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Author Topic: My Salty Cat (YuiParu fanfic) - COMPLETED  (Read 16075 times)

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My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 6 (1-11-15)
« Reply #20 on: November 01, 2015, 02:27:06 PM »
hi guys, enjoy my half of chapter 6.
enjoy and sorry for bad english.

Chapter 6 : Confession

Paru is sleeping in the couch now. Yui has decided not to go back to his apartment because it is very dangerous right now. He phone his father and ask for opinion and tell him the whole story. So his father suggest them to sleep in his work place. After the attack they wait for Yui’s father to come and pick them to his place.  and now it is just Yui and Yuito alone in the room.

Yui : Otou san, please tell me

Yuito : err? About?

Yui : until when will you talk abou the truth to me, otou san?

Yui look pissed because his father didn’t want to tell him anything. As for Yuito, he know that Yui want the answer now. but, there is something that he still may not tell Yui yet. He promise somebody.

Yui : fine, otou san. If you didn’t want to answer my question then I will find it out by myself.

Yuito just sigh as he know if Yui already determined to find out the truth he won’t stop. He hate and also like his determined style which will appear once he decided something.

Yuito : I don’t care if you want to find it by yourself. Just let me handle the thing for a while.

Yui : fine. Also, I think I will stop my college thing for a while, I want to take care of Paru and also.. find the truth.

Yuito : fine by me. my lazy son will always be a lazy one, huh. You don’t need to find a reason to skip your college my son. (smirk)

Yui : wh.. what?! No!! If I want to skip will find a better reason.

Yuito : ha ha ha!! I am just joking my dear son. well, I will go out for a while, I need to take care some thing and also take care of your messy apartment.

Yui : fine. Take care Otou san.

With that Yuito left his workplace.  Yui then look around his father place, it is quit small for three people to life but they need to hang in there for a while and don’t forget one grumpy cat. His cat has become  a big grumpy as the stress of new place.  He then go back to check Paru.  As he look at the sleeping figure, he see there is trace of tears in her eyes. He then touch her face and wipe the rest of the tears in her eyes. 

Paru : un…

Yui : ah.. Paru you wake up. I am sorry to wake you up.

Paru : it’s okay. I just close my eyes a little bit. I am not really sleepy.

Yui just smile at her. he then pinched her cheek playfully.

Yui : hai, hai. How about we eat something? I am quite hungry. Let see if Otou san have something to eat.

Yui then look around the cabinet and fridge. And he found NOTHING  to eat.

Yui : sigh.. just like Otou san. Looks like I need to go out a little bit. Paru, you wait here okay?

Paru : NO! please don’t leave me! hiks.. Yui, please.. hiks don’t leave me alone.. again…

Yui quickly hug her, try to calm her down. as Paru didn’t stop crying and grip Yui clothes very tight. The fear of being left alone really make her scared.

Yui : paru.. don’t cry.. Pa.. Haruka.

Hearing Yui called her real name make her turn to face Yui. Yui then wipe her tears again and let his forehead touch hers. As Yui closed his eyes and sigh.

Yui : fine.. Haruka, I won’t go alone. let’s go together, okay..?

Yui then opened his eyes, as he is still hugging her it make their body close to each other. They can feel each other breath.  Yui can’t stand it anymore. Too much temptation for him. He then close their gap and kiss her. it is a gentle and quick kiss.

Haruka Pov

He kiss me. He really kiss me. Oh my God!! What should I do? I am too shy to look at his eyes again. should.. I kiss him again? I not yet give him a reply kiss. but.. he didn’t say anything. Why he did this?

End of Pov

Yui Pov

OMG!! Did I get rejected? I kiss her but she looks so quite. Did I do something really wrong? And she turn her head down. This is really awkward. May be it is better to say that I just try to make her feel better. What should I do… or should I confess..? what if she say no!!!

End of Pov

There is an awkward silent and it can really kill both of them. Haruka then decided to ask first. As seem, Yui seem in the deep thought.

Haruka : um.. Yui?

Yui : hai? Yes ?

Haruka : why.. did you do this?

Yui : I… I  just… (murmured)

Haruka stay silent her eyes never leave Yui. As for Yui, he didn’t dare to see Haruka face right now, so he look down, his courage seems disappear. He really wish somebody would help him to take care of this situation.

Haruka : Yui..look at me, please..

Haruka then touch his face and make him look at her. she really want to hear his answer.

Yui pov

Oh no.. not that pleading eyes. Arrghhh!!! it is not fair. Sigh…Okay, Yokoyama Yui, be a man. Now or never.

End of pov

Yui : Haruka, I.. I like you. no.. I love you.

Haruka eyes  gleam as Yui tell her, his feeling. Haruka then close their gap again and kiss him. Yui then hold her waist and make their gap even closer. Yui then bite Haruka lower lip make her gasped. As Yui didn’t let his chance to miss. He directly slip his tongue inside her mouth. His action make Haruka moan. Feeling a different sensation that invaded her mouth.  But she didn’t dislike it, and for some reason, she like it. And she can hide it, because her moans.

They kiss for a while until they are out of breath. They gap is still very close as their forehead still attach with each other. Yui can’t help, but feel very happy. He smile like an idiot.

Haruka : pervert.. (pout)

Yui : he he, whatever you said, I still very happy. I love you. will you be my girlfriend, Haruka?

Haruka then smile shyly at him, and give him a peck on the lips.

Haruka : I love you too,  my pervert boyfriend.

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 6 (1-11-15)
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OooooooooooooOOOooOOO they kissed!  :wub:

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 6 (1-11-15)
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How sweet >/////<   Good job :theking   Yui-kun 

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My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 7 (28-11-15)
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YuiParu Chapter 7 : Ambust

Yui is quiet grumpy this morning, why not? Yesterday, he has a good day. Because that day, he and Haruka officially a couple. He thought that he can be together with her longer. But this morning, his father bring his friend to meet with Haruka.

Flash back

Yui is sleeping before he feel there is somebody that snuggle closer to him. At first his body tense, but  there is a sweet fragrance, and he know directly who is that somebody.  Yui then opened his eyes and found Haruka with her eyes closed come closer to her. He directly sneak his arm around her slim waist. Pull her closer to him.  Haruka then opened her eyes, give him a sweet smile.

Haruka : ohayou..

Yui : ohayou, did you sleep well?

Haruka : yes

Yui : Haruka..

Haruka : un?

Yui : yesterday is not a dream right?

Haruka : why you are the one who said that (giggle). It should be me who said that to you. You are the one who confess to me. I.. the one who should ask you that. Baka Yui..

Yui : so it is not a dream at all. I love you

Haruka : I.. love you too..

Yui then move closer to Haruka, touch her cheek, as Haruka enjoy the warm touch from Yui, there is a knock from the door.

Yuito : Yui, Haruka. There is somebody who want to meet you. Get up now. he will be here in a second.

Yui : great! What a mood breaker. Who want to meet us in this morning? (pout)

Haruka : come on, get up. Don’t make your father wait. (giggle)

As Haruka want to get up, Yui pull her again, and give her a deep kiss. Haruka resist a first, but then she give in and reply his kiss. They kiss for a while, until there is another knock from the door.

End of flash back

As they come to the living room, Yui saw a old man who is talking with her father. Haruka who hide behind him  from just now squeeze his arm, as she looks like nervous. Yui then turn around and when their eyes met, He knew that Haruka is scared.

Yui : Haruka, what happened? do you know that man?

Haruka : he is my butler.. who I tell you yesterday.

Yui : so he is your savior. What wrong? Did something happened?

Haruka : … no, I just don’t trust anybody from my family. There isn’t anybody who I can trust…

Yui just stay silent, he knew that there is still so many thing that he doesn’t know about Haruka until now. As Haruka squeeze his hand again. He snap from his thought.

Yui : it is okay, Haruka. No matter what, I will always be with you, I promise.

As the old man notice Haruka and Yui, the old man quickly stand up and go toward them.

Rei : Haruka sama, you are saved. I am so glad.

Haruka : why.. why are you here?

Yuito : I the one who inform him. he is my old friend and he has been looking for you the whole time.

Rei : Haruka sama, please come back to the house. We need you to be there, to replace your father. You will be the next owner of Shimazaki Corps. It is his last will.

Yui : Shimazaki Corps? The biggest electronic company in Japan?!

Haruka : … why me? I am not suit to replace my father.

Rei : I am sure you can, Haruka sama. Don’t worry, I will be with you to guide you. just like my promise to your father.

“ that will never happened..”

As there is a voice, there are mans in black with guns.  They point the gun to everyone in the room.

Yuito : who are you guys. What do you want? Don’t you know who am I? What happened to the guards?

Man A : oh, do you mean your weaklings? We have take care of them.

Man B : we just want to take what we left yesterday.

Man C : And we can’t fail again.

Man A : enough with your blabbering, take the girl now.

As two of them want to catch Haruka, Yui blocked them and make Haruka hide behind him.

Yui : stay away from her!!!

Man A : I don’t think it is a wise to oppose us, young boy. Stand aside.

Yui : Never!!

Man B : what a stupid man.

As the man B point the gun toward Yui, Yui quickly touch his gun and with a swift moment he turn his arm behind and disarm him. The other masked man is surprised by Yui action, but it didn’t take long, as his father also disarmed one of them.  As the other man is panic, he shoot the gun to Yui direction many times. It hit his partner and also Yui.

End of Chapter

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 7 (28-11-15)
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thank you for update author-san ^_^

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 7 (28-11-15)
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Enjoy the next chapter and sorry for bad english.

Two more chapter before it comes to end.  :cow:

Chapter 8 : The Real Traitor

Haruka slowly opened her eyes, as she can see Yui face smiling at her, as she quickly warp her hand  and hug him. Hiding her face into Yui neck. Yui instantly round his hand around her and pull her closer. Giving her a warm embrace. They stay for quite long time, until Yui broke the silent.

Yui : Haruka, what’s wrong?

Haruka : … I am afraid.

Yui : there is nothing to be afraid of, I am here with you.

Haruka : I have a bad dream. In my dream, I saw you got shot. And I can’t help you at all. somebody pulled me by force and  I just can cry leaving you alone in there. I wanted to reach you, but the hand that gripped me is stronger. Yui, tell me that all is a lie , right? I just have a bad dream and we will always be togother.

Yui looked at her eyes and then caress her face gently. Feeling a gentle touch in her face, Haruka lean to Yui hand, and let him caress her faces. Yui then come closer, as their distant become closer and closer, Haruka slowly closed her eyes, but instead of her lip, Yui kiss her forehead. Let Haruka opened her eyes again. Sensing there is something wrong, Haruka lean closer and capture Yui lip.  But, Yui then broke the kiss, looked directly at Haruka face.

Yui : Haruka, I will always be with you, and I promise that nobody can harm you.

Yui then stand up, leaving Haruka alone. As Haruka want to get up, her body become heavier and heavier, as if there is something that prevent her to move from her place. she called and called Yui name to come back, but Yui just keep going and leaving her alone in there, crying alone.


Haruka opened her eyes, and realize that she is inside an old room, which is very dirty and nothing can be used to run away. There only a small window which is very high to reach. Beside, her hand and legs are tied , and she can moved at all.

Tears slowly fall from her face, as she remember that this is the reality. Yui got shot, she was kidnaped. Instead of worry herself, she more concern with Yui condition. How is he, what happened with him, is he safe. Haruka can help but feel worry and insecure. she can’t imagine how her life without Yui. The man who have captured her heart completely.

Haruka : Yui.. I am scared… help me…


Yui is taken to the hospital, after they fled and kidnap Haruka, Yui and his father has been beat up the rest of the gang. As he want to go after Haruka, the rest of the gang is blocking his way.  And he really beating  them up, and not long after that he passed out.
First time when Yui opened his eyes, he see white ceiling, as soon as he looked around, he realize that he is in the hospital.

“You finally awake”

Yui turned to looked at the source of voice,  and he can see his step brother sitting on the chair near the desk. Typing of something.

Takahasi Minami aka Takamina

Yui step brother, his father remarried with Takamina mother  and they become brother, but Takamina didn’t change his family name, because he insist to have his father  family name to respect his late father.  known for his intelligent and hard working nature in the family.

Yui : Takamina…how long I have been fall asleep?

Takamina : actually not so long, just 2 days after the incident. Wait! What are you trying to do?! Stop it
Yui try to stand up and pull out the IV  needle from his hand. As Takamina try to make him stay in his bed.

Yui : let me go, Takamina. I have to save Haruka.

Takamina : calm down, Yui! You just got shot in the stomach, and it will bleed again, you need a proper rest. Father and the rest has gone to find Haruka. 

Yui : No! not this time! I promise her, that I will be with her, and protect her. and now looked at me! lying in the room, when anytime something can happened to her. I won’t let that happened to her.  and I have been done nothing but sleep  in this two days.

Takamina : ..I know, that’s why I have been looking on the Shimazaki company data, to find any evident or even some clue about her, and I find nothing regarding her kidnaping,  I try to find some clue regarding the culprit. I think I find some clue just now.

Yui : who is it?

Takamina : Shimazaki Hanzou, her father brother.  I have found some company data, which is private and it is about illegal transaction for electronic. Looks like, he has smug some of company products and sell it illegally.  If it is continue, I am afraid the company will fall apart. And there is some connection with the authority. Shimazaki Hanzou wife is Tokyo chief police sister.  I think he got his back on the authority to run his business.  I think he want to earn the company all by himself, so …

Yui : kidnapped Haruka.

Takamina : yes, but don’t worry Yui, I don’t think they want to end Haruka life that quickly. If they do, they will do it right after they charge to father apartment.  I think they need her alive or something like that.  But I am not quite sure, why…

Yui : where is otou sama now?

Takamina : he is still in the police officer with his friend trying to find the girl and find more information from the gangs. but I bet, he won’t be able to find that girl, because of Hanzou influence. I need to tell him as quick as possible. I just need to find more data regarding  Hanzou connection with that Tokyo Chief.

Yui : Takamina, I need to go out from the hospital as soon as possible.

Takamina  : Yui, there is nothing you can do about it. And why don’t you trust me and father for this matter.  Right now, even we don’t know where their location.

Yui : you don’t understand! You won’t be able to stay calm if anything happened to Atsuko nee. If she is the one who get kidnapped then you will do anything to find her instead of resting in the hospital here!!

When they are quarrel with each other, Atsuko come inside the room, but because they are busy fighting with each other, and when Atsuko see Takamina yank Yui clothes, to calm him down, she know she need to step in, or it will be another useless fight between these  two brothers.

Atsuko then hit Takamina and Yui head, it make both of them stop fighting.

Atsuko : Calm down you two. Fighting won’t solve any problem. I have inform the doctor that you are awake Yui. Let doctor see, if there is something wrong, if there isn’t any serious matter, I think you are off to go.

Yui : Atsu nee chan, you don’t need to hit me this hard, I have enough bruise already. It is okay if you hit my stupid brother. (pout)

Takamina : say who stupid?! you pervert closet

Yui : you are stupid, baka , shorty, short tempered

Takamina : what did you said?


Takamina : ouch!! Stop hitting my head Atsuko, or I will be a real stupid. and why I the only one that get hit.

Yui : heh~ (smirk)

Atsuko glare at both of them, her glare really can make shiver down to them, as they become quiet again. Takamina  then started to speak up again.

 Takamina :  Atsuko, his condition is still weak, he need more rest.

Atsuko : I know Minami, but let the doctor diagnose his condition, if it is really that bad, I also won’t let him to leave the hospital. 

Yui : no! I feel fit, I don’t think we need any doctor advice here. I can go right now, right away.

Atsuko : My decision is final here. Any objection? (glare)

Minami and Yui : no.. nothing (glup)


“YOU! I know it I can’t trust you! WHY?? “

“it is quite amazing that you still have some power to have scream at me like that, Haruka sama.”

Haruka : my father trust you so much

Rei : and he is a fool for thinking like that.

Haruka : but Why?

Rei : I have been a loyal servant for him up until now, and he always promise me that I will get some of his share of the company. That before you and your mother come to her life again!! damn you ilegimate child!

Haruka : I..

Rei : you and your mother show up, he never have any family and I am the only one that he have, and now he said he have family to protect and give you the company to take over?! What a joke!! So, I killed him together with that bitch. You are lucky because I still need you. So, I didn’t kill you directly.

Haruka : you.. Killer.. hiks..hiks .. papa..mama..

Rei : you should be happy that I tell you the truth before I killed you. Now, signed  this!

Haruka : no, I don’t want to!

Rei  : signed it! if not, did you wish to have another dear for you to die?

Haruka : ?!

Rei : ha ha ha.. I will give you some info, you so called boyfriend is at hospital right now. and his condition is not good. So, should I tell my men to go and killed him?

Haruka : you! don’t dare to touch him.

Rei : Or what??! I am impress, in the end you still more concerned about him than you. what are you thinking? Stupid…

Rei then hit her and yank her hair, he let her to face him.

Rei : stop looking at me with that disgusting face, now signed this paper.

Rei then release her hand and force her to take the pen, she looked at the paper. The paper is about testament rejection statement.
Hereby said that Shimazaki Haruka reject the testament that her father made and give all the share to Rei. She hold the paper with anger, and looked at Rei again.

Haruka : promise me one thing, you won’t touch Yui after this.

Rei : yeah, yeah. I just want my share. I am not interested in that Yokoyama Guy.  Beside, his father is my old friend. And he is the one that help me to find you.

Haruka : …

Rei : ha ha ha, did you feel  regret to know that Yokoyama Yui? Actually, If you didn’t met him maybe you are still alive some where

Haruka : no, even if I am reborn, I will choose to met Yui again. he is not a mistake. He complete the empty me. the only regret I have is, I can’t see his face once more time. The last memory that engrave in my mind is his hurt expression. I sure want to see his happy face.

After Haruka signed the paper,  Rei then hold the gun and point it to Haruka head.

Rei : any last word?

Haruka :…


end of chapter

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 8 (11-02-15)
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Please update soon (or your fired)

Thrills man!

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 8 (11-02-15)
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F*** YOU REI!!!) :scolding: :on voodoo:
YOU S** *F B****!! :on speedy:

Thank you for update and please update soon, Author-san! :mon thumb: :mon misch:

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 8 (11-02-15)
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Pls! This can't be the end of Barry!

(I call Paru Barry cuz I'm 100% crazy)

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 8 (11-02-15)
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@hackata48 : of course not. Don't worry. I don't like to end my story with angst. I just don't have the feeling to ipdate.
I will update it soon after I done with my Wmatsui My instant girlfriend.

@gokulin : I will update, but not in this week. next week maybe...

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My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic update chapter 9 (20-04-16)
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Hi all, this is the next chapter.  enjoy and sorry for the bad english.
Hope you all still like to see my fanfic.  :cow:

Chapter 9 : Counter Attack

Haruka opened her eyes as she didn’t feel anything hurt hit her. as she opened her eyes, she looked at Rei who is fall down in front of her. There are a lot of light that surround her, and a lot of people surround her. she feel dizzy, her heart pounding very hard as she hear someone called her name. The voice that she missed a lot.

Yui : Haruka !

Yui quickly go to released Haruka, held her tightly. Feeling a warm hug from Yui, make Haruka feel safe.  her tears started to fall again. with her last strength, she held Yui tightly didn’t want to let him go.

Yui : sshh.. it is okay Haruka. It’s over. I am here with you. don’t cry please…

Haruka : Yui… hiks… it is really you right? it is not other dream right? you are here with me, alive… don’t leave me again.. hiks..

Yui feel his heart hurt hearing Haruka confession, making his girlfriend worried about him. Yui try to calm Haruka, by caressing her back and give her a kiss in the forehead. He then break the hug and make Haruka looked at him. Yui heart boiled as he see a lot of bruised in her face. There are stains of blood in her lips. As he caressing her face gently, he lean closer and seal their lips together. it a quick kiss but enough to calm Haruka down.

Yui : I am sorry.. if only I am more careful, things won’t happened. I promised you, I won’t let anybody hurt you anymore.

Yui then lift Haruka bridal style and prepare to leave, until Rei screaming and looked at them with hateful eyes. He try to stand up and chase them until he is stopped by polices.

Rei : WHY?! I have tricked your father by giving him some company data!!! Why you know that I am the one that kidnap that bitch’s daughter!!

Yui : that because I know the data that you give to  us is a fake. You may tricked my father, but not in my eyes.  I must admit that you almost successfully trick us. Even for my brother, that data seems real. But, you are not careful enough. First, the time of kidnaping is too close with the next general meeting of stakeholder. That make me wonder.. if Hanzou san really want to take all the shares alone then this is the perfect time. but, I understand one thing, that Hanzou have most of the share after Haruka’s father died, as some of his will is to split some of his share to his brother and last to Haruka. Instead of kidnapping, it is better for him to kill Haruka instantly. Next. After the kidnapping event, I have asked my father assistant about your behavior. He said that you have change a lot. it is true that you still acted worried, but there isn’t any hurry. So, if in the first time Haruka missing, you are such in hurry, now you acted like it is not. Blame your demanding behavior. Third, after you go home from the police station, my father assistant have followed you, and said that you have go home, but the truth that you know my father didn’t really trust you, so he asked his assistant to follow you. and after you go home, you used the hidden passage and go to this place.  How I know it? I really thankful that you didn’t recheck the car that you guys used for kidnapping Haruka. As you know there is a cat that hiding in under your truck from the first time. that is my cat, Bisu.  Luckily he is still around this area and just now. I have planted some chips incase if my cat is missing, and I really don’t believe that I will used it in the different way.  After that incident, my brother told me that my cat is missing,  and when I checked it, it is very strange that his location is very far from my father apartment which can only happened if he was taken by car. plus, my cat is a salty one, he didn’t like being touch by stranger so much, and it is impossible for him to be taken by somebody else, so  I place my bet in my cat, as I asked my brother to check that place, it is an old factory that haven’t been used anymore.

Rei : if only… you are not here.. I could kill that BITCH!!! I will revenge. Even if I failed to kill her there..

Yui : SILENT!!

Haruka flinched at Yui high voice. She never really hear Yui ever raise his voice. Yui realize this as he give her a short nuzzle in her neck, telling her sorry because of raising his voice.

Yui then looked back at Rei, as his anger really at the peak.

Yui : you will never be able to hurt her anymore. I will never let that happened. not your plan not your subordinate. Even not her family.

Rei : what do you mean?

Yui : as I know that your data that you given to us is not fully fake, I have asked my father and his team to arrest her uncle, Shimazaki Hanzou. Well, of course it is not just that data we rellied, my brother also have do some research regarding Hanzou’s debt which using company money.

Rei : What?!

Yui : not only that, about your subordinate. My father have arrest most of them. We have find their hideout.

Rei : how come.. did my calculation wrong? why?

Rei looked down as everything that he hoped for are gone. There is nothing left for him. As the police started to take him to leave the scene. And Yui also take Haruka quickly back to hospital. As Yui is very worried of Haruka well being. Did she eat? How long she have been tied still like that. Did that jerk do something else to her, and other negative thing keep haunting Yui mind. Back to the car, Haruka refuse to let go of Yui, she hug him tightly despite her weak condition. Yui then lift her face and let their eyes met. He give him a warm gaze, as if telling Haruka that everything will gonna be okay.

Yui : Haruka, it is alright. You don’t have to worry anything. I will be here with you.

Haruka : this is really not a dream right Yui? You are here with me? I am afraid..

Yui then come closer and lean to kiss her. He wrap his hand on her waist and make their gap closer. Haruka also reply his kiss and warp her hand around Yui neck. As they really miss each other presence so much. Their kiss become more and more passion. As they break the kiss, Yui then held her in his embrace. This make Haruka calm down again and started to doze off.

Yui : sleep well my Haruka.

end of chapter 9

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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic chapter 10
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Enjoy the last part.

As I won't make new long fanfic... :)

YUIPARU LAST CHAPTER : I love you always

Yui Pov

My name is Yokohama Yui, I am a normal student, who have a normal live. Love interest, romance, job, study, no interest in that. Well, you can say that I am totally useless guy. I enjoy my life staring at the ceiling, and cloud. No body can take my happiness for that.

Well, the old me will always believe that. I will  be happy just by myself. I don’t need some kind of stupid romance, job… I will manage somehow, study? That bored me to death, I know what they are teaching already. So why do I need to attend the school again? But that all change because I met with one girl, one salty girl to be exactly my beloved wife, Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru.

It been a while since the accident happened. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of things to prepare.   I have promise her that I will always protect her and never let her hurt like before.  I am helping her to manage her father company. There are pro and contra about this, because I am nobody in that company, plus I am actually quite lazy. But that didn’t mean I am regret of what I choose. Because I believe since I met her back then, I have change. I understand that I always do something that I myself didn’t believe back then.

I think love do change somebody. Now I am not the useless guy anymore. I enjoy my time with Haruka the most, and I work hard in the company so Shimazaki Corps didn’t fall apart.  Now it even become the most biggest company in Japan and now I aim to go international. So that Shimazaki Corps will be well known not only in Japan but in the whole world.  Well, that is my dream. I won’t let any body harm the company nor Haruka anymore.

End of Pov


Haruka is pouting, her mood isn’t very good right now.  it been a while since she saw Yui, and she hoped she can meet with him today. But again, Yui canceled their date, because of some urgent meeting. And he also canceled his flight today. so practically, he is not in Japan right now.

Haruka know that right now company is in peak, but she can’t help but miss her husband a lot. it been one month since they last meet. Yui always message her or try to called her. But due to different time zone, somehow they always miss each other.  Yui says that he will be come home today, which made Haruka excited. But, he canceled it, and now Haruka is laying lazily in her bed, accompany by Bisu.

Bisu : purr…

Haruka : Bisu.. I really miss him, that stupid Yui. Why he need to promise me if he break it. This is not the first time. And do you know what day today?  today is our fifth anniversary.  I really want to celebrate our marriage with him.

Bisu : meow..

Bisu just meow calmly, he looking at Haruka with a bored face. Truth, that lately Haruka loved to speak with Bisu regarding Yui and the cat will gladly stay and hear her nonsense.  Bisu then stretch his body and ready to leave the bed. Haruka try to call him again, in which the cat refuse.

Haruka : sigh… I guess I just eat and sleep. That stupid Yui, I even have cooked for him, and now he didn’t go home. What should I do with the extra food? That baka! Baka! Baka!

Haruka then decided to go to sleep since she is a bit tired of preparing dinner for Yui. She have cooked his favorite food.  She will deal with the food tomorrow. Before she goes to sleep, she typed some message to Yui.

Haruka Message

“Yui, Did you go back to hotel already?”

“Try not to overwork yourself”

“Will you go home back to Japan tomorrow?”

" I have something I want to talk about..."


At the same time in another place.

Yui just arrived at Japan.  As he finish to take his belonging. He opened his phone and find out Haruka message. He smile at her message, truth that his wife can’t really express her feeling really well.  He know directly that she really worried about him and miss him a lot. by asking if he will go back to Japan or not, Yui can sense that Haruka really missed him a lot.   Yui know what day is today, and he really didn’t planned to  lie to his wife, but it is really because of some work, and luckily he manage to go back  Japan, by transit to another country first, so it really make him back almost midnight.

After one month didn’t meet each other, he also really miss her a lot.  He feel lonely the most  at night, he miss her warm every time she hug him when they are sleeping, he miss her gentle touch when she try to wake him up, and mostly he really miss his ‘time’ with his wife.

As he leave the airport, he was greet by Tano Yuuzo. His trustworthy right man.  He is the one that handle the Japan company since he is gone.  Tano then drive him back to his house.   

As he is back to his house.  He was greet by the head of maid, Muto Tomu. Yuuzo’s wife.  She also inform by Yui not to tell anything to Haruka about his arrival today.  As they are still in the front door, they hear a long meow from up stair.  Soon, Bisu quickly jump asking for Yui attention. Bisu purr and nuzzle himself toward Yui.

Tomu : Bisu also miss you too master. He seems like to lose his  appetite since you are gone. But no worries, Haruka sama really take care of him very much. she played with him and give him a lot of snack.

Yui : ha ha.. Bisu, stop it. it is tickle. I know.. I know, I also miss you very much. it been a long time. Tomorrow, I will make you some my tuna special, okay?

As Yui put him down, Bisu make some protest voice. Despite that Yui quickly calm him down by stroking him gently.  Sometimes he fell bad because he also didn’t have enough time to play with him anymore. He is planning to give him some friend to play, but his cat is really a salty one, even toward another cat. He takes some mental note to spend some time to his cat too.  But right now, he need to see his wife now.

Tomu : it seems like Haruka sama is sleeping. The last time I saw her,  she went to yours room.

Yui : I see. It is okay. You may rest now. er…

Tomu : I will take my leave now, if you don’t mind. Could I take Bisu to my house?  I think our daughter will be happy to see Bisu tomorrow.

Yui raise an eye brow, he somehow amaze with Tomu, because she really can somehow know what to do without he express it.

Yui : sure, I would glad too.  And I think Bisu will be pleased to meet your daughter. Right, Bisu?

Bisu just looked at him with the same boring look he give to Haruka before nuzzle back to Yui.

Yui : aww.. I don’t think he want to separate from me. But I am really sorry Bisu. I promise I will give you my full time tomorrow.
But not today okay? It is my special day with her.

Yui then hand Bisu to Tomu and give him last pat in his head hopefully he understand. And luckily Bisu agree this time to be handed to Tomu. After that he went up stair to find his lovely wife.

When Yui walk inside the room, he realize that Haruka is sleeping, therefore he walked slowly until he reach the bed, afraid of awaking his wife. He know that since the incident happened, Haruka become more paranoid. She will be afraid of suddenly loud sound, and have a hard time of sleeping. Of course, Yui have asked the doctor about these, but the doctor couldn’t do much despite just giving some advise or medicine. He know that Haruka will sleep soundly if he is near her, patting her head gently or stroking her hair lovingly. But despite all that, sometimes work will separated them, and lately he really doesn’t have enough time for her, even just calling to say a good night or good morning.

Yui sigh when he see some trail of tears in Haruka eyes.  Yes, he do feel guilty and now the feeling become double. He also can see some frown in her faces. Looks like she have a bad dream. Make up his mind,  he slowly go inside the bed and gently pulling her into his embrace.

Haruka flinched a bit because she fell there are somebody beside her.  But as soon as she hear Yui’s gentle voice, she calm down a bit. As she now facing Yui and rubbing her eyes.

Haruka : Yui? Is that you? Is this a dream?

Yui smile at her and then pull her down and kiss her. He kiss her deeply in which Haruka return the kiss. As they kissed passionately and without breaking the kiss, Yui’s hand began to trailing Haruka’s body. He started to touch her back and then move to her waist and then her but, before moving to her thigh. Sensing what Yui want to, Haruka then break the kiss.  She look at Yui with her pouting face.

Haruka : Even after a long time not see, you become more and more pervert.

Yui : you don’t miss me? now you know that this is not a dream right? (smirk)

Haruka : baka Yui. Why you asking something that you know the answer already? (pouting)

Yui : hm..? which one? I have two question for you.

Haruka : fine.. I don’t care even if this is a dream or not. I miss you.. I really miss you Yui. Please don’t leave me again.

Yui taken back at what Haruka said, she is looking at him with his pleading look and her pouting face still didn’t disappear. He then smiled at Haruka again and giving her a  short deep kiss.

Yui : I won’t , I am sorry if I took so long to finish the job. But, I promised you that, this will be the last time I will leave you this long.  I also miss you a lot. More than what you can imagine.  I have told Takamina to take care our project in the foreign, and he agree with it.

Haruka : you promised?

Yui : yes, I do.

With that, Yui then kiss her deeply again, and starting to unbuttoning her pajama. But Haruka then push him, and didn’t let him to continue his action. This make Yui wondered does Haruka still angry with him. Haruka go to the drawer and take something from it, she then give it to him.

Yui eyes widened, and there is a happy smile at his face.

Yui : I will be a father?!  how long did you know this?

Haruka : I know it just few days ago, I feel weird because I didn’t have my period this month yet. it has passed one week. So I take a pregnancy test and the test is positive.  I didn't tell you soon because I want to tell you in person. So.. I am sorry, Yui but I don’t think we can do ‘that’ you know…

Yui : he he, it alright. I think that you are angry with me. any way I am so happy. Thank you Haruka. I love you.

Haruka : I love you too, always.


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Re: My Salty Cat, YuiParu Fanfic Last Update
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this is nice  :D

is it already over? uwaaa...  :(

thank you for your last update  :D

because of this fanfic, i'm started to take a look at yuiparu couple (just take a look hehe  :w00t:)
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