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H!P News and Releases / Re: Juice=Juice WORLD Tour 2017!
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Brazilian fans did dance-covers of J=J songs. Leader is pleased that her Team seems to be more well-known that she had thought,

Somebody designed a T-shirt with a sketch of Psyco-Karin on it: The resemblance is uncanny!

The second end with YuriAnnin!

Enjoy :)

Because I love you [END] (YuriAnnin)

Anna’s POV

I messed up everything. Yuria hated me. I was so stupid. I was in love with her. She hated me because of what happened between Rena and me. Yet, I didn’t expect her to come to me. I didn’t think she will kiss me. And finally, she ran away. What should I do?  I heard a light knock on my home’s door. I opened it, discovering Rena.

“What are you doing here?” I told her in a cold tone.

“I wanted to warn you. Don’t dare to hurt Yuria.” She answered in an almost harsh tone.

I could do anything else than smiling. This girl was more idiot than me.

“You’re the one who dumped her.”

She looked at me without talking. I was right, it was her whole fault if Yuria was upset.

“I was here when she came back crying at Yui’s restaurant.”

I was angry with her. I didn’t understand how Yuria could fall in love with her. She deserved better than Rena. Well, I wasn’t better than Rena anyway. We were both stupid to let Yuria go. 

“She loves you.” She told me, turning her eyes away from mine.

I knew it. As I said, she deserved better than us. I didn’t know if she still loved Rena. I didn’t want her to suffer. I let out a sigh and closed the door without answering. 

It was the end of the day. I spent my time with Juri and Rina as usual. Yuria was still not at school. It made me sad. I missed her. I was talking with my friends until a voice stopped me.

“Anna!” She shouted my name, making me stop chatting.

I turned around, looking at her with a stunned expression. It was Yuria. Too many questions were in my head right now. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to a quiet place. I only followed her in silence.

“Can you stop playing with me?” She yelled angry with me.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. She kissed me, she hated me and then she loved me. I didn’t understand anything.

“Me? I’m not the one who kissed you.” I shouted back, making her release my wrist.

“You serious? You keep smiling at me, you even kissed me back.”

I had a reason.

“Because I love you!”

I wanted to cry but I managed to calm myself. Yuria remained quiet, staring at me.

“Anna…” She spoke in a light tone after a few seconds.

“I’m leaving.”

I turned around and started walking away. I felt her hugging me from behind tightly. I didn’t move anymore.

“That’s your fault if Rena and I broke up.” She said in a low voice.

I grabbed her hands, trying to make her released me. I couldn’t, I wasn’t strong enough.

“Because I love you.”

My heart stopped beating, hearing her words. She unwrapped her arms while I turned around. She was intensely looking at me.

“I thought you hated me.” I said, letting out a light sigh.

“I know what happened between you and Rena. That’s why I tried to hate you.”

It made me upset. My past suddenly came back. It wasn’t me anymore. I grew up, I’ve changed.

“You shouldn’t love me then.” I spoke in a harsh tone.

“What if I do? What if I believe in you? What if I think you’re not a player?”

I remained quiet, staring at her. I didn’t know what to say. Did she trust me? I couldn’t think that it was true. I let out a weak sigh and turned around. I didn’t walk, I only stayed here.

“You’re an idiot…” Yuria muttered still behind me.

I burst into tears. I couldn’t take it anymore. It hurt me. I wanted to be with Yuria but I couldn’t accept it.

“Anna!” She said, running to me.

I hid my face in my hands. I was weak. She took me into a warm hug. She stroked my hair slowly, making me calmer.

“It’s okay… Don’t cry…” She said in a whisper.

“I love you Yuria. I’m sorry for what I have done. But please, don’t leave me.” I said between my sobs.

We stayed like this for a few seconds, until I calmed myself. I didn’t want to let her go. I didn’t want to break the hug. I moved a bit, making her stop to stroke my hair. I pushed myself away without looking at her.

“You must think that I’m an idiot…”

She let out a light chuckle, lifting my chin with her hand. She smiled. I couldn’t tell how cute she looked.

“You’re not.” She paused a few seconds and released my face. “I love you Anna.”

I leaned to her, crashing my lips against hers. It was so soft. I felt her kissing me back. She put her feelings in that kiss, not like the first time. It was perfect, our lips playing together. I didn’t want this to end.

The End.


This got me go all kyunkyun!! the best part is how you said this is only the first part!  :ding:

Mona wanted her from the beginning! Otsukare and waiting for the next update!  :tama-laff:
Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
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The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) SUPER☆GiRLS
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In other news Runachu is now officially on hiatus - she had been mia for a little bit.

And Hotaru is in a new "green group" - consisting of the the green members of SG (not Nanna tho), Kamiyado and Band Ja Naimon!
Hello and welcome back to Shinigami Playground! Here's chapter 5.

Wheew, it's almost the end of the year. Time sure flies. And I only manage to make 5 chaps in a year. Shocking.

@MaYukiIsLife: I was actually thinking of choosing Maimai and Akanen as representatives who 'deals with troublemakers', but then I realized that there won't be anyone acting as a brake once their anger is lit. So the role ends up given to the cool-headed Techi, ha ha  :sweatdrop:

@Shinoki: Thanks~ It's fun drawing Techi since she gave a whole different vibe. And I just can't stop watching her performance when searching for references :roll:

@Ruka Kikuchi: Oh, no no. This is just the start of another level of craziness~  :lol:

That's all for the comments. Let's get on to the story.

Shinigami Playground
Chapter 05: Keikenchi Kasegi ~Let's Grind Some Level

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen—though it's all just ladies, good to see you all here.”

The girl in baggy t-shirt exclaimed as she walked in, her hands tucked behind her back. Two figures sat down on the grass in front of her, eyes silently locked on her swaying movements.

“Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time the world fell into corruption and almost reaching its end. In order to purify it the High Heaven invited the reapers—a pair of human and shinigami, to compete in a game of kegare hunting.”

The girl swiftly turned at her spectators.

“Yes. A hunt. And if you think it'll be like hunting for easter eggs then you can kiss yer life goodbye. Things will get dangerous over time and stronger ayakashi will appear more and more. But you want to survive, don't you? You want to waltz through this game alive so you can come back to your peaceful life, don't you? Then I'll give ya what you need.”

She grinned and raised her index finger to the sky.

“Let's get this started; the hell and heaven training regime!”

…why am I here?

Ryouha stared at the absurd scene for a while, before burying her face to her folded arms. She could hear a loud cheer, a certain shinigami's frivolous laugh haunting her with Yuuri's slow claps resounding in the background.

Indeed, why is she here? All she remembered was losing her consciousness somewhere when Nagisa was carrying her home after the whole ordeal with the cursed soul yesterday.

Wait, it got to be that. That piece of paper she found stuck on her red-but-now-tainted-in-black school jersey on her bedroom floor. She noticed them this morning right after she woke up and kicked Nagisa out for changing her clothes without permission again.

She had had a bad feeling about it. And now she's wondering why she even tried to pry the paper off, staring at the single letter inscribed on its other side.


It felt like she'd just drawn the worst luck in omikuji1, complete with the bonus curses. She knew that everything was too late once that strange yet so familiar magic circle appeared under her feet, and in a flash of blinding light she was already here on this grass field beside the river. Shu, Yuuri, and Nagisa staring at her perplexed face as if she was the weird one.

“Aha ha ha~ Nice speech, Shu~”

Ryouha raised her face and peeked from behind her arms. The voice pulled her back to the present time. She could see Nagisa putting her hands together, a huge smile on her face.

“So? Can I leave now?”

She does have a good idea for once, Ryouha silently thought in agreement. But Shu remained unfazed. The girl swung her hand down, pointing at the shinigami.

“Didn't I make myself clear enough? The training is for you, ya worthless pair of human and shinigami.”

“Now, now. I'm used to being called worthless but can you not call my vessel that way~?”

“Please don't get used to that young mistress, have some dignity.”

Yuuri swiftly interjected. Shu simply ignored her and continued.

“A good-for-nothing shinigami with no dignity and her weak vessel that piss her pants when seeing ayakashi. Yep. Worthless indeed.”

Ryouha felt her eye twitched from that. She considered herself to be quite the patient one but this girl was starting to get on her nerve, even more than Nagisa.

“And you. If you think something along the line of 'I don't need to get stronger. As long as I steer clear from ayakashi I can stay alive,' that's bullshit. In case you forget, you're a seed. So ayakashi will swarm around you like sharks chasing after a bloody carcass. Not that I mind if you want to die that way.”


“What with that look, ya angry? How about you show me, will you die crawling in a gutter or die fighting those ayakashi?”

“...I will live.”

“Pfft, big talk.”

Shu snorted. Her left hand shot out to grab the fleeing shinigami beside her.

“And when yer saying such cool line your god here just casually try to escape the scene.”

“That's not true~ My legs starting to feel numb from all the sitting so I'm just stretching them a bit.”

“Right. Sit down, ya petty liar.”

The smaller girl threw the shinigami back to the grass.

“Let me say it one more time; you guys are weak. So weak. And I'll tell ya why.”

Shu raised three fingers.

“You don't understand the three important aspects of shinigami possession; energy, stability, and bonds.”

“Eeh, what is that?”

“...a good amount of spiritual energy, stability of resonance, and connection between the souls.”

Ryouha finished for Nagisa flawlessly. Shu sighed as she heard that, dropping her arm.

“This is pitiful. Even yer vessel know better than you. But yeah, that's basically it. You can imagine it like stats in game; higher energy equals more damage, higher stability equals longer possession, while higher bonds, well, it affects a lot of things but putting it simply it gives you access to stronger abilities.”

“Oh. I think I've heard about that from Koko-chan.”

“Now that you get it I'll be giving ya training on this three aspects, at least until the two of you reached the necessary level to function properly as a reaper. And also, NO full possession. Sure it makes things easier for the shinigami since they can use their vessel's body like their own but it's also the fastest way to destroy a vessel and killing them.”

“Ha ha, ya sure about that one, Shu? First time I heard about it~”

Nagisa looked away, feeling Ryouha's glare boring into her from her side.

“But hey, what do you expect? She always run the moment she saw an ayakashi. If I didn't do that we can't hunt even a single soul.”

“That won't be a problem. I've prepared a perfect training for her.”

Shu swiped an enchanted paper out with two fingers, holding it in front of her face.

“Have you ever heard about Kaihogyo?”

Ryouha tensed, sensing something dangerous from the smirk that crept up Shu's face.

“It's an old ascetic training used by monks to strengthen their mind and body in a form of 100 to 1000 days marathon. But since we're short on time I'll add a little twist to it.”

The paper on the onmyoji's hand exploded into a small poof of smoke.

“A sudden death marathon.”

Ryouha felt a strong wind blew past her, leaving a small cut on her cheek. She turned her eyes to her side. It was an ethereal creature with a dog head on its end, its claws digging on Nagisa's face as its bloodthirsty eyes locked toward her. Her shinigami partner hit the ground in the next second, and Ryouha scrambled to her feet, running with everything she had as the hungry shiki chased after her.

“Not bad. I guess her cowardly nature does help in a flight or death situation.”

“Nagisa-sama! Are you okay?”

Yuuri rushed toward her fallen master like a good retainer she was, but Nagisa simply raised one hand and flexed her body back to a sitting position. A huge smile on her face despite the blood splurting out from her forehead.

“Oi, Shu~ That was frickin hurt, y'know~”

“My bad. My hand slipped.”

Shu replied in little to no interest, watching Yuuri tending to the scratches on Nagisa's face and putting bandaids over them. She dug her hands to her pockets.

“Yuuri. Can ya look after that vessel's training? Just make sure she won't die in the middle of the street and create more ruckus. I'll take care of this one.”

“Fine, I understand. Please don't go overboard. And stop abusing the young mistress for once.”

“Pfft. Yeah, sure.”

Yuuri tapped the last bandaid to Nagisa's cheek, giving her master a quick smile, before leaving toward the direction Ryouha had gone. Shu turned her attention to the remaining shinigami.


Nagisa stood and patted her dirty shorts.

“Are we doing the usual sparring?”


Shu took a twig from somewhere on the ground, using it to draw a makeshift circle around the shinigami. Nagisa silently watched her all the while.

“I still need to recover my injuries from the previous battle. And I'd like to focus on strengthening your vessel first, at least until she graduate from 'a human of Utsushiyo who can see ayakashi' to a proper human practitioner from Kakuriyo. That'll help as foundation for further training and to avoid unnecessary suspicions.”

“Okay~ Then can I leave now?”

“And what makes you think you won't be getting any training?”

“Well, I'm strong enough.”

“Let's see. I can keep up with you in one-on-one battle despite being a human and once I use shinigami possession you're toast. So, nope. For the standard of this game you're weak.”

“Aww, thanks for your honest opinion, Shu~ Can I beat you up and prove otherwise~?”

“There. Always biting on the first provocation. That's one crucial part you need to fix.”

Nagisa paused as she heard that, giving Shu a suspicious look.

“Are you lecturing me about self-control?”

“Oh. Can't believe you catch on that. That's right, self-control.”

Shu smirked and tossed the twig away.

“Human's body is not build to contain the power of god. So for you shinigami what matters most when possessing a human isn't how to exert your power but more on how to control it. It takes focus and precision.”

“Aah, I've heard enough about that from Jonishi-sensei.”

“Like hell it's enough.”

The girl snarled and pulled the shinigami by the ear.

“Controlling one's spiritual energy and synchronizing it with their vessel's will create a stable resonance; it's a basic knowledge needed for shinigami so they can materialize reaping power without damaging their vessel, hence performing their possession for a longer period of time. But what? Instead of doing that you force control over yer vessel and use a power beyond what her physical body can endure. Heck, even with all the compatibility and heightened regen from the permanent contract I'm surprised she's still alive until now.”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch. Okay, I get it~ I just have to start controlling my power from now, right?”

“Saying it so lightly... Try proving it then.”

She released the shinigami and stepped away.

“Stay inside this circle until yer vessel finish the Kaihogyo. That will be yer training. Simple, isn't it?”

Nagisa held her ear and stared at the said circle for a while, before turning to Shu.

“Wow, so simple~ Simple enough that I know yer making fun of me.”

“This is a serious training. I'm not making fun of you or anything.”

Shu swished out an enchanted paper from her pocket, releasing it on the air to summon a folding chair. The girl sat on it and crossed her legs in a comfortable position, pulling out a book from under it. Nagisa smiled wider as she saw the book title.

“Well then, Shu-chan~ Why is the cover of your book says 'Effective ways to train your dog'?”

“Yer imagining things.”

“You clearly makes fun of me, ain't cha?”

“Stay inside the circle.”

Nagisa stopped abruptly. Her boots hovering slightly above the line. Shu lowered her book, a mischievous smile on her face as she watched the shinigami put her foot back inside the circle.

“Good girl. I'll give you another info as a present; the way you do yer possession is so crude, it hurts like hell, and you always treat your vessel like a glass cannon. Keep using an ordinary human that way and they'll die in one or two more possessions.”

“Huh. Is that why she always faint every time?”

“It's not obvious enough for you?”

Nagisa paused, seemingly thinking, before she heaved herself down to the grass.

“Fine, I get it. I'll learn this self-control or whatever you're talking about.”

“ you care that much about yer current vessel?”

“You said something?”


Shu sighed and slid further down the chair, putting the previous book above her face.

“I'm taking a nap. If you step out of the circle, well, frankly I don't care. It's your own loss.”

The onmyoji closed her eyes. The only thing could be heard after that was the wind blowing against the trees and the sound of some children playing on the distance. The silence lingered for a while, until she decided to speak.

“Hey, Nagi.”


“What were you thinking, making that girl your divine vessel.”

Nagisa tilted her head as she heard that, and Shu continued.

“If you wait until the ceremony you'll be given the proper right to attend Shinigami Playground. And you've also been assigned with the best vessel chosen from the branch families.”

“Aah... Aha ha ha, now that you mention it, what happened to that certain chosen one?”

“She disappeared right after you left. Knowing her she's probably gonna make you suffer for all that humiliation you gave her.”

“Whoa, that's scary... I wonder if she'll let me go if I apologize.”

Shu snorted.

“Try it. And call me when you do. I'll watch over your final moment with popcorns in hand.”

Nagisa let out a loud whine and hung her head.

“That matter aside, I've reported what happened with the cursed soul to the great master. They told me to leave it be for now.”

“See? Told ya not to sweat it, that person actually doesn't care. Not like they ever care...”

Shu lifted her book slightly, staring at the shinigami. She could sense a change in Nagisa's tone but the shinigami quickly masked it with another laugh. The girl sighed and put her book away, Nagisa staring at her curiosly as she pulled out her phone.

“Yer calling someone?”

“Hell's delivery service. Isn't it about time ya send the purified souls to the Ministry of Right and Wrong?”

Nagisa shot to her feet instantly, barely stopping herself from jumping out of the circle. She slowly turned her face to the girl.

“Err, Shu? Can we put that matter away till this training is finished?”

“Why? Ya hafta hand over those souls anyway, sooner or later.”

“Well~ I don't mind handing the souls but those hell people always send—“

“Oh, lucky.”

Shu flipped her phone, showing the screen to Nagisa.

“It's yer favorite kitten as always.”

Thank you for calling us!
Your messenger kasha2 is: Kurokawa Hazuki
Please wait a moment for their arrival

Keep up with the souls collecting~

Nagisa paled as she read that. Her whole body grew limp as the grass around the area rustled. A cat bell chimed in the distant, drawing closer and closer. Shu smiled and pulled back her phone.

“You ask for it, Nagi. Now yer training will finally get a little more interesting.”


How did it come down to this...

Ryouha panted, resting her hands on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. A low growl entered her ears and she flinched, toiling away before the shiki managed to attack her again. The people around her gave her a weird look as she did.

This is just ridiculous. How much longer does she have to run? She might be confident in running but when it came down to it she's actually not the athletic type. And of course she'd never done a marathon before. In fact, she's sure that normal marathon didn't include a rabid dog spirit threatening to eat you whenever you drop your pace. She glanced behind her for a while, catching a glimpse of the said shiki lurking on the distance.

She noticed something about it on this thirty minutes since the training started; first, other people couldn't perceive its existence since it's a creature from Kakuriyo. But unlike ayakashi it seemed like it could interact with physical objects outside of Magatoki. It's proven from how it managed to graze her skin and how it swiveled away from people instead of just phasing through them. Second, it didn't seem like it would attack as long as she didn't stop moving. It only did when she stopped completely but not when she slowed her run for a while, meaning that it also knew that it's impossible for her to run full speed all the time. She started to understand what this training was all about.

It wasn't about grinding her stamina, but how she learn to think clearly without being frozen by the fear of being eaten. Ryouha let out her breath, slowing down a bit as she tried to fix her pace.


She gasped and turned on her heel, barely dodging the shiki as it tried to bite her right foot off. The girl tumbled down the grass from the momentum, before pushing herself back up and ran faster. No, it's still about stamina. She didn't have the power to fight back so she could only rely on her stamina. She might have a chance in residential area but in an empty grass field like this her options are limited. It seemed like the shiki also purposely kept her running along the river and would attack whenever she went off track. So she had no other choice but to keep on running.

Another minutes passed by. Her legs started to feel heavy like she was running through mud. Her consciousness started to wobble. It was as if she was there in the moment but nowhere at the same time. Something about it felt familiar though; how her body kept moving almost automatically with her mind detached as if she's watching everything from a different plane. Yes, it was almost similar to that; to shinigami possession.

She didn't know whether Shu gave this training to teach her that or she just realized it on her own. But if her feeling was right, would that mean shinigami possession depended highly on the physical endurance of the human vessels? She wasn't quite sure. Perhaps it was one of the aspect but like they said, Kaihogyo trained not only the body but also the mind. She'd read about that from some old martial arts books in her mother's library but she didn't read much about it because the subject didn't interest her. Oh, how much she regretted it. But then again she never knew this kind of thing would ever happen. And it's not like it's impossible to search about that later. In fact, she had Chikako. That friend of hers is part of the kendo club so she probably knew about this mind and body concept in martial arts.


Oh, wow. She could already hear the girl's voice even now. Perhaps that's the power of the mind.

“Ryouha, over here!”


Ryouha narrowed her eyes, seeing someone waving at her in the distance.

It really is her.

Ryouha kicked off the ground, speeding up into full gear.

“Wow, Ryouha, it's really you! How rare to find you outside on saturday morning—whoa!”


She tackled the girl with everything she had, twirled her around, before quickly releasing her and continued running. Chikako stood dumbfounded for a while, trying to clear away the stars from her head, before deciding to chase after her fleeing friend.

“Wait, wait, wait. What was that? Why did you suddenly use me as a personal merry-go-round and run away the next second?”

“Sorry, Chika. It's just... I'm so happy to see you but I have to keep running.”

“Okaaay, you've been acting really really weird for the past few days.”

Ryouha couldn't argue with that. Even she herself felt like she had done nothing but crazy stuff since her first meeting with Nagisa. She couldn't blame people for thinking that way, but she couldn't explain what's happening either. So she decided to take the safe route called 'changing the subject'.

“Say, Chika... Umm, what...are you doing here?”

“Huh? Oh, me? I always do my running routine here every weekend. As part of the kendo club I have to keep my body fit.”

Oh, right. She completely forgot about that. She guessed Chikako had asked her to tag along before, way back in their first year of high school. And she of course abruptly yet politely declined.

Why did I give in so easily to laziness...

Ryouha silently sobbed, scolding her younger self. Then again it wasn't completely her fault. It was so hard for her to wake up early due to the effect of her medicine. That, and she blamed her comfy pillow. That alluring piece of fluffiness could easily trapped her in dreamland until way past afternoon. Chikako seemed to realize that something was troubling her friend. She ran a bit closer to the girl and whispered.

“Hey, Ryouha. Does your hallucination start acting out again?”

Ryouha flinched as she heard that, glancing at Chikako. The kansai girl let out an awkward chuckle.

“Well, you've been looking back for a few times. It's like you're being chased by some wild dogs.”

Ryouha bit her lip and looked away. It wasn't necessarily wrong, but she still couldn't tell her what happened yet. It's not like she didn't trust Chikako. She just didn't want any of her friends to get involved in Shinigami Playground, moreover hurt because of it. They're the last thread connecting her with her normal daily life and she wouldn't let this terrible game taking even that away. She let out her breath and shook her head.

“No, I'm fine. I haven't been hallucinating for a while. I just...”

She trailed off, trying to find a good excuse. An excuse strong enough to keep Chikako occupied.

“I just... start training myself so I could...join the track club next year...”

Chikako stared at her in silence. Ryouha almost thought her friend didn't buy that excuse until the girl broke into a loud cheer and hugged her.

“Yeah, Ryouha! Finally! You're taking the bold move~!”


Ryouha screamed inside her head, finally realizing that she just effectively stepped on a different land mine. She stuttered, trying to push Chikako away.

“W-what move? I don't know what you mean. And l-let me go, Chika. I can't run if you keep clinging on me.”

“Nuh-uh, no way! I'm so happy that my timid Ryouha is finally growing up. But no, no next year! We'll be on third grade already and it's too late to develop anything with Sae-sensei.”


“Or is that it? You can't let Sae-sensei see your inexperienced self so you start training and plan to surprise her next year? You're going to take the title of the track club ace in a swoop?”

Play along with her, Ryouha... Just play along...

Ryouha slowly nodded. Chikako let out another cheer, while Ryouha felt like she would pass out from embarrassment. A familiar growl pulled her back to reality and she clenched her fists, focusing back to the real matter at hand. Okay, she succeeded in steering away Chikako's attention. She just needed to make sure one last thing.

“So, um... Can you keep it a secret from Kanon? You know how quick she is in spreading rumors... and I want to make this a surprise...”

“You got it!”

The kansai girl patted her friend lightly on the head, grinning.

“Plus, you can ask me if you need any advice for your training. I'm not part of the track club but I know a quite a lot about running and other physical exercise.”

“Thanks, Chika. I'll keep that in mind.”

“Cool. So, which field do you plan to participate? Our school's track and field tends to compete in wide varieties of events from all-distance of running to high jumping. If you want to catch up with the regulars I think you need to choose one to focus on.”


Ryouha pulled away a little. She didn't know that much about sport actually.

“I was thinking about... something like a marathon...”

“Whoa, long-distance running? I thought you're more of a sprinter.”

“...I just feel like I need to build up my endurance. A-and it'll help me to stay awake.”

“Tsk, tsk, how naive. You can't beat the regulars with a determination that small.”

Chikako chuckled and shook her finger, earning a dry reaction from Ryouha.

“That aside, let's continue our chat some other time. We almost reach Kohoku park and I have a meeting with the kendo club there. How about you?”

“I think I'll be running along the river some more...”

“Okay, then. Don't push yourself too hard. And good luck!”

Chikako gave her friend a pat on the back, taking the next stairs down from the jogging track. Ryouha let out her breath once Chikako disappeared from view. She tapped her shoes to the ground to break her pace and switched into a small jump.

The almost forgotten shiki lunged for her feet again; this time she managed to dodge a lot better, losing her balance a bit but not until she rolled down the ground like before. The shiki growled from the failed attack, and Ryouha glared back at it, making it stiffened from the unexpected hostility. She darkly whispered.

“Go tell your cheeky owner... I will definitely survive through her senseless training.”



Shu sneezed and rubbed her nose. Her phone rang, showing the alarm on its screen.

“It's almost time for Magatoki.”

She pushed herself up from her seat, looking at a certain shinigami that was lying flat on the grass with her face planted to the dirt. The girl stood, stretching up her arms as she yawned, before nudging the shinigami with her foot.

“Get up, shithead. It's yer feeding time.”

Nagisa gasped and raised her face, showing the red trace of claws and bite marks on her skin. Her usually sloppy clothes were more disheveled than usual.

“That kasha—where—I'm still inside the circle!?”

“Yes. Congratulations, you are. The cat is hiding under yer jacket though.”

The shinigami froze, refusing to look behind her as she heard a loud meowing coming from her back. Shu ignored the loud scream that came afterwards and put her phone to her ear.

“Oi, Yuuri. How's that vessel?”

   --”She's holding up better than you predicted. Moreover I think that your inugami3 is somehow terrified of her now.”

“Pfft, no way. Where is she now?”

   --”She collapsed near Shikahama bridge so I took her to rest under it. I think she's fine except for some fatigue.”

“Fine. We'll start our hunt from there.”



Shu put her phone back inside her pocket. She turned her attention to the black cat stepping on Nagisa's head, watching it cheerfully biting and pulling on the shinigami's ear.

“Yo, Haako. Seems like yer having fun so mind giving us a little lift?”

The cat blinked. Its red eyes turned into slits. The small furry creature released her toy and purred.



The sky turned red. And in a cloud of smoke the cat transformed into a giant version of itself, a trail of flame grew from its limbs and its two tails.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Just that bridge over there.”

It lowered its head in reply, letting Shu hang onto its neck as it took Nagisa to its mouth.

“Wait, wait, if you bite on my jacket like that I'm gonna fall—“

“Hang on tight~”

The giant cat ignored Nagisa's protest kicked off the ground, jumping high into the air as if it was flying. It landed on the said bridge eight kilometers away without that much of a sound, proudly showing the shinigami that was dangling on her mouth like a dead mouse. Yuuri was already there waiting, her eyes wide in shock. Ryouha on the other hand decided that she was too tired to react. Shu ignored both of them and leaped down the cat.

“Thanks for the lift, Haako.”

“Shu! What did I just tell you about abusing the young mistress!?“

“I'm fine, Yuuri. No worries. Ha ha ha...”

The cat let out a low purr and flattened its ears, seemingly dejected.

“I'm sorry Nagi-chan, did I hurt you?”

“Huh? Nah, I'm okay. So, uh, can you release me now? I have some more souls to reap.”


The giant cat closed its eyes. The flame on its limbs grew and covered its whole body, while Nagisa rapidly flapped her hand on her jacket to stop the fire from spreading on it. The blazing heat finally withered after a while and a girl in black uniform jumped out from the flame, her arms locked around the shinigami's neck as they both fell to the asphalt in a painful thud. Well, mostly the pain was in Nagisa since the girl practically used her like a cushion as they fell.

“Let's play again some other time.”

“Oh, ha... Ha ha ha... Sure. Let's do that, Haako.”

Nagisa flatly answered, her eyes were blank despite the smile on her face. The kasha finally released her bear hug and smiled.

“Now show me your reaper mark.”

Nagisa complied and removed her gloves, showing the red skull on the back of her left palm. Haako's eyes turned into slits again as she saw the small scar on it.

“You're hurt! Who did that to you?”

She brought it up to her face and sniffed it, sending a small shiver down Nagisa's spine.

“A Jorogumo...”

“Uh, calm down, Haako. It was back from I signed the player's contract; it'll heal in no time.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yep, pretty sure. Ha ha~”

“If you say so.”

Nagisa secretly let out her breath in relief. She let the girl traced her finger over her reaper mark. The mark glowed in response, releasing the souls kept inside it. The souls were a bit different from when they were first reaped, glowing in soft bluish light instead of muddy red like before. Haako smiled and opened the upper lid of her backpack, watching the souls settling into it. She clicked the bag closed as she's done.

“I'll be going now. See you again, Nagi-chan.”

The girl moved to get a kiss from the shinigami, but Nagisa swiftly pulled away and blocked her attack with her hand, earning a pout from her. She finally settled with another bear hug, before transforming into her small cat form and skipped away. Nagisa let out a long sigh as the ayakashi finally disappeared.

“That was horrible... I thought they supposed to dispatch someone randomly, but why do I always get her as my messenger?”

The shinigami mumbled to herself and put back her gloves. She stood and looked around, finally noticing her human partner standing not far away.

“Oh, Ryou-chan yer here~ How's your training?”


Ryouha didn't answer. She didn't even give her usual huff or glare. She just stood there, staring at the shinigami with cold eyes as if witnessing the lowest scum in the world. Even the usually so dense Nagisa could feel that something was wrong from that look.

“Err, Ryou-chan? That's a bit different glare from usual. Are you mad at something?”


A short vague answer. Yuuri raised one hand to her chin as she heard that, as if a switch just clicked inside her head.

“Could it be? Is this the legendary condescending look of a tsundere waifu who saw the affair of her partner?”

“Keep your delusion to yerself, Otaku Yuuri, what are you even talking about.”

Shu dismissed the remark without losing a beat, calling Yuuri to her weapon form.

“Oi, you two. Keep yer lover's quarrel for later. You'll see more troublesome girls flocking around that flimsy god in time, believe me.”

Nagisa answered that with another whine, while Ryouha narrowed her eyes in disgust. She's mad of course, but that mostly because the shinigami seemed to be having fun while she was suffering with the hellish marathon. Calling it a lover's quarrel was a mistake. In fact, just imagining herself and Nagisa being together was enough to make her skin crawl. Shu seemed to realize this but it only added her amusement. She smirked and put her longsword to her shoulder.

“Good job surviving the first part of yer training. It's now time for the second part where you'll gain real-life combat experience. But before that I have one last thing to explain. Oi, Nagi. Open the Shinigami Playground apps on yer phone.”

“Huh? What for?”

“Just do it.”

Nagisa sighed and did as she was told.

“Shinigami Playground covers the whole portion of Tokyo Metropolis which consist of 23 special wards. In the duration of [Oni Gokko] barriers will be cast between those wards to prevent impurities outbreak, making traveling impossible. Shinigami can pass through the barrier using special permits obtained from kegare points but seeds and ayakashi can't.”

“Wait, what's that about the special permit?”

“It's none of yer concern, minus nine thousand.”

“Uurgh, fine. I've opened the apps. I can see the list of wards on [Locations] tab, but what about these things written beside them? Lv... Seed... Cont...”

“It's the quick access to monitor the ward's condition. [Lv] means Danger level, which shows the average strength of the ayakashi in the area. [Seed] as you know, is the number of seeds presents. They're the fodder that attract ayakashi so use them however you see fit, either as baits or as distractions.”

Ryouha squeezed her arm as she heard that, trying to reel in her anger. She still felt disturbed by Shu's way of thinking, but the onmyoji didn't seem to care and continued her speech.

“[Cont] is the Contamination level of the ward. It shows how strong the connection of that place with Yomi, the polluted kingdom of ayakashi. You might notice on our previous battle with the cursed soul there were black muddy holes that spawned ayakashi. Those are actually portals connecting Magatoki to Yomi, and highly contaminated wards have more of those portals.”

“...which means to get the most of our training, you chose us a ward with low danger level and high contamination.”

Shu whistled and gave Ryouha a slow clap.

“That's right, yer amazing to deduct that much. Unlike that idiot god of yours.”

“I heard that~”

“Well, enough talking. Isn't it about time you get yer reaping tool ready?”

Ryouha tensed as she heard that, seeing Shu bended down to her knees. She instantly drew out her right hand.



A huge whip of water shot out from the river, swinging down at the girls and breaking a great portion of the bridge. Ryouha felt her body flew away from the impact, the wind lessening her fall as she skidded on the asphalt.

“This is the Adachi ward. A ward with danger level of E and contamination level of B.”

She could hear Shu's voice coming from the other side of the bridge, smoke and debris hiding the onmyoji from view.

“It's a shitty ward with nearly no seed, so other reapers don't even bother using it as their hunting ground. A weakling like you better stay clear from its riverside though.”

Ryouha took that as a warning. She brought her halberd closer and ran further away from the bridge, dodging the water whips that chased after her. The barrage of attack vanished once she reached the residential area and she stopped her dash, resting her hand on the wall of a convenience store as the fatigue from the kaihogyo kicked again. She took a deep breath.


“Shh, don't talk to me. I'm in the middle of concentrating.”

Okay. What is that shinigami planning now? Ryouha didn't have time to think about it as she heard a fluttering sound from behind her. She instinctively raised her halberd and turned toward the sound. A white ghost-like ayakashi4 was there floating on the street, its long tail dragging behind it as its large eyes stared off into space. It looked so frail compared to all the ayakashi she had encountered before, but she knew she was in no position to underestimate them. The creature looked around itself as if in daze, before its eyes fell on the girl. As if stricken by something the ayakashi shrieked and lunged toward her, and Ryouha tightened her grip on her halberd, waiting for the instruction from her shinigami.



She barely dodged the attack, jumping to the side as the ayakashi dove head first and scraped the ground she was standing on with its fangs. She scampered from the ground and called her partner again in panic.

“Nagisa, what are you doing!”

“...huh? What? There's an ayakashi?”

The white creature shook its head and stared back at her.

“Give me the next command—“


Ryouha swung her halberd up, welcoming the creature with the blade and cutting through its soft body with no difficulty at all. The ayakashi dispersed in the air.

“Hmm, this is hard. I can't focus on controlling my spiritual energy while giving commands. Can't use full possession either.”

“What are you talking about?”

Ryouha darted her eyes away, hearing a new sound approaching her.

“This is the only way; you have to face those ayakashi by yerself, Ryou-chan. They're not strong so just think of this like a giant whack-a-mole.”

What? She stiffened from the absurd proposal, dodging another attack from a similar ayakashi. The ayakashi shook its head all the same, removing the rubbles from its face. This is no whack-a-mole! It could tear the street with its mouth; she's as good as dead if she's hit by that. The ayakashi repeated its attack, and Ryouha stepped away, avoiding its sharp fangs.

...calm down, Ryouha. You can do this.

She repeated the word inside her head, trying to stop her own trembling. It always used the same pattern of attack so she just needed to find the right timing to hit it. She swung her halberd down, catching the next attack short before it managed to reach her. She let out her breath, feeling her fear dissipated with it. More and more of that ayakashi swarmed around her and she turned to face them. The shaking in her limbs slowly disappeared.

She could do this. These guys are nothing compared to all the previous ayakashi she met before. She could take them on. She had to take them on. Ryouha gritted her teeth and swung her halberd in the exact timing of the ayakashi's attack, cutting them down one by one. Her movements looked stiff and awkward compared to Nagisa's, but her body had started to remember the basic; the range of her weapon, the way to strike her opponent, and how to follow up one attack with another. She spun and swung the halberd, finishing the last bit of the ayakashi in one downward swoop. She stared at its dispersing body in disbelief.

“Good job~ I know you can do it if you try~.”

She blinked, hearing Nagisa spoke again after what felt like forever.

“So, any pain or anything?”


Ryouha studied the sentence carefully. What does the shinigami mean by that? Did she do something different with the possession this time? She raised her hand and stared at it for a while, opening and closing her palm. Strange. Usually after a fight she wouldn't be able to move anymore. Her whole body would be screaming in pain as if torn from inside out, but right now she couldn't feel any discomfort except for the dull thumping in her head. Did Nagisa do something to lessen the burden on her body? That's possible. She does need to keep her alive so probably that previous lecture from Shu made the shinigami reassigned her priority. Ryouha sighed and lowered her hand.

“...I'm fine.”   

“Wheew, that's a relief. So anyway, I'm thinking of facing that water ayakashi from before.”

Ryouha narrowed her eyes as she heard that, feeling a slight deja vu.

“ strong do you think it is?”

“About as strong as the Tatari we faced in Akihabara? Maybe a lil' weaker.”

“Then we're not fighting it...”

Nagisa let out a whine as she heard that, much like Ryouha predicted. Looks like she hadn't really changed inside.

“Aww, come on~ It'll take forever to accumulate kegare points if we deal with those previous small fries. Can we at least find something a little stronger?”


A little. She couldn't really trust Nagisa on that. But if she think carefully about it, Tatari supposed to have the danger level of C or higher. So if that river ayakashi was around the same level as Tatari, then other ayakashi have to be level E or lower to match the average danger level of this ward. That means as long as she steered clear from the riverside she might stand a chance. This might also be a good chance for her to get used to shinigami possession. The girl mulled with her decision for a while before letting out a long sigh.

“...fine. But we're staying away from the river.”

“Alright~ Then let's continue the hunt.”


Ryouha flinched and turned toward the new sound, finding a different ayakashi above the electric pole; a round bright red creature with big eyes5, its two clawed feet gripping the iron pole tightly as it stared down at her. It looked just like a deformed water balloon with eyes, legs and tail. Another squeaking sound entered her ears and Ryouha glanced to her side, finding more of the creatures peeking from under the nearby car. Their number increased in time, their squeaks keep repeating like a broken record, but none of them seemed likely to attack. They just stood there staring at her, as if waiting for something.

“Another small fry? Let's just ignore them and get going—oh, wait.”

The creatures suddenly let out their loudest squeak simultaneously. The sky grew darker afterwards and Ryouha fearfully turned, sensing a strong presence looming behind her.

A giant goblin-like ayakashi5 appeared from behind the convenience store, its bug-like eyes stared down at her as it raised its mallet high.



The previous ayakashi scattered from the strike like a wave of red jelly beans while Ryouha jumped away, a bit too strong from her panic. She shielded her face from the reddish creatures as she suspended in mid air. The familiar sound of Nagisa's laugh ringing in her head.

“Aha ha ha, this is great~ Let's hunt that one, Ryou-chan~”

Ryouha grunted. She landed on her back, rolling on the asphalt a few times before clumsily stood to her feet; her body surprisingly withstood the impact with less to no bruises. The grotesque giant pulled its mallet from the ground and rolled its eyes toward her. She hastily raised her halberd in reply, keeping her shaky legs on place as the creature lunged at her. A small smile tugged on her lips.

I must be out of my mind...



Shu thrust her longsword down, stabbing the ayakashi under her feet and ripping its flesh open. Warm black sludge burst out from its wound, until the creature finally stopped moving and evaporated to thin air. She released her sword, letting it transformed to its human form.

“This is the third Tatari we encounter today, the tenth this week.”

“That's barely enough.”

Shu growled, wiping the mud on her face with the back of her hand as her shinigami partner ate the corrupted soul. Yuuri sighed as she saw that. She pulled out a handkerchief from her jacket pocket, using it to clean off the remaining mud from the smaller girl's face, earning another growl from her.

“Take it easy for a while, Shu. Your right arm is still injured.”

“Grrh, this is nothing. That aside, don't cha think it's strange?”

She pushed the shinigami away.

“Beside the Tatari we've found nothing but B level ayakashi or higher. Even though the danger level of this ward supposed to be C.”

Yuuri paused and lowered her hand.

“Is it a [Shepherd]'s doing?”

“Probably. If our intel is right, that is.”

Shu shrugged and walked past her partner, checking the ward's condition in her phone. Yuuri followed her with her eyes.

“Then we better return to Adachi ward. Nagisa-sama and her vessel might be in danger.”

“Heh, no need for that.”

Shu put her phone back as she saw another ayakashi on the distance. She smirked and glanced at Yuuri.

“You realized it too, right? Back in our fight with the cursed soul, someone was watching from the shadow and keeping those two safe. Well, their soul signature was a little different so I can't really pinpoint their location.”

“A different signature... A reaper from another clan?”

“Interesting, isn't it?”

Shu snickered and called back her reaping tool. She jumped off the roof and appeared above the ayakashi, driving her sword down its head. The ayakashi let out a painful shriek and thrashed wildly, splattering impure mud all over the street.

“That weak cowardly vessel, she probably carries a lot more surprises than we ever expected.”

Shinigami Playground : Chapter 05 // END

--Shinigami ☆ Q&A Corner--

1The "sacred lot". Fortune-telling papers that can predict a person's luck.
It usually ranges from 'great blessing' to 'great curse'.
Can be found both in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples

2A type of giant cat ayakashi. They are mischievous felines who left fire on their trails.
Long ago they stole human corpses from funerals to eat,
but since they became messengers for King Enma in Hell they have stopped doing it.
They have special gears called [Burning Cart] that helps them travel quickly between planes
and keep purified soul from getting stained while being transported

3A dog spirit of eternal hunger that is commonly used by Onmyoji as their shikigami.
They serve their master in absolute loyalty, performing tasks just like a faithful dog, and listen to no one else.
They behave just like normal dogs though, so modern Onmyoji tend to treat them like pets

4Shiro Ukari. A white floating ayakashi that wanders aimlessly in the air.
It is believed the word 'shiro' in its name not only refer to the color 'white',
but also to its true nature of absolute naivety. Thus it is harmless, most of the time

5Okka and Kanazuchibo. A pair of ayakashi that appears in many of the oldest picture scrolls.
Okka is a small red bulbous ayakashi with big eyes, two clawed feet, and rat-like tail.
Kanazuchibo is a green goblin with hunched back and beak-like mouth that always carries around a hammer.
Kanazuchibo is believed to be a spirit which haunts the cowards, or turns people into cowards
when it haunts them, so it tends to choose the weaker Okka as its target of attack.
In reality it's not really strong so if you courageously stand your ground it might flee instead, showing its own cowardly nature

Cute! So cute... Ah, Manaka is way too cool for my heart. Lol, Risa's stalker tendencies were seen through right away.
@Kairi65: I guess this is the reply to your comment. :P

@Shinoki: I was thinking of ways to make Risa's obsession with Manaka a bit interesting, and this seemed to be a good way to do it.

@junchan: That line fits so perfectly with the context of the scene. :drool:

@wakasama__: I hope this is able to satisfy you. :)

Hey guys! It's been a while since I wrote something. Been to busy with school to write anything.
So seems that people wanted to see Manaka's POV, so I decided to do Manaka's POV of the first part.
Hope you guys enjoy it!

I Met Her on The Subway - Part 1.5 [MonaRisa]

Music. It is my only salvation in this world. Listening to it always calmed my mind and emotions. I could drown out my surroundings by just putting on my signature light blue headphones and pressing play on my phone.
Commuting on the subway is always noisy. The sound of the train, the people, and the chatter was just too much for me. There were always too many people around. I always felt sick by this environment.
I hated commuting by subway, but I didn’t have any other options. It was the only convenient way of getting around Tokyo for me. Rush hour was the worst of it. The trains were always jampacked with people going to work or going home.
I always avoided taking the subway during those hours. The less people around, the less I felt sick. I always left early in the morning and left later in the afternoon just to avoid the traffic of people.
My afternoon commute home tended to be quieter. There was a seat that I always favoured when I got on the train. I tried my best to sit there any time I got on the train, but sometimes it was taken when I got on.
Today’s afternoon commute was the same as always. I got on the train and my seat was empty, so I sat in it. I placed my headphones over my ears and hit play on my phone. The music began to play and the surroundings were washed away.
My mind was always tranquil during these times. It gave me time to reflect about the day so far. I always took this time to plan out the rest of my day. It was also the perfect time to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Although it wasn’t enough time, as my stop was a few stations away from where I got on the train.
The train arrived at my stop. I stood up and made my way to the exit onto the platform. My school ID fell out of my bag as I was getting off without me noticing it. I walked a few steps before feeling someone tapping on my shoulder.
My heart skipped a beat as I turned around. My eyes found a beautiful girl standing in front of me. She had short brown hair that reached just above her shoulders. Her eyes were a deep brown. It combined with her face to give an allure that prevented me from looking away.
I could not even hear the music that was coming from my headphones. My world suddenly revolved around this girl in front of me. She was looking down at the ground while fumbling with something in her hand.
“Can I help you?” I manage to ask.
She took a few moments before presenting something to me. It was a school ID. My eyes widen in surprise as I looked in my bag. My school ID was missing. I took it from her hands, and read the name on the inside cover to make sure it was mine.
“Shida Manaka…,” I whispered low enough for the girl to not hear me.
It was indeed my school ID. I thanked the girl before she gave me a quick nod and hurriedly left. My eyes were glued to her until I could not see her anymore. My music finally returned to my ears. I knew what I had to do.
“I have to make her mine,” I said with a grin on my face.
The next day I had my headphones on before I got on the train. My surroundings were already drowned out as I looked for my seat. My eyes locked onto the person sitting across from me as I sat down. I was surprised to see that it was the girl from yesterday. I was not expecting to see her again that soon.
My heart beated faster as my music once again vanished from my ears. My world became focused on the girl. The whole train ride was like that. I pretended to not notice her, but I was keeping my eye on her. She kept on giving quick glances at me. It was amusing to see the girl look flustered.
My music returned to my ears as the train arrived at my stop. My emotions calmed and I quickly got off the train before they became erratic again. I had a feeling that it was not a coincidence that I saw the girl again.
My feelings were right as I would see the girl everyday on the train in the same spot for the next month. I learned a lot about her during that time. It was amusing to watch the girl over the period of a month.
She was very timid and did not seem to speak much. It seemed that she was always by herself on the train. She never had company with her. I could tell that she had a good personality based on my observations.
There was one peculiar thing that I found out about her. She had some stalker-like tendencies. Normally I would hate people like her, but I found it cute and amusing as she was the one I wanted to make mine.
One time I decided to dress differently instead of my usually style of fashion. It wasn’t anything special, but it was a cute outfit. I went through my usual routine when I got on the train. The girl was already sitting in her spot across from mine. My focus was already on her as I waited to see her reaction.
I was very surprised to see that she had her phone out. She never had phone out as she was always too busy giving me glances. It looked like she was taking pictures of herself as she was posing with her phone in her stretched-out arm, but I quickly realized what she was actually doing.
She had the phone’s rear camera facing directly at me. I pretended to not notice as she took a few pictures of me. I chuckled inside as she swiped her phone to look at the picture. Her expression looked blissful as she viewed the pictures. It gave a warm feeling in my heart to see her expression like that.
It was after that point that I knew for sure that the girl had feelings for me. I could have made it easier for both of us by going up to her myself, but I didn’t find that enjoyable. I wanted to mess with her for a bit longer.
After that incident with the cute dress, I never saw her using her phone on the train ever again. It seemed that something changed a bit in her, and I felt a bit disappointed. I wanted to see her blissful expression again, but she was probably scared that I would catch her in the act someday.
There were a few times where she walked up to me. I pretended to not notice her, as I looked in a different expression. I could feel that she wanted to say something, but she never did. Every time she just ran off with an embarrassed expression on her face.
I was running late one day and almost missed the train. I got on just in time as the doors closed behind me. I made my way to my seat and the girl was already in her seat across from mine. I had already decided that day that I would change the relationship between us.
She gave me her usual quick glances. I turned my head just as she was about to avert her eyes away from me. Our eyes locked for the first time in a month. It reminded me of the feelings I felt during our first encounter. I had vowed on that day that I would make this girl mine.
I gave her a big smile. Her eyes widen in shock as she realized that we were making eye contact. She quickly averted her eyes away from mine. I giggled as I was amused by the embarrassed expression on her face combined with her bright red cheeks.
An idea popped in my head. I got a piece of paper and a pen out of my bag. Now was the perfect opportunity to make it clear to her that we had mutual feelings and to end this amusing game. I wrote down my cellphone number on the piece of paper.
I put the pen away in my bag and stood up with the piece of paper in my hand. The girl was looking in my direction, but she quickly stared at the ground as I stood up. I walked towards the girl and stopped in front of her.
I could tell that she was panicking as her shoulders raised a bit when she saw my feet stopping in front of her. I waited a few moments before tapping on her shoulder. There was a bright smile on my face as she looked up at me.
I placed the piece of paper in her hand as I gave her a wink. She took a few moments to open the piece of paper and read its contents. Her eyes widen in shock as she realized what it was. I had a big grin on my face.
“Call me.”
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