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Author Topic: Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 10 [Part 2]: Time has come [END]  (Read 9927 times)

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I'm already back with a new story mouahaha :3

Hope you will enjoy it!


Anna is a young woman. She already has an important job and she is engaged to a man that she didn’t choose. Her fiancé has a sister, Yuria. Their families think they don’t really like each other. But Yuria and Anna have a deep relationship. What will happen when they will run away and discover why Yuria’s brother and Anna needed to be married?

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Re: Hold me (YuriAnnin): Prologue
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Action, drama, mystery?
I wonder what the reason is. :?

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Re: Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 1: No future...?
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@four4four: Eheh :P Thank you for commenting :3

The first chapter is here!
It originally contains a smut scene but I removed ^^
You can still find the complete version here: Smut version

Anyway, have a nice reading !

Chapter 1: No Future…?
Iriyama Anna’s POV

I was still in my office, working. I had an important meeting in the morning. It was so boring. I didn’t really know why I was still here. But now, my work was over. I wanted to go home. I was tired, I just wanted to relax. My phone rang. I quickly checked the caller ID and took it.

‘Hi honey, I’ll come home late today. Don’t wait for me.’

‘Fine.’ I barely answered before hanging up.

I let out a sigh, knowing I will be alone tonight. No one to be with me. My fiancé was never with me, but it didn’t matter. I stood up, looking at my secretary.

“I’m going home.” I told her with a slight smile
The secretary nodded, and I left my work.

In the taxi, I closed my eyes, enjoying the soft music. I felt a bit calmer without the sound of people who usually worked around me. They always called me because of stupid trouble. I needed to help them, I was their boss after all. I was probably too young for this job, I knew it. I tried to think about something else than work. A familiar face came up in my mind. I let out an annoyed sigh. The driver caught my attention, telling me we arrived. I thanked him and left the car. I winced in pain, my back hurt me. I reached my home, pushing the door. The light was turned on, someone was here?

“I was waiting for you.” A female voice spoke.

I looked at the girl who was sitting on the couch. I closed the door and sat next to her.

“You must be tired. Turn around, I’ll massage you.”

I did it and felt the soft hands on my shoulders. The girl leaned slowly over toward my neck, kissing my bare skin.

“Yuria...” I let out a moan. “You shouldn’t do that if he...” I spoke before turning around, locking my gaze with Yuria’s.

“He will come back late. He told you, right?” She stroked my cheek gently.

She pulled me slowly and kissed my lips. But I didn’t reply. I knew Yuria felt a bit bad, but she wasn’t the type who gave up.

“I missed you.” She muttered, seeing I wasn’t ready to move.

“Yuria...” I finally leaned over for a kiss.

I gave up. I missed her too. Our lips played together, letting the kiss be slow and passionate. It quickly became hot. I wrapped my arms around Yuria’s slender waist while she pulled my neck to deepen the kiss. After some minutes of kissing, we pulled away, breathless. But we kept close.

“Run away with me.”

“I can’t...” I answered and quickly felt the pain in my heart because of these words.

“I need you.” She added, leaning over for another kiss.

She pushed me slowly until my back reached the sofa. She gave a few teasing bit on my neck.  My breath speeded up. I bit my lower lip to hold back my moans.

“Yu-Yuria...” I managed to say her name.

“I want you.” She whispered seductively in my ear before licking it playfully.

Yuria started unbuttoning my shirt, her hands touched my warm skin.

“We should go to bed.” I mumbled between rough kisses.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

Anna cast a glance at the clock. I understood what it meant. It was time for me to go. I didn’t want, I enjoyed Anna’s hot body against mine.
“Yuria…” She began to speak.

“I know.” I answered in a kind of cold tone.

I wasn’t angry. I knew I couldn’t stay. Even though I hated it.

“Let’s meet soon.” I added, kissing Anna’s lips gently.

I grabbed my clothes and put it before leaving her house. She didn’t say anything, staying on her bed.

I reached my car, releasing a sad sigh. I pressed my head on the seat, feeling the tears running along my cheeks. I cried silently.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

“Honey?” I immediately recognised my fiancé’s voice. “Is everything okay?”

I didn’t want to answer. I wanted to leave. But I couldn’t, and I nodded after a few seconds.

“I saw my sister leaving from here.”

My blood froze. Yuria rarely came here, at least it was what my fiancé thought. I was upset, more than usual. More I saw Yuria, more I wanted to stay with her. I only lied down, closing my eyes. I loved her so much. It hurt.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I wanted to spend more time with Anna. When we meet, we usually had sex. I wanted to go out with her, to do usual couple stuff. I loved her. We met secretly, so it was impossible. I hated my brother because he had Anna. She didn’t love him. She never loved him. It was a forced marriage. But when I saw her for the first time, I felt as if I needed to help her. We spent time together, getting closer. My brother told me he didn’t really care about Anna, but he had no other choice than acting as a perfect fiancé. He had mistresses, he quickly cheated on her. I hated him. Anna didn’t deserve someone like him.


Anna and I were at my home. It was the last time she came here.

“You shouldn’t stay with him.” I told her, avoiding her eyes.

“Why? He is your brother. He is fine, isn’t he?”

He wasn’t, and we both knew it.

“He doesn’t care about you.”

She smiled at me before answering.

“I don’t care about him as well.”

I knew that she did not. I wanted to have Anna for me, for myself only. I didn’t think twice and crashed my lips against her. I must have surprised her, doing this all of sudden. I was stupid. I quickly moved away, looking at her stunned eyes.

“I-I’m sorry.”

She didn’t say anything and only kissed me again. I never felt more alive. One of her hands on my cheek, the other pulling my waist to make our body closer. I couldn’t think correctly, but I managed to kiss her back, pouring all my feelings.

**End Flashback**

Everything started from that. I liked to see Anna, to hold her, to kiss her. I needed to tell her ‘I love you.’. She rarely answered me, but I knew she loved me. She didn’t need to say anything. I began to avoid my brother. I couldn’t look at him. It hurt me too much. I wanted to take Anna and run away with her.

To Be Continued…

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Re: Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 1: No future...?
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I hope you enjoyed the first chapter :)
Like the first one, you can find the complete version here: Smut version

Have a nice reading!

Chapter 2: Pregnant?!

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I couldn’t think of something else than Yuria since we met. It had been a few days, but she was still stuck in my mind.

“Don’t forget the dinner today.” My fiancé told me, pulling me from my thoughts.

“The dinner?” I muttered, a bit stunned.

“With my family.”

I had forgotten. Yuria will be there, I knew it. I hated it. We talked because we had no other choices. We couldn’t speak like ordinary people. It made me nervous, I started blushing only as soon as I saw her.
Yuria’s brother and I left our home in silence. We rarely talked in fact. I took a deep breath, waiting in front of the door. My fiancé was next to me, his hand on my back. I didn’t like him touching me. I hated this. I hated when he touched me, he kissed me. I hated to have sex with him. He was disgusting.

“Welcome.” I heard this familiar voice, his face beaming at his son’s view
“Hello.” I answered in a quiet tone.

We went into the house. Yuria was here, looking through the window. She looked sad. I greeted my mother-in-law. This woman was so kind. We talked a bit about my work. But I knew I needed to greet Yuria. I reached her, she didn’t look at me.

“H-Hello.” I mumbled, next to her.

She turned her head to me, a bright smile on her face. It erased my anxious thoughts, making me smile as well. Her smile was so perfect.

“I’m glad to see you.” She told me in a light tone.

My look was lost in her eyes. They were so beautiful.

“Anna, you should go.” Her voice sounded empty.

She was hurt. I nodded and went to my fiancé again.

The dinner was as usual. Yuria’s mother talking to me, my fiancé and his father together and Yuria spoke sometimes, but she didn’t really pay attention to the talks.

“I will take the dessert.” I informed to my parent-in-law, smiling.

I needed to leave the table, I felt as if I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Yuria will help you.”

It was the worse. I didn’t want to feel her that close to me. I didn’t want to be alone with her. I couldn’t think straight when she was around. She followed me to the kitchen, in silence. Once nobody could see us, I stopped and turned around. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I kissed her lips fully.

“Anna…” She called my name in a soft tone.

“I missed you.” I told her, stroking her cheeks.

“I missed you too.”

I felt her lips on mine for a few seconds again. She pulled away, upset. It made me sad. I wanted to see her smile, to hear her laugh.

“I can’t hold it anymore Anna. It’s been a long time we’re hiding.”

My heart squeezed in my chest. Did she want to tell her family? Did she want us to stop? I was afraid of her sudden confession.

“But, I’ll wait for you.”

My heart broke in my chest. I understood, it became hard. But I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t know what will happen. I didn’t answer. It didn’t seem to bother her. We took the things and left the kitchen.

“You should stay here for the night.” The woman told us, smiling.

My mind was blank after my talk with Yuria. She and my fiancé accepted. I had no other choice than saying here.
We went to sleep. I took a long and hot shower before going to my bed. My fiancé came not long after me. I felt him touching my waist from behind. His breath against my neck, he kissed my nape. I closed my eyes. I didn’t like it. He moved his hand to my thigh, stroking it slowly
“Let’s do it.” He whispered in my ear.

“Y-Your family is next to us.”

I didn’t know how to refuse him. I was afraid, I didn’t even know why.

“We will be quiet.” He touched my breast through the fabric of my nightdress.

It was too much. This time was too much. I removed his hand.

“I’m not feeling well.” I snapped and stood up.

“Where are you going?” He asked in a stunned tone.

“Toilet.” I left.

I bit my lip, trying to not cry. I reached Yuria’s bedroom. I didn’t want to knock. If someone heard me, I would have been bad. I opened the door. The sleepy head groaned. I tried to smile, but it turned into sobs. Yuria quickly turned on the light while I sat next to her after closing the door.

“Anna? What’s wrong?” She asked, stroking my back gently. “Something happened? Did he hurt you?”

My voice stayed stuck in my throat. Nothing came out.

“I’m here now.” She pulled me into her arms, patting my head slowly.

I felt better. My sobs stopped little by little. I pushed myself away, looking into her eyes. She extended her arms, wiping tears from my cheeks.

“Let’s run away.” I spoke unconsciously.

Yuria was in shock. She stared at me, blank. The words left my mouth without any control.

“Yuria, I can’t stay here anymore.” I paused myself for a few seconds. “I want to be with you.”

“Anna…” She touched my cheek, pulling me into a light kiss. “I love you. I would like to but…”

Why? Why?! She was the one who asked me. I was ready. It was too much for me. Why did she refuse me?

“We need to tell my family.”

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“I… I…” Anna managed to say, but she couldn’t end her sentence.

She looked so frail and weak. Was she afraid of my brother? I didn’t want something to happen to her. He will not hurt her, right? Maybe my family will hate us but running away wasn’t the best decision. It was what I told her, but I didn’t think it was going to happen.

“Do it tomorrow then. I will be there for you.”

She simply nodded. I kissed her forehead, showing my love.

“I need you.” She told me, a kind of lust in her voice.

I knew what she meant. But she couldn’t stay in my room for the night.

“You should go.”

I hope she will tell my family tomorrow.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I woke up, empty. I will tell them. I needed to do it. We were around the table, silent.  I stood up, making everyone look at me.

“I-I have something to tell you…” I started speaking, avoiding their eyes.

I didn’t really think about how I should say it. I took a deep breath.


“You are pregnant? Congratulations!” Yuria’s mother suddenly yelled.

I stayed confused. Yuria dropped her chopsticks, dumbfounded. I cast a glance at my fiancé, he wasn’t upset or glad. He looked serious. Yuria didn’t look at me. Her mind probably tried to figure out what happened. I just wanted to cry. It was the worst thing that could happen. My voice stayed stuck in my throat, I was panicked. That wasn’t what I had planned. My fiancé left the table. I followed him to the kitchen.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I don’t want this kid.” He snapped harshly.


“What? Do you wanna keep the baby?” He raised his eyebrow.

“I am not pregnant.” I almost yelled, angry.

“So, what?”

I needed to tell him.

“I want to cancel the wedding.”

I distinguished my mother-in-law, shocked. Her both hands on her mouth. Her deep gaze was on me. I couldn’t look at her. She still wanted to believe I was in love with her son. I wasn’t, and I will never be.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

Eh? Wait. Did my mother just- Oh. That’s really bad. Why did Anna stay quiet? She should have told them. I didn’t understand.

“Oh my God!” I quickly recognised my mother’s voice.

She went to the kitchen to see what was going between Anna and her fiancé. I stood up and reached them. Anna lowered her head. My mother was on the verge of the tears. She turned around and looked at me.

“They want to cancel the wedding.”

“Oh.” I only answered, trying to hide my happiness.

“Yuria, you should be sad for your brother.”

No. I didn’t give fuck. On the contrary, it was great. I knew we will need to hide for a while, but I didn’t care. I wanted Anna to be mine, only mine.

“I will take her home.” I could see Anna’s expression change, she looked surprised.

“Home? At my home?” My brother threw a bit angry.

I stayed quiet for a few seconds. I should, but my brother will definitely be there. I needed to find a solution. I couldn’t let Anna alone.

“Mine.” I finally told them.

Anna still avoided looking at us. She went to her room and took her bag. I remained serious. I couldn’t show anything on my face. We left the house quickly. I didn’t want to stay here anymore.

To Be Continued…

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Re: Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 3: Forget her
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Have a nice reading :3
You can find the complete version here: Smut version

Chapter 3: Forget her

Iriyama Anna’s POV

We rode to Yuria’s place in silence. I did not dare to talk. Everything was a mess because of me. Shouldn’t have stay quiet? Maybe- I did not know. I wondered if Yuria was mad at me. I hoped she was not. She was focused on the road. It was not her style to keep quiet. The car stopped. I wanted to talk to her, but I was afraid that she wouldn’t listen to me. I released a weak sigh. I was scared. We both stayed silent until we reached her place.
It had been a long time that I did not come here. It did not change too much, I could easily remember it. I put my bag down.

“Are you going to say something?” Her cute voice finally told me.

It did not sound angry or upset. I looked at Yuria, stunned. She put her hand on my cheek. I thought she will say something else or kiss me, but she did not. She quickly removed her hand and let out a sigh.

“Thank you.” I finally whispered.

I was afraid. I did not want to lose her. I did not know what I needed to do. I put my arms around her body, staring at her.

“I love you.” I told her, leaning over.

Our lips met. It was sweet as always. I liked it. Yuria slowly answered my kiss. I did not want this to end up. But the ringtone stopped us. We broke the kiss, she showed me a light smile.

She walked to the door and opened it. Her smile dropped, she looked surprised. Who was it? My fiancé? No, it could not be him. I was sure he did not care about me.

“D-Dad?” I muttered, seeing him going into Yuria’s flat. “What are you doing here?”

“You’re selfish Anna. I don’t understand why you want to cancel the wedding.” He told me all of sudden.

Because I loved Yuria. It was my main reason. I was deeply in love with someone else.

“There is someone else, right?” It was as if he could read in my mind. “Told him you can’t. You’ll be married, Anna.”

“Can I? I want to be free. I did not want to be with him at first.”

I was angry, of the edge of the tears. I never asked for that.

“Just act as before and forget your… lover.”

Yuria was still here, looking at us. She did not say anything even though it seemed she really wanted. I could not forget Yuria. She was my life.


“That’s an order.”

“No, I love her.” I shouted without really thinking about my words.

I told him. He did not look stunned or anything. I cast a quick glance at Yuria. She avoided my eyes. I will be in trouble.

“You- I don’t want you to see her anymore.”

“Get out from here.” Yuria suddenly came into the talk.

She was mad at my father. Her tone sounded cold. Did he understand…?

“Fine.” He left.

Why? Why so easily? I was sure he understood about Yuria and me. We were in troubles. My father wanted to take control of my life. Yuria will surely pay for this too. That was horrible.
I fell in her arms, my hands clung to her shoulders. She stroked my hair gently. I felt fine. She reassured me. I needed her to be by my side. I understood that I made the right choice.

“I brought you into my troubles,” I told her in a hopeless tone.

“No, it was our problems from the beginning.” Yuria answered before kissing my cheek.

We pulled away, looking at each other. I wanted to thank her, but the words did not come out. I just smiled. I put my lips on hers again. I pushed her until she touched the wall. A weird feeling wrapped my heart.

“I want you.” I whispered in her ear.

I kissed her neck gently before looking at her face. I let a light kiss on her lips and put my hands under her shirt. She closed her eyes. I removed her t-shirt, still staring at her. I touched her bare skin slowly. She bit her lips. At that moment, I did not care about everything. I forgot my father, my fiancé, my cancelled wedding. It was us, together. It was our moment.

“Yuria, I love you.”

I removed her pants, my body still pressing on her. She was in underwear, her cheeks flushing. My hands roamed over her skin, touching every part of her slowly.

“A-Anna… I don’t think it’s- Ah!” She began to speak but her moan interrupted her.

“Hm, yes?” I bit her ear gently.

“W-We shouldn’t… I mean, not with w-what happened.”

I suddenly stopped. Yuria was right, we were in troubles. We did not know how we could get out from these. Yet I did not want to think about it. It seemed that she was not feeling the same. 

“Yuria… It will be okay.” I could not be angry with her, not now.

“I know, but it’s not the right time…” She lowered her head, avoiding my eyes.

“Did I do something wrong?” I wanted to understand, I felt hurt.

“No. It’s not you…”

Not me? Was it her? Perhaps it was nothing, she was just worried. I could understand. I felt so stupid.

I moved back, a bit annoyed.

“Anna, I didn’t want to make you-”

“I’m fine.” I answered while she put her clothes back.

I was a bit disappointed. I turned around, ready to walk away. But her arms around my body stopped me. I felt her skin, she shouldn’t have put her t-shirt yet. Her breast covered by her black bra pressed on my back. Her skin was soft and hot. I liked it.

“I’m sorry.” She told me, kissing my nape.

I already knew it. I made her released me, and I looked at Yuria. She turned her eyes away from mine. I smiled.

“Yuria…” She finally looked at me, like waiting for my words. “You look…” 

I held back my comment. I felt my cheeks turning red. It was not the right moment to say this kind of stuff.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

This girl made me crazy so quickly. She was so cute, her face all red. I needed to not lose control, but I couldn’t hold it anymore. I let out a sigh and finally let a light kiss on her mouth, taking her hand to drag her until my bed. I sat, looking at her. She put her hand on my shoulders, pushing me down. I felt her lips playing with mine, I liked it. I bit her bottom lip slowly, slipping my warm muscle into her mouth. My hands on her neck, deepening the kiss. It became long and low.

“Anna…” I called her name in a whisper, breaking the hot kiss. “I love you so much.”

She smiled at me before kissing my cheek gently.

“Never leave me.” She added without really looking at me.

“Come here.” I told her, pulling her body closer.

She rested her head on my chest while I stroked her hair. I closed my eyes, enjoying it. I missed spending time like this with her. It already happened but not often.

“Let’s go to the amusement park.” She suddenly exclaimed, still on me. 


“Yes.” She pushed herself away, kissed my lips quickly and stood up. “I want to spend some time with you.”

I giggled and went back to the living room to take my top. I stayed lost in my thoughts for a few seconds. It was what I wanted for all that time, to be with her.

“Yuria, stop daydreaming.” She shouted a bit.

I let out a chuckle, I wondered if she was pouting. She was so cute when she pouted.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

We were hand in hand in the amusement park. I wanted to try it with Yuria. I hope everything will be okay. I did not want something to happen because of my father or my fiancé.

“Thank you for coming here.” I spoke in a light tone without looking at Yuria.

“I can’t refuse you anyway.” She teased me, sticking her tongue out. “Breathe a little Anna. Nobody’s going to find us here.” 

I was indeed nervous about being outside but it was my idea after all. It sounded a bit childish but it was my perfect date. I did not really wanted to admit it in front of Yuria.

“I know. Let’s enjoy our day.” I left a quick smile on her cheek.

It was perfect as I thought. We looked like a real couple. We were both tired after this exhausting day. Yuria sat on the couch.

“Anna?” I looked at Yuria who just called me. “Are you okay?” She titled a bit her head.

I smiled, showing I was okay. I placed myself in her arms, closing my eyes. I felt her hand stroking my back gently. I raised my head, staring at her. I have her a kiss on the lips. She was smiling, I could feel it. Once we pulled away, she cast a quick glance at the clock.

“It’s getting late.”

I stood up, grabbing her hand. She only followed me, quiet. I dragged her to the bed.

“I want to sleep next to you.” I told her, turning my eyes away from her.

It had been a while I wanted it. It never happened because she always left before my fiancé went home. I wanted to sleep in her warm embrace.
I closed my eyes, feeling her body against mine, her hot breath in my neck, and her arms around my waist. 

“I love you, Anna.” She spoke in a soft tone.

“I love you too.” I answered before falling asleep.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I woke up, feeling the warm body on my chest. I couldn’t help but smile. I moved a bit, trying to not wake her up. Walking to the kitchen, I distinguished a paper on the table. Was it from Anna? I didn’t remember she let something yesterday. I reached it and stayed stunned.

‘Don’t think you can leave so easily Anna.’

A threat? I crushed it with my hand, gifting my teeth. I’ll protect her. Nobody could touch her. Someone came here. Someone who knew where she was. We couldn’t stay here any longer. I turned around, angry. Anna was here, looking at me, surprised.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, worried.

I noticed she cast a quick glance at my hand.

“We should go.” I told her without more explanation.

“What? Why?”

We didn’t have any time for this. I needed to protect Anna.

“You’re in danger here.” I walked to the bedroom, but her hand on my arm stopped me.

“Calm yourself.” She spoke slowly. “Show me what it is.”

I bit my lip and looked at her. The tears reached my eyes.

“Yuri-” I crashed my lips against, silencing her.

“I don’t want to lose you.” I told her in a serious tone. “I’ll protect you, no matter what.”

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I stared at her. My mind was blank. I was afraid. I even did not know what happened. Tears were running along her cheeks. I raised my arm to wipe it softly.

“Yuria…” I whispered, still worried.

I wondered why she was crying. It was not Yuria’s style.

“I’m angry.” She answered, looking at me as if she could read my mind.

I did not understand why she was mad. She was hiding something.

“Don’t leave the house.” She told me in a serious tone when the tears were finally stopping running over her cheeks.

I grabbed the paper in her hand and read it. They knew where I was. Was it a good idea? Well, we did not have any other place to go anyway. She looked at me stunned before thinking for a few seconds.
“Let’s go to Yui’s place.”

Yui? I never heard this name before. Was she from Yuria’s family? A cousin? Too many questions were in my head. I could not think properly lately. But Yuria needed to calm herself. We needed to take time to decide what to do.

“Wait.” I stopped her while she was going to leave. “We should stay here longer. Just the time to get everything ready.”   

She stared at me, she did not seem really sure. I let out a sigh.

“Fine.” She finally answered, kissing my lips quickly.

I knew she was worried, but I will find a solution. I had recognised my father’s handwriting. I did not understand why he wanted me to be married to Yuria’s brother. It was stupid.

“Let’s enjoy our time together then.” Yuria told me, a slight smile on her lips.

She walked to me, wrapping her arms around my body. I liked it. I felt protect here.

A week already passed and nothing happened. I did not go back to work. Yuria did not let me go, but I did not feel okay to leave her anyway. We stayed together all the days, sometimes going out.
I was taking a shower, the hot water running on my skin. My eyes were closed, enjoying the heat. The door was opened slowly. I cast a glance at it. Yuria was here, in underwear. I turned around, my cheeks flushed. I felt her cold hands on my bare skin.

“Anna…” Yuria whispered my name, kissing my nape gently.

I closed my eyes again. Her hands roaming over my body, her lips on my skin. I liked it. I turned around, capturing her mouth in a firm kiss. So intoxicating. I did not want to let her go.
Someone rang at the flat. We pulled away, looking at each other a bit stunned. Yuria seemed worried. I let out a sigh. She left the shower before opening the bathroom’s door.

“I’m coming.” She yelled.

I looked at her, leaving me. She put her clothes back, her hair still wet.

To Be Continued...

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Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 4: Gang business
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Have a nice reading :3
You can find the complete version here: Smut version

Chapter 4: Gang business

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I reached the door, staring at the man in front of me. He looked tall and quite impressive.

“What do you want?” I snapped, annoyed to see this unknown guy. 

“Where is Iriyama-san?” He answered with a rough voice.

Anna? Why? Did was he a part of her family?

“What do you want?” I asked, I will not let him go in.

“Fuck you.”

Really? Who the hell was this guy?

“Get out of here.” I tried to close the door, but he stopped it with his foot.

“I said, I want to see Iriyama.” He pushed me away.

He stepped into my home. I remained in front of him.

“And I said, get the fuck out of here.”

He could hear a laugh, a mad one. He tried to punch me but I was quick enough, and I could avoid him, stopping his arm. I answered with a hit on his face. I wasn’t strong enough, he must have felt nothing. I kicked his knee, but he dodged it, punching my stomach hard. I thought about Anna. She was still in the bathroom, I hoped at least. My stomach hurt, and my head started spinning. He took my shoulders and threw me violently on the floor. I tried to stand up, but I felt one last kick in my stomach before everything became blank.

I opened my eyes, slowly. The light dazzled me. I blinked a few times. Where was I? What happened? Was Anna okay? I hoped she was. I heard noises not far from me. I wanted to stand up, but I was too weak. The sudden pain in my stomach stopped me.

“You’re awake.” I quickly recognised this warm tone.

I looked at the girl who walked to me, smiling. It was Yui.

“Where am I?” I asked, still half-dizzy.

“My home.”

“Where is Anna?”

“She is sleeping in a bedroom.”

So, we were at Yui’s place. How? I couldn’t even think straight.

“Did something happen to her?”

She smiled at my question.

“No, she was just tired.”

I didn’t understand everything. I needed to know, but I was still in a bad state. I stayed lying on the bed, closing my eyes. I wanted to see Anna.

“Yui I-”

“I’ll tell her.” She read my mind. 

Iriyama Anna’s POV

“Anna-san? She is awake.”

I nodded, standing up. I felt relieved. I reached her room, looking at her. I recalled what happened.


I was in the bathroom, hearing a few noises. Yuria was yelling at someone. Looking through the ajar door, I distinguished a kind of fight. I couldn’t move anymore. I knew I couldn’t do anything anyway. I waited. It suddenly became silent. I waited. I heard footsteps. I hid behind the door. It was stupid, but it was my only solution. The door was opened. I held my breath. I knew it wasn’t Yuria. I was afraid. I waited for a few minutes before being sure the person left. I reached the living room. Yuria was lying on the floor. I stayed speechless. She seemed unconscious. I called her, moved her. She didn’t answer. Her lips were covered with blood. Her t-shirt was lifted up, there were marks and bruises on her stomach. An idea came to my mind. I took Yuria’s phone, looking for a specific ‘Yui’ in her contacts. I founded her and called the girl.

*End Flashback*

Yui helped us. I was thankful to her. I explained the situation, and she understood it even though it seemed completely weird. I sat next to Yuria. She looked still asleep. I stroked her forehead gently.
Should I call my father? I needed to understand why everything happened. I was sure it was his fault. Or perhaps it was from Yuria’s family. No, it couldn’t be.
“Anna…” A familiar voice pulled me away from my thoughts.


She showed me a little smile. She was fine. I couldn’t hold the tears which began to run along my cheeks. She extended her arms, wiping it away.

“Are you hurt?” I asked, without looking at her.

“I’m feeling better.” She answered, sitting straight. “What about you?”

“I was afraid.” I lowered my head. “It’s my fault, I’m sorry.”

I felt a light kiss on my forehead. I still couldn’t look at Yuria. I bit my lip, trying to stop my tears.

“It’s not your fault. We’re okay now.” She told me with a warm voice as to reassure me. “Anna, look at me.”

I raised my head. She was so sweet.

“I love you.” She told me before kissing my lips.

“I love you too.” I could answer when we pulled away.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“I can’t believe it Yui!” Someone yelled in the house.

I cast a stunned glance at Anna. We both stood up and reached the living room. There was someone else with Yui. A girl. I never saw her before.

“You. It’s your own fault.” She looked at me, angry.

“Haruka, she is my friend. I need to help her.” Yui stopped her from leaving, grabbing her arms.

“Oh really? And what about me?” The girl answered back. “It’s dangerous.”

I didn’t really understand what happened in front of my eyes. I tried to remember her face but I couldn’t. Was she Yui’s friend? And why was it dangerous? The named Haruka turned around, looking at Anna.

“Are you Iriyama-san’s daughter?” She asked in a salty tone.

“I am.” Anna simply answered.

The salty girl let out a sigh. She seemed calmer. She cast a quick look at Yui which looked worried.

“Does she know?”

Yui shook her head. Know what? Was there something we need to know?
We sat around the table, in silence. I wanted to protect Anna, but I knew nothing about the danger. We missed something, it seemed that Haruka knew about it. I was nervous. Anna could feel it, she took my hand gently.

“Anna, right?” Haruka started speaking in a still calm tone. “Your father is the head of a gang.”

“Eh?” She only could let out, dumbfounded.

Gang? Anna’s father? What was that? It was bizarre.
“So, the man, was he his?” I asked quickly.

“I don’t know but surely yes.”

He sent his own men to take his daughter. But, why the wedding was so important? What was the link between my family and Anna’s? Anna looked at me, worried. I noticed that she wasn’t okay. Of course, she wasn’t, she needed time to process the news.

“I’m sorry for being angry with you. But, it’s dangerous. I mean, your father could come here and-”

“Haruka. We’re fine here. Nobody knows that Anna’s here.” Yui interrupted her with a reassuring voice.

Haruka lowered her head. I wondered if she was still angry or sad perhaps. I couldn’t really know. I let out a sigh.

“I’m going to take a rest.” I told them, standing up.

Anna excused herself and followed me to our bedroom. We both lied down on the bed. I was tired. My stomach still hurt me, but I tried to hide it. I didn’t want Anna to be worried. She was already concerned enough.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I was afraid. I didn’t know if it was right, but I believed Haruka’s words. It could explain a few things, but there were still questions in my mind. I looked at Yuria. She was staring at the ceiling, thinking. I needed her to reassure me, to protect me. I moved my head to her chest. I quickly felt her hand playing with my hair. I closed my eyes and relaxed in her arms. I could hear her heartbeats.

“Yuria…?” She looked at me, hearing her name. “You love me, right?” I asked in a shaking tone.

I was afraid that she leaves me behind, that she lets me alone, that she doesn’t love me anymore.

“Anna… Of course, I love you. Never doubt it.” She let a light kiss on my cheek.

I sat on her stomach. She looked at me stunned. I didn’t think twice and leaned over until our lips met. I didn’t want to break it, it was a long and passionate kiss. We pulled away after a couple of seconds. I just kissed her again and again, the sound of kisses filled the quiet bedroom.

“Anna…” She spoke, breathless.

“I love you.” I told her, resting on her chest again.

She smiled, stroking my back for a few minutes. I didn’t know why I told her so often. But it was right after all. I remembered what happened earlier. I couldn’t stay like this, I needed to do something. I stood up, leaving the warm embrace.

“Where are you going?” She asked, bewildered.

“I want to talk with Yui-san.”

I reached the living room. It was silent, nobody seemed to be there. I looked around me. I walked to a door, even though I didn’t know what was behind it. Maybe Yui’s room I guessed. I wanted to knock, but I could hear some yells coming from the place.

“What did you want me to do? To leave my friend alone?”

“Is she more important than me? Why don’t you understand?”

“I understand. It’s just- You should help me instead of yelling.”

Another quarrel because of me. I let out a sigh. Perhaps I shouldn’t stay here. But I had no other place. I should go back to Yuria’s brother. I stepped back and hit someone. I saw the figure, letting out a loud yell. I touched the door behind me. Yui quickly came out, putting her hand on my shoulder to reassure me. Yuria met us, staring at me, stunned.

“I’m sorry.” The boyish girl in front of me apologised, lowering her head.

“Sayaka?” Yuria let out this unknown name.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

The girl turned around, looking at me. It was her. I smiled.

“Yuria, I needed to see you.” She told me in a serious tone.

My smile dropped. Something was wrong. I cast a quick glance at Haruka, she was still mad. She didn’t even look at Sayaka, or maybe she did with a dirty look.
“Your name came up in my father talk lately.”

Sayaka was the daughter of a yakuza. She tried to not put herself in dangerous situations, but her father was the head of his clan.

“Come with me.” She ordered while I followed her.

I hoped Anna was okay after her little fear. We went outside. I needed to take some fresh air after all these events. 

“Who is this girl?” She asked, referring to Anna.

“My girlfriend.”

“I see.”

I wanted to know what was wrong but Sayaka couldn’t really help me as she tried to avoid her father’s stuff. Perhaps he was… No, it couldn’t be.

“Be careful Yuria. It could become dangerous.”

“I know, but I decided to protect Anna. No matter what.”

She suddenly looked at me, she seemed stunned. Did I say something wrong?

“Anna? Iriyama Anna?”

I nodded. Sayaka must have known this name like Anna was the daughter of a gang leader. 

“Yuria, she is the girl who ran away from her wedding.”

“I know, I helped her.”

“Wait, they don’t know she is with you.” She paused for a few seconds, looking away from me. “Do you know who her fiancé was?”

“My brother.” I only answered, a bit nervous.

Sayaka showed me a surprised face before quickly becoming serious again.

“I need to go. I’ll help but for now, stay hidden here.” She started leaving, she looked suddenly in a hurry. “Be careful Yuria.” She left.

I let out a sigh. I even didn’t really understand what was going on with my own family.

“Yuria…” A cute voice called my name.

I didn’t turn around, feeling her arms around my waist.

“We should go back inside.” I told her, but she didn’t release me. “Anna?”

I felt her head on my neck. She began to shake.

“Anna? Are you okay?”

“Hmm…” She only could say before her voice cracked, she burst into tears.

I stayed silent. I had nothing to say. Anna knew I’ll be there for her. I couldn’t promise anything else. I was also afraid.
“Stop crying.” I bit my lip, my tone sounded a bit rough.

She quickly removed her arms and went back inside. I followed her, trying to talk to her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean this.” I paused, waiting for an answer. “Anna, listen to me.”

“Let me alone.”

We passed by the living room. Haruka and Yui looked at us, stunned. She slammed the bedroom door. I remained in front of the closed door. This girl could be really stubborn. It wasn’t the right time for this kind of stupid fight.

“Open the door.” I begged, hopeless. “Anna, sorry. I didn’t want to be mean but open the door, please.” I finally begged her. “If you don’t I’ll break it down.” I could hear Yui spitting her drink before coughing. “Anna? Answer me…”

I looked at Yui, upset. I didn’t know what to do.

“Do you have the key to open from here?”

She nodded. I felt a bit better, I will not need to break the door. Yui stood up and gave it to me. I quickly reached the bedroom, opening the door. It was silent. I looked around me, looking for Anna. It was empty. The window was opened. I ran to it. I distinguished a black van, it left the street, fast.


“Yui… They… They took her…” I was on the edge of the tears.

How? How could this happen? I promised to protect her, and she was suddenly gone.


I could hear Yui’s voice before everything became blank.

To Be Continued…

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Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 5: Bad girl
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Chapter 5: Bad Girl

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I opened my eyes, slowly. My head hurt, it was spinning around me. I blinked a few times, trying to adjust my view in the dark room. I sat straight, feeling the pain in my body. What happened? Where was I? I recalled my last memories. All I remembered it was my stupid quarrel with Yuria. And then I didn’t know anymore. I looked around me, trying to understand. The room looked small. The ground under me was cold. A few old shelves covered the wall. I moved, but my hands and my legs were tied. I let out a sigh. I didn’t know what to do. I was hurt, tired and lost.

“You.” A male voice suddenly spoke.

I raised my eyes to him. I felt afraid. He grabbed my arm and dragged me to another room. I couldn’t really see it was too bright. He put me on a chair, putting my two arms on armrests before tying them. The tears ran on my cheeks. It couldn’t be true.

“Iriyama Anna.” It was another voice.

The man was wearing a black suit, a confident smile on his face.

“So it’s you.” He paused for a few seconds, his voice sounded rough and deep. “You know what will happen, right? You need to marry Kizaki-san.”

I remained quiet, I didn’t have any strength to scream or answer. He came closer, taking a scalpel on the table near to us. I didn’t notice it before. There were knives, pliers, scissors and other surgical stuff. I held my breath, seeing his face closer to me.

“Say it. Marry him.”

I stared at the man, frozen.

“Let’s see how the princess can scream.”

I closed my eyes, I couldn’t see his grin anymore. I felt the cold blade on my left forearm. I bit my lower lip. It didn’t hurt too much for now. The knife penetrated my skin. I wanted to scream. The man left a short mark, I could feel it. I opened my eyes, he stepped back. I cast a glance at my arm. The blood was slowly flowing. It burnt a lot. It was as if he put my arm in the flames.

“Say it!” He suddenly shouted, slapping my face hard.

I lowered my head. My lips hurt, the blood dripped on my laps. I couldn’t escape from here. I wanted to scream, to punch him with all my strength. I wanted to see Yuria, I wanted her to take me out from here. I wondered if she was okay, I hoped she was. I began to regret what I had done. I shouldn’t have run away with Yuria. Because of me, both were hurt. I cried, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“The girl is crying. What should I do? Burn your mouth to make you shut?!”

I raised my head. Welding torch. No. It couldn’t happen. He laughed. He was laughing at me. I was alone. Will I die here? Perhaps, Yuria will come to save me, right? But, if they took her… If she dies… No, I needed to accept the wedding. I couldn’t take the risk, I couldn’t let Yuria be hurt. Who was him? Who were these guys? Why did they want me to be married to Yuria’s brother? I didn’t even understand everything. It couldn’t be my father’s men, right? He was my father, he couldn’t hurt me like this.


I felt my top losing. I was half naked in front of me.

“I’m not going to touch you, I have a better idea.” He reached the table.

It will hurt, again. He grabbed a knife, keeping the welding torch not too far. He pulled my hair, making me face to him.


I felt the knife in my stomach. I closed my eyes, trying to endure the pain. He didn’t stab me. He drew something on my skin. He released me. I saw another trace of blood. From under my right breast to the middle of my stomach. 

“I need to cicatrise it.” He told me, coming with the welding torch.

I felt the heat on me before falling unconscious.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I was awake by a ringtone. I quickly grabbed my phone without too much thinking.

‘Hello, sweetie.’


‘Finally, Anna decided to marry your brother.’

I stayed blank. What was that? What the hell was that?

“Where is she?”


“I-I know what happens, tell me where she is.”


“I would like to congratulate her like I have to…”

‘I don’t understand. I didn’t know you were close.’

‘You kidnap her, don’t you? She didn’t seem to agree that easily.’

What the hell was I saying? It wasn’t my father’s fault, right? He had nothing to do with this gang stuff. I just accused him without any proofs. I bought myself in a big trou-

‘My 3rd building, in the basement.’

I hanged up. What? I took a deep breath, feeling my heart beating again. Great. My father kidnapped Anna. He thought I will hurt her. I was playing the bad girl. I couldn’t even believe myself. But if it was the only solution to find Anna, I will do it. Anna was the most important right now. I reached the living room, decided to find and save her.

“Are you feeling better?” Yui asked me, worried.

“Yes… I’m sorry Yui. I really need to go.”

I didn’t know how many hours I was asleep, but I was in a hurry now.

“Do you know where Anna is?”

I looked at her and nodded. She answered me with a quick smile as to say ‘be careful’. I left the house, walking to my car. I thought about a solution to help Anna, but I didn’t really know what to do. I will just go there first, and then I will see. It sounded not too bad but still dangerous.

“Y-Yuria-san?” The guard in front of the door mumbled, seeing me coming.

“What? Can’t I see my future sister-in-law?” I asked in a playful tone.

He lowered his head, apologising. I went in, not confident at all. The men bowed when I passed in front of them. It was the mess in my head. I took a deep breath, opening the door at the end of the corridor.

“Yuria-san?!” The man with the black suit almost shouted.

There was a chair in the middle of the room. I bit my lip, trying to hold back myself from punching him.

“Is Anna here?” I asked while he nodded slowly. “Leave me with her, I will take care of her.”

I will take care of her, literally. 

“Move, or I’ll kick your ass instead of hers.” I snapped in a cold tone.

The man quickly put his knife down, running toward the exit. I looked at him, waiting. Once he was gone, I rushed to Anna. Her hair covered her face. The blood was evident on her laps. She wasn’t wearing her top anymore.

“A-Anna? Do you hear me?”

“Please… Stop it…” She mumbled as if she was going to cry.

I put my hand under her chin, lifting it up. Her eyes were closed, the tears flowed on her cheeks.

“I already accepted the wedding… Please… Let me go…”

What? So, it was true. I understood. They tortured her. I couldn’t forgive my father, he will pay for what he had done.

“It’s okay now. I’m here.” I paused myself for a few seconds, but she remained quiet. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t protect you…”

“Yuria-san?” I heard a voice coming from the now opened door.

“What?” I quickly answered, removing my hand.

“Yu-Yuria?” Anna’s weak voice finally called my name.

I tried to not look at her, to stay straight. I took a deep breath

“I’m not done. So, get out.” He nodded, closing the door again.

I cast a quick glance at Anna, she began sobbing. I put both my hands on her cheeks.

“I’m here now. We will go out.” I still whispered, I was sure they were listening to us.

“I-It’s too late…”

My phone rang. It was Sayaka. I needed to reply.
‘Yuria? What’ve you done?’

“I’m just with my dad.”

‘Yuria, I just learn he is the head of The Kizaki gang.’

“I know.”

Well, I didn’t really know, but I knew he wasn’t that good. Sayaka remained quiet for a few seconds, surely stunned by my words.

‘Wait. Is Anna next to you?’


‘You came to save her, right?’


‘Come at home. They will not found you here.’

“Fine. Now, I have work. Bye.”

It was a harsh answer, but I didn’t want to my father’s men start wondering about me. I untied Anna from the chair. I helped her to stand up after a long hug. I saw the trace of blood on my shirt. It was a lot. I had no idea about how to leave the place. I looked at Anna, showing a weak smile. I needed to think straight but the time was running, I couldn’t wait anymore.

“Wait here.” I told Anna, walking to the door.

I opened it, going out. The man who was standing here stared at me. I managed to keep a calm expression before talking.

“What will you do with her?”

“Taking her back to her husband.” He answered in a cold tone.

“I’ll take care of it.” I was ready to leave, but he stopped me.

“Sorry? W-Well, your father wan-”

“Tell him I did it then.”

I wanted to punch his face right now, but I only took another deep breath. I left him.

“Y-Yuria?” Anna gasped when she felt my hand on her nape.

“I’m sorry, I can’t take any risk.”

I tried to not grip her to tightly, to not hurt her. I pulled her outside, seeing the men’s looks on us. I didn’t care about what they thought. I was betraying my father. I took Anna out. Once we reached my car, I quickly let her go and drove far from here. We were both silents. I didn’t dare to talk. I just wanted to stop the car, take her in my arms and reassure her but I knew it wasn’t a good idea. She was resting on her elbow, looking outside. Her clothes were ripped, her lips bleed. I distinguished a mark on her stomach. I found an answer about the blood on my shirt. It looked like someone had tried to draw on her body. I remained quiet and looked at the road. Anna fell asleep. I wondered how she could endure the pain. I got out of the car, taking her in my arms.

“Anna, Yuria… Are you both okay?” Sayaka asked, worried.

I made a quick sign to show the sleeping girl in my arms. Sayaka apologised quietly. I followed her to our new bedroom. I put Anna down on the bed.

“I’ll take care of her wounds.” Miyuki, Sayaka’s girlfriend, told me with a warm smile.

I nodded but stayed next Anna. She grabbed my hand in her sleep and didn’t want to let it go. I hoped she was okay.

To Be Continued…

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Re: Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 6: Still Alive
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Have a nice reading :3
You can find the complete version here: Smut version

Chapter 6: Still Alive
Iriyama Anna’s POV

I groaned, opening my eyes slowly. My stomach hurt. I quickly saw the white bandage on me. Part of it was already coloured with my blood. I looked around me. I was alone in an unknown room. I tried to recall my last memories. Yuria was here. It wasn’t a dream, I was sure she came to save me.

“How are you feeling?” A voice talked to me.

I didn’t recognise the girl. I kept a cold expression, still afraid.

“I-I’m feeling better.”

The woman immediately showed a smile. It was quite reassuring.

“She is awake.” A few footsteps followed her sentence.

It was Yuria. She came to me, taking my hand gently.

“You afraid me so much.”

I squeezed her hand slowly. I couldn’t speak anymore, it was as if my voice was stuck in my throat.

“I’m so glad you’re safe and okay.” She let a light kiss on my forehead.

I smiled, extending my free hand to her cheek. I wiped her tears slowly. The last thing I wanted was to see Yuria cry. But my smile quickly vanished, showing my pain.

“You need to rest, okay?” Her voice sounded concerned.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.” I finally could speak.

A slight smile cracked on her pink lips. Our eyes were locked. I couldn’t look away. I remembered how much I loved her. A wave of pain roamed over my body. I closed my eyes, trying to relax.


“I’m tired.”

I felt the grip on my hand leaving me. I didn’t resist and let Yuria go. The pain made my tiredness worse than it already was. I released a long sigh.

The next morning came quickly. I could sit in my bed. Yuria came to see me. I knew she didn’t stay too long because she wanted me to feel better but I missed her. She sat on the edge of the bed, as usual. I sat straight, looking at her.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Except my stomach, yes.” I answered while she avoided my eyes. “There are things you need to tell me Yuria.”

“I know…” She turned her head to the door as if someone was coming in.

“Look at me.” I told her, softly.

She bit her bottom lip, she didn’t want. I understood that she felt terrible, but I needed some explanations.

“Why were you there? How did you find me?” She remained silent. “Tell me.”

She let out a sigh. I felt annoyed. I hated when she hid things from me. She stood up without looking at me.

“Stay here.” I added with the same harsh tone.

“I can’t tell you. Please, rest Anna.”

“You’re an asshole.”

It was the last thing I told her before she left the room. I wanted to cry but I couldn’t. I needed to stay strong. I wasn’t feeling guilty about Yuria. She made me angry.

“It was harsh.” Sayaka told me, a playful smile on her lips.

She walked to the bed, sitting where Yuria was.

“Give her some time.”

“Time? We don’t have time.” I spoke in a hopeless tone, turning my eyes away from Sayaka’s. “I-I accepted the wedding.”

“I know.”

I was stunned. How? I didn’t tell anyone.

“News travels fast in the mafia.”

“Was it my father?” I asked, referring to the men who kidnapped me.

Sayaka only shook her head before standing up.

“Yuria will tell you. Be patient Anna. Please.”

I finally nodded. I had no other choice. Sayaka’s words suddenly made me feel guilty. It was hard for both of us. And I just- How could I speak to her like that? I was so stupid. I wanted to apologise.
Yuria didn’t come to see me again for the whole day. She slept on the sofa, in the living room. So, I stayed mostly alone even though Miyuki came to visit me or my wounds. One day already passed. And two days passed. I wasn’t feeling awful anymore, but I wasn’t in my best shape. I could walk, still slowly but I could walk a bit. I didn’t leave the bedroom. I wasn’t feeling fine with the idea to run into Yuria. Yet I missed her. I missed her so much.

“Anna? Can you come here?” Sayaka’s voice called me through the closed door.

I stood up weakly, reaching it. I followed Sayaka to the living room. I distinguished Yuria, sitting on a sofa. I sat next to her. Sayaka left us. I understood quickly why she called me. I waited. I wanted her to speak first me. But perhaps she waited for me to do it. I let out a sigh.

“I’m sorry.” I told her, feeling her gaze upon me. “For being angry.” I added without too many explanations.

“I’m sorry as well. You have to know what happens.” She took a brief break. “It was my father. He is the head of The Kizaki gang.”

It was quite horrible. Both families were involved in the mafia. I held my breath, waiting for her to continue.

“I asked my father to find you. I said… I said I was going to hurt you. I played the bad girl.”

I couldn’t help but let out a soft giggle. Yuria quickly looked at me stunned.

“Sorry, the bad girl suits you.” I told her, making appear a smile on her lips. “Thank you Yuria.” I took her hand, intertwining my fingers with hers. “You did so much for me, and I kept bringing troubles…” I lowered a bit my head, ashamed.

“I do this because I-” She suddenly stopped her sentence, looking around her.

“Is something wrong?” I asked, worried.

“W-We should go to your bedroom.” She told me, blushing.

I smiled, and we went in the room. I was almost sure Yuria felt shy. We sat on the edge of the bed. My heart pounded in my chest. When the first words came out from her mouth, my heart beat harder and harder.

“I do this because I love you, Anna. I want you to be a part of my life.”

I stayed silent at her words. It was a good silence. I was too stunned and glad to say something. I felt her lips covering mine. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the missing feeling.
“I love you.” I finally answered, my hands cupped her face gently.

She leaned over again, capturing my lips. She put her hand on my waist, under my shirt. I groaned through the kiss. She immediately broke it, I could see her concerned face.

“Are you hurt?”

I shook my head. The cold hand on my skin startled me a bit. It was right next to my wound. I didn’t look at it yet, but I knew Miyuki removed the bandage. Yuria’s gaze went to it. I bit my lip. She must have been curious. Or worried but I guessed curious suit her more. I removed my top. I was in bra, Yuria’s eyes didn’t dare to look somewhere else than my face. I stroked her cheek, telling her it was okay. She looked at it. Her expression didn’t change. I felt her fingers along the mark. They roamed over my body, from under my chest to the middle of my stomach.

“Anna…” She mumbled slowly.

I kissed her lips. It became long and passionate. Her arms wrapped my shoulders, gently.

“You’re warm.” She mumbled against my mouth.

She pushed me down, putting herself on the top. She leaned over for another kiss while I encircled her neck with arms to pull her closer. Her hand touched my stomach again. I yelped, feeling the cold touch.

“It hurt, right?” She asked again, a bit surprised. 

I couldn’t help letting out a soft giggle. Yuria was too worried. I cupped her face before answering.

“No… It’s fine. I missed you.”

“I missed you too Anna.” She seriously told me, kissing my forehead. “You should rest.”

I nodded, kissing her lips one more time. She removed herself while I put my top back. I understood I couldn’t let her go. Now we were together, I wanted to stay like that forever. I missed her even when we were apart for a few hours. I couldn’t handle to not see her anymore.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I left Anna’s room, quickly, feeling my heart becoming crazy. I walked to the bathroom. Sayaka’s bathroom was huge. Well, she was rich. The bathtub looked big enough for two people. A hot bath could help me to feel better. I took my clothes off and made flowing the warm water next to me. The heat quickly filled the room. I was ready to go when a light knock on the door stopped me.

“It’s Anna.”

I took a towel, reaching the door. I let Anna go in, my body still covered. Her cheeks flushed while she was looking at me.

“Can we take a bath together?” She asked, avoiding a bit to look at me.

I wanted to say yes, but something stopped me.


I nodded. I released the towel and went in the bathtub. I felt the hot water warming my body. I cast a glance at Anna, she was removing her clothes. I made out her wound. It was quite impressive. She walked to me with pink cheeks.

“Sit back to me. I want to hold you.” I told her in a soft tone.

She did it. I wrapped her waist with my arms, my breast pressing against her bare skin. I tried to not touch her mark. I rested my back while she relaxed on me, closing her eyes. I kissed her shoulder gently.
“Are you okay?”

“Yes.” She only answered, giving a light squeeze at my hand.

We enjoyed this time in the bath, relaxing. I heard a knock on the door.

“Sorry to disturb you but we need to talk.”

It was Sayaka’s voice.

To Be Continued…

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Re: Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 7: Father
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Hello! Have a nice reading!

Chapter 7: Father

Iriyama Anna’s POV

Once we were done with the bath, we reached the living room. Sayaka was here, sitting on the sofa. Her hands together, resting on her laps. She was staring at the floor, her head dropped. Miyuki wasn’t around. Yuria and I sat on the couch in front of Sayaka. She raised her head, a slight smile on her lips. I still didn’t really know who she was and why she helped us.

“I’ll be fast. I talked to my father. I know what’s going on.”

It was what we needed. It could be good news, but Sayaka’s face told the opposite.

“The Iriyama gang and The Kizaki gang.”

Names meant everything. I stayed stunned, feeling Yuria’s hand wrapping mine slowly.

“The wedding was a deal between the two clans.” She paused a few seconds, posing her look on Yuria. “Your brother, he will be the next leader. With Anna like his wife, he would have had great support from The Iriyama gang.”

I remained quiet. It looked unreal. Something was wrong when my father came at Yuria’s flat. He wanted me to marry Yuria’s brother so much. He insisted only for business. He was horrible. I was his single child, his daughter. But, he knew about Yuria. He knew I loved her. What will happen now? He didn’t he acted to take me away for now.

“It will be the war.” Sayaka told us, looking at her hands.

“We’re in trouble.” Yuria finally spoke.

Yes, we were. A war between two groups. Yuria’s and my family.
“Stay here as long as you need.”

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

Sayaka and I knew there was no solution. We could do nothing besides wait. I let out a sigh. I didn’t want to stay here forever. I was the one who asked Anna to cancel the wedding. After all, she never loved him. Anyway, we were both in trouble because of me. I even brought Sayaka in this shit.

“We will find a solution.” Sayaka told me, putting her hand on my shoulder.

“Anna, can you let us?” I asked without looking at my girlfriend.

She left, quietly. I needed to talk seriously with Sayaka.

“A solution? We are in the middle of a gang war.”

“I know Yuria. We can try to stop them.”

“Oh great. Maybe we should kill my father or Anna’s.” I told her in an ironic tone.

“Yuria, that’s not funny-”

“I know! Okay? I know.” I suddenly shouted, letting her startled.

I clenched my fists. Sayaka looked at me, I distinguished a sad and worried look. I was lost, and she saw it.

“What will you do?”

“I don’t know…” I bit my lower lip, holding back my tears. “I just want to protect Anna.”

It was my only real goal. I wanted Anna to be safe, with me.

“Are Yui and Haruka okay? Did you tell them?” I asked, a bit worried and Sayaka nodded, still looking at me.

I could stay at Sayaka’s home, waiting. I could leave far away with Anna. I could try to stop my father. I didn’t want to Anna talk with her father. But, mine he knew I betrayed him if not, he should have already called me because Anna wasn’t with her fiancé.

“Yuria?” Sayaka’s voice pulled me from my thoughts.

“I need to check something.” I answered, walking to my bedroom.

Anna was here, looking through the window. I grabbed my phone on the table. She didn’t move. Did she hear me? Well, it didn’t matter. I checked my calls. My father tried to call me. Shit. I cast a quick glance at my girlfriend. Should I call him back? Could he track my phone? I let out a sigh. I put my phone down and reached Anna. I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind. She didn’t move or say anything. I placed a light kiss on her cheek.

“Are you okay?” I asked, concerned.

“I’m afraid.” She honestly told me, her body immediately tensed up.

I was also scared, but I couldn’t tell her. I didn’t want to make the thing worse.

“It’ll be fine.”

We both remained quiet for a few minutes until Anna broke this unpleasant silence.

“I must go back to your brother.”

My heart stopped beating into my chest. I tightened my grip on Anna’s body.


“It’s my fault. If I didn’t run away, we would haven’t to be in this situation.”

Her tone hurt me. She felt guilty. It was horrible to hear it.

“That’s not true. We will find a way.”

I released her waist, stepping back. She turned around slowly, tears on the edge of her eyes. I wanted to cup her face, to hold her close but I felt like I couldn’t reach her.

“Yuria, look. This relationship broke our lives.”

“Does it? It saves mine.”

I felt like crying, Anna didn’t answer. Did she really think that? Did she regret to be with me?

“Don’t tell me you were happy with him.” I waited for an answer, but Anna kept quiet, staring at me.

Was it the meaning of our relationship? Nothing but only sex? It wasn’t true. I loved Anna, I could do anything for her, even giving my own life.


I felt betrayed. How could she? The tears that I held back finally came out, flowing on my cheeks. She raised her hand slowly to my cheek, but I quickly pushed her away, walking back.

“Don’t leave the house, it’s too dangerous.”

She nodded and finally turned her eyes away from mine. I took my phone and left the bedroom. Sayaka wasn’t in the living room. Great, I could go quickly. I opened the door slowly and left the house. I needed to find a place to call my father. I was almost sure he could track the call instead of my phone. Because if he could, he will send his men. I couldn’t take any risk for Anna’s life. I walked for almost one hour. I knew it wasn’t far enough, but I couldn’t walk anymore. It will be too dangerous to come back in the dark. I looked at my phone. I saw missed calls from Yui, Anna, and Sayaka. I let out a sigh and called my father.

“I’ve just seen you called me.”

‘Anna isn’t with your brother.’

“W-What? How?” I tried to lie the best I could.

‘Don’t play the fool with me Yuria. I know she is with you.’

I stayed quiet. I listened carefully around me, trying to hear cars.

“I don’t understand why you want to make a pact with The Iriyama gang.”

‘I’ll tell you soon.’

He suddenly hung up. He was coming. I waited a few more minutes until I heard cars coming to me. It stopped, and men came out with my father.

“So, where is Anna?” He asked, looking straight into my eyes.

“You had something to tell me, right?”

I needed to stay far as possible from him and his men. 

“Oh, you’re right.” He grinned and stepped to me. “You see, Anna and your brother were engaged, for a pact. It was just to have another ally. But since Anna disappeared twice. The Iriyama gang tried to kill me.”

I remained quiet, listening to him. Why did The Iriyama gang try to kill him? Did they think my father kidnapped her?

“Why didn’t you try to stop her from leaving the house the first time?”

He chuckled before speaking again.

“Because I thought you will just keep her with you for a few time. But you ran away.”

He was right. What about my mother? Did she know about this? I had too many questions. My father wasn’t the man that I always knew. 

“Now, give me Anna.”

“I told you, I drove her back to her fiancé house.”

He needed to believe me. I was his daughter after all. He sighed and stepped back, coming into his car. A few men followed him, except two of them. They wanted to fight. The first one ran to my side, I quickly avoided his punch, giving him a kick between, his legs. One down. The second ran fast, I couldn’t prevent him. I felt a sharp hit in my stomach. I coughed, blood coming from my mouth. He grabbed my collar, pushing me against the nearby tree. I needed to make him release me. I moved my hands to his jaw and pressed as strong as possible. He let out a yelp. I ran away. I ran and ran to Sayaka’s home.

To Be Continued…

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Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 8: Nightmare
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Chapter 8: Nightmare

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

My lips were bleeding. My lungs burnt so much because of the lack of air. I needed to keep moving, I couldn’t stop. My legs started hurting me. I knew I couldn’t run for all the way. Once I thought I was far enough, I stopped and tried to find a regular breath. The girls will kill me. I continued walking. If I sat, I'd not be able to move anymore. My breathing didn’t want to come back as before. My head was dizzy. I reached Sayaka’s home after a few minutes. I knocked, and Miyuki opened the door. I rushed to the toilet, seeing Sayaka and Anna in the living room. I threw up, feeling my heartbeat began to be crazy again.

“Yuria, are you okay? What happened?” Sayaka asked while my head was still in the toilet.

I was unable to answer right now. I prayed for this to stop. Miyuki came to me, handing a glass.

“Drink it.”

I extended my shaking hand and drunk the liquid slowly.

“I’ll take care of her.” She added, looking at Sayaka. “You could talk later.”

Miyuki took me to my bedroom. She wiped the blood from my lips before making a check of my actual state.

“Do you want to vomit?”

“Not anymore.”

“Does your heart hurt?”

“A bit.”

She gave me my t-shirt back and smiled.

“You can speak to Sayaka.”

I nodded, thanking her. I walked in the living room. Anna didn’t look at me. I sat in front of her and Sayaka.

“What happened?”

I explained everything. About the call, the wedding, the pact. Everything that I just learned. Sayaka listened to me carefully while Anna seemed half present. Maybe, we could talk to Anna’s father to stop the gang war. But I didn’t want to put her in danger.

“Iriyama wants to kill Kizaki in order to avenge his daughter.” Sayaka thought aloud.

“Don’t you think he still wants her to be married?”

“Perhaps, but he tried to kill your father, right?”

I nodded, thinking.

“What are you planning to do?”

“Have you an idea?” I asked, but Sayaka shook her head. “I’ll sleep first.”

“You need to rest.”

I stood up, looking at Anna. She was turned, staring at the corridor.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I couldn’t look at Yuria. I felt ashamed. I knew I hurt her. I didn’t want to be rude. Perhaps she was right. I didn’t know. I loved her, right? Why did I say our relationship broke our lives? Yuria left to our bedroom. I followed her quietly. Once we were alone, the door closed, she broke the silence.

“Are you going to stay quiet forever?” Her tone sounded angry and cold.

I took a deep breath before talking.

“I’m deeply sorry. I-I hurt you.”

She sat on the edge of the bed, looking at me. I didn’t dare to move from my spot.

“You were right. I wasn’t happy with your brother. You make me happy Yuria.”

She leaned back on the bed, releasing a heavy sigh. Did I say something wrong?

“Come here.”

I smiled a bit, reaching her. I lied down, looking at her face. She cupped my cheeks gently.

“I love you so much.” She placed a light kiss on my forehead.

“I love you too.” I answered, pressing my lips against hers. “I was worried, you know?”

“Sorry.” She told me, not sorry at all.

I stared at her, confused. Did she care? Or was she just playing around? But I made out a slight smile. I turned around, pouting. She giggled, cuddling. Her arms around my waist, I felt safe here.

“Could you talk to your father?”

What? My father? He forced me to marry a man I didn’t like, he was in the gang. I didn’t want to talk to him.


“Maybe, if he stopped chasing my father, the gang war will stop.” She suggested, burying her face in my neck.

“What if he wants to have another ally?”

“You’re right…” She admitted, placing a light kiss on my hair. “Anyway, we should sleep.”

Yuria left to the bathroom to take a shower. I already took mine, so I only changed my actual clothes. I slipped under the sheets, waiting for Yuria to come back. I closed my eyes. A couple of minutes later, She reached me. I turned around, giving her a passionate kiss. We pulled away, almost breathless. Our gazes were locked together, Yuria seemed confused.

“Hey…” She cupped my face.

I turned my head, kissing her palm. She gave me a reassuring smile.

“Can you hold me?” I asked, feeling my cheeks flushing.

She nodded while I put myself back to her. She cuddled, burying her head in my hair. I put my arm on hers, intertwining our fingers. I quickly fell asleep.

“P-Please… Don’t hit me…”

I opened my eyes, surprised. I heard a few sobs and quickly turned around. I rubbed my eyes, trying to understand what happened. Yuria was still here, squeezing her cushion and sobbing. I reached her wet cheeks. She must have had a nightmare.

“Yuria…” I extended my arm to touch her cheek, but she quickly moved away, afraid.

“Please…” She mumbled, stopping crying.

“Ssh… I’m here.” I finally cupped her face gently.

She opened wide her eyes, surprised. I managed to show a smile, but she suddenly sat straight on the bed. I did the same, staring at her. She wiped her tears away. She was shaking. I came closer, making her look at me.

“Does it happen often?”

She only nodded, remaining quiet. I didn’t know she had a recurrent nightmare. She never slept with me so I couldn’t. I wondered if it was because of a painful memory. She spoke about being hit. Was she beaten? She lied down, her face stayed blank. I rested on her chest, putting myself into her arms.

“Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll feel better tomorrow.”

I could tell she wasn’t. Her body was still trembling. I knew I couldn’t do anything, so I just closed my eyes and tried to go back sleeping.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

Anna must have been asleep. I didn’t know how long I had been awake, but I couldn’t sleep anymore. I moved slowly to not wake her up. I let a light kiss on her tempt and left the room. I cast a glance at the clock in the living room. 4 am. Great. I opened the French door, going in the garden. I felt the cold on my arms. I should have brought a jacket. I knew nobody could find me here. It was encircled by hedges, and it was behind the house. I closed my eyes, but my nightmare appeared suddenly. It wasn’t the first time it happened, far from it. I was even a bit surprised that it didn’t come sooner. My life was already messed up I didn’t need to remember it now.

“You’re already up?” I recognised Sayaka’s voice behind me.

“I couldn’t sleep anymore.” I answered while she came next to me.

“You’re overthinking Yuria.”

“It’s not that…” I paused myself, she waited for an answer. “I had a nightmare.”

“Is it that old memory?”


I told Sayaka about it. I was still a kid when it happened.

“Do you think it was because of the gang?”

Sayaka’s silence meant everything. I understood now. I was kidnapped and beaten. Surely by another gang. I didn’t know anything at that moment. I was still young and innocent. Since then, this nightmare came to disturb my peaceful sleep. I didn’t remember everything about it. I just knew I was beaten and my father came to save me. I didn’t remember how he did it. Perhaps he even had a gun, maybe he killed the man. I understood he destroyed my life. His fucking gang was crushing my entire life in pieces.

“I’m going to kill him.” I spoke aloud without really taking care of my words. 

“It will not resolve anything.”

Perhaps, she was right. How could she stay out of her father’s business? She didn’t run away firstly.

“What if I leave the country?”

“It could be an idea.”

I needed to talk to Anna when she wakes up.

“Why are you awake?” I suddenly asked Sayaka who giggled.

“I was looking for water when I saw you coming to the garden.” She honestly answered me.

I smiled even though she couldn’t see it in the dark.

“You should go back to sleep.” She told me, stepping. “Good night.” She left.

She was right. Tomorrow will be another long day, I guessed. I also left the garden and went back to my room. Anna was still sleeping like a baby. I was ready to lay, but I touched something wet on the sheet. What was that? I smelt it. I quickly turned on the light. It was blood. Blood over the sheet, coming from Anna’s stomach. I stayed dumbstruck for a few seconds until my mind worked again.

“Hmm… Tired…” She mumbled, sleepy.

She was still conscious. I rushed to Sayaka’s room, knocking hard. She opened the door, looking at me stunned.

“I-Anna-She…” The words stayed stuck in my throat.

She cast a quick glance at my hands before going back to her room. 

“Milky… Milky! Get up, we have an emergency.”

Sayaka’s girlfriend groaned, I waited several seconds. I dragged her to my room. She gasped when she noticed the blood. She reached Anan quickly, pulling the sheets. 

“Anna? You hear me?”

But there was no answer.

“She was conscious a few seconds ago.” I added, worried.

Sayaka pulled me to the living while Miyuki took care of Anna. I wanted to stay, but I knew it wasn’t a good idea. Anna seemed to be seriously injured. I knew it when I picked her from my father’s building. But, she looked fine before.

“We should take her to the hospital.”

“And risk your life? Milky knows what she is doing.”

“How could this happens?”

“Yuria… We both see her wound. You know it’s quite serious.”

I let out a sigh.  Sayaka was right. I waited. The time didn’t seem to pass. It was long. Once Miyuki left the bedroom, I immediately stood up, waiting for an answer.

“The wound was opened again.”

“Is she okay?”

“She is still alive.” Miyuki answered quietly.

It became bad. Anna wasn’t okay at all. What should we do?

To Be Continued…

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Re: Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 9: Missing
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Hello! And here comes the 9th chapter!

Have a nice reading!

Chapter 9: Missing

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I touched my stomach slowly. It will turn into a horrible scare. But for now, it was definitely worse than a scare. I looked at my phone. 8 am. I tried to stand up, but the pain stopped me. It didn’t hurt like that yesterday. I cast a glance next to me. Yuria wasn’t here anymore.

“How are you feeling?” Miyuki asked me, coming in the bedroom.

“F-Fine.” I answered, a bit stunned.

She opened the curtains, letting the sun go into the room. I rubbed my eyes.

“Do you remember what happened?”

I shook my head. So, something happened. Fear reached my heart. But Miyuki quickly smiled, showing me I didn’t need to worry.

“The wound was opened again. Yuria found you in the middle of blood.” She paused for some seconds and made me lie down again. “Your wound became serious Anna.” She lifted my t-shirt up.
I looked at it, seeing it was worse than before.

“I didn’t tell Yuria or Sayaka about it, but you should go to the hospital. I can’t do anything now.”

Hospital? It meant to take the risk of being kidnapped. What should I do? I needed to make a choice. I couldn’t ask Yuria to go with me, it was too dangerous. I had two options. Going but perhaps The Kizaki gang will find me, and I will need to marry Yuria’s brother or worse, they could kill me. Or stay here and die. In both cases, I could die.

“Can you ask Sayaka to come?”

She nodded and left. I waited for her to come back with her girlfriend next to her. I looked around me, still sitting straight on the bed. I hoped Yuria wasn’t too worried.

“You want to talk to me?” Sayaka asked, a smile across her face.

“Miyuki told me I need to go to the hospital.”

Her smile dropped quickly for a serious expression. I should think more about it but the time was against us.

“I want to go. I know what could happen but…” I lowered my head.

I felt ashamed, almost selfish. Everyone was doing their best for me. I just put myself in more danger.

“I understand. I can ask Milky to take you there.”

I nodded slowly.

“What about Yuria?”

She shrugged, looking at the door.

“Should I ask her to come?”

I nodded again, feeling my heart squeeze. Sayaka left, letting Yuria go inside the room. I managed to show her a smile, but her face remained worried.

“You scared me.” She admitted, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Yuria, I-I’ll go to the hospital.”

She looked surprised at first, but she smiled, even though she seemed upset.

“Promise me to come back.”

I couldn’t promise her anything. Both couldn’t know what will happen. I reached her hand, giving a little squeeze.

“I promise.”

How will we explain this? I hope Miyuki thought about it and she will find a way. Yuria cupped my face before pressing her lips to my cheek. I smiled, and she left the room. I needed to prepare myself to go. Miyuki helped me. Once I was ready, I left the bedroom, passing in the living room. Sayaka talked to Miyuki a bit while Yuria reached me. She leaned over and gave me a soft kiss.

“Don’t die there, I wanna taste them again.” She spoke in an amused tone with a wink.

I felt my cheeks becoming red. I pulled Yuria into a hug. My heart hurt. I didn’t want to leave her. Who could know what will happen? Perhaps I’ll stay over there for some days. Perhaps I’ll be kidnapped or killed. I didn’t want to think about it now. Yuria stroked my back made me feel better. I pulled away, smiling. Sayaka cast a glance at me, telling it was okay, we must have gone right now. I nodded and left, Miyuki next to me.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“Looks like she was going on a trip.” I told Sayaka nervously once Anna and Miyuki were gone.

“You’re worried, aren’t you?” She answered me in a calm tone.

“Of course I am.”

I suddenly remembered Yui. It had been a while. I hoped she and Haruka were fine. I let out a sigh, staring at the direction where the car was a few seconds ago. The street was silent. I could hear Sayaka’s breathe next to me. 

“Why did she act strong?” I spoke to myself.

“Because she doesn’t want to worry you.”

I knew she was suffering from her wound. But she acted like she always did, she smiled, she didn’t show any sign of pain. It was almost as if she was dying inside. She was so strong, definitely more than me.

“Let’s come back inside.” I nodded and followed Sayaka.

I sat on the couch while Sayaka seemed to look for something.

“I found it.” She suddenly spoke aloud.

She reached my side, giving me black stuff.

“Be careful with it.”

I stared at it until I felt a button under my thumb. I slowly pressed it. It was a knife with a retractable blade.

“Thanks.” I mumbled, putting it in my pocket.

I hope I will not have to use it.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

“You’re suspicious Anna.” Miyuki teased me in a soft tone.

“I’m just nervous. I don’t wanna someone catch us.” I honestly answered.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.”

If only Yuria could be there too.

“Are you still hurt?”

“I’m burning from inside, but I can stand it.”

“Anna, how can you keep quiet about it?”

“I don’t know.”

I endured the pain for a few days but when the wound was opened again, I couldn’t anymore. I hid it in front of Yuria, it was all I could do. It was as if my stomach was put in the middle of flames.

We reached the hospital in silence. I nervously walked next to Miyuki who looked perfectly fine. How could she do this? This girl was really something. We finally met the doctor.

“Can you show me your wound, miss?” His voice stopped my thoughts.

I removed my top. Miyuki’s bandage was almost entirely red. Kinda horrible. The man lifted it slowly, but it made me wince in pain.

“It could have been more serious if it was infected. We just need to stitch the wound, and you could leave in two days I think.”

I nodded, it wasn’t too long finally. But I’ll be completely alone for these days. What if something happens?

“You should have brought her sooner, Watanabe-san.”

“I did it sooner as I could, sir.” Miyuki smiled a bit.

She was a good liar though. This man was her superior, she was working there. Maybe she could stay by my side.

“You can go to your bedroom Iriyama-san. I’ll visit you later to speak about the operation.” I nodded and left with Miyuki.

It was white, too white. I put my bag down and sat on the bed.

“What are you going to do?” I asked Miyuki, looking through the window.

“I need to stay with you.” 

I nodded slowly, not really to be able to stand everything. I was afraid.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“Miyuki?” The sudden shout pulled me away from my sleep.

I let out a groan, standing up. I should stop sleeping anytime. I reached the living room. Sayaka and Miyuki were here. Wait, Miyuki?

“What are you doing here?”

Miyuki looked pale. It was freaking me out. Where was Anna? She couldn’t let her alone at the hospital, right?

“Anna, she wasn’t in her room…” She spoke, afraid.

“How? You weren’t with her?” I demanded an explanation.

I tried to stay calm, to not panic. My girlfriend was chased by crazy men, and she just disappeared.

“I was but the doctor called me to check some stuff and when I came back…”

I couldn’t blame Miyuki after all. She couldn’t watch over Anna all the time. I thought for a couple of seconds, staring at the floor. What did I need to do? My father. It was surely him. I will call him. But first, I needed to leave the house.

“I need to go.”

I left to my car. I didn’t have to hide anymore to go outside. I drove for some time, staying focus on the road. Anna was missing, again. Why? Why did everything happen to us? They just could cancel the wedding and let us live our lives. I stopped the car in an empty car park. It was far enough. I took my phone and called my father.

‘My dear daughter.’

“Where is Anna?”

I expected him to taunt me, but he remained silent.

“Answer me.” I snapped, clenching my fist.

‘Are you going to treat me, girl?’ He asked in a serious tone.

“What if I do?”

‘Try me.’

“You have her, right?”

I let my voice being less cold. I didn’t want something to happen to Anna.

‘I don’t.’

I couldn’t believe him, I didn’t even know why I called him.

‘If she isn’t with one of us, I know where I can find her. Thanks.’ He hanged up.

I just gave precious information to my father. It was awful. I didn’t think twice and left to Anna’s father. I didn’t see him a lot. I didn’t know what he wanted from his daughter. At least, I could hope he will not hurt her. Once I was there, I carefully reached the gate, taking a deep breath. I pressed the black button slowly.

‘Iriyama-sama didn’t wait for anyone today.’

“I’m Kizaki’s daughter.”

To Be Continued…

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Re: Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 10 [Part 1]: Time has come
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Hello! It's the last chapter, but it will be in tow part.
Hope you enjoy it :)

Chapter 10 [Part 1]: Time has come
Kizaki Yuria’s POV

The gate opened in front of me. I went in, trying to not look too nervous. A young maid guided me into the house. We went upstairs, and she let me alone in an empty office.

“You’re coming here, alone and without any weapons.” A familiar voice told me.

“I’m not here to fight.” I honestly answered.

I couldn’t see him. He was sitting in front of me, but his seat’s back was too big.

“What do you want then?”

“I want to see Anna.”

He turned around slowly. His face looked calm and serious, there was no hint of anger. Another maid suddenly appeared behind me.

“Take her to Anna’s room.”

“Fine, Iriyama-sama.”

I looked at me with disbelief. Was it a trap? Did he plan to kill me or something? I didn’t know, but I stood up and followed the maid.

We were in front of a big white door. The woman opened it slowly and let me go in. Anna was here. She was lying in a bed, probably sleeping. I reached her slowly, holding my breath.

“She is recovering from the surgery.” Anna’s father talked behind me.

I took her warm hand in mine. I didn’t want to lose her. I had plenty questions for the man, but I just stayed quiet.

“I want Anna to be happy.”

His word took me aback. I turned around, letting Anna’s hand go.

“How could I trust you?”

“I will help you to leave the country.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Was he serious? He wanted Anna to be married to my brother a few months ago. Perhaps, he changed. That was what I hoped. A light groan disturbed my thoughts. Anna’s father left me, and I focused on the sleeping girl again.


She opened her eyes slowly, her face blank, almost emotionless. I managed to show her a light smile and grabbed her hand. She squeezed it a bit.

“Yuria…” She spoke in a weak tone. “What are you doing here?” She managed to ask.

“Everything will be fine. Just rest, okay?” I told her, stroking her forehead.

Everything will be fine. I kept saying this, but I still didn’t believe myself. Was Anna’s father honest? Will he really help us? I hoped… I hoped because I couldn’t do anything else that counting on him. I left Anna’s room, releasing a light sigh. I distinguished a figure next to me, leaning on the wall.

“Come with me.” Anna’s father told me in a cold tone.

I remained quiet and followed him. Even enough I knew he could quickly kill me I wasn’t afraid. We took the downstairs and went a small room. It was mostly grey, it looked like an office. He reached his desk, opening a drawer. Then, he pulled out a phone and a gun.

“What is it?” I asked, a bit surprised.

“It’s yours now.” He spoke without looking at me. “A disposable telephone.” He handed it to me.

I came closer, taking it. It could be useful to call Sayaka or Yui. I didn’t say anything to my friends. Sayaka and Yui must have been worried. Miyuki as well.

“And your gun.”

I stared at it. I couldn’t take it. I felt my breath becoming heavier, my heart squeezing in my chest.

“It will not kill you.”

“It kills people.” I only answered without turning my eyes away from the gun.

“If you don’t take it, I’ll not let you with Anna.”

Wait. Was it for Anna’s safety? He wanted me to protect her, right? I made a careful step and grabbed it. I didn’t even know how to use it. He also gave me a holster. I removed my jacket and put it, the gun inside.

“Look.” His voice caught my attention. “You put your both hands, and you recharge like this.” He told, showing me with his own.

I only nodded. What the hell was I doing? Well, it was for Anna’s and my safety after all…

“I know you will not miss your target.” He spoke before leaving me alone.

My target? He was sure that I’ll need to use it, right? I didn’t even touch one for my whole life. How could he be that sure? I couldn’t process anything.

“Miss?” A young voice stopped my thoughts. “Iriyama-sama asked me to show you your room.”

I turned around, discovering a maid. I nodded and followed her. The house looked empty. I could see a few guards walking around. Once I reached my new room, again. I cast a quick glance outside. Everything seemed normal. But I knew it wasn’t. Creepy stuff happened in the cellar, I was sure.

“I was wrong about you.” A voice startled me. “I thought you were going to take Anna away. There was a rumour that you joined your father’s gang.” 

“I love Anna with my whole heart. I want to protect her.” I answered, turning around.

“Do you? You don’t even know her.”

Anna’s father was wrong. I knew her. I understood her, I tried at least.

“You’re the one who breaks her life.”

“I made a huge mistake. But I’m going to repair it.”

I just wanted us to be okay. I needed to let him help us. I didn’t have any choice.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I didn’t remember how long I was recovering from my surgery. I knew Yuria was here. She spent a lot of her time with me. We didn’t talk about the gang, our fathers or another escape. She had something in mind. I easily could see it. But I didn’t know what. I didn’t dare to ask. I was afraid, afraid of losing everything I had, afraid of losing Yuria.

“How are you?”

“Better. The doctor said I could leave the room.” I answered, still looking by the window.

This room was like a hospital, and I finally could leave it. Yuria reached me, putting her arms around my waist from behind. She let a trail of kissed along my neck. It had been a long time that I didn’t feel her skin against mine. I broke the hug, looking at her. She was smiling. Cute as always. I kissed her lips, resting my hands on her waist. She quickly kissed me back. I pushed her to the near bed until her knee touched the sheet. I pulled away, smiling. She looked stunned by my sudden action. I pushed her down, kissing her neck. Her body tensed up.

“W-Wait…” She mumbled suddenly.

I stared at her, trying to understand. Her face was anxious, something was wrong. But I saw it. I distinguished the holster which was hidden under her jacket. She noticed it and bit her lip. I stood up, definitely angry.

“What is that?”

“Your father gave it to me.” She sat straight, avoiding my eyes.

“Why did you accept?”

I needed an answer. It wasn’t Yuria’s style to carry that kind of stuff. It was dangerous.

“To protect us.” She also stood up, but I stepped back. “He wanted me to protect you. He wanted to pull us apart if I didn’t take it. I don’t want to lose you.”

“Why? We could run away again, right?” My voice was shaking.

“He wants to help us. We can’t miss this chance.” She grabbed both my hands slowly as if she didn’t want to break me into pieces.

“I don’t want you to become a killer.” I cracked, feeling the tears running over my cheeks. “It’s wrong Yuria. You shouldn’t…”

“It’s okay. Please, trust me.” She did her best to reassure me, stroking my cheek.

“I love you so much.” I put myself in her arms, feeling her squeezing my body into a tight hug.

I needed to tell her again. Yuria was all my life. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened without her.

“I love you too.”

I wanted to stay here forever. It felt warm.

“I need to call Sayaka and Yui.” She suddenly exclaimed, broking the hug.

I laughed, looking at her.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I let a light kiss on Anna’s cheek and left her to my room. I took the phone and called Yui. Fortunately, I remembered her phone number.


“Yui!” I almost shouted her name, too happy to hear her voice.

‘Yuria?! Are you okay? Sayaka told me you suddenly left.’ I could easily discern worry in her voice.

“I’m okay. I found Anna. I can’t tell you everything now, but I needed to thank you for what’ve done.” I paused a few seconds. “We’re going to leave the country.”

‘Call when you can, okay? Take care of you and Anna.’

“Yeah. Thank Haruka by the way.”

‘I will. Bye.’ Her voice sounded empty.

Yui was always here for me. She helped me so much. I hoped she will be fine. I didn’t answer, pressing the button to stop the call. I released a shaking sigh. I dialed Sayaka’s number.

‘Who is it?’

“It’s Yuria.”

She remained quiet for a few seconds.

‘You’re such an idiot. You afraid us so much.’

She must have been anxious, Sayaka rarely showed it. But I was glad to feel her worry for me.

“I’m sorry… I found Anna, and we’re both okay.”

‘Are you still in Japan?’

“Yeah but we’re going to leave… Thank you, Sayaka.”

‘If you need anything I’m here, okay?'

“I know. Thank you. Bye”


We didn’t know if we were going to see each other again. Sayaka and I understood each other pretty quickly. I remembered the knife in my pocket. I took it, smiling. Even though it kinda afraid me, I couldn’t lose it. 

“Yuria?” I put the knife back in my pocket and looked at my girlfriend. “My father is waiting for us.”

I nodded and followed her. We met him in his office. The atmosphere was cold and definitely creepy. His rough voice broke the silence.

“Time has come.”

To Be Continued…

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Re: Hold me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 10 [Part 2]: Time has come [END]
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Hello !

I'm sorry for the late update :/ It's finally the end, well, kind of... For more info, please check my blog :)

I hope you enjoyed the story!

Smut version: here

Chapter 10 [Part 2] END: Time has come

Once Anna’s father finished to explain us, I stayed in the office. I gulped, remembering the plan for the umpteenth time. We will leave the house in an armoured car to reach the airport. Here, my father’s men will surely wait for us. Once they see Anna and me, they will call my father. We need to move quickly and discreetly to the private jet. But it will not happen had we planned. Everyone knew it.

“Everything’s okay Kizaki?”

“I guess so.” I answered, standing up.

“Try to not mess up everything.” The head smiled at me.

It wasn’t a mocking smile. It looked real. Wait. Did he was making fun of me?

“I will not.” I seriously told him, looking right into his eyes.

He nodded, and I left him. I reached my room where Anna was evidently waiting for me. I pushed the door slowly. She was here, lying on the bed. I walked closer, looking at her. She was wearing a short pink kimono.

“Ugh. Why is my girlfriend so sexy?” I teased her, sitting on the edge of the bed.

I couldn’t help myself to stare at her, seeing every detail of her skin.

“Anna… You shouldn’t tempt me like this.” I looked away but quickly felt her arms around my body from behind.

She licked my ear slowly. I closed my eyes.

“Is something wrong Yuria?” She whispered in a seductive tone.

“Ahh…” I couldn’t hold back my moan anymore when I felt her tongue rolling on my neck.

I turned around, kissing her lips gently. I turned around, kissing her lips gently. Tomorrow will be a long day. But for now, I wanted to enjoy this night with my girlfriend.

I opened my eyes slowly, the sun was already shining in the sky. I looked at Anna next to me. She was still sleeping. She looked so cute. I kissed her forehead gently.

“We need to get ready.” I spoke, still half asleep.

She groaned at my sentence. I stood up, grabbing my clothes. I reached the bathroom to take a shower. I made it quick. I was too nervous to stay here any longer. I passed by my room before leaving. I saw Anna, sitting on the bed.

“Morning.” She mumbled.

“Good morning.” I smiled, kissing her cheek.

I met Anna’s father in the living room. We checked the last stuff, waiting for his daughter.

“Are you ready?”

I didn’t know. I couldn’t feel ready.

“Of course.” I lied, feeling my heart squeezing in my chest.

“I’m here.” Anna’s voice spoke to me.

I stared at her for a few seconds. Was she okay? Anna’s father left with his men, leaving us alone.

“I’m afraid.” Anna spoke, avoiding my eyes.

“I know.”

I cupped her face gently. I wanted to reassure her, but I didn’t know how. I suddenly felt unable to reach her.

“Yuria?” Her voice pulled me from my thoughts. “Thank you for what’ve you done.  I don’t know what would have happened without you. You changed my life, you made it better.”

I remained speechless. What a sudden confession. I managed to smile, pulling Anna into my arms.

“You can’t know how much I love you, Anna. I did it because you mean so much to me. It’s the first time I’m feeling this way.” I finally admitted while she hugged me back. 

After a couple of seconds, we pulled away, looking at each other. I took Anna’s hand in mine. We left to her father. It could be our last car ride, our final everything. The ride wasn’t too long, but it looked like an eternity. Anna stayed quiet. We will leave the country and then, everything will be alright.

“We’re here.”

I released a heavy sigh like I was holding it back since I got in the car. I let Anna’s hand go reluctantly. We walked to the private jet, both of us. In the crowd, nobody seemed to notice us. But once in front of the plane, a few men were waiting for us. I distinguished my father.

“My dear daughter.” He grinned while his men robbed their guns on us. “Give me Anna.”

Anna wasn’t an object. I hated him, I wanted him to suffer as we did.

“What if I refuse?”

“I’m gonna use force.” He immediately answered, looking at his men. “They are under my command.”

I knew. I couldn’t do anything. We were surrounded, they were too many. I couldn’t stop my father. I felt a light squeeze around my hand. I cast a quick glance at Anna. I needed to do everything to protect her. I put my hand in my jacket, pulling my gun out.

“This isn’t a toy, you know?”

I pointed it at him. If I killed him, his men would become useless against us, right?

“Let us leave, or I’ll kill you.” I spoke in a cold tone.

I wasn’t shaking, my arm stayed straight, ready to press the trigger. Was I really going to do it? What will Anna think of me? I didn’t want to become a killer, but I was protecting Anna and me. I also did it for myself, I didn’t want to die. ‘I know you will not miss your target.’ He knew it, Anna’s father knew it. How could he be that sure? If I missed, I would have been dead, and Anna will be brought back to my brother or killed.

“I’m not going anywhere without the girl.”

“As you want.”

My words were followed by a gunshot. Right in my father’s heart. I didn’t miss my target. My father’s men remained to stare at me. I took Anna’s hand and pulled her to the jet. I had just killed my father.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

Everything was over. I couldn’t really believe what I just saw. I was shaking, but I felt relieved.

“Anna…” Yuria spoke in a soft tone.

She raised her hand to stroke my cheek, but she suddenly stopped as if she didn’t want to hurt me. She did it to protect us. I still trusted her, my feeling will not change. I threw myself into her arms.

“Thank you.” I told her, feeling her hugging me back.

“You don’t hate me, right?” She asked with a weak voice.

“I can’t hate you.” I answered and broke the warm embrace. “I love you.”

She smiled, kissing my lips. I put a hand on her cheek, wiping the tears which started running. It must have been so hard for her.

“Let’s start our new life.”

I nodded, ready. Nobody could stop us anymore. Yuria was by my side. We loved each other, and it will never end.

End of the first part.

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