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Author Topic: Mayuki : about me and my childhood friend (end of drabbe, new OS begin)  (Read 14475 times)

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SayaMilky OS (To be with you)
« Reply #20 on: February 03, 2017, 08:53:52 PM »
Alright, I made a promise that I will make SayaMilky OS.
I don't know if it is good or not. But anyway enjoy my OS, and sorry for bad english
PS : The format is a bit different then I used to write.

SayaMilky : To be with you

The first time I saw you,  there nothing special about you. People said the first impression is important. But how I end up falling in love with you is still a mystery. All I know that I have fallen in love with you.

You never are a good friend. All people around me said that to me. They said a lot of awful word around you. Yet, I find more good things about you. You never bother to show it to them, aren’t you?

I really admire you, the one who never bother about what people said about you.
I still remember the first time I try to talk to you. You look shock when I called your name, but despite all that, you just give me a question look and didn’t say anything.

Miyuki : Yamamoto Sayaka san

Sayaka : …

Miyuki : ano… thank you for helping me yesterday.

Sayaka : … what do you mean?

Miyuki : you are the one who help me right? When I was walking back to home, I was attacked by a stray dog.  Thank you so much, I am sorry I didn’t say anything back then. I was too shocked.

Sayaka : … it is nothing. Everybody will do the same with me.

With that you leave me without even look back when I try to called your name again. it is really hard to get you attention back then. Since then, I make up my mind. I will be your friend. I want to be your friend, and I don’t care what people will said about me.

Everyday I will greet you, and you will always give me a cold respond. As if you didn’t see me at all.  I am hurt at first. I never used to be ignored by somebody. I guess I need to try more and more, I believe deep inside your heart, you are a kind hearted person.

And God really are in my side this time, in new semester, I get to sit next to you, I know even if you ignoring me, you still listen to what I said, so I try to tell my activities, what my hobby, what I dislike, about my family, friends, and when I used to live in Kagoshima before I move to Tokyo.

But still, you never give me your attention I wish for.

Until one day, it happened to be us alone in the classroom. I forget my wallet in my desk, and when I come back, I see you. sitting in my desk, with your blue hoody. In your hand there is my wallet, you come and give it to me.

Miyuki : Yamamoto san, thank you so much.

Sayaka : if there is nothing more, then don’t talked to me anymore. People will start to talk bad around you too. You better stay away from me.

Miyuki : I .. I don’t want to. You are not a bad person.

Sayaka : … what a stubborn girl. what is your benefit to be friend with me? I just bring you more trouble.

Miyuki : no, it is not who you decided I want to be friend with who. I myself will decide that.

Sayaka : … stubborn girl

After that day, you seems to give me your heart a little, you opened up to me. Talked to me, and even more, I can see your smile sometimes. Although you tend to hide your feeling, I am glad to see that part of you. I glad I can know more about you.

But not everything turn to be a good one. That day, the day I find out, you are kissing with one of our classmate. My heart is broken.  That time, my eyes started to feel so hot, that time I also can’t forget your shock face, yes.. I cry. Tears fall from my eyes, as I can’t hide my sadness anymore.

I run, doesn’t want you to see me like this. I understand you are cold person, you hardly talked to the other, and people talked bad about you. you distrust people around you. You have been hurt so much and yet you try to push all people around you. You afraid to be hurted again. I think I prepare, to be hurted so I can reach your heart, to feel how your feeling. But, I guess I am too naïve, because I have fallen in love with you.

This time, God really hate me. Just when I want to go out from school, it is started to rain. But, I don’t care, I run and run until I am out of breath. Rain will erase all my tears, rain will ease my heart.

I can feel somebody pull me to an embrace. It was you. I try to resist, but you hug me so tight, as if you are afraid I will go away if you break the hug. I wonder why.. I just an annoying person to you right?

Miyuki : Yamamoto san, let’s go of me.

Sayaka : … I am sorry

Miyuki : … let’s go of me, it is enough. hiks… you don’t have to pity on me

Sayaka : no, it is not like that… please… I am sorry… I am stupid…

You pull me to follow you, I try to resist but I guess it is no used, you have more power than me, and I am too tired to fight back.  We end up under the tree, standing there in silent. Cold air started to play it trick, and it give  my drenched body a shiver. But it didn’t come long, since I feel a warm present,  you are hugging me. I hate it, the warm feeling in my heart, I hate it the way you gently hug me. I hate you to make me fall deeper in you.

Miyuki : let go of me

Sayaka : you are cold.

Miyuki : I am fine. Please…

Sayaka : I am sorry… Watana.. Miyuki look at me.

You then lead my hand and put in your heart. I can feel it, it is beating so fast, just like mine. Tears still fall from my eyes, as one of your hand wipe it gently.

Sayaka : I am sorry… I am not good at talking, but please hear my heartbeat, my body won’t tell a lie, please listen to my heart. I know I have upset you.

Miyuki : …

Sayaka : I made a deal with Iriyama san, she said she will let go off me, because in the end I still doesn’t love or like her.  She said she also will stop bother you after I kissed her. But I guess, I am stupid because I didn’t think about you. I just want to settle the things peacefully.

Miyuki : you have no reason to say sorry to me… after all we are just a classmate.

Sayaka : I know it sound a fake, after all I have just kissed another girl, but no! I refuse to give up. Not now. Even if you hate me, ignore me, I will be the one who will chase you back. After all you are the one who give me the light. I love you, all by my heart. Watanabe Miyuki. Please be my girlfriend.


“Miyuki? what are you doing in here, dear?”

“ah, nothing, I find my old diary, and I feel like remember thing back then when I read it…”

I smile when you sit beside me. As now we are not young anymore. We both have winkle in our face, but the way you see me every time, always remain me when you confess to me. There will always be love.  50 years have passed and you always be my light. I love you too, Sayaka kun.

end of OS

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Re: Atsumina Short OS : All night nippon
« Reply #21 on: October 23, 2017, 12:12:07 AM »
An Atsumina!
It was a long time since I saw a story about this couple.
Thank you very much for uploading it.

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Sayamilky Drabble - Always be with you
« Reply #22 on: July 09, 2018, 05:56:16 PM »

This is the continuation of Sayamilky drabble : Lonely (please checked the story if you never read one). Enjoy, I somehow feel the urge to write one. Lols

Sayamilky : Always be with you

In the end, I will always alone that what I always thought. My name is Yamamoto Sayaka, and I am a Shinigami. Right now I been watching a women who is fighting for her child. She been on childbirth for quite a long time, and I could tell her soul could not stand on that body any longer. Her breath become unstable and her eyes is fading away. Right now, she could see me. I been looking at her from just now.

The usual person won’t be able to see me, but if they are near the death, their eyes will be able to see me, the one who bring death, as soon as their eyes could see me, I know it is the time to collect the soul, I spread my black wings and surround her in my wings, but from her eyes, I could tell that she is begging me, not to take her life away. But there is no used, after all I am shinigami, I need to do my job, until a pair of hand is touching mine.

I look up and I could see Miyuki. She smiling gently on me, as she stop my hand from doing the things that I usually need to do. I look at her in question, as she kiss my forehead and whispered to me

“Sayaka kun… please wait for a little longer. This is a good bye after all"

Following her wish, I then retreat my scythed and choose to wait for a bit. Not until a minute pass, I could hear baby cry. The doctor quickly hand over the baby to the nurse and the nurse cleaning the baby before give him to the women. Her smile is very warm as she see her baby, gently touching his face to calm him down from crying. She then look at me again, smiling at me and saying…

“thank you for waiting…”


Miyuki : Sayaka kun… are you angry?

Sayaka : …

Miyuki then come closer to the certain shinigami that now is sitting under the big tree. There is no answer from him, Miyuki just smile and sit next to him, and place her head on his shoulder. Watching the full moon together. She know that Sayaka started to have his deep thought again.

Before meeting Miyuki, he always being hate, and believe that he will be all alone. Every soul that meet him will always look at him with hate, afraid, or regret. He used to that kind of gaze. But Miyuki is different, she is the first one that smile at him warmly, as their eyes meet, when he take her soul. The girl should be able to go to the heaven, but instead of going there, she choose to stay with Sayaka on earth. Accompany him, and always beside him when he is doing his job.

When he feeling down, she will be the one that comfort him, and give him a warm smile, she even dared to interfere with his job, just like today. At first, Sayaka feel really annoyed because of the girl, but slowly he started to give up, how cold or harsh Sayaka try to make Miyuki leave him, she just never show any anger or even hate feeling toward him, and because of her interfere, he could feel that kind of warm feeling again,  just like the women today. Her soul is so bright and warm, that make Sayaka cry when touching her soul.

In flash he started to remember the moment when he is still a small child, and his mother hug him singing a lullaby to him. The memory and peaceful moment that he has long forgotten. Lately, because of Miyuki, he started to feel again, those warm feeling. But, part of him hate those feeling, every time he touch that kind of soul, his heart feel hurt, and his head feel being hit with hammer. That why, Sayaka feel upset. Shinigami do not need feeling, and because of Miyuki, he has changed. He wonder how long he will be able to do his job.

After a while, Sayaka finally started to speak. He know that will be impossible to ignore the girl, after all he never success on it.

Sayaka : you always do that.

Miyuki : hmm?

Sayaka : the women back then, she should be angry because I separate her from her baby, but instead of that, she… she smile at me and say thank you.

Miyuki : that because she know that you are kind after all. Sayaka is a kind hearted angel after all.

Sayaka : I just a black angel. I am shinigami, my black wing is the prove that I am cursed. This is wrong, I must not feel this kind of feeling, since I am cursed, I bring misfortune! I…

Not waiting for Sayaka to finish his word, Miyuki sealed his mouth and give him a quick deep kiss. Miyuki then look at Sayaka face and hug him.

Miyuki : Sayaka kun, I believe God is not punishing you, instead I think there is a purpose on you being a shinigami, please don’t say that kind of thing, the first time I meet you, I never thought of you bring any misfortune, instead I am feel grateful that you are the one that keep my soul save, and I want to be by yourself.. I love you Sayaka kun.

End of drabble

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Re: Sayamilky Drabble - Always be with you
« Reply #23 on: July 10, 2018, 02:24:37 PM »
maybe you can make another drabble  :cow:  :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

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Re: Sayamilky Drabble - Always be with you
« Reply #24 on: July 29, 2018, 07:05:12 PM »
@arfi : yes, I decided to write one   :twothumbs

This is the continuation of Sayamilky drabble : Lonely and Sayamilky drabble : Always be with you (please checked the story if you never read one). Enjoy, and sorry for bad english

Sayamilky : No matter what happened

Tonight, Sayaka is not like his usual self, the Shinigami seems lost at his mind. Even though tonight is a full moon, which Sayaka enjoy so much. But in the end, he really just sit on his favorite big tree. Once a year on this certain day, Sayaka will feel pain in his heart and although he could not remember anything, his hunch telling him that today has something to do with his death, but he could not remember.

Yes, he could not remember his past. He just know how he was died. He choose to kill himself, but what cause him to do it still a mystery to Sayaka. He does not understand the old him. Why must choose death above all. If a person choose to death himself, then his or her soul will be trap in a limbo. A situation which a soul will not welcome both in hell or heaven, no memories, the soul will just remember the moment when dead arrive and his name, which Sayaka thought is worse than hell. Every time he close his eyes to rest or sleep, he will be haunt by the memories of how he kill himself the pain always feel real to him, he know it since he been in that state for quite long time. Sayaka refuse to call it as dream, since he know it just a tiny fragment of his life back then.

Miyuki just sat beside him, looking at him worriedly, she has try to talk to him, but he just ignore her, and staring at full moon. Miyuki try to shake his body, and manage to make Sayaka to glance at her, and the moment their eyes met, Sayaka feel numb. He doesn’t understand, soon his eye sight become blurry, his body soon go into slumber, and for the first time he having a dream.


Sayaka sitting at a bench, looking at the empty wine bottle, his eyes look dead, as somebody give him a gentle tap. He soon know who it is, not bother to look at the person who tapping his shoulder.

Sayaka : I prefer to be alone if you don’t mind.

Yui : Sayaka… I know it is hard for you, but sometimes you there is nothing we could do. What has been done is done. There is nothing you could not bring back dead person.

Sayaka grit his teeth, trying to hold his anger. He really feel disappointed to what his best friend just said. The sound of cracking bottle could be heard, Sayaka then glare at Yui angrily.

Sayaka : Yokoyama Yui, What do you know about how I feel right now?! Say Yui, I wonder if those thing happened to Haruka? Raped and killed!! Tell me Yui!!

Yui just shake his head, he look at his best friend with much empathic, he is upset too. But he know his best friend is still in great sorrow and lost. Being angry back at him won’t help. He close his eyes, take a deep breath and look at Sayaka again

Yui : Sayaka, I know you are frustrated right now. But… you need to let it go. It been two years since she died. You need to continue live your life. I am sure she will be sad to see your condition right now. Remember your promise…

Sayaka : leave me alone Yui…. I am sorry, but I still want stay at here longer. Thanks for giving me a ride, I will fine.

Feeling defeat, Yui just give a weak nod, and leaving Sayaka alone in the park, before he completely leave the park, he turn around and shout,

Yui : Sayaka, I will be picking you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

Sayaka doesn’t look at Yui, but he raise his hand and form ok sign.

“Yui.. I am sorry… but I don’t think I could continue living like this…”



Sayaka blink few times, to adjust to his surrounding, in front of him is crying Miyuki, Sayaka look around, and it hit him that he is indeed having a dream, or should he said memories of his past. As he still in daze, Miyuki quickly hug him tight, crying and burying her face on his chest. Sayaka hug her in return, try to comfort the crying angel. After Miyuki feel calmer, she touch Sayaka face and connect their forehead, and Sayaka embrace her.

Miyuki : Sayaka kun..I thought I will lose you forever.

Her last word is barely audible, but Sayaka could hear it clearly. He tighten his embrace, and he know he owe her some explanation.

Sayaka : I think I am having a dream about my past. When I am still human… the reason why I choose death.

Miyuki want to continue to ask, but judging from Sayaka expression, she know there is not a pleasant dream and to Miyuki surprise, Sayaka close their gap and started to kiss her, she is taken by surprise, but soon returned the kiss. Miyuki could feel Sayaka pouring his feeling into the kiss.

As their kiss become deeper and passionate, she could feel nostalgic feeling. Those feeling which confuse her, because on her pervious life, she never have any boyfriend or lover, but one thing for sure, that she love Sayaka, that she willing to give anything to be able to be with him.

“Promise me you will be by my side forever”

“No matter what happened, I will be by your side forever.”

“I love you”

The end

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Re: Mayuki : about me and my childhood friend (end of drabbe, new OS begin)
« Reply #25 on: November 14, 2018, 07:38:43 PM »
Ahhaaaha :mon mischief: :mon mischief:
Your drabbles make me grinning all night :shy1:
Yuiparu,sayamilky,mayuki, aahh i kinda miss atsumina fic here :shy2: :hee:
Hope you still update your fic, I really love all your story :luvluv1:
Waiting more!!! :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:
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