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Author Topic: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find - 3.1 ~ Aug 4  (Read 83436 times)

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-1 ~ Apr 25
« Reply #220 on: April 26, 2013, 03:59:42 AM »
WHOA!! EPIC!! You don't know how happy I am seeing you updating your Rappappa series again :twothumbs :twothumbs

Finally Team Hormone made an appearance on your fic  XD

Now... I will wait patiently for your next update :P

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-1 ~ Apr 25
« Reply #221 on: April 26, 2013, 09:11:22 AM »
Yes!! Takamina was promoted!! Her team is the best!! I wonder, was that Gekikara who asked about the blood?  :nervous XD

Sasshi so cool~ Team Hormone, GO GO!!! SasshiYui GO GO!!!

I really love Yui as Otabe but in this story she seems just a daughter of some rich guy who needs to be given a lesson... Is Yui really just a silent innocent girl or is she secretly Otabe-like? Or maybe with Sasshi's 'training' she'll become Otabe?  :roll: :twisted:

Anyways, I'll be waiting for your next update. I'm so glad you're back!!

And I already mentioned yesterday to you, Kira-chan, but I will repeat again.

We all support you, so dun worry. People will come around eventually ;) I had the same experience as you and thought no one cares about my stories anymore but when 23 'thank yous' appeared... I was happy. So dun worry, I'm sure you'll get more readers  ;)

Well, if not, you have these 14 readers (so far) who support you and I believe there are also a lot of silent readers  ;)

And also, Kira-chan, you have me and Mia. We both luv you, so dun worry about anythin, we are your supporters  :deco:
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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-1 ~ Apr 25
« Reply #222 on: April 28, 2013, 09:37:45 AM »
Thank you everyone for reading and supporting Rappapa, I'm happy to know people are enjoying the light reading. Please keep checking for updates, I am hoping to make it once a week or biweekly. I know its still a long time to wait but hang in there. Once I get the hang of it again it should come much easier and more frequently.

cisda83: Thanks for your comment, I really enjoy seeing all these motivation to continue to squeeze in writing time. As for Rappapa I wonder what might happen next  :twisted: They should appear soon.

DC2805: Yes for once Sasshi is being heroic, team hormone is stepping up to the plate when they are needed. Funny thing is I still remember why I decided Sasshi should be the one to save Yui haha.

Shinoki: hmmm Yui.. Otabe... Yui... I wonder. I don't really know how to write out the Kyotoish dialect so I doubt I can make her dialogue any more epic. I also tend to have them address each other by their real names unless situation requires them to get "Maji" then they can be scary. Well there isn't a point for team hormone to transfer to Zakura Shiori anymore because this takes after Rappapa has graduated and is now full time in the force. So Maji-Mone will be a new hangout bwahahaha. Complex I would guarantee you lol things might start getting messy.
Thank you

stv_wong: Thanks, I am happy to finally update Rappapa. I had the idea for a very very long time but just never got the chance to. I think its time I bring out team hormone and some of the other girls before more changes happen. Who knows maybe there will be another year of MG haha.

sakura_drop_: Weeeeee thanks for the nice and long comments, I'm happy to read each and every word of encouragement. These really help to motivate me to write more. I think back when I first started my updates they were much shorter so they were way more frequent but I found that I don't want to leave a short update anymore. There is just so much to mention and splitting a long chapter in half actually doesn't make sense.
Yes it was Gekikara that asked about the blood  :twisted: BLOOOD! Don't you just wonder if Yui has any secrets =) I hope I will continue to gain supporters, I don't remember ever getting 23 thank you's for an update. I think it's in my blood to worry. HAHA

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-1 ~ Apr 25
« Reply #223 on: April 28, 2013, 07:14:11 PM »
Noooowh~~ this is so cute *fangirls*

Just imaging it makes me happy :P

Takamina's team FTW! xDD

I bet the one asking if there is blood is Geki~ xD

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-1 ~ Apr 25
« Reply #224 on: May 04, 2013, 10:53:41 AM »
Finally I can comment..

Sashiko awesome!
Team Hormone :3
Taka's team yay!!!
I love the plot twist!

You surprised me Kiraaaaaa and Happy Birthday!!  :deco:

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-1 ~ Apr 25
« Reply #225 on: May 08, 2013, 05:50:36 PM »

You're finally back to writing awesome fanfics!!! XD XD
did you finally manage to squeeze some fanfic writing time on your busy sched? :P

Anyways I'm so excited to read again your awesome story!!!
Happy for the Rappapa girls, getting promoted and everything. Although I'm curious about what will Atsuko do, does she still want to become a nurse like she promise with her bestfriend Minami or will she become a police to be with Captain Takamina or both
Say will the story this time focus on the team hormone and Yui-han?
Is Yui-han a different character from Otabe?

I can't wait for more!!!

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-1 ~ Apr 25
« Reply #226 on: May 11, 2013, 12:03:16 AM »
finally finished reread the first 3 arc to refresh my memory (it has been a long time since last time I read it so I nearly forget the storyline)...I must tell you how happy I am when I saw an update...

to make it even better,you made my princess apppear on the show...

yes...I'm talking about Yui...My Kyoto Princess :luvluv1:

can't wait for the next part...take your time for the update and keep up the good work :on GJ:

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-1 ~ Apr 25
« Reply #227 on: June 19, 2013, 04:00:54 AM »
I appear! Sorry for the super long wait, I over estimated the amount of free time I have in the day  :banghead:
It took me awhile to get the next chapter written up just to constantly go back and make changes because the writing just didn't flow and some of the parts were a bit confusing...  :panic:
Sorry again for the long wait  :bow:

K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS: Thanks for your comment, yup you are right the one asking about the blood is Geki  :D. In my mind Takamina's team is like the best here, can't beat them no matter what.
miayaka: Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why you so busy, I never catch you online anymore *pouts* It's Sashiko time to appear this time. Team Hormone and Rappapa!!! kekeke  :lol:
blughise: Bluuuuuuu =) OMG didn't know you still lurk here but its so nice seeing your comment. I'm still trying to squeeze as much writing as I can but with the new comp/internet ban at work its so hard to write. Sigh. I'm guessing you are still busy with everything tooo, don't see you around to chat often =p
bunny_rabbit: Thank you for your support, yes it's been a long time since I first started this story. Thanks for the comment I hope you like what I have coming up in the story if you don't mind the long wait  :)

***Big THANKS to Kid_Alpha for taking the time to help me beta my work and help me smooth out some of my messy writing. THANK YOU!!!!  :bow: ***

RAPPAPA: Lost and Find - 2

*Earlier morning*

“Thanks for helping me home, Kitahara-san.” Yui said, grateful for the piggyback ride from these nice people she met yesterday.

“You’re welcome, I’m sure Sasshi would’ve been more than willing to carry you home, but I don’t think she’s fully awake just yet.” Rie said, glancing back towards her sleepwalking leader.

From the dark circles under her eyes and constant yawning, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out said leader didn’t sleep well last night. Hence the reason why Rie was recruited into safely bringing Yui home while the zombie walker tagged along, refusing to stay in bed and insisting she follow along.

“Wow, you live in a pretty big house.” Rie was in awe when she finally spotted the mansion Yui had directed them to. She paused for a step to readjust the weight on her back, giving her sleep-deprived leader some time to catch up. 

As they got closer she started to feel uneasy, a thick atmosphere surrounded and pushed against her for every step they took towards the mansion. The girls noticed the gates were left opened, the security cameras were damaged and spots of crimson trailed up towards the front doors with occasional dragging marks.

“Sasshi, Sashihara... leader... WOTA!” Rie shouted out to the walking body beside her, causing the girl to almost trip and fall on her face.

“WHAT?” Sasshi shouted back.

“Something doesn’t feel right...” Rie expressed seriously, motioning towards the open gates.

The two of them kept their guards up, slowly creeping on towards the front gates, once past the metal bars, they stopped at the sight of a few suited bodies left scattered over the lawn. Sasshi quickly put her hands over Yui’s mouth to stop her from screaming and signalled for them to back away from the house, they had to be careful, assuming that the culprits may still be near.

“We should call the police.” Rie suggested once they have retreated to a safer distance.


*Minutes later*

Captain Takahashi arrived at the scene promptly after receiving the call from dispatch, normally a simple break and enter didn’’t require their team to investigate but coincidently this house belonged to one of the prime suspects on the Supernote Case. She made her way towards the secured area after stepping out from the patrol car, her partner Maeda Atsuko, Gekikara and Black followed along.

“Who made the report?”, she spoke with authority.

“Captain Takahashi, they’re over there.”, one of the rookies in blue pointed to the side where a few girls were huddle on a bench together, obviously out of place in the sea of police and forensic investigators.

“Can you tell us what happen?” the captain asked when she approached the distraught and distracted girls, one appeared to be on the verge of crying with the other two tried to alleviate her distress.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT! WE ALREADY TOLD-you...” Sasshi started shouting, ready to kill the next person who dared asked  them the same question for the millionth time; her voice however, immediately toned down along with her anger after seeing who stood in front of her.


Sashihara Rino went into shock once she heard soft giggles off to the side and took a quick glance to confirm her suspicions, and it was her worst nightmare. That unforgettable laugh from Gekikara when she played with pens! Within a blink of an eye, the poor girl flipped herself up over the bench, slamming onto the ground and slithering backwards until her back hit the wall behind them.

“Gekikara-san!” Rie shouted in surprise, but managed to stay composed in her seat next to the distressed Yui, the sound of someone clearing their throat could be heard from the last member of the group, who was a little annoyed at being ignored.

“Black-san.” Rie greeted, as she quickly bow her head to acknowledge the Queens of Majijo and Maeda, their unofficial pack leader that had brought them some light within the sea of yankee girls.

“Now can you tell us what happen?” Takamina asked once more, a small frown on her face and little twitches in her brow due to the lack of acknowledgement in comparison to the rest of her team. Her frustration was easily handled when a familiar hand made it’s way towards hers’, extinguishing any ill feelings.

After a long stretch of questions, Captain Takahashi decided to dismiss them so forensic and investigators can concentrate on finding any evidence and clues that could help them piece together what had happened; she sent Gekikara and Black with the three girls to make sure they got home safely.

Remembering back when Rappapa had first joined the force under Takamina’s command, the team decided to split their identities. At work they would continue to use their aliases as a member of Rappapa, but when they were in private or at home they will revert to their real identities; this gave them the advantage at work where their reputations were enough to intimidate some offenders during interrogation.

“Thanks for walking us back home, Gekikara-san and Black-san.” Yui thanked, breaking the silence during the trek back to Maji-Mone. 

Other than the thanks spoken by Yui, the trip itself was filled with silence, Sasshi had constantly turned back to check if Gekikara and Black were still following them and half hoped they would somehow wander off. She knew that even if she prayed to the gods her hopes will never be answered, because Captain Takahashi decided it was better for them to leave the scene accompanied by the two Queens. Their purpose was to serve as guardians to protect the only daughter of a man that they have been trying to locate for weeks.

During the initial search around the mansion, the police found no survivors, all the security personnel hired by Yokoyama Takeshi had been killed, the place had been searched and trashed with obvious signs resistance. Fortunately or unfortunately the owner himself, Yui’s father, was nowhere to be found among the corpses that were lined up outside on the yard; with the ongoing investigation happening, Yokoyama Yui had no place left to stay. The bad news just continued to pile up on the poor girl leaving her shocked, speechless, and lost but Sashihara Rino took this opportunity to prove herself, offering Yui a place to stay. Mentioning something about helping people in need but of course the long speech was ignored for the most part as usual.

After today’s event, Takahashi Minami deeply believes Yokoyama Yui will be their only hope in finding leads towards her father, his love for her will not let him abandon her if he was still alive.

~MAJI-MONE Yakiniku~

Gekikara looked up at the sign above them before casually asking Black, a very serious life or death question, “Who’s cooking tonight?”

“Shibuya,” that answer was all she needed to know.

She glanced over to Black and found a mirroring smirk from her partner in justice, after a quick eye to eye conversation they nodded and proceed to enter the restaurant.

“Welcome to Maji-Mo........”

“Please have a........”

“What’s wrong?” Moeno asked peeking out from the kitchen, when she noticed the sudden change in atmosphere along with the break in their usual customer greetings.


The sounds of pots & pans hitting the ground could be heard throughout the restaurant as Gekikara and Black sat down at a table on the opposite corners of the restaurant, once comfortable they occupied themselves by playing on their respective phones, disregarding the reactions from the rest of Team Hormone. Unbeknownst to the restaurant owners, Gekikara and Black were doing their best in keeping their cool and trying not laugh their hearts out of their chests from the expressions they were seeing. Out of the corner of their eye, they could see a confused Yui watching as the members of Team Hormone pushed and shoved each other to see who will bring out the tea. Gekikara and Black ignored all of what was going on and kept their focus on the screen of their phones.

[The girls will be here shortly, seems like they were in a hurry to get out of the house ~ Yuki]

[I’m sure they just wanted to avoid Tomochin’s cooking. It packs more of a punch than when she  goes as Shibuya ~Rena]

[It packs more of a punch then you and I! We should have some more fun while we can ~ Yuki]

[*shivers* I can feel the evilness escaping from you, your highness, but what do you suggest? ~ Rena]

[Do you still have your pen with you? *evil grins* Take it out and start giggling. ~ Yuki]

Doing exactly as suggested, Rena slowly reached into her jacket and pulled out her favorite pen then started to spin and inspected the item in her hand. Occasionally she would add random giggles and head tilts where it was appropriate, to give her acting the finishing touch. Yuki on the other hand secretly placed her phone on the table, so the camera could capture the priceless reactions from the members of Team Hormone.
It may come in handy for future uses, maybe just for laughs or maybe just more, maybe they could show it to Mariko, she will definitely think of a way to utilize this video.

While this was happening, Black couldn’t help but praise Gekikara’s acting, definitely a natural with skills. Sadly fun times never last. The door to the restaurant opened and couple of very familiar voices broke their perfectly plotted performance.

“Rena,” the super energetic Jurina made a beeline towards Gekikara who quickly put away her pen, turning over to accept a crushing hug from the younger girl.

“Thanks to you, we don’t have to eat at home tonight.” Sae said, coming up from behind Black and leaning over to plant a kiss on her cheek.

If Team Hormone was broken before then their minds must have just completed exploded, seeing the formerly emotionless and feared Queens show overly excessive affection right in front of their eyes; their heart and minds could only handle so much damage in a day and with the overload of sensations, they blacked out one by one.

“AH!” Yui accidentally let out a scream when five bodies crashed to the floor around her.

“Will they be okay?” a confused Jurina asked, only to receive a coupe of shrugs for an answer.


*Some nights later in the dark*

“Takamina, it’s getting late we should head back and continue this tomorrow.” Acchan suggested, trying to convince their fearless leader to call it a night.

For the past few days, they have been working late into the night trying to find any trace of evidence at the Yokoyama mansion, hoping to get a lead to the disappearance of Yokoyama Takeshi, former right wing man to Kudo. Shibuya and Torigoya were sent to monitor and observe their other suspect, Kurohara Ken-Yokoyama’s rival, former left wing man to Kudo. It was known that they had a falling out after Kudo was arrested, both wanting to gain more territory as well as take over the financial sectors of their organization, the sudden flood of counterfeit bills was a result of the uncontrolled production and distribution when both tried to push for an increase in profit within their own division.

Captain Takahashi concluded that the attack on Yokoyama was tied to the sudden disappearance of the metallic plates in the organization. Reliable sources told them the organization was currently on a hunt for those priceless plates, and there were direct orders to removed any obstacles without question. With this information, Team Rappapa was tight on time as it was important that they find these plates before they landed into the wrong hands.

“Just a little longer Acchan, I think...” Takamina started to say before turning around and shouted towards the direction where she sensed movement, “WHO’S THERE!”.

Both Takamina and Acchan ran to catch up to the two mysterious shadows that speeded away from the mansion, they were dressed in an all black attire with a mask covering their faces. Of course being the taller one, Acchan made it to the suspects first and blocked them from escaping while Takamina trapped them from the behind.

“You have nowhere to run, surrender now.” Takamina warned, Acchan just let out a sigh from her partner’s antics. From experience, no one would willingly surrender from just a warning, usually they would have a bit of fun roughing up their victims...errrr suspects before they could see the white flags of submission.

This time of course wouldn’t be any different.

Acchan stood there with a bored inattentive look, when she intercepted an incoming kick from one of the shadow.

“Torigoya can do better, and she’s doesn’t even like to get physical.” Acchan said in spite, a bit of anger will be enough to mess up his formation plus, it was always fun to play with their prey.

The towering shadow tried to throw a couple of sloppy punches towards Acchan, only to have her easily block them and push them away. From their size and body built, it was easy to identify their gender, unless they were females on a lot of steroids then that would be a new story all by itself. Even when facing the unknown, Acchan firmly controlled the flow of the fight and dominated her weak opponent, she glanced over to Takamina and found her love being bullied by the other unidentified person. That two seconds of distraction almost gave her opponent a chance to bruise her precious face, but being Maeda Atsuko, daughter of the best leader of Yabakune, she would never lose when she was serious.

“MAJIDAYO!” Acchan shouted, dodging the first punch then luring her opponent to close the distance between them. Taking this opportunity, she grabbed onto his outstretched arm, pulling him off balance then connecting a left hook to his temple; she then followed up with a couple more punches to the guys masked face and using her bodies momentum, she did a spin and backhand him in the face, finally completed the whole series with a perfect kick to the chest. The body flew a couple of meters into the wall before falling helplessly to the ground, his arms gave out when he tried to get up, putting him in perfect planking position on the ground.

Once confirmed that Mr. shadow will not get up anymore, Atsuko ran over to help her Minami. In slow motion, she could see Mr. Blackie throw a strong jab towards an opening in her Captain’s defense. Doing the only thing she could think of, Acchan quickly dropped to the ground and executed a perfect leg sweep on Takamina, causing the little one to lose her balance and fall backwards, barely escaping the incoming hit.

The sudden loss of a target caused Mr. Blackie to stumble with his footing, Takamina took this as an opportunity to replicate the same leg sweep and successfully taking down her opponent. Acchan delivered the finishing touch with a flying spin kick to the back, slamming Mr. Blackie face first onto the ground in another absolute planking position, if only someone was there to take their picture. 

“No one hurts my Takamina but me.” Acchan threatened, causing the little captain to sweat drop behind her.

“Ah! Mr. Shadow got away.” Acchan pointed to the missing body that was suppose to be lying beside the wall.

“Mr. Shadow? What?” asked the confused Captain

“Nevermind, I was just bored. Let’s just take Mr. Blackie in already.”

Captain Takahashi was a loss for words, but in the back of her mind she knew Acchan must have raided the sweets at home when no one was looking, it had to be the cause.. right?

*~Majisuka Rock n’ Roll, motto honki de ikiyo...~*

“Hello?” Takamina answered upon hearing a familiar ringtone coming from her pocket.

“WHAT! Stay there, we will be there when we finish up here.” She spoke into the phone before turning towards her partner, “Maji-mone was attacked, some guys went and trashed the place, scaring off a bunch of customers. Yuko and Sado are there right now. The rest of the crew is heading there too.”

“Let’s wrap it up quickly, I’m hungry I can use some nice Hormone yakiniku,” Acchan said, while dragging the unconscious Mr. Blackie towards their car with one hand.

Captain Takahashi could only watch with more sweat dripipng down her forehead.

“TakaMinaaaa~” the sweet and sugar-coated words travelled through the night towards the rooted captain, urging her to hurry before she was subjected to their consequences.

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-2 ~ June 18
« Reply #228 on: June 19, 2013, 04:55:19 AM »
Awesome fight scene for acchan...  :k-great: :mon thumb: :mon XD:
is takamina really that weak in fighting??  :nervous

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-2 ~ June 18
« Reply #229 on: June 19, 2013, 05:23:41 AM »
finally an update :onioncheer:

I would like to see team hormone's expression seeing geki giggling while playing with her favorite pen :on lol: that sure will bring their trauma back...espcially for sasshi :on lol:

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-2 ~ June 18
« Reply #230 on: June 19, 2013, 05:27:37 AM »
An update at last... Yeah...

Poor Yui... her mansion was being broken in and all the people there were massacred...

Where is her father...?

Poor Team Hormone, they were so scared of Black and Geki...

Black was so evil... asking Geki to act like her crazy self....

And they fainted due to over shocked... with the scariness of Geki's laughs... and the former Queens sweetness with their partners...

Ah... Maji-Mone was being attacked by the black mask people...

Were Yui and team Hormone okay?

Did Team Hormone able to protect Yui?

Ah... Atsuko was a stronger fighter than Takamina... Luckily she was also there with Takamina... so Atsuko able to protect Takamina...

Unfortunately the Mr.Shadow was able to escape while Atsuko was helping Takamina fighting Mr.Blackie...

Who are there mask men....?

What do they want...?

Why would they attacked Atsumina?

What's going to happen next

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-2 ~ June 18
« Reply #231 on: June 19, 2013, 07:22:23 AM »
 XD :heart: XD :heart: XD
That was awesome as always :peace:
Atsuko still kick ass  XD!! and it's so cute that she had Takamina wrapped around her cute litte finger   :P
It's nice to see Geki and Black's trolling w/ Team Hormone :D
Say, the Kudo guy that you mention, he was the Kudo guy from the last fic right? I think I need to reread this whole thing again
And Yui-han is not Otabe right?

Anyways, yah I do still lurk around from time to time and now that it's summer I'll have quite a bit of time now to read some new and maybe some old fanfics. That's sucks though, the internet/comp ban, maybe it was bcuz of you that they implemented it. Maybe They somehow knew that you're using the internet to write fanfics at work, JOKES!!! Though seriously that really sucks. Although Im quite a bit  surprise that you're still available squeeze sometime to write some akb fanfics with how busy you are.

Don't overwork yourself and I'll be looking forward to your next update (whenever that will be  :P)!!!

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-2 ~ June 18
« Reply #232 on: June 19, 2013, 02:01:03 PM »
yay!!!!!!!!!!!! update!!!
once again, team rappappa got involved~
oh... so that's what's happening...
lol at sasshi's reaction to geki...
it was really funny when jurina and sae just randomly came in and then all of team hormone was like.... EH? faints...
the acchan fighting was interesting~ Mr. Shadow and Mr. Blackie, that's an interesting way to name them~

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-2 ~ June 18
« Reply #233 on: June 25, 2013, 06:52:01 PM »
This is nice story  :twothumbs

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-2 ~ June 18
« Reply #234 on: June 26, 2013, 12:52:44 AM »
This is an Awesome Fic  :twothumbs
I love Hormone's Reactions to Black & Geki!!!  :lol:
SAEYUKI!  :wub:
I hope Akigori will make an appearance this time  O0
I cant wait for the next installment!  :panic:

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Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find, Part 4-2 ~ June 18
« Reply #235 on: August 04, 2013, 11:51:39 AM »
So finally my bimonthly updates.... Yea sorry for the long wait I kind of got busy then got lazy then lost motivation to do anything for a little while..... That and I really don't know what I am doing sometimes, its like the story is still plotted out but I keep changing it every time I come back to it. It's already quite different from the initial idea I had but hopefully its decent enough.
I do want to at least finish the current projects I have going  :bow:

tfme3638: hi there, thanks for your comment. The answer is no Takamina isn't that weak in fighting and if given a bit more time she would've won but probably with some bruises. It's just compare with Acchan and Yuko then yea she's weaker  XD

bunny_rabbit: Thanks for the comment, sorry for the long wait.  :)

cisda83: Thanks you, we will have more information on the father on the chapters later keke, so far Yui and the girls are okay only a bit of trouble. So many things that even I don't know what to do with =O oops.

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RAPPAPA: Lost and Find - 3.1

*At Maji-Mone*

“What happen here?” Captain Takahashi asked, stepping into the trashed Maji-Mone.

Broken glass, spilt fluid, half cooked hormone and garbage could be seen littered all over the floor. Tables and chairs had been pushed aside, some flipped over and battered with dents all over, the decorations that were once hanging neatly along the wall are now holding for dear life from a fall to death.

“A group of masked men came in with bags of garbage and threw them everywhere, after they left another group came with bats and pipes. Luckily no one got hurt, but they scared off all the customers.” Sashihara explained with her animated expression and actions, demonstrating the devastating event.

A moment of silence passed as everyone stopped what they were doing to watch Sasshi explain the situation, not quite sure what reaction they should give. At least most are trying hard to keep a straight face, not wanting to laugh in such critical situation.

“Takahashi.” a voice spoke out from behind the girls.

“Captain Nogami.” Takamina greeted her senior colleague formally.

“Just Nogami,” he reminded the shorter girl once again that they are now on equal in rank, the two moved to a more secluded corner to continue their talk. “My team has already finished stage one. We will handle the reports. No joke this time, I think you are right. They are targeting Yokoyama Yui.”

Nogami continued after pausing to make sure their conversation wasn’t being overheard by Team Hormone or Yokoyama Yui. “I am sure you heard this but Yokoyama’s disappearance isn’t that simple, rumor is he took the plates and hid them before he left. Their organization is out for blood, the hunt is on and they are set in getting those plates back.”, the two captains discussed the current case and updates.

“Yes, I’m aware of the situation, Acchan and I were just at Yokoyama’s mansion and we were attacked by a couple shadows. Too bad they got away.” Takamina revealed, still a bit frustrated about losing a possible lead.

“I’ll send my team to help monitor and investigate, we’ll send updates to you if we get any leads. This is proving to be much bigger than we initially imagine and if we can dig them up, Takahashi, you will finally get the recognition from higher ups and people will stop saying you got where you are because of connections.” Nogami said with a smile.

“I’m not even worried about that, those old farts can say whatever they want. I didn’t move up because of connections.” The young captain stated, confident about both her own abilities and her teammate’s capabilities.

“I know. The ones that have actually worked with you on the field understand, but those that just sit on their asses in an office don’t, they just talk like they know everything.”

“So, what’s the reason you came here?” Takamina finally asked, knowing Nogami won’t just stick around to watch them clean up for no reason, it’s a waste of precious investigation time. 

“Caught again,” *chuckles* “there is something your team needs to handle,” Nogami pulled out a file from his bag and hand it over to Takamina. “I believe it will be more appropriate for your team to be involved.”

Takamina flipped through the file, reading the details and related reports, “Thanks Captain, I know what we have to do.”

“Takahashi Minami.” Nogami pretend to be angry at the girl for calling her captain again.

“Sorry, uncle Nogi!” Takamina said before running off to help the girls.

*chuckles* Captain Nogami shaked his head at the childish actions. He can’t help but smile as he watch team Rappapa clean up Maji-Mone with the owners. He left through the front entrance, preparing himself for another long night in the office.

*Still inside Maji-Mone*

“YUKO!” someone shouted but was muffled by another shout.

“FOOD FIGHT!!!” Somewhere in the middle of cleaning, food began to fly across the room in a free for all battle.  Sasshi held up a handful of hormone ready to smash them in the face of the nearest person but when she realize who it is she froze in mid action.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA” Rena laughed from behind the frozen body. Seeing the perfect opportunity Rena reached out and grabbed a hold of Sasshi’s wrist and directed the hand full of hormone towards Yuki’s face before running away laughing. Taking the safe route Rena went and hid behind Sae, peeking out occasionally to watch the drama unfold. “HAHAHAHAHAHA”

“Sashihara.....” the words came out in a low whisper, a dark aura seeping out from the shaking Yuki.

“help …me...” Sasshi squeaked out the words as her body went into full body paralyzation due to the intensity of her fear. Before she can come to her senses her face became covered with all sorts of food particles found on the ground.

“Hey, all the food is cleaned up,” Aki pointed out to the others after feeling a slight breeze flow around her.

Everyone looked around and sure enough the food has magically disappeared from the ground and walls, leaving only broken bits of glass and wood. 

“Pfffffffff......hahahahahahahahahaha” Yuko started laughing, falling to her knees from laughing too hard and trying very hard to breath at the same time.

A confused Mariko quickly fallen victim to the laughing fit as she realized why or what Yuko is laughing at. Seeing how the others are still confused they pointed at the sad leader of team Hormone. Sashihara Rino stood in the middle like a statue covered from head to toe with food leaving only the eyes visible.

“HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA” everyone started laughing heartily enjoying the moment. They took turns to high five Yuki and congratulate her on another record feat, the strike back was epic. A lesson learned by Sasshi never to piss off a queen even though Rena is obviously the culprit.


After the night Takahashi Minami decided to leave few behind to watch over Maji-Mone while she lead the rest out to handle this special side case. She worries for the possibility of another attack towards Yui. With their limited staff Takamina will just have to trust Nogami with further investigation since they have a more personal matter on hand.

To balance the powers Minami decided that Atsuko and Yuko should be separated with Yuko, Haruna and Yuki staying behind guarding. Acchan, Rena, Mariko, Tomochin and herself will head out towards a very familiar vacant building. This very dated structure held memories of their past when they were still students of Majisuka Jogakuen.

The five member of team Rappapa and Kumi arrived outside the old building watching through a set of windows as students baring a familiar insignia filed into the building. Their heads held up high, proud without fear despite the difference in number against their opponents. Kumi had insist on joining the group when she bumped into them on route, her reasoning being unable to leave Tomochin’s side when there is the possibility of danger. Dance will never leave Shibuya, it is a bond that the others have yet to figure out.

Captain Takahashi had promptly brief them on the situation. It is a battle between powers among yankee school will take place involving Majisuka, Yabakune and Sutegoro. Their duty is to monitor and step in for damage control if things start to get out of hand. After understanding the situation they all agree that if they step in prematurely it might cause more harm than good.

“There are some battles that just have to be fought because they are students of Majijo” Itano Tomomi spoke for the team, deep inside they all hold true to those words. They each contributed to battles fought in the name of Rappapa for Majisuka. These situations always trigger some reminiscences of their past, distracting them from the boring wait as they anticipating for some action. Occasionally they would miss those days when they are free from the responsibility, wild to chase what they want. Things are now different, they have boundaries imposed on them when they step into society. In their mind the alumni’s are quite curious to the changes of the one school that made an impact on their life. If not for Majisuka, they would never be together like they are now as a team of Rappapa.

“Why do we have to watch this from outside?” Tomochin asked glancing through the windows, she really rather be inside to feel the energy.

“Jurina?” a bored Rena suddenly cut into the brewing conversation with attention focused on the two girls leading the group from Majisuka Jogakuen.

“But Juri was at Maji-Mone when we left,” the girls rubbed their eyes thinking maybe they are hallucinating from all the waiting.

“It can’t be her.... can it?” Rena asked again wanting someone to confirm her words.

“No I think I remember seeing her before at Majijo...” Kumi said deep in thought trying to remember exactly where she seen this girl. 

They watch the confident Jurina look-alike walk next to Nezumi. The little mouse wore her signature hoodie loosely zipped up with both hands in her pockets. She held the same smirk on her face displaying full confidences in her own intelligence. The two of them lead members from Majijo to face off with their rivals, Yabakune and Sutegoro.

“I guess some things just don’t change,” Mariko pointed towards Nezumi and her in control attitude.

Team Rappapa then looked towards Yabakune to find that Janken has stepped up as the leader with four member of Hadashi behind her.

“Copy cats,” Rappapa commented when they find a familiar formation in Yabakune’s to their own hierarchy, Majisuka’s four heavenly queens.

“It could’ve just been a coincid.......” Takamina tried to say but stopped mid sentence after noticing the glare she is getting from the girls. Times like this it’s just better to keep quiet and let them do the talking if they choose to.

What confuses them is how Sutegoro stood a bit further back away from the other two schools. Standing at the side like spectators but at the same time they look prepared, obviously hiding something but there isn’t enough clue for our detectives to cipher.

“Let’s just watch for now,” Takamina decided after weighing their options to possible outcomes. Knowing her team, they would probably appreciate some action and entertainment.


Thank you for reading, hopefully I will have the second part of chapter 3 out soon.

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I guess I should say~ Finally!!!
Lol, Sasshi~~~
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Well everything going good for Minami and Rapappa...

What's going on next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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Hey you updated!!!  XD XD XD
I didn't even know that it's already been two months since your last update.

Ahhh poor Sashi, you just never learn :P
And I'm super excited to see who will be the new Yankee school in power.
I hope for some good action in the next chapter.

This chapter kinda left me hanging, like there should have been more but  ohh well Thanks for the update XD XD XD

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Now this proves that hunting Kira down is a perfect solution if you want an update!!!!

Kira chan!!!! Sankyuu for this wonderful piece of work!!!!

The fight that never happened in Majisuka 1 and 2, is finally here!!!!

Oh god, I am squealing oredi in anticipation!!!!

I'll be waiting for your next update, and I hope I dun need to hunt you for it!!  XD
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