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Author Topic: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (Nami/Ray, Nami/Acchan) - COMPLETED  (Read 166704 times)

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED)
« Reply #220 on: January 06, 2012, 12:06:14 AM »
OMG thank you so much!!! For posting it!!!
I wanna comment but I'm so tired because of school lol

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED)
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Yay!! It's finally over!!  :cow:

Uh....I mean, aw, so sad that it's over.  :nervous

At first I was against having a sequel, but now... I can't wait. So who is Nami's flower girl? And who was that on the phone at the end?

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED)
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Ack! :panic: I’m sooooo stupid!!! :banghead: I missed like two awesome updates…blaming the real
world for taking up my AKB fanfic reading time! –pouts-  But anyway, I thought this day wouldn’t come
where I’d finally read the E word….You’re so writing a Sequel or else im going to spam u with
my messages here and in FB!  :yep:I’m serious, don’t laugh.  XD

You’re so awesome :thumbsup, you rock :bow: but I can’t get enough with my favorite pairing Ray/Nami XD XD XD
so I’m looking forward for the sequel in the future. I don’t care how long it takes :yep:, I’ll patiently wait for it. :cathappy:
I really want to see/read Ray and Nami being all coupley to each other :wub:, with Hinata bugging them or calling Ray Hana-chan
 or Ray making silly banters with Hinata in front of Nami’s friends (AKB members) :nervous. I think it would look amusing and HIlarious :twisted:
…I’m rambling I know :P. I was only like this after reading an awesome fic so blame yourself for this. :grin: :grin: :grin:

PS: Belated Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. I hope you had good holiday with you fam… :)
               mine sucks, I was hospitalizeat Jan.01, 2012…can u believed that?  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
              I’m soooo looking forward for Ray’s brother’s appearance and the new nemesis.  :twisted:
              Can’t wait for the Black Ops new mission to start XD XD XD! Ta-ta for now… :cow:
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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED: Added Hinata Chapter part 1)
« Reply #223 on: January 25, 2012, 03:24:55 PM »
Okay...let's do this again. Even if there are people who already read this. Anyway, TAKE TWO!!  :lol:


Trust me, it wasn't belated before.  :lol:

My replies to the commentors:

@Megumi: Glad you liked it! Acchan does feel like she has a crush on little Nami does she. Maybe I'll play with that idea more on the sequel. It's fun writing jealous scenes.  :lol: Thanks so much for reading!  :bow:

@RJay: I'll try to post the sequel as soon as I finished it. I'm still stuck with the Hinata chap and all. And that person AkiP is talking pretty mysterious. That's all I can say about that for now because I'm not really sure as well how that person would be. :nervous Thanks so much for reading!  :bow:

@bou-j525: Aww, you're making me blush. But yeah, I remember that time wherein AKB48 fanfics were pretty rare. I remember looking for some and found Immo's awesome fic. Then I noticed it wasn't being updated and got myself to create one here. And now look how time flies!  :lol: Immo finished hers and now you're creating a sequel as well! The first one I'm a bit sad and the last one...Hell yeah!! Update your fic too!  :twothumbs

@kahem: Thanks so much!  :) Even though you're tired, you still left a comment. Means a lot.  :bow:

Uh....I mean, aw, so sad that it's over.  :nervous
This had me LOLing. I prefer your enthusiasm that I finally finished this fic but still... :lol: Honestly, I really had no idea that the sequel would win in that poll thing. Surprised me really.  :nervous And Nami's flower girl and that person at the phone...definitely would bring hell to the group. Thanks for reading!  :bow:

@dark-atrox: Don't spam me in FB. Please have mercy.  :nervous I'll try to create an interesting sequel. Hopefully. Yeah, I guess there'd be a lot of scenes for Ray and Nami. That includes couple scenes and disaster scenes because of Hinata's trolling. I'm calling her the trolling brainiac.  :lol: Ray's brother and the new enemy huh. Wonder how I'll play with them. Ugh...missions...that'd be another headbleed for me.  :nervous And I know I already said it in my pm to you but yeah...your hospitalization on New years sucked.  :lol: Take care of yourself alright?!  :)

@Silent readers and Thank you pressers: Thank you so much for reading!! Though this fic is getting old, hopefully you guys would still like it. I'll try to update as soon as I can. I only write when I have free time so...yeah. Still, I'll try.  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Okay, with that done, please enjoy this chap.


Hinata Special Chapter Part 1

Mariko couldn't help but smile as she held up the latest edition of her favorite fashion magazine which she bought earlier. She opened it and flipped through the pages loving the smell of a newly opened magazine. With her legs crossed, she leaned back to her chair making herself comfortable then held up her magazine to read still keeping her smile. This is how her day off should be. Peace and quiet, reading her favorite magazines, sipping coffee, eating sweets and just relaxing in a secluded restaurant that's becoming her favorite. It was such a perfect day for her that she swears she could hear birds singing in the background, the world becoming a beautiful haze around her as she turns a page of her magazine.

Everything was just...perfect!

"So...tell me about yourself." A voice in front of her said making her freeze. Hearing that voice, the chirping birds dies and the beautiful haze around her disappeared. She suddenly woke up to find the world a bit dark now as she slowly lowers her magazine to look at the other girl across her. Her perfect day goes bye bye to her now.

"What?" Mariko asked as she raised her eyebrow. The other girl shrugged.

"Tell me about yourself." Hinata repeated.


"Well, that's what they do in dates right?"

"This is not a date." She grumbled, completely lowering the magazine for the other girl to see that she's not pleased. Hinata tilted her head slightly, a bit confused.


"You don't force yourself, begging like mad to join someone in a date." And that's exactly what Hinata did earlier. As Mariko was heading to buy her magazine, Hinata suddenly called her up and asked her relentlessly if she could join her in her day off since Hinata has her day off as well. Normally Mariko would just hang up not needing a companion in her supposed perfect day but she wasn't kidding when she said that Hinata was begging like mad on her earlier. The girl was relentless that she was bawling her eyes out. At least, that's what Mariko heard from the phone. Looking at the other girl now, it looked like she was only acting since her eyes doesn't look like she cried earlier.

She's been had! Had!'s okay, just for today she'll let it slide.

"But dating is between two people right? We're two people." Hinata reasoned, pointing at the two of them.

"Two people who are heading towards a romantic relationship. I think that's the kind of dating you're trying to say. Clearly that's not us. We're just two people hanging out...thank God!" Mariko grumbled, covering Hinata's face as she held up her magazine again to read.

"We can head there you know. It's as easy as saying the word floccinaucinihilipilification." Hinata said probably grinning and wiggling her eyebrows. Mariko could tell without looking at the other girl. She lowered her magazine again, her eyes narrowed as she saw that she was right. Hinata is grinning and doing that annoying wiggling of eyebrows of hers as she looks at her.

"That word you just said...the flocci-whatever isn't easy to say you know." Mariko pointed out. Is that even a word? Maybe Hinata just came up with that. It is Hinata after all.

"Exactly. But with a little practice, like I did, it will be easy to say. Just like us, if we practice enough with the whole dating thing..." Hinata heavily rests her chin on her hand using the table as she grins at Mariko.

"...maybe the 'HiMari' coupling wouldn't be imaginary anymore. Let's head towards a hot, steamy, romantic relationship." Hinata proposed as she winked at the taller girl. Mariko stared at a smug looking Hinata with narrowed eyes for awhile. She wanted to wipe that smug look on the other girls face that's why she surprised the other girl when she quickly grabbed her arm, that's connected to the hand that Hinata's chin is resting on, and pulled it to the side making the other girl's chin hit the table.

"Ow!! That hurts!" That definitely wiped Hinata's smug face as she rubs her chin, glaring at Mariko who was grinning. Look how the table turns.

"Sadistic. I was right to name you Sado back then!" Hinata pointed out still glaring at Mariko who rolled her eyes, sighing.

"Whatever." And she's back to reading her magazine and ignoring the other girl who stares at her magazine that's covering Mariko's face, pouting. They stayed quiet for awhile, both occupied with their own thoughts. Well Mariko seemed occupied as she looks at the latest trends in the magazine she's reading while Hinata pouts as she look around finding it hard to stay put and do nothing.

After finishing three pages from her magazine, Mariko frowned slightly as she hears a long sigh coming out of the other girl.

"Is this how old people nowadays spend their free time?" Hinata asked as she poked her unfinished cake. With narrowed eyes, Mariko lowered her magazine once again.

"Remind me again why I'm here with you." She said flatly staring at Hinata. The latter let out a groan as she rolled her eyes.

"Ugh. Because my two best friend decided to work instead of play with me."

"I'd rather work than play with you." Mariko mumbled as she shook her head. Hinata didn't seem to hear what she just said as she continues her rant.

"Could you believe that's all they ever do besides make out with their girl friends?! Work and make out! Work and have sex! Work and make out THEN have sex! They have no time for me if their schedule is that great you know!" Hinata flails her hands as she rants. Mariko's eye twitch upon hearing the word 'sex.' She really didn't want to hear her friends nocturnal activities. It's her friends and best friend you know! Just thinking about them and the word sex brings certain uncomfortable chill on Mariko's spine. Might bring unwanted visuals as well.

Thank God she never experienced that...yet.

"Hmmm, now that I think about it, I think they're having sex. At least I think Yuko and Asahi are. Nami can be a prude so I don't think her and Hana-chan are doing it. Plus they only got together a week ago, so no to them having sex. I don't even think they reached second base yet. Now Yuko and Asahi on the other hand...could have reached second base. Third base even! But...I'm not entirely sure. I can't seem to catch them, you know. They're so good at hiding." Hinata rubs her chin, contemplating. Mariko stared at her in disgust. Second base? Third base? Just how many bases are there in an L relationship anyway? And Hinata is trying to catch Asahi and Yuko have...?

This is just...too much information for her. Too much!

Mariko groans as she shook her head trying to shake the Hinata's words. Hinata seems to misinterpret Mariko's pain as she nodded her head.

"I know right! Not enough information on their sex life. But now that I think about it, I did catch them in a...ahem...compromising position." Hinata wiggled her eyebrow at Mariko, grinning. She placed her unfinished cake to the side, placed her arm on the table then leaned close to Mariko, her hand cupping the side of her mouth as if to whisper. Mariko opened her mouth to tell Hinata she doesn't want to hear it but...she's too late as everything is in a haze because...

...the flashbacks are starting.


Asahi was humming a familiar tune as she wash the dishes with a smile on her face. It's odd really. Normally she wouldn't be smiling as Hinata clearly escaped her dishwashing duties quickly running and locking herself in her room after thanking Asahi for the meal. Usually, Asahi would threaten her to get out of her room and tend to her duties but oddly enough, today, she didn't bother. She let Hinata have her way with a smile on her face.

Why was she in a good mood?

Honestly, she doesn't know. Nothing comes to mind as to why she's in a good mood. It's like...she's just is. It's as simple as that. Everything seemed so simple now that the three of them are happy.

Asahi beamed at that thought. Her beaming smile was short lived though as she heard their door open and close. A rustling sound came from the hallway towards the front door, probably removing their shoes. Frowning, she looked at the clock and saw that it was only 8:00pm. Nami said that she'd be home at around 10ish because her diva girlfriend wanted to spend some time with who...?

"Tadaima..." The answer to her question sighed as it heavily walked towards her looking worn out. Asahi narrowed her eyes at the sudden guest.

"You don't live here Yuko." Despite the dull monotonous tone in her voice, Asahi still welcomed her perverted squirrel who immediately wrapped her arms around her waist, nuzzling her face on Asahi's neck. Asahi smiled and held her girl friend back feeling happy that she got to see her today. They didn't get to see each other earlier due to conflicting schedules but that doesn't matter now that Yuko is with her.

But then again, she can't help but wonder...

"It's not like I don't like this surprise and all but...what are you doing here?" Asahi asked as she caressed her girlfriend's back. She giggled as she felt Yuko nuzzle her neck once again.

"I just...wanted to see you. I missed you." Such simple honest words coming from Yuko that instantly made her feel warm. Those butterflies on her stomach once again livens at Yuko's words. But then again, the moment she saw Yuko those damn butterflies had been reacting like crazy.

"I hate not seeing you for a day, you know." Yuko mumbled through her neck.

"I know...and I missed you too." Asahi sighed, her cheek resting on the other girl's head.

"And I know you said I don't live here but...I meant what I said earlier." Yuko slowly pulled away from the embrace to look at her girl friend in the eye, giving her her usual dimpled toothy smile.

"I'm home, Nyan-Nyan." Yuko beamed at her, eyes conveying what she feels for the other girl.

'Because home is where the heart is. You're my home Asahi.'

It stunned Asahi, her mouth slightly parted as she stares at her perverted squirrel. Yuko's words struck her deep, her heart beating harder than before, those butterflies seemed to have multiplied in number as they are acting like crazy now in her stomach. Right now, this moment, she can't believe she can still fall even deeper in love with the girl in front of her than she already is. How can that be possible, she wonders.

Rather than stay stunned, Asahi felt the need to respond to Yuko's feelings. Instead of saying the love she wants to convey, she opted to show it to her lover. Without uttering a word, she cupped Yuko's cheek, tightened her hold on Yuko's waist then pulled her for a bruising kiss.

Kissing the hell out of your that's definitely a way to express what you feel. Add the whole pushing your girl to the table and lifting her up to sit on it without breaking your hot kiss...yup, the message is conveyed whole heatedly...uh...wholeheartedly.

Yuko was definitely surprised by this turn of events. Usually their make out sessions wouldn't be this intense. Yes, they hadn't make love yet after months of being together. But that didn't matter to Yuko as she really didn't want to rush things. Yuko didn't want to rush things with Asahi. When the time is right, they'll do it. Plus, if she's honest, she's a bit scared of making love to Asahi since they really have no experience when it comes to sex. Both hadn't had the opportunity to go there with their previous relationships. They didn't have that urge to do it with their past lovers. But it feels so different.

So different that Yuko can't help but wonder if their first would be on Asahi's dinner table.

Yuko moaned as Asahi pulled her that their bodies were kissing as well, their mouths still on a lip lock, tongues dancing with each other. The squirrel was a bit taller now than Asahi as she was sitting on the table, her legs trapping Asahi as it was wrapped on the other girl's waist. Their hands were innocent enough. Yuko has her arms wrapped on Asahi's neck, one hand on the back of Asahi's head. Asahi's hands on the other hand were underneath Yuko's shirt, caressing the skin under the other girls breasts and back, restraining herself to going further up to feel the other girl. If she goes there...she'd definitely have a hard time of stopping.

But...does she really want to stop...?

The two were heavily making out for awhile until air became an issue to them. Asahi pulled away from Yuko's lips, gasping for air, their eyes opened and instantly found each other, both breathing hard. The taller girl could see desire in her squirrel's eyes and somehow she knew Yuko could see it in her eyes as well. Yuko's hand slowly made it's way to Asahi's kissable lips that's now wearing her shade of lipstick, a smudge visible on the side of her lovers lips. It brought a smile on her lips upon seeing it, caressing the lipstick stain with her thumb.

"Remind me to buy a no-smudge lipstick from now on. Though...that stain do look hot on you."

"Like you don't have stains as well." Asahi said as she grabbed Yuko's hand that's caressing her. With a smile, she leaned to kiss the smudge of lipstick on her lover and possibly adding more as she continues to cover Yuko with kisses, her tongue coming out to play every now and then. Yuko quickly rests her hand on the table to support their weight, giggling at the feel of her lovers lips on her face. Aggressive Asahi is always fun. Clearly the two were enjoying themselves as they continue to smile, playing around.

That is...until Yuko saw something in the corner of her eye.

Asahi stopped kissing as she felt the other girl stiffen. It made her wonder if she did something wrong to make her girl freeze. Frowning slightly, she pulled away to look at Yuko and found her gaping, her eyes turned to where the living room is. Asahi turned to look as well and flinched when she saw something she'd forgotten.

Hinata was there with a video cam on hand obviously taping them.

"Oh don't mind me, carry on." Hinata beamed, waving her hand dismissively. Why Hinata didn't run immediately as soon as the two looked at her? No one knows why. She did run though when Asahi finally came to her senses, blushing in rage and embarrassment as she let out a frightening growl then quickly ran towards Hinata who made a dash towards her room, squealing in fear. Yuko just sat on the table still frozen for awhile until she heard screams of pain, anguish and mild cursing inside Hinata's room. Thinking that her girlfriend might kill her bestfriend, Yuko jumped off the table...

...only to find her legs too weak to function making her to sit on the floor.

Well their make out session is pretty hot so she really couldn't blame how her legs are like jelly now.

End of Flashback

"I've never seen Asahi so scary in my whole life! She almost broke my video cam that time you know. But she didn't. She just took the tape and smashed it to pieces. You should have seen her smashing that thing! She definitely went ccraaazzy." Hinata rolled her eyes as she shook her head. Mariko grits her teeth, a blush across her face as she glares at Hinata. She really didn't want to hear that. Her friends...that unwanted flashback...ugh...definitely didn't need to hear that.

But from the looks of it, Hinata isn't done yet as she opened her mouth and said,

"Then there's the 'HaNami' pairing."

HaNami? Is that....?

As if in slow motion, Mariko's eyes widen in realization as Hinata opened her mouth to tell another unwanted tale, now about her best friend. She reached for the other girl and took her by the collar trying to prevent her from telling her tale but she's too late again.

Cue hazy surroundings, flashback starts.

Another Flashback that Mariko failed to stop

Hanako let out a sigh for the nth time, glaring at the television in front of them as they watch an anime that Nami seems to be so engrossed on. She glanced at her side and...yup...Nami's still engrossed on the television. She let out a sigh again as she looked back at the television after only sighing a minute ago.

This is so not how she imagined their day would be.

The two were sitting in Nami's apartment living room couch spending the rest of the afternoon together. Nami's work ended early and with Hanako still in 'vacation' until she gets back in the business for a comeback, she decided to invite herself in and spend some time with her girlfriend.

Nami, is her girlfriend! Her freaking girlfriend! A girl that is more than a friend! After all that drama, they're together now!

Usually thinking of such thoughts would make her feel giddy inside. But right now, looking at Nami focused on the television rather than her...frustrates the hell out of her. They should be cuddled in the couch what with them being together now, but no, the two were sitting slightly apart. The lack of skin touching and more on watching the stupid anime makes her feel ignored, which she never felt before. Lots of emotions she never felt before seems to resurface when she's Nami. Most of the time, she liked it. But right now, no...she didn't like it one bit.

They should be making out for God's sake! That's what girlfriends do all the time! Not watch anime!

Hanako sighed, crossing her arms to her chest, pouting.

"Are you trying to suck all the air or something?" Nami frowned slightly as she glanced at the other girl. She really was trying to ignore the sighs coming from Hanako but the girl was sighing so much it's getting hard to ignore it.

"Like you care which you obviously don't. Just marry your damn television why don't you. " Hanako mumbled as she sinks lower on her seat, pouting. She honestly didn't care if Nami heard her or not. If she did, good. Maybe that'll knock some sense on Nami on how she's being a sucky girlfriend right now. Somehow Hanako knew that Nami heard her as she heard her snort.

"Don't tell me you're jealous of the television." Nami chuckled finding the situation funny and well...cute. She gets the jealous rage Hanako has for Maeda but a television? That's just funny for Nami. From the glare Hanako is giving Nami, the diva is clearly not amused. That still doesn't change the fact that Nami is though as she began to laugh.

"Whatever gave you that idea?" Sarcasm doesn't seem to faze the teasing glint in Nami's eyes. Hanako knows that she's being childish but she can't help but pout as she stood up from the couch, readying herself to get out as she growled.

"Why do I even bother." And childish she was in Nami's eyes that she can't help but roll her eyes at what Hanako said. That doesn't mean she didn't stop her childish girlfriend when the latter took a step away from her. Nami immediately grabbed Hanako's wrist, halting the other girl's movements, then pulled her back down to sit on the couch.

"Oh for God's sakes."

Hanako's eyes widen as she found herself seated on the couch again. She turned to Nami, glaring as she opened her mouth to let out the annoyance she feels but was stopped when she felt that sweet soft pressure of Nami's lips to hers. That soft addicting lips of her girlfriend as she kissed her softly...shyly. Just feeling those lips made every negative things she felt earlier disappear. It was as if Nami was kissing them away. Hanako suddenly remembers why she bother.

Because she's madly in love with the person kissing her.

Yup, she's whipped. So whipped.

Nami slowly pulled away from the kiss feeling that the other girl would deepen it if she didn't pull away. She smiled as she rests her forehead on the other girl, loving the sigh that escaped Hanako's lips as they looked at each other. Her sigh was a lot different from her sighs of boredom and frustration earlier. This is a sigh of contentment and well...a little bit of longing as Nami noticed Hanako's eyes darting on her lips as she unconsciously licked them tasting Hanako's strawberry lip gloss.

"Feel better?"

Hanako stared at her with a serious face for awhile then shook her head. Nami frowned slightly. She was about to ask how she could make the other girl feel better when Hanako surprised by pushing her down to the couch, her head resting on the arm rest. She gulped when Hanako straddled her, hands pinning her shoulder, bodies almost kissing each other, a mischievous grin on her girlfriend's lips and those eyes that were darker than usual, desire apparent in them making the smaller girl to gulp again.

"H-Ha-Hanamrrrppphhh~" Nami was too late to say anything as Hanako silenced her with her lips. What a way to silence someone.

Nami was tasting it again, strawberries. Never in her life would she thought that she'd be addicted to strawberries. Most strawberries she tasted weren't sweet...weren't hot...weren't wet and warm and sweet...and hot...definitely hot...let's not forget that't she already thought that?

Without breaking the kiss, Nami wrapped her arms around her girlfriend's slim waist, pulling Hanako down making her weight to fully rest on Nami. It earned Nami a moan from the diva and if she wasn't kissing Hanako, she would be smiling widely at that. It felt like it was an accomplishment for Nami to hear Hanako moan because of what she did. And well, she wanted to hear more of that.

Slowly, Nami's hands went under Hanako's shirt. She caressed the soft skin of Hanako's back, traveling upward until it reached Hanako's bra. It made her froze but apparently, Hanako didn't notice as she let out a sigh. It was far too soon for Nami to be going there, so her hands traveled down again staying only on the skin of her lower back. Her wandering hands found Hanako's spine liking the feel of the bumps of her bones. She scratched it lightly feeling the girl above her shiver. Maybe she shouldn't have done that since Hanako pulled away from their kiss, gasping for air. Both were breathing heavily, lips and faces red as they stared at each other.

"Nami..." Hanako moaned as Nami gently scratched Hanako's back. She let out a whimper as Hanako began kissing her jaw, traveling down to her neck. Somehow that made Nami stop her caresses on Hanako's back. She did wrapped her arms tightly on Hanako when the latter suddenly bit her making her yelp.

"H-Hana-k-ko..." Nami moaned, shivering as she felt Hanako's teeth gently scraping and nibbling her neck. Things were getting hotter for Nami as she moaned again feeling Hanako's tongue coming out to play on her neck. Yup, thing are getting way hotter than usual. She really should push the other girl away before things get even more hotter. Okay clearly that word is so overused in Nami's thoughts. But...what's hotter than hot again?

Shaking that question away, Nami gently pushed Hanako by the shoulder, stopping her from making her feel good. Uh...why was she stopping her again?

"Too fast, too soon?" Hanako asked as she caressed Nami's cheek, loving her girlfriend's flushed face.

Oh right. That.

"Yeah." Nami softly said.

"So does that mean no to second base then?" Hanako looked at her with a hopeful smile. Nami returned the smile, her hand brushing Hanako's hair behind her ears.

"Looks like you're feeling better now."

"You make me feel better." Hanako said softly, lowering herself to Nami, burying her face to the other girls neck, her hands went under Nami's shoulder squeezing it. It made Nami smile widely as Hanako began to nuzzle her neck, placing innocent kisses every now and then. The taller girl did stop though when she noticed something.

"I'm not crushing you, am I?" Hanako asked, her face still buried in her girlfriend's neck. The other girl is pretty small than her. So the thought of her crushing the other girl what with her laid down to her did cross her mind. She stayed still waiting for the other girl's response. She smiled when Nami tightened her hold on her.

"No. You're actually pretty light."

"Good." Hanako sighed, placing a kiss on Nami's neck then shifted her position so that her head would be resting on Nami's chest just below her collar bone. She closed her eyes focusing on the sound of Nami's heartbeat loving how fast it's beating. That's definitely because of her. No doubt about it. Nami seemed embarrassed by it though as she tried to normalize the beating of her heart by taking deep breaths. Didn't work though, not when her beautiful girlfriend is on top of her, their body pressed together. Her girlfriend's hot sexy body...

She shook her head sighing, trying to shake those perverted thoughts entering her mind.

Damn hormones.

Nami decided to just enjoy the warmth and closed her eyes. The two stayed like that for awhile, resting enjoying the comfortable silence. Everything was silent.


Nami suddenly opened her eyes then glanced at the television that was now turned off. She didn't turn it off. So who...?

"Did you turn the TV off?" Nami asked as she breaks the silence. Looking at the top of her girlfriend's head, she felt her nod.

"Distractions are a no-no while making out."

Nami chuckled at that.

"Sorry about earlier. For ignoring you I mean. I guess...I'm still not used to the whole girlfriend thing." Nami looked at the side feeling a bit embarrassed as she continue. Hanako stayed still, loving the vibrations coming from Nami as she talks.

"I did want to hold you earlier when you sat next to me...but...I wasn't sure if you wanted to be...held." Hearing that somehow brought Hanako's attention. Frowning slightly, Hanako pushed herself up, knees supporting her weight to look at her blushing girlfriend.


"Well...I've never been in a relationship before. You're my you know...I'm not really used to...being mushy" Nami blushed at every word she utters. Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but that's what Nami felt like. She can't even look at Hanako's eyes right now because of the embarrassment she feels. Plus, she's feeling pretty stupid right now, beating herself up inside for blurting out her insecurities.

Hanako stared at her for awhile, realizing that Nami is experiencing her first relationship jitters. How come she didn't realize that?? No wonder Hanako was always the one to initiate things...heated things. Nami was scared to screw up. That maybe if she did screw up, Hanako would leave her or lose interest in her, which is for the diva ridiculous. But it might've entered in Nami's mind now that Hanako knows that Nami is feeling a bit insecure. It made her think that maybe Nami's insecurities were somewhat connected to why she hasn't said the 'L' word to her. It's too early for her to see the reason for Nami holding back her feelings but somehow it feels like Hanako is on to something. She completely understands her...but...

Hanako leaned to place a soft kiss on the corner of Nami's lips knowing that it would make the smaller girl to look back at her. Nami did as Hanako expected as the taller girl pulled away to look at her, smiling softly.

"You know how I feel about you right? I told you...didn't I?"

Nami could only nod, her face beet red as she remembers. She's a bit relieved that Hanako didn't say it out loud again since that day. It's not like she didn't want to hear it, quite the opposite really, it's's not right for Nami to hear it if she can't say it back to Hanako. It's not fair to the other girl. At least that's what Nami thinks.

Hanako could sense it as Nami let out a sigh. It didn't remove the smile that Hanako is wearing though.

"Then isn't that an answer enough that I don't care what you do to me? Because you can do anything you want with me Nami."

Nami gulped as Hanako slowly leans towards her, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"And I mean" Hanako seductively uttered those last three words to Nami, their lips almost touching. Nami's eyes were wide as she stared at Hanako's teasing ones. Wanting to tease the other girl more, Hanako's tongue came out and sensually licked her bottom lip. Nami couldn't help but gulped upon seeing it, a part of her wanted to close the gap between them and feel that soft warm tongue against her again. But she restrained herself as she looked at the side, avoiding to look at temptation.

"I'll...uh...k-keep that in mind." Nami weakly said. She frowned and pouted slightly as the other girl giggled pulling away from her to look at her embarrassed state. It looks like Hanako's loving how she can easily tease the uptight girl beneath her. Nami has a feeling Hanako would do this often now if that is the case. She definitely need to learn to be the aggressor in this relationship if she wants to turn the table around. It's no fun being the embarrassed one you know.

"Good. I wonder though, who says you're not my first?" Hanako tilted her head slightly as she looked at Nami.

"What?" Embarrassed state gone as Nami looked back at her.

"I've never been in a relationship as well. So what made you think I had?"

"You're kidding right?" Nami narrowed her eyes at Hanako who looked a bit confused. Surely Nami isn't Hanako's first. Proof of that is how she's always the confident one, always initiating things between them. So Hanako definitely is joking right now.

"No I'm not."

Or not.

"B-but...that can't be."

"Nami, I'm Ray the number one arrogant, selfish bitch diva in all of Japan or maybe even in the whole world. At least that's what Mari-chan tells me. Anyway, do you think I'd just fall for anyone or even be with someone what with me being like that?"

Nami was dumbfounded as she stares at Hanako for awhile. Sure she has a point but still Nami can't help but be doubtful.

"'re gorgeous and you're always so confident when we're together. So--" Hanako cuts her off as she leaned and kissed Nami's lips softly. She pulled back slightly and smiled at the stunned looking girl.

"That's for the gorgeous comment." Hanako said as her finger caressed Nami's lips.

" As for being confident, I what I want when I'm with you. Which you should do too."

"I'll...try. I promise." Nami replied softly.


"I still find it hard to believe that you hadn't had a relationship before though."

"Well, I've had suitors before but...I didn't like any of them. They didn't interest me. Until, I met a rude, brash young man who told me how ugly I am."

"I wasn't a suitor you know." Nami chuckled at that, remembering that incident.

"I know. I wanted you to be one, but I knew that it wouldn't happen. So instead of you being my suitor, I became yours." Hanako grinned.

"That explains the constant stalking and the gifts from you."

"Right. Anyway, that boy named Kai was the only one who piqued my interest. Found out he's really a girl named Nami, bunch of dramas occurred, and now I'm with her, kissing her, holding first." Hanako smiled lovingly at Nami who's now caressing her cheek.

"Not your first kiss though...?" Nami hesitantly asked. She dreaded the answer but she wanted to get to know the person above her who holds her heart. Somehow she knew the answer but seeing Hanako shake her head with a sad smile pained Nami a bit.

"No. I'm sorry, I was a foolish girl, I--" Hanako didn't get to finish whatever it is that she wanted to say as Nami pulled her for a kiss. A possessive hard kiss that definitely took Hanako's breath away. She could feel the other girls jealousy as they kiss making her feel a bit giddy on the inside. Jealous Nami is hot.

"I don't want to hear it." Nami softly growled as she pulled away, her hand still on the other girls cheek. Hanako was definitely loving this side of Nami but she can see that it pained the girl that she wasn't Hanako's first kiss. So half of her was loving it while the other half was hating it for the pain that she inflicted on Nami.

"If it makes you feel better, I consider you my first though. I want you to be my first in everything."

"I know...and it's okay." Nami smiled reassuringly to Hanako who was looking at her unconvinced. The sudden urge to make Nami forget about her whole first kiss thing became stronger. Without any words, she crushed her lips to Nami wanting to erase that pain still apparent in the little girls eyes.

Nami felt it as she moaned, feeling Hanako's wet hot tongue dancing with her own. Hanako's kisses were intoxicating for Nami that it made everything in her head go blank as they continue. Everything was so blank for her that she didn't seem to mind as Hanako's hands began to travel under her shirt. So blank...that she didn't hear the door open and close.

Hinata removed her shoes then began walking towards the living room as she continue to look at her video cam. It just...wasn't working. She wondered if it was Asahi's fault. But after that incident she swore that it was working so why...?

Pouting, she stopped and continue to push the on button of the machine. She growled and even punched the machine, her patience thinning. After a few whacking and pressing, it finally came to life making her squeal, "Yatta!" She frowned feeling a bit confused as she stared at the small monitor. Is that...?

Of course the two occupants of the couch heard her and immediately pulled away turning to look at Hinata who looked to be filming them.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Both Hanako and Nami screamed, blushing madly at Hinata who jumped a bit at them squealing. Her eyes widen as she suddenly knew what it looked like to the two.

"N-No! I'm not filming you! P-Promise!" She shook her head frantically as she looked at the two. Yeah right, like that'll convince them. Obviously the two didn't believe her as they began throwing pillows at her. Her reflexes seemed slow due to the shock and nervousness that she didn't see that powerful throw by Nami. It hit her hard right on the face making her fall flat on the floor, groaning. She rubbed her nose feeling the hurt and then realized that her camera isn't in her hands anymore. She turned and saw her camera on the floor broken.

"" She kneeled at it, picking up the pieces that's scattered on the floor. She stared at it, her hands shaking, eyes teary until finally she cried out.


End of Flashback and the life of Hinata's camera as well

"They broke my precious camera. What did my precious camera ever do to them to receive such immediate death? What?!" Hinata cried as she placed her forehead on Mariko's shoulder. The taller gritted her teeth, blushing furiously, her hands still gripping the other girls collar wanting to kill the girl that was now hugging her across the table. Her grip loosened as she glanced at the girl wondering if she really is crying. If she is...then the taller girl should postpone the killing and comfort her. She is still her friend after all.

"You smell nice." Hinata beamed as she pulled away to look at Mariko. Noticing the lack of tears in the other girls eyes, Mariko pushed Hinata's face away from her without remorse and sat back down on her seat.

"Why is it always have to be the face?!" Hinata glared at Mariko who glared back, crossing her arms to her chest.

"That's little pain compared to when I kill you for telling me those stories."

"What's wrong with the stories I told you?" Hinata tilted her head as she sat down.

"Did it not occur to you that I didn't want to hear them?!"

"Why not? Those are hot golden stories yet to be heard by anyone other than you, you know. You should be proud that you've heard the 'AsaYuu' and 'HaNami' tale. It's pretty rare and I got to see them. Lucky!" Hinata beamed.

"Ugh. There's seriously something wrong with you. And will you stop with the whole  inventing of coupling names! It's getting old." Mariko rolled her and picked her magazine up, opening it once again.

"You know, you're probably more prudish than Nami is. And it's called portmanteau by the way." Hinata grumbled pouting as she rests her chin on her hand, looking outside. She let out a bored sigh as she saw a couple pass by.

"I wonder though, how come you tell your story in full detail like you're there already when it fact you're not even in the picture yet?" Mariko asked completely bugged out about that whole thing. And the way Hinata describes the action of the two couples, it's like...creepy.

"Noticed that huh? I just thought to give you the full version rather than the whole PG-13 thing." Hinata chuckled.

"So that was all made up?"

"Wouldn't you like to know." Hinata grinned and gave a wink to Mariko who rolled her eyes.

"No I don't. Keep it to yourself and just shut up." Mariko shook her head and held up the magazine to read again unknowing that other girl who stuck out her tongue towards her. Hinata mumbled about prudish skinny girls as she looked out the window again. This time, she stares at three girls who were laughing together across the street, She let out another sigh as she watched them until they were out of her sight.

"Know the sad part is?"

"I don't want to know what but I have a feeling you'd still tell me. So go ahead and tell me what the sad part is." Mariko sighed, lowering her magazine to look at the other girl. She felt a bit bad as she saw the other girl looking outside a sad smile across her face. Seeing that made her eyebrow raise as she waits for an answer from the other girl.

"Today is my birthday." Hinata said softly, her eyes still outside. A soft, simple answer that stuns the great Mariko-sama. She stared blankly at the other girl for awhile until she finally knew what she needed to say to the other girl who looked gloomy.

"Oh. That is sad. Happy birthday then." She said in a flat voice, holding up her magazine again to read.

"That's it? No birthday kisses?" Hinata turned to look at her or rather her magazine incredulously.

"No way."

"Birthday hugs?"

"Over my dead body."

"I don't want to hug your dead body. God Mariko, that's just...wrong." Hinata looked disgusted as she imagines herself hugging Mariko's dead body. Yup, so wrong.

Mariko narrowed her eyes at that. What is it with Hinata and idioms anyway?

"A birthday song then." Hinata suggested making Mariko to lower her magazine and look at her with her eyebrow raised.

"You want me to sing you Happy birthday."

"Sure. Isn't it required to sing that when someone is having their birthday?" Hinata shrugged.


"Yeah, go ahead." Hinata beamed at Mariko looking like she's anticipating the other girl singing to her. Mariko stared at her for awhile and decided to sing to the other girl since it is her birthday and all.

"♫ Happy Birthday to you. You're a psycho that's true. Like the crazies and the druggies. I thank God I'm not you. ♫" She sang obviously changing the lyrics to annoy the girl. She smirked when she saw the unimpressed look Hinata has, her eyes narrowed as she stares at her.

"Cute. So cute."

"You should feel honored since I composed that just for you." Mariko chuckled as Hinata rolled her eyes.

"A simple birthday song is all I wanted but noooo she just had to invent some messed up song for me." Hinata mumbled as she looked outside again, pouting. The birthday girl continues to mumble about Mariko's lack of kisses and huggage making the other girl roll her eyes as she stood up.

"Stop complaining and mumbling because I can hear you perfectly. C'mon then birthday girl, let's go."

Hinata turned back at her, frowning.

"Go where?"

"Anywhere you want. Being here in your birthday is kinda depressing you know." Mariko sighed internally saying goodbye to her perfect day off that only lasted a couple of minutes. Oh well, she can have another perfect day off anytime, what's important to her now is getting the birthday girl a fun day. It is her birthday and all.

"Like a date?" Hinata excitedly stood up, looking at Mariko with eyes full of hope. She narrowed her eyes at the girl for awhile until finally letting out a defeated sigh.

"Fine. Like a date then."

"Yay!" Hinata pumped her fist, beaming happily.

"Just for today only."

"HiMari's one day date then!"

Mariko cringed at that. Ugh. HiMari. Hearing that somehow made her want to drop the whole thing. But then again, Hinata looks so...happy. And it is her birthday and all so...she should just tolerate it for one day for the birthday girl. Just one damn day. One damn day.

"We can hold hands, sip drinks in one straw, cuddle and do other coupley stuff! We'll take a picture together and you can upload the pic to your blog and I'll do the same! My birthday is perfect for the birth of HiMari don't you think?"

One damn day that she feels like disaster is written all over it. Ugh. The things she do for friendship.



Next up: HiMari least for Hinata. A little mission for the two and then you'd meet HiMari's 'love child.'  :lol: feels like deja vu posting these again. Hopefully my update won't disappear again.   :lol:


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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED: Added Hinata Chapter part 1)
« Reply #224 on: January 25, 2012, 04:50:43 PM »
This is only part 1?

Should I be worried about what happens in part 2, especially since it revolves around Hinata and unfortunately Mariko?  :lol:

Only Hinata would be awesome enough to invoke flashbacks into reality despite not really being a part of them.

That and being able to pronounce floccinaucinihilipilification fluently. (I comfess that I did look up for the meaning of the word  :nervous)

We should tell her that since this is the non-perv fanfic section, Yuko and/or Hanako have probably gotten away to getting to Second Base with their respective girlfriends, unwillingly or not.

Feel bad about her camera. Isn't it the same one she used during their first Black Ops mission against the evil Dr. Yuu?

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED: Added Hinata Chapter part 1)
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Hinata is just the best here!!!!!!

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED: Added Hinata Chapter part 1)
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I miss Immo too  :( LOL I feel "old" being part of the "old" author/reader... though I didn't have an account when I first read your fic XD

But yeah, 3 things about that update:
1-floccinaucinihilipilification --> I swear my first reaction was "Oh FoF just typed random letters" XD
And then I googled it... and had the "IS THAT EVEN A WORD" reaction  :nervous

2-I will laugh if ever it's not really Hinata's birthday.... wwwwww  Who knows :twisted:

3-Nami & Hanako flashback.................................................. yeah.


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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED: Added Hinata Chapter part 1)
« Reply #227 on: January 26, 2012, 09:21:50 AM »
Omg, those AsaYuu and HaNami hot scenes are wow, they totally surprised me with those scenes. LOL surely Hinata will never learn, why would she record something really hot and scandalous scenes from her friends? LOL well i love her for being like that anyway. Haha

I'm glad you made a special chapter for Hinata, i always wanted her to be with Mariko, but this Maritroll still keep pushing her away and i hate it! Hinata just wanted 'HiMari' couple to be real! Yes she has a lot of friends but she doesn't have a lover which is sad 'cause her two friends already has a girlfriend. SHE NEEDS ONE, SHE MUST HAVE ONE! so she won't be really sad =(. I hope their date will turn out good, make Mariko fall inlove with you Hinata! Go for it! 'HiMari' couple will be real SOON!! FIGHTING!~ Please update soon <33

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED: Added Hinata Chapter part 1)
« Reply #228 on: January 28, 2012, 05:32:45 PM »
Thankyou for the update!!  :bow:

I really enjoyed this added part. still loling at hinata's antics  :lol:
and the asahi x yuuchan + nami x ray ...  :on bleed: :on bleed:

can't wait for the next update. HiMari  :deco: go for it Hinata  :thumbup

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED: Added Hinata Chapter part 1)
« Reply #229 on: January 29, 2012, 01:56:13 AM »
Woaaa! Hahha Hinata telling story about her friends for Mariko is just LoL
She even made up the before story between Nami&Hanako  :rofl:

But too bad Asahi and Nami forgot her birthday or not?!
Or did Hinata just made it up just to have a date with Mariko (it's Hinata after all)
Just for me to find out in next update...

Thank you for your update!
Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (COMPLETED: Added Hinata Chapter part 1)
« Reply #230 on: January 29, 2012, 08:30:51 PM »
I really like your fan fiction.   :wub:

I've read in 3 days, all the chapters in a row.

I would love you follow it. :bow: :bow:   Because I really thought it was very good.

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 :) I really like your fanfic!!!!
I hope you would write the part II soon
I love Himari pairing!!!

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I have no idea if people will still read this but...what the heck.  :lol:
This is a pretty short chapter compared to the other POF chapters but I got another project to do so...this is all I can write for now.  :nervous
Honestly, I don't know where this chapter came from so it's a bit messy. Sorry bout that.  :nervous
Because of the lack of updates/writing on my part...which I'm sincerely sorry for  :(...I tend to forget how I write this.
That know. English isn't my first language.  :nervous
Maybe that's a good enough excuse for my grammatical errorness.   :lol:
If not, you can just tag me as lazy in correcting my work.   :nervous
Anyway, babbling aside, I'll update again next week.  :)

Oh yeah. If you don't like the imaginary/fictional Mariko x Miichan pairing funny how I add fictional when everything is pretty much fictional  :lol: I'm cracking myself up here. don't mind me.  :lol: then please don't read it.  :) Kay?  :)  No hard feelings and lots of smileys around.  :) :) I honestly have a few things to say about this pairing as I've read few comments/topics that piqued my interest but...nah...I'll just go with the smiley.  :lol:

Enjoy and thanks to the remaining people who will read it!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:


Hinata Chapter part 2

"Stop trying to hold my hand!" Mariko growled, turning to Hinata who was walking beside her. She can tell Hinata was trying that move Nami did a while back with Ray when they first dated. Obviously Hinata is trying it out on her as she moved closer invading her personal space and her hand kept brushing against hers for the nth time since they left the cafe.

"Wha-what? I wasn't doing anything." Hinata shook her head, denying the accusation.

"Don't play dumb. I was there when Nami pulled the same move on Ray you know."

"Damn. I forgot about that." Hinata mumbled as she looked at the side clearly beating herself up that she wasn't able to pull that move on the taller girl. And here she thought she was really subtle about it. Figures Mariko would figure it out. Mariko is a bit perceptive when it comes to her. She really should keep that in mind.

Mariko rolled her eyes at that and moved slightly away from the girl, distancing herself from the crazed girl and reclaiming her personal space back. Though it feels a bit useless since she has a feeling the girl would still try something. It is Hinata after all.

Mariko shook her head and sighed at that thought.

"I thought this was supposed to be a date? Holding hands is a requirement during a date you know." Hinata pouted as she glanced at Mariko.

"Depends on who you're dating. Since you're dating me.......God that sounded so wrong." Mariko shivered not liking what she just said. It just...sounded so so SO wrong. The tall girl shook her head, frowning.

"Let me rephrase that. Since I agreed ONLY FOR TODAY that we're doing that whole one day date thing for your birthday, you won't get to hold my hand till we reach a third date which by the way will never EVER happen."

"You're such a Mariko-sama." Hinata grumbled as she puts her hands inside her pocket, pouting. Figures Mariko would be playing hard to get. Or maybe she's playing no to get since it is Hinata. Bummer for Hinata then if that is the case.

Mariko glanced at the sulking Hinata who's grumbling about tall dinosaur women being a prude on her birthday. A small smile tugs at the corner of her lips as she looks at the other girl. It does bring her a certain pleasure to see her like this is the other girl's birthday so...maybe she should play nice just for just one damn day.

Ugh. The things she do for friendship.

Hinata, who was busy grumbling and formulating another plan to make a move on Mariko for the 'HiMari' pairing sake, was surprised when she felt a skinny arm loop on hers. She looked at the arm then at the owner, a look of wonderment across her face.

Mariko is...?

"Not a word or else..." Mariko threatened, ignoring the eyes locked at her as she looked ahead. The other girl stared at her for awhile, stunned at the taller girl's action. A few seconds later, a wide smile graced her lips. She looked ahead smiling smugly, her head slightly up as they walk towards nowhere ignoring the confused stares of everyone who passes by them. How can she not gloat at the fact that the great Mariko-sama is holding her arm right? That's quite an accomplishment right there for Hinata and she didn't even do anything! Goes to show that Mariko is slowly falling for her charms. It won't be long now till the 'HiMari' coupling becomes real now.

'Delusional...' Mariko thought as if reading Hinata's mind. She sighed and shook her head, passing another person giving them a weird look. Probably because Hinata is giving them a weird look as well, gloating at the fact that Mariko is holding her arm. Well it could be worse. At least Hinata's not pointing at their arms locked together as she gloats at some stranger. Mariko could only hope that no one would recognize them as AKB48 members. If it were to happen, her reputation would be doomed.

Yes, she's clearly exaggerating. How can she not when she's Mariko-sama.

"Hey look!" Hinata suddenly exclaimed, stopping suddenly to point out the shop that caught her attention. Frowning, Mariko turned to look at whatever it is that seems to excite the birthday girl. She felt confused as she saw that Hinata is pointing towards a record store.

"Yeah, so...?" Mariko raised her eyebrow, staring at the store.

"Let's go there." Hinata tugged the taller girl towards the store.

"Why?" Hinata just ignored the taller girl's monotonous question, dragging her towards the store. Once inside, she couldn't help but smile as she looked around, leaving the tall girl to stand by the entrance. Memories of the time she was here with Nami and Asahi then entered her mind.

"Are you going to buy something or what?" Mariko asked as she waved dismissively at the clerk who greeted them as they entered. She fixed her hat and pulled her jacket closely around her trying to hide her identity. She really didn't want attention right now.

"Nah. I'm just going to look around."

"Then hurry up." Mariko hissed. She glanced at the clerk and found him staring at her, a frown across his face. It was like he was trying to recognize her or something, which is bad for Mariko. The taller girl quickly followed Hinata feeling a bit uneasy on the clerk's gaze.

"You know, this is where we bought our first CD together when it came out." Hinata said as she walked around with Mariko following behind her, eyebrow raised.

"From your cross dressing days?"

"Uh-huh. We were wearing disguises at that time because some bad men were looking for Nami and Asahi." Hinata said feeling a bit nostalgic as she remembers that day.

"Nami was wearing a pink haired cop costume while Asahi opted for the blonde nurse outfit." She smirked when she remembers what they were wearing. Well she was mostly laughing at remembering Asahi and Nami's disguised clothes since she thought they look silly and weird. A cop and a nurse out together to buy a CD? Ridiculous.

"And you?" Questioned the tall girl. Her companion shrugged nonchalantly saying, "I was wearing an angel costume."

"How...original." Mariko rolled her eyes as she looked at the girl browsing around as if looking for a certain CD. A cop, a nurse and an angel buying a CD together. Sometimes hearing such things, it doesn't seem to surprise Mariko anymore especially if it includes those three.

Seriously, why does it seem like she's the only normal one in their group?

She shook her head, sighing as she walked towards the other girl. She began to look around as well looking at various CDs from different artists while following Hinata to wherever. Only when a certain CD caught her eye did she stop. She walked towards it, picked it up and stared at it.

It was AKB48's first single.

The only single wherein she wasn't included as she was yet to be a member of AKB48.

Seeing it brought a small smile on Mariko's face. Looking at the CD brought her back to the time when the spotlight wasn't shinning on her. That time when she was just...a normal girl, working at a cafe and listening to Hanako rant about finding the mysterious cross dressing girl that captured her heart almost everyday. Just thinking about it, it made Mariko wonder...

...if Hanako wasn't ranting about Nami at that time...if she hadn't seen her...would she still be...a normal girl?

"Hey look! It's still here!" Hinata exclaimed bringing her back to reality. She placed the CD back to it's place and turned towards the birthday girl who was beaming as she holds a certain CD on her hand. Mariko made her way towards Hinata and stared at the item in Hinata's hand.

Persona's first single.

"I can't believe it's still here." Hinata whispered, caressing the CD, a dazed look across her face as she stares at their alter ego. Flashes of what the three of them had went through as Persona members entered her mind. It was so surreal for Hinata as she thinks about it. Who would've thought that they'd go through all that. From normal girls struggling to get on the entertainment business to being Japan's most loved boy group.

Really, how cool is that?!

"Look it's your beloved Riku!" Hinata grinned and shoved the CD towards Mariko's face, intent on making the taller girl kiss the CD. It back fired though as Mariko quickly maneuvered Hinata's arm making her to kiss the CD.

"Shut up." Mariko growled, pushing the CD on the other girl's face who groaned in pain. Once Mariko released the CD, Hinata rubbed her sore face with her hand glaring at her.

"The face. Always the face. You do know that this is part of where I get my income right?" She grumbled pinching her nose as if trying to put it back to normal. Mariko couldn't help but roll her eyes at that.

"Whatever. So why are we here again?"

"I just wanted to see if it was still here." Hinata said as she looked at the CD, a small smile across her face.

"This is the only proof that what we went through is real. I guess...I wanted to make sure wasn't a dream. That I wasn't dreaming all that." Mariko couldn't help but stare at the other girl's voice is a bit softer than usual. The taller girl's eyebrow furrowed slightly as Hinata snorted softly.

"It's silly and a bit selfish but...I want Persona to be remembered forever. That's why sometimes...I'd go check on a record store and see if they're still selling it." Hinata caressed the CD, her eyes studying their beaten up faces. A few seconds later, she let out a sigh then turned to Mariko, smiling.

" I's silly so...I doubt that'll happen."

Unable to come up with something to say, Mariko looked away, crossed her arms to her chest and grumbled a, "Yeah. Sure." Hinata just smiled at her making the tall girl a bit uncomfortable, a slight blush on her cheeks.

"W-What's with the smile?"

Hinata shrugged.

"Figure it out. Prove to us that you deserve to be called Mariko-sama."

Mariko narrowed her eyes and was about to respond when a little girl suddenly walked up to them.

"Is that...a Persona CD?" The little girl asked, looking at the CD in Hinata's hand.

"Uh...yeah." Hinata replied, frowning slightly. She glanced at Mariko who shrugged looking a bit confused as well. Surely the little girl isn't going to...

"Can I have it? I have to buy one." The little girl held out her little hand, surprising the two. Hinata and Mariko looked at each other again then at the little girl.

"Have?" Mariko tilted her head slightly finding it weird that the kid chose that word.

"Uh-huh. I broke my sister's copy...and I have to replace it before finds out about it. So can I have it....please?" The little girl explained, her voice sounded a bit nervous to the two. The kid's explanation was a bit silly and...childish for Mariko but then is a little kid that they're talking to so she really can't blame her.

Mariko looked at Hinata as the latter crouched down to the kid's level, smiling.

"Oh? So you're not a fan of Persona then?"
"I like them. A lot." The girl nodded, smiling.

"Really? Who's your favorite?" Hinata asked. Mariko couldn't help but let out a sigh as she saw her friend's eyes light up in excitement. Figures Hinata would get excited upon meeting a Persona fan. Who can blame her right? Hopefully for Mariko, the girl won't chose Kuu as her favorite. If she did...hello ego boost for Hinata then.

Mariko so don't need a big headed Hinata while they're doing the whole one day dating thing.

"My favorite member is..." The little girl trailed, looking a bit shy at Hinata who leaned forward as she anticipates her answer. Mariko rolled her eyes at that.

"Yes? Go on. Who's your favorite?"

"...ku...sama..." The little girl whispered, eyes downcast to the floor. Hinata beamed at that obviously pleased at the girl's answer. The little girl even added the 'sama' honorific after her alter ego's name. Goes to show that the girl greatly admires her...or him.

"Really?! Awww. I like him too. He's the best."

"Yes he is. My sister likes him too!" The little girl gave Hinata a wide smile.

"Then you better replace that CD you broke eh? So that your sister won't get mad or get  lonely." Hinata held out the CD with a smile which the kid took.

"Uh huh." The kid nodded. She looked at the CD at her hands, her eyes twinkling with excitement. Seeing that, Hinata suddenly had an idea to make the little girl even more excited and happy.

"Say, I know Persona personally. They're my close friends. You want me to make them sign that for you?"

"You know...Persona?" The little girl stared at her in amazement.

"Yup. We're this close. Especially Kuu-sama." Hinata held up her hand, showing her index, middle and ring finger together as she winked at the girl.

"What about Riku-sama?" The girl asked looking at Hinata expectantly. Hinata raised her eyebrow.

"What about Riku?" And why is the girl adding a 'sama' at the end of Riku's name? Hinata thought that the girl added that specially for Kuu. Does she add the honorific 'sama' to every Persona members? And why does it sound like Mariko is trying not to laugh out loud behind her?

"Are you and Riku-sama best of friends? Can you really make him to sign the CD?" The little girl leaned forward slightly, excitement showing on her face. It confuses Hinata even more. She tilted her head slightly.

"Why would you want Riku's--" She stopped herself as she puts the pieces back together. Something is definitely not right. The biggest clue she has would be her trying-not-to-laugh-but-obviously-failing-friend behind her who has her hand covered over her mouth.

"Your favorite Persona member is Kuu right?" Hinata asked for clarification. Her eyes narrowed when the girl shook her head.

"Na-uh. It's Riku-sama."

"Dun-dun-duuun...and her ego...shattered into pieces by a little girl. Oh the pain. The suffering. The sorrow..." Mariko said trying to imitate a radio drama.

"My sister and I like Riku-sama. I dun like Kuu-kun that much. He's my least favorite."

"Dun-dun-duunnn...and the plot thickens. Whatever will she do now?" Mariko exaggeratedly said, adding salt to the wound that's building inside Hinata as the latter stares at the girl with narrowed eyes. Before Mariko can add another insult, Hinata snatched the CD from the girl and stood up.

"Yeah well too bad. I don't think you deserve to buy this CD. I'm gonna tell on your sister that you broke her CD. So there! Bleh!" Hinata stuck out her tongue childishly at the surprised little girl. Mariko who was bewildered by Hinata's action, grabbed the CD from her friend and gave it back to the little girl.

"Are you insane?!" Mariko frowned as she turned to Hinata.

"She said she--" Hinata tried to explain but was cut off by Mariko who grabbed her collar from behind and dragged her towards the exit ignoring the protest coming from the birthday girl. The clerk from the store and the little girl can only watch with confusion as the two walked out of the store. Mariko continues to drag Hinata ignoring the weirded out stares coming their way. Only when Mariko walked a couple of blocks away from the store did she released her hold on Hinata's collar.

"God, even picking a fight with a little girl. You really are messed up." Mariko shook her head looking at Hinata in disgust as she walked ahead. A grown woman picking a fight with a kid. That is pretty messed up...and immature.

But then again, it is Hinata after all.

Hinata picked up her pace trying to catch up with the taller girl.

"She mislead me, telling me first that she liked Kuu then changing it to 'Riku-sama.' Ugh." Mariko raised her eyebrow as Hinata said Riku's name like it was the most distasteful thing in the world. Maybe she should remind her that Riku is Asahi in disguise and that she's her bestfriend.

Nah, maybe later.

"She actually said Riku's name the first time you asked her. Your ego probably took charge of the situation that you only heard the 'ku' part." Mariko glanced at her as they walk. She remembers how she internally thanked God and Riku's good looks that the little girl liked Riku. Thinking about it, how can the little girl not like Riku when...okay...maybe she shouldn't continue with that topic.

Somehow she keeps forgetting that Asahi is Riku.

'Got to stay focused and not be swayed with Riku's handsome looks.' Mariko thought with a sigh. That train of thought suddenly disappeared when her companion walked ahead, stopped then faced her, blocking her way.

"My anger towards that girl is justified you know! If it were you...if that girl was a fan of AKB48, then she told you that she doesn't like you, right in your face, wouldn't you get mad?!" Hinata reasoned, her hand placed on her waist as she frowned at her companion. Mariko has to admit that it was pretty justified for Hinata to get angry at the kid. If it were Mariko...then yes she'd get angry as well...but...

"She didn't say it directly to Kuu you know. She said it to Hinata." Mariko pointed out, crossing her arms to her chest.

"That's not the point!" Hinata stomped her feet, glaring at the taller girl, her voice a little louder than usual.

"It is a point. Plus, why are you taking what that girl said seriously? She's just a kid!"

"Kids don't lie!"

"Yeah they don't. But that doesn't mean that they know better." Hearing that somehow stunned Hinata. Mariko...has a point. Hell, she should take all of the points ever given to anyone for what she said.

At least that's what Hinata thinks.

"Look. I get why you're mad...but like I said, she's just a kid. Don't take whatever she said seriously." Mariko added, looking away from the girl and ignoring the looks being given by the strangers that pass by them. Can't blame them for the looks since the two are arguing about something so trivial as who is the little girl's favorite Persona the middle of the sidewalk.

Yup, weird looks are pretty much reasonable right now.

Seriously, why are they even discussing this again?

Mariko glanced at Hinata as she heard her sigh.

"I just frustrates me sometimes. It just feels like Kuu is just...a side character you know. An extra." Hinata shrugs, her eyes downcast.

Maybe that's why.

"Riku's got most of the fans because of his good looks. He has Katsuyuki-san plus Jiro...Kai gets a diva...what does Kuu get? Nothing." She added, pouting.

"You have fans as well you know. And just because you didn't end up with anyone doesn't mean that you're a side character."

"That's not making me feel better." Hinata narrowed her eyes.

"A side character is just as important as the main character. Side characters give color to the main character."

"So you do agree that I'm a side character! I'm just a measly crayon while Kai and Riku are the coloring book!" Hinata pointed out, glaring at the tall girl.

"I'm not saying that you're a side character! I'm just pointing out the importance of it!" Mariko glared back.

"And thus, you associate me to it!"

"Stop putting things into my mouth!" Mariko gritted her teeth obviously getting angry at the conversation that they're having.

"I'm not putting anything into your mouth! I'm just talking here!" Hinata exasperatedly said. The two glared at each other. Mariko has suddenly the urge to get back in the record store and beat the crap out of the little girl as she was definitely the reason why the two of them are arguing in the middle of the sidewalk. Obviously the girl damaged Hinata's ego real good.

Hinata's ego huh?

Maybe that's just it. Maybe Mariko just needs to boost up Hinata's ego back to life to stop this side character main character crap.

Sighing, Mariko decided to try it out.

"Two years ago, on my birthday, Ray gave me a gift that I truly treasure. Usually her gift to me would be something expensive you know, what with her being the diva having a fat paycheck."

"Is this story supposed to make me feel better?" Hinata narrowed her eyes at her.

"Just let me finish, dummy." Mariko glared at her. Impatient much?

"Just so you know, I'm giving you minus points for calling me a dummy." Hinata grumbled. Mariko shook her head and decided to continue her story.

"Anyway, it was my birthday right? She gave me a simple gift worth 1500 yen." Mariko smiled, her eyes on the ground as she remembers that certain gift from her bestfriend.

"A CD...from my favorite artist. Signed by the three members." Mariko said, her eyes slowly made its way to the other girl who was staring at her. It was apparent in the taller girl that Hinata knew what she was talking about. Of course she knows about it...

...because she was one of the three who signed it.

"Mari-chan...that was you...?" Hinata said softly as if in realization.

"You remember?"

"I honestly forgot the name but...I remember it now. I remember signing it and writing a message on it." A smile graced Hinata's lips.

"That was the first time I signed a CD..." Hinata remembers it clearly. How Ray suddenly bursts inside their dressing room holding a CD. She quickly made her way towards Kai, placing the CD at a table then glomping the blonde member who was sitting at the couch.

"Kai! I bought your CD and listened to it. You were so great!" Ray said as she hugged the shorter blonde who was trying to dislodge himself from her.

"It wasn't just Kai whom you should be praising you know." Riku mumbled from where he stood, his eyes narrowed. The blue member standing beside him just nodded his head in approval as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"Oh yeah, can you sign it? It's for my friend's birthday." Ray suddenly said as she looked at Riku still keeping a tight hold on their shorter member. Kai stopped struggling as he turned to his surprised fellow member. Kuu also turned to look, his sandwich stopping midway. Riku's eyes widen as three pair of eyes turned to him.

"M-me?" Riku pointed at her himself as she looked at Ray. Is Ray...talking to him? The Diva hardly give him a glance and now...she's finally acknowledging him and asking for a favor? And Ray has a friend?! Did he got sucked into a different  dimension or something?? Cause seriously...

...Ray has a friend?!!

"Yes. For some reason...she likes you." The diva shrugged not bothering to hide her disinterest. She honestly don't know why Mariko likes Riku so much. Nothing interests her while she's looking at the Persona leader. Sure he's a little good looking but...that's it. Ray can't see that special something from the Persona leader. That special something...that she can see clearly at Kai.

Oh well, at least there's one less competition for her.

"Eh? Why not let the three of us sign?" Kuu asked as he began to once again bite his sandwich.

"Because she only likes Riku, not YOU." Ray rolled her eyes at the pouting Kuu. She then turned to Kai, smiling widely.

"Nor you Kai, which I'm glad. That way I won't get to compete with her." She added, hugging the blonde member once again. Kai could only smile awkwardly not really knowing what he should feel about it.

"That's not a nice thing to say." Kuu grumbled.

"The thing is, she doesn't say anything nice to the two of us. We barely exist in her world." Riku sighed watching his fellow member trying to push away the diva away from him. Kuu turned to look at the two as well.

What Riku said might be right. To Ray, they barely exist. Never once did Ray greeted them. Not even in a music show wherein she guested together with Persona did she acknowledge them. Her eyes would only greet Kai and she wouldn't bother making eye contact with the other two who would also greet her in respect. It was always Kai.

"L-let go of me!!" Kai growled, pushing the taller girl away from him.

'But then again, maybe that's a good thing.' Riku and Kuu thought as they sighed.

"No! You're mine!"

Yup, definitely a good thing.

As the two continue to watch the scene that they can slightly relate with wrestling, something on the coffee table caught Kuu's eyes. It was the Persona CD that Ray bought. While eating the remains of his sandwich, he stares at the Persona CD at the table.

Well if the two of them barely exist...then they should just do whatever they want right?

And that includes not listening to the diva.

Kuu grinned at that.

"The three of you signed it, without Ray knowing."  Mariko said. She let out a chuckle as she added.

"And you guys signed it with a normal pen, leaving pen marks behind. Ray was pretty furious about it."

"Yeah. We can't find any markers at that time so we just decided to use a normal pen." Hinata said sheepishly. They were such a noob at that time signing that CD. Their penmanship was shaky, especially Hinata. She even made a mistake of writing 'H' instead of 'K' when she signed it that it looked like it was signed by 'Huu.' Hinata decided to just darken it and make it look like a 'K' slightly damaging its behind.

That was definitely the messiest autograph Persona ever did.

"Honestly, I'm glad you three signed it. Even though I liked that time...back then...meaning past tense..." Mariko said, ignoring the amused look of the other girl.

"...reading what you guys wrote, out of the three of you...surprisingly...your message stood out to me the most." Mariko began to walk ahead, saying that last part softly as she passed by the birthday girl. Hinata stood there for awhile, wondering if she heard Mariko right.

Did she just say...?

Turning to the taller girl, she noticed the growing distance between them.

"Hey! Wait up!" Hinata made her way to catch up to her. Once they were walking side by side again, Hinata glanced at the taller girl.

" that the end of the story because even though it was pretty sweet of you to say that..." Hinata couldn't help but smirk when she noticed Mariko's eyebrow twitched at the word sweet. Can't blame Hinata since it is pretty sweet of Mariko to say something like that.

It is Mariko-sama and all.

"Sweet...but I'm still missing the point of the story." Hinata pointed out. Mariko sighed at that, her eyes unable to look at the girl beside her.

"Point is, if you were a side character, you wouldn't stood out to me that much. My attention isn't for side character material you know."

"How much?" Hinata asked, grinning. Figures she'd ask that. Mariko couldn't help but shake her head.

"Awww. You're no fun." Hinata pouted as she looked away. A few seconds later she felt that skinny arm looping back to hers, much like what happened earlier. Turning to look at the taller girl, Hinata found her glancing at her, a small smile forming on her lips.

"Honestly, you're my second favorite Persona member."

A beat.

"Plus, just so you know, I don't go on a date with side characters." Mariko added still keeping that small smile on her face. Hinata stared at her for awhile until finally she gave her companion a beaming smile. Mariko smiled back...

...that is until the other girl broke the moment as she shouted,

"Hell yeah HIMARI!" Pumping her free hand in the air. That definitely earned them weird looks again. Mariko couldn't help but face palm herself as she blushed, obviously embarrassed to be seen with her gloating companion who has head held up again, smiling widely than usual.

Looks like Hinata's ego boosted a whole lot more than Mariko expected.

Maybe she should beat the crap out of herself now since this major ego boost is her fault.


Note: Last Hinata chap!  :)


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Yay! You're still alive!! Almost forgot about this side chapter until I got an e-mail update.  :nervous

Anyway, I don't think this was messy at all. It show just how 'messed' up the HiMari relationship is.  :lol:

One thing that caught my attention: Hinata mumbling about tall dinosaur women. Is that a reference to another AKB x Mendol fanfic? *coughimmo's*cough

Anyway, babbling aside, I'll update again next week:)

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I quickly registered here when I saw that you updated. You have no idea how much your update made squeal! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!  :w00t:
I'm so glad you updated. I read this fanfic of yours two months ago because a friend of mine recommended it and it got me hooked.  I love it!! I love the Mariko x Miichan pairing. I love them here.   :inlove: And now you're back and updating again! You are back right? You said you'll update next week right? I'll hold on to your words then. :) Thank you for the update and More HiMari please! XD.

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As usual, your stories always cracks me up. This pair is really funny.
Hinata fighting with a little girl, that's hilarious.

Please update soon, I'll be waiting for next week's update, that is if you're having an update
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You're back!! YOU'RE BACKKKKK!! OMG how many times that I have to say I love you?? You know, right? RIGHT?  :deco: :deco:

Gosh, it's been like forever! and like Bou said, we're too "old" lololol

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Now I definitely buy you Katsudon!  :bow:  :bow:

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:O you are back!!

loving the PoF! and loving everything else xD
its great you came back with an update :) even though it may not be as long but it is just as awesome as the rest  :thumbsup
hinata is just one funny girl  :lol: and forever trying to form the himari pairing hahaha  XD

cant wait til you update again next week :) love your work!

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Loving all these HIMARI chapters! I want more <3

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I love you so much for updating this  :heart: I now officially ship HiMari pairing, that's just so sweet.  :deco:
thanks you very much for updating! You just don't know how much it made me happy  :heart: :heart:

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