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Author Topic: AKBR - Chapter 3 - Start ! (17/02/2016)  (Read 3595 times)


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AKBR - Chapter 3 - Start ! (17/02/2016)
« on: February 10, 2016, 02:58:01 PM »
San Francisco, year 1890.

A fat man sitting in the middle of the attention, surrounded by journalists taking photos and asking questions.

“Akimoto - san, are you crazy, it is about 2900 miles?”

“It is possible, the competition is mean to prove unlimited possibilities of human. I know they can make it.”

“What about safety of participants? According to the rules weapon is allow in the competition.” added by the same journalist.

“It's a good question. Yes, the amount of people is too much, we cannot guarantee everyone’s safety, this is where weapon comes in.”

“And what about the 2000USD registration fees? They're complaining about it, that would cost them around 2 months of their salaries.” the other journalist voiced up.

“First of all. That could prevent uncivilized people mess with our competition. Second, we're taking care of everything for participants, that include life insurance.”

“Do you think this will fail? It is going to take about 3 to 5 months for them to run from San Francisco to New York” asked again.

“I don't think it will fail. We already have few excellent participants from japan like Sayaka and Jurina. I'm confident that they'll finish the race.” after akimoto finished his words, he lifted his heavy body from his chair and pulled a microphone near his mouth “Here by I announced, the race from San Franccisco to New York, AKBR (AKB RUN) is going to start in two hours. Please get ready with all your supplies and needs to survive the run. We do not provide anything during the race.”

The crowd trying to push their way through akimoto’s bodyguards for more question when he was leaving the stage.

The prize for the run is stated as below.

This is my first post.
Please let me know what do you think!!!
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Re: AKBR - Before the race begins
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2016, 03:20:01 PM »
Welcome aboard~

Hmmm Akimoto there is Aki-p right?  :dunno: :dunno:
For a second i thought Sayaka hahaha

interesting so about marathon theme?
but who will be the character on ur fic? :dunno:

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Re: AKBR - Before the race begins
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2016, 03:23:44 PM »
Welcome aboard~

Hmmm Akimoto there is Aki-p right?  :dunno: :dunno:
For a second i thought Sayaka hahaha

interesting so about marathon theme?
but who will be the character on ur fic? :dunno:

Yeah, it's Aki-p
yes marathon, i hope it's not hard to understand
characters will reveal on next chap stay tuned!!!


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Re: AKBR - Chapter 1 - Sayamilky
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2016, 05:48:15 PM »
Yamamoto Sayaka, Age 22, Japanese. Noble blood flowing in her veins, she was a talented runner as is her body was born for marathon. She can reach top speed of 45km/h and maintaining it for 3 hours. She was the best marathon runner in Japan, the second is Matsui Jurina.

“Miyuki, are you done?” Sayaka tieing her leather bag.

“Almost done my master, just another minute.” she was carrying a bigger bag, packing up all the provided supplies.

The organizer has provided a lot of basic supplies like food and water. Participants could take as much as they could as it is unlimited, everything they took will supply them for the entire journey. The race was set on undeveloped desert and dungeon. There is no food and water until they reach the next checkpoint where they could get from the local. The race itself is a survival game.

“Master I’m done” Sayaka staring blankly into the air, didn’t respond “...master?”

There is people who came for the money and honour, Sayaka was came for the money too, but she was bearing the pride as a Yamamoto. Industrialization has just started, Yamamoto family have to contribute as much as possible to prove their loyalty to the emperor and maintain their social status. Sayaka needs the money, for her family and for pride of Yamamoto.


“Focus on the marathon my master, thinking too much will consume oxygen, that is not a practice for a runner.”

“I wish I could but I just couldn’t wipe it off at the moment, either one of us must get the first prize. The best outcome was both of us secure the first and second prize.”

“Matsui Jurina is our biggest competitor in the marathon. She is  just another person from the lowest social level in the japanese society. I’ll eliminate her when I got the chance.”

“I'll do whatever I need to win the grand prize. Anyway, do you see her?”
Miyuki has no idea. She shook her head.

“Whatever. Let's go” Sayaka added.

They left the resources tent will everything they need. Miyuki was carrying a bag that tripled the weight and size of everyone bag. But the weight doesn't gives her a challenge.

Miyuki is an orphan. She has been abandoned by her father since she was at 7 years old. Her mother was killed by her father indirectly. Her father was a gambler, he don't work and he stole money from home to gamble. He even abuse them everyday. Miyuki and her mother has all sort of bruises all around her body everyday. One night, a sickness struck her mother, she coughed a lot and puked blood all around her bed. She was about to take the money from her mother to buy her some medicine, but her father snatched it from her.

“I would have been more rich if both of you didn't exist. You bring me bad luck!” he slapped her daughter and turned his back at her.

Miyuki was looking at his back until he left the house. She would never forget how her father treated them. She couldn't find love by looking into the eyes of her father, stone cold eyes. The only reason he stayed with them because they can make money for him. She tried everything she could to heal her mother. But no doctor come into help and those herbs she was feeding her mother has worsen her health condition. Three days later she was dead. Miyuki stayed beside her mother’s bed for three days, starving. There is no food left in their house.

Her father came home at the same day, searching up and down for money, but he couldn't find a single penny. He beat his daughter again, slammed her daughter to the wall and she lose her consciousness.

When she woke up, what she saw is going to haunt her for her entire life. Her mother’s intestine was hanging around her opened stomach and her face was bitten, unrecognizable. Meanwhile her father still chewing at her mother's arm. She lose her conscious again. What's left in the room was only Miyuki and fly circling around her mother's incomplete corpse. Her father never come back after that. She went to the street to seek for food, but no one offers their hand. When she was about to starve to dead, Sayaka came into her world like an angel. She offered her food and warm shelter. Miyuki decided to serve her for the rest of her life, because she feel love.

Everyone was staring at both of them as them passed by as if they already win the grand prize. Miyuki was a support for Sayaka, she bear most of resources like food and water in order to keep her in best condition meanwhile Sayaka only carried a small bag, carry too much weight slows one down and increase the burden and consumption of energy. That would cause a lot of stress to Miyuki’s leg.

Aki-p was looking into the street through the window on second floor. “This is going to be interesting. It is not just a race between Jurina and Sayaka. I'm very fond her follower Miyuki, I see potential in her. She's not a witless girl who carry so much weight on her.”

“I don't care. This is boring, you shouldn't force me to be part of the race.” Paruru intercepted.

“The top runner in japan isn't Sayaka, it's…” he continued.

Bang. The door behind slammed shut. Paruru was out, ignoring everything he said.

“I'm just hoping she don't live her aimlessly.” Akimoto speaked to himself.

1 hours to AKBR.


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Re: AKBR - Chapter 2 - Matsui Jurina
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2016, 08:34:54 AM »

Matsui Jurina, Age 18, Japanese. Jobless, both parents worked to death when she was 10. An optimistic character that survive on her own. She steals from the corrupted to donate to the poor. She never get caught by anyone, except there was once she tried to steal from Yamamoto and get caught by Sayaka. They put her into the lockup but somehow she managed to escape from the cell.

Their second encounter was at the Japan All Star Marathon. Sayaka outrun Jurina by 500 meter scored an overwhelming victory.

One hour before AKBR, Jurina didn't plan to carry any food or water for the whole journey. Carry too much weight slows one down, carry too little couldn't take you through the journey. She was hanging around in one of the bar in San Francisco.

“AKBR is about to start.” a female bartender put a glass of cocktail in front of her.

“So...?” Jurina shrugged.

“You won't make it to the next stop like this. Without water you're dead, there is nothing out there other than endless desert.”

She drank the cocktail in one shot. “Ahhhh…” a sign of satisfaction. “I'll come back here alive and lick your entire body. Matsui Rena.”

“Shhh…” the bartender frowned “Stop calling my name. I just want to forget everything in the past. Remember, my name is Ruby.”

“Isn't that the name of your dog?”

“Stop it!” she collected the empty glass and put it into the sink.

“AKBR is not all about money, but all the honor and respect.”

“This whole world is watching at AKBR. If the empire found out I'm here in San Francisco they'll send assassin after me. Japan has no place for ronin. I know too much of their dirty job.” She served another cocktail to Jurina.

Jurina kept silent, staring at the waving cocktail in the glass.

“Just keep my true identity as a secret. I just want a peaceful life.”

“You sure you don't want to come with me?” Jurina poured the cocktail into her throat.

Rena shook her head. Jurina didn't ask anymore, she left her seat as there will be official announcement from Akimoto.

Aki - p walked up to the stage, once again all the journalist crowded around Aki - p. He pulled the microphone near his mouth.

“Here I further explain the rules of AKBR. Any action of sabotaging others participants progression will be punish. But still you can bring weapon for purpose of self protection, we cannot ensure your safety if there is any attack from wild animal.” he took a sip of water before he continue “One of the rules has been change. There will be food and water provided to replenish your need at every station but you will not get any resources during the journey to the other station, if you request for it, that you'll automatically disqualify from the race.” He took another sip.

“AKBR is going to be a point race. The first to reach the next station will be awarded will 100 points, 50 points for the first runner up then 25 for the second runner up then 20,19,18,17,16 to 1 until 23th person to reach the station. Points awarded will remains the same for every station you reach. The person with the highest point will win the grand prize, only when you reach New York station. The number of participants is 5235 at the moment and it is still increasing. Counting down in 30 minutes to AKBR. Thank you.”

Before the journalist ask more questions, Akimoto has escorted back to his office.

“There she is.” Miyuki tugged Sayaka’s sleeve. Sayaka watched over her shoulder. Once again fate has threw them back to the same path.

At the same time, this story happened in San Francisco.

“Stop right there!” a police pointed his gun at his running target. But his target ran into the crowd, the police couldn't pull his trigger. She went missing in the crowd.

Her name is Watanabe Mayu. 10 minutes ago she escaped from San Francisco prison with her stolen 2000 USD.

She sprint to the registration counter as swift as a hurricane, dodging all the participants in her way. She threw the money to the person in charge and filled in all the required information, sealed the last registration slot before the due time.

10 minutes counting down to AKBR. 5430 participants.

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Re: AKBR - Chapter 2 - Matsui Jurina
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2016, 12:36:41 PM »
Wait, is this a survival marathon?
It's one new idea, great.
I wonder what will happen during the race.
Keep writing!

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Re: AKBR - Chapter 2 - Matsui Jurina
« Reply #6 on: February 13, 2016, 03:53:29 PM »

 “I'll come back here alive and lick your entire body. Matsui Rena.”


jurimayu as a team would be nice
 :on woohoo:

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Re: AKBR - Chapter 2 - Matsui Jurina
« Reply #7 on: February 13, 2016, 08:10:15 PM »

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Re: AKBR - Chapter 2 - Matsui Jurina
« Reply #8 on: February 14, 2016, 02:57:13 AM »
hmm.. i think i played a video game similar before but i can't remember it..maybe i just imagine things.. i like the idea thou ! keep it up


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Re: AKBR - Chapter 2 - Matsui Jurina
« Reply #9 on: February 17, 2016, 01:49:10 PM »
AKBR Year 1890
Beginning: San Francisco
Destination: New York

The next station is Nevada. Aki-p just announced that the first to reach the next station will be awarded with 20 minutes time of advantage. The winner of the previous round will be sitting in the car to travel 20 minutes of journey ahead from current station. Obviously there is two advantages from this reward. First, the winner could rest and preserves more stamina. Second, 20 minutes travelling by car could cover a lot of distance. AKBR is a survival marathon and also the biggest marathon of the history. This marathon attracted 5430 participants around the world including Japan, Russia, Germany, England and China. It was an unpredictable and tough event. Organizer could only sent people onto the hot air balloon to prevent people from breaking the rules.

5 minutes before AKBR
Mayu rushed to the supply camp to grab what she needs. But what she did was sitting down inside the camp and start eating the provided resources. The other participants has already gathered at the starting point. The audience was very excited as well, everyone of them couldn’t wait for the run to start. In this moment AKBR is the most famous sport in the world.

This is the match for the first run. From San Francisco to Nevada. It covered around 473 miles, estimated that it will takes 160 hours to complete the whole journey. The proper route has plotted in the provided map to prevent the participants to stray from the correct path.

Sayaka and Miyuki were standing at the first row waiting for the start of the marathon. Jurina was hiding in the crowd, waiting for the match to start too.

Dated back to the ancient age, there was a lot of myths and stories which tell about supernatural incidents and events. But this is truly exist. Abilities to control weather, fire and all sort of strange power is hidden in bodies of some people, some call it potential or talent because it wasn’t awaken but people who knows how to control it, they call it “SONG”.

Yes, it is “SONG”, don’t be surprise. It is a noun, it could be comprehend as vocal music or singing. And yes, there is SONG user within the participants.

“Miyuki, let’s don’t run first. We need to make sure Jurina is not somewhere waiting for us.” Sayaka whispered in Miyuki’s ear.

“Yes, my master. At least until all the crowd has gone and she is nowhere to hide.”

“That’s my smart girl.” She kissed Miyuki on her cheek.

The sun is burning the participants, hot weather is one of the biggest challenge in the match, but within 50 miles of the journey there is river water along the path. That could save the participants some hardship.

Miyuki was sweating like it was a rainy day. But Sayaka does not care much. She licked and taste the salty sweat on Miyuki’s cheek.

“Ewww, it’s dirty, don’t lic…” she try to push her face away.

Sayaka grabbed and stopped her hand. “You are my slave” then went for another lick, Miyuki closed her eyes. But she’s enjoying it at the same time.

“Here I announce, AKB RUN starts!!!” Aki - p shouted at the stage.

 The participants started to run slowly to maintain their breath and stamina but there is one person who ran so fast into ahead leaving sand dust and all the participants behind. Her name is Matsui Jurina, before everyone turn into the next corner, she has disappeared on the route.

A lot of participants were provoked by her, they ran as fast as they can too, draining their stamina tremendously, to secure the first place for the first station. But ! There was two participants standing at the starting point, they were Miyuki and Sayaka! What are they planning to do? They were late 15 minutes behind all the participants already.

“Jurina is taking the lead, I guess it’s safe now.” Miyuki told Sayaka.

She nodded.

They started to run, but they didn’t make the turn! They ran straight toward the river! The audiences were surprised by what they did. Are they planning to swim?! It is going to consume more stamina than running! The river is very wide and quick, they are not going to make it. Before they could cross it, most probably they already flush to the sea!

Miyuki threw her big bag into the river and then jumped into the river with Sayaka! Are they crazy?! No! They both sat on the floating bag! Miyuki changed her bag when no one is watching, she replaced it with a balloon! No wonder the bag wasn’t burdening her, it was 3 times bigger than the usual one! They crossed the river with the power of natural! That could save them another 15 hours by crossing the river directly!

“We’ll be taking a lead of 10 hours ahead after we crossed the river.” they were approaching the shore after floating for 2 minutes.

“Master, I feel that someone is following us.” Miyuki was balancing so well on the big floating bag even when the river flow is very fast.

“You think too much, no one is as smart as us.” Sayaka observed, but no one is in her sight, it’s just water around them.

“Wait, something is following us, it doesn’t feels right.” Miyuki gave her a wary look.

“The wooden stick! it has been following us all the time!” Sayaka pointed at the stick beside their floating bag that surfaced half of it length above the water level!

Just before they reach the shore and react to the bizarre situation, their floating bag became unstable! The wooden stick has disappeared! Someone jumped out from the river to the shore! It’s Matsui Jurina! Meanwhile they lost their balance and fell into the water!

Matsui Jurina is smart. She ran ahead of all the participants to observe the environment and crossing the river is the first thing that came into her mind. She hid inside one of the bushes beside the river waiting for Sayaka. She knew they would take cross the river as the size of their bag and the weight applied on Miyuki was weird. As she saw Miyuki threw the bag into the river, she jumped and dived into the river too. Using the power of river to flush her under the floating bag of Miyuki and use a empty content wooden stick to help her breath under the water.

After 10 seconds of spinning in the river, both of them grabbed something and climbed onto the shore. Luckily Sayaka threw her bag onto the shore before she fell. But why didn’t Jurina took her bag, she didn’t bring anything along with her. This is because of the ability of Sayaka’s SONG! Labrador Retriever!

Whatever she throw out will keep flying to the direction she threw until she summon it back or until it hit something. This is Labrador Retriever, Sayaka’s ability.

“Damn it, she’s hiding under us all the time.” Sayaka retrieved her bag that is flying towards her.

“I should have noticed that, it’s my fault master.”

“It’s not your fault, she is too cunning.” Sayaka looking into the direction she ran. Jurina was running further and further, like an ant to Sayaka.

“We got no time to rest.” Miyuki sprint before Sayaka could react.

“Go!” Sayaka went after her.

Current ranking at the moment, the first three spot was secured by Jurina, Miyuki and Sayaka. Meanwhile Mayu was nowhere to be found yet.

I hope it is comprehensible and not boring haha. Thanks for all the replies btw


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