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Title: Calista's OS Corner - Almost (SayaMilky) <Last Story> COMPLETE
Post by: calista_castro on September 10, 2015, 08:47:45 PM
My Drabbles and Short Stories Collection. I have decided it is time to make easier access for the readers so below you can find the list of everything I wrote in this topic with links.


#1 - All the Promises You Broke (Atsumina) [Below]
#2 - Happy Ending (WMatsui) (
#3 - Love Bites (KojiYuu) (
#4 - Unselfish Love (WMatsui) (
#5 - Blind Date (FuruYanagi) (
#6 - A Bet (WMatsui + FuruYanagi) (
#7 - PDA (Kojiyuu) (
#8 - Rena the Pillow Stealer (WMatsui) (
#9 - Who Confessed First (KojiYuu) (
#10 - How We Fell In Love (KojiYuu + slightly TomoTomo) (
#11 - Admiration (WMatsui) (
#12 - You Take My Breath Away (WMatsui) (
#13 - Crushing on My Cousin's Fiancee (FuruYanagi) (
#14 - A Walk to Remember (WMatsui) (
#15 - I Knew You Were Trouble (TomoTomo) (
#16 - A Teacher Who Sees It All (WMatsui) (
#17 - A True Player (WMatsui) (
#18 - This Is How Love Stories Start (YuiRie) [NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE, but look out KitaRie dedicated OS collection to find it reposted]
#19 - Spacing Out (KojiYuu) (
#20 - I'm Crying... (MaYuki) (
#21 - Young Love (JuriMayu) (
#22 - Young Love. Part 2 (JuriMayu) (
#23 - Young Love. Part 3 (JuriMayu) LAST (
#24 - Wake Up Call (WMatsui) (
#25 - Little Dreamers (JuriMayu) (
#26 - Unselfish Love. Part 2 (WMatsui) (
#27 - Jealous Bird (FuruYanagi) (
#28 - Choosing the Right Ring (WMatsui) (
#29 - Choosing the Right Ring. Part 2 (WMatsui) LAST (
#30 - Surprisingly Strong Saviour (TomoTomo) (
#31 - Unselfish Love. Part 3 (WMatsui) (
#32 - So What Did You Learn About Love? (MaYuki) (
#33 - Helping a Friend (JuriMayu) (
#34 - Excitement and Innocence (NonMei) (
#35 - Love Lock (WMatsui) (
#36 - Personal Preference (FuruYanagi) (
#37 - After School (TomoTomo) (
#38 - Irony (AtsuMina, AtsuYuu, TakaYuu) (
#39 - Ending (Takamina Graduation Drabble) (
#40 - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) [Link Below]
#41 - Searching for Happiness (WMatsui) [Link Below]
#42 - Failed. Try Again (JuriYuki) (
#43 - Failed. Try Again. Part 2 (JuriYuki) (
#44 - Failed. Try Again. Part 3 (JuriYuki) LAST (
#45 - How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate (KojiYuu) sequel to My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Link Below]
#46 - Unselfish Love. Part 4 (WMatsui + FuruYanagi) LAST
 ( - Almost (SayaMilky) (
#48 - Randomness: Cal's Stories Based on Prompts (Various)

Longer Stories:


My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu)  [1]  ([2] ( [3] ( [4] ( [5] ( [6] ( [7] ( [8] ( [9] ( [10] ( [11] ( [12] ( [13] ( [14] ( [15] ( [16] ( [17] ( [18] ( [19] ( [20] ( ~Complete~


Searching for Happiness (WMatsui) ~Complete~

#1 - "I" (
#2 - "U R" (
#3 - "Stress.Part 1" (
#4 - "Stress.Part 2" (
#5 - "Farewell" (
#6 - "Gemini" (


How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate  [1] ( [2] ( [3] ( [4] ( [5]  ([6] ( [7] ( [8] ( [9] ( ~Complete~
My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Sequel]

#1 — All the Promises You Broke (Atsumina)

You made and broke your first promise to me while we were still very little. It happened after two months from our first meeting. We met in the kindergarten and somehow clicked immediately. I’m the kind of person who likes most people but you were difficult to read. I still remember your shocked expression after our homeroom teacher announced that you’re going to be responsible for girls group while playing games with boys. The teacher said that you are born leader and everyone agreed with it. Only you needed more convincing to do this. As much as you disliked the position you were put into, you did your work without any mistakes. That’s why we won so many war games against boys. The first promise you made sounded something like this: “Why would I ever make fun of you? I will never, I promise” But you did. Of course most of the time you joked about my height, some other friends of mine did that as well. Yuko, the squirrel girl, as most people used to call her, also joked about it even though she was only a couple of centimeters higher than me. How silly, right?

You made and broke your second promise when we started going to school. You promised to sit with me during all classes but as we grew up, our interests varied as well. We found new friends, we spend less time together and sat together only during the easy classes. But it wasn’t bad and I was glad to spend as many time with you as I got.

You also made a lot of small promises which if I’m being honest I have never believed in as they were kind of crazy and unreachable.

“I will call you every night before we go to sleep! Even if we spend that day together I will still call you to check up if everything’s alright!”

“I will take care of you when you get sick! I promise”

“I will escort you home after school at least a couple of times during the week”

“We will travel the world together! We will go everywhere! Just the two of us! How about that? It’s a promise!”

“I will always be your best friend, no matter what”.

In your defense you tried to keep up with these promises. For almost all year you managed to escort me home at least once a week and you did take care of me when I got sick. You had to stop that as it always progressed into you getting sick as well and skipping school for way longer period of time that I did. You even planned our trip around the world after our graduation and kept talking about it with passion. Even if I laughed it off you still didn’t give up and told me that we will certainly do it. “Just you wait!” You kept on insisting.

One year before our graduation you made a promise that our friendship will never alter. If we find someone to date we still find time for one another. You told me this so seriously that I thought that you were already in a relationship but that was not the case. Surprisingly for both of us, I was the first one who started dating. Few months later after our talk. But you broke this promise as well. You started avoiding me, didn’t text me back, answered my calls only if I repeatedly called for more than two times and left voice mails.

I was angry as you were the one who suggested this so I cornered you. I demanded explanation to this behavior and you snapped. You told me that you love me. As shock overtook my body I didn’t manage to say anything back. You even kissed me but I stood there frozen and felt the heat only after you left.

That same evening I got a long message from you but the only part that I kept rereading again and again was about another promise you decided to make: I’m so sorry, Minami. I can’t do this anymore. I just can’t be your friend now. I’m leaving for three months tomorrow. I will miss our graduation but that’s probably for the best. I know I broke so many promises during these years but this time I’m serious… I promise I will forget all the feeling I have for you. It might take some time but I will get over you. I know its going to be weird for you. It will be for both of us… I hope you still want to save our friendship. I promised you once that we will always be friends. I hope you can forgive my foolishness for trying to destroy that with my stupid feelings”

You turned off your phone and I couldn’t reach you for four months as you dissapeared for longer than you mentioned. Only a week has passed and I was already single and unsure of what to do next. Only when I couldn’t see or hear for you everyday I realized my true feelings for you. Our mutual feelings. But I couldn’t do anything about it.

You came back and told me that its okay now and I don’t need to worry. That was the moment I stop myself and started shaking and crying with a thought that I lost you. You hugged me immediately confused why I got this way.

That’s when I confessed to you. Also, that was the moment I was the happiest person alive as I’ve learned that this was another promise that you couldn’t keep.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Happy Ending (WMatsui)
Post by: calista_castro on September 10, 2015, 09:34:55 PM
#2 - Happy Ending (WMatsui)

“I don’t care about a happy ending”

“What?” Rena asked Jurina confused. Just a second ago these girls were walking down the street and talking about random, everyday stuff like practice, dance moves, the future of SKE and their past concerts. But all of a sudden Jurina seemed very determined and serious.

“You know how people these days are obsessed about happy endings? Romantic movies or even comedies have to end happily. Books as well. There are people who even get angry if someone goes wrong along the way though let’s face it that’s author’s choice after all. They are so obsessed with endings and forget about the beginning and the middle. Isn’t that the most important part? To be happy right now?”

Rena stopped for a moment and looked at Jurina. They have been dating for almost two years now. Of course no one knew about this as they were forbidden from relationships. Only Churi and Airin suspected something but they never confessed to it. After all this time this was the first time when Jurina talked in such a serious manner.

“Are you…breaking up with me?” Rena asked honestly confused.

Jurina also stopped in her tracks and turned around to face her lover. She even laughed quietly but as she suspected that older Matsui can get angry at this and answered immediately “Why would I do that? Of course not! I love you!” She walked closer to Rena and took her hand. After all, no one cared if they saw two girls walking down the street and holding hands. “What I want to say is… you gave me a happy beginning… and I’m really happy right now. I just don’t want us to obsess about a happy ending. I want us to enjoy every moment as it is. Can we do that?”

Finally Rena understood what Jurina meant. She squeezed younger girl hand gently “Yes…just don’t start a simple conversation like that again… you scared me”.

“Maybe I should sometimes? Now I know how much you care…”

Jurina and Rena laughed at the same time. One with relief, the other one happy from the outcome of this conversation.

Not a minute has passed as they carried on walking and talking about the same random topics as before.
Title: Re: AKB48 Drabble Collection
Post by: kuro808 on September 10, 2015, 09:59:30 PM
This is interesting overall, the reader has a sense into character development :thumbsup
Title: Re: AKB48 Drabble Collection (2 drabbles at the moment)
Post by: foxlichika on September 11, 2015, 10:38:26 AM
Cute!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Love Bites (KojiYuu)
Post by: calista_castro on September 17, 2015, 03:34:43 PM
#3 - Love Bites (KojiYuu)

There weren’t a day in my life when I wouldn’t have to hide your little so called “love bites” from others. Usually a layer of make-up did the trick. Other times two layers weren’t enough. Every time you saw that I’m hiding them you get a little angry and mischievous. Mischievous to the point where you were convinced — previous love bites weren’t enough.

Day by day I had to explain your love bites for my co-workers, boss, friends and even relatives. Some got curiuos, other looked at me suspiciously and wondered if I’m hiding my future husband from them. No not a husband… not a guy either. Quite the opposite. I was hiding a squirrel looking girl who just couldn’t get enough of me.

Only one of our mutual friends knew about our secret relationship. Only Minami kept laughing every single time when someone mentioned your love bites and I lowered my head trying to hide my blushing face. I was embarrassed… how could I not be?

Also, only Minami pointed out the thing I never considered before… the fact that we’re both the same. I realized it clearly as I saw you walking in a fast pace from smirking Atsuko because of my special love bite that I left on you neck last night.
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Love Bites (Kojiyuu)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on September 17, 2015, 03:46:38 PM
Love bites = Vampire kisses? xD

That's all I got from it. lol
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Love Bites (Kojiyuu)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on September 17, 2015, 06:51:12 PM
Love bites = Vampire kisses? xD

That's all I got from it. lol

Haha, nope  :lol:  talking about hickeys here as they are also called love bites  :nervous

Ah, alright. XD

Will you write a vampire OS, tho? OwO
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Love Bites (Kojiyuu)
Post by: calista_castro on September 17, 2015, 07:31:09 PM

Love bites = Vampire kisses? xD

That's all I got from it. lol

Haha, nope  :lol:  talking about hickeys here as they are also called love bites  :nervous

Ah, alright. XD

Will you write a vampire OS, tho? OwO
I might, I just can't promise a good one (well I don't know how it would turn out) I haven't tried writing anything vampire related yet  :)
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Love Bites (Kojiyuu)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on September 17, 2015, 07:38:50 PM
Love bites = Vampire kisses? xD

That's all I got from it. lol

Haha, nope  :lol:  talking about hickeys here as they are also called love bites  :nervous

Ah, alright. XD

Will you write a vampire OS, tho? OwO
I might, I just can't promise a good one (well I don't know how it would turn out) I haven't tried writing anything vampire related yet  :)

Title: Calista's OS Corner - Unselfish Love (WMatsui)
Post by: calista_castro on September 19, 2015, 12:31:30 PM
#4 - Unselfish Love (WMatsui)

I ran as fast as I can. I was breathless, even felt that I might lose consciousness at any second but I still kept on running. This can’t be happening. That’s not true. It can’t be… just can’t. These and similar words were aimlessly reaching my mind and I couldn’t block them. I couldn’t block the bad thoughts either. Actually the more I ran and the closer I get to the hospital the more tantalizing they were. I couldn’t take it anymore. I even breathed out with relief when I finally reach the place. Relief that shouldn’t be there… relief that soon was washed away from me.

“I’m so sorry, Rena… they tried to save her. They really did… but they couldn’t do anything. She’s dead”

Churi kept repeating these words with tears in her eyes but I couldn’t believe it. I kept on insisting that it can’t be true, that its just a nightmare. That I will wake up next morning and everything will be alright. I fainted back there because of shock, shortage of breath and never stopping tears.

Only few weeks later after the funeral Churi and I sat in my room and talked about everything. We couldn’t meet anywhere else because I didn’t want to leave the place where Jurina and I shared our happiest moments. I felt exhausted and couldn’t even cry anymore. Churi mentioned that I’m emotional mess right now but as Jurina’s best friend she understood me the best. She’s the only one I talked honestly about all of this.

“She was always so reckless…rushing to meet me no matter what… if I haven’t called she wouldn’t had driven so fast”

“Yeah, Rena… but she has never been careful. She broke her leg couple of times before, do you remember? She always ran whenever you called even if she had enough of time. She loved you too much to wait another second… everyone around her saw it. I think even Jurina realized this but she didn’t care”.

“That’s not fair, Churi… if I wasn’t in the picture maybe… its not fair”.

Churi frowned a little and scolded me “Jurina wouldn’t want for you to blame yourself. Also, she was the happiest when she was with you. I’m pretty sure she was in cloud nine when she was driving to see you… maybe she even di…” she stopped herself as we both promised not to mentioned word death as to this point I still couldn’t accept the truth. “You should go out more… you can’t stay locked in this room…”.

Easier said than done. Still after few more weeks I managed to leave my home. Most of the time I visited Jurina’s grave. Other times I just sat in the park and started blankly at the view in front of me. Until one day everything changed.

“What’s on your mind? It seems like you can’t get over something”, unknown girl commented as she sat next to me. Strangers never bothered to talk with me and I didn’t bother to answer but this time felt different. Something about her was different. I couldn’t quite grasp what that was.

“I lost someone I love… I don’t really care how it looks”.

“Oh really? And this park has significant meaning for both you and that person, right? I can see it in your aura”.

“What? Yes its was our special place but… why are you talking so strangely…and who are you?”

“You can call me, Airin, but that doesn’t matter. So what would you say if I told you that I can take you to one exact moment in time where you can change something. It can be something that occurred three or five years ago, even ten. Well, actually ten is my limit.”

“I would say that its the craziest thing I have ever heard and I have to go”, I stood up angry thinking that this stranger is mocking me but she caught my hand and smiled sympathetically “think about this… what if there’s such opportunity and you will just pass on it? You know… you can go for now… if you come to this park tomorrow at the same time like now and tell me the date… I will bring you there. I’m sound like a crazy person and I’m aware of this but you should at least consider my suggestion. Take your time. If I won’t see you here tomorrow…I will understand your answer”. She let go of my hand and I just ran. Who would believe something like that? That’s insane.

Still it kept bugging me for all day long, I couldn’t sleep at night either. What if? Without me realizing I left my home early in the morning and went to that park. I still had few hours for the exact time when I met the strange girl. Maybe that’s just some trick and someone will actually abduct me or will try to kill me. Do I care? They can do whatever they like. But what if…?

After two hours Airin sat next to me. I didn’t see where she came from as it looked like she appeared from thin air. Before I opened my mouth she commented “I can hear your answer…I can see where you want to go… good luck”, she smiled friendly, stood up and walked off.

This must be fake. I sat on that bench for few more hours but nothing happened. The feeling was so strange… while sitting I noticed something. The newspaper…I need to see the date on that newspaper. I ran after the old lady and asked nicely to see the front page. 2011/09/19… four years ago. I need to get out off here. I looked around and hid behind the tree when I saw familiar figure walking down the path to the same bench that I sat on before. Jurina, my baby… you’re here. I just stared at here for ten minutes while hiding. I remember this day as it happened yesterday. We met in this park after chatting for some time on the internet. We came here with distrust because someone you met on the internet can be killer or just child who wants to play games. But after three months of communication through Tumblr we decided to risk it. That was the day we fell in love with each other and Jurina never left my side after it. Until she died… I had to remember this. I forced myself to remember it because that was the reason why I was here. In this moment in time. My heart wanted to go… go there and meet Jurina all over again. But my mind told me otherwise… that’s why I turn around and walked out of her life. Not that I was even in her life… at least not in this reality. Jurina will probably think that her pen pal stood her up. Its better this way…I can’t be selfish now.

She will never know about me but at least I got a chance with her. At least I know that she will live…she will meet someone else and be happy… even if all of that happens without me.
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Unselfish Love (WMatsui)
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Ugh.. I think I'm gonna cry.. Its feel too real.. :cry:
Rena I think Jurina will be mad to you if she know..
Jurina love you whatever happen in the future,.
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Unselfish Love (WMatsui)
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on September 19, 2015, 08:06:40 PM
I'd love it if you made a furuyanagi oneshot that linked in with this wmatsui one.... That'd be awesome to see.
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Unselfish Love (WMatsui)
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on September 19, 2015, 09:25:47 PM
(Btw, it's appreciated if you check out some of my fics and oneshots... :) ) Anyway, looking forward to it! Maybe Airins an actual person instead of someone who can get people back in time, I can't wait to see her character.
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Unselfish Love (WMatsui)
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me, sad :pleeease: :gyaaah:

well, write more wmatsui :hee:
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Blind Date (FuruYanagi)
Post by: calista_castro on September 22, 2015, 02:03:37 PM
#5 - Blind Date (FuruYanagi)

“I don’t like this idea at all… how you two even came up with it?” Akane asked while glaring at her two best friends Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena. Double Matsui somehow managed to convince Akane go on a blind date. At first she was excited but at this moment it sounded like the worst idea ever. She was way too nervous and wanted to back out of it. If not her friends (who were actually dating and hoped that Akane can find her happiness), the girl would have stayed at home and missed out this date.

“Please repeat to me what I need to know”, Akane asked her friends with obvious nervousness.

“Her name is Airi. Furukawa Airi. Yuria, Kanon, Kumi, even Akari know her and you have to remember that Akari is quite picky with her friends. Airi is quite artistic so she can understand your passion for photography. She also likes to draw… oh and also she’s kind of obsessed with anime and manga. They are pretty sure that you’re gonna like her… and they are probably convincing the girl to go on a date with you at the moment too”.

“Oh… so she needs convincing?” Akane asked quite annoyed after Rena’s speech. Obviously she just tried to get out of it again.

“We’re not taking no for answer so go get dressed and get ready… both of you will have red rose in your hair so without a doubt you will recognize each other. Now go”. Both friends pushed Akane to her wardrobe so the girl would finally change her clothes.

Akane didn’t complain but wined one more time “At least you could have showed me her picture. This is so weird…”

Two hours later she was near the restaurant she was suppose to meet the girl. Nervously Akane walked through the door and looked around. She could just leave and lie that Airi didn’t show up or that something unexpected happened when she was on her way and she couldn’t make it.

All of these thoughts repeated in her mind right until the moment she saw the girl sitting alone by the table. Akane noticed how Airi nervously looked around while playing with her phone and smiled brightly the moment her eyes met with Akane’s. The girl stood up to greet her and nervously Akane walked to her introducing herself. Seeing the beauty of Airi the girl realized that there’s no way back.

For the rest of the evening they somehow broke the barrier and talked comfortably. By the end of the night Akane was even thankful for both Matsui girls… after all blind date wasn’t a bad idea. Not when she got to meet Airi.
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Blind Date (FuruYanagi)
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on September 22, 2015, 05:23:46 PM
So it was you who posted this furuyanagi Drabble on tumblr XD I read it and it was cute
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Blind Date (FuruYanagi)
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on September 22, 2015, 06:05:34 PM
Title: Calista's OS Corner - A Bet (WMatsui + FuruYanagi)
Post by: calista_castro on September 24, 2015, 07:15:22 PM
#6 - A Bet (WMatsui + FuruYanagi)

A/N: the incident in a shop is based on real life situation as it actually happened to my friend few months ago. We talked about it yesterday and laughed while remember it so I decided why not turning it into a short oneshot. I got my friend's permission though because if not and if she find out about it any other way she would probably kill me. So yeah... hope you will enjoy :)

This time we could see Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena outside, Jurina sitting on the sidewalk and smoking, Rena looking around then sitting next to her, just leaving some distance between them.

Jurina glanced at Rena few times in a row kind of annoyed “why I have to see you everywhere?“

Rena sat more like a guy in a comfortable way bending back just a little bit “circle of life?“,“irony?“,“fate?“,“tragedy of life?“,“horror movie?“,“disturbance of our times?“

Rena laughed this time without a care in the world or maybe she was acting like independent girl while talking with younger Matsui:
“It is how it is, Jurina. You can‘t change that“

“You could stop coming here“

“Yeah…the problem is Churi has a crush on your boss…so that‘s difficult…“, only now Jurina noticed that Rena was alone and looked around curious for the first time this day “wait a sec? She stayed inside with Airi alone?“

Rena raised her eyebrows expressively “yeah“. Jurina looked back at the door then at Rena repeating this few times while squinting her eyes “so what? She‘s not gonna talk with her. Probably just stand there for few minutes and then run away as usual…“

Rena raised her shoulders innocently “probably“ with Jurina still glancing back at the shop too curious to think about anything else, even her own cigarette which almost reach her fingers if not Rena who took it and put it to down getting annoyed look instead of a thank you.

“I can bet…that‘s exactly what‘s going to happen“,“let‘s BET then“. Rena seemed not to care about anything, after some time you just get used to this kind of look, though Jurina was probably the only one who didn't and sensed some swindle “mmm…what do you want?“

“What do you want?“ Rena asked back with smile.

Jurina thought for a moment and finally answered more quicker than she planned “break up with Yukirin…“

“Well breaking up is kind of harsh don‘t you think? You want to hurt your friend just because you don‘t like me?“

“FINE.“ Jurina almost shouted with rage but calmed down with a new plan “date her, do with Yukirin whatever you want, but never show any lovey dovey signs in front of me“

Rena thought for a minute (torturing minute because that was all Jurina wanted) “okay, I can agree with that.“ And turned her face looking straight forward waiting, also swaying her head just a little bit, as if listening to some music only she could hear.

Jurina waited for one more minute staring at her intensively “and me?“.

Rena took her time before looking back at younger Matsui with a smirk “You don‘t believe that Churi is going to talk with Airi. So why you worry?“ and her little smirk grew even bigger.

After those few seconds of eye contact Rena turned her face and looked in front of her again, doing the same time she did before. Jurina stared at her for few more seconds worried and then started glancing at the closed door wondering what was happening inside. Also looked down at her finished cigarette annoyed that she didn't take with her more because at a moment like this, she really needed it.

*Meanwhile in the shop*

Churi stood by the counter staring at Airi as if she was some statue, maybe even Zeus or any other God you can watch but better not touch. Even Airi who was always too involved in her manga to notice anything at all (unless Jurina who occasionally said she‘s taking a break for smoking because she was annoyed and bored in this place) asked keeping her eyes on the book “Do you need help?“

Churi looked around surprised and scared with definitely mixed emotions written all over her face. It seems like she imagined the outcome in these two ways: either dying or running away.

“You‘re the only one here so yes…I‘m asking you“, Airi commented calmly finally looking up from her manga, putting bookmark inside and standing up walking closer to this girl who stood mesmerized “ know…I…am…“,and looked around also touching everything with her fingers with hope to touch something useful but for her misfortune the thing she touched fell on the table and it was a condom.

Airi stood in her usual spot behind the counter and raised eyebrows slightly while looking shortly at the thing on her counter and at the girl who was as red as a tomato “That‘s all?“

Churi nodded immediately not daring to look back at Airi and somehow manage to put money on the table grabbing the condom and running away without a glance back too embarrassed for everything what just happened.

“There‘s too much…“ Airi tried to say seeing that Churi left more money than needed but didn't feel the need to run after girl also realizing she probably wouldn't be very happy about her shouting that she gave Airi more money than needed for the condoms. So Airi just smiled to herself putting money in the counter then going back to the same spot with the same book as if nothing happened.

Meanwhile Churi ran off immediately throwing candom at Rena “I talked with her! Thank you so much! Now my life is really ruined!Forever! Let’s gooooo!” she also shouted wanting to run away from there as fast as possible, not even noticing curious look that Jurina just gave her. Rena looked at the condom trying not to laugh and stood up, she didn’t manage to say anything with Churi already dragging her after herself “whyyy you’re still standing here?I’m going to die…”, she shouted almost in a hysterical cry.

Rena walked with her without fighting but still managed to turn back to Jurina and say ”I think I won right? The truth is… I’m not dating Yukirin anymore… So after this BET… I think I just won a date with you” the girl winked at Jurina with a smile leaving stunned Jurina still sitting on the sidewalk and staring at two friends who disappeared around the corner with both happiness and surprise.

After some time Rena finally commented ”I’m pretty sure it’s not as bad as you think…” but soon had to shut up because of Churi even bigger hysteria knowing that saying things like that won’t help her embarrassed friend at the moment like that. Rena decided to give her friend time to recover and smiled while remembering Jurina’s expression after her last announcement.

After all, she won that date fair and square. Maybe she should do more betting in the future.
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Wow.. this is based from a true story Castro-san.. :w00t:
This is so hilarious.. I'm laughing when reading churi's "accident".. Hahaha.. XD
And Jurina's face in the end.. I can imagine it..  :lol:
Title: Calista's OS Corner - PDA (KojiYuu)
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#7 - PDA (KojiYuu)

PDA - Public Display of Affection

Takahashi Minami was putting books in a locker meanwhile Kojima Haruna make out with dorky looking girl next to her, hands tangled in her hair, meanwhile the girl’s hands were around her waist, there was also some tongue fighting. In other words. Full PDA.

“Kojiharu? Yuko? Please can you not…?“

Takamina asked desperately also looking around embarrassed because most of the people walking past them looked at the couple and of course at awkwardly standing Takamina who still rushed to put all her books in a locker.

“Its not even my locker.Its know I will need to use it later again…”,and sighed with desperation looking behind Haruna’s back where was here actual locker “you could move..just like..a little bit..”,and tried pushing her best friend lightly without any good effect,only the fact that Kojiharu opened her eyes shortly and glared at her, Yuko didn’t even react, and their make out session didn’t come even close to the end.

Takamina put last book in Haruna’s locker slamming doors loudly with hope maybe that can get their attention but of course it didn’t “I need new friends”, she said to herself, obviously ignored again and turned around walking away from the happy couple.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Rena the Pillow Stealer (WMatsui)
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#8 - Rena the Pillow Stealer (WMatsui)

“Give it back… you’re always stealing my pillows… I have bought a second one just because of you!” Jurina complained sitting in the middle of the bed and looking down at comfortably sleeping Rena next to her. Or at least older Matsui slept before but was woken up by Jurina’s abrupt and sudden movements.

“Last night you complained that I stole your blanket… am I really that bad that I take everything that belongs to you?”. Rena pouted feigning innocence.

For a minute or so Jurina contemplated her thoughts wondering that maybe she’s really blaming Rena for something that she didn’t do. Only for that one minute Jurina didn’t look at her lover. When she looked back down Jurina noticed that Rena used this moment to fall back asleep.

“RENA!” Jurina decided to fight a little realizing that it was just a trick of older girl and tried to steal the pillow back but Rena used it as opportunity to hug Jurina and pulled her closer.

At the end Jurina landed on Rena while her head rested quite comfortably on older Matsui’s soft mounds.

“You baka! Don’t you get it? You can use me as your pillow any time. We can also share this blanket, you know?”

Jurina smiled with content while Rena’s hands played with her hair.

“Mmm… you could have told me that sooner” Jurina whispered relaxing bit by bit.

“Learn to read the atmosphere, Juri” Rena commented but looked down at the girl with love.

While falling asleep because of comfortable position Rena got her into Jurina still manage to whisperer complaining but with admiration this time “my Rena, the pillow stealer”.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Who Confessed First (KojiYuu)
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#9 - Who Confessed First (KojiYuu)

Continuation of this ( (or let's just call it Kojiyuu locker stories and awkwardly lurking around Takamina)

“No, I’m pretty sure it was me,” Yuko says firmly, arms folded over her chest and with a smirk on her lips.

Haruna rolls her eyes and looks at Takamina standing next to them. Yuko continues to poke at Haruna‘s hand just to get her attention.

“We are not having this discussion again, Yuuchan.”

“You started it!”

“I simply stated that I had been the one to admit my feelings first. That is hardly what I would call starting a discussion.” Haruna reminder her girlfriend without breaking eye contact and not giving up to Yuko’s whining.

“And I told you that it had been me, because I’m pretty sure I was already acting like a dumb, love sick puppy around you way before you even knew my name.”

“I learned your name within five minutes of meeting you. I have excellent memory!” Kojiharu commented proudly and both Yuko and Takamina had to stop themselves from laughing at this statement.

“So? That’s not the point!”

“Was there ever a point in this discussion, really?”

Yuko frowns but laughs almost instantly after that “I like getting you worked up, it’s fun.”

Takamina still stands close to them awkwardly “can you now open your locker door so I can take my stuff?” the girl asks raising her eyebrows and staring at Haruna almost begging.

Haruna finally notices Takamina  — well more like — ACTUALLY notices her “oh right…”

“I’m sorry we have been…you know…pain in the ass all day…” Yuko finally apologizes about their behavior. Firstly, the whole PDA and now Takamina had to witness their pointless discussion.

“That’s fine… I can’t wait to fall in love! When I do - be ready because I will annoy just as well!”

Haruna hugged Yuko and nod with agreement “we’re counting on it!”
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Hahahaha poor takamina :D
Title: Calista's OS Corner - How We Fell in Love (KojiYuu+slightly TomoTomo)
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#10 - How We Fell in Love (KojiYuu+slightly TomoTomo)

Once again... kind of a continuation from these: PDA ( and Who Confessed First ( .

Takamina looked around noticing Haruna and Yuko table and rolled her eyes. The couple were making out though sitting at different sides of the table.

She was about to suggest Tomochin eating together but Itano waved to waiting Kasai shortly with shy smile and blushing slightly. After seeing that Takamina commented with slight disappointment “Well, I guess I will have to bear with that…”

Tomochin immediately looked at her surprised “what?”

”What I said was…that I will have to bear with that”, Takamina raised her hand showing both Yuko and Kojima “but you go eat with Tomomi”.

Tomochin looked at the couple and back at Takamina suggesting politely “I mean..if you can join us…”, but Takamina only laughed at the thought “oh no…I will better go to something I’m used to.Good luck though. Tomomi seems really interested in you”, she added giving Tomochin hope and squeezing her shoulder lightly.

After that Takamina walked in the direction of her two best friend, sitting next to Haruna and putting head on her own hand without comments, not expecting to get any attention or recognition at all.

Tomochin stopped in front of Kasai and sat on the chair in front of her smiling shyly “sorry if I’m late”. Kasai laughed shortly looking at Tomochin with obvious interest.

While Tomochin answered to this with pleasant still shy smile. No one around expected Tomochin being the shy one in the relationship but that’s the view that everyone around got to see almost every day since the two started dating.

At the same time surprisingly Haruna and Yuko stopped making out and noticed Takamina.

“Oh! Finally!” Haruna commented about Takamina’s return. Takamina raised her hands in the air in an apologetic manner “sorry to interrupt”, and also squinted her eyes looking from one of them to another “you two are soo grows…and the fact how…shy you were at the beginning of relationship is honesly…hard to believe…I still think maybe I dream of it”.

Yuko was the first one to protest “we weren’t shy!”.

“If you say so…but I do remember better”, Takamina commented with the smile that said ‘I know everything that I need to know’.


We got the chance to see short inside of Yuko and Haruna’s relationship.Or at least the beginning of it:

It starts with a simple brush of Yuko fingers against Haruna’s as she passes over the book for Haruna to see what she’s working on. Haruna notices it. How the touch feels like sparks against her fingertips. How it makes her shiver slightly, and want something she’s not sure she can put into words.

She doesn’t look up at Yuko as both of them look at the information in that same book.But she can feel Yuko eyes on her instead of the book, and that tells her all she needs to know about whether or not Yuko is feeling the same thing.

Yuko wraps her fingers around Haruna’s wrist instead of saying her name to get her attention.

Yuko sits way too close when they’re sharing a table in one of those boring classes with presentations. Yuko slides in next to Haruna, pushing her into the corner, and pressing their thighs together. Yuko also slides her fingers into Haruna‘s hand, and they hold hands under the table.

Once, they were supposed to be going to excursion, and they were sitting too close in the bus. They were pressed up against each other, from knee to hip. Yuko’s arm was behind Haruna’s head, as she leaned over Haruna’s lap and pointed out at something behind the window across from Haruna. They both turned to look at each other, and Yuko was way too close, mouth just barely centimeters apart, and Haruna wanted to close the distance, but she didn’t. She turned, clearing her throat and continued speaking as though nothing had happened.

Yuko hugs her a lot. It’s not that Haruna minds. It’s just that no one has ever hugged her that much before.Not even her friends. And it’s always for different reasons, so it’s not like Haruna could predict a pattern.

Yuko hugged her when she got excited, hugged her when she was sad, sometimes hugged her for ‘hello’ which was always followed by a kiss on the cheek.Yuko hugged her goodbye, wrapping her arm around Haruna’s shoulder and tugging her in close.

Haruna lets Yuko hug her, and sometimes she initiates these hugs. But before, they were always proper, short and sweet. Now, Yuko lingers. Presses their bodies close together, and stays there a bit too long for it to be proper.

The first time, Haruna feels her breath hitch, and she looks at Yuko, who is looking right back at her from not even inches away. And she is so close, and her eyes are so close, and Haruna could read every single emotion that flits across Yuko’s face. It is intoxicating, and Haruna finds herself swaying forward before she can stop herself. Yuko hands tighten on Haruna’s shoulders, and she pulls back some more. She raises an eyebrow as though asking, are you sure you actually want to do this?

Haruna licks her lips, and she honestly doesn’t know what she is about to answer, because at the moment her mind has gone blank. Takamina enters the empty class then, and Yuko drops her hands away from Haruna’s shoulders turning back to the table. Pretending that nothing happened. Even though Takamina has just interrupted an intimate moment between the two.

“Hey,” Yuko says next time entering the classroom.

She closes the door behind her, sliding it all the way shut, and Haruna watches her.

Yuko eyes catches hers “Listen,” she starts moving forward.

“I know,” Haruna says, looking at Yuko straight in the eyes. “I know. And I know that you want to talk, but can’t we just do something else instead?”

Yuko seems to waver before standing her ground. “We have to talk about this,” she states clearly.

Haruna shakes her head. “We really don’t have to. We both know how we feel about each other. What else is there to say?”

“That’s the thing,” Yuko answers moving closer. “I know how I feel, but I only think I know how you feel. And what if it’s not the same? What if I kiss…?” Haruna leans forward standing on her toes and kisses Yuko.

Immediately Yuko reaches out to cup Haruna‘s face in her hands and pulls the girl in closer. Haruna wraps her arms around Yuko’s shoulders, sliding her hands into Yuko’s hair and within seconds they’re pressed together from knees to chest.

Yuko pulls back after kissing her breathless, and Haruna drops back down to her feet. Haruna looks up at her, and Yuko smiles brushing Haruna’s hair away from her forehead and leans down to press their foreheads together.


Yuko and Haruna looks at each other raising eyebrows at the same moment and smirking “pretty sure that never happened” choosing to tease Takamina instead of admitting the truth.

Haruna nods in firm agreement “mmm…yeah…sounds more like some books or series…maybe a dream you had last night?”,she asked pretending to be really curious about Takamina and her situation.

Takamina rolls her eyes realizing that’s the best she can get “whatever” she says pretty much collapsing on her chair and looking around pretending not to even be in conversation with these two. In the meantime Yuko and Haruna laughs in unison.
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#11 - Admiration (WMatsui)

Rena rolled her eyes with a glare after Yukirin’s comment about the fact that older girl didn’t enjoy the party.
Rena looked around quite simply but couldn’t fake it she had no interest to this party or people.

Yukirin turn around to the table where all the alcohol was, choosing her drink while Rena was still looking to the other side accidentally coming across a certain girl — Jurina. She hasn’t seen the girl before but there was something about her that made Rena watch her attentively.

Rena raised one of her eyebrows unconsciously while The XX — “Angel“ song was playing in the background.

Jurina wasn't just standing or drinking and talking with people like others around her, instead she was dancing in the middle of couples but alone, not seeing any problem in that. The song was slow and even romantic and at this point anyone could have noticed that Rena was way too interested in that girl.

All of the sudden Rena made a little jump — that happens to people sometimes when they are too concentrated on something or someone that they don’t realize what is actually happening around them. In this case, Rena’s phone started ringing.

“Yes? Already..? Now? Okay…no..I guess I don’t have problem with now if you walk me through it with full explanation…” she put her own cocktail down on the table while patting Yukirin on the shoulder “I will be back”, forgetting about Jurina for this brief moment and leaving this party.

After job related conversation Rena suddenly remembered about the girl she saw not so long ago and walked back inside. Rena looked around searching for familiar face but couldn’t find her. She even questioned Yukirin knowing that younger girl could make fun of her later on but Kashiwagi had no idea who Rena had in mind.

Rena sighed with frustration and settled for admiration. Yes, she admired that stranger, not only for her looks but also for bravery to dance alone like this. Rena hoped that maybe she will get a change to see this girl again.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - You Take My Breath Away (WMatsui)
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#12 - You Take My Breath Away (WMatsui)

We saw black car from far away until it stopped in front a small but cute little house. Jurina was driving and Rena sat in passenger’s seat.

Jurina turned off the radio and looked at Rena curious “so?”

Rena looked right back at her even more curious than Jurina“so?”

”How was your evening?”, younger Matsui asked quite simply with a small smirk. Rena squinted her eyes but played her game answering as well simply,without much care “well…it was quite nice actually…I can’t complain… well… I could complain… but what’s the point right?”

”Oh…so that means you might not want to see me again?”, Jurina asked playfully not breaking eye contact from Rena.

Older Matsui nod her head with agreement “I mean… there’s always a possibility”.

”And there’s nothing that could change your mind?”, Jurina asked pretending to be more curious also raising her eyebrow. Rena shrugged her shoulder “well..unfortunately…”

After that Jurina leaned back in her seat sighing with relief “good…because my evening wasn’t great either..and I didn’t know how to tell this without being awkward… I’m glad we think the same”.

She seemed so relaxed that Rena even believed it “you for real?”

Jurina turn her head slightly at her with pretended confusion “why should I lie to you?”

Rena nod her head still kind of confused “oh…okay…”,and put one hand on doors handle opening them and at the same time saying slowly “I will be… going then. Goodnight?”

”Goodnight”, Jurina answered getting more comfortable in this place and even closing her eyes when Rena turn her head once more to look at the girl,but then just shook her head prepared to step out of the car.

Jurina look at her from the corner of her eye and now reacted quickly grabbing Rena’s hand, turning her around and kissing passionately, one hand on her face, another on her waist to pull her closer.

At first Rena didn't do anything, just because she hadn’t expect it but after few seconds kissed Jurina back with that same passion as this girl. They stopped the kiss only when it was hard to breath, but few kisses also occurred between those breathless pauses.

Then Jurina pressed her head against Rena’s still looking at the girl with those dark brown eyes „your place or mine?“

“am…my friend is home“, Rena answered immediately while Jurina’s hands were still on her waist just squeezing it harder now “well…as seductively as it sounds… I’m only interested in you…so I have to say no for threesome”, she joked adding “so my place?”

Rena bit her lip, looking at Jurina’s lips for longer time then back at her dark orbs. Obviously it was truly hard to resist that “am…maybe…next time”,she said slowly, slightly regretting the fact that she’s just not jumping at Jurina.

Jurina smiled leaning once again but just because Rena expected one more kiss on her lips Jurina turn her head kissing Rena on the cheek “well… I respect you and your decision.So I will impatiently wait for that next time” she said half-jokingly, half-seriously what was quite popular thing with Jurina “I will open doors for you”

Jurina leaned back very slowly still lingering on Rena’s waist, so Rena would feel it but finally opened the doors stepping outside.

Rena’s breathing was quite fast but she controlled it as successfully as she could, until Jurina was already at her side, with opened doors and hand in front of herself. Rena took the hand stepping outside with hidden content smile, also looking at the ground not into her seductive eyes.

Jurina closed the doors still not letting go of Rena’s hand, another one putting on her car and leaning in stopping her face right in front of Rena lips . At the same time Rena’s eyes gazed back at hers “one more goodnight kiss?”.

Rena nod her head without thinking and even leaned forward herself but instead of kissing her lips Jurina once again chose her cheek just lingering there longer and retreated very slowly.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you again, Rena”, she repeated one more time smirking and walked away from her to the other side of her car.

Rena turn back to look at Jurina a little bit light headed and smiled right back at the younger girl.
This time Jurina commented louder “I will wait until you go inside”.

Rena bit her lips once again and turn around immediately so Jurina wouldn’t see how much she would actually love to go back to Jurina’s place. Soon Rena was next to her home and looked back for the last time waving shortly and stepping inside.

After closing and locking doors she almost hit her head back at the door and sighed loudly.

Churi walked out of another room, turning the light on and noticed her friend “oh…hey,you okay?”

Rena straighten up but still had some hard time breathing normally “yeah…I just…I almost…you know I’m against one night stands…or well..I’m only for it if I know I will never see that person again…but that happened once and I wouldn’t like repeating it and…”

”Get to the point?”, Churi asked with a yawn.

Rena breathed in some air “If she kissed again…I would have probably…went home with her right now… considering even that… but I also have…more feelings…like a lot… I feel like everything’s exploding inside my chest”.

Churi smiled genuinely “ohh…maybe you’re falling in love? That would actually be interesting to’re blushing!”

Rena leaned back at the door again “I can’t lie…she definitely…takes my breath way…”.

Churi laughed shortly but she didn’t make fun of her friend and was happy for her “I’m sleepy…but you will tell me more about your date tomorrow…”

Rena didn't argue watching Churi disappear. Then Rena put one hand on her heart feeling how fast it was beating and smiled to herself again. Happy and scared at the same time.
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So... SWEET !  :bleed eyes:
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Jurina takes Rena's breath away.. :inlove:
And this fic take my breath away.. :w00t: Nice drabble Castro-san.. :twothumbs
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#13 - Crushing on My Cousin's Fiancee (FuruYanagi)

Churi step out of bathroom with towel around her head and one more around her waist.

“Oh! Finally!” Jurina laughter appearing out of nowhere “I’m still curious to hear what you have met today”.

Churi also laughed surprised because of sudden Jurina’s appearance “can I get dressed first?”

”You could be naked while telling me…I see no problem with that”

Churi squinted her eyes playfully “yeah right…wait a sec…I can show you with whom I talked today”, she told walking to her room.

Jurina looked at her suspiciously “okay?How is that possible?”, and got comfortable on the sofa as if waiting for her shopping girlfriend while she was in the cabin trying on clothes.

Soon Churi came back from the room with bathrobe and her photo camera.

“Oh..that’s how you’re going to show me”, Jurina laughed to herself that she hasn’t realized that.

Churi found the picture and gave camera to Jurina who stared at it, as if she got blank paper without any clue what’s going on or what’s that she suppose to see “amm…I’m pretty good at reading your mind… but not like this… what’s the point of this cafe?”

Churi rolled her eyes sitting on the table and taking camera back to herself zooming it and showing it back to Jurina.

“Okay..I know that’s Mina? We met once…and that’s… isn’t that your cousin’s fiancee?”. The photo showed Oba Mina and Furukawa Airi drinking coffee.

“Wait a sec…you’re stalking her?”

Churi laughed frowning “no. I took a lot of photos of the city…you can look through would get bored. There are few hundred…but when I took this one…”

”Mmm…describe it so I can imagine. Try to be as good storyteller as I’m all the time”.

Churi chuckled “yeah right…but you’re so great.I can’t compete with you”

”You can try”, Jurina shrugged her shoulder as if giving Churi a chance.

“Okay…but I’m not you so I will skip less important stuff and concentrate on the main point”.

After Churi’s comment Jurina put one hand on her own heart “your words hurt me like knives” but then smiled playfully, waiting as a child for a tale before sleep.

Takayanagi Akane’s STORY

Churi didn’t lie when she said she was taking photos of all places, she walked turning to every side taking one after another, then checking them. After few more minutes she sat down on a bench and decided to look through few last ones coming across the one with Mina and Airi when she noticed someone familiar. She zoomed in photo curiosily and looked around noticing the same coffee just behind her. Just out of curiosity she step closer looking through the glass and smiled surprised actually noticing talking girls inside.

She wondered for a moment stepping back and looking around, but then put camera around her neck and after few more inside battles decided to come inside.

Now we saw her stopping next to this table and smiling genuinely while saying hello.

Oba Mina looked at Churi more attentively finally recognizing her “Churi?“

Churi shrugged her shoulders with a laugh “apparently”.

Mina looked at her surprised few more seconds and finally stood up giving the girl in question short hug “wow! Hello then!”.

Churi laughed at that when Minarun suggested “you should definitely join us”.

At that Churi answered “am…I don’t want to interrupt..I was walking pass by and noticed you…so decided to use the opportunity and say hello…”

”You should definitely join us!”, Mina repeated more assuredly.

“Well..I am not going to wait until you start begging me”, Churi took the free chair to sit by their table.

“Oh and there’s Airi my friend and…”

”I know…Rena’s fiancee”, Churi ended Minarun’s thought and turn to look at Furukawa with genuine smile “nice to see you again”

”Well…if you’re planning on will probably get to see her quite often…Rena mentioned that you’re moving back home… I know you have been travelling the world these past couple of years”, Mina wondered while Airi just smiled awkwardly looking at one girl then another.

Churi laughed shortly turning her attention back to Mina “don’t scare her away. Also, and yes I guess that’s true I will get to see you quite often now”, she joked with a playful wink that was directed at Airi.

Churi ended her story with a final comment “that’s all we talked about… also we talked for…I don’t know…fifteen minutes and I decided to go and let them carry on with their conversation”.

Jurina raised her eyebrows not convinced “oh come on…its never so simple with you.You did at least flirted with that Airi girl few times…right? I could see when you’re crushing on someone…”.

Churi put her hands in the air as ‘that’s all’ sign “we talked that’s it.” and stood up holding onto her bathrobe.

Jurina pouted disappointed “really? REALLY? You’re not gonna tell me anything else? I tell you everything about my life. I could tell you even more details if you want to listen but you…just like that? okay okay…”, Jurina added soon when Churi started walking away “at least tell me…you flirted or not? You flirt with tried right?”

Churi opened the door to her room and turn back to Jurina showing her tongue teasingly “maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.” while walking inside and closing doors.

Jurina sighed defeated “you suck! Can we at least go out somewhere?”, she asked after a moment louder and more hopeful.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - A Walk to Remember (WMatsui)
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#14 - A Walk to Remember (WMatsui)

The scene from the window was breathtaking. The sun was shining brightly, the roads were full of cars, with Spring flowers blooming all around.

Jurina stop in front of her window with coffee mug, holding it with both of her hands and looking at the view in front of her only in her pajamas.

She drank her coffee for few seconds and the put that cup on windowsill taking little paper out of one of her pockets and phone from another, while looking at the paper she dial the number bringing phone to her ear and waiting, putting that piece of paper back to the pocket.

We heard Rena voice after few seconds “hello?”, surprised because she had no idea who was calling.

Jurina smirked to herself hearing familiar voice and answering shortly “hello”.

Scene was cut from this point and continued when Jurina and Rena were walking down the street of old town with beautiful sculptures, buildings, architecture that‘s why there were a lot of tourist with flashing cameras as well.

Rena was eating ice cream and just enjoying the view, well both of them were enjoying the view, just a different one. Rena— what was around, Jurina — the girl next to her.

“I actually had fun… I guess you don’t always sound so confident while talking about yourself?”, she commented looking at Jurina shortly with a laugh.

Jurina showed hand at herself and pretended to be offended “what? Everything I tell about myself is truth…I’m really good at everything…just mentioning…its starts with simple walks… and of course I’m just as good with bed stuff”, she smirked happy with herself when Rena laughed once more looking back at the girl through her shoulder.

“That’s one thing all confident people likes to mention… though I can’t I heard I’m pretty good myself” she smirked reaching Jurina’s level of cockiness and also almost finishing her ice cream “I just wish I could take my friends to go around like that…to see architecture I wish they admired it the same way I do”

“My friends doesn’t like this stuff too… so I prefer to walk around alone like that …usually its worth it…I’m glad you like it too”

Rena was about to answer but she noticed beautifully built church in front of them and forget what she wanted to say “oh! I haven’t been inside this one!” she pointed finger at the building.

Jurina raised her eyebrows judgmentally “you want to go to Church?”

”You have any problem with that?”, Rena asked with short sarcastic laugh and repeating Jurina’s face expression.

Jurina sighed but once again acted as if she’s really unhappy with the current events “well if you really want to…if that’s really necessary..”,and complained until they reached the building “going inside with ice cream?”

”I doubt Jesus would mind”, Rena joked stepping in with Jurina behind her.

They walked around for a while. Occasionally Rena showed at one or other painting or sculpture commenting on it with quite serious expression like giving Jurina some art lectures, even hit the girl on the hand few times when she made fun of certain things and laughed only controlling herself after few punches and angry expression from older Matsui.

After few more minutes they left the place and while walking outside Rena had already finished her ice cream (though inside she still ate it or just hold it in her hand) “wasn’t that bad, right?”,she questioned while punching Jurina on the hand one more time but this time just playfully.

“Yeah..I’m just never coming here again..unless…with very good company”

Rena laughed out loud and “oh! You definitely can’t find better company than me!”

Jurina nod without complaint “obviously” and they still walked out for some time until Rena stopped in her tracks and showed at coffee shop next to her “I’m meeting my friend here…and considering the fact she’s always way too early…she’s probably inside”

”Oh…is that sneaky way of getting rid of me?”

”I’m really curious because she was on a date and she’s not…well she practically never been on one…so…I’m way too curious to drag someone with me because she’s not gonna talk about it with someone else”.

Jurina put both of her hands in her pockets and moved her head a little bit as if in thought finally looking back at Rena with sad dramatic sigh “well…when you say it like that…its not like I can be this jerk to ruin your fun…but I’m seeing you later”.

Rena shrugged her shoulders making fun of the girl “I mean..maybe…I said it was fun…well better than I expected but…not THAT great”

Jurina squinted her eyes when Rena gave herself time to laugh and added “oh look..she’s staring at me with judgment…oh come on…” ,and showed her hand at Airi who sat near the window and looked at both of them actually annoyed.

Even Jurina laughed at the sight of that “oh yeah…your friend would definitely mind me coming along. Call me when you want some coffee…or you know… when you have other churches that you want to visit”.

Rena winked containing her laughter “sure” and tiptoe giving Jurina short kiss on the cheek then without further ado walked inside the shop, waving one more time just because Jurina still looked at her in surprise.

Jurina saw through the window how Rena walked to meet with a friend, she smiled to herself and when older Matsui reached the table Jurina turn and started walking slowly down the street. That was certainty a walk that she’s going to remember for a very long time.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - I Knew You Were Trouble (TomoTomo)
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#15 - I Knew You Were Trouble (TomoTomo)

Firstly mentioned in here (

“Absolutely not”

Tomochin protests, nearly stomping her foot on the ground.

“Ms. Itano, this is not optional” their teacher informs her, voice sweet and nice as usual but eyes disapproving.

“Kasai Tomomi has been assigned as your partner for this project, and I expect your report to be handed in by the end of two weeks. Just like everyone else. As you can see no one could choose with whom to work, Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena missed last Friday and also learnt this the hard way. You are dismissed.”

After this Tomochin lets out an offended huff and exits the classroom.

Kasai is actually waiting for her outside, back leaning against the wall in a casual way, while chewing on a piece of gum.

“So?” Kasai asks, eyebrows raised in both amusement and curiosity.

“It did not go according to plan”

“So you’re stuck with me, then,” Kasai says jokingly.

“Yes, well…” Tomochin trails off and clears her throat, trying to remember why she was so upset with this arrangement in the first place.

“Since we do not seem to have any other choice in the matter, and we are being forced to work together, I will lay down some ground rules. First of all, we…”

“I like rules,” Kasai smirks suddenly interrupting Tomochin in her trail of thoughts “They’re fun to break.”

And that’s how Tomochin knows this will not end well. She also starts thinking that maybe Kasai Tomomi is actually a trouble.

Four weeks later the two girls are sitting near the table together while Tomochin blushes looking down surprising even herself why she’s the shy one in this relationship. They see Yuko and Haruna on another side of the cafeteria with awkwardly looking around Takamina.

“I think we should find someone for Takamina as well… she might just go insane with all these couple surrounding her…”

“You think Rena and Jurina are an item already?” Tomochin questions remembering the whole assignments incident.

“I think that’s possible… after all, because of that assignment we get to spend more time together and…” even Kasai blushed this time avoiding Tomochin eyes.

Itano couldn’t control herself and laugh because of both of their stupidity “we’re like teenager in love, right?”

“Well…we’re teenagers…and we’re in love”.

“And to think about the fact that I thought that you’re trouble…”

“I’m trouble…” Kasai commented with a smirk but smiled more shyly afterwards “but I’m your trouble”.
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kyaaah~ kawaii~

more TomoTomo please~!  :inlove:

arigato gozaimasu!  :heart:
Title: Calista's OS Corner - A Teacher Who Sees It All (WMatsui)
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#16 - A Teacher Who Sees It All (WMatsui)

The story took place in one of Mariko’s classrooms. During one of her lessons, she was sitting near her desk and looking around while students talked with each other, wrote stuff, prepared presentations. Talking was usually involved, unless some of them didn’t know each other well enough, or wasn’t interested in each other at all.

Mariko’s eyes wondered around, sometimes stopping at someone for a moment, other times skipping people while she thought about certain things that were unfolding in front of her:

“Sometimes people ask me… if I don’t get annoyed or even bored day after day doing the same thing, seeing the same people who are usually against you…but it’s not. Every day is like a new story. When you don’t have interesting things in your personal life…it works perfectly this way. I like noticing those little looks… that after some time will turn into long ones..later on into dating…and who knows… maybe even future together as well”

She thought of this while looking at Jurina and Rena who were whispering about something sitting really close to one another and looking at the paper.

Rena sometimes wrote some points to it, or let Jurina took the pencil and do it for her. When Jurina did she looked at younger without breaking eye contact from her face, though her look wondered from Jurina’s eyes, to her lips, sometimes simply hair.

Other times Rena was explaining something passionately and Jurina stole glances at her trying not to be very evident so most of the time when Rena looked right back at her she pretended to be really interested in paper and looked down.

“All of this is interesting to me. To see how these children grow and become adults. Also, seeing people falling in love with each other is the most precious gift.”
Title: Calista's OS Corner - A True Player (WMatsui)
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#17 - A True Player (WMatsui)

Jurina and Rena were already sitting in Rena’s living room, with older Matsui textbook on the table while Rena finished explaining few of the solutions “that’s kind of all we have to do until tomorrow…did you understood anything?”

Rena asked genuinely curious, turning the book and giving it back to Jurina with an awkward but cute smile, considering the fact they were together without Mayu.

Jurina’s girlfriend. Most of the time the three of them were together. But very rarely, until these homeworks, they spend time alone — just two Matsui.

Rena was pretty sure Mayu would be with them even when they were making these homeworks, but the girl had project of her own to think about.

Jurina put all of her things back to briefcase and looked around standing up and squinting her eyes curious “have I even been here before?”

Rena stood up after her, not sure what else to do “probably not..if we spend time..including Mayu…its around school or some shop…or…school…or…”

Jurina nod her head shortly while smirking “I got it” and still looked around meanwhile Rena stared at Jurina awkwardly. Not sure if she should suggest something, they had already drunk tea while Rena showed the girl how to solve math problems and there was nothing left to do “my parents will probably be back soon”, she stated simply.

”And your brother?”

”Oh…he lives in an apartment. But he visits us occasionally when he has time”

”Of course he does”, Jurina commented without much care and after few more seconds her look was back at Rena, more curious than before “I still have some time until going back home…and Mayu’s too busy for me today…how about passing some time together?”

”Um,” Rena’s throat went dry as Jurina stopped right in front of her. Her breathing went shallow, feeling the body heat of the girl.

Rena studied Jurina like a puzzle, not knowing what to expect from this sudden change.

“Jurina?” she said reverently quiet. A hand came up and pushed a lock of dark hair behind her ear.

Jurina stepped even closer, leaning forward to whisper, “Rena”.

It still seemed like situation where Jurina is joking and any second she‘s going to say that‘s one of her plans to embarrass Rena.

Younger Matsui observed the shiver go through Rena‘s body, and the corner of her mouth quirked up. Rena saw the devil in that smirk.

“Do you like me, Rena? I’ve seen you watching me. Even a year back, before and after I started dating Jurina. Do you like what you see?”

Rena‘s mind blown at this turn of events. Long fingers caressed her cheek trailing down to her neck scorching the skin. Rena had no control. Her body moved to Jurina without conscious thought.

Jurina reached out and gripped Rena’s neck, slightly tugging at her hair. Rena was not capable of controlling the moan that escaped her lips, eyes widening in embarrassment. It was almost an out of body experience.

Jurina smirked normally getting what she wants, and she didn‘t find it hard to believe that Rena wasn‘t pushing her away.

As it usually happens in situations like that Jurina’s phone started ringing.

Still smirking but without moving from her position Jurina took it out of her jeans pocket and without second guessing answered “hello, love”.

That was like a wake up call for Rena who pushed Jurina away almost running around the table to keep some distance.

Jurina laughed at that “oh no…we’ve just finished. Rena also helped me with math. Little helper, isn’t she? Am…sure…I can go there…how was your evening? Fantastic! You can tell me everything about that after fifteen minutes. Oh no…I’m close enough…see you soon”

Jurina put her phone back in her pocket looking at Rena who’s breath was still somewhat lost because of previous situation. Between huffed breaths she still managed to say “You need to go!”, saying that not in the most pleasant way.

Jurina just laughed at that and it seemed like previous situation didn’t phase her at all “Well, I kind of have to.Unfortunately. I would stick for longer but you know…girlfriend duties… See you around, Rena?” and not waiting for the girl to answer turn around walking out slowly.

Meanwhile Rena walked more fast closing doors after Jurina and stepping back. Unfortunately for her she forgot to lock the doors and after few seconds Jurina opened them once again “rude of me.I forgot to ask…should I give Mayu your regards or something?” and get the reaction she wanted when Margo almost ran to close the door (this time way harder).

Without answering but not forgetting to lock it this time. ‘What the hell just happened here’ question kept creeping into older Matsui’s mind while she stood in same position unable to move and still trying to catch her breath.
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Sequel please!>O<
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Spacing Out (KojiYuu)
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#19 - Spacing Out (KojiYuu)

Yuko and Sae walked into the shop and Yuko raised her hand while greeting the girl working there “Hello!“

Haruna looked from her computer. Before they appeared it seemed like she was consumed by it so it was hard to come back to the real life “hello…“ looking at Yuko and Sae and leaning back in her chair with suspicion “why are you so good looking?“

Sae raised her hands in defeat dramatically turning around as good actress in some sitcom “that’s it. Do her on the table.I will wait in the car“

Yuko punched her friend in the hand “don‘t be an asshole.“ And looked at Haruna curious “what do you mean?“, also holding onto Sae with one hand just in case she actually thought of dramatically walking out of there.

Kojima looked at both of them confused again, not sure what is so surprising in what she just said “you‘re way too good looking for this place. Are you from fanfiction?“

While asking Kojima immediately looked at her computer screen then back at them with curiosity and wide eyes “if its rated M I don‘t wanna see it“

Yuko laughed shortly but surprised and pulled Sae’s hand “Look,we found your soulmate!“

“It was once“, Sae said annoyed and turn around facing Haruna once again not running away from the shop so Yuko let go of her hand.

Yuko soon explained to Haruna “she wrote fanfiction once. I think you were fifteen…that was hilarious“.

Haruna squeezed her eyes looking at fanfiction too seriously to joke about “why? gay fanfiction?“.

Sae looked at Yuko with expression of ‘kill me now‘, while Yuko laughed once again “Yeah. It was some short maybe 500 words fanfic how she gave this girl a flower, they kissed and lived happily ever after.It was stupid.And adorable in a away…probably because it was stupid”

Sae rolled her eyes with annoyance ”now you’re embarrassing me”.

Yuko chuckled shortly ”look who’s talking. You do that all the time to me.Taste your own medicine” and looked back at Haruna who still stared at them trying to catch their every word and understand if this is real or not.

”You’re reading gay fanfiction?”

”Its from Korean group.K-pop.It’s… It’s a form of art”, Haruna commented more seriously.

Sae rolled her eyes once again, it was kind of her signature move “she even reads gay porn”

”That doesn’t mean anything”, Yuko was soon to answer squinting her eyes at her friend slightly “many girls do…I don’t…I had enough of actual thing happening in front of me once…I had enough…”

”Oh right! At that sleepover when you couldn’t walk away and had to hear and watch..oh I would pay to see you in that situation…”

Yuko nod shortly and thought for a moment “Maybe that’s why I don’t like men?”

”You have never liked men”.

”I tolerate them”

Sae looked at Haruna and then back at Yuko “I think we’re confusing her”.

Haruna waved her hand shaking her head shortly “not its okay.Its rated somewhat.. T… I’m totally okay with that”, and stared from one to another waiting for something to happen.

Sae raised her eyebrows looking back at Yuko with begging look “can we go? This is not amusing me anymore”

”Suffer just a little bit, my love”

”Oh…so you’re lovers?”. Haruna asked curious to know more while Yuko and Sae looked at each other and burst into laughter “oh hell no.Never”
“Oh but you like slept together before or something…?” Haruna questioned again.

Sae laughed more playfully this time “we should try some time”

”No thanks, Sayaka would kill me.”

Haruna sighed giving up “I really don’t know what’s happening here…were is the description…I need to know what’s happening”.

Yuko opened her mouth to answer but Sae did that first “its real life. You don’t get menu of what is happening around you…but to make things clear..we’re real..and well yeah…I can take a compliment we’re good looking. She only sleeps with women, or date women, though I don’t know if you call that dating, she would say she does so let’s leave with that and I have a girlfriend who would be really pissed off if she heard this conversation”.

Haruna listened to Sae with opened mouth and nod few times “oh…”.

“Good, it seems like we’re getting are legal, right? In case my friend her would try something on you?”.

Before last question it seemed like Haruna understood what was happening around her but this time she looked slightly confused again “try on me what?”.

Yuko pushed Sae lightly and looked back at Haruna with wide smile, something similar to laugh “ignore her” and also told Sae “let’s find something to eat and please stop harassing people we don’t know!”
Title: Calista's OS Corner - I'm Crying... (MaYuki)
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#20 - I'm Crying... (MaYuki)

Mayu kept repeating questions “You slept with her? Just tell me for once!”

Yukirin answered almost immediately “Yes, I did. Not once”

Mayu repeated her question with her hands around Yukirin, keeping the girl in place “is.that.really.true?”

Once again Yukirin answered “You wanted the truth.You have it” which made Mayu let go of her immediately and step back before doing something she might regret later.

It took Mayu couple of seconds to calm her breathing. She looked at Yukirin with doubt even in this furious state “you don’t look at me the way you do when you tell the truth…”

Yukirin started laughing after this as loudly as she managed showing that Mayu’s statement truly made her crack up “oh, so I have my telling the truth face? Also…you found us so I don’t know what else I can say…if I say I didn’t slept with her.You would have believed me? I still remember how you tried to fool me after I found you with Jurina a year ago… ”

Mayu stared back at her now coming closer leaving very small space between them “tell me” wanting to forgive, wanting to forget, wanting to make things alright. Wanting to get over this as they already did one time ago after Mayu’s screw up.

Yukirin looked her face up and down, intensively and smirked slightly also stepping closer, at the same time putting one of her hands on Mayu’s cheek with tenderness “I…” and also with her lips really close to hers while whispering “slept with Rena.”

Mayu grabbed Yukirin’s hand yanking it away from her face and even pushed the girl to bed looking with disgust now “that’s not the girl I fall in love with”.
Laying on her back Yukirin laughed again loudly enough to provoke Mayu even more “people change.How naive to think they stay the same…love…such a silly word…“.

Mayu squinted her eyes starting to look at her as complete new person, someone she didn't know. Someone she didn't want to know. Someone she didn't want to be close to. “You didn’t think this way when you told me many times how you love me”.

Yukirin got quiet but just for few seconds and after a moment pulled her own body higher so she can look back at Mayu “that’s just a word.Anyone can say it.And honestly I don’t care anymore.I’m pretty sure you can stop caring as well”

Mayu being hot blooded reacted again this time pulling Yukirin’s hand violently closer to herself so Kashiwagi face was few inches away from her again “is that what you REALLY want?”

Yukirin smirked coldly “I got nothing left. Yes. That’s what I REALLY want” getting in this battle of stares with Mayu until younger girl let go of her hands.

“Yes. You have nothing left.And you don’t have me.You always had me and I promised you I will always stay by your side. But now you don’t have me. You never will. You’re dead to me”.

Yukirin stood up with the same cold smile on her face “that wasn’t so hard, was it?” which was the last straw for Mayu.

Younger girl turned around and walked out of Yukirin’s room slamming doors behind herself with all the force she had.

Mayu punched her hand in the wall and doors few really hard times meanwhile Yukirin flinched every single time Watanabe did that until she hear Mayu finally walking away.

Now not needing to control herself anymore Yukirin burst into tears which seemed to appear out of nowhere. Yukirin sat on the ground without control over her own body showing true pain and hurt in her face.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Young Love (JuriMayu)
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#21 - Young Love (JuriMayu)

Watanabe Mayu POV

Jurina was still away so I decided to spend my day with Lovetan.

We did spend time together time after time and we share the same room sometimes in the past. Before she got transferred to HKT.

I guess lately I spend more time with her than with Jurina (even though till this point Jurina was still a part of AKB). So now Jurina spend most of her time with Churi or Sae, also Masana.

I don’t really know what happened… I used to spend all my time with her but… it just changed. I guess all the fan shipping separated us a little bit because we had to be more conscious about our actions. Well, no one looked at us as attentively as at me with Yuki or her with Rena but still… there are JuriMayu shippers as well and they are as passionate as the other ones.

So now I miss Jurina… but it’s not like I can tell her right? Though friends do tell each other that they miss one another all the time but… I don’t know. It’s probably because I have the biggest crush on her since the first day I first saw her. What makes this even worse… my feelings… they are growing.
Maybe that was one of the reasons why I didn’t really mind us spending some time separately. Give myself time to figure out what I’m feeling though at the same time I knew it all along and don’t need no confirmation.

But enough about that… I started talking with Lovetan about some random stuff and our future activities but for some reason remembered about Jurina again… actually it happens all the time.

The harder I try not to think about her the more I ACTUALLY think about her.

Sorry…back to Lovetan. So we decided to eat chinese food watch a movie and create some  videos for google+. Everyone in 48 family like doing that lately and fans seem to love it. But before all of that we decided to watch a movie and that’s exactly what we are doing right now while I’m rambling for you.

Lovetan noticed that I’m not so into movie and asked unexpectedly “You miss her, don’t you?“

It took me by surprise and I take some time to answer as I tried to sound unaffected “Who?”

“Don’t act stupid. You know who”.

“Oh…of course I miss Yukirin I haven’t seen her for few days, she keeps on training with NGT lately”.

Lovetan smirked “we both know who you miss the most” she said pausing the movie and taking me by surprise for the second time.

What the heck is happening? Am I in trouble?

“Your crush is showing”

“Excuse me?”

“Just be honest”

“I’m being honest. I have told you already. Let’s make some videos if we’re not watching the movie” I commented while jumping on my feet and trying to change the subject.

“No no! Sit down!” I had no other choice because of Lovetan’s serious face again. She was scaring me right now. I guess Lovetan realized that as well.

“I’m not that scary! Enough with that face. Now tell me things. You know I’m both Mayuki and JuriMayu supporter and I can swing either way”.

“That’s not funny…”

”I’m not laughing. Tell me”

I couldn’t take it any longer. You call call this peer pressure. “Fine, I like her…you happy now?”

“I won’t be happy until Jurina finds out about it…I guess she has saying in this doesn’t she? You should tell her”

“I can’t tell her! She would look at me differently! No!”

“I don’t think so and it’s important…either way you would find out if she likes you back or not… this way she would put you out of your misery believe me I know what I’m saying..I have few crushes before as well”.

“It’s not a crush! I love her!” I said louder and exasperatedly.

“Then tell her”Lovetan still kept on insisting.

“No!” I protested again.

But familiar voice behind my back stopped me from saying anything else “Too late”.
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I would really want to see more of 'Crushing on my Cousin's Fiance' just cuz it's Furuyanagi centric~
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Castro-san you make a JuriMayu OS.. Yeah..  :w00t:
I think it is the first time, right?
Its nice, I love Mayu when she get embarassed,.. XD
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I vote for crushing on my cousin's fiance because the world needs more Furuyanagi
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Young Love. Part 2 (JuriMayu)
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@Hypno & @MaYukiIsLife, I hear both of you (after all, that's one of my options as well). I also think this fandom/forum should have more FuruYanagi fanfics. I'm a bit sad that there aren't many  :(
@Raizel, yes yes yes! You're very right, this is my first JuriMayu OS  :D But I don't think it's the last, I even felt inspired  enough to write a continuation  :roll:

#22 - Young Love. Part 2 (JuriMayu)

Watanabe Mayu POV

But familiar voice behind my back stopped me from saying anything else “Too late”.

I spin around immediately now face to face with Jurina who probably took an early flight. She was suppose to come back tomorrow morning and now she‘s here and she heard my confession.

So of course first question in my mind what What the heck I should do. Most importantly, I felt embarrassed because there is no way she could like me that way and now everything will change just like I said to Lovetan.

I don‘t want things to change. I better have Jurina as a friend but her staying in my life and acting casual instead of her ignoring me and I have the feeling that it‘s exactly what‘s going to happen.

Lovetan stood up saying casually “So I‘m leaving you two for a little chat“.

But I was on my feet sooner because I just couldn‘t face Jurina. I need at least few days until it will stop being embarassing and I could look at her again.

She was confused and surprised so obviously she had no idea about my feelings… I don‘t even know if that‘s a good or a bad thing.

“Mayuyu…“ but before she could say anything I just ran. Ran to my room and locked doors behind me. No… this can‘t be happening.

Matsui Jurina POV

I still stood at the same spot where I heard Mayuyu‘s words and watched my friend running up the stairs meanwhile Lovetan looked so calm it actually annoyed me.

I was about to say something though my mind was blank when she asked unexpectedly “So have Sae talked with you?“

“Talked about what…?“

“About Mayu. Don‘t try lying to me that‘s not the reason why you‘re back one day earlier when you obviously enjoyed your time there so much. Most of the time you prefer SKE activities. That’s one of the reasons why you’re ending your concurrency position“.

I opened and closed my mouth confused. How does she know? Did she and Sae planned all of this? Before I could come up with good comeback Lovetan spoke up again “Go and talk with Mayu. At least put that girl out of her misery“.

After few minutes I finally composed myself and ran after Mayu knocking on her door “Mayuyu…can we talk?“ I said as calmly as possibly could though my insides were on flames (what to do, what do say, how to make this okay).

If not Sae I wouldn't be here. She help me realize something. I think I should be happy now. Because of what I have heard… but in reality I‘m confused. Just a little bit… I was thinking about this moment for the last three hours and now I just…I have no idea what‘s happening.

Watanabe Mayu POV

“No, Jurina, please go away!“ I tried asking desperately not wanting to see her disappointed face. To hear her telling me that‘s there‘s nothing we can do and she has no feelings for me. I couldn‘t take it. I was dreaming about a miracle for too long and it‘s not how I imagined it.

“Mayuyu, open your door or I will use those keys on the corner. I’m pretty sure they’re for this room. Your choice!“

I sighed defeated for the second time today, jumped out of my bed still dragging my feet until I unlocked my door and walked away letting Jurina in.

“I want to talk about this…about what I…what you have said“.

“There‘s nothing I can say about this…and I don‘t want to say anything…if you hate me and you don‘t want to talk with me ever again you can just tell me and I will understand“.

“WHAT?“ Jurina practically shouted at me looking kind of angry. Just what I hoped to see. “Are you kidding me? You‘re my friend and I wouldn't stop talking with your or being your friend because of this…but…“.

Oh of course…there‘s always but… I thought this but I also said it out loud „there‘s always but“.

She looked doubting like fighting some demons and finally said so quietly that I almost heard it „but it‘s mutual…“

“What?“ it was my turn to question her words.

“Well…what you have just said…you know…about me…what you feel…I just…it‘s mutual“.

Honestly that was the first time I heard Jurina whispering but at the same time that was the sweetest thing I have ever seen before. I couldn‘t control myself and smiled from one ear to the other, I probably looked like retard but I didn't care about that any longer “you…you know that if you‘re joking I will kill you!“

Jurina laughed again. Probably releaved that it went better than expected and put her hand on my cheeks starting to lean it but Lovetan ran into this room before she could do anything and practically jumped on us hugging so tightly I could hardly breathe “I‘m so happy for you! JuriMayu is happening!“
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wooow I love JuriMayu Fics!!
Thanks a lot!
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@Raizel, yes yes yes! You're very right, this is my first JuriMayu OS  :D But I don't think it's the last, I even felt inspired  enough to write a continuation  :roll:
Is there any continuation again? :roll:
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Damn... Lovetan, why you disturb them? WHY?? :banghead:
I though that finally they kiss, ughh.. :angry:

Castro-san I must thank your inspiration to continue this fic.. hehe
Glad you will write more in the future about JuriMayu. :thumbsup
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JuriMayu so cute!  :w00t: :drool: :oops: :wub:

maybe one more update? lovetan why did you have to interup the moment?!  :banghead: XD
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Young Love. Part 3 (JuriMayu) LAST
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@Raizel, I found them cute as well (while writing) that's why I wanted to share  :oops: I'm glad that someone including you of course, liked it! Yes, I think I will write more JuriMayu in the future along with other pairings that I like  :roll: for this time, I'm just sharing last part of this short/awkward/cute story  :lol:
@sasshirie and @Weird Panda, yes this is the continuation! Last part it is!
@Minami-chan, I love JuriMayu fics as well  :w00t:

#23 - Young Love. Part 3 (JuriMayu) LAST

Matsui Jurina POV

Finally after 15 minutes of teasing us Lovetan decided to left us of the hook and went to call Sae and Masana to tell them about it. Apparently girls has been shipping us from the start and we both were too blind to realize what we were feeling or at least I was. Mayuyu knew about her feelings and fought against it for couple months not wanting to lose me.

That was sad in a way because we both were thinking about one another but didn't do anything about it. Now we were left alone to talk but I was unsure what to say.

It was hard to express my thoughts and feelings for the person that matter. It‘s good thing that at least Mayuyu knows me and probably isn't expecting too much.
“Jurina she‘s gone“ Mayu told me shyly trying to hide that adorable smile from her face that I loved.

“We should talk“ I said hoping it wouldn't scare Mayu though I sounded more serious than usual. I also hoped that Mayu had a better idea of what we were now. Yes we confessed feelings to one another but… does it mean that we‘re together or…?

Mayu looked at me hopefully... then unsure what to say probably seeing confusion in my expression “I want to be with you but..I guess…I mean…we should take things slow…?“ she asked with sincerety and hope. Instantly, all my doubts went away.

“No“ I said immediately not breaking eye contact with the girl that stole my heard.

Watanabe Mayu POV

“No“ she said not breaking eye contact with me and it scared me. I though Jurina wanted to be with me.I mean…she was going to kiss me earlier and she confessed her feelings, or am I just imagining things and she actually turned me down and I‘m just standing here like a fool expecting something impossible?

She noticed my sadness and added immediately “I want to be with you.But I don‘t want to take things slow…okay..that doesn‘t sound very nice…“ she suddenly said more nervous than usual which made her look so adorable I couldn't contain my smile. “I mean…I want to call you my girlfriend and everything…after all..girls already knows about it…and I mean…if you feel the same“.

“Of course I feel the same way!“ I almost shouted grinning and coming closer to hug her. Jurina hugged me back and I could feel her smiling.

But all of the sudden few people jumped on us (seems like dejavu) and knocked us on the floor. I was ready to panic until I saw Sae, Lovetan and Masana (yes, surprisingly even Masana) jumping around “It took you two forever!“

“Yeah you fools! We got tired of your eye-sex everyday but you never did anything. I mean…FINALLY!“

And they hugged us again. I saw Jurina grinning and did the same. I got the girl that I wanted and very supporting crazy friends who will probably interrupt us whenever they get a chance till the day we die but still…I was in a really happy place.

A/N: and... they lived happily ever after  :D
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oh my, this is so perfect  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: i really love JuriMayu, thankyu for this  :shy1:
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thanks a lot autor san!
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And that last part was awesome or awkward, anyways its happy end.. :w00t:
Continue to wait your other masterpiece Castro-san.. :thumbsup
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Okay, crazy friends, thanks for always interrupting their momment
And thank you, calista-san.
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thanks for creating a wonderful drabble.  :) :) :)  :thumbup :peace:

this is drabble are too cute and adorable for me and I love it  :wub: :wub: :wub:

and I love jurimayu pair also so x10 love  :wub: :wub:

again thank you for creating many wonderful story, I'm your fan now and your stories are my favorite to read. your a awesome author. calista_castro.  :theking  :twothumbs
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ah calista-san its rather cute to find JuriMayu :3
do you have time to continue your drabble ?
*i hope so*

Title: Calista's OS Corner - Wake Up Call (WMatsui)
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I present to you... my last/very short OS for this year  :)

#24 - Wake Up Call (WMatsui)

Loud music started playing without any intention to stop until Jurina opened her eyes.

She immediately found her phone firstly checking who's calling and then answering “hello?”

”I knew you will still be sleeping! My sleeping beauty” Rena said laughing meanwhile Jurina smiled as well, just for hearing older Matsui voice.

Akane was standing farther from Rena and just rolled her eyes looking at things around herself without curiosity (or pretending that she’s not really curios).

Jurina answered sleepy “my alarm clock didn’t work…I think..”, she looked around finally noticed it broken against the wall so she guiltily bit her lip “I will probably have to buy a new one”.

Rena laughed once more “I will be having more work today than usual but I’m pretty sure you will find what to do. Meeting friends?”

”That’s kind of the plan…you have to do your job so I can’t ask you to throw everything and join me…I get that”

”Wow, you’re being good? Interesting. That should be rewarded”.

Jurina made a fake sound of a laugh “HA”.

Rena smiled apologetically at Akane who got a bit tired of all this sweet talk “okay, so let’s have dinner tonight. I will cook and reward you for your patience. Love you”.

”Love you too”, Jurina answered with small smile pulling phone away from her ear and deciding to sleep for few more minutes.

Akane instantly commented while laughing “You do realize you will have to call her again after about 10 minutes, right? So Jurina would actually wake up”.

Both girls shared an understanding smile and continued on with their work though Rena set off a reminder that she will indeed has to call her girlfriend one more time.

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You really how to makes my day brighter :wub:
Love it so much, so caring and warm fanfic  :heart: :twothumbs
Thank you, and can you write another wmatsui ff again? i'll wating patiently :hee:
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Drabble Collection #21 - I'm Crying... (Mayuki)

Yukirin got quiet but just for few seconds and after a moment pulled her own body higher so she can look back at Mayu “that’s just a word.Anyone can say it.And honestly I don’t care anymore.I’m pretty sure you can stop caring as well”

Mayu being hot blooded reacted again this time pulling Yukirin’s hand violently closer to herself so Kashiwagi face was few inches away from her again “is that what you REALLY want?”

Yukirin smirked coldly “I got nothing left. Yes. That’s what I REALLY want” getting in this battle of stares with Mayu until younger girl let go of her hands.

“Yes. You have nothing left.And you don’t have me.You always had me and I promised you I will always stay by your side. But now you don’t have me. You never will. You’re dead to me”.

Yukirin stood up with the same cold smile on her face “that wasn’t so hard, was it?” which was the last straw for Mayu.

Younger girl turned around and walked out of Yukirin’s room slamming doors behind herself with all the force she had.

Mayu punched her hand in the wall and doors few really hard times meanwhile Yukirin flinched every single time Watanabe did that until she hear Mayu finally walking away.

Now not needing to control herself anymore Yukirin burst into tears which seemed to appear out of nowhere. Yukirin sat on the ground without control over her own body showing true pain and hurt in her face.


:OMG:  :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG:

:scared: :scared: :scared:

:tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:

:on cloudeye: :on cloudeye: :on cloudeye:
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WMatsui OS to brighten the day! thank you author-san, I loved it!

:luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
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  XD it's so sweet~ :heart: :heart:
Thank you n pls give us more wmatsui  :bow:
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Little Dreamers (JuriMayu)
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Something truly random but I don't even know... maybe Christmas has some influence on me? I didn't plan on posting it  :)

#25 - Little Dreamers (JuriMayu)

Since she was a little girl Jurina wished she can sing and perform in front of crowds of people while they chant her name. She used to run around the house and make little shows for her parents, her relatives, her friends, even singing with a spoon making everyone around her laugh.

Jurina met two of her best friends Takayanagi Churi (nicknamed by Churi) and Watanabe Mayu (who she always called Mayuyu) while she was in first class and the girls shared the same passion as she did.

So soon all three of them started preparing and writing songs. They were silly children songs about trees, grass, games but they tried so hard and spend hours writing lyrics. Instead of playing outside they sat and practiced.

Rehearsal after rehearsal. They had amazing voices even though they didn't realize it at the moment.

More years passed but things didn't change. The girls started watching idols competition shows when they were eleven years old. They sat around in Mayu’s room and voted for their favorites, cried if they didn't win and get really angry if someone they didn't like won instead.

All those idols, all of those winners and losers and their passion made girls think about a lot of things and a lot of options because they were still wishing on becoming stars. It’s not like they wanted everything for the fame. They hoped to spend their life singing because it was their biggest passion and dream.
When you have a dream and you work on in, with the encouragement of other people you have more opportunities to make it reality.

They were little dreamers who fought for it and with lessons, with time and dedication, they became idols.

There was just one thing Mayu and Jurina didn't notice during all those years and only Churi was aware of the fact. The simple truth that while they wished and dedicated all their time for singings, they haven’t considered their own feelings for each others.

Dreams come true or not Churi still decided to get her two best friends together even if that can made her like third wheel in this friendship. One thing she never expected was the fact how easily it will happen. All she had to do was tell the truth to one and then to the other…

When both Mayu and Jurina realized it they rushed to express their feelings to each other, still fighting for their dreams but having each other by their side.

They didn’t leave Churi aside too. After all, who knows how many years they wouldn’t have considered being together if not Akane’s persistence.

Little dreamers grew up and continued fighting for their dreams just the same like the rest of the world should do to… keep working hardest with loved ones by their side.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Unselfish Love. Part 2 (WMatsui)
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First of all, I can't believe that I actually sit down and wrote it. That was not on my plans at all (though it was one of the options for writing later on)... still... somehow this happened and here it comes. If you haven't read first part (reader) I guess you should check it out to understand what is happening... and in advance... I'm sorry for the sadness  :cry:

#26 - Unselfish Love. Part 2 (WMatsui)

Do you ever have that feeling… like a six sense that something should have happened but it never did? I have spend two years of my life like that… with wonder… for some reason going back to that same scene in the park.

I had a pen pal once… it was a little bit different as I never before felt connection to someone I haven’t met in person. I had no idea how she looked and knew only details of that girl’s life… but we confessed our fears and dreams to each other, and we agreed to meet one day.

I felt that my life might change if I see her… never before I felt so excited and nervous… but she never showed up. She stopped messaging me back and just disappeared…

Have you ever felt like you lost someone you never even had in a first place? Like your heart is going to explode for this one particular reason… Trutfully, at first I was really angry. I couldn't believe that she just stood me up. I waited for two hours still hoping that maybe something happened and she’s running late.

Later on, I started wondering that maybe she saw me… saw me and decided that I’m not worth her time. That’s what a blind date is, right? If you decide that you don’t like another person you can just leave. You don’t need to see them ever again. No one cares if one side fall in love with the other if the feeling is not mutual. But shouldn't I be angry? If that’s really the case… all I can feel is disappointment.

Despite always feeling weird whenever I remembered this incident I decided I need to push this aside. I noticed that girl… Rena… four years later after and somehow left my past behind.

It happened in a small book shop where I had my part time job helping out my cousin. Rena hadn't noticed me as I was always running around, carrying the books, doing whatever errands my cousin (who got me this job) throw my way. But I always noticed Rena… I heard her name few time because she visited this place with friends.

Some days she came alone and spend hours while looking through the books with me awkwardly lurking around the corners and admiring her every move.

Have you ever felt mesmerized by someone? Someone you haven’t even spoked with… feeling a pull as if you see your destiny in front of you but something stops you from coming up front?

Many times I wanted to go and talk with her, suggest a book or ask if she’s looking for something specific. I was easy going and can communicate with whoever, even flirt with people that I barely knew but this girl… Rena… I never dared to do any of that. Instead…one time when she almost noticed me I hid behind some books and a ladder. I felt relief that she hadn't noticed it but I also kept on wondering why… what keeps me away from here? Its like some force kept holding me and dragging me away…

Surprisingly, whenever she left the shop I felt like my old self. Full of confidence to do whatever it takes… to conquer the world…

It happened right before Christmas… I heard Rena talking with my cousin and she mentioned of leaving the city. She even sounded apologetic admitting that its her favorite book shop in the city and she hopes she could keep on coming here.

We had a tradition on giving away books before Christmas, especially to regular costumer who helped with the business. I knew that my cousin plans to give a book for Rena as well… usually it didn't matter what kind of book we chose… either way the reader appreciated the thought.

Rena promised to come back to stay goodbye and I decided this is as good time as any to write down something that has been on my mind for some time. I took one of the books forcing my cousin to promise that she will give this to Rena (I had to do a lot of convincing as my cousin found this truly strange but she agreed to do it for the sake of my mind).

All was left to do is sit down and wrote it down but while looking at the paper I couldn't express my thoughts anymore. I spend almost all night nervously rewriting my sentences and throwing away the paper. When I noticed that there’s not much time left I decided to settle with my last statements and copied it into the book.

I watched from the corner as my cousin gave Rena our little present still unsure why I can’t go there. Why something is stopping me for talking out loud or just going to stand around the corner and smile for the girl… All I could do was just look at her from afar.

Only when Rena left and I knew she’s not coming here next day I felt like screaming and crying. Tears just rolled down my face uncontrollably while I walked into the other room so no other customers could see me.

This hurt… really hurt… but also I felt relief… I manage to do at least one thing… I manage to express my thoughts and feelings into paper. Who knows when she will notice it… today, tomorrow or maybe a year later… still… one day she will open the book and see my little note. Maybe she will even smile finding out that there was someone who liked her this way… I hope she will smile…

JURINA’S NOTE: I love you, isn't it crazy considering that you don’t know who I am? You don’t know how I look, what is my personality, what are my strengths and weaknesses. I don’t know that either… I barely know you, only staring from the side, only seeing the admiration you have for those love stories, for those novels you buy one after the other. I don’t know what kind of life you have outside this place but still… I can’t help myself. I love you in the same way how they describe love in poems: I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you this way because I don’t know any other way how I could do it. In my imagination… you’re by my side… in my imagination you love me the same way. Without understanding or needing reason to. I’m a coward unable to express my feelings but when you read this little book…know that there is someone in this world who truly admires you… and no matter what — cherishes this feeling… your secret fan, Jurina”.
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waiting for p3..?? patiently
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Aaawwww it's sweet and sad at the same time, my daughter T^T
I love Jurina's note so much, somehow I could feel her sincere...
Thanks for the update! You've healed my wanting-wmatsui sickness XD
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my poor heart  :ptam-hbk:
this is amazing OS! thank you castro-san!  :ptam-wub:
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Thanks guys (and mama!) for the previous comments! I'm glad that it healed your WMatsui sickness (even if just for a moment as let's face it... that sickness returns after some time). But this short OS is not for WMatsui this time.

Happy New Year!  :pig xmas1:

#27 - Jealous Bird (FuruYanagi)

Rena wasn’t good at New Year Parties always feeling a bit out of a place. She smiled surprised when Airi come and took her by the hand “let’s go dancing!” without even asking for permission and simply dragging her friend after herself.

“What? Why me?” Rena looked around pleading for help from other girls but her friends were either truly busy or pretend to be at the moment.

Airi repeated her pull this time more impatiently “Listen, Churi is ignoring me and I don’t even know why but I want to have some fun! So let’s go, Rena! Its not like you have anything better to do and its just one dance to start a new year” she ended somehow mocking the girl. After all she was the only one knowing Rena’s secret of liking Jurina and her unwillingness of sharing this information with younger girl.

For the last time Rena looked at her friends while being dragged away into the dance floor begging for some help but getting nothing in return. No one wanted to get in between when it included FuruYanagi little quarrels.

“That’s just awkward. You know I might be murdered at the end of this evening if Churi starts imagining stuff, right?” Rena asked more quietly so no one around would hear it.


“Wait… are you trying to make Churi jealous or something?” Rena asked unexpectedly while looking around.

Airi squinted her eyes seriously in return “what do you mean?”

“I mean she’s staring at us right now and you said she was ignoring you”.

Airi immediately turn her head to look in that direction but only for a second checking if Rena’s words were truth.

Obviously not wanting to show others that she actually cared Akane instantly turn around to chat with Minarun and Nao.

“No..I mean…who knows what is on her mind…I doubt she even noticed us” this time Airi just shrugged her shoulders looking as innocent as ever.

“She glared at me like she’s really going to kill me later… and you know that I’m close with Churi, she never looks at me that way”.

After few more seconds of their awkward dancing Airi finally sigh with defeat “fine… I wanted to make her jealous so she would actually give me attention for like a second… why is that so wrong?”

Someone cough and startled both Airi and Rena. Girls looked at the direction of Akane who stopped in front of them. After hearing Airi’s last statement she seemed a bit surprised but at the same time amused. “Actually… I came here to ask if I could dance with Airin… if you don’t mind”.

No one before has fled the scene as soon as Rena did at that moment. Surprisingly she even ran in the direction of Jurina who she kept avoiding for some time still unable to express her true feelings.

Airi and Akane were left alone now standing in front of each other awkwardly. Akane was the first one who speak up taking Airi’s hand and starting to dance “mmm… I think… I ignored you for… like a minute… only a minute”.

“More like ten minutes, Churi. You kept staring at those birds outside and it just…”

All of a sudden Akane leaned in stealing a short kiss from her girlfriend “does this make it up for the earlier?”

Already in a daze Airi smiled more happily “oh… well it depends how the rest of the evening goes… you know the saying… how you start new year… that’s how it is going to be…”

“Oh… you mean… me ignoring you for the birds?”

“And me getting jealous by those birds and trying to get your attention…and hopefully getting you jealous enough so you come to steal me away from someone?”

“and afterwards me kissing you and apologizing?”

“…and later on going back to our place and…”

“Oh… I wouldn't mind this arrangement at all” Akane smiled sheepishly while hugging her girlfriend. It seemed like they just made a small pact agreeing that things don’t need to change no matter what and they accept each other as they are.

One jealous because of the birds… other nicknamed as a ‘jealous bird’ because of her strange liking for these animals. Perfect two.
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interesting and at the same time cute..haaha

love u fic calista san.xDD  :love: :love:
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What a nice way to start this year, with a furuyanagi fanfic ❤️ Thank you!
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Choosing the Right Ring (WMatsui)
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@Hypno, happy to hear that you liked it and happy New Year!  :on woohoo:
@Blackdawn, yeah, I wished to write something cute for the FuruYanagi couple, nice way to start new year  :on drink: thank you for commenting!

#28 - Choosing the Right Ring (WMatsui)

Akane jumped out of the car rushing Jurina even though she wasn’t the one making this big decision “let’s go! Why are you sooo slow?”

Jurina laughed locking the car door and following her best friend that already had her hand raised waiting for Jurina to grab it and join, so she can drag Jurina with her and walk faster.

Jurina shook her head looking down and knowing Churi too well.

Jurina was literally getting dragged to the shop (in the same manner that she suspected its going to happen).

“Oh god! Okay! Where should we start?”, Akane asked more excited than Jurina herself.

Jurina couldn’t stop smiling as well but at least she didn’t show so many emotions for everyone around her to see “I think we both pretty much know what I am searching for…”.

Akane looked at her friend with shock “yeah…but you can’t just pick any ring! It needs to say something…like about her characters…what she likes…more diamonds..less…or maybe no diamonds…maybe there’s a stone she likes..or her horoscope can always answer some of these questions…I have read a lot about know lucky numbers and stuff…we need to think everything through…she might not like the ring and say no. I think there are girls who do that”

”I don’t think Rena would say no because she doesn't like a ring…”

”So you think she might say no?” Akane questioned immediately already playing her part to know absolutely everything that is to know about her friends’ personal life.

Jurina thought for a moment finally reality hitting her as well and getting worried “mmm…okay… let’s not risk that. Let’s find and choose the best ring that there is!”
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Choosing the Right Ring (WMatsui)
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Churi sounding like Jurina's mom XDDDDDD
Title: Re: Calista's OS Corner - Choosing the Right Ring (WMatsui)
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hahahaha chose carefully Jurina san, it's a big decision
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Definitely less
go ju...choose it wise~~
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Continuation pweaaaasssseeeeeee><
Less diamond. Or maybe just a small diamond. Or ring that describe Rena personally. Just gimme the continuation><
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ring?!! you need to continue this!!
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I beg you to continue this, my daughter!! :wub:
So many things running through my head like marriage or engagement of them XD
Please continueeeee *puppy eyes* *gives many chocolate as persuation* XD
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For mama, and for everyone who asked earlier I will write part 2! (when I can, of course)  :kekeke:


I shall look forward to it! *BANZAI*
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For mama, and for everyone who asked earlier I will write part 2! (when I can, of course)  :kekeke:


I shall look forward to it! *BANZAI*

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Title: Calista's OS Corner - Choosing the Right Ring.Part 2. LAST (WMatsui)
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So this the next part which I wrote after quite some time... honestly, forgot about it until @Koyumichan reminded me! So for everyone who asked for it @sasshirie, @emprezz33, @key17, @junchan48, @Blackdawn, @Haruko, @Ruka Kikuchi and @MaYukiIsLife (and someone else if I might have forgotten to mention), this is for you!

#29 - Choosing the Right Ring. Part 2 (WMatsui) LAST

Akane went around the corner, leaving Jurina alone with the rings while younger Matsui was going a little bit crazy, trying to chose the perfect one, changing one after the other, probably driving people who worked there insane too.

Meanwhile, her friend talked on the phone “what are you saying?”, asking a bit surprised, looking around suspiciously.

Apparently the one on the phone with Akane was Airi “I’m saying that Rena is planning to propose to Jurina! Isn’t that a good thing? We’re looking for the ring at the moment… Its like a scavenger’s hunt, Rena is going a little bit crazy unsure what to chose”.

Akane listened very attentively still suspicious, still surprised “That’s… wait where are you? Jurina is doing the same thing!”

“Jurina is doing…what?eh? We’re at the same supermarket where we always hang out…”

“GET OUT OF HERE!” Akane commented panicking while checking around her shoulder to see if Jurina heard any of it. She lowered her voice just in case this time “We’re here too and I doubt that Jurina will chose soon… she’s a bit hectic…”

“I’m on it!”, Airi commented seriously, ending the call and going back to Rena.

“So, how is the hunt going?”

Older Matsui sigh defeated “I don’t know which one to… there are so many… I think I like this one”, Rena pointed at the ring, still doubting “what do you think?”

“I think its perfect. Shall we go?”

“So fast?”

Airi sigh a bit nervous “Eh…I have serious meeting to attend… I will tell you on our way but… yeah… it would be better to leave as soon as possible”.

Rena sighed “fine… I have been staring at this ring for about 10 minutes… I think I do like it… most importantly, I’m pretty sure Jurina will like it”.

The girls rushed up with their shopping and without waiting for another seconds Airi started dragging Rena after herself. It would have turn out perfect if Akane would have managed to control Jurina in that same manner.

But because she couldn’t the four girls ended up bumping into each other in the middle of this shopping mall.



“What are you doing here?” both asked at the same time without hiding the surprise from their faces.

Akane and Airi managed to show each other signs without speaking out loud and practically ran away from the scene, hiding around the corner. Airi was the first one to speak up “Do you think they will notice that we’re gone?”

“I doubt it… look at Jurina trying to hide the ring…”

“So she chose something?”

“I forced her to. How about Rena?”

“Its in her pocket… wait are they…here?”

After some rambling, trying to avoid each others stares, more rambling, confusion, Jurina couldn’t come up with good excuse and took out a little box. “Its…for the future so…”

Unexpectedly for younger Matsui, Rena laughed at the scene.

“Am…why are you…?”

It was time for Rena to show what she was holding. “I guess…we should keep it…for later…”

Both of them laughed now. “Well… there won’t be a surprise but…”


While the two still kept on laughing with both relief and surprise, Akane and Airi watched the scene suspiciously. “That’s not what I expected really…”

“I doubt they will dare to propose to each other later then in… two years time…”

“I would say three years”, Akane added her comment quite convinced. “That’s the time when Jurina plans to graduate, after all…”

“Want to bet on that?”

“Fine. I’m stand my ground… three years…best case scenario…”

A/N: and… three years later… they finally dared to propose to each other. Tam tam tam… let’s just say they lived happily ever after. Thanks for reading!
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OMG They BOTH wanted to propose!!! >w<

Kawaii~~~ :cathappy: :deco:
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LOL I didn't expect that ending though! HAHAHA :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks for making the part 2! :on lol:
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That's unexpected how both of them in the same shopping mall and do the same thing XD :lol:
Thanks for updating this cause my selfish request :bow:
Ps, good luck for your exam my daughter~ :D
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Ahaha :on lol: it's cute~
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Title: Calista's OS Corner - Surprisingly Strong Saviour (TomoTomo)
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Thanks for everyone reading and commenting on earlier OS!  :whistle:

And this one is for TomoTomo fans...

#30 - Surprisingly Strong Saviour (TomoTomo)

Kasai Tomomi was the most attractive waitress at the diner and had to put up with a lot of comments from guys therefore making her job harder than for most of her fellow workers.

She tried her best not to offend the customers but at times it was hardly possible. She just felt in her bones that today was going to be one of those days that tested her to the limit. Unfortunately, she was right.

“Hey you! Babe!” shouted some man from across the diner. “Come here!” He laughed and winked at her. “We want to see your pretty face that fall from heaven sooner at this table!“, at the same time he pointed at his other guy friends around the table.

Tomomi sighed exasperatedly. Its not like she had a choice and could ignore them. Most of the times she imagined how she would just turn around and walk away ignoring the call… but in this line of work she couldn’t afford it.

“We have been waiting forever. You know what… if you want to make some extra cash…I know a few guys who would love your company back at my place“ he winked while his friend laughed in agreement.

“No thanks, that’s not the way I like to earn my money.” She turned to leave the table but the guy did not like being ignored and reach out and grabbed her arm.

“Oh come on… you could make some good money working extra with us” he commented as he and his friends burst into laughter content with themselves and their rich parents.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” Tomomi cried out. “Please let go of my hand…” she said as she began to walk away from this guy. Accidentally she spilled some coffee on him.

“You B….ch!” he screamed as he began wiping at the area where the coffee made contact.

Tomomi sighed as she noticed that he reached out to slap her, his hand was stopped when another hand clasped around it.

“That wouldn’t be a wise thing to do… hitting a girl” unfamiliar voice next to his ear. He turned to confront the mysterious voice only to stop short and look into the piercing eyes of a beauty who just raised an eye brow in question, and gave him her best smile.

Recovering a little, he asked “And just who’s gonna stop me? You?”

“Yep” came the very confident reply. “With one hand tied behind my back if you think that’s necessary” She even made a show of moving one had behind her back while putting more pressure on that same hand she caught in air.

Surprisingly he gave up “Let’s go. They’re not worth it.” As his hand was released, he stared at Tomomi and under his breath said, “Until next time, and we will be back!” 

After the last announcement then they all left diner.

Tomomi stood there looking at this girl in daze. Then she realized that she had been staring for what seemed like an eternity, until the mysterious girl stepped up and asked her in gentle voice if she was okay.

Tomomi soon nodded and simply said “Thank you.” 

Then she smiled still hypnotized by these beautiful eyes that kept gazing right back at her. “Am…to whom should I be thankful for?”

“Itano Tomomi…you can call me Tomochin. Don’t worry about those guys… I know about them and I doubt they will go around these premises for longer… but in case they do…you can call me for back up”, she added while giving Tomomi her card and smiling in both friendly way. On the other hand, the smile wasn’t just friendly, it was also curios, intrigued and seductive. 

Kasai Tomomi smiled back at girl and watched her walking out of the diner. 

Maybe this job wasn’t the worst thing in the world.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Unselfish Love. Part 3 (WMatsui)
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I keep promising myself that I'm not going to continue this but...

#31 - Unselfish Love. Part 3 (WMatsui)

I spend all these years wondering if I made the right decision when I didn’t show up in the park. I kept on questioning what Jurina would have done, what she would think of it. If she actually knew…would she forgive me? or would she hate me for erasing such an important part from our life? After all, it doesn’t matter how I try to reason and justify it, I had destroyed everything we had.

Honestly, I know what would Jurina think. She would be truly angry at me, because I didn’t let her choose whether she wants to spend her life by my side, even if its a short one, or never see me again. Jurina was always selfless when it come to me, she wouldn’t cared even by knowing the exact moment her life will end. I think she would have done everything the same way, without any regrets.

Some days I hated myself for my own selfishness… I wanted Jurina to live. To have a full and happy life but at the same time, I can’t lie… I also wanted to avoid this pain. The pain that kept creeping into my heart, soul. The time when all I could do is blame myself for younger Matsui recklessness… when I kept on asking why it couldn’t have been me. Why do I have to continue my life alone?

I made that girl Airi to promise me one thing… that when the day that Jurina died in the past will come… she’s going to tell me how Jurina spend it. I knew she’s going to survive it… that’s why I at least tried to keep a track on her…once a year… even if I get only one small fact… just knowing that she’s alive made me feel less miserable than I was.

I knew that Jurina spend that day with her friends and family, eating dinner, laughing and as usual Jurina decided that it is going to be even more fun if she will tell some puns. She didn’t have to rush anywhere, because there was no me. I didn’t call her. Actually, Jurina didn’t even learn to drive. I guess that was just one more thing that she wanted to learn for the benefit of me in the past… now she didn’t need to…

Is it selfish that I felt relieve because Jurina didn’t find a person? Another love? It is… As hard as I wanted to describe my love for her as an unselfish one… Still came these moments where nothing made sense. Were I felt joyful, because just like me… she didn’t find someone else to love. She wasn’t unhappy, she was alive too… but love… that wasn’t a part of her life. At least not for now.

I knew that it is not going to continue this way for long and I decided that it was a good time for me to leave the country. To stop keeping track on Jurina and wondering about what ifs…and to move on. She didn’t know I existed… so eventually she will find her happiness too. I’m sure of it… who couldn’t fall for such an adorable creature like she? Sooner or later she will find a person who will see only her. Who will love only her.

Before leaving for the airport I still went to visit my favorite bookstore. I kept coming here at least once a week… I don’t know why but I felt drawn to this place. Whenever I came there — I felt like the world and all my troubles were lifted up, that I can breathe again. It gave me the familiarity that I kept on searching for all these years. While walking out with that book that they gave me as a present, it made me feel like I’m leaving something behind. I kept insisting that I that is probably because I somehow associate Jurina with that bookstore. That it felt the same like walking away from the love of my life.

Ironically, only few hours later I had realized that it was exactly what had happened. While having free time before my flight, I decided not to waste it and instead read the book they gave me.

Of course, I guess I will never finish this book, because all it took me was to look at the very first page. The page with a message from Jurina. Her short love confession that broke my heart to a million of pieces and left me with a millions of questions.

I know I kept on crying with confusion written all over my face, until I felt the presence of someone else next to me. When I looked to my right, I recognized Airi. She never changed, no matter from which side you looked at her or how many years had passed.

“I guess you have a lot of questions now”, she stated simply, while staring ahead of herself, not even looking at me. I think I have even noticed her smirking slightly, like that was exactly what she expected to happen. Before I could answer or ask anything, it is quite a difficult task when you’re crying your eyes out, she spoke up again.

“I could give you the longest explanation possible. An explanation that would last for hours or even days, especially if we start talking about all the tricks of this universe and how higher force likes playing with humans. But we don’t have that much time… I think you will be satisfied if I go straight to the point. Whatever questions you have, I can answer them in few sentences. But you will have to broad your plane in few minutes… are you sure you want to hear me out?”

Without thinking I just nod my head. Who cares about the plane or missing a flight. I didn’t care about anything at all. Without even looking at me, Airi managed to get all my attention. I can’t remember when I listened to someone this attentively at class — and I found it interesting learning new things, so let’s just say I was a good listener. This precise moment though meant way more to me. It was as important as that day in the park.

“The thing is… sometimes we’re destined for that one person. I know that humans are quite sensitive with the topic of destiny and soul mates, I find it funny how they idealize these sort of ideas but at the same time, I can’t say that they are incorrect. When we’re strongly believe in something… it can become true to us… I can give a simple example while using YOU. You, Rena, believe that Jurina is the love of your life. Not even once you had a thought of searching for someone else that might replace her, not even while hoping that at some point she will find her happiness.

Many times, you had thought of searching for Matsui, I know of that. You see… its easy reading human’s mind. Especially when it is clearly sending signals how much you miss someone or how you would just want to see the person of your affection at least one more time. You blamed yourself and thought that you’re selfish… why? Because you felt relief and happiness knowing that Jurina is single.

On the other hand, if Jurina had cried every day how lonely she is… you would have wished for her to find someone. For someone to love the girl the same way that you did. You had rationalized that someone else might even love her more… but that’s not true. You couldn’t find another person on this earth that would love her as much as you do.

That’s the irony of how human’s are so keen on sacrifices but in most cases, they hope for acknowledgment and gratefulness. You never did. I know that you’re blaming yourself once again, because for some unknown reason Jurina saw you… but is that really unknown? She was drawn to you… just like the first time…and I hate being his cheesy… but that’s because you’re her destiny. The only difference this time though… because of your decision earlier… there was force holding her back.

You were the only one who could come and greet her. Jurina felt as if she needs to hide whenever she saw you. Younger girl believed that its because she’s nervous… but that’s just another game of the universe. She still somehow managed to cheat it as you can see… she couldn’t come and greet you, but she found a way to write you a love letter. That is once again…because the strongest force on this earth…is love”.

Airi got quiet for a moment and I finally managed to speak up “I think I’m understanding what are you telling me but…”

“You’re free to make your own decisions. That time had passed…I can’t tell you what’s going to happen in the future… a car might hit Jurina tomorrow… the plane you had missed…might had crashed… we can’t control these sort of things… I mean… you can’t. But you don’t need to waste another day feeling empty… you don’t need to run away. No one is stopping you and no one is keeping you apart. If you really want it…”

“Will she be alright?”, I couldn’t help but ask, feeling both nervous and excited, because of the opportunity.

Airi shrugged her shoulders and I just lost it “WILL SHE BE ALRIGHT?”

Unexpectedly, she laughed at my reaction “Finally. You’re showing your true worry”, she looks up and squinted her eyes slightly “I might get in trouble for this but… yes… I don’t see the repetition. You have avoided that period in time. The important question though… is Jurina going to forgive you…?”

I stood up, though wait… I probably have been standing from the moment I shouted at her. Some people looked at me like I’m insane. Probably it looked that way, I don’t even know if other people can see Airi. I felt panic rising up inside of me but at the same time… hope… maybe all of this wasn’t for nothing? I looked up at the book in my hand and squeezed it “She wouldn’t believe me, even if I tell her…”

I saw a blink in Airi’s eyes and she smirked one more time “You don’t need to tell her anything. She already knows”, without giving me a chance to question her again, she disappeared, leaving me all alone.

At first I felt paralyzed, I couldn’t move, couldn’t think. But in a minute or so, I get all my senses back. I kept thinking only about one thing — I need to get to Jurina — NOW, and after that, I ran.

I just kept on running.
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EHHHHHHHH...CAL SAN FREAKIN UPDATE UNSELFISH LOVE PART 3...EHHHHH *SHOCKED..*HAPPILY JUMPING AROUND..THO AS USUAL IT SAD..XD..but okay..ur update..that whats matter..thankss for the update..and go rena..find ur jurina ~~~
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So... you'll write chapter 4, right?
I will wait!!!
Title: Calista's OS Corner - So What Did You Learn About Love? (MaYuki)
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(this is not it but yes, since I concentrated on it, I will write Unselfish Love Part 4, that will be the last one)  :roll: ;)

#32 - So What Did You Learn About Love? (MaYuki)

It was just a regular day at work and as usual Mayu got distracted with everything that Internet could offer her. This time she typed Youtube thinking of videos she could watch.

Firstly watching funny videos with cats and dogs in them until she decided to try something different and typed in “Kashiwagi Yuki”.

That was one of their client’s that Mayu sometimes admired from afar but never dared to say ‘hello’. Also, Yukirin was quite popular because of her photographer career and only recently came back to Tokyo after travelling the world.

Mayu frowned and looked through the first page curious choosing the first and most recent video and pressing play while at the same time putting her head on her hand and getting more comfortable in her sitting position.

Mayu only regret was the fact that she didn’t take some chair so she could stretch her legs. Without waiting any longer this girl pressed play:

“So you will stop traveling the world?” we heard some young guy’s voice without showing him meanwhile Yukirin smiled and nodded shortly “In a way yes…for some time at least.I’m going home. I’m planning do to some work there peacefully and quietly.Everyone needs holidays”

”So where is your home?”.

Yukirin thought for a moment before answering “its not an actual place I guess. Its people that lives there…also I spent most of my childhood there. So I want to revisit it.I was still a child and don’t remember everything but I’m going to take this time. I’m planning to do some work there as can find models everywhere. Also I remember the scenery…its quite fascinating”

”Yeah…but you don’t show nature in your art galleries,right?”

”Well no, that’s more like a hobby. Something I keep for myself…I don’t show all the pictures I take in my art galleries”, she added with a smirk looking directly at camera instead of guy who was talking with her “some of them would be too much for some people”.

“You’re already showing naked women…what else there can be? Men?”.

Yukirin frowned almost bursting into laughter “no no… that’s more than nudity. Naked people are more vulnerable, you can see a lot in their expression, their eyes… I can see more and as a photographer I want to see everything”.

“Then you probably like putting yourself into complicated situations, where you can watch people? Is this city good enough place for that?”

“I believe anywhere you can look around and see fascinating things. The sky is the limit”, she ended her thought with short simple smile looking back at the guy that was questioning her.

After this video Mayu saw more suggestions from Youtube still with Kashiwagi Yuki name mentioned in them and randomly chose another one.

Yukirin laughed in an interview actually surprised of the question she was given “I thought we’re gonna talk about my art…not about love”

”Isn’t there some associations? I have heard some of your muses were also your lovers”

Yukirin looked down for a moment then back up raising one of her eyebrows with curiosity though probably doing this unconsciously “there are s a lot of rumors.You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. But talking about love… well, the process of ‘falling in love’ in my opinion is remarkable. It involves all of our senses, and it starts from the very first time you see someone. Smallest details send a signal to our brain and some signals are… more pleasant than others. So the… sweaty hands, the sleepless nights… that can all be attributed falling in love. At the same time…I think I heard somewhere that the brain of someone in love is very similar to that of an addict.”

“It seems like you know a lot about love?”.

Yukirin laughed but once again very shortly and without really making a sound also smiling this time without showing her teeth “my friends would say I fall in love too easily.”

“Since when Watanabe Mayu is watching videos about love?” Jurina asked and laughed out loud while she couldn’t help herself. Rena just smiled probably stuck in between wondering is it actually funny or is that just Jurina’s and Mayu’s common thing.

Mayu closed her computer immediately almost throwing it on the ground, surprised and even scared, probably believing that she was all alone here and sudden change of scenery wasn’t pleasant “what?I’m not…that was an accident”.

Jurina still didn’t stop laughing “you keep telling yourself that”

Mayu squinted her eyes annoyed all of the sudden while standing up from her place and putting computer in there “and why are you there?”

”We agreed on going home together today and it’s time, no one is paying you for extra hours, right? Also, we can eat some Chinese food on our way back… I have been trying to get you and Rena together for two weeks because of your busy schedules but I need my best friend and girlfriend to know each other”.

Mayu sighed probably enjoying her alone time here while no one was around but soon nodded actually remembering the agreement “oh…right…” and went around the counter to collect her things while Jurina kept on making fun of her “so what DID you learn about love?” getting Mayu’s annoyed glare in return.
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I think you will make MaYuki lovey dovey scene
Since i see tne tittle about MaYuki
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Helping a Friend (JuriMayu)
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@yumii07, so titles might be misleading, though they did talk about love and Jurina even teased Mayu  :)

#33 - Helping a Friend (JuriMayu)

If this was a movie scene… we the public would have seen a girl on a motorcycle driving really fast and witness as she pushed breaks only the last second also leaving so called ‘sun‘ after herself and stopping in front of black car just in time.

This scene would be shown for some time until all the dust disappears and then the car doors would open when Mayu steps out of it looking more stylish than her younger days obviously more mature now.

Letting the imagination run wild and pretending that it was a movie, we witness Jurina, the girl on the motorcycle, also taking her helmet letting her short black hair flew in the wind while she smirked looking Mayu up and down sheepishly “you look horrible”

The unexpected twist of her words made Mayu laugh shortly and bristle her hair a little bit “that’s all for the act.You know.For family’s sake, and don’t be mean, I look adorable”

Jurina laughed almost hysterically “yeah sure…just like I will have to pretend to be this pretty doll happily dating their perfect daughter”.

“I had my wilder days. Even in front of their eyes. Now I just need to keep the facade and let them imagine that I’m perfect in every way. They only have me to show off… so they’re very proud about their successful daughter”.

Jurina finally stopped with the teasing and nod her head “so…let’s go pretend for a little while? Just not too long…Rena is making dinner tonight…”.

Mayu opened her mouth slightly surprised “you think it is a good idea to eat two dinners? You will literally have to eat back at my home…well shortly but still…”

At that younger girl just shrugged her shoulders “well, as you mentioned it won’t take too long and I need to eat a little bit more. People complain about my small appetite sometimes. I won’t be surprised if your parents will mention that as well… by the way… maybe it is time to find a perfect girlfriend for yourself? Like a real person… not me pretending and helping out when you need it?”

Mayu sighed a bit disappointed. “I will try…” and added after a short pause “next time… but considering that it not happened yet… how about this whole act? What do you think about kissing?”

Younger girl knew that Mayu is just joking around so she just rolled her eyes as an answer “I’m doing you a favor as a friend. Can you please stop mocking me? I will try to behave in front of your parents and then you will help me some other time..that’s how favors work.Also… I suggested you taking Yuko though… I can understand your decision… considering that she’s even wilder than me… I’m all you have left”.

Mayu raised her eyebrows jokingly and seductively “my perfect girlfriend”.

”Yeah right.” Jurina sat down on her motorcycle and added “let‘s stop shortly at my place, I will change so I would be presentable as you asked… you can chat with Rena for a little while… and after that let‘s rock and roll.“

Mayu nodded shortly and turned around walking back to her car.

After all, that is what friends are for. Helping out with all your crazy ideas.
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(this is not it but yes, since I concentrated on it, I will write Unselfish Love Part 4, that will be the last one)  :roll: ;)

 :tama-laff: :tama-laff: :tama-laff:
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Excitement and Innocence (NonMei)
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#34 - Excitement and Innocence (NonMei)

A/N: eh…just wanted to write something else involving SKE48 members and ended up with this choice (have no idea why (maybe after reading emprezz48 OS? that might just be it. All in all, I do find Kimoto Kanon and Sakai Mei cute together… but once again this is very random), more like a short side story to (WMatsui Choosing the Right Ring drabbles). Hope you enjoy!

Mei walked with her friend Kanon, simply because this girl took her hand dragging Mei after herself. Honestly, Mei was too curious to hear some gossip that’s why she let being dragged around this way “is that some big secret? I don’t get it”, she commented while staring at Kanon really curious and trying to take her hand back but only because that was also a sign of being impatient.

Kanon finally stopped in her tracks, looked around and then turned her head at one of her favorite person at the moment “that’s still a secret! Well for now! So don’t tell anyone!”.

Mei nodded her head few times “fine. But there’s nothing to tell…since you still haven’t told me anything, just kept hinting at something”.

Kanon put her hands together as if that made situation more serious than it was “sorry…I just really wanted to tell someone and I can’t tell this to everyone until it’s not official… but I’m soo happy for them, so I can’t control myself”

Mei squinted her eyes slightly “I’m still not hearing the news”.

“You won’t tell everyone right?”.

Mei looked more surprised now, even shocked “wait… you’re not…pregnant or something…right? You haven’t slept with someone else? I mean… have you found someone else and… or wait…you mentioned other members… did someone get in trouble? The more you carry on like that the more time you leave for wonder and I seriously have no idea what to think right now”.

Kanon sighed and squinted her eyes at the same time shaking her head “oh gosh, no…none of the above.That actually don’t have a lot to do with me…well it does…but not so much…and there is no scandal of that sort”.

Mei looked around sighing, close to giving up, because it took way too long time to get an actual answer from the girl “I think our break will soon be over”

”Right..right..”, Kanon corrected herself nodding her head between repeating same words and once again grabbed Mei’s hands “Rena told me… that she is going to propose to Jurina today! She went out to search for ring with Airi like an hour ago!”

Mei raised her eyebrows surprised “Really?That’s serious!”

”I know that’s serious!That’s why it’s a secret but I wanted to tell someone, because that’s so awesome!”

“Eh…well…I accidentally overheard… that Jurina is doing the same thing”.

“You mean?”

“Yes, she’s planning to propose too!” Mei stated and started jumping in air.

It didn’t take long for Kanon to join in and they looked kind of silly, like too little girls getting permission to go to Disneyland for the very first time. But believing that no one see them they didn’t care much about that.

They haven’t even noticed some members walking passed them and sometimes looking at that direction but knowing better than to interfere between these two. The two excited girls weren’t aware of the fact how adorable they looked this way. Excited and innocent, isn’t that the best combination sometimes?
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #1
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I guess short explanation is expected, right? So I'm trying new thing that my friend suggested... writing drabbles takes way less time (especially in cases where you really like writing but have no time for it), so in this case I'll tell story by writing drabbles. Yes, it means that the parts are going to be sort, most likely around 300-400 words... but since I'm writing it while taking a bus, or right before sleep (on my phone), that's the most convenient form for me. This is the first time I'm trying something like that so please... be patient. Oh...and yeah, I'm close to finishing up one of my fanfics, after that, I will decide which one to give more attention for the time being. Yeah... once again... sorry for the long explanation.

My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#1 [Introduction]

She stormed inside pretending that she already owns the place. I didn’t stop her, didn’t even comment on the matter. After all, there are two of us who are paying the price and we signed the lease for three months after our very first conversation. People look normal at first, don’t they? Especially in situations like that. If I have considered everything and asked around, maybe friends and relatives would have suggested meeting up with the person I’m planning to live with more than once. They would have been right and I could thank them. Most likely, I’m thinking about all of this only now, when I have already noticed how everything is, when I got to see the real face of this creature.

She’s beauty, there is no denying it. Imagine if someone stopped you in the street and forced you to answer straight ahead how the women of your dreams look like. Kojima Haruna... without a doubt she would be a preference for a lot of folks. That’s why they say that looks can be deceiving and we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  Isn’t that the case in most situations? You can’t just expect someone to be this, excuse my language, smoking-fucking hot, and be NORMAL too.

I’m going ahead of myself, aren’t I? The thing is... for those who will read my story... you might not believe me just yet. You’re probably wondering – what is wrong with this girl? Why is she complaining when she gets to spend so much time with such legitimate beauty? I know, my friends, if I were you – I would ask just the same thing.

But looks...oh I’m constantly repeating myself but looks can be so deceiving... she does look like and angel but indeed is a devil, making my life miserable one day at a time.

She’s... a roommate from hell, literally. If you think that I’m overreacting... let me just tell you the reasons why...
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Yooo Cat!  :onionwhip:

I see thats okay i read the drabble, so its kojiyuu this time :D

From Hell but didnt bother to move out :3

like we always said that, just post it if you think its enough

*i think i should use the same line for me as well* Lol
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Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #2
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#2 [First Meeting]

Haruna came late on our very first meeting, not that it would surprise me now. Actually, nothing surprises me anymore. Back then, I was slightly naive so believed her poor excuse of being interrupting on her way on a restaurant.

It’s just a small mistake – I thought. Well, it is, the first time. When your roommate is late everywhere for at least 30 minutes (e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e. d.a.y. there is a totally different issue).

But as you might have probably guessed: I didn’t mind it back then. Especially when she flash me that smile of hers, instantly leaving me in a daze and wondering if this person standing in front of me is real. I do believe that her smile is still my biggest weakness. Even now... when I know what kind of person Kojima Haruna is.
We had a pretty normal conversation, just remembering the things we already discussed via email or phone. Of course, I still kept on asking question that roused my curiosity.

“Where did you live before? Why not staying at some friends home? You have just recently moved in the country, right?”

I have to say that every time I asked something Haruna seemed slightly surprised and stared right back at me for at least a couple of seconds as if trying to comprehend the meaning behind my curiosity. It didn’t look that she had similar conversations before, actually, I was quite worried that maybe she didn’t even have a job as her blank face was unreadable. Despite those long pauses, she spoke up flashing that smile, maybe knowing the impact of it and how it makes the person she’s talking to slightly dazed.

“None of my friends live here. “

Needing to know everything, few times I even went for the personal questions, letting Haruna know that it’s not necessary to answer them if she feels uncomfortable, but still hopefully waiting for an answer.

Once again, despite long pauses, she answered every single one of them. For example, to question if she’s single, Haruna answered “Yes”, but when I couldn’t help myself and asked why, she left me speechless.

“Eh...probably because people are afraid of my ninja abilities”.

I’m not going to lie; I got sucked in because of her witty comment. Who doesn’t like someone with charming enough personality, while answering the most uncomfortable questions? case you forgot it... soon enough I changed my mind.
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Yoooo Cat  :onionwhip:
i guess this is fast comment (again)

The first thing pop-up into my mind is

"Thats soo much Haruna..." *Lol

of course i would be taken aback if she said something with ninja, i mean who's not?  :hiakhiakhiak:

Ah did you read my PM? I've sent you something
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“Eh...probably because people are afraid of my ninja abilities”.

Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #3
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@buciq, ninja business is serious business  :lol: but yeah, I'm glad that we solved everything and we can continue the conversations on LINE! Yey!  :thumbup
@kuro_black29, don't laugh at ninjas, they are dangerous  :lol:

My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#3 [Moving In]

I help her out with the moving in. Driving around the city, collecting the necessary things, and even carrying some stuff after I found out how weak Haruna can actually be. It surprised me be a bit, considering that she’s way higher than I am, I guess we — shorties — are more determined when it comes to showing our strength (and overcompensating the fact how short we actually are…)

Glances now and then and sometimes hearing Haruna thanking me for the help, kind of gave me a second breathing. That afternoon it felt like I’m on top of the world: strong enough, fast enough, useful enough.

Please, don’t misunderstand it. I do feel alright in my own shoes. If I wouldn’t… well you wouldn’t see me running around my apartment naked, despite the curios and perverted neighbors from across the street that sometimes come to their window to check me out. I don’t even feel shame because of it — it is my home and my right. During the very first meeting, I informed Haruna that something like that might and probably will occur time after time and she shouldn’t be surprised. Instead of freaking out, Haruna looked intrigued. “What a fascinating person”, I thought to myself. Naive, foolish and stupid me. Oh…how silly, indeed.

That same evening after this stressful day, we decided to rest for a little bit and of course — choosing to drink wine was her idea. When I look back at it, wasn’t I the only one who actually deserved a rest? Haruna didn’t lift a finger all day. Instead, this girl instructed me where to go, which thing to carry first, what is more important, where should I put it in her room. I was treated like a slave. Helping out your roommate come in different forms — but not in a way where you become responsible for every single detail of their life.

Even the ‘small’ detail when you got to carry VERY drunk and not that light roommate to her room. More ironically, carrying out with a detail where her body falls on top of you and unable to get out you have to spend the rest of your precious night with someone (comfortably, I might add), sleeping on your tired body.

Luckily I didn’t suffocate, but considering it… it would have probably been more pleasant than spending all night listening to Haruna snoring and despite all of my attempts I couldn’t make her stop. Who is she? The devil… certainly the devil sent from hell to make my life miserable.
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yooo Cat~  :onionwhip:

I can't help but laughing my ass off while imagine this scene
I mean that is totally a torture

yet at the same time.. we know like a masochist? *lol  :wahaha: :wahaha:

Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #4
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@buciq, haha, I'm glad to make you laugh, since... let's just say that is the intention  :lol: oh sweet torture... la la la...

My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#4 [Present Time: 10 Reasons Why... Part 1]

It has been almost three months and let me just tell you... life is not getting easier. Some days I don’t mind it at all, but other times, I get truly annoyed. I’m not even sure what I’m mostly annoyed at: myself or Haruna. Truth to be told... it was foolish of me to rush and move in with someone I barely. Two weeks later one of my best friend’s Takamina got kicked out of her old apartment and if either of us knew it back then – she could have just moved into my place.

Life is full of surprises... it is impossible to know these kinds of things. That’s why I decided to make a list of reasons why Kojima Haruna is actually the devil. Well you know... I have probably mentioned a million times before that she did come from hell. Where else? Especially when there are so many reasons... but concentrating on the main ones is my goal. People often say that when you write something down in paper, especially something that annoys you; it instantly makes you feel better. I don’t know if it will help me out... but I’m willing to try.

First reason – Kojima Haruna is without a doubt the messiest person alive. I wonder if she actually lifted a thing in her life, or through anything out. Maybe she came to this country after leaving a pile of rubbish somewhere else? Maybe she actually made that country unlivable?

Second reason – Kojima Haruna takes the longest while preparing to go out. It doesn’t matter if it’s just walking down the stairs or greeting our neighbors. For her, such an easy task, takes forever. (One time I asked her to go and grab a newspaper, while I was taking a shower. Guess if she went outside in time to take it? No...who am I kidding... don’t even bother guessing... of course the answer is NO.

Third reason – After Haruna... I’m always left with cold shower. For such a lazy and slow person, she’s pretty quick to occupy our one and only bathroom. I wouldn’t even mind sharing it but NO... she locks the door, takes forever, walks out as if it was nothing and doesn’t apology when I have to take the coldest shower you can possible imagine. This girl... is a monster.

You think I run out of reasons? Oh dear... I have just started.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Love Lock (WMatsui)
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#35 - Love Lock (WMatsui)

A love lock or love padlock is a padlock which sweethearts lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love.

“This is… I don’t even know how to comment on it. Juri… that is the corniest, shallowest and stupidest idea… I mean… I don’t want to offend you, but… are we really going to lock this padlock to a bridge? Also with our names written on it? The problem is not that anyone who walks pass it might see it but… the whole idea is… a bit… childish…?”

Two girls were walking down the streets and getting closer and closer to the place that younger Matsui wanted to take Rena to in the first place. Obviously, hearing these kind of comments all way down there made Jurina nervous. But sometimes you need to ignore the chatter and concentrate on your task at hand.

“But Yuko told me that she and Haruna put in somewhere…also on this bridge… I think even Takamina mentioned that…”

“Wait…for real? I mean, I get it… that Yuko is a bit crazy about Haruna…well, it is quite possible that she would put something with a note ‘I have the hottest girlfriend on earth, feeling jealous yet?’, and I also know that Acchan is quite… well overprotective of Takamina lately, so maybe she also found this idea interesting if she suggested it, but… did they really get through with it?”

Without thinking Jurina nod her head few times, looking at Rena, sharing a small adorable smile and dragging the love of her life to walk a little bit faster. “Yes… they mentioned it to me and suggested doing the same some time… it is our six years anniversary… can’t we make something special out of it? Also, my birthday is coming up… this is like a small present for me”

This time younger Matsui not only used the plead but also squinted her eyes slightly, as if nagging at Rena that she can’t get (even for this once) excited about something Jurina suggested. Younger Matsui was quite famous with her crazy ideas, but she about some of them she felt more passionate than others.

Getting the angry puppy look and not being able to fight against it for long Rena rolled her eyes but sighed defeated. Answering really quietly, it was enough that Jurina knew that she was victorious, there is no need to shout about it.

“Well…okay… this time… because that is an important day for…”

“…both of us!”

“Yes, Juri, for both of us… just don’t shout we are in public…”

“WE ARE IN PUBLIC PLACE? WAIT, WHAT? REALLY?” not missing an opportunity to joke around, Jurina started the act by shouting, getting some annoyed looks directed at them, but nevertheless ignoring it and just enjoying her free time with older Matsui.

It was a bit harder for Rena to control the girl, so she used the best technique she knew. Rena learnt tricks with time, and some special ones were always useful while dealing with Jurina. After all, no matter how old younger Matsui got with time, at the end of the day Jurina was still, the cutest-most adorable puppy that craved for Rena’s attention.

So, for this time Rena chose the trick of stealing a short kiss from Jurina. Yes, it was as long as you would kiss someone while congratulating them on their birthday, even something similar like kissing your parents or grandparents, but still doing such an act in a public place was something older Matsui avoided at all costs, and as a result, Jurina felt like on a cloud nine after such a short and random gesture.

It didn’t even matter that the two were dating for six years, Jurina still got a little bit shy and decided to hide it by running, of course not letting go of Rena’s hand and soon reaching their destination.

It was the bridge that younger Matsui told about before they even left the house, and Jurina took a lock with both of their names on it while placing it next to other locks on the bridge. “Do you want me to do it alone or?”

“I will put mine…”, Rena whispered while helping Jurina out and surprising the girl for a second time in a very short period of time.

They succeed in their mission and Jurina didn’t push her limit (which meant that she didn’t try to snack a second kiss from Rena). This time settling for the longest hug. Later on, they walked in the same direction where they came from, probably heading back home.

On their way back, though, older Matsui accidentally saw another lock that seemed vaguely familiar and eye-catching.

“Okay…I thought you were just joking and tried to convince me to sign up for this corny idea but you didn’t lie…”

The two stopped for a couple of seconds observing the message at hand: Oshima Yuko + the hottest person alive.

They couldn’t help but laugh at the scene, and at the same time Rena couldn’t hold back the first thought that come to her mind “That’s just like them… I guess we’re more subtle?”

“Because we only left our names?” for some time Jurina kept ending Rena’s thoughts either with a question or a statement.

“Well yes…I’m lucky that you didn’t go for…”

“The puppy and her master?”, Jurina asked joking and suggesting the idea that also popped out into her mind.

Thinking for a couple of seconds and probably considering the worst case scenarios, in the end Rena just laughed, for some time admiring the look that Jurina gave to her just at that second. “Something like that…”
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The puppy and her master thats a great idea for write in the lock   :lol: :lol: :lol:
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haha, cute & funny! love it  :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
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"The puppy and her master" :on lol:
it's a good idea  :twothumbs thanks!!!  :lol: :lol:
Title: Searching for Happiness (WMatsui) #1 "I" 27/3/16
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song (

Searching for Happiness #1 - "I"

Sky that pours light
(I) stand under it
Fly as if I’m dreaming
My life is a beauty

Imagine your life in darkness. Every day is like a clouded sky, it is not that you dislike the rain or storm, and it is not like you prefer lightness. It is just unchanging same things that keep repeating, like a broken record. Certain things and choices that you can do nothing about.

The feeling of going deeper, without seeing any point, without hope that it could actually get better — if you at least tried. No… it doesn’t matter if you try or not. That is what you keep on convincing yourself with — it doesn't matter at all.

When people keep asking about your future plans, you just smile awkwardly unable to comment on it. You’re in that broken state of mind where you ask yourself: future? What is it? How about I will try and survive this day instead? How about I will just distract myself with random movies, clips on Youtube, books that shows me what other people feel or MUSIC. That is the only thing that keeps you going forward — that reminds you that even if you feel like the world is ending, there are still good things too. Bright things…

A story I’ve heard often somewhere
Ugly duckling and swan, a butterfly before it flies
People don’t know, they don’t see your wings
A new world you’ve met could be cruel

But strong girl, you know you were born to fly
Tears you’ve cried, all of the pain you’ve felt
It’s to prepare you for the day you’ll fly even higher
Everybody’s gonna see it soon

Forgotten dream, I draw it again in my heart
Collect all of the times I withdrew and swallow it
Small memories wake me up one by one
It opens me up, as if it’ll fill the whole world

Past the long, long night
Want to embark on the road for a trip again
Why not? In this world,
One word that awakens my heart

Despite that darkness which is surrounding you every day, insecurities, uncertainty… a broken record, a silent cry and plead still pops out into your mind — I WANT TO CHANGE IT.

This world is a cruel place for everyone. You wonder sometimes, are people really happy or they’re just to pretend to be this way? When you were little… watching everyone in TV, giving out interviews, telling about adventures and the excitement, you thought “wow… those people really have it good… I wish I was like them…

I wish I could be happy the same way, they are”. Growing up open up our eyes… suddenly we can see through the cracks. We notice when people are faking their smiles, when they eyes scream “I don’t really want to do any of this”, or “Just make it stop”.

Or at least that is the impression you have whenever you see Matsui Rena on your TV screen. Actually, you have seen the girl quite often, she’s both an actress and a singer, a popular one. Probably one of those people that you have envied in the past. Someone you aspired to be and wished you could switch places with.
Suddenly you remember how being younger, you smiled at the same time when this girl laughed giving out interviews, how happy and excited she looked. She’s just four years older than you but still… it felt like watching someone from another planet coming down to earth, leaving her wings behind.

You saw the honest, truthful smile but it changed… did it change because you did as well? Did you believe that she was happy only because you was still naive? Or do we learn to read into other people emotions with time even when we don’t actually know them? This world is a cruel place… you’re well aware of that.

You know because even though you live in the same home with your parents… you barely talk or even look at each other. There is always unexplainable distance and coldness though they give you all the money you need. But why can’t love be more important than money?

You would have been shocked few years back, but now you’re not surprised when Matsui Rena, your favorite idol, announced that she’s leaving the show business for good. You feel relieved actually… maybe this girl is only searching for happiness? We’re all humans… we need to find strength, we need to make decision. You even envy that Rena girl, since she made a decision and is actually sticking to it… if only you were brave enough to do the same thing.

Yesterday, I was alone
Countless gazes
Falling tears
I withstood another day again
Yesterday, that was a close call
All of the words that poured out
It embraced me, who was shaking, again

Sky that pours light
(I) stand under it
Fly as if I’m dreaming
My life is a beauty
My life is a beauty

All of a sudden you feel yourself changing… in a way where instead of speaking with a certain amount of formality, you start writing — “I” not “You”. Surprisingly, thought flouts easier this way.

Since I don’t see Matsui Rena on my screen anymore, I try to imagine that she’s having a better life. For both of us… maybe she’s running around in a field of flowers, sun glistening on her skin. Maybe she’s looking straight at the sun with her glasses on and a small smile is playing on her lips.

I’m surprised that reporters are not chasing her every move, though, there were some articles indicating that the girl just disappeared out of their sight, like she never existed in the first place. All those people that used to run and film or photograph every single detail of this popular idol life now vanished into thin air, searching for new people to annoy.

I’m jealous of the way Matsui Rena managed to hide herself. I want to disappear as well… I guess — my wanting to disappear — is quite different than hers. The truth is, I want to stop breathing… or maybe that is just one of those nights were my thoughts going in that direction. Nights when you can’t fall asleep and you recollect every single decision that lead you to this moment— are the worst nights of them all. I simply call them — break down. When all you can thing about is… suicide… but at the same time you’re so weak that you just couldn’t find it in yourself to carry out with such plan.

Or maybe that’s only because that stupid HOPE that constantly gets back into your heart and mind? Maybe I’m too foolish… I think about myself as a pessimistic person but at the same time… I just hope that someone could save me… if not someone… then that I could do it myself. Truth to be told, I want to be the one who saves me. I want to have a happy ending. Don’t you?

Flower petals wilt
I had difficult times, but followed a small light
Distant day, let it go far, faraway
I fly splendidly

Sky that pours light
Renewed eyes (Renewed eyes)
Fly far away (Fly high, fly high)
Beauty that belongs only to me

For the very first time in 5 years I feel brave again… I’m proud of myself for making a decision that people don’t understand. Couple of my closest friends keep questioning if I lost my mind, they insist that I should just stay where I am. I guess they don’t really get me in the end? Should I even call people like that my friends if they’re not supporting me?

There are toxic people everyone… I can’t change that… sometimes the closer they get, the more toxics they provide…they poison us. I changed my mind a lot in my past but not now… I’m not backing out anymore. I’m not sitting in one place either…

I decided to move away, it is like a road trip, like a search for some place where I could smile… where I could enjoy my days. I couldn’t think of anything better than somewhere with mountains surrounding me so I just went in that direction.

I have the money that my parents provided me, despite everything… despite the lack of emotions from them, I know they want me to be happy… actually I’m surprised when they are supporting me without questioning what has gotten into my head.

For the first time in 5 years I smile my true smile… not the usual one, that I kind of forced into my face whenever people expected it. I’m smiling just because I’m driving my car to who knows were… I still smiling even after 4 hours drive when I began to feel sleepy.

I start smiling even wider, even truer after reaching some weird place which title I can even pronounce, but the only thing I acknowledge is a cozy hotel and mountains surrounding it. It is like resort that I would like to spend the rest of my life at… I can’t believe my luck after noticing that they’re even searching for new employ to help out with the guests…

I think because of this sudden change in me, this positivity that I don’t know where it come from, I get the job instantly, on that same evening and I believe that I found the place where I can actually belong. It doesn’t even matter where I am…

But I smile the widest next morning after having 10 hours of sleep (the longest I slept in my whole life) when I go to greet my colleagues. I can’t help it but stare mouth agape after seeing the person that I use to admire, that kept my days a little bit warmer even when I was on an edge of crying.

Matsui Rena.

A simple worker in this place.

Just like me.

“I just wanted to find myself, you know? To smile and be happy… we’re all looking for happiness, isn’t it right?”

After her words I change my dumb expression into a happy one. Escaping the rest of the world… it was something that I feared… I feared going away from people that were familiar to me, that provided a safety blanket, I was scared of being alone with my thoughts… but all of a sudden, I don’t anymore.

Who knew… that all I actually had to do… all that I needed… is to start and search for my own happiness… and this time… I keep hearing my own thoughts from the past: HOPE. Hope brought me here.

And I keep on smiling like an idiot but not with my lips… no… this time — I’m smiling with my heart.

Moment I close my eyes
Time stops
I rise again
Title: Searching for Happiness (WMatsui) #2 "U R" 29/3/16
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Song (

Searching for Happiness #2 - "U R"

For a long time, in my heart,
Full of clouds, it rains
For warm sun to shine,
I sincerely hoped.
Raindrops that wet my shoulder,
When I dried, I alone,
Was so afraid that it would remain.

You are like a light, after the rain has passed,
You come up in my heart, like this.

Cause you are, the light that fell on me,
You are, like a beautiful dream,
With seven rays, the whole world,
Is dyed even more beautifully, always.
Yeah U R.

I had never believed people when they said that all you need is a change of scenery and you can start a new life at that point. I found it a bit crazy… if you’re not happy in your own room, why all of a sudden you can feel happy somewhere away from your home and from safety that it provides?

But one day…

Rena explained it to me…

The thing is… that we’re not only changing the scenery when we leave, we also change people… especially if you go on your own. You greet new people, you see and hear their opinion and consequently, you start noticing a change in yourself as well. That’s something that happens unconsciously… but it happens to everyone who decide to travel.

All the love songs that I listened to in the past meant absolutely nothing to me. I admired the lyrics and the feeling they tried to provide but I felt a bit stupid when I thought about them. Some artists are quite young, they don’t even know what love is but they sang their hearts out and they got their way into the soul of all of their listeners. Not me… I stayed on a side.

If other people asked… I lied that they causes the same emotions for me too… that I agree about the greatness of those lyrics but in reality… I couldn’t help but think — how can you sing about love if you haven’t felt it? Or how can you feel the lyrics if that feeling is unfamiliar to you?

But one day…

Rena explained it to me…

As a singer, she had a lot of love songs… she convinced her listeners with lyrics and emotion — that everything is coming from her heart. Even I assumed that she was probably in love while singing them.

It appeared that Matsui Rena was never in love. Her songs provided all those emotions and made others believe when she didn’t believe it herself. Rena told me that she convinced herself with it, when she had to sing, she imaginged how she’s slowly falling in love and it worked…

I couldn’t understand how someone can just fake it… but I have been faking my smile for so many years… I guess other people have their methods too.

My thoughts went back to all those love songs that I heard in the past, a change of scenery, and happiness for a reason… not so long ago, everything started to make sense.

I listened to those songs and had to put a hand on my heart to stop that trembling feeling. I couldn’t grasp it… is that how people feel when they fall for someone? I felt a bit ashamed asking others about it so I kept it to myself.

But going back to Matsui Rena… I spend three months and four days next to her… every day working together, greeting each other with a smile, eating breakfast, going for a walk, eating dinner, talking about everything and nothing.

Rena told me stories how her happiness suddenly disappeared and she realized that it is now or never, she has to leave the business and go away, or she will go insane. I confessed to her that it was exactly how I felt as well… I even told her about my darkest night when nothing made sense and I wanted to disappear from this world…

She was sad when she heard those stories and I guess I should have cried while talking about it, but her comment left me with a smile.

“I’m glad you stayed, Jurina, or I wouldn’t have met you”.

She said things like that quite often… how she enjoys spending time with me, how glad she is that we are friends and we happen to be in the same place. She also smiled the brightness when she saw me, I know… I might be just assuming it, but she gave me the most attention among all the staff. Also, we knew each other only for a month and she already called me her friend.

Three months later, or should I say, the present moment, we were going stronger than ever. Maybe my heart just skipped beats because I never had such a caring friend before? Even if my lip quivered slightly showing that I’m feeling distressed, Rena was already by my side questioning how can she help me out.

She read me like an open but… but one thing she didn’t catch on…

She didn’t realize that I was falling in love with her…

On top of an empty green hill,
Rainbow becomes a roof.
I lay still underneath and look at the sky.
This throbbing I felt for the first time, with peacefulness of the world
More loveable than anyone else

When I turn my head, at your smile,
Unknowingly, I reach my hand out, like this.

One month later, we even spend our evenings together… watching those same movies that I have seen million times before because I felt lonely, but this time I want to show them off, I want to hear Rena’s opinion about all of them, most importantly, I want to watch her face and nod my head with agreement when she commented on something.

I’m quite shamelessly hide the fact that I have seen all of those movies so I know what’s happening in one or other scene and that I’m using it so I can see how her face changes time after time, with every scene… how she cries quietly at moments that made me break down in the past, how she laughs when the main characters say or do something hilarious or how she looks really cute whenever the main two characters get to together and I can see her blush at those scenes with lights kisses or grandiose confessions.

I don’t understand the last part though… why you need to scream in the street that you love someone? Why there has to be a rain or storm that seems to represents those characters love for each other? Why there has to be drama involved and something major needs to happen where they separate for some time, just to realize later that they’re each others happiness? Why can’t it be simple? Just walking up to the person you love and saying “I want to be with you…do you want to be with me too?”

That is probably just my absurd thoughts since I can’t do it in reality… I can’t imagine myself screaming in the rain, and I can’t imagine myself walking out to Rena and bluntly confessing. There is no hope that she feels the same way… and the fear of losing such a great friend… I can’t risk it.

Even though she looks really cute whenever she falls asleep in the middle of a movie, after exhausting day at work. She doesn’t know it but one of those nights I couldn’t help myself and leaned in stealing a short kiss on her lips… it was mischievous, I know it was very short… but that was so wrong… and at the same time it felt so right…

I convinced myself that Rena wouldn’t forgive me for such thing… people care about kisses, it is an expression of love… it was my expression of love but since she’s always repeating that I’m her best friend, YES, we’re even closer now, I can’t put this on her… and I can’t say that my love… is not a love of a friend. Is a love of someone who wants everything with her…

When the rain that wets my windows stops,
Under the Rainbow, you must be waiting.
The stories I couldn’t say,
All of the secrets I couldn’t do,
I want to deliver it today

You are always beside me,
You are inside of my tender heart,
Even more shining and beautifully,
It fills the night sky,
You’re my star
Yeah U R, Oh U R
U R, Oh U R

I’m scared to tell Rena that I finally know what all of those love songs meant and that I found my happiness.
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lol! did you by any chance using Taeyeon songs I and U R? i knew it from the first time i read your ‘I‘ fic! ahahaha.. well pardon me.. i‘m Taeyeon fans thats why i can recognize her songs.. i‘m happy that you also enjoy her music.. :D . And about the story.. well what can i say anymore its wmatsui duh! my favorite ships! and not to mention you somehow made this fic inspired by TY‘s songs, its double combo for me! hahaha.. Good job dudette~ :)
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I'm a fan of Tae too. Her songs are always meanful great ballad to hear. Love your fic and im very happy when i could see my favorite song here
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@Athena48, haha, you're absolutely right and I'm a fan of Taeyeon's too  :oops:  I'm providing the links and choosing to write down English lyrics since both me and others can understand it in that way... and every part of this story will have Taeyeon's songs as baseline (not sure how to actually call it, since I guess it sort of song-fics version), all from her mini album 'I'  :)  Happy to find another fan of hers  :roll: :thumbup
@vickystar, uuu, happy to see more mutual fans  :thumbsup

Song (

Searching for Happiness #3 - "Stress. Part 1"

I’m angry for some reason, oh, deep in my heart,
Words come up that I’ve kept hidden,
You linger in my head, your one word that stings,
Can’t spit it out, it’s unlike me

All of the words wrapped around you
Oh, blah blah blah
When anyone sees it, you, you’re such a bad guy
Why was I pulled in, like a fool

Ah, your truth can be different
Ah, should I let you hear my honesty


Is a word usually used to describe your mental state when you have a lot of task but not enough time, when all the works you should have done before just falls onto your head and there is nowhere to run or hide anymore.


Is usually used for situations when other people expect too much from you. They keep demanding things that you can’t provide to them and you can’t get enough time or find a good place where you could took everything into your own hands.


Is a world that is used for various situations and the truth is that everyone on this planet knows what it means. There is not even one person who’s unfamiliar to a term called ‘stress’, and who hasn't experienced it before. We all did…and we keep on getting annoyed or angry about stuff in our daily lives. We can’t really hide from it, we simply need to find away how to deal with it without losing our minds.


People tend to use this term quite often. Whenever things gets too difficult for them to handle… they start complaining how it is the fault of other people or how they themselves provoked it at some point with their indecisiveness. There are even some exceptional people who can complain about stress every single day, if they get a chance they instantly start talking about, there is no stopping them.


That’s something that I’m really familiar with as well. I know all kinds of stress: the one where you’re scared of disappointing others, where you’re the biggest procrastination and can’t force yourself to do the task you were assign to do, where you feel lost and can’t barely fall asleep with all dark thoughts on your mind.

Ironically, even if you do fall asleep… it is just for a little while… your mind just fight you back and you found yourself with wide eyes staring at the ceiling and thinking about all the decisions that led you to this point. At moments like that you even start crying since it appears to be the only way to express yourself… there is no words for it… not really… and crying is a good stress relieved… even if it helps just for a bit of time.


I have never thought that I’ll be stressing out about my feelings. Not until I met Rena… not until I started realizing how I’m feeling about her… how my heart starts beating faster and my mind becomes blank. How I unconsciously blush and realize about it only when older girl teases me about it. All comes down to this… all this stress that I have been bottling up for the past two months comes down to Rena…

I’m stressed of being stressed… I’m stressed because I can’t have someone that I want the most in my life. I’m stressed since I can’t even tell her about it out of fear of rejection and the fact that it might ruin our friendship…


How I hate this word and the strong meaning behind it… who even come up with such a word?

You got me smoking cigarettes,
I’m in stress, baby
My breathing is suffocated,
My heart thumps, but
As I think of you, baby
Awaken my sleeping heart,
This night when I think of you,
When the world becomes dark,
I’ll deliver to you my shaking heart, oh
I can’t escape your side

I have caught myself on going back to my old habits. They never involved drugs and I’m not a strong drinker… I just always (even in the past) needed distractions and there is nothing that helps you calm down as much as cigarettes.

Yes… maybe that is the worst habit to have… everyone disapproves of it and it is not good for health… it shortens your life span as well… but it is not like I’m planning to live forever. I wouldn’t even mind dying young… what is the point of living but not feeling alive?

Surprisingly Rena brings something to my life. The light that I have mentioned before… it is like she’s glowing with it and inviting me to take a ray of it. I know she has been sad in the past… stressed about her life… about her future… maybe even as stresses as I am… but she never went this way and never searched for an easy way out.

The easiest way out for me is taking a cigarette between my lips and letting out smokes. I love the sight of it and it relaxed my body in a way. I’m not proud of it… I don’t tell people about it… but I don’t stop it either.

Honestly… I haven’t smoked for four months… before this relapse, at least. It was all because of Rena as I practically spend all my work and free time with her… but lately I started distancing myself from older Matsui and at the same time… this distraction creped back into my mind. Few times I caught myself anticipating it (during our work hours by the way). Anticipating the time when I can walk out and have five minutes break for myself.

It was during one of those moments when Rena saw it for the first time, caught me in the act. Is it nothing to be ashamed of… but when it is Rena… I couldn’t help but wish that it was someone else instead.

How did I get pulled in like this?
Temptation inside of fatal scent
Quickening heartbeat, this peculiar pull
It’s too strong to refuse

Sometimes, that familiar word,
Oh, blah blah blah
Ordinary confessions, whispers of that love,
I’m slightly jealous of it

Ah, how much longer do you want me to wait?
Ah, why are you the only one who doesn’t know my heart?

“Jurina what…wait what are you doing here with… are you smoking?”

Rena asked a bit confused, noticing how I tried to hide the cigarette behind my back. I couldn’t hide the smokes that it provided, nor I could hide the smell. There was actually no point in trying but for some reason, I wanted to lie…

“No, I just needed to take a break and get some fresh air”.

“I really doubt that this counts as fresh air… wait… I did smell something the other day and asked you about it… you lied back then too?”

I know what Rena is taking about, since I remember it pretty well too. Rena found me after work in the lobby just when I got back from outside and she squinted her eyes commenting that I smell like some sort of smoke. I chuckled nervously but luckily for me a man (who is staying at the hotel) walked in and I blamed it on him. I’m pretty sure that I saw him dropping the cigarette before walking inside so even though Rena had her doubts, my excuse sounded believable. Rena even apologized for accusing me and I nod my head avoiding her eyes and going back to my room as quickly as I managed before she figures it out.

“It is just…”, I didn’t know how to explain it, since I shouldn’t even explained it.

Yes… as Rena said I’M HER BEST FRIEND… gosh.. one time she even called me like her little sister. So obviously she cares about my well being and my health. I just hate the fact how embarrassed I feel at the moment, especially because of that little lie before.

“How long you have been…?”

“Couple of years…maybe longer… I can’t remember when I started but it helps out with thoughts and stress… even if I know that is bad for my health, you don’t need to say it”, I end quite in a rush and a bit of annoyance in my voice.

“Oh…”, deep in thought Rena takes her time before speaking again “but I haven’t noticed you smoking for at least four months… are you that good at hiding it?”
I wanted to say ‘Yes’ but what would be the point of lying?

“Mmm…I guess I stopped for some time…when I first came here… but it not easy to stay away from our old habits… I think I was just fooling myself when in fact, I can’t really stop since it is a part of me…”

I had no idea at that moment why… but Rena’s expression changed at that moment… like something flickered in her eyes, some sort of realization, recognition… it was written all over her face and even as good actress as she was… Rena couldn’t hide it…

I should have known that something was off… but I was too concentrated in my own thoughts so I couldn’t quite grasp it at that point. I could only look into darkness and without hiding anymore I took out another cigarette intending to finish it this time.

Rena didn’t even try to stop me… only 10 minutes later I realized that she wasn’t even standing next to me anymore. Most likely, she just left after our short conversation not really caring what I’m going to do next.

You got me smoking cigarettes,
I’m in stress, baby
My breathing is suffocated,
My heart thumps, but
As I think of you, baby
Awaken my sleeping heart,
This night when I think of you,
When the world becomes dark,
I’ll deliver to you my shaking heart, oh
I can’t escape your side
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Author-san  :twothumbs
Waiting for Stress. Part 2  :D
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A/N: since it is the same song, I'm not putting link for the second time  :)

Searching for Happiness #4 - "Stress. Part 2"

Deep night
The place you took up,
In the reverberation that permeates deeply
I unknowingly whisper your name once
The shadow that is strongly absorbed inside of me,
In your pull that spreads out again,
I can’t get out of it

Staying away from Rena doesn’t really solve my problems. She still occupies my thoughts wherever I go, I still keep wondering ‘what if’ and I miss those times when we laugh together which we had a lot in these past months before I started distancing myself. I blamed it on one simple word “Stress”… I lied that I’m too busy with work but I’m pretty sure that Rena understood all of my excuses.

She didn’t comment much about it and I can’t blame her… if someone started avoiding me… I would just do the same… I would probably slowly disappear out of their life and don’t meet them again. It is not that easy when we’re still working at the same place but I know that is what I would do…

I don’t know I’m lucky or really unlucky that Rena is not like me. She has a completely different mindset. At first, she kept trying to get my attention and spend time together just like we always did. Asking if I want to watch a movie, go for a walk, talk before sleep, drink tea… she kept suggesting all kind of things but my answer was always ‘No’.

After few months she stopped with the suggestions but even with such distance I still catch her eyes on me sometimes. I’m pretty sure she has noticed when I looked at her too… I just hope I wasn’t too obvious, since I tried to keep our distance but at the same time wanted to see her every move. Wanted to see her laugh even though someone else made her reach like that, wanted to see that smile that reaches her eyes whenever she’s truly interested and happy… wanted to keep seeing her every single minute of the day — just like at the start.

I have known Rena… the real Rena… not the one that appeared in all of those dramas and music videos… for 8 months now… almost 9 if we count weeks and days… but sometimes I wondered if Rena really knew me.

The real me…

The me that keeps hiding and staying away from her out of fear…

Without thinking about it I was the one that actually kept that distance (I made the thing — that I fear the most — reality).

I knew though… that Rena doesn’t feel the same way as I do. I remember our conversation few months… while I still felt free and talk with her about everything and nothing. When we discussed a lot of topics, even those about sadness or depression. There wasn’t really a filter between us cause we wanted to understand each other and learn more about the other.

We felt like in a kindergarten… when you’re desperately trying to make a new friend and impress them… Most our topic couldn’t count as trying to impress the other… but we still discussed a lot of things. Even the so called ‘love’ and the simple act of ‘falling in love’.

“Maybe it would be weirder to talk if I know how it felt… I mean I love my family members, friends, there is no doubt in my mind… but romantic love… I’m good at faking it for songs and dramas but real life is a bit more complicated then that”, Rena shrugged her shoulders quite innocently when for the second time I asked her what she knows about love.

“And haven’t we talked about this before? Or am I imagining things?”

“Yeah…once but shortly… I think I asked if you were ever in love…and told you that I don’t know much about it either…”

“Oh right! And then you told me that you had crushes in the past but it never escalated farther than that, I remember correctly, right?”, this time Rena smiled quite sheepishly and leaned forward raising her eyebrows in a seductive manner. Luckily for me (and my poor heart), I haven’t fallen for her yet (back then), so I just brushed it off by laughing and continued confessing truthfully.

“But I wouldn’t even know what to do… if I started feeling something… for someone… you know… that strong LOVE feeling… just like you… I’m only familiar with family and friends… sometimes I wonder if I even love them but…”

“Of course you do… it is just something we do unconsciously, without even thinking about. Hear it from my experience… since you know… I’m four years older than you…and obviously four years wiser”, once again Rena kept teasing me and I just rolled my eyes as an answer.

“Sure…whatever… okay… so four years wiser person, what would you do if you ever fall in love with someone? Or…liked them very strongly and you know… it would feel like love? I guess it is quite simple to confuse love and liking, isn’t it?”

“There are probably differences but yeah… you need to start liking and then you can go deep for love, butterflies and that other stuff when…”

“Okay okay… so your answer?”, I decided to cut her off this time, before Rena recited everything that she has ever said in her movies, or sang in her songs. She likes to pretend that she some sort of love expert, though all of her experiences comes from ‘faking things’.

“Honestly? I would just go and tell the person. It is better than keeping it inside. Obviously things would change after it, who knows if it would be a happily ever after with answered feelings or it will end up in a heart break… but it would still better to know and move from that”.

She shrugged and after couple of minutes considering her own words ask “and how about you miss ‘I don’t know anything’?”

Without thinking I simple shrugged my shoulders and whispered “I have…no idea…”

I wasn’t liking anyone back then, I just couldn’t imagine a situation where I would fall so hard for someone or what I would do in such situation. I envied Rena for planning to be so brave and straightforward and even though most of the time I had an easy going character, I just couldn’t do the same.

Few months later I got an answer to my own question though: “I would avoid the person and try to forget about my feelings”…especially if the one I fell for is a girl…and a friend… a best friend…

Though with my stupidity, I couldn’t call us that anymore… I guess we’re co-workers and acquaintances, maybe somewhat friends, still we did spend time together (but only when other people were around too), or occasionally older Matsui still walked closer to me and randomly asked ‘how I am feeling’, ‘Is everything alright’.

Looking back at all of it… other people (our co-workers) actually noticed that I’m having feelings for Rena. Well at least two people definitely did since they came to talk with me… one of them was Akane (we had same shifts so got to spend some time together and one time out of the blue she questioned if something is happening between Rena and me).

Of course I tried to lie but… am I a bad liar? She just didn’t believe me… in the end she commented that I’m probably having feeling which I should resolve and the sooner the better. I wasn’t sure why she said in this way and what time has to do with it… but I just nod my head unable to fight back the tears.

The other person that worked in a hotel for only two months was Mayu. Watanabe Mayu. We didn’t get a chance to work together but somehow our breaks align and I think she was as messed as me, after some hurtful break up with her girlfriend, escaping to the world… so you know… smoking was also a bad habit of hers — to help and easy the tension.

We bonded in this way (or should I say — unhealthy way) and discussed certain things that kept happening around the hotel. Mayu subtly mentioned that she can feel the tension between Rena and me, and that I should talk with older girl… maybe even tell her that I’m experiencing feeling for her.

I have no idea how the hell these people notice the things that I kept buried and continued lying to myself, but they looked at my face and just knew. I started feeling scared and wonder if Rena can notice it too.

On the other hand, the conversation worked out… at least for gathering my courage and forcing myself to think that it is now or never… I decided to finally have a little chat with Rena.

Little did I know… that the girl was planning just the same thing.

You got me smoking cigarettes,
I’m in stress, baby
I’m going crazy right now
My feelings are palpitating again,
Why? As I fill you in, baby
I want it more and more
This night, I think of you,
When the whole world of asleep,
I’ll deliver to you my burning heart, oh
I can’t escape your side

“Hey, could we talk? Maybe in my room…you know… where we used to watch movies and all?”, I could hear how strangely it sounded but it didn’t scare Rena away. She nod her head in agreement.

“Actually… there is something that I wanted to tell you two… so it is good that we ran into each other”.

Well actually, I stalked Rena for the past hour and just waited for the right moment… but of course… ‘accidental bumping into each other’ works to. She can think that it is like that.

I can’t remember how we got into my room but after walking inside we just sat on the sofa facing each other. Ready to start the conversation that I anticipated so much.

We both opened my mouths at the same time and laughed shortly because of the absurdity of it. “Okay… maybe we can decide who’s going to speak up first. You can start”, I suggested with a nod of my head.

“It s a bit… difficult so you can talk first if you like…”

“No no…really I’m okay… I want you to start”, I insisted too scared to confess so suddenly.

Rena considered it for a couple of seconds and finally sigh giving up “okay… so… do you remember our conversation when I caught you smoking? I know this sounds very random right now… but maybe you remember what you told me?”

I shook my head uncertain where Rena is going with it. My mind was completely blank… I mean I do remember our conversation… but did I tell her something shocking back then?

“Don’t stress about it. You don’t need to remember it vividly… I was just curious… but I will repeat it since that phrase… I kept thinking about it for quite some time… it like… it hit the right spot,I guess… you told me: I guess I stopped for some time…when I first came here… but it not easy to stay away from our old habits… I think I was just fooling myself when in fact, I can’t really stop since it is a part of me…”

This time I nod my head, remembering the words I said, but not sure why they could be important in older Matsui case.

She smiled brighter this time, I really loved that smile, it mesmerized me every time… I guess I missed it a lot…

“The thing is… I love acting and singing… I guess… the stress just pilled up and I wanted to escape from the rest of the world for awhile… I mean… you definitely know how it feels when you want to leave everything behind… but it is not a permanent thing… it is just a short solution…and I think I’m ready now…”


“Yes… ready to go back to the real world. Thanks to you… I’m ready to take everything that I left back into my hands… and actually… I’m leaving tomorrow”.

Quite instantly I opened my mouth to protest ‘it can’t be happening’…and who knows maybe I would have screamed and shouted, or at least cried if not that smile again…




So what if…Rena’s happiness is not me?
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#36 - Personal Preference (FuruYanagi)

Everyone KNOWS how much Akane likes taking photos. Wherever the girl goes, it is either of places, food, buildings, nature… but most of them are from people surrounding her.

Everyone KNOWS and still they can’t do anything about it. Some try to fight the girl or hide behind objects, others just give up knowing that Akane might take at least 20 photos in a couple of seconds with her new camera and it is better not to move or those flashes might leave you blind.

Obviously everyone REACTS to those flashes in a different manner.

When Akane takes Rena’s photos (“Eh… but is the last one okay, can we at least take one together?”)

Kanon’s (“OOMG… retake that! This one is not flattering! Wait no… erase that one too!”)

Yuko’s (“Muahaha… I look good… wait you should definitely take a picture of Haruna! Send it to me later!”)

Acchan’s (“Hey! Come on!” and after complain Atsuko hides herself with the closest object by her side)

Yuki’s (“Did you get my good side? Show it”)

Sasshi’s (“Go and take photos of my kids”)

Milky’s (“Ooo! Take one more! and another one!”)

Jurina’s (“Churi is the 10th time today, we need to practice”)

But most popular victim of Akane’s — Airi doesn’t say anything at all. She doesn’t complain just smiles lazily while pouting her lips and suffering those flashes for a little while. She waits until her girlfriend finally gets tired, and only then raises her eyebrows with a scowls “You could be kissing me instead of wasting all this time”.

But of course, it is not a waste of time for Akane since she stocks all those photos as the memories of their time together, giving other girls photos away and saving Airi’s all for her own collection. She does have a preference, and her favorite model is obviously the love of her life too.
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A/N: (story somehow related to some of the previous ones... like PDA, How We Fell In Love (though it were KojiYuu centric) and I Knew You Were Trouble (which was TomoTomo centric).

#37 - After School (TomoTomo)

Takamina sat near the table in Itano Tomomi’s kitchen with her chin on her hands and questioning look staring at one of them then the another, sometimes trying to gaze at both girls at the same time. Yuko and Haruna were long gone and only three of them were left in this kitchen at that time.

Itano Tomomi (the first of WTomomi pair) stroked her own hair few times still kind of annoyed and at the same time wondering “I just don’t get it… she’s actually quite clever its just that she didn’t try at all, if Haruna did, I think she could even be in first place in our class… well okay… maybe first place in unrealistic but at least she wouldn’t be the last”.

While Tomochin talked, Kasai took care of cups of coffee (which five girls drank before) and also added her own comment “eh… I believe that just like us she chooses to stay in the middle so she doesn’t get too much attention, also she doesn’t want to be called nerd when she didn’t spend more than an hour with homework a week. Unless it’s some presentation…but sometimes Nyan-Nyan just gives up on those. It is good that at least now she has Yuko, someone to help her out with difficult stuff”.

Kasai walked to her girlfriend thinking for few seconds but deciding to do the first thing on her mind and sat in Tomochin’s lap, while putting both of her hands around her girlfriend’s neck. Despite the cute action she turn to look at Takamina instead. “But who are we kidding… Nyan-Nyan lives in the present. Nothing can change that… and who are we to comment when we kind of do the same thing?”

Tomochin sighed a little bit relaxed with Kasai there but still slightly annoyed about this whole situation “Haruna might regret it later. Its just kind of annoying when teacher sometimes makes fun of her… and we know that she’s more clever than she appears to be. Also… she doesn’t show it much but I think Haruna is a little bit sad about the situation”.

Agreeing on this two girls shared a short kiss and in return Takamina sighed and covered her eyes “Some days I’m really jealous of you four…other days no..other days I’m very happy that I’m alone.But today probably one of those days when I’m jealous…”, Takamina shut her mouth after the comment, realizing that she said too much and at the same time nothing at all, and considering her own words.

Two girls turn to look at her and Takamina added wanting to lighten the mood so they wouldn’t feel sad about her loneliness “or… we can share… I can date either of you and let’s just see what happens… maybe you have thought about breaking up?”

Tomochin laughed while commenting with a wonder “well… maybe we could share”.

Kasai just frowned hitting her girlfriend on the shoulder “You can take her.It’s not like I’m holding Tomomi against her will.”

Takamina laughed relaxing a bit, happy to see that her friends are joking around and feel so comfortable talking about things like that. “eh… I guess I will just have to wait… and you know… stare at never ending scenes like that… well at least you’re not like Nyan-Nyan and Yuko…those can’t keep their hands away from each other even when I’m standing right in front of them”.

Three girls soon forget their random conversation about Haruna and her learning skills, and Tomomi kiss Tomochin on her cheek while the other girl still playful showed Takamina the tongue.

In this kitchen they have always acted more like children than adults but it was after school time and during their free time they did whatever they like.
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#5 [Present Time: 10 Reasons Why… Part 2]

As promised, I’m simply continuing on with the reasons. A promise is a promise and I need to keep it in order to let you understand why I am complaining all the time and why it is actually reasonable — I’m not just blabbing about someone behind their back like some old bored lady. Oh no… I’m facing the fact… giving you insight… I’m providing the most efficient information… I’m suggesting to NEVER live with Kojima Haruna. Just don’t! Really!

Fourth reason — If you’re trying to understand something from Haruna’s behavior… like what she wants or what she expects you to do… don’t have your hopes up. She doesn’t tell such things; there are days when it is impossible to have a normal human conversation with her since Haruna has a mind of her own. Just give her a second… a second is all it takes for her to forget what you were talking about and she absent-mindedly asked why you are annoyed about the outcome.

Fifth reason — ‘Nyan-Nyan’, it is a nickname I heard on several occasion. Something that unconsciously I even repeated myself… when you hear it one time it is like a broken record getting into your head through the day. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT. DO you have any idea how annoy it can get? A simple situation: you’re walking down the street… you see a cute black cat crossing it and then… like some sort of signal turns up into your head “I want to call it Nyan” but then you suddenly remember that it is literally the same thing how most people call your roommate. Since when people come up with nicknames like that AND why does she like it so much? She always smiles quite dorkily when it slips out of my tongue. I hate those moments the most.

Sixth reason — Her friends. You think I’m to just mention few details why it is like that? No no… I’m going to expand on it as widely as I can! Just wait for it!
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#6 [Her Annoying Friends]

This is the sixth reason which I have complained about, and as mentioned before… it is impossible to say just few things. How could I? I mean… well… I guess… when I think more about it… I could… just mention… that… they annoy me… and there is no end to it…

I think I have just answered my own questioned and like an old lady that I don’t want to be — I’m going to expand on something that could be put simply in one or two sentences.

But let me make this clear… when she moved in here at first… there were no friends lurking around.

Obviously, everyone needs at least a couple of friends so they could help out and their life wouldn’t be completely miserable. But Nyan-Nyan’s taste in friends is… (you see what I just did here? I called her Nyan-Nyan! On my own accord! Not even speaking! In writing… I WROTE her stupid nickname in my notebook without even giving it a second though… am I going insane at this point?)

Going back to the point… there are few friends of Haruna that I just can’t get my mind on. For example, Mariko… they constantly tease each other and most importantly touch each other. Obviously they both can’t complain about their height since they look like some Eiffel towers… that is not that surprising but like… GET A ROOM! I don’t need to see you laughing on the sofa, falling to the ground or running after each other after some snarky or sarcastic comments.

The same goes for her other friend Atsuko, who looks quite cold and distant at first, but then starts acting like she’s drunk (when she’s NOT)… I checked once just to make sure that I’m not imagining things but they weren’t drinking alcohol so it was her natural (somehow unpredictable behavior).

What is even worse is… that they spend so much time in our apartment that I think I will go insane in the end… especially because of Mariko… if there is something going on between you two just tell me… I won’t judge but just… speak up!

And Atsuko…well let’s just say my friend Takamina (I have mentioned her before), has a crush on one of Haruna’s best friends… yes this doesn’t make the situation any better since now even Takamina searches for opportunities to spend time in our apartment. Not that I mind it…since…well… she’s MY friend…

But are all of these people in our apartment really necessary? It’s getting really crowded lately…
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #7
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#7 [First Week vs. Now]

I tried not to make assumptions. My parents always thought me — don’t rely on your first impressions, wait and see what the other person might show you along the way. It was a stupid way of thinking, I realize it now… but that is what I always did despite of my friends opinion.

I gave people a second chance or waited to see a change in their behavior. In case of Haruna… I wondered… maybe she’s not as lazy as she appears to be. Maybe she actually cares about certain things in life and doesn’t only think about having fun.

I kept on pondering about it and whenever Takamina commented about my roommate’s weird behavior I said that it is how it looks at first. That she simply asks for help, because she can’t manage to do some things on her own.

Obviously and ironically, she was capable of everything; I was just too stupid to notice it. One pout and I was already running to make some food (since she’s horrible at cooking, one thing I’m certain of, and probably the only one thing that I can understand). It is just safer for everyone if Nyan Nyan (HARUNA!!!) stays away from kitchen utensils. Knives, forks, spoons, stove, microwave, kettle — you catch my drift, right?

So since it is safer for people if she stays away from these things I took it upon myself to make food whenever I had time. Or she asked for it. Does it make me week though? Pathetic? Why do I need to run whenever her stomach makes those weird scary sounds? Don’t get me wrong… I could just leave her to die… or make food for myself ONLY. But I’m not that cold, you know? And I know that she can’t really do anything about it.

But she can tidy stuff and take care of herself — so why doesn’t she manage to do that? Even pets are tidier than this girl!

While the very first week I always made excuses, that maybe she’s feeling bad, she has a headache or stomachache, right now I know that all of it is just for act. For attention. I do voice it out loud too.

Takamina noticed this change in me, she comments about it sometimes, but the hell with it… do I need to pretend? This girl is driving me insane…
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Post by: shanju on April 07, 2016, 01:54:12 PM
You know, i like the kojiyuu drabble series (because i only red kojiyuu and atsuyuu)
Wooo yuko, seems like you are so interested with haruna, are you?
Hahaa, i like this yuko pov,
And i like your fast update,
Thankyouu and update your atsuyuu and the othed kojiyuu fics too,
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #8
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@shanju, thanks for the comment and it is not a problem to me (I mean writing... since I enjoy doing it), but of course if I can do it... not always depends on me... either way, I'm updating whenever I get a chance  ;)  (p.s: and of course Yuko likes her 'horrible' roommate)

My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#8 [I Can’t Escape You]

This happened all of a sudden. We have been living together for three months already when one morning our landlord (probably that’s how I should call that weirdly annoying guy), caught us next to our room and dragged us inside without even explaining what he wanted from us.

Instantly, I noticed that he had some papers with himself. Suspicions, right?

He explained that he was in a rush and come here as fast as he could, so we should spare him a little bit of our time. So we did, since — we had no other choice. Then quite randomly he questioned how we liked our living situation.

Haruna didn’t really have what to complain about, since as I have mentioned before, I’m the one who’s suffering and DOING everything around this apartment, so she smiled and told him that she’s enjoying her time here.

I don’t know why, but when he gave me the same question and I noticed that sincere smile on THIS DEVIL face, I couldn’t say that I dislike it. I wanted to scream but somehow it ended up with me smiling just the same way and nodding my head in agreement.

He didn’t waste another second and put new contracts in front of us. Three more months. That was probably always the deal with this guy… he will probably ask people to sign these sort of three months agreements for the rest of his life.

I didn’t have enough time to process what was happening when he already stood up after getting both of our signatures and walked out of the apartment. I couldn’t believe myself… Without giving it a second though I sign the paper and watched him literally sprinting out of this apartment.

I had a thought though… maybe I should run after him while Nyan Nyan (HARUNA!) is not around and beg him to let me correct the mistake or if he fights me in some way, just rip the paper into million pieces so he couldn’t do anything about it?

It was too late of course and THIS DEVIL was already looking at me with a pout, waiting for me to make some food for all of us. I cursed under my breath wondering what horrible things I might have done in my previous life to deserve such torture…

Three more months… what after it? Will I panic when he comes back again? Will I just keep on signing those stupid papers for the rest of my life?
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #9
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A/N: double post again... enjoy  :)

My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#9 [Atsumina]

There are things that surprise us, and shock us. One of those things happened not so long ago. I mean… I guess I can’t say that it was THAT surprising, since just like how I mentioned before — my friend did have a crush on Atsuko from the very first moment she lay her eyes on the girl.

She was truly awkward, all the time, while being around her, so it took me some time to believe that what I’m hearing was actually true.

“Yes, she agreed to date me. I mean… we already went on a date… so now we will go on a second one”.

“For real? I didn’t know she likes you”.

“I didn’t know either. So I asked”, Takamina smiled mischievously as if trying to give me some hints and even added “I think that’s the best thing to do when you feel unsure about something… you just need to speak your mind up and hear what the other person has to say. We will never know unless we try. You should try things like that sometimes too… it is not healthy to keep everything locked inside”.

“What? What do you mean? I’m not locking anything inside! I’m always honest”.

“If you say so… but I also know that you HAVE a lot of thoughts which you don’t voice out… for example, a couple of times at the beginning you mentioned how you dislike Nyan-Nyan” (yes, even my friend calls my roommate this way) “but I’m not sure where you’re standing at this point… do you hate her? But if you do, then why do you sign the contract and agreed to live with her for three more months? I though you will just run for the hills the first moment you get a chance to do so”.

This wasn’t the only conversation we had. Since Takamina became some sort of ‘relationships’ expert and nagged at me for not speaking up. The only problem was — that I had no idea what she expected from me. What she wanted to hear?

Meanwhile Atsumina couple grow stronger and went everywhere together. Like teenagers in love that can’t stay away from each other. I guess I didn’t really hate it since they avoided our apartment and I didn’t need to see those people every day but their love annoyed me for some reason…

Takamina is one of my best friends… Atsuko is one of Haruna’s best friends. So IF or WHEN we stop living together… doesn’t it mean that I still have a reason to see my roommate in certain places? It feels like I won’t get a chance to avoid her… even if I want to.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Irony (Atsumina, AtsuYuu, TakaYuu)
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#38 - Irony (Atsumina, AtsuYuu, TakaYuu)

Oshima Yuko

There is it… this is how love stories start. It is an ordinary love, nothing surprising or shocking, nothing that would make your head turn into different direction and be jealous of the connection that seems to radiate through time and space. The only exception here is the love between two girls but knowing that it is 2016 already and people can actually chose who to love, is it really that extraordinary after all?

It is better to start from the very start… what is the point of mentioning white wedding dress, smiling relatives, vows when you don’t even know how everything started. The thing is… every love story starts with a first meeting. Every love story starts the moment you see that someone and can feel your heart flutter.

This is what happened to Yuko when she went out for jogging one early Sunday morning. Natural/every day act, that the girl did but never before she noticed a stranger sitting alone on a bench with glasses that hide her eyes away from the sun and a little puppy that slept on her lap.

It was the very first time she saw the girl… and at the same time the very first time when something stopped her from running away. Instead of that she unconsciously walked there… ready to introduce herself to a stranger, ready to do something so out of character that she realized the fact that maybe she’s not feeling that good, maybe she’s not thinking straight.

But Yuko couldn’t help the feeling… she couldn’t help but fall in love, the very first time she saw Takamina’s face.

Takahashi Minami

This was truly the happiest that Takamina felt in a very long time. No, it is not because of her future holiday plans, not because of success in job and good relationship with her family, not because she won a lottery ticket recently and can help out with her friends moving in together. No, it had nothing to do with previously mentioned things. Takamina was happiest about the fact how a certain brunette made her feel.

It was a strange thing, to fall for someone in a few seconds’ times. Hell, Takamina didn’t even believe in love at first time… but time, THIS TIME ONLY, she knew there is no escaping the facts. Her heart wouldn’t have beat so fast and her mind wouldn’t have become blank when Atsuko smiled asking to take care of her dog for a little while.

Takamina was surprised honestly… would you actually ask a stranger to hold your dog for a few minutes while you rush to a coffee shop nearby? But of course… Atsuko was special in her own kind of way. She confessed seeing Takamina spending her weekends here, so for this one mere reason — she trusted older girl.

While looking at Atsuko walking away, Takamina still had her heart fluttering, her mind was fuzzy. At that exact moment she knew that she has fallen in love.

Maeda Atsuko

Atsuko rarely done such things… trusting strangers in order to take care of her selfish plans, but today felt different… she decided to make an exception and ran to the shop for a couple of minutes.

That’s all it took… she spend there 4, maybe 5 minutes and taking coffee cup with herself Atsuko smirked while walking back, wanting to see her new and very young puppy as soon as possible.

Someone made her stop in her tracks when she was halfway back though. She noticed Yuko, standing in front of Takamina and both girls were laughing about something, while Yuko patted her dog.

Atsuko couldn’t quite grasp the situation… she felt a shortage of breath; her eyes were glued on the girl in front of her. For a moment Atsuko forget what was the reason of her walking around, why her dog was still sleeping in Takamina’s lap, and that her best friend Mariko still hasn’t showed up for their meeting.

The laughter of Oshima Yuko hypnotized her and Atsuko couldn’t deny it, not for herself — she fell for that laughter. She fell in love.

Shinoda Mariko

I was running late and I knew that my best friend Acchan will probably kill me when I finally show up. Surprisingly she hadn’t called me just yet, so I started wondering whether it is a good thing or I’m really screwed at this point.

Actually, I got my answer when I showed up in the usual place. It was the park where we spend our weekends. But on this Sunday the atmosphere here was somewhat different. Three girls were chatting about life, love, music, books… I overheard parts of it, and I did notice that my friend was one of those girls.

The irony of that situation was… It hit me like a lighting — Atsuko showed her full interest at some girl called Yuko (I heard her calling the girl’s name), while Yuko didn’t take her eyes of a midget sitting on a bench. That midget though stared at my best friend as if she was mesmerized.

The irony of this situation was… it appeared that all three girls fell for someone, but neither of their feelings was directed in the same way, and I couldn’t stop my giggle realizing that they weren’t even aware of this chatting and going deeper into awkwardness that definitely waited for them in the future.
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Ending (Takamina Graduation Drabble)
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A/N: pretty much how I feel and what I think at the moment… it is quite random…

#39 - Ending (Takamina Graduation Drabble)

It felt like the end. Girls were smiling or crying, some managed to both things at the same time. They were unsure why it was this way, why it was pretty difficult to express their feelings, why for some reason it was hard to breathe, to look ahead, to hope…

People tend to say that hope brings eternal misery, that only fools or very young people hope and have dreams. Grown ups keep convincing their children that they should have realistic dreams, that they should leave unreasonable things behind them, that they should fake it till they made it.

Strangely, most of the time the sentiment is lost in translation. No one really gets it until they are older and wiser, so it hurts even more… realizing that you’re coming to an end in one point of your life where all your hopes and dreams lay.

Either way… we learn to say goodbye, just like we learn to walk or talk while we’re still toddlers. We learn that even when it feels like the end of the road, there might be another — unexpected turn…

We keep on supporting our heroes, those people living far away whom we will probably never meet but we can still learn a lot from them. Hard work always pays up — she said…

Let’s hope that hard work and even more concentration will do just that… let’s hope that it is not the end yet…
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #10
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#10 [10 Reasons Why… Part 3]

Seventh Reason — Those stupid telephone games that Haruna is playing keeps her distracted all the time. I’m not against these sorts of games, it is a good way to relax your mind before falling asleep or use it in situations where you don’t know other people so it is not that awkward to sit alone in the corner. But Haruna takes it to another level… when she immerses her mind into a game, you can stand and shout in front of her and she wouldn’t even look up. At first I though she’s just pretending, since I complained about her clothes all around the floor in our kitchen. But no… it doesn’t matter what I say, she’s lost at those moments. Someone could propose or confess their love to the girl and she would just nod her head without acknowledging it for a second.

Eight Reason — we’re both girls… so we obviously have those days of the months where… let’s just say we’re not in our state of mind. Most of the times: for me or my friends — we just get sensitive or angry, crave for chocolate, or hate our bodies. This girl takes it on a complete new level… she’s like from that book Hyde & Jekyll, with those two completely opposite personalities.

Any other day of the month she just shrugs everything off, rarely touching me or people around her… but when those days come… I can’t get away from her. I have tried running and hiding at first, I’m not even ashamed to confess this. But as if sensing were I am, Haruna has no trouble in finding me and then it begins…





I wouldn’t complain about if that’s just how she would react every day… but NO… it is just during that time she suddenly wants to watch romantic movies or asks me to sleep next to her since she doesn’t want to be alone.

I don’t know why I can’t deny her requests… I really DON’T KNOW… but it does annoy me since I got to regret it after three or five days when everything goes back to normal and Haruna doesn’t even look at me anymore. Actually, she just immerses back into those stupid phone games of hers and pretends that nothing happened. Like HELL…nothing happened -_-
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #11
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#11 [The Ninth Reason]

I have mentioned that some things are more horrible than other, the same stands for Nyan-Nyan (HARUNA!) too. This is quite an important reason why my roommate is the worst and that is — she keeps on controlling me. Literally. Controlling me. All the time.

You might think that I’m overreacting… apparently I’m doing it a lot (or that is what Takamina keeps on telling me). But I think Acchan is just making my best friend even more annoying than she was in the past. But this time… REALLY… I’m R-E-A-L-L-Y not overreacting.

For example, Haruna interrupted my conversations with our neighbors at least (10 times), I think the guy is hitting on me (I’m not that happy about it, since I’m not interested in him), but it is just rude how she walks to us, faking that wide smile of hers and without an explanation drags me along with her. Also, she quite often texts me and asks me what I’m planning to do next, when I’m getting back home after work, if I have plans later.

Her texts don’t end at that though. She also texts me through the day asking if I could go to a mall on my way back home and buy her something (usually food related but nothing something I would take for myself), or other times if I don’t get a message (or pretend that I didn’t get it) she forces me to go with her to the shop nearby. Well… I guess I can’t say that she’s really forcing me… I could just say NO… but that’s not the point. It doesn’t feel that I have a choice when I’m with Haruna. She isn’t looking for reason and she can’t read my face expression which probably screams ‘Leave me alone’.

Or maybe not… just yesterday Takamina told me “close your mouth and stop staring”, but I’m only human Haruna walked out of our bathroom only with a bathrobe around her body. She was… kind of naked… well she was! Under that bathrobe! Argh…

So my point is… she’s annoying and keeps trying to control me (in every aspect of my life) and there is nothing else that I hate as much as THIS!

I want to write tenth part too right now but… I don’t think I’m ready yet… it is something that I’m trying to avoid and if there is one thing that I’m good as it is… avoiding the unavoidable.
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#12 [Just a Kiss]

You know when something happens and it is the last thing that you want to think or talk about but it seems like other people can’t shut up about it? My friends are unbelievable… her friends are unbelievable as well…

We usually spend Friday evenings at our apartment, Haruna, Takamina, Atsuko, Mariko (argh) and me. Sometimes we’re drinking and partying, sometimes playing random games like monopoly, sometimes watching movies, other times TV shows or going to the city.

Despite our drinking games (which we had in the past) it was probably the very first time when we decided to play truth or dare (Mariko suggested and everyone else agreed so it is not like I had much choice in this situation). Not that I minded at that point… honestly, it sounded like a brilliant idea and I had my thoughts of annoying Takamina (oh sweet revenge, I wanted to tease hers and Acchan’s relationship or how my friend confessed her feelings). She hadn’t told me the whole story in the past so I though… why not use the situation for my advantage. I guess everyone has been this curious at least once in their life.

The game started off quite easily and innocently (before Mariko decided to ruin my life). We took such dares as drinking in one breath, going to the neighbors and telling something stupid and embarrassing, Haruna had to do twenty push-ups (and she hates doing anything sports related so I think that was probably the worst thing for this girl).

Takamina had no other choice but to tell how she brought flowers and confessed to Atsuko in most awkward sort of way, I could actually imagine the situation since after choosing truth, I forced her to tell everything in detail.

After more time and more alcohol, it was my time to choose one of two things and guess what… I went for dare. Worst decision in my life since that dare came from no other but Shinoda Mariko (my arch enemy…). It is not that…well… she hasn’t wrong me in any way but for some reason I disliked her (and probably her advances at Haruna). If those two want to date then for god sake — DATE, I really don’t need to know about it and I don’t need to hear your flirting every time Mariko visits our place.

The point is… out of the blue she dared me to kiss Haruna (for at least 20 seconds!). I didn’t have a choice… there are rules for a game and you need to comply with them either you like it or not. So you know… I kissed her.

I thought it will be just a quick peck on the lips, but 20 seconds, well it requires more than that, so I reasoned that maybe we will stay in that awkward position for that long without moving our lips…

Unfortunately, Haruna probably had too much to drink because I felt her lips moving against mine, sending some weird sensation though my body (stopping in my stomach, or maybe heart… I wasn’t sure at that point). The only thing I knew is that… it did something to my body and left my mind blank for the rest of the evening.

But the worst part is not that this kiss happened… the worst part is how Takamina keeps on laughing at me whenever she gets a chance, keeps reminding me about the incident, even adds comments like “oh you blushed so hard”, “I think you forgot how to breath”, “oh she left you in a daze, didn’t she?”. I tried to block her comments out of my mind but it is not that easy… still I keep asking myself what I did in my past life to deserve any of this.

You might probably wonder what Haruna thinks about this whole situation or if she gets angry at my friend as well? Oh no… She laughs along with Takamina, jokes and pokes my cheeks and tells me that I look adorable when I’m angry. Could she get even more annoying?
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #13
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#13 [Routine]

When you live with someone for five months, there is no way to avoid certain things and just recently Takamina pointed out that Haruna and me, we kind of live like a couple, not just like random roommates.

I didn’t get it at first but after very long (and very boring), explanation, I got to say that I do see her point. In most situations when two (or more people) share an apartment they get certain routine and stick to it, but it is not like they try to make it comfortable and pleasant for both people. They agree who buys what at certain moments, who go to the mall, when to turn off the TV and go to sleep so you wouldn’t annoy the other person, who wakes up first and takes a shower.

That is normal stuff, something that the two of us did from the start too. When you’re not alone anymore, you can’t depend only on yourself, you got to make sacrifices. Let me explain it why I couldn’t understand Takamina’s point at first.

The truth is… this is the first time when I’m sharing home with someone that I didn’t know before. I have lived with my family (but they are family, so I mean… it is normal). But Haruna is my first roommate apart from family members and apparently I go beyond just being friendly…

So normally people don’t make dinner to their roommate every night and they don’t bother to text back to every message? They don’t run just because someone asks for their help and don’t sulk around the house if you fight about something insignificant?

I mean… if I have known all these things (and that we’re acting somehow different than normal roommates) I would have avoided all this fuss. It is enough that I still feel awkward around this monster after our forced ‘truth or dare’ kiss.

But why are routine is so different from other people? Is there really some sort of reason for it?
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#14 [Song Lyrics]

I like music, I can listen to it all day long, whatever I do or whenever I go. Either is it while I’m going back from work and some random song plays on the radio or when I’m already at home and make dinner for the two of us (or four of us if all of a sudden hungry Acchan and Takamina appears in the apartment).

I like lyrics too, they bring you somewhere else (whether you like it or not). Some songs are sad and you want to cry along with them, others are so joyful that you can’t help it but jump along with the lyrics while grinning like some idiot.

Everyone knows that music is universal and it can bring you to places, you don’t need to understand lyrics, you can listen to it with your heart. (I mean…yeah… if it is some foreign song you can find translation of those words, we live in technology era, almost anything is possible), but still either you do it or not, music still give us something and it can’t be compared with anything else in the world.

They say that when you listen to certain songs, it depends on your mood how much it affects you…

So me point out that I’m beyond worried of my current thoughts whenever I heard songs about love… Honestly, I tried to avoid them. Change the station, search for artists that don’t go down that road and instead sing about meaningless stuff or friendship, but still I can’t always escape it…

When I hear those songs where people try to explain how their hearts flutter, how they get nervous around the one they like, how they dream or imagine scenarios, I can’t help it… my roommate’s face just pops in my mind. I don’t like it (not even a little bit), but I can’t control it either. It feels like I start daydreaming, along with those stupid lyrics…

I hate this… I hate how music can brings us somewhere… somewhere that we don’t want to go… or help us realize something, that we don’t want to admit.
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Post by: Haruko on April 16, 2016, 01:30:12 AM
little by little yuuchan is falling in love..
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #15
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#15 [Jealous]

I don’t know when it started, this raging feelings inside of me when I feel like I’m going to explode whenever…


Whenever someone flirts or tries to flirt with my horrible roommate. It confused me at first, I thought that maybe I’m interested in that guy standing across from her, later on, I even considered liking Shinoda Mariko (but no… don’t worry, I’m not going crazy just yet, if I ever start liking that one, I give permission to whoever shoot me before I do anything stupid and embarrass myself for the rest of my life).

I’m not sure if liking… wait… I don’t… like her… I mean… I’m just jealous. So I don’t think that being jealous because of Haruna is a better thing. It is just as bad as it would be with Mariko (and as you can understand, for some reason I really dislike that one). Who am I kidding… I know those reasons: she keeps on flirting with Haruna and it seems like she’s doing it on purpose. Just to annoy me.

Recently, I could practically taste blood inside my mouth (that’s how hard I bite my lips to prevent myself from saying something stupid), whenever some random guy suggest buying Haruna coffee (well actually, sometimes they asks me out too, but soon back off when Haruna looks at them), the point is… that happens a lot. I can’t blame them… as horrible as she is… Haruna is definition of HOT. So everyone wants to get with her.

Even our neighbor that used to hit on me in the past recently tries to get together with Haruna. It is both embarrassing and infuriating. I guess it is a good thing since she’s not interested in him, or I might end up killing both of them on the spot. That’s how angry I could get, I don’t even need to use words, my eyes are screaming threats and the expression probably reveals that I’m not just joking around.

There are moments when I can’t control myself and say something insulting either to Haruna or whatever random guy that appears in front of her. I don’t know why but she never comments about it. Doesn’t she notice or… does she know?

Am I really jealous? Wait no… Am I really that obvious?
Title: Re: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #15
Post by: Haruko on April 17, 2016, 10:42:30 PM
HAhah you are jealous, Yuuchan!! OMG but Iwanna know what Haruna's POV of this..
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #16
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@Haruko, I will think of a way how to involve Haruna's point of view too  ;)

My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#16 [Nyan-Nyan]

Kojima Haruna. I want to call her Ms Kojima. I want to call her Haruna. Gosh… I want to keep and continue calling her my horrible roommate from hell. Or just keep up with that she’s simply ‘my roommate’, my acquaintance, some days something close a friend. Well, usually those days involve other people when we decide to get together and do some activities together but still… I keep trying and avoiding the unavoidable… just like I said previously… (Well not actually said since I’m writing everything down).

The point is… calling her ‘Nyan-Nyan’ out loud, was the last thing on my mind. I used to slip sometimes, usually correcting myself afterwards or even apologizing. Yes, other people call her like that. Acchan thought of this nickname since Haruna looks like a cat but… I didn’t want to go to that trap along with everyone else…

Gosh… even that one annoying neighbour (that same one who at first hit on me, then hit on Haruna, and recently, I’m pretty sure keeps trying to hit on Mariko) called Haruna ‘Nyan-Nyan’.

All of those people… and it annoyed me for some reason, but back then (early at the very start of us living together) I decided that I’m not going to call her like that. I don’t know why: because I want to be different, because I don’t like it, because I…?

Argh…whatever… the point is… I gave up…

I didn’t want to call her like that but one morning it just slipped out of my mouth (once again), and immediately I apologized for it.

For at least ten seconds Haruna looked at me like I’m some alien from another planet “Why are you apologizing?”

“I don’t know… I just… I always call you Haruna, that’s why”.

“But I like my nickname”, she pouted still confused.

“Ech… yeah… but… your friends call you like that and… I don’t know if I should…could…”

“I like it when you call me Nyan-Nyna even if you do it by accident. But I don’t like it when you apologize for it. You’re more than a friend, Yuuchan”, for some reason she reached out and squeezed my hand shortly.

Yeah I know… I’m your roommate… roommate for the rest of the year probably (since we once again sign our contract… let me just say that guy is weird, every single time he appeared out of the blue and I didn’t even had time to process what he wanted from us).

The point is… I gave up… now it feels like Haruna waits for it and expects to hear that nickname from my mouth ‘Nyan-Nyan’.

I can’t do anything about it anymore… I can’t lie though, whenever she smiles hearing it out loud, I feel my heart fluttering too.


Fine… I will keep calling you like that.


It does sound good.


I can get used to it.

Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #17
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#17 [How Others See It]

Takahashi Minami POV

My best friend is unbelievable.

I can’t believe that such a stupid person even exists… or how else I could explain the situation?

I can’t believe how naive she is, how can’t she notice stuff that is obvious to everyone around here? And I’m not just randomly commenting on the matter… I have actually had certain discussion with Atsuko and Mariko. They see the same things that I do; they think that my friend is an idiot too.

First of all, she gets jealous and overprotective with Haruna but does she notice it herself? No. She looks at me like I’m crazy if I ever comment on it and just sniffs like that is the most idiotic idea she has ever heard. She dislikes Mariko only because that one likes to tease around and joke with Haruna. I know that Mariko even does it on purpose, so my idiot friend would finally understand what is at stake here.

But no… Yuko doesn’t realize any of that. She just speaks up with her weird comments, stares at someone as if she’s ready to kill them if they touch Haruna and walks away afterwards as if nothing happened in the first place.

When I told her that they act more like lovers rather than simple roommates Yuko literally went on google to check if that’s true, reading comments by other people instead of listening to her own best friend. Why do I even call myself her best friend? When you like someone you just go on and tell them. I’m pretty lucky that Acchan liked me back; I know that it might have ended with heartbreak… but that is not the point. You need to put yourself out there in order to succeed… not avoid your feelings and hide under the blankets.

And that kiss… those two kissed for more than a minute and Yuko was in a daze for the rest of the evening, blushing whenever Haruna looked at her, avoiding eye contact, licking her own lips or staring at Haruna’s.

They have been living together for almost six months and she’s still oblivious. She keeps calling Haruna ‘roommate from hell’, well maybe she does make Yuko’s life like hell (or something like that… I can’t understand what my friend tells me most of the time)… but let me just say… if Haruna is ‘roommate from hell’, then Yuko is ‘the stupidest roommate you can get’.

Maeda Atsuko POV

Oh Haruna…Haruna…Haruna…

Minami keeps telling me that Yuko is an idiot for being so oblivious, but is my friend any better? No. She’s just the same. They’re two idiots that needs to end up together and they should end up together but when will both of them realize it?

After ten more years?

I think Haruna understands that she likes Yuko (even if she avoids the topic and tries to deny it, if I mention it out loud), but this girl couldn’t be more obvious. At first, she was really jealous whenever Yuko’s neighbour flirted with her (that one is an idiot; he flirts with every girl that comes his way).

Later on, she started messaging Yuko and asking what she’s doing, when she’s coming back home, could they go somewhere together (literally, something that you do when you’re in a relationship, and that’s more like ‘jealous-annoying’ girlfriend business, not just ‘roommate’ stuff).

Then… I’m 100% positive that Haruna tried to make Yuko jealous whenever she got a chance, even when she had no interested in people that talked with her, she was just fetching for some reaction from Yuko, smiling happily if she got something in return.

If that was not enough to prove that I’m right and Haruna is just hiding her feelings (not so convincingly from us, but somehow successfully from idiot Yuko) she kept on pouting whenever Yuko apologized for calling her Nyan-Nyan.

Recently, Yuko probably agreed to stick to this nickname (as she probably gave up),and now keeps on asking questions, commenting and so on, with the use of this short nickname that I gave to my friend, and guess what… Haruna smiles like an insane person whenever those words leave Yuko’s mouth. She even blushes and tries to hide her face probably realizing the last thing herself.

But what does she tell me if I ask her if she likes Yuko? She says that she doesn’t and I’m only imagining things.

Can those two be more idiotic?
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Well, at least I know what happen in Haruna's mind but now what da hell they don't confesed each other!
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Failed. Try Again (JuriYuki)
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#42 - Failed. Try Again (JuriYuki)

Just another day in college. Nothing extraordinary or surprising, nothing shocking or challenging. People were used to seeing or doing same things… and the most constant view that they got to witness was one of the most popular girls, Matsui Jurina, attempts to flirt with somewhat cold and distant Kashiwagi Yuki.

Only at first it surprised people seeing those two together, since they were like out of different worlds — thrown into one place, unable to communicate like normal human beings.

Instead of walking up to Yukirin and simply greeting her, Jurina blabbed flirty words and usual phrases that others used, which resulted in annoyed and rushing away Yukirin, and confused Matsui.

In the past, Jurina never had problems like that. Actually, the girls were running after her, asking for attention, not even asking — begging for at least a minute of her time. Being the mischievous as she was Jurina enjoyed those moments joking around and in the end it resulted to Matsui spending her evenings or night with those girls.

But nothing worked against the goddess Yukirin. Jurina tried… she has been trying for almost two years… she even started ignoring other girls, determined to make Yukirin hers but no reaction. Considering, that Yukirin was famous as a reaction queen — it said a lot.

Their morning usually started with Jurina running after Yukirin and striking a conversation. “Wow… you’re looking really good today, Yuki”.

Instead of being pleased by the compliment or blush like any other girl in this situation Yukirin only raised her eyebrows, slightly annoyed “Does it mean that usually I don’t look good?”

Once again, like many times before Jurina chocked on her words “you know that’s not what I mean…” already thinking of ways how she could save the situation.

“If you say so…”

But like always Jurina stopped in her tracks when Yukirin rushed away to greet her friends without giving her a second glance.

Matsui felt like loosing a game. That awkward moment when you read(or hear) “You fail. Try again” and you have to resume from the very start to reach the same point you were at before. But it is not like she even reached a point with Yukirin… the girl was unreachable. Even for her.

Not that it ever stopped Jurina before.

Two years of never ending determination. Others would have given up after a month, two… gosh… they didn’t wait for a whole year… and they would not try every morning.

When we lose so many times in a game, we buy a new one, maybe a better one. That’s what Jurina would have done back in school, or probably that is what she would have done with any other girl. Not that it matter, really. Since Yukirin was not any other girl. She was a dream that Matsui was determined to reach, no matter what. Like a distant but fascinating star in the sky, that doesn't look at you but still shines very brightly.

One thing Jurina knew… from the very first moment she lay her eyes on older girl. She’s not giving up. Even if she has to die million times to reach her destinations. That what games are for.

For playing… and for never giving up.
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #18
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#18 [Double Dates?]

It feels quite weird lately and I keep on wondering if Takamina and Atsuko do it on purpose. For some reason Mariko doesn’t join the four of us like she did in the past. I remember it very well, since she was always clingy with Haruna rarely letting go of her hand, and every few seconds looking at my direction of as if expecting some sort of reaction from me. Obviously, the only reaction she got was my annoyed stare back at her (and Takamina wondered why I disliked the girl).

The point is… she doesn’t join us anymore (I’m not complaining though, who wants to spend time with her in the first place?), but because of that it makes the situation a little bit weird because it is just the two of us and a couple.

‘Atsumina’ always do couple things, they flirt in front of us, sometimes they talk about escaping for a little bit and discuss their make out plan in the bathroom (NOT THAT ANYONE NEEDS TO HEAR STUFF LIKE THAT), but they are still our best friends and we want to spend with them our time as before. Just like I have mentioned… either I liked it or not… I can’t escape Nyan-Nyan.

If Atsuko and Minami broke up and we stopped living together… maybe then I could… but it somehow sounds like something impossible and honestly… something that I don’t want to happen… I wouldn’t have complained the first month… second… gosh… even the third month… I would have escaped while jumping around like some idiot and searched for a new roommate in a blink of an eye but right now…

I don’t want to think about such scenarios and rather have things the same. You know when you’re in that comfortable state where you don’t want anything to change… when the thought of chance scares you? This is the state where I am at. I don’t even mind living like this for the rest of my life. (Well maybe our annoying neighbour could move out, so he would stop flirting with every girl that comes his way… since it is a bit annoying).

But yeah… now we spend our weekends — the four us and… we kind of do couples stuff.

Going to the movies…

Going to restaurant for food…

Going to walk in the park…

It is normal since that’s how people spend their time and maybe I wouldn’t overthink this but… when you do it along clingy couple and you’re not sure how to act with a person walking next to you… it feels weird…

Does this count like double dates or I am overreacting for some reason?
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #19
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My Roommate From Hell, Literally

#19 [S.0.S]

In case you don‘t know… The definition of SOS is “Save Our Souls (Help!)”

In this case… I want to scream and shout and let it all out and all I’m asking from anyone… ANYONE… who’s reading it or hearing it, or is familiar with such situation: SAVE ME! I don’t want to die young! I don’t want to be murdered by my roommate’s hand! Isn’t that the worst case scenario? Obviously, the news, newspapers, magazines would love such a story.

“Two roommates were living happily ever after together… one of those two roommates was an idiot and decided to write about all of it in her notebook. That same idiot roommate didn’t hide her notebook well enough and after six months of living together, another roommate found her notebook and read it from start to finish. Next morning, the idiot roommate was found dead in her own home, on a cold ground, while holding her previous notebook in her hands”.

Oh yeah… people would buy stuff like that without a second though. Who am I kidding; even I would be seduced by such headline and run to a store to get a cope so I could figure out more about the idiotic roommate who did such mistake.

But since I’m that IDIOTIC roommate… let me just write it all down…


How can I know you might ask…? Well… it is simple. It is not horrifying. No! Not at all.

She left me a note in the back of last page. Very short one, without revealing what she plans to do with me… I mean… she might be waiting with a knife behind my door.

The point is… at the very end of my last note she wrote: “We need to talk”.

I mean… she didn’t write: “I’m going to kill you”, but somehow such a short sentence scares me more than any threats that she could make.

If anyone read my notebook and I’m already dead… don’t blame Nyan-Nyan. It is my own fault! Just… tell everyone you meet that writing your thoughts in notebooks or diaries is stupid, it should be avoided at all costs.

But why I’m avoiding the unavoidable once again? I have to admit that the worst horror of it all since Nyan-Nyan read everything is that…


A/N: one part left. Thanks for reading!
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Will they finally say what they feel?
They are so tsundere that it almost annoying, they act like couple but didn't realize it and always denied their feelings, i wait for your update.

Also, do you have any plans to continue JuriYuki story? I want to see the story from Yuki's POV
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #20 [Last]
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@yocelin17, honestly I haven't though of writing continuation to JuriYuki story, but I'll consider it (no promises though)  :) Thanks for reading and commenting!!!!!

My Roommate From Hell, Literally


The tenth reason why my roommate is the worst is — that despite all the things I have written before, despite all those horrible things — I still am… crazy… deeply… unreasonable… (eh… you can add whatever stupid word you can come up with…)in love with her.

I’m in love with my roommate from hell, literally.

[CORRECTION: Note after the conversation with Nyan-Nyan that I had like 10 minutes ago… since you know… she read my notebook and I was pretty sure that she’s going to kill me]

The eleventh reason — I’m in love with my horrible roommate. She knows it. She thinks that I’m the stupidest person alive because of all those things that I wrote here (and I will have to burn this notebook or she will never speak to me again), but the point is:


[The End]

A/N: There will be a sequel called 'How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate' with Haruna's point of view and more insight to the story. Bye for now  :on drink:
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 :badluck: :badluck: :imdead:
Title: Re: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - My Roommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) #20 [Last]
Post by: Haruko on April 23, 2016, 01:10:40 AM
YES!!!! We now it! .. but What happen in that conversation?
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate (KojiYuu) #1 [Sequel]
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@Haruko, I think that will be revealed a little bit later  :)
@arawche079,  :on blackhole:

How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate
My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Sequel]

#1  [Am I Going Crazy?]

When I first moved to Tokyo, I knew that I need to find a place to live in as soon as possible. It is not like I didn’t have options… Acchan and Mariko (few of my best friends also live here) but I didn’t want to ask for help and the best idea I could come up was — searching for a roommate.

It happened quickly, it is ironic that we didn’t communicate for months, didn’t try to figure each other out (for god sake — one of us could have been a serial killer, a pervert… I mean Yuko is a bit of a perv… but I think you know what I mean). Still we didn’t try to figure anything out and move in together after the very first meeting.

I have to tell everything by explaining the situation firstly though… At first, I couldn’t understand myself at all. I wanted to go in for that meeting and agree to think about it for a bit (or have trial period) but the moment my eyes locked with Yuko’s… time seemed to stop… I didn’t blink an eye and sign a contract for three months.

I can now officially state that our landlord is actually very weird guy who always asks us to sign three month agreements and disappears afterwards. It is almost impossible to reach him and when he actually comes, we can’t even understand what has happened until he’s out of the door. So yeah… maybe the presence of him also made me sign the contract unconsciously… but not only that… I can’t deny it or search for excuses…

For the very first moment we met, talked, shared glances I knew that Yuko is special…and that she will be always be someone special for me…

As you might have guessed already… this is the story how I fell for my idiot roommate.
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YES THANK YOU!, about to sign the contract I think that Kojiyuu is so busy to look each other that they don't notice about the guy or the contract..
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Failed. Try Again (JuriYuki) Part 2
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#43 - Failed. Try Again. Part 2 (JuriYuki)

From the very first moment Jurina approached Yukirin, the older girl knew about her reputation. Everyone around talked about Jurina’s never ending one night stands and how she had never looked at those girls for a second time.

At first it surprised Yukirin. Almighty Jurina, that all the girls wanted even when they all knew how it is going to end never managed to held a normal conversation with her.

Jurina tried to be cocky very first time they spoke, probably using the same phrases on older girl like on all those girls before, but since none of them worked out, she panicked and didn’t know what to say anymore. Instead of blushing or answering to every younger girl’s needs Yukirin just stared back at her or sometimes raised her eyebrows with an attempt to show that it is in no way flattering to her.

It took some time for Jurina to realize that for the very first time in all the years of being so popular, it is her who wants the girl, it is not Yukirin who is interested in her.

Apparently, even Kashiwagi Yuki understood it herself. Her interior was quite cold and she never glances at Jurina twice, but inside… she actually smiled walking away after yet another failing pick up line Matsui used, or she talked about it with her friends a lot, even boasting a little bit how the girl who gets everyone — can’t charm her.

It was Rino who pointed out the obvious one morning after getting tired of all Yukirin’s stories. Not jealous (like all her friends before), but just annoyed of how oblivious Yukirin can be sometimes.

“You don’t notice a pattern in this?”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

Rino sigh deciding that it is now or never, and that is the time for Yukirin to open her eyes for once. “It is more than you just liking the attention. Haven’t you noticed that Matsui is all you talk about? Seriously… I remember the times when we had normal conversations in the past, even random ones… gosh, we even chatted about guys in high school… but now every single day I hear… Jurina did that… she said that… I’m so strong for pushing Matsui away… and then Jurina did this and that…and blah blah blah… I want to hit you every time you start blabbing”.

After hearing the harsh speech, Yukirin stared back at one of her best friends since childhood in a haze. “What…wait…I’m not only speaking about…her”

“You do! You’re like obsessed! It is like a game… for both of you, I guess. It is like you’re the main game and every day Jurina tries to get into a new level. Yes, my explanation sounds weird, I’m aware of that… but it is actually the reality of this situation! Can I say something obvious though… since you like the girl though you pretend she’s the only one with feelings?”

Yukirin bit her lips nervously, she had thoughts, all kind of thoughts… she had doubts too… she knew about possibilities… she knew that she’s not only smiling for the fun of it, she was aware of a fact that maybe… just maybe there might be something more too…

Considering all that, Sasshi’s words hit home way too hard.

“What if one day she just stops? She gets tired of asking you out every single day and says… the hell with it… I can get any girl, why keep bothering with this one? She obviously likes you, since she has been following you forever, but feelings change… what if she gives up in this game and won’t try again?”

Yukirin couldn’t control her emotions at such thought. All of her doubts and fears are pretty much revealed on her face, along with her true feelings for the rest of the world. Considering herself a smart person, she hadn’t actually thought about such outcome… maybe at first she wouldn’t have cared… Jurina’s bad reputation has always played a bit part of the rejections but… wouldn’t she regret it more IF…

The next morning come and Matsui was actually a bit late with her approach. It wasn’t Jurina’s fault though. Her teacher catch up with the girl explaining the assignment that she already new about, but she still had to pretend to be interested and nod her head every few seconds. She sigh with relief when he finally shut up and let her leave, so she ran guessing that Yukirin probably rushed into school already.

Kashiwagi Yuki has always tried to ignore her or walked a bit faster whenever Jurina approached her, so of course she wouldn’t have purposely waited for her.

But it appeared that she actually did…

Jurina stopped running when she was already in front of the older girl looking straight at her annoyed expression a bit confused. Wait… maybe Yukirin got tired and now she will reject her for the very last time or get some restraining order? Anything is possible with this one.

“You’re late”.


“You’re late… 10 minutes… late…”

The realization hit Jurina and unconsciously she couldn’t help but smile slightly. “Oh… sorry?”, still unsure how to communicate with Yukirin she tried the sincere and simple approach.

“It is…fine… just… don’t be late again”.
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#44 - Failed. Try Again. Part 3 (JuriYuki) LAST

From that day on, everything continued in this push and pull system.

Whenever Matsui got too bold, Yukirin backed away, but all these times she did it not because of annoyance, but out of fear.

Gradually, Yukirin had to admit that she had feelings for Jurina but it scared her, the part of Jurina’s past and her reputation still played the biggest part in all of it.

One time, the two had an argument about the matter, and since then Yukirin didn’t mention it again, since it appeared that Jurina changed a lot. For a long time she didn’t really care whatever attention other girls showed her. She stayed calm and nice, shared smiles, patted other girls’ backs or shoulders, but it never went farther than than.

After all, her ultimate goal (for two years already!) was the unapproachable Kashiwagi Yuki. She was like the BIG BOSS in any computer game, whom you can reach and fight only when you complete all the levels before. It is good if you have played a lot of games before and have experience, or you can find some cheat-codes on all mighty Google, but life is a bit more complicated than that.

Surprisingly, she had some help from no other but one of Yukirin’s best friend’s — Sashihara Rino. The girl got tired of her friend’s indecisiveness and cowardliness, so she helped out Matsui revealing some fact/and fears of Yukirin and even confirming her feelings that Jurina has noticed, but had no way on proving before.

Jurina still sucked at pick up lines whenever she was around Yukirin and got nervous, but at least for the past few months Yukirin didn’t hide the fact that she actually enjoyed it, letting the girl down easily or smiling and not saying anything at all. At the end of the day letting Matsui interpret everything in the way she wanted to.

The Spring came and Matsui got a bit more bold mainly because of the suggestions from Rino, yeah, apparently (and very surprisingly to Yukirin) those two were pals now. So Jurina decided to risk it a little bit and make Yukirin jealous. It is not like she can follow the girl around without getting nothing in return for the next two years (or the rest of her life).

So few times her hands lingered on those random girls’ backs a bit longer, she even let one of them hug her, even some flirting was involved. Jurina almost gave up, guessing that Yukirin probably doesn’t care. It is possible that she read the signals wrongly and maybe her friend Rino was wrong too. Who knows, maybe those two plot it together and decided to break Jurina’s heart with such schemes.

It was Friday afternoon when Jurina didn’t even try to flirt anymore. She helped classmate Mayu out with her assignments before so she just let the girl hug her shortly not seeing anything harmful in it. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), she hadn’t noticed a set of eyes that kept following her every move.

The surprise struck her the hardest when she felt Yukirin’s soft lips on her own. It wasn’t a chaste kiss, it was more like — I’m trying to prove a point — back away — she’s MINE, kiss.

Without a doubt Jurina was left breathless after it, while Mayu was long gone feeling awkward while watching that make out scene right in front of herself.

“I will go on a date… dates… with you… but just…”


“How about…eh… do you…even date?”


If anyone from a side would have witness their conversation, they wouldn’t have understood what was happening, since two girls were rambling, staring at each other in silence at times, not really sure what to say, until finally Jurina broke this pattern with the bravest question so far:

“Would you like to…be my girlfriend? Date me?”

The conversation happened. The unexpected ‘YES’ left Yukirin’s mouth and since that day (after short happy dance that they received from Sasshi), they started dating.

It wasn’t easy though. Especially for Jurina, with the constant bickering or trying to prove that she didn’t smile for that girl, she hadn’t seen her before (and other jealousy related stuff that Yukirin didn’t felt like letting go easily).

But at the end of the day it didn’t matter to Jurina anymore. Whenever she failed at some point in their relationship, she tried again. It was indeed, like a game.

But Jurina knew — that it was INDEED her favorite type of game.
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Thank you for making the continuation of Failed. Try again.
Yuki is a tsundere, isn't she? For always reject Jurina but miss her when she wasn't around. But at last she admit her feeling for Jurina.

Thanks for your story, i enjoyed it very much
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate (KojiYuu) #2 [Sequel]
Post by: calista_castro on May 03, 2016, 09:45:45 PM
@yocelin17, you're welcome, I liked writing it. And yeah, Yuki was definitely tsundere, poor Jurina (but her bad reputation played a bit part in Yukirin being tsundere too) hehe  :)

How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate
My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Sequel]

#2 [Dimple Smile]

I have one weakness lately. Is it just one thing… everything else about Yuko… honestly it is starting to annoy me. I’m not showing it though; I mean… if I show it then we will both walk around sulking or having some weird staring contest to prove who dislikes who more.

Once again… I’m not saying that I dislike her. Is it just… why is she getting so annoyed whenever I ask her something? Even the smallest thing, like taking a bottle of water or taking care of the dishes? I’m aware of the fact that my cleaning is well… none existent. One time Mariko even told me that her dogs are cleaner than I am which was insulting but I still can’t do anything about it.

At least I take care of myself and how I look. Doesn’t that count? Other things… well I’m too lazy and I’m used to my mother doing it for it. Not that Yuko should replace my mother… that would be weird. Okay… why am I evening thinking about it?

Well probably because Yuko keeps on nagging at me and if she’s not complaining then at least she giving me those stares like ‘I need to do everything alone and you’re just sitting there’, but at first when I kept on asking if I can help her out Yuko just snickered and always turn me down. So why does she expect that I run around and do something when she didn’t even bother to let me do anything at the start?

She is confusing me and I would probably hate her by now if not that dimple smile. I can’t explain it… the way someone looks is definitely the last thing on my mind — when I think about having a crush on a person. Fine, when you have a crush you can like only the way they look, but it is different if you like them later. Then their personality plays a bit part too.

But the hell with her… whenever I get angry but all of a sudden she smiles… I feel weak, it seemed like all my anger disappears in a blink of an eye. I think it takes like a second (and it doesn’t even matter how much she nagged and annoyed me before).

The truth is… I just keep wondering what the hell is wrong with me and what is the matter with that smile of hers. And why WHY why I want to see it every day?
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Everyone is weak for Yuuchan smiles  :nya: :nya: :nya:
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Everyone is weak for Yuuchan smiles  :nya: :nya: :nya:

Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate (KojiYuu) #3 + #4
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How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate
My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Sequel]

#3  [Ownership]

Now this will sound weird since people don’t actually belong to anyone. We’re all free — you know free to make choices, like, live and so on, there are many liberties and other laws. I’m not so interested with that stuff; I’m not sure why I decided to mention it in the first place. Politics? Stay away, would you?

But when it comes to my roommate… my idiot roommate… it is probably the first time when I’m calling her like that, before I just said — Yuko, but I mean… can that girl be more oblivious? Doesn’t she understand what kind of stuff annoys me or what I’m expecting from her?

It is good that at least she’s not pushing me away when I ask her to accompany me to shopping and other stuff (you know, what normal people do when they live together), though Acchan mentioned that we’re a bit different from normal people (I’m not sure why is that).

She rarely tells me no, and that is something that I can appreciate and I do like but why is her messages so vague or why is she flirting with some idiot roommate who sometimes greets her when coming back home?

Yuko also complains that I’m trying to have some sort of ownership on her. I mean… I do text and ask what she is doing, when she will finish work, can she buy something on her way back home, or does she want me to go there instead. I also like asking how work is and if she’s tired or should we watch some movie later on… It is the normal stuff that is what you ask your roommate. So why is it wrong? Why is it wrong that I want to know what she’s doing every second of the day? It is not like I’m asking that often. (Only when I can stop myself and get annoyed).

Those complains of hers… eh… they’re so annoying… why is she so annoying? Oh wait… it is because she’s an idiot! Here! I said it! I’m living with an idiot! (AND I’M NOT TRYING TO OWN HER, GOD DAMMIT).

Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate (KojiYuu) #3 + #4
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How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate
My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Sequel]

#4 [Skin Ship]

I have wondered in the past, how come people are so obsessed with skin ship. I didn’t mind it much, but did I like it? Well, I considered myself being quite neutral to it. I mean… my two besties (Atsuko and Mariko were quite into it), but it was some sort of game for those two and they never looked at it seriously.

Or how should I summarize it: they have never did that to me with some sort of hidden innuendo.

But when I met Oshima Yuko. Honestly, I started craving it. I couldn’t help it or think properly about it. I’m not proud of the fact that there were times when I pretended to be drunker than I actually was just so I could cuddle to sleep with the girl.

I knew that she likes skin ship, she was always so free around her friends. (Well her friend — Takamina), but the first few months she tried avoiding me, so using my skills of pretending to be drunk…well that’s the only thing that sounded reasonable for me.

That’s childish, I’m aware of it. Not that I can do anything about it.

Once again — I’M AWARE of the fact how pathetic it is. But I’m not trying to OWN Yuko, despite what everyone else thinks, and I’m not using the situation every time. Only sometimes…

Also, she got more comfortable around me too. There are days when Yuko doesn’t even notice it but she kisses me on a cheek to say goodbye if we wake up at the same time. Yes, I know, it sounds ironic: like she’s the husband going to work and saying goodbye to his — staying at home wife. That’s how the two of us are, so DON’T YOU DARE JUDGING ME or I’ll shut it and don’t write anything down anymore. Wait… why would my journal care if I’m writing something down or not? Argh…

Okay…so the point is (I should probably summarize this already) that when it comes to Yuko, I like and want skin ship.

Our kiss during truth or dare… well it made it even more difficult for me since now I keep imagining those lips on…

Wait what the hell… I just like skin ship. All of a sudden I realized that I’m not against it. It doesn’t even matter if it is Yuko touching me or someone else, as long as it is skin ship.

Ending note (few hours later): Fine… I mind it when other people touch me.

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Ohh that's explain a lot!
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate (KojiYuu) #5
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How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate
My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Sequel]

#5 [Oblivious; Realization; The Notebook]

Mariko sat me down to have an ‘important’ conversation. Yes, it is literally what she told me while looking unusually serious and even stared me down when I tried protesting, at first believing that this might be some sort of dokkiri. She was popular with pulling pranks. I mean… it was impossible to stop this girl at times.

But I was wrong and today was the day. Probably the first time we chose (well not we, SHE CHOSE) such a topic and told me what was on her mind. I didn’t know that me and Yuko… (I’m not sure about her though) were that obvious. Obviously oblivious. Haha… that’s sound weird, doesn’t it?

“I think you need to face your feelings and just speak it out loud. It is annoying to watch both of you running around it and pretending that nothing is happening. Atsuko and Minami started avoiding you two, haven’t you noticed recently, that there are less and less double dates? Also, as you might have noticed, I’m not joining the four of you, since I’m fifth wheel”.

“You’re not fifth wheel”.

“Don’t fool yourself.” Mariko shook her head judgmentally. Are we really such a horrible people so she needs to judge us? Come on… like… it is not that grave. We haven’t killed anyone and people… can be oblivious to their feelings and well… yeah, I’m making excuses for myself. I’m like some 13 year old in love… oh come on… I’m like some 11 year old in love…

“You just need to have that conversation, as soon as possible. I know it is scary… but you know what’s even scarier?”


“This conversation. That I have to be an adult and speak some sense into you. ME. I would rather play some dokkiri on you…”

I squinted my eyes “I knew it!”

We laughed shortly… what else you can do at this point… but I get it… I need to talk to Yuko… I can’t avoid it for any longer… I just… have to…

But just when I decided to do so…I found something on the floor in her room. Yuko should be back home soon from work and I probably felt nostalgic (I don’t know my excuse for walking into her room, so please avoid this topic and leave me alone).

So what I found in her room was a notebook. I know it is personal and I shouldn’t read it. I can’t. IT IS WRONG.

But obviously… I did.
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How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate
My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Sequel]

#6 [Reasons Why I Fell In Love With Her]

I read it. Oshima Yuko notebook. Her personal thoughts that were also directed at me. Well, something that I shouldn’t have found or seen for all eternity since you know… it is the same like reading diary. But I didn’t see ‘DIARY’ written anywhere, nor I noticed any warnings that say ‘You should stop reading it at all costs if you found it’, so… considering all that… people write warnings when they hide something away, don’t they?

I know, I know… I’m aware of the fact that I’m only making excuses for my decision to read it. I don’t regret it though! (Well maybe a little bit… I think I regret the fact that I decided the write a message for Yuko. Foolish of me! I should just kept in shut and…) but despite all those horrible things she wrote… Yuko also mentioned that she… well… she likes me, doesn’t she? Isn’t that something that I actually want?

It is scary at the time, since I’m not sure 100% and you need to be sure about things 100%. Always 100%!!! But… my heart wouldn’t beat this fast if I weren’t there along with her… so I decided to make my own list… not so informative… (and not so angry! I don’t get it why Yuko has so many issues with liking me… is it that horrible to like me?)

Whatever. I will concentrate on my reasons instead.

#1 — Yuko takes care of me. Despite of being annoyed or angry, disappointed (any sort of that… especially since I know this now after reading her notebook), she still takes care of me, cooks for me, helps me whenever I ask something and never leaves me hanging.

#2 — Her dimple smile or should I call it squirrel smile(?) is my weakness. I can’t get angry if she shares that smile (especially if it is directed at me) even for a second. Yeah… I’m that pathetic… all it takes is just a second…

#3 — Skin ship. That is something that I have mentioned before… that is something that I keep on thinking about. But I can repeat it again… I never liked it much…or I didn’t care about it… also, it never had some sort of influence on me… but with Yuko… well I crave for it. For crying out loud, I even pretended to be drunker than I am for a couple of times… I know that it is ‘NOT THAT NORMAL’ coming from me.

#4 — She priorities her friends among other things which is something that I admire.

#5 — Her admiration. I know… it is weird to hear, considering that she complains about EVERYTHING most of the time… and even wrote how I’m some sort of roommate from hell… but I see the way she looks at me…and it is not the look of hate.

#6 — Her notebook. I never knew what she thinks before… most of those things probably should have made me mad…or at sad… for some reason… I get why she behaved like that some times… she was escaping her feelings… that’s what humans do. A LOT. We’re all foolish with it… especially when we fall in love. I can understand Yuko a lot better now.

#7 — The way she calls me ‘Nyan-Nyan’. Please. Never stop.

#8 — Her jealousy. That is something that I even provoked in the past… yes… I have noticed how she gets annoyed when I’m friendlier with our neighbor or even Mariko. She’s fuming with anger… her expression changes but she tries to hide it and pretend that she doesn’t give a crap. It is impossible to pretend ‘all the time’ so I still get a glance at least and it is more than enough for me.

#9 — Her dependence. I really don’t mind the fact how she gets annoyed when others interrupt our calm evening or how she tries to spend more time together… I really REALLY don’t mind it!

#10 — I don’t even know…why…when or how… I fell for her… all I know is that I’m helplessly in love with my idiot roommate. Does there really have to be reasons, though? Love is a mysterious thing, isn’t it?
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OMG Haruna is so sweet...
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I agree  :twothumbs

All those stuff about Yuko are irresistible~~  :drool:
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate (KojiYuu) #7
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@rindg, that's exactly what I think as well  :roll:
@Haruko, indeed she is!!!

How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate
My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Sequel]

#7 [Confessions. Part 1]


Crap… I knew it wasn’t the best idea to leave a comment. Just like I have mentioned… that is actually the only thing that I’m regretting in this whole situation. Did I go too far? But… can you really blame me?

I sigh going to have a talk with Yuko…ready to actually speak my mind, for the very first time probably. “Yes…”, I commented calmly and I think it really surprised her. That I’m not panicking or not hiding from here. That I’m actually approaching this topic like mature human being. We were jumping around it for too long… way too long.

“I have read it and… I know what you’re thinking of me now…”

“I don’t hate you”, she spoke up after a minute of silence.

“I know… I mean… I didn’t think that you do… wait… do you?”

“NO NO! I mean… I don’t know how much you read but… I don’t hate you or anything. It is stupid… everything that I wrote down is..s…tupid…”, she stutters while looking down.


Or at least that what I think…

“Ev..e…ry…thing…?” for some reason I stuttered too.

She wouldn’t have written just random/not important stuff in there, right? Or lies… would there be any point in writing down lies, especially when she had no intention of showing it around? Or what if she didn’t care… what if she actually plan to show it to other people… what if that is something that they do… wrote in fake notebooks… wait… why I am panicking and over thinking it… why it is getting too hard to breathe?

“Y…yes. I didn’t mean it. I mean… I don’t h..hate… you. I don’t think you’re horrible roommate. I was just… mad…I don’t know… it is… I am still mad that you actually read something personal of mine but… you’re not like… leaving or moving away…r…right?”

“Eh? Of course not! Why should I?”

It looked like Yuko breathed for the very first time after my comment. “Good… I was worried…I thought you might… you know… leave after reading all that… I’m s..sorry… I will stop writing it… I will throw it away…”


“What?”, why does she look a bit scared of me now? Oh right… probably because I never shout.

“You…r..really didn’t mean anything you wrote there?”, I asked worriedly.

“Absolutely nothing!”, she answered instantly. Too soon. Was I reading into this situation… what if…

I took out my own list while passing it to Yuko “I guess it is pointless then”. I left that list of reasons I wrote seriously and turn around leaving her alone. What else could I say in this situation? What if none of that mattered in the end?
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OMG! What a problem!, I'm waiting for the next part...
Title: Calista's OS Corner - Unselfish Love. Part 4. LAST (WMatsui + FuruYanagi)
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#46 - Unselfish Love. Part 4. Last (WMatsui + FuruYanagi)

Nakanishi Yuka showed up behind Airi the moment Rena ran out to see Jurina. “You know… you were not suppose to do that. It is against rules. Rena made her choice in the past… also, I’m pretty sure that everything you did for those two is against everything we stand for. Changing the time, the incident, saving a life and know bringing them together?”

Airi sigh a bit defeated “Yeah… I’m quite aware of it. I shouldn’t have interfered — that are the rules”

“So…why did you?” Yuka questioned, knowing that Airi might get in trouble if other authorities above them figure out what the girl did.

“I’m not quite sure…”, Airi spoke up honestly while turning around and facing her friend slash co-worker “Like honestly… I don’t know… something just… like some sort of force made me do it. I think I can’t deny pure love when I see it… and their love is so strong… even death can take it away. I wouldn’t have interfered again, but…”

“But…without even knowing who Rena is… secretly… with all the powers you used against them… younger girl still fall for Rena all over again?”

It looked like Yuka read Airi’s mind while commenting, though it is possible that it was exactly what the girl actually did since they had a lot of different powers. Airi could control time and memories, who knows what Yuka could do.

“If that’s not fate and true love… then what is? I’m just a hopeless romantic in the end… I can’t help myself…”

“Once again… you might get punished for your… too good to be true heart… no one else would have done it. I still don’t get it…”

Airi sigh shortly “I think we forget how to be humans when we’re doing these things… but I don’t want to forget”

Airi smiled to herself and after a moment panicked a bit “okay… I feel that someone is actually inviting me for a serious conversation…gotta go you face the consequences. Could you do me a favor and check on those two? I have sacrificed a lot already… I hope that they will at least get to each other in the end. Like you know… anymore stupid and unpredictable incidents getting in a way”.

Yuka nod her head. She wasn’t really interested, but a favor is a favor. “Fine… but…” she was still curious about one thing and who knows what might happen to Airi later, she might get transfered somewhere else or even… destroyed for disobeying the rules.

“Have you…done something else? I could feel this aura… you control the time so Jurina wouldn’t dare to go to Rena, as badly as she wanted just to go and greet the girl… but I had a feeling that now…”

Airi smiled mysteriously “just go and see yourself”, she even winkled playfully 
“and if I won’t get back… keep an eye on those two idiots”.

Yuka nod her head shortly. This does sounded like the very last wish. In their line of work and life… that wasn’t that surprising.

After Airi’s request I went down to check on Jurina and Rena. I can be invisible if I want to, so I get closer wanting to see everything at hand. I still can’t understand why Airi decided to help this couple.

It was part of the job the first time… we needed to change something. Put some order in people’s life. It didn’t even have anything to do with Jurina’s death and Rena’s pain. It was strictly business. But I was aware of the fact that Airi kept tabs (something that she never did before).

She knew that the order could be destroyed if Jurina talks with Rena before the time and she even influenced younger girl’s mind a bit. It came down to that day… the same day of the incident. If Jurina talked with Rena it might have ended similarly to the first time. When that day passed and Jurina survived… it appears like there is no danger anymore. This universe is strange, isn’t it.

Oh wait… maybe there is danger?

I squinted my eyes at the scene in front of me. I’m not Airi so it doesn’t really matter to me much. I’m not going to interfere no matter what, but it appears like unknown car is going very fast and Jurina hasn’t noticed it.

Oh… she’s walking down the street. That’s not good. Maybe this girl just has to die?

Wait… oh… so there is Rena too, she’s running (as I know she kept on running after her conversation with Airi and hasn’t stopped. If I understand correctly, she’s not even a runner. Love makes people do crazy stuff).

So wait…

Maybe Rena will sacrifice herself and die for Jurina… she’s heading straight to the girl and well the car is still there. What can I do? I’ll just watch what is meant to happen.

Well I wasn’t expecting it. Rena just saved Jurina. They fall on the path and that car speed up ahead. Crazy people. Okay… they do look cute together, maybe Airi does have a weakness for a reason. Oh… they just stood up…

Wait… they’re staring at each other still not letting go of the other.

WHAT THE HELL JURINA, that girl is insane or something? Rena just saved her, but she’s screaming and just hit her on the face. Okay… I do need to get closer and figure out what the hell is wrong with them.

“How could you leave me? I was happy! We were happy! I even died happy! I didn’t care! I felt empty all this time! How the hell I even remember any of this! I am suppose to be dead, right? What the… none of this makes sense! I missed you! I loved you! I couldn’t even remember you, but I knew that there is someone that holds my heart! What the hell Rena?”

“I’m so sorry! I’ll explain everything…I promise… I love you too… I wouldn’t have done any of this if I didn’t… I missed you…I love you…”

Can I just skip this part, I heard ‘I love you’ for about ten times and now they’re making out in front of me. Airi you’re really the devil… I heard of this… that after touching the person who had some influence in your life and chanced everything you can get all your memories back.

So does it mean those two are will live happily ever after? Their making out is really intense… you’re in the middle of the street. Control yourself. Maybe I’ll have to go and check on Airi. I doubt that either of the two really needs me around. I can guess where they will be heading after this intense moment.

Just like I guessed… well both of us did… Airi did have to suffer the consequences, but unpredictable ones. Apparently, the love she saw with Jurina and Rena, somehow bring her humanity back.

She’s a human now. I’m not even kidding.

They send her back to earth and erased her memory. Insane. She deserved the punishment, but that’s… I didn’t expect it. Even the thought of erasing Airi from the existence sounded more possible than this.

As an ending note, I can say that I check on them sometimes. I made a promise, after all. Well, I made a promise with Jurina and Rena, but I’m interested in my co-worker’s future too. She brought this on herself.

Maybe I am a bit jealous. Surprisingly as it seems. But she got a normal life and now she’s a painter.

Actually, she even has a girlfriend, who’s name… well… weird one. Everyone around calls her ‘Churi’ or something. Is she a bird? Either way… I skipped the part how they met, but it was somewhat a love at first time. I’m not surprised really… I got a confirmation that Airi is a hopeless romantic.

Those four get together even. You know, like two couples going to places and talking about life. Churi is Rena’s and Jurina’s friend. It is a good thing that neither Airi, nor Rena remember about each other. And it is not like Jurina and Rena could tell others every detail of their love story, people would think that they’re insane.


Who could have thought that a story which started with death can have a happy ending?

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LOL Making out in the middle of the road...
:shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate (KojiYuu) #8
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How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate
My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Sequel]

#8 [Confessions. Part 2]

“WAIT!”, there it goes again, our next conversation starting with Yuko shouting at me.

I’m not sure if I want to stop this time since she said that none of it matter and it was all lies. I would be lying to myself and to others if I said that well… it didn’t hurt to hear those words… I think while waiting for Yuko to get back home after work, I honestly had my hopes up. I really did… it hurts a little bit thinking about everything… who am I kidding… it hurts a lot.

Maybe I just need some time to hide… There is no way I’m moving away, it is my home…I’m happy in this place…with Yuko by my side… eh… even in my thought I’m happy, because of her mare existence. Am I a fool?

I decided to keep on walking, but I don’t want to just disappear or sound rude/unfriendly, so I still whisper under my breath. Yuko has a good hearing. I know she will understand what I’m saying. “I’m going for a short walk… let’s talk about it a bit… a little bit…later… please”.

But before I can put one more step forward I feel a pull by my hand. I’m turn around and now facing my crush. Honestly, I’m not expecting anything, I’m confused instead… close to tears…

Next thing surprised me though. After a second or so I feel Yuko plunging her tongue into my mouth and yeah, this is definitely not the kind of kiss you see in movies. It is deep, includes tongue, nips and licks. Even bite… okay she just bit my lip…!

“Yu…” I’m breathless.

By the way Yuko smiles… I can guess that she read the list. I think I’m seeing tears glistening in her eyes too. “… no… this idiot…”, she pointed at herself but still kept on of her hands on my face. “Is in love with you. I l…love…you”.

And here she goes away, with that dimple smile of hers. It is my weakness, after all. Unconsciously I smile too… I feel my cheeks wet which means that I started crying at the same time… happy tears… gosh, how I dreamed of hearing this out loud.

“Your horrible roommate is in love with you too. I love you.” We both laugh at our silliness. Atsuko…Takamina… Mariko… our friends were right… we’re really two idiots. Two idiots in love.

A/N: Only one part left.
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YEAS! FINALLY A KISS!! love it! thank you for this
Title: [SIDE] Drabble Stories - How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate (KojiYuu) #9 (Last)
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How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate
My Roommate From Hell, Literally [Sequel]

#9 [100%]

At first it is the honeymoon stage. We can’t hide our happiness from anyone… it is so evident that Mariko, Atsuko and Minami congratulate us at first but then start avoiding us. They come up with excuses, but then one day Mariko told us annoyingly:

“I don’t remember Atsumina couple making out in front of you… you’re like teenagers in love… so please… we will just wait until you start acting normal”.

Luckily, eventually we learn to control our urges around other people and left all of this for the bathroom (if you know what I mean). Yes… we’re together… in all kind of ways.

It was a bit awkward for the few weeks, since we were once again foolish not asking the other to date and waiting for the other to speak up. Yuko couldn’t handle any longer and suggested me to be her girlfriend and we have been together for almost six months now.

Don’t worry, our friends aren’t avoiding us anymore. We spend a lot of time together… we have game nights too, almost every Friday, and even Mariko found herself a girlfriend. The girl’s name is Micchan and well… let’s just say she’s just as foolish about Mariko, as Yuko and I are obsessed about each other.

With all this time, living together like eternal roommates and girlfriends, I can say I’m truly happy. We do fight though… I know Yuko hides another notebook somewhere (probably found a good hiding place now), where she continues cursing at me. But it is different when you’re actually in a relationship.

I had my doubts before… about that 100%. Honestly, I’m not sure why is that so important for me… either way… I’m there… 100% into a relationship. Happy 70% of 100%. I could go on with statistics (of course I separate that 30% to times when we fight and ignore each other). But it is normal to all relationships and yeah…

We’re like dumb and dumber (it is Atsumina couple reference for us): Roommate From Hell and Roommate Who Fell For Her Idiot Roommate.

Aren’t we perfect for each other?


Thanks for reading!  :byebye:
Title: Searching for Happiness (WMatsui) #5 - "Farewell"
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Searching for Happiness #5 - "Farewell"

Liking that song
Liking that road, that’s not it, that’s not it,
I like the song we listened to together
Roads we used to walk together, it’s true

From the beginning, this ugly appearance,
I should’ve showed you my shabby self first

Tell me first
Not ambiguously but a bit more clearer,
Like a fool, I
Words that said to be well, words that said thank you

What do I do? I don’t know anything.

Both Jurina and Rena kept talking for the rest of the night, about everything… or let’s face it… almost anything. Younger Matsui thought about confessing for a couple of times, but never dared to open her mouth.

Firstly, Jurina convinced herself that it was pointless at this point. Rena is going to leave, she’s not going to change her mind, it doesn’t even matter what Jurina says.

This place was just a short stop for older girl, like a vacation. She came here way earlier than Jurina, and she decided that it is time to face the real world again. Jurina favored her strenght, she even felt jealous of Rena’s braveness. In a lot of ways they were similar… they wanted to escape and leave everything behind, but they both knew it can’t last forever.

Jurina wanted it to last forever though, that’s where they opinions interfere. After a lot of conversations with Jurina, it made Rena realize that life is not that simple, that everyone has bumps along the way, the important thing is how people react to things thrown at them. She also knew that her profession, was something Rena liked doing… despite all the haters, or lack of privacy, it was something that made Matsui happy.

Rena was ready to find her way back, while Jurina was still lost and unsure.

Just like mentioned before, there were certain moments when Jurina was close to confessing, but stopped herself. First of all, the fear of rejection, she just couldn’t handle getting her heart broken. Secondly, she knew that she’s losing Rena either way, but at least now Rena kept on dreamingly mentioning that they could meet again. Maybe re-meet each other.

It sounded weird, but at the same time it gave Jurina false hope. Maybe they could meet new versions of each other, not broken anymore… they help the other with some fixing, but maybe it is time for them to stand on their own. For that, they need to leave past behind, even the past that involved them spending time together.

Without any reason,
Are people who walk alone like me?

Today, I won’t be embraced
I’ll turn back after seeing your face

Tell me first
Not ambiguously but a bit more clearer,
Like a fool, I
Words that said to be well, words that said thank you

Today, somehow to me
You look very unfamiliar
Please, so you can know me
Make it so you’ll understand

Despite all that fake hope that Jurina gave herself, even though Rena’s eyes shouted honesty and sincerity, it still broke younger girl a little bit when next day Rena left. They hugged for the longest of time and after it, Rena sat in a taxi, waved for the last time and drove away. Standing in one place for longer than 10 minutes and staring at the car that soon disappeared behind the mountains, Jurina sigh silently and turn around. That was the only thing that she could do. Turn around… nothing would change ever if she’s stared into space.

Nothing could change the fact that Rena left this place first… the fact that Rena left it because she wanted to find happiness on her own.

That’s right, truthfully, I
Watched you today, without you knowing

One day Churi called Jurina early in the morning with excitement.

Matsui made a promise to Rena to keep on ‘fighting’ whatever demons she had. Even though there was no Rena around to check on her, Jurina kept on with the promise.

She tried to occupy her mind with positive thoughts. She kept on thinking about the future, dreaming about the happiness. Everyone just wants happy in the end. Jurina convinced herself that at some point she might find this thing too. And its not like she was unhappy… who was she kidding, Jurina kept on enjoying this place even after Rena left.

Going back to the point when Akane or Churi (as the nickname that everyone called the girl), appeared and asked Jurina to join her excitedly, they both sat in front of TV watching the latest news. That’s when Jurina understood why Churi seemed so happy that morning. It didn’t take long for Rena’s face to appear on the screen.

Jurina’s heart flutter at that face and smile. She saw the genuine smile, the same one Rena shared once in a while, when the girl excitedly told everyone about her upcoming movie.

Though Rena didn’t know that Jurina saw her, since they barely had time for the ‘news’ channel in the mountains, it still made Jurina happy for a moment. Just seeing Rena made Jurina’s heart flutter and unconscionably she shared that same genuine smile too. Sometimes other people happiness… is our happiness too.

Isn’t it?

Words that said to be well
Words that said thank you
What do I do, I don’t know anything

Now I can withstand,
But the last farewell is really disappointing

Four months passed quickly. Rena left. Jurina stayed. The last words from older girl still kept playing in younger Matsui mind:

“Be brave enough to face the real world again. You can’t hide forever. When you do… who knows… maybe we will get a chance to see each other again”.

It did felt like the last farewell. Neither Rena, nor Jurina knew how long it might take for Jurina to be brave enough, to get back home. They didn’t even know if that might get a chance to see each other. It was all just words. Words for support.

But finally Jurina felt ready.

Ready to get back.

Ready to fight for her own happiness.
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i love this songs and I love WMATSUI! thanks!
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Searching for Happiness #6 - "Gemini"

What words should I say?
What thoughts are you immersed in like that?
You and I remain here
Full of anticipation, your whispers
Like a dream we’ve drawn together, you and I
Will we be able to love?
Come to me baby
Come come to me baby
Us of the glorious past days

Oh remember, we liked
We cried and also laughed
So we can go back to that time in the beginning (You)
We were always together, we became alike
I can’t even imagine fogetting you,
We were one, me and you
You you you, yeah, oh yeah

That is just it — Rena left and I stayed for quite some time really. I had my doubts at first… whether I should keep on going, wonders if this hotel away from civilization is really for me.

Actually, doubts is something that keeps on following us wherever we go: either it is about feelings/love, job choice, friendships… come on, sometimes we even have doubts if there is any point of waking up in the morning.

Only the constant responsibilities reminds us about it and get us going. So it is understandable that I had a short breakdown when Rena left. Honestly, she became a part of my daily routine, like a friend you get to see every day and it is weird when you don’t have that chance anymore.

One more thing that I have to notice is how familiar we become after so much time spend together. We shared the same views about the important stuff, same opinions about small and insignificant daily routine questions, same dreams about the future and finding something that will keep us going for the rest of our life and gives us strength.

It was not only that but also the thing where we started doing things in the same way. And yes, I mean small things: like the way you pick up tea, how many sugar you put in your coffee, when it is the time for a short break and so on.

It was our co-worker Churi who even noticed that we started laughing in the same manner, or how we kept telling and retelling her same jokes that we shared between us.

Maybe all of this, and because we sort of became like one, was the reason why I managed to keep on fighting even when Rena left. Why I didn’t feel empty when I saw her face in TV while talking about her new upcoming movie. Why I realized that at some point I’ll manage to face the world again, just like before, but this time — more prepared. More positive. More… hopeful.

Our eyes that always looked at the same place,
It keeps becoming disjointed
Even though you’re nearby, I can’t see your heart
Like how the moon quickly blooms when the sun sets,
I hope you’ll return to me as if nothing happened,
The painful now will disappear afar like a dream

Come to me baby
Come come to me baby
Come to me like a shooting star

And I did… I finally got back home. I reconnected with some of my friends, after all this time, I get a better understanding which of them cared and missed me, and which forgot about me altogether.

I reconnected with my family, realizing that I need to show emotion too. I can’t expect them doing anything for me, it can’t be one sided, and all this time…I was at fault too.

Is it weird to say that I feel that Rena was still the reason that kept me going. At the very start, when I haven’t met the girl, only saw her in music videos and movies, I already felt the connection…I saw her hidden sadness.

Now… whenever I got a chance to see her in my computer screen or on TV, I saw her smiling eyes, I noticed honesty, I noticed how she changed during this time and became a fighter… just like me.

When in the past, I looked at her sad eyes — I felt depressed and broken. When I looked at her now and saw happiness — I couldn’t help but answer that smile too. Only now I realized that older Matsui was always a part of my life, whether she wanted this or not.

Also, I have realized that she will always stay in my life. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get to meet her again. She has already won a place in my heart for the eternity and beyond.

Like the beginning, me and you
You you you, yeah, oh yeah

In the sky, like a star with anticipation,
Kiss me
Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
If it’s not each other,
This light will disappear, yeah yeah

Warmth that remembers even small atmospheres
When you disappear,
The season is cold, my breathing becomes faint
Warm heart, small gestures (My only)
Before your breathing becomes faint,
(It becomes faint) Turn your footsteps (You)
Your star light that passes by me once
Two meaningless stars, if it’s not one
Forever, me and you
You you you, yeah, oh yeah
Baby, ooh, yeah
Should be me and you

Life can play trick on us humans. It has been a year since the last time I saw Rena, in person, and I learn to live without her in my life. I accepted the reality that we won’t meet again and honestly, I was fine by that.

I never expected to meet Rena accidentally, in the middle of the street with some paparazzi probably hiding in the bushes, since they did follow every older Matsui move.



She smiled so brightly while looking at me. Brighter than in the mountains, even brighter when I saw her on TV and she told the world about exciting news from her life and career.

She even surprised me with a hug. Strong grip around me and a short laughter.

“I thought I’ll never see you again! Why didn’t we exchange numbers or something?”, she asked reasonably, still smiling when she pulled away, just so she could look straight into my eyes.

I haven’t thought about this before… maybe I thought that Rena wouldn’t want to see me again ‘in the real world’, I’m not sure why we haven’t kept in touch. We could have written emails to each other, we could have talked on the phone before either of us falls asleep. We could have reached out to each other whenever we felt like it.

“You’re not escaping me this time”, she took my hand while walking slowly to a cafe near by. I haven’t been here before, but from the moment after walking inside, I knew that I’ll want to come again and again.

“I will give you my phone number, email, fact, Instagram, twitter, Tumblr, LINE, what else there is?” she asked excitedly after we finally found the place to sit and talk.

I couldn’t help it, but smile back. It was the same Rena that I met in the mountains, just happier one, more excited one. I forgot all the times when I avoided the girl, because of my stupid feelings that got in the way, and just listened to her. Gosh, I could listen to Rena for the rest of my life, just sitting in silence without saying the word.

She could tell me about how slow turtles are and I would still find it fascinating. That’s why I agreed to meet her whenever she wants to see me again and promised to keep in touch.

That is also why I kept up with the promises and started seeing Rena whenever she was free from her schedule, usually in this small cafe that I learn to love.

That is probably the reason why… few months later… when Rena stopped her stories and smiled waiting for my reaction, I accidentally blurt out without giving a second thought about my words:

“I like you”.

Rena’s answer surprised me though. I haven’t imagined her saying it back (not even in my dreams). “I like you too. Actually… I started liking you back in the mountains, but… maybe it wasn’t the right time”.

We became similar like that. Like ‘Gemini’… holding our feelings inside since we felt that the timing wasn’t right, and expressing it to each other only now, when we managed to get better without relying on other people.

We found our happiness and when we succeeded with that… we also managed to find a way into each others heart.


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#47 - Almost (SayaMilky)


That is the word… dangerous word if you ask me.

I almost loved you once. Yes, Milky, I was so close to it. I could practically hear my heartbeat, feel sweat all over my face whenever the atmosphere turn too ‘hot’ to handle. I don’t even mean it in a pervy way, just a smile — it was all it took at that point for me to wonder and search for reason.

I almost gave up for those feelings, despite us being in the same group, performing everyday, spending time together usually in the open for the rest of the world to see.

I almost confessed that I’m developing something too. You told me once that you like me, that it might be more than just a random crush and it might be difficult for you to move on, but instead of saying that I have these kind of doubts too, I shut my mouth. If I voice it, everything would have come out and I couldn’t take it back.

I almost lose my cool.

Almost risk it all.

Time changes people though, so it did the same for us too, especially when you had no other choice but to join other team. I almost told you once, Milky, that I miss you. Miss training and spending every day with you.

Everyone including me were shocked to hear that you’re going to graduate. That you will join that long line before us. Everyone was leaving… that’s how we felt, but everyone was too scared to address the issue of losing people closest to them.

I almost asked you to stay. Change your mind. Smile more. Return to my side.

I almost did.

But we both know…

That almost is never enough.

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