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Author Topic: White Lies ( GB Kojiyuu, Atsuyuu, Atsumina) Chapter 40Update/ May 27, 2018  (Read 90677 times)

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aahhh I want to throw away my notebook gahahahahaaa

I like it dude. but please end this soon. I am tired wif the suffering Kojiyuu.

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  Chapter 40  


“That’s all the documents you need to  sign  President “My secretary Kuramochi slightly bow and place the files on my table.. “Ok thank you” Asuka slithly bow her head and go towards the door  “Wait” She shifted here face back to my direction..

 “Remind Kojima san that we will have a meeting by eleven.. “

“President,  Kojima-san is still not in her office since morning…’’

“What?” But  she said she will just be an hour late when after I drove  her off to Tomochin's boutique.

 “Ah, I see, when she arrives tell her that I need a quick meeting with her with her team.. “

“Yes , President..” She slightly bowed her head then leave my room.

“Where is she then? “ I tried calling her number but no one is answering. Being so worried I tried calling her few more times, but still no one is answering my call…Fuck !!! baby what are you doing to me?…. My mouth is drying up as this is the first time I’m completely lost track of my gf… Then finally the ring stops from another line..

“Moshi mosh? “

“ Baby??? Where are you?”

“ Ahh.. Oshima- kun”

“Oo- shima -kun?????,” This is not her, then where is she????? I asked myself..

“Who is this?”

“ This is To-to-mochin…..” My heart beat raise faster as this is again first time that some one answers with her phone and panic is evident with her tone.. 

“Where is Haruna? Did she left her phone in your boutique?”

“ No-No!!! I- I cannot explain “ My eyebrows aligned in confusion as terror starts to crawl up my body…

”Excuse me miss the doctor needs to check her” Another familiar voice was heard coming from behind the Tomochin..

“To-Tomochin, What doctor ? WHERE ARE YOU?!!!!!!!”

“O-Oshima kun…….” Tut tooooooooot … I stand on where I’am sitting with worry and confusion with all everything I heard from one simple call.. I’ m breathing short and fast and my head was full of air” Nyan nyan???”

My feet is struggling to make steps as I’ve been running for I don’t know how long…

“Where is she?”

I went to information desk and ask where was my girlfriend 
Tomochin texted me that Nyan nyan past out on her shop and she hurriedly bring my girlfriend to the nearest hospital.. This is all my fault I’ m sorry Nyan nyan.. The nurse on the information desk  said room 416 … I run thru the hallway not caring what people think of me..  Nyan nyan her name was a chant in my head … I ended up on the end of the corridor on left side door 416… My heart started beating fast… slowly I reach the door knob and slide the door. There I see my girlfriend laying on the bed sounding silently… She is so pale… I walk slowly without even looking around her room my eyes is fixated with my girl friend state…

I held her cold hand then kiss her forehead “I’m so sorry, this is all my fault…” then seal my lips in her forehead…

“Yes this is all your fault, How? How could you lie all this years? How could you make me believe?”

I shifted my view on the voice in my back bit before I could see her..”

“ PLAK!!!!!!! The sound of her slap echoed on the whole room…

“Yukirin stop….” Saikun straggle to hold her wife… “Honey stop this.” Yukirin shove her husband hand “And you how could you hide this from me all this years..” Yukirin glare could kill anyone who defies it.. this is the first time I saw her lost her  composure…. I held Haruna’s hand tighter…

“I’m sorry….”

“Sorry? Can you call your self a man?!!!” Yukirin held my collar….” All this time Haruna is alone, all this time you making her lie to the world with what?” I receive few more slap from Yukirin that I did not stop..

“I know, How cruel your family to anyone who dates their son…. And you let my friend goes thru it and hide it!! Oshima Yuuuuuuuuu!!!”

“ I know “ I kneel in front of Yukirin and bow my head… “ I will take all the responsibility…”

“ How do you even know the word responsible.? Look at my friend, she is suffering alone for all eight year being with you…” Yukirin face is so red in madness and Sai cannot stop her wife from blaming me.

“Yuu- Yukirin , Don’t be mad …Its my request…. I ask them not to tell you and others…” Haruna said while trying to get up but I stop her…


“Its because you are close with Atsuko and I know you guys will never let me date Yuuchan..” My girl friend tried to sit..

“No baby stay still… I’m sorry for all the things my selfishness cause you…”

“ No Yuuchan..”

“ Please understand my decision, I know we lie but its his parents rule so we should not tell you or can date….” Yukirin glared back to me…

“Oshima….and How about Atsuko you know she like you? No… She love you for long… What do you think she can handle this? Do you want her to be sick again?”

“All this time I want to tell her, Do you think I don’t have  conscience .. Atsuko is like a sister to me and I make it clear to her.. I love Haruna…”

“ You love for the cost that you guys lie to the world…’’

“Yes I love her that even my family will disowned me to be their son I don’t mind…For long I’M working my ass and abide all their rule for them to let me date Haruna .. They use my love for Haruna to be their robot.. But If its Haruna I will do everything… “

“ For Yuuchan I will do everything even study hard to be on his side…”

“Yuu guys…’’

“All I want is his family to acknowledge me… All- I want is to be enough for there son.”

“You two…”Haruna gripping my hands tightly… “I will do everything to be successful no matter what…”

Yukirin step back and turn around… “ So what? And When both of you will  suffer? How about the baby?”


“I roamed my head around questioning everyone.. Haruna takes my hand and put it on her tummy.. “She started crying in my arms while hugging it..”

“I'm 6 weeks pregnant…”

“Why? Who is the father? ” Haruna smack my tummy and scowl..

‘’ Its not your child…” she said in pissed tone..

I lower my face near her showing my dimples while crying… “I'm going to be a dad now?” I feel the air is choking me as I don’t know how to breath slowly… I kiss Haruna's lips “ Its my baby? I’M going to be a dad now ….”I’m grinning like stupid ..Haruna nod her head cutely … “I love you baby”

“Tsk it is your fault Saichan you are always busy now Haruna whom I know sine for eight year is now preggy..” Yukirin started smacking her husband chest..

“Please take care of us.. “ Haruna said..

“ You two are my priority from now on…” I hugged and kiss Haruna..

Atsuko’s POV


I cringe hearing the car screaming on my face… Oh my…. I bow and run to the end of pedestrian lane..

“Stroll on the park not on the road!!” the mad driver shouted.  I face palm as I started to space out again… What wrong with you Atsuko?… I slightly slap my face with both of my hands… Am I really looking for an accident.. tsk … I walk swinging my bag down back in forth in the air. For the whole day all I do was to hide inside my office… If I can only file sick leave for the whole year…


Croooooooo  I forget , I still haven’t eat lunch… Croooooooooo” “Shut up” I hissed on my stomach…

Until I stop on my favorite restaurant… I walk slowly until I see the piano from the glass… I smile as I remember Yuu playing rivers flow into you…

” Ma’am why wont you wait you’re  boyfriend inside?” The waiter  pointed the door with his hand…”

I waive my hand…”No… Nooo… Im not hungry…” Crooooooooooooooooo geeez…. The waiter chuckled hearing my stomach and I close my eyes in bow my head in shame…

All the memories filled as I enter the door.. The waiter guided me to the sit near the piano…

“ Can you have other available tables?..”

“ I’m sorry ma’am here I will lead you…”

Sitting on the chair I can finally relax my self… “This is the last place that I want to go but look where I am…”

 I look at my phone tsk its already ten…Hmmmm Kai call me?

“ Thank you Ma’am comeback again..’’

I bow my head to the waiter…

“Ouch!!!!’’ I did not notice I small guy in front of me…

Kai’ s POV

The girl I been looking for finally bumps me Iam relieve just by simply looking at her… Atsuko takes the crunches that Fell on the ground…

“I’m sorry…” I’m relieve that finally you are in front of me…

“Tsk , Clumsy as ever…”

“Its an accident…And Why are you here?..”

“Looking for lost person…”

“ Me? You are looking for me?.”

“I think you are only person fits for that…”

“So rude….” I walk ahead then shifted back to her “You……….. come here, I pointed my finger on her..” She stomping her feet while heading forward to me…I flick her forehead…

“Ittai!!!!” Why did you do that?”

“Because , “ You make worried to death “Because you bumped me..”
‘’ You are the worst”

I smug…” Why?”

“You know better than I ,who is the worst one…” Atsuko glared at me intensely..

“Come to me” I nudge my head to the road.. Atsuko look at me with suspicion..

“You told me you will be taking care of me…..” I returned the favor by saying how bad she is as my nurse..

Unwillingly Atsuko followed me to the subway station…
“Where are we going?”

“I' m tired Kai kun …”

“Go home then I can go by myself…” Atsuko pulled my wrist..

“Aren’t you tired using the crunches?” I smile seeing her worried face I pat her head.. “I want to go…”

“Then I will come with you?” When we reach the foot of the sky tree… Atsuko look at me bewildered with my idea.. I smile…

“Can you please help me with the stairs..”

Atsuko nodded held my arms and support my back climbing to the stair.. “
 When we both reach the observatory Atsuko face widen in amusement..

‘’ Sugoi Kai it pretty..” I nodded then Asuko grabs my arms .. I cant control not to smile as I feel this is a real date. She grabs my arms tighter…

“So pretty…” Finally her face lightens up…

While she’s so happy staring and pointing her fingers to the stars and naming each building like abc, I remember the Atsuko I like since kinder..

“Its pretty….” I said while staring on her face.

“Yes soo pretty…”  She slightly jumps in her excitement and liglty taps my shoulder while pointing down the road..

 I put my crunches on the steel handrail and started reach for the star I make sure that the brightest star is in between my thumb and  finger..

“You still remember that? “ I nodded .

“ I look stupid by now , right? “Atsuko giggles and nod…

“ I know….” Sudden  silence feel the air… “Stars are so pretty…”

“ Its because you so fond staring at the sun you forget how many stars are looking down upon you….”

Atsuko’s face look puzzled with my words…She look down when she realize what I mean..

Her grip on my arms suddenly loosen..

“ I’m sorry..”

I chuckled… “ Because you cant love me…”

“Kai?????” she said softly.

“ Why? I told I will not do anything about my feelings… “
“ Don’t go…”

I return my vision back to the busy roads of Tokyo…

“ I need to punish you…”

“Pu- Punish me?” I nodded in affirmation…

“Yes, punish you in the name of moon…” Atsuko rolled her eyes the started giggling “What the heck is that!” She wipe the side of her eyes while laughing… “Stop it sailor moon… Its sad that I can never get mad with my rival nor being pissed by breaking the girl that I loves heart.

When Atsuko gain her composure. “I will not go and be your only to be your best friend if you promise me two things..”

“Atsuko nodded that makes me flick her head once more”Ittai Kai- kun…”
“One never think of him while you are with me . Two never go home late because I’m in a very vulnerable state right now I will have 9 pm curfew on my house if you are late sleep on the streets.” Atsuko rolled her eyes… I nudge my head sideways…

“ I’m sorry…” She said… As if I will let you see me be you best friend only I’ m sorry Atsuko… I'm sorry I m a coward its my fault why you are in that position… hurting…But I will promise you I will make you fall for me… not now but I will make you pain go away…

“Stop saying sorry…” she looked at my eyes” The more you say that the more you will be indebted to me… “ I put my finger in her forehead and pointed it up and my last rule never look down…” I will be brave so you will not be alone and hurting ..  So you can rely on me from now on.. I may not be as talented like Yuuboy but I promised my heart for you is bigger than him… I will not let you cry.. let you shuttered into pieces…

Looked at them there are so sweet... Teenage girls on my backs started  whispering Atsuko started to let go of her grip but I held her hand.. “I will fall if you release me..” Atsuko’s cheeks blushed then waited me to get my clutches back to its place…

“Look Acchan its your cat” I pointed to the street . She started laughing again then return mesmerizing the view. She looked at me in dis belief then smack my shoulder…

“Ahhhhh “High school student started screaming…. I shifted to them then flash a smile…. Girls started screaming and stomping…

“Hmmm…Flirting with high school girls??” Atsuko frowned….
From now on I will not be step back and waited for your love… Acchan , I will not let you leave my house without you leaving your heart to me.. No more turning back…

Atsuko look up in the stars mesmerizing the constellation above “ Its orion” she mumbles and smile…”

“The immortal son of Zeus…Being so boastful Gaea  sent the great monster Scorpio to fight him.. Orion died then his father Zeus sent him to the sky… And placing scorpion on the opposite side ..” I pointed the location of the constellation Orion.

“I-I never knew you are so good with astronomy Kai.. I used to join astronomy club in Middle High School…”

“Kakoiiii.. So cool..” I smile not able to contain my happiness I thought this day will never happened…

“Why did you join? I love stars so much….”

“Its because I feel I am close with someone when I am staring at the stars…”


“ They say if someone dies they will become stars that saying was so stuck in my head .. I always look at the sky thinking where is my mom .I may not know where or who she is in that stars but I want my mom to know that if she is looking down upon I am staring up above and not forgetting her .. “

“I hope Ami is in the sky too… ‘’ I nodded..

“She does… And she’s proud of you…”

“Do-do you think she have forgiven me.. “Atsuko started crying…

“Don’t cry Ami will be sad seeing you sad, I know Ami is glad you are alive and still with your family ..We both know how good girl she is… She will never get mad at her Oneechan… “Atsuko started wiping her eyes…

“Kai- kun why are you so rude to me most of the time but also you are so good to me. “

“Do I really have to answer that…” I chuckled and mess her hair…

“ Look Amichan  your Oneechan is like a broom….”I blast in laughing then Atsuko’s eye started glaring at me… I fixed it again..

“Ami  look its fixed now…Im just making you baby sis happy.. “

“tsk..  Atsuko kick on my casted feet…

“ Ittaiiii!!! She complained

“ Served you right..”

“Baka!!!’” I continued laughing .. 

“You can be always mad at me but I never wanted you to frown when you are with me… “

“Who are you to tell what should I feel..”

“Ahhhh!!! Ittaiii my casted… Ahhhhh ittaii my head I think… Im dizzy…”

“Ok… I get it I get it… Atsuko so pissed she started walking fast..

“Oi Wait for me….”

“ You got to be faster or no one will assist you on the stairs…”

“Acchan…”I stop and smile really like bullying me. ..

To be Continued….

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ahh almost 1year finally update ..Yatta .. :farofflook: :on woohoo: :on woohoo: :on woohoo:
thanks arawche079-san for  update  :ptam-kiss:
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ahh almost 1year finally update ..Yatta .. :farofflook: :on woohoo: :on woohoo: :on woohoo:
thanks arawche079-san for  update  :ptam-kiss:
waiting moreeeee  :hee: :hee: :hee:

Woooaaaa, thanks author san for your hardwork... waiting more

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it will good to see preggy nyan nya ....

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