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Title: Adventures in Art School: Minis (WMatsui+) (07/31/22)
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Adventures in Art School

Welcome to Adventures in Art School! I plan for this series of one shots to feature as many pairings and characters as possible spanning from several generations of AKB. Typically the stories are stand-alone and don't need to be read in any order unless specified. I hope to keep supporting this series for a long time! Thank yous and comments are greatly appreciated! - Q

This is an collection of One shots that take place in the prestigious 48Art Academy. The students often find themselves in wacky situations. Truth be told, so does the faculty.

1. Figure Drawing (AnRena)
2. The Cafe Crush (SayaMilky) (
3. Unconscious (WMatsui) (
4.  Roommate (FuuMiru)
 ( 5.  In Sickness (YuuNaa)  (
6.  Reunion (SakuRuppi)  (
7.  The First Smile (YuiParu) + Bonus  (
8.  Anger (YuuNaaMogiOn)  (
9.  A Letter from Black Yuki (MaYuki)  (
10.  Yet Another Birthday in Milkyland (SayaMilky)  (
11. Little Hackers (NakoMiku)  (
12. Bittersweet (NaaMako)  (
13. Anxious Job Interview (RinoRie)  (
14. The Afterburn (WMatsui, SakuRuppi)  (
15. The New Black (MaYuki)  (
16. Fukuoka Sunset (Oya Shizuka backstory)  (
17. Before the Tea Leaves Fall (YuuNaa, TomoTomo, FuuMiru)  (
18. Fade to Black (MaYuki, NakoMiku)  (
19. Give It Away (Oya Shizuka)  (
20. All Mine (SakuRuppi)  (

1.  Tune (SayaMilky)  (
2.  Mural (KojiYuu)  (
3.  The Cafe's Contest (RinoRie)  (
4.  Burning Spirit (WMatsui)  (
5.  Injury (SaeYaka)  (
6.  The Cafe's Contest: Part 2 (RinoRie)  (
7. The Snack Heist (Multi Character)  (
8. Messenger (YuiParu)  (
9. Jealous Type (YuuNaa)  (
10. The Cafe's Contest: Part 3 (RinoRie)  (
11. Strange Look (FuuMiru)  (
12. Unconditional (SayaMilky)  (
13. The Cafe's Contest: Part 4 (RinoRie)  (
14. Burning Spirit Part 2: Queen Gekikara Rises (WMatsui)  (
15. A Birthday in Milkyland (SayaMilky)  (
16. Open Mic (SayaMilky)  (
17. Motivation (SakuRuppi)  (
18. Hexcode Zero (MaYuki, NakoMiku)  (
19. Triple Date? (SayaMilky, FuuMiru, RinoRie)  (
20. Love is... (SudaYuria)  (
21. Studious (SakuRuppi)  (
22. Inspire (AnRena)  (
23. Recovery (SaeYaka) (
24. Confession (YuiParu)  (
25. Mion Missing (YuuNaaMogiOn)  (
26. Burning Spirit Part 3: Submit (WMatsui) (
27. Burning Spirit Part 4: Queen Slayer (WMatsui) (
28. The Cafe's Contest: Part 5 (RinoRie) (
29. Love Letter (FuuMiru) (
30. Black Out (MaYuki) (
31. Closet Perv? (SakuRuppi) (
32. Holiday In Milkyland (SayaMilky)  (
33. Dart (YuuNaaMogiOn) (
34. Burning Spirit Part 5: Line in the Sand (WMatsui) (
35. Favor (Atsumina)  (
36. Seasonal Menu (RinoRie) (
37. Not Often Spoken (FuuMiru)  (
38. Slow Days (YuiParu)  (
39. Served Cold (AnRena)  (
40. Angel on the Tree (NakoMiku)  (
41. The Laughing Edge (YuuNa)  (
42. Pointless Challenge (MogiOn)  (
43. Lapse (SakuRuppi)  (
44. Nezumi Radio Broadcast 1 (Watanabe Mayu)  (
45. One Thousand Cuts (YuuNaaMogiOn)  (
46. Infestations (NakoMiku) (
47.  Painfully Dumb (JuRicchan, SayaMilky) (
48. Valentine's Day in Milkyland (SayaMilky,FuuMiru) (
49. Unfocused (SakuRuppi) (
50. Burning Spirit Part 6: The Main Event (WMatsui) (
51. Perfectionist (YuuNaa)  (
52. Wide Awake (FuuMiru)  (
53. Acumen (SudaYuria)  (
54. Charity (Oya Shizuka, Owada Nana)  (
55. Black Roses (MaYuki)  (
56. Outsmart (SakuRuppi)  (
57. Lover's Quarrel (JuRicchan) (
58. Ghost Story (WMatsui) (
59. The Perfect Shot (YuiParu) (
60. The Cafe Contest: Part 6 (RinoRie) (
61. Nezumi Radio Broadcast 2 (Watanabe Mayu) (
62. Ro-boss (NakoMiku) (
63. Anxious Delivery Girl (FuuMiru) (
64. Ninjas Aren't Real (SakuRuppi, MioMeru) (
65. Unbelievably Dumb (Atsumina, JuRicchan) (
66. Happy Birthday Yuuchan! (YuuNaaMogiOn) (
67. Masterpiece (SayaMilky, FuuMiru) (
68. First Kiss (MogiOn) (
69. To Pay it Back (SaeYaka) (
70. Dream Girl: Part 1/2 (YuuNaMogiOn) (
71. Read it for the Plot (SakuRuppi)  (
72. Betrayal (YuiParu)  (
73. Piping Hot (YuiZukky)  (
74. Meet the Queen of Golf (WMatsui)  (
75. Home Run (RyoNya)  (
76. Nezumi Radio Broadcast 3 (Watanabe Mayu) (
77. Russian Roulette (SayaMilky, FuuMiru, RinoRie) (
78. Pin Cushion (MariMii, MioMeru) (
79. Pursuit of Knowledge (TomoTomo, JuRicchan) (
80. A Moment Between Enemies (Murayama Yuiri, Mukaichi Mion) (
81. Mistletoe (SudaYuria, AnRena) (
82. Feast for All (JuRicchan) (
83. Saviour (WMatsui, SakuRuppi) (
84. Yankii Princess (RyoNya) (
85. Free for All (YuiParu) (
86. Wild Night Ahead (SakuRuppi)  (
87. Do Not Disturb (NakoMiku)  (
88. Truth or Dare (YuuNaaMogiOn)  (
89. Haunting (WMatsui)  (
90. Wrestling in her Sleep (WMatsui) (
91. Three Outta Three (Okada Nana, Kojima Mako)  (

Kato Rena (Renacchi): Appears in 1,2,6 + Mini 7,22,39
Iriyama Anna (Annin): Appears in 1,2,6 + Mini 22,39
Kizaki Yuria: Appears in 1 + Mini 7,20,53,81
Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee): Appears in 1,2,10 + Mini 1,12,15,16,19,32,47,48,67,77
Shimazaki Haruka (Paruru): Appears in 1,7 + Mini 8,24,38,59,72,85
Miyawaki Sakura: Appears in 1,3,6,14,20 + Mini 17,21,27,31,43,49,56,64,71,83,85,86
Watanabe Miyuki (Milky): Appears in 2,10 + Mini 1,12,15,16,19,32,47,48,67,77
Yagura Fuuko: Appears in 2,4 + Mini 11,19,29,38,52,63,67,77
Miyazaki Miho (Myao): Appears in 2 + Mentioned in Mini 6
Matsui Jurina: Appears in 3,7(bonus),14 + Mini 4,14,26,27,34,50,58,74,83,89,90
Matsui Rena: Appears in 3,14,17 + Mini 4,14,26,27,34,50,58,69,74,83,89,90
Shiroma Miru: Appears in 4 + Mini 11,19,26,29,38,52,63,67,77
Kawaei Rina: Appears in Mini 7,39,47,57,65,82
Murayama Yuiri (Yuuchan): Appears in 5,8,17 + Mini 9,25,33,41,45,51,66,80,88
Okada Nana (Naachan): Appears in 5,8,12,17 + Mini 9,25,33,41,45,51,66,68,70,88,91
Shinobu Mogi: Appears in 5,8 + Mini 25,33,42,45,66,68,70,88
Mukaichi Mion: Appears in 5,8 + Mini 25,33,42,45,66,68,70,80,88
Yokoyama Yui: Appears in 7 + Mini 8,24,38,59,72,85
Kojima Mako: Appears in 12 + Mini 9,71,82,91
Kodama Haruka (Haruppi): Appears in 6,14,20 + Mini 17,21,31,43,49,56,64,71,83,85,86
Oya Shizuka: Appears in 16,19 + Mini 13,54,75,84
Watanabe Mayu: Appears in 9,11,15,18 + Mini 18,30,40,44,55,61,62,76,87
Kashiwagi Yuki (Yukirin): Appears in 9,11,15,18 + Mini 18,30,55
Tanaka Miku: Appears in 9,11,15,18 + Mini 18,40,46,56,62,87
Yabuki Nako: Appears in 9,11,15,18 + Mini 18,40,46,56,62,87
Suda Akari: Appears in Mini 20,53,81
Kimoto Kanon: Appears in Mini 22,25
Takahashi Juri: Appears in Mini 39,47,57,65,82
Tani Marika: Appears in Mini 43
Owada Nana: Appears in Mini 54,75,84,85
Yabushita Shu: Appears in 13 + Mini 63,85
Tashima Meru: Appears in Mini 64
Tomonaga Mio: Appears in Mini 64
Yabushita Fu: Appears in 13
Oguri Yui: Appears in Mini 73
Yamauchi Mizuki: Appears in Mini 73
Yamauchi Suzuran: Appears in Mini 74
Oshima Ryoka: Appears in Mini 75,84,85
Itano Tomomi: Appears in 17 + Mini 79
Kasai Tomomi: Appears in 17 + Mini 79

Teachers and Faculty
Takahashi Minami: Appears in 1 + Mini 35,65
Shinoda Mariko: Appears in 3 + Mini 78
Kuramochi Asuka: Appears in 7(bonus) + Mini 4
Miyazawa Sae: Appears in 3,17 + Mini 5,23,69
Sashihara Rino(Sasshi): Appears in 4,13 + Mini 3,6,10,13,28,37,61,77
Oshima Yuko: Appears in Mini 2
Kojima Haruna: Appears in Mini 2
Kitahara Rie: Appears in 13 + Mini 3,6,10,13,28,37,61,77
Sayaka Akimoto: Appears in Mini 5,23,69
Maeda Atsuko (Acchan): Appears in Mini 36,65
Oshima Mai: Appears in 16
Fujie Reina: Appears in 16
Minegishi Minami: Appears in Mini 78


This is my first time writing. I don't see much of Renacchi related fics on this site... Or anywhere really, so I decided to step up to the plate.

I hope to upload more art school adventures in the future!

1. Figure Drawing (Kato Rena x Iriyama Anna)

Figure Drawing (AnRena)

"The final project for this class is due next class period. I really hope all of you have made good progress so far." Professor Takahashi hopped off the desk she was leaning on. "You certainly aren't gonna want to miss out on 100 points."

Rena sat quietly and listened to the lecture. The atmosphere in the class became noticeably more tense anytime Professor Takahashi mentioned exams or projects. The class was filled to the brim with gifted artists, but the professor's passion for art made her a harsh critic.

The final was a figure drawing and Rena hasn't started yet. She didn't have a model for her project which would be problematic considering her limited time to work on it. Rena could use references online, but Takahashi specifically wanted the class to use a live model. No one really knew how, but the professor always knew when a submission wasn't done the way she wanted.

Rena pulled out her phone and began texting, trying to hide her actions behind her bag that lay across the desk. Her fingers were ready to release a text filled barrage to Anna Iriyama.

Annin. I know you're busy. I need that favor now. You owe me, remember? It's been a week since you last texted me, please respond.

Just as she was ready to unleash another text filled salvo, Takahashi approached her from behind.

"Oh? I see someone is texting in class" The short, brown haired professor announced. The entire classroom of girls turned their attention to look at the texting girl.

Rena shot up and threw her phone into her bag. "I'm sorry professor." The girl lowered her head.

"Don't apologise Kato. I know you're gonna make up for it with a perfect grade on the final project, right?" She stared at the formerly texting girl with a smile before looking down at her watch and announcing to her students, "Class is set to leave in 10 minutes, but I'll let you off early considering some of you are already in the mood to be on your phones."

The class began to pack their bags and leave, but not before chuckling at Rena.

Shit. The last thing she needed was to piss off the Professor before the big final. She took her bag and made her way out silently in shame. She was as quiet and reserved as can be walking down the hallway of the campus, but on the inside she was screaming.


The garden next to the photography building was a popular hang out spot for students. Finals have ended for some students, and just around the corner for others.

Anna and Yuria were two photography students that just walked out of their last class of the day. Their professor assigned an essay to be the final two weeks prior. Anna had already finished hers and Yuria didn't plan on getting any sleep tonight. The two sat down on a bench next to a beautiful set of roses to blow off some steam after class.

"Ah. Kato texted me again." Anna pulled her phone to check the notification.

"Don't you still owe her a favor? How long are you gonna avoid her?" Kizaki asked, raising an eyebrow at her friend.

"I haven't texted her in a week. She's probably pissed off at me." The girl's eyes were glued to her new message, contemplating replying back to her.

"At this point you should speak with her in person. I remember trying to avoid paying back a favor from her and she threw a rock at me." Kizaki stared into space, her eye twitched when recalling the memory. "It's always the quiet girls who get pissed off the hardest."

"Kato has Professor Takahashi right?" Anna paused before contorting into a cringe "She has to do that figure drawing then."

"So? You're gonna have to be naked in front of her. Isn't that what you've always wanted?"

"Ugh. You're disgusting." Anna groaned and rolled her eyes, but Yuria noticed her face turning red.

Anna and Rena knew each other since high school. She didn't know exactly when this all started, but one day Rena became the prettiest girl in the world in her eyes. After a night of one too many drinks, Anna confided in Yuria about her wild crush on Rena. Yuria took every opportunity she could to make fun of Anna about it.

Anna sighed. "I'll meet up with her later and pay the favor back."

"You should ask her out too."

"Shut up or I'll tell Kato to throw another rock at you."


Rena sat on the floor and leaned against the fence facing the dormitory. To take her mind off her embarrassing last class period, she planned to stay and draw for a while. Art was therapeutic for her, graphite streaks along paper never failed to calm her nerves.

Turning to a new page in her sketchbook, she warmed up by drawing various inanimate objects in the vicinity. This was a place where she drew frequently, so she became quite good at accurately transferring what she saw to the paper after several visits.

Drawing stationary objects soon became boring to her, and she began to draw the people entering the dormitory. Her eyes and arm worked as one, capturing the gesture of each and every person in her line of sight. One person in particular caught her eye, this one was prettier than the others. She sketched her form swiftly, before noticing she looked quite familiar. 

"Iriyama?" She whispered to herself.

Rena became more certain as the girl drew closer to her. She put her sketchbook and supplies away before standing up to properly meet her friend.

Anna spoke first, "Sorry for ignoring you this past week. Really busy, finals week and stuff."

"Oh, it's okay." Rena certainly didn't think it was okay, but she was a little too forgiving for her own good.

"I know your final is due soon, so I've come to do that favor I owe you. I'll be your model."

"I'll do it tomorrow. Meet me at my dorm after your class. I have the dorm to myself, Paruru is gonna be working on some film project all day."

Anna nodded and smiled. "I'll be there." She turned on her heels and took a few steps before turning back around and muttered timidly, "Again, sorry for keeping you waiting."

Rena stayed silent, choosing to nod and smile in response as she watched the black haired girl walk away. The artist reached into the pocket of her uniform and pulled out a rock.

"Guess I won't be needing this anymore." Rena whispered to herself, tossing the rock aside before making her way back to her dorm.


Silence engulfed the dormitory during exam weeks, many of the students trying to get the required rest for their upcoming tests or projects. Some students chose to stay up all night working or studying choosing to replace good sleep with caffeine in the morning.

Anna laid in her bed and looked up at the ceiling struggling to drift off into sleep. It didn't help that her roommate Sakura became a loud snorer during this stressful finals week. Her thoughts became louder than the snoring.

Would it be awkward between us after Rena sees me nude? What if this was all just a ploy so Rena could see me naked? My goodness Anna, that's disgusting. Why would you think that?

She tossed and turned in bed, but her roommate's snores started to become rhythmic in a weird way. Slowly but surely her eyes began to grow heavier. Sheer fatigue finally overpowering the anxiety.


Rena and Anna were taking the train from the beach back to campus. Anna was proud of the photographs she took of her friend. While the shots weren't particularly measured, they were eye-catching and full of energy not to mention the subject was incredibly attractive.

"Anna, was this all necessary for your first assignment?" Rena shifted and winced in her seat. "I think I'm sunburned, and spring just began."

Anna held on tightly to her expensive camera bag. "I wanna make a good first impression to the class. Also sorry about making you stand in the sun for 3 hours… without sunscreen"

Rena smiled at her friend's apology, trying her best to fight through the agony on her upper back and shoulders. "As long as you pay me back for this, I'll forget this ever happened." She leaned back in her seat before letting out a small shriek and immediately sitting back up.

Anna didn't want to admit it, but the struggling sunburnt Rena was kinda cute. Regardless, she felt bad for putting her friend through that.

"Don't worry Rena, I'll make it up to you."


Anna's class was over. She was finally going to pay her debt to Rena. She considered working out to potentially make her body look better, but decided against it.

She was now standing in front of Rena's dorm, her fist was raised to knock until the door suddenly opened. Rena greeted her friend with a smile. The girl was out of her uniform wearing a comfortable combination of a white t shirt and a pair of red shorts.

Anna stepped inside and now that she's thinking about it, she had never been inside Rena's room before. Other than the fact her roommate's bed wasn't made, Rena's room was tidy.

In the middle of the room, there were two chairs facing each other and an easel between them. There were sets of sharpened pencils that lay on the desk next to the setup.

"Shall we begin?" The artist sat down in front of the easel. "You should probably begin removing your clothes."

This was gonna be the first time she'd ever been naked in front of anyone before. Just her luck it was the girl she had a massive crush on. She kept in good shape by treating her body with regular exercise. So maybe… just maybe Rena might like what she'll see.

The model began undressing from her uniform, she knew Rena was watching her. She lifted her top over her head, and pulled her skirt down shortly afterwards leaving herself only in her underwear.

Anxiety began to kick into full gear, her hands  shaking when she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She was having trouble fighting back the nerves.

This was embarrassing, she must have looked like an idiot. It seemed like she never touched a bra in her life. Should she just skip the bra and take the panties off first? But Anna couldn't give the impression that she gave up. Rena wouldn't like a quitter. The artist's voice jolted Anna out of her inner thoughts.

"I understand if you're nervous. Do you think it would be easier for you... if I got naked too?" The artist asked hesitantly in almost a whisper.

The question made Anna's mind hit a brick wall at full speed. Did she just hear that correctly? She turned around to face Rena, who was seated quietly averting her gaze.

"If you think that would help, then… yes." She felt embarrassed hearing those words leave her mouth like some sort of pervert.

Without an ounce of second thought, the artist stood up and removed her shirt. The bra removal stage, the one Anna was currently stuck on was skipped… because Rena wasn't wearing one. She tossed her shirt to the ever growing pile of clothes on her floor before removing her shorts along with her panties.

Anna stared at the newly naked girl in astonishment, as if a rainbow had walked into the room. However, no rainbows were present in this room, but she could make the argument that this was way better. Anna never thought she'd see the day.

"Your turn." Rena spoke calmly while kicking her pile of clothes to the edge of the room before sitting back down in front of the easel.

Thanks to her newfound motivation the remaining underments on Anna's body were swiftly removed before she lowered herself down to the seat across from her artist friend. The sensation of open nudity was new, but she could definitely get used to it. It didn't take long for Anna to get comfortable with her new, very naked current state.

Until the door opened.

"Hey Kato, I think I might have left my guitar pick in your-" Yamamoto Sayaka stopped and froze at the sight of the two naked girls staring back at her. "OH… wow… uhhh… I-I'll definitely knock next time. S-sorry for interrupting." She stammered before slamming the door shut which resulted in a loud, unceremonious bang that rang throughout the entire building.

The mother of all awkward silences made herself present in the room. The two girls stared at each other until Rena broke the silence.

"I'll start drawing soon, I'm just gonna go and lock that door first."


Thirty minutes have passed and Rena was surprised as to how smoothly everything was going. Anna was a perfect model, her stillness was almost statue-like. 

"How are you feeling Anna?"

"Fantastic." Anna retorted without turning her head at all.

The piece would probably be done in another fifteen minutes. Despite the pair not talking much during the art making process, She was having a lot of fun with Anna.

Rena was a perfectionist when it came to her art. Incredibly critical of her own work and always made sure each creation of hers was a product of her maximum capabilities.

"Rena is this not weird to you?"


"Me being naked and stuff? I find it odd that you're so casual about this."

"Well, I've done these before. I've seen countless naked bodies while doing figure drawings." Rena's pencil glided along the page, marks sweeping across the beautiful form on the paper. "I'm finally just happy to have such a pretty model this time."

The model remained still at the compliment, but Rena swore she noticed a rosy hue shading Anna's cheeks.

All there was left to do at this point was to add the finishing touches. Some shading around the thighs, some blending around the midsection, and maybe apply a drop shadow where necessary. Honestly, Rena didn't really have much use for the model at the moment, but it was nice to have the company.

She put her pencil aside and took a step back and squinted at her work, scanning for any possible imperfections.

"Huh, I think that's it."

Anna turned her body for the first time since the drawing began. The relief must have been incredible.

"Finished? Can I see?" Anna asked, giddy in excitement.

Rena turned the Easel around and presented her final project, her arms extended towards it with a grand "ta-da!" as the cherry on top.

A gasp could be heard when Anna observed the final product. She was almost frightened as to how accurately this captured her image. She scanned the entire piece several times before speaking up.

"You really outdid yourself on this one." Anna’s eyes were glued to the drawing, "Does my body really look that good?" The black haired girl said to herself as she  looked down at her body and placed a hand on her midsection.

It was funny, Anna was so nervous stripping her clothes off at first. It only took 45 minutes or so for her to completely be casual in the nude. Rena smiled to herself, believing she helped Anna turn a new page in her life.

"I'm aiming for a perfect score this time around. That'll teach Professor Takahashi to catch me on my phone." The triumphant tone turning into a mumble around the second sentence.

Rena took the figure drawing and laid it on her bed when suddenly both girls heard the jingle of keys being inserted from the other side of the door.

Rena's roommate pushed the door open "My film crew was kicked out of the library so we have to-" she made eye contact with the naked girls and saw the clothes strewn about the floor.

"Hold on Paruru I know what you're thinking-"


Both girls knew that they couldn't explain their way out of this.

Haruka's eyes darted around the room and noticed Rena's bed was occupied with the art piece and her own bed was messy and unmade. (Not that she made her bed often anyway.)

"WERE YOU USING MY BED TOO? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" She screamed before storming out of the room and slamming the door shut behind her.

The mother of all awkward silences made her second appearance that day. The girls weren't quite sure what to make of that entire event, but Anna broke the silence this time.

"Is she gonna be okay?"

"This happens sometimes. Usually buying her ice cream is enough to buy her forgiveness."


It wasn't often Anna got the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time without clothes on outside of bathing.

After Haruka's freakout, the two found their clothes and put them back on. Anna was surprised she had the mental strength to not stare at her artist for the duration of her nudity.



"I had a lot of fun doing that… we should do that again sometime."

"Will you be naked again?" Anna had no idea why she said that. Why did that come out of her? She wished at that moment she could turn into dust. Or explode.

Rena giggled at her friends involuntary question. "You're cute."

Anna wasn't expecting to be called cute, she would've been happy not ruining their friendship. However, getting called cute by who she believed to be the prettiest girl in school was an absolute victory.

"But yeah… we should definitely do that again." Anna stood up and made her way to the door. "I should probably get going though." her hand gripped the doorknob ready to leave the room.

"Wait, but you haven't finished paying the favor."

Anna turned around "But I thought your project was done-"

Before she could react, the artist connected her lips with her model in a small kiss only about as long as a heartbeat. Anna's eyes were open the whole time, but she saw the gates of heaven for a split second.

Rena gave her a small smile, before avoiding Anna's eyes. She held her delicate hands together over her chest.

Anna flashed her teeth at her in a pathetic attempt at a smile before dashing out the door, making sure Rena couldn't see her becoming drenched in sweat.


Sakura was sitting on her bed playing on her Nintendo Switch when she heard the door get thrown open and her roommate taking a few steps inside.

Without looking up from her game she spoke "So, how was Rena's favor?"

There was no response.


She paused her game to look at Anna who stared into space for a brief moment before fainting right in front of Sakura.
Title: Re: AKB: Adventures in Art School (OS Collection)
Post by: StrongStyle9Q on March 17, 2020, 11:37:58 PM
Another installment of Adventures in Art School! Even though this one takes place in a cafe it's still very much in the art school "universe?"

I had a Wmatsui one in the works but I'm gonna need a little more time on that one.

Anyway here's another pairing for the readers!

2. The Cafe Crush (Yamamoto Sayaka + Watanabe Miyuki)

The Cafe Crush (SayaMilky)

There was a cafe across the street from the art school. It had a cozy atmosphere, good food, and the staff usually hired students so everyone usually recognized each other. In a way, the cafe became an unofficial extension of the school.

Sayaka walked in through the familiar doors, taking in the scent of coffee beans and sugary pastries. Her usual seat at the back corner was unoccupied, she laid her guitar next to the table to save her spot before entering the small line.

Sayaka's usual order was a green tea and a small slice of lemon cake. Fuuko was operating the register like usual, serving guests with a big smile. Her smile is probably what earned several return customers to the cafe. She remembered names, and always complimented the artwork of her regulars.

Soon enough Sayaka was at the front of the line, but before she could order Fuuko spoke first.

"Green tea and lemon cake right?" Fuuko said with her trademark smile.

"Like always." Sayaka nodded and pulled out her wallet, but Fuuko interrupted her before she could pull out her money.

"I'm actually gonna have Miyuki ring you up if that's okay, we just hired her."

"Ah, take your time." Sayaka's classes were over anyway, she wasn't in a rush.

Fuuko smiled and disappeared into the backroom to retrieve the new girl.

Fuuko returned to the register with Miyuki. Sayaka studied the new girl as she waited for her order to be taken. She noticed her long black hair, her pale whipped cream colored skin, her pretty brown eyes, and her friendly, welcoming smile…

...Oh crap. Sayaka knew this feeling. It took one look and she was smitten. She was shaken out of her musing when she heard the voice of the new server.

"Your order is gonna cost-"

Sayaka interrupted Miyuki and extended her arm to hand the money over.

"Exact change." Sayaka smiled, trying not to make Miyuki's effect on her obvious.

"Thank you" The new server collected the money and inserted it into the drawer that shot out of the register.

Sayaka could hear Fuuko giving Miyuki congratulatory words as she walked back to her table.

Did that come off as rude? Did it look like I shoved the money in her face? Damn… she probably thinks I'm a jerk. Sayaka sat down and scratched the back of her head in irritation ruffling her short hair in the process.

As she waited for her food to come by she pulled her guitar out from its case and played a few songs to pass the time. Sayaka noticed a long line beginning to form.

Sayaka absently strummed on her guitar as she watched Miyuki serve her customers. It appeared the cafe was about to get hit with the lunch rush as the line slowly grew longer and longer. Eventually extending from the register to out the door.


Her tea and cake was taking a little longer to come than usual, but it made sense considering the cafe just got packed. She played various songs on her guitar while watching the new girl handle customers. Slowly but surely, the line began to shrink.

The new girl remained calm during the rush, she was a natural. Sayaka watched as Miyuki handed the change over to the last customer in line.

It suddenly hit her, Sayaka had been gazing at Miyuki for the entirety of the lunch rush. As the last customer walked away from the counter, Miyuki turned her head and made eye contact with Sayaka

As quickly as she could, Sayaka averted her gaze away from the girl to her table. To her surprise, her tea and cake were sitting right in front of her the whole time. Had she been so distracted staring at the new girl that she didn't notice her food being delivered?

She laid her guitar against the wall before cutting off a piece of her cake. The tart flavor of the icing tasted just as good as the last times she had ordered it. She had no idea how long her food had been waiting in front of her, but luckily it wasn't long enough for her tea to have gotten cold yet.


The new girl retreated into the backroom and Fuuko sat behind the counter once again serving the occasional customer that walked in. This was a positive thing, now Sayaka could concentrate.

Sayaka's fingers began to dance with the strings of her guitar, occasionally taking a break to continue eating or drinking. Other patrons of the cafe would occasionally glance over at the guitar playing girl and sometimes clap when her songs were over. This cafe was primarily where she practiced her instrument, and the regulars were used to her playing.

She took glances at the guests, and took notes of who she recognized.

Annin and Renacchi were having lunch together, the time she walked in on those girls naked would be seared into her memory forever.

Myao who was seated alone was doodling in her sketchbook, probably filling the pages with grotesque artwork like she usually did. 

Miyuki, the new hire was on her lunch break, and she was making her way to Sayaka's table…

"Wait… why is she making her way to my table?" Sayaka thought to herself in panic. Her eyes were tracking the girl as she got closer. The strings on her guitar felt like barbed wire, the notes coming out of her guitar becoming a distorted cacophony as the girl neared the table.

"Is anyone sitting here?" Miyuki asked as she pulled out the chair on the opposite side of Sayaka's table.

"N-no. You can sit here if you'd like." Sayaka set her guitar down next to her and attempted to start some small talk. "You handled that lunch rush well."

"Yeah, Fuuko said the rush was 20 minutes long. It was brutal." Miyuki set her muffin and coffee down on the table before getting seated. "She said I did well though."

20 minutes? I stared at her for that entire lunch rush. Oh my God I'm such a creep. Sayaka's thoughts exploded. The anxiety levels raised for the short haired guitarist.

"Yeah, you did really well. I doubt anyone could tell you were just hired." Sayaka tried her best to keep her cool.

Miyuki chuckled and took a sip from her coffee while Sayaka took the last piece of the lemon cake into her mouth before reaching for her guitar again.

"You think I'm cute don't you?"

Sayaka spat out the lemon cake all over her guitar. Miyuki's expression was similar to an adorable shark that just sensed blood in the water. Her friendly brown eyes appeared black.

"Excuse me? Why would you think that?" The short haired girl wiped her lemon cake covered mouth while nervous laughter forced itself out.

"Hmm? Oh… maybe you were just staring at something behind me for the entire lunch rush?" Miyuki grinned at Sayaka while mindlessly playing with her long black hair.

"H-hey… I-I." Sayaka's mouth was making a lot of sounds, but very few words.

The girl found herself cornered. The cafe chatter was deafening, she couldn't even hear the sounds coming out of her mouth. Sayaka shoved her guitar back in its case, and stood up from her chair.

But before Sayaka could turn away, Miyuki reached out and grabbed her hand.

"Hey… Don't go so soon guitar girl." Miyuki's eyes returned to it's familiar shade of brown and her calming smile welcomed Sayaka back in. "I don't even know your name."

Sayaka set down her guitar case and slowly lowered herself back down to her seat before Miyuki released her grip on the guitarist's hand.

"I'm Sayaka. Fuuko said your name was Miyuki?" The girl nodded with a smile at the sound of her name.

"So Sa-ya-ka~" Miyuki playfully extended the sounds of the guitarist's name. "When was the last time you've been on a date?"

"It's… been a while… why?" Unlike her boundless talent for the guitar, her skills were quite lacking in the world of dating.

"I think you're kinda cute too." Miyuki winked. "How about… on Wednesday we come here for your first date 'in a while?'" 

If Sayaka wasn't sitting down, her legs would've given out.

"I'd love to!" Sayaka was embarrassed at herself for sounding too excited.

Miyuki chuckled and checked the clock on the wall behind her.

"Ah. My lunch break is over already? I didn't even get to finish my muffin." Miyuki pulled out her pen and started writing on a napkin. "I get out of my painting class at 3 tomorrow. Get in touch with me." She slid the napkin over to Sayaka before getting up to leave.

Sayaka grabbed the napkin which had Miyuki's phone number written in blue ink with a small heart on the side. 

"By the way guitar girl, you can call me Milky." Miyuki winked at Sayaka for the second time before turning around and walking behind the counter. "Bye Sayaka~!"

She watched Miyuki disappear into the backroom behind Fuuko.

Sayaka pulled out her phone and inputted the number into her contacts list and named the contact "Milky". Sayaka planned to shoot her a text once she got to her dorm.

That is, after she wiped the bits of lemon cake off her guitar.
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thanks for your SayaMilky os !! it was a while since i last read one and yours was very cute ^^
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Oh nice fic! I really liked this sayamilky, the way that Sayaka fell in love at first sight was very tender, I would like to see a continuation to know how the appointment will be  :)
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This is so sayamilky! I love it, I wonder if we can have a second part?
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I wanna start off by saying thank you to everyone who took the time to read Adventures in Art School!

Thank you for leaving comments as well.

The next installment is coming soon! WMatsui is on the way!



thanks for your SayaMilky os !! it was a while since i last read one and yours was very cute ^^

Thank you thank you!!

Oh nice fic! I really liked this sayamilky, the way that Sayaka fell in love at first sight was very tender, I would like to see a continuation to know how the appointment will be  :)

Yup. Love at first sight. Miyuki was just that darn pretty. 

This is so sayamilky! I love it, I wonder if we can have a second part?

Don't you worry. This won't be the last you'll see of SayaMilky in Adventures in Art School.

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I've re written this numerous times. I might add a few drabbles to fill in the spaces later in the future, I don't want these one shots ending up being too long.

I introduce a lot of minor characters in each fic, so I hope you guys keep an eye out when they appear in a future installment!

Hope you enjoy. FuuMiru is next!

3. Unconscious (Matsui Jurina + Matsui Rena)

Unconscious (WMatsui)

The 48Art Academy was the only school where a person with Matsui Jurina's study habits could get straight A's. Her grades usually soared because of her impressive artistic acumen. She was a natural at any medium whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting and even culinary arts.

However, Jurina's abilities had no relevance to the art history course. She had already failed this class last semester, and she was already on the road to failing it again.

The art history test was tomorrow, and Jurina desperately needed more time to study. She had the perfect plan to buy herself more time.

"So let me get this straight, you want me to push you down the stairs of the library?" Sakura was trying to make sense of Jurina's crazy plan.

"Yep. If I have an excused absence because I'm injured, Professor Kuramochi will let me make up the test when I recover." Jurina said confidently. "Also it'll give me time to start on the extra credit essay on Kenta Kobashi."

Sakura thought this idea was stupid, but Jurina didn't have any alternatives other than simply failing the test.

The two girls made their way to the library where the plan would soon commence. Sakura seemed more nervous of the two even though she wasn't even the one getting pushed down the stairs.


The dusty scent of old paper and wood met the two girls as they opened the doors to the library. The librarian sat behind the desk tapping away on a keyboard and stapling important papers.

"Hi Mariko." The two girls waved at the short haired woman behind the desk.

Mariko pushed her glasses up and smiled when she saw the two girls in front of her, "Ah, what brings you two here?"

"Sakura is gonna push me down the stairs."

"Sounds like fun. Just keep it quiet." Mariko grinned and resumed her librarian duties.

Jurina and Sakura quietly made their way past the labyrinth of bookshelves and tables. Once they reached the stairs, Jurina noticed Sakura was tugging on her arm and preventing her from climbing any higher on the steps.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Hey, don't worry. A sprained wrist ain't the end of the world." Jurina broke free from Sakura's grip and hurried up the stairs with the other girl following closely behind.

Once they were at the top of the stairs, Jurina took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Bracing herself for the impact that was about to come.

"I'm ready when you are Sakura."

"I don't think I'm gonna be able to do this." Sakura began to hesitate, trying to back out while Jurina's eyes were still shut.

Jurina knew this would happen, but luckily she had a plan if Sakura was unwilling.

"Hey Sakura."


"Remember the time I threw your new phone down the toilet in high school?"

Even though Jurina's eyes were closed, she could feel the heat of Sakura's rage as she thought about that moment. It had been years since the incident, but she never got Jurina back for it.

And before she knew it, the plan was in motion.


All Jurina could remember before waking up in the nurse's office was roughly 7 seconds of unbelievable pain before she fell unconscious.

Her eyes opened up to see a nurse sitting at the foot of her bed. Judging by looks, she seemed to have a princess quality to her. She was like an angel.

Wait. Angel? What if I'm dead? Holy crap, did Sakura kill me? The thoughts made Jurina shift uneasily in her bed.

"Ah. You're awake."

Jurina relaxed at the sound of the nurse's voice, she noticed her name tag which read Matsui Rena. Funny, they share surnames.

"I hope you're comfortable. Nurse Miyazawa is currently handling a patient with food poisoning. She might take a while." The nurse stood up and walked over to Jurina's bedside.

"I guess we should get to know each other then. I'm Jurina." Jurina tried to extend her right arm to give a handshake, but she ran into an issue. Her arm wouldn't move.

"Ah! Stay still! You shouldn't move a dislocated shoulder." Rena placed her hand over Jurina's to stop her from raising it.

Dislocated Shoulder? That's not good.

"You took a nasty fall down those stairs. Your friend said you tripped and busted your right shoulder."

"Yeah… tripped."

"Oh I'm Nurse Matsui by the way. Feel free to call me Rena." Jurina turned her head to the nurse and noticed she was still holding her hand. "Oops sorry." She let Jurina's hand free from her grasp quickly after realization.

"So Rena, you think I'm gonna make it to class tomorrow?"

"I think it's best if you rest that shoulder for a few days. Miyazawa has already sent emails to your teachers." 

Ah perfect. The plan worked.

The nurse sat down on Jurina's bed, "Well Jurina, do you have any ideas to pass the time?"

"Wanna help me study for my art history test?"


That must be a serious case of food poisoning, because Jurina had been studying with Rena for two hours and Nurse Miyazawa is still working on that patient.

"We went over that question 3 times already, how are you still getting it wrong?" Rena said in frustration.

"I don't know, maybe the dislocated shoulder is messing with my brain. Can we take a break?" Jurina pleaded.

Two straight hours of studying was unusual for Jurina. As a matter of fact, Jurina doesn't remember studying for anything for two hours straight.

"Ah, you're probably hungry too. You probably haven't eaten much today." Rena, put down the papers containing Jurina's study questions and made her way out of the room. "I'll go grab something for you to eat." Rena stood up and started making her way out the room.

Suddenly another nurse with messy short hair stampeded into the room, bumping into Rena and knocking her down.

"This one's got a dislocated shoulder eh?" The nurse threw a clipboard down onto the table next to Jurina's bed. "Well, let's pop that sucker back in!" The energetic nurse clicked her tongue and made her way over to a very scared Jurina.

Rena got up from the floor and dusted herself off. "Miyazawa! Do you need my assistance?"

"Just hold her down and keep her as still as possible." Nurse Miyazawa crouched down next to Jurina who was now cowering in the bed "I'm not gonna lie friend, this isn't gonna be fun. Bite down on this." The nurse took off her watch and placed the leather straps in Jurina's mouth.

Jurina watched Rena rush to her side as Nurse Miyazawa grabbed her injured arm and positioned it to go back into the socket. She was starting to wonder if ditching that test was worth it.

"Rena, what's going on?" Jurina said with the watch still in her mouth. Her breathing became labored, and her eyes darted across the room rapidly.

"Shhhh shh Jurina. Just look at me. Everythings gonna be okay." Rena cupped her hands around Jurina's face, forcing Jurina to face her. "I'm here." Rena smiled at her patient.

For a split second, Jurina believed her words. She found herself getting lost in her pale, coffee-colored eyes. The mere sight of Rena's smile comforted her. Jurina's breathing began to settle, and her erratic movements came to a halt. She found her eyes drifting down to Rena's lips…

"Here goes nothing!" The short haired nurse yelled, bringing Jurina out of her hypnotized state.

Jurina felt a small tug on her injured shoulder, before Nurse Miyazawa thrusted the joint back into its socket with all her might.


A lightning bolt of adrenaline filled Jurina's senses. The pain was so great, she briefly forgot her own name. Her brain was on overtime, trying to process the horrific sensations she was experiencing. Jurina's spirit drifted away from it's earthly tether and was transported into a dimension where only agony existed.

Much like a robot sitting in the electric chair, the momentary surge of energy was too much for her body to handle. Her eyes were transfixed on Rena, that being the last thing Jurina saw before she slipped out of consciousness.


Jurina woke up to the sounds of a violin. When she opened her eyes, she didn't recognize the dorm room she had awoken in. Her eyes scanned the bookshelves full of manga and stuffed animals sat on the desk. The room was tidy, the only thing out of place in that room was… Jurina really.

Jurina sat up carefully in bed, trying not to agitate her shoulder which was strapped up in a splint. She sat up against the headboard and winced at her injury. In the corner of the room, she saw Rena out of her nurse's uniform practicing scales on her violin.

"You've had quite a rough day today." Rena put her instrument back in its case and turned to Jurina.

"Yeah. thanks for everything, but I gotta head back to my room." Jurina clutched at her shoulder, got out of the bed and headed for the door.

"What a shame. I was hoping you'd stay for dinner."

Jurina paused for a moment, she hadn't eaten all day. But after everything she'd been through, dinner did sound nice.

"I guess it'd be a good opportunity to get to know each other too." Jurina chuckled.

Rena smiled before going to the kitchen. "It's not often I have guests, it does get lonely here sometimes."

Jurina tried to follow Rena into the kitchen, but Rena stopped her.

"Stay in bed, I'm taking care of you."


Rena prepared curry for the two of them. It was delicious, but Jurina wasn't prepared for the spice to be at a volcanic level. Any other day it would've been an issue, but Jurina had eaten so little today that the meal was a fiery paradise. Over dinner they got to know each other well. Aside from learning about Rena's partiality to the flavor of lava, she learned various other things about her as well.

Even after landing a job as a nurse, Rena wanted to pursue her own passions. She became a student of 48Art Academy to learn violin, but her bigger goal was to create musical compositions for anime. There was a glint in her eye when she got carried away and started talking about the things she loves. It was adorable.

Jurina already thought she was beautiful from the first glance, but she became more enamored as they got to know each other. Maybe it was because Jurina had been single for a long time.

"Other than playing the violin, what else do you do for fun?" Jurina asked as she put her plate in the sink.

"Around this time, I usually just watch anime until I fall asleep."

Jurina wasn't much of an anime fan. She only really watched it when she was hanging out with Sakura. Even though it'd be wise to go back to her dorm and start studying for her art history test, she didn't want her day with Rena to end.

"Anime huh? It's been a while since I've watched." said Jurina, trying to steer Rena into spending more time with her.

"Ah, maybe you'll watch an episode or two with me before you go!"

Perfect, the plan worked.

Rena prepared a series on a streaming service and sat down on the couch. She looked over at Jurina and patted a spot next to her in anticipation. When Jurina accepted her offer, Rena wrapped herself up in one side of a blanket and offered the other end to her guest.

The two girls were sharing a blanket and watching anime. Jurina didn't know how the day which started from falling down the stairs somehow ended up with her getting cuddly with the cute nurse, but she had no complaints. She was mostly pleased that Rena seemed happy to have her around.

Even though Jurina wasn't that enthusiastic about anime as her friends were, she was really getting into this series that Rena put on. Before she knew it, the aforementioned plan of watching one or two episodes was forgotten. This must have been the fourth episode in a row. Time slipped by quickly, afternoon turned to evening in the blink of an eye.

Rena got immersed in the show and wouldn't hold much of a conversation while an episode played. Any questions Jurina would have about the show would be answered in short phrases. Soon enough, Rena stopped answering any questions and stayed silent. Jurina didn't find that too unusual as she would stay silent whenever she was doing an art piece.

A particularly funny moment happened on screen which elicited a laugh from Jurina, but not the girl next to her. Suddenly, she felt a small weight on her injured shoulder causing her to grit her teeth momentarily.

"Rena?" Jurina looked at the girl next to her who was now fast asleep, laying her head on Jurina's shoulder.

In any other circumstance Jurina would have carried Rena to bed. But of course, Jurina's injury wouldn't allow that sort of strain.

Very slowly and carefully as to not wake the other girl, Jurina lifted her arm up and wrapped it around Rena who let out a small groan as her head was repositioned from Jurina's shoulder to her chest. Jurina reached for the remote on the sleeping girl's lap and turned the TV off, taking away the last source of light in the room leaving the two in the dark.

From dinner to watching two episodes of an anime to watching four, the plans changed once again. It's been long since Jurina has held someone in her arms, and she was happy that Rena was the one she was holding. In one last careful change of position, Jurina laid down on the couch pulling Rena down to lay next to her.

Jurina rested her head on top of Rena's and allowed her eyes to close. In her slumber, Rena reached her arms out and pulled Jurina closer into a tight embrace.

For the third time today, Jurina drifted off into unconsciousness. Both girls lay in each other's arms in the dark room, smiling in their sleep.
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As we all sit here and wait for the next installment of Back in Time, I hope I this can suffice as a small distraction for 20 minutes lol.

I hope y'all enjoy this. Maybe I'll write a few drabbles next. Been a while since this place has seen drabbles eh?

Please enjoy this installment of Adventures in Art School. I'd love to hear what pairing you like to see in the future!

4. Roommate (Yagura Fuuko + Shiroma Miru)

Roommate (FuuMiru)

Despite attending an art academy, Yagura Fuuko's world was gradually losing its color.

Fuuko lumbered through the door of her dorm room after another long day of work at the cafe, shuffling past her scrapped artwork to dump herself face down in bed. Keeping up the cheerful customer service voice and the gleaming smile drained her. Luckily, none of the regulars she served nor her co-workers really talked to her outside of work. It'd definitely be disappointing for them to discover the kind of person she really was.

At one point she smiled genuinely, and had true enthusiasm for her life. But as time passed her by, her spirit was drained from her little by little. It frustrated her to not know the root cause of her unhappiness. Was it stress, loneliness, or both?

Fuuko was at least thankful that it was the weekend. She didn't have any work tomorrow, and she got to enjoy her first day off in a while. Still, what good is a weekend when life was so… boring?

Every night she desperately wished for something to give her life substance again. That night when she laid her head to sleep, she was oblivious to the fact that her wish would soon be granted.


Fuuko woke up to a knock at her door. Who could that possibly be? It's not like anyone ever visited her. She chose to ignore it and rolled over in bed and as expected, the knocking stopped.

However, her efforts to ignore the knocking were fruitless. She heard the sound of a key being pushed into the door. Fuuko shot up in bed, and watched the handle turn. She was ill prepared for visitors today. On second thought, she was never prepared for visitors.

The door flung open and a girl made her way inside. The two met eyes, Fuuko was still in her pajamas and her hair was a mess. How did this girl have a key to her room?

The girl rolled her bags in and shut the door behind her, "Sorry to wake ya sleepyhead. I'm Shiroma Miru, your new roommate. I should be in the right room... You're Yagura Fuuko right?"

Fuuko nodded without saying a word.

"Perfect! We're gonna be best friends! Aren't you excited?" Miru exclaimed as she rapidly unpacked her bags of its contents without any care of organization.

The energetic, happy types had always irritated Fuuko. It was just her luck that she was gonna be holed up with one for the rest of the semester.

Ugh, at least she's cute. Fuuko mentally noted to herself as she made her way to the bathroom to freshen up.


The original plan for the weekend was to sit in bed and read manga till bedtime. However, with her new roommate around those laid plans might have to change. That wasn't gonna stop her from trying to read manga all day though.

Miru was folding her clothes when she noticed crumpled papers littering the floor next to Fuuko's desk. Miru unraveled each paper and discovered the scrapped sketches of Fuuko's past assignments.

Fuuko noticed her roommate digging through her discarded artwork from the corner of her eye, "What are you doing? Don't look at those. They're terrible" she said without breaking her attention from her book.

Her roommate's jaw dropped, "What are you talking about? These are amazing!" she continued to unwind each paper to uncover more of her artwork. "I have such a talented roommate," Miru paused for a moment, "I noticed that you tend to draw a lot of girls."

The last sentence flipped a switch on for Fuuko. She was already anticipating a question she didn't wanna hear. She could already tell that it was only a matter of time before she asked.

Miru stood up and began to inspect the bookshelf full of manga. She put a finger to her lips, "I noticed you mostly read romance stories… between girls." She turned to look at Fuuko, expecting a reply.

Fuuko ignored the girl, hoping that she'd get the message that she didn't want to talk about that.

"Hey roomie, are you gay?"

There it was. The question she didn't wanna hear. Even though many other students in the school were gay, she hated talking about it. It only reminded her of the endless bullying she received when she was growing up. All the boys she dated in the hopes that one of them would 'cure' her.

Fuuko closed her eyes and steadied her breathing, trying her hardest not to lose her cool.

"You're gay aren't you?" Miru repeated herself in every iteration of the question. She had no clue that Fuuko was boiling inside, and everytime she opened her mouth she was only managing to turn up the heat.

"Hey Fuuko—"

"Shut up!" She threw her manga to the floor, "One more more stupid question outta you and you're getting the hell out of my room!" She was about to say more, but stopped herself when she saw Miru's eyes become hollow in despair.

"I'm sorry…" she couldn't help but laugh to herself, "Look at me, it hasn't even been an hour with you and I've already screwed things up."

Fuuko immediately felt awful when she witnessed Miru huddle into the corner, burying her face in her arms. It's not like she meant to bother her. If Fuuko had just said yes, it would've been over. She was just moody these past months, and she took it out on someone completely innocent.

What have I done?

She leapt out of bed and rushed over to the huddling girl and wrapped her arms around her. She held her for a few moments, "I shouldn't have threatened to kick you out. I'm awful for freaking out on you. I'm sorry"

"No… I'm sorry. I should have been more sensitive," she raised her head to face Fuuko, "I just got excited to be rooming with someone like me."

Wait… she said… 'Someone like me?'

"Hey Miru," Fuuko said her name for the first time, "let's talk about this." She took her hand and led her roommate to her bed, Fuuko was readying herself to finally open up to someone.


The two talked and compared their experiences. Both had been through very similar struggles. Fuuko for once allowed herself to not be alone. Both girls laid in Fuuko's bed staring at the ceiling. It was a peaceful moment.

Is this what it's like having a roommate? Man, I've been missing out haven't I?

Miru turned her head to look at Fuuko whose eyes were still fixed on the ceiling, "When was the last time a girl called you pretty?"

"A girl calling me pretty? Honestly, I don't even think that's ever happened."

"What!? You gotta be lying!"

Fuuko shrugged, "Maybe I'm not the kind of girl that girls like."

"So you've never had a girlfriend?"


"Have you ever even kissed a girl before?"

"Have you?"


The silence Fuuko was met with made her nervous. She was afraid to look at the girl beside her. Maybe Miru was beginning to find out how boring she was.

Fuuko suddenly felt fingers interlacing themselves between her digits.

Startled, she instinctively looked at Miru who was holding her hand. The sorrow that had filled her eyes moments ago was now replaced by a mix of maniacal glee and a mischievous, fiery desire.

"Today must be your lucky day." Miru bit her lip and climbed on top of Fuuko, straddling her waist.

Fuuko's heart was pounding, this sight was familiar to her… but never with a girl before. Excitement radiated throughout her body. It's been so long since she's felt this alive. Her own eyes were mirroring the same desire Miru had shown her.

She watched as Miru's face descended down onto hers. Fuuko could feel the breath from her lips as they were only inches apart. As their lips were about to make contact, Miru stopped mid-movement and they looked into each other's eyes.

"I wanna see how badly YOU want this" Miru moaned into her ear in a seductive whisper.

It was almost like an animal instinct, Fuuko didn't know what came over her. Like a woman possessed, she grabbed her roommate's waist and pulled her down closer to herself and their lips clashed in burning passion.

A kiss on the lips turned into kisses trailing down her chin down to her neck. At this point, she was hoping that the walls between dorm rooms weren't too thin.

But unfortunately for them, they were interrupted by the ringing of Fuuko's phone. The two pulled away from  each other and groaned at the blaring ringtone. Fuuko grabbed the phone and answered it with Miru still very much on top of her.

-phone call-


"Hey Fuuko!"


"Yeah… it's me. Is it possible for you to come in at the cafe? Someone called out."

"Ugh… sure whatever. Can you just give me like… Thirty minutes? Kinda in the middle of something."

"Take your time."

"Bye" *click*

-phone call end-

Miru rolled her eyes as Fuuko put the phone down.

"Alright, where were we?–"

Miru hushed Fuuko's lips with her finger, "Mmmm. We can save this after your hard day of work." She winked as she dismounted her.

Fuuko threw her head back and sighed. Just like that… life sucks again.


Fuuko donned her work get-up. A simple white baseball cap and an apron with the company logo over her casual clothes.

She grabbed her keys and headed for the door. Miru was sitting on her bed, reading one of the manga from Fuuko's bookshelf with a lollipop in her mouth. Fuuko caught herself smiling at the innocent sight.

"Hey roomie, is that a smile?" Miru chuckled, "I didn't think you were capable of such a thing."

"Huh," Fuuko touched her dimples, "I'm not even faking it this time."

Miru put the manga down and walked over to the other girl, "Have a good day at work, yeah?" She fixed her roommate's hair and straightened the collar of her shirt.

As she was about to respond, Miru put her lollipop in Fuuko's mouth to silence her

"Hey, don't be late for work. I'll be right where you left me when you return." Miru smiled, and turned Fuuko to the door.

As Fuuko exited the room, she came to the realization that for the first time in forever, she was excited to see what came next for life. Work was always gonna suck, but as long as Miru was her roommate she at least had something to look forward to.

The smile she wore to work that day wasn't a mask this time around. Not only did her smile return to her, but the world she lived in was starting to fill with beautiful color.
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These aren't really drabbles. Those are supposed to be 100 words aren't they? What should we call these, fic-lets? shorts? mini shots?

Anyway, here ya go. 3 little mini shots.

1. Tune (SayaMilky)

A/N: While this is a stand-alone story, I recommend you read 'The Cafe Crush' to get more familiar with Sayaka and Miyuki's relationship. (

It became a bit of a tradition for Miyuki to come over to Sayaka's dorm room after her painting class. She found that listening to her girlfriend play guitar was a great way to unwind. Occasionally she'd even find herself falling asleep to the tunes. Miyuki didn't contribute much to the music making process, but Sayaka said that her songs wouldn't have the same magic if Miyuki wasn't around to hear it first.

"Hey Milky, how's this?" Sayaka's fingers strummed the strings of her instrument. Her hands gracefully moved in tandem with the rhythm. She's been practicing a new song.

Miyuki closed her eyes as she listened, it always brought her back to the day they first met at the cafe. "I think it sounds wonderful!"

"Eh… sometimes I don't believe you," Sayaka chuckled, "you say that every time."

Miyuki lovingly kissed her girlfriend, "can you believe that?"

2. Mural (KojiYuu)

The 48 Art Academy was in need of a splash of color. What better way to breathe new life into a school than a mural? The painting teachers Oshima Yuko and Kojima Haruna stepped up to the task to inspire the student body.

Yuko put down the paint buckets as Haruna pulled out brushes of several sizes.

"Alright Haruna, so whaddya wanna paint?"

Haruna put a finger to her lips and thought hard, "Hmm… I wanna paint cats."

Yuko frowned, "Don't you think we should be painting something a little more inspiring than cats?" She looked at the blank wall in amazement, "This is our moment to let all the students know that us painting teachers are super cool and talented! If we make an amazing mural, everyone is gonna want to take our classes!"

As Yuko was in mid-speech she realized that all her words fell on deaf ears.

Haruna was singing to herself as her paintbrush glided along the wall… painting a picture of a cat.

"I wanna paint cats!" The airheaded teacher exclaimed.

Yuko sighed, "I guess we're painting cats then."

3. The Cafe's Contest (RinoRie)

Its been a year since Rino and Rie opened up the cafe across the street from the academy. They had no one else to thank but the students who supported their business. They wanted a way to celebrate a year's worth of quality food and service.

Rino barged into her wife's office, "Rie, I got a fantastic idea!"

Rie raised a quizzical eyebrow at her partner, "Last time you said that, you tried to make paint flavored coffee."

"I admit it, that was an awful idea. But I promise this one is golden!"  Rino looked as if she was ready to explode.

"Alright Sasshi, I'm listening."

"We'll set up an art contest! The best piece gets put on display in the dining area."

"Hmm… That IS a good idea. Maybe we can throw in a discount for the winner."

"Ah! you like my idea!" Rino was bouncing off the walls in elation, "I'll go make the fliers NOW!" She dashed out of the office leaving a storm of important papers in her wake.

*sigh* "I should really tell her to cut back on the coffee."

to be continued...
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Ah, short XD
so lovely all these fics, every pairing is good and it seems that SayaMilky is getting better
Thank you for update autor! Please write more :)
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@Nozokime Good to see you back! Thank you for reading. I'll support this series as long as I can! :D


Three more Minis! These feature two established pairings and one new one! These Minis are a little longer than the last.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

4. Burning Spirit (WMatsui)

A/N: While this is a stand-alone story, I recommend you read 'Unconscious' to get more familiar with Jurina and Rena's relationship. (

Jurina passed Professor Kuramochi's test. Barely. Even though she didn't fail, Jurina knew she wasn't out of the woods just yet. Jurina had to start on that extra credit essay on Kenta Kobashi to ensure a passing grade.

She had never really watched wrestling before, but she figured there was no better way to learn about a wrestler than to watch a few of his matches.

Jurina came in with low expectations towards wrestling, "This is gonna be so stupid." she rolled her eyes at her laptop screen.


It's been 3 hours. Jurina lost track of the time. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she'd be completely compelled by pro wrestling.

The spectacle, the brutal physicality, the emotions in each match, the theatre of two men in the ring putting their bodies on the line for the business they loved. The passion even moved her to tears. No wonder Professor Kuramochi couldn't get enough of this stuff.

To Jurina, wrestling was an art form that she just absolutely had to study. She couldn't wait to find the first participant to feel the first Jurina Lariat!

Hold on… Rena was coming over today after her music class.


Rena knocked on the door and turned the handle to Jurina's dorm room to find that she had left it unlocked.

"Hey Jurina. How's that essay going—," Rena was startled at the sight of Jurina scowling at her with an unplugged microphone in her hand, "wait… what's going on here?"

Jurina raised the mic to her mouth "You'll never take my championship title Queen Gekikara," her tone rose into a crescendo of burning spirit, "PREPARE YOURSELF, FEEL THE MIGHT OF HOLLYWOOD JURINA!"

The self proclaimed Hollywood Jurina charged at the innocent girl with her arm raised in preparation to deliver a vicious lariat.

Rena gulped hard. She had no idea what was about to hit her.

5. Injury (SaeYaka)

How embarrassing to be one of the school nurses and be injured at the place of their employment. This seemed to be some sort of sick joke.

Nurse Miyazawa Sae limped down the hallway and occasionally stopped to catch her breath when the pain in her ankle became too great. Luckily for her, many classes were in session and no students would see her in her weakest state. It was humiliating enough getting to this point in the first place.

The nurse's office was all the way across the campus. It wouldn't usually be a problem for her, but her injury made the fair distance seem like miles. She limped a few more steps before pausing again, clenching her fists in frustration.

What a joke! How can things get any worse?

"Ah! Are you hurt? My strength can assist you!" A loud and boisterous voice echoed down the hallway.

Oh great… the theater teacher found me…

"Ah, Akimoto! No need to help. I can do this myself." Sae grit her teeth through a fake smile as she attempted to drag herself to the opposite direction of the bold woman.

Akimoto chuckled as she approached the injured lady, "Please, call me Sayaka," she took a hold of the nurse's wrist, "and it looks like you're in need of a strong woman's help. I will assist you. No two ways about it. I'm taking you to the nurses office!"

Sae yelped as she was yanked onto the taller woman's shoulders in a fireman's carry. She hasn't had someone carry her this easily since she was a little girl. Her limbs dangled to the floor as she accepted defeat.

The nurse was impressed by Akimoto's display of strength. It was obvious to her that she worked out often.

And she smelled nice. What's that scent she's wearing? Coconut?


Sayaka gently set Sae down on one of the seats in the nurse's waiting room.

Sayaka grabbed a magazine about healthy eating and shoved it into Sae's hands, "Read this as I look for a nurse, this is one of my favorite issues." Sayaka's voice could still be heard as she disappeared down the hallway, "that grilled chicken recipe is incredible! Maybe I can cook it for you sometime!"

The injured nurse shrugged as she thumbed through several pages of tutorials on how to cook low calorie meals which she admittedly thought looked delicious.

A few minutes passed until Sae heard shouting.


Sae shot up to her feet as she tried to hold on to the wall to prop herself up. She stumbled and limped down the hallway as fast as her injured ankle could take her to be met with several nurses trying to shove the bold theater teacher out of the break room.

"STOP!" The boyish nurse shouted, the entire scene paused. "I'm a nurse dammit. Everyone listen!" Sae shouted at her colleagues in embarrassment.

Everyone involved in the racket stared and awaited any orders.

"I messed up my ankle bad. Someone free up room 3 and work on me!" The nurse said between breaths, "and you!" She pointed to Akimoto, "Carry me there!"

6. The Cafe's Contest: Part 2 (RinoRie)

Running a cafe is hard work. Especially because Rie knew Rino was the favorite manager amongst her employees. It always left Rie to be in charge of disciplinary actions leading her staff to have an unfavorable opinion on her.

Because of this, a good night's rest was sacred to her. If she didn't get a full 8 hours of sleep each night, she would've gone crazy a long time ago.

Rie's wife kicked open the door to their bedroom and flipped the lights on. "RIE! RIE! OUR FIRST ENTRY FOR THE CONTEST JUST CAME IN!" She was clutching a wrapped canvas to her chest.

"Ugh, Sasshi…" Rie's words sleepily dribbled out of her mouth as she tried to shield her eyes from the blinding light. "Why'd you wake me up? It's … probably 2 in the morning."

"Wrong! It's 3 in the morning! I wanted us to see the first entry together! It comes from one of our regulars. That Miho Miyazaki girl." Rino excitedly ripped the wrapping off the canvas and stared at it… in horror. "Uh… sweetie, we can't use this."

"Lemme see that…" Rie snatched the piece from Rino's hands. The artwork shocked the sleepiness out of Rie's system.

The piece depicted a realistically composed gruesome scene of a slaughterhouse created by oil paints and nightmares. An artwork ill fitting of any eating establishment. Displaying it would cause any patron to be sick to their stomachs.

"Ugh… you woke me up for this? If you don't cut back on the coffee I'm gonna stop cooking for you." Rie angrily got up from her bed and headed for the bathroom.

"Where are you going? I thought you were gonna go back to bed." Rino said as she watched her wife walk out of their bedroom.

"You expect me to sleep after seeing that!?"

to be continued...
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Hello, I really love your sayamilky, kojiyuu and wmatsui fics.

I found it very interesting and funny. BTW the term that you are looking for this mini fics is "drabble" there is the oficial name.
wiki source: "A drabble is a short work of fiction of precisely one hundred words in length.[1][2][3][4] The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space."

Hope you can write more of this!!
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Replies to Comments

@Haruko Thank you for reading and good to see you back. I was mostly hesitant to call them drabbles because I thought they were too long. Maybe I'll change the title page in the future haha.


Only one short one this time around. We reached 1000 views (though I'm entirely sure that was from users scrolling through recent posts. Broke my heart when I learned that added to the view count.)

This is the first non pairing installment. I wanted to write about my favorite members without requiring a pairing. But who knows, maybe they'll be in a pairing in the future.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

7. Snack Heist (Kato Rena, Kawaei Rina, Kizaki Yuria N.P)

"UGH! Damn thing ate my cash!" Kawaei Rina kicked the vending machine in frustration. She recoiled from her attack and groaned, "and now my foot hurts…"

Rina's friends Yuria and Rena watched as she tried to come up with a solution on her own. Considering her level of "intellect", her problem would likely stay unsolved for a while.

"Hey Renacchi, hand your bag over for a second." Yuria gestured at the backpack next to her friend.

Rena hesitantly complied, "Are you looking for my wallet?"

"Tch, and give that stupid vending machine more money to eat? As if." Yuria scoffed as she rummaged through the bag.

Rena's eyes darted between both of her friends curious  to see what events could possibly play out next. She looked at Rina who was scratching her head and staring at the faulty machine while occasionally taking glances at Yuria, hoping she didn't plan on stealing anything from her bag.

"A-ha! Found it!" Yuria found a sizeable rock sitting at the bottom of the backpack's contents.

Yuria launched the rock at the vending machine with all her might, narrowly missing the idiot girl's head by an inch.

The glass shattered, leaving the snacks inside free for the taking.

The two girls looked at Yuria with their mouths agape in stupified shock.

"The hell are you looking at me for? Grab something before the fucking prefects catch us!" Yuria rushed to the broken machine and grabbed a bag of cookies before making a beeline for the dormitory.

Rina and Rena looked at each other for a moment before they both did the same.

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While there weren't any comments on the last one, someone did leave a thank you. Whoever you are, you're pretty cool. I hope you all enjoyed some good ol' non pairing stuff. I'm gonna assume you guys enjoyed it. Anyways, here's a YuuNaa fic. (A little bit of MogiOn too. Because you have to.)

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

5. In Sickness (Murayama Yuiri + Okada Nana)

In Sickness (YuuNaa)

"Yuuchan, you can just go hang out with the girls. I'll be fine here on my own." Nana sat up and smiled trying to look as healthy as possible.

"Absolutely not. I'm gonna stay here and take care of you."

"I'll be fine I promise! Mogi and Mion are gonna be watching Big Hero Six. I don't want you to miss it, you love that movie don't you?"

"I do! But what will happen if I watch Big Hero Six and I come back here to discover that my Naachan has died of her sickness?!"

Nana was taken aback at the massive escalation. She didn't expect her to take a small cold so seriously. When Yuiri was sick Nana would happily take care of her. But not once did the threat of death ever cross her mind anytime it had happened though.

"That's a little much don't you think?" Nana didn't have the strength to protest and conceded quickly. "But since you're pretty adamant on taking care of me. I guess I can't argue.."

Yuiri watched Nana lay down and sink into the mattress.

"Well… you must be hungry. I'll go prepare some food for you." Yuiri clapped her hands together and disappeared into the kitchen.

"I hope that doesn't mean she's cooking. achoo"


Outside of instant noodles and reheating leftovers, Yuiri lacked any sort of competence in the kitchen. Anytime she'd cook for her girlfriend, she could always tell the praise she'd get from Nana was insincere. Yuiri wasn't naive or anything, she could taste her own food. And more often than not something was overcooked, undercooked, or it just tasted acrid.

"Crap, we're out of instant noodles." Yuiri shut the pantry door. Unfortunately this meant she had to put her culinary abilities to the test. Nana's cold dulled her sense of taste and smell, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad this time.

She needs soup obviously. What even goes in soup? Water? Spices? Veggies? Marshmallows? Hmm… I'll figure it out.

Yuiri poured water into a pot and turned on the stove before she scavenged for ingredients that she could add to her cooking. Carrots and Potatoes were ordinary components of soup, she surely couldn't go wrong with those.

Spices were a world she couldn't understand. Of course she could grasp that a small pinch of seasoning could drastically change the flavor of the final product. However, which spices to use were a whole different story. What did each spice even do? The labels might have well been in German.

Salt and Cayenne Pepper. That's the usual combo right? Might as well experiment.

Yuiri brazenly tossed unmeasured piles of powder in the boiling water.


The pot had been boiling for 30 minutes.

The smell in the kitchen wasn't the scent of anything remotely edible. Yuiri had a feeling that feeding this to her girlfriend would have some sort of consequence.

This concoction was already beyond salvation even in the presence of a good cook let alone Yuiri. She pulled out Nana's tub of chocomint ice cream as her last ingredient. A finishing touch.

"Naachan loves this stuff." Yuiri said to herself as she scooped a spoonful into the steaming pot. "Was that a mistake?"

Mistakes or not. The soup was "done".

Yuiri poured her grim creation into a bowl. It looked and smelled like an accident. To put it simply, it was a waste of ingredients and in a few moments her girlfriend would have to eat it. A soup of potatoes, carrots, and ice cream. If sickness didn't kill her Naachan, then surely her cooking would. It'd be criminal to serve this to anyone, much less to her other half.

"Yuuchan, are you cooking?" Nana shouted from her bed to reach Yuiri's ears.

"Uh… just finished!" Yuiri retorted sweetly, with a hint of regret.

Yuiri picked up her twisted culinary aberration and made her way to her Naachan's bed. This easily was her worst creation yet and a sick Okada Nana was going to eat it.

A sudden knock at the door stole her attention from the task at hand.

She put the bowl down onto the nearest surface and answered the door. Yuiri was met with two familiar faces. One girl was tall and the other was short.

"Mogi? Mion?" Yuiri tilted her head at the two girls. She exchanged pleasantries with the pair before Yuiri informed them, "Sorry, my Naachan is sick. We can't hang out as planned today."

"No problem. We know. Mogi made soup for her. Right Mogi?"

"Right!" The taller one exclaimed as she held out a sealed bowl.

Yuiri took the bowl from the girl and thanked her. She smiled at the gesture before briefly pausing for a moment, "Wait, how did you know about Naachan's sickness?"

"I mean, we live right next to you. And these walls are paper thin. We can hear everything." Mion slowly took a few steps forward and stood on her tiptoes to meet Yuiri's eyes, "We can hear everything…"

Yuiri turned red and backed away before Mogi pulled the short girl to her side and giving her a small nudge.

"Ahem. Anyway, I hope Naachan gets better. I also hope that we can hang out sometime soon." Mogi said before the two turned on their heels after everyone exchanged their goodbyes.

Yuiri shut the door and looked at the bowl given to her earlier. It was a far more competently made soup than she could've ever made.

"Is this what soup is supposed to look like?"


"You really outdid yourself on this one Yuuchan." Nana put the empty bowl down on the bedside table. "Glad to see you're sharpening your culinary skills. If I could taste anything, I'd ask for seconds!"

Of course Yuiri just smiled, knowing full well that her awful soup was sitting outside. Her hands had no part in what her Naachan just ate.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now, get some more rest. I don't wanna have to ditch any classes taking care of you." Yuiri squeezed her Naachan's hand before taking  the empty bowl out of the room with the intent of cleaning it (and returning it to their neighbors).

On the way to the kitchen, Yuiri noticed her own soup still sitting where she last placed it. The ice cream she haphazardly scooped in was settled at the bottom, while the miserable chunks of carrots and potatoes floated to the top. The sight disgusted her.

She placed the empty bowl into the sink before returning to her old creation. She pondered what to do with it for a moment.

Yuiri took the old bowl of soup into her hands and held it out the window. Her arms remained outstretched momentarily before she released her grip. Her soup, bowl and all went into a freefall with the faint sound of crashing ceramic following seconds after. The only fate a cooking abomination like that deserved. Maybe the bugs could eat it.

"Yuuchan, what was that?" Nana shouted from her bed.

"It was nothing my dear Naachan! Get some rest, you're hallucinating!"

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I bet that even if Naachan tastes that she gonna said that it tastes delicious... At least mogimion pair save her. This was funny and lovely.. thank you for that
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Thanks for the chapter! I really enjoyed reading this, nice work ^^ 
I always read everything you write, will be looking forward to the next update!
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Replies to Comments

@Haruko Naachan would have finished every drop of that awful soup if it would make Yuuchan happy. Thank you for reading. Glad to see you again. 

@Nozokime Happy to see you again. Thank you for following my work.

Much love to those of you who left a thank you as well. Don't think I don't notice you!


Hello readers! We reached 1800 views on this collection. Thank you all for following Adventures in Art School. Another set of Minis(Drabbles) coming right up!

One new pairing, an old one as well as a continuation of The Cafe's Contest.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

8. Messenger (YuiParu)

Paruru was confused as to why this cat seemed to be following her everywhere.

The salty girl found the cat to be annoying, but couldn't deny that it was cute. Upon aiming and focusing the lens of her camera to snap a picture of it, she discovered that her feline stalker was carrying a note in its mouth. After taking the picture, she slowly approached the cat and retrieved it.

The note simply read, "You look very pretty today."

The cat walked away after delivering its message, but now the tables were turned and Paruru was gonna do the following this time.


Paruru lacked the athleticism to keep up with the nimble creature when it began to sprint away from her. The cat turned the corner while she was trying to catch her breath and lost sight of it.

A girl was passing from the direction the cat ran towards.

"Hey Yokoyama! Did you see a cat run this way?" Paruru asked between breaths

"Nope. Pets aren't allowed on campus." said the prefect Yokoyama without breaking her stride.

Paruru slumped and walked away in defeat. After a few steps, she looked over her shoulder and noticed the cat poking its head out of Yokoyama's bookbag.

9. Jealous Type (YuuNaa)

Okada Nana and Murayama Yuiri have been together as a couple for quite a period of time now. However, Murayama wasn't Okada's first girlfriend.

In a wicked stroke of luck, Okada was set up with Kojima Mako as a partner for a painting project. Kojima happened to be one of Okada's exes.

"We're working a lot better than I thought we would." said Mako as she mixed colors on the palette

"Yeah, reminds me of old times." Nana smiled and continued brushing the canvas.

Yuiri was paying little attention to their conversation despite knowing they were past lovers, she was too focused on reading a script for her theater class.

"Have I ever told you that you were my first kiss?" Mako giggled

"Really?" Nana's mouth hung open, "it was mine too." The two girls laughed while reminiscing on their past together.

Yuiri's ears perked up like a dog hearing a whistle. Her focus on the script had been violently ripped away.

"Remember that time I snuck into your room when your parents weren't home? That day when you gave me my first—"

"Wow, look at the time! Mako, you should get going soon." Yuiri stood up and pointed at the door.

"Huh? What time is it?" Mako raised her eyebrow at the clock.

"Time for you to go!"

10. The Cafe's Contest: Part 3 (RinoRie)

It's rare for Rino and Rie to have a nice peaceful dinner nowadays. Much of their day after running the cafe is handling finances and trying to come up with new recipes. But today, they decided they deserved a break from all that.

"Hey Rie, we got a new entry for that art contest." Rino said after finishing her meal.

Rie sighed, "are we really doing this now?"

"What? You didn't like me waking you up, so I decided to do it now."

"So when I'm sleeping and while I'm eating are the most optimal times to bring up new entries?"

"You have a point, but the cafe is always on my mind." Rino left her seat and retrieved the entry. "This one comes from Kato Rena, another one of our regulars. She even said she got an A on this."

It was a figure drawing, an impressively transferred composition of the nude female form.

Rie studied the piece, "I mean… isn't putting a picture of someone's naked body on display a little problematic?"

"I guess you're right." said Rino as she set the canvas down.

Rie squinted a little harder at the drawing. "Wait. Is that Iriyama's body?"

to be continued...

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Thank you for this againa!

Haha Yuunaa fic made me laugh a lot! poor yuiri

Yuiparu was tooo cute, I could imagine Bisu making this

RinoRie haha was hilarious!

I really love this drabbles :P
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Post by: Nozokime on June 07, 2020, 12:46:25 PM
Thank you for the drabbles! YuiParu is so cute haha
any pairs that you'll decide write i'll gladly to read it! Waiting for the next update..
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@Haruko + @Nozokime I'm always happy to see you two come around! I hope you like this one just the same.

Much love to the silent readers too!


Are we at 2k views? Man... that's a lot. We got another new pairing! Handing out some Sakuruppi content! (I see some people calling it HaruSaku, but I liked Sakuruppi better.)

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

6. Reunion (Miyawaki Sakura + Kodama Haruka)

Reunion (Sakuruppi)

Miyawaki Sakura decided that she deserved a much needed break from school. Projects kept piling up leaving Sakura to have little time to herself.

Didn't help that her roommate Annin kept inviting Renacchi over. She always got told to leave the room so they could do… things.

Sakura just wanted a day off so to play videogames. Was that so much to ask for? Just one day where she could just ditch class and turn her brain off. Sakura plopped herself onto the couch and focused on her games. She leaned in and put her entire mind into completing a particularly difficult level that had been giving her trouble for a while. She promised herself that she'd beat it this time.

In the middle of a challenging boss battle, her attention was stolen by a knock on the door. She considered ignoring it, but decided to begrudgingly pause the game and answer instead.

Upon opening the door, Sakura was met with a smiling girl with a short neck-length haircut holding a bouquet of flowers.

"Good Morning! I'm Kodama Haruka, I'm new here! I'm handing out roses to everyone on my floor and you got the last bouquet." She held out the flowers and Sakura slowly took them from her hands.

The girl had just introduced herself, but Sakura already knew her. She never forgot the sound of her voice, nor did she forget her friendly face.

"Haruppi?" Sakura hesitated.

The short haired girl tilted her head and squinted her eyes, "How do you know that name? Have we met before?"

"Don't you recognize me?"

Haruka hastily rummaged through her bag and put on a pair of glasses. She blinked a few times before recognizing the girl in front of her.


Before Haruka could say any more words, Sakura pulled her into an embrace. The bouquet in her hands made the positioning somewhat awkward.

"Tell me it's really you." Sakura tightened her hug, "and tell me I'm not just hugging a stranger."

Once Haruka processed the situation, she reciprocated the embrace, "It's me Sakura, it's been so long hasn't it?"

"Come inside for a little. Let's play games like old times."

"You still play videogames at your age?" Haruka teased.

"How dare you. Videogames are still amazing." Sakura then proceeded to take Haruka's hand and pull her into her room


The two played several games together. Haruka didn't stand a chance against the devoted gamer. Every time Haruka lost, she had an excuse to explain her defeat.

"My controllers messed up!" Haruka complained.

"We've traded controllers for each time you brought that up."

"I haven't played videogames in years. You've probably been practicing for ages!" Haruka's barrage continued.

"This game came out 2 weeks ago." Sakura calmly replied.

Several years have passed between them, but one thing certainly hasn't changed. Haruppi was still a sore loser.

Sakura decided to turn the game console off. As funny as it was to see Haruka all frustrated, she actually wanted a proper reunion with her old friend. Sakura flipped the channel on TV onto some nature documentary. She remembered that Haruka loved those shows when they were younger. Sakura found them boring, but she wanted to treat her guest.

"Still can't believe we ran into each other here. Doesn't feel real." said Haruka.

"Yeah. I'm finally glad we're together again. My mom still won't stop asking me about you." Sakura sat back down on the couch next to the short-haired girl.

The two began to reminisce on past memories from when they grew up. They recalled the time Sakura threw an egg at a teacher's car because he gave Haruka a failing score on a test.

They also talked about how they would pretend to reciprocate romantic feelings for boys to trick them into buying things for them. (Which in retrospect, they agreed was a super uncool thing to do.) The pair lost track of the day as they made up for lost time. 

As they continued to catch up, they failed to realize how much time had passed. The sun was beginning to set. The natural light was slowly being pilfered by the passing hours of the day and the TV screen was the only thing illuminating their faces in the darkening room.

Sakura couldn't help but notice how pretty her friend was. She always thought Haruka was attractive, she even had a crush on her  before she moved. However, Sakura was never brave enough to admit her feelings. The last thing she wanted was to damage their friendship through unrequited love.

"Do you remember that rumour about us  secretly dating back in school?" Sakura never knew how Haruka felt about this rumour. She figured it was a better time than ever to find out.

Haruka's once smiling face went solemn. Sakura quickly noticed her change in mood.

Crap, I shouldn't have said that. That's just like you Sakura, always messing these things up! I'm such a–


Her voice snapped Sakura out of her brief bout of mental scolding, "what is it Haruppi?"

"Why… didn't we get together?" Haruka turned to face Sakura, the sorrow in her eyes slowly spreading like a drop of ink in water.

Sakura hadn't anticipated this. This whole time… she would have returned her feelings? She couldn't find the proper words to express her surprise, she remained silent trying to find the correct response.

"I'm sorry. We can change the subject if you want." Haruka pushed her glasses up and turned her attention back towards the TV.

Sakura needed time to process everything, but soon realized that this might be her best chance to show how she truly felt.

Acting purely out of sheer emotions and instinct, Sakura lifted Haruka's chin with her finger and looked deeply into her eyes before taking the leap of faith and closing the distance between their lips.

The pair pulled apart from their kiss, both of them maintaining silent eye contact.

"We can be together now." Sakura intertwined her fingers in Haruka's hand. "Don't you tell me you think it's too late."

Haruka kissed Sakura instead of responding with words. Anytime their lips would part, they would connect again. They made absolutely sure no feelings were left unanswered.

The two were interrupted from their passionate kiss once they heard Annin and Renacchi opening the door.

Anna's eyes darted between Sakura and Haruka. "Oh, I see you two are busy here." Anna turned to Rena, "I guess we'll just go to your room tonight instead." before shutting the door.

Haruka turned to the TV and noticed the credits rolling, "Aww, we missed the whole documentary."

"Maybe you should have kissed me sooner."

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Hello friends! Back here once again with more stuff. More Minis this time around. I like writing these as I can develop several pairings at once pretty quickly. No new pairings this time around. I hope you enjoy.

I dont think many people read my last Sakuruppi one shot, so if you haven't already, go ahead and check it out.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

11. Strange Look (FuuMiru)

A/N: While this is a stand-alone story, I recommend you read 'Roommate' to get more familiar with Fuuko and Miru's relationship. (

Fuuko threw her hat and apron onto her desk thankful that another day of work was finally over. She couldn't help but notice that Miru looked a little disgruntled. Normally Miru would be all over her like a puppy seeing its owner.

"So Miru… what's wrong?"

"Everyone that has come to the door has been giving me weird looks today. Maybe there's been a rumour spread about me." Miru hugged her knees nervously.

"Weird looks?" Fuuko inquired.

"Yeah, even the ramen delivery guy wouldn't bother giving me eye contact."

Fuuko took a good, hard look at her girlfriend.

"Have you been answering the door naked?"

Miru's eyes widened as she looked down at her nude body.

"Y'know. Everything is starting to make a little more sense now."

12. Unconditional (SayaMilky)

Sayaka had finally turned in a project for her music class. After several nights of recording guitar riffs and skipping sleep, a small celebration with her girlfriend was in order.

Miyuki walked out of the kitchen with a plate full of cupcakes and set them down onto the table, "I made a lot, so we're gonna eat till we get sick!"

"They look delicious!" Sayaka grabbed one from the plate and wasted no time scarfing it down. "They taste even better than they look!"

"You're probably tasting all the love I put into it." Miyuki said as she picked up a cupcake.

In the midst of peeling off the wrap, the confectionery slipped out of Miyuki's hands and onto the floor.

Miyuki stared at the cupcake for a moment, "Hey Sayanee."


"We've been dating for about 6 months now. When you said you'll love me unconditionally, did you mean it?"

Sayaka paused at the heavy question, "of course Milky. I'll love you no matter what."

"Even if I eat this cupcake off the floor?"

"I mean… I guess."

Before Sayaka knew it, Miyuki crouched down and picked up the cupcake that was previously dropped on the floor and began to eat it like nothing happened.

Sayaka watched in awe as her princess ate the cupcake from the floor. But at the end of the day, it didn't really matter. Sayaka loved Miyuki unconditionally.

13. The Cafe's Contest: Part 4 (RinoRie)

Rie approached her wife who was passed out next to a stack of paperwork. Rino's sleep schedule had gotten pretty inconsistent ever since she stopped drinking coffee.

Rie lightly shook Rino's shoulder to wake her.

Rino slowly blinked awake and lazily sat up, "I was having a dream that we got this amazing deal on imported tea leaves."

Rino's dedication to the cafe was so great that she regularly dreamt about it.

Rie smiled and held a package, "We got another entry in the contest. Thought you might wanna see it with me."

Rino took the package and pulled out the entry. It was a beautiful painted piece depicting two koi fish swimming in a cup of tea. The colours were vibrant and the painting itself also fit the cafe theme. It was perfect.

"This is amazing, who's the sender?"

"A regular like always. This one is from Oya Shizuka." Rie's eyes trailed down the envelope, she noticed something that made the colour drain from her face.

The package was stamped with the insignia of the Oya Clan, an infamous Yakuza organization.

Rino gasped when she saw the clan emblem, "Is Shizuka a member of the Yakuza!? I didn't even know girls could be part of it!"

Rie hurried to close the blinds and windows of their apartment, "crap, should we just let her win!?"

"We have to burn it! No one can know we saw this!" Rino dropped the painting and stuffed it back into the packaging.

"I'll just write up a small discount in case scary men in suits come to our cafe."

to be continued...
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Thanks for this!
How good it is to read another sayamliky writing from you they are my favorites
I like your drabbles because you can develop several stories at the same time and give us the opportunity to know about the other pairs.
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Post by: Haruko on June 26, 2020, 01:21:40 AM
RinoRie is not a common pair so it's amazing to have a this kind if fanfic but my heart belong to  Sayamilky, thank you for that
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Replies to Comments

@Haruko + @Nozokime Like always, thank you for reading! Isn't it wonderful that Sayamilky fics are being made even after their graduation?


We got a YuiParu fic! I'm always excited to develop pairings. I have a little confession to make... Paruru is my favorite. But of course, my biases won't get in the way of me writing about more pairings.

I'm gonna do something a little different this time around. I'm gonna add a small bonus chapter to this post. A small non-pairing fic. Completely for comedy sake. Maybe I'll do it more often.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

7. The First Smile (Shimazaki Haruka + YuiParu)

The First Smile (YuiParu)

A/N: I strongly recommend you read 'Messenger' to fully understand this story. (

Yui had to make a late night run to the convenience store. She couldn't be seen carrying a bag of cat food through campus without anyone suspecting her of owning a pet. Night time shopping was her only option.

A small electronic jingle played when she entered the store. Yui wasted no time going to the pet section and grabbing the largest bag of cat food they had in stock. Bisu deserved to be spoiled after perfectly delivering her note to Paruru.

As Yui made her way to the front to make her purchase, she noticed that no one was behind the register. She laid the cat food on the counter and waited for a clerk to ring up her purchase. She waited there for 5 minutes before beginning to grow a little impatient.

Yui knocked on the counter, "Hello? Is anyone working here?"

From the back room a girl wearing a t-shirt with the store's logo moved behind the register. Yui recognized her immediately. It was none other than the salty (and remarkably cute) girl herself, Shimazaki Haruka (aka Paruru).

"Ah! Shimazaki. You work here?"

"Yup." The salty girl didn't even smile.

Paruru scanned the barcode of the cat food and raised her eyebrow.

"Something wrong?" Yui asked.

"The cat and the note, was that you?" Paruru squinted at Yui. Her expression didn't match the typical 'service with a smile' procedure.

It was inevitable that she would ask that question. After all, Yui was buying cat food from her. Trying to shake any suspicion off of herself was an uphill battle.

"I-I don't know anything about a note. And pets aren't allowed on campus, remember?" Yui had always been a terrible liar.

"Then explain the cat food you're buying."

Yui was far worse at thinking on her feet than she was at lying. Finding a believable excuse on short notice would be near impossible.

"Uh… I… eat cat food! Y-yeah. I read online that it's actually good for you. I'm trying to maintain my health you know." Yui was praying that the girl would believe it.

"Uh-huh." Skepticism was ever present in Paruru's voice, "if you eat a handful of cat food in front of me, I'll give you the bag for free."

Crap. I knew that would backfire.

Yui was met with the crossroads. She could either simply admit that she has a crush on her which would also mean revealing that she owns a pet, or she could avoid her current predicament by eating cat food.

She made her choice quickly. Yui opened up the bag and thrust her hand wrist-deep. She scooped out a handful of cat food before  shoveling it into her mouth and crunching down. She pounded her fist on the counter as the flavor filled her senses. How do cats eat this stuff?

"Yup… I eat this all the time." Yui said as she swallowed it down. Tears began to fill her eyes.

Paruru watched in shock as the girl devoured the handful of pet food. However, her expression changed as she burst into laughter. Tears were filling her eyes as well.

This was the first time Yui had ever heard her laugh or even seen her smile. It almost made eating cat food worth it.

"Well, the bag is yours. You earned it." Paruru stumbled over her words as she attempted to stifle her laughter.

"You think I can get a box of mints with that?" Yui cringed when she caught a whiff of her own breath.

"Sure, whatever." The girl behind the counter said, still reeling from the effects of her laughing fit as she slid a box of mints over to Yui.

"Thank you very much." Yui put the mints in her bag and headed for the door with the open bag of cat food in hand.

"That was the first time I ever enjoyed working here." Her tone was salty, but a big smile was found on her face.

"Maybe I'll come visit more often." Yui spoke over her shoulder as she held onto the handle of the door.

"I'll be here at the same time tomorrow. I'll be waiting." Paruru waved with low energy.

Yui waved back at the salty girl as she began to make her exit.

"Oh, bring your cat along too!"

"I will!" Yui said as the door closed behind her.

Halfway through her walk back to campus, Yui pulled out her mints and desperately fit as many as she could into her mouth. In the midst of her minty refreshment Yui realized she had made a grave error.

Paruru tricked her into admitting everything at the end.

I ate a handful of cat food for nothing.


Burning Rose (Matsui Jurina, Kuramochi Asuka. N.P)

The art history class ended for the day. Every student packed their bags and left the classroom. Jurina stayed seated and watched everyone file out of the door.

"Jurina, class is dismissed. Or… did you want to talk about something?" Professor Kuramochi inquired while watering the various potted plants that decorated the room.

"Actually, I have something to turn in." Jurina pulled out a stack of papers that were stapled together. "I did that Kenta Kobashi extra credit paper."

"Incredible! In all my years of teaching, no one has ever actually bothered to do it!" The professor snatched it out of her student's hands with a grin stretched across her face. "So tell me, what do you think of Kenta Kobashi?"

Jurina wore a malicious smirk on her face, "I could tell you, but I'd rather show you!" After a deep breath she roared, "FEEL THE MIGHT OF HOLLYWOOD JURINA!"

With a spin, Jurina extended her arm and delivered a powerful chop across the chest of her professor which left Kuramochi momentarily breathless.

Kuramochi was shocked, but she quickly recovered from the strike. The professor then locked eyes with Jurina, revealing a fiery gaze that no student has seen from the usually kind and supportive teacher.

Jurina readied herself to receive a chop in return from Kuramochi.

With an ear-splitting battlecry, Professor Asuka Kuramochi unleashed a thunderous palm across the chest of her (now-favorite) student. The impact rang out like a firecracker, echoing down the halls of campus.

The chop brought Jurina down to her knees, as she did not expect the irresistible strength of the unassuming woman.


Tiger-Rose Kuramochi lifted Hollywood Jurina into a vertical base which ultimately led to Jurina being suplexed through the teacher's desk, leaving the two laying in a chaotic pile of smashed papers and broken wood.


The student and professor both stayed laying in the debris for what felt like half an hour, huffing and puffing.

"You're… so strong…" Jurina struggled to get the words out of her mouth.

"What would you think… about starting a wrestling club?" Kuramochi winced between words.

Jurina's lips curled into a smile, "That's the finest idea I've ever heard."
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Only two minis. Two returning pairings as well. I was really curious if people liked the Bonus chapter. Eh... what can ya do.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

14. Burning Spirit Part 2: Queen Gekikara Rises (WMatsui)

After Jurina learned about the joys of pro wrestling, Rena has been the Guinea pig for when the younger girl discovered a new wrestling move. Needless to say, getting blasted by lariats was starting to get annoying and something had to be done.

Rena decided to embark on her own wrestling journey. She found a few hard-hitting matches online, and sat down to watch them. As a medical professional, she didn't enjoy seeing men and women performing potentially dangerous maneuvers on one another. She didn't quite understand the joy Jurina could get out of this. At least in anime no one actually gets hurt.

Wrestling wasn't really going to be a passion of Rena's, but she made sure to study it carefully. She noticed that a wrestler always has an ultimate finishing maneuver that usually ends the match. If Rena could find the perfect move to counter Jurina's Hollywood Lariat, maybe this wrestling nonsense can end.

Jurina barged in through the door, "whatcha watching there?"

Rena quickly closed the tabs, "Ah- Nothing, just some boring nurse stuff... There's cookies in the kitchen, help yourself!"

After hearing about snacks, Jurina made a quick dash and disappeared to the kitchen.

Rena watched her leave line of sight as she recalled the first time she was hit by her lariat.

"Queen Gekikara… huh, I can get used to that. Heh heh." Rena bit her nails and began to cackle to herself.

15. A Birthday in Milkyland (SayaMilky)

"Welcome to Milkyland!"

This was the first time Sayaka has ever stepped foot into Miyuki's room. Brushes, canvases, and various papers were strewn about. Her living quarters were in an absolute state of chaos.

"Milkyland smells like paint." Sayaka had a hard time navigating the cluttered room.

"Uh… I should've cleaned a bit before taking you here. But I promise this visit will be worth it!"

"Yeah." Sayaka had been bummed out for the past few weeks. Out of mysterious circumstances, her guitar broke. She's had that old guitar her whole life, and retiring it was painful. She also fell down the stairs earlier today, but that was besides the point.

"I know it's your birthday, so I did something special for you!" After Miyuki traversed the labyrinth of clutter, she rushed to a closet and dragged out a big box. "I got you a gift!"

"A gift? Milky, you didn't have to."

"Shut up and let me spoil you!"

Sayaka threw her hands up and took a step back. (While possibly stepping in something). She watched as Miyuki opened the box and presented the birthday girl her gift.

Sayaka's mouth hung agape at what her girlfriend was giving her.

It was her guitar, perfectly repaired. Not only that, but with a new paint job as well. It was now adorned with a beautiful sunset coloured finish. She also noticed the word SayaMilky engraved upon one of the frets.

"Took several cups of coffee, and a ton of yen worth of paint." Miyuki paused, "oh, I also made it with love!"

Sayaka bit her lip and gave Miyuki the worlds most intense set of bedroom eyes, "Ah, too bad I don't know where your bed is, but I guess the floor is fine."


"Because I wanna show you how I make love." Sayaka wrapped her arms around Miyuki and started to plant kisses all over her.

Normally Miyuki would have laughed off a line like that. But the way Sayaka's lips and teeth felt on her neck felt way too good to resist any temptations.

"Mm~" Miyuki let out a few moans from Sayaka's kisses as the two descended upon the messy floor.

It was Sayaka's birthday. This was gonna happen anyway.

A/N: A little late on Sayanees birthday, but better late than never eh?

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Ah WMatsui and SayaMilky! looks like Sayaka had a good birthday
Thank you author, I really enjoy each of your updates, it is always good to read your short stories. By the way to me it also seems wonderful that even after graduating SayaMilky is still very present even among most of the fics. I personally see them as two soulmates destined to be together. But as I said before, as a reader I always enjoy each of the stories that are published.

Thank you for the chapter, i looking forward to the next update!

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Replies to Comments

@Nozokime Let's not forget that Milky also enjoyed herself that day.


Is anyone still reading this? I can't be convinced the view count is anywhere near the truth.

I'd like to think that a few years from now, someone new to the fandom will stumble upon this and read all my work once there's an absolute ton of content in Adventures in Art School. Much love to all my readers. Shout out to the lurkers, some of yall have been dead silent since I was in fourth grade and its legitimately impressive.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

8. Anger (YuuNaaMogiOn)

Anger (YuuNaaMogiOn)

Yuiri and Nana got closer to their neighbors Mogi and Mion with each passing day. The four frequently enjoyed each other's company going on double dates and such. Standard fare for 2 sets of couples.

They thought it'd be a fun idea if Mion and Yuiri switched rooms for a few days, kinda like trading girlfriends for a moment. Of course, romantic advances were off limits. Cheating is gross after all.

Mion and Nana were chatting as Yuiri was collecting a few things before she headed over to Mogi's room.

"What are your thoughts on kissing your friends? Like… on the lips?"

The question startled Mion, "Whoa, where's this coming from? Heck of a thing to say before I spend a few nights here." she said half-laughing, desperately hoping she wouldn't have to run to Mogi for protection.

Nana waved her hand, "I'd never think of kissing a girl other than Yuuchan!" she knew she tread past Mion's boundaries with that question and was trying to salvage the conversation, "I guess I was just thinking aloud."

"I guess… I did kiss Mogi before we started dating…" Mion began to grow less tense.

"So you think it's okay?"

"You have to be super duper close with that friend though."

Yuiri overheard this conversation and loudly interjected, "My Naachan would never kiss you though. So don't even think about it."

"Hey Yuuchan she wasn't gonna–"

"My Naachan wouldn't kiss a stinky midget like you."

Just like that, a normal conversation went completely sideways.

"Excuse me?" Mion angrily stood up, her blood boiling. She was practically steaming.

"My Naachan would never kiss you. She has better things to kiss than midgets." Yuiri crossed her arms.

There was nothing that Nana could do other than watch everything go down. What if they started fighting? Someone has to break it up.

"I feel sorry for Naachan knowing she has to kiss a psycho. Can she even kiss you with that big-ass nose in the way?" Mion spat.

Yuiri gasped and covered her nose, "How dare you say that in our room! I'll end you!"

"With what? Your awful cooking?!"

"I'm gonna shove your stupid midget corpse in a shoebox!" Yuiri roared and shoved the shorter girl.

"MOGI! HELP!" Nana shouted as the Mion and Yuiri lunged at each other.

Nana grabbed Mion around the waist and yanked her away before she could pull Yuiri's hair out. She could feel the heat of the short girl's rage as she was flailing in her arms.

"Naachan! Let her go and let me kill her!" Yuiri shot a demonic glare at Nana. It was the scariest thing she's ever seen her girlfriend do outside the kitchen. If Nana wasn't overflowing with adrenaline, she would've peed herself.

Mogi soon came charging through the door and restrained Yuiri around the waist.

"Holy crap what happened?!" Mogi said as she was struggling to hold Yuiri back as the two girls were desperate to rip each other apart.

"I don't even know!" Nana was still restraining Mion with all her strength.

"We'll just get your stuff later Yuuchan!" Mogi lifted the raging Yuiri out of the room and took her into her dorm next door. 

Mion's thrashing subsided as Yuiri was carried off.

The two girls were completely out of breath. Everything seemed to have calmed down.

"Man… is kissing your friends THAT serious of a topic?"
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Of course it's amazing Sayamilky fics are still alive.

Yuiparu Fic
Hahah I LAUGHT A LOT, poor yuihan.

Jurina & Kuramochi
Sounds a lot of fun in that club

Queen Gekikara
Hooray! GEkikara is back!!!

Birthday Sayamilky
OMG! It's hot in here!! so cute but then BAAAM!! Sayanee takes the lead, love it!

YNMO fic
AHAHHAHAHA Jealous Yuiri sounds so dangerous... love this quarrel. thank you for make me laught a lot.

I enjoy every fic, and of course I love to read fics, hope you can make more of this.
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@Haruko: Welcome back! I'm glad to see you return and still reading! I'll support this for as long as possible. Honestly, just wanna see how long it can go.


Another set of drabbles. I was thinking of throwing a MaYuki one in this set, but I think that deserves a whole one shot.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

16. Open Mic (SayaMilky)

Miyuki suggested to her managers at the cafe to hold open mic events. She had told them that it was to allow the musically talented to showcase their abilities, but in reality she just wanted an excuse to see her girlfriend at work. It was a perfect opportunity for Sayaka to play her songs in front of a small crowd.

Sayaka sat on a stool on a small makeshift stage and let herself go on her guitar, allowing her special brand of magic travel the airwaves. Every now and again, she'd lock eyes with Miyuki and the two would smile.

A few students walked in and placed their orders. Miyuki worked the register as usual, serving with a smile. The guitarist watched the transaction take place and noticed the girls flirting with the girl behind the counter. It wouldn't be the first time Milky was hit on by a customer. Sayaka's eye twitched as she watched these girls attempt to make their advances on the server. If she didn't do anything quick, her anger would start affecting the music.

There was a microphone positioned perfectly in front of Sayaka. She hadn't made plans to sing or anything, but now was the perfect time to use it.

"HEY! YOU GIRLS GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MILKY RIGHT NOW!" Sayaka nearly blew out the eardrums of everyone around.

After the girls backed off, Sayaka was promptly kicked out of the establishment by the owners, Rino and Rie.

17. Motivation (SakuRuppi)

Professor Kuramochi's class had ended for the day. Sakura was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she left the classroom with Haruka. No power on earth could make her stay conscious during art history.

"Don't think I didn't see you sleeping in class Sakura!" Haruka scolded her girlfriend.

"So what if I was?"

"What are you gonna do when you fail another test hm? You're probably not getting enough sleep because you're too busy playing videogames all night."

"Ugh, Haruppi. You're starting to sound like my mom. If you're aiming for accuracy, my mom stopped kissing me on the mouth when I was ten."

Haruka paused and pondered Sakura's words momentarily, "That's what I have to do then."


"I'm not gonna kiss you until you take your studies more seriously." Haruka proudly strode ahead after she revealed her idea.

Sakura chased after her, "Hey wait! It doesn't have to be like that! Don't stop kissing me!"
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Post by: Nozokime on August 24, 2020, 12:17:40 PM
Sayaka being jealous is very troublesome and funny, I wonder what it would be like if it happened the other way around, surely miyuki would react the same or worse.. warukii mode on

SakuRuppi as always very funny, poor Sakura.. XD

Thanks for the update, I'll keep waiting for more of your works.

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Jealousy Sayanee is the best... But I bet that Miruki filtrated with that customers
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@Haruko + Nozokime: Sayanee wouldn't let anyone get away with flirting with her Milky. Regarding Jealousy, Miyuki is far... far scarier.


It's been a month since I last updated this. Ugh. These updates get later and later. I'm sorry guys. But rest assured, I'm still supporting this.

A mayuki fic (and a tiny bit of NakoMiku), I feel it's long awaited for them to finally make their appearance in the 48Art Academy. I'm gonna try to make characters feel more unique as the last thing I want is for every pairing to feel the same. So naturally, some characters will be a little more... bold in the future. Also, Halloween is coming up. So it's only appropriate I get some Halloween themed fics. Maybe a big drabbles collection.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

9. A Letter from Black Yuki (Watanabe Mayu + Kashiwagi Yuki)

A Letter from Black Yuki (MaYuki)

"Nako! Miku! Are the microphones set up? How is everything looking?" Mayu barked orders at her underlings.

"Everything's ready, boss!" The two spoke in unison.

"And my coffee?"

"I'll get it!" Miku ran to retrieve Mayu's coffee

"Hey wait! I wanna give Mayu her coffee!" Nako chased after her fellow underling.

Mayu was the host of a small radio show called Nezumi radio and it was primed to begin in just a few moments.

Nezumi radio covered several topics ranging from tips for studying, suggestions for art projects, and even romantic advice. Many students would write letters to be read on the air, most of them pertaining to the subjects mentioned.

The show allowed Mayu to be the voice of the student body. However, Mayu went to great lengths to remain anonymous. Her assistants Nako and Miku would make sure her voice was pitched to be unrecognizable to the other students.

"Here's your coffee, boss!" The two clumsily delivered the coffee, almost strangling the cup as it was being held by four hands.

Mayu took the coffee from them and turned to her microphone, "Both of you get to your laptops and make sure I sound good. Nezumi Radio is going live in 5...4…3…2…"


The show was going smoothly and according to Miku, there were a ton of listeners tuned in today.

"Alright! Last letter of the day!" Mayu reached into a bag full of letters and pulled a black envelope.

A black envelope was odd, as most students preferred pastel colors. Mayu shrugged at that thought and opened it up anyway. The contents were a written letter and several petals from a black rose.

Mayu read the letter aloud for her audience

Dear Nezumi Radio,

I've fallen for someone and I need advice! Her name is Watanabe Mayu. She's pretty, and everyone seems to like her. She always smells like cupcakes and I don't think she'd date a freak like me. How can I get a girl like her to talk to me?

Mayu paused after reading the letter and grinned at the thought of having a secret admirer. She was also curious if she actually smelled like cupcakes.

She cycled through several girls in her head and tried to guess who it could be.

"Uh… boss? You're still on the air." Nako whispered.

"O-oh right! Well… This Mayu girl sounds like a real cutie! My advice is, just go and talk to her. I mean… you'll never know how she feels about you if you don't chat with her. Maybe leave flowers at her doorstep or drop off some chocolate. I'm sure she'll love it." Mayu secretly hoped for candy to be delivered to her door, "With that, I think this is a good place to wrap up the show. Thanks for tuning in everyone! Bye bye!!! Remember to do your homework and stuff."

Just like that, the show concluded without a hitch. Running a radio show was hard work, not to mention she still had class in an hour.

Mayu praised and congratulated her assistants for a job well done as they said their 'goodbyes' and 'see you next mornings'. She watched the two exit the room with a smile on her face. Once she was finally alone, she reclined back into her chair and re-read the letter repeatedly to herself.


If it wasn't for the coffee she had in the morning, there was no way she would've stayed awake during class. The caffeine only lasted for the duration of class and she was crashing hard. The thought of plopping into bed and sleeping in some warm sheets sounded heavenly.

As she headed down the hallway of the dormitory back to her room she noticed her fellow prefect Kashiwagi Yuki coming from the opposite direction.

A girl like Yuki was hard to miss as she was one of the taller students on campus as well as the fact that she wore an all-black uniform that matched her equally black hair and nails.

"Hi Yuki." Mayu waved at the taller girl while stifling a yawn.

"H-hi Mayu. I left you a little surprise at your door…" Yuki carried herself in such a way where she seemed much smaller than she was.

"What kind of surprise? Wait… don't tell me. Don't wanna ruin it." A thought surfaced into Mayu's head from earlier, "Do I smell like cupcakes?"

"Y-you don't listen to Nezumi Radio do you?"

"No… no… just curious… But thanks Yuki!" Mayu chirped.

Yuki silently nodded before she continued down the opposite direction.

Mayu took a few steps and stopped in front of her room. On the floor was a box of chocolates and a bundle of flowers just as she suggested on her show.

If their earlier exchange didn't make it obvious, the identity of her secret admirer was crystal clear now.

Mayu considered herself lucky. She always thought Black Yuki was cute.
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Totally forgot Miyuki Watanabe's birthday was a couple weeks ago. So like Sayanee, I had to make another birthday fic. This one is a little more... dirty than the last one.

I should start getting those Halloween minis written up.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

10. Yet Another Birthday in Milkyland (Sayaka Yamamoto + Miyuki Watanabe)

Yet Another Birthday in Milkyland (SayaMilky)

 A/N: While this is a standalone story, I recommend reading 'A Birthday in Milkyland' to get a little more context.  (

Miyuki sat quietly in her room, mixing colors on a canvas. Sayaka said something about having to perform for the school's music program so unfortunately she'd have to spend her birthday alone.

Her painting of a beach coastline began to appear drab and depressing, her emotions manifesting itself into her art. Frustrated, she stood up and threw herself onto the couch hopelessly staring at the ceiling.

She sighed and closed her eyes. Maybe if she took a nap, she'd feel better when she woke up. Her breathing slowed, and she began to drift off. But was rudely jolted awake when there were suddenly loud knocks at the door.

Great, I can't even take a nap.

With a bad attitude ready, she stomped towards the door and threw it open.

"What do you wan–" Miyuki's words were muffled as a pair of lips took hers by surprise. Blinded by rage, Miyuki shot up and instinctively launched her fist at whoever kissed her.

The other girl fell backwards and hit the wall behind her, "Holy shit Milky you punch hard." The short haired girl struggled to pick herself up as she rubbed her jaw.

As the blind rage subsided, she quickly realized her grave error.

I just punched my girlfriend in the face.

"SAYANEE MY ANGEL! I'M SO SORRY!" Miyuki rushed to her side and began to plant kisses all over her girlfriend to apologise. "COULD YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?"


"I just wanted to surprise you, y'know. If I'd known you'd punch me in the mouth I would've just stayed with you from the beginning." Sayaka explained while shifting the position of her jaw to make sure everything was normal.

"Sorry Sayanee…"

"Don't apologise to me on your birthday. I'm not even mad at you." Sayaka opened her bag and pulled out a pink box, "I even got you presents, that's gotta cheer you up eh?"

"Presents?" Like a dog hearing a whistle, Miyuki's ears perked up at the word.

Just like that, Miyuki didn't even remember punching anyone.

"I got you three things! I got you chocolate, this cute dress Fuuko said you had your eyes on… and erm… that's it." Sayaka laid the items on the table as her girlfriend excitedly inspected them.

"Wow, I was just about to buy this dress for myself. Thanks for the chocolate too!" Miyuki hugged her girlfriend tightly, "wait… didn't you say you had three things?" Miyuki looked back at the two items on the table.

Sayaka nervously scratched her head, "D-did I say that? Maybe I counted wrong."

"Eh, maybe you did… Now, how am I meant to thank you for all of this?" Miyuki leaned in and captured her girlfriend's lips. Before Sayaka knew it, Miyuki was pressing her body against her own. Their kiss grew more passionate as their tongues made entry into each other's mouths, both parties ready to heat things up further as Sayaka pulled Miyuki on top of her as she laid back on the couch...

Suddenly Miyuki grabbed the box that contained her presents, "AHA!" She dismounted her girlfriend as she was ready to unveil the last gift.

Sayaka shot up, "Milky wait! Don't open it!"

"Why not? Wait… there isn't a spider in here right?" Miyuki began to have second thoughts.

"No, it's just that… I changed my mind about giving the last present to you… it's embarrassing."

Miyuki tilted her head and opened the box. She grinned devilishly at Sayaka when she laid her eyes upon it. "What is this? Skimpy underwear? Did you expect me to wear this?"

"U-uh… it was on sale?"

"Oh Sayanee…" She pressed her lips against the other girl's. "Well, I'm gonna head off into the shower… If your birthday was any indication, you should already know what they do to birthday girls in Milkyland right?" Miyuki gave Sayaka's earlobe a quick nibble before she got up and made her way towards the shower.

Sayaka's head was spinning at the thought of what was coming next. She followed Miyuki towards the bathroom, the birthday girl had already begun undressing on the way there.

Sayaka whispered to herself, "I can't even tell if it's her birthday or mine anymore."

The last thing Sayaka saw before the shower turned on was Miyuki in her underwear giving her an intense set of bedroom eyes before she pressed her up against the wall.
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A new story so soon! I just binged the whole thing yesterday and there's already a new update to read! Thank you so much.
I usually only read WMatsui fics (and older gen because I don't know what the new gens even look like - I focus on SKE instead of AKB these days) but RinoRie Part 3 made me curious with what was going on with AnRena so I decided to read their and everyone else's stories. The collection - but RinoRie's stories most of all - give this cool extended universe vibe. There's all kinds of situations and relationships for everyone.
I appreciate you making it a point to differentiate couples from one another. Makes the overall feel more vibrant or something lol. I'll now share my comments on each of the pairings so far.

AnRena: For people whose faces I don't even know well (and therefore can't imagine while I'm reading), I was still pretty interested in their stories. I like that the nude model thing finished on a cute note. Kato Rena's recurring rock is something I'm particularly attached to now.

SayaMilky: Easily the couple with the most chemistry, imo. They have it all: the meet-cute, plenty of s*x, being able to use their talents around and for each other, a little jealousy episode, etc. My favorite story of theirs is Unconditionally. Something about Milky picking up a cupcake and eating it is just hilarious to me.

WMatsui: Their dynamic here is so new and refreshing. Their relationship usually starts with them already knowing each other and Rena not taking Jurina's crush on her seriously because 'she's just playing'. Cue angst. But here we have them cuddling at the first meeting and going to each other's room often after that. I'm soft :") I might be getting ahead of myself, though since I don't think it's been explicitly said that they're together now. Anyway, Jurina deciding to try wrestling moves on a person whose body is practically a barbecue stick??? W H Y , Jurina. Btw Sakura and Jurina being friendly will always be worth gold to me. Yes.

FuuMiru: Poor Fuuko. She didn't sound very happy at first. Poor Miru too because she got shouted at. That would have pushed me away from Fuuko. Luckily, that didn't happen. I'm happy that they're much better off (and dating) after their first meeting. Miru hanging around the dorm and answering the door naked is so funny.

SaeYaka: Theater. Teacher. That would explain Akimoto's weird way of talking. Her entrance was so...superhero-like lol. I actually thought that Sae's food poisoning patient (in Unconcious) was Akimoto but I guess that wasn't it.

KojiYuu: I wonder if Milky has them as teachers. At least Yuko took the opportunity that the mural presents seriously. 'Took'. Nevertheless, I believe that a genius, big-brain plan lurks behind NyanNyan's airhead facade. In fact, a painting of a cat would indeed convince me to join their painting classes if the work is cute enough.

YuiParu: AH BISU IS HERE. And working on deliveries too lol. Their second story made me go wild. Just Yuihan's luck that Paruru works there, that her lying is shit, and SHE ATE CAT FOOD FOR NOTHING. But hey she made Paruru laugh...? AND SHE GOT A DATE. Ish.

MaYuki: I can't believe I haven't noticed the absence of this pairing for so long in this fic. I absolutely loved their first fic in this collection. I'm interested in seeing how their relationship was and will be. NakoMiku as Mayu's minions were a cute addition.

YuuNaa: The YuuNaa stories make me wonder if they're based in real life since Naachan is definitely the clingy one. Yuiri's jealousy in Jealous Type didn't feel that far from reality tho lol. Her throwing the whole bowl out the window in In Sickness is one of my favorite parts of this collection.

SakuRuppi: A childhood couple! Kind of. I'm happy they're together now without much fuss.

RinoRie: THEY'RE WIVES. YES. *chef's kiss* GOOD SHIT. I love that they're there cultivating the younger gays people like that older couple in Bloom Into You. Their contest subplot is what made me want to read all the other stories.

I love how everyone got into their relationships without much (or any) angst. This is now one of my fluff go-tos. By coincidence, I ship all the couples so far and the ones that are still coming.
I'll always be looking forward to this from now on. Looking forward to next time!
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Post by: Nozokime on October 02, 2020, 12:30:20 PM
OMG two updates! I am always aware of your stories so thanks for making this wonderful oneshots.

I recently read the SayaMilky fic and I just loved that you have taken into account Miyuki's recent birthday, I think those details make the story great. Definitely those two always have a good time when they are alone, that was so cute and hot!

Thank you so much for the hard work, i looking forward to the next update!

Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Yet Another Birthday in Milkyland (SayaMilky)(9/29/20)
Post by: Haruko on October 07, 2020, 02:30:19 AM
I laught a lot with milky punching sayanee and saying sorry afterwads. Love sayamilky thank you!
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Replies to Comments

@Haruko: Honestly, it was my favorite part to write haha.

@Nozokime: I took Sayanee's birthday into account so I thought it would be nice if I made a fic for Milky's birthday too.  :)

@aneramyre: Wow. I'm absolutely blown away at the analysis on each pairing! I'm so happy you enjoyed everything I had to offer so far. Thank you so much! I was hoping someone would write a comment about the self referential stuff! Since were here, I'll get into my thought process on some of these pairings and the collection in general maybe I might answer a question you might have.

WMatsui: WMatsui fic writers are excellent at making compelling and gripping stories. I always thought that Jurina's excitable and headstrong character and Rena's more domestic and cool headed personality would make a good recipe for a light hearted comedic story.

YuuNaa: I usually try to take an aspect of a member and incorporate it into their character whether it be from Majisuka Gakuen or from their personality that comes through on their variety shows. Nana is definitely the more clingy of the two, but I kinda wanted to mix it up and have Yuiri be the possessive and jealous one.

RinoRie: I have a soft spot for these two. Their contest subplot is a fun way to mention new characters and reference pairings and the other stories.

I'm pretty bad at writing angst, so I wanted to have the collection lean towards comedy. I just love making characters and writing little stories for them.

Once again though, thank you for your comment!


I used up a ton of space on the replies so I'm gonna try to make it quick. This is the halloween special! I plan to upload more in the following weeks leading up to halloween. Get a little more of the pairings we know and love and perhaps a new one sprinkled in!

All fics for this special take place in the 48 Art Academy Halloween festival. Read as our favorite pairings enjoy the festivities!

Some of these fics will reference the other one shots in the collection, so I recommend reading them if you haven't already.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

18. Hexcode Zero (MaYuki, NakoMiku)

Mayu and her underlings stepped into the bustling lanes of the Academy Halloween festival. Chatter filled the air along with the aromas of several things cooking at once.

Miku took a few steps in front of the others and turned around, "So boss, what's the first order for today?"

Nako joined her side, "Should we win you a teddy bear? Grab you some food? Or maybe we should get an interview for the show."

Mayu raised her palm to silence them, "No need to do anything. I was gonna let you two go off on your own."

"On our own? Are you feeling alright boss?" Nako tilted her head.

"Does this mean... Boss doesn't need us anymore!?" Miku panicked. She was seconds away from ugly-crying.

"No no no… Nothing like that." Mayu reassured them, "you girls have been working hard lately, I think you two deserve this day to yourselves. Besides, when was the last time you girls have been on a date?"

Mayu's assistants briefly looked at each other after listening.

"What about you, boss? Are you okay being by yourself?" inquired Nako while she took a hold of Miku's hand.

"Don't worry about me, I plan to meet up with someone anyway. Now both of you get outta here." Mayu gestured for them to leave, "That's an order!"

"Yes boss!" The two said simultaneously.

Mayu watched as her assistants walked off into the distance hand in hand with smiles on their faces. Soon enough, they blended in with the crowd.


Mayu observed the stalls and vendors of the festival. She wasn't in the mood to play any of the carnival-like games, she mostly enjoyed taking in the sights and occasionally taking pictures of the scenery.

"Have you come alone Mayu?" A girl dressed in black approached her from behind.

Mayu turned around, "Ah Yuki, I am alone at the moment, what's up?"

"I was wondering... if you'd like to spend time with me during the festival. Just you and me."

"So like a date?"

The taller girl scratched her head nervously, "I suppose that's the word for it."

Mayu moved over to Yuki's side and latched onto her arm, "Sounds like a lotta fun. You earned yourself a date Yuki." She looked up at her and smiled.

Yuki's face reddened, she had no idea she'd even get this far nor did she think it'd be this easy.

Mayu giggled, "Let's grab some food, I'm starving." She said, pointing at a few food vendors.

"Of course." said Yuki stiffly before she began walking with the girl around her arm.

Funny to think this date would've never happened without Nezumi Radio.

19. Triple Date? (SayaMilky, FuuMiru, RinoRie)

A/N: Until now, I never realized I didn't have a name for the cafe.

Four girls were sat around a table enjoying copious amounts of Halloween Festival foods. Fuuko and Miyuki had planned this double date for ages, and luckily everyone hit it off well with each other.

"So you're saying Miru was just answering the door naked all day?" Miyuki laughed.

"Yeah. Miru's constantly naked in our room. I thought it was weird at first, but after the third week I got used to it." Fuuko shrugged.

Miru cried out, "Hey! There's nothing wrong with being nude! That's how the ancient people lived!"

"Y'know Milky, I wouldn't mind if you adopted that lifestyle." muttered Sayaka.

Miyuki chuckled and rolled her eyes, "Pervert."

Somewhere off in the distance Sayaka noticed the owners of Rino&Rie's participating in festival activities.

"Milky, Fuuko, aren't those two ladies your bosses?" Sayaka nudged them both.

The two girls turned their heads in the direction Sayaka pointed. Rino and Rie seemed happy in each other's company.

"Maybe we should call them over and turn this thing into a triple date. What do you think, Fuuko?" Miyuki suggested.

Fuuko responded quickly, "No."

Miru casually took a piece of cotton candy into her mouth, "Your bosses are super hot."

Fuuko slowly turned to her girlfriend, "Miru… what the fuck?"

20. Love is... (SudaYuria)

A/N: I don't think I've ever seen a fic of this ship. Maybe it's super uncommon?

The sound of indistinct chatter, a white noise of voices. The smell of sweets and the smoke of cooking. The sensation of a gentle wind against her skin. All senses were accounted for.

Suda Akari tapped the ground with her support cane, navigating the area as best she could. It was the most useful form of perception for a girl who was blind.

The girl beside her yanked the cane away, forcing her to release her grip.

"Yuria that's not funny! I need that!" Akari cried out. She took a cautious step forward.

"Hold out your hand." Yuria demanded.

"Huh, why?"

"We're gonna hold hands."

A smile crept across Akari's face, "Oh? Do I sense a soft side from you Yuria?"

"Look, there's a lot of shit you can bump into during the festival and that blind-person-pokey-stick just won't cut it for this occasion. That's all." Yuria was glad Akari couldn't see how red her face was getting, "J-just hold out your hand. I don't wanna say it again."

Akari slowly held out her hand and soon she felt Yuria interlace her fingers within her own.

"Stay close to me. I'm gonna keep you safe, alright?" Yuria said gently.

Akari giggled, "your hand is sweating."

"Tch. Lets just do something fun. How does food sound? What looks– er… smells good?"

"Hmm." Akari sniffed the air. "There's something to our right that smells delicious!"

Yuria smiled at the blind girl, and followed her wishes.

A/N: This is kinda what I mean when I say characters will be more bold in the future.
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Thanks for the reply! It was interesting to read and I find your preference for writing lighter stuff very relatable.

NakoMiku were adorable. Them calling Mayu 'boss' reminds me of their mafia skit. And the babies went to have a date AWWWW.

I re-read A Letter from Black Yuki before reading the new stories and I've only noticed that Yuki called herself a freak. Surely it's not because she wears all-black, right? Artists commonly express themselves aesthetically after all. Regarding their prior relationship, I noticed that it was probably just work-centered. As the one who knows both of their feelings, I'm glad that Mayu took it upon herself to make moves on Yukirin, especially since the latter seems to be awkward here (which is well-executed, if that's what you're going for).
Yuki's face reddened, she had no idea she'd even get this far nor did she think it'd be this easy.
Look at her suffering from success lol

The double date with NMB members was cute. Not being in NMB is probably another reason why Sasshi and Rie wouldn't fit in with them anyway lol Miru and Miyuki walking around naked in front of their girlfriends sounds like a win-win situation. Personally, though, I wouldn't want to have my gf exposing herself to others when answering the door :P

A/N: I don't think I've ever seen a fic of this ship. Maybe it's super uncommon?
I'm an avid fanfiction reader and I must agree that I've never seen an english SudaYuria fic before. In fact, I can't remember seeing a Dasu romance fic. Yuria tends to be paired with Kumi (when she's not being shipped with Kanon).
The choice to make Dasu blind was very interesting, especially since this is in an art school. I am very impressed with how you wrote Dasu. This side of hers - the teasing, friendly, and sunny personality that she brings in handshake events - is particularly appealing (and my favorite). The pairing is timely as well since I think I remember seeing a pic of them in twt a day or two ago.

I find the festival setting very exciting! I can imagine an energetic environment ripe for romance and friendship.
Thanks for the update! Looking forward to more.
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Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: Thank you for the comment and feedback! As far as Black Yuki calling herself a freak, it's something I plan on developing as you get to know her. The MaYuki fics have been mostly Mayu focused after all. As for Suda being a blind girl in an art school, I plan to develop her talents in a SudaYuria story that takes place before Love is...


Back again with more Halloween Festival stories! You know the drill, this is a handful of stories that showcase a few pairings during the 48 Art Academy Halloween festival

Once again, there may be references to past fics in the collection. So I recommend reading them to get a bit more context on the pairings.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

21. Studious (SakuRuppi)

"I'm sorry Sakura, but I can't go to the festival tonight, I have a test I have to study for." Haruka buried her nose in her textbook.

"What kind of class gives tests so close to the festival!?" shouted Sakura.

"Professor Takahashi's class. We're studying anatomy to properly recognize the human form."

Sakura paused for a moment, "Wait, isn't that test in two weeks?"

"Yes. If I don't get ahead of my studies I'll fall behind." Haruka flipped the page, "I'm sorry again, I promise to make it up to you in the future."

Sakura sighed, "I'll probably find someone else to go with then." She began to mumble to herself as she was exiting Haruka's room, "I think I still have Murashige's number..."

Haruka turned around and pushed her glasses up, "Murashige? As in, Murashige Anna? The girl who sat behind us in 9th grade math?"

"Yeah, that's the one! She actually goes to this school too." said Sakura.

"When did you get her number?" Haruka took her attention away from her studies completely.

Sakura froze, "Oh… I kinda… uh… dated her the year after you moved. I never mentioned that, have I?" nervous laughter left her lips.

"You haven't."

There wasn't a single moment of silence in the school that was nearly as awkward as the one Haruka and Sakura shared.

Sakura hesitated, "It never got super serious or anything–"

The loud thump of a textbook shutting closed made Sakura visibly recoil.

"And that concludes my studies." Haruka stood up from her chair and walked out of Sakura's sight, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

"Ugh, good one Sakura. You pissed off your girlfriend. Argh, stupid, stupid!" She scolded herself. Sakura could only wait to receive her girlfriend's judgement. Even though Haruppi was adorable when she was mad, Sakura hated making her upset.

The short haired girl returned after a few moments, "You should probably return to your dorm."

"Are… we breaking up?"

Haruka smiled and kissed Sakura's forehead, "Don't be silly, we have a date to go on tonight. You should probably freshen up too."

Sakura squealed, "Wait, so we're going to the Festival?"

"Yes, now come on. Freshen up quick, don't wanna be too late now, do we?" Haruka escorted her girlfriend towards the door.

"I'll meet up with you here at 7." Sakura kissed Haruka before making her way out of the dorm.

Haruka held the door closed before Sakura could leave.

"Before you go, did you still have Murashige's number?"

"Yeah… why?"

"Delete it."

22. Inspire (AnRena)

Rena wanted to win a stuffed plushie for Anna. The problem was, the bottle-knockdown game was impossible to win.

The pyramid of bottles toppled once Renacchi threw the first ball leaving only one left standing.

Upon throwing the second ball, it simply bounced off the last bottle instead of knocking it down.

"What the… Is this game rigged? Is that bottle nailed down or something?" Rena scratched her head, frustrated.

"Just knock down the bottle for a stuffed animal! Surely it's not that hard!" the game attendant Kimoto Kanon encouraged with a wide grin. She stuffed her hand into a puppet, and made it speak, "C'mon! Just throw the ball already!"

It took all of Rena's patience to not throw the last ball at Kanon's nose.

Anna tapped her girlfriend's shoulder, "Hey Rena, can I give this a try?"

"Sure, I'm pretty sure this game is rigged though." Kato extended her arm and offered the last ball to Anna.

"Oh, I don't need the ball." Anna picked up a rock from the floor and furiously catapulted it to the last bottle.

It was a direct hit, but the bottle didn't get knocked down. It shattered into pieces.

Anna dusted off her hands and smiled at Rena, "Like any artist, I was hit with a little inspiration." She turned her attention to Kanon, "Give me that cute bunny plush in the corner."

23. Recovery (SaeYaka)

Sayaka and Sae walked in between the food vendors and trinket shops of the Halloween festival. After a long day of walking and festivities the two just wanted the simple relief of sitting down at a table.

"Are you sure you don't need any help with that?" Sae got seated quickly while keeping an eye on the other woman.

Sayaka placed several bags and boxes of festival souvenirs, stuffed animals, and snacks down on the table. "No need to assist me, as long as your ankle is in recovery I do the lifting."

"Sayaka… you realize I'm a grown woman right? My ankle barely hurts anymore. I can carry stuff." Sae groaned.

"Proper lifting form starts from your legs which can also strain the ankles. I won't contribute to reaggravating your injury." Sayaka sat down after she put the last bag on the table. "Certain bones only take 15 pounds of force to break, much less for your ankle."

Sae stared for a moment, "How do you even know that?"

"I had one of my students play the part of a serial killer. She demonstrated with a brick–"

"Whoa! okay! I didn't actually wanna know." Miyazawa waved her hands.

Sayaka pulled out some food from one of the bags and began to eat, Sae did the same.

In the middle of the two eating, Sae spoke with a mouthful of takoyaki, "Hey uh, I never got to thank you for taking care of me when my ankle was busted."

Sayaka looked up, "Think nothing of it. I just wanted to help someone in need."

"You think once I'm all recovered, you'll still stop by my apartment every now and then?"

"Are you lacking in companionship?"

Sae looked down, "Can't say I was the type of girl who made friends easy..."

Sae felt a hand on top of hers. The two locked eyes across the table.

"Anytime you need a strong woman. You can call on me."
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I had a dream two nights ago that you updated this lol. Btw I hope you don't mind me commenting on every update? esp since I don't always have a lot of useful things to say.

Since this is a lighthearted series, I won't be looking to much into the possible future problems that Haruppi's attitude could bring lol ie a sad direction that I myself have traversed before Scared Sakura is cute, like her just waiting for Haruppi's punishment. I can't seem to say a lot of stuff about Sakuruppi but I really like their relationship here, where they're super familiar with each other (because childhood friends) and new (because they just met again) at the same time.
We get yet another peek into Takamina-sensei's scary teaching style. I'm excited for when her fics come up.

HA. THE ROCK. Interesting solution to a common problem (or trope).
"Like any artist, I was hit with a little inspiration."
Lol so was the bottle.
Kanon makes an appearance too!

Sayaka is very interesting (and has an equally interesting student). She speaks very dramatically, fitting of a theater teacher, and seems very fixated on strength and helping people. She sounds like a hero straight out of a drama or play. I wonder where (and how) she and Sae will end up (together).

Thanks as always! Looking forward to more.
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Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: I dont mind you commenting on the updates at all! I love reading the details you catch. Thanks as always.


Here we go again more Halloween stuff. Yup. Probably gonna be the last collection of this event.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

24. Confession (YuiParu)

Paruru and Yui were stepping out of the festival together. (Though Bisu was never that far behind.) They had a pretty eventful day of meeting up with friends, eating good food, and generally having a good time.

However, Yui didn't plan for this to be a simple hangout. This was meant to be the day she shared her feelings. The moon was high in the sky, and they were passing by the campus flower garden. The setting couldn't be more romantic if it tried.

Yui stopped walking, causing the other girl to halt movement as well.

"Can I say something before we call it a night?" Yui nervously asked.

"What is it?"

Yui took a deep breath, from this point there's no return.

"Haruka, you probably suspected it by now. But I really like you. I always thought you were pretty, but since we started spending more time while you're working, my feelings for you got stronger than I could've anticipated. I'm not fulfilled just being around you, I wanna be with you." She tried her hardest not to ramble on, "it's fine if you don't wanna hang out with me after all this, but I had to get this off my chest one way or another."

The salty girl stayed silent with no expression on her face. It didn't look good for Yui. This was looking to be a textbook rejection.

Yui sighed, "I get it, I had fun today. See you around I guess…" she began to walk away. Tears were gonna be unloaded onto her cat later.

"Wanna know my honest opinion?"

Yui stopped dead in her tracks and turned around.

"I think you made this way harder than it had to be." Paruru spoke in a stoic tone.

"What do you mean?"

"The letters, eating cat food, confessing in a flower garden under the moon. You should've confessed earlier."

Yui was speechless, "Have you never had a crush on someone before!? Admitting your feelings isn't easy!"

"How hard could it be?" Paruru shrugged.

"I. Ate. CAT FOOD."

Paruru calmly walked forward, and wrapped her arms around Yui.

"Haruka, what are you doin–"

Yui's question was muffled by Paruru's lips. It only lasted for a second, but it shut Yui up good.

"See? That wasn't hard at all." Paruru smiled with satisfaction. "I had a good time today Yui. I'll see you tomorrow. Call me after class." She planted one last kiss on Yui's cheek before leaving for the dormitory. In a flip of a switch salty became sweet.

And then there was one girl left. Yui's heart was pounding, her mind was racing, and her mouth unspeaking.

From the shadows, Bisu came around and wrapped himself around Yui's leg. The cat cocked his head and meowed at his owner.

"Bisu, I can't believe it. But you got me a girlfriend."

25. Mion Missing (YuuNaaMogiOn)

"Take your pick of my wonderful hand-made plushies!" Kanon spoke through a puppet as her head dangled to one side.

Nana set down the pellet rifle, she shot down three shooting gallery targets in an impressive time. Who knew she was a sharpshooter?

"Give my beautiful girlfriend the dolphin plush." Nana pointed amongst the several assorted animals.

Kanon happily handed the stuffed dolphin to Yuiri.

Yuiri hugged her prize. "I had a feeling you'd pick that one Naachan."

Mogi rushed from around the corner in a panic, "Yuuchan! Naachan! Have any of you seen Mion? I can't find her!"

The two girls looked at each other.

"How do you lose your girlfriend? I never take my eyes off my Naachan." Yuiri wrapped her free hand around her girlfriend's arm.

Nana couldn't help but laugh a little. "You lost an entire person?"

"Cmon! Gimme a break. Mion is like… 4 inches tall. Help me out please?" The tall girl pleaded.

"As long as you buy dinner for me and my Naachan."

"Sure! Whatever!" Mogi took the lead and searched around.

The couple shrugged and helped their friend find her missing girlfriend.

26. Burning Spirit Part 3: Submit (WMatsui)

"Fuuko, Miyuki, Sayaka! How can you guys catch up with me on your little legs?" She teased.

Miru skated down the lanes on her longboard, while lacking in grace in other departments she was an angel on the wheels.

Little did she know in the bushes, there was a predator lying in wait.

Jurina readied her arm, this Hollywood lariat was gonna be her most vicious one yet.

"FEEL THE MIGHT OF HOLLYWOOD JURINA!" before Jurina could hop out of the bushes, someone pulled on her collar preventing any further distance.

Rena glared at Jurina, "Just what on earth did you think you were doing? You can't just throw lariats at innocent people!"

"Sure I can! Now lemme go! She's getting away!"

As Jurina broke free, Rena caught her wrist in time before she could make a run for it. Quickly, she twisted her arm and bent her wrist upwards.

"OW! Rena! What are you doing?!"

"This is a wrist lock. A basic wrestling hold. After watching all that wrestling, surely you didn't skip over the fundamentals did you?" Rena carefully kept the pressure steady. She was a licensed medical professional after all, a school of knowledge that went two ways.

"I'm sorry Rena! Let me go!"

"As long as there's no more Hollywood Jurina. It's gonna be a simple date from this point forward."

"Fine! Fine! I'll stop!"

"Tap out first."

Rena released the hold once she heard Jurina tap out.

The older girl planted a kiss on the other girl's forehead, "If your arm hurts next morning give me a call."

Jurina panted, "One of these days I want a rematch!"
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Yuihan and Paruru are together now! Yay!
I love the image of Bisu trailing after them and Yuihan hanging out while Paruru is working. Bringing up the cat food incident still makes me laugh to this day.

Kanon is working hard, huh. Either she's working at multiple stalls or she changes her stall from ball-hits-bottle to sniper-hits-targets. Or there are Kanons in multiple stalls  :?
Naachan scoring a plush for Yuiri is cute and so is Yuiri scoring free dinner for her and Naachan.
As a small person, yes, I agree that we are easy to lose in a crowd. But the fact that Mogi lost Mion but Yuihan didn't lose Bisu is hilarious to me.

Is Miru's longboarding an in-universe thing or an irl thing? Either way, it's an interesting (if unexpected) image.
Jurina's always getting her arms into trouble lol they can't catch a break.
Rena being able to handle Jurina's wrestling obsession physically is so good. Same for the way she knows the basic wrestling stuff + makes Jurina tap out. Her dedication to being a medical professional and protecting the general public from her girlfriend (relationship confirmed :O) is really cool.
Hollywood Jurina may be a warrior but all warriors bow down to the Queen. Queen Gekikara, that is.
I hope their "simple date from this point forward" went well.

Edit: Thanks for the update and congrats on 7k views!
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Post by: Haruko on October 30, 2020, 02:20:20 AM
24.Sweet Paru is sooo lovely!

25.OMG Where is Mion!!?!

26. Hahah Jurina and her wrestler obsession, love it

thank you for this!
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Post by: Nozokime on November 02, 2020, 09:43:32 AM
A great update!

I really liked YuiParu they are so cute, I love that bisu had a lot to do with the beginning of their relationship and how well you knew how to capture each of their personalities, Paru is really adorable when she proposes it.
WMatsui as always playing with each other but Jurina's obsession with wrestling makes it a bit more fun.

I love that in addition to the pairings there are also a lot of different stories, obviously SayaMilky is my favorite but with a lot of pairings it is easy to become fond of and get into the other stories that are also related to each other and that is great because one can have a good time reading them.

Thanks for this halloween update!
I will keep waiting for more of your stories, I wonder what will follow.. :lol:
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Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: Thanks for reading! Miru does longboard irl! I started developing a huge soft spot for her because I longboard too!

@Haruko: Mion was later found on a tall tree branch. How did she even get there? But once again thank you for reading!

@Nozokime: I'm glad you're reading the different stories. I hope you're enjoying everything! Of course there will be more SayaMilky in the future!


Here we are again, non Halloween fics coming right up! This story is a little different. It takes place before A Letter from Black Yuki. I'll explain more in the author's note.

This one isn't gonna be super romantic. This is an origin story of sorts. The reason why NakoMiku are Mayu's underlings (as well as a tiny bit of MaYuki). I'll have NakoMiku romance at some point in the future.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

11. Little Hackers (Yabuki Nako + Tanaka Miku)

Little Hackers (NakoMiku)

A/N: Admittedly this is a little light on the romance and more of a way to explore the characters a little more. To show what kind of relationship MaYuki had before their first fic as well as NakoMiku's relationship with Mayu. Once again to be clear, this story takes place before 'A Letter from Black Yuki'. I'd still recommend reading that first though.

"Again! Press the button again!" Nako held her gut in a fit of frenzied laughter.

Miku tapped the screen of her phone and all the lights in the dorm went out followed by the screams of several students.

A horror movie recently came out about some murderer who went on a stabbing spree during a power outage. As long as that film was fresh in the minds of students, there was no better time to pull this sadistic prank off.

When the dorms changed to wifi switches for the lights, it was all over for everyone. To Miku and Nako, all the lights in the dormitory were so deliciously hackable. They also jammed the main generator for good measure, so it was goodnight for all plug-in electronics.

"This is too much fun!" Miku giggled when the lights turned back on.

"Now lights out!" Nako reached over and pressed Miku's phone screen. The halls were plunged in darkness once more. More screams were heard and the two erupted into another fit of laughter.

"Your 'fun' comes to an end."

That voice certainly didn't sound like Nako or Miku.

In the darkness, the two hacker girls felt they were being watched. They couldn't tell by who or what, but the possibility that they might not be alone was not a possibility they wanted being true. Hesitantly, Miku tapped her phone screen to illuminate the dormitory.

The lobby lights flickered on to reveal one of the most infamous prefects the academy has to offer standing face to face with them.

Black Yuki stood with her arms crossed. A thick book clutched in one of her hands, "You girls must be the ones responsible for this disorder."

Her eyes pierced the both of them. They were frozen in fear as their positions were now compromised. The girls didn't even try to feign innocence, "Black Yuki! We're Sorry! We were just leaving!" The two bowed their heads to her.

"Spare your apologies!" Black Yuki marched forward glaring at the two of them, "Pack your bags. I will escort you both to the principal first thing next morning to have you delinquents expelled."

"Please! Dont expel us! Give us another chance!"

"You girls aren't worthy of forgiveness!" Black Yuki growled. She opened her book and made two tally marks amongst many others. "You two will leave as the rest of them did."

Hope drained from the faces of the little hackers. Their time in art academy has come to its end.

"I can handle the rest from here Yuki."

Mayu stepped down the hall removing a pair of earbuds from her ears. The security cameras curiously followed her movements despite the electronics being jammed by Miku and Nako. Those cameras didn't belong to the school did they?

"Watanabe!" Yuki's voice pitched an octave as she rushed to her side like her guard dog. The imposing prefect's image softened when Mayu showed up. "I'm afraid that there's nothing left to be dealt with. I have these two girls set for expulsion tomorrow morning."

"Lift the expulsion. Let's give a second chance to these girls. Besides I doubt the principal wants to do more paperwork because of you."

Nako and Miku watched the two prefects debate on their status. They were definitely rooting for Mayu to get her way.

Yuki stammered, "S-surely we can't keep them enrolled! It's a liability!"

"Yuki! Do you not trust my choices? You don't believe I can properly discipline them?"

"No-no its… just-"

"Then let me handle this one." Mayu fluttered her eyes, "please?"

Yuki stood no chance against Mayu's charms "Fine, but I don't want getting delinquents out of rightful expulsion to become a habit of yours." She began to withdraw herself from the group.

"Before you go" Mayu inserted a wad of cash into Yuki's jacket pocket. "Grab me a soda from the vending machine will ya? Drop it off at my doorstep."

Yuki silently nodded before turning on her heels again.

"Thanks Yuki, you're the best!"

The two girls who were awaiting disciplinary action watched the first prefect leave the area. They weren't sure if it was their imagination, but Yuki's face was beet red.

"Super tense atmosphere in here huh?" Mayu turned to the girls, "follow me, let's get some fresh air."


Nako and Miku followed Mayu's lead, the campus was mostly empty at this time of night save for a few prefects doing their rounds patrolling the school grounds.

The group stopped at a table where they all sat together. Miku and Nako occupying one side and Mayu sitting alone on the opposite end.

"I was always against the school installing wifi light switches. It was only a matter of time before someone would exploit it." Mayu periodically checked her phone screen. "No clue why you two chose to stay in the lobby, there's cameras set up everywhere down there."

"I thought we hit the generator. That should've disabled the cameras." Nako curiously turned to her partner.

Miku cocked her head, "How did you find us anyway?"

"You girls did get the generator. I lost all my progress on an essay I was writing."

Nako and Miku averted their eyes nervously.

"But those cameras are mine. Battery powered, so if you wanted to compromise them, you'd have to deal with them one by one. I'd notice before you got a single one of them though." Mayu showed the girls the camera feeds through her phone. "That aside, I'm still pretty pissed off about my essay."

"Then why didn't you let your friend expel us?"

Mayu smiled, "because I got a good gig for you two as my assistants. Get those talents used for good, and lots of tech for you two to play with." She leaned in closer, "so how's that sound? Planning on joining the winning team?"

"What will we do as assistants?"

"Well, I'll explain tomorrow morning. Get some rest and appear at my door at 7:30 sharp. It's hard to do Nezumi Radio alone."

Nako and Miku turned to each other wide-eyed, "Wait! You're the host of Nezumi Radio? You're the cyborg idol? We love your show!"

"Yes and if you don't keep it down, I'll change my mind about not expelling you." hissed Mayu.

The two girls bowed their heads in apology.

"Alright, I'll see you little hackers next morning. You girls will make me proud right?" Mayu stood from her seat.

"Yes boss!"

Boss? Huh, I could get used to that.

As Mayu walked back to the dormitory, she looked over her shoulder and saw the two girls following her like ducklings to their mother.

"Where do you two think you're going?"

"I thought we were supposed to get rest for tonight boss." Nako curiously tilted her head.

Miku followed up, "Yeah, to meet with you next morning."

Mayu crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow, "Yeah... you're not stepping foot into the dorm until you get that generator up and running again. Are we understood?"

In unison, albeit less enthusiastically, the girls responded.

"Yes boss."
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You'll never see me complaining about fics that are 'light on the romance' considering that's what I write most of the time lol.
Besides, you write interactions and relationships in a way that are still interesting despite them not being romantic. I highly respect that skill especially in lighthearted fics where there's  no 'damage' or trauma that your characters can dramatically bond over.
As always, I enjoy reading your dialogs. They never sound like you're just listing replies back and forth for several lines. Neither does it sound like it's struggling to put a detail or movement with every spoken line; you've got a good balance going over there.

As for the story, awesome backstory on those four. Hacker artists?! NakoMiku are literally who I wish to be!
Looks like Mayu already knows how to 'deal with' Black Yuki from before she confessed, huh? Though Black was being pretty obvious lol. The image of NakoMiku following Mayu like baby ducks is so cute! It was nice learning how they started working for their mom- I mean... Boss.

Thanks for the update!
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Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: Thank you for reading! As far as dialogue goes, I try my hardest to make that a standout part of the stories most of the time. I try to make the girls talk differently, I even try to limit which ones can swear.


More Minis! I have a small preview of another one shot I'm writing in this collection too. Think of it as a bonus.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

27. Burning Spirit Part 4: Queen Slayer (WMatsui)

"Jurina, I want out of your psycho wrestling obsession before you seriously hurt someone!" Sakura made a desperate dash for the door, hoping to escape the room before Jurina could maul her with wrestling moves. But all hope was gone when the doorknob wouldn't turn.

Sakura was trapped in a room with Hollywood Jurina.


She felt Jurina grab her wrist from behind and pull her arm like a ripcord. Sakura was jerked into a stiff Lariat, the impact flipping her inside-out onto the hardwood floor.

This was the might of Hollywood Jurina's Rainmaker.


Sakura regained consciousness in the nurse's office, she was laid out on the bed as Nurse Matsui pressed an ice pack on her head.

"You described your symptoms as feeling like your head is underwater, yes?" Rena spoke softly to her patient.

Sakura weakly nodded.

"This sounds like the early signs of a concussion. Do you remember how you got injured?" She let Sakura hold onto the ice pack as she inspected for more injuries.

"Jurina hit me with some wrestling move… and I hit my head on the floor and blacked out."

Rena gasped, "Jurina did this?"

"Yeah. She said something about 'slaying the queen'. Would you know anything about that?"

There was an awkward pause between the two.

"I wouldn't… know a thing… about that!" Rena's smile was larger than her face. She turned away from her patient as she began pulling at her own hair and cackling until she couldn't breathe.

Sakura pulled the sheets right below her eyes, watching in fear as Queen Gekikara manifested herself before her.

Are all Matsuis fucking crazy?

28. The Cafe's Contest: Part 5 (RinoRie)

Rino waved goodbye to the last employee of the closing shift before locking the door. All the chairs were put up and the tables were wiped down, she and her wife were fortunate to have such hard workers.

"Sasshi, we got another one of those art pieces. Thought you'd wanna check it out considering you're the expert and all." Rie smiled as she handed the wrapped canvas to her wife.

"Kashiwagi Yuki's entry right?"

Rino tore away the wrapping to reveal a painting of a teacup. It was painted only in red, but the colour transitioned to a brownish hue further away from the center.

The wives stared at the impressive piece, it was obvious this was made by a very talented artist.

"I think we have a winner Sasshi, its super eye-catching and it fits the cafe."

Rino crouched and took a deeper look into the painting, "I don't know. There's a haunting quality to it. It kinda freaks me out."

"Really? It freaks you out? It's a teacup." Rie scratched her head, "I'll never understand you artist-types."

There was no response to her remarks, Rino remained transfixed on the piece. She knew there was something off. She touched the painting and traced the line work with her fingers briefly before going ghostly pale.

"Rie, we're throwing this away." She grabbed the canvas and arose hastily.

"Whoa whoa, what's going on? I thought we don't throw art away."

"Rie… she painted this with… blood."

29. Love Letter (FuuMiru)

Fuuko donned her work uniform and made her way out of the dorm, but was stopped by her (perpetually-naked) girlfriend.

"Hey Fuuko, before you go." She kissed her and held out a paper bag, "I made you a lunch for work!"

"Aww that's super sweet of you babe." Fuuko happily took the bag and peered inside to see the contents.

"I made you a bento box and wrote you a little note about how much I love you."

Fuuko reached inside and pulled out her 'little' note.

"Miru… this is ten pages long."


Oya Family Welcome (Oya Shizuka, Kizaki Yuria+)


Yuria wasn't willing to wait that long, she charged at Shizuka with her fist raised. She blindly swung her fist at her face and immediately felt an impact.

Shizuka had caught Yuria's punch without flinching. She slowly looked down at her and shook her head.

"I hope you know I have to punish you for that." Shizuka twisted Yuria's fist, and held her in place, "Kusogaki, show her how we deal with rule breakers."

Ryoka walked slowly with a smile on her face, eager to carry out violence. A crooked fang poked out at the edge of her mouth.

"You shoulda listened to the queen, stupid girl!"

She spat onto her fist before delivering a devastating hook across Yuria's face. She immediately felt blood fill her mouth as she pathetically crumpled to the floor.

Shizuka crouched down to Yuria, "Pick yourself back up and follow the fucking rules this time."
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Nice update, I really enjoy every drabbles :lol:
FuuMiru as always being funny, I think I am really liking that pairing as well as RinoRie that I also find interesting.
Thanks for the updates and as always I will be waiting for the next ones!
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Post by: aneramyre on November 24, 2020, 06:41:23 AM
(Man, I'm so late! The chaos of several typhoons have just passed.)

Poor Sakura tangled up in this Matsui mess. And for Rena, how stressful is it to be a nurse yet dating someone who causes so many injuries *facepalm*.
Completely by coincidence, Mutoh Keiji recently suggested that WMatsui should have a wrestling match at some point lol. This series is the first thing that came to mind.

I agreed with KitaRie at first. Of course, a teacup fits a cafe. I actually thought the red was some sort of high-class tea/coffee that Black used to paint the piece but NOPE IT'S BLOOD. Throw the whole thing away! >_<

Miru was so sweet! She must have written all her thoughts while lying around naked lol. At 10 pages, it's more of 'a note with a bento' than 'a bento with a note'

That bonus preview was intense! I had no idea what was going on but it sounds exciting. Looks like Oya yakuza family action starring Team B?

Thanks for the update!
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@Nozokime: Glad you're coming around on FuuMiru. I assume you are an NMB fan after all. Thank you for following my work

@aneramyre: I hope you're doing okay! Philippines right? I got some family back there. Thank you for reading and commenting as always.


Another prequel story. Takes place one year before any YuuNaa story up to the point before Jealous Type begins. I always thought Naachan needed some development. I always found her to be a little plain in my stories. Then again, that's not a bad thing.

Also I know there's a limit to how much sex we can write in these fics, but I'm not really sure how much sex is too much sex. So there is a good possibility I might have to reupload this as a censored version sometime. I should get started on Christmas minis soon.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

12. Bittersweet (Okada Nana + Kojima Mako)

Bittersweet (NaaMako)

A/N: This takes place before any YuuNaa story. I also admit I may have edited a line from 'Anger' to make this fic make more sense.

Nana took a deep breath before raising her hand to knock on the door. Just as she found the courage, she lowered her fist as anxiety took over again.

She had been in front of Mako's door for ten minutes now. Anyone who passed by probably thought she was some idiot who locked herself outside her dorm or heavens forbid they thought she was a stalker.

"Come on Nana, you got this." She took another deep breath, "three...two…" and on the last count she rapidly knocked on the door in front of her.

A voice shouted from the other side, "Miki is that you? I told you you're banned from my room until you give me that thousand yen you owe me."

"Um it's me, Nana!"


Nana heard the fumbling of locks from the other side before the door was thrown open.

Mako greeted her, dressed only in a loose t-shirt and her underwear. "Hey Naachan, I was actually about hop in the shower."

"Oh, is this a bad time?"

"I mean, did you wanna join me or something?" She licked her lips and winked playfully.

Nana anxiously bit her lower lip, "I actually just wanted to talk."

Her response seemed to stun Mako for a second

"Huh, you never turn down sex. This must be serious then." Mako fully opened the door and gestured at Nana to enter.

The two made their way inside the familiar dorm. Mako was hospitable and offered to make coffee, order food, and other treatments, to which Nana politely declined.

They entered the bedroom. Mako lowered herself down onto the mattress and patted the area beside her signaling for the other girl to sit.

Nana was very, very, familiar with this bed.

"Is something going on Naachan?" Her usual playful expression shifted into one of concern. "You said you wanted to talk about something."

"Yeah…" Nana found herself freezing up again, but was jolted back into action when she felt the other girl place her hand on top of hers.

"Don't be afraid to tell me anything Naachan."

It was Mako's encouraging tone that gave Nana the bravery to speak up.

"I wanna take my life seriously now. This is our first year in the academy, and I want to start putting my full attention to my art. I can't keep goofing off anymore. Being an artist is my dream, but the partying and the one-night stands are slowing me down from realizing my goals. I need to start making big changes with myself and with my life." Nana spilled it out, knowing full well the hard part wasn't even over with.

"No more casual sex, got it." Mako smiled, "even though getting trashed with you was fun, you know you'll always have my support no matter what, Naachan."

The hard part was coming right up. She wasn't looking forward to this. But if she wanted change so badly, this was how it had to be.

"I'm gonna try my hardest to find out who I am this year, but I have to be alone for this."

Nana stopped talking for a moment, not breaking her eye contact with the other girl. She took one deep breath before letting the last of her feelings out.

"I have to leave you and Miki behind for a while."

"Oh." Of course that was Mako's answer. How else would anyone react if their longtime friend decided to leave their life? The smile was wiped clean off her face, and it broke Nana's heart.

"I'm sorry, maybe I was being crazy. I'll reconsider."

"Nana..." She didn't even say Naachan this time, for once Nana saw Mako being serious. "If you wanna do some soul searching and devote yourself to art… do it. Even if it means I can't see you to the end."

"You're okay with me leaving you and Miki?"

Mako placed a tender kiss on the corner of Nana's lip, and all of her anxiety was washed away.

"We can't be careless kids forever. Besides, I wouldn't be a good friend if I held you back forever now, would I?" Mako softly chuckled, "you, me and Miki are forever... we'll see each other again one day."

It was after she said that Nana came to the realization that their friendship, as far as she knew it, was over once she stepped out of her dorm. The expiration date was within the hours. A different anxiety came over her.

"Mako… what if we… did it one last time?"

"I thought you were giving up casual sex?"

"I am, but I want my last time to be with someone special. I can't even remember the name of the last girl I did it with. Komiyama? Iwata?"

Mako cupped Nana's face and closed the gap between their lips. She chuckled once they separated, "you don't have to convince me to fuck you."

Maybe it was how she looked in her oversized shirt and panties or how she said that last sentence, but Nana immediately pinned the girl down to the bed and initiated a passionate (but very rough) kiss. 

Nana wasted no time slipping her hand under the girl's shirt to feel up her body as their lips were locked together. Mako sat up to remove her top, why not make it easy for the other girl?

Nana pinned Mako back down and began to trail kisses from her neck to her midsection, down to her underwear. She grinned teasingly as she removed the last of her clothing.

Mako closed her eyes and let the other girl take over. She let out the occasional moan and gasp as Nana worked her magic. With her eyes still shut Mako giggled, "Someone's feeling a little generous today."

"If this is our last time… I'm gonna make sure you remember it." said Nana, before burying her face between Mako's legs.

Mako threw her head back and grabbed handfuls of her pleasurer's hair as Nana did what she did best.

Making Kojima Mako lose her fucking mind.


One year later

Professor Kojima (Haruna) and Professor Oshima (Yuko) were having a collaboration project between their classes.

Each student was handed the phone number of their partner from the opposite class. From there, they'd make contact, find each other and begin work. The professors thought hunting your partner down was half the fun of the project. It was a polarizing concept amongst the student body.

"Meet me up on the rooftop of dormitory A." Nana sent a text to her partner, hoping she scored someone she could rely on.

Nana wondered if she even knew anyone from the other painting class. She texted Yuiri to pass the time, flooding her chat logs with cute videos of baby animals. Upon the 20th video in a row, she heard the sound of someone climbing the steps to the rooftop behind her.

Her partner's laughter sounded too familiar, "Must be destiny huh?"

Nana quickly turned towards the direction of the voice to be met with the face of Kojima Mako.

"You got a cute new haircut and you're dating a hot theater girl..." Mako pretended to shed tears, "look at my Naachan, she's all grown up."

Nana beamed as she was finally reunited with her longtime friend and (thankfully past) lover, "We got a lot of catching up to do, don't we?"
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Bittersweet (NaaMako) (11/25/20)
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Oooh this is more involved with sexy times than the usual installments. Should I or should I not have expected this with Naachan as the main character? lmao.
I had to redo my imagination of the first part because I forgot that Naachan used to have long hair.
It was interesting to see a deeper look at this universe's version of the Yuiri-Naachan-KojiMako relationships. NaaMako's casual reunion at the end is so cute.
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Bittersweet (NaaMako) (11/25/20)
Post by: Nozokime on December 04, 2020, 10:15:47 AM
Ah I really didn't expect this update but I love it, NaaMako is really cute and the sexy moments are very well developed.
Nana as always behaving like a playboy but I'm glad she reconsidered her situation and had a good ending after all.

I will be looking forward to the Christmas drabbles! It's good that you include a different theme to each of your stories, the effort is appreciated.
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Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: Naachan is definitely... active. But I believe many of the pairings will get their time. Thank you for sticking around with me!

@Nozokime: I'm excited at the idea of a holiday special! I hope you enjoy them when they come! Thank you for reading as always!


These aren't the holiday drabbles. But... I'll have em up in a week maybe. So here are two minis. Hope you enjoy!

Also glad the last fic wasn't sexy enough to be removed.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

30. Black Out (MaYuki)

Yuki learned a few things about Mayu today.

The first thing being that Mayu is cute when she's drunk. The second thing is that Mayu absolutely can NOT handle her drinks.

Being intoxicated is one thing, but Mayu was on another level. Yuki was amused watching such an intelligent girl transform into some pants-on-head mess.

Yuki carried Mayu back to her own dorm, using all of the strength her body could allow. Thankfully she put the little drunk in her bed before her arms gave out.

"Rest in my room for tonight, I'll watch over you." Yuki pulled the blanket over Mayu before leaving her to sleep.

Yuki checked the fridge to see if she had anything to remedy the girl's inevitable hangover the following morning. Water and a decent breakfast usually does the trick.

She also made sure the bathroom was open in the event Mayu would have to puke in the middle of the night.

After making proper arrangements, Yuki returned to Mayu to check on her.

"Mayu! What are you doing?!" Yuki walked in on the other girl undressing herself.

"I sleep… in my undies... Is that… a problem?" Mayu clumsily slurred as she tossed her skirt to one side of the room. "You... were gonna… see this anyway. Haha."

The taller girl straightened up and regained her poise. "Tell me if there's anything else you need."

"I'd like… for you… to join meeeee." Mayu giggled and reached for Yuki's hands. "You're not gonna... make me sleep alooone are youuu?"

"If that's what you'd like. Very well then." Yuki lowered herself onto the bed and wrapped her arms around the other girl. She was exhausted anyway, so rest was just what the doctor ordered.

The two laid in each other's arms before the smaller girl began to squirm and shift around.

"Is something wrong Mayu?"

"It's uncomfortable… your clothes… take em off…" Mayu dribbled out.

"Ah! M-Mayu are you sure about this?"

To which she slowly nodded.

Yuki stood up slowly and began to strip down. She collected their discarded clothes and dropped them into the laundry hamper in the corner of the room. She returned to the bed only in her underwear as requested.

Mayu turned on the lamp causing Yuki to freeze in place. "Ha… of course your... undies are black." Her words were garbled in a verbal soup.

Yuki turned off the lamp and gently lowered herself next to Mayu underneath the blanket.

"Mmm... Yukirin... so pretty."

In the darkness Yuki felt lips press into her own.

In a deep state of shock, Yuki fell out of the bed and scrambled to turn the lamp back on.

"Mayu did we just-"

To no response, as Mayu was already fast asleep.

31. Closet Perv? (SakuRuppi)

The plan for the night was for Sakura and Haruka to have a little date after their classes ended. Nothing too extravagant, just a 'stay in, cook something nice, and cuddle' kind of day.

As planned, Sakura proceeded to head over to Haruka's dorm after class. (She actually ditched, but Haruppi doesn't need to know that haha.)

She opened the door and immediately smelled a savory aroma from the kitchen. She had no idea what was cooking, but it smelled good. Sakura announced her arrival to which Haruka simply responded, "Make yourself comfortable!"

Sakura plopped on the couch and looked at the books scattered on the coffee table which ranged from textbooks on anatomy to ones on art history.

"Haruppi is always reading something. Maybe I should pick up one of these books." Sakura murmured to herself.

She picked up a book at random and thumbed through its pages. A stack of folded papers fell into her lap from the back cover.

Sakura tilted her head curiously at the papers before unfolding them and skimming through.

It appeared to be some sort of manga that Haruka was working on in secret. Her art style was the same as Sakura remembered from when they were young, but definitely sharpened on its technical aspects.

The manga depicted two male characters reuniting after having been separated for several years and the pair realizing they were in love the whole time.

Sakura smiled to herself, "Aww, this is like me and Haruppi."

As she got deeper into the story… it went in a far dirtier direction than she could've anticipated. Sakura stared wide-eyed at the level of detail that Haruka put into illustrating the man on man sex scene. She must have used references… right?

Higashi… I'm ready for you… I've been waiting for so long. I want you to-

The girl felt the pages being ripped away from her hands by a very embarrassed Haruppi.

"H-HEY! You're not supposed to be reading that!" Haruka cried out.

Sakura reached for the papers pilfered from her grasp, "Hey! I wanted to see Yagami's first experience in bed!"

It's not the most ideal way to get into literature, but if a yaoi is what gets Sakura to read more… then maybe she should let her continue.

Haruka couldn't leave the cooking unattended anyway, she sighed and returned the papers to her girlfriend in defeat, "...tell me what you think about it when you're done."

"It's pretty hot so far!"

Haruka was already returning to the kitchen so Sakura couldn't see the shame painted on her face.

Good thing I threw away the kinky parts.
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As promised, I've come with the holiday special! Since there's no comments to respond to, this process is a whole lot faster. (Of course please feel encouraged to leave comments regardless.)

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

32. Holiday in Milkyland (SayaMilky)

A/N: I feel I have to add that this one is a little dirty. I should probably watch myself before I fly too close to the sun.

Sayaka fumbled with the key to Miyuki's door. It took a few frustrating seconds of holding presents with one hand, and opening a lock with the other.

Sayaka got a spare key to Miyuki's room after the whole face-punch incident on her birthday.

"Milky? Are you home?" Sayaka called out as she entered Milkyland, before setting Miyuki's presents down on the couch.

She noticed two wrapped boxes sitting on the coffee table with a note taped onto the table.

The note read,

Because you got me three presents on my birthday, it's only fair I give you three presents as well.

"Huh, There's only two presents on the table. Maybe there's two in one box?" Sayaka said to herself as she unwrapped one of the gifts.

One present contained a cute pair of sneakers. Sayaka couldn't say no to that, it's always a nice gift to receive.

Sayaka then opened up the other box. She reached inside and pulled out a ukulele. While she couldn't really see herself actually using this to write songs with, it'd be a fun instrument to play with from time to time.

But where was the third present? Sayaka checked the boxes again to make sure she didn't miss anything. She even looked under the table.

"Huh, is she hiding it?" Sayaka sat down on the couch and gave a few test strums on her new ukulele before noticing another note taped to the back of the instrument.

Your third present is on my bed.

Sayaka got up and navigated her way to the bedroom. She opened the door and her jaw immediately dropped when she laid eyes on her third gift.

"You were taking your sweet time, Sayanee."

Miyuki sat on the bed dressed in the lingerie Sayaka bought her on her birthday. Honestly, it was probably the hottest thing she'd ever seen.

Sayaka was silently taking in the beautiful view in front of her. She couldn't even hide her sultry stare as she immediately began to undress from her clothes.

Miyuki bit her lip and crossed her legs as she watched Sayaka strip down.

"What are you waiting for, guitar girl? Aren't you gonna unwrap your last present?" Miyuki shot Sayaka with an amorous gaze as she tugged on the strap of her bra.

Sayaka eagerly positioned herself on top of her girlfriend's lap and the two couldn't hold themselves back from making out.

Their kiss grew more passionate by the second. Miyuki turned up the heat as her kisses drifted down to one of Sayaka's breasts as she massaged the other with her hand.

Miyuki's actions were rewarded with her girlfriend's moans, the satisfaction of hearing Sayaka's breath hitch as they hastened in pace.

The couple fell back into the bed as yet another tradition for Milkyland was created.

33. Dart (YuuNaaMogiOn)

Over the course of the semester, Yuiri and Nana got closer to their next-door neighbors. When the holidays came around, it was only natural that there would be presents aplenty for YuuNaaMogiOn.

Mogi held out a large box for her girlfriend, "Mion, I bought this one for you!"

"Ooooooh mine mine mine!" Mion extended her grabby hands and shredded the wrapping paper. Nana was next to her, getting covered in the scraps that Mion was ripping off her present.

Mion was gifted a Nerf Gun. Nana wasn't even aware she would've even wanted something like that.

"Whoaaaa, can't wait to try it out!" Mion eagerly loaded foam darts into the plastic gun's chambers.

From another room Nana's girlfriend made her entrance with gifts in hand.

"My dear Naachan! I've brought you your HURGH–" Yuiri's sentence was cut short as Mion rapidly took aim and fired a foam dart at the girl's throat.

The impact caused Yuiri to drop the presents and fall to one knee. She coughed and attempted to catch her breath.

"Mogi… your girlfriend is a demon." Yuiri croaked.

Mion sprung off the couch, "I'm gonna have so much fun with this." She rushed out of the dorm aiming down the sights of the plastic rifle.

Nana and Mogi shared a brief nervous eye contact.

"So Mogi… when do you plan on taking that away from her?"

"The day she shoots one of the teachers with it."

34. Burning Spirit Part 5: Line in the Sand (WMatsui)

"Don't feel the need to bring presents or anything, just having you come spend some time with us is plenty." Rena spoke on the phone inviting her friends over to spend the holiday evening.

Jurina prowled behind the occupied girl. It was easy prey. She licked her lips in excitement, this Hollywood Lariat had her name written all over it.

She leapt out of the shadows and charged at her victim with her lariat arm primed, "FEEL THE MIGHT OF HOLLYWOOD JURINA!"

Jurina strode forth and violently swung her arm, but Rena effortlessly dodged the attack. It wasn't even enough to interrupt her phone conversation.

The amount of force Jurina put into that Lariat caused her to lose balance as it failed to connect to the target. She stumbled forward and fell face first into the carpet.

Jurina tried to pick herself up off the floor, but found herself pinned down by a weight equivalent to one Matsui Rena.

Rena leisurely continued her phone conversation as she took her seat atop the backside of a defeated Hollywood Jurina.

"You're bringing wine? Perfect! You can come anytime. I'll have the food and stuff prepared by 7… See you then!" Rena hung up the call and set her phone aside before turning her attention to her human chair. "You've been at this for months Jurina…"

"Urgh… damn… you win this time." Jurina squeezed out.

Rena deftly flipped Jurina over and pinned her down by her wrists. Her usual gentle gaze was replaced with a glare.

"Listen, if there's even an ounce of Hollywood Jurina when there's guests over, I'm gonna dislocate your other shoulder." Queen Gekikara drew the line in the sand.

It wasn't often Rena was in the dominant position. Jurina had no idea whether she should be scared or unbelievably turned on. Not that those two feelings are mutually exclusive.

Before dismounting her, Rena gave Jurina a quick peck on the lips. "Oh, feel free to invite any of your friends tonight. Like that Sakura girl… she seems nice."

Jurina sat up and dusted herself off, "you know Sakura?"

"Eh… kinda. I just wanna see how much she's recovered from the concussion YOU gave her."
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Love that series!! it's hot in here

hahahaha poor yuiri chan, mion is a little demon

SO,, rena is on top? hahah lovely

thank you for update this~
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Holiday Minis (SayaMilky,WMatsui,+) (12/10/20)
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TWO updates? And so close together?! I can't believe my luck!

Black Out
Love the title. Yuki carrying Mayu "the little drunk" is so cute considering their size (esp. height) difference.
You... were gonna… see this anyway. Haha.
I see that Mayu is looking ahead in the relationship already, huh?

Closet Perv?
If THOSE are the non-kinky parts, I'm afraid of what Haruppi has thrown away. Sakura has discovered a whole new world lol but hey she sounds like a supportive SO! Love that for them.

Holiday in Milkyland
Ah yes SayaMilky continuing to be one of my faves in this series. Milkyland is a great name for a love shack. And Milky's other two gifts are nothing to scoff at either! Giving 3 gifts at a time must be a bit easier if you really only have to think about two

I really liked Yuiri starting a sentence with "My dear Naachan" lol the mental image is so cute. Too bad Mion had other plans. If the teacher that Mion eventually shoots is someone like Takamina, Mogi wouldn't have much gun-taking left to do

Line in the Sand
Jurina is such a handful but Rena handles her so well. I'd find Dom!Rena irresistible too!
That line in the sand is getting blown away when 0.99 ounce of Hollywood Jurina comes around. Still, RIP SHOULDERINA.

Thanks for the updatesssss!
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Replies to Comments

Glad to see you're all enjoying everything! I love seeing your comments! Thank you for supporting me!


More holiday stuff! One new pairing too! This talk is short, but hey best not waste time before the stories right?

I also noticed at the time of writing, my Thanks are at 48. Thought that was funny.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

35. Favor (Atsumina)

Minami and Atsuko were invited to Mariko's holiday party which was being held tomorrow. She invited every member of the academy faculty and even the owners of Rino&Rie's (Mariko simply couldn't get enough of their pastries).

Minami cursed herself for holding off on grading the still-life drawings. She wanted to complete all her work before attending the party, even if it meant no sleep. She grit her teeth seeing all the imperfections of her student's pieces.

"The shading is totally flat! Do these girls even learn anything in my class?" Takamina muttered to herself as she gave the fourth below average score in a row.

Her wife entered the room and set down a cup of coffee on the table, "I think you're being a little too hard on them. If you keep giving failing grades, these girls will start giving up on art."

"Acchan, I expect these girls to grow from failure. Art is difficult, painful sometimes. I wouldn't be the artist I am today if it wasn't for the failures I endured."

Atsuko sighed, "You can't expect perfection from students. Art can't be perfect."

"But I can't be expected to let mistakes slide, I mean… look at this!" She gestured towards one of the art pieces.

"I don't see anything wrong with it."

"WHAT?! Improper light source, flat shading, shaky line work! Ugh." Minami rested her head on her arms, struggling to keep her eyes open.

"You're overworked, sweetie." She massaged her wife's shoulders. "I didn't assign any work to my students, I can take over and grade these projects for you."

"Last time I let you do that, you gave everyone A's" The short woman murmured into her arms.

"Think of it as a Christmas present to your students."

"I'm gonna need more convincing."

"Will this convince you?" She moved Minami's hair aside and planted a kiss on her cheek before giving playful nibbles to her earlobe.

"Mmm~ Acchan, but I'm too tired for that." 

She was so sure that was gonna work. Atsuko had one idea left, though it was a total shot in the dark.

"Well, I can convince my mom to make you katsudon. I know how much you love my mom's cooking."

"I'm not a child, you can't bribe me with food."

Atsuko looked deep into her eyes. She spoke her words, but she could see Minami's icy bulwark crumbling before her.

Minami silently observed the artwork on the table, tapping her pen against the surface. She took a sip of coffee and began to fidget before shooting out of her chair.

"Okay fine! I'll take the katsudon. But this is only gonna work once!"

36. Seasonal Menu (RinoRie)

"Well Rino, the holidays are here! You know what that means?"

"Our heating bill increases?"

"Yes! But that's not what I'm talking about!" Rie pulled out a list of recipes and presented it to her wife, "the holidays mean we need to put a seasonal item on the menu!"

Rino started blankly at the page in Rie's hand, "I thought we were just gonna put out the gingerbread coffee like last year."

"We COULD do that, but what's the fun in that? Luckily, I made every item on this list last night and I want you to try them all and see which one is the best!"

Rie opened the fridge which had several assortments of pastries, coffees, and other christmas themed treats.

Rino gaped in fear at the sheer quantity of food and drink she would have to consume in the upcoming moments.

"You want me to eat all of that?"

"Someone's gotta be the taste-tester." Rie eagerly put the first tray of food items on the table. "Alright sweetie, let's begin!"

Rino prayed the medical insurance would cover whatever injury she would sustain from eating everything.

I just ate breakfast too.


The first tray was quite pleasant. Rino started off strong, enthusiastically giving proper critique on whether or not the pastry or drink would make a good menu item.

But then came the second tray, and the third one… and the fourth one. Each treat being a more painful endeavor than the last.

Rino was light headed, but her stomach was a cannonball. She was falling into a food coma, but she was caffeinated from the coffees Rie made for the menu. She was dangling around into a violent limbo of consciousness.

"Rie… I can't eat… a single bite more…"

"C'mon, you only got one half tray left." Rie cheered encouragingly.

In one last blaze of glory, Rino took the last of the confectionaries and shoved them in her mouth before leaning back in her seat and clutching her stomach in agony.

Rie noticed her wife slowly turning green, "You're not looking so good Sasshi." she looked at all the empty trays and glasses, "well, I guess you're right… we should probably just put out the gingerbread coffee like last year."

Upon hearing that all her efforts were for nothing Rino simply uttered, "I think I'm gonna puke."

"You want me to help you?"

There was no time to waste, Rino made a mad dash for the bathroom. She keeled over the toilet as her stomach desperately expunged all of the sugary contents out of her system.

Rie listened to the wails of Rino scream-vomiting, she winced finally understanding the gravity of what she just put her through.

Rie decided she was gonna spoil her wife for christmas for everything she's done. "I have to buy Sasshi twenty presents to make up for all of this."

37. Not Often Spoken (FuuMiru)

Fuuko's job as a gift giver was over. She got Miru a brand new longboard for Christmas. Who knew that was such an expensive hobby? Buying the wheels, the bearings, custom deck, and everything else cost her a fortune. But… she had one more surprise in store for her girlfriend.

Miru sat on the bed wrapped in a blanket, flipping through channels. She felt the weight shift on the mattress as Fuuko sat next to her.

"Miru, you got any room in that blanket? It's freezing." Fuuko's teeth chattered, her shivering shaking the bed.

Without taking her eyes off the TV, Miru raised one end of the blanket so they could be wrapped up together. Fuuko happily wrapped her arms around her (nude) body and kissed her cheek as they both shared the warmth of the fabric.

"Ah! Fuuko! Your skin is so cold!" Miru jumped, "It's like you're wearing… nothing at all…"

Fuuko gave a dimpled smile, "I honestly don't know how you do this all the time."

The perpetually naked girl took a peek inside the blanket and squealed, "you're naked too?!"

"Yup. For today only. Being naked sucks."

Fuuko couldn't predict she'd be in a cushy relationship at this point of her life. She had already come to terms with being alone. She had no idea how she got so lucky. Scoring a girl like Miru. A girl so charming and loveable. Not to mention, super easy on the eyes. The hardest day at work would always be worth it if it meant Miru was at the dorm waiting for her to return.

The two sat in a comfortable silence for a while, watching some random holiday programming before Fuuko spoke up during a commercial break.

"I don't say this enough Miru, but my life was a mess before you stepped in. You have no idea how lucky I am to have a girl like you at my side."

"Awwww babe, you're getting all soft on meee! You're gonna make me cry!"

"I also don't say this enough Miru, but… I love you so much."
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ATSUMINA HAS LANDED. I'm so happy to see another married couple. And one of the most loved AKB ships in JPHiP too (which I didn't realize until I saw the ecchi section tbh).

I find it a funny coincidence that Takamina likes KATSUdon and Acchan's irl husband's last name is KATSUji. She's surrounded by katsu in any universe!

Do these girls even learn anything in my class?
The only profs I've heard say this are those who are bad teachers in the first place but since it's Takamina saying it, I'm gonna suspend judgement.

Acchan sounds like a WONDERFUL prof to have tho! A's as Christmas presents. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Oof that is a terrible enough experience when you're full of "meal" food. I'd imagine it's worse when you throw up from overeating sweets. Season menus really add to the Christmassy vibe so it had to be done somehow. But hey, twenty Christmas presents for discomfort and one session of vomiting? Maybe worth it! Then they can write it off as a business expense :P
Is this the first time in this series that KitaRie called Sasshi 'Rino'?

I didn't completely understand Miru's constant nudity until I searched her up last week and thought "Why she always naked tho" and suddenly the pieces fit in together. I feel like I finally understood the 'lore' lol

"Awwww babe, you're getting all soft on meee! You're gonna make me cry!"
*crying even before the previous line*
THIS WAS SO SWEET. I know it's not saying much since I cry at literally everything but this gave some real tear-generating material.

Thank you for the update!
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Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: Thank you for reading! I hope you'll enjoy the last wave of holiday stuff as much as the others.


Ya know, when I started making this collection, my goal was to make a christmas special. It kinda feels weird to finally reach it.

But of course I'm not over and out just yet.
I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

38. Slow Days (YuiParu)

A/N: Akiyama is the first (original) male character to appear in the series. I never thought about it till now.

Paruru rested her chin on her palm, staring down at the counter of the convenience store. Of course she had to work on christmas.

She was going through a multitude of emotions… actually that was a lie. She was pissed off plain and simple. A burning pile of salt.

She lazily chomped away at a meat bun that she took from the warmer. She certainly wasn't allowed to eat the store's product, but it's not like she was getting any customers to sell it to.

The door opened, a familiar chime rang signaling that a customer had walked in. This would be the first person Paruru would serve since her shift started 3 hours ago.

With her mouth still full of meat bun, "Welcome, let me know if I can help you." It was an embarrassing display of customer service.

"Merry Christmas Paru!" The 'customer' plopped down a present on the counter.

"Yui!" Paruru dropped her food and nearly leapt over the counter. "What on earth are you wearing?"

Yui was wearing a thick and oversized coat, it was cold outside sure… but this was excessive. From inside the jacket, a small lump moved around before freeing himself from Yui's collar. Bisu appeared shaken up and upset from being smuggled in. He hissed before hopping over the counter and hiding behind Paruru.

"I figured you'd want some company. Working on Christmas kinda seems like a bummer."

Paruru sighed, "it totally is."


Paruru was gifted camera lenses, a useful gift for a photography major like herself.

Yui was gifted art supplies, but her girlfriend was also nice enough to give Bisu a few toys for Christmas.

The cat paid no attention to the girls as he was preoccupied pouncing on mouse-shaped cat toys.

The two girls grabbed snacks from the store and had their own Christmas together. The two opened a can of tuna for Bisu. A celebration for everyone. Surprisingly enough, no customers interrupted them.

A chime ran through the store as the door opened. 5 hours into the shift, was it an actual customer this time?

A man in a suit walked behind the counter with a lit cigarette in hand

Yui nudged Paruru, "who is this?"

"This is Akiyama. He's my boss."

Yui nearly choked on the meat bun she didn't pay for.

"Don't worry he doesn't care."

The man flipped a sign on the window, "we're closing up shop early."

"Really?" Paruru's eyes lit up.

"Yeah, totally messed up for me to schedule you on a holiday." Akiyama scratched the back of his head, "take a paid day off tomorrow as an apology." He took a puff of his cigarette.

Paruru collected her things and took Yui's hand, before the two headed out the door, Akiyama stopped them, "Shimazaki, leave your friend here for a second. I wanna have a word with her."

Yui gulped, maybe its for the food she didn't pay for? She said he didn't care though, right? Paruru assured Yui that she would wait outside for her before exiting the store.

"You must be Yokoyama right?"


"Shimazaki talks about you alot. She must really like you."

"She does?" Yui smiled.

The man chuckled, "Shimazaki is always in a salty mood working here. But maybe if she had you around more it'd be different." He shrugged, "food for thought."

"Are you offering me a job here?"

"You catch on quick, Yokoyama. Think it over." Akiyama handed a business card with the store's logo. "I think I held you for long enough. Your girlfriend is probably getting cold waiting for you."

She bowed and thanked him before calling Bisu who clung onto Yui's shoulder.

As she exited the store, Paruru took a hold of her hand as they walked back to campus.

"What'd Akiyama say to you?"

"He just wants me to keep you company more often."

39. Served Cold (AnRena)

Earlier today Renacchi was struck by a snowball.

She wasn't even in a snowball fight, she was just walking around campus. Who just throws a snowball at some innocent person?

She knew who threw it too. She saw that idiot Ricchan and her equally dumb girlfriend Juri giggling and running away. Revenge finds all, and it's getting served up ice cold.


There they were, Ricchan and Juri. The two were making a snowman. Despite their lack of smarts, the two were gifted artists. Rena was honestly taken aback at how amazing their snowman turned out.

Was it even a snowman anymore? It was pretty much a marble statue-

Rena shook her head, she came here to get revenge!

She crouched down and gathered snow, she was creating the snowball to end all snowballs. She packed the snow together tight. Of course, Rena didn't forget her secret ingredient.

She grabbed her icy projectile and raised her arm in preparation. It was gonna go mach speed, straight to one of their heads.

A hand grabbed her wrist from behind, "Cute snowball Renacchi, I hope there isn't a rock in there. That could really hurt someone."

"Oh, Annin! When did you get here!?"

"Just now. Tell me Rena. Is there a rock inside that snowball?"

Rena smiled nervously, "...Wow! Annin! Your hair looks amazing today!"

"I know." Anna's eyes bored a hole into Rena's soul, "Answer my question."

Rena panicked and dropped the snowball, leaving a pile of ice on the ground surrounding a snow covered rock.

Anna shook her head and pinched her girlfriend's earlobe while dragging her back into the dormitory, "You're gonna hurt someone with your rock-throwing nonsense one day!"

40. Angel on the Tree (NakoMiku)

"Alright boss! We're almost done with the christmas tree!" Nako wrapped a set of lights around the leaves, "what else do we gotta do?"

Mayu put a finger to her lips, "all we have left is to put the angel on top."

"Ah, boss? Where's the angel?" Nako looked around. Miku also scrambled in the search, "it's nowhere to be seen boss!"

"Ah crap, where did I put it?" Mayu searched through the boxes and the scattered ornaments.

"Boss, I think Nako is an angel, can we use her?" said Miku curiously.

"That's cute and all but— MIKU WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!"

Miku sent her partner flying across the room, only managing to send the tree crashing down in devastating fashion and making a big mess. Where did Miku even find the strength?

Amongst the debris, Nako poked her head out still reeling from flying into the tree, "it's okay Miku, I thought it was a good idea." Her head spun as she saw stars and chirping birds.

The boss sighed, "Miku, clean up my room and set up the tree again. I have to take Nako to the nurse now."

Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Holiday Minis (YuiParu,AnRena,+) (12/24/20)
Post by: aneramyre on January 04, 2021, 01:48:11 AM
I'm back from my self-imposed holidays-from-posting (update on the Jurina thread aside)!
*looks at your thanks*
I'm sorry, please accept my belated Thanks. I've been holding them back because the 48 Thanks was so satisfying to look at. (Might feel the same way when you reach 69)
Please don't feel the need to reply to my comments everytime. I'll still come back typing away after every chapter regardless (unless explicitly told to stop).
Well then!

Slow Days
She was going through a multitude of emotions… actually that was a lie. She was pissed off plain and simple. A burning pile of salt.
My favorite line because it sounds so true.
Yuihan being so conscious of the food (and I quote) "she didn't pay for" is hilarious and cute.
Akiyama-san is generous, isn't he? That's nice of him. And the fact that he notices that Yuihan makes Paruru happy. So "Awww"-inducing

Served Cold
Man, between Hollywood Jurina and Kato Rena's rock, civilians sure need to be careful around these parts lol (well technically Ricchan and Juri attacked Rena first but yknow.)
Rena smiled nervously, "...Wow! Annin! Your hair looks amazing today!
DEFLECT, GIRL. DEFLEC- It didn't work. It was nice knowing you, Renacchi!

Angel on the Tree
I hella agree with putting Nako as the angel - she certainly looks like one. And it's so sweet of her to offer support to Miku's idea even after getting thrown because of it.
Mayu certainly looks like an angel too but I think it wouldn't have been a smart move to throw HER into the tree lol. I hope Nako is okay.
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Holiday Minis (YuiParu,AnRena,+) (12/24/20)
Post by: Nozokime on January 09, 2021, 10:38:28 AM
Oh it feels good to comeback and see so many updates! my favorite pairing as always present but the other stories were also very good also I always enjoy reading the dialogues most of them are really entertaining and they also fit very well with her personality, thanks for the holiday stuff there were many funny situations and also there was also time for a little love, romantic relationships can never be missing  XD

Thanks for the effort and I hope you will post again soon, as always we will be waiting.
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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Thank you everyone for your comments! We return to our regular non holiday programming. First fics of 2021! 4 Intallments!

I know no one was asking, but one of my biggest inspirations for this story is One Piece (Maybe you could tell because theres a million installments). The sheer love and care put into the world and the characters is truly a sight to behold. So naturally I wanted to make a world with a similar amount of care and effort. So what better way to do that than to make backstories for individual characters?

Here are a few previews of upcoming backstories.

Fukuoka Sunset (Oya Shizuka): Shizuka teaches her lifelong bullies what it means to fuck with a Yakuza.

White (Kashiwagi Yuki): Isn't it weird that the color black is synonymous with death when hospice walls are bright white?

Manic (Matsui Rena): When Queen Gekikara shows herself in the mirror, Rena can't help but laugh. But when she hears her own laughter come out of her mouth, she hears her mother's laughter in her head.

So for those looking for more angst outta me... oh boy. It's coming.

Backstories are reserved for the more standout characters. Most of these students lived normal lives before enrolling after all.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

41. The Laughing Edge (YuuNa)

"Yuuchan? Are you home?" Nana set her portfolio bag down by the door as she shut it. She turned the corner to enter their bedroom only to be stopped at the end of a blade.

"One step closer, and I send you straight to the afterlife."

Yuiri walked forward with the business end of a katana aimed right at Nana's throat. She was completely decked out in samurai's armor already soaked in tides of crimson. Her hair flowed behind her like a billow of smoke.

Nana put her hands up and backed herself into a wall, "Whoa! Yuuchan! The hell has gotten into you?!"

"Silence, intruder!" She screamed, as she lowered her sword. Yuiri took a few steps forward and stood face to face with a scared Naachan, staring her down for a moment. The samurai planted a kiss upon her girlfriend's lips before cracking up in laughter, "Man! You should've seen the look on your face! You're cute when you're scared Naachan!"

Nana slid down the wall and let the breath she was holding finally escape, "Yuuchan, you can't be making jokes like that!"

"I'm sorry Naachan, I got a lead role in the next theater play and I wanted to see if I was convincing." Yuiri rubbed the back of her neck before sheathing the prop sword.

It was interesting to see Yuiri break character, watching a raging demon transition into her sweet significant other.

"Well, you were super convincing…" Nana smiled as she could never stay mad at her Yuuchan for long.

The theater girl helped her girlfriend up before giving an apology kiss, "Now that you're here, can you help me change out of this costume?"

Of course Nana agreed and the two headed off into their bedroom.

"If you kept the act up for another minute, I'd need a change of clothes too…"

42. Pointless Challenge (MogiOn)

"Mion! NO! Put that down!"

"Look Mogi, I got the technique down I promise! I got it this time!"

Mion self imposed the challenge of being able to drink an entire gallon of milk in under 5 minutes. For what reason? Who knows. What would she even accomplish with this ability? Mogi was begging her not to attempt this stunt twice.

"After what happened last time?" Mogi snatched the Milk gallon and stuffed it into the fridge, "the time you vomited freaking everywhere?"

"Give me some credit here, I totally made it to the bathroom."

"You made it to the bathroom and MISSED THE TOILET!" The taller girl cried out, "I AM NOT CLEANING UP MION PUKE TWICE!"

43. Lapse (SakuRuppi)

Sakura hadn't seen nor heard from her girlfriend in days. Usually any other relationship would indicate this as a sign of unhealthiness, but they were different. Haruka dedicated herself to her assignments. She never procrastinated. If there was something that needed to be done, she'd get to work in an instant. Of course Sakura would get fair warning beforehand.

It was always how she worked. Sakura couldn't help but laugh to herself.

Hehehe, Haruppi is such a nerd. Always burying her face in her books… Ugh, who am I kidding. I skip class to play videogames. I'm just a different breed of nerd.

Sakura continued to focus on her games as she had been for the past few days. Either that or destroying her roommate Annin at said games.

In the middle of her gaming session, she heard the chime of a text notification from her phone.

It was from Haruppi. Sakura immediately knew that she was done with her assignments. In a blink, she promptly freshened up and bolted towards her girlfriend's dorm.


The sound of a violin was playing from Haruppi's dorm. Sakura was curious what that was all about. She didn't have any music classes.

Sakura opened the door, and stepped inside. Haruka was proudly looking at all her finished work. Neatly stacked paperwork for her art history class, a self portrait illustration for her drawing class, and a detailed painting of the view outside her window. Curiously, there was a girl seated in the center of the room playing violin.

Haruka rushed in for a hug as soon as Sakura made her few steps inside.

"Finally done with everything!" Haruka squeezed tightly, "we can finally spend time together!"

"Yeah! Of course!" Sakura stepped to the side after Haruka released the embrace, "who's the girl playing violin?"

"Oh, that's Tani Marika. I paid her to play violin for me as I did my work." The girl weakly waved before continuing to play, "let's grab something to eat. I haven't eaten in days!"

Sakura chuckled at Haruka's joking disclosure, until she noticed the bags under her eyes. Not to mention her stare that blankly gazed one thousand yards past her.

"Oh shit, you're not lying are you?"

No response from Haruka. She only shook her head.

"Don't move. I'll just get something delivered here! Pizza or ramen? Ah fuck it, I'll just get both!"

"Uh… can you make an order for me too? I haven't eaten in days either." Marika softly spoke. Shyly raising her hand with her violin bow.



Sakura dialed two restaurants and made two orders for three. Haruka frantically grabbed her wallet and doubled Marika's pay. Sakura even ran into the kitchen and cooked a basic curry for them. Not that she was an amazing cook or anything, but who can afford to be picky at a time like this?

44. Nezumi Radio Broadcast 1 (Watanabe Mayu)

Well! It's Monday morning and we all know what that means!

It's time for your very own Cyborg Idol to start your day off right! Welcome to Nezumi Radio!!! Yaaaaaay!

We're gonna kick this off with a little paid advertisement.



Is there a test coming up that you aren't prepared for? Is there a project that's due tomorrow that you need one more day to work on?

These are now problems of the past! The Oya Family is your solution!

By employing their services, they can cancel one of your classes in a blink of an eye!

Their methods include, but are not limited to;

- Supergluing the classroom door shut
- Setting the Teacher's desk on fire
- Filling Professor Oshima's room with balloons
- Stealing important theater props
- Stealing the exam copies
- Pulling the fire alarm

It comes at the price of ¥10,000 per cancel. If you can't pay up front, no problem! Oya Family accepts payment at later dates. They are eager to extend their services to you!

Just remember to always pay your debts… or else. 


Wow! Look at that! Come to think of it, one of my classes got canceled last week. I wonder if one of my classmates met up with them. Hmm…

Professor Takahashi has a project due this week and I need a little more time to finish it up! So… if anyone has her Tuesday & Thursday class, feel free to help a girl out… please?

Anyway, onto our fan letters!...
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNa,MogiOn,+) (1/12/21)
Post by: Haruko on January 14, 2021, 01:30:43 AM
I laught a lot with Yuunaa chapter, poor Naachan.

About MogiOn, I could imagine that this happen a lot.

Love it too, thank you for this drabbles, I could figure it
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNa,MogiOn,+) (1/12/21)
Post by: aneramyre on January 16, 2021, 06:47:37 AM
Welcome back!

I haven't had the chance to start reading One Piece yet. I certainly plan on doing that eventually, though. People's love for it is very heartwarming.

I've come to truly respect and appreciate plot-planning, careful worldbuilding, and compelling backstories-ing when I read A Song of Ice and Fire. So now that I know your inspirations and outlook in writing, I look forward to more from this world of yours that keeps on growing.

That preview for White :O That's deep (and a good question).
Oh no, bullying for Shiichan and child abuse(?) for Rena. I already feel bad.

The Laughing Edge
Woah, Yuiri got Naachan good!
"If you kept the act up for another minute, I'd need a change of clothes too…"
Naachan's clothes are lucky that Yuiri stopped pretty quickly then :P

Pointless Challenge
Props to Mogi for cleaning up Mion puke even once. I wonder if Mion succeeded.

Poor Tani! She deserves the doubled pay and the feast that's coming to her.
I guess that's a fun aspect of art school, you can get commissioned for your work even by your classmates.
It's cute how Sakura rushed to Haruppi's room as soon as she got the signal. Her suddenly going wild in taking care of the two was so sweet.

Nezumi Radio Broadcast 1
Must be nice to have this sort of last resort.
feel free to help a girl out… please?
Girl, you're the one who's getting sponsorships  :lol:
Poor Professor Oshima! They have a special method of attack just for her.
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Replies to Comments

@Haruko: Mion really is a handful isn't she?

I wonder if Mion succeeded.
It's safe to say that there are no winners in a situation like that.

child abuse(?) for Rena.
Good guess, but incorrect. Fear not, Rena's mother loves her very much.


I started getting way into IZ*one. As if I couldn't love Sakura more than I already do. (Nako too)

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

45. One Thousand Cuts (YuuNaaMogiOn)

Mogi and Nana flipped through each other's sketchpads giving compliments and occasional critiques on each other's work. Every now and then they'd look up to make sure their girlfriends weren't killing each other. But they seemed to be preoccupied with their own work.

Mogi flipped to a page with a sketch that caught her eye, "Naachan, is this Samurai girl drawing some manga character you're making?"

"Ah, it's not. Yuuchan landed the lead role in a theater production. She plays this wicked samurai girl. And it inspired me. She also got into character and threatened to kill me last week."

"Why did you say that so casually?"

Mion cut in, "Samurai? Pffft… lame! What's a samurai gonna do against a gun!? Think fast Yuuchan!" She pulled out her nerf gun from under a sofa cushion and fired a dart right between Yuiri's eyes.

Nana and Mogi watched as the force of the foam dart knocked Yuiri's head back. These girls never really got along, and they knew Yuuchan was seething.

"YOU'VE BREATHED YOUR LAST, YOU STINKY MIDGET! DIE ONE THOUSAND DEATHS!" Yuiri unsheathed the prop katana (that no one even knew she brought along) and charged at Mion.

Mion made an attempt to escape the raging demon, but she was too slow as the katana was slammed onto her head. Yuiri repeatedly pounded Mion with the theater prop, mercilessly clubbing her body with the blunted edge. The short girl cried out in pain as the Samurai carried out her punishment.

"Hey Mogi?"

"Yeah Naachan?"

"Are our girlfriends crazy?"

"Are we any less crazy for dating them?"

It was solid logic, and Nana simply shrugged. The two watched as Mion fruitlessly tried to put her guard up against Yuiri's weapon… and boundless anger.

46. Infestations (NakoMiku)

It was the weekend, so no Nezumi Radio had to be broadcast. Miku and Nako were in their own dorm for a change.

Nako laid in bed doodling in her digital tablet, and Miku was tinkering with Mayu's drone contemplating if the boss would be mad if she attached a taser gun onto it.

From the corner of Nako's eye, she noticed a dark mass crawling along the wall.

"AAH! Miku! What is that!?" She fell out of the bed and hid behind the other girl.

"It looks like a cockroach."


Whenever there was a bug, it was always Miku's job to deal with it.

She sighed, "fine… gimme a sec."

Miku grabbed one of her shoes and approached the insect, ready to release it from its mortal coil.

The abdomen of the cockroach began to twitch, this ghastly beast had wings. The creature leapt off the wall and took flight before it could be vanquished.

Miku sprinted back to Nako as she fled from the flying roach, "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!"

The two screamed and dived underneath the bed as they could only pray for the monster to fly out of the window.

47. Painfully Dumb (JuRicchan, SayaMilky)

A/N: if I want this place to feel like a living breathing world, I gotta do a better job making some of these couples interact every now and then.

People-watching was a favorite pastime for Sayaka and Miyuki when they were at the cafe. Most of Miyuki's break time would be used up watching the customers go about their day. There was something so relaxing about it.

The two spotted their favorite couple to listen in on.

"Hey Milky, there's Juri and Ricchan. It looks like they're excited about something."

Miyuki leaned in, not even trying to hide that she was totally watching them, "those idiots always say the dumbest things."


Juri, with a mouthful of crepe tapped on Rina's hand, "I was thinking about something!"

Thinking… them? People usually casted their doubts.

"Oh yeah? What were you thinking about?" Rina tilted her head, paying close attention.

"I was wondering why snails can't fly. It kept me up all night. They must get jealous watching their bug friends fly and stuff."

Rina racked her 'brain' over what Juri said, "hmm… maybe it's because the snails just don't believe in themselves."


"Think about it Juri, maybe snails just need extra encouragement so they can fly! Snails need to start believing in themselves!"

"Woah… are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"We should go around campus and start encouraging snails?"

Juri took the other girl's hands and smiled, "I love how you always understand me!" The two ran out the door hand in hand.

They didn't even finish their food.


SayaMilky looked visibly drained after watching their exchange.

For the first time in years, Sayaka dropped her guitar, "at least they're perfect for each other."

A little bit of drool was pooled at the corner of Miyuki's lip, "it feels like all my brain cells were murdered."


PROLOGUE Fukuoka Sunset (Oya Shizuka Backstory)

A/N: Before I get the backstory up, I kinda have to give Shizuka some screentime. Expect more Shizuka soon. I should probably mention that Aimi and Kaede are original characters.

After a day of supergluing doors and committing copious amounts of vandalism to cancel classes, Ryoka entered Shizuka's room with a stack of cash. This being the part where they negotiate how they split the payment.

Shizuka was throwing jabs at the punching bag positioned at the corner of the room. Only wearing a sports bra and a pair of shorts, the intricate designs of her tattoo were put on display.

"Y'know, I think this is the first time I've seen your ink." Ryoka plopped herself down on the couch and watched the captain train.

"It ain't just 'ink'." Shizuka took her boxing gloves off and toweled down her fists,  "it's called an irezumi. Generations of tradition, ya gotta give it some respect."

"My mistake…" Ryoka bowed her head, "what's the design mean though?"

The Yakuza girl turned her back and displayed the irezumi depicting a koi fish chasing a red dragon up a waterfall. She had made this design herself back when she was the tattoo artist of her clan.

"It's the tale about the koi that jumped up a waterfall. It symbolizes perseverance, so I can be somethin' like a dragon." Shizuka said proudly. "But honestly, I think I lost the privilege."

"Eh? Why's that?"

"The dragon symbolizes something different to everybody. To me, a dragon is strong, respected, but most of all… a dragon is merciful."

Ryoka shifted uneasily in her seat, "Hold on… you didn't off someone did ya?"

"No…" she sighed, "but it was enough to disgrace what it means to be a dragon."

Shizuka got caught in the memory of her last day in high school. Remembering what it felt like...

When Kaede's arms went limp when she strangled the breath out of her…

The screams of Aimi as she lowered the lit end of the cigarette down to her open eye…

The blood that ran down her face as she begged for them to try and kill her...

The moment she abandoned her humanity, and disgraced the art of fighting, as well as the art on her skin.

"Snap out of it Shizuka!" Ryoka waved her hand in front of her face.

"Ya got time to hear a story?"

"Sure, looks like you need someone to talk to."

Shizuka laughed, "don't feel the need to split the cash with me today, this is a long one…"
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Fear not, Rena's mother loves her very much.
So do I :inlove: *fears not* I leave them in your capable hands.

One Thousand Cuts
Using your theater girlfriend's characters for drawing inspiration is such a good idea! Also, Mion is always bringing these messes onto herself :lol:

Oh my goooood roaches are terrible! >_< Especially when they fly. This is so relatable. I hope it didn't get under the bed with them.

Painfully Dumb
"it feels like all my brain cells were murdered."
Me too, I'm all out.
But JuRicchan as a dumb af couple who understands each other like that is really cute! lol they really are perfect for each other.

Fukuoka Sunset
Ooh irezumi. A new vocab word.
That lit cigarette to the eye got me shookt O_O

Excited for the continuation and looking forward to more!
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Post by: Haruko on February 05, 2021, 01:03:58 AM
Thank you for this update!

YuuNaaMogiOn: Love this fight between them hahaha so fuuny!

NakoMiku: In some ways its cute

JuRicchan, SayaMilky: I prefer Juri with Mako but this baka couple I laught

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Replies to Comments

Love this fight between them hahaha so fuuny!
It was more of a beatdown than a fight Haha. Mion didn't stand a chance.

Mion is always bringing these messes onto herself :lol:
I find MogiOns relationship very similar to WMatsui. Rena has to protect the other students from Jurina, but Mogi has to protect Mion... from herself.



I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

48. Valentine's Day in Milkyland (SayaMilky, FuuMiru)

"I'm just gonna wash up before the double date, is that okay with you two?" Miyuki stood up from the sofa and gestured towards the hallway

She waited for Fuuko and Miru to nod in acknowledgment before heading off towards the shower.

Sayaka was leaned up against the door in the hallway strumming her ukulele. "isn't it kinda rude to shower when there's guests over?"

The other girl shrugged, "they were the ones who came over early and besides, I won't take long. Now get out of the way, you're blocking the bathroom Sayanee."

"Hey, maybe I needed to wash up too." The guitarist smirked.

"Oh? We're gonna do this when there's guests outside?"

"Does this mean I can't join you in the shower?"

"I never said that," Miyuki opened the door and pulled in Sayanee by her wrists, "now get in here you dirty girl!"


Fuuko craned her head towards the hallway, "Miyuki really is taking her sweet time in there."

Miru nodded in agreement, "I haven't even seen Sayaka in a while- wait." She froze, "they're totally fucking aren't they?"

"You think so?"

"I absolutely know! And how rude! They didn't even invite us in on the fun!"

Fuuko choked on air.

"We need to teach them a lesson! Let's fuck on their couch!"

Fuuko wasn't sure how banging her girlfriend on their friend's couch would solve any problems, but… whatever.

"Ah what the hell, those two probably have another 30 minutes left in them." Fuuko pushed Miru down on the sofa and furiously locked lips with her.

Several minutes of foreplay later, Fuuko snaked her hand underneath the waistband of Miru's underwear. Miru bit her lip, trying to stifle her moans to not alert the couple still in the shower. 

Milkyland had two sets of passionate lovers for Valentines. That was a first.


"Sorry for taking so long, we- I mean- I totally lost track of the time." Miyuki and Sayaka walked out of the hallway together. A few minutes earlier, they would've needed wheelchairs.

Miru was laid out on the couch with a satisfied smile on her face, while Fuuko was casually licking her own fingers.

"I'll pay for dinner tonight as apology, does that sound good to everyone?" Miyuki announced.

Fuuko interjected, "Uh… no. I can pay the bill tonight."

"Even after you two waited for so long?"

"I'm just gonna say you're probably gonna need the money… for a new couch."

49. Unfocused (SakuRuppi)

A/N: Its been mostly SayaMilky being the ones to get it on. I feel that most pairings will get their steamy fic at some point.

If there was one thing in the academy that was truly impossible, it would be getting Sakura's attention once she started gaming.

The sight was familiar. Sakura on the couch, leaning forward, pure concentration on the screen. A bit of sweat on her forehead.

"Seriously Sakura? You're playing videogames on Valentine's day?" Haruka shook her head disappointedly.

"Valentines day? You mean the hallmark holiday that causes people to go out and buy stupid heart-shaped things? I don't see the issue here. Besides, don't you have a porno to write? " Sakura said, her focus still tethered to the screen.

"It's an erotic manga! And its literature!"


Once again, Sakura's attention remained unwavering. Very few things could break this spell.

Maybe if the dorm was burning down, but even then… there's a possibility that Sakura would stay in and play till the end.

But Haruppi had enough. She was gonna get Sakura to drop those games for today.

She stepped in front of the TV, obstructing Sakura's view of her game.

"Haruppi! Move! You're blocking the screen! What are you…" Sakura trailed off as she noticed Haruppi slowly unbuttoning her shirt.

Haruka smiled as she noticed Sakura's grip on her controller loosening, as she slowly lost interest in the screen.

"Haruppi…" Sakura gulped, "what is this? Reenacting a scene from your porno manga?"

"Perhaps, but isn't this just life imitating art as usual?" she positioned herself upon Sakura's lap, while letting her shirt fall to the ground.

"Man, writing that porno manga really changed you."


"All I'm saying is... I think I like pervert Haruppi." Sakura wrapped her arms around Haruka before planting a long kiss on her lips.

Their kiss quickly became a passionate dance of tongues, the two locking lips until they began to gasp for air. Sakura removed her shirt, quickly moaning as Haruppi grabbed handfuls of her breasts.

Damn… why'd they wait so long to have sex?

The two transitioned over to the bedroom where they were eager to impose their lust upon each other's bodies. (But not eager enough to ruin a perfectly good couch.)

Once Haruka locked the door of the bedroom and hit her with the 'fuck me' eyes. It was all over.

Long story short, Sakura's opinion of Valentine's day had changed.

50. Burning Spirit Part 6: The Main Event (WMatsui)

With a box of melonpan, Jurina approached Rena's dorm. Considering their relationship mostly consisted of throwing lariats and Jurina injuring herself, she at least owed Rena a simple Valentine's day. No wrestling, no nonsense.

Rena's door was slightly cracked open, obvious that she was expecting Jurina to come over.

But the sight she was met with when she entered seemed so foreign, yet familiar. Jurina stared at Rena like she was a ghost.

Queen Gekikara stood in the center of the room, her hair was a mess, her wide smile had bad intentions written all over it. An unplugged microphone in her hand, she slowly raised it to her lips struggling to hold in her laughter.

"JURINA! Hehehe. Isn't this what you wanted? After doing your little wrestling moves to me and your other friends hahaHA?! DID YOU THINK YOU'D GET AWAY WITH IT?!" She giggled before lowering her voice, "Queen Gekikara wasn't a monster you created, she was just the monster you failed to avoid!"

Jurina dropped Rena's Valentine's day treats off to the side. With eyes full of determination, she summoned Hollywood Jurina's strength. Her chance to face the Queen was finally in front of her.


The Queen rushed to her opponent and swung her arm at Jurina. Luckily, Jurina managed to dodge the attack. The pure ferocity of that lariat would've damn near taken her head off.

But this was Hollywood Jurina's time to strike. Her new move. She transitioned behind her opponent and grabbed her wrist from behind. With all her might, she pulled Gekikara like a ripcord and delivered a fiery rainmaker. The same move that concussed Sakura.

But there was a problem.

Jurina's arm hit a wall. The Queen didn't budge. She laughed at the impact. Jurina stepped away, unsure as to how she withstood her new move.

"What the-"

Shades of the Great Muta, Queen Gekikara spat a green mist into Jurina's eyes.

She flailed her arms and screamed as the mist blinded her. Gekikara wrapped her arms around Jurina's waist and delivered a textbook German suplex. She held a bridging position for the three count.




Queen Gekikara was victorious.


The pain of the Rainmaker soon caught up to Rena as soon as their 'match' was over. She fell to the floor next to Jurina clutching her chest.

"Damn Rena… you're a nurse, a musician, and a prodigal wrestler now?" She wiped the mist out of her eyes.

"Did I hurt you Jurina?" Rena said between breaths.

Jurina laughed, "Only my pride. But it's whatever, I'll continue getting stronger."

"That's good to hear… what was in the box?"

"Melonpan, I heard you were crazy for em."

Rena smiled, "Thank you Jurina… do you mind feeding them to me?"

"Huh? Why do you need me to do that?"

"Because I'm pretty sure my ribs are broken."

A/N: Probably the last holiday special for a while eh? Also realized I've been on this site for about a year now.
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Steamy V-Day Minis (SayaMilky, SakuRuppi+) (2/10/21)
Post by: aneramyre on February 11, 2021, 03:20:28 PM
Valentine's Day in Milkyland
SayaMilky interacting with another couple, this time from Namba!
"now get in here you dirty girl!"
Dirty. Haha. That's why she's going into the shower.
Miru has some really interesting ways of 'teaching' SayaMilky a lesson. She just gave them a reason to buy a couch AND 'christen' it :P
Looks like someone already had a meal even before they went out for dinner!

Sakura repeatedly roasting Haruppi over her 'porno' is hilarious.
"Besides, don't you have a porno to write?"
Why did they wait so long to reenact Haruppi's porno manga? :dunno:
It was getting pretty hot near the end there *wipes sweat* WOOH! :sweat:

Burning Spirit Part 6: The Main Event
WMatsui in this situation somehow reminds me of JuRicchan in Painfully Dumb: Two people who get along and do dumb/dangerous stuff with each other, best left alone by civilians for their own sanity and safety. What a weird first Valentine's it would be to sit on the floor, feeding your multi-talented girlfriend (whose rib you just broke) a box of melonpan. (Btw since there's mist involved maybe this can be counted as a steamy story too.)

I enjoy your holiday specials. I respect the ability to have works that fit the occasion and have them come out before that occasion passes.
Happy anniversary on JPHiP!
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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Been a while huh? Here we are with another set. I need to write a one shot soon instead of sticking to the drabbles.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

51. Perfectionist (YuuNaa)

Nana woke up from her sleep when she heard shifting and stomping outside the bedroom. It was also quite curious that Yuiri wasn't in bed with her. Maybe she got up for a midnight snack? At 5am?

When she got up to investigate, she didn't really know what to expect.

But Yuiri practicing her sword fighting choreography certainly wasn't it.

"Yuuchan? How long have you been doing this?" Nana rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"I waited until you slept so I could practice. I need to get this down perfectly!"

Yuiri had bags under her eyes and her grip on the katana was wobbly. The discomfort she was putting herself through made itself obvious on her features.

"Yuuchan put that down and come back to be-"

"No. I can't be any less than perfect! When you watch me on stage I want you to be proud of me! I need to work harder!"

"Yuuchan, this isn't the first time you've practiced at this hour isn't it?"

"I've been surviving off of 3 hours of sleep for this entire week. Now please go back to bed Naachan."

Nana shook her head, "I'm not going anywhere unless you come with me."

"No! What if I mess up on stage?! In front of everyone! Everyone would laugh at me! You'd laugh at me! And.. and… You'd leave me! You'd get back with Mako or something!" Yuiri snapped unexpectedly.

Nana took cautious steps forward, "hey… none of that's gonna happen. You haven't slept all week, and it's obviously getting to you. You're not thinking clearly." She closed the distance and reached out for her hands, "I'm not gonna leave you, I promise. You just need some rest."

"Then tell me… you... love me." Yuiri's speech began to slur, a week's worth of fatigue finally catching up to her.

"I love you."

"I'm sorry for putting you through this Naachan, I've been so… tired." Yuiri fell forward into Nana's arms as her consciousness faded out.

Luckily Nana caught her and felt her slump further as Yuiri immediately fell asleep in her hold. As best as she could, Nana laid her girlfriend down on the couch and set one of the cushions down under her head.

Unfortunately the couch could only fit one sleeping person at a time otherwise Nana would've joined her in slumber.

After laying a kiss upon the sleeping beauty's forehead, Nana noticed the sun beginning to rise as a faint light began to permeate through the blinds of their windows.

"I might as well get breakfast prepared now." Nana stuffed a dolphin plushie into Yuiri's arms before heading into the kitchen.

52. Wide Awake (FuuMiru)

When it's all said and done, I'm just glad it happened. Right?

Another sleepless night for Fuuko. Her body was tired sure, but her mind was racing with thoughts. What really pissed her off was that there really wasn't a reason for it.

She looked to her side and saw Miru next to her curled up in the sheets.

Fuuko sighed.

One day Miru's gonna see it. I'm not the right girl for her. Maybe she pitied me for never having a girlfriend before, maybe this love is one sided and I'm an idiot for thinking I can keep a girl like her.

Even if we go our separate ways… I can just be glad it happened.

As long as she can find a girl better than me, I'd be happy.

It doesn't get any easier to think about.

Fuuko rolled over and closed her eyes, desperate to sleep and escape these thoughts.

Immediately after, Miru wrapped her arms around Fuuko's midsection and nuzzled her head into her back. She let out a small hum as she hugged tighter.

"Babe, you awake?" Fuuko whispered.

To no response as Miru was fast asleep.

You can't fake that right? A person who didn't love me back wouldn't do that in their sleep.

What a funny thought huh?

Maybe she really does love me.

I sure as hell hope so at least.

Fuuko's eyes began to close, even without spoken words, that was the reassurance she needed.

53. Acumen (SudaYuria)

A girl who couldn't see colors and shapes isn't fit for an academy of the arts unless they were a musician, an actress, a dancer maybe?

But Akari wasn't any of these things. Her gifted hands molded clay into intricate sculptures.

Yuria was in awe looking at Suda's creations peering at the level of detail she put in despite lacking eyesight. Sculptures of tigers, elephants, and various other animals lined the shelves and the floor of her room.

Yuria felt her shoulder get tapped with Akari's cane.

"So Yuria… what kind of art do you do?"

"I'm a photography major."

Akari frowned.

"Aww, I'll never be able to experience your art."

"Eh, we never know. Maybe I can take up pottery or something one day. Hell, maybe I can be a sculptor like you." Yuria smirked, "Maybe I'll even be better than you… maybe I already am."

"Ha ha… Better than me?" Akari raised her eyebrow, "you better be able to back those words up Yuria."

Akari tapped her cane against the drawer next to her bed, feeling for the handle before pulling it open.

She pulled out a block of clay and held out her hand "Let's do some sculpting Yuria! Let's see what those soft hands can do."

"Tch… soft hands, how hard can sculpting even be?"


And it was then Yuria found out that sculpting was incredibly difficult.

Her hands were messy, the desk was messy, and she was really getting tired of the smell of clay.

Akari sat on the floor making a sculpture of her own. One of an octopus. An inhuman amount of detail going into each tentacle. She must've had a photographic memory before going blind to create such an odd creature with such accuracy.

"So Yuria, are you about done with your beautiful creation?"

"Uh… yeah… I guess."

Akari sprang up and felt her way towards the desk eager to see what Yuria had created.

Yuria watched as Akari's fingers touched every surface of the clay, analyzing the image in her head. Yuria could see the look on Akari's face transition from confusion, to pure concentration, before settling on laughter.

"So Yuria, what's this supposed to be?"

"It was supposed to be a cat."

"Ahh… a cat..." Akari laughed, "want some honest criticism?"

Yuria scratched her head as she set aside her abomination, "sure Akari, lay it on me."

"It feels like a sculpture of a cat that got hit by a bus."

"I don't think that's how criticism works, Akarin."

54. Charity (Oya Shizuka, Owada Nana. Non-Pairing)

With a warm box of pizza in hand, Shizuka turned the corner into a run-down alleyway in a really grimy area of the city.

Because someone called this run-down alleyway their home.

Shizuka kicked the dumpster positioned against the wall, "Naanya! Get out here, I brought ya something!"

The dumpster lid flipped open and a girl poked her head out, "Shizuka! Good to see you!" Owada scanned the area and looked at the food Shizuka had brought for her, "Is that for me?! You shouldn't have!"

Owada climbed out of the dumpster and sat on the floor, "what's the occasion?"

Shizuka sat down next to her and handed the pizza box to her, "It's just my way of saying thanks. Ya treat me like a regular girl instead of treating me like a Yakuza. Not many people do that and I appreciate it y'know."

"It's no biggie Shizuka, you go out of your way to treat a homeless girl like me like a regular girl. I guess no one likes being judged by their covers huh?"

"Being homeless… does it suck?"

"It's not all that bad, I hardly have to pay for food and I get good company sometimes. Sometimes I do wonder what its like to have my own bed."

"Well, I didn't come here just to bring you a pizza."

Shizuka unzipped her backpack and unloaded the contents on the floor.

Bundles of cash dropped down onto the concrete. It was more cash than Nana had ever seen in her lifetime.

'Whoa, Shizuka… what is this!? Is this for me?"

"Mmm kinda." Shizuka grabbed a bundle and thumbed through the bills, "this is your tuition. I'm getting you off these streets."

"Whoa, is this some top secret Yakuza crime money?"

"No… my aunt owns a successful bakery franchise."

"Bakery?… is that codeword for black market drug trade?!"

"No… its codeword for 'establishment that sells muffins'."

The two laughed after their little exchange, before going silent.

Nana grabbed a bundle of cash and flipped through the tender, "But really though Shizuka, I owe my life to you now." Tears welled up in her eyes, "you don't have any clue what this means to me."

"Don't think about repaying me ever, I love helping out the underdogs."

Nana smiled, "this calls for a celebration! Everyone get out here!"

A band of raccoons (and curiously enough, one possum) of all shapes and sizes hopped out of the shadows and swarmed the pizza box.

Shizuka quickly backed away from the rodents


"Ah don't worry Shizuka! They're all nice raccoons… except for Mr. Hamazaki over there."

She pointed to a raccoon that was clawing at the walls and ripping apart a pizza.

"He has rabies."

Nana grabbed a slice of pizza for herself and handed another one to Shizuka to which she hesitantly accepted.

But Shizuka wouldn't turn down a celebration. Especially Naanya's last day as a homeless girl.
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNaa, SudaYuria+) (3/3/21)
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Oh, we're seeing a lot of 'she'll leave me' thoughts here. I'm happy to see that they're both resolved.

Sasuga the Theater Goddess. Though Nana is right, she needs sleep. Messing up onstage is likely when one is sleepy. Even her way of thinking is unreasonable, right Naachan?

Wide Awake
The pain is *chef's kiss* I know you said you're "pretty bad at writing angst" but I enjoyed this a lot. It's a good step up from something like Yuihan's almost-angst moment in Confession. Both the reader and Fuuko get to marinate in a few more lines of pain.
Also, kind of you to use the other half of the piece to relieve that pain.

Wow, Dasu sounds AWESOME. So she lost her eyesight and wasn't born blind. Gotta respect her still going through with art and being amazing doing it.

Shizuka is so kind. When Naanya said she owes her her life now, I can't help but agree.
"No… its codeword for 'establishment that sells muffins'."
Riiiiight we're not gonna believe that, right Naanya? Wait, we are? Oh okay.
But what's gonna happen to the raccoons?

Thanks for the update!
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I love every drabble  but my favorite is Yuunaa of course, our godneed is sometime too strict.

Keep writting! :)
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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We got a few returning authors back on the site. I'm happy to be writing along with authors that are infinitely more talented than I am lol.

Come to think of it, if they hop into this series... they got a lot of catching up to do huh.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

55. Black Roses (Mayuki)

A/N: The Mayu Birthday Special!

Black Yuki stood in front of Mayu's door for what felt like hours. A bouquet of black roses in hand and a present in the other. She never had a birthday of her own, much less ever celebrated anyone else's. So practically she's winging it.

The girl finally managed to knock on the door, half hoping Mayu wouldn't answer in fear that she'd find a way to mess things up.

But Mayu answered.

"Hey Yuki, what's up? You're up a little early don't you think?" Mayu beamed her amazing smile.

Yuki took a second to form proper words, "umm… I'm aware that today is your birthday."

Mayu looked confused for a second as she checked her phone, "oh… so it is."

"I believe gift giving is the usual tradition on birthdays, so I will begin with these roses."

Yuki made her way inside and grabbed the vase in the back of Mayu's room, tossing the white roses out the window (water and all) and replacing them with black ones.

"Black roses huh? Pretty." Mayu touched a petal of one of the flowers, "what's in the box you're holding? It's pretty big, I hope you didn't spend too muc–"

"I bought you a new laptop."

"You bought… w h a t?"

The taller girl opened the box to reveal a high end laptop that must've cost a fortune. "Was this not an adequate gift?"

"Nononono! I-its… holy shit! Yuki! You didn't have to spend that kind of money on me!"

"This is my first time giving a gift to someone, did I do well?"

"Y-you did amazing! I have to pay this back somehow! I'm gonna pay for lunch, dinner and the cake! How's that sound?!"

Yuki facepalmed, "Ah, a cake… I knew I was forgetting something."

Mayu silenced Yuki with her lips.

"Shut up!"

And shut up she did. Yuki stood frozen as if someone pulled the plug on her brain. A kiss that didn't have darkness or alcohol to plant the seed of doubt of it happening in the first place. Birthdays must be wonderful.

"The scent of… cupcakes." Yuki said during her mental shutdown sequence.

And shortly after… the girl dropped to the floor.

Completely out cold.

56. Outsmart (SakuRuppi)

A/N: Sakura birthday special. Come to think of it, lots of idol birthdays in March.

"So Sakura, I know it's your birthday." Haruka moved a strand of Sakura's hair behind her ear, "I'm feeling quite generous. I'm sure there's something special you want today~"

Sakura stiffened at Haruka's touch, "yeah, actually. But… but only if you're okay with it!"

"Oh?" Haruka smiled with half-lidded eyes, biting her lip seductively, "and what would you like me to do for you~?"

"Can you do my art history homework?"

"Oh Sakura~ it'd be my pleasure to– wait. What?"

"I wanted to ask you to do my homework for my birthday."

"Oh… sure. I can do your homework. Easy peasy. It'd be just like middle school all over again."

"Thanks Haruppi! You're the best girlfriend on the planet!" Sakura hugged Haruka and laid a kiss on her cheek.

There was a knock at the door almost immediately after, and Sakura hurriedly came to answer.

"Happy birthday Sakura!" Two small girls stepped into the dorm and set a cake down on the table.

"Nako? Miku? How'd you know it was my birthday?"

"Oh, we hacked your girlfriend's phone." Nako said nonchalantly.

Haruka hurriedly began deleting private files off her device.

"We also brought a present!" Miku pulled out her phone and fiddled with the screen.

Mechanical humming could be heard outside the window, its volume starting faint, but gradually crescendoing.

A drone carrying a present burst in through the curtains before immediately crashing into a wall. Neither the drone nor the present stood a chance, spilling several wrapped candies onto the floor leaving a wreckage that resembled a robot piñata.

"Good one Miku, you trashed the boss's drone."

Miku slumped, "Aww man, I'm gonna be cleaning bathrooms for a month!"

The birthday girl blankly stared at the mess on the floor, "uh. thanks for the candy."

Haruka stepped over the drone-corpse and set plates down on the table, "let's just forget that happened and eat cake."

Everyone else shrugged and sat down as Haruka divvied out slices of cake to everyone.


Haruka polished off Sakura's homework before anyone even finished a slice of cake

The Renaissance section? A baby could've completed this assignment.

"Sakura, your homework is done. I even purposefully got a few questions wrong so it appears more realistic."

Miku gaped at Sakura, "Whoa… your girlfriend does your homework?! Luckyyyyy."

"I certainly am lucky!" Sakura smiled before changing the subject, "didn't you girls wanna show me some anime? Pull it up on the TV, I'll be over there in a sec."

Nako and Miku nodded and began connecting cables from a laptop to the TV screen.

Sakura turned to Haruka after watching the two leave the table, "are you still in the mood to give me more gifts later?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Earlier, were you not offering sex as a present?"

"Why did you ask me to do your homework if you knew?!"

"Because we both know you're gonna fuck me anyway. Besides, I wanted two gifts!"

Haruka was in shock, never in her wildest dreams did she expect to be outsmarted by Sakura. How exciting.

"Sakura! Are you watching with us or not?!" Nako shouted across the room.

"Yeah! I'll be right there!" She gave Haruppi a playful smirk before seating herself beside NakoMiku.

Haruka composed herself before joining the rest of them. While her full attention was on the screen, in the back of her mind she knew after this kickback was done…

Sakura's second gift was en route.

57. Lovers Quarrel (JuRicchan)

A/N: Kinda going against the birthday theme? Kinda sorta. Adventures in Art School is one year old! This little drabble takes place before 'Figure Drawing' the first installment.

"Ricchan! Ricchan! I need advice!" Renaachi banged on the door.

Asking for advice from Ricchan or Juri meant someone was desperate.

Rina opened her door, "Rena? You need advice? What kind of advice? I can help you with all sorts of stuff!" Rina excitedly pulled her into the dorm and sat on the couch.

"Love advice! I need help!" Rena sat down next to her, noticing Juri in the background having trouble reading an art history textbook. It was upside-down.

Rina reclaimed her attention, "Oooooooh, love! So what's going on Rena?"

"I feel like Annin is avoiding me! She hasn't been answering her phone either! I know she's busy with finals, but UGH!" Rena buried her head in her hands. "Anytime I've ever ran into a problem, I just threw rocks at it! And I can't throw rocks at Annin! Why is dating so hard?!"

Juri cut in, "If you throw a rock at her, maybe write something nice on it first!"

Rena had no response to her nonsense.

"Don't listen to her, Rena. You know Juri can be a bit of an idiot sometimes." Rina said in a hushed tone, "I'm the brains in this relationship, Juri's definitely the pretty one though."

Juri dropped her upside-down book, "I heard that! And we all know I'M the brains here!"

Juri and Ricchan hardly ever argued, but when they did it was always sparked by their unwillingness to admit which one was least intelligent in the relationship.

In fairness, it's not like anyone in the academy could agree on that debate.

Rena had the smarts to know that they were inching towards a full blown lovers quarrel.

Honestly, why did I think asking advice from these girls was a good idea anyway? Man… maybe I'm as dumb as them.

The most logical thing to do in this situation would be to make a hasty exit.






Rena slowly backed away and reached for the doorknob behind her, slipping away like a rock-throwing spectre. As she shut the door, she could hear the two girls still arguing.

Honestly, they were probably gonna forget she even came over.

She sighed, "How'd those idiots find love before me?"
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Wahhh I can't believe I only saw the update now.

Black Roses
The image of throwing a whole vase's worth of flowers (and the water inside) in a single toss is pretty funny. Damn, what an extravagant gift. I hope Mayu can teach her wallet-protecting gift-giving practices!

We love a practical gift requester. Though the group bonding by watching a movie is fun too. Watching more characters interact with each other really gives more life to this universe.

Lovers Quarrel
And I can't throw rocks at Annin!
At the risk of sounding like someone at Ricchan and Juri's level... why not???
"Don't listen to her, Rena. You know Juri can be a bit of an idiot sometimes." Rina said in a hushed tone, "I'm the brains in this relationship, Juri's definitely the pretty one though."
I love Ricchan's conspiratorial whispering to Rena, considering how she thinks about them. Still, Ricchan saying Juri is the pretty one among the two of them is kinda sweet???

Thanks for the update!
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (Mayuki, SakuRuppi+) (3/26/21)
Post by: Nozokime on April 13, 2021, 10:53:37 AM
Ahh thanks for the update!
I was finally able to catch up with the new drabbles and i love them, but more than anything the SakuRuppi I can already imagine all that funny situation on Sakura's birthday  :lol:
I will be waiting for the next update and thanks for the effort!
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
Post by: StrongStyle9Q on April 24, 2021, 01:38:50 AM
Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: Watching to see how characters interact is the fun part especially considering how crazy these characters can get. And they'll only get crazier.

@Nozokime: Been a long time! Its good to see you back! Thank you for sticking with me.


Been a while. Were back with our favorite akb fluffy art school gays. I have a lot of crazy characters planned for the next installments. A ton of writers block had to amount to something right?

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

58. Ghost Story (WMatsui)

Much like any other night, Jurina was in bed getting her recommended eight hours of sleep.

Until she was awoken by her ringtone.

At 2am.

Jurina, barely anything more than a pile of hair and fluffy pajamas on her mattress groggily lifted her head to check her phone.

It was Rena ringing her. At 2am, it had to be important… right?

She tapped the screen to accept the call.

She actually missed the button a few times in her dazed state, but managed to hit it on her fourth try.


"Hey! Is it possible for you to come to the practice rooms in the music building? I need to show you something interesting."

"Couldn't you just… i don't know… take a picture of it and show it to me at a reasonable time? Instead of calling…" Jurina glanced at the time on her phone, "at 2 in the friggin morning?"

"I promise it will all be worth it! It's super cool!"



Jurina's head laid back onto the pillow, her hand was losing grip on the phone as she began to drift off to sleep once more.

"Jurina?! Are you still there?"

She jolted awake again, "Huh? What's going on?"

"Okay look Jurina... The lights turned off in the building and I'm super scared. Can you please come get me?!"

"Fine… just gimme a minute."


Music building certainly was dark. Jurina illuminated the halls by shining a light from her phone.

Eventually she turned the corner and ran into Rena which admittedly kinda scared the shit outta her.

"Hey Jurina! I'm glad you came, I don't do well with dark places."

"Afraid somethings gonna jump out at you?"

"Something like that. My mom was a Majijo student. She said she'd turn out the lights on someone before beating them up all while laughing uncontrollably. It's just bad instincts I guess."

"Majijo?" Jurina stopped, "I hear those girls do nothing but beat the hell out of each other."

"And it's all true. My mom was a queen and everything. Good thing this school is nothing like that."

Jurina grinned, "you sure about that?"

"I mean nothing bad happens here. Other than your lariats really."

"Ever hear about the angry spirit that wanders these halls?"

"N-no." Rena stuttered.

"Story goes that there was this girl who studied hard to be the best pianist in the school. Spent hours practicing a day to hone her gifted hands, but the professor never got along with her and failed her on every performance. Girl got fed up being punished for nothing.

So one day…"

'What h-happened?" Rena gasped.

"When all the students left the class, she pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the professor to death before taking her own life."

Rena was visibly shaken and clinging to Jurina's arm.

"Worst part is… RENA SHE'S RIGHT BEHIND US!"

And Rena ran screaming.

After a few seconds, Jurina spoke into the darkness.

"Uh… Rena I just made that up."

Jurina could hear quick footsteps getting increasingly louder before getting tackled to the floor. The phone light flipping on its back leaving the halls in darkness.

Rena repeatedly punched Jurina's arm "JURINA." *punch* "YOU CAN'T" *punch* "JUST STAY STUFF LIKE THAT!" *punch*

Rena mercilessly clubbed Jurina in the dark.

Her Majijo alumni mother would be proud.

59. The Perfect Shot (YuiParu)

A/N: This was gonna be a Paruru birthday special, but you can only write so many of those before they start to get dull. Its a shame too considering Paruru is my favorite.

It might have been hours. The coffee went cold, and the cake was probably unpleasantly warm.

However taking the perfect picture required that kind of patience, even if it was just a simple shot of cafe food.

"All these shots are boring, how am I gonna win that contest?" Paruru grimaced at her photo set. Rino and Rie's contest still hadn't found a winner in the months the competition was active. She was a regular at the Cafe, so winning that discount would only be good for her wallet because the drinks and pastries really add up over time.

Yui and Bisu entered her dorm, "Hey Paru, what are you-"

"Shut up for a sec." Paruru remained laser focused through the lens of her camera. "Can't miss this shot."

The cat walked into the frame of the photo, curiously sniffing at the cake.

"Hey Bisu, get back here! You're gonna mess up the shot!"

"Wait Yui, I think Bisu's onto something."

Yui tilted her head as she watched her girlfriend work.

"Alright Bisu, take one step forward."

"Meow?" Bisu cautiously stepped forth.

"Hmm…" The photographer carefully measured the shot, "come forward a little more."


"Alright Bisu maybe take one teeny tiny step forward."

Yui smiled at Paruru's strange interaction with her cat. They get along so well. Like… her girlfriend is straight up talking to a cat right now.

Then again, Yui had open conversations with Bisu regularly.

"No! Bisu! Too far!"

"Meow?" Bisu backed up slightly.

"Perfect!" Paru clicked the camera, and the cat scurried off once his job was complete.

This had to be the perfect shot, Paru had been at it for hours and honestly… she's getting really hungry.

She took a look at the photo she shot and hummed, "what do you think Yui?"

"Looks good to me! You're gonna enter the contest with that?"

"With a little bit of photo editing, yes."

Paruru's stomach began to growl after the hours of prioritizing the picture, but luckily she had a cake right in front of her. She sliced into it with her fork and took a heaping mouthful.

"I bought this slice of cake six hours ago."

"Is it still good?"

"Nope." Paruru then proceeded to throw the rest of it away.

60. The Cafe Contest: Part 6 (RinoRie)

A/N: The Paruru double feature baby!

"The composition, natural complementary colors, the cat's pretty cute too." Rino rubbed her chin as she scanned the entry with her eyes.

"You talking to yourself again Sasshi?" Rie walked into the room and paused as she noticed her wife staring at the piece, "oh, is that for the contest?"

"Yeah, sent in by Shimazaki Haruka."


"Uhh, you might know her as Paruru?"

"Oh, the salty girl." Rie stepped beside her partner and observed the entry, "is this a photograph? I was really hoping for some real art." She said with a furrow of her brow.

"A well shot photo IS real art. It's way harder than taking a selfie, and you already delete half of the ones you take."

"Ouch. Point taken."

The entry featured a slice of cake and a cup of coffee angled and shot to make the decadent items appear even more delectable. A red plate complimented the green matcha icing of the pastry, each particle of light doing its job to make the image pop. In the background, Bisu made his appearance giving a little bit of character to what would be 'just a picture of food.'

"You know what Sasshi?" Rie grabbed the picture and imagined it on the wall, "I think we got a winner."

"You think so?"

"Think about it, this picture is gonna attract customers to our menu. Look how amazing that cake looks, people are gonna be throwing money at the display!" Rie spoke with dollar signs in her eyes.

"Now that you mention it, it gave me cravings for our own menu items." Rino said with a hand over her stomach.

"Honestly, I'm getting pretty hungry looking at it too."

"Maybe you're right Rie. I think this is the one, we can finally wrap this contest up."

"I feel like celebrating. Maybe a special dinner for us? What are you in the mood for?"

Rino and Rie stared at Paruru's entry, and instinctively their mouths began to water.

"Honestly, a Matcha cake sounds really good right now."

"Thank goodness, I was thinking the same thing."

61. Nezumi Radio Broadcast 2 (Watanabe Mayu)

It's Tuesday and you know what that means!

It's time for your very own Cyborg Idol to start your day off right!

Welcome to Nezumi Radio!!! Yaaaaaayyyyy!

Okay, so no paid advertising this time around but, I wanna talk about something I've been seeing recently.

Has anyone noticed the raccoons on campus?

Am I crazy?

Are these someone's pets?

It's always the same raccoons too. You're probably asking, 'how do you know they're the same raccoons Nezumi?'

I know because one member of that raccoon squad is absolutely massive. I mean… freakishly huge.

I feel like I'm not coming through as to how big this raccoon is. We're talking like… if I wasn't afraid of it, I could ride it like a horse.

What does it even eat?! Steroids?!

It was also then I realized raccoon paws are super similar to human hands - I swear those things have thumbs. THUMBS!

I saw one of em' pick up an apple. Is that not scary to anyone?!

I also saw a possum hanging out with them, and I didn't even know we had possums in Japan.

Oh my God. They developed inter-species communication.

I need to sit down… wait, i'm already sitting.

I need to lay down.

But I'll lay down later! We still have more Nezumi Radio to go! Onto some campus announcements!

Later tonight at the theater be sure to catch the Magnificent Chori's Magic Show of Wonder! Followed by the Kimoto Kanon puppet show!

Continuing on...
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (WMatsui,YuiParu+) (4/23/21)
Post by: aneramyre on May 06, 2021, 10:58:21 AM
I'm late?! For an update that has my favorite ship in it?! SHAME.

Ghost Story (WMatsui)
Jurina's bad at waking up even here. I really felt her sleepiness especially when she was losing her hold on her phone. So relatable!
My mom was a queen and everything.

I enjoyed the image of Rena running away THEN also running back to beat Jurina. The quickness of her mood change after realizing that she was pranked is funny. Guess Jurina got back to sleep sooner than she expected.

The Perfect Shot (YuiParu)
Love the Paruru and Bisu interaction! I wonder if Paruru and Yuihan are the only ones that Bisu can communicate so easily with.
But my favorite part has to be the phrasing of "Yui and Bisu entered her dorm" instead of "Yui entered the room with Bisu" or "Yui entered the room carrying Bisu" or any other variation. It somehow feels like Bisu's agency is equal to Yuihan's (ie a human's) which fits in with the Paruru interaction later on.

The Cafe Contest: Part 6 (RinoRie)
A well shot photo IS real art.
Yeah tell your wife, Sasshi! Let's appreciate all kinds of art! :onioncheer:
A conclusion to the Cafe Contest :O Look at that, someone finally submitted a winner. As a cat lover, I'd definitely be compelled to dine in a cafe that has a picture of their food with such a cute cat. Can't help but support the choice.

Nezumi Radio Broadcast 2 (Watanabe Mayu)
The return of the raccoon and possum squad is hilarious, along with Mayu's fun-to-read panic over them. I also love the casual worldbuilding of what other types of shows there are at the theater.

Re-reading my review, I'm actually kind of ashamed at how unhelpful my WMatsui comments are. I've been trying to say what I enjoy in fics to give proper constructive feedback to the author instead of just speculating about the world or trying to be witty but this one... I just failed. I'll work on not being so distracted by Rena in the future but I make no promises. See you next time!
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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First things first, RIP Kuro. While I don't have the relationship with him the other members of this website do, I felt the need to mention it because at the end of the day he was a big part of the fanfic circle. A majority of his work is on the pervy fic section, and my goodness sheer quantity of his work is absurd. Genuinely inspiring. I also may have sent in a few requests when he was regularly writing.


Alright a few things before our regularly scheduled program begins, I haven't updated in a month. My bad. I was trying to write an actual one-shot, but I ended up scrapping it after several re-writes. I'm still gonna attempt to write it because i still kinda love the idea.

Nako is sick with a fever, and Miku hires someone to babysit her. A girl named Honda Hitomi accepts the job and she may or may not be a robot... wait... I shouldn't spoil the story haha.

Anyway, I hope to be writing more often.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

62. Ro-boss (NakoMiku)

Mayu invited her assistants over to her dorm for breakfast. It was the weekend, so no Nezumi Radio to record. Just a nice morning to spend a little time with her favorite little workers.

In the middle of their meal, Mayu began the discussion.

"I've always been wondering something about you two."

"What is it, boss?" said Nako.

"We'll tell you anything, boss!" Miku said with her mouth full of food.

"I've always wondered why you two enrolled in art school. You two are gifted hackers, why didn't you two just go down the 'techie' career path like going to a programming school?"

Nako waited for Miku to finish demolishing her food before they responded together.

"Well, boss. Don't you think it's kinda silly to go to take classes on a subject you already know?" Nako nonchalantly poked at her food with a fork.

Miku began taking her first real breaths after practically inhaling her breakfast, speaking after wiping her mouth, "Nako and I made a promise to each other that once we were skilled enough, we'd build a robot together! We can program a robot for sure, but we also gotta make it pretty too ya know."

Mayu smiled, "aww you're gonna build a robot together? That's so adorable!"

"I never knew what the design of our robot was gonna be like, until it came to us in a dream." Nako said as she slid her plate over to Miku so she could continue her breakfast warpath.

"We want our robot to look like you, boss!" Miku exclaimed before going full face-vacuum on Nako's unfinished food.

"Wait, what?! You're gonna build a robot-me?!" Mayu was taken aback.

Nako looked over to Miku, then opted to respond by herself. (Miku looked a little occupied with her food.)

"Of course we are! Me and Miku have the best boss ever!"

Mayu swallowed a bite of her omelette to buy time and try to process how she felt.

"Uh... I guess that's flattering"

"Maybe ten years from now me and Miku are gonna show up at your doorstep and have you meet our very own Robo-Mayu!"

"Please don't."

63. Anxious Delivery Girl (FuuMiru)

As an extension to their services, Rino and Rie's Cafe began to carry out deliveries. After a couple interviews they picked the girl they felt represented the company the best. (Or at least the one Rino liked the best.)

Yabushita Shu promised herself that she'd be the best delivery girl Rino and Rie had ever seen! There was no room for screw-ups on the first day on the job. Absolutely none!

After departing from the elevator, she entered the dorm hallway where she was to meet with the customer and drop off their items.

Shu took a deep breath outside their room.

Don't mess this up Shu… don't mess this up. PLEASE GOD, DON'T MESS THIS UP!

She tapped her knuckles against the wooden door while trying to prevent herself from hyperventilating.

What if this is the wrong door?! What if I get fired on my first day?! Aww crap, aww crap I should turn away now before I embarrass myself!

The door opened before Shu even had the opportunity to make a hasty exit.

Shu stood up straight as she switched to her full customer service mode.

"Hello! I have two iced coffees and one strawberry cream sandwi- OHMYGODMYEYES!"

Shiroma Miru leaned against the doorframe completely unaware of how naked she was.

"Awww, you're the delivery girl? You're so cute!" Miru giggled as she eyed the girl up and down.

"WHY ARE YOU NAKED?! I MEAN- YOU HAVE A GREAT BODY AND I PROMISE I WASN'T STARING BUT-" Shu screamed, (justifiably) freaking out.

"Oh, am I naked agai-" Miru was abruptly pulled back into her room before Fuuko stepped out to replace her, shutting the door behind her.

Fuuko greeted Shu, as if to pretend the delivery girl wasn't in the presence of Miru's boobs as it was exposed to the elements.

"Hey, you're the new girl huh?"

Shu, still shaken up, nodded quickly.

"Umm… just pretend that you didn't see my girlfriend naked." Fuuko took the items from Shu's hands, "oh… just so you know, we're coworkers."

And Shu exploded.


"I'm not mad, okay? Everyone's seen her naked at this point. Just… you know… I don't wanna make it awkward or anything between us." Fuuko nervously scratched at her nape, failing to make anything less awkward.

Shu nodded quickly again.

"You're doing a great job, by the way. You probably needed to hear that." Fuuko reassured her with a smile before slipping a tip into her shirt pocket. "See you at work, I guess." Fuuko said as she turned on her heels and retreated back into her room.

Shu stood dumbfounded at how her first delivery turned out. But she pulled herself together and went to her next customer's door...

...Desperately hoping they wouldn't be as naked.

64. Ninjas Aren't Real (SakuRuppi, MioMeru)

Haruka and Sakura spent much of their day watching movies together. For some odd reason, Sakura was on a big ninja movie kick.

But there were only so many shadow clones and assassinations Haruppi could witness before she started to get tired of it all.

"So Sakura, remind me why we're watching these again?"

"Because I'm in a class with two ninja girls, and I wanted to educate myself on their culture and whatnot. I'm trying to learn Haruppi, aren't you proud?"

"Ninjas? Sakura… There haven't been ninjas since our country's feudal period."

"You gotta meet them! Believe me! They're actual real life ninjas!"

"You're being crazy, this is what happens when you stay up all night to play games." Haruka shook her head slightly amused at her girlfriend.

Sakura simply shrugged and continued watching.

Haruka was trying to follow the plot of the film, something about someone's mom dying and getting revenge… something about some ancient blade… something about forbidden techniques… Haruka eventually stopped caring and only paid attention to the fight scenes.

A loud pop rang out as a puff of smoke wafted across the room. Two girls coming forth as it cleared.

"Ooooh, movie! Good thing I brought snacks!" Meru said as she plopped down next to Sakura.

"Why do these movies make ninjas wield Katanas? It's a dumb stereotype. It'd be too heavy to sneak around with. And what's with the clones? And why do they run like that?" Mio said as she stood with her arms crossed behind the couch.

Sakura casually greeted them as she shared snacks with Meru.

Haruka was broken out of her reverie, becoming completely bewildered at the surprise visitors in her room and how casually Sakura was taking all of this.

"Excuse me… who are you two? And how did you get in my room?!"

"I'm Meru, and that's Mio. Nice to meet ya!" Meru gestured to both of them as she reclined in her seat.

Mio followed up immediately after, "We are both trained experts at infiltration and subterfuge. All it takes is one smoke bomb and we could be anywhere on campus!"

In defeat, Haruka turned to Sakura, "I'm guessing these are the school ninjas?"


Haruka looked at the ninjas in disbelief before accepting the stranger reality, "...Meru do you have more snacks on you?"

"Sure do!"

Meru tossed a bag of gummy snacks to Haruka.

And that's the story of how Kodama Haruka watched ninja movies with ninjas.

What on earth are ninjas doing in art school anyway?

65. Unbelievably Dumb (Atsumina, JuRicchan)

Atsuko dragged her wife to Rino&Rie's Cafe in a way to better connect with the students. To watch the girls in their natural habitat. Minami didn't find it very practical, but she wouldn't say no to spending time with her wife.

Minami took notice of Juri and Ricchan on a date. Those two were some of her most talented students. It took a lot to impress Takamina, but their art was impeccable and she couldn't deny it.

"Hey Acchan, see those two girls over there?" Minami subtly gestured to the dumb couple.

"Juri and Rina? I had them in my class last semester. Super talented girls."

"Incredible amounts of talent from those two." Minami nodded, "too bad they're dumb as a bag of bricks though."


"Seriously... listen to them, Acchan."

The two quieted down to listen in on their conversation.


The couple were bickering once again trying to discover which of the two was the smart one in the relationship.

The girls stopped eating as they got more immersed in their debate.

"I'm smarter!"

"No, I'm smarter!"

"Oh yeah? I can do math super duper fast!" Juri claimed.

"Oh yeah!? What's 4 + 5?" asked Rina, probably in the most aggressive way a math question could.

"It's 67!"

"I don't even think that's correct."

"Maybe it's not!" Juri stabbed her fork into her pancake, "but I solved it super duper fast!"

"Woah… that was pretty fast… maybe you are kinda smart Juri…" Rina said with hearts in her eyes.


Atsuko and Minami wore blank expressions on their faces as they tried to process the events that played out before them.

"I suppose that's the tradeoff for impeccable work." Atsuko turned to her food, unsure if she even had an appetite left.

Minami casually stole a sausage from her wife's plate before speaking with a full mouth.

"How did they graduate high school?"

"How did they graduate elementary school?"
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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I'm not sure if anyone read the last update, so be sure to read it if you haven't.

Though mostly its just a set of character introducing and a small bit of world building. Now in hindsight, this fic is probably incredibly hard to get into because of that. Well... I had to have suspected it.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

66. Happy Birthday Yuuchan! (YuuNaaMogiOn)

It was Yuiri's birthday, and it was only natural for the YuuNaaMogiOn gang to come together and throw a bit of a celebration.

Nana was busy setting up the table, keeping an eye on her partner making sure she was relaxing and not studying, or rehearsing for any of her classes. Nana also refused her help for setting up decorations and in the kitchen.

Well, Nana would refuse her help in the kitchen regardless of occasion. As everyone knew, Yuuchan's cooking skills were… nightmarish.

Soon enough, Mogi and Mion made their entry with two cakes. Both girls carried their respective desserts over to the table before saying their happy birthdays to Yuiri.

"I'm really happy both of you came… even you, Mion."

Mion grinned and rolled her eyes.

Nana returned to the table with a comically large bowl of chicken karaage. (Yuuchan wasn't even allowed to assist in cooking such a simple dish as chicken karaage.) The short haired girl eyed the two cakes in curiosity.

"What's with the two cakes? Don't you think that's a little much for the four of us?" Nana raised an eyebrow at the two girls.

With a chuckle Mogi answered, "Well, one of the cakes is for us to eat. And the other one is for Yuuchan to throw at Mion's face."

"Yup." Mion said in a tone void of enthusiasm.

In less than five seconds, Yuiri dashed over to the second cake, removing it from its box and sending it hurtling through the air before it made a splattering impact across Mion's face. The small girl was knocked off her feet, leaving her laying in a heap of icing and bread.

Nana stared slack-jawed at the enormous mess on the floor (including Mion). Icing even managed to make it onto the ceiling, which Nana already knew was gonna be a huge pain in the ass to clean up.

Mogi crouched down next to her fallen partner and swiped a small portion of icing off Mion's face before licking it off her fingers. She let out a delighted hum at the flavor.

"Mmm… at least we know that the cake is tasty."

From the pile of desecrated cake Mion grumbled, "I don't think I'm in the mood for cake anymore."

While still staring at the scene Nana wrapped her arm around Yuiri's waist, "Happy birthday, Yuuchan."

Yuiri exposed her dimples with a genuine smile.

"This is the best birthday ever!"
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Yuuchan Birthday Drabble! (6/16/21)
Post by: aneramyre on June 25, 2021, 03:49:59 AM
I come back to TWO updates?!
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given that I was stuck with end-of-semester workload for a while and my pinned JPHiP tab was just staring sadly at me from the corner of my browser.

"Well, boss. Don't you think it's kinda silly to go to take classes on a subject you already know?"
I'd say there's always more to learn no matter how good you are, Nako-chan. But to be fair, I think NakoMiku's current skills can already guarantee them a job somewhere so IMO it's all good. Besides, they'll need all the art skills they can get if their goal is to put Mayu's work-of-art face (and body) into a robot. It was nice seeing their motivations for choosing art school. At least they're not letting their technical skills die here either!

Anxious Delivery Girl
"Oh, am I naked agai-"
When are you not?😭

"You're doing a great job, by the way. You probably needed to hear that."
God I love this. Everyone needs to hear this like all the time especially in the service industry (well mostly everyone). This endears Fuuko to me more.

Ninjas Aren't Real
Meru and Mio make an appearance... as ninjas? Interesting. It's great that Sakura made friends with them AND are trying to learn about them. I think Haruppi could show her appreciation for that *nod*.

What on earth are ninjas doing in art school anyway?
My thoughts exactly.

Unbelievably Dumb
AtsuMina comes back 🥺.

"Woah… that was pretty fast… maybe you are kinda smart Juri…"
It's been entertaining to 'watch' Juri and Ricchan's adventures both through other characters' eyes and my own. It's a strange feeling of wonder and confusion at watching a pair of clueless baby animals... or a 'blind leading the blind' situation 🤣

Happy Birthday Yuuchan!
"Yup." Mion said in a tone void of enthusiasm.
Mion obviously knew what she was getting into 😅 this was hilarious.
And hey at least she got called enormous 😃 an enormous mess on the floor, that is. Along with the cake. Still, enormous.
Your financial and physical sacrifice for the cake throw is appreciated for sure, soukantoku.

Thank you for the updates!
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Yuuchan Birthday Drabble! (6/16/21)
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OH MY FRIKIN GOD! :shocked I can't believe that I did not find this thread sooner. For the past weeks, my days has been rather dull and I have been bored to death. You could say that I've read all of the good pics I've been discovering since the first month of this year.  :)2 Coincidentally, today is my birthday and today has been a bad day for me. After reading all the stories you've posted here, I believe that this Drabble thread was the best birthday present for me this year. The way you wrote it made me stand up and punch the wall due to the the cuteness of the stories. :banghead: I couldn't stay still in my seat while reading this. The story had an amazing amount of sugar that I got diabetes  :lol: I realized that my face probably got hot due to too much blood rising to my face while reading this. An overdose of sugar was just fatal to my health. I probably looked like a fool reading this XD It put a really wide and real smile to my face which I have not been having for some weeks. I think I have fallen in love with your stories. It made me fall in love twice for the characters. I just can't describe how happy and thankful I am to be able to find this thread especially in my birthday. You don't know how much this helped me, I've been lovestruck :inlove:;;;

Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: It's good that you didn't let my little stories get in the way of your studies. Haruppi would be proud.
@anonymoussilentreader: I'm glad you've come around to my stories. I'm super flattered to have made your birthday better. Also the first time I've been called author san haha. That's a first.


I have more fics coming up guys, I promise! I'm a bit of a slow updater nowadays, but I got this brand new tablet and hopefully I can fire out some quicker updates.

For fun, I kinda wanted to share a few of my scrapped ideas.

The Christmas special was gonna feature Oya Shizuka having a Christmas dinner with her Yakuza dad. I figured I should develop Shizuka more before going on to things like that.

The YuuNaaMogiOn crew were originally gonna be pirates? I have no idea what I was thinking either. I thought it was funny, but that idea certainly will never come back.

I had this whole one shot written where Iwata Karen becomes Kimoto Kanon's roommate. It wasn't romantic or anything, but it was more to introduce the psycho puppeteer that would be Kanon. I was unhappy with how I wrote it so I scrapped it. I still plan on having Kanon retain that character though.

There's definitely more, but they aren't coming to me. But man... I have some really wild ideas sometimes. Anyway, onto the regularly scheduled programming.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

13. Anxious Job Interview (RinoRie)

Rie adjusted her glasses and scribbled a few notes on her clipboard. “Alright Yabushita, we're nearing the end of this interview.”

“You’re in the home stretch Shu! We got one last question for ya!” Rino cheered in an attempt to raise the spirit of the harrowing job interview atmosphere. (Even more so since there’s two interviewers.)

Shu remained scrunched up in her seat and nodded, “Alright I’m ready.”

Rie readied her clipboard and pen as she said the last question, “If you could choose one, what would you say your biggest weakness is?”

“I have anxiety!” Shu said instantly, “I got loads of anxiety! Especially on days where I don’t take my meds! Like today! So I apologize if I messed up anywhere!”

Rie paused and took a moment to observe the interviewee’s body language.

Shu’s teeth were chattering, and it appeared she had a hard time staying still. Any moment the girl wasn’t fidgeting with her clothing, she had a white-knuckle grip on her seat as if she was trying her hardest to prevent herself from getting up and running away.

“I apologize Yabushita, but could you give my wife and I a moment to discuss something?”

“S-sure, take your time.”

Rie made sure to take the clipboard with her as she left the room, giving a small glance to Rino as she waited for her outside the door.

“We’ll just be a moment.” Rino said with a smile.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, of course not!” Rino reassured as she followed her wife’s steps out of the room, “it’ll just be five minutes. If we take any longer than that, I’ll grab you a muffin. You like chocolate? Who am I kidding? Everyone loves chocolate.”

Shu’s lips cracked into a thin smile as Rino shut the door to the office.


Rie pulled Rino away from the office to diminish any chance of Shu overhearing their conversation.

“So was this the applicant you were excited to show me?!”

“Yeah, what’d you think of her? I liked her!” Despite Rie showing obvious signs of rejection, Rino was firmly behind hiring Shu.

“What do I think of her?! Sasshi, we’ve never had a delivery girl before! She won’t have many moments where we can supervise her, I don’t think she’s capable of being the hire for this brand new position!”

“What?! Why not?!”

“Look at her! She looked like she was on the verge of tears for that entire interview! Do you expect me to turn down other applicants over her?”

Rino dropped the playful demeanor, “Look, she said she has a support dog at her dorm, and she mentioned something about forgetting to take her medication.”

“Where are you going with this?”

Rino was out to bat for Shu, and she was looking to hit a home run for her.

“She must’ve been going through hell today, but she still managed to make it to the interview on time.”

“I guess that’s true.” Rie softened.

“And yeah, I could tell that she was struggling through the interview. Anyone could’ve seen her white-knuckling her seat. But she remained professional despite the fact her mind was acting up on her. Right now, she’s probably tearing herself apart all alone in our office, but I can guarantee you that when we come back, she’ll be right where we left her. She’s definitely an anxious wreck, but the poor girl is powering through it all for this opportunity. In my eyes, that’s a hard worker and wouldn’t you agree that we need one of those?”

Rie smiled and let out a sigh, “Man Sasshi, you really can talk me into anything can you?”

“So what do you say? You wanna hire her?”

Her wife chuckled as she turned the doorknob, “I’m gonna let you do the honors on this one.”

The two owners of the cafe stepped inside the office where Shu was obediently waiting. She stared at Rino and Rie in expectation, while fearing the worst.

Rino was all smiles as she knelt beside their new employee, “Alright Shu I don’t have a chocolate muffin on me, but I think I have something better for you...”


Shu’s support dog Popeye, pressed her snout against the bottom of the door as she sensed a presence approaching the room.

As Shu made entry into her dorm, Popeye sprang up and wagged her tail while sniffing Shu with a tremendous fervor.

“Hey Popeye! I got great news!”

Popeye whimpered slightly.

“I got the job at Rino&Rie’s!”

Popeye let out another whine.

Shu crouched to give scratches to her dog’s head, “I-I know it’s gonna be tough to be separated from each other, but imagine all the treats I can buy you with this money!”

Popeye whimpered again, but this time her tail was wagging.

“Lets celebrate! How do burgers sound?” Shu smiled once Popeye seemed to grow excited at the idea, before craning her neck in search of her sister “Where’s Fu?”

Shu’s sister laid face-down on the couch like a brick. Making no sounds aside from the occasional snore.

“I guess we’ll get her something on the way home. C’mon Popeye, let's get our burgers.” Shu pulled out a leash and attached it to her support dog’s collar.

Popeye needed a walk too anyway, an anxious dog like her can’t be holed in for too long.
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Anxious Job Interview (RinoRie) (7/15/21)
Post by: aneramyre on July 15, 2021, 02:57:08 PM
It feels so nice to be able to write a review so soon since school's kind of out.

Even the ideas that you've yeeted sound interesting. The YuuNaaMogiOn pirate thing reminds me of when some fans called Naachan a pirate captain as the (temporary) ace of STU.
Psycho puppeteer O_O
I love hearing about your writing process and progress. Already having a oneshot written but scrapping it because you weren't satisfied? I respect that regard for quality and your own love of writing.

The subject matter of this shot is particularly timely for me. I've been going through a bunch of interviews myself :P I found Shu's anxiety about the situation very relatable! (In fact, my answer to "What is your biggest weakness" would be a bit similar to hers.) So I'm happy that Sasshi saw that hiring her is a risk worth taking even with their business at stake (a valid concern for Kitarie, of course). Feels great to have someone on Shu's corner. It's so Sasshi of her to spot a girl's potential :lol: Pretty cool to hear that this school allows support animals in the dorms. I hope Shu can buy Popeye plenty of treats!

Thank you for the update! And congrats on the new tablet? :D
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Replies to Comments
Congrats on the new tablet?

Oh, it's been a total game changer.


Two whole one-shots back to back? I bet no one else saw that coming. Sakuruppi have been getting a lot of exposure as of late, I might have to dial down on their stories for a bit as I've been neglecting a lot of pairings.

(Poor Kojiyuu only have one drabble to their name.)

I hope I can remedy that.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

14. The Afterburn (WMatsui, SakuRuppi)

A/N: I suggest reading Unconscious and Closet Perv? before reading this installment as one might miss a callback or two. Though it's not a super huge deal if one decides to jump in here though.

Rena was never the type to have guests over in her room very often. Any moment that wasn’t being in class, being a nurse, or practicing her instrument was used to hole up at home and watch anime. (And then there was that period of time where Rena got super good at wrestling.)

Jurina being the ever extroverted type, couldn’t live a lifestyle like that nor did she want to watch her partner live like that. So after some persuading, Jurina convinced Rena to have Sakura and her girlfriend over for dinner. Because honestly… Rena needed to get herself out there more often.

“Ah, So you’re Sakura’s girlfriend!” Rena said as she extended her hand towards Haruka.

Haruka happily returned the handshake, “Yes I am! Honestly, I’m glad Sakura has friends that aren’t ninjas.... or hackers… or magicians… or some mysterious korean transfer student ex girlfriend… I’m just so happy to finally meet someone normal!”

“Haha I’m about as normal as it gets. Of course, other than the fact that I’m a bit of an Otaku.” Rena gestured to the shelves lined with anime figures and the posters on the walls featuring pretty boys in the same artstyle, “Speaking of which, Sakura told me you were writing a Manga?”

Haruppi’s voice got caught inside her throat as she struggled to come up with a response, “uhh, I suppose you can say that.”

“Can I read it-”

“Absolutely not.”

Sakura cut into the conversation, laughing nervously, “anyway, I’m glad you invited us over. Where’s Jurina?”

“She’s in the kitchen plating up the pasta. I like my food real spicy, so she’s probably being extra careful that no one else but me gets the spicy one.”

“I’m fine with spicy food.” said Haruka.

“Oh trust me you don’t want the spicy one, in my kitchen… I take the heat very… VERY seriously.”

Haruka was starting to think Rena might not be as normal as she once thought.


Handling food in Rena’s kitchen was like traversing a minefield. If one were to sample the spices in her pantry, it would essentially be equivalent to playing russian roulette. There were very few items in her pantry that didn’t have the flavor of a nuclear meltdown.

Jurina remembered eating food here for the first time, she remembered the flavor of the curry like it was yesterday. It tasted like the inside of a volcano, and apparently that was Rena going easy on an injured person.

She was tasked with plating the food for everyone. Jurina looked at the pots on the stovetop, knowing one was normal and the other was… well… Rena’s.

First, Jurina began by plating the normal pastas. She allotted the portions generously, making sure the sauce-to-pasta ratio was perfect. Jurina was an artist after all, she’s got an eye for these kinds of things. The aroma of the pasta was heavenly, Rena was one hell of a cook.

Jurina would suggest that Rena should open a restaurant, but the spiciness of her menu would be a danger to the general public.

But soon enough, it came time to plate Rena’s pasta. Jurina readied herself as she stared at the black pot that prepared most of Rena’s meals. The carbon steel walls of this piece of cookware had endured countless of Rena’s infernal creations. There wasn’t a single piece of kitchenware in Japan that harbored even an ounce of torturous rage that this black pot had.

Jurina quickly opened the pot and was immediately taken aback by the hellish fumes that immediately assaulted her face. She coughed for a bit before putting her determined face back on and returning to her mission. She held her breath as she scooped pasta onto Rena’s plate, now subjecting a poor ceramic dish to the brimstone flavored pasta. As quick as she could, Jurina slammed the lid back onto the pot as if she was caging an angry spirit from escaping its prison.

Despite that whole ordeal, all four meals were nice and ready to serve.   

Jurina stepped out of the kitchen and put the plates of pasta on the table one by one. Setting Rena’s at the front of her usual seat, and the others in the remaining spaces.

She looked up from the table and saw Rena, Sakura, and Haruka hitting it off nicely. Jurina took a second to admire the nice moment of each girl enjoying each other’s company.

But unfortunately, Jurina’s mischievous soul decided that it wanted to play.

Jurina tried to keep her snickers quiet as she made ‘adjustments’ to the food, switching Rena’s spicy hell pasta with Sakura’s allotted portion. A good ol’ switcheroo. A classic maneuver.

Poor Sakura is gonna find out what hellfire tastes like.

Jurina let out a whistle to capture everyone’s attention, “Food’s ready everyone!” Jurina smiled with a strong showing of her dimples, mostly trying to stifle laughter.

Everyone got settled into their spots at the table. Jurina took her seat shortly after, making sure she got a good view of Sakura.

“Thank goodness, I didn’t want to mention that I was absolutely starving.” Rena chuckled as she twirled the pasta around her fork. She took a bite, and she immediately made a face knowing something was very very wrong.

But before she could truly process what was going on, Haruka caught her attention.

“You’re a good cook Rena! This pasta tastes great!”

“I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. What about you Sakura? Are you enjoying the food?”

Sakura hiccuped.

It was then Rena realized what was happening. Jurina couldn’t hold in her laughter anymore, she was wheezing at the sight of Sakura’s face who had an expression as if she was currently being smited from the heavens.

Haruka shook Sakura’s shoulder, “Are you alright Sakura?”

Sakura’s eyes stared through the table, her breaths were rapid, she was sweating, she was shaking.

“Haruppi, if these are my final moments…” Sakura winced from moving her tongue, “I want to let you know I love you very much.”

“Rena, you’re a nurse right?!” Haruppi shouted in panic as she tried to check on her partner, “could this be an allergic reaction from an ingredient?”

“No.” Rena took a bite of pasta from Sakura’s plate, “she’s eating my serving. I… take my spice… very seriously.”

Haruppi leaned in and sniffed Sakura’s plate, she immediately recoiled at the scent of what was supposed to be Rena’s wretched meal, “How could anyone eat this?”

Jurina fell out of her chair laughing, slamming her palm into the floor as her stomach hurt from her howling. She couldn’t feel Rena’s glare on her, but her eyes were fueled by a raging fire hotter than the pasta that was tearing up Sakura’s insides. She’d definitely give her a piece of her mind after this was all done.

But Rena had to go into nurse mode as Sakura was still in immense pain.

“Haruppi… If this is some divine punishment, I’m sorry for keeping so many secrets like my past relationship history. If I make it out of this… I’ll be a better girlfriend I promise.” Sakura’s eyes were staring into the void. She was caught in a trance.

“Haruka, I’m gonna bring Sakura to the nurse’s office. Can you meet me there as soon as possible? I have popsicles in the freezer, I suggest you bring those with you.” Rena laid Sakura softly onto the couch as Haruka ran into the kitchen.

Rena slowly approached Jurina who was still laughing. Her laughter slowed down a bit as the fear settled into her body.

“First a concussion, and now poor Sakura has to suffer this. This experience has been deeply humiliating.” Rena took a hold of one of Jurina’s arms, “Forgive me Jurina. I am a medical professional, and you’ve hurt someone under my watch.”


Jurina woke up in the familiar nurse’s office with a searing pain in her left shoulder. She shifted carefully, not trying to aggravate her new injury and noticed that she was laying next to a pile of popsicle sticks in her bed.

Just as she noticed that detail, a popsicle stick flew through the air and hit her head.

“Oh, you’re awake?” Sakura laid in the bed next to Jurina’s and popped open a new popsicle.

“Heh, good to see you’re recovering well Sakura.”

“I’m totally getting you back for this.”

Rena and Haruka returned to check up on the two. (Haruka was mostly concerned for Sakura of course.)

Once Rena noticed Jurina’s regained consciousness she shook her head, “Is there anything you have to say for yourself, Jurina?” She crouched down and picked up the bin containing several empty boxes of popsicles.

“Yeah.” Jurina sat up and winced. She slowly turned her head to Sakura and made direct eye-contact. “It was totally worth it.”

Haruka and Rena watched as Sakura calmly got up and walked over to Jurina’s bed, popsicle still in mouth.

Sakura threw a devastating right hook to Jurina’s injured shoulder.

Jurina let out a strangled yelp upon impact before returning to the land of the unconscious.

Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: The Afterburn (WMatsui, SakuRuppi) (7/18/21)
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My, my. I certainly didn't expect another installment so soon. It's an honor to give you your 100th "thank you".

“Can I read it-”

“Absolutely not.”
I found this exchange fucken hilarious. Nice delivery.

I hope Haruppi gets some time to absorb Sakura's 'dying' wishes, because those were pretty sweet.

It's entertaining how much of Jurina's stupidity physical injury JuriSaku's friendship can endure. Thankfully Sakura got some revenge with her own hands in the end. I was cheering for it!

Thank you for the update and see you next time!
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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Me and super-late birthday fics... name a more iconic duo.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

15. The New Black (Mayuki)

A/N: I suggest reading past MaYuki stories to get some extra context on their characters.

Mayu heard a knock at the door and the sound of a package dropping to the floor. She’d been anticipating this package for a while now. She’d be fuming if Yuki’s birthday present came late.

Mayu swiveled around in her chair and gestured at her assistants, “Someone left a package outside the door. Can one of you grab it for me?”

“Yes boss!” Nako set her phone aside and immediately made for the door.

“Wait, hold on! I wanna get the package!” Miku shoved Nako aside as she raced to complete the mission first.

“But I said ‘yes boss’ first!”

Nako leaped and tackled the other girl’s legs, sending them both tumbling to the floor. The two assistants wrestled each other trying to be the first one to carry out their boss’s order.

Mayu sighed, “Get off each other, I’ll just get it myself.” She picked up the package outside her door and brought it back to her desk. Miku and Nako picked themselves up off the floor and curiously watched.

From the package, Mayu pulled out two matching hoodies in different colors. One in black for Yuki, and the pink one for herself.

Of course there was no topping Yuki buying her a whole-ass laptop, but Mayu knew that her girlfriend would appreciate the effort she put into the gift regardless.

But she noticed a problem.

The black hoodie was in Mayu’s size and the pink one was in Yuki’s.

Blood in Mayu’s veins froze to ice. How could she mess up something so simple? There’s no way Yuki would accept an article of clothing that wasn’t black. For goodness sake, her underwear is black!

Mayu stomped her foot, “MOTHERFU-” she caught herself, remembering that Nako and Miku were still in the room with her.

No swearing, Mayu! Not in front of the babies!

“Something wrong, boss?” Her two assistants said in unison.

“N-no. But I’m gonna need some time to myself. I’m gonna dismiss you two from my room for today.”

“Sure thing, boss.” Once again in unison. They looked at each other confused, but they’d never turn down a request from Mayu. The girls left silently leaving Mayu by herself..

And now that those two were gone…

“How did I fuck this up!?”

Mayu slid down the wall and buried her head in her hands. Maybe there was a way out of this. Mayu was always good with her words. She’s a student radio host dammit!

Perhaps she could say that the sizes were deliberate and the smaller black hoodie would fit like a crop top or something and since oversized clothing was in style, the larger pink one was an intentional fashion choice for herself. There was the possibility that Yuki would simply read the tags and notice the sizes were wrong, pushing that defense directly off a cliff.

But this was a decent start, she just needed a little extra time to workshop the excuse.

She scrambled to check her phone to see how much time she had left until Yuki got out of her class. It was then she noticed she had received a text notification from her.

Yuki had texted her that her class was released early and she was on her way to Mayu’s room.

And this text was received 10 minutes ago.

And once that realization was made, Yuki was already knocking on the door.

Well, I guess I’m screwed then.

Mayu pulled herself up and put her best confident-face on. Mayu always wanted to be at her best around Yuki. (When she’s not drunk.)

She swiftly pulled open the door and wrapped Yuki into a hug, “Hey Yuki! Happy Birthday!”

The taller girl chuckled, “I was curious if you’d remembered.”

“Of course I’d remember! How could I forget such a special day?”

Yuki stood awkwardly, looking around and scratching her head, “So… what events take place on my birthday? Do I get presents? Would it be similar to yours?”

“Uh… yeah, presents. about that...” Mayu gestured to Yuki to follow her into her room, leading her to the box on the desk containing the presents in question.

Yuki being the observant girl she was, immediately looked at the tags. She was completely silent as she picked up the pink article of clothing that was perfectly in her size. 

Mayu couldn’t bring herself to meet her eyes.

“I’m sorry Yuki, I totally messed up. I don’t know how I messed up something so simple. I know I… dropped the ball on this one.”

“A present from you still means the entire world to me... and besides, I had always thought you’d look good in black.”

Mayu lifted her head, “wait, you’re not mad?”

Yuki smiled and pulled the pink hoodie over her head and wove her arms through the sleeves.

It almost hurt Mayu’s eyes seeing the taller girl in such a bright color, she was so adjusted to her donning dark tones.

“Admittedly, wearing colors like this still won’t come naturally to me. But I’ll still cherish this forever.” Yuki bent down to meet Mayu’s lips, marking the first time she had ever initiated the action, “…So how do I look?”

“You look great. You think you’re gonna start dressing up with brighter colors?”

“Probably not.”

“Alright, fair enough.” Mayu shrugged.

“Since I’m starving, how about we get dinner like we did on your birthday?” She took a hold of one of Mayu’s hands as she led her towards the door, “since it’s my birthday you’re gonna spoil me, correct?”

“Hey, remember that I paid for dinner on MY birthday?”

“Yes, but those expenses didn’t even come close to the price of the laptop I purchased you… I’m kidding of course. I can pay for my own food if I need to.” Yuki giggled, “however, if it’s your treat you’d make me a very happy birthday girl.”

“Fine I’ll pay, whatever.”

Mayu smiled to herself. She’s a whole different girl from the stiff and awkward Black Yuki from the beginning. Maybe she was rubbing off on her.

Can it be? I, the Great Watanabe Mayu... becoming whipped?

Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: The New Black (MaYuki) (8/10/21)
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*Pressing F to pay respects* I can almost feel the cold sweat of realizing there's an aspect of your plan that you can't fix. It's pretty funny that Mayu was gonna spend the rest of her time building up a strong argument for her lie if Yuki didn't come so soon. And that she refuses to curse in front of the 'babies'.

Yuki is so sweet accepting the PINK hoodie anyway. Hopefully she really wasn't expecting Mayu to match the laptop :sweat:

“Fine I’ll pay, whatever.”

Come on, the Great WHIPPED Watanabe Mayu, put your yakuza ad money to good use!  :lol:

Thanks for the update!  :twothumbs
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Hmmmm what can I say about this? I really appreciate the fact that you are still writing about Mayuki  :thumbsup Nako and Miku quarreling over who is going to take the package is cute and so wholesome! :lol: Mayu trying to find out what reason she would use to fix the clothes problem is fun to watch. :w00t: I honestly thought Yuki would get all BLACK to Mayu when she sees the clothes size being swapped.  XD Thank you, author san! :twothumbs
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: The New Black (MaYuki) (8/10/21)
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Aww I haven't read a Mayuki for a long time but i liked this a lot poor Mayu paying for dinner for both birthdays but at least they had a good time together, it's funny how Yuki is able to change the black just for her :lol:

Lately I am having more free time in my life and I am catching up with your one shots :thumbsup
Thanks for the effort and I hope you keep updating, I will be waiting for the next ones!   Please i hope SayaMilky
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Thank you everyone who left a comment! I'm glad that you're reading and seemingly enjoying this fluffy gay art school.

Okay, once again for funsies I feel like talking about a few of my scrapped ideas.

Halloween special was gonna have Kanon (currently queen of scrapped content) going on a psycho murderous rampage only for it to be revealed at the end that the events that took place was simply her roommate recalling the plot of her manga in which she used Kanon's likeness as the villain. This never saw the light for... very obvious reasons.

Kojima Mako and Owada Nana were gonna be Sakura's minions in a similar vein NakoMiku are to Mayu. For those who have watched Majisuka Gakuen 4, it would've been a callback to their roles in the show. I scrapped it because it'd be pretty hard to top adorable hacker girls who call their leader 'boss!'. They'd probably get overshadowed if I stuck with it. Besides, the plans I have currently for Naanya being a formerly homeless girl, and Kojimako being *checks notes* a massive horndog is a far more fun role for them to fill.

Black Yuki was originally going to be a tarot card reading fortune teller. Let's just save that character for her roommate yeah?

I know including IZ*one would be super risky. But since there are three akb members that are deeply affiliated with them, there's a good opportunity for interactions. I thought a fun idea would be Sakura and Hyewon being well-known rivals in the local arcade. Also Eunbi being a teacher would be gold. (Of course the exclusively IZ*one members would have a backseat to the world as a whole, so no installments that are exclusively 2kim or anything like that.)

I was tossing around the idea of Churi being the owner of the last Dodo bird alive and another girl on campus trying to hunt it, but that idea was fun for a laugh and that's pretty much it. (Might hang onto the last Dodo bird alive thing though... we'll see.)

Well... that was a long preface. Let's get to our stories shall we?

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

67. Masterpiece (SayaMilky, FuuMiru)

Sayaka found her girlfriend along with Miru and Fuuko sitting in a booth in the corner of Rino&Rie’s. Naturally after ordering her food from what she assumed was a new hire, (she didn’t quite catch her name, was it Yoshida?) she slid into the booth next to Miyuki taking her rightful place next to her lover.

“Y’know, I’ve been having a really good week. Is anyone feeling the same as me?” Sayaka announced to her group.

“I’ve been procrastinating on some assignments and It’s all starting to catch up to me.” Miyuki whined, “So I’ve been having a terrible week!” She let out another whimper and laid her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder.

“Sorry to hear that…” Sayaka turned to the girl across from her, “what about you Miru? Was your week any good?”

“I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in like… a month!” Miru put her head down into her arms, “I hope it doesn’t affect me during my big performance.”

Sayaka gave a small pat to Miru’s downed head before turning to her partner, “What about you Fuuko-”

Fuuko peered up from her sketchbook with obvious eyebags as her left fist was white-knuckling a cup of coffee. If a look could kill, Fuuko’s glare would’ve leveled the city.

Sayaka sat back in the seat, “I guess I’ll just die then.”

After a moment of silence, Miyuki lifted her head from Sayaka’s shoulder, “Miru, what did you say about a big performance?”

Sayaka followed up, “Yeah, come to think of it, I don’t know what kind of art you do. What do you specialize in?”

Miru shot up immediately with a big smile on her face, “I’m a theater girl! And I am one of the lead roles in the next theater production!” she said proudly.

Sayaka and Miyuki gave a look to each other and they both had the same thought in their head.

Miru being a theater girl? It makes total sense.

“But wanna know my masterpiece?” Miru leaned in closer to the girls across from her.

“I once gave Fuuko an orgasm without even touching her.”

Fuuko spat her coffee all over her sketchbook.

68. First Kiss (MogiOn)

Only when she was giving a haircut, would probably be the only time someone should trust Mion handling sharp objects.

Nana appointed Mion as her go-to hairstylist ever since the 'burning hair incident' that happened during the beginning of her relationship with Yuiri.

Not only did Mion have the ability to make a girl look stunning, but Nana genuinely enjoyed Mion's company and the two grew closer during these moments.

"So Mion, is it true you kissed Mogi before you two started dating?"


"There's gotta be a fun story behind that right? Or was it a friend with benefits thing?"

"Nope, not a friend with benefits thing." Mion breezily said as she carefully snipped away at Nana's precious locks, "also it isn't much of a story."

"Aww cmon Mion, you gotta tell me what happened."

"Trust me, it's anticlimactic. But if you wanna know so bad…"


It had been a month since Mion and Mogi became roommates. The two got along sure… but they weren't particularly getting close at all. They averaged about 12 words a week and Mion wasn't satisfied sharing a room with someone she barely knew. So she was gonna break the ice only in a way a girl like Mion could.

Mion walked out of her room and confronted Mogi who was lounging on the couch watching TV. She noted to herself how cute the older girl looked getting all immersed in whatever romantic drama she was invested in at the moment.

"Hey Mogi, question… asking for a friend."

"What's up?"

"Would you make out with your roommate for ¥10,000?"

Mogi eyed the shorter girl up and down, "Sure, why not? I am a little strapped for cash at the moment."

Mion slammed a large wad of cash on the coffee table, "Well today's your lucky day."

And that night was history.


"Wow, you'd be single if Mogi had a full wallet that day."

"I guess so, huh."

Mogi casually entered the dorm room after her classes concluded.

"Hi Naachan!"

"Mion told me the story of your first kiss with her."

Mogi chuckled, "Hah! Fun fact, she even pulled out her wallet when she suggested bringing handcuffs to the bedroom."

"Man Mogi… I really didn't need to know that…"

69. To Pay it Back (SaeYaka)

A/N: 69. Get your laughs in now folks. Anyway, it's been a while since we've seen these ladies eh?

When it comes to being a nurse at the academy, some days were more exciting than others.

Some days, a girl launches herself down the stairs to avoid an art history test, and other days consist of counting inventory several times a day to keep oneself occupied.

Sae had to have taken inventory for the fifth time today. Her being one of the senior nurses, would never wish injury upon anyone, but in the back of her mind she was secretly hoping that someone caught a rogue lariat or a flying rock on the way to class just so she could have something to do.

The nurse made marks on her clipboard, double checking her count despite having done this several times during her shift. Having been a quiet day, she quickly noticed the sounds of a commotion raging outside the storage room.

“RELEASE ME THIS INSTANT!” a familiar voice shouted out from the hallway.

Sae set aside her work and poked her head out to see what was going on only to retreat back into the room when the body of a nurse was sent flying towards her.

“The hell is going on out there?!” Sae made another attempt to investigate only for her colleague Rena to come sprinting inside the room in a panic.

“THERE IS A BERSERK LADY OUT THERE!” Rena scrambled towards boxes in the back pulling out syringes, “SEDATIVES! WE NEED SEDATIVES! WE GOTTA STAB HER LIKE… 10 TIMES!”

“That's not necessary. Just stay put Rena, I think I can handle this one.”


Sae ignored her as she stepped out into the hallway, her protests growing quiet as she shut the door behind her.

It better not be who I think it is.

It was who she thought it was. The theater teacher was standing amongst a pile of freshly mangled hospital staff.

“Miyazawa! I wasn’t aware you were working today!” Sayaka rapidly tried to fix her hair and dust off her jacket as if nothing unusual was afoot.

“You mauled my staff members.”

“I...I… Please allow me to explain.” Akimoto stumbled backwards and caught her balance on a wall.

“Are you hurt?”

The taller woman stood straight and scoffed, “Me? Hurt? Nonsense! I take excellent care of my health.”

“Then you have no issues carrying my unconscious staff into hospital beds, yes?”

“Of course not! I’ll begin right away” Sayaka took wobbly steps forward before falling over.

Luckily Sae rushed over to catch her before she fell, gently laying Sayaka down against a wall. It definitely appeared to be some sort of leg injury.

Sae checked Sayaka’s legs for swelling feeling around to find the location of the damage, “Okay, just lemme see what we’re dealing with- OH MY GOD IT FEELS LIKE A GRAPEFRUIT! I ALMOST MADE YOU CARRY SOMEONE!”

The theater teacher hung her head, “I apologize for causing all this trouble. I didn’t want you to see me in such a weak state. I’ll pick myself up and lie down on one of the beds to make it easy for you.”

“Like hell if I allow you to walk on your own!” Sae knelt down and draped the taller woman over her shoulders before kicking open a door and laying her down onto a bed, “Akimoto… I owe you an absolute shit-ton. Please, let me be the strong one this time and pay it all back to you!”

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her roommate recalling the plot of her manga
Hmm? Another manga artist? Haruppi might want to meet a fellow mangaka... or not XD
Again, lots of respect for keeping up with multiple groups, or really just knowing them. I myself am incapable of that so I think that's a cool thing to be able to do.

Ooh, Miru! That's cool, I'd love to hear how she does onstage. Though her masterpiece does seem pretty awesome too lmao. That's a pretty high bar for her stage performances XD

First Kiss
Mion W H Y ? But I gotta I admit she's kind of got game...? Mogi's getting some win-win situations over here, must stan.

To Pay It Back
A/N: 69. Get your laughs in now folks.
This calls for a celebratory Nice

I love irl Sayaka so much and I'm so happy that her self-sacrificing character made it in here. Though the nurse-mauling isn't exactly self-sacrificing, huh?  :nervous I'm relieved Rena in particular managed to escape. And Sae has more stuff to do now! ...hooray?

Yay, another fun update. Thanks and see ya!
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Post by: Nozokime on September 21, 2021, 12:39:21 PM
Ahhh another update, thank you!
I love how you maintain the harmony between so many couples, it is really admirable and thanks for the little mention to SayaMilky, I missed her cloying presence in your stories :inlove:
LOL Miru always ruining the good moments XD
Thanks for all one shots and I will be waiting for your next updates.

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This is my longest writing yet sitting around 6-7k words. It was difficult writing this, because at the end of the day making Shizuka a good hearted character while not glorifying the Yakuza is a hard line to tread. Honestly, least I can ask for is that it all makes sense. I've been sitting on this idea pretty much since the beginning.

I'd like to warn my readers. This is quite different in tone than what I usually write. Tbh, this might even be a terrible idea.

It's mostly angst, with little bits of comedy in between.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

16. Fukuoka Sunset (Oya Shizuka backstory)

A/N: TW for bullying, blood, violence.

The word Yakuza comes from the losing hand in the card game Oichi-ka.

8-9-3. The worst possible hand that can be dealt.

Shizuka grew up around the Yakuza, practically born in it.

Her first birthdays were celebrated by debt collectors, extortionists, hitmen, and other sorts of hired muscle. Many of those men didn't live to be around for her 10th.

The Yakuza attracted men who were dealt a bad hand at life.

Shizuka had already lost right from the start.

Growing up around the Yakuza didn’t allow her to have the proper life of a regular girl, high school was the only thing in her life that was particularly… normal.

Shizuka walked off campus and pulled a cigarette out of her bag. She bit down on the filter as she reached into her pockets to find her lighter, only to find them empty. Shizuka let out a sigh and put the cigarette away before continuing on her journey.

Around the halfway point, Shizuka stopped and stared down the alleyway bringing back memories of the last times she was there.

This alley reminded her of years of torment from two girls.

Aimi, a sociopath rich girl from Tokyo. Never got her hands dirty, yet still loved to watch others bleed.

Kaede, a psychopath also from Tokyo who averaged 12 words a year. Always letting her victim's screams make up for the talking she never did.

When those girls found out about Shizuka's family ties in middle school, it was all over for her.

“The world is better off without girls like you.”

“I wish some rival gang would gun you and your family down already.”

“You’d think a thug like her wouldn’t be such a fucking pussy.”

Anytime she’d pass that familiar location, she’d taste the blood in her mouth and feel the bruises on her skin forming again. She hated this alley. But the fact that she wasn’t in there getting her ass beaten, meant that some poor girl was getting thrashed in her place. Shizuka paused and considered her options, before making her way in.


“Look at her Kaede! She’s crying. Ugh, she’s so fucking ugly when she cries.” Aimi spat at her victim.

Kaede brandished her battered umbrella, which trickled more blood than it did rainwater. She smiled as she walked closer to the cowering freshman girl, before raising the weapon above her head and slamming the wooden handle onto the crying girl’s knee.

The girl screamed and begged the monsters to stop only for her cries to be responded to with laughter.

“Leave that girl alone. Just beat on me like you girls usually do.”

Aimi groaned when she saw Shizuka, “You know it gets boring beating your ass all the time. Just get outta here, I don’t wanna look at you.”

Shizuka ignored Aimi and stepped between Kaede and the crying girl.

The two girls exchanged glares only for a second before the Yakuza girl spat on Kaede’s face.

“What about now, huh? Still in the mood for the other girl?”

Kaede growled as the grip on her umbrella grew tighter.

“Kaede… just do what you’re gonna do. Make it quick.”


Shizuka grit her teeth as the umbrella slammed into her ribs for the final time, bringing her down to her knees.

“You’d think a thug like her would put up a fight. But I guess not.”  Aimi grabbed her bag and prepared to leave.

The freshman girl scrambled over to Shizuka, “are you alright?”

“Don’t worry about me, I can take it.” Shizuka said, while clutching at her side.

“Oh new girl, don’t make friends with Shiichan over here…” Aimi walked back to the victims with Kaede at her side giggling at her handiwork.

“Don’t you know? Oya is the daughter of a Yakuza patriarch. C’mon Oya, show her your tattoos.”

Shizuka glared at the bully, refusing to follow her orders.

“Honestly, I bet she was planning to put you up for sale so some creep could have their way with you. She probably didn’t want us damaging the merchandise. Hm…” The bully put a finger to her lips, “she’s underage isn’t she? Maybe she planned to sell her mom instead? That ought to fetch some sort of price. Eh, I don’t know how you stupid Yakuza work. Just watch yourself, new girl. Oya isn’t your friend.”

The girl backed away from Shizuka wide-eyed. It wasn’t the beatings that bothered Shizuka, but rather the same wide-eyed look everyone gave her when they would expose her relations to a criminal organization. How they’d scurry back to the corner as if she was the bully. It never failed to make her feel like a monster. It’d be so damn easy for Shizuka to cave Aimi and Kaede’s faces in. But the day she does, would be the day she justifies everyone who fears her and her family.

“See you tomorrow.” Aimi stuck her tongue out and left with Kaede following shortly afterwards, dragging the tip of her umbrella along the concrete while she cackled to herself.

Shizuka stood up and extended her hand to the freshman girl, “Do ya need help getting up-”


That’s what they say every time.

They bite Aimi’s bait. Every. Single. Time.

Shizuka hung her head and bit her tongue before leaving the alley, “Loud an’ clear. You’ll never see me again.”


Shizuka limped all the way down to the seedy part of town where she lived. A place littered with punks, gangsters, and other ruffians. The kind of place where walking alone at night makes you a ‘target’.

She heard her name being called from the balcony of a dingy apartment, “Shizuka. Did those girls get you again?”

A familiar voice.

Her name was Maria. A foreign sex-worker that used that job to pay for her college classes. The world looked down on a girl like her, but that’s what she and Shizuka had in common.

She was the only non-yakuza in her life that treated her like she was human.

“How could you tell? Is it the way I’m limping or the fact that there’s blood dripping down from my eyebrow?” Shizuka smiled at the lady who called her.

“C’mon in here, let me patch you up.” Maria sighed, “Again.”

Shizuka had time to kill anyway, her work started in two hours. And if she was late… What were they gonna do? Fire their patriarch’s daughter?


“How’s work goin’ Maria?” Shizuka spoke casually as Maria applied several bandages onto her body.

“Actually Shizuka, I got hired to be a nurse recently. All those classes paid off and I can move away from this dump. So I get to retire from this sex-work stuff.”

“Regarding the retiring from sex work part, I bet lotsa your loyal customers are gonna real sad about that. I wouldn’t know myself, but the testimonials rave about ya.” The two shared a laugh together before Shizuka softened, “really though, I'm happy for ya. I’m sure gonna miss ya too. I’m probably trapped in this shitty town forever.”

“I doubt that. And if you are, at least I know where to find you if I ever need some ink done.”

“Hey hey, it isn’t just ink-”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s an Irezumi… blah blah, centuries of tradition.”

Shizuka and Maria laughed as the final bandages and treatments were being applied onto her skin.

“How much longer till you start your shift?”

“A little under 40 minutes. So once I'm gone, this is goodbye?.”

“Yeah. Looks that way.”

Shizuka pulled her bag over her shoulder, “I’m glad at least I gotta see ya for one last time. Now I gotta find a new nursing student to patch me up when I get my ass kicked.”

Maria nodded and smiled as Shizuka bit her lip and turned away, leaving her friend behind for the final time.

Two steps from the door, Shizuka was pulled into an embrace.

“I ain’t gonna be here if those girls hurt you again. Promise me you’ll stay safe.”

“...yeah. I promise.”

“Let it out.”


“You’re not some tough yakuza girl right now. Those girls have been hurting you for years. You're hurting. Don’t hide anything from me.”

First, Maria noticed a slight shaking. Then, she felt a portion of her shirt becoming damp. And only seconds after, Shizuka finally broke down.

The girl's chest poorly muffled the sound of Shizuka's tortured wails.

It was only around Maria that she could bare her heart like this and be allowed to be a normal high school girl instead of the monster she was perceived as.

And by the time she left that apartment, she would lose the last person that had ever understood her.


There usually weren't any words exchanged when Shizuka was tattooing a client. It was completely silent besides the buzz of the electric pen that needled ink underneath the man's skin. Every single line was decisive, whether it was detailing the elegant feathers of a crane that was dancing in the sky, or the gnarled fangs of a roaring oni as it smashed through a mountain. Watching her art become immortalized was the highlight of her day.

Believe it or not, despite all the avalanches of shit she had to suffer growing up, Shizuka wasn't ashamed of her Yakuza ties. It’s not like she chose this life. This life chose her. There really is no use running from it.

Shizuka got lost drawing in the colors of the flowers that adorned the snake on her client's back.

An older, burly man with wiry facial hair tapped on Shizuka's shoulder.

"Oya. Boss is calling ya. Wouldn't wanna keep your dad waitin', would ya? There's a car waitin' for you outside."

"Can't ya see I'm in the middle of a tattoo? Who's gonna color this shit in if I'm gone?"

"I know the design, I can do it."

The two casually argued on each side of a half naked man with an unfinished Irezumi.

Shizuka huffed, "Whatever, ya know I'm real particular 'bout the colors. If I see that ya fucked it up, I'm cuttin' your asscheeks off!"

The burly man released a small rush of air from his nostrils before taking the tattoo needle from Shizuka.

Shizuka began walking out of the tattoo parlor, "And don't ya even think about not payin' me for a full shift. If I don't get full pay, not only am I cuttin' your asscheeks off, I'm telling dad to chop a pinky off your hand!"

As she made her exit, she was greeted with the sight of several suited men lined up at both sides of her making a sort of path on the way to an open car door. Each of them bowed as she walked past. Pausing midway, she tapped on one of their shoulders.

"Do ya happen to have a light?" Shizuka said while pulling out a cigarette from her bag and pinching the filter down with her teeth.

The man straightened up and flicked open his lighter. Shizuka smiled and lowered her face and toward the dancing flame. The cigarette tip glowed a bright orange at her first puff, a small cloud of smoke escaped her lips.

With a lit cigarette in mouth, Shizuka sat down in the backseat. The assigned driver shut Shizuka's door before returning to his position at the front.

And soon enough the engine roared to life.

Destination: Oya Estate.


To those who lived in this run-down countryside, it was easy to hate the Yakuza when they laid eyes on the Oya Estate.

The residents of the town lived in dusty apartments, or neighborhoods that were dangerously close to criminal turf. Everyone who lived here were people who were dealt a shit hand of cards in life and very few ever made it out.

At least Maria was lucky.

Shizuka could imagine how maddening it must be to be a typical struggling salary man and seeing the only luxurious house for miles over the horizon.

Shizuka entered through the front door of the estate, and was immediately greeted with glass cases full of her father's accomplishments at both sides.

Accomplishments not from being a Yakuza patriarch.

But from being Oya Takumi, the Fukuoka Asura. 3x boxing heavyweight champion.

Shizuka never got tired looking at them though. The trophies, newspaper article cutouts, match cards, boxing gloves he wore during his famous bouts, and even a can of her dad's branded Asura-Power Energy Drink. (Which in Shizuka's words, tasted like monkey shit.)

"We've become so busy with work that we hardly get to spend time together anymore."

At the end of the hallway stood a tall, muscular man. His long graying hair was tied into a ponytail, with the same graying seasoned his beard. Despite being a little faded, his tattoos peeked out from his tank top.

That man was a Yakuza boss, a boxing legend, and Shizuka's father.

"Well dad, if you convinced your boys to increase my pay maybe I'd take more days off from tattooing." Shizuka chuckled.

"Are you willing to fight for that raise?"

"If you're telling me we're taking this to the ring, then you're on old man!" Shizuka excitedly fired off a few practice punches into the air before running past her father.

"You smell like cigarettes, Shizuka! I told you to stop smoking!"

Shizuka's dad had a massive garage to fit as many luxury vehicles as he wanted, but instead chose to model it as a boxer's paradise filled with state of the art excercise equipment, an assortment of heavy bags, speedbags, and a fully set-up ring as the cherry on top.

It had been a while since Shizuka stepped foot into the ring, leg alone tested her abilities in them.

"Are you ready Shizuka?" Takumi said as he put a fist into a glove.

"Don't go easy on me, old man!" Shizuka said with a smirk.

"Same rules as usual, you get one minute on the timer to land a good hit on my face. It's been a while, I hope you're not too rusty."

As soon as Shizuka put the gloves on and set the timer, the sparring session began.

The two fighters touched gloves before the man started off with a flurry of blindingly quick fists at his daughter.

Shizuka constantly changed the level of her head to dodge each blow, and attempted a counter-punch which unsurprisingly was blocked.

Her dad earned the Asura nickname when commentators made the remark that Takumi's hands moved so fast, that it was like entering the ring with a man with six arms.

Shizuka's father rolled his head to deflect his daughter's jabs. His veteran senses detected an opening, in which he closed in and fired off another barrage of strikes.

Shizuka put her guard up just in time before any of them landed on her, once she felt the pace slow down, her head weaved in between her father's hands and primed her fist for an uppercut.

She launched her fist upward, but it barely grazed her father's chin. It wasn't the hit she needed, but it gave her space.

"Predictable, Shizuka. You got 30 seconds left."

She advanced forward, but unfortunately Takumi's jabs forced her back into the corner.

Shizuka immediately tucked in her chin and put her guard up as she felt herself being buried in her father's swift precision strikes. Any part of her body that wasn't guarded properly was punished.

Strike to the right side of the temple.

Body blow left into her abdomen.

Hard left hand to the temple.

The retired boxer's footwork moved him swiftly side to side, constantly shifting positions to where his opponent's guard fell weak.

It must’ve been a nightmare to fight the Asura in his prime, Shizuka thought. The way her dad moved at an inhuman speed for his size, it was damn near impossible to escape his pressure.

She had fifteen seconds left on the clock.

Shizuka desperately slipped out of the corner and tried to stay at her maximum range. Her dad was one flurry away from defeating her.

Ten seconds left.

As predicted, the Asura went for a blitz, and fired off multiple strikes. Shizuka ducked, weaved, rolled, and slipped through the raining blows.

Five seconds.

Shizuka feinted a counter punch, causing her dad to dodge on-reaction. As she noticed his hand going for a counter of his own, she put half of her guard up, and parried with a right cross flush against the mouth of the Asura.

Victory goes to the challenger.

Time was up.

Her dad rolled out of the ring and took his gloves off before toweling off his fists, "Not bad. The way you weave through my strikes is impressive. You've developed those techniques on your own."

Shizuka fell to a knee panting, drenched in sweat, "Holy shit, if we were in it for real, you woulda KOed in seconds." She laid on her back and ripped the gloves off with her teeth.

"Well, you're not KOed and now you can tell everyone you outboxed a heavyweight champion." He chuckled as he handed a towel to his daughter. She accepted and immediately began to wipe the sweat off her face.

"You move and strike like a fighter, you effortlessly slipped my last flurry. Some professionals out there couldn't even manage. So tell me..." Her father peered between the ropes of the ring.

"What girl could possibly be beating you up after school?"

Shizuka dropped the towel and sat up, "w-what? How do you-"

"My boys saw you limping out of the alleyway, busted open." Takumi rolled back onto the ring and sat down next to his daughter, "Tell me what's going on and don't lie."

It's never recommended to lie to a father. Especially when they're a retired heavyweight boxer and Yakuza.

"There's two of em. Aimi and Kaede."

"And they best you every time?"

"I don't fight back."

"Why's that? You allow yourself to get hurt?"

Shizuka paused, there really isn't an easy way to explain a situation like this.

"The other students think I'm some sorta criminal even though I've done nothin' wrong. If I break those girls' jaws… everyone would be right about bein' afraid of me. I just want the rest of the kids to see me as a normal girl y'know." Shizuka sighed, "tired of bein seen just as a damn Yakuza."

"You're left with no choice but to fight Shizuka."

It wasn't the response she wanted to hear, she remained quiet.

Her father scooted closer to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, "the outcasts never get a fair shake in this world. It's unfair, really. No matter how you play the cards, it always seems that you always end up losing."

"...tell me about it."

"Do those girls bully other people too?"


"When I lived in the streets… Nothing was more inspiring than seeing the outcast fight back and win. It always reminded me that no one deserves to be treated as lesser than anyone. You fill that role, Shizuka. Even though they villainize you, you have to clean up the streets and inspire the other victims that they can fight back."

Shizuka still didn't want to fight, but unfortunately that's just the hand that was dealt to her.

It's not like she wasn't used to losing hands.

Her father continued, "The key is the restraint behind your fists. It's about teaching a lesson. If you go too far, you simply replace that monster with yourself."


Shizuka had a dream that night.

A crystal clear river underneath a waterfall.

She watched her own body move and submerge underneath the surface.

And once she re-emerged, she found herself at the top of the waterfall, looking down at the still pool.

The water turned red.


It was the first time she ever ditched class. Shizuka sat on a wooden bench located at her school's rooftop.

With a pocket knife, she carved a message into the backrest. 

'Aimi and Kaede are stupid bitches.'

Was it immature and juvenile? Yes.

Was it true? Also yes.

After appreciating her handiwork, Shizuka stuffed the pocket knife into her jacket and pulled out her carton of cigarettes.

She looked down and sighed when she saw she was on the last one. Bringing it up to her lips with one hand, she looked for a lighter with the other.

"Who said you were allowed up here, Oya?"

Shizuka threw her head back when she heard her voice followed shortly by the familiar sound of an umbrella being dragged along the ground.

Shizuka put the cigarette away and slowly turned around.

"Aren't ya girls supposed to be in class or somethin?"

"Same could be said for you. Now, we'll be nice this time." Aimi and Kaede stepped closer to the Yakuza, "Leave or else we fucking kill you."

From 1 to fucking 100.

Shizuka stood her ground, "because you've roughed me up a few times, ya think you can just make a threat at my life and get away with it?"

Aimi had a smug grin on her face, "my dad is chief of police, and you have criminal ties. They'll sweep your corpse under a rug and say it was mere gang violence. In this city? Gang violence runs wild, but I bet you know that."

Kaede stepped face to face with Shizuka with a maniacal glare, her eyes belonging to an animal.

"What are you waiting for Oya, didn't I tell you to fuck off?" Aimi spat.

While still squaring up with Kaede, Shizuka spoke, "I ain't goin anywhere. If I send your ass to the hospital, I know for a fact your pussy police dad wouldn't wanna stick his nose in a Yakuza's business." Shizuka turned her back on Kaede and stepped face to face with Aimi, "Have you walked alone at night where we live? People can't even grab a drink at a vending machine without getting their purse snatched...

...Your dad must be a fuckin idiot to do a job this shitty."

Aimi snarled, "You cocky fucking-"

"Hey don't worry though at least I ain't ever gonna kill ya." Shizuka laughed, "Can't imagine the pain your dad would go through putting your murder case at the bottom of the stack."

Aimi took a swing at Shizuka, but she dodged it.

"Did I take it too far? Sorry. I'll just take my leave." Shizuka turned on her heels.

"No, Oya. You're not going anywhere now."

Kaede dropped her umbrella and picked up a steel pipe that was laying on the floor, she gripped it tightly and began to cackle.

"Hell no. Put the damn pipe down and let this be a fair fight." Oya shouted, "at least give the fight some respect and try to earn your victory!"

"Yakuza deserve to die. They don't deserve a fair fight." The bully sneered, "and besides, I'll never show respect to a dirty, backwater animal like you."

These were insults she had heard countless times. But her life was being threatened, and she knew Kaede didn't have the restraint to only hit her once with that pipe.

Shizuka had to fight for her life. If she died, these girls would just find some other girl to torment and she couldn't allow that.

"Ya know what? Fuck it! Go ahead, double team me and use that pipe! Try to kill me for all I care! I'm kickin' both your asses anyway!" Shizuka relaxed her shoulders and tied her hair into a ponytail, "Despite all the years of shit you two put me through! This whole time, you've mistaken me for a girl you could fuck with!"

She saw Kaede make the first approach, rushing at her with her pipe.

There was no room for error against a weapon, Shizuka ducked under Kaede’s swing and immediately homed in on Aimi.

Haymakers weren't Shizuka's style, but they deserved it. A devastating sucker punch landed flush against Aimi's mouth, sending her flying backwards. The look on her face told Shizuka that this was the first time she'd ever been punched in the face. She better get used to it.

Yeah… how's that taste? Fucking bitch.

The sound of quick footsteps alerted Shizuka to Kaede’s attack. She narrowly dodged the wild swings of her pipe, weaving between a mixture of vertical and horizontal slashes.

Shizuka landed a counter-punch on Kaede, but she didn't go down quite as easily as the other one. Kaede continued forth swinging violently at Shizuka, only to strike at the air against Shizuka's evasive outboxing style.

Shizuka used her footwork aggressively in order to get Kaede to back herself up into the chain link fence of the roof. Once she heard the clinking sound of her opponent's back against the wall, Shizuka cut loose.

Her eyes scanned for an opening to strike before rushing in with a rapid flurry of fists. She wanted to bury this girl in punches.

Strike to the right side of the temple.

Body blow left into her abdomen.

Hard left hand to the temple.

Shizuka's knuckles were beginning to bleed, but she continued to fight through the pain.

Kaede’s head opened up like a tomato can, a trickle of blood spilled down from her hairline. Her beating left her battered and dazed, the pipe dropped to the ground  a loud clang when it hit the floor.

Shizuka charged up an uppercut for the knockout.

But was pulled away when Aimi’s arms wrapped around Shizuka's neck in a chokehold and felt her hand pushing her head forward, adding leverage to maximize airflow restriction.

Kaede returned to form and began landing body blows to Shizuka, increasing the pace at which she lost air.

Shizuka swung her fist in desperation and luckily caught Kaede on the chin, effectively ringing her bell causing her to fall back onto the fence and stumble for balance.

Time was running out for Shizuka as her vision began to fade and her face started to change colors.

She traced her hands up Aimi’s forearm until she felt her attacker's fingers. Shizuka grabbed a hold of her pinky and ring finger and pulled down as hard as she could until she heard a sickening snapping sound.

Aimi instinctively released the chokehold and screamed as she clutched onto her newly broken fingers. Shizuka let her knuckles fly into Aimi's jaw before going down to catch her breath.

She fell to her hands and knees, a small splash as she caught herself on the wet rooftop. Light pounding against the surfaces as droplets crashed down on them.

Was it always raining?

Shizuka quickly tried to get back to her feet.


Kaede’s steel pipe cracked Shizuka's head wide open. Her face was covered in a crimson mask as blood rushed downwards from the impact site. She stumbled back and swung her hands into the air before falling face first into a puddle. The rain poured harder, as the blood began to mix with the rainwater.

Aside from the falling water drops hitting the ground, it was completely silent.

Kaede shuffled towards Aimi and brought her to her feet. The two struggled to walk as they tried to exit the scene.


Shizuka roared as she peeled herself off the ground. A waterfall of blood falling from her head into the puddle where head used to lay. Shizuka held her pocket knife tightly into her fist, before taking her jacket off and quickly slipping out of her uniform top.

Her chest was bound by wrappings and bandages to remind them what they've done to her. The tattoo of the red dragon roaring above the koi's waterfall adorned her skin to remind them who she was.


Shizuka's eyes belonged to a mad dog.

Kaede wasted no time trying to put Shizuka down again, another violent slash of her pipe made contact with her head. But Shizuka didn't go down.

Shizuka smashed her head into Kaede’s nose. Blood began to gush out of her nostrils as she stumbled back onto her ass.

Aimi dove for Shizuka's midsection and rammed her spine into the fence. Shizuka countered, throwing Aimi into the chainlink and began to work her like a heavy bag.

The boxer's footwork moved her swiftly side to side, constantly shifting positions to where her opponent's guard fell weak. Battering her abdomen with a storm, she stomped on her victim's foot, keeping her in place so she had no place to run.

Landing blow after blow, Shizuka released a tortured scream as she released every last bit of her bottled rage upon her enemy's body.

She heard Kaede rushing back in with her pipe, she turned around only to feel Aimi pull her ponytail to keep her head in place as her partner went in for a home run swing at the Yakuza's skull.

Shizuka flipped her pocket knife open and slashed her ponytail off just in time to dodge the pipe.


Aimi’s body fell limp to the floor. Her fist clutching a handful of Shizuka's hair.

Kaede stumbled forward as she threw herself off balance in the rain during her swing.

Arms wrapped around Kaede’s neck and Shizuka squeezed as hard as she could. Kaede made an attempt to copy Shizuka's earlier escape. Once the Yakuza felt her fingers being touched, she immediately pulled her up off her feet, dangling her in the air by her neck.

Shizuka spun around before falling with her to the floor, wrapping her legs around the bully's abdomen to squeeze more air out. Kaede made harsh choking sounds as she reached for ropes that weren't there. Soon enough she felt her struggles grow weak as her arms fell listlessly at both sides.

Shizuka released her after she was put to sleep and got up to finally smoke her last cigarette. Pulling her wet jacket off the floor, she grabbed her lighter and cigarette.

It took a few tries for the lighter to spark the flame in the rain, but managed to get the cig in her mouth lit. After exhaling a smoke cloud, she noticed Aimi crawling towards the exit.

The waterfall on Shizuka's irezumi was red in her blood. She approached the beaten girl who also bled from her head.

"Leave me alone Oya!" She cried, "Aren't you satisfied already?!"

Shizuka spoke no words as she straddled her waist and pushed her head into the ground with one hand, forcing her eye open with her fingers. Aimi screamed as Shizuka pulled the cigarette out of her mouth and lowered the burning end down to her iris.

The smoke made the girl's eye water as the distance began to grow close between eye and flame. Shizuka stopped inches away from her target.

The girl screamed as tears began to rush from her eyes. She shouted unintelligible words as she begged for her to stop.

It hit her.

They were right about her.

She was a monster.

This is what she's capable of.

She was so fucking ashamed of herself.

Trying to stuff a cigarette into the eye of a girl who was trying to escape.

How fucking depraved.

She looked over to Kaede’s unconscious body, who she couldn't even tell with confidence was alive or not.

Shizuka put the cigarette back into her mouth and blew smoke into Aimi's face. "You're probably never gonna see me again. But if I hear about you fucking with other girls again, I'll be back to finish my work." The monster dismounted Aimi.

She left her to lie there and think about her sins. Shizuka put on her drenched jacket and uniform top before leaving the roof.


"Hello class! I am Oshima Mai. The principal and representative of the 48 Art Academy. Unfortunately for all the boys in the classroom, this is an all girls school. I had made it that way so girls don't let romance get in the way of their art, but I could've never anticipated every single student being gay..." Mai paused and caught her breath, "Anyway for the artist girls that are intere-"

The classroom sliding door was forcefully thrown open as Shizuka dragged herself inside.

She was drenched, her uniform had obvious bloodstains, and her chopped up hair was matted.

The class was silent as she stumbled to the back of the class.

She kicked the table leg of a student's desk, "You're in my seat."

The student stared in a mix of confusion and terror.

"GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY SEAT!" She shouted and the boy scrambled away. Shizuka plopped into the chair and stared off into space. "Sorry for interruptin' your speech. Continue with whatever you were doin."

Mai stared curiously, before continuing promoting the art school.

Wouldn't want a girl like that in my school.


Shizuka got herself as clean as she could. Showered off the blood on her head, wrapped up her knuckles, got a change of clothes, and even cut her short hair to make it more even.

To be honest, she might just continue rocking the short hair.

She winced as she tattooed a Kirin on a client's back. Holding her hand in a single position as her knuckles were slightly swollen from punching.

"What happened, Shizuka?" She heard her father's voice from across the tattoo parlor.

"Taught those girls a lesson. Ended up takin a lot more outta me than I thought, but I took even more from them."

"Take the week off Shizuka, it seems you've been through a lot."

"Nah, this has been the only thing that's made me happy today. Probably gonna drop out of school too and start tattooing full time. I'm just not cut out for normal life I guess." Shizuka didn't lift her head from her work.

Takumi frowned, seeing his daughter drained of her fight. It broke his heart to see another person join the Yakuza full time because they didn't manage to fit into a world that didn't accept them.

This was his fault too. He encouraged her to fight. He just never knew how much hate she had in her.

Just outside the tattoo shop, Oshima Mai and her assistant walked down the alley leading her to cross paths with Shizuka once more.

"Oshima! We have to get outta here! This is Yakuza territory!" Fujie Reina, Oshima's assistant, panicked in a scream-whisper.

"Let's check out this tattoo place, maybe we can scout ourselves a new student here?" Mai said playfully, ignoring the warning signs of gang territory.

"The only thing you'll find here is a bullet to the head!"

"Last stop, then we're done. Promise."

Reina huffed as she opened the door to the shop for her boss.

Shizuka looked up from her work and saw the two ladies walk in, "you ladies don't look like clients. Did ya have an appointment with me?"

Mai composed herself, "Actually I'm a representative of 48 Art Academy. I think you were the girl who came to class late… covered in blood."

Reina's face went pale.

Mai walked forward and looked at the detailed tattoo Shizuka was applying on the man's skin, "Is this your design? You're an amazing artist."

Shizuka raised an eyebrow, "If you're here to scoop me up to your little school, I ain't interested. I'm employed by the Yakuza and that's gonna last a lifetime. You don't want a girl like me in your school anyway." She put the pen down and gestured towards the door, "shouldn't stay here too long either. Pretty ladies like you aren't safe 'round these parts at night."

"Well look at that, Mai! She isn't interested! Let's go!" Reina immediately turned on her heels.

Shizuka's father dusted off his suit and stood up, "Ladies! Wait please!"

As he got closer, his intimidating stature became clear.

Reina fell to her knees, "P-please don't kill us! We don't owe any money!"

Mai turned her head to the intimidating man ignoring Reina begging for her life, "Oya Takumi? The boxer?"

The recognition flustered him a bit.

"Y-yes. Anyway, I'd be glad to enroll Shizuka into your school."

Shizuka shot up out of her seat, once again leaving a half naked man in the middle of an awkward situation, "Hey dad, WHAT THE FUCK?! You're making some big group decisions without me!"

After reassuring Reina of her safety, Shizuka's father offered them a seat in the waiting area, "May I have a moment with my daughter?" He tapped on Shizuka's client's shoulder and gestured for him to leave the parlor before taking the conversation with his daughter to the privacy of his office.

Shizuka immediately fired off, "what the fuck, dad?! I don't wanna go to that stupid school! I finally fuckin get it. I was born a Yakuza, and that's not gonna change!"

"Your father was a firefighter, and your mother was a librarian." Her father said without any hesitation.

"What? You're not a firefighter."

Once again ignoring her words he explained the story,

"My last match as a professional boxer, I was up against another Yakuza of a rival family. They had paid my boss off to pick up the win against me. It was rigged, and I was supposed to throw the match.

There's nothing that boils my blood more than match rigging. So I didn't listen, I won by knockout. And when I saw the promoters… They were furious.

I knew I was in trouble, so me and my boys rushed me to the car to leave the arena… And they caught up and they opened fire on us in the parking lot. Luckily none of us got hurt, but in the crossfire…"

Shizuka stayed silent and waited for her father to finish.

"A young couple caught the strays." His words were stained in shame.

"I saw the woman crawling to me when the shooters left, her husband dropped immediately. She was holding a baby in her bloody hands. I couldn't leave her to die alone, so I comforted her in her final moments, then when she handed the baby to me. Her final words were...

'Her name… is Shizuka.'

I didn't even bother to check her ID to see your real surname."

Shizuka was speechless. This whole time…

"I took your life away!" Takumi couldn't even look his daughter in the eye, "you never got a fair shot at life. It's my fault everyone sees you as a monster. Please, attend that art school. Forget about me! Forget about the Yakuza! Please live a happy life!"

It was silent between the two before Shizuka softly responded.

"I bet that firefighter and librarian were good people. But… I'm an Oya. You're always gonna be my real father." She embraced him, "Ya taught me how to fight. Ya taught me how the streets work, ya taught me everything! I don't think I'll ever have a normal life, but… I'll go to that school and give it a fair shot. If it doesn’t work out, then I’m comin back here."

“Of course Shizuka…” He held Shizuka tight in his arms, “Remember that part where I said to forget me? I was lyin’ ‘bout that.”

“Dad, your accents comin back out.”


“You think they’re in that office to pull out weapons and kill us?”

“Reina please, they seem like nice people.”

The two Yakuza stepped out of the office and greeted the two ladies once again. Shizuka’s father set a briefcase down onto the counter.

“Hm? What’s in that briefcase?” Mai raised her brow.

“This is my tuition. We’re paying upfront and in cash. Probably a couple thousand extra too just because you're pretty.” Shizuka smirked.

Reina hesitantly stepped forward and took the briefcase with trembling hands.

"You've made a wise choice. There are plenty of girls just like you at the academy." Mai placed a hand on Shizuka's shoulder.

Shizuka snorted, "Ya got other Yakuza students over there?"

"Well, no."

"Good. I'm a Yakuza. I'm nothing like those other girls." Shizuka turned to her dad, "Can you call one of your boys to give us a ride home so I can pack my stuff?" Shizuka also had one last question.

"Do any of you need nurses at your school? Because I might have a good recommendation."

This school is her last shot to live a normal life.

Not everyone gets a fresh start.

Now she's the one in charge of what kind of dragon she becomes.
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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Now that we're in the wonderful month of October, we all know what that means...

Halloween fics! Another set of stories during the halloween festival!

Since there will be two instances of these events happening in the canon of this universe, if I plan to have a story take place at last year's halloween festival, I'll be sure to mention it.

Also, I plan to edit some of my published stories for the sake of better grammar and storytelling. After reading a few of them, I do catch some things I could have worded better and jokes that don't quite land. If I do, I'll be sure to mention it in the preface.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

70. Dream Girl: Part 1/2 (YuuNaaMogiOn)

A/N: This story takes place before Nana and Yuiri got together.

Mogi and Mion settled to watch some garbage television programming as they waited for their show to come on.

The two sank into the couch and found most of their entertainment from making fun of the plot, or their acting, or even how the people on screen looked.


The two girls jumped out of their seats. They could hear their neighbor's muffled shouts of pain before she properly opened the door and made her way in.

"Ack, stupid door." Nana rubbed her head as she plopped down on the couch next to Mion and Mogi.

The three watched TV without exchanging any words. MogiOn gave a strange look to the third girl before turning their attention back to the screen.

"So Nana, I see you invited yourself in." Mogi spoke up.

"I'll cut to the chase. I messed up badly. Can I sleep over tonight?"

"Oooooh, what did you do? Get into a fistfight with someone? Rob the convenience store?" Mion laid across Mogi's lap as she made curious eye contact with her.

"I walked in on Murayama changing! She freaked out and started throwing stuff at me, and I ran out and here we are!"

"Guess that explains the screaming we heard earlier. Anyway… get fucked loser, lol."

"Just tell her it was an accident and clear it all up, no biggie." Mogi shrugged.


"It WAS an accident… right?"


Mogi gave a hard smack to Nana's head. Nana whimpered and rubbed the area where she hit her. (Which was also the same area where Nana hit her head on the door.)

"You were perving on your roommate, and you want us to save you?!" Mogi cried out.

Nana got on her knees, "please please, just once! I'll pay, I'll make out with you, I'll make out with a teacher! Please let me sleep here!"

"Only because I don't want to see you make out with a professor, I'll accept on a few conditions."

"Name them!" Nana was ready to start kissing their feet.

"One. You're sleeping on the couch."


"Two. You're gonna sleep with Mion's blankets."

Mion huffed, "Wait, why does she get my blankets!?"

"Because you're short and I doubt it'll cover her whole body. This is a small part of the punishment."

Nana nodded, "is that all?"

"Three. If Mion cracks an egg into your open mouth while you're asleep, you're not allowed to wake me up to complain."

"Is she… prone to doing that?"

"Now that you've taken her blankets?


71. Read it for the Plot (SakuRuppi)

A/N: Haruppi birthday special. Fashionably late as always.

Haruka was told to meet Sakura at the Kamisori Ramen shop after her classes ended.

She was curious where Sakura would be seated in the restaurant, but Sakura simply responded with,

"I'll be pretty easy to spot… trust me."

Once she stepped inside and looked through the patrons of the busy restaurant, she realized that Sakura was right. She spotted her immediately.

Sakura sat patiently in a booth.

With bright pink hair.

Haruka settled down into the seat across from her, "so… what's with the hair?"

"I lost a bet."

"And the bright pink eyebrows?"

"I wagered double or nothing."

Haruka pretended to understand. But whatever, it looked cute on her.

Kojima Mako walked up to the girls with a notepad, "Loving the new hair, Sakura." Mako clicked her pen, "what can I get for you girls?"

"Two bowls of Tonkotsu Ramen, and a plate of gyoza." Sakura made the order for both of them, "oh it's Haruppi's birthday too."

"Oh? Then her ramen is free." Mako scribbled into her notepad with a smile.

"But mine isn't?" Sakura whined.

"Hey, my mom's gonna kill me if I just start handing out free food. Gimme a break." Mako set down two glasses and a pitcher of water.

After they finished ordering, Mako assured them that their food would be ready quickly before retreating behind the curtain.

As the two girls waited for their ramen, Haruka noticed a bag next to Sakura, "Hey, Sakura what's in there?"

"Ah!" Sakura opened the bag and pulled out a thick book onto the table. "It's your present!"

Haruka curiously pulled the book closer to herself and flipped through the pages.

It was a manga, featuring familiar handsome characters… getting into sexual situations.

Oh my goodness, she made fanfiction of my erotic manga. And these illustrations are… incredible.

"Sakura, your drawings are amazing. I can't wait to read the whole thing."

"You sound surprised by the artwork's quality."

"I didn't know you could draw like this."

"Wow, it's like we're in art school or something." Sakura vocalized sarcastically. "Anyway, I worked hard on it. I hope you like it."

Some words appeared to get caught in her throat before Sakura simply let it out.

"I watched gay porn for hours, Haruppi."

Haruppi flipped through a few more pages, "yeah, it really shows."

Mako came back with their ramen and gyoza, "two bowls of ramen and gyoza for the prettiest girls in the restaurant." Mako set the food down before noticing the manga, "oh? You girls are mangaka? Lemme have a read!"

The girls were too slow to stop Mako from picking up Haruka's present. The smile on her face slowly morphing into wide-eyed shock.

"Whoa… that's… detailed. You even got the shading on the… wow." Mako gently set the book down, "I see art school is really paying off for you, Sakura." Mako chuckled before leaving the scene.

The two girls watched her leave before starting on their food.

"I worked super hard on the plot, and you two only looked at the pictures." Sakura pouted.

Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNaaMogiOn,SakuRuppi) (10/01/21)
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I missed being able to comment on your Oya Shizuka backstory before you posted another update! TToTT I hope you'll forgive the abhorrent flow of this review, I wanted to send my praises ASAP but so many things are happening and this is the best I can do to organize my thoughts.

Where do I begin?

Characters, their feelings, and their motivations were so good:
- Shizuka's reason for not fighting back. Sounds like a solution that someone really could reach.
- The bullies' confidence even against the threat of Yakuza because of connections with authorities
- The way the bullies super-effectively turned their victim against Shizuka was very convincing. Like, lowkey I still can't blame the girl. She was hostile with her dismissal of Shizuka because of the Yakuza's bad rap. It's a bit unreasonable but that's just humans when threatened. Good job on showing that.
- Mr. Oya seemed pretty soft and not-crime-y for a Yakuza boss, and I liked the irony when he tells Shizuka to 'inspire victims to fight back' when the Yakuza might have victims that they can just... kill... if they fight back against them ._. (Relatively nice) Yakuza leader aside, he seems like a good man for deciding to take Shizuka for his own and most definitely a good dad. He even remembers her parents' jobs even though he never checked their last name (wait, how did he find out their jobs?). In this cruel world, I'm glad that Shizuka at least has him.
- Mr. Oya's suggestion. As typical as 'fight back' may be as advice, the important part (i.e. fighting but knowing when to stop) is, I think, a good reminder to Shizuka that her options are not only black and white ('I'm a monster' or 'they beat me up')
- Shizuka not caring that she's adopted because who she is now is how she was raised. I definitely agree, and I think being born into a Yakuza family and ending up in one as a baby are preeeeetty much the same, identity-wise. It's not like having normal-but-dead parents would have changed her in society's eyes or personality-wise. She was dealt a bad hand, so she fits right in with the rest of them.
- Maria was really sweet. I hope she got into the art school as a nurse... though that might mean she's one of those hospital staff that Sayaka knocked out in the previous update O_O

There's a couple of plot things I'm curious or confused about and I'm not sure if these get involved/explained in any of your future stories but imma say them anyway.

- As it is, this whole thing with Shizuka breaking the years-long status quo of getting beat up by the two girls hinged on the mere coincidence that her father's men saw her walk out of the alley busted up after years of apparently never having that happen. Since every action and decision after that flowed nicely and logically into the final fight, I wonder if there's also a reason for why his men were there at that time for the first time.
- MaiMai showed wariness at Shizuka's loudness, violence, and bloodiness (or so I assume) yet insisted on going into a tattoo shop in gang territory on the off-chance that there's a potential artist student in there. There's a contradiction in her reaction to violence so idk if she has a reason for that or she switched outlooks pretty quickly?

The angst was great, didn't feel contrived, and it fit in with the seriousness of the story. The first scene alone was so good at making me understand that this wasn't a shonen anime where the main character is a strong fighter who just lets themselves get beaten up because they're such a saint and sees their bully as "oh, they're just lashing out because they're hurt so I forgive them". Shizuka is traumatized and hates her bullies, she's a human with a personality who responds realistically to shit treatment. As a reader, I cared for her and hoped that she finds herself and her peace. I was able to see the goodness in her that led her to realizing during the big fight that she was so close to crossing a line into becoming a monster.

The action was well-described, thrilling, and non-repetitive, which was impressive especially since there's more than one fight within these 6k-7k words. And I think the fact that the fights aren't one-sided helps with how exciting they are. Shizuka and her opponents both gave hits and got hit. Descriptions of movements were great. I think if your reader cringes at an event/movement even before they see the word 'sickening' to tell them that what is happening is sickening, I believe you're doing something right, and that's exactly what you were able to do.

Let's jump into a short section called: Oh lawd I'm not a good reader what do I make of this?
Alternative title: My shortcomings as a reader.
Alternative alternative title: aneramyre can't symbolism
Or at least I feel like there's symbolism here? And I feel bad for not being able to appreciate them as they deserve.

1. Shizuka, cigarettes, and lighters - I'm trying to understand the scenes in which Shizuka puts a cigarette in her mouth and looks for a lighter. Like, in scenes where she doesn't have a lighter (where she soon gets beaten up), she is 'not accepting her true self' or being ashamed of being a Yakuza or something. Opposite goes for when she's among her father's men and they provide a lighter for her, she is a Yakuza, she is where she belongs, and she acts as such. But my theory falls apart when Shizuka's father tells her not to smoke (which this theory associates with Yakuza identity acceptance). Which would mean he doesn't support her accepting her identity. Or you might not mean anything by it and I'm looking for meaning where there isn't lmao. I actually enjoy these little moments where I question whether it's symbolising something or not. And even if it doesn't stand for anything, I think it's good to include other movements (in this case, looking for a lighter) that don't always accomplish anything and is just people doing people things (for example, drinking water!).

2. Dragons, dreams, and tattoos - I love that you used these three to get various sorts of imagery across. They're a good medium for conveying meaning/symbolism plus they fit in with your setting. Unfortunately, idk how to process Shizuka's dream :cry: Here's a transcription of my thoughts while trying to understand it:
I understand that the dragon radical is present in the kanji for waterfall but I'm not sure if that's relevant here. The fight later mentions a waterfall of blood while it was raining which MIGHT be related? The water turned red, which probably meant somebody died in the clear river. It might have been her, it might have been... some other person. Yeah, I have literally no idea what's going on. I'm totally lost on this one.

3. The last line seems to imply that there has been mention of or familiarity with 'kinds' of dragons or Shizuka turning into a dragon or of anyone else being in charge of what dragon she turns into or of anyone choosing to turn into any kind of dragon. It kind of surprised me as a concluding line because I don't remember encountering such a conflict. Unless turning into certain kinds of dragons is a metaphor in Yakuza culture?

{End of wordy af section}

The dialog is good. It didn't sound stiff and you demonstrated good control of the potty mouth. There are stories in which I check how many instances of 'fuck' there are. There's 20 here, the majority of which were in the climactic fight scene. And even then, it wasn't used several times in a row in such a way that felt like it was just trying to be edgy. I also like the comment regarding Mr. Oya's accent and how it slipped out when he got emotional. I must admit I missed that he speaks without an accent in previous scenes.

A couple of typos, missing/extra punctuation, capitalization, and hyphening inconsistencies. No big deal and nothing too distracting and I won't hold that against you considering it's a lot longer compared to your usual and the writing in general is so good.

It had been a while since Shizuka stepped foot into the ring, leg alone tested her abilities in them.
Since the word 'foot' was mentioned, I can't tell if 'leg' is a typo of 'let' or a pun...

Oshima Mai and Fujie Reina make an appearance! I find it interesting that you chose MaiMai for the principal.

"I had made it that way so girls don't let romance get in the way of their art, but I could've never anticipated every single student being gay..."
I cried with laughter at this line, both for what it says and for its delivery. Damn, didn't see that coming, did she?

I enjoyed the little silly things as well, like the men just being left lying there, waiting for their tattoo artist to come back or finish an argument, when Shizuka gets interrupted with her work.

Congrats on finishing a 6k-7k piece! I think this work is something you should be proud of.

Unfortunately, I was too slow in writing this review that I'm putting another comment for the new update here! ^^; The difference between my comment for Fukuoka Sunset and the new update is... pretty noticeable lol. But I guess that's to be expected from a long serious fic and your short doses of happiness, right?

First thing I noticed is that your dialog just keeps getting better and better! There's something I love about seeing lines that capture the casual, teasing, sarcastic, cheeky vibe that familiarity among friends and lovers brings. So I guess it makes sense that my favorite lines were "Guess that explains the screaming we heard earlier. Anyway… get fucked loser, lol." and "Wow, it's like we're in art school or something." But even if I single these out, the whole interactions of the two stories are just so funny, natural, and ridiculous all at the same time.

This is a small part of the punishment.
Haha literally.

Naachan offering to kiss a professor and Mogi saying she wants... not-that... is(are?) my runner-up favorite line(lines?) for this mini, I think.

Sakura's gift was WOW! I can't imagine everything that she had to do for that gift. Storytelling, writing, drawing, learning about the... subject matter... that was a lot of work and I think even only doing one of those would have been enough of a present (even the last one, maybe) but she went all the way.

"Whoa… that's… detailed. You even got the shading on the… wow."
The shading on the what? THE SHADING ON THE WHAT? (just kidding, I'm actually afraid to know)

Even if it weren't my genre, I'd love to read what story Sakura came up with for this scandalous manga.

Good luck with the editing! I'll do a full re-read of the series to appreciate the changes, definitely. I've found a lot of people (including myself) torn between leaving a work as a 'product of the author's state as a writer at the time' vs updating everything you have as you evolve and continue to evolve. They both have their pros and cons and I'm glad to see your take on that.

Two great updates lately, we must be blessed. Thank you so much for your work and see ya next time!
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Post by: Nozokime on October 13, 2021, 01:47:16 PM
Two updates! thank you for this.

I think that very few times I read a fic with Oya Shizuka as the protagonist and this really caught my attention, it seemed very good to me how you treated a story as dark as that of the yakuza that the truth is a subject that interests me a lot and more when it is so Well related also the story can be something strong but I really liked Shizuka in this role, I hope to see more stories with this theme in some future..

Thanks for the lengthy fic it probably took a long time to write but as the effort is always appreciated :thumbsup

On the other hand, the story of Sakura and the birthday present to Haruppi made me laugh a lot, especially the part of the illustrated manga, I think Sakura is a great artist in that sense lol

Halloween stories are always one of my favorites (along with Christmas ones obviously) in this case I wonder if we will read about a costume party or a romantic getaway :roll:
but anyway thanks for the one shot and I will be waiting for the stories during the halloween festival.

Thank you for continuing to update your stories so continuously, I confess that with time you have already become one of my favorite writers related to the 48Group fanfiction.
So I hope we keep reading more of your work.

Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Replies to Comments.
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Replies to Comments

@Nozokime: It's so crazy to think that you've been following my stories for over a year now. I'm super happy to know that I'm one of your favorite 48 writers. Thank you!

@aneramyre: Oh boy, where do I begin! I'll begin with the symbolism segment.

Cigarettes: This is not an object of symbolism as much as it is a little character detail. Shizuka is the first student in the story depicted as a smoker, and it was a simple way to show that she had a bit of hooligan in her. I also thought it was a nice detail to not have the Yakuza patriarch smoke as one would expect of him. I'd like to believe his passion lies with boxing before being a Yakuza, so he doesn't smoke so he can stay in good boxing shape. He disapproves of Shizuka smoking because cigarettes aren't good for your cardio lol.

Waterfalls, Dreams, Tattoos: These all kinda tie together.

Waterfalls, Koi, and Dragons: There's a tale in Japan of the koi that try to leap out of the river, and up a waterfall. The koi that can manage to endure the hardship it requires to finally reach the top are rewarded with the transformation that turns them into a dragon. It's a story that represents perseverance. It was mentioned only very briefly in the story, but the tattoo on Shizuka's back is a koi chasing a dragon up a waterfall.

Her chest was bound by wrappings and bandages to remind them what they've done to her. The tattoo of the red dragon roaring above the koi's waterfall adorned her skin to remind them who she was.

There's also a lot of imagery that leads back into waterfalls as you've caught.

Shizuka roared as she peeled herself off the ground. A waterfall of blood falling from her head into the puddle where her head used to lay.

This is a mirror of her irezumi. She has become the dragon however the issue is her ability to control it.

In eastern mythology, the dragon is the top of the food chain. Pound for pound, the most powerful creature that can exist. One can imagine that being the top dog is mission #1 in the Yakuza. 

Dream: The waterfall dream is meant to be a foreshadowing of the blood she has to spill to reach the top of the waterfall (and become the dragon.)

The tattoos: We have already went over Shizuka's. But there are more that mirror her story, specifically the one's she's tattooing onto others.

Tattooing the snake: The snake sheds it's skin to represent an upcoming change. This scene closely leads into her meeting up with her father, which spurs the change where she realizes that fighting is truly the only way out.

Tattooing the Kirin: A Kirin is essentially an eastern unicorn. A Kirin is a gentle protector, however it wields the power to kill a dragon if it ever needed to. Shizuka was tattooing this on a Yakuza member when she was at one of her lowest points in the story. A moment where she finally gave up trying to be a girl, and gave in to her Yakuza lifestyle. As far as she was concerned, the dragon in her heart was dead.

The "leg alone" typo you caught... nope. Not a pun at all. It was a typo as much as I wish to accept credit for it. Can I blame autocorrect on this one?

MaiMai: I have a huge soft spot for Oshima Mai. Completely fell for her in the beginning of AKBingo. She was brimming with Idol aura and a huge what-if? member if she stayed. I imagine she'd be Kami 7 easy.

As far as her personality concerns. Maimai is a strange character. She may be mostly against violence, but her passion for art and her school made her put herself into harms way in the pursuit of art and/or artists. She may abhor violence, but she has no fear of it. She's one of those people who thinks art can save lives and strongly is behind that set of beliefs. Her ambitions may be seen as a little naive, and in a way she knows it. But she's past the point of backing down, her school is a success after all.

Just thought of this now, but it probably taught her a good lesson in being accepting any student from all backgrounds.

However, I concede to the fact that I definitely could've written her a little bit better and more clearly to illustrate that.

Mr Oya's discovery: It may be a bit of a weak explanation. But I imagine that Takumi tried his hardest to keep Yakuza business away from Shizuka's school. But sometimes some nearby guy was a little late on his debts and tried escaping towards the school's direction. And it's not like his collectors are supposed to let the guy go or anything.

Yakuza business can be unpredictable like that.

Fight Scenes: I've been really excited to write the climactic fight pretty much since I've introduced the idea of Shizuka in the first place. I find it funny that you mentioned that they weren't repetitive considering I did intentionally reuse lines from the fights.

Strike to the right side of the temple.

Body blow left into her abdomen.

Hard left hand to the temple.


The boxer's footwork moved her swiftly side to side, constantly shifting positions to where her opponent's guard fell weak.

I reused these moments to show off how much Shizuka takes to her father. Using her father's techniques to fend off her bullies.

Shizuka's parents and surnames: He may not have checked the ID's of her parents, but probably knew their occupations when the story was brought to the news the night after his fight. And likely couldn't stomach reliving everything and turned off the TV once they were getting into detail of who they were.
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
Post by: StrongStyle9Q on October 22, 2021, 04:00:38 AM
Lets begin right away, shall we? The replies to comments are the post above if you're interested. More should be on their way soon! We got new parirings too! More the merrier eh?

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

72. Betrayal (YuiParu)

Paruru aimed her camera at Bisu, who had a hard time staying still on the counter of the convenience store.

Maybe for a good reason too. Bisu was dressed up in a silly spider costume for the Halloween spirit. It was pretty obvious that Bisu felt like an idiot.

“C’mon Bisu, stay still.”

“Hrmm… Meow.”

Paruru snapped a picture at the unenthusiastic cat before turning her attention to the girl restocking the shelves.

“Hey Yui, any idea where Akiyama is?”

Without taking eyes off her task she answered as best she could, “he said he was going to an important meeting and he’ll be back soon.”

”Important meeting is codeword for ‘Akiyama ditched us to play pachinko.’”

“How do you know that?”

“I followed him out without him knowing once.”

“And you left the store unattended?”


“You’re a terrible employee.” Yui shook her head.

Paruru cracked open a soda she didn’t pay for, “I guess I am, huh.”

Just as their discussion about Paruru’s work ethic had concluded, Akiyama stepped in through the doors.

“Alright girls, you get to leave early. Get outta here.”

“Huh? But there’s still two hours left in my shift.” Yui diligently continued stocking shelves.

Paruru had already begun packing her things, “are you seriously trying to stay?”

“That little festival thing is tonight, right? Get outta here and enjoy it. Anyway, my meeting netted me some positive returns so I can afford to close up for tonight.”

“Ah, you got lucky at the pachinko parlor?” Yui blurted out.

Akiyama sighed, “where did you learn that, Yokoyama?” 

Being the goody two shoes (and terrible liar) she was, Yui immediately ratted her girlfriend out.

Paruru spat out her soda into a sugary mist that showered Bisu in carbonated beverage. He just wasn’t having a good time.

Akiyama reached under the counter and pulled out a spray bottle and other cleaning supplies.

“I’ll still let you off early, Shimazaki. But you’re gonna clean the toilet first.”

The salty girl grumbled and took the supplies and slammed the bathroom door shut.

“I screwed up this time huh, Bisu?”


Akiyama lit up a cigarette, “Eh, you’re gonna be fine.”

“What do you know about love, Akiyama?”

“I’m married?!” Akiyama almost sounded offended, “I once left Shimazaki alone for three hours after her shift ended, and she got over it once I bought her ice cream.”

“You’re a terrible manager, Akiyama.”

Akiyama puffed his cigarette, “I guess I am, huh.”

73. Piping Hot (YuiZukky)

At some point I should include the newer stars of AKB. I gotta think about the potential newer fans, no?

"One order of takoyaki please!" Yamauchi Mizuki politely placed her order and handed the man at the vendor exact change. "Oh Yui, you're gonna love it!"

Oguri Yui was Mizuki's roommate, and for this moment also her date for the festival.

"Takoyaki? Isn't this some sort of commoner food? A staple of street vendors like this one? I'm not interested."

"Hey! You said commoner instead of 'poor person'! I'd say that's good progress!" Mizuki kept her optimism high, trying to raise the spirit of the other girl who was conditioned to her affluent upbringing.

"I can't imagine myself enjoying this. So I suppose you can have the entire share of it."

Mizuki frowned, "Aww, c'mon. Don't be like that. Try it."

The cook prepared the order quickly, handing the Takoyaki balls to Mizuki on a modest cardboard tray.

"Please Mizuki, I doubt that takoyaki can reach the complex flavor profile of luxury culinary delights such as-"

In the middle of her speech, Mizuki shoved one of the piping-hot takoyaki into Yui's mouth.

As expected, Yui physically recoiled and freaked out.

"THAT WAS STILL HOT! DO COMMONERS NOT WAIT FOR THEIR FOOD TO COOL?! MY GOODNESS! YOU BARBARIC-" Yui carefully chewed and tried to cool it off in her mouth, "hold on a minute…"

Mizuki watched in expectation for her full review.

Yui's eyes widened after she swallowed it down.

"That was… delicious."

"Would you like another?

"Yes. I'd like to be sure my taste buds aren't deceiving me."

74. Meet the Queen of Golf (WMatsui)

"So Jurina, what's the plan for today?"

"Well right now I'm trying to scope out a game that hands out the best prizes."

Rena tilted her head, "Do certain games hand out better prizes than others?"

"The trick is to go to an unpopular game, so you get the early pickings for prizes when you win." Jurina said matter-of-factly.

"I'm starting to get tired of the word 'prizes'."

The two walked down the lanes, until Jurina suddenly stopped.

She spotted a mini-golf course with no one in line.

"Mini golf?" Rena scratched her head, "seems rather time consuming for a festival game."

"Yeah, but look at that." Jurina pointed at the prize pool which included a massive box of melonpan next to the typical plushies.

"Melon...pan? WHERE ARE THE CLUBS? I CAN'T LET ANYONE ELSE GET IT!" Rena tried rushing for the attendant, but Jurina yanked her arm back.


Jurina was a little amused at her girlfriend’s ravenous cravings, "We're probably gonna suck at golf, so no point doing it ourselves."

Rena deflated, "So what are we gonna do?"

"I know a girl who specializes in this stuff. Lemme make a call real quick." Jurina hit a few buttons on her phone before bringing it to her ear.

"Suzuran… you at the festival? How quickly can you get to me?'


"Hey Jurina!" The energetic Suzuran skidded to a halt, "I heard you say golf, and I knew I had to be here!"

"It's mini golf, child's play to a girl like you. Can you offer your services to win my girlfriend that melonpan box?"

"Uhhh… not for free."

Jurina sighed and slapped a couple bills into Suzuran's palm.

After pocketing the cash, Suzuran asked for a set of clubs from the attendant before getting herself into position to work her magic.

"Jurina, who is she?" Rena asked curiously.

"Yamauchi Suzuran. She's the girl you call for any golf-related problem you may run into."

Rena was trying to process which question to ask first, " often do you run into golf-related problems?"

Jurina dodged the question.

"Just sit right there and look pretty! One box of Melonpan coming right up!"


Rena happily munched away at her newly acquired treats, occasionally swatting Jurina's hand away any time she tried to steal one.

Suzuran was still swinging away at golf balls, pocketing them left and right.

A long line formed behind her as several girls stepped up to pay the golf queen to win them a prize.

"How'd a girl like that end up in art school instead of a sports team or something?" Rena said with a mouthful of melonpan.

"She got a sports scholarship when she was in high school and used it to enroll in this art academy."

"I find that to be… incredibly unwise."

"Well if she wasn't here, you wouldn't have any melonpan to eat right now."

"I guess you're right."

Jurina tried to reach for one of Rena's melonpan again, only for her hand to be slapped out of the sky once more.


75. Home Run (RyoNya)

A/N: Not that continuity is taken that seriously or anything, but assume this takes place at last year's event.

It must have been her third try. Shizuka kept trying to win herself a prize from the batting cage with little to no success.

Ryoka and Nana, the two loyal members of the Art Academy's Oya Family watched as she repeatedly failed the challenge.

"This shit is impossible!" Shizuka threw the bat at the floor in frustration after she whiffed on the third fastball from the batting cage.

The clang of the bat hitting the ground startled some of Owada Nana's raccoons in attendance.

"Tag me in, Shizuka. This actually hurts to watch." Ryoka groaned.

"Tag her in!" Naanya chimed in.

Shizuka rolled her eyes and signaled the attendant for another round of pitches.

Ryoka walked in and refused the complementary equipment, opting to use her own baseball bat that she carried around everywhere.

She stepped onto the plate and readied herself for the machine to launch a ball.

The first one flew, and Ryoka delivered a perfect swing. Cracked it at the sweet spot for the home run.

And it went the same for all the other nine balls the machine readied. A solid ten bombs In a row.

She took a moment to admire the results.

"Gimme a prize." Ryoka said lazily to the attendant.

After procuring a teddy bear, Ryoka walked outside and tossed it into Shizuka's hands, "Here's that bear you wanted."

"I'm guessin' ya want somethin' outta this?"

"Buy a nice dinner for Naanya and her little raccoon pals."

Nana gasped and hugged Ryoka, "Ah, really?! You're the best Ryoka! I already have a place in mind!"

Shizuka smiled, "Go on and we'll meet ya there. And save a seat for us, I wanna talk to slugger about somethin."

Nana nodded and ran towards a vendor down one of the busy lanes. Her band of obedient rodents followed closely.

"Didn't know ya had a selfless side."

"The poor girl tried to eat out of the trash."

"She was homeless not that long ago." Shizuka shrugged, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you had a little crush on her."

"I do." She shamelessly admitted.

"Oh shit… huh."

"Yup. I fell for the homeless chick."

"I'm just surprised a grouchy asshole like you could even fall in love."

"Tch. Fuck you." Ryoka stood up and walked towards the vendor Nana chose.

"Hey, slugger." Shizuka placed a hand on Ryoka's shoulder before she could leave, "Not like ya need my permission or nothin, but I think you two'd be cute together."

A rare smile crept across Ryoka's face. (One not birthed by punching someone or breaking stuff.)


"Fist bump?" Shizuka held her fist out for Ryoka to follow.

"Whatever." Ryoka completed the fist bump before the two set off to catch up with Naanya.

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Hello. Thanks for the explanations! They're informative and insightful. My curiosity has been sated. About the fight scenes, I definitely missed the repetition of certain moves so that's embarassing. Though what I actually mean about them not being repetitive is that none of the 3 action scenes felt like... hmm... a list?  i.e. "She did thing 1" "She did thing 2" "Then she thing 3'd". Stuff like that lmao

Betrayal (YuiParu)
Haha Yuihan is so relatable. Might have to practice not speaking her thoughts out loud (and maybe lying :P) more.
I keep finding Akiyama likeable. Maybe the reason why Paruru can work for him is because they share some similarities (and he gives her early offs, of course).

Piping Hot (YuiZukky)
These fics continue to give me ideas of who to ship in new AKB.
Yeah Zukky! Show Yuiyui how we plebs eat! Price need not be directly proportional to taste. Though next time make sure it's in a humane temperature. Hot af takoyaki can cause a bit of the roof of your mouth to peel!
Now I want takoyaki >_<

Meet the Queen of Golf (WMatsui)
Jurina has other friends?! Whose arms are still intact?! A miracle. It was funny how Jurina reminded me of Rick from Pawn Stars ("I know a guy") when she called Ranran. RanJuri is reunited! I love that we see another instance of students making money out of their talents. I'm also interested how often you can run into a golf-related problem (though I suppose everything is a golf-related problem if you're brave enough).
"Just sit right there and look pretty!"

Home Run (RyoNya)
lol the raccoon gang just following Nana around while in a festival is both funny and cute.
Damn, Ryoka was good! She scored a teddy bear AND free dinner for Nana. I think a person who likes someone would feel pretty good after being able to give them those.
I feel sympathetic to Nana's situation, even now that she's no longer homeless. I'm happy for everything she gets and curious about where she's been living.

Festivals are fun. Thanks for the update!
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I brought these out a little later than I wanted. But hey... at least they're out kinda on time.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

76. Nezumi Radio Broadcast 3 (Watanabe Mayu)

It’s Friday and you know what that means!

It’s time for your very own Cyborg Idol to start your day off right!

Welcome to Nezumi Radio!!! Yaaaaaayyyyy!

It’s that special spooky holiday of Halloween just around the corner!

However, for us lucky students and teachers (if you’re even listening) it means it’s time for the  Halloween festival once again!

It’s true!

The self-proclaimed power couple of the 48 Art Academy Itano Tomomi and Kasai Tomomi have graciously chosen to host this event for another year!

I’d like to put emphasis on “self proclaimed” because the power couple of this school is obviously me and Yu-...

Whoa… almost gave my identity away.

Back to the topic at hand! The festival!

It’s probably expensive to fund this festival, right? But I hear Itano comes from a wealthy family. If rumors are true, I hear her family is some big name in theater. I’ve been told their fingers are practically inside every notable theater stage all over Japan. Crazy right?

And Kasai… I imagine her family is wealthy too.

After all, her family has essentially been the heart and soul of kabuki theater for generations and Kasai is next in line to keep the crazy kabuki lineage going. The Kasai name is legendary around the kabuki circles, and they practically kiss the ground she and her family walks upon.

I keep getting side tracked.

Halloween festival! Remember, to have fun and be safe!

According to this flyer, everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in photography, painting, theater, music, or if you enrolled this year or four years ago.

It also says the only rule is no costumes…

But knowing TomoTomo… it’s because they want to be the best dressed at the festival.

Ugh… so full of themselves sometimes.

77. Russian Roulette (SayaMilky, FuuMiru, RinoRie)

Another Halloween Festival meant another double date. After all, SayaMilky and FuuMiru have grown quite close.

Considering the festival had mostly just begun, the girls were trying to decide where to eat first.

Until they saw something peculiar.

A coffee vendor.


Fuuko and Miyuki panicked a little bit, wondering if they missed some sort of memo and accidentally no-showed a day of work.

“Honestly, coffee sounds pretty good right now.” Sayaka strayed from the group and walked towards the stand.

And Miru followed closely behind her, “I’m going with Sayanee, but mostly because I wanna see your hot bosses again~”

Miyuki and Fuuko reluctantly followed behind them and sat on the stools in front of the counter next to their partners.

"Yo." Rino casually greeted her employees and regulars.

"Hello girls." Rie greeted shortly after.

"So what's going on here? You set up a stand at the festival?" Fuuko spoke as she got comfy in her seat.

"Yup! We enjoyed our time here last year, so we decided to sign up and set up our little coffee stand at the festival." Rino leaned in a little closer, "besides, a little publicity wouldn't hurt either."

"Any Halloween related coffee or something like that?" Miyuki eyed the menu she'd memorized in her first week.

"A game, really. A Russian roulette of sorts. Rie set em up!"

The girls never saw their bosses work the machines before. What really surprised them was how quick they were at making drinks.

In a blink of an eye, four lattes with neat little bunnies drawn on the cream were complete.

"Three lattes made with a sophisticated Columbian roast… and the other one… it's a surprise…" Rie said as she set the lattes down in front of the girls, "also, the drinks on the house for you four. Consider it as a thank you for being hard workers and for you Sayaka and Miru for being loyal customers."

“This is our halloween russian roulette, because nothing is more scary to me than bad coffee.” Rino said as she prepared another drink.

The four girls said their thanks and brought their cups to their lips.

Fuuko and Miyuki tasted the familiar roast that they’ve served countless times. A clean and mild flavor profile. A flavor they’ve recognized as a late night pick-me-up.

Miru liked it too, however she usually prefers a sweeter drink.

Sayaka tasted soy sauce and coffee creamer.

Sayaka spat out her ‘coffee’, spraying soy sauce all over Miru.

“Ahhh, Sayanee! You’ve made me all wet!” Miru pouted, “Now I have to get naked!”

Funnily enough this wouldn’t be the first time Sayaka has heard those remarks.

Miru began lifting her shirt before Fuuko pulled her off her seat dragging her to the bathroom with an emergency change of clothes. Poor Fuuko always has to be prepared for surprise nudity.

Rino and Miyuki were giggling at Sayaka’s misfortune.

Rie slid over a complimentary milk tea as compensation.

78. Pin Cushion (MariMii, MioMeru)

"Ms. Shinoda. Can you please tell me why you're duct taping me to a wall?"

"Oh I forgot to tell you, Minegishi. I've signed up for us to be one of the attractions at the festival." Mariko casually said while taping her wrists onto a wall filled with several balloons.

"What kind of attraction? S-should I be scared?"

"Oh, it's just knife throwing. Pop the balloons and get cool stuff." Mariko shrugged.

"Knife throwing!? While I'm taped up to the wall?! Surely there's some legal issues?!"

"I used to study law before being a librarian at the academy. You'd be surprised with how much you could get away with by saying 'it was performance art.'" She said nonchalantly.

Minegishi screamed as she tried to break free.

"Stay calm, my angel. If you move around you're more likely to be struck by a blade." Mariko pushed up her glasses as she devilishly grinned. "Oh? Our first guests have arrived!"

Tomonaga Mio and Tashima Meru read the sign together, "Knife throwing?"

Meru cracked her knuckles, "Piece of cake."

Before Minegishi could protest, her mouth was duct taped shut by the sadistic librarian.

"Tomonaga and Tashima. Rumor has it that you two were ninjas?"

"Yep. However, we're from two different specializations." said Mio.

"Oh? Is that right?" Mariko smiled.

"Yeah, Clan Tomonaga were the subterfuge and gather intel sort of ninjas."

"And Clan Tashima specialized in...?" Mariko tilted her head curiously.

"Assassination... though I doubt she wants to talk about it." Mio said as she observed the selection of Mariko's blades.

Minegishi's screams were muffled.

"I'm not really 'feeling' these knives." Meru said as she put complimentary blades down.

Minegishi breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good thing I always bring my own with me."

Minegishi screamed once more.

Meru pulled out her weapons from her jacket, fanning three knives in each hand.

In a blink of an eye, five blades soared through the air. Each knife popped a balloon that was dangerously close to her body.

For pure style, Meru threw one of her knives in the air and delivered a powerful spinning kick to the handle as it fell, sending the blade careening towards the balloon right next to Minigeshi's head.

And poor Minegishi fainted.

"Such entertainment!" Mariko clapped. "Pick a prize!"

Meru immediately grabbed a stuffed koala and squealed.

The two ninja girls were oddly entertained by the plushie. One could guess that growing up as a ninja had little room for stuffed animals… or a childhood in general really.

Mariko smiled as the girls made their exit in a puff of smoke, and turned to her unconscious assistant.

"I suppose I've had my fun for today…"

Mariko took down her stall, packing everything away neatly after only serving one guest.

79. Pursuit of Knowledge (TomoTomo, JuRicchan)

If you didn't know who hosted the festival, you'd find out pretty quick.

Walking down the lanes of their event, two girls walked side by side observing the festivities and making sure everything ran smoothly.

The empresses of the academy always made their presence known.

Itano Tomomi was wearing a white double breasted suit and dark shades. Her outfit gave her the image of authority and sophistication. Looked expensive too. It probably cost an arm and a leg to import it from Italy or something.

Kasai Tomomi was clad in flowing robes, holding the kitsune mask on her face in one hand and in the opposite hand, a dulled naginata which gave itself the resemblance of a queen's scepter. Underneath her mask, she wore her kabuki makeup on one half as she wore her lineage proudly.

And if that wasn't enough…

They had a whole parade following them, a lion dance, the beating of taiko drums, and a dragon dance tailing closely.

Hell of an entrance they made.

"Do you remember signing off on that?" Itano pointed to a small gathering around what appeared to be something hosted by the academy idiots.

Takahashi Juri and Kawaei Rina.

"All attractions must be approved by me personally! How could I have let something get past me? Chiyuu~." No one really knew why Kasai said chiyuu periodically or what it really meant… but people just accepted it.

The two commanded their parade to halt as they made their way through the crowd which wore expressions that could be described as… invested but incredibly confused.

Itano put a stick of gum into her mouth and spoke between gum chews, "Takahashi. Kawaei."

"Hi Tomomi!" Rina waved energetically at Itano.

"Hi Tomomi!" Juri waved at Kasai and smiled, "You know, I totally get your first names confused sometimes."

Kasai pulled her mask away and blinked before looking at the attraction before her.

A small table. And several snails. A finish line.

Snail… races? Seems oddly entertaining.

"So… what's this attraction meant to be?" Itano spoke up first.

"Ah! We've gathered the fastest local snails and we're making them compete. Some people even pick their favorites to win!" Juri said with an explosive passion.

"Pick their favorites to win hm? Meaning that there's gambling in my festival?" Kasai raised an eyebrow.

"How much is the buy-in?" Itano put away her shades to have a better look at the event and possibly the money they raked in.

This time Rina excitedly replied.

"No buy-in at all!"

"So how do you make a profit from this?"

"Our profit is the pursuit of knowledge!"

Itano slowly blew a bubble and let it pop, "...knowledge?"

"Mhm! One of these snails is gonna move so fast they start flying! And me and Juri here will be the first to discover the first flying snail!"

TomoTomo stood there in silence. Complete… utter silence.

"Tomochin, I'm gonna let this decision be yours. Chiyuu~." She whispered.

Itano blew another bubble until it popped, "Carry on, girls. Enjoy the festivities."

The two bowed to JuRicchan and the crowd before the taiko drums began to beat once again and their walking parade continued.
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Indeed, these were out just in time. Btw, I'm happy about seeing your work as the first thing on a page instead of one of my comments. I felt like a thread hijacker.

Nezumi Radio Broadcast 3
The buildup to the TomoTomo from Nezumi's broadcast to their grand entrance felt pretty Fire Lord-like lmao. I think it was deserved. I don't think I've ever commented on it but I think the choice on formatting ('script' form but no "Nezumi:" for each line and no quotes) was pretty good. Easy to read and understand that this was kind of a transcript.

Russian Roulette
I'll never get tired of Miru's naked schtick, what with lines like “Now I have to get naked!” and "surprise nudity". The (normal) coffees sound good! I love food (and in this case, drink) descriptions so this has been pretty enjoyable for me. RIP whoever gets another one of those coffee creamer and soy sauce cups tho :nervous

Pin Cushion
Miichan was lucky that the people who came to the booth were experts. At least she only had to go through it once since Mariko-sama met her entertainment quota pretty quickly.

Pursuit of Knowledge
Man, TomoTomo are pretty thorough about their displays, huh?
JuRicchan had me laughing the whole time, I really enjoyed this one from the "pursuit of knowledge" line to expectations for the snails. It was just weird.

My comment is probably too late but Happy Halloween!
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I kinda get into it more in the A/N. But bare with me here. You didn't miss click.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

17. Before the Tea Leaves Fall (YuuNaa,FuuMiru,TomoTomo)

A/N: This is more of a story centered around Murayama Yuiri than it is a YuuNaa or a romance fic. Also... bare with me it's a pretty big experiment and I'm trying new things. There was orignally a song link in the middle of this, but formatting wouldn't agree with me. It was Sacrifice of Tradition from the Ghost of Tsushima OST up to the point of where Yuiri "snaps" back.

Tragedy always follows the tale of a warrior.

Murayama dragged herself back to the remains of her village to complete her final hunt to claim the life of General Shiroma, The Empress of War.

She hardly considered herself to be living. Opting to believe was a walking corpse with a sword at her side. A burning-hot engine where her heart used to beat. Only purpose for existing was to carry out revenge, and die soon after.

Murayama smelled the ashes of her village piled at heaps on the ground. Her eyes were devoid of life when she saw the cinders of what she used to call her home again.

A smoldering emptiness. The only thing that still existed here were screams in her head as she walked through.

Underneath the tree that watched over her village for generations... she saw her standing in front of the graves of Murayama's beloved family.

The empress of war herself.

She was a stone statue holding a naginata, appearing to be in deep thought as she swallowed the emotions of seeing a family she once knew in the ground.


The empress slowly turned around and met her eyes.

Murayama’s face was twisted in anguish and rage, whereas Shiroma’s was frozen in a near unbreakable stoicism.


“What I did? And what would that be? Putting an end to your husband treating the wounds of the enemy soldiers!? You knew the actions of your village was a betrayal to our country! Do you believe that this was the outcome I wanted? I simply... did what I had to do.”

"What you had to do? You razed my home to the ground. You followed orders to slaughter my family… my neighbors… so many innocents… for NOTHING!"

"Those men your husband treated were going to come back and raid your village, what would happen then? We'd have marauders living amongst us. Imagine what they would do with your husband's medical knowledge at their disposal. It wasn't an easy choice, but I had to! To the shogunate, you're a traitor along with your village!"

"If I'm a traitor to him, then you're his slave! My husband's medical research is gone! Lost in the ashes behind me! Our country would have benefited from his work, but the shogun is obsessed with the enemy and allows his people to suffer!" The pauldrons of her damaged armour came undone as she lumbered closer to the empress, "you dare lecture me about betrayal as you stand in front of my son's grave!?!" Tears streamed from Yuiri's eyes, " sweet Ryoma."

Yuiri was open, vulnerable. She fell to her knees as everything she had been through had finally caught up to her. The warrior had never reflected on her traumas and was unable to slow down her rage. Her grief had chained her to the floor as she was hit with a flash flood of emotion. She cried out in agony, indifferent to the presence of her final adversary.

The shogun ordered Shiroma to claim her head, and if there ever was a time to collect it. It was now.

But she couldn't.

A lifetime ago, these girls were friends. She had even considered her to be a sister.

Shiroma knelt down beside her and embraced her. She had no right to comfort her, but she deserved it.

It'd be so easy to drive her tanto into Shiroma's abdomen. But this was the first time she had a shoulder to cry on after burying her family. She needed this more than anything, she grit her teeth cursing herself for being weak. Humiliated for allowing herself to be fragile ever so close to her revenge.

What would even come of Shiroma's death? Killing the only family she had left.

The empress stood up as Yuiri continued to grieve. Miru approached the graves, her hands gripping her naginata tight.

Miru bowed to the grave of Yuiri's father. The strong warrior that trained both of them. A death that was regrettably on her hands.

She was just following the Shogun's orders. Murayama's father would've done the same.

For the country… for honour… right?

Miru planted her naginata next to his grave before noticing several leaves blowing from the direction of the eastern mountains.

"The tea leaves are falling…" Murayama spoke without her soul.

Miru stayed silent and allowed her to continue.

"My father said he would teach Ryoma how to use a sword once he saw the tsubaki leaves fall from the mountains."

"Yuuchan…" Shiroma used the nickname she called her as a child.

"Don't call me that…"

"You've come to me for revenge right?"

Yuiri looked up and saw Miru's usual stoic expression with tears slowly crawling down her cheeks like a mountain under the rain.

"If your father wanted you to kill me, he'd want it to be through an honorable duel." Miru gripped the katana at her side. "If you take my head, I can only hope that we meet again in the next life so I can finally see you at peace again."

"If I fall to your sword… promise me that you will bury me next to my husband." Yuiri stood up and readied her hand on the handle of her blade.

"I promise."

Miru proceeded to pull her katana out and threw the sheath off to the side.

A sign of Miru accepting her fate. At peace with the fact that this may be the last time she'd pull her blade out.

Yuiri did the same, pointing her weapon forward and throwing the sheath onto the ground as she was also uncertain if she would come out the victor of the duel.

...or if she even wanted to for that matter.

This is where we part.

Revenants of our failures.

Will death redeem us?

The two charged at each other and collided with their blades, rapidly swiping at each other creating a steel barrier that shredded the falling leaves that interfered in their duel.

Each strike was familiar as they had dueled countless times in the past underneath the same tree where they trained as little girls.

The once sweet memories returning as a bitter reminders of how cruel destiny can be.

Yuiri was relentless in her attacks, trying to crush Miru's stone guard.

A pattern of dodges, deflects, parries, and ripostes.

A brutal back and forth.

Even though there wasn't a single cut delivered, pain was brought with every swing of their katana.

Murayama brought down her blade in a downward slash, the same slash she won against Miru in one of their many duels. It was deflected with a fluid motion of Miru’s wrist.

Miru countered with a thrust, the technique that was the killing blow against Yuiri’s father. It rolled off Yuiri’s breastplate in a glancing blow. But the battle raged on.

The sounds of colliding steel rang in their ears as they continued to strike at each other, anticipating every move they had in their respective arsenals.

The warriors began to lose their breath. Their weapons weighing heavily in their hands. They made eye contact, knowing this battle's ending was drawing near.

They swung their katana at each other with all their might and the two blades clashed in the middle, grinding the edge of their weapons as they met face to face once more.

Releasing one hand from the handle, Yuiri delivered a vicious gut-check to Miru's abdomen with her fist.

As the empress tried to regain her poise, Yuiri shoved her with her shoulder and swung her blade upwards, unable to control the speed of its ascent.

The wood of her prop caught Miru's eye. And the girl dropped to the floor, clutching at her injury, screaming out in pain.

Fuck… fuck… fuck!

No ashes. No tree. No village. No war.

Yuiri found herself back on the stage of her theater class rehearsals. Immediately attempting to rush over to Miru to see if she was okay.

This was the worst case scenario… Miru trusted her with the choreography and her own incompetence allowed her to hurt a fellow actress.

"Fucking idiot!"

A drink was thrown directly at Yuiri's head before she could aid the other girl, leaving her face and hair drenched in iced coffee, with the sticky sweet substance slowly dripping down her costume and the set.

Unsurprisingly Fuuko, who occasionally stopped by to watch the rehearsals, was furious at Yuiri for hurting her girlfriend. Fuuko stormed up the stage, getting up in the drenched actress's face.

Yuiri tried her hardest to choke back tears.

"Who allowed you to be in the lead role?! Miru trusted you! Look at what you've done, bitch!" Fuuko pointed at Miru who was crumpled to the floor, crying as she clutched her eye. Yuiri couldn't see the injury clearly, but there was definitely blood in Miru's hand.

TomoTomo led rehearsals as the theater teacher was healing off a leg injury.

The two girls stood between Fuuko and Yuiri, guarding the latter with their bodies.

"The stage is sacred, chiyuu~. If you throw anything at the stage as an audience member again, you can consider yourself banned from the theater." Kasai said, laying down the authority.

Itano followed up, crunching down on the lollipop in her mouth.

"It's also not your place to discipline the talent. You may exit the stage now." Her tone laced with an ice cold admonition.

Fuuko backed off a step.

"At least let me take Miru to the nurses office."

Kasai gestured to her with her head and kept a close eye on Fuuko.

The girl carefully helped her girlfriend up and put her arm over her shoulder. She carried the injured actress off towards the exit of the stage.

Before making the complete exit Fuuko spoke over her shoulder.

"Sorry for making a mess on the set."

"Hold on Fuuko, wait."

Miru freed herself from Fuuko and ran up to Yuiri who was completely crestfallen.

"Look at me, Yuuchan."

Yuiri slowly turned her head up.

Miru's injured eye was covered by her hair, some blood and tears still trickling down her face.

"Accidents happen, Yuuchan. I understand. It's gonna be tough with one eye, but I'm still gonna work really hard to make our performance perfect. And I want you to work hard too. Don't give up… and uhh... I'm sorry about Fuuko. Can't really blame her for being protective, huh?" Miru tried to bring Yuiri's spirit up as she noticed tears building up in her eyes. "On the bright side, I think my character would look way cooler with an eyepatch."

The last remark brought a small smile to Yuiri's lips.

"That's the smile I wanted to see… We're gonna kill it next time!" Miru retreated back to Fuuko who was still glaring at Yuiri.

After the two girls left the building, Yuiri fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I ruined everything… I didn't… mean to…" Yuiri mumbled into her hands as tears broke free from her eyes.

Itano walked off to grab cleaning supplies for the spilled coffee on the stage.

Kasai however stayed behind to comfort Yuiri. She knelt down beside her and rubbed her back as she wept.

"I'm not good enough Kasai… I'm a failure of an actress. I'm sorry for letting everyone down." Yuiri was barely audible as she was muffled by her hands.

"This is a challenging role, Murayama. I recommended professor Akimoto for you to take the lead for a reason. You're a skilled performer. From the day you stepped foot here, I had you pegged as the Theater Queen. And coming from a multi-generational kabuki theater background, I think I have an eye for these things." Kasai assured warmly before pulling Yuiri's head to allow her to cry on her shoulder.

"Murayama… The stage, and everything on it is sacred. And when you're performing, that includes you…"

Yuiri wanted so badly to believe her.


Okada Nana couldn't wait to just take her uniform off and just be back in the comfort of her dorm.

Once she made her way inside, she laid her portfolio by the door as usual and took in the sight of her girlfriend.


She was huddled up on the couch clutching a dolphin plushie in one hand, and a near empty wine glass in the other. She was watching Big Hero 6 for the twentieth time.

"Hello my naachannnnn." Yuiri slurred.

Okada scanned the site and immediately found the empty wine bottle on the coffee table.

She seemed to have remembered it being pretty close to full before she went to class.

*Hic*"Sorry Naachan, I didn't save any for you" *hic* She swished around the liquid in the glass. She almost tipped over.

"Why are you drinking so much?"

"Because!" *Hic* "I feel bad for youuuu." *Hic* "You're dating a loser like me… can't do a simmmple scene without hurting someone."

Nana settled down next to her partner and took the wine glass away from her, setting it out of her reach on the far end of the coffee table.

"I was drinkinnn that."

"I don't think so… So what happened?"

Yuiri sighed and leaned on Nana, laying all her weight onto her, "I fucking hurt someone! Hit her in the fucking eye with the sword." Yuiri's tears threatened to leave her eyes for the umpteenth time, "Some girl threw a coffee at me after… I deserved it though"

"You absolutely do not deserve getting stuff thrown at you." Nana stroked her hair, "C'mon let's get you into bed. Get some rest. You're gonna have a shitty wine hangover tomorrow."

Yuiri groaned, "Urgh… not yet. I think I'm gonna throw up…"

"Okay, then let me help you up and get to the bathroom."

"No… I can find my way to the bathroom myself…"

"You couldn't even find your asscheeks by yourself. I'm helping you up whether you like it or not!" Nana asserted.

Yuiri groaned, "fine… but be slow."

"Maybe when you're all lucid we can practice that scene till you're perfect!"

"Ugh… the thought of messing up and hurting you makes me wanna throw up more."

"Alright alright… let's get your drunk ass to the toilet."



Sae barged into the break room, gagging.

"Sae, what's wrong?" Rena rushed over to check if she was okay.

"Sorry Rena, but can you take care of the patient outside? She's got this eye injury… and man… I don't do well with eye stuff…"

"What?! As if I'd want to be involved with that?! You're the leader, you shouldn't have such a weak stomach!"

"Well it'd be a shame if Maimai learned that you never finished medical school, nor do you have any licence to practice."


Sae made herself comfy on the break room couch giving Rena a shit eating grin.

"As long as you patch her eye up, I wouldn't dream of it."

Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Before the Tea Leaves Fall(YuuNaa,TomoTomo+)(11/14/21)
Post by: aneramyre on November 16, 2021, 10:04:23 AM
The way she treated Yuiri even after she was being helped outside was just so kind, it made me that much sadder. It's a bloody eye! Miru and TomoTomo let Yuiri off easy, I think. Again, an EYE! Though I assume it's because it's not actually a serious enough injury, so they didn't feel the need to crucify Yuiri on top of her punishing/hating on herself over it.

Awesome dramatic storytelling with the theater play, and even outside it. I felt like I was seeing everyone's emotions in conflict with each other. I understood Shiroma's following orders but still loving Murayama, their not being sure whether they want to be the survivor, Fuuko's anger, Chiyuu's protectiveness over the theater, everything was so compelling. The prose was SOOOO good and natural-sounding.

Focusing on one or two characters while the romance is left a little to the side is still interesting to me. It's a great chance to show touching friendships and more of each character's... character lmao.

For OSTs, a sudden A/N in the middle of a story to put a song link might be jarring to some readers, while for others it's more convenient and makes them more likely to listen to it at the right time (because of convenience). Either way, I listened to the soundtrack as prescribed.

I think I have an eye for these things
So does Miru haha.
In contrast to 'eyes'.

you never finished medical school, nor do you have any licence to practice
Reminds me of Jurina'sCenter's own unauthorized practice of medicine in MG4. Eye(haha)-catching setup for future stories!
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Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: I imagine most of those theater girls are "the show must go on" types. So I feel like Miru would be forgiving about the injury regardless of severity.

The original plan was to have her be just as angry as Fuuko, but I feel like Miru being kind through the pain shows her dedication to the craft as well as her grit. Especially considering thus far, we haven't seen much of her artistic side until now. Makes for a stronger character moment imo.


One small one before the Holiday fics come out.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

80. A Moment Between Enemies (Murayama Yuiri, Mukaichi Mion)

A/N: Highly recommend reading 'Before the Tea Leaves Fall' to get the full context of this installment.

Nana was right… Yuiri was gonna have a rough wine hangover.

After several hours laying in bed, Yuiri decided to finally get up and try to walk it off.

A couple laps around a nearby park, maybe grab a coffee at the…

On second thought… I probably should avoid Rino&Rie's… Fuuko could be working today.

Right as she exited the dorm room, the room next door opened up as well.

Mion was also on her way out.

Great… exactly who I wanted to see…

"Hey Yuuchan… I heard what happened during rehearsals."

The taller girl sighed and crossed her arms, "it's only been a day… how do you even know?!"

"Word travels down the grapevine pretty quick in this school. I know a girl who knows a girl who knows a girl who knows a raccoon who knows a girl…" Mion cut herself off, "yeah… something along those lines."

"Whatever… Are you gonna take this opportunity to make fun of me? Drill me in the back of the head with your stupid nerf gun when I walk away?"

Mion pulled open her jacket to reveal a lack of concealed plastic weaponry.

"No I'm not gonna shoot you. I just thought you wanted to know about Miru."

Yuiri's temper cooled down. "Miru… Actually… yeah. How is she? Is she okay?"

"I heard she's gonna be down an eye until the performance, but she'll make a full recovery eventually."

"I still feel so awful." Yuiri frowned, the same feeling of shame washing over her again.

"It's not your fault. Shit happens sometimes." Mion leaned against the wall casually, "also whoever threw the coffee at you… total bitch."

Yuiri was flabbergasted at Mion's words. The two were always at each other's throats. Yuiri would've predicted she would kick her while she was down.

"You're defending me? Did Mogi tell you to be nice to me or something? You're not acting like yourself."

"Look, I'm not evil and annoying all the time." Mion smirked and rolled her eyes before continuing, "I saw you walk into your room with this dejected look in your eyes and I know that look when someone's about to drink their sorrows away." Mion knocked on the walls for emphasis, "also these walls are paper thin, I could hear you and Naachan talking about wine and stuff."

Yuiri hung her head in silence.

"What I'm trying to say is… I really hate seeing people give up on their art. I wanna see you go up on that stage and knock everyone dead."

The theater girl took a moment to process Mion's words.

"Thank you Mion. That really means a lot."

"I promise by tomorrow I'll be back to my antics, shooting you with the nerf gun and all that."

A genuine warm smile found its way to Yuiri's lips, "and I'll be ready to smack you as hard as I can with the sword."

"Can't wait." The short girl stood up straight before getting ready to leave, "I'm about to go on a little snack run to the convenience store, did you want anything when you come back?"

"Coffee… and a snack… surprise me." Yuiri said as she walked away.

And the two parted ways as friends… (sorta.)

A/N: Surprise Mion character development.
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: A Moment Between Enemies (01/01/21)
Post by: aneramyre on December 06, 2021, 10:20:27 AM
OOHHHH you're right, the 'the show must go on' mentality of performers really is something I forgot to consider. From that angle, I think I see it better now.

"I heard she's gonna be down an eye until the performance, but she'll make a full recovery eventually."
YAY! I'm relieved.

Mion comes bearing gifts! And sympathy! I appreciate her coming to Yuiri knowing she wants news about Miru then offering her encouragement and snacks. It's pretty cool how they acknowledge how their friendship works. They hit and irritate each other a lot but Mion wants Yuiri to succeed in her show and I assume that Yuiri feels the same for Mion.

Ah, friendship is a wonderful thing. Looking forward to the holiday specials!
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Barely counts as a Holiday fic. As much of a holiday fic as Diehard is a Christmas movie. Or Bayonetta 2 being a Christmas game.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!


18. Fade to Black (MaYuki, NakoMiku)

A/N: Here I am... With the raciest fic yet. Pushing the limit of how far the non perv section can go.

"Mayu, don't you think you should be relaxing this close to the holidays?" Yuki said as she laid in the bed behind her girlfriend.

Mayu tapped away at her laptop, grinding away at her work while pushing off on answering Yuki.

"Aren't you tired? You shouldn't overwork yourself." Yuki stood up and wrapped her arms around Mayu who acknowledged her with a quick peck on the cheek before returning to her work.

"I'll finish up soon, I promise." Mayu said as she pushed up her glasses.

Yuki hummed and remained in her position as she watched Mayu comb through texts for her art history essay, taking notice of the flashing light emitted from the usb drive plugged in.

She placed a kiss of her own onto Mayu's cheek as she remained diligent to her work.

A smile formed on Mayu's face, before turning her head to respond to Yuki's kiss by meeting their lips together.

Their lips remained connected for a little longer than they expected. The two giggled upon separation before Mayu went back to her task.

Yuki licked her lips before placing another kiss on Mayu's cheek. But something was different about this one.

Her lips continued downward, leaving a trail of kisses down towards Mayu's neck. Yuki got down to her jawline before Mayu tilted her head allowing her access to her neck entirely.

Mayu's work began to feature spelling and other grammatical errors as Yuki continued to rain kisses down to where she was sensitive.

The pace of Mayu's breath began to quicken as Yuki started to give a few playful bites into her skin, each kiss becoming more lustful by the second. So eager to hear her girlfriend make more sounds of pleasure.

"Ah~" Mayu involuntarily let a sound slip, "something tells me this was your plan all along."

Yuki remained quiet as her wandering hands slid underneath Mayu's tank top. Mayu removed her glasses and laid them down on the desk, knowing where they're going… she wasn't gonna need those.

Mayu turned her head and clashed her lips against Yuki's. She increased the tempo of their kiss as she could feel Yuki's hands rising up to cup her bra. She swiped her tongue across Yuki's bottom lip to which she responded by allowing their tongues to meet in the middle.

Mayu could feel her top riding up as Yuki had hands full of her breasts. As their kiss increased in heat, Yuki began to impose her desires upon her body, massaging her mounds and exploring her mouth with her tongue.

The two put their lung capacities to the limit. Gasping for air once they separated, a thread of saliva being the last thing that connected their lips.

Mayu let out a breath. She almost felt like she was lightheaded. "Take your shirt off, Yuki." Mayu commanded.

Yuki followed the order leaving herself in her black bra. Mayu removed her own top and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

Mayu stood up and led Yuki to sit down on the bed. She immediately grabbed Mayu's waist and pulled her in, taking one of her breasts into her mouth.

Mayu (unsuccessfully) tried to stifle a moan, and managed to get Yuki's bra undone, tossing it to the side.

The two locked lips again while laying back down onto the bed.

Yuki found herself pinned to the bed, with Mayu playing with her breasts during their makeout. Yuki arched her back, becoming overwhelmed with the sensations of Mayu's touch.

Upon separation, Mayu planted kisses down her neck, then lower down to her chest, then lower down to her abdomen, then lower.

Mayu then playfully licked Yuki's inner thigh and grabbed the waistband of her shorts. She bit her lip and gave Yuki a mischievous smile.

"I wanna hear you beg, Yuki."


"Crap, where did I leave that flash drive…" Nako rummaged through her bag, then through several drawers. "Miku! Do you know where my flash drive went?!"

"Uh… I think I left it plugged in Mayu's laptop!" Miku shouted from the echoey shower, "She said she'll be staying up late doing some essay, so I'll just call her later!"

Nako shook her head at Miku's irresponsibility before sitting down on the bed and opening up her own laptop as she stuffed in a pair of earbuds.

"Well I gotta make sure it's actually in the boss's laptop." Nako said to herself as she opened up a program buried deep in her files. A program that was made to hack into Mayu's webcam while their flash drive was plugged in.

Nako was not prepared…

Oh god she wasn't prepared…

Nako's screen was filled with the webcam feed directly pointing at her boss and Black Yuki in the middle of their passionate lovemaking.

The sight of their naked bodies intertwined right on Nako's lap.

She tugged on her collar, and her mind was screaming for her to turn it off, but it was drowned out by the sounds of their pleasure playing directly into her ears.

Nako gulped and leaned closer, her hands began to fidget until she saw movement from the corner of her eye.

"Whatcha watchin Nako?"

Miku walked into the room fresh out of the shower. Her chest was still wrapped up in a towel and was patting her hair dry.

Nako immediately screamed and powered off the laptop. Her finger impaling the power button.

Miku jumped and screamed in response, barely hanging onto the towel wrapped around her body, "What the hell are you screaming for?!"

Being faced with the dilemma of either dodging the question or admitting to what she was doing, the correct choice was clear.

"Uhh… are you done with the shower Miku?"

Miku's eyes darted back and forth trying to look for some sort of answer, "...yeah. why?"

"Because I could really use a cold shower right about now." Nako hopped off the bed and scampered away.

Miku watched her partner scurry and quickly shut the bathroom door. The loud slam echoing throughout the dorm.

"What was that all about?" Miku settled down on the bedside and pulled open Nako's laptop.

"I wonder what the boss is doing."
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Mayuyu being commanding is a scary level of sexiness...  :shocked
I love Yukirin's way of trying to get Mayuyu's attention.  :lol:
I want to swap places with Nako, she gets exclusive access to MaYuki's show and shares a room with Mikurin. Not fair! :smhid
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Fade to Black (MaYuki, NakoMiku) (01/07/21)
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Wooh! Is it hot in here or is it just me????

Kinda cute how Black is more assertive now, but she's no match for Mayu!

Nice setup on the flash drive. Since you drew attention to it, I was immediately curious what it was for.

Poor Nako getting free porn that she didn't ask for (and Mikurin too after the fic ended, I'm assuming).

I still felt the holiday spirit in here tbh (even tho MaYuki were working hard trying to make it feel like Valentine's). What's more Christmas than struggling against deadlines as the Dec 25 draws near, right?
Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Fade to Black (MaYuki, NakoMiku) (01/07/21)
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Wow that last update was very intense! Yukirin does know how to get Mayu's attention when she wants..
Poor NakoMiku with what they found on that computer, surely they won't be able to sleep after that XD

I like these Christmas one-shots one of my favorite seasons I hope we have more of these updates updates in the future.
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@mayuki_daisuki: Nako has it all doesn't she?

What's more Christmas than struggling against deadlines as the Dec 25 draws near, right?

Truer words have yet to be spoken.

Regarding NakoMiku's 'discovery'... At least they're more prepared building that Mayuyu robot.

@Nozokime: Luckily for you, more Christmas updates are on the way.


Another Holiday update! More on the way!

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

81. Mistletoe (SudaYuria, AnRena)

Yuria was ready to surprise Akari with her gift.

The most expensive clay her money could afford. Premium gold metal clay. Who knew such a thing existed? Also helped that it looked cool. Being buddy buddy with a Yakuza had its perks.

Even though Akari wouldn't be able to see its luster, Yuria had confidence knowing she would make something incredible out of it.

As the two were heading to Yuria's dorm room, Yuria stopped in her tracks fixated on something hanging above them.

Akari took a few steps forward before she noticed that Yuria stopped walking with her. Scouting the floor with her cane, and reaching out for the other girl.

"Yuria? Why'd you stop? Where'd you go?"

"I'm right here, Akari." She remained fixated on the ceiling.

"We're under a mistletoe."

"Mistletoe? What's that?" Akari cocked her head.

"It's some plant that grows off of tree branches. Someone hung one in the dorm"

"O-kay… is a plant on the ceiling that interesting to you?"

"Well, in the west I hear when two people find themselves under one, they're supposed to kiss."

"Hmm." Akari hummed, "That IS interesting. And we're under one?"

Yuria gulped, "Yup."

"Maybe this is your excuse to fool a pretty blind girl into kissing you."

"No. I'm just… very lucky." Yuria nervously scratched at her nape.

Akari, despite being blind found a way to meet Yuria's eyes with her own.

"Is there a reason why you've been taking your time to kiss me, Yuria?"

This must be one of those Christmas miracles people are always talking about.

Yuria acted quick, pulling Akari in by her waist and closing the distance between their lips.

Akari wrapped her arms around Yuria, dropping her cane to the floor while smiling into their kiss.

A clicking sound. And a flash.

Yuria broke the kiss and immediately turned her head.

From an intersecting hall, Iriyama Anna lowered her camera and playfully stuck out her tongue.

Next to her, Kato Rena tossed her rock into the air and caught it before giving her girlfriend a high five.

"You're welcome!" Renacchi teasingly shouted as Annin took another picture before walking away satisfied, hand in hand.

After a few seconds Akari giggled, "I'm glad your friends were around. Otherwise you would've never had the guts to finally kiss me."

"Oh shut up."

Yuria silenced Akari with another kiss.

82. Feast for all (JuRicchan)

Over the entrance of the Kamisori Ramen restaurant, hung a small sign reading,

Closed for Christmas! A small smiley face was drawn next to it.

Inside, there was a nice Christmas celebration where Mako promised to feed her friends well for the holiday.

In the kitchen, Mako chopped razor thin slices of green onion before collecting it onto her knife and sliding them into bowls of hot ramen.

Each bowl of Shoyu Ramen was identical, made possible only through the precision of an artist's hand.

The back door was thrown open, two clueless girls in uniform stumbling inside.

"See Ricchan?! I told you this was the wrong way to painting class!" Juri cried out before turning back.

"Hey wait!" Mako called out to them.

The two looked at Mako with the 'deer in headlights look.'

"You realize class has been cancelled for this week… right?"

"Oh... No wonder the class halls were so quiet." Juri said as the relief washed over her.

"I thought everyone dropped out of school!" Rina followed up.

"Now that you two are here, can you take these bowls of ramen to table 3?" Mako gestured to the dining area.

Rina shyly raised her hand, "Uh 3? That's the number after 2 right?"

"Oh my god, bring the bowls to the big table! The one with Okada, Nishino and the others!"

"Got it!" The two walked off to serve table 3's food.

Mako pulled two bowls out of a cabinet, and prepared ingredients for two more servings of ramen.

Those idiots deserve a nice Christmas dinner too.

83. Saviour (WMatsui, SakuRuppi)

"That's bullshit! I was training that Pokémon all week!" Jurina shouted.

"If you weren't stupid, you wouldn't have switched in a grass type against a fire type." Sakura calmly said as she kept her eyes on her gaming device.

Jurina launched a hard memory foam pillow at her head in response.

Haruka and Rena were used to their bickering, opting to take their game of chess to the opposite side of the room to avoid stray shots and cross fire.

"So Rena, what did you buy Jurina for Christmas?" Haruka said as she positioned one of her pieces on the board.

"Bought her some merch from her favourite wrestlers." Rena said as she took one of Haruka's pieces, "and a big teddy bear so she can practice wrestling moves on non-human opponents…"

"Ah, I'm still deciding on what to buy for Sakura."

"Huh? Isn't she a huge gamer? Buying her videogames is a huge no brainer of a gift."

Haruka took out one of Rena's pieces.

"I did that once." Haruka looked back to see Sakura smacking Jurina with a pillow, "Last time I bought her a game, she stopped going to class and stopped answering calls for a week. I almost filed a missing persons report."

Rena moved a piece forward.

"Okay, no games then. Maybe buy her a hat. Or more pink hair dye."

"Maybe." Haruka strategically moved her knight forward, "Checkmate by the way."

"Ah, so it is." Rena sat back and accepted defeat.

Sakura screamed as she fled from Jurina after her pillow attack.

"FEEL THE MIGHT OF HOLLYWOOD JURINA!" Jurina charged towards Sakura, her world famous lariat arm raised.

Rena sprinted to intercept Jurina, grabbing her by the collar and judo-tossing her over her hip.

Jurina slammed down hard into the carpet knocking the breath out of her.

"Oh Rena~" Sakura clung to her arm, "My hero~!" The pink haired girl nuzzled her head into her shoulder.

Haruppi pouted, "Maybe you should buy Sakura's Christmas present, Rena."

84. Yankii Princess (RyoNya)

"Ryoka, this gift is for you!" Naanya said as she handed a raccoon the present to hand off to her.

Mr Tanimura, Ryoka's largest and scarily most muscular raccoon approached Ryoka holding out the gift. To which Ryoka hesitantly took from his paws.

"You didn't need to spend your money on me."

"C'moooooon. Just open it!" Naanya said as she gave a pat to Mr Tanimura's head.

Ryoka untied the bow and lifted the box cover. She stared at her gift for a moment before letting out a long sigh.

After the sigh, Nana visibly deflated.

"Wh-wha?! You don't like it?! I'm sorry, I can return it-"

Man, this is probably Naanya's first Christmas indoors. Better bite my tongue.

Ryoka cut her off, "No! I-I love it! I'll put it on right now! I was just speechless is all."

And Nana immediately perked up, "I knew you'd like it! You're gonna look so good in it!"


Shizuka put on a nice jacket and the nicest jewelry she had on hand. She wanted to look her best during Christmas dinner with her dad.

A box of cigarettes was calling to her from her desk, but Shizuka put her cravings aside and shoved it into a drawer. She rushed to her pantry and grabbed a protein bar to munch on to subdue her desire for a smoke.

She took the car keys from her desk and twirled it on her finger before heading out.

Before reaching the door, someone came knocking.

Shizuka opened up to be greeted by a very happy Naanya with a possum perched on her shoulder.

"What's up Naanya. And uh… Goro." Shizuka reached out to pat the possum, but pulled back when he hissed. "I was actually 'bout to head out, so we're gonna have to make this chat snappy."

"No problem! I just wanted to show off my present to Ryoka!"

Nana reached from beyond the door frame to pull out the girl in question.

Ryoka was dressed in a pink frilly dress with her hair tied into twin tails. Definitely not in Ryoka's typical 'tough girl' style.

She looked as miserable as a puppy that was yelled at.

Shizuka was doing double duty, trying her hardest not to laugh her ass off, as well as trying not to choke on her protein bar because of said laughter.

"God Ryoka, you look like a fuckin' pretty princess!" Shizuka finally howled out in laughter, "Never thought the daughter of a biker gang leader to be so damn dainty!"

"See! See! I told you Shizuka would think you're pretty!" The obvious sarcasm flying past Nana's head.

Ryoka stayed silent in her shame.

Shizuka, still laughing, pulled her phone out to take a picture.

That was, until Ryoka unleashed a lightning-quick fist into her boss's cheek.

"GAH!" Shizuka stumbled back, before shoving past them and shutting the door behind her, "You're lucky I ain't kickin your ass for that."

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At least they're more prepared building that Mayuyu robot.
Gasp. You're right! They've stumbled upon a wealth of knowledge over here!

Interesting choice with the spacing of "We're under a mistletoe." (I mean this in a good way).

"No. I'm just… very lucky."
AWWWWW I thought this particular line was really cute!

Everyone's getting such good gifts. Yuria must be really serious. Premium gold metal clay! That sounds as fun to look at as it is expensive. And AnRena's mistletoe, of course. Very generous of them.

Feast for all
It's hilarious how JuRicchan got through so many layers of errors logic to get to the back of the restaurant. First, they missed that classes were cancelled. Then they got to a restaurant instead of painting class. Then they somehow managed to enter the closed restaurant anyway because they entered... from the back door. And in the end they got ramen after serving ramen to KojiMako's friends' table.

Basically they finished a completely hidden sidequest from getting everything 'wrong', the absolute madlad(ie)s.

Rip Jurina's Pokemon. Respect for putting the accented e in Pokemon, by the way.

It's cute how Rena and Haruppi leave Jurina and Sakura alone to play and fight like a pair of moms bringing their kids together for a playdate. Luckily Rena has her problem child under control.

Hey Harupii, how about commissioning Rena for a broken Jurina arm? I think that counts as buying Sakura a gift.

Yankii Princess

I'm living for the gradual introduction of the raccoon and possum gang.

Ryoka was pretty sweet putting the gift on on her own to make sure Nana doesn't get sad.

Shizuka having Christmas dinner with her dad :mon cute: Aww that's precious!

Thanks for this update. I just finished a paper and I was feeling really tired when I saw that this was updated. My spirits were lifted instantly.
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@aneramyre: There are a total of 6 rodents in her gang. (5 raccoons and 1 possum) 3 revealed so far.

Mr. Hamazaki (Rabies raccoon)
Mr. Tanimura (Buff raccoon)
Goro (An ordinary possum)


There's gonna be another set of Christmas Minis after this. Wait for em.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

19. Give It Away (Oya Shizuka)

It was a yearly thing, Shizuka and her dad would eat a mostly private dinner at a Chinese restaurant that was probably owned by a member of a foreign gang.

Criminal or not, their chili shrimp was fantastic.

On the mounted TV the father and daughter watched old boxing matches as several Yakuza guarded the perimeter of the dining area.

They watched two boxers duking it out in the center of the ring. The match abruptly ended when one fighter loaded up a counter punch that knocked his opponent out.

"I was always glad that the head movement came so naturally to you, Shizuka. I'm so tired of teaching my men how to fight and all they care about is how to punch hard." Takumi said as he moved the plate of dumplings closer to himself.

"The only reason I prefer dodging over striking is because I really ain't a fan of getting hit in the face."

"That's a perfectly fine reason. If my men shared your mindset, Oda over there wouldn't have a black eye." Shizuka's father pointed with his chopsticks over to one of his men with a nasty purple bruise over his eye. "How's the academy treating you?"

Shizuka had to consciously stop inhaling Peking duck to finally answer.

"Honestly, I didn't expect to fit in so well."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, even made me a couple friends."

Her father put his utensils down and leaned in, "Well Shizuka, tell me about them."

Shizuka leaned back into her seat, "Shit… where do I start?"

"Alright, I met this girl named Ryoka. Daughter of a biker gang leader. First day we met, we got into a huge fistfight. The girl is tough as hell, I almost lost entirely."

"You're getting into fights?!"

Shizuka put her hands up, "Hey hey, it was all consensual! The way fights are meant to be."

"I'd prefer you staying out of trouble, but go on."

"Then I met this homeless chick, Nana. Ridiculously optimistic and kind. Also has a weird bond with the local rodents. One of em has rabies." Shizuka sat up in her seat, "Remember that time I asked for a ridiculous amount of cash from uncle? That was to pay for the girl's tuition. Scoop her off the streets and give her a dorm to sleep in at night."

"I was about to ask you what you did with that money… You didn't tell her about the bakery did you?"

"About how it was a money launderin' scheme?" Shizuka snorted, "didn't uncle quit the life of crime to bake full time? He's runnin' an honest business now, who needs to keep it a secret?"

"Ah yes, that's right. Anyone else?"

"The newest girl is Yuria. She started off as a punk, but she's slowly shaping up to be a nice girl. Also helps that I inadvertently got her connected with some blind girl."

"Blind girl in an art school?"

"Yeah… they say she's got the hands of a goddess. Her sculptures are better than anything I've seen built by people with functioning eyes."

"Huh… any romance in your life?"

"Nah, but I do fuck a lot."

"Shizuka… that's… not what I wanted to hear."

Shizuka could hear some of his men snickering in the background.

"Anyway Shizuka, it's good to see you have a little Oya Family of your own in the academy." He smirked as he bit into a dumpling.

"Yeah. Feels good to finally have people just accept who ya are, y'know." Shizuka poured some tea out for herself.

"Also dad, can we get some fuckin food for your guys? I bet they're starvin. Look at us wolfin down food in front of these poor bastards."

Her father stayed silent.

"What's wrong? You can pay for these guys, right? Oh shit… are we broke? Did the family lose money while I was gone?! Shit! I'll fuckin drop out and start selling my body! I'll fuck guys and girls, don't care! I'll get the family back up on its feet!" Shizuka panicked.

"Shizuka, we're not broke. No need to go on any unprecedented business ventures." He laughed, "I'm just so proud to see how much you've grown."

Shizuka and her father looked at the TV, showing one of his championship matches. She watched as she watched a younger Oya Takumi duck under a hook and blitz his opponent with a ferocious combo to net the victory. With her proud father raising his arms and smiling at the camera as the championship belt was fastened around his waist.

"I gave up my boxing career to raise you and I miss it everyday. When I was younger, boxing was more important than being a good Yakuza. My superiors would always rip me a new one for that, I was always late to meetings because I wanted to train more. Boxing was the single most important thing to me before you came around." He stood up and circled around to put his hands on his daughter's shoulders. "Seeing you now though, as the beautiful lady you've become. I'd happily lose my beloved career again for you."

"Damn, I didn't sign up to get all emotional n' stuff."

Tears blurred Shizuka's vision before she pounded her fist on the table and shouted at the other Yakuzas in the restaurant.


The former heavyweight laughed before returning to the seat and flagging down a waiter.

"Alright boys! Dinner's on me! Hope you assholes can eat more than me!"
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Sorry for bringing this one out late. I just had a wicked writer's block. I promised another set, but couldn't deliver. I'll do better next time. Promises.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

85. Free for All (YuiParu)

Akiyama flipped the sign on the door to signal the convenience store was closed for the day.

"Alright girls, early off before the holidays. Have a Merry Christmas, both of you!" Akiyama smiled, "oh I guess as a present, take anything you want."

Upon hearing this Yui grabbed a bag of cat food for Bisu (briefly recalling the flavor of Bisu's usual brand) and began to make her exit before glancing at the other girl.

Paruru was emptying an entire shelf's worth of snacks into her bag.

Akiyama stared in horror as he saw thousands of yen in profit disappear into Paruru's bag. But… it's not like he can take it back. Yui was also not willing to correct this issue.

Just as the two were about to leave, they saw a girl and a vigilant labradoodle enter the store.

Yui greeted her before announcing, "I'm sorry, but the store is closed for the day."

"Ah, th-that's okay. I guess I'll just buy dog food tomorrow then." Shu crouched down and patted her dog, "sorry Popeye."

The labradoodle whimpered a little.

Yui felt bad for the girl, and considered making a small exception to let her buy some food for her-

"Here." Paruru held out a bag of dog food for Yabushita.

Shu graciously accepted before looking through her bag to find her wallet.

"Don't pay. It's free. Get out."

Shu's face shifted into a confused shock after having just experienced rudeness and generosity in the same instance. She bowed and thanked Paruru before awkwardly leaving the store with Popeye.

A few seconds later another guest popped in.

"This place still open?" Sakura poked her head inside with Haruppi also peeking in soon after.

Before Akiyama could respond Yui welcomed them both in.

"It's on us. Take anything you want." Yui spoke with a bubbly tone.

Sakura's eyes widened, "Like... for free?"


Haruka and Sakura bagged up as much as they could, a few energy drinks dropped out of Sakura's bag as the two exited the store.

Akiyama had no words.

But someone else did.

"Free stuff?" Naanya excitedly ran in with several rodents scampering in beside her.

Akiyama sighed, "fuck it… free stuff."

"Ryoka! Get in here! Free stuff!" Nana distributed snacks to each raccoon to take back home.

Shortly after Nana was satisfied with her haul, her partner Ryoka strode in with a baseball bat resting on her shoulders.

Ryoka walked through the aisles of the store and paused, "tch, my favorite snack is already gone." She then smashed her bat onto the shelf, leaving a very large and noticeable dent. Channeling moderate frustration into vandalism.

Ryoka grabbed one soda before leaving with Nana and her rodent gang.

Yui, Paru, and Akiyama stared at what used to be shelves lined with products now mostly barren. More stuff littered the floor than there was in the aisles.

"This is gonna be an interesting conversation with my accountant." Akiyama said blankly.

Yui grabbed a candy bar from Paruru's bag, "On the bright side, we totally just made a bunch of people's days better… right?"

"I guess so." Akiyama shrugged before pulling out a cigarette, "if you girls don't show up to work two hours early tomorrow to clean this mess up, the costs will come out of your paychecks."

Paruru and Yui groaned.

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Oh wow, the last two came out pretty quick :O congrats on finishing another year of christmas specials!

Give It Away
Shizuka talks about her schoolmates with her dad over dinner, aww that's sweet. Hell, I don't think my mom asks about my school friends, and we're pretty close. I think that comparison just gives me a better idea of how Shizuka's dad cares about the stuff in her life. His line about giving up his boxing career up again for Shizuka made me tear up.

I literally gasped audibly when Shizuka mentioned Dasu's "hands of a goddess". Reading back on Dasu's previous appearances, it's almost hilarious how many times I managed to miss the connection to the real Dasu using handshake events to rise to fame. It might be pretty late for me to be saying this but I think assigning sculpting to her is such an amazing idea.

Shizuka's willingness to use her body to get their (fortunately still unbroke) family 'back on its feet' is... dedication.

Free For All

Paruru was emptying an entire shelf's worth of snacks into her bag.
Damn it Paruru, he said 'anything', not 'anythingS' lmao just kidding that's not how English works either

I sure hope this is a successful business. I actually like Akiyama quite a bit to wish he doesn't suffer financial ruin on Christmas specifically because he was being nice :P

I'm with Shu on the confusion. I would feel hella conflicted. But hey, free food for Popeye! :3 I'd consider that a net good. And Yuihan taking note to take a certain certain flavor and brand of Bisu's food. It's a good day for pets!

Belated merry christmas and happy new year! I hope the year's been good for you so far.
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First fic of 2022. Let's start off with a Valentine's Day Special. Extra steamy.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

20. All Mine (SakuRuppi)

A/N: Maybe I'll write an extended cut for the perv section... We'll see.

"What's this leading to? Another shower scene?" Haruppi sighed and slumped in her chair, "I'm out of ideas aren't I?"

Haruka crumpled up yet another page of her manga. Falling victim to the cruel ailment of writer's block.

From the corner of her desk she saw her phone vibrate with a Happy Valentine's Day text from Sakura.

It was cute. To think she was so dismissive of Valentine's Day last year.

They hadn't really made plans today, maybe they could ask Jurina and Rena if they wanted to spend the day together? Or maybe even a day with Nako and Miku.

Just as Haruka was gonna shoot her a text, perhaps asking if she wanted to come over, she noticed that Sakura sent a picture.

Haruka's heart accelerated when the image hit her screen.

Sakura: I've been thinking about you, baby~

And attached was a picture of Sakura laying on her bed with her shirt pulled up, exposing her petite body. The bottom half of Sakura's face could be seen playfully sticking her tongue out.

She definitely wants Sakura to come over today.

Haruka: My roommate is out. When can you come over?

Sakura: I gotta finish a few things up first
But I'll be there soon
Don't miss me too much~

But Haruka was impatient.

Furthermore, no one makes Haruppi horny without consequence!

She got into her bed and removed her clothes entirely to snap a picture of her body in retaliation.

She grinned mischievously, knowing Sakura was gonna lose her mind when she saw it.

And a few minutes later Sakura would voice her approval with a text.

Sakura: mmm you should send nudes more often.

And attached was a video.

Eager wouldn't even begin to describe Haruka when she hit the play button.

The video was 15 seconds of Sakura touching herself.

Haruka almost fainted from her lightheadedness.

Definitely saving that video for later…

Haruka cursed herself for being such a shameless perv.


Sakura was wearing a crop top and a pair of sweatpants on the way to Haruka's dorm room.

Simple reason really.

Easy clothes to take off.

Good thinking Sakura.

She wasn't even given the opportunity to knock on the door before it opened up.

Haruka was dressed in a flannel top, wearing no pants. She leaned against the doorframe, she didn't even need to say anything. Her eyes said it all.

"You kept me waiting, Sakura."

"Did I?" Sakura giggled, "Then I guess I might as well turn back and…"

Haruka pulled her in by her wrist and crashed their lips together. Without even looking, Haruka shut the door before pinning Sakura against it. Sakura let out a soft moan upon the small impact.

Haruka began to unbutton her top, revealing the lacy underwear she was wearing underneath. Once fully undone, she tossed it to the side before passionately kissing Sakura again, pulling on her bottom lip with her teeth. Haruka felt Sakura shudder in pleasure.

Sakura couldn't contain herself, she placed her hands on Haruka's waist before slowly moving them up to grab a handful of her breasts. But before she could, Haruka caught her wrists and gave her a playful grin.

"I would let you touch me, but I really don't like that I'm the only one in my underwear right now…"

Loud and clear.

Sakura stripped down and kicked her clothes out of the way before continuing their dance of lips and tongues. Sakura planted kisses down Haruka's jawline and began to nip at her neck, turning Haruka into a sensitive, moaning mess.

"Y'know the whole sending nudes thing gave me a new plotline for my manga."

Sakura pulled away for a second, "you're talking about your manga right now? Man Haruppi… what a turn off."

Haruka pulled Sakura off the door for a second, before re-pinning her and pulling her hair back to expose her neck. Haruka sucked on the skin to leave a dark hickey just above her collarbone.

"Nevermind… I'm still very turned on." Sakura gasped as Haruka continued to leave marks on her.

They continued their lovemaking into the bedroom as they talked dirty to each other. The two stripped down completely naked before laying down on the bed together, their lips connected in another sloppy kiss. Haruka could feel Sakura slowly grinding on her thigh as they made out.

"Haruka, I want you to touch me…"

"Hmm… I am touching you." Haruka teased.

"You know exactly what I want."

"Why do you want it so badly?" Haruka said in a deeper husky voice, loving to see Sakura so desperate.

"Because I'm your little slut… that's why…"

The sight was absolutely filthy. Sakura's faded pink hair was messy, as her eyes were begging for Haruka's touch. This was all hers.

"I plan to be very rough with you Sakura if that's what you want." She said as she inserted her middle and ring finger in Sakura's mouth.

She sucked on them and swirled her tongue around her digits, moaning before giving one last lick to her fingers.

"Fuck Haruka, you're gonna be the death of me…"
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Holy shit how long was I gone
Now that my figurative bleeding nose is stuffed with figurative tissue, let's see what I missed.

The way this tiptoed into perv section-worthy had me screaming internally.
Great to see Sakura help Haruppi out of her writer's block. She got her into a more appropriate mindset for her work. That gave her inspiration for her manga too so that's a plus.

I enjoyed the teasing and back-and-forth pic-sending. I think it's a great facet of sexiness to explore outside of the actual sex. Same goes for the finger-in-mouth thing and the crass/dirty language (but I'm not a good judge for the latter lmao because personally my language only gets like that when I'm deprived).

I didn't realize how close Valentine's Day is already! Hope you have a good one, alone or not.
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A little bit of steam altogether... Well... In SakuRuppi's case... A lot of steam... And implied steamier steam.

Also, I've noticed that a lot of the fics kinda have nothing to do with art school as much as the characters themselves. I might have to shift gears a little...

Sorry for the small hiatus.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

86. Wild Night Ahead (SakuRuppi)

A/N: Takes place like... A little under half an hour after All Mine lol.

Sakura gripped tightly onto the sheets as Haruka worked her magic between her legs.

She grinded her hips against Haruka's tongue, feeling heat pooling into her lower abdomen. For the nth time, Sakura was tipping over the edge.

"Fuck, Haruka… I'm gonna… Ah~" Sakura brought her hands up to comb into Haruppi's hair as she sent her through more waves of pleasure.

Sakura rolled her eyes back, her hands balled into fists around Haruka's hair, roughly pulling on it as she climaxed. Sakura's body twitched slightly as she melted into the mattress, whimpering softly.

Haruka chuckled and wiped her mouth, before climbing up to lock lips with her girlfriend. Their bare chests pressed against each other, before Haruka laid beside her and wrapped her arms around Sakura's waist.

Haruka continued an assault of kisses against the back of Sakura's neck and shoulders causing the other girl to giggle and moan softly.

"I forget how much of a monster you become when you're horny." Sakura said, still reeling from her girlfriend.

"You seem to enjoy it. Especially after I fucked you sensless." Haruka sneered, "And you said the strap on was a silly investment."

Haruka rarely said swear words. As a matter of fact, she only ever said it during sex or shortly before or after. Sakura theorised Haruka conditioned her to interpret her swearing as a sign of a wild night to come. If that was the case… it worked.

"Well, I'm at least more open to silly investments now."

"I figured that out when you were sucking it off. The look in your eyes as you did it told me everything I wanted to know."

"If my legs weren't made of jelly right now, I'd love to see how you take it." Sakura said in her sultry voice, then biting her lip, "So Haruppi, ready to scream my name?"

Sakura's words pierced right through Haruka's pussy.

"Just fuck me already."

And once again, Haruka's swearing activated Sakura's conditioning.

Sakura positioned herself between Haruka's legs and happily returned the favor.

…It didn't take long for the other girls in the building to hear Sakura's name.

87. Do Not Disturb (NakoMiku)

Mayu wanted to treat her little workers to a nice dinner for being such good assistants.

Granted, she failed to notify them of her plans and just assumed they'd be free on short notice.

I mean, what else do they do besides staying in their dorm and tinkering with random gadgets?

Mayu was ready to knock on their door before noticing the buzzer next to the door frame.

As far as she knew, the NakoMiku dorm were the only ones to install tech into their room. She looked up to see one of her own security cameras following her movements. She briefly smiled into the lens.

Mayu hit the buzzer.

No answer.

Huh? They don't really go out that often… that's weird…

Mayu hit the buzzer again.

No answer.

Still nothing?

Mayu hit the buzzer one last time for good measure.

The speaker crackled for a moment before Nako's voice came through.

"Ugh! Who is it and what do you freaking want?! Ever consider that we might be busy?!" Nako spat from the speaker a thick layer of irritation on her voice. Mayu could swear she could hear Miku groaning in the background.

"Well Nako and Miku, it seems like you're in the middle of something important. Drop me a line when you're free." Mayu shrugged and readied herself to leave.

Mayu heard her two assistants shrieking, before Nako spoke through the speaker again.

"B-boss?! We're sorry! Wait right there!"

The thumping of Nako's footsteps could be heard before the door was thrown open.

Mayu began walking inside.

"Well girls, I was wondering if you girls were free tonight to- Ooof!"

Mayu felt her legs leave the ground as Nako lifted her off her feet and gently dropped her outside the room back into the hallway.

"Ummm…" Nako scratched her head, "you can't come in right now!"

Mayu was still taken aback by Nako's strength.

"What the?! Nako, when did you get so strong? Have you been working out?!" Mayu said incredulously as she dusted herself off.

Nako shyly played with her hair and blushed, "actually yeah, boss! Thank you for noticing!" Nako shook her head, "but you can't come in… we're… indecent!"

Mayu then noticed Nako's messy hair, and her bruised lips smeared with lipstick along with a small trail of lip marks leading from her earlobe down to the neckline of her t-shirt. Not to mention the large shirt she was wearing… was probably all she had on.

Also the lipstick… that was definitely Miku's shade.

Mayu got the message…

"Oh! Umm…" Mayu turned red, "Sorry for bothering. Will you two be free in an hour?"

"Yeah, an hour is plenty."

"You girls need anything else? Protection? Rope? …snacks?"

Nako shrieked and scooped Mayu off her feet again, running her further down the hallway and dropping her to the ground.

Nako let out a quiet, "sorry, boss." Before running back into her room and slamming it shut. The sound of the lock clicking in place loudly, as well as the small light that emitted from the buzzer fading off.

Mayu stood up and dusted herself off, "I'll give them an extra thirty minutes just to be safe."

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What nice updates!
I don't know how long I was absent but your updates are always incredible, SakuRuppi twice raising the temperature too much almost to the limit of censorship :shocked
and to finish Mayu discovering NakoMiku in such an intimate moment XD I could almost feel Mayu's discomfort while reading it.

So good updates and yes, maybe some couples get a little out of their role in art school but it feels good to be able to read more about their daily life
i hope also to able to read more about the other pairings that surely also have many funny moments that to share :lol:
eagerly awaiting the return of SayaMilky

Thanks for the hard work and I'll be waiting for the next update!

Title: Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (SakuRuppi, NakoMiku) (02/25/22)
Post by: aneramyre on March 14, 2022, 04:35:08 AM
Honestly I need to have my email notifs fixed because I can't believe how long it took me to get to this! Again, I will try and probably fail to not sound deprived.

This was such a fun read! Personally, I think mouths and especially TOYS are criminally underused in 48G 'naughties' so I was pleasantly surprised here. Also, you're really testing the limits with Wild Night Ahead. Just like how SakuRuppi are testing their neighbors' patience by reminding them of each others' names a lot.

Mayu's assistants too! Wow, HKT is a busy bunch. Mayu was pretty supportive XD It was adorable imagining tiny buff adult Yabuki Nako carrying Mayu all over the place away from their room. That would have been funny to talk about during dinner lmao

Overall a fun update centered on sexy time. Imo that's still part of the excitement of daily life in (art) school and the dorms as a student so don't worry about it.
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Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: There are a total of 6 rodents in her gang. (5 raccoons and 1 possum) 3 revealed so far.

Mr. Hamazaki (Rabies raccoon)
Mr. Tanimura (Buff raccoon)
Goro (An ordinary possum)


There's gonna be another set of Christmas Minis after this. Wait for em.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

19. Give It Away (Oya Shizuka)

It was a yearly thing, Shizuka and her dad would eat a mostly private dinner at a Chinese restaurant that was probably owned by a member of a foreign gang.

Criminal or not, their chili shrimp was fantastic.

On the mounted TV the father and daughter watched old boxing matches as several Yakuza guarded the perimeter of the dining area.

They watched two boxers duking it out in the center of the ring. The match abruptly ended when one fighter loaded up a counter punch that knocked his opponent out.

"I was always glad that the head movement came so naturally to you, Shizuka. I'm so tired of teaching my men how to fight and all they care about is how to punch hard." Takumi said as he moved the plate of dumplings closer to himself.

"The only reason I prefer dodging over striking is because I really ain't a fan of getting hit in the face."

"That's a perfectly fine reason. If my men shared your mindset, Oda over there wouldn't have a black eye." Shizuka's father pointed with his chopsticks over to one of his men with a nasty purple bruise over his eye. "How's the academy treating you?"

Shizuka had to consciously stop inhaling Peking duck to finally answer.

"Honestly, I didn't expect to fit in so well."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, even made me a couple friends."

Her father put his utensils down and leaned in, "Well Shizuka, tell me about them."

Shizuka leaned back into her seat, "Shit… where do I start?"

"Alright, I met this girl named Ryoka. Daughter of a biker gang leader. First day we met, we got into a huge fistfight. The girl is tough as hell, I almost lost entirely."

"You're getting into fights?!"

Shizuka put her hands up, "Hey hey, it was all consensual! The way fights are meant to be."

"I'd prefer you staying out of trouble, but go on."

"Then I met this homeless chick, Nana. Ridiculously optimistic and kind. Also has a weird bond with the local rodents. One of em has rabies." Shizuka sat up in her seat, "Remember that time I asked for a ridiculous amount of cash from uncle? That was to pay for the girl's tuition. Scoop her off the streets and give her a dorm to sleep in at night."

"I was about to ask you what you did with that money… You didn't tell her about the bakery did you?"

"About how it was a money launderin' scheme?" Shizuka snorted, "didn't uncle quit the life of crime to bake full time? He's runnin' an honest business now, who needs to keep it a secret?"

"Ah yes, that's right. Anyone else?"

"The newest girl is Yuria. She started off as a punk, but she's slowly shaping up to be a nice girl. Also helps that I inadvertently got her connected with some blind girl."

"Blind girl in an art school?"

"Yeah… they say she's got the hands of a goddess. Her sculptures are better than anything I've seen built by people with functioning eyes."

"Huh… any romance in your life?"

"Nah, but I do fuck a lot."

"Shizuka… that's… not what I wanted to hear."

Shizuka could hear some of his men snickering in the background.

"Anyway Shizuka, it's good to see you have a little Oya Family of your own in the academy." He smirked as he bit into a dumpling.

"Yeah. Feels good to finally have people just accept who ya are, y'know." Shizuka poured some tea out for herself.

"Also dad, can we get some fuckin food for your guys? I bet they're starvin. Look at us wolfin down food in front of these poor bastards."

Her father stayed silent.

"What's wrong? You can pay for these guys, right? Oh shit… are we broke? Did the family lose money while I was gone?! Shit! I'll fuckin drop out and start selling my body! I'll fuck guys and girls, don't care! I'll get the family back up on its feet!" Shizuka panicked.

"Shizuka, we're not broke. No need to go on any unprecedented business ventures." He laughed, "I'm just so proud to see how much you've grown."

Shizuka and her father looked at the TV, showing one of his championship matches. She watched as she watched a younger Oya Takumi duck under a hook and blitz his opponent with a ferocious combo to net the victory. With her proud father raising his arms and smiling at the camera as the championship belt was fastened around his waist.

"I gave up my boxing career to raise you and I miss it everyday. When I was younger, boxing was more important than being a good Yakuza. My superiors would always rip me a new one for that, I was always late to meetings because I wanted to train more. Boxing was the single most important thing to me before you came around." He stood up and circled around to put his hands on his daughter's shoulders. "Seeing you now though, as the beautiful lady you've become. I'd happily lose my beloved career again for you."

"Damn, I didn't sign up to get all emotional n' stuff."

Tears blurred Shizuka's vision before she pounded her fist on the table and shouted at the other Yakuzas in the restaurant.


The former heavyweight laughed before returning to the seat and flagging down a waiter.

"Alright boys! Dinner's on me! Hope you assholes can eat more than me!"

Love this one!!! Thanks for writing it
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Oh boy... More than a month. That's gotta be some kinda record. I promise to update more. I'm not riding off into the sunset just yet!

88. Truth or Dare (YuuNaaMogiOn)

After a heated session of a board game night, pieces were strewn about the floor and across the table as if a whirlwind of plastic and paper ran through the dorm.

"Let's decide the cleaner with a little game of truth or dare!" said Mion through a mischievous smile. "Anyone who chickens out has to clean up!"

Mogi froze, she knew Mion would go for the extreme dares.

Like that one time Mion dared someone to send nudes to Professor Takahashi's email.

Needless to say, it was an incredibly awkward class period.

"Alright, Yuuchan goes first! Truth or dare." Mion boisterously announced.

Nana nudged her Yuiri's elbow, "you should probably pick trut-"


Nana and Mogi heaved in a deep breath.

A sly grin crept across Mion's face, "I dare you…"

Time stopped as they anticipated whatever awful dare Mion had prepared.

"I dare you to masturbate in front of everyone!" Mion laughed maniacally.

Mogi and Nana immediately protested.

"MION, NO! THIS IS TOO FAR!" Nana shouted at the short girl.

"I'm with Naachan on this one. Also I simply just don't wanna see that." Mogi followed up.

Mion shrugged, "Too far? All she has to do is say no and clean up. Easy peasy!"

Nana stood up, ready to storm out with her girlfriend. But that was before noticing Yuiri pulling her hand to sit her back down.


With complete and uninterrupted eye contact, Yuiri stood and undid the drawstring to her shorts and allowed them to fall around her ankles.

The three other girls stared in a mix of silent anticipation, and what was mostly fear.

While still maintaining her gaze on Mion, Yuiri slid her hands down the waistband of her boxer shorts.

Small movements of her hands could be seen as she hunched over ever so slightly and let out a small gasp.

Everyone else in the room hung their mouths open, not entirely sure if they should believe what they're seeing. They had no idea whether to believe Yuiri completely snapped or if she discovered that she was way into voyeurism.

Yuiri's body twitched as her eyes became lidded, but still staring right down the barrel of Mion's irises.


Yuiri plopped down on the couch and removed her hands from underneath her waistband.

Mogi was stunned to see someone finally out-crazy Mion.

Nana was stunned to see Yuiri even agree to do something so vulgar.

Nana broke the silence, "Yuuchan, were you actually…"

"Of course not!"

"Then explain what you were doing in front of us. Please tell me I didn't actually watch you just… y'know… it looked so convincing." Mogi snapped out her stunned state.

Yuiri scoffed. "I wasn't actually touching myself. Did you all forget I'm an actress?"

Mogi was stunned once again, finding out that Mion was out-crazied and outsmarted.

Nana was stunned once again, but this time questioning whether or not Yuiri was acting when they were intimate together.

89. Haunting (WMatsui)

"Jurina, are you sure this is safe?"

"It's totally safe as long as you're not stupid. It's like handling knives in the kitchen."

"If you say so."

Jurina and Rena held their hands on the glass planchette of a Ouija board.

Supposedly, Jurina heard rumours of ghosts being in the academy. Being a thrill seeker, she couldn't wait to make contact.

Rena however, was always taught to not fuck with that stuff.

Also she felt uncomfortable doing this so close to the mirror in Jurina's room.

Mirrors are always the place when the horror stuff happens in the movies

"Is there anyone with us? Can you communicate with us?" Jurina called out into the void as Rena sat stiff on the opposite end.

The piece between their hands began to move.

"Jurina, stop messing with me! You know I hate this kind of stuff!"

"I swear it's moving on its own!" Jurina defended herself.

It hovered over the word 'yes' on the board.

"Well… That answers my question huh." Jurina said, staring blankly at their hands.

"C'mon hurry this up already! Ask your questions and end it!"

"Okay okay! Can you spell your name for us? I wanna know who we're talking to!"

"I sure don't…"

The planchette shifted.


"Her name is Emi. Cute." Jurina giggled.

"Are you flirting with the paranormal in front of me?!"

"I mean, It's a girl ghost. What if she's cool? C'mon Rena, talk to her."

Rena sighed and called out, "Are you in the room with us?"

Jurina nodded at her and signaled her to keep going.

"Can you show us a sign please? A sign that you're here?"

The planchette between them began to move under their hands once more.


Jurina was loving every second while Rena was trying to come up with a plan to avoid soiling herself.

Rena's heart dropped.


I am right next to you Rena…

Rena felt a chill underneath her ear. She turned to the reflection in the mirror and saw a pale hand on her shoulder just barely within the frame.

"AAAAAHH!" Rena shrieked and flipped the Ouija board. Jurina dodged both the board and the planchette that was thrown in her direction.

Jurina took a second to fully process what even happened and stared at Rena wide eyed, "Did you just flip the board Rena? That's like… Sakura levels of bottom energy!"

"I saw a ghost hand on my shoulder!"

"We didn't properly allow the spirit to leave our realm! There's a procedure to these things, Rena! How am I gonna tell Suzuran that our fucking dorm is haunted now?!"

"We can hire someone to purify the room maybe? Considering how unique the student body is, surely there has to be a student here that specializes in ghost stuff, right?"

Jurina sighed, "but don't you think it'd be kinda rude to kick it out now though? I mean it is our fault and purification sounds like a painful process."

"Are you seriously allowing it to stay?" Rena said, dumbfounded.

"I think I'm gonna show Emi the wonderful world of pro wrestling! I'm sure Suzuran will come around to our 3rd roommate too! She can show her that golf stuff she loves so much!"

Jurina sure was an optimist.

From then on all forms of intimacy were completely reserved to Rena's room now… can't have a paranormal audience watching them sin, could they?

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Ngl I really was sitting in fear worrying about what Yuiri was gonna do. Eyes wide and head moving away from my phone screen lmao. All actors suddenly found sus. Good job Naachan for asking the real questions there at the end. And good job you for managing to make readers (or just me at the very least) feel suspense.

"That's like… Sakura levels of bottom energy!"
*snickers* Even when talking about her girlfriend's bottom energy she couldn't let Sakura slip unscathed. I recently just watched the Annabelle trilogy so I can't trust you, Emi. IF THAT'S EVEN YOUR REAL NAME. Rena found NOT an exhibitionist. Noted.

Thank you so much for the update. Everything seems bleak at the moment. I can't stress enough how much I am saved by the happiness and peace your updates give. I re-read everything a few weeks ago and it's been one of my best days recently.
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Fuck. It's been a while. Life took it's turns on me. In the three/four months it's taken for me to update... Well, I don't really know how to say it all... But it's been fucking eventful to say the least. Some good and some bad.

I can promise though, that this little series has been in the back of my mind the whole time.

More SayaMilky, More WMatsui, and More in general soon!

I'm sorry for the lackluster update as well as the length of time it had taken for me to get it to you.

Let's get back to it shall we?

90. Wrestling in her Sleep (WMatsui)

It was a rare sight to see Jurina so docile and calm. Curled up in Rena's sheets sleeping peacefully.

Jurina had finally studied for an art history exam and finished up some big projects recently. After receiving good grades, Jurina deserved a good rest.

Rena smiled at the scene, taking one last look before getting ready for work.

She tucked in Jurina who let out a soft noise unconsciously.

And just as she was about to leave, Jurina sat up in the bed and threw the blankets off.

"I got it!"

Rena turned around, "Huh?"

"The Hollywood Lock, my newest wrestling move! Rena lemme try it on you!"

Without even waiting for an answer, Jurina leapt out of bed and bolted for the nurse.

Letting survival instincts take over, Rena shrieked and made a beeline for the door narrowly escaping Jurina's grasp.

As she shut the door behind her, Rena heard Jurina crash into it before the thudding sound of her falling to the floor.

Small groans could be heard.

"If you need anything Jurina, you know where the nurses office is." She said against the door to her dorm.

Rena continued on her way to work, ignoring the stares of the other girls in the hallway.

91. Three Outta Three (Okada Nana, Kojima Mako)

"Alright Naachan, your bill comes out to be 1000 yen." Mako put the bill on the table next to Nana's empty bowl of ramen.

Nana made an exaggerated sigh, "You really can't give me a free meal nowadays? I remember back in the day I'd eat here for free all the time!"

Mako sat down across from her and chuckled, "yeah, but back in the day we were also licking each other out."

Nana had no response.

"And look, I'm totally down to rekindle that, but you got a good thing going on with that theater chick… Unless this is your way of telling me you and her are in a bumpy patch right now and you need lil ol' Mako to show you a good time again."

"Whoa whoa! Stop! I'm totally above fucking you for ramen. Geez. Not even an offer to clean the dishes or something? I'm an adult and I can pay just fine."

Mako shook the bill around, "Gimme a thousand yen!"

Nana handed Mako her debit card and the server left to ring up the transaction.

It only took a minute for Mako to return with her card and receipt.

"If that Yuiri girl is cool with it, I'm always up for you to give me a tip~" Mako winked at Nana impishly.

"It's always sex with you, huh?" Nana rolled her eyes.

Mako slapped her shoulder, "You know I'm playing with you."

After a couple goodbyes Nana gathered her things and got ready to leave.

"Naachan, hold up!"

"Did I forget something?"

She shook her head, "Bring your girl here next week and I'll hook you two up with free food."

"...I don't have to fuck for it do I?"

"No! No! Of course not… unless you two are offering of course that is… Besides, I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me so I'd like to reassure her that I have no intention of stealing your beautiful ass away from her."

Nana let out a laugh, "Maybe you're just trying to take Yuuchan from me."

"I would never break your trust like that! What kinda lady do you take me for?! I'd like to mention I have a special lady in my eyes! And I'd like to pursue a relationship instead of casual sex!"


"WHAT?! How'd you-"

"I mean we're the three musketeers, right?… I always thought after we had our fun, you were just gonna… y'know… complete the collection?"

Mako turned red and pushed her out the door, "Get the fuck out of here already!"

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Welcome back!

Ah, so happy to see Jurina's academic successes. Then she gets a wrestling move from a dream? This is like that one episode in a Gordon Ramsay show where the owner said the recipe came to him in a dream. That alone gives me fear lmao. (Hollywood) Lock that girl in Rena's dorm.

Still loving the casual conversation. Can't remember if I've said it before, but friendly exes that still make suggestive jokes with each other yet with a complete lack of an actual threat of cheating is an interesting dynamic, I definitely like it. I think it's another aspect of strong friendship that people just push directly into a romantic/physical relationship too often for drama (the same way it happens in real life, I suppose, tbf). The free food for bringing Yuiri is gonna be a win-win! I wish Mako good luck in her Nishino endeavors.

Thanks for the update!