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Author Topic: Beats of Love [SayaMilky,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] - chapter 16 (18/07/17)  (Read 98649 times)

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 4)(Replies)
« Reply #60 on: August 16, 2014, 03:34:36 AM »
Yay! They meet!! Sayaka and milky !!!

What will milky respond when she know that sayaka its her sayaka from her belived band!!!

Mayu its funny lol

Now how will this event turn out?

Mayuki is living together is kinds of disturbing if milky stay with them

Especially yuki lol she wont resist herself doing all lovey dovey

How about milky living with sayanee??? Oh sweet if could happen

And...tani make it!

Jurina won the bet!

Thank for the update


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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 4)(Replies)
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Actually, I'm glad that this fic is have just 10 chapter, because this way I'm sure this is being completed. Always the good fic's will be incomplete...
I get my MaYuki now, so I'm happy. :) I'm waiting for Milky appearance, and what happens to the WMatsui-Tani trio.

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 4)(Replies)
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Beat beat beat beat i feel the beat

Beating! Beating ! Beating!

Yeah yeah yeah yah yah yeaaaaaaah

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 4)(Replies)
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And that YuiParu scene, GAAAHHHHHHH >.< I'm excited on how they're going to meet

sayamilky scene though, I'm curious on how milky will react when she confirmed that Yamamoto sayaka is the one she's talking to all this time XD

UPDATE SOON! :D :twothumbs

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 4)(Replies)
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Finally milky is there, thanks god!
Continue soon!!!

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 4)(Replies)
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Yea Sayamilky is coming up!!

Jurina and Rena, c'mon relaize ur feeling already!!

Update soon

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 4)(Replies)
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yui paru!!!

Lovers, keep on the road you're on
Runners, until the race is run
Soldiers, you've got to soldier on
Sometimes even right is wrong

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Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Replies)
« Reply #67 on: August 18, 2014, 06:34:29 PM »

Olive29: HAHA. THANKS. Sorry we couldn't update so fast for this chapter. Both of the Writers are sick badly that's why. Sorry ya. HAHAH! You will find out are they going to live together for the next chapter~  XD THANKS FOR COMMENTING. XD I was waiting for your comment last chapter~ But you didn't  :cry: Glad you commented on this chapter~ :)

MaYuki x JuRena : HAHAH. DID YOU? XD HAHA. Well~ Don't blame milky~ HAHAHA! WELCOME~ THANKS FOR THE COMMENT! :)

Kairi65: MAYBE~ HAHAHAH! :lol: Yuii failing as a player~ HAHA! THANKS~

Menamarco96: HAHA. The truth will be out soon. (I think) HAHA! As for the Paruru... .she will soon appear~  :D We love you too~ THANKS FOR COMMENTING~

Chanaline : HAHAH!!! MAYBE~  XD READ the Next chapter and you will find your answer~  :) Rena Haven't realise yet... I think. XD HAHAHA THANKS~ Hope you like the next cover photo too~  :D

Raven_faith : HAHHA! We were on break on weekends~ OK.. not really break... I was busy and embee was sick. Both of us end up sick on weekend pretty much. We try to write and update as soon as possible because didn't want the readers to wait. Glad we can update now~ :sweatdrop: HAHA. Coz I love cliffhanger~ XD HAHA. AWH~ I wanted to hear about your moment when you read outside of your house. XD HAHAHHA!

deguchi: oh~ HAHAH! THANKS!!! :) Glad you did. Paru will show up more later on.... (I hope. Not sure where the story going now. HAHA  :sweatdrop: we'll try) HAHA. THANKS FOR COMMENTING ;) Means a lot to us.  :)

River1721 : HAHA> I love Mayuki scene too... They are so sweet. :) HAHAHA! Maybe you guessed right~  XD HAHA. ~

48matama : HAHA. GLAD YOU CAN~ So you share to your friend? XD We are so happy when you said that!  :D

Minami-chan : Sooon.... soonn..... HAHA. THANKS FOR COMMENTING  :)

Kurogumi : HAHAHA. Expected the unexpected.  :D HAHAHA. THANKS FOR COMMENTING~

Kiri-ei : HAHA. Don't worry this Fanfic going to be complete  :D Mayuki more to come~ HAHAHA! actually all the pair are a lot to write.

Gek geki : ah~ I was waiting for your epic comment~ LOL. BEATS!!!!!  :D Hope you like this chapter~

Akibastar : HAHA! Glad you looking forward to it~  :D HAHAH! I too have no idea how are they going to meet. (let's just see what can my brain do) HAHA  :sweatdrop: thanks for commenting~


Kirozoro : Everything more to come! :) Get ready for it.  :D HAHA! thanks for commenting.

Terragen : YAY! Hope they meet soon.  :D


Sorry that we could update very fast due to the reason that both of us are sick. ._.
We didn't wanted you guys to wait long. So we going to update chapter 5, is longer than usual. Hope you guys enjoy it

p/s: Sorry that the comment is not as lively as usual..... Because I'm sick and I should be resting. i just want to update the chapter and go to sleep.  :sweatdrop: Sorry.

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Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)
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HERE PEEPS~ Hope you guys enjoy it. AS for now~ We going to rest~ Good nite~


“GRRRR… why you…”

Uh-oh… It seems like Mayu-san is about to give a punch to that tall person. I should run now if I don’t want to get sued for having related with the attacker. I hold my breath for the punch that is about to get in contact with the person’s cheek. However…


My eyes widen from the scene unfolding in front of me.


Right in front of me…

Is Mayu-san…

Being kissed by that tall girl…

ON THE CHEEK!!! What madness is this? I thought Mayu-san never liked being kissed by others, including me… b-b-but, right now…

Hold on! It seems like Mayu-san is becoming calmer by the seconds from the unexpected action. Her eyes are even closing slowly, too. Just… j-just who is this lady…? I was about to pull Mayu-san away when another person bumps me on my shoulder, appearing beside me with a finger pointed at the pair. 


I turn to my left, seeing a girl wearing a cap and shades on her face.

“W-w-w-what are you two doing?!” The girl asked in a stuttering voice. I could only exchange looks between the three of them when my mind starts to make me realized something…The one besides me. She is the one I saw from before… right? Then, the one that just kissed Mayu-san is...

“AH!” I shouted while pointing at them both. “You guys are…”



Everyone stands awkwardly, me pointing at them, the tall long-haired girl still holding Mayu-san in her embrace while looking at me and the cap girl… well I don’t know where her eyes are staring at the moment but I believe those pairs are definitely looking at my direction.

Please pick me up, Boss~

“Ugh… Yukirin. Please, pick up your phone…” Mayu-san said after pushing the tall girl away gently.

“Sure…” She walks away with her phone while the three of us still stood there like the three idiots.



The cap girl and I spoke at the same time, both of us looking at each other awkwardly. She timidly scratches her head which is covered by a cap as I see Mayu-san glaring at her. As Mayu-san turns to look at me, I can see her face showing worry and hesitance. She motioned at me with her eyes to stay quiet. Mayu-san whispered something at the cap girl, just in time as the tall girl approaches us.

“That was Jurina.” The tall girl said in a low voice while giving a quick glance at my direction. “There’s a problem with… those two.”

Mayu heaves a deep sigh before pointing at me with her thumb. “I think we have double trouble right now.”

In the studio...

I don’t know what happened. I suddenly got dragged by Mayu-san to her studio, followed by the two girls and got pushed to sit on this worn out couch. I could only watch in silence at the group of people huddling closely in a circle as they talk amongst themselves. The thing is… I am actually trying to keep my fangirling self from unleashing because… well… I don’t know if I should tell you guys this but…


I don’t think it’s important. I’ll just keep the information to myself...

I turn my head to my right, not noticing another presence of a girl sitting on this sagged couch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her before but from the way she is leisurely sitting beside me, it seems like she’s a regular here.

“Umm… excuse me?”

“Yes…” The girl uninterestingly responded without turning to me, her forehead scrunched as if she’s trying to hold something in…

“N-nevermind…” It’s better if I just keep silence then making Mayu-san mad again.

5 minutes later...

“What are you saying? That’s absurd!”

“Just agree with it!”

“No way!”

“Ugh… you’re making this hard, Jurina!”

“Of course I am! I’ll make it the hardest thing ever if you’re still trying to make that brat live with me!”

What had been a huddle of whispers and murmurs, had suddenly turn into this shouting and screaming conversation between Mayu-san and… Matsui Jurina.

“Hey, Jurina… it’s just for a few weeks then it’s over.”

“But, Sayanee… you know I don’t live with anyone else in that house.” Jurina said as she take a glimpse at the girl sitting beside me. “Especially with an annoying, spoiled punk like her.”

The girl beside me abruptly stands after what Jurina-san said.

“Well, excuse me! I don’t even want to live with you either, FYI!”

“Ugh… See? How do you think I can stand living with a creature like her, Mayu?”

I turn to Mayu-san, only to see her pinching the bridge of her nose while trying to control her breaths and anger.

“Listen… I know this is hard for you guys. It’s even harder for me to deal with your stubbornness. But this is an order from the Director. He said this is the way to make Tani get familiar with our band routines and working schedules. Since you have agreed on being her mentor, Jurina, the producer asked me to get Tani to live with you under the same roof for two weeks. Just two weeks, Jurina… I promise you that.”


“Please, Jurina… Just think of this as a way for you guys to get to know each other better and perhaps… get along with each other, if that’s possible.”

“Whoa… that will need a lot of miracle to happen.” I turn my head to the sound, only to find the tall girl from before sitting idly beside me while playing with a pair of sticks. She winks at me, making my face heats up as I quickly averts my attention fully to my shoes. I wanted to scream… like really, seriously, definitely and absolutely wanted to scream out loud cause the leader, Kashiwagi-san just winked at me!!!

Okay… calm down, Miyuki. It’s just Kashiwagi-san. Nothing to get excited about… Control your breathing...

 I take a sneaky glance at the people standing in front of me. Jurina-san is silent as if she was thinking of the pros and cons of having the girl beside me living with her in the same house.

“Ummm… ano… Tani can actually live with me, Mayu.”

All heads turn to the source of the slow voice. It was… Ah! Matsui Rena-san!

“Huh? Rena, what are y-” But before Mayu-san could finish, Jurina-san had already cut her in.

“W-what? No! That’s not gonna happen!”

“Eh? But, why not…?”

Now everyone is paying attention to Jurina-san. I can see her fidgeting with the way Rena-san is looking at her.

“B-because… She is going to live with me!”

“Wha…? But didn’t you just-...”

“I changed my mind!” Jurina cuts Yamamoto-san from talking. She crosses her arms, her face red from anger I guess...

“Well, if you don’t mind… The three of us can live together in your house, Jurina.”

Rena-san suggested with hopeful face. I’m kinda confused with the situation since I’m just… a stranger here. Why would Rena-san wants to live together with Jurina and… whoever that is sitting beside me.


“Since it will be awkward having only Tani in your house…”

Ahhh… Tani-san, is it? Hmmm… This is interesting. Jurina-san kept silent as she ducks her head low.

“Besides, it will be like old times, Jurina…”

The way Rena-san said it makes me feel like these two actually had something going on but since I’m just a nobody in here, I decided to keep my thoughts to myself.

“Fine… you two can live with me.”

A contented smile appeared on Rena-san’s face after Jurina-san agreed to it. Yeah… there’s definitely something going on between them...

“Now that that is settled…” Jurina turns around before stopping right in front of me. “Someone care to tell me… Who is this?”

OMG! Jurina-san is looking at me! The Matsui-sama that everyone adores and respects... had just asked about my invisible presence! I can actually die happy now, without any regret.

Wait, where is…Ah! There she is! Standing silently in between Jurina-san and Mayu-san… Just with her mere presence is making my blood pressure rise to a deadly level. My wonderful and cool Yamamoto-san... SHE LOOKS EVEN COOLER IN REAL PERSON!

Sayaka’s POV

“Ahahaha… Umm…” The girl scratches her cheek before standing up straight. She bows a perfect 90 degree before exclaiming in a loud voice.


We all stare in shock with the way her booming voice cracked our ears. Then, she quickly approaches me with sparkling eyes.

“Especially you, Yamamoto-san!”

“Ah… E-eeh?!”

Without asking for my permission, she immediately reaches for my hand, shaking it with a powerful force that if I don’t stop it right now, I might lose a hand to play my guitar.

“Umm… y-yeah… n-nice to meet you too...ummm…”

“It’s Watanabe!”

“Ah, yeah… Watanabe-san…” I tried to act cheery, giving her a forced smile as I tried to pull my hand slowly from her grip.

“Well, Watanabe-san… don’t you have a first name?”

“Oh. Of course I do! It’s Miyuki… Watanabe Miyuki!”

She smiles brightly, making me feel dizzy with the amount of brightness she’s releasing on her face. I think I’m gonna go blind… I nod my head with the information when suddenly the name made me realized something.

“Ah! Mayu, are you perhaps related to her?”

“Hold on… don’t tell me… is she the cousin you’ve been telling us, Mayu?” Rena asked.

Mayu looked at each one of us, everyone eagerly waiting for her confirmation. She heaves a deep sigh with a hand on her forehead.

“Unfortunately… yes. She is indeed, that crazy fan of a cousin I’ve been telling you guys before.”

“Hey, Mayu-san... I’m not that CRAZY!” Mayu gave her the intense look, making Miyuki cowers a bit. “Okay, maybe I am…But that’s because you guys are really awesome!”

“Really? Awww… nice to meet you too!” Rena said as she approaches Miyuki, giving her a handshake that she gladly received.

“I think I’m going to cry…”

“Eh? Why? What’s wrong? Did Jurina made you scared…?” Rena asked, not realizing the glare Jurina is giving to her.

“No… it’s just…” She wipes the tears forming in her eyes, “I’M TOO HAPPY!!!”

All of us laugh after seeing her reaction as she wipes her tears while smiling happily. I guess this is one of the fans that cherished us the most, even crying just after meeting the real people of Beast Wings. However, the atmosphere suddenly turns cold as Mayu reaches for Miyuki’s hand.

“Excuse me, but that happiness is going to the dump for a while. You’re coming with me, Miyuki.” Mayu said, not waiting for any response from her cousin as she drags her to the manager’s room.

“Aaah… I’m tired I need to sleep.” I said with a yawn but the clacking sound of Mayu’s shoes meeting with the floor suddenly halts.

“Not so fast! No one leaves this place until I say so. Got it?”

The cyborg ordered us with a menacing voice, resulting in us nodding furiously. Mayu continues pulling her cousin away from the group, making the latter grumbles. She waves excitedly at us with a slight jump in her steps before the door shuts close. As soon as the door shuts, each one of us released the breath we’ve been holding before doing our own thing. I walk to my guitar and touches it…My mind can’t help but to be preoccupied with Mayu’s cousin, Miyuki. I think I’ve seen her somewhere…

“Have we met before?”

In the manager’s office…

Mayu’s POV

After I shut the door, that dreadful noisy mouth of Miyuki decided to release its lock of silence.

“OMG Mayu-san I can’t believe this it’s unbelievable I can never believe it that you are actually the unbelieveable manager of Beast wings! Like, seriously… why didn’t you tell me?! I could bring the CDs and souvenirs I got for them to sign. Oh man! I’m so excited!!! Wait… can I come here again?”

I released a tired sigh with her sputtering nonsense. It’s like her mouth is having a diarrhea at the moment…I raised a hand to stop her from talking.

“You do know you’ve been repeating that BELIEVE word four times already...”

“Ummm no? Actually, it was just once. The other three is-”

“Do I look like I care?” I said with a glare, making her mouth shut entirely. Now, that’s better.

I walk to my table, sitting on my chair without a sound being made. I’ve been thinking about the things that had happened today… including about my cousin, Miyuki, knowing that I am actually the manager of Beast Wings, the band she loves so much. I put both hands under my chin, facing the awkwardly standing Miyuki with an emotionless face.


“Please, take a seat.”

“Eh? Em… is it o-okay?” She asked with uncertainties and a slight frightened voice.

Ugh… this is why I hate having relatives around. They are too scared of me, it’s like I’m too hungry I can eat them whole if they pissed me off or something. Well… maybe I’ll just give them a bite. Yeah, that would do...

“What? It’s not like I’m going to eat you for sitting there…”

“Oh. Okay…” She took a seat at the chair opposite of mine with utmost care, even sitting on the edge of her chair. This girl is not serious, is she…?

“Sit properly! Geez…”

“Y-yes!” The way she got shocked had unconsciously made her sit on the chair in a more comfortable position.

I let out a deep sigh, “I’m sorry. Things are getting out of hands, it’s stressing me out.”

“Ah… it’s fine. I don’t mind since you’re my cousin.”

I give her a look as she smiled at me. That smile looks kinda fake, though...

“Look, Miyuki. I don’t think you can live in my house.”

“Eh? Ummm… I see.” I can see her face falling from the bad news.

“I’m really sorry, Miyuki… but here’s a thing. How about if I find you a place to stay?”

“What do you mean?” Okay that had successfully bring some light back into her face.

“I’ll rent a place for you to stay. I’ll pay for it in the mean time so don’t worry… However, I need you to get your own money too.”

“Is that so… Well-”

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

“Yes, come in.”

“Mayu-san, sorry for disturbing you. I was just gonna ask you about the arrangement of us three living together...?”

“Ah, about that… Tani can start living with Jurina today, if Jurina agrees to it. There’s nothing much to do actually. It’s more like trying to bond Tani with the members and supervising her with the odd jobs we must do, like photoshoot, recording session and that sorts.”

Rena nods her head with her mouth turning into an “O” shape. She turns her head to Miyuki, giving her a smile which I think had made my cousin grinning while waving her hand like an idiot.

“Well, then… I guess I’ll be living there today as well.”

“Please do. Make sure to ask from Jurina first since, you know...”


Rena gives a salute before turning around to leave the room. However, the cogs in my head starts to turn as an idea suddenly appeared in my genius brain. I smile in triumph before calling for Rena who’s already about to close the door.

“Wait, Rena!”

“Yes?” Her head pokes in between the door.

“Say… don’t you want to rent your apartment?”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“I mean… since you’re going to live with Jurina, it’s better if you get someone else to take care of your place. Besides, you’ll get a side income from it.”

“Oh… that’s a good idea.” Rena said with a finger on her chin. “But I don’t think I’ll have time to search for the tenant with our tight schedule, Mayu-san.”

“Don’t worry about that.” I put up a smirk that people might call as sinister if they know me.

“Let’s just say…” I raise a brow at Miyuki as she looks confusingly at me,  “I already have someone in mind.”

- - - - - -

After our discussion in my room, we immediately got out to meet Jurina.

“Hey, Jurina… come here for a second.” I said with my hands crossed.

Jurina took a quick glance at both Rena and Miyuki who’s standing beside me before walking to my spot.


I rub my chin nervously, trying to find the right words to ask Jurina the favor.

“Actually, Jurina… These girls need to move into your place ASAP! And by ASAP… I mean, by tonight.”

I look expectantly at Jurina, waiting for any kind of yelling or shouting she’s going to latch at me. Instead, all I got was a glare…

“Why?” Well… I don’t think it sounded like a question. It’s more of a demand to know the reason why we need to do this quick. I let out a deep sigh.

“Miyuki needs a place to stay for the time being. I’ve discussed this with Rena and it seems she had already agreed to rent her place to Miyuki.”


“So… I think you guys should end today’s practice right now and start helping the girls move into your house, Jurina.”

We all waited for Jurina to respond as she stares on the floor, probably thinking of something. I just hope it’s not something bad...

“I got a better idea.” A smirk appeared on her face, together with a pulse bulging clearly on my forehead from annoyance.

“This better not give me another headache, Jurina...”

“What if Miyuki stay with me for the night? Since Rena and her annoying dog...” Jurina points at Tani who’s growling menacingly at her back, “... Tani, still need some time to pack their stuff.”

“Hah? Wait, wait… You want Miyuki to live with you? Dude, you just reject- MMPH!!!” I glared at the source of the voice, only to give a thumbs up at Yuki who’s muffling Sayanee’s mouth from spewing anymore oil to the already fuming Jurina.

I nod with her reasoning before turning around to face Miyuki. “What do you think, Miyuki?”

“I… ummm… I don’t-”

It seems like Miyuki is kinda scared of Jurina. Heh… who won’t after seeing Jurina lashing out madly like that in front of a stranger like Miyuki. However, being the good person she is, Rena approached my cousin and whispered something to her. After a few minutes of negotiating with Miyuki, Rena widely grin with a nod, followed by a smiling Miyuki.

“She said there’s no problem with it!”

“Uwaaah… that’s fast.” Sayaka commented as she grabbed a mouthful of chips from the packet in Yuki’s hand. Wait… where did she got that?

“Want some, Mayu?” Yuki offered me the packet as she licks her fingers slowly… sensually… one by one…

Ummm… is the aircond broke or something? It’s getting hot in here...

“N-noo… no, thanks.” I shake my head no while fanning myself, averting my eyes from staring at Yuki again.

“I guess that’s settled, then… right, Jurina?” I directed my glare at Jurina, not wanting the sadist to come up with anymore of her shenanigans. She just shrug her shoulders like she doesn’t even care at all.

“Can we go back home right now, Mayu?”

“Yeah… make sure to shut off all the equipments, guys.”

“Yes, boss!” They all said simultaneously.

“As for you, Miyuki…” I was about to pull Miyuki away to give her some advices of how to deal with Jurina, but Rena had beaten me to it.

“Don’t worry! I’ll take care of her for you, Mayu-san!”

“Hah?!” I got shocked with Rena’s words. “What are you trying to say, Rena?”

Instead of answering, Rena just gave me a grin with a wink.

“I promised Miyuki I’ll accompany her to Jurina’s house.”

“Is that so? But… is Jurina okay with that?”

“Hmmm… I guess? Don’t worry~ It’ll be fine.”

With the way Rena is saying things, it definitely feels like she can confidently handles Jurina’s mood swings. I’m just hoping she is truly holding to her words here…

You don’t how much you have been affecting Jurina’s life all this while, Rena-chan...

Sayaka’s POV


“Hmmm? You need something, Sayanee?”

“Ummm… yeah. But not from you, Mayu-san. Ehehehe…” I scratched my cheek apologetically before looking at the others, “Just the band members?”

Mayu gave me a glare saying “I’M WATCHING YOU” as she got into her office to do her things with Miyuki following from behind.

“You need us, Sayaka?” Rena walked her way to me followed by the others.

“Errrrrrr… Yes.” I reach for my stool, motioning for them to do the same. We sit in a circle as they look at me confusedly.

“What is it?” Rena was the first to asked, seeing the hesitancy coming from me.

“It’s about the song…” I take a deep breath, my eyes pleading to the members. “I need some help. I’m kinda having a songwriter’s block right now...”


Yuki shouted as she abruptly stood, making everyone startled. We slowly turn our heads to the office, making sure the line is clear before pulling Yuki back to her seat, each one of us hushing her to be discreet.

“Wait… you haven’t done anything yet? I thought it was already 40% completed??” Jurina whispered in a hunch state, her eyes sometimes glancing back and forth between Mayu’s office and me.

“Ahaha… I made that up.”


“But you’ve already wrote the lyrics, right?” Rena asked with hopeful eyes, only to be responded with a bitter smile from me. “No way... Even the lyrics?!”

“SORRY!” I close my eyes and put both hands in front of me with a slight bow, trying to gain their forgiveness.

“You should have told us sooner, Sayanee…” Jurina reprimanded with a straight face, but I can tell she’s a bit disappointed with me.

“That’s why I’m asking for your help now! Or not... my head will be chopped off by MAYU!”

“Can’t help it then…” Yuki sigh deeply before she rolled her eyes at me. “What can we do?”

I scratch my head timidly, afraid if what I’m going to tell them is going to get rejected. “I was thinking of writing a love song…?”

“LOVE SONG??? Sayaka… We have never sing any love song before!” Jurina tried reasoning with me. It’s true… Our band has never performed any love songs ever.

“Well… That’s the reason why I’m writing it. Because it’s different…?”

“I think she has a point…” Yuki nods her head, agreeing with my suggestion. “So… What do you want from us, Sayaka?”

“Emm…I was thinking if everyone would gladly write a few lines of their own love experience.”

“Eh? What do you mean by that?”

The silent Tani suddenly voiced out with interest, her eyes glinting with stars. We just look at each other, feeling weirded out with the unexpected participation of this new member.

“Umm… Write anything about love! Like how you feel when you’re in a relationship. I don’t really mind if it’s the past, present or the future…If it’s happy or sad... since I’ve never been in one, anyway.” I mumbled the last one to myself, which they just give a look at me.

“Just write how you feel about it. That’s all.”

“But…. I have never been in a relationship before.” Tani said in a low voice with a frown. Something suddenly pops in my mind as I look at Tani.

“Don’t fret, Tani…I actually have another job for you.” I said with a smile.


“Yeah. Can you help me with the melody and tune for the song?”

“OMG! REALLY?!” She responded a little bit too excited than normal. But, of course… whenever there’s Tani, there will always be...

“HOLD IT!” Jurina interrupts us with a hand in front of her.

“Sayaka, my friend…” She hangs a hand on my shoulder as I look at her confusingly, “You sure you want a brat to help you? Isn’t it better if I’m the one that helps you composing the song?”

“Well… No hard feelings, Jurina. But I think I seriously need Tani’s help in this.”

“Eh? Seriously?!”

“Yeah… Since I need her to teach me to use the keyboard.”

“She’s right. We don’t want a love song with skulls and death in the melody.” Yuki said with a serious face. “You know how bad your taste is, Jurina. Even Mariko-sama agrees to it.”

“Tch. Fine. Whatever.”

Jurina crosses her arms with an annoyed face. I can see from the corner of my eyes Rena stifling a smile from forming but got caught by Jurina, making the annoyed girl to get timid while trying to averts her eyes elsewhere. These two… I can really sense a song coming from them if not for my songwriter’s block.

“Well… is that all? Cause I need to be be somewhere else right now.” Yuki asked with a boring face.

“I guess… That’s all for now.”

They all stood up from their stools and get their belongings before leaving one by one. I heaved a deep sigh, feeling a bit relieved with the meeting. However, a hand had grabbed me from behind, stopping me in shock.

“What the…!”

“Hey, Sayanee…” Jurina pulls me to her side, a hand patting my back. “Be careful of that Tani. If I catch you two flirting with each other, you know what will happen.”

“Whoaa… Tani and Sayanee? Can we really ship those two?” Yuki asked with a pondering face and a slight pout which really makes me want to puke right away.

“TaniNee? SayaNi? Hmmm…” Jurina makes a pondering face too before letting out a snicker. “Impossible!”

They both shared a laugh, infecting me with a giggle from their teasing. They stood by the door, waiting for me to grab my bag before walking down the stairs together.

“Why do you guys hate her so much?”

“Eh? We did…? Count me out! Only Jurina messes with her. Not me!” Yuki tries to put all the blames on Jurina which she only shrugs nonchalantly.

“I don’t hate her, actually… she’s the one who hates me.”

“Oh, really? Then what’s with the bullying and all?”

“I’m trying to toughen her up… you know. Since the entertainment industry is a harsh place for a newbie such as her.”

We got to the end of the staircase, only to realized that Rena and Tani had been waiting for us to come down from the studio. Jurina’s eyes immediately widen as she saw the senpai-kouhai duo is watching her from below. Sensing that Jurina needs help from the awkward moment, I quickly intervenes as I ask them a question with a smile.

“W-what are you guys doing here?”

“Waiting for Jurina and Miyuki, of course.” Rena replied with a smile. Did she not hear what we were talking about… or is she trying to feign ignorance? Well, whichever it is, I need to back up my buddy here.

“Oh… oh, yeah! Where’s Miyuki?” I asked only to have Mayu answered from behind.

“Right here~!”

“Well, then. I’ll be going first.” I said in a calm voice before turning to the silent Jurina. “You want to walk together, Jurina?”

I nudged the silent Jurina, waking her up from her reveries. She slowly nods her head, her eyes still focusing on the floor. I motioned for Rena and Miyuki to follow us as we wave goodbye to the others. The walk back was silent, albeit the other two talking animatedly on our back.

“Hey, you alright?” I asked out of concern, which got responded only with a word.


I decided to let Jurina be by herself. I’ve known her long enough to understand her character... And I know I shouldn’t mess with her when she’s being like this. It’s like a defence mechanism for her to put a wall around her while trying to make herself invisible. Somehow, I know that Jurina is lying…because whenever she’s not alright, she’ll turn quiet and cold all day long. Especially when Rena is around...

- - - - -

Since my apartment is the nearest out of the members, I was the first to arrived so here I am, already in my pajamas while getting ready for my sleep. I just got out from the toilet when my phone suddenly flashes indicating a new message. Hmmm… who could that be?

From: Milky
OMG! You can’t believe who I just met. Guess who?

From: Sayaka
Emm… Your mom? Haha.

From: Milky
Haha no...
I met MATSUI JURINA and Beast Wings!!!
Kyaaa! They are so cool~

Heh? Em…whaaaat? She met us? Did we meet anyone today?


Don’t tell me……

From: Sayaka
Eh... really? They are really cool?
Wait… how? Where did you meet them???
But hold on… Why did you just say Jurina-san name?
I thought you are a fan of Yamamoto... ._.

From: Milky
Yes, they were darn cool. I even shake hands with them!!!
It’s a secret how I meet them. Tehee~
Oh, I did met Yamamoto too. But seeing Jurina-san up close like that…
I can’t help but feel she is sooo…cool~!!!

Haaah?! Jurina is cool…? No way. She’s always hot… like seriously hot. Always mad and all… Hot, I tell you. Not cool at all…

Wait why am I talking about Jurina? Ugh… I got another major problem right here! Hmmm… If my assumption is correct, then Milky is actually…

Naaah… I don’t think so. That Miyuki is too nice and innocent… a bit noisy I think, but no… I don’t think she is Milky. Just look at their names. No similarities at all!

From: Sayaka
Ehhh?! No fair! I want to meet them too~!!!
Don’t tell me you are betraying Yamamoto? GASP!

From: Milky
Hmmm… Maybe you can too? Hehe. Just go to their fan meeting. XP
No! I’m not betraying my Yamamoto! She’s still my number one!
It’s just…Jurina-san catch my attention more that time. :3
But, she’s a bit scary too… not like my kind and cool Yamamoto~

Ah? My Yamamoto…?


When did I became hers?

Does all my fans thinks I’m theirs?

From: Sayaka
Eeeh? That’s not fair…>.< But I will definitely go to their fan meeting!
Hmmm… it’s bothering me a bit. But since when did Yamamoto become yours???
She’s mine too!!!

Hehe… just ignore about Jurina and it will all be about me… only ME!

From: Milky
Let’s go together, then! XD We’ll meet there~
She has always be mine. Since I laid my eyes on her...
Always and forever.


Wha… what was that? Did my heart just… skip a beat?

Am I… starting to like Milky?

Hahahaha! That’s crazy, Sayaka. You don’t even know if Milky is actually the real Milky, whatever that means… I think this texting thing is becoming such a bad habit, it’s starting to get into me. I need to stop all this for a while… well, maybe for today. I still need to finish my song.


Nope. That’s a bad idea. It’s already 10 p.m. and I need a good sleep after what happened today. Damn that Jurina for giving me a headache. Even in front of Miyuki! Doesn’t that Matsui has no shame? Miyuki must have had a slight trauma with the way she saw Jurina getting mad and all. I should apologize to Miyuki on Jurina’s behalf...


Why am I thinking like that? Geez… must be because I’m dead tired... I should call it a day for now.

From: Sayaka
Well… Count me in! Though, I don’t think we get to meet.
I mean, the crowd will be HUGE!
I need to sleep now. Talk to you later?
Night, Milky~ :3

I close my eyes after sending Milky that message. However, my hand is still holding the phone even when my mind is ordering the hand to let it go. I put the gadget away on the side table, but I can’t avert my eyes away from it. I roll around to face the wall, clutching my bolster tight in a comfortable position. But there’s something that’s missing…


With fast movement, I quickly turn around and reach for the phone.

From: Milky
I’m sure we’ll meet! If not, I’ll be sure to meet you in your dream tonight!
Make sure to say my name before you sleep, okay? Hehee~
Have a good sleep, Sayaka.
Good night to you too~ <3

P/S: Can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow~

I shut my phone, placing it on the side table and roll around. After finding a comfortable spot, I close my eyes. However, I can’t stop the smile appearing on my face after reading the message. I bet this is the first night I’ll be sleeping while smiling like an idiot…


You are driving me crazy, I can’t wait to talk to you too...

Miyuki’s POV

“Ehehehe…” I giggle at Sayaka’s message. She is such a dork, I can’t stop smiling at her messages. Oh! I forgot to to tell my friend of the news! I scroll down and find the name of my bestfriend...

From: Milky
Hey! I’ve finally found a place to stay~ Hehee
So don’t you worry about me, okay?
Thanks for letting me stay at your house.
You are the BESTEST friend I ever had! X3
Btw, how’s your trip? I can’t wait to meet you!!!
Got a LOT OF STORIES to tell!! XD
Do anticipate for it~

After clicking send, I quickly type a reply to Sayaka. Satisfied with the message, I send it and close my phone with a smile.


I wonder what kind of person are you...
Are you really the person in the photo? You are so mysterious…
But that’s what I like about you.

I don’t know why, but I think I’m falling for him... I may meet him on a forum but he is different from the other readers I have met. He is funny, and a great listener too. Not like others who always want to get in a relationship, or even worse, trying to get in my pants. Ugh… guys these days are unbelievable. Hmmm... I wish to meet Sayaka for real. He must be a really good guy… and cool… maybe handsome too. Oh, I bet he’s rich? Hahaha! I sound like a materialistic girl… But seriously, I can’t stop thinking about Sayaka...

But what if he’s not what I expect him to be?

What if he’s just messing around with me?

What if... he’s just like Chris?

I clench my chest as I remembered that name, feeling a sudden pain surging through my whole body, my eyes becoming hot by the seconds.


The door of the guestroom swung open by Rena-san. She approaches me with a smile… but it turns upside down as she got neared me.

“Miyuki…? What’s wrong?”

“Eh? W-why?”

Rena-san looked at me deeply, her eyes gazing straight into my eyes. Then, a hand touched my cheek, wiping the tears flowing down from my eyes.

“That’s why.” Rena-san showed me the tears that I didn’t even realized was there. “Are you okay?”

“Yes… I’m f-fine, Rena-san.”

“If that is so… then, why are you crying?” Rena-san looked at me with her gentle eyes and her small smile. Somehow, her small gestures are making my chest tight with indescribable feelings.

“I… I don’t k-know…” Suddenly, tears start streaming along my cheek, flowing down without stopping..

“M-miyuki….” I can feel Rena-san pulls me into her embrace.

“I-I don’t know, Rena-san. W-why am I crying? I d-don’t understand.”
“Sshhh…… it’s fine. Just let it out, Miyuki.”

That does it. I let my tears out as Rena-san holds me tight in her arms. I don’t know why but somehow I can feel Rena-san’s kindness from her action. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this kind of care and comfort from someone...

End of Miyuki’s POV

Unbeknownst to them both, another person is standing by the door, listening silently to the desperate crying voice of Miyuki. She wants to step in, to help… but something is holding her feet from moving. Something that had happened in the past. She didn’t want to repeat the same mistake again. Not after she had reconciled with her friend after their fight 4 years ago...

With a deep breath, Jurina walks away from the guestroom towards the kitchen. She made a hot chocolate using the same mug she’s been using for the past few years. She holds the handle of the mug, another hand tracing the fading writings that were once written there by her bestfriend. It was her favourite mug…

A smile slowly appeared on her face as she reminisces their memories together. However, it turns into a frown as a certain memory comes haunting her again...


It was raining. The air was cold. The grass was wet. But the hearts of two people standing on the open field can’t drown the coldness coming from the heavy rain. Their hearts are burning; one with rage and betrayal, the other filled with disgust and regret...

“Jurina! How could you...”


A slap came across her face.


No words came from Jurina as she ducked her head low, standing still in silence.

“I was wrong…I didn’t know you are this kind of person. I’ve misjudged you, Jurina!”

A hurt expression could be seen across Rena’s face as she yelled at her friend while pushing her shoulder, making Jurina stepped back a few steps.

“Why…? You knew he’s my boyfriend, Jurina…WHY?!” Rena shouted with all her might. She can’t stand the hurtful feeling of knowing her best friend had betrayed her like this.

She slowly stepped forward, approaching Jurina who is still hiding her face with the bangs of her hair. Jurina can see Rena’s shoes in her view but she didn’t dare to raise her head up. She didn’t dare to look at Rena’s crying face. She didn’t dare to let Rena see her own tears when she was at fault…

“Tell me, Jurina...” The hoarse voice of Rena came like a whisper, “Why would you do that?”

Jurina kept silent. She didn’t want to talk… she didn’t even have the strength to open her mouth or to move her tongue.

“Fine… so be it. Be like this, Jurina! Be like an idiot standing here in the rain…”

Rena wiped her tears harshly with her sleeve. Having enough of her friend, Rena turns around and said the words none of them dare to say to say to each other.

“It’s over, Jurina.”

That’s it.

That’s what it takes for Jurina to raise her head and opens her mouth. But all was in vain. Rena was already gone from the field. She deeply regretted everything she had done. She had the chance to explain, but she blew it… She blew her friendship with the greatest friend she had ever had. Just because she was a coward. A coward that can’t even told her true feelings to her best friend.

“Maybe… I am actually stupid.” Jurina muttered with a small laugh, the rain drowning her voice together with the tears flowing from her eyes amongst the rain.

“I am stupidly in love with you, Rena-chan.”

End of Flashbacks...

Somehow, the sweet hot chocolate she made wasn’t that sweet anymore. It turns into a bitter-like taste, just the same of what she’s feeling at the moment. Jurina placed the mug on the coffee table with her eyes locked on the small writing. She didn’t realized Rena had already came out from the guestroom. Rena on the other hand, got startled a bit after she turns around. She didn’t know Jurina had been sitting silently on the couch. It feels like Jurina is a statue, she thought. Her eyes soon fall on the familiar looking mug on the transparent surface of the coffee table. A smile appeared on her face. She takes silent steps towards Jurina’s side and plops herself on the couch.

“It seems that you are still using the mug I gave you.”

“It’s not broken yet, so I have no reason not to use it.”

“But the writings had faded a bit…” She nonchalantly touch the mug, making Jurina flinched. She wants to snatch the mug away, but she holds it in. The only thing that signified their everlasting friendship that Jurina cherished the most in her life… the non-existent friendship that had long lost.

“Ah! Hot chocolate? You’re drinking this alone?”


“Mou… Not even making one for your guest. How rude of you~”

“Here. Drink this.” Jurina nonchalantly push the mug to Rena’s side, making the latter pout.

“But this is yours! And you already drink this...”

Jurina gulps her spit. It feels like sand,  coursing it’s way down her throat in a painful way. They had no problem sharing drinks or food before… but now, it’s like Jurina has a disease that Rena doesn’t want to get infected with.

“I’ve given this to you so it’s yours. It’s bad to waste, anyway.”

“It’s not proper to serve this to your guest, Jurina.”

“I thought the only guest I’m having today is Miyuki.”

That had made Rena bit her tongue. Seeing that Rena doesn’t have anything to say back, Jurina stands up.

“Just throw that away. Make a new one for yourself…”

Jurina walked past the silent girl to get away from the suffocating living room. However, a small pull of her shirt made her pause.

“Where did you go after practice today?”

She was startled with the question. She thought no one cared when she left after practice ended. Since they were all busy congratulating and praising Tani, Jurina decided to leave the place. It’s not because she hates Tani, nor because of the bet. She just feels like, she doesn’t belong there…with her attitude and Tani hating her to the core, added with the scene of Rena hugging the punk happily... That’s why she left to get some air on the rooftop.

“None of your business.”

“Are you... still angry at me?”

“Why would you think that?

“B-because… you are treating me so cold… Unlike before...”

“I’ve changed.” Jurina sternly said before facing Rena with a straight face, “And so do you.”

Jurina heads out to the balcony after she shoved Rena’s clingy hand away. She takes a deep breath, letting the cold breeze of the night fills her tightening and burning lungs. She doesn’t want to face Rena right now, not after the memories are coming back to haunt her again.

“No…” Rena mumbled in a low voice, her eyes falling on the mug. A small smile appears on her face.

“You’re still the same Jurina I know.”

She can hear the guilt in Rena’s voice as she said that. She knows Rena is trying to mend their relationship back to how they were before. Yeah, she can be friends with Rena again but that doesn’t mean things can go back to normal. There’s still something that is hurting inside Jurina. Something that has been deeply wounded inside from Rena’s harsh decision a long time ago…

Her damaged heart.

The thought of Rena about to leave came to her mind from the sound of shuffling things from the living room. Her head jerks to the sound out of impulse, wanting to stop Rena from leaving. But her rational mind got ahead of her. She grips the rail of the balcony tight to prevent herself from doing anything reckless.

“I’m leaving, Jurina… I still have to pack my things to move in with you tomorrow.”


“Please take a good watch over Miyuki. She’s… not in her right mind now.”

“You should take care of your own self before thinking of others.”

“Of course, you know I will. Good night, Jurina.”


Rena lets out a defeated sigh. It’s pointless to try to speak to Jurina if she is acting like this… She takes a step out of the door, but halted as she remembered something.

“By the way, congratulations on winning the bet. You’re right. I should’ve trusted you...I’ll keep my words on the bet.“

Jurina merely nods her head without turning around, but what Rena said after had made her choked on her spit.

“However, don’t expect I’ll stop from getting back the old Jurina I once knew.”

The sound of the door clicking shut made all of Jurina’s wall crumble. She slumps to the floor, her eyes flowing tears like river. She bit her lips, putting a hand on her mouth to stop herself from making any noise. She knows Miyuki might heard her. But what she didn’t know was that Miyuki wasn’t asleep. She had woken up after Rena left her alone in the room. She already heard their conversation. Right now, she is contemplating whether she should go and comfort Jurina or just leave her like that. However, thinking that perhaps what Jurina is feeling is somewhat same to her, Miyuki decided to do the first.


Miyuki got no response but she knows Jurina had already acknowledged her presence there.

“I… I’m sorry, Jurina-san. I didn’t mean-”

“I-it’s fine…”

The croaking voice of Jurina made Miyuki feeling melancholy. She knows that feeling of being alone when you’re hurting. Without thinking, Miyuki throws herself to Jurina to give the crying girl a warm hug. Jurina’s eyes widen from the action. Her head is screaming to push the stranger away, to let her be alone. But the comforting warmth of Miyuki’s embrace made Jurina’s cold heart to soften a bit as she bawls out.

“It h-hurts... it r-really h-hurts!”

Miyuki could say nothing but to pat her head like a mother would. She’s not in the place to give comforting words to Jurina, when in fact she is hurting deep inside too. She could only lend her shoulder, hoping the warmth and care she felt from Rena’s embrace earlier can be transferred to Jurina too.

At Mayu’s house…

Mayu’s POV

Finally~ We are back to our home sweet home. I walk inside with Yuki following closely from behind. However, I found it weird that she’s a bit quiet today. I mean, after our moment just got cockblocked by Miyuki today, I’m expecting she will turn into beast mode just to finish what we’ve started in my office. I stood at the side, waiting for Yuki to do her lovely things with me… like how she usually does. However, she just ignore me, walking over to the couch as she throw herself in a lying position. Confused with her, I slowly approach the sofa and sit on the floor. I push away the arm blocking her eyes, giving a chaste kiss on her lips which she responded with a sigh.

“Mayu…” She opens her eyes, showing how tired and worn out she is.

“Hey… You okay?” I hold her cheek, my eyes looking straight into her tired ones in concern.

“No, I’m not.”

Yuki gives me a pout, a sign that indicates she wants another one from me. With a smile, I gladly give her another kiss which lasted longer than before. It was just a simple kiss, tender and sweet. I really love it when we’re having this kind of moment. Nothing to rush, nothing to worry about… It’s just us in our own little world. The best thing? I can have a gentle Yuki making love to me in the most caring way she can ever be...

“Come here.”

Yuki pats the space beside her, inviting me to lie together on the couch. She scoots herself to the side, giving some space for me to fit in as I snuggle myself to her warm body. She wraps an arm over me, the other one acting as a pillow as her fingers play with my hair. We stare into each other’s eyes, telling each other just how much we cherish this silent moment of being together. However, I can catch something else in her eyes. Yuki is worried of something and it’s bothering her...

“Yukirin, what’s wrong? Tell me…”

“It’s nothing much. Just… about the girls. Our band…”

“What is it?”

“I’m really glad the Beast Wings is still alive to this day…”

“Well, of course! Since you’re the leader, Yukirin.”

“Naah… I haven’t done anything, Mayu. I think it was because we have a great manager by our side.”

“Only great?”

“Well… a great, strict, understanding, uptight, cute, pretty, sexy and hot manager~” Yuki wiggles her brows teasingly, which I responded with a pinch on her cheek.

“But I’m worried… with Tani.”

“Why? She’s a great addition to the band, to be honest. She only needs more training and practice.”

“I know that. I admit she’s what we need to expand our popularity. But it’s something else...”

“Oh… it’s about those two, isn’t it?”

“Yeah… but it’s more about Jurina.”

Yuki averts her eyes to the side, her expression bearing concern worry. I stroke her cheek, urging Yuki to vent out what’s in her mind.

“You know about them, right?”

“You mean that high school incident you told me about?”

“Yeah… the day Jurina and Rena broke their friendship.” Yuki closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath before releasing the air.

“I bet you don’t know the details of what had actually happened, Mayu…”

I shook my head no before snuggling closer to her body, anticipating the truth that is about to be unveiled by Yukirin.

“It was horrible. Jurina was heavily devastated after what happened. I was Rena’s close friend at that time, but I can’t ignore seeing a depressed Jurina being alone all by herself. I secretly looked after her; even visiting her every day after school, trying to get Jurina back to her usual cheery self without Rena knowing. It was hard, taking a long time for her to heal from depression. As you can see, I wasn’t successful in making Jurina get back to her old self. Well, at least she can slowly talk to others… That’s when we got closer and decided to make a club for our band.”

A smile appeared on Yuki’s face, affecting me with a smile too.

“We met Sayanee during our sophomore year, when we heard of a rumor of someone from a local band is transferring to our school. We didn’t know who it was at first, not even giving a damn about her… until she barged into our clubroom and announced shamelessly that she’s entering the club no matter what.”

We giggled, imagining the current Sayanee doing the same thing in the studio.

“Rena was the last to get into the band. She had personally asked me to help in mending her friendship with Jurina. That’s when I decided to invite her to join our club, not after getting into a fight with Jurina for a week. Seriously, it took a lot of persuasion and rules to make Jurina agree with it. And so… the Beast Wings formed!”

Yuki makes a fist and push it into the air, yelling her band name proudly.

“Then, what are you worrying about? You can see Jurina and Rena is in good terms now.”

Yuki snickered, poking my cheek gently. “That’s what you see, Mayuyu… The truth is, they are still strangers to each other.”

She plays with my cheek, pinching and poking them as I scrunch my nose at her teasingly.

“I’ve always thought that I was helping them, getting them back together with the formation of our band… but now that I think back, I’m just making it worse. Jurina is getting colder than ever, and Rena is getting worked up with Jurina’s attitude day by day. I think I’m a failure as a friend, Mayuyu...”

“Heey…” I pinch her nose lightly, “Don’t say that. That’s not true… I can see Jurina getting a bit softer by now. I mean, have you ever seen her tutoring session with Tani?”

“Yeah… full of torments.”

“But that’s her way of toughening up Tani. If not, the new kid wouldn’t have succeeded in going through our deadly 2 hours straight of practice! Tani can even memorized all the songs in just one day… One day, Yukirin!”

“Okay… but that’s because of Tani’s talent.”

I tried to rake my brain for more reasonings and arguments, wanting to prove to her that she’s not a failure to her friend as she thought she is.

“That keyboard! It was Jurina’s suggestion to buy that model for Tani, wasn’t it? It was even the limited edition keyboard… You know how hard it is to find a rare item like that, Yukirin.”

“Because the Director asked her directly. Besides, she’s her tutor… she knows what’s best for Tani.”

 “What about the living arrangement with the three of them? She agreed to it, right?” I said, not wanting to give up with Yuki’s excuses.

“That was because of Rena…”

“Exactly my point! Don’t you see, Yukirin? Jurina is trying her best here… She’s trying to push her selfishness away and making amends with Rena… And Tani too! Even when she knows Tani hates her to the core, but she’s still doing her best to make the girl the best keyboardist the band ever have!”

“Sadly, it’s a one-sided effort from Jurina, Mayuyu…”

“Yeah... I know Rena and Tani are oblivious to all of these because Jurina wants it to be this way, but at least she’s trying!”

That had made Yuki mums without any comeback to my reasonings.

“I know how you feel, Yukirin. And I know, you’ve done a great job with Jurina and Rena…”

“I’m tired already…” Yuki whines with a small pout.

“I know… that’s why you need to stop for a while. Let those two work out their problems on their own. You’ve done enough, Yukirin.”

I pull Yuki’s chin closer, leaving a kiss full of assurance to her soft lips. I grip her shirt tighter, putting some pressure into our wonderful kiss. As we pull away, Yuki give a warm smile at me before yelling in pain.


“Wh-what?! What’s wrong?” Out of impulse, I pulled away from her, making out of any injury on her body that I might had accidently touched.

“My tooth hurts.”

“Whaa… why? I didn’t kiss you that hard, did I?” I check her face, my fingers touching everywhere in panicked.

“No…” Yuki suddenly jerks me with a hold on my wrists, pulling my body on top of hers. ”It’s because you are ridiculously sweet, Mayuyu.”

Yuki puts on a cheeky smile as she wraps her arms around me, my face heating up rapidly with her cheesy lines. I try to hide my face as I snuggle into her chest but a stroking motion on my cheek made me lift my head to face her. We face each other, her eyes once again showing the same light as they were when she had confessed to me that day.

“Thank you…” Yuki softly lands a peck on my lips, “... for being a part of me.”

Somewhere else...

A girl can be seen pulling a big luggage bag with a backpack and a camera bag hung on her shoulder amidst the crowds of people in the airport. She had just arrived from a three months of study trip for her projects and here she is, on her way to the taxi stand to hold a taxi back to her home, sweet home. She steps out of the sliding doors before standing straight while inhaling a deep breath.

“Aaaaah! Nothing better than the cold air of Japan~!”

With a happy smile on her face, she continues her ways to the taxi stand. She takes out her phone and switched it on. She takes a quick look on her watch.

“I wonder if she is still there in my apartment…”

After waiting for a while, a message came to her phone.

“Oh?” She reads the message with a smile, knowing it came from her bestfriend. She quickly typed a reply, eager to inform her friend that she’s already back.

From: Paruru
Milky!!! How dare you let me live alone! T_T
Now I don’t have a maid to keep my house clean for free…
Just kidding~
Guess what? I’ve already landed in Japan!
Let’s meet up when you’re free?
You pick the place, okay?
I’m already dying to listen to your stories~ XD

She slides the phone into her jacket’s pocket before a taxi stops in front of her. After getting inside, she opens the bag on her shoulder and took out the camera. She looked through all the photos, examining one by one for quality inspection.

“Just need some editing. Everything else is good, I think…”

However, her thumb stop pressing the Next button when a picture caught her attention. She smiles widely, her teeth showing. It was just a normal picture; nothing fancy, nothing extravagant. But the natural and ordinary vibe of the picture was what made her enthralled.

She has decided.

She will put this picture into her project, together with the others which she’s still going to have to choose later. She doesn’t know if her teacher might approve of her choice, but at least she is satisfied with her own work. She giggles silently, a thought came to her mind as she look at the photo once again.

“I think my wish has been granted…”

(I'll REPLY~ :D)

Please give some love to this fic and to the both of us too~ Don't forget to click THANK YOU~  :love: share the love~ :deco:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #69 on: August 18, 2014, 07:08:15 PM »
Omg!! It's soo long Hahahaha
Continue soon

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #70 on: August 18, 2014, 07:45:14 PM »
Mayuki too cute ugh dying from the sweetness  :heart:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #71 on: August 18, 2014, 07:51:33 PM »
This was long :on study:
Heh? Em…whaaaat? She met us? Did we meet anyone today?
Don’t tell me……
Sayaka took a long time to figure out that Milky was the one she met :wahaha:
Jurina, Rena and Tani in a house together, this is going to be intersting :ding:
“Well, if you don’t mind… The three of us can live together in your house, Jurina.”
Rena-san suggested with hopeful face.
It's as if Rena planned things out in her mind :mon lol:
“Okay, maybe I am…But that’s because you guys are really awesome!”
Milky definitely went fan girl mode on Sayaka and the others :on lol:
“Emm…I was thinking if everyone would gladly write a few lines of their own love experience.”
I have a sort of feeling that the love song is going to be how the pairs love life is going to be in the end :mon noprob:
I got real emotional with the wmatsui part :mon sweat:
It's nice that we got to know more about Rena and Jurina's past :mon determined:
Yukirin is such a good friend, to try and help Jurina and Rena :hee:
That MaYuki moment :mon lovelaff:
Yosh! Paru is in Japan! :onioncheer:
She giggles silently, a thought came to her mind as she look at the photo once again.
“I think my wish has been granted…”
Hm~ Does the photo have Yui in it? :hehehe:
And what was her wish? :dunno:
Can't wait for next chapter :k-thrilled:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #72 on: August 19, 2014, 01:38:02 AM »
New chapter !!!!

Yeah, sorry about missing to comment on that chapter >.<

Whew... Milky and Sayanee haven't realized that they already know each other from the forum?  :lol:

And about WMatsui..
Seems like Rena really hurt Jurina, huh?
Their past slowly unveiled !!!
And they'll be living together..
Must be hell at first.. but, if it help with their relationship, why not?
Also, Rena is trying to mend their relationship.
Did she finally realized that she was at fault?
Or despite what happened between them was Jurina's fault, she doesn't want to lose Jurina?

There's a bit of Jurina and Milky moment there
I like Jurina and Milky..
I hope they can be good friends, and after Milky help to comfort Jurina, hoping Jurina will open up a bit to Milky.
And maybe seeing the closeness between Jurina and Milky, will make Rena realize her feelings too.

And Paruru made an appearance !!!

Will be more interesting from now on..
Good job, author !!!  :twothumbs
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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #73 on: August 19, 2014, 02:47:26 AM »
MIRUKIIIIIII you ARE a lucky fans ever! XDD
aww dense sayanee is dense ckckck
oh there paru!!
Great chappy!
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #74 on: August 19, 2014, 03:24:02 AM »
Omg!! It's soo long Hahahaha
Continue soon

i agree! not really sure but this is probably the longest one yet! :twothumbs

“She’s right. We don’t want a love song with skulls and death in the melody.” Yuki said with a serious face. “You know how bad your taste is, Jurina. Even Mariko-sama agrees to it.”

is Jurina that bad?? :nervous

and Sayaka! almost figured milky is miyuki and i was like "Finally!" but in the end she doesnt

I really love reading Jurina's part, too melancholic and touching! :k-sad:

Paruru's in japan! i wonder the pic that made her smile was a photo of yui? :nya: :glasses:

“I think my wish has been granted…”

i wonder what's her wish??

update soon! and thanks for the hard work!!  :omamori:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #75 on: August 19, 2014, 05:27:15 AM »
Thanks for the update  :mon squee:

“Whoaa… Tani and Sayanee? Can we really ship those two?”
I'll ship them :ding: nah...just kidding :sweat:

“TaniNee? SayaNi? Hmmm…” Jurina makes a pondering face too before letting out a snicker. “Impossible!”
:mon fyeah: but seriously....I might ship them :on lol:

Milky sure is Lucky meet her favorite band
lol~Sayanee jealous that Milky talk about Jurina :hiakhiakhiak:
and like usual I like SayaMilky chit chat :wriggly:

WMatsui problem.......complicated :frustrated:

The history of Beast Wings.... :on study: so thats how it was formed :mon geek:

MaYuki moment  :mon crazyinlove: :luvluv1:

and Paruru finally appear :mon star:

waiting for next update :mon thumb:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #76 on: August 19, 2014, 07:08:24 AM »
I really enjoy this fic. The humor is perfect X) and I like the band concept.
The covers look really good (J's one *_*)

Oh no. I’m not that great Sayaka. We have different surnames...eheh.
The way she holds the guitar is very cool!
Self-praising Sayanee XD
I am not that familiar with her but I love the way she is characterised in this fic.
“This is it, G… Our long awaited, first concert of Beast Wings.” She said with a smile.
Dork X)

If only I have Aki-P’s brain in my head, I won’t be struggling like this for a simple, short, 3-minutes length song!
*cough* Team S new stage *cough*

The message exchanges between Sayaka and Milky and the flirting were so sweet and cheesy~ it made me really cringe but I still crave for it X)  :shy1:

And talk about cheesy...
“Wh-what?! What’s wrong?”
“My tooth hurts.”
“Whaa… why? I didn’t kiss you that hard, did I?”
“No…” ”It’s because you are ridiculously sweet, Mayuyu.”
That was really powerful o.o

“Sure…” Yuki lazily responds as she struts herself behind Mayu like a penguin.
Everyone turns to the duck sound. It was Yuki, who is at the moment making a duck face while holding her phone at the front.
“Yup. Mayu’s right. I’m busy being leader.”
Yeaaahhhh! So busy XD taking selfies with a duck face and making out with the manager~
Yuki in this fic is so free, carefree, lazy, nonchalant but still fab~ she seems high XD

“Want some, Mayu?” Yuki offered me the packet as she licks her fingers slowly… sensually… one by one…
*blushing* ohhhhh
And Mayu is so deredere around Yuki.

From: Jurina the Sadist
Where’s my 2 cup of black coffee?
You OWE me, remember?
Lovely nickname X)
I love the tsundere J, sadist and sassy~ while she's in fact a poor broken puppy inside. X)

The WMatsui angst is strong. Really sad. T_T wondering what happened
Rena is so blind and oblivious XD
I hope they'll work out!

Suddenly feel like punching Tani XD.
Stop being clingy and loud,  it ain't cute X)

“She’s right. We don’t want a love song with skulls and death in the melody.” Yuki said with a serious face. “You know how bad your taste is, Jurina. Even Mariko-sama agrees to it.”
I saw that show! X) fresh reference~ Mariko-sama judging the emo fashion terrorist J.
A love song about death and skulls doesn't sound that bad  :P

“A human.” Yuki answered indifferently, no one dares ask if it was a joke or a real answer.

“Eh? Really?” I ask with shocking face, only to have Jurina responds with the same expressionless face as Yuki.

“Yeah. A real live one.”

“Human? Is this delivery? W-wait a MINUTE…. DID YOU GUYS KILL SOMEONE?!”

“What are you, Sayanee? An idiot? Of course we did not!” Jurina smirks at me, making me glare at her in annoyance.
“Whoaa… Tani and Sayanee? Can we really ship those two?” Yuki asked with a pondering face and a slight pout which really makes me want to puke right away.

“TaniNee? SayaNi? Hmmm…” Jurina makes a pondering face too before letting out a snicker. “Impossible!”
I really like when Yuki and Jurina team up for mischief.:on GJ: Enjoyed this buddy combi.
And Sayaka is so gullible X)
Sayaka and Yui BFF combi is awesome too, with Yuihan trolling Sayaka. And glad Yui won't end forever alone, Paru is there.

I'm loving every characters and all the girls' interactions with each other \o/ great job!  :thumbup

I liked that you inserted real facts and trivias.
And I felt like the "40% already finished" was a shade against Aki-p XD

Thanks for the update. The longer the chapter is, the better! X)
Really looking forward to the next chapter!
Sayaka hasn't recognised Milky o_o
Milky was sweet comforting Jurina.
Ju living with Tani and Rena is going to be interesting XD

Both of you, rest well authors-san!

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #77 on: August 19, 2014, 08:58:30 AM »
I see Yuki knows the group too well that's why she's worried even if she doesn't do much here.

Milky might be a reason for the group to get along. She may or may not know it yet.

I know Yui will be just fine  :lol:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #78 on: August 19, 2014, 09:00:24 AM »
keep going, I'm reading all, just like a ninja xD

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 5)(Replies)
« Reply #79 on: August 19, 2014, 01:08:19 PM »
Its really long!!!! But... To me. Long equals good. Or rather. EXCELLENT!!! I was soooo engrossed until i didnt want to stop. Although the beginning was quite confusing. Had to read it a few times to understand. Other than that, the wmatsui part almost made me cry  :cry: im no expert in love cos i have NO experience like Tani, but it was so well written to the point that i was so moved!!! Please take care you two!! And then think about updating. Health is more important! And im pretty sure you wont wanna know what happened that day. Haha  ;)  i just finished my prelim exams today so this was like a present to me. Haha. So thank you soo much!! And thank you for thinking about your readers!! :) update soon!! ^_^ and get well soon!! I will be patiently waiting no matter how long it takes so dont worry!!  :thumbsup haha.

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