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Author Topic: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (Nami/Ray, Nami/Acchan) - COMPLETED  (Read 166703 times)

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
« Reply #20 on: August 05, 2010, 06:21:20 AM »
okay! been out in the net world  :mon whine: for about 3 weeks and when i check this fic it has 2 new chappie and i was like  :mon inluv:

For Chapter 6- woo.... :otomerika: love it! it was very entertaining. I really like Hinata's antics!  :twothumbs.
And there it was, what i was waiting for, the jealous Ray appeared!  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup more of it! And of  course a nice somewhat fluff scene with Ray...nice-nice hmm....(moreeeeeeee :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:) And Atsuko- effortless huh? How about a scene with this two getting chummy together and let Ray see it....haha  :grin: the Diva would practically burst out of jealousy  :rofl:

Chapter 7- EH? what's the problem with that guy-what's-his-ass-face harassing the DIVA. He has no right to do that....let Kai I mean Nami beat him down!  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: As in beat him down to a pulp. And oh,  :doh: the beginning of this chap let me believed it was really true, :nervous damn!  :banghead: haha

all in all, it was nice to be back basking in AKB48 stuff... :yossi:

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Now I know who to blame for Minami's Nami's endless obsession with ribbons. :lol:

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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I love your story!! If Mendol Ikemen Idol ever had a sequel this would be it!

It great that Hinata has partners in pranking  :D It totally in character that she would initiate the Girly Nami Contest. The Epic fails were in true Mendol spirit!

I felt so relieved when you reveal that Ray couldn't find Nami instead of dumping her when the truth came out!! Yay for Ray!! I also like how you're letting them slowly learning about each other and getting closer.

The only thing I am not sure about is the rivalry between Ray and Atsuko. Right now I don't feel that Atsuko is a very strong rival. Maybe because there are only very few scenes so far between Nami and Atsuko. As Mariko would say it just a one-sided crush. Perhaps we will see more scenes like the ribbon in the future  :D?

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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I could see that you're not a fans of AKB48? because Nami in Mendol is Takamina, little captain of AKB, and there are a huge fan base of the famous couple Takamina-Acchan out there.  :twothumbs :twothumbs  That's why our author-san use Acchan. I love this TakAcchan the most!! They had a special chemistry when standing together!! :wub: :wub:

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
« Reply #24 on: August 17, 2010, 03:38:24 AM »
You're right, I am not a fan of AKB48. Mendol was my first introduction to AKB48, There so many members :) and I am not sure where to start :(

I love this story, it has all the hilarity, hi-jinks, friendship and drama of Mendol  :D I think there needs to be more TakAcchan moments because it feels like Ray is winning too easily.

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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I'm so sorry for not updating for awhile. Been busy.  :nervous Ugh...I blame that to the people around me.  :panic:

I guess this story does lack on TakaAchan moments huh. Thanks for pointing it out! And as for the reality, I somehow blame Akip on that.   :lol:

Thanks for the thanks, the replies and the pms! Thanks so much!  :bow: :bow:

Chapter 8

I raised my eyebrow looking at my phone ringing. It shouldn’t take a genius to know who’s calling me…since she’s the only one who seems to be calling me constantly. Sighing, I hesitantly took my phone and answered it.


“Good morning Nami-chan!”

She greeted in her usual perky way. Even without seeing her now, I can tell she’s giving me her wide smile. I couldn’t help but smile slightly imagining it.

“Good morning to you too Ra…uh…Reiko.”

Luckily I remembered I’m not alone. I know it’s no big deal to call her Ray…but I’m just being cautious and all. If I’m with other people and she’s calling me, I call her Reiko. If I’m alone or with the others that know who Reiko is, I call her Ray. It was confusing at first, but I’m used to it now. She’s used to it too.

“I just saw the news today and they said that there’s a 12% chance that it could rain today. Did you bring your umbrella?”

I sighed. I really should get used to this since this is usually how she starts our conversation. When it’s sunny she’ll remind me to use a sun block. And when it’s cloudy, she’ll just say that it’s cloudy. She’s actually my weather girl with the way she calls in the morning.

I rolled my eyes.

“Yes mom. What about you?”

“Oh don’t worry about me. I have Gori-san to pick me up if I want to.”

Oh Gori-san. It must be nice to have a bodyguard. I actually met Gori-san a couple of days ago. We were on break from practicing when Hinata came running to me telling me that bouncer like monster was looking for me. I didn’t believe her really but then the bouncer like monster suddenly started walking towards me. I don’t know if I was just imagining it or what, but it felt like the floor was shaking whenever he took a step. Everyone on the room was quiet as Gori-san approached me. He’s so much like Gori from the Slam Dunk manga that I’m reading. The only difference is…he’s large.

I stared at him in awe as I looked up at him. He looked down at me and asked…

“Are you Nami-chan?”

I gulped nervously and nodded. He stared at me for awhile then finally smiled and patted my head.

“Miss was right. You are cute.”

At that time, I felt like I was his pet cat as she pats my head. He kept patting and caressing my head like he would a cat for about a minute. I could hear some of the girls smirking and giggling as they watch. Thankfully, Mariko-sama asked Gori-san why he was there. If she didn’t, Gori-san wouldn’t stop from patting my head. Hearing her say his name, I finally knew who was responsible for him being here.

He stopped patting me and held out a bento box for me to take. I stared at it for awhile then looked up at him confused.

“For you. She made it.”

I looked at the bento feeling my eye twitching. Ray…made it. If it’s anything like the cake she made that one time…then…

I hesitantly took it and he smiled patting me on the head again. He then bowed and walked out of the room without a word. Everyone started teasing me upon receiving a bento lunch from a fan. I just laughed at them nervously knowing who that fan is and how much bad that certain fan is when it comes to cooking. Asahi and Mariko-sama were patting my shoulder comforting me. They knew how bad Ray’s cooking is. They even told me that I didn’t have to eat it…but I did. Even though I know Ray’s a bad cook…knowing that she somehow made the bento herself for me…it’s somehow flattering. The least I can do is eat it as thanks.

But…the thing is…I can only eat half of what she did. I gave the other half to Hinata who seemed to enjoy it. It made my stomach ache again. Good thing Mariko-sama had some medicine prepared saying that somehow she knew Ray would cook for me sooner or later. And because of that incident…

…I have my own medicine kit now just in case something like that happen again…

“Wait. Are you worried about me not having an umbrella?”

She sounds hopeful that I’m worried. Should I be?

“Well, no…since you have Gori-san and all.”

I don’t think she even needs an umbrella. Gori-san can just bend over to her and protect her from the rain and all. Yeah, I think she can use Gori-san as an umbrella. She can even use him as a house.

Yeah, I’m exaggerating…


Now she sounds disappointed. Ugh…

“But I uh…can offer you my umbrella if ever you don’t have. I am heading towards Tohto TV and all for a TV recording.”

“What?! You’re going here?!”

She squealed so loud that I had to move my phone away from my ear. I can’t believe that Ray would get excited over something so little like me going over there. I never had that effect on someone before. That’s why it’s making me smile a little.

Thank God she can’t see me. She’ll be all clingy and tease me to death if she saw me smiling at her excited mood.

“Yeah. So if you don’t have an umbrella, I can give you mine. Acchan has hers and we could just share.”

I glanced at Acchan who was sitting next to me. We’re inside a van with our manager up front. She glanced at me holding a cream puff and nodded hearing about the umbrella.

“What? Acchan???”

“Yeah. Acchan and I are in charge of promoting our single in a TV show. We’re heading there now.”

I frowned slightly when she was silent for awhile. It seems her mood had shifted so quickly. Did I say anything bad??

“You’re with…Acchan? And…you’ll give your umbrella to me…then Acchan is going to share hers with…you? Together??”

“Uh…yeah. That’s the…uh…if ever…uh…”

I trailed as I look at Acchan pigging out on the cream puff. She had some cream on her cheeks and even her nose. I waved at her trying to get her attention and she turned to me confused.

“Uh…Reiko, can you hold on for a moment?”

Without waiting for a reply, I grabbed a tissue and wiped the mess Acchan created on her face. I couldn’t help but smirk.
“How did you get cream on your nose?”

“I was just eating it. I’m usually a mess when it comes to eating cream puffs.”

She giggled and I just shook my head smiling. Who would have thought that the face of akb48 would be this messy when it comes to eating cream puffs? After cleaning her up, I patted her head.

“Well, all done now you big baby.”

I smirked. She rolled her eyes and nudged me smiling.

“Thanks mother.”

I smiled and shook my head as I grabbed my phone again.

“Hey, sorry about that. Acchan was just being a messy baby.”

Acchan sticks out her tongue at me making me chuckle. I watch her as she takes out another cream puff from the box that the staff gave us earlier. I know she told me she already ate breakfast why is she eating those like there’s no tomorrow? Seeing her like this reminds me of Hinata.

Instead of hearing Ray’s voice in the other line, the sound of the dial tone greeted me. I frowned looking at my phone. Acchan noticed as she holds her third cream puff.

“What’s wrong?”

“I think Reiko got disconnected.”

That or she hang up. But…why would she? There’s no reason for her to hang up the phone. I guess she really did get disconnected. That’s odd though since she never got disconnected before.

“You should call her back. I think she’d like that.”

She said as she took a bite of her third cream puff. Isn’t she full already?

“Nah. I’ll probably going to see her later anyway.”

Yeah, I kinda told Acchan that Reiko is working in Monkey Pro as a staff. She asked me about Reiko one time when Ray suddenly called after practice. I guess she just surprised me by asking about Reiko that that’s the only thing that come to my mind. Not that that’s a complete lie anyway.

“Oh yeah. Monkey Pro’s office is there huh? I don’t think she’ll like it if she saw me though.”

I turned to her frowning.

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, I just get the feeling that she doesn’t like me.”

Acchan said sadly looking at the cream puff in her hand. I somehow get that feeling too since Ray says Acchan’s name like she’s tasting something bitter in her mouth. I’m wondering if Ray was somehow jealous of Acchan. She couldn’t be…right?


“You’re just imagining it. There’s no way someone wouldn’t like you. What’s not to like…right?”

I smiled at her reassuringly. I think I’m reassuring her and myself on this. Hopefully Ray doesn’t hate Acchan. She stared at me for awhile then nodded hesitantly. She turned to look at her cream puff giving it a shy smile, a slight blush forming on her cheeks. I find it weird that she would blush easily with what I said. Isn’t she used to being complimented by others?

I stared at my phone again wondering what was up with Ray. Did she really got disconnected? Why am I bothered by it? Ugh…this is what you get for being friends with that girl.

“Hey, Nami-chan.”

I turned to Acchan and was about to ask what when she suddenly shoved the cream puff in my mouth. Luckily she just shoves half of it. She smiled widely as I raised my eyebrow at her.

“Good right?”

I nodded as I chewed the shoved cream puff. Well it does taste good…so I guess I can’t complain about anything.

No wonder she had three of these…


“Argh! It’s that Acchan again!” Ray said as she threw her phone to the table. She felt bad that she hanged up on Nami but she just couldn’t take hearing her Nami taking care of Maeda as she wiped cream from Maeda’s face. Nami should have been wiping Ray’s face!

…Not that it needs wiping though…but you get the diva’s point…

She wonders if Nami and Maeda are alone in this TV recording of theirs.

She looked at her phone for awhile then took it calling a familiar number. She waited until the person on the other line picked up.


“Where are you?”

“What is it now?” Mariko sighed, regretting not looking at her phone first before answering. Now she’s stuck talking to Ray who obviously wants something.

“Where are you? Please tell me you’re with Nami-chan and heading here.” Ray asked frantically. Mariko tilted her head confused as to why Ray is panicking.

“Well, no. I’ve got a modeling gig today. I think Nami is with Acchan for a TV recording or something.” Now it dawned to Mariko why Ray is acting this way. Nami and Acchan are together…alone. Well not totally alone since the manager is with them. But you get the point.

Mariko moved her phone away from her ear as Ray let out a scream. She sighed and shook her head.

“Does that make you feel better?” She asked Ray once she somehow calmed down a bit.

“No! What will make me feel better is for you to cancel your gig and get your ass here and join them!”

“I think you should just calm down a bit. Relax okay!” Mariko chuckled finding Ray panicking state funny. Mariko knew she shouldn’t laugh and just make her friend relax…but she couldn’t help it. Ray having a panic attack over something so little as Nami and Maeda being alone together is just so funny.

“Are you laughing?! How dare you laugh at a time like this! And how can I relax when they’re alone together?! Where are those two friends of hers anyway?!” Ray said a little louder than usual. Mariko couldn’t help but cringe listening to her.

“If you’re asking about Hinata and Asahi, then they’re doing an event in a mall somewhere for promotion too.”

“And the other 43 members?!” Ray asked as she started pacing around her dressing room. Luckily she asked everyone to get out as she wanted some alone time to talk to Nami, only to find out that Nami was heading this way with Maeda. Together!

“Look. I don’t know what your problem is anyway—”

“Aren’t you listening?! Nami-chan and…Acchan are together!” Ray cut her off abruptly.
She is this close to calling their producer, Akimoto-san and ask him why he would send only two members for promotion when he can deploy as many as he wants what with akb48 having 48 members! Two girls out of 48…and it had to be Nami and Maeda…

God or Akimoto-san is obviously making her suffer.

“Thank you captain obvious. I wasn’t finished talking.” Mariko said rolling her eyes. Panicky Ray is getting ridiculous.

“Anyway, as I was saying…you’re worrying over nothing. You’re there right? And they are going there too. So why don’t you just do something about it yourself. Follow them if you want.”

“I can’t. I have a TV recording myself.” Ray sighed. She suddenly have the urge to cancel it just so she could follow the two.

“Oh. Then don’t you dare cancel that recording just so you can follow them.”

Ray narrowed her eyes. She couldn’t believe how perceptive Mariko is when it comes to her. She just knew her too well…

“Since Nami and Acchan are doing a TV recording…and you are too…if luck is on your side today, then you three might be in the same TV recording.” Mariko said nonchalantly as she looks at her nails. There’s a 10% of that ever happening but she could care less since she’s thinking of going to the salon for her nails.

“You…think so?” Ray asked sounding hopeful. She somehow regrets that she didn’t get to ask Nami what TV show they were supposed to record. If only she didn’t get jealous of hearing Nami and Maeda giggling.

…Yeah right like that’ll ever happen…she’s green like hulk when it comes to Nami and Maeda…

“Yeah sure. Can I hang up now?” Ray rolled her eyes feeling Mariko didn’t care anymore.

“Yeah yeah. Bye.” Without waiting for a reply, Ray quickly hanged up and took a seat in front of the mirror.

She hoped to God or even Akimoto-san that she had the same recording as Nami…just so she can keep an eye on Maeda…


God did answer Ray’s prayer as she found Nami in the same studio as hers. But then…God added a little something for Ray just to spite her. Beside Nami stood Maeda and they were greeting Okuma Yuu…the newbie.

‘Don’t tell me he’s here for the recording too?!’ Ray thought as she walked towards them frowning. Yuu saw her from the corner of his eye and grinned. He turned to her and bowed as he greeted her politely when she stopped a couple of feet from them. Nami and Maeda turned as well and were surprised to see Ray standing near them. They bowed and greeted her as well.

Ray gave Nami a slight smile which Nami returned hesitantly as they finished their greeting. She turned to look at Yuu and frowned.

“Why are you here?” She can tolerate Maeda being near Nami…for now, but the newbie being near Nami is an entirely different thing. With him being near Nami, she can’t help but feel the need to protect the girl. She just really hate this guy so much.

Yuu shrugged keeping his smile as he looked at the diva.

“I’m guessing the same as you and them.” He glanced at the two akb48 members and saw that they are watching them curiously. Ray was glaring at him now so it wouldn’t be a surprise that they’re curious to know what’s going on.

Yuu chatted to the two members for awhile asking them questions about their group and their single ignoring the glares coming from the diva. Nami glanced at Ray a couple of times wondering why Ray was glaring at Yuu like she’s telling him to ‘get out’ or something. She remembered that glare from Ray when she pretended to be Kai’s girlfriend in the park. Somehow remembering that brought a smile to Nami’s face.

Ray saw Nami smiling as Yuu talked to them. She frowned slightly as she looked at her worried that Yuu’s charm was getting to Nami. It made her wonder what type of guy Nami likes. Well, Nami is still a girl after all. Genetically that is…

Finally, Ray felt relieved when Yuu excused himself as his manager calls out for him.

“You should stay away from that guy. He may look charming and all but that’s just a façade.” Ray said as she watches Yuu laugh at what his manager is saying.

“Thank you for the advice Ray-san.” Nami said politely which surprised Ray as she quickly turned to Nami. It was only when Nami glanced at Maeda did she realize that Maeda didn’t know that she was Reiko. She suddenly had the urge to bully Maeda as Ray, the top diva.

She couldn’t though knowing that Nami would be mad at her for doing that. But maybe she could be subtle about it.

She turned to Maeda with her arms crossed and eyebrow raised.

“So…you’re Maeda Atsuko.”

“Hai. It’s an honor to meet you.” Maeda said as she bowed smiling shyly.

“I’ve seen you in a couple of magazines.” Well she did buy all magazines that features akb48 hoping to find some articles about Nami. But the articles were mostly about Maeda and akb48 as a whole. She ended up reading those articles about Maeda. She is a little bit curious about her…like what she’s allergic to so she can give it to Maeda as an anonymous gift.

No surprise there. She is Ray the diva and all.

Maeda didn’t know what to say. What do you say to a top diva in Japan when they tell you that she’d read a couple of articles about you? She glanced at Nami who was glancing at her smiling uncomfortably. She decided to copy her smile as she turned to the diva.

“I also heard that you like Kai.” The fact that Maeda declared in the millions of people watching Music 10 that she liked Kai was something that Ray wouldn’t let pass by. Kai is hers. She made that known when she kissed him live in front of the many reporters back then when Persona brought back Wataaru’s relations to Japan. She didn’t like it when someone says that they like something that’s hers. Especially if that something is Kai and that someone is Maeda.

Nami looked at Ray incredulously. She can’t believe that Ray would bring that up especially in front of her. Didn’t she know that talking about her alter ego embarrasses her? Apparently Ray doesn’t know since she’s ignoring the looks Nami is giving her. If she looked at Nami, she’d cave and stop questioning Maeda. She just wanted to know if Maeda is a threat to her or not.

“Oh. Well…yes. But you shouldn’t feel threatened by me liking Kai-san since he obviously has feelings for you.” Maeda said as she smiled at the diva. Now she understood why the diva was somewhat hostile towards her. She was worried about her Kai.

“What?” Both Nami and Ray said as they looked at Maeda. Both were surprised at what the other girl had said. Ray was curiously surprised while Nami was just surprised at the assumption that Maeda made.

“How can you say that?” Nami asked frowning as she looked at Maeda. She was bothered by what Maeda said about her alter ego having feelings for the diva.

“Well, if Kai didn’t have feelings for Ray-san, then he should have clarified that in front of the press.”

“Hmm. Good point.” Ray nodded finding Maeda’s explanation to be reasonable. Kai didn’t acknowledge their relationship to the press, but he also didn’t deny it. He could have denied the whole thing…but he didn’t. He could have stopped it, but he didn’t. That could only mean that somehow…Kai…or rather Nami did have feelings for her! It’s the only possible explanation Ray…and even Maeda could come up with. Ray smiled at the thought.

Nami saw the dreamy look Ray has. She blames Maeda for putting ideas on the diva’s head when she clearly didn’t know the other side of the story. Her or her alter ego’s side of the story. She shook her head and sighed.

“I think he just doesn’t want to make a big deal about it.” That and Saeko-sachou whipped her when she told her that she wanted a press conference just to clarify that Kai and Ray have no relationship whatsoever. She stopped herself from shivering remembering the sound of the whip their Sachou always carry. Unconsciously she rubbed her butt remembering the pain she felt from it.

“I think I like Maeda-san’s explanation better.” Ray smiled widely at Nami who wanted to roll her eyes. Of course Ray would like that explanation.

“Yeah but…didn’t you and Kai-san broke up?” Nami reminded her as she narrowed her eyes at Ray who seems to have been taken aback from what Nami said. Back when Ray finally knew the truth about Kai’s true gender, the reporters were constantly following her asking about Persona. It pissed her off that they kept following her and kept asking her questions about Persona and about Kai. One time she was asked if she and Kai are still going out and she exclaimed without thinking…

“No! I broke up with him!”

Seeing the news for a week about their ‘break up’ depressed her even more. She regretted saying those words especially when she realized how much she love Kai regardless of his gender.

“We did…and I regret breaking up with him. So I sought him out and told him…how much I want him back.” Ray said as she looked at Nami smiling sadly. Nami looked away regretting asking that question. It only reminded her of what Ray wants.


Thankfully, a staff decided to break the awkward silence by telling the two members that their manager is looking for them. They bowed down to Ray and followed the staff leading them to their manager. Nami gave Ray a slight smile as she walked away together with Maeda. Ray stood there looking at her with a sad look on her face…

…and Yuu watching her every move.




Ray’s right eye has been twitching for awhile now at what she’s seeing. Her and Yuu’s interview had ended. Thankfully they weren’t interviewed at the same time. If that would happen, she’d have her usual bitch fit in front of the staff. But could she really do that in front of Nami?

She shook her head and pouted as she watch Nami and Maeda’s interview. They were sitting together on a couch with the two MC sitting in the other side asking them questions. But them sitting together didn’t bother Ray. Well it did but what bothered her the most was that Maeda kept on leaning to Nami whenever she’d laugh or even when she’s just talking. She’s trying not to grit her teeth at the sight of it.

“Well, since it’s your first time in our show…you get to do the ‘smile to the camera’ challenge!” One MC said as he smiled widely at the two. In the challenge, they would let you eat or drink something disgusting or spicy then you have to smile to the camera.

Ray rolled her eyes. She did that stupid challenge of theirs but hers was rigged. They made the audience think she was drinking something gross and she put her acting to the test. She didn’t want to eat anything gross! Ray doesn’t eat anything she doesn’t want! That and she had a temper tantrum to the staff and to Sarukawa-sachou.

But it’s different in Nami’s case. They were briefed on what will happen and they decided to go through the challenge. Somehow, the diva is a bit worried on what kind of food Nami would get in this challenge. She knew that Nami is a strong girl…as strong as a man…a girly man even…but she can’t help but worry about her. She could care less on what Maeda would get. She even hoped that Maeda would get something spicy.

‘Or something poisonous would be great.’ Ray thought as she saw Maeda loop her arm to Nami smiling.

She crossed her arm and watch as the MCs gave Maeda something gross and hesitantly drank it making a disgusting face in front of the camera.  She tried to smile but it looked like she’s in pain or something. Nami and the MCs laughed at her. Even some of the staff ended up laughing. Ray just stood there looking unimpressed as she watches the scene. Ray had to admit though…she was a little bit cute with that pained smile of hers…though she wouldn’t admit it out loud. How could she when it’s Maeda she’s complimenting!

Next up was Nami who was given something spicy to eat. She took a huge bite on the spicy food offered to her and a few seconds later began coughing. The MCs laughed at Nami who ended up crying a little.

“You shouldn’t have taken a huge bite on that! It’s full of spices and all.” One MC said laughing a bit. Maeda offered some water to Nami who eagerly drank it all.

‘How dare that MC guy laugh at Nami when she was just being…….Nami!’ Ray thought as she gritted her teeth.

She didn’t know if she was furious at the two MCs for making her Nami cry or to Maeda who was wiping some of Nami’s tears. Ray just stood there watching helplessly. She wanted to go to Nami and see if she’s okay but she can’t what with the recording still going on. She’s resisting the urge to cause a commotion knowing that Nami wouldn’t like it. So she just watched as Maeda comforts Nami.

It was painful for her…to just watch and do nothing. She had never felt this helpless before…

As soon as the director shouted ‘Cut’…Ray quickly went to where Nami is. She was surrounded by the MCs, a few staff members and their manager asking if she’s okay. Ray stopped and stood behind listening.

“I’m fine. It just…caught me off guard how spicy it was.” Nami said as she scratched her head smiling sheepishly.

“Yeah, but you did good job.” One of the MC said as he patted her head smiling. Ray’s fists tighten upon hearing what the MC said to Nami. Good job or not…no one should make her Nami cry in front of her.

A staff in front of her noticed her standing behind him. The staff member gasped and began moving to the side to somehow let her through. Others noticed and let her through as well scared of the look the diva was giving.

Ray moved towards Nami who was surprised upon seeing the diva walking towards her. She gulped when she noticed the pissed off look Ray was giving her. Everyone was silent as the diva stopped in front of Nami looking down at her.

“Are you okay?” Ray asked worriedly as she frowned.

“Uh…yeah. I’m fine Ray-san.” Nami said feeling uncomfortable as all eyes were on them. She smiled slightly trying to ease the anger that she knows that’s building inside the diva. It clearly shows in the diva’s face. She had that bitchy face on again.

Ray studied her for awhile noticing an unshed tear on the side of Nami’s right eye. Seeing that just added fuel to the fire that’s building inside her. She quickly turned to the staff and the MCs who immediately flinched seeing the ominous glare the diva was giving them.

She was about to show them the wrath of the diva when she felt someone tug her dress from behind. She glanced behind her and saw Nami standing up tugging her dress slightly. Everyone gasped as they saw Nami holding the diva’s dress from behind. No one dares to do that to the diva! Not even her manager Sarukawa-sachou! They fear for Nami’s life.

Maeda watches curiously while Yuu stood afar intrigued at the scene unfolding.

“I’m fine…really.” Nami said softly easing her from doing anything rash. She knew that the diva has a temper and she was obviously going to use it to the staff members, but it wasn’t the staffs’ fault. It was her fault for taking a huge bite on the food. So if Ray was going to lecture someone…she should lecture her instead for being reckless.

Ray glanced at her for awhile. She sighed feeling her anger dissolve upon seeing Nami’s determined face.

“Fine. You can let go now.” Ray said coldly as she looked away. She wasn’t angry at Nami…rather, she was somewhat angry at herself.

Nami instantly let go of the diva’s dress and watch as the diva walked out of the studio without a single glance at her or at anyone. It confused her, but she was even more confused when the MCs and some of the staffs surrounds her and began shaking her hand. They began thanking her for saving them from the diva.

“Uh…you’re welcome…” She replied awkwardly. They finally left after a shake off hands and a few pats on her head. Nami sighed and wondered why people kept on patting her in the head.

“Are you really okay though Kawachi-san?” Their manager asked.

“I’m fine. No worries.” Nami said assuring their manager and Maeda who was looking at her worriedly. She somehow felt touched that everyone’s worried about her…

“I’m glad, because if you aren’t okay…I’d be dead to Akimoto-san.”

…except for their manager who seems to be more worried about himself…

Nami shook her head and sighed. Their manager then turned to Maeda.

“Anyway, Maeda-san, you have another interview in about…40 minutes.”

“Hai.” Maeda nodded.

“We need to go to…studio 5 now for preparations.” Their manager said as he looked at his organizer. He then turned to Nami.

“Kawachi-san, since you don’t have anything to do now…”

‘Ouch.’ Nami thought.

“…you can either wait at the lobby ground floor or I can send someone to pick you up and drive you back to the theater. Although, the team practice is at the afternoon…”

“How long is Acchan’s interview?”

“About two hours.”

Nami is torn. She didn’t know what she would do for two hours inside Tohto TV. The best option is to just go back to the theater. But then Maeda is giving her a pleading look like she’s telling her to wait for her. She sighed and shook her head.

“I’ll just wait at the lobby.” She was rewarded by Maeda’s bright smile. She chuckled when she saw it.

“Okay. We’ll see you right after the interview. Let’s go Maeda-san.” Their manager said as he walked away.

“Will you be okay alone?” Maeda asked.

“Yeah. I’ll be fine. I can always find something to do to kill time.” Nami chuckled. Sleeping is first in her list.

Maeda nodded then frowned slightly when she noticed a tear on the side of Nami’s eye. Without thinking, she slowly cupped Nami’s cheek and wiped the tear away surprising Nami.

“You still got…some tears left…” Maeda softly said smiling slightly. She didn’t remove her hand though and softly caressed Nami’s face. She looked at Nami as if mesmerized. Her smile gone...

Nami stared back, caught at the intense look that Maeda was giving her. If a stranger would pass by and saw this scene, they’d probably think that they’re witnessing a romantic scene between two girls. But luckily for them, no one passed by or even bothered looking at the two. Lucky for Nami a certain diva isn’t around to witness what’s happening.
Nami, who as if heard someone narrating what is happening, frowned confused as to why Maeda’s hand is still caressing her.


Hearing Nami calling her name somehow brought her back to reality as she quickly moved her hand away.

“I…I…” Maeda stammered. A blush began forming on her cheeks. Nami was blushing slightly as well. Both suddenly felt awkward.

“Maeda-san, if you could just hurry...” Their manager said interrupting their awkward moment. They both suddenly had the urge to thank the man for the interruption.

“Uh…yes.” Maeda replied to their manager who shook his head and walked towards the exit.

“You better go before he dies of old age.” Nami joked smiling slightly trying to ease the earlier tension.

“Uh yeah. I guess…I guess I’ll see you later.”


Maeda nodded smiling slightly then turned towards the exit. Nami watched her until she was out of sight. She frowned looking at the door wondering….

‘Did Acchan and I…just had a moment…?’


“Argh!” Ray growled as she sat down at the chair in front of the mirror. She was in her dressing room thinking of what happened earlier. She was angry at herself for her weakness that is Nami. When she saw Nami pleading for her to stop with whatever she was about to do the staff, she immediately gave in! And well…that is so unlike the diva she was.

‘What…I was…’ Ray thought as she looked at the mirror. Was she…changing?

Frowning, she quickly took her phone out of her bag. She opted to just send a mail to Mariko rather than to call her thinking that the girl might be busy with her gig and all.

“I want you to answer me honestly…am I changing…? Are my feelings for Nami-chan…changing me?”

She stared at the message for awhile then pressed the send button. She sighed then stared at herself at the mirror dreading the answer that her friend would say. It bothered her that she was changing…if ever she really was. It bothered her that she now has a weakness when back then she didn’t have one. It bothered her and scared her that Nami is her weakness…

A knock and the opening of the door suddenly brought her attention back. She didn’t want any visitors…besides Nami that is…so she turned towards and glared when she saw the newbie Yuu looking at her dressing room impressed.

“Wow…so this is the dressing room of a diva. Sure is spacious for only one person.” Yuu walked to the middle of the room looking around.

“What are you doing here?” The diva growled. The newbie sure has guts to just come in without Ray telling him to come in. Nobody comes in without her permission!

“I was bored. So I decided to visit my favorite diva.” Yuu said as he sat down the couch. He grinned at the glaring diva.

“Get out!”

“Aww c’mon! I just came here to give you a proposal.”

“A proposal?” She asked curiously. She was curious and at the same time she didn’t want to hear anything that comes out of his mouth. But…curiosity got the best of her…

“Yeah. I heard your latest single didn’t sell as much as your last single…”

True…she barely made it to the top when her latest single came out. She was ahead with only 500 copies. It bothered her really since that never happened before. It worries her that her popularity is slowly decreasing.

“And well…I also need a scandal to further boost up my popularity…”

Ray crossed her arm wary where this proposal is going.

“So…how about you and I hook up?”

Ray stared at him for awhile then started laughing…hard. Yuu knew that somehow the diva would have that kind of reaction. He shook his head and stood up.

“You have got to be kidding me! You and I…hook up!? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!” Ray said as she laughed at the proposal. She despised the guy and for him to say that they should hook up was just hilarious to her.

Yuu grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him made her stop laughing. Yuu’s face was only a few inches from her face. His hand squeezed hers.

“What’s so funny? Am I not manly enough for you?” He said softly still with a grin on his face.

“No…you’re not.” She said as she raised her eyebrow grinning slightly. They stared at each other challengingly. That’s how Nami saw them as she walked inside the diva’s dressing room.

“Uh…am I interrupting something?” She asked. Both Yuu and Ray turned to her. Ray’s eyes widen as she saw Nami. She quickly backed away from Yuu and turned towards Nami who was smiling shyly.


Yuu was surprised to hear the diva Ray call the akb48 member in a friendly way. He didn’t show it though as he glanced at Ray and at Nami.

“I guess I did interrupt something. I’m sorry. I’ll just come later then.” Nami said as she took a step back and Ray took a step forward as if to stop her.

“No need. I’m going out anyway.” Yuu said stopping Nami from exiting. He walked and stopped when he was near the door. He glanced at Ray and grinned.

“Think about it okay?” With that, he opened the door and walked out leaving the two to stare at the door for awhile. Nami then turned to the diva smiling as she scratches her head.

“Sorry if I interrupted you guys…”

“No! You didn’t interrupt anything. You actually saved me from that repulsive man.” Ray said as she sighed.

“Repulsive? Why? Did he…try to do something?” Nami asked frowning. Ray couldn’t help but smile.

“Don’t worry about it.” As much as she was happy that Nami was worried about her, she didn’t want to drag Nami to her problems. And that newbie was definitely a problem.

Nami looked at her skeptically.

“So, what brings you here Nami-chan?” She asked in her perky way trying to change the subject. Nami noticed the sudden change and decided to just give in to the diva. If she didn’t want to tell her, she can’t do anything about it right? So she just held out the umbrella that she’s holding to Ray.

“Well, you said that you didn’t have an umbrella…and well, I thought that what if Gori-san isn’t around when it rains. And so I thought I could lend you mine.” Nami explained looking at the side with a slight blush on her face. It was actually just an excuse…a lame excuse…to see what the diva was up to. She didn’t know what to do while waiting for Maeda for an hour and a half so she thought to visit Ray. But then she remembered the cold tone that the diva used on her earlier and thought that the diva might be mad at her. So somehow…this was also a peace offering to the diva.

Kinda lame really…but what do you expect from Kawachi Nami who was so similar to the girl in the alternative universe that was mentioned in chapter 5.

Ray stared at the umbrella offered to her. She could ask anyone to take her home if ever Gori-san isn’t around. Plus there’s always a car to take her home. So she really didn’t need an umbrella. Still she couldn’t help but feel flattered that Nami was once again worried about her.

Nami suddenly felt stupid as Ray just stared at the umbrella she was offering. Silence is what she got for being nice.

“A simple yes or no would be nice to hear you know…” She grumbled and turned around.

“Oh well. I don’t think it’ll rain anyway…so you don’t really need my umbrella. I’d better go now. I’ll see you later then.” Nami added as she glanced at Ray. She walked towards the door but stopped when she felt the diva’s arms wrapped on her waist pulling her to the other girls’ body.

“R-Ray?” She struggled to break free but Ray kept a firm hold on her. This is what she gets for keeping her guard down on Ray…again!

“L-let go!” Nami said still struggling. She can’t help but compare the strength of Ray to Mariko. Both were skinny and yet they amaze her with their strength. Just what the hell are those two eating?

Nami stopped struggling when she felt Ray sigh.

“Can we just…stay like this for awhile…?” Ray began nuzzling her nose to Nami’s hair liking the smell of Nami’s shampoo.

Nami felt uneasy with the way Ray was nuzzling at her hair but she stood still, freezing up now and then. She tried to relax…but she couldn’t. She then remembered how tired the diva sounded earlier. She decided to just focus on that.

“You’re tired…”

“It seems that Nami-chan keeps worrying about me.” Ray giggled feeling the fuzzy warm feeling in her stomach as she holds Nami.

“Nevermind.” Nami grumbled and rolled her eyes.

“I’m just teasing. I guess…I haven’t been sleeping much these past few days.” Ray sighed and placed her chin to Nami’s shoulder. It’s true, she haven’t been sleeping much what with her busy schedule and all.

Nami glanced at the tired diva who has her eyes closed. She sighed.

“Are you on your break?” Nami asked and felt Ray nod.

“How much time left till your break is over?”

“An hour. I have to go out of town in a little while for promotion.”

They were silent for awhile. Nami was contemplating on doing something as Ray was relaxing by holding Nami. Though her back is hurting a little what with her bending down just to place her chin on Nami’s shoulder. The girl is small compared to the diva and all.

“Are you sleepy?”

“A bit…” Ray answered smiling with her eyes closed. She frowned though when Nami pulled her arm trying to remove it from wrapping her waist. Ray kept her hold not letting Nami break her hold from her.

“Trust me okay. Just let go.” Nami sighed defeatedly. Ray wondered what’s with Nami’s sigh so she hesitantly removed her arm from the girl. She watched curiously as Nami walked towards the door and locked it. Then without a word, turned and walked to the couch and sat down.

“If you tease me for doing this…I’ll get out of the room. This doesn’t mean anything okay?” Nami warned frowning looking at the side. This is embarrassing for her, but the diva clearly needed a break what with her busy schedule and all. And well, this is all she could come up with.

Ray frowned confused not knowing what Nami was talking about. We’re they…going to make out? Thinking about that made her blush furiously. Nami saw it and rolled her eyes knowing what the diva was thinking about.

“It doesn’t involve anything that you’re thinking about. So stop thinking about perverted stuff and come sit next to me.” Nami commanded as she patted the space next to her.

Ray nodded and sat down next to Nami not knowing what the other girl was planning. She was surprised when wrapped her arm to Ray’s shoulder and pulled her towards her. Ray turned to look at Nami when they sat so close to each other. Her heart was thumping so hard when Nami placed her hand on the back of her head and slowly pulled her…

…to her shoulder…

“You can sleep for awhile and use me as a pillow…” Nami said softly to the diva. She removed her hand from the diva’s head not knowing where she would place them. She decided to just wrap her arm back to the diva’s shoulder noticing that that’s the only place she could place it.

“Remember…no teasing or else I’ll walk out! Just sleep and relax okay?” Nami sighed trying to relax as well as she closed her eyes. Ray glanced at her noticing the blush on her face. With Nami’s eyes closed, she didn’t see the brilliant smile the diva gave her. But she did feel the diva wrapping her arms to her waist pulling her closer even though there’s no space to pull anymore.

10 minutes later…the two were sleeping. One was using the other girl’s head as a pillow, her mouth slightly open. The other one was using the other girl’s shoulder as a pillow, a smile on her face as she sleeps.


Nami’s POV

I sighed while waiting for the elevator to stop at the lobby. I left Ray sleeping at the couch once I woke up. Yeah I fell asleep too. I guess I relaxed too much and fell asleep. That’s not surprising since I easily fall asleep anyway.

I wonder if Ray is awake now? Ugh, I had a hard time disentangling myself from her hold while not waking her up. Luckily she didn’t wake up. When I left her, she had at least fifteen minutes left till her break is over. So…maybe she’s awake now.

Shaking the thoughts away, the elevator opened and I stepped out heading towards the lobby. I stopped when I saw Okuma-san sitting at the lobby smiling at me.

Was he waiting for me…?

“Nami right?” He asked and stood up.

“Hai.” I replied bowing down unsure of why he was speaking to me. Does he want something?

“I notice that you and Ray-san…are friends…”

I frowned not knowing where this was heading.

“I was hoping if you could help me with something.”

“With what?”

I asked frowning slightly.

“Well…I just want to know what kind of flowers does Ray-san like.”

Okay…somehow that surprised me. Though I shouldn’t be surprised since I heard him asking Ray that they should hook up and Ray laughed at him. Yes, I heard that…and no I didn’t eavesdrop on their conversation. The door was slightly open so I took a peek when I heard voices and decided to listen for awhile.

Hmm…that does sound like eavesdropping doesn’t it? Eh…most people would do the same thing anyway.

“So…do you know?”

Somehow that brought me back to reality. Do I know what kind of flowers does Ray like…?

“Uh…no I don’t…”

Does she even like flowers? Somehow the thought of not knowing if Ray likes flowers or not bothers me a bit. It made me realize…how much I still don’t know about her.

“Oh. I thought you might know. Oh well, I guess I’ll just give her roses. Most girls love roses anyway.”

Somehow hearing that offends me since I don’t like roses. Does that mean I’m not a girl? Nah, that just means that I’m not most girls. Yeah…that’s right.

It’s a bit sad to reassure yourself of something…

“Well, thanks anyway.”

He said and smiled then started walking away.


He stopped walking and turned to me confused.

“Does that mean…you like Ray-san?”

This has been bugging me since I heard him propose to Ray about hooking up. I want to know if he likes her or anything. Ray is a friend of mine…so I want to know if his intentions are pure.

So what happens…if his intentions…are pure…?

He surprised me when he started laughing.

“Like? That like of yours is heading towards love huh?”

I frowned not liking the change in his attitude. He slowly made his way towards me still smiling. He stopped when he’s a few feet from me.

“You’re still a kid. Don’t you know that there’s no such thing as love in this business?”

I stood still as he patted my head.

“Remember that little girl if you want to make it to the top.”

With a last pat on my head, he said later to me and walked away leaving me to glare at him. I knew something was up with that guy the moment I saw him pull Ray towards him. It’s the reason I decided to interrupt their conversation and ask what his intentions are to Ray.

It’s the reason why I suddenly have the urge to do something about it just to protect Ray…


“Nami…?” Ray mumbled as she opened her eyes finding herself laid down on the couch cuddling to a throw pillow. Frowning, she slowly sat up and noticed that the girl was gone. She sighed suddenly missing the warmth and smell of the girl.

She stood up and walked towards the mirror checking her appearance. She suddenly noticed her phone and picked it up. She opened it and found a mail from Sarukawa saying that she shouldn’t forget to get to the airport in time. She looked at the clock of her phone and noticed that she still have 10 minutes till Gori-san picks her up. Plenty of time left really.

She then noticed another message from Mariko. She frowned remembering the mail she sent to the girl. She opened the mail from Mariko and read it.

“You’re a couple of months late if you only thought of asking that question now! *sigh* Anyway, that’s how falling in love is right? It changes you. Rather than asking something so SO SOOOO obvious as that…why not ask if it’s worth it. If it is…then you shouldn’t worry about anything. If it’s not…then I suggest you look for another boyish girl and move on. But I doubt on the latter…”

Ray sighed and looked at herself in the mirror. She noticed something on the coffee table that wasn’t there before. She turned and picked up an umbrella. It was Nami’s umbrella. She left it for Ray.

She held it up and smiled remembering how embarrassed Nami looked when she offered her umbrella.

Was it worth it?

‘It definitely is…’ Ray thought as she smiled.


You know, after writing this chapter, I can't help but miss Hinata.  :nervous
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And acchan is frickin' AMAZINGG. :D And so is Ray.

This fic is so cute. :D

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I created an account here just to let you know that you are awesome and I thank you for making this awesome fanfic  :bow:.. I look forward to the next chapters.. Seriously, Thanks   :) :heart:

PS: I miss Hinata and her antics too..  :nervous
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why didn't i noticed there's an update when im dying to read the latest chappie.... :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

but woo...., the long wait is really worth it :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Ray's acting so cute, so protected over Nami..... XD though i wouldn't say the same towards the staff,  :lol: poor them, they're really scared of the diva! :nervous

and how dare that Yuu what his face.... :smhid Nami should have kick his balls or something... :yep: or else make some Gori-san appearances and scare the guy away.... :angry:

MORE of Ray Nami cute scene, more fluff...... XD XD XD though i bet it wont happen with Ray out of town for promotional videos... :(

That mean one thing, Acchan and Nami time!  :P i bet, Ray would ask Mariko-sama to look after her Nami while she's away... XD

i would say this again, I really like acchan (my oshimen) but i really want Nami to end up with Ray in this fic for a change!  :D :D :D

though, before that, i want to see Nami in a tight spot again, between the diva and acchan!  :lol: with Hinata's antics by the way!  :inlove: she's making Nami's life more interesting (horrible in a good way) which i like the most!  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

Update so soon again, author-san!  :bow:
ty for the reply again although i was kinda bothering you!  :nervous

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I just realized something... you intro'd Gori and where the hell is this bodyguard when Yuu's grabbing at Ray? That's bull.  :angry:

Hahaha. Nami's gonna sic Gori on this ass. :P

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Just spent the last hour reading all 8 chapters and I gotta say this fic is really good. Nice way for me to slowly withdraw after watching Mendol last week.
No, I lied. It makes me wish for a second season even more.  :D

Anyways, I hope you show us what is going on with Hinata and Asahi. Especially with Asahi when Yuko is in the picture.  XD

As of right now, I'm still on the fence on whether I should support Nami/Ray or Taka(Nami)/Acchan.

Oh, and will any of the other characters from the drama make some guest appearances in future updates?

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Thanks so much for the thanks, for reading and for liking my story!  :bow: :bow:

I'm thinking of writing a side story for Yuko-Asahi pairing with Asahi's POV...but that would be after this whole mess with Nami ends. So there's going to be a glimpse of Yuko-Asahi relationship in Nami's POV :lol:

Thanks for pointing out about Gori-san! I completely forgot to explain about that.  :doh: And about the appearance of the other characters in's possible that they're going to appear.  :)

Thanks again guys!  :bow:

Chapter 9

I can’t seem to remove my eyes from the sight as I watch a man give Acchan flowers. She stared at the flowers offered to her for awhile then looked up at the man smiling at her. She hesitantly took it, a blush forming at her cheeks.

I can’t stop looking at them. It’s like I can’t move. I’m stuck standing at the door looking at both of them especially Acchan as she smiled lovingly at the man. I couldn’t help but notice how lovely she looks.

“Aaaannnnndddd cccccuuuutttt!!!”

The director yelled making me jump a little. Somehow that brought me back to reality as some of the staff began moving around. I moved out of the way as a bunch of people began moving inside.

A shooting can be dangerous if the cameras aren’t turned on anymore you know.

With that thought, I moved to the side wherein there are no people fussing around. I saw a mirror and decided to move to it. I frowned when I looked at my appearance.

“I look stupid…”

I mumbled looking at the ribbon on top of my head. Why did that make-up artist kept insisting I wear this anyway?

“You’re wearing it!”

Again I jumped surprised when I heard Acchan’s voice. I turned to her and found her beaming at me.

“Wearing what?”


She said as she pointed at the ribbon on my head. I narrowed my eyes at her. Don’t tell me…

“You…told the make-up artist that I should wear this?”

“Well yeah…”

Should I kill her?

“I bought that for you.”

I guess not. Well, she did buy me something. I guess that saves her from her immediate death. But then again, I can’t really hurt her. It’s Acchan! She’s different from Hinata, Asahi or the others that I can easily beat up. She’s like…Mariko-sama.

Yeah…hmmm…then should I start calling her Atsuko-sama?

Nah! There’s only one Mariko-sama and one Acchan.

‘You got that right!’

See? Even inner Mariko-sama agrees.
“You should have just given it to me you know.”

“Then you wouldn’t wear it.”

Good point.

“I’m thankful for the gift and all…but…it doesn’t look good on me…”

I said frowning as I took hold of it. She took hold of my hand that was holding the ribbon and brought it down.

“It does. Trust me.”

She said smiling at me. Somehow looking at her smile reminds me of the scene earlier when she was smiling at the man. Her smile was similar…yet different at the same time. Those eyes of hers held the same expression she had yesterday. It’s like she’s telling me something I don’t know.

Just what is she saying when she’s looking at me like this…?


I suddenly felt Acchan’s hand pulling away from mine. It was only then that I realized that she was still holding my hand. Frowning, I turned to see Hinata and Asahi with a clinging Yuko walking towards us. Acchan also turned to them a slight blush on her cheeks.

“Nami-chan! I’m hungry! Feed me.”

Hinata whined as she hugged me to the side and placed her head on my shoulder. I’m shrugging her off.

“Then ask someone to take you to where the food is.”

“They said that it’s not here yet.”

That’s understandable since it’s too early for lunch. Why is she even hungry at this time when she ate breakfast not too long ago?

Why am I even asking that? It’s Hinata! Saying her name is answer enough.

“Oh! You’re wearing a ribbon.”

Asahi pointed out. Hinata quickly pulled away from me to look. Yuko and Acchan turned as well. I couldn’t help but blush at their gazes.

“Whoa! You’re…wearing a ribbon…”

Hinata said staring in awe at the light orange ribbon on top of my head. It’s like it’s the first time they’d seen a ribbon before with the way they’re looking at me…minus Acchan that is as she’s just smiling at me.

‘It’s not the ribbon believe me. It’s the person who’s wearing it since you hardly ever wear anything girly you know.’

I wear skirts.

‘That’s different since it’s your job to wear skirts.’

Ugh. I’ll stop thinking for an excuse now since I obviously can’t win to inner Mariko-sama. She’s much like the real Mariko-sama…

“Yeah I’m wearing a ribbon…so what?”

I asked frowning as I looked at the side embarrassed to look at them in the eye. They’ll probably laugh at me or tease me. No surprise there if they’re going too really. I looked at Acchan though as she wrapped her arm on my shoulder and smiled at the others.

“Don’t you think it suit her?”

Acchan asked. Asahi and Hinata looked at each other. Yuko who was clinging to Asahi’s arm smiled showing us that toothy smile she has.

“I think it suit her! You look cute Nami-chan!”

I glanced at the side embarrassed at what Yuko is saying. Clearly I’m blushing.

“I actually find it cute when a girl is trying to be cute.”

Yuko added still smiling obviously unaware that what she said was somewhat insulting. I’m not trying to be cute! Asahi smirked but quickly stopped when I narrowed my eyes at her. Yuko is so dead!

I took a step forward to an unaware Yuko when Hinata surprised me as she suddenly threw herself at me, hugging me.

“Nami-chan looks so cute with a ribbon on while she does her ‘I’ll kill her’ look! Kawaii!!”

“Ugh! G-get off me! Let go!”

I keep pushing her but she kept her tight hold on me. I don’t know what Yuko was thinking but she eventually joined Hinata in hugging me. I keep shrugging them off especially Yuko whose hand is traveling near my breasts. And again, yes, I have those.

“The director is looking for you guys. So if you three are done groping each other, you’d better head back.”

The three of us stopped struggling as we turned to Mariko-sama who has her eyebrow raised as she looked at us. Yuko immediately released me when she saw that Asahi was heading back. Hinata, who has her arms wrapped on my shoulder, began dragging me towards them. Mariko-sama smirked when we passed by her pointing at the ribbon on my head.

“You don’t need to say anything anymore when you already said enough.”

I said to her as I waved her off.

“When did I say something?”

I heard her ask Acchan who probably shrugged at the question. Oh right. Inner Mariko-sama said those things. Oh well, they’re both the same anyway.



The five of us exclaimed as we looked at our food. Hinata immediately started digging in.

“Why are we eating out here again?”

Mariko-sama asked as she brushed off a leaf that fell down on her lap. We were eating our lunch under a tree in a garden we found. We look like a bunch of students having a picnic really. This was actually Asahi’s idea as she suggested that we eat outside rather than to eat in a gym where everyone is. It was pretty crowded in the gym what with the members and the production staff inside as well, so we decided to follow Asahi’s idea. We didn’t know she’ll take us here. This actually looks like a secret garden.

A dirty secret garden.

“Yeah, what if a bunch of bugs came out or something?”

Yukarin asked looking around. She has a point. This garden does look like it’s infested with bugs.

“You guys worry too much. Don’t you think it’s nice to eat here? The fresh air…the birds chirping…the quietness…the scenery…”

Asahi said as she looks around appreciating the place. Well, it is pretty nice and all what with a bunch of flowers blooming. I’m not really into flowers, but they are nice to look at.

“The leaves falling on our food…the wind blowing the dirt at our food…the bugs crawling…you’re right. It really is nice to eat out here.”

Mariko-sama added as she imitates Asahi. Yukarin and I smirked as Asahi pouted. Hinata just kept on eating.

“As much as I’m not a nature lover, I actually preferred this than the crowded gym.”

I said trying to somehow make Asahi feel a little better. She turned to me and smiled nodding her head. Well, it is nice. It’s actually been a long time since I’ve had a picnic with friends.

“Well yeah, but wouldn’t this picnic be nice if Yuko and the others are here as well?”

Yukarin has a point. Even though Yuko can be a pain in the ass at times, it would have been fun if Yuko and the others are here as well. But Asahi was the one who pushed us out of the gym…as if trying to get away…without even informing Yuko and the others so…don’t tell me…

“So you wanted to eat out here to get away from Yuko huh?”

Mariko-sama said as she narrowed her eyes at Asahi. It seems that Mariko-sama and I got the same conclusion as to why Asahi wanted to eat outside. Asahi seems to be taken aback by what Mariko-sama said as she suddenly blushed.


“Puhlease! It’s written all over your face!”

Well her blush does indicate that Mariko-sama’s guess is right.

“What’s the deal with you guys anyway? Are you two dating now?”

Hinata suddenly started coughing. Mariko-sama’s eyes went wide with fear as she looked at Yukarin who seems to be unaware of the danger of her questioning. I too am getting nervous when I remember the time when we asked Asahi about her and Yuko and she made that murderous face of hers. That was one scary Asahi! So you can’t blame us when Mariko-sama, Hinata and I frowned confused to find Asahi blushing furiously at Yukarin’s question.

Did something…happen between them…?

Before any of us could ask further, my phone suddenly began ringing. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and sighed when I saw who was calling. Three heads curiously leaned to see who was calling me.

“Ooooh. It’s your girlfriend calling you.”

Hinata said smirking. Asahi and Yukarin chuckled while Mariko-sama sighed shaking her head. She obviously didn’t have to look at my phone to know who’s calling me. I decided to take this call privately knowing that they would probably do something embarrassing just to see me squirm or blush. So I stood up and excused myself earning me a ‘whooooo you go Nami!’ from Yukarin and Hinata.


I sighed hearing Hinata and Mariko-sama fighting about food. Hinata probably tried to steal some of Mariko-sama’s curry. Makes me wonder if my lunch would still be there when I come back.

“Hi Nami-chan. What are you doing?”

Is it just me or is Ray trying to be perky here? It sounds…forced or something. Probably just my imagination.

“Hey. We’re just having lunch.”

“That’s good. You guys are shooting for your new PV right?”

Mariko-sama probably told her. It makes me wonder if Mariko-sama often tells her our schedule or something. That or Ray snoops at Mariko-sama’s organizer to see what’s her schedule.

“Well, yeah.”

“Must be nice.”

She sighed tiredly making me frown as I sat at a bench.

“You’re in Osaka right?”

“Yes. I’m here for promotion. Want me to buy you something?”

I can tell she’s smiling now making me smile slightly.

“Nah. Just enjoy yourself over there. When are you going back?”

“Why? Does Nami-chan miss me already.”

She giggled while I rolled my eyes.

“I think I’m going to hang up now.”

“NO! I’m sorry! I’m just teasing.”

She said frantically making me chuckle. She heard me and I know she’s pouting now.

“Nami-chan is so mean! Anyway, I’m going back in the evening.”

“In the evening? Is Gori-san with you?”

“Yeah. He’s with me in Osaka.”

It made me remember what happened yesterday with Okuma-san. If Gori-san is Ray’s bodyguard…then why isn’t he there? Maybe I should ask her about it.

“Does Gori-san often guard you?”

“Well, when I’m doing promotions he’s with me or when I need to go somewhere. Basically it’s like wherever I go he goes there too.”

“Then why wasn’t he in your dressing room guarding you yesterday?”

If he was there then that Okuma-san wouldn’t come inside her dressing room. Just thinking about Okuma-san irritates me.

“I don’t like people inside my dressing room or just hanging outside guarding me. The only ones allowed to enter my dressing room are Sarukawa-sachou and the make-up artists. Other than that…no one’s allowed. Everyone knows that.”

Everyone except Okuma-san, but I think somehow he knows about that too. He’s just being a pain in the ass.

“Maybe you should let Gori-san guard you outside of your dressing room.”


Maybe so Okuma-san wouldn’t do what he did yesterday? So that Gori-san would beat the crap out of him if ever he did something to you? So that Gori-san can protect you…? I’m not going to say that though. Actually I didn’t get to reply to her question when I heard someone talking to her in the background about some aspirin and she replied by thanking that person.


“Yeah. I’ve got a slight headache.”

I sighed and shook my head.

“Then you should rest rather than talking to me.”

“But…hearing your voice makes me feel better…”

She said softly. Thank God she couldn’t see me blushing slightly at what she said.

“You’re probably overdoing things. You should take a rest.”

“It seems that Nami-chan is worried about me.”

She giggled again.

“I am…worried about you…”

And now I’ve rendered her speechless. I think she’s blushing right now. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of her blushing.

“Take a rest Ray. You need it. I’ll talk to you later okay? Bye.”

Without waiting for her reply, I ended the call. I know she said she feels better when she’s talking to me but she really needs the rest. She must really be working her ass off nowadays.

I made my way towards the others who were silently eating. I frowned when I looked at my lunch and found that half of it was missing. I narrowed my eyes and looked at them. They all pointed towards Hinata who looked like she got caught stealing a cookie by her mom.


Do you really need to ask?



Hinata moaned as she rubbed her arm where I hit her. We’re heading towards the gym now.

“It’s your fault for eating my lunch.”

“It’s not my fault your lunch started talking to me saying, ‘Please eat me! I want to be eaten.’ I’m just trying to be nice to them.”

She pouted and I rolled my eyes. Typical of Hinata to say that my food is talking to her. She really needs professional help.

“So, you didn’t tell us how your girlfriend is.”

Yukarin said as she wrapped her arm on my shoulder grinning.

“Yeah. How’s Ray?”

Asahi asked. You know I could change this attention back to her if I asked her what’s up with her and Yuko. But something tells me that’s a topic I shouldn’t go for now. Something happened…I can feel it…but I don’t want to pry, for now. I’ll pry later when I’m certain something is happening between them. Or they keep on teasing me and I can’t take it anymore. Knowing them, I think it’s going to be the latter.

“She’s not my girlfriend. We’re just friends.”

How many times do I have to tell this to them? Honestly, I kept on thinking that I should probably have a placard on my chest saying ‘I’m no ones girlfriend’ since they kept on insisting that I have a girlfriend.

“You two are so like girlfriends that the only thing missing is intimacy.”

Yukarin pointed out and Asahi and Hinata nodded.

“And they both need to acknowledge it first before they become girlfriends.”

Mariko-sama added smiling.

“Yeah. Grow some balls Nami-chan and kiss her already!”

Hinata said. Yukarin, Mariko-sama and Asahi ended up laughing at what Hinata said. I moved towards Hinata to hit her but Yukarin kept her hold on me. Hinata hid behind Mariko-sama.

“I’ll show you balls! You are so dead! C’mere!”

“…I don’t know either. I mean, just what do they see in that girl? I mean, she’s too…plain. Don’t you think so?”

The five of us stopped as we heard the voices coming from a classroom. The door was open slightly.

“Yeah. She looks boring. Why would they choose someone like that as the face of their group! I mean, c’mon! There are a lot of pretty girls other than Maeda Atsuko! Are they blind or something?”

Acchan? They’re…talking about Acchan?

“You know what I heard? I heard no one likes her. That they just tolerate her because they pity her.”

I’ve had enough. This is too much! They know nothing about Acchan to say things like that! They have no right!

I was about to barge in and say a piece of something to those bitches when I felt Yukarin and Mariko-sama holding me in place. Mariko-sama took hold of my shoulder and shook me.

“I know you’re mad. All of us are…”

I looked around and noticed that the playfulness that we all had earlier was gone and was replaced by seriousness. Asahi and Hinata were frowning clearly disturbed about what they heard. Yukarin was gripping my shirt obviously angry much like Mariko-sama who has a tight hold on my shoulder.

“It’s not worth it.”


Mariko-sama took hold of my arm and dragged me away from the door. She stopped surprised at the top of the stairs when we saw someone hurriedly going down the stairs.

It was Acchan.

“Damn it. She probably heard it.”

She let go of my arm and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Go to her. We’ll catch up with you later.”

I nodded and ran to look for Acchan. I don’t think I have to worry about those bitches, not when I saw the crazy and angry look that Mariko-sama has. She’ll probably do something about them. I guess seeing a distraught Acchan finally made her snap. Too bad I won’t get to see what she’ll do to them…

…because for now, I have to focus on finding where Acchan is.


Damn it! Where the hell did she go? I checked the gym and she wasn’t there. I had to run away from there when Yuko saw me. Knowing her she’d probably ask where her Nyan-Nyan is.

I checked the girls’ locker room and well, she wasn’t there. I’m tempted to look inside the boys’ locker room when I saw that the door was slightly open. I took a deep breath and decided to check it out. I pray to God that she’s here and not some guy. That’ll be embarrassing if ever a guy found me here.

I slowly walked inside and stopped when I saw her sitting on the floor beside the locker, hugging her knees to her chest. She was staring at the floor lost in thought.


I softly said relieved to finally find her. She slowly turned to me. There were unshed tears in her eyes. It’s like she’s trying not to cry when she’s obviously in pain. It was painful to see her like this.

“I guess these are the times when I wish I was short so that I could be good at hiding and no one could find me.”

She said as she smiled slightly. I felt that pain in my chest again as she said that. She looks so…broken. She doesn’t deserve this!

Without hesitating, I walked to her, kneeled down and pulled her to me.

“It’s okay to cry you know…”

I held her tight…showing her that I won’t let go. That I’m there for her. That I won’t leave her.

I wasn’t surprised when she finally let it out. She gripped my shirt tight and I felt the hot tears that came out of her eyes. I held her tight, saying comforting words that I hope would make her feel slightly better as she cried with wracking sobs.

I guess these are the times when I wish I could do more than hold her and whisper simple words to make her feel better…


The gym was full of girls running around. It’s still their break time and well, being girls and all, they were a bit noisy. The noise suddenly lessens when four pissed off looking girls stepped inside the gym. The four were either frowning or glaring as they walked inside and sat at a bench. Some were staring at them wondering what made them pissed off since the four were always so cheerful. They watch as Yuko came running towards her Nyan-Nyan obviously happy to see her.


Asahi glared at her and Yuko instantly froze. Her Nyan-Nyan was looking at her like she’ll kill her if she comes any closer. And she’s serious about it. Like dead serious. So like a wounded puppy, Yuko decided to leave her Nyan-Nyan for now until she calms down.

Mariko looked around noticing the people staring. Whenever she made eye contact to anyone they would look away, avoiding her eyes. But she didn’t care about the stares since she was looking for someone.

“We should have beaten them up!”

Hinata grumbled. Asahi placed her hand on Hinata’s shoulder.

“Mariko is right. We can’t do anything more than talk since we are idols…”

Mariko sighed hearing her own excuse come out of Asahi’s mouth. She was really tempted to beat the crap out of those girls but then she decided to just threaten them…by talking loudly by the door saying that they didn’t like people talking bad about their friends especially Maeda. The others followed suit saying threatening things to scare the girls. The bitch girls didn’t see them and they didn’t see them either. With this, they won’t know who threatened them and their idol figure wouldn’t be stained. Words were all they can do since they were in the idol world. And well, that frustrates them, which was the main reason why they looked pissed off as they entered the gym.

Mariko frowned when she couldn’t find the two people she’s looking for.

“I guess they’re still not here.”

“Should we look for them?”

Yukarin asked as she looked at Mariko who shook her head smiling slightly.

“Nah. We’ll leave it to Nami to take care of Acchan.”

‘Since I know that Nami is the only person that can make her feel better.’ Mariko thought hoping that everything would be okay with Maeda since Nami is with her.

Nami’s POV

I’m uncomfortable with my current situation. I’m leaning at the wall to support both our weight and my butt is sore from sitting at the floor as I hold her. Her arms are wrapped around my waist and her head rests on my chest. But I’m more uncomfortable with the fact that she’s sitting in between my legs while I’m wearing a skirt. This position would’ve been comfortable if I wore something besides a skirt.

But…besides that…I’m glad she finally calmed down, though I can still hear her whimpering softly and sniffling every now and then. I find it cute really.

“I…I never wanted to be the face of akb48…”

I looked at the top of her head waiting for her to continue. I really think she needs to get this out.

“…I was chosen…out of everyone…I was chosen to be the face of abk48…”

I caressed her back hoping to somehow bring her at least a little comfort as she goes on.

“It made me…happy…but then…it made me feel…so alone…”

I felt a new batch of tears dropping from her eyes to my shirt once again.

“I’ve never…felt so alone…in my whole life…and I hate it…”


“Why me? Why…did it…have to be…me…? Why…?”

I felt her grip the back of my shirt. This…must be…why she seems so…closed off to people. It must be the reason why she doesn’t open up even to Tomochin and her group of friends.

One time, Tomochin confronted me, asking me if Acchan tells me the things that bother her. I told her no, that Acchan never talks about problems and such when she’s talking to me. Acchan was mostly talking about happy stuff whenever we’re talking. I never did realize that she has some problems what with her showing me her cheery side most of the time. So it bothered me when Tomochin told me…

“I know that something is bothering her for quite some time now. But she never did approach us and ask for help. And well, I noticed that you two are getting close and all, so I thought that maybe…she told you something.”

Tomochin looked sad when she told me that. I somehow get the feeling that she’s somewhat jealous of our closeness. It must hurt her that her close friend, Acchan, never did once approach her. So it looks like two girls are getting hurt from this.

“Why not you?”

Acchan seems surprised at what I said as she slowly looked up at me. I felt that pain again when I saw her tear streaked face. I frowned slightly when I saw a tear fall down from her eyes.

“Surely they saw something special in you that they made you the face of akb48. So you should be happy about that. I for one see that special something in you. Don’t make you being the face of akb48 a burden…rather, take it as a challenge. It’ll be much easier if you think that.”

I smiled at her reassuring her.

“As for you feeling alone…that’s not true. If you just turn your back and look, you’ll notice a lot of people looking back at you. Just watching you dance up front confidently brings us certain comfort that everything would be okay.”

I placed the palm of my hand to her cheek, much like what she did to me yesterday when I saw another tear falling.

“So you shouldn’t feel alone. You’ve got a lot of friends to back you up. You’ve got Tomochin and the others. You’ve got me to back you up. So don’t keep your problems to yourself. That’s what we’re here for you know. So don’t cry anymore…okay?”

She hesitantly nodded which made me smile.

“So can I get a smile now or what?”

She shook her head. I sighed and looked at the side.

“I’m not asking for too much…only a smile you know…”

That earned me a giggle from her. That’s more like it.

“Thank you...again for helping me.”

She said giving me a smile. I frowned slightly confused.

“Again? When did I help you?”

“You…don’t remember?”


She pouted. Did I help her back then? She never shared her problems with me and well, it’s only recently that we became close….so…I don’t remember helping her.

“I guess that’s understandable since it was a couple of months ago.”

A couple of months ago? Before the Music 10 thingy? When did…?

Before I can ask her further, she sat up and began wiping her tear streaked face with her hand. I pulled out my handkerchief and wiped her cheeks.

“You don’t need to do this…”

She said embarrassedly. I smiled and kept wiping her.

“Yeah I don’t need to…but I want to.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle as she blushed and pouted. I hope that with what happened today, she’d realize that there are a lot of people watching her back…

Especially me…


“Where are they?!” The director yelled obviously pissed off as two members of the akb48 were still missing. They were supposed to start 20 minutes ago.

Mariko frowned trying to think of something to distract the director since Nami and Maeda still haven’t come back. Somehow, she didn’t seem to need to think anymore when she heard Asahi screaming. Everyone turned and saw Asahi carrying a passed out Yuko in her arms. A staff suddenly ran towards them.

“What happened?”

“I…I don’t know…she said she was getting dizzy and she suddenly fainted…”

A staff took Yuko from Asahi and hurriedly carried her out of the gym towards the clinic. Mariko walked towards Asahi who seemed distraught with Hinata and Yukarin calming her down.

“Are you okay?”

She asked Asahi who slowly nodded.

“I…I didn’t believe her when she said she was getting dizzy…I…I pushed her away…”

Asahi explained trembling a little. She was feeling guilty that she didn’t believe Yuko thinking that she just wants to cling to her or something.

“I think you should go to her…”

Mariko suggested. Asahi looked at her for awhile then nodded. She quickly stood up and ran out of the gym passing by Akimoto-san who was stepping inside the gym confused. The director groaned as he watches another member step out of the gym.

“This is just great! So great!”

“What happened?” Akimoto-san asked wondering why most of the girls were somewhat agitated.

“A girl just passed out. And two are missing! We can’t continue filming in this condition.” The director groaned again.

“Then may I suggest we go and discuss on the next PV to be filmed while waiting for the other members?” Akimoto-san said as he placed a hand on the director’s shoulder.

“I guess…” The director grumbled letting Akimoto-san walk him out of the gym. While in the hallway, Akimoto-san glanced at the slightly open door of the boys’ locker room and smiled knowingly.

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okay! first, who are those bitches that said mean things to my oshimen Acchan? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: lol

“It seems that Nami-chan is worried about me.”

She giggled again.

“I am…worried about you…”

fluff..... :inlove: i really want to read Ray's pov of this.... XD since its really rare for Nami to show some affection towards her.

I want some Okuma Yuu appearance since that guy seems to be the catalyst for Ray and Nami getting close.... :lol: Nami becomes protective over Ray when that butt-face is more of Ray and Nami fluff.....

And author-san.....i agree, u should write something about Yuko and Asahi as a side story... :twothumbs

and well, hello there Hinata antics it.... :P

Aki-P, yasashi ne? Glad u made his character nice... :twothumbs

Lastly, gonna say this over and over much as i love acchan, i want this as a rayxnami.... :nervous :nervous :nervous

PS: thank you for somewhat inserting some tomochin caring about acchan....

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Now... just please, update more often. hahaha. This is pretty damn interesting. :D

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oh shi-- an update..  :panic:

Thank You  :) OH and Hinata's here :twothumbs

Aki-p knows everything..   8)2 Glad he's got a nice character here..
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I agree with Immo, sic Gori on Yuu!! :angry: How dare he try to use Ray! Or maybe Gori can take a day off and Ray can hire Nami as a bodyguard. Of course she would be paid with hugs and kisses  :lol:

The scenes between Nami and Acchan are great! Acchan is slowly creeping in Nami's hearts and she doesn't know it but than so is Ray.  :panic:

Poor Nami, she's turning in a womanizer without knowing it, holding on to two different women in the same chapter  :lol:

A side story with Yuko and Asahi would be awesome if you have time to write it.

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Thanks again for the thanks, the replies and the pms!  :bow: :bow: Thanks so much!  :)
I think Nami can take care of that Yuu in the future.  No need to unleash Gori :lol:
This chapter is a bit exaggerated...much like the others  :lol:...but I just had to get this out finally.  :nervous

Thanks again guys!  :bow:

Chapter 10

“I can’t believe I’m going there again.”

I grumbled while walking down the familiar street. I honestly never thought that I’d be walking this familiar path again. And with the same intention! But at least I’m not forced to go there not like when I went there almost a year ago.

I sighed as I stopped in front of a familiar house.

Ray’s house.

Yep, I’ve been here back in our Persona days. Why? Because she got sick one time and Sachou gave me the assignment of making her feel better. I didn’t have much of a choice since they just pushed me out of the car and left me with only a plastic bag full of fruits and my celphone in hand. They didn’t even give me my bag where my wallet was. They left me standing in front of her house moneyless saying…

“We’ll pick you up in the evening! Take real good care of her or else…!”

Sachou yelled as they drove off leaving me to stand in front of Ray’s house staring at their speeding car dumbfounded. I know they always make us do crazy stuff, but it still shocked me that they left me at that time! Alone! So when Mariko-sama called me up this morning, telling me that Ray is sick…and asked me to give her some TLC…her words not mine…I couldn’t help but remember that time.

It did bother me that she got sick but I guess I should have expected it since she seems to be tired these past few days. I guess it’s a good thing that the recording ended early since I promised Mariko-sama that I’ll head over to Ray’s house as soon as possible. I even declined the staff’s offer for free lunch which I never usually do. It’s free food and all.

Oh the things I do for Ray.

I sighed and rang the doorbell.


That’s Ray right? So where…?

I looked around and found a video intercom to my right. She didn’t have that back then. Pretty cool. I looked at her image in the intercom. I think she’s still wearing her pajamas and a surgical mask on. And her hair was a bit messy. I guess she just got out of bed. Reminds me of how she looked back then when I visited her.


“Go away!”

She yelled and I just narrowed my eyes.

“Open up. I heard you were sick and I---“

“I don’t care! Leave!”

Ugh. This is so much like the time I went here as Kai. Back then when she opened the door and saw me, she immediately tried closing it. She kept yelling that she didn’t want me to see her in her ugly state and that I should go away. I had to push my way in just to get inside and when I did…I kinda laughed at the pajamas that she’s wearing.

“I didn’t know you like cows!”

Yeah, can you imagine the diva Ray…wearing a pajamas with a lot of cows printed on it? It was actually pretty cute but totally unexpected so I couldn’t help but laugh at that time. I eventually stopped laughing when she grumbled how mean I was. Oh those were the days.

Hmm…I wonder what kind of pajamas she’s wearing now. I couldn’t help but smirk at the thought.

“C’mon Ray, just open up. I promise I won’t laugh at your pajamas like last time.”

I said but kept my fingers crossed on my back. If it’s anything like her cow pajamas or worse, I’m sure I’m going to laugh. She frowned and I noticed that she was somewhat sweating in her forehead.


My eyes widen as she tried to keep herself up by holding the wall. She slowly slid down from my sight.

“Ray! Ray!”

I yelled frantically. Damn it. She must have fainted. I tried opening the door but it was locked. A key…I need a key! Damn it Ray!

I looked around hoping that Ray has a spare key outside. I noticed a small potted plant on my left side. Don’t tell me…


I hear Ray say faintly and I turned to the intercom again hoping that she’s there but she wasn’t. She must be still on the floor. I quickly picked up the potted plant but didn’t find any key. I did notice that the plant was somewhat loose like it’s been pulled out so many times. I pulled it out and found a key inside. Alright!

I used the key and quickly opened the door to find Ray sitting on the floor trying to hold herself up.


I kneeled down and noticed her breathing hard. She had her surgical mask down. I placed my hand on her forehead and wasn’t surprised when I felt her burning up.


“Are you okay?”

I asked in which she nodded.

“I just suddenly feel dizzy.”

“Can you stand?”

I tried to help her up but it seems that she hasn’t gotten her strength back and was still a bit dizzy.

“Screw it.”

I grumbled as I walked in front of her and crouched down with my back faced to hers. I took both her arms and wrapped them around my neck.

“Wh-what are you…?”

I glanced back at her.

“Wrap your legs on my waist. I’m going to give you a piggy back ride.”

She stared at me for awhile then hesitantly followed my order. I couldn’t tell if she was blushing or what with her face a bit red from her fever. I felt myself blushing as I felt her body pressed on my back. This was just like the time she hugged me from behind…so there’s no need to be embarrassed about it Nami!

I sighed and took hold of her legs. I glanced back at her.

“Hold on tight.”

I felt her nod in my neck and I slowly stood up. I couldn’t help but smile noticing how light she weighs. That’s a good thing since it might be a bit embarrassing if I suggested giving her a piggy back ride when I couldn’t even lift her.

“Same room?”

I asked in which she nodded. I slowly walked towards her room trying not to stiff as I felt her breath on my neck. I felt her hold on me tighten.

“You smell nice…”

She said softly as she nuzzles her nose on my neck. She’s making me uneasy again.

“S-stop that!”

She didn’t though. In fact, I stumbled and almost let go of her when I felt her kiss me softly on my neck.


I scolded as I felt my face burning. Maybe carrying her wasn’t such a good idea. I could just drag her.

I glanced back to glare at her but then I felt her head lean into mine. I felt her burning skin and her warm breath tickling me on the side of my face. It was then I noticed that she was once again breathing heavily.

“S-sorry…I…couldn’t help it…”

She said in a strained voice. Hearing her weak voice like that somehow worries me. I suddenly miss her usual perky voice, although sometimes it’s a bit annoying.

“I’ll let it go this time since you’re sick.”

She whimpers in reply. Yeah, I can’t seem to get mad at a sick person anyway. You’re lucky…


“You’ve got a high fever.”

I said to her as I looked at the thermometer that was in her mouth moments ago. I pulled her blanket up and she gave me a slight smile as if thanking me.

“Have you taken some medicine?”

“I was…about to…but then you rang the doorbell…”

I narrowed my eyes. Yeah, blame it on me. I’m only here to take care of you.

“Okay. I’ll be right back and get you the medicine.”

She nodded and I quickly made my way to her kitchen drawer where, if I remember correctly, her medicines are. I grabbed the medicine and a glass of water and went back to her room. She had her arm placed on her eyes when I walked in.

“Got it.”

She removed her arm and looked at me smiling slightly.

“You still remember where the medicine was...and where my room is.”

She sounds amazed by that.

“You make it sound like I have a bad memory or something.”

She shook her head and smiled.

“No. I actually make it sound like you still remember the times we spent together back then.”

How can I forget all those torturous times I’ve spent together with Ray? You can’t blame me if every memory we spent together is etched in my mind.

I didn’t say that though. Instead, I looked away and grumbled.


Remembering that she has to drink the medicine in my hand, I sat down on her bed and placed the glass of water by her bedside table. I helped her sit up as I wrapped my arm to her waist pulling her up to me. I couldn’t help but blush when she stared at me. Well, she was blushing as well…but I think it’s more on because of her fever than because of our closeness…

…I think…


I held out the medicine which she took. After drinking the medicine down with water she slowly lay to her bed again. I took the glass of water and was about to stand up when I felt her hand gab mine, stopping me.

“Don’t leave…”

She said softly. I turned to her and raised my eyebrow remembering her words earlier when I rang her doorbell.

“Eh? Didn’t you tell me to leave earlier?”

“That was then. Now I want you to stay.”

She said pouting. I rolled my eyes.

“I wasn’t going to leave you anyway. I’m just going to get something in the kitchen.”


Now she sounds like a child that didn’t want to be left alone. Earlier she kept on pushing for me to leave now she’s pulling me to stay. Can’t she make up her mind? Hmm…I think I’ll just blame that on her fever.

“I promise. I’ll be right back okay?”

She nodded and let go of my hand. I grabbed the glass and stood up. I glanced at her and noticed that she was watching my every move. It was then I decided to just tease her. I turned to her and looked at my watch.

“Oh damn! I forgot I’ve got a photoshoot in an hour. Well, I guess I can’t stay. Take care of yourself okay? Bye!”

I waved at her and quickly stepped out of her room. I couldn’t help but smirk as I heard her call out my name. To make it more dramatic, I decided to open and close her front door just so she would think that I already left.

I tiptoed to her kitchen and got everything I needed to help lower her fever. Once I got everything I need, I quietly made my way back to her room. She had her blanket over her head making it impossible to notice me. I shook my head and slowly kneeled on the floor near her bed. I took hold of her blanket and pulled it down. She turned to me surprised. I stared back at her surprised too as I noticed her eyes a bit teary.

Is she…going to cry?

She quickly faced away from me hiding her eyes from mine. I frowned and grinned slightly. Somehow her crying over something so little as me leaving is…well…funny. I’m actually trying not to laugh here. Cruel I know. But I can’t help it since it is Ray that we’re talking about here.

“I was just kidding you know…”

She didn’t say anything as she kept her back facing mine.

“C’mon Ray…”

I said poking her back. She flinched but still didn’t say anything. Is she giving me the silent treatment?

I sighed and sat at the edge of her bed. I placed my hand on her shoulder and shook her a little.

“I’m sorry okay? I was just teasing you. C’mon.”


She said softly as she sniffed. I smiled slightly.

“Are you…crying?”


She said as she finally faced me, pouting. Her eyes weren’t teary anymore. Maybe I just imagined it or something. That or it’s probably because of her fever.

I sighed and kneeled back down at the floor where the bowl filled with cold water and cloth is. I dipped the cloth in the bowl and wringed it. I folded it and placed it on Rays’ forehead. This should help with her fever.

“You should sleep you know.”

I can tell she’s getting sleepy what with her eyes keep on closing. She’s just trying to fight it, probably because she thinks I might leave.

“I won’t leave.”

She looked at me skeptically. I rolled my eyes and took hold of her hand.

“Here, you can hold my hand just so I won’t leave.”


She said softly as she tries to open her eyes.

“Yeah…I swear I won’t leave you…”

I say just as softly as I watch her as she finally closed her eyes and fell asleep.

***An hour later***


Hinata grinned as she looked at the picture she took. She held it up for Mariko and Asahi to see.

“For blackmail purposes.”

She said softly to the two. Mariko looked at it and gave her a thumbs up. Asahi nodded then turned to look at the two who were sleeping soundly. She couldn’t help but smile finding them cute. Rays’ head a slightly facing Nami while Nami was sitting on the floor with her head and arm on Rays’ bed. The cutest part is that the two are holding hands and that Nami was somewhat using Rays’ hand as a pillow.

It was really a cute moment for the two so they decided to take a couple of pictures of the two. And well, as Hinata also said…it’s also for blackmail purposes.

“I’m going to check out Rays’ cribs for awhile.”

Hinata said softly as she pointed towards the exit. Asahi decided to join her wanting to explore the diva’s house. Mariko sighed as she watches them walk out of Rays’ room. Hopefully, with Asahi accompanying Hinata there’d be no trouble to occur. Oh well, this isn’t her house anyway so she shouldn’t worry that much.

Mariko walked towards the two and noticed the cloth that covered half of Rays’ forehead as the other half was on her bed. She slowly took it and felt Rays’ forehead.

‘Seems that Ray still has a slight fever.’ Mariko thought. She kneeled down beside Nami where the bowl is and dipped it again. After wringing it, she carefully placed it on Rays’ forehead. It was then she felt Nami stir beside her.

“Mmm…where…?” Nami asked groggily as she looked around.

“I can’t believe I finally see the day where Nami is sleeping on the job.” Mariko grinned as Nami yawned.

“When did you arrive?”

“Just a couple of minutes ago. I brought your two playmates.” Mariko said as she tilted her head towards the door. They can hear Hinata’s excitement as she found a game console in Rays’ living room.

Nami shook her head and turned to Ray who was still sleeping.

“How is she?”

“She still got a slight fever. Hopefully it’ll go down in a little while.”

Nami nodded at what Mariko said. She looked at her hand which Ray was still holding. She can’t believe that the diva really didn’t let go of her hand even when she’s sleeping.

“You know, I’m surprised that you didn’t ask me how to get here earlier. Guess you still remember the time when you went here when she was also sick back then.”

Nami glanced at her. Even though Nami felt like her memory was once again being questioned, she can’t help but point out what was obvious in the taller girls’ statement.

“So you knew of my visit here back then?”

“I know everything about Ray.” True. She is Rays’ best friend and all. It’s only natural that she knows everything that happens to the girl.

“Which means…you also know about Persona huh?” Nami asked curiously. This question was way overdue. She wanted to bring this up for some time now. She just didn’t know when to bring it up. That and she often forget to ask Mariko. No wonder they kept questioning about her memory.

“So that’s where this is heading huh? I was waiting for you guys to bring this up.” Mariko said as she grinned.

“So you do know.”

“That you three cross dressed to become Persona? Yeah. I’ve known it ever since you confessed it to Ray. Shocked me really since I was a fan.” Mariko said as she nodded her head. Nami wasn’t surprised though. She’d been expecting this answer from Mariko really. She wanted to ask about her being a fan though. Now that was unexpected since it is Mariko.

“She cried at that time you know…when you told her about your gender.”

“She did…?” Now that is something that surprises Nami. She expected Ray to get mad at her for that…but to cry? No…the thought never did enter Nami’s mind.

“Yeah. She was really heart broken at that time. She even tried masking the pain she felt by hating you. It didn’t work as she eventually started missing you.” Mariko said smiling sadly as she remembers the times Ray would tell her that she hates Nami, cursing her that she met her and fell for her. Then she also remembers the time when she witnessed her best friend crying at night knowing that the cause of her sadness was the one sitting beside her.

“One day, she finally stopped her denial stage and acknowledged her feelings for you, telling me how much she misses you. She told me that she wants me to help her find you. I was working at a café at that time so I couldn’t help her that much. She didn’t have much of a lead anyway since she didn’t know your girl name. All she knows are the people around you. So she contacted some of them…but she just failed.”

Nami listened intently remembering the time when Ray told her that she tried looking for her but then failed in the end as the people she contacted were of no help.

“Then she finally found you.”

“Yeah. Performing in Music 10 would bind you to meet Ray.” Nami sighed as she remembers the time wherein she was panicking when she found out that she was going to meet Ray again. She was a mess at that time thinking that the diva was mad at her. Good thing it worked out smoothly.

‘Well not that smoothly. It’s more like a roller coaster ride.’ Nami thought. Still is really.

“She actually found you…way before our performance in Music 10 you know.” Mariko said as she glanced at Nami who was surprised once again.


“You do remember where the café I worked at was…right?” Mariko asked as she grinned slightly at Nami who frowned for awhile. It was then she remembered where Mariko once worked. How could she forget? It was like…under their noses! Literally!

“The café…below the theater…”

“That’s right. She often visits me there moping how she couldn’t find you. And well…eventually…she did…”


“Why can’t I find her? Why?” Ray asks as she pokes on her uneaten cake pouting. Mariko glanced at her through her magazine and rolled her eyes. She’s somewhat getting tired of her best friend moping on how she couldn’t find her mystery girl. It’s been their topic for months now.

“Maybe you should just give up. I mean, there must be a reason why you couldn’t find her.” Mariko suggested as she looked at the latest fashion trend in her magazine. Somehow she felt her friend glaring at her. She sighed and saw that she was being glared at.

“I said maybe. Maybe! Sheesh!”

“If there is a reason why I can’t find her…then I’m going to defy that reason and find her!” Ray said confidently. Mariko narrowed her eyes on her and shook her head at how dramatic her best friend is when it comes to her mystery girl.

‘Honestly, she can write cheesy poems because of this mystery girl of hers.’ Mariko thought as she shook her head and looked at her watch. She still has 15 minutes till her break is over. Somehow she couldn’t believe how time seems so slow whenever Ray brings up her mystery girl.

Ray, who was contemplating on her next move, saw a bunch of girls walk out of the building carrying sports bags. They looked like a bunch of girls who just came out of the gym. She frowned watching them.

“Is there a gym here or something?”

Mariko frowned then saw what Ray was looking at.

“Oh them. A theater is going to open in the 8th floor here. I guess they’re showcasing young girls as idols there to perform. I think I saw those girls audition a month ago.” Mariko shrugged and went back to reading.

“Idols? Did you audition?”

“No…I had work at that time.”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to be an idol?” Ray asks as she raised her eyebrow. Well she does remember Mariko saying something like that. She even offered to help her telling her she could become a talent in Monkey Pro, but somehow Mariko declined the offer. She didn’t understand why really.

Ray had a feeling that somehow Mariko didn’t like the agency she’s in. She can’t blame her really.

Mariko frowned as she glanced at her.

“I said I wanted to try it. I didn’t say I wanted to be an idol.”

“So why didn’t you skip work and auditioned?”

“I can’t just skip work you know.”

“Sure you can. I do it all the time.” Ray shrugged as she stirs her drink. Mariko sighed and placed her magazine down.

“Which makes me wonder why you’re still the number 1 diva in Japan.” Mariko mumbled in which Ray shrugged as she took a sip of her drink.

“I’m just saying that if you really want something, you’d do anything to have it.” Ray said as she placed her drink down staring at it sadly. She’s obviously thinking about her mystery girl again.

“Well, I can’t really turn back time now can I?”

“No…you can’t…” Ray sighed and looked out once again noticing another group of girls coming out. Mariko stared at her for awhile noticing the wistful look she has. That mystery girl really affected her. It’s actually the first time she’d seen Ray like this.

Like she’s so…in love…

Mariko sighed then looked at her watch again just to be sure that she gets back to work in time. She suddenly moved back when Ray suddenly stood up spilling her drink on the table. Everyone stared at them.

“Hey!” Mariko said glaring at Ray who was gazing out the window shocked and astonished. Mariko turned to where Ray was looking and saw three girls walking out. Two were laughing at the small girl who was glaring at the two for laughing at her. The three seem very close to each other. Mariko wonders what’s the fuss about the three girls that Ray can’t stop staring at them and even spilled her drink.

“It’s…her…” Ray said softly.

“Her? Mystery girl? That her?” Mariko asks confused. Ray nodded her head.

“The angry one?” Mariko asks again and Ray just nodded her head again in reply as she kept her eyes on her mystery girl. Mariko frowned and narrowed her eyes as she finally puts a face to their mystery girl.

“Is that even a girl?” The mystery girl was nothing like she imagined. Well, she didn’t imagine much anyway so it’s okay. Even just looking at her from afar Mariko could tell that their mystery girl was somewhat…boyish. Her posture and the way she walks was evidence enough. So this is the kind of girl Ray likes huh. This is Kai of Persona.

“I…I have to talk to her!” Ray said panicky as she watched the three turn around the corner. Her mystery girl was once again going to disappear from her sight. Mariko quickly stood up and took hold of Rays’ hand stopping her from going after them.

“What are you going to say to her if you caught up to her?”

“I…I…” Ray frowned upon thinking that she didn’t know what she would say to her mystery girl. What would she say?

“Figures. I think it’s best if you think about it first rather than acting irrationally.”


“Waiting for a day or two isn’t going to make a difference since you already know where she works.” Mariko pointed out. Ray stared at her for awhile then finally conceded as she sat back down. Mariko smiled slightly and pulled out a cloth and wiped the spilled juice from the table.

She went to work after a couple of minutes leaving a silent Ray in a daze. She kept on glancing at her as she works just to make sure she’s okay. Well Ray being in a daze was somewhat understandable since she finally found her mystery girl.

‘I guess there must be a reason why she finally found her.’ Mariko thought as she smiled.

***A week later***

Mariko was wiping a table wondering what was up with her best friend lately. It’s like she’s suddenly busy. It surprised her when she thought that since Ray already knew where her mystery girl works, she’d immediately sought her after a couple of days of thinking. She didn’t though. It’s like she’s stalling or something by being busy. This was really unlike Ray at all.

“Uh…excuse me…” A man’s voice said. Mariko slowly turned towards the man and smiled.

“I was wondering if you are Shinoda Mariko.” The man asked smiling. Mariko frowned slightly.

“Yes? What can I help you with?” Did she know this man? Well, her name plate says Mari…so how did he know her full name?

“I’m Yasushi Akimoto…and well, I have something that I want to discuss with you.” Akimoto-san said as he showed her a bunch of papers. Mariko frowned confused and wonders if this was somehow Rays’ work…since well, the person who held the audition for the idol group in the 8th floor is looking for her.

There must be a reason why Akimoto-san is looking for her…right?

***End of Flashback***

“She was the reason you joined…akb48?” Nami asked with her eyebrow raised.

“Yeah…apparently she asked around to petition that Akimoto-sensei let me audition since I didn’t because I was so dedicated to my work…or something like that.” Mariko said sighing as she remembers the time when she confronted her friend if she did anything about it. Ray didn’t deny it and was somehow happy to know that she got in. Mariko was somewhat happy…but at the same time she knew that Nami was also part of the reason why Ray did what she did for Mariko. Proof of that is when she kept on asking about Nami when Mariko finally met her.

“Why did she wait until Music 10 to talk to me?” Nami asked. She found it odd that Ray would wait that long to talk to her. It was so…unlike Ray.

“Probably the same reason why you didn’t seek her out and preferred to just stalk you instead until your paths crossed.” Mariko said as she shrugs. Nami frowned and looked at the still sleeping Ray. She decided to ignore the stalking that she hears from Mariko. Now that sounds more like Ray.

“I was actually scared because I thought that she was mad at me for being a girl.”

“Well I guess she too was scared of how you would react when you meet her.” Nami couldn’t help but smile finding it a little bit funny that both of them got scared upon meeting each other.

For some weird reason, Nami remembered what Mariko said earlier. She turned to her and grinned.

“So…you were a fan of Persona huh?”

“And here I thought you’d just let that go since it just slipped.” Mariko sighed.

“So you are!” Somehow, hearing Mariko admit that she’s a fan of Persona made her happy. And she’s sure Asahi and Hinata would be happy as well if they knew that the great Mariko-sama was a fan of Persona!

“Yes I’m a fan. So wipe that stupid grin off of your face already.” Mariko rolled her eyes.

“So…? Who’s your type of guy then?” Nami asked still grinning.

“If this gets out you’re dead got it?” Mariko warned and Nami nodded in reply.

“I like…Riku…” Mariko said looking at the side blushing slightly. Nami ended up giggling.

“I knew it. Somehow I knew you’d go for the pretty boy look.”

“Yeah well, he’s the only decent looking guy there since Kai was too aggressive and rash for my taste…” Nami narrowed her eyes upon hearing what Mariko said about her alter-ego.

“…and Kuu acts too cutely. I honestly thought he was gay since whenever you guys are dancing, he’d really sway his hips like a girl.” Mariko said as she smirked. It made sense really when she knew that Kuu was Hinata since Hinata is a great dancer and all.

“Well then you must have been disappointed when the news about Riku and Katsuyuki-san came up huh?” 

“Well…yeah…but uh…I was actually…the one who shot that…” Mariko said smiling nervously at Nami.

“What?” Nami frowned surprised. Mariko was the one who shot that photo that almost ruined their reputation and their friendship?!

“Don’t get me wrong. I did shot that but I didn’t publish it. When I saw Riku come out of the building while I was walking, I quickly took out my camera and started taking pictures.” Mariko defended as she noticed the pissed off look Nami was giving her.

“My only mistake is that I showed them to Ray…who was at the time a little crazy when it comes to her blonde little boyfriend.”  Mariko added as she shook her head. She remembers the crazy look in Rays’ eyes when she showed her the pictures. It was somewhat convincing that Riku and Katsuyuki-san were kissing since the angle wherein Mariko shot them was just right. If she wasn’t the one who shot that, she’d believe that the two were really kissing. So she couldn’t blame Riku’s fans for being angry.

But she can blame the person who published it instead.

When she found out what Ray did, she immediately confronted the girl who just brushed her off. Ray didn’t even listen to her when she warned her of the consequences of what she did. A couple of days later, Ray came to her apartment crying her eyes out as Kai found out what she did and got mad. Mariko was tempted to say, ‘I told you so’ to Ray at that time but kept it to herself as she comforts her friend.

“Yeah. She was crazy…” Nami smiled slightly as she looks at her and Rays’ hand.

“Was? So you think she isn’t anymore?”

“Honestly, she’s a lot more tolerable than back then. I’m surprised that she’s changing this much. She’s so different to the Ray I met back then.”

Mariko looked at Ray who was still sleeping, her lips parted slightly. She then looked at Nami and Rays’ connected hands.

‘And I know the person responsible for this change. A big thanks to her I guess.’ Mariko thought as she smiled.


Ray slowly opened her eyes squinting from the light that came from her lamp. Once her eyes are adjusted to the light, she looked around wondering what time it is. She removed the cloth in her forehead and slowly sat up. She frowned when she saw two figures sleeping on the couch in front of her. It was Hinata and Asahi. When did they get here?

She then turned to her left and found Nami sleeping still holding her hand. She couldn’t help but smile when Nami moaned and pulled her hand slightly cuddling at it. She reached out and softly caressed her hair. She was glad that she really didn’t leave her. She suddenly had the urge to steal a kiss from her as she looked so cute sleeping. She slowly moved closer to the girl hoping that the girl wouldn’t wake up. She was about to lean and give Nami a kiss on her cheek when Mariko suddenly sat up from below making Ray jump slightly. Mariko was apparently using Nami’s lap as a pillow as she was laid on the floor sleeping.


Mariko groggily looked at Ray still half asleep.

“Wha time iz it?”

Ray looked at the clock beside her.


“Still early…” Mariko said sleepily. She then laid back down to Nami’s lap again to sleep. Ray knows that she shouldn’t be jealous of Mariko’s position, but she can’t help it. She slowly removed her hand from Nami careful not to wake her and slowly get out of bed. She looked at Mariko who was fast asleep in Nami’s lap. Without any second thought, she took Mariko’s foot and dragged her out of the room away from the still sleeping Nami. Mariko woke up but was still half asleep when her head fell down from Nami’s lap.

“Wh-wha?” Mariko said completely unaware that she was being dragged by Ray.

“C’mon Mari-chan. You’re going to help me cook something.” Ray said as she dragged the disoriented Mariko by her foot towards the kitchen.


“Itadaki-masu!” The five of them exclaimed and started digging in. Ray was eating slowly as she doesn’t have much of an appetite but the four insisted on her to eat since she hadn’t eaten much this day because of her fever. They made her some soup which somehow touched Ray as she watched them cooking for her.

“Sorry I couldn’t cook for you guys.” Ray said as she smiled slightly. She wanted to cook for them as thanks but Mariko told her earlier to just sit still and let them cook instead since she was sick and all. She watched as Mariko wakes up Nami, Hinata and Asahi who sleepily followed her orders.

“Well it’s not good if you strain yourself too much. Right?” Asahi said nervously knowing that the reason why Mariko insisted on them cooking rather than to let Ray cook saving them all from getting sick.

“Right! You should get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water rather than cook.” Nami said backing up Asahi and Mariko from preventing Ray to cook.

“Aww. I actually like her cooking. There’s this distinct taste in her cooking. I can’t figure out what though.” Hinata pouted as three girls narrowed their eyes at her.

‘It’s poison…’ Nami, Asahi and Mariko thought at the same time.

“Will you cook for us once you feel 100% better?” Hinata asked giving Ray a bright smile anticipating what the diva’s answer would be. Mariko thought it’d be a good idea to kick Hinata under the table to shut her up. When she did, Nami was the one who yelped in pain.

“Aww! What the?!” Nami glared at Mariko who shrugged apologetically. Wrong person.

“Of course. I’ll make a huge meal for the three of you as thank you for today.”

“Yey!” Hinata exclaimed cheerfully unaware of the three glaring at her.

‘You are so dead.’ The three thought at the same time glaring at Hinata who was busy stuffing her face with food to notice the danger that she’s in.


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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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woot...... :cow:an update! that was fast, author-san! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

I feel like this chapter was solely for me :inlove:.....kidding!  :nervous (it was full of RayxNami fluff after all  :bow: :bow: :bow:)

Ray's acting all shy at the beginning is soooooooo cute! XD and i really like 'the Nami' now :twothumbs she's more comfortable being alone with Ray  :wub:

not to mention she's the one who offers to Ray to hold her hand..... :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: i hope she gets sick all the time :twisted:....kidding! :nervous

wait-wait ;)....what's with Mariko-sama blushing? Don't tell me till now she likes Riku? :panic: Yuko would really be devastated  :cry:

eh? :? eh?  :? chotto  :O....what happened to Yuko anyways? :huhuh AH, :P right....I'll just wait for the side story of KojiYuu :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

All in all, this update made me hyper :yossi: (was about to sleep :nervous) and cos of the fluff, i can't contain my fan girling squeaks and giggles while reading! :nervous
PS: this dose of Nami and Ray fluff :heart: will surely send me to dream la la land in no time! hounto ni arigatou! :bow: :bow: :bow:

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nice explanation about the photos.

Now, about the blackmail photos Hinata took... mwahahaha. what will Hinata get Nami to do? Aw... Ray's a cutie! :D

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Author-san thank you for the update  :bow:

Hooray for more NamiXRay fluff  :heart: and I like how you connected the persona scandal with this fic.. Great Job  :twothumbs

Now I wait for a little backtracking with Acchan and what happened between her and Nami before they got all friendly  8)

Also YAY for Hinata  XD

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