same thing.
“Shimada said he signed it off in the replacement of Minegishi when the report came in. Usually the secretary checked it out first before giving the OK sign for Shimada to signed it off.” Sighed Nakamura. “Common practice apparently.”
Ayaka raised her eyebrows, “You have to sign off Yokoyama’s reports too?”
“Nah, just checking and did some explaining regarding to some terms included in the reports.” Said Nakamura. “Honestly, since you and Takahashi left only Yokoyama did her job well. Minegishi was alright but she left it all mostly with Shimada.”
“Who’s the secretary?” asked Ayaka.
“Mariyagi-chan.” Answered Nakamura. “she was Itano-san apprentice.”
“Really?” asked Ayaka. “Then, what’s Takajo doing now? She missed a terrible mark in that blood examination.”
“Well… Takajo-san is on an absence leave since six months ago.” Said Nakamura. “Precisely, a month after the autopsy report was signed off by Shimada.”
“What’s the reason?” asked Ayaka.
“Family matters.” Answered Nakamura. “Umeda-san, do you think with the Grayanotoxin was in the criminal’s system, he might possibly just be paralyzed and-“
“The Gyaranotoxin paralyzed him so much that even his heartbeat almost as if gone..” Finished off Ayaka with widened eyes, realizing the truth. “He’s alive.”
“Oh shit…” said Nakamura looking terrified. “This is bad. We have to report this, Umeda-san. If he’s truly alive, he’d be seeking for revenge and-“
“He already has Miyazawa in his hands.” Said Ayaka. “Whoever hired Dorslen must’ve work with him as well. Perhaps, they were the ones helping him to faked his death. We find them, we find Miyazawa.”
“Nakamura,” she stared at Nakamura through the camera. “Find out Takajo and Nagao’s whereabouts. They definitely knew something about this.”
“How about you, Umeda-san?”
“I’m on my own now.” Said Ayaka. “But don’t worry I have friends here.”
“I know.” Smiled Nakamura. “Please tell Takahashi-san that I miss her.” She smiled before the camera shuts off.
“Did Nakamura just figured out that I’m helping you?” asked Takahashi’s voice on the other line.
“I think she did.” Smiled Ayaka lightly. “Smart kid, she watched my communication log by hacking into my system. I hope you don’t mind.”
“I’ll expect her calling me soon.” Chuckled Takahashi. “I’m in the warehouse, it’s dark.”
Ayaka heard the clicking noises as Takahashi was trying to turn on her flashlight. “What do you see?”
“A chair placed in the middle of the warehouse.” Described Takahashi. “Surrounded by crates and other junks… and a video camera.”
“Video camera?” asked Ayaka. “Anything in it?”
“The battery is down.” Mumbled Takahashi. “But there’s a memory card.”
“Bag it.” Instructed Ayaka. “The video camera too, there might be fingerprints on it.”
“Done.” Said Takahashi after a few rustling noises. “Should I check the chair too?”
“Yes.” Said Ayaka. “Check if there are any hair around it or footprints.”
“Got a brown hair.” Said Takahashi. “Bagging it an-“ her voice was cut off by sound of serene. “Ayaka what is that?!”

“Damn it,” said Ayaka rustling to other window where she hacked the cameras before. “NY Police, you better get out of there now Takahashi!”
Her eyes scanned the screen as her fingers typing furiously on the keyboard, she tried hacking through the police camera positioned in front of every police vehicles. She found her target and saw the CSI team standing by the door. Then she noticed someone else, Matsui.
“There’s someone inside.” Said Danny talking to the others. “Adam’s heat detector found one source.”
“Good enough.” said Flack holding a megaphone. Ayaka saw him instructed a couple of man in black armors with his fingers to take the sides of the warehouse.
“Takahashi, they’ve got a SWAT Team with them.” Informed Ayaka. “They’ll be covering every side of the warehouse.”
“Got a blueprint of the warehouse? Any sewer access?” asked Takahashi. “Damn, they even got a chopper above.”
“Stay low, there should be a passage to the sewer on the northeast of the wareho-“
“YOU ARE COMPLETELY SURROUNDED. COME OUT PEACEFULLY WITH HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!” she heard Flack’s voice from the line with Takahashi. Ayaka glanced at the window and saw Flack instructing a team on his back from the front door of the warehouse. “You guys are on me.”
“Takahashi, one team coming in from the main entrance of the warehouse.” Warned Ayaka. “Tell me you found the sewer access.”
“Found it and locked.” Cursed Takahashi. “ Let me tr-“

Ayaka watched in horror as Flack’s team just broke into the front door of the warehouse, “TAKAHASH-“


“Smoke bomb!!” yelled Flack.
“What is that?!”
“I’m in the sewer.” Said Takahashi on the line. “Gotta use explosives to open the damn thing.”
“Great, now run!!” said Ayaka. Then she heard a gunshot, “Takahashi!!”
“Over there!!” she heard someone yelling. “She’s getting away!!”
“Damn it.” Cursed Takahashi. “They’ve got people standing by in the sewer too?!”
“STOP RIGHT THERE!!” Ayaka heard a familiar voice yelling.
“Damn, I wish I can shoot at that lad…” said Takahashi.
“Don’t you dare!” said Ayaka. “That’s my menthe over there yelling.”
“Eeh really?”
asked Takahashi. Then there’s another gunshot, “MY GRANDMA CAN SHOOT BETTER THAN THAT KID!!” yelled Takahashi in English.
“Takahashi, just get out of there and stop taunting my kid!!” yelled Ayaka. Then she heard another gunshot and Takahashi bellowed in pain. “TAKAHASHI!!”
“Grazed my arm,” panted Takahashi. “It’s nothing. A junction up ahead, which one should I take?”

“Right and three hundred meters before taking another right, there should be a hole leads to another city sewer.” Instructed Ayaka. She listened carefully to the footsteps and Takahashi’s pant.
After a few minutes, Takahashi spoke. “I think I lost them.”

“Good..” sighed Ayaka falling back to the bed in relieve. “See you back here.”
“You’re okay?” asked Shu approaching Matsui whom breathing in from an oxygen can. The smoke bomb that exploded before has given him difficulties to breathe normally. “She escaped.”
“I know..” said Matsui breathing in the air again. “Has the Americans figure out who it is?”
“Not yet.” Said Shu. “They believed it’s the female perpetrator, the other suspect besides Dorslen. But others believed that it’s Oshima Yuu himself since they saw the small figure about as tall as him in the warehouse.”
“How about you?” asked Matsui. “What do you think?”
“It’s a woman,” said Shu pinching his eyes as he tried to remember everything in the sewer. “Small figure, medium brown hair, and Japanese by sound of her accent. She taunted me when my shot missed her, but then I managed to get my bullet grazed her arm.”
Instead of the look of surprise, Matsui offered a small cheeky smile, “I knew it..”
“Yabushita,” said Matsui returning back the canister to the medics. “you did well.” He patted the young agent’s shoulder.
“What do you mean?” asked Shu confusedly looking at Matsui’s back.

“I’ll tell you once the two of us meets back with Emika.” Said Matsui. Then he turned his neck so he could see Shu back, “Don’t tell the Americans that you shot her.”
“You might’ve just hit one of the best agent Japan ever have.” Chuckled Matsui.

To be Continued

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Re: Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic: Chasing You - Chapter 4 (48G X CSI NY)
« Reply #12 on: May 11, 2016, 07:05:00 PM »
So many things that were covered up and now each layer seems to reveal more and more of the situation at hand.  good job!!!
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Re: Chasing You - Chapter 4 (Umeda Ayaka Graduation Fic)
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Uwaaaaaah  :shocked  :w00t: :drool:

Things are getting more and more intriguing.  :twothumbs :twothumbs

Ayaka would really be surprised when she knows that someone like Yuu or Yuu himself was suspected as Sae's kidnapper.  :panic:

I want Yuu alive hahaha. Forgive me, but my UmeYuu feels~

Anyways, as always my Comechan did reeeeeeeally well! I'll patiently wait for the next chapter! Count on that!  :wub:

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Chasing You - Chapter 5 (Umeda Ayaka Graduation Fic)
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@Kuro-nii: Thank you! Well, it was only a matter of time then how the team will chase down the bad guys and how Umeda is going to deal with it all in her hands. Unfinished business if I must say..

@Ame-chan: YES!! Whoever it was then that Ayaka found out, it would affect her like a lot I'm telling you. A lot.

Well, here's the next one right here. Credits to Kuroiyuki aka MbakYuk for the checks and so forth. Enjoy!

Chasing You – Chapter 5
Umeda Ayaka's Graduation Fic

By Cometerz48

“OUCH!” yelped Takahashi as soon as Ayaka placed the alcohol soaked cotton on the grazed wound. “That really stings…”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t have taunted him.” Chuckled Ayaka. “Done.” She smiled after wrapping the wound in a fresh gauze that Takahashi purchased before coming back.

“You trained him well.” Said Takahashi. “He’s smart to wait at possible escape routes rather than surrounding the warehouse.”

“He’s still learning from me.” Said Ayaka packing the first aid kit.

“Does he know?” asked Takahashi looking outside the window. “About your health, I mean.”

Ayaka hesitated for a moment before smiling weakly, “No, he doesn’t. I was planning to tell him soon after this case is done.”

“How many months Milky said you have left?” asked Takahashi.

Ayaka sighed, “Five months max, chemotherapy has small chances on me.”

“But it’s worth a try, Ayaka.” Said Takahashi.

Ayaka smiled weakly, “I know. I’ll.. consider it.”

Takahashi nodded, “Now, what have we got?” she jerked her head to piles of evidence that she collected from the warehouse.

“A hair here and some prints that you took a picture of..” said Ayaka. “We won’t be able to use the hair now since I have no equipment for further examination but the prints.. That I can compare it to the global database to see who’s behind Miyazawa’s kidnapping.”

“I hope our suspicions are wrong..” hummed Takahashi. “The Psycho is alive and escaped death.”

“Somebody must have helped him.” said Ayaka. “There was no way he could have manipulate the autopsy and getting out of the country by himself.”

“Do you have any idea who might it be?” asked Takahashi crossing her arms.

Ayaka nodded, “Nakamura told me Takajo Aki was the one that was in charge of the toxic examination on him. She’s gone missing for months now.”

“Wait,” said Takahashi surprised. “You mean Akicha? No way!”

“I don’t want to believe it too, Takahashi..” said Ayaka. “But Takajo ruled out the toxic results to spotless even though there’s Grayanatoxin in the system. I think she might be involved.”

“But…” said Takahashi shaking her head. “Why would she? She lost some of her friends in the attack five years ago. Why would she be helping him?”

“I don’t know..”said Ayaka. “Takahashi, she was once assigned under yours, how was she?”

“She’s a smart person and a perfectionist.” said Takahashi. “A bit foolish too especially around Sashihara and Oya, but she does her job well with Mariko-sama’s watch. She goes frustrated sometimes if she failed to achieve what she wanted.”

“If she is helping him, there must have been something she wanted as well..” said Ayaka. “I asked Nakamura to look into her a while ago, she’ll send us something once she has it.”

Takahashi nodded, “Checked the video camera yet?”

“I’m about to.” said Ayaka. “The system is still looking for a match of the fingerprints we’ve got. We can check the memory card from this camera for now.”

Ayaka inserted the memory card into the drive and clicked upon a single file placed in it. “Recorded yesterday.”

“One day after Miyazawa was kidnapped,” said Takahashi. “Play it.”

Ayaka obligated and clicked the play button. At first, the whole screen was black until a voice played out.


Ayaka’s eyes opened instantly upon the voice, she would recognised it anywhere and anytime. If she could burst into tears right now, she would. It was the mixed up feelings she has since his last words rang up in her ears years ago, she had been missing him terribly since then.

Then the blackness revealed itself to be a fabric covering the camera lense, uncovering it was Oshima Yuu himself.

“What the fuck..” cursed Takahashi.

At that moment, Ayaka instantly recognized the face. The man she loved and ever loved. His light brown hair was the same as it was years ago. The light dimple on his cheek and the assuring eyebrows.. It was him, almost.

His eyes was the same shade of brown. However, it wasn’t as warm as she could remember, instead it was rather icy, teasing and if it’s possible; taunting as if he was asking her to play cats and mouse with him as the cat.

“I know you would be here, in the New York City.” he smiled. His smile was filled with coy and amusement, as if he playing her. “You’re the only person that would come far to get Sae’s ass back.”

“So what about us having a little reunion?” asked Yuu. He walked back to reveal an unconscious figure strapped to a chair with a sack covering the head. He pulled the sack to show Miyazawa’s face. Beaten up and gagged, but alive.

“Of course I know you would be in here, no doubt..” he chuckled. “And I know that you are closing in to death, so why not reunite? Let me guess… Gastric Cancer, right?”

Ayaka’s jaw dropped open. Only a few people knew of her decease, at least that was what supposed to happen..


“Midnight and you know the place. It is the place where ‘we’ agreed upon once.” smiled Yuu before the camera went buzzing and shutted down by itself.

Ayaka was frozen, she couldn’t hear anything nor seeing anything else other than the blackened monitor of her laptop. Her mind was processing everything at the same time,

Yuu is alive. He has Miyazawa. He knows.

In that instance, she felt like her head was spinning, she felt an urging sensation in her stomach then up to her mouth instantly. She coughed it out and felt the warm liquid spraying her clothes, the sheets, and the floor. She turned to Takahashi who stood in horror as her knees weakened, dragging her weight down to the floor.


She blacked out with Yuu’s memory in her mind.


As soon as Shu, Matsui and the CSI team were back, they worked with the evidences found in the warehouse immediately.

“There’s definitely somebody in the warehouse that time,” said Flack. “They set a smoke bomb and explosive to the small door leading to the sewer.”

“We’ve got the splinters from the explosives and hopefully we can get a fingerprint on it.” nodded Lindsay. “Adam is still in the crime scene, still dusting for more evidence.”

“Is there anything else I could help on?” asked Shu.

“Not for now, Big Guy. But we’ll talk soon.” nodded Jo.

“We’ll be in the conference room.” said Matsui before signaling Shu to come with him to the room. Shu followed suits and saw Emika already waiting for them with serious look. Matsui shutted the door and leaned back on door before looking at the two.

“What happened?” asked Emika. “You’re both okay?”

“Ears still buzzing but better than before.” said Matsui. “Shu, call your mentor now.”

Shu was surprised upon the request, “But why?”

“Just call her and tell her I want to talk to her,” said Matsui as he eyed the young agent dialing Umeda. “When was the last time you saw her?”

“This morning,” said Shu as he brought the phone to his ear. “Looking rather pale and-” he remembered something and looked at Emika.

“Emika, you promised me.”

Emika looked at him in doubt before looking at the confused Matsui, “What’s this about?”

“Umeda-san’s illness.”

Matsui opened his mouth and nodded. “I know she had a problem, but my boss wouldn’t tell me. So might as well hear it now..”

Emika glanced at Shu again and sighed, “Umeda-san has-”

She couldn’t finish her words as Jo bursted into the room with a phone in her hand.

“Umeda collapsed,.” said Jo as she was catching her breath “Officers found her unconscious in the hotel room. She’s being rushed to hospital as we are speaking now.”

“What happened?” said Shu.

“The officers heard a scream and when they opened her door, she was already unconscious on the floor. They said it came out from her mouth and splattered on the floor as well on the sheets,” said Jo. “Sheldon is rushing to the hotel to secure the scene.”

“I have to go there,” said Shu. “Can you get an officer to drive me to the hospital?”

“I will, Big Guy,” nodded Jo before looking at the other two agents. “Kobayashi is conscious now, doctors said it’s good to talk to her now,.” informed Jo to the agents.

“I’ll go and do that.” nodded Matsui

“Flack will accompany you.” said Jo. “Ms. Kamieda, my officers will drive you to the hotel room and you’ll meet Adam and Sheldon there.”

“Alright,” nodded Emika. Before all three of them headed out, Emika pulled Shu over. “Shu.. Whatever happens, you have to trust her okay? Don’t you ever blame yourself.”

“What do you mean?” asked Shu. “What kind of illness does she have?!”

“You’ll find out for sure.” said Emika persistently. “Please take care of Umeda-san, Shu. I’ll call you later!”

“Damn it.” mumbled Shu before he watched Emika got her bags into the elevator along with some officers. “Umeda-san I’m coming.. Hold on.”


Emika arrived upon the hotel with her equipments. Thanking the police officer that drove her to the scene, she got out of the car and met up with Sheldon inside the hotel. She reaches up to the 5th floor and saw Sheldon standing by the door of Umeda’s room. Emika was surprised upon entering the scene to find many bloods on the floor.

“This much?” asked Emika with surprises. “Is it all Umeda’s blood?”

“I collected the blood samples collected from all of the patches of blood in the room to the lab.” said Sheldon. “In the meantime, I think you can help to translate all these files.” pointed Sheldon to the bed, where many files lying around with the laptop is still on.

Emika approaches the piles and look around to see signs of anything. She saw some pens also lying around, evidence bag with a hair inside, and Umeda’s laptop.

“Am I allowed to touch the laptop?” asked Emika.

“You can under a watch of mine. Hopefully you don’t mind.” said Adam coming into the scene. “I got some of the other tech to work on the bomb scraps from the warehouse.”

“Any luck on that?” asked Sheldon.

“Yea,” nodded Adam. “We found traces of household chemicals from the scraps, it’s homemade but surprisingly it has a very simple mechanism using hydrargyrum.”

“Whoever constructed the thing must have been smart.” mumbled Emika as she went through the files on the tables and beds. “How about the guns at Dorslen’s house?”

“Unregistered, most likely smuggled from the black market into the US.” said Adam. “My tech still searching for prints on it.”

“Look,” said Sheldon. Emika turned and saw the doctor holding a bag of medications. “Umeda’s?”

“Hang on…” Emika came over but she doesn’t need to see the name to confirmed it. She already knew, but she did anyway. “Yes, it’s hers.”

“Does Umeda has health issues?” asked Sheldon. “This is a lot of meds.”

Emika tilted her head, “Umeda is a really prepared agent. Always carry meds in case of anything happen, there should be aspirins and some cold tablets in the bag.”

“I’ll bag these then..” said Sheldon putting them into an evidence bag. “What files does Umeda has there?”

“Many..” said Emika. “Mostly about the kidnapping informations from you guys, and…”

“This..” she picked up a yellow folder and opened it. “It’s her own kidnapping case.”

“Why would she have it?” asked Sheldon. Emika shook her head but her mind was racing somewhere, trying to implicate what Umeda might have in mind..

“Guys..” said Adam inspecting the laptop. “According to the records here, Umeda has been engage with many people. But mostly with an unknown number and an unknown source.. I can trace them, but I’ll need to bring these to the lab.”

“Is there any files she received recently?” asked Emika looking at the laptop screen as well.

“Yeah, there is.” said Adam clicking the mouse and showed some file tabs on the screen. “The title is in Japanese, so I was hoping you could help me translating them.”

Emika nodded but her eyes fixed upon the titles of the reports, her eyes widened slightly upon the discovery but she tried to masked it all with a neutral expression.

Unfortunately Sheldon can see through it.

“Ms. Kamieda, did you see something that might be related?”

Emika paused and smiled grimly, “I won’t know until I can see it later with Adam in the lab.”

“Did you found Umeda’s cell phone?” asked Emika.

“Now here’s the interesting bit…” said Sheldon. “We haven’t been able to find her phone anywhere in the room.”

“It was taken.” said Emika concluding. “By whoever was in the room with Umeda before she collapsed.”

“And that person might own our mystery number.” said Adam. “In the records here as well, Umeda hacked into two camera last night as she was on the line with our mystery number.”

“Camera?” asked Sheldon. “Our camera?”

“A CCTV right…” Adam typed and paused as soon as he saw the location. “A camera in the corner near the warehouse where the bomb exploded…”

“The other one?”

“A police patrol camera.” said Adam. “Only a few minutes apart but..”

“But?” asked Emika.

“It’s a police patrol camera that was sent last night to the warehouse as well.” said Adam confusedly. “She hacked into them so she could see.”

“She was watching you guys.” said Emika. “Umeda knew about the warehouse.”

“I think there is more to that..” said Sheldon. He raised an evidence bag filled with a video camera. “I think she sent someone to retrieve this from the warehouse. It’s the exact video camera as we found at Dorslen’s house.”

Why are you doing this to yourself?

Ever since he met Umeda, he realized now that he hadn’t know many sides of her other than what she showed at work. He saw her sweet loving side once when they went out to a family restaurant together and that was it.

What he knew of her that he can never believe was her determination, a strong hard will even if the death seeks from within, eating out her health slowly.

He sat on a chair beside the bed and watched his mentor lying on the bed with an oxygen mask and tubes feeding her things she needs to survive. Her brown hair sprawled on the sides of her, as if they were wings of an angel. She would be one if the oxygen mask and the tubes weren’t in the way.

Her eyes were shut, shutting off those beautiful irises she has. Despite mostly she glares at him or giving sharp looks, he always secretly appreciated their beauty. There were fragile things deep hidden in those eyes, memories that he never knew of nor she shared, but then he saw strength in her eyes each time she was on to something.

She just never give up, nor willing to let go.

He could understand she could attract somebody like Oshima Yuu. The guy was a legend and yet a determined mind as well with each mission he worked on. Yamamoto always speaks highly of him, not only as a great asset the agency ever has and lost, but also as one determined man when it comes to the ones he loved.

“I heard from Takahashi once,” said Yamamoto. “Ever since he knew Umeda, he never turn to other girls. Just her.” she said on the phone after he called her to deliver the latest on the case just last night.

He reached out and held her hand, soft and running warm of fever. If he could give her more strength, to fight off her condition, he would. Now that he knew she’s been suffering from...


Shu arrived at the hospital with an officer behind him. He approached the receptionist and asked about Umeda’s whereabouts.

“Are you her family?” asked the doctor approaching him after the nurse begged him to wait a little for the doctor to explain the situations.

“I’m..” what is he? A family? A mentee? A student? A punk..?

“I’m her co-worker.” said Shu showing his badge as well. “We are here on duty, she lives alone back in the country.”

“Ah I see..” nodded the doctor. “Does she have any family?”

“She..” Shu paused for another time. He never knew about her much now that he realized. The only thing she knew that was close to her family was Oshima Yuu being her fiance once and that’s it. “She considered her co-workers as her family, she never mentioned any others.”

“Ah..” the doctor nodded once more. “Tell me, are you aware of her medical condition prior coming to US?”

Shu shook his head, “Not specifically, no. A day before we left, she did seem to be pale and thin..” remembered him.

“Have you seen her eaten anything since you both got into US?” asked the doctor.

Shu tried to remember, “She did try to order a food at the room service. But it turns out to be a hitman undercover, trying to kill her. Since then, I don’t think I have seen her with food anymore.”

“She’s a tea addict, I supposed?” asked the doctor. “And drinking?”

“Yea..” said Shu. As he was about to ask the doctor of how he knew, he remembered that he’s a doctor. It’s obvious.

“Upon arriving at the hospital, Ms. Umeda vomited lot’s of liquid and more blood. She was very weak and you could tell she wasn’t eating anything and drank many things instead..” said the doctor. “She wasn’t getting much sleep as well.”

“She had a lack of sleeping recently,” said Shu. “A few weeks before, she always showed up looking as if she stayed all night.”

“We did a blood test to determine what is the cause of her lack in appetite and it turns out…”

Gastric Cancer… why did you never tell me about it.. He wondered sadly.

“It’s eating her out slowly..” said the doctor. “I’d say she had this going for three months at least.”

“How much time she has..?” asked Shu.

“If these goes on without any treatment, she most likely has only two months left.” said the doctor. “The medicine slows the growing of the cancer, but without chemotherapy it only brings the effect to another level.”

“With Gastric Cancer, she felt difficulties when it comes to digesting.” said the doctor. “She feels excruciating pain in her stomach, vomiting was the only option she has to reduce the pain.”

“The meds and the lifestyle she has worsened her health, she must rest well.”

Umeda-san… he clenched his hand to hers. Please… please wake up and tell me this is all just jokes of yours and that you’re just testing me.

Please… wake up. You’re determined right? You’re a fighter after all..

You have to make it.. You have to survive this.


Jun knocked on the door gently and saw the woman’s head turned to the door. He gives a smile and a wave before coming in and approached the bedside.

“Well.. well.. Matsui.” smiled Kobayashi upon the agent’s arrival. “And you brought a friend.” she noticed Flack following right behind him.

"It has been a long time, Kobayashi-san." bowed Matsui.

“My name is Detective Don Flack. I am here to investigate a US citizen, Thomas Walkins, which I believe was your safe keeper here in NY.”

“So as my guts told me..” said Kobayashi sitting up straight. “Thomas is dead.”

“Tell me, what’s the cause of it?” asked Kobayashi.

“A single bullet to the head,” answered Flack. “Not a close range but very precise to hit fatally.”

Kobayashi fell silence, “Quick death. He’s a good kid.."

“Do you remember anything on the night when the safe house was raided?” asked Matsui. “We found the fact you were up to something that night with Miyazawa.”

Kobayashi smiled weakly, “Ah yes.. It’s almost Valentine's day. The two of us were at home, grieving.”

Matsui listened, he knew about both Kobayashi and Miyazawa lost their loved one in the blast years ago. Matsubara and Kobayashi had a relationship while Miyazawa and Akimoto was engaged already.

“Then what happened?” asked Flack.

“The doorbell rang,” said Kobayashi. “Thomas went to get it as the two of us were in the living room..”

“You were looking at the evidence the two of you gathered.” said Matsui. “The one about blast five years ago.”

“Yes.” admitted Kobayashi.

“What made you look back at it?” asked Matsui.

Kobayashi fell silence, then she spoke. “Someone helped him You heard me right, he got someone among us with him so he could have access to our office and lab.”

“How did you know?” asked Matsui.

“The blast came from a bomb, but the bomb was not made out of any regular explosive materials.” said Kobayashi. “And that psycho could have not made that thing without the proper knowledge of the materials.”

“What makes you so sure?” asked Flack.

Kobayashi turned to Flack, “I studied Chemistry for years before becoming an investigator in that field. For many years before Umeda’s kidnapping, I traced and processed the scraps of the bomb for many times. When I became Miyazawa’s safe keeper for the witness protection program, I told my assistant to continue processing the scraps.”

“After the psycho’s death, Miyazawa and I still can’t get over the incident. Until I received a call for my assistant.” said Kobayashi looking over the window. “She told me, the chemical formula for the bomb was extremely complicated and almost untraceable. It’s similar to a nuclear bomb, albeit with much smaller scale of impact. No radioactive materials, but still deadly.”

“By then, Miyazawa and I concluded that he must have somebody else helping him. Out there..” said Kobayashi.

“So then, the two of you gather more evidence?” asked Matsui. “Retracing every single thing related to him.”

Kobayashi nodded, “I still have my intel in the agency back in Japan and asked them to send every single file they have on him. So we visited every single places related to him. The place he stayed while he was in the SEALS training and his warehouse.”

“Thomas did all the errands for us, not realizing that it also leads him to his death..” said Kobayashi sadly.

“Who came that night?” asked Matsui after a moment of silence.

Kobayashi turned to Matsui, “Special lab technician from the BioChemist Division, Takajo Aki.”

“Takajo?” asked Matsui.

“Who’s Takajo?” asked Flack.

“A lab supervisor focused on BioChemist investigation in the main branch of our agency.” said Matsui. “What is she doing here?”

“As soon as Thomas told us who came, we told him to let her in and leave the three of us alone.” said Kobayashi. “Takajo said, she knew a thing or two about the bomb way before the psycho died.”

“Then what happened?” asked Matsui.

“She also told us it was the same bomb that was used in Ayaka’s kidnapping.” said Kobayashi. “The exact same one that took away Yuu’s life and injured Sae. He snapped.”


Kobayashi nodded, “He was yelling at her, why didn’t she report the whole thing back to the director and why is she here just to tell us both. Takajo looked calm despite it Sae yelling at her, she was cold and the next thing we knew, we heard a crash from the kitchen.”

“I rushed to see what’s going on and I saw Thomas struggling with a masked figure in the kitchen. Before I could rush to help him, I heard a gunshot and Thomas was down instantly. I was numb for a moment from the sound and I saw who was standing by the doorway from the front door to the kitchen..” Kobayashi stopped.

She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, “It was him. He’s alive…” she looked at Matsui with fear in her eyes, “Kurogawa Hayato, he was right there infront of me.”

Matsui widened his eyes, “The Psycho… Impossible.. He’s de-”

“He’s not!” said Kobayashi loudly. “It was him in the bones and flesh! I could never forget his laugh nor his smile!! He was right there with his a glock in his hand!”

“Then what happened..?” asked Flack.

Kobayashi closed her eyes again, her voice started to be shaky, “I was about to yell for help and I heard Takajo’s warning. I looked back and saw her pointing the gun at Miyazawa’s head.”

“I had no choice but to do as they say.. I kept quiet and I put my hands up.” said Kobayashi. “Then.. the psycho spoke. His voice was clear as ever, as I would remember when he sent the phone threat to us when Ayaka was kidnapped.”

“What did he say?” asked Matsui.

“He said we knew too much already. Digging things that were meant to be buried deep down to disappear..” said Kobayashi still closing her eyes. “Sae snapped and yelled loudly how much he was a traitor and a disgrace.”

“Kurogawa was enjoying the outburst and without further do, he punched him right in the stomach and pressed down his tenderloins. He was screaming in pain, I tried to help but Takajo pointed her gun at me.” swallowed Kobayashi. “I was powerless..”

“And with Takajo’s appearance there.. I knew she had something to do with Kurogawa as well..”

“Then what happened?” asked Flack.

Kobayashi took another deep breath, “Sae was in pain and he lashes out on Kurogawa from his wheelchair. Takajo was distracted then, I lashes on her as well throwing the gun away from her hands.”

“We brawled and I managed to land a few hits on her but once she’s above me she bashed me out with surrounding things. She grabbed the fireplace stick and managed to hit my shoulder with it, it was painful but before I could even react further I felt something piercing my chest..” she described and placed a hand on her bandaged chest. “I was stunned, and the next thing I knew my head was hit before I blacked out..”

“Then here I am waking up on this bed..” said Kobayashi with opened eyes. “I was wishing it was just a nightmare but I knew it wasn’t.. The pain that I felt and the fear I remembered it was too real to be an illusion..”

Matsui and Flack was silenced by the story, knowing now who they are facing with..


XXX Agency Main Branch: Tokyo

“Special Cyber and Chemistry Analyst, Nakamura Mariko.” greeted the woman to the call as soon as she pressed the answer button on her cell. Sipping her coffee as well as she waited for it to answer back.

“Nakamura, this is me Takahashi.” answered the person on the other line.

Nakamura literally spewed her coffee that very moment she heard the name and recognized the voice. “HOLY SHIT TAKAHASHI-SAN??!!”

“No dirty words, Thank You.”said Takahashi.

Nakamura’s mouth was open, too stunned and confused on what to say. It took her a few seconds before she finally whispered, “Fuck hell, you’re not my boss anymore.”

She was expecting Takahashi to suddenly snap at her for the language like she used to. But instead, the former director’s face popped out on her Skype. Just as Nakamura could remember of her; sharp eyes, short brown hair, and instead of pursed lips it was her chuckling. “I knew you would say that deep down.”

“You just have no idea-”

“You’re right, I don’t.” cut Takahashi. “I’m sorry for leaving you and the others without a word.. It was an order.”

Nakamura fell silence before she finally sighed, “Does Yuihan know?”

Takahashi fell silence, “she does. But you know for what reason.”

Nakamura put her hands up, “Fine, you know what I won’t ask anymore. Where’s Umeda-san?”

Takahashi’s face suddenly change, looking more serious, “She collapsed just this afternoon. She was vomiting a lot of blood.. She’s unconscious now in the hospital.”

Nakamura put a hand over her opened mouth, “Oh my God.. Umeda-san.. Will she be alright?”

Takahashi shook her head, “I don’t know. From my intel in the hospital, it sounded like it’s getting worse on her.”

“Did she said anything before she collapsed completely?” asked Nakamura. “I know you’re helping her..”

Takahashi shook her head, “Not really.. But I know what she would’ve want me to do..”

“I’m listening..”


In another place…

“It’s strange that they fear death.
Life hurts a lot more than death.
At the point of death, the pain is over…”
                                                 -Jim Morrison


I opened my eyes vaguely upon the voice calling my name. As if I was floating on water or some sort, my body felt light and coolness surrounded me, shrouding me in great comfort.

No more pain… I guess here I am now.

Gastric cancer.. I never thought I had it inside me the whole time I enjoyed life. Milky was shock upon the discovery when Cameron announced the result to me on our health check session.

“How much time I have left?”

“It is uncertain yet, Umeda.” said Cameron. “The Outcomes are often poor with a less than 10% 5-year survival rate globally. It’s a very dangerous situation,Umeda-san.”

“I was able to contact a friend of mine that knows the field better, but.. It is undoubtedly concluded that you will need a chemotherapy treatment.” added Cameron.

“Have you told anyone about this?” I looked at the two anxiously.

“I told the director. He said it is up to you to decide, you know well and better.” said Cameron.

I looked at Cameron, “I can’t leave Shu. Not yet.”

“Then what will you do?” asked Cameron.

“I-I’ll... “ I swallowed. “I’ll take all medicine to slow them at the very least, until it is time that I decided to leave. There has to be some, correct?”

Milky bent down to Cameron’s ear, “There is one I believe, right?”

Cameron nodded, “I get it. But the medicine won’t do much significant to it, accept like what you said: it slows but not as much chemotherapy would.”

“I’ll take the chance.” I smiled confidently.

Now look at you.. My eyes fluttered into the cloudless sky above. Dead.

“You’re not dead yet.”

I blinked again, the next thing I know was that I am no longer in the water. Takahashi was above me, and everything felt warm as I also felt a throbbing pain on my abdomen.

“Hey,” said Takahashi down at me. She looked a younger in her suit, “Stay with me. You are not going to die.”

Then she looked at other direction, “GET YOUR ASSES HERE, MEDICS!!”


“Don’t talk.” instructed Takahashi. “Damn it, have you seen Agent Oshima?!” she yelled to a passing officer.

“We haven’t found him yet, Takahashi-san.” said the officer. “We’re working on it.”

“WORK FASTER DAMNIT!!” yelled Takahashi to the officer. Then the medics arrived, “She’s losing so much blood, get her to Kashiwagi as fast as you can and that’s an order!”

“Yes mam!” they sounded together.

“Taka..” I croaked weakly. I looked passed through the medics tending me to the woman’s eye, “Where’s Yuu..?”

“We’re still looking for him, okay?” she give a hopeful smile. “Meanwhile, you have to be strong Ayaka. You can’t die, not now.”

...not now. I hummed, closing my eyes once more and opened it again upon a decent sound of melody played on a piano.

I opened my eyes and found myself on a wheelchair, rolling towards a certain building with a photo frame in my hands, I turned it over and saw Yuu’s photo smiling in the picture.

“Umeda-san, I am here to offer our condolences on behalf of the-”

No, it can’t be… My tears swelled in my eyes before streaming down to my cheek, one drop after another. Yuu.. Our child… Dead.

I looked behind and saw Takahashi pushing my wheelchair. Behind the make ups, I can see her red eyes and puffy eyes from crying hours after hours. Yuu was her best friend, they get through things together the whole time since they were young. Her hair was tied into a bun and wore dark clothing to show her condolences.

“IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT!!” I turned back upon the voice and saw I was in a different place, with much larger crowd and they are all looking at towards me and the source of the angry voice, Sae.

He was on a wheelchair as well, getting pushed by KK at the back. He was wearing his best black suit and you can see the bandages covering his arms, legs, and probably on his torso as well. KK said a day earlier that Sae’s internal damage was little, but not on his arms and legs. The blast has somehow disfunctioned his legs and his arms were not impossible to experience the same later on.

“Sae, stop it!” said Takahashi standing between me and him. “Blaming anybody won’t bring Yuu back!”

“Funny hearing you saying such things, director.” mocked Sae. “WE SAVED HER ASS AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!”

“Sae, cut it out!” said KK looking at her friend. “You two, I’ll take him for a fresh air now-”

“I DON’T F*CKING NEED FRESH AIR!!” Yelled Sae before looking sharply at me. “You go, and breathe all the air you can while it lasts, Umeda.” Then he left, rolling his own wheelchair without KK pushing him.

“Ayaka,” asked Takahashi turning back to me. “Are you okay?”

I couldn’t answer. I was too shocked hearing all the words Sae said to me.. Sae was the first to agree on our relationship, being Yuu’s buddy other than Takahashi. He’d catch a bullet for him and he failed. Yuu died, while here I am alive.

“Don’t ever think you’re selfish.”

I opened my eyes again, not realizing that I closed them before. This time I was sitting on a couch, back in my apartment. I was already out of my wheelchair and came back to the empty apartment, surrounding me were boxes that I remembered packing all what’s left in the apartment as the next day the boxes will get picked up by the moving company.

“Hey,” I focused back and saw it was Nakamura and Nonaka infront of me.

They came to visit, making sure I was okay. After the new assignment announcement, the three of us would no longer be in the same department anymore. Nakamura accepted the job at Takahashi’s investigation department, Nonaka at Yokoyama’s and I gotten myself a position in Osaka branch. A senior investigation supervisor was my next job there.

“It’s alright to care for yourself, Umeda-san.” said Nakamura. “What you did was the best for both of you.”

“I don’t know about that..” I mumbled putting in the photo albums from the cupboard. “He hates me to the core now. He’ll never forgive me.”

“It wasn’t your fault!” said Nonaka. “He came for you because Yuu killed his lover and it’s reasonable for Yuu to come back for you.”

“Look,” said Nonaka knelt beside me and hold my hands. “He died for you and that’s how he would wanted when he decided to go saved you. He would want you to live on and be happy of it. No regrets..”

No regrets….

Should I regret it Yuu..? I whispered to the unknown sky. Regret of losing you forever, moving on with my life..

Many faces that I met later on.. Shu, Emika, Yamamoto, Milky, Cameron, Uuka, Konomin, Antan,.... If I didn’t live I wouldn’t meet them all. I would be lying cold in a coffin, buried under the earth.

Yuu… If it’s really you there taunting me, take me to you. Drenched in tears, I have so much things I haven’t told you..

I closed my eyes and let the water submerged my body, below to the coolness of the current.

To be Continued

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Re: Chasing You - Chapter 5 (Umeda Ayaka Graduation Fic)
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Based on the timeline, she's on borrowed time either death by cancer or death by bullet, whichever one she seems to be in the fate of the nature's hands around her :(
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Re: Chasing You - Chapter 5 (Umeda Ayaka Graduation Fic)
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Yuu's alive! Damn but my UmeYuu feels  :cry:

And my baba has only a matter of short time left. Too bad Shu can't do anything to keep her alive.

I wonder why Yuu is taunting her?  :?

Anyways, thanks for the awesome update, Comechan~  :wub:

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