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Author Topic: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (Nami/Ray, Nami/Acchan) - COMPLETED  (Read 166704 times)

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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I realized something else... what happened to Yuko after she fainted? Or was that explained already and I missed it?

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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^ I believe it was never explained yet why or what happened after she fainted.. maybe we'll get a flashback on that or it will be included in the KojiYuu extra..

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Thanks again for the thanks, the replies and the pms!  :bow: :bow: :bow: Sorry about the lateness though.  :nervous I'm thanking YUI's songs for bringing me back to life though.  :thumbsup

Oh yeah, I purposely didn't explain what happened to Yuko when she fainted just to add that to the side story somehow. I'll let Asahi tell you what happened at that time.

Next chapter would be the climax...although this chapter is a bit of a climax as well... :nervous :nervous

Thanks again!  :bow:

Chapter 11

“Are you sure you don’t want us to spend the night?” Nami asked at Ray who was sitting on her bed. Ray turned to her then looked away blushing holding the bridge of her nose.

“I said ‘us’. Don’t replace that to ‘me’ please.” Nami said as she rolled her eyes at the diva who obviously liked the idea of Nami spending the night at her house. She only imagines Nami spending the night ignoring the other three standing in front of her waiting for her answer. Mariko sighed and shook her head knowing that her friend is once again in lala Nami land.

“C’mon. She’s obviously fine now. Let’s go.” Mariko said as she pushed Asahi and Hinata and took hold of Nami’s hand and led them out of the room. It was then Ray’s dream world bursts.


“Bye Ray! We’ll call you up later!” Mariko yelled as she pushed the three towards the front door. They stepped out of the diva’s house except for Nami who tugged back. Mariko turned to her confused. Hinata grinned at her and did her perverted man look at Nami.

“Oooh. It looks like Nami-chan wants to spend the night with her girlfriend.”

Asahi giggled while Mariko released Nami’s hand and grinned. Nami rolled her eyes at the three.

“No. I just forgot to put the fruits I bought to her fridge.”

“Rrrrriiiiiiggghhhhtttt.” Hinata said wiggling her eyebrow.

“Wanna die?” Nami growled at Hinata who immediately hid behind Asahi. Mariko shook her head still grinning.

“Just go do your thing. And hurry up.”

“Why does it feel like you don’t believe me?” Nami said as she raised her eyebrow.

“Does it really matter?” Mariko shrugged as Nami just stared at her. Somehow Nami was reminded of her inner Mariko-sama when she heard that. They really are so alike.

“Just go and hurry up. I wanna go home and sleep.” Mariko pushed her inside the diva’s house.

“Alright. Alright. I’ll be just a second.”

With that, Nami quietly walked inside the diva’s room where she placed the fruits that she bought by the diva’s bed. She peeked inside the diva’s room and noticed her getting ready to lie down in her bed. Nami eyes the plastic bag by Ray’s bed. She didn’t want to be seen by Ray but she guess it’s inevitable since the girl is still awake. Waiting for her to fall asleep would just annoy Mariko who wants to go home.

Ray was already sitting on her bed with the sheets covering her waist downward when she heard Nami sigh. She looked at the open door surprised.

“Nami-chan? I thought you already left.”

“Yeah well, I just forgot something. Don’t mind me.” Nami said as she picked up the plastic bag full of fruits.

“Oh. So you aren’t going to spend the night?” Ray asked pouting.

“Do you want me to?”

Ray’s eyes widen then quickly nodded upon hearing Nami’s question. She does want Nami to spend the night. No doubt about that.

“Then no. I’m not spending the night.” Nami said smirking when Ray frowned at her grumbling out a ‘meanie.’

“Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you. Take care of yourself alright? No more overdoing things. Anyway, Good night Ray.”

“No good night kisses?” Ray asked. Nami who was walking towards the door stopped and turned to Ray.

“Do you want me to kiss you?” Nami asked and Ray blushed at the question. She remembered Nami asking something similar just seconds ago and thinking that it was another trick question, she hesitantly shook her head no.

“Eh. Too bad.” Nami said as she shrugged then walked out of her room. Nami couldn’t help but chuckle as she heard Ray call her a meanie once again.

Nami walked towards Ray’s kitchen smiling. She opened the diva’s fridge and placed the fruits inside. With that done, she walked towards the front door but stopped when she heard some buzzing sound.

It was Ray’s phone vibrating on the living room table. Someone must be calling her.

Nami curiously walked towards it and looked at the name flashing. She frowned disturbed to see the unexpected name flashing on the screen of Ray’s cell phone. She picked up the phone and stared at it.

Okuma Yuu was calling Ray.

End of Flashback

Nami suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder which brought her back from her thoughts. She turned and saw Maeda looking at her worriedly.

“Are you okay?” Maeda asked as she squeezed the other girls’ shoulder.

“Yeah. Sorry about that. I was just thinking about something.” Nami said smiling slightly. Maeda kept her gaze on her. She knew that something was troubling the girl since she had been calling Nami for awhile now, but somehow Nami kept her gaze on her phone that she’s holding. It’s like she’s waiting for something to appear in her phone.

A certain call or mail from someone perhaps?

“They said our table is ready, we should go now.”

“Uh…Y-yeah. Sure.” Nami said as she looked at the restaurant and nodded following Maeda inside. She tried to focus but thoughts of Okuma Yuu and Ray keep plaguing her mind.


“Why are we here?” Mariko asked as she narrowed her eyes looking at the person in front of her. Ray was obviously ignoring her as she sneaks a look at the other table. Mariko shook her head and sighed.

Mariko, Asahi and Hinata were exempted from their practice by Akimoto-san saying that the three are picked by a well-known person in the entertainment industry for them to observe how that person handles her job professionally. Everyone seemed jealous at the fact that they were chosen. The three were surprised and at the same time thrilled thinking that they could somehow use the pointers that they’re going to learn from this well-known person. All thoughts of learning something suddenly flew away when Ray suddenly walked inside their rehearsal room wearing her sweet, brilliant but fake smile.

“You lucky girls are going to learn from the diva herself. I’m sure you three will learn a lot from her.”

The three stared astonished at the appearance of the diva for awhile. If you observe them closely, you’d see that they look like their excitement and energy got sucked out by the diva’s appearance. The diva gave them a smile.

“Oh I’m sure they’re going to learn a lot from me.”

They shivered knowing that that the diva’s smile would entail something Nami related. Since Nami and Maeda are out of town for work related purposes and are going to spend the night there…together…in a hotel…alone…TOGETHER.

“I think I’ll change my question since the answer is so blatantly obvious. So I’ll change my question to; why the hell are we dressed like this?!” Mariko asked as she looked at what she’s wearing. She was disguised as a man complete with a wig and glasses.

“Shh! Stop whining or they’ll hear us.” Ray said as she fixed her fake mustache. Ray was also dressed up as a man as she wears a wig, a hat, sunglasses and her fake mustache which she seems to be touching most of the time.

“They won’t hear us. They’re two tables away from us you know.” Mariko mumbled as she rolled her eyes.

“Well uh…don’t you think that dressing up like this just to spy on Nami and Acchan seems a little bit over the top?” Asahi asked as she herself looked at the clothes she’s wearing. She was dressed as a girl. Her hair was tied in a pigtail as she wears a beret and aviator glasses. She was playing the role of Mariko’s girlfriend. At least that’s what Ray told them to be.

Mariko looked at her and frowned.

“At least you’re not dressed like this you know.”

“Don’t forget that we DID dress up like that a couple of months ago. So we kinda know how it feels.” Hinata said as she took a bite of the bread that she’s holding. She was also dressed up as a girl wearing a long blonde wig with a military cap on and sunglasses covering her eyes. She was playing the role of Ray’s girlfriend.

Ray was opposed to the idea at first thinking that Hinata as her girlfriend would be too much for her to handle. The girl’s unpredictability seems to be a cause of trouble most of the time. You’d never know when she’ll blow up with her crazy ideas or antics. At least that’s what she heard from Mariko back then. But Ray eventually gave in to the idea since Mariko angrily told her that if she has a pretend girlfriend Ray should have one too. So Ray is stuck having Hinata as her pretend girlfriend.

“She’s right. They did dress up as guys back then. So why are WE the one’s dressed up as guys now?” Mariko asked frowning at Ray. It was Ray’s idea that she and Mariko dressed up as guys and Asahi and Hinata dressed up as girls.

“Oh please. You just want to see your pretend girlfriend there to dress up as Riku again.” Ray said as she crossed her arm and looked challengingly at Mariko. Hinata and Asahi stared at Ray shocked. Did Ray just say that Mariko…..?

“SHUT UP!” Mariko yelled as she slammed both her hands on their table standing up. She was blushing furiously as she glared at Ray. Her outburst definitely earned the attention of everyone inside the restaurant including Maeda and Nami who turned to look at the commotion. Mariko flinched when she saw Nami and Maeda looking at her two tables away from them.

“G-Gomen.” Mariko said to everyone who was looking at her in her pretend male voice as she bowed.

“Nice going Mari-chan. You almost blew our cover.” Ray hissed as Mariko sat down giving Ray a sinister glare. Ray seems unfazed by the glare Mariko is giving her as she just rolled her eyes and slouched at her seat. Hinata found it funny that the great Mariko likes/liked Riku. She was about to say something to tease the tall girl when Mariko’s glare turned to her.

“If you say a word about it, I swear I’ll shove those bread into your mouth until you choke to death.” Mariko snarled which made Hinata shut her mouth, gulping nervously. Asahi couldn’t help but smirk when she saw Hinata’s scared face. She froze though when Mariko glared at her.

Angry Mariko is scary.

Asahi turned her attention back to the two that they were spying on and saw that Nami was looking at them frowning. She moved closer to Mariko who was still glaring at Ray and whispered.

“Nami is looking at us.” Mariko upon hearing Asahi, Mariko glanced at Nami and Maeda’s table and saw that Nami was indeed looking at them. She immediately wrapped her arm over Asahi’s shoulder as she saw Nami telling Maeda something then standing up heading towards their table.

“Sh-she’s coming here.” Mariko said as Hinata and Ray glanced back and saw that Nami was indeed heading their way frowning.

“Wh-what do we do?” Ray asked frantically. If Nami catches them, they’re dead!

“I know.” Hinata said as she took hold of Ray’s collar jacket and pulled her closer to her.

“Kiss me.” Hinata ordered the diva pretending to be her boyfriend. Even though they were both wearing sunglasses, Hinata could still see the diva’s eyes doubled in size.

“Wh-what?! No wa-urrrrrmmmmppphhh….?”

Mariko and Asahi stared in shock as Hinata and Ray kissed. Asahi noticed Nami getting near and immediately wrapped her arms on her pretend boyfriend’s slim waist and placed her head on her shoulder. Mariko stiffened but then saw Nami and decided to play along.


Nami didn’t know why, but the guy who just made the outburst feels familiar somehow. Like she’d seen him earlier a couple of times. Were they…following them?

She stood up and excused herself to Maeda as she decided to check things out. She walked towards the couples’ table and saw that one couple was kissing while the other was cuddling. She stopped near their table frowning as she felt like she’s intruding on their…couple time.

The blonde girl who was kissing her boyfriend pulled away from the kiss and stared at Nami.

“Yes? Can I help you?” The blonde girl asked. Somehow Nami thinks that the girl is a foreigner what with the distinct accent in her voice and her hair blonde.

“Uh…no it’s nothing. I just thought that I knew you from somewhere. My mistake.” Nami shook her head and smiled nervously.

“Yeah? Well then get lost. My woman seems to be uncomfortable with you staring at us like that.” The man with the glasses said which made his girlfriend whimper in delight nuzzling her face to her boyfriend’s neck.

Nami suddenly felt uncomfortable seeing couples this close being lovey-dovey. She bowed at them and apologized.

“Gomen for disturbing you.” With that said she turned back and walked away from the table. She frowned wondering why she felt that they were familiar to her earlier.

‘Maybe I’m just imagining it.’ Nami thought as she went back to her and Maeda’s table.


The three girls sighed in relief as they watch Nami walk away. Asahi and Mariko glanced at each other then quickly put some space between them when they noticed the position that they were still in. Both were blushing slightly.

“D-don’t do that again!” Mariko said. She was trying so hard not to shiver when Asahi nuzzled her face to her neck. It was so uncomfortable for the tall girl.

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on repeating that performance ever.” Asahi said also feeling awkward with their earlier position. She only did that to somehow fool Nami into believing that Mariko and she are really a couple since they are disguised as one.

“You two are actually pretty convincing. Good job!” Hinata said grinning as she gave Mariko and Asahi a thumbs up.

“I wouldn’t be grinning like that if I were you.” Mariko pointed out as she noticed Ray glaring and gritting her teeth at Hinata. She just came out of her shock from the kiss that Hinata gave her. Ray surprised Hinata when she grabbed her shirt and shook the pretend blonde girl hard.

“How dare you kiss me!! HOW. DARE. YOU!”

“I…w-was just…t-trying…to be…c-c-convincing to…N-N-Nami…and w-w-well…I-I’m getting…d-d-d-izzy…” Hinata said as Ray kept on shaking her. Mariko and Asahi stood up and pulled the two away from each other. They were causing a scene to the people near them as they stared at the four.

“You’re probably going to look at me like I’m insane for saying this but…I think you should thank Hinata for that quick thinking she did.” Mariko sighed as she held Ray by her shoulder trying to move the girl away from Hinata. Ray really did look at her like she’s insane for saying that. How could she say that she should thank Hinata for…for kissing her! Her! No one can kiss her…besides Nami that is.


“Okay, first…shut up because you’re causing a scene here.” Mariko said as she smiled and bowed at the people looking at them. She took Hinata’s seat and sat down. Hinata took Mariko’s seat as she sat down beside Asahi.

“If it wasn’t for Hinata, we could have blown our cover by now. Nami’s a shy girl…believe it or not…and well, I’m sure she must’ve been uncomfortable witnessing couples being all coupley earlier. Probably one of the reasons why she left. Plus she prevented you from being gaga over Nami.” Mariko glanced at Hinata and noticed her smug smile. She rolled her eyes upon seeing that.

“Are you saying that I can’t act?” Ray asked glaring at Mariko. How can she be a bad actress when she had a couple of commercials, drama guestings and even music videos wherein she is required to act? You can’t even hear any complaints or bad reviews from anyone based on her acting! So for Mariko to say that she can’t act was like a slap to her diva face.

“No. I was implying that you can’t act when you’re in front of Nami.”

“Is that a challenge?” Ray asked as she grits her teeth.

“If by challenge you mean you’re going to head over to Nami and Acchan’s table and prove to us that you are the Goddess of all actresses in Japan…then no. I’m not challenging you.” Mariko said as she rolled her eyes.

“Just so you know…I don’t like you very much right now…” Ray narrows her eyes dangerously at Mariko.

“Well, the feeling is mutual.” Mariko glared at her remembering when Ray somewhat outed her about Riku.

“Okay, okay. I think we should all just calm down and focus on why we’re here rather than kill each other.” Asahi suggested not believing that she just said that since she really didn’t want to spy on Nami anymore. They have been following the two since morning and well, they’re really not doing anything that exciting.

“Yeah? Well I suggest we just go home. They’re just doing promotional stuff. It’s not something that you should get all green with envy.” Mariko sighed and shook her head. Both Hinata and Asahi nodded their head in approval. They turned to Ray hoping that she’d approve. She is their ticket home like literally since she has their plane ticket.

“No. We have to watch them. I’m sure something will happen. I’m sure that Acchan isn’t going to let this time pass without doing something to my Nami.” Mariko rolled her eyes at what Ray said. Nothing’s going to change if they continue to sit here and discuss the possessiveness of Ray has on Nami. Without any second thoughts, Mariko stood up, took Ray’s hand and dragged her towards the exit.

“We’re going and that’s that. This is getting ridiculous really.”


“No! Nothing is going to happen to them. Stop being so paranoid when it comes to Nami and Acchan. Nami isn’t the type of girl to do something that would jeopardize your non-existing romantic relationship with her. And stop thinking that Acchan is like the wall in your Romeo and Juliet delusional fantasy you have with Nami.”


Getting annoyed, Mariko stopped dragging Ray when they were near the exit and faced her.

“Fine. Tell me one good reason why we shouldn’t get out of here and continue this whole stalking business.”

“…We haven’t paid for our meal yet.” Ray said as she rolled her eyes. Mariko shrugged realizing that what Ray said was true. She dragged Ray to a waiter in order for them to pay for their meal with Hinata and Asahi following them.

 Hinata who was beside Asahi as they wait for Ray to pay for their meal, turned to Nami and Maeda’s table. She grinned and decided to head over there and have some fun.

“Where are you going?” Asahi asked as she watches Hinata walk away.

“I’ll be right back.”


Nami and Maeda were laughing when the blonde girl from earlier stopped at their table. Nami quickly stood up and apologized once again.

“Ah. I’m sorry again for what happened earlier.” Nami said as she bowed politely. Maeda looks at Nami confused as to why the girl was apologizing. She did imitate her friend and bowed at the girl too.

“Forget it. Anyway, I just realized something. I think I’ve seen you two in TV before. You’re from Ahabra88 right?” The blonde girl asked with that same accent Nami heard earlier.

“Uh…it’s actually akb48. Short for Akihabara48.” Maeda explained smiling slightly. Nami smiled as well.

“Whatever. Anyway, I saw the cutest girl there and well, I wanted to know if you are good friends with her.”

“Uh…what’s her name?” Nami asked feeling a little uncomfortable but she still kept her smile.

“I think her name was…what was her name again? I know it starts with an H.” The blonde taps her finger on her chin as if recalling the member’s name. Nami and Maeda looked at each other. There are a lot of members with their name starting with an H in akb48 so they were clueless as to who the girl was talking about.

“She’s quite a beauty. I think her name has a ‘na’ or something.” The blonde hopes that they finally get her name. But looking at the faces of the two, they still don’t know the girl she’s talking about.

“There’s a ‘ta’ at the end?” Still nothing. Still blank stares from the two. Can you hear the crickets? Apparently Hinata can. The pretend blonde girl was getting a little frustrated.

“Hinata?” The blonde girl said in a flat voice. Both Nami and Maeda finally knew the girl she’s talking about as they smiled and nodded their head.

“Oh Hinata! Yeah, we’re good friends.” Nami said as she gave the blonde girl a genuine smile.

“Really?” The blonde asked not really believing the small girl since she does beat the other girl a lot. So it’s a little bit understandable that the blonde girl…who is Hinata in disguise…is a bit doubtful. But there is such a thing as tough love you know.

“Yeah. She’s one of my best friends and I really hope would be one of my forever friends in the future.”

Somehow hearing those from Nami made the blonde girl falter. Nami never told Hinata that…and well, to say that to a stranger without knowing that the stranger that she’s talking to was in fact Hinata…it’s…well…flattering. It’s Nami afterall. Nami who seldom say mushy stuff. That Nami! And to say it with a loving smile in her face made the blonde girl shake slightly wanting to hug the girl.

“She’s a great friend...even if she’s insane most of the time” Nami added as she chuckled. The blonde couldn’t take it anymore. Nami was just so cute and the things that she’s saying makes her feel those warm fuzzies in her stomach. She can almost feel her eyes tearing up. Thankfully she’s wearing sunglasses.

She was about to lunge at the girl for her cuteness when an arm quickly wrap around her shoulder preventing her from moving. She looked and saw that it was Mariko.

“Hey. Are you sweet talking my girl here?” Male Mariko asked with his/her male voice and his/her eyes narrowed.

“Uh. Isn’t the girl wearing the beret your girl?” Nami asked as she clearly remembers that the blonde was making out with a different man and the glasses guy was holding the beret girl earlier.

Mariko seems to be taken aback by the question. Nami was right. Asahi was her pretend girlfriend…not Hinata.

“She’s right you know.” Blonde girl Hinata whispered to Mariko.

“Uh w-well…we often trade girlfriends…so you know.” Mariko shrugged nervously. Both she and Hinata laugh nervously hoping Nami doesn’t find that suspicious.

“Oh…uh…that’s nice…” Nami said as she smiled uncomfortably at the two. It’s the first time she heard of trading lovers. She’s trying to not make a face when she heard that. She glanced at Maeda and found her smiling and frowning slightly at the same time. Goes to show that she too found what the man said weird.

“Well as much as we want to stay and chat about…uhm…our trading system…” Nami was tempted to narrow her eyes at that. She really didn’t want to know their trading system when it comes to their lovers.

“…we have a plane to catch. So, it’s nice talking to you guys. Have a lovely meal.” Mariko said as she waved her hand at the two dragging Hinata by her shoulder. She stopped suddenly after a couple of steps then turned back as if she remembered something.

“Oh yeah. That Shinoda chick with you guys? She’s hot!” Male Mariko said as she grinned and gave them a thumbs up. Nami and Maeda nodded while laughing nervously as they watch the two walk away again. These were the days when they wish their manager joined them to eat.

“Tell that Hinata girl she’s cute!” Blonde girl Hinata said as she waved at the two. They watch as the two walked towards their other two companions and exits the restaurant except for the guy with the beard. He stared Nami and Maeda for awhile then hesitantly walked outside to join the three.

Nami frowned wondering what was up with that man. Was that man looking at her or at Maeda? Nami couldn’t tell what with his sunglasses covering the man’s eyes.

“You know, you have a way of attracting people.” Maeda said as she sat back down smiling.

“You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.” Nami said chuckling as she sat down.

“No…I actually think it’s a good thing.” Maeda said still smiling as she looked at the exit.


“Uwaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” Nami moaned as she stretched her arms upward. She then rests her head on the table using her arm as a pillow. She had been writing in her diary for an hour now while waiting for Maeda who suddenly had a meeting with some TV producer. Of course Nami was asked to go back to their room rather than wait for the girl. She didn’t argue since she was a bit tired. They had been doing promotions and going around looking at the location where their next PV is going to be filmed.

It was an odd request coming from Akimoto-san. Usually he was the one to look over the location, not members. Luckily the director was nice even if he was really mad at what happened while they were shooting their previous PV. He was somewhat surprised when they saw the two of them though.

‘I wonder what’s up with that.’ Nami thought as she sighed. Her eyes were getting drowsy as she stares at her phone beside her. She groaned when her phone suddenly vibrates. She lazily reached for it and flipped it open.

Ray sent her a mail.

Frowning, she opened it and read what was probably the shortest message the diva had mailed her…ever.

‘I miss you. ’

Her sleepiness suddenly disappeared as she sat up and stared at the message. It somehow made her remember about Okuma Yuu calling the diva that time when she was sick. She wonders why she can’t get it off her mind. Why can’t she forget about it?

She turned towards the door when she heard a click. The door opened as Maeda stepped in looking tired.

“Tadaima…” Maeda said as she immediately lay down on her bed. Nami couldn’t help but chuckle at how tired Maeda sounded.

“Okaeri.” Nami said smiling as she closed her phone. Maeda turned to her and gave her a tired smile.

“So what did my wife do while I’m away?” Nami couldn’t help but laugh as she heard that. Somehow it did look like they were a married couple and Nami was the wife waiting for her husband, Maeda to come home from work. Nami decided to play along.

“I was just writing in my diary while waiting for my husband.”

“You have a diary?” Maeda asked slightly surprised. She turned to lie down on her stomach as she watches Nami lie down on her own bed.

“Yeah I know it’s surprising since we’re in the age wherein we write those things in a computer and blog it. But I prefer the old method really.”

“I’m actually more surprised about the fact that YOU have a diary.” Maeda stated as she giggled earning Nami a scowl on her face.

“Don’t get mad. I’m just saying that it’s totally the opposite of what I thought you would be.” Maeda added. Nami faced her still lying on the bed.

“Oh? Then what did you imagine me to be? Don’t tell me you also think that I’m rash and aggressive?” Nami asked remembering Mariko’s words on what her alter-ego was like. If Kai was like that, then she’s sure that Nami is the same as well. They are one in the same.

“Well…something like that I guess.” Maeda smiled not anymore feeling sleepy as she talks to Nami. Somehow talking to her friend here always brings back her energy. Maeda thinks of her as her coffee sometimes. Her everyday coffee.

“Ugh. Not you too.” Nami groaned. Somehow hearing that from Maeda was somewhat depressing. It feels like she failed on life or something. But wait…

“Uh wait…does that have to do with what you said a couple of days ago when you thanked me for helping you again?” Nami asked remembering when Maeda thanked her for comforting her that time she really needed it. She still can’t remember the time when she helped the girl other than that day when she cried. She checked her diary just to see if somehow she recorded it but found nothing. Just some things about Maeda and how she would stare at her a lot back then. She couldn’t help but smile slightly remembering those uncomfortable moments where she would find Maeda staring at her.

“Oh that. Yeah, somehow you made a great impression on me that day.”

“Being rash and aggressive is a great impression on you?” Nami asked with her eyebrow raised.

“No. Actually at that time I thought you were nice and sweet…” Maeda said as she smiled. Somehow that surprised Nami. Maeda thought that…she was sweet…?

“…and a bit rash and aggressive.” Maeda added smirking.

‘Figured she’d add that.’ Nami thought as she eyes narrowed at Maeda.

“Don’t look at me like that. I added nice and sweet right?” Maeda giggled.

“It makes me wonder what I did that I made those kind of impressions on you.” Nami sighed.

“You don’t need to wonder. I can tell it to you if you want.”


“Yeah. It’s not that great of a story anyway.” Maeda said in a soft voice. Nami probably wouldn’t think of that story as great, but Maeda…secretly think that it is. It was the day when she started noticing the little girl. It made her want to get to know the girl. It was the day she wanted to get closer to her…

“Then tell me the story Okaasan.” Nami grinned as she sat up.

“I thought I was your husband.”

“Yeah well, you’re my everything…” Nami said still grinning. Maeda was surprised at what Nami said. She couldn’t help but blush. You can’t blame her since she’s been labeled by Nami as her ‘everything’.

“…my husband, my Okaasan, my Otoosan, Oniisan, Oneesan, Oba-“ Nami added but Maeda cut her off.

“Alright alright. I get it.” Maeda said as she waved her off. Nami just had to add that. She giggled at it though finding it typical for Nami to say that. Still it was a bit sweet of her to say that Maeda is her everything…but then her sweetness went downhill when she added those silly everything that she has on mind.

Still sweet though…

“So are you going to tell me a bed time story or what?”

“You’re a persistent Mago aren’t you?” Maeda grinned as Nami shrugged. Maeda shook her head and sighed.

“It was a lot like what happened a couple of days ago when I cried my eyes off. It was a month after our debut. A magazine just featured us and well…they titled me as the face of akb48. I was talking to Akimoto-san at that time…” Maeda looked at the bed sadly remembering the day well.


“So you’re fine with being the face of akb48?” Akimoto-san asked smiling. He and Maeda are walking towards the theater as they talk. Maeda looked at the floor unsure.

“But…I don’t know if I can achieve your expectation. I don’t know if I’m cut out to be the face of akb48.”

“What I expect of you is to just always do your best. That’s your only task as the face of akb48.”

“But shouldn’t be the face of akb48, be able to pull the group to success?”

“That task should be done as a group. Being in akb48 means that you belong to the group. You shouldn’t carry such a heavy task by yourself. A face cannot be complete without a head and a body. You should know that.” Akimoto-san said as they stopped walking. They were in the backstage of the theater. They could hear some of the girls talking waiting for the others to show up.

Maeda understood what Akimoto-san was saying. But she still can’t help but feel uncertain about things.

“Oh my God. The face of akb48? You have got to be kidding.” A girl said loudly as she laughed. Frowning, Maeda peeped through the curtain trying to hide. She saw a girl holding the magazine that gave her the title of the face of akb48. A bunch of girls turned to look as well.

“Her? Really? C’mon! They can pick better than that! This is the girl who was too shy to say something in auditions! How can they pick her?” The girl added still laughing. Maeda gripped the curtain tight. She didn’t want to cry. No, she shouldn’t cry. As an idol, she should always take criticism…whether it’s good or bad…whether it’s degrading or not…whether it hurts or not…she should take it.

“So what? You think you’re better than her?” Someone snorted. Maeda was surprised when she heard that. She looked around wondering who said that.

“You got a problem shorty?” The girl with the magazine asked looking at someone at the bench where the audience sits. Maeda looked and saw Kawachi Nami standing up. Her two friends, Wakamatsu Asahi and Otawa Hinata were trying to prevent the girl from moving towards magazine girl.

“My problem is that when you have nothing nice to say…then don’t say anything at all.”

“What are you? Her gnome in shinning armor?” Magazine girl smirked. Somehow that just exasperates Nami even more that Asahi and Hinata are pushing or pulling the girl who was trying to move towards magazine girl.

“Oh yeah? Say that here frog face and show me what you got!”

“What did you say?!” Magazine girl stood up glaring at Nami.

“Oh…did that hurt you little Kerokeropi?” Nami said in a mocking voice.

“At least kerokeropi is cute you…domo-kun!” Most girls on magazine girl’s side was trying to push her away too as she starts walking towards Nami.

“Domo-kun is cute stupid!” Nami growled.

“So is Kerokeropi!”

“Domo-kun is much cuter than Kerokeropi!”

Maeda’s eyes narrowed as she watched the bickering continue. If this was an anime she’d have a sweat drop by now. Now they’re arguing who is cuter, Kerokeropi or Domo-kun. Maeda wonders if the two know that they’re arguing over something so little as to who’s cuter.

Maeda suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and saw Akimoto-san smiling. Somehow she forgot that he was also there.

“I want you to come back here after things have cooled down. An hour maybe.” Akimoto-san tapped her shoulder and walked out to the bickering girls. Maeda watched as all girls immediately settled down when they saw Akimoto-san. She was intrigued wondering what Nami would do when Akimoto-san asked who was the started the bickering. All girls were quiet for awhile looking at both magazine girl and Nami. Maeda stared surprised when Nami stepped forward and told Akimoto-san that she was the one who started the lame fight that they had.

She kept staring at the girl wondering what she was thinking. Why did she defend Maeda when they’re not friends? They hardly even speak to each other. So…why…?

That day changed everything. Maeda’s interest was intrigued by Nami. It was that day when her eyes would follow the small girl. It was that day when she decided that she wanted to know Kawachi Nami…

…and maybe…be friends with her…

***End of Flashback***

Maeda was now lying on her back as she stared at the ceiling. There’s this part of her that didn’t want to see Nami’s face as she ends her story. She didn’t know why really. Probably because she didn’t want to see Nami having that ‘that’s it?’ face on her. Like it’s not a big deal for her because…for Maeda it is.

“I still think Domo-kun is cuter.” Nami mumbled and Maeda couldn’t help but giggle. Yeah, for Maeda, Domo-kun is cuter.

“Now I remember. That girl quit a couple of weeks ago after that right?” Nami asked as she looked at Maeda.

“Yeah. Mariko took her place instead.”

“Yeah…” Nami didn’t know why that girl quit. Nobody didn’t know why. Some say that it was because Nami was chosen as Captain and well the girl couldn’t take it. But that was just rumors.

Somehow, Nami was glad the girl quit though. That girl was so conceited that she hardly has any friends. But the members were civil towards her. Except Nami. They would always bicker over little things since they had that fight over Kerokeropi and Domo-kun. Those bickering would sometimes get a little bit heated and the girls would always pull them apart.

Somehow thinking about it…Nami understood why Maeda thought that she was rash and aggressive.

“Akimoto-san didn’t punish you right?”

“He didn’t. He just warned me. Now I know why.” Nami was surprised when instead of punishing her, Akimoto-san tapped her on the back and told her not to do it again. She was glad and at the same time felt weird at that time.

“Hey, can I ask you something?” Maeda asked still staring at the ceiling. Nami frowned slightly holding a pillow to her chest.


“Why did you do that?” Maeda asked in a soft voice. There’s a certain innocence in her voice that somehow reminds Nami of how a child would ask her mother about a certain thing. She smiled slightly thinking that it was cute.

“Honestly, I was a bit cranky at that time. I think that was the time Hinata ate my katsudon when I told her a hundred times not to eat it.” It was true. Nami packed it for her lunch at that time and when she took a bath it was suddenly gone. She immediately seek out Hinata who denied eating it when it fact…there was a rice on the side of her face.

“Really?” Maeda giggled.

“Yeah. But then again, that girl always rubbed me the wrong way. She was just so full of herself. She probably said that about you because she was jealous.”

“Were you…?”


“Were you…ever jealous of me having that title…?” Maeda asks timidly. Nami stares at her for awhile wondering why the sudden questioning. Somehow everything feels a little bit heavy compared to earlier when they were joking around. But something tells Nami that Maeda wants a certain assurance from Nami that she wasn’t like other girls who judge her because of her title.

“I am a little bit jealous of the attention that you are getting…” Nami smiled looking at the pillow she’s holding.

“…but when I think about it…I shouldn’t really be jealous since I got your attention instead. I mean how great is that? I got the attention of the face of akb48!” Nami smirked. It’s true that sometimes she feels a little jealous of Maeda…but that jealousy would soon disappear whenever Maeda would smile at her. It’s like an assurance to Nami that regardless of the fame Maeda is getting…she’s till looking at Nami. Their friendship is more important than the fame and the stupid title.

Nami could see Maeda smiling as she closed her eyes. Somehow that reminds Nami about the meeting Maeda had. Maybe changing the topic would make this heavy atmosphere disappear.

“Oh yeah. How was your meeting earlier?”

“They offered me to star in a dorama.”

“Wow! That’s great!”

“Yeah…” Maeda sighed sadly. Nami frowned upon hearing it. Shouldn’t be Maeda happy that she’s going to star in a dorama?

“Hey Nami-chan…can you promise me something?”

“Uh…what?” Nami frowned confused.

“Promise me that nothing will ever change between us after this day…” Maeda said softly in a tired manner as she slowly sat up, her back facing Nami who was still confused at Maeda’s sudden request.


“Just…promise me.” Maeda glanced at Nami over her shoulder. They stared for awhile until Nami nodded still unsure why Maeda seems to be acting all mysterious on her.

“Okay. I promise.” Nami said. Maeda smiled hearing Nami. She looked at the floor and sighed. Nami could see her gripping the sheet of the bed. It’s like she’s internalizing on something.

“Okay.” Maeda said as she stood up. Her voice a little bit louder than earlier. It’s like she’s gathering up her courage. Nami stared at her frowning slightly when Maeda walked towards her. She tilted her head when Maeda stopped in front of her looking down at her.

“Remember…you promised…” Maeda said her voice once again soft. Nami was about to ask her what’s up with her when Maeda sat down on her bed, cupped Nami’s cheek and surprised the hell out of Nami when she slowly kissed her…

…on her lips…


“It surprised me that you would send those two here.” The director from earlier said as he talked to Akimoto-san on the phone.

“So how was it when you saw them?”

“Well, getting past the surprise I felt at that time…I can somehow see what you told me about them having a certain something.” The director said as he frowned and looked at the picture of both Nami and Maeda that he asked someone to take. In the picture the two are laughing as they eat their lunch.

“So you saw it too.”

“Yeah. Kinda hard not to. I think you were right about them having a great partnership in your group.” The director stared at another photo wherein Nami and Maeda are talking. Somehow you can see that they’re enjoying themselves from the glow of their eyes.

‘The captain and ace huh?’ The director thought as she smiled.



Extra notes: Magazine girl is just made up. My reference would be my bitchy classmate there.  :lol: And you know, even though I'm writing this...I can't help but fall in love with Maeda here.  XD

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I was gonna save this for monday but I couldn't help but read it nowwwwwww. It's SO GOOD O_O

hahaha. Your story-telling is quite awesome, I was lol-ing at Mariko's sharing girlfriend explanation. Kinda hilarious.

Now what will Ray do?! What will Nami do?! WHAT WILL ATSUKO DO?!

And what will Kai do about that guy okuma whatever?



And quickly! I can't stand this! hahaha. thanks for the good read, btw.

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wow  :inlove: nami and acchan kiss  :heart:
mariko and hinata so funny  :D :D :D
ray is jealous   :P

i like ray&nami but i want nami&acchan  :heart:

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fasufhidgasifeiwhgpwkjfoq[wp/.... THAT WAS THE BEST UPDATE EVER!!!  :w00t: THAAAAANNNKKKSSS  :twothumbs

I bet Acchan kissed Nami out of the blue because she has a kiss scene in the Drama, ala Q10 and doesn't want the guy kissing her first  :grin: .. And maybe Okuma Yuu is the leading guy there  XD ... or maybe I should stop thinking about this too much and sleep.. but I can't 'coz I keep thinking about it and the kiss XD

But Yeah... Best chapter for me 'coz  I'm a fan of NamiMaeda pair myself.. and now Maeda takes the initiative.. wonder how Nami will react and what the DIVA will do..

Can't wait for the next update.. And YAY for Hinata and her antics  :twothumbs
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OMG, I love this chapter  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
Acchan kissed Nami  :w00t:  :w00t: I love it  :inlove: They are so cute  XD  XD
Although I think Nami/Ray is somehow cute, I love Nami/Acchan more  :nervous More Nami/Acchan, please!  :bow: :bow:
Mariko and Asahi are funny  :lol:

And I really love your writing, FoF-san  :thumbup Please write more  :twothumbs

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i love that the characters you created are not only similar with their persona(LOL, pun not intended) in real life and/or their mendol roles but you also give them depth. writing them in the POV of the characters help me to understand them and in some way make me appreciate why they act as they do by seeing the situation through their eyes. hmm, now you have introduced me with the mariko/asahi, i am currently looking forward to their pairing for the new wonders it will bring. as always, hinata is such a fun.  XD also  i am constantly anticipating how nami will handle things (especially with okuma). with that said, i look forward to reading more from you (more ray would be great too). :)

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okay~! XD an UPDATE! been waiting this for ages... :)

i havent read it yet....but copied it! but grr.....can't help but read the comments!  :angry: :angry: :angry:

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woooooow...great fanfic.... i really like it... :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

more update pleaseeeeeeee!!!! :bow: :bow:

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Wow. TakaAchan fans are rejoicing at chp11.  :nervous

Thanks so much guys for the thanks, the replies and the pms-turning-threats (yeah, you people know who you are. ;))!  I received threats and thought, 'wow I must be doing something good.'  :lol:

Ugh. I had to whack my head just so I can come up with some appropriate scenes for the end of this chapter.   

Anyway, thanks again guys!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

Chapter 12

“She kissed you…?” Mariko asked with her eyes narrowed at Nami.

“Yeah...” Nami sighed.

“On the lips…?” Asahi asked with her eyes wide at Nami.

“Yeah…” Nami sighed again.

“With tongue…?” Hinata asked leaning at the table anticipating Nami’s answer.

“Yea-wait. What?! No!” Nami said as she glared at Hinata. Maeda did kiss her, but there was definitely no tongue action involved. Hinata pouted at her answer.

“And why are you pretending to be sitting over there?” Nami asked Hinata as she raised her eyebrow at the girl. Hinata was pretending to be sitting next to Asahi with her elbow on the table and her knees bent. She was sitting earlier next to Nami as she told the three what happened between her and Maeda. It was only when Hinata asked about whether or not their kiss involved tongue action did Nami realized that she moved.

Hinata shrugged.

“I thought it’d be more dramatic this way, like we’re interrogating you or something. Nice camera angle too.”

Nami narrows her eyes at that.

“What are you? A police director?”

“You have no imagination.” Hinata rolled her eyes as she went back to sit next to Nami.

“And you have too much imagination.” Nami sighed as she shook her head. Having too much imagination can be harmful at times. An example of that would obviously be Hinata.

“Yeah well my mom used to say; ‘With great imagination comes great responsibility.’” Hinata smugly said.

“I don’t think I’ll comment on that.” Nami mumbled as she looked at the side.

“Okay, let’s get back to human world now and focus please…since this is somewhat disturbing.” Mariko said as she massages her temples. Somehow she can feel a slight head ache from Nami’s revelation.

They’re inside a café waiting for their manager to pick them up since the four of them have a TV recording in Tohto TV. The three decided to question Nami about what’s bothering her since the girl was somewhat tense all day yesterday when she and Maeda got back. Maeda was somewhat normal compared to Nami who was obviously TRYING to act normal. It was so obvious to the three since Nami would freeze up whenever Maeda was near or she would stutter whenever Maeda was talking to her. The three decided to hold the questioning for today since they don’t have enough evidence to prove that something did happen.

But Hinata eventually got fed up and decided to interrogate the small girl. While waiting for their drinks to arrive earlier, Hinata pulled out her phone and used the light of her celphone screen as a cheap imitation of a spotlight for interrogations used by the police. She held it up to Nami’s face who was somewhat surprised.

“Confess! Something happened to you and Acchan right? Why don’t you confess so we won’t hold you in court!”

Asahi and Mariko watch them struggling as Nami pushes Hinata away while Hinata kept on moving towards Nami still holding her phone. The two narrowed their eyes at the scene in front of them. Typical of Hinata to use force or to use a stupid method like using the light of her celphone to ask Nami what’s bothering her. The girl does have a weird way of doing things her own way. Proof of that is well…everything she does.

After a while of struggling and watching from Mariko and Asahi as they sip their drinks…Nami decided to break her silence and confess to the three what happened…

…which is probably the main reason why Mariko has a slight head ache.
“So…Acchan kissed you…” Mariko stated frowning slightly trying to confirm once again what she hoped was something she misheard from the small girl.

“On the lips…” Asahi said staring at Nami curiously.

“Without tongue.” Hinata grumbled obviously disappointed at the fact that no tongues were involved in the kiss that transpired.

“Yes, yes and yes. Although I don’t know why I even bother answering that last statement.” Nami glanced at Hinata who stuck out her tongue at her. She turned her attention back to the two sitting in front of her. Mariko groaned doing a face palm while Asahi stared at Nami in awe. Hinata was just pouting, dissatisfied that there were no tongue action. It would have been more exciting if there was.

“So what happened after she kissed you?” Asahi asked as she tilted her head slightly. Mariko moved her hand that was covering her face slightly downward as she looked at Nami curious to know what happened next. Hinata wasn’t curious at all as she kept on grumbling looking away from them.

“Well, she said goodnight to me and went to bed.” Nami sighed as she played with her drink. Maeda was probably embarrassed as well since she decided to go to bed without washing up. Nami, as if in a trance, decided to stutter a goodnight as well and turned off the lights. She lay there unable to sleep wondering why Maeda kissed her. She turned to her side and stared at Maeda’s back for awhile. Somehow she got the feeling that Maeda wasn’t asleep as well.

She tossed and turned trying to get some sleep but she just can’t stop thinking about it.

How many hours has it been since she said goodnight?

She froze when she heard Maeda get up and head towards the bathroom probably to wash up. She stayed still pretending to be assleep as Maeda came out of the bathroom. She didn’t even answer back to Maeda when she heard her whisper her name, probably wondering if she was still awake. She just closed her eyes and prayed that she’d fall asleep and stop thinking.

She didn’t get a wink of sleep that day.

“Seriously, why did God create you as a girl when you’re far better off as a man?” Mariko asked frowning at Nami. Asahi nodded somewhat thinking the same thing. The girl obviously has the power to woo girls without her even trying. What she lacks in height…she makes up with the wooing…or at least that’s what Mariko and Asahi thinks.

“Not helping.” Nami sighed.

“I’m curious as well. I mean you’ve got the diva and now the face of akb48 kissing you! That’s like every man’s dream. You’re like, at the top Nami. You’re at the top of the pedestal and all the people are looking up at you in awe for kissing two of the most unattainable girls in Japan!” The three stared at Hinata, surprised. That was probably the most human thing they’ve heard Hinata say in awhile.

“You should be on the cover of Forbes magazine smiling next to Oprah and the Queen!” Hinata added as she remembers a song she heard earlier. Now she’s back to Hinata mode. She just had to add that huh.

“Listen, whatever meds you’re taking? Stop taking them because you’re getting worse.” Mariko said as she narrows her eyes at Hinata who just shrugged.

“Anyway, I think you should talk to Acchan rather than avoid her.” Asahi suggested.

“I-I’m not avoiding her!” Nami protested, frowning slightly. Three pair of eyes looked at her skeptically.

“I-I’m not! Stop l-looking at me like that!” Nami was somewhat getting nervous with the stares that the three are giving her. The three are still staring at her unmoving. Finally, the three sighed.

“You’re stuttering…” Mariko pointed out.

“And your eyes are shifting.” Asahi added.

“In other words, you’re a bad liar.” Hinata concluded as the other two nodded their head. Nami sighed and rests her head on the table with her arms crossed as her pillow.

“I’m not entirely avoiding her. I just…feel a bit awkward around her lately.” She really tries to act normal whenever Maeda is talking to her or whenever Maeda is touching her. But she just can’t seem to act normal. There’s this uneasy feeling whenever Maeda is around…and well, she tries to get away as subtle as she can just so she can somehow stop the uneasy feeling.

Maybe…the uneasy feeling would just disappear if she puts a space between her and Maeda for awhile…? But isn’t that just a definition of what avoiding her means?

Wouldn’t that make it worse….?

“Uwaaaaaaaaa! Why is this happening to me? Why?!” Nami cried out as the three consoles her. Asahi caressed Nami’s hand as Hinata placed her arm on Nami’s shoulder and rubs it. Mariko pats and caressed her head.

Why indeed.

…and why is it that people often pats her head like a cat?

Why indeed.


The four girls are lost in their own world as they ride the van towards Tohto TV. They were seated separately and were all looking out the window.

The tallest one, Shinoda Mariko, was frowning slightly.

“No! Nothing is going to happen to them. Stop being so paranoid when it comes to Nami and Acchan. Nami isn’t the type of girl to do something that would jeopardize your non-existing romantic relationship with her. And stop thinking that Acchan is like the wall in your Romeo and Juliet delusional fantasy you have with Nami.”

Mariko groaned remembering what she said to Ray that day. Could it be that Maeda really is the wall in Nami and Ray’s air-like relationship? Sure she thinks that Maeda MIGHT have a girl crush on Nami…but she didn’t expect a crush would lead to Maeda kissing Nami. How come she didn’t see this coming?

No…there must be an explanation for this. Like maybe…Maeda got bored and decided to just kiss Nami out of boredom. Well it did happen in Evangelion. But Maeda doesn’t seem like the type to do something like that. She’s a shy girl. Maeda is so shy that it took a couple of weeks for her to stop calling Mariko, Shinoda-san. So kissing out of boredom seems to be a no-no.

‘Then…could it be that Maeda really does have feelings for Nami?’ Mariko thought. If that is the case…then what would happen to Nami and Ray? This could shake their air-like relationship.

‘And just when Nami SEEMS to have taken a liking to Ray…this had to happen huh?’ Mariko sigh feeling her head ache coming back.

‘In the end…everything will be up to you to make a choice. Who would you choose...?’ Mariko thought as she glanced at the brooding small girl in the other end.

A girl sitting behind Mariko, Wakamatsu Asahi, was also lost in thought. She wonders if a simple kiss could really make a strong-willed person such as Nami to become weak.

She can’t help but think of Maeda. She always seems interested in Nami. She remembers the times when she would catch Maeda glancing at her friend as if she was observing her. Well she would also catch Nami staring at the girl but Nami’s stares were most likely out of curiosity, like she’s wondering why Maeda is looking at her all of a sudden. But Maeda’s stares…feel somewhat different. It feels different for Asahi.

‘Like maybe…she’s telling Nami that she likes her…?’ Asahi thought as she frowned looking out the window. Somehow, she can’t help but remember a certain someone and how that certain someone looks at her sometimes. She blushed at the thought and sighed looking out the window remembering those days.

On the other end, a person named Otawa Hinata was oddly contemplating as well. She looked out the window and sighed.

‘Why are we all sitting apart? This is so boring. Sitting alone is no fun. I wonder how long the recording would take? What about lunch? What are we going to eat? I hope we get some sweets after. I wonder how they make cream puffs. They probably inject the cream or something. Oh look a cat! Aww. I wish I had a cat. But noooo…Nami is allergic to cats.’ Hinata babbled in her mind. And no, she’s not suffering from autism. She’s just Hinata.

She pouted looking at the seat in front of her where a brooding girl is sitting.

Obviously, the girl wasn’t thinking about the brooding girl’s situation but rather she was thinking of the brooding girl’s condition of being allergic to cats. Well, that’s okay…

…since broody girl wasn’t brooding at all but was sleeping with her forehead pressed at the window.


The four sighed in relief as they sat down on the couch of the lobby. The TV recording went well that they were dismissed early.

“You have a photo shoot at around 5pm. Until then, you’re free Shinoda-san.” A staff from Mariko’s agency said as she looked at her organizer.

“Okay. So you guys will just pick me up later then?” Mariko asked.

“Yes. We can give you a ride now if you want or do you want to stay with your friends instead?”

Mariko glanced at the three. Nami was listening to her ipod with her eyes closed, Hinata was talking to someone on the phone and Asahi was looking thoughtful as she looked at her phone. She frowned wondering what’s up with Asahi. It seems that ever since the four of them left the café, she’s been in a brooding mood too. She wonders if a certain squirrel is behind this brooding mood of Asahi.

Mariko sighed as she looked at the three. Hinata seems to be the only one stable now, but then again…it is Hinata. It’s only a matter of time till she turns unstable again.

What would happen to these three without her?

“I think I’ll just stay with them.” Mariko smiled at the staff who nodded and smiled saying that she’ll see Mariko later. Their manager stepped out as well telling them that he’ll pick them up once their van has arrived. Only Mariko nodded her head and watched them walk out.

She leaned at the couch and sighed. These past few days were tiring her ass out. Not only is being an idol tiring, but also being a best friend to a delusional diva and being friends to these three who are either having an identity crisis with what’s happening to them or just being…Hinata…seems to be taking it’s toll on her.

Can she get the MVP award now or what?

“Tired?” Asahi asked as she smiled slightly at Mariko who turned to look at her. Asahi seems to be back to her old self. Makes her wonder though what’s up with her brooding earlier.

“Ugh. You have no idea. Must be nice for you three since you guys still don’t have an agency huh?” Mariko asked somewhat jealous of the three. The three still haven’t got an agency that’s why somehow their schedules were still somewhat light compared to the other girls. It was odd though that the three were the only one’s not chosen to be in an agency. Could it be a coincidence?

“Akimoto-sensei said that an agency already picked the three of us together, but apparently the head of our agency is working on a big project so they really can’t handle us right now.”

“Really?” Mariko asked frowning slightly. Somehow that seems odd to her.

“That’s what Akimoto-sensei told Nami.” Asahi shrugged. Both of them turned to Nami who was sitting on another couch in front of them listening to her ipod.

“Yukarin says hi!” Hinata said as she sat on a single couch.

“Oh so you were talking to Yukarin. Is she finished shooting for her gravure photo book?” Asahi asked. Yukarin is out of town for awhile working on her first gravure photo book. That’s the reason why she didn’t join them in stalking Nami and Maeda the other day. She seemed bummed about it when Mariko told her that they went out to stalk Nami and Maeda with the diva. She seemed especially bummed when she heard that the four were wearing disguises. Mariko didn’t know why Yukarin was bummed about that since wearing those disguises were no fun for her.

“I didn’t ask. I just told her all the food that I want her to buy.” Hinata smiled.

“Remind me not to call you…ever.” Mariko mumbled rolling her eyes. Poor Yukarin.

“She’s still brooding?” Hinata said surprised that Nami was still somewhat brooding. The girl hadn’t said much the moment they stepped out of the café.   

The three stared at the unaware Nami. Somehow Mariko can still sense that Nami is still thinking of what she should do even if she’s trying to block out her thoughts by listening to music. Oddly enough…it somehow pains the taller girl to see her like this.

‘Ugh! I think I’m turning into a mushy-sappy-ewwy-person. I so don’t need this!’ Mariko thought as she groaned. She took a pillow beside her and threw it at Nami who got hit on the face.

“What the hell?!” Nami growled as she took off her headphones to glare at Mariko who shrugged.

“Yukarin says hi.” Mariko said flatly. Nami seems to be taken a back by that.

“Oh…uh…then tell her I also said hi.” Nami said frowning slightly. Mariko rolled her eyes as she sees that Nami is putting her headphones back to her ears, probably to brood again.

“Oh for God’s sake…” Hinata said as she stood up and walked towards Nami. She sat down next to Nami and removed her headphone. Nami raised her eyebrow at the girl.

“What are you d---“ Hinata abruptly cut off Nami as she cupped both her cheeks with her hands and pulled her to her…kissing her…

…on the lips.

Both Asahi and Mariko’s jaw dropped as they watch Hinata kiss Nami…

…on the lips.

Just what is Hinata thinking?!

The kiss only lasted a few seconds. Hinata slowly pulled away from the kiss and looked at Nami who has her eyes wide at what Hinata did. Hinata remembers seeing this face of Nami when Ray suddenly kissed her for the first time on the roof. She smiled slightly.

“So how do you feel?” Hinata asked softly. The two frowned wondering what is Hinata thinking. They wanted to tell Hinata to run away since they know that Nami is going to kill her. Still, they kept their mouth shut curious to know what Hinata is thinking.

“Now that I kissed you, do you also feel awkward?” Hinata asked in a soft voice. Nami was still a bit shocked at what Hinata did but shook her head slightly. She didn’t feel awkward at all. She can still look at Hinata straight in her eyes…unlike Maeda.

“You clearly have mixed feelings about that kiss. Yours and Acchan I mean. It can be confusing really. But one thing I know that is clear for you…is that, you don’t want to lose Acchan’s friendship, ever.” Hinata said with conviction. Nami stared at her surprised. Hinata is right. Nami doesn’t want to lose Maeda.

“Don’t let that kiss ruin your friendship with her. Stop asking what ifs and just talk to her. What ifs question can come later once you’ve figured out why Acchan kissed you. So stop thinking too much!” Hinata said frowning at the girl. She really doesn’t like it when Nami thinks too much. The girl should really lighten up like…well…Hinata. At least that’s what Hinata thinks. The three would probably disagree if they heard Hinata’s thoughts.

No doubt about that.

Nami stared at Hinata for awhile somewhat impressed by Hinata’s advice. It’s really rare for this side of Hinata to resurface. Nami wonders if it’s going to be a full moon tonight. Still, she is a bit thankful for Hinata’s advice. However…

“You know…you could have said that without kissing me.” Nami said as she narrows her eyes and grinned slightly at Hinata. She placed her hand on Hinata’s shoulder, squeezing it.

…Nami just isn’t going to let that slide.

“She’s right you know.” Asahi agrees as she sighed. As much as she’s stunned at Hinata’s advice, she still thinks that kissing Nami so suddenly seems to be…a little…no, Hinata got WAY too carried away.

“What’s with you and kissing anyway?” Mariko asked frowning slightly. Yes, she’s impressed with Hinata too. It seems that miracles do happen once in awhile. These are the times when Hinata proves that there’s still an ounce of humanity left inside her.

‘But that kiss somehow makes you question her humanity again. First Ray…then Nami. Really now…’ Mariko thought. Hinata turned at the two and glared at them.

“Well it’s not MY fault that I don’t have a love interest in this crazy story!” Hinata pouted.

“Not like I have one too and you don’t see me kissing everyone.” Mariko pointed out.

“You’re right. Wanna hook up?” Hinata grinned and wiggled her eyebrow at Mariko who looked disgusted at the idea.

“That’s the most disgusting joke I’ve ever heard. That tops even the greenest jokes I’ve heard…ever.”

“What’s so disgusting about that? We’ll call ourselves the ‘HiMari’ couple. We’ll put a few sweet photos in a blog and everyone would love our coupling instantly that they’ll make a fan club about it. They’ll gush every time we post a picture about us. They’ll even make fan videos about us. It’s also a great way for publicity you know.” Hinata said. She obviously thought about this before. Why? No one knows…and cares, obviously.

“Please stop saying icky things before I barf to death.” Mariko rolled her eyes. Asahi and Nami seem to be enjoying the bantering as they looked at the two back and forth while chuckling.

“Eh? Oh I see. You’d rather be paired to Riku huh? Or rather…Asahi since she is Riku and all.” Hinata reminded as she narrows her eyes at Mariko who instantly glared at her with a slight blush on her cheeks.

“You…you told them?” Nami asked surprised that Mariko told the two her secret, especially to Hinata! Didn’t she threaten Nami not to tell anyone about that? Is the great Mariko-sama finally losing her touch since someone is teasing her? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Nami glanced at Asahi and found her looking at Mariko teasingly. That somehow added to Mariko’s embarrassment.

“Don’t ask. Just kill her already for kissing you on the lips.” Mariko pointed at Hinata who flinched surprised. Nami suddenly remembered what she was about to do. How could she forget?

“Oh yeah.” Nami said grinning at Hinata who gulped nervously.

“Since you did give me an advice and all…I’m going to give you a head start. Ten seconds should be good.”

“Now now Nami. I only did that to prove a point.” Hinata explained nervously as Nami looked at her watch.

“10…09…08…” Nami counted ignoring Hinata’s pleas. When Nami reached 6 Hinata immediately made a run for it screaming.

“Mariko you traitor!!!!”

Everyone’s eyes turned at the girl running including her three friends who has their eyes narrowed. Somehow Nami decided to give additional 5 seconds just so everyone wouldn’t know that she knows that girl.

“Well, I’ll see you guys later. I need to beat Hinata up and all.” Nami said as she salutes the two. Asahi smiled glad that Nami is somehow back to her normal self.

“Don’t beat her up too much.” Asahi said to which Nami nodded. She made a run for it smiling as she runs after Hinata. It’s an odd distraction but Nami clearly needs it. Seeing Nami beating up Hinata is a lot more fun than seeing a brooding Nami.

Poor Hinata for being the sacrificial lamb though.

“Is she always been like that? Hinata I mean.” Mariko asked frowning slightly, looking at where the two went.

“You should have seen her back then. She’d dress up in pink, frilly, loli clothes and would refer to herself in the third person.” Asahi recalls as she chuckles.

“Somehow that explains the Loli room at your apartment, but Hinata talking in the third person? Really?” Mariko asked surprised.

“Yeah, and she had this awful song that she would sing whenever she feels like it.” Asahi remembers the times when Hinata would sing that song of hers while the three were doing their groceries. It was embarrassing for the two that they often walk away from the girl or even cover their faces from the embarrassment. Thankfully Hinata never sings that song of hers again.

“Sounds like a different person to what she is now. What changed?” Mariko asked curious to know how the girl changed from a loli girl to a…uh…Hinata.

It seems that Hinata became a classification for Mariko.

“I think it was the time when she…uh…she accidentally clicked a porn site. She thought that it was a site for Lolita fashion…well it is. They were wearing Lolita clothes but…it was more of a site for taking OFF Lolita clothes and well…doing other stuff.” Asahi said. She remembers her and Nami hearing a shriek coming from Hinata’s room. They immediately rushed inside thinking that Hinata hurt herself and stopped dead when Hinata pointed at her laptop and they saw Lolita nudies…doing stuff. Nami and Asahi laughed their ass off.

“Turn it off! Turn it off!”  Hinata screamed at that time closing her eyes and ears. Asahi, taking pity, pulled the plug off as Nami kept laughing.

After that, Hinata seems to be in a trance for a couple of days. Then one day, Nami and Asahi were surprised when Hinata threw all her Lolita clothes away saying that she won’t wear them ever again. It’s only the clothes that she threw away. Her room stayed Loli though as it still has those frilly pinkishness around.

“Ugh. I’m going to kill whoever made that site.” Mariko grumbled.

“Nah. I think I like Hinata the way she is now. She is crazy…but it’s fun crazy you know.” Asahi smiled. Hinata is fun most of the time. She somehow makes everything lighter with her crazy antics and all.

‘Even though her antics are causing her bruises…’ Asahi thought giggling.

“Yeah, I guess.” Mariko shrugged smiling slightly. Crazy fun can be good anyway it takes the some of the stress off.

‘Though sometimes…no…make that most of the time Hinata can be the cause of the stress…’ Mariko thought as she sighed shaking her head. Still the taller girl can’t help but be thankful for Hinata’s craziness.

“So…you like Riku huh?” Asahi said grinning at the person beside her. Mariko didn’t like this shift of conversation. She hopes Nami beats Hinata up real good for reminding them that there was once a time when Mariko went gaga on Riku.

“Please…that was ages ago.” Mariko tried to act cool by looking away and crossing her arms but Asahi could still see the slight blush on her face. She smirked at that.

“You like me.” Asahi kept her grin as she leans close to Mariko who quickly pushed her face away.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Mariko said flatly earning a laugh from Asahi who seems to enjoy teasing the tall girl. It’s not everyday that you see Mariko-sama blushing you know.


Nami’s POV

Hinata sure can run fast. Where is that girl? And I can’t believe I’m running after her thinking of killing her when I can’t seem to wipe off the smile on my face. Weird much?

I couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

I’m really not that mad at what Hinata did. Kissing me I mean. I can see that she really is just proving a point and all. Still, that doesn’t mean that she can still get away from kissing me. If I don’t beat her up, there’s a chance that she might think that it’s okay to kiss me every now and then.

Tough love, I know.

I turned to a corner and stopped as I looked around.

“Where the hell are you?”

I mumbled. I frowned and saw a slightly opened door. I walked towards it and opened it. It was a room full of costumes. Maybe Hinata is in here hiding. Walking inside, I looked at every corner and space that might be good for hiding but…she wasn’t there. I sighed and shook my head.

“Ugh. I can’t believe we’re playing hide and seek here.”

I mumbled again and decided to look somewhere else. I walked out of the room and closed it. I turned to another corner and stopped when I see Ray coming out of a room. She was frowning on the other end of the hall, her eyes glued on her phone while walking. Probably the reason why she didn’t notice me. This is actually the first time I’ve seen her since she came to our apartment two days ago. Ugh…that was a disaster.

Maybe I shouldn’t let her see me. She’ll immediately glomp me if she does. Yeah, I should probably disappear for now. She keeps on calling and mailing me anyway.

I turned and was about to walk away when I heard someone walking and Ray’s angry voice. Frowning, I peeked around the corner. Oddly, the scene I’m seeing made my blood boil.

Okuma Yuu is holding Ray’s wrist.

I couldn’t hear what they’re saying but I can tell that Ray was somewhat struggling to break free from his hold. Finally, I felt myself snap when Okuma Yuu placed his hand on Ray’s shoulder.

That’s it…I’ve had enough.


Ray sighed as she walked out of the recording studio. She can’t believe she was the first one to arrive when she should be the last to arrive! The diva doesn’t wait for anyone! They should know that by now!

Grumbling she looked at her phone and sent a mail to Sarukawa asking him where he is and the staff members. Hmm…maybe she could also send a mail to Nami since it’s been an hour since she sent her a message. The girl didn’t reply though.

‘Must be busy.’ Ray thought smiling slightly.

“Hey princess. Fancy meeting you here.” Yuu said as she approached the diva, grinning. Ray couldn’t help but roll her eyes and groan.

‘Just great. A pest to completely ruin my mood. And just when I’m about to send a mail to Nami-chan. Ugh.’ Ray thought as she turned to the annoying male. Yuu has been sending her mails and calling her for the past few days which she just ignores. He even sends gifts and flowers to the diva. It’s making her really sick and told Sarukawa to do something about the guy but Sarukawa actually thought that it’s a good thing for Ray and Yuu to hook up.

Bad move on telling Ray that because it was then that Ray had another bitch fit. Eventually Sarukawa relented and promised to talk to Yuu about it. That didn’t stop Yuu from pursuing the diva though.

“What do you want?” The diva growled. He surprised the diva when he quickly took hold of her wrist and held it up. Yuu looked at the phone the diva is holding.

“So you do know how to use a celphone. I actually thought you didn’t know how to use one since you never return my calls or mails.” Yuu grinned at the diva. Somehow this is Yuu’s way of saying that he thought the diva is stupid. Ray glared at that.

“My time is precious so I wouldn’t waste it to answer your stupid mails and calls.” The diva said as she tried pulling her hand free. Yuu held her wrist even tighter and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Why is it so stupid for us to hook up? Don’t you want to boost up your popularity even more?”

“Boost up MY popularity? Or boost up YOUR popularity?” Ray questioned with her eyebrow raised.

“OUR popularity.” Yuu answered still grinning. Ray just wants to wipe that grin off of his face.

“I don’t need to boost up my popularity. If you must know…I’m still the number one diva in Japan, unlike you who just had a fluke on your debut single.” Ray taunted at the grinning man.

“My, what a big head you have.”

“The better to put you into your place newbie. Now let go or else I swear to God, I’ll kick you where I’m sure will be painful enough to make you bow down to me on the floor.” Ray threatens. Yuu stared at her for awhile still with the smug look in his face.

“What would happen if you became the number 2 diva in Japan?”

“I’ll worry about that when it happens. And frankly, that’s none of your business. NOW LET GO!” Ray was really getting pissed off. She can’t help but think about what Nami said about letting Gori-san guard her. She’s sure that Gori-san would kick his ass to lalaland if he was here.

She gripped her phone suddenly thinking of Nami and how she still hasn’t mailed her.

Typical of Ray to think about that rather than the situation that she’s in.

Yuu stared at her for awhile then finally let go of her. Ray rubbed her wrist finding it a little bit sore. She glared at the man who still hadn’t stopped grinning. Was he injected by something on his face or what?

“This is your last warning. If you do something like that again, I swear I’ll ruin you and your popularity would drop six feet under to the ground that your debut single would be your first…and last.” Ray looked at him ominously. Yuu just smirked at her threat making her more pissed off. She decided to just ignore it since she had to do something more important than waste her time to a worthless newbie…

…like mail Nami.

The diva walked away but then stopped when she felt someone grab her arm, turned her around, grabbed both of shoulder and pinned her to the wall. She stared shock at Okuma Yuu who was leering at her.

“I think I changed my mind. I’m not letting you go.”

It took a couple of seconds for Ray to come out of her shock and start struggling.

“Let. Me. GO!”

“Make me.” Yuu grinned. Ray was about to kick him where it hurts when a hand suddenly held Yuu’s arm tightly. Both turned to look at the person as it growled…

“Let her go!”

Ray stared shocked at the person who appeared.




Extra notes: Yeah, this chapter is full of just imagine Nami has the speed of superman for her to dress up that fast.  :lol:

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And, uh, I think Ray should be doing something about Okuma. She's being WAAAAAY too easy on him. And then... what will Okuma do when he suddenly gets blacklisted? What'll he do?!

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Here's another exaggerated chap. :lol:


Chapter 13

“Where did those two go?” Mariko asked as she and Asahi walked looking for Nami and Hinata. Mariko suggested that the two of them look for their missing friends since staying at the lobby is somewhat uncomfortable for the tall girl because her companion is so intent on teasing her to death. She also wanted to see Nami maim Hinata for that.

“Oh! There’s Hinata.” Asahi said as she pointed towards the girl who seems to be getting something. She took Mariko’s arm and dragged her towards the girl. They stopped when they were near Hinata.

“Oh joy. You’re alive.” Mariko said flatly as she crossed her arm staring at the girl. She wasn’t expecting Hinata dead really…she was just expecting her to be wincing in pain which was probably what she usually do whenever Nami would beat her up. But looking at the girl…she doesn’t seem to be in any pain right now.

No maiming happened then. Bummer for Mariko.

Hinata turned to the two and glared at Mariko.

“No thanks to you!” Hinata sticks out her tongue at Mariko then quickly went back to what she was doing. Asahi and Mariko raised their eyebrow as they watch Hinata grabbing a few sweets at the buffet table.

“Oh God. Now you’re stealing food.” Mariko groaned as she rolled her eyes. Asahi chuckled.

“I am not stealing food! They’re free.”

“They’re not free for all.” Mariko answered back but Hinata ignored her and kept on looking at the buffet trying to see what else she could take. Mariko nudged Asahi gently with her elbow.

“Aren’t you going to stop YOUR friend?” Mariko said with her eyebrow raised at the girl. Asahi rolled her eyes grinning slightly. She finds it amusing that Mariko would refer Hinata as her friend when in fact Hinata is also Mariko’s friend. She sighed, smiling slightly as she tries to talk Hinata out of stealing the food on the buffet.

“Hinata you shouldn’t take tho---hey…is that a muffin?”

Well…she DID try, but you can’t blame her for being distracted as she saw those muffins she loves so much. Well…yes you can blame her, but that won’t stop Asahi from walking towards the buffet table excitedly. She pointed at the muffins telling Hinata to take some as she jumped happily. Mariko watched the two with narrowed eyes as they point out the things that they should take at the buffet table.

Now Hinata has a partner in her crime. So what is she? The lookout?

‘Why am I the only normal one here?’ Mariko thought as she sighed. She wonders if Nami would’ve joined her two best friends if ever she was here.

She probably will. It is free food and all.

The three suddenly froze when they hear footsteps and people talking heading their way. They turned towards the noise with their eyes wide in fear of getting caught. Mariko, being the ‘normal’ one, quickly took hold of the thieves’ collar and pulled them away from the buffet table.

“Ahhh! The tarts!” Hinata pouted as she watches the buffet table getting further and further away from her. She could feel a twinge of pain with each step they take. It’s like watching the one you love walk away and you can’t do anything but stare at them.

Well, at least that’s what Hinata feels.

“Shove it tart-ass.” Mariko said grinning slightly. As the ‘normal’ one, she has the responsibility of taking care of the weirdoes, which is why she’s dragging them away from the buffet. It would look bad if they were caught since they are idols. Mariko can imagine the headline if they were caught stealing.

‘3 akb48 members caught stealing food. Ridiculous…but it could happen. Anything could happen with these two as your friends.’ Mariko thought.

Once the coast is clear, Mariko stopped dragging the two and faced them. Asahi was all smiles as she took a bite at the muffin in her hand. She’s cradling some of them in her other arm. Hinata seems to be the same as she’s cradling some of the sweets she collected in her arms. Mariko watches them smile like they just found gold. Seeing them like that really felt like she was the normal one.

She sighed and took a brownie from Hinata.

“So? Where’s Nami?” Mariko asked as she took a bite of the brownie. It tastes good for her. But it’s not that good that she’d steal some like Hinata and Asahi did…though she is stealing some from Hinata now.

“Hey! If you wanted some I could have get some for you.” Hinata pouted and Mariko just shrugged as she took another one and quickly shove it inside her mouth, grinning.

“Here, I’ll feed you and Asahi can take our picture. It’s for our ‘HiMari’ fan club.” Hinata suggested as she took a cupcake and held it up for Mariko. Mariko narrowed her eyes and shoved the offered sweet to Hinata’s mouth.

“Seriously. Stop with the grossness.” Mariko said flatly as Hinata chewed the dessert in her mouth.

“It’s only…gross for you…because you-mmmpppphhhhh!” Mariko cut her off as she shove a couple of brownies inside Hinata’s mouth knowing that she was once again going to bring up her crush on Riku. She really didn’t need that…again.

Asahi decided to pull Mariko away from Hinata as she kept on shoving sweets inside the other girls’ mouth. It scared Asahi especially when she noticed Mariko enjoying what she’s doing.

It seems that Mariko has a sadistic side to her.

“Uh…so where’s Nami, Hinata?” Asahi asked trying to change the topic. The two watch as Hinata consumes the shoved sweets in her mouth. Finally, she gulped down the sweets and turned to the two who were somewhat amazed that Hinata gulped everything Mariko shoved in just a few seconds.

“Well…she never caught me. So…I don’t know.” Hinata shrugged.

“That explains why you’re still alive.” Mariko mumbled.

“Well, let’s go look for her.” Asahi suggested as she took another bite on a new muffin that she’s holding. Hinata looked at her incredulously.

“Do you want me to get killed?” Hinata asked. Mariko rolled her eyes and took Hinata’s arm and dragged her.

“Don’t worry. We’ll bury you somewhere nice and hold a party afterwards.” Mariko said dragging Hinata with Asahi following them.

“Asahi, go up front and capture this moment. The ‘HiMari’ fan club is going to squeal when they see Mariko dragging me.”

‘Or maybe I should bury her now.’ Mariko thought as she sighed.


Ray was stunned at what she’s seeing. Her eyes are wide as she looked at the boy who had stolen her heart a couple of months ago.

The boy named Kai.

The boy is dressed differently as he isn’t wearing his usual coat and that striped tie he usually wears. Rather he was wearing a beanie that covers his short blonde hair, a shirt, leather jacket and oddly, a fake mustache and goatee. It was somewhat similar to the get up Nami and Asahi wore when they were running away from the goons that wanted the toy that Asahi picked up. The only difference is that s/he wasn’t wearing a blonde wig, a fake facial hair and s/he was wearing sunglasses at that time.

Nami, dressed up as she is, does look different to Ray. But she could never forget those fiery eyes that Kai or Nami often has whenever s/he is angry. How can she forget when it was those eyes that she fell in love with the boy…or the girl.

Well, that and Ray often see that look Kai seems to be giving Yuu now whenever Hinata does something.

“K-Kai…?” She said softly as if testing if she was just imagining him being there. Kai glanced at her for a second then turned to Yuu again.

It made her heart jump seeing Nami/Kai. She can still feel her heart pounding at the thought that her first love is here to protect her. But still, there’s another side of her that feels angry at Nami/Kai for intruding.

“I said let her go.” Kai snarled at Yuu as he held his arm firmly. Yuu stared at Kai for awhile with a blank expression. Kai’s glare didn’t falter upon seeing it. Both were looking at each other, unmoving.

Finally, Yuu let go of the diva and backed away slowly as he grinned slightly. Kai moved in front of Ray and faced Yuu glaring at him once again.

“I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you…but stay the hell away from Ray!” Kai growled.

“You sound like you own her or something.” Yuu puffed, his eyes still glued at Kai.

“Ray IS mine!” Kai said angrily and then he heard a gasp from behind. He obviously was not thinking when he said that as his eyes went wide with realization. His face quickly turned red as he looked at the diva behind her. It wasn’t surprising when he saw the diva blushing furiously obviously surprised at what he said.

“I…uh…I…” He stammered as he shook his head at the diva. He wanted to take it back…but what explanation can you offer the diva who is just staring at you obviously stunned at what he said?

“Doesn’t sound convincing huh.” Yuu said as he smirked. As much as Kai wanted to take back what he said earlier about Ray being his, hearing Yuu’s smirk somehow made him want to further tell jerk face that Ray really belongs to him…and him only. He turned back to Yuu and glared at him.

“I don’t know why you’re so intent on getting Ray when she already belongs to me. She’s MY girl! So back off!” Kai exclaimed with conviction. He could hear his inner Mariko-sama telling him not to blush as she grins, but there’s still a slight blush on his cheeks. How can he not blush when he’s saying such embarrassing things?

Yuu frowned slightly as he looked at the boy glaring at him. Kai was gritting his teeth. He looked like a dog protecting his master. Staring at him, Yuu found him intriguing. It feels like Yuu found another interesting playmate. He grinned slightly at the thought.

Seeing Yuu grinning somehow brought Ray to reality. She shook her head slightly trying to clear her mind and to focus since her brain seems to be replaying Kai’s possessive words towards her. She was definitely in Lala land because of it. Can’t really blame her since this is actually the first time Kai ever said those words to her. She could replay those words over and over again forever if she could, but she really has to do what she think is right…for her Kai.

She took hold of Kai’s arm, squeezing it. Kai turned to her frowning slightly.

“Let’s just go. Don’t waste your time with this…noob.” Ray glared at Yuu who just smirked. She was so tempted to wipe off of that smirk from Yuu’s face, but decided to just drag Kai away from the man. Kai’s safety is more important to her than wiping that smirk off of Yuu.

Kai let himself be dragged by the diva. He gave one last glare at Yuu who gave him a grin as he watch the two walk away.

“Kai huh. How cute and interesting…” Yuu mumbled looking at the retreating form of the two.


“Last one!” Hinata exclaimed smiling as she held up the last sweet she has. She opened her mouth and was about to put the last sweet she has when Mariko turned her hand towards her mouth and quickly ate it. Hinata gasped looking horrified at what Mariko just did.

“My last brownie! You…you…”

“Aww. And you didn’t capture the moment when you feed me your last brownie. Too bad for our imaginary ‘HiMari’ fan club.” Mariko shrugged as she grins. Hinata looked at Asahi who was giggling.

“Oh well. Let’s just kiss and let Asahi capture the moment.” Hinata said as she puckered up, reaching for Mariko who was pushing the girl away. Asahi just watched them struggling as she laughs. The three stopped horsing around when something caught their eyes. They turned towards the end of the hallway and saw Ray dragging what appears to be a small boy across. She looked pissed off and the boy…looked so…familiar.

The three frowned.

“You know that kinda looked like Kai.” Asahi said as she tilted her head slightly.

“I was actually thinking the same thing.” Mariko added.

“Ditto.” Hinata replied nodding.

The three stared at the empty hallway for awhile then turned to each other and exclaimed…



Nami’s POV

I let Ray drag me to…uh…I don’t know where. I can still feel myself seriously pissed off at that Okuma Yuu. I was this close in beating the crap out of that guy. Who does he think he is harassing Ray like that? Makes my blood boil just thinking of him. Probably the main reason why I decided to dress up like this.

I looked at the attire I’m wearing and sighed. 

This is the only thing I could come up with. I’ve actually been thinking of making Kai appear since that jerk face talked to me about Ray in the lobby. I hesitated on the idea, but…seeing him calling her made me decide that Kai really does need to appear. It was somehow, the only way that jerk face would leave her alone. If he knew that Kai is still with Ray…surely he will stop his advances on Ray.


God, I hope nobody I know sees me like this. Namely Asahi, Hinata and Mariko-sama. If they see me like this they’ll----


Ray stopped so suddenly that I ended up bumping her. Frowning, I stepped away from her as she faced me, letting go of my arm that she’s holding. She looks mad as she’s glaring at me.

What’s with the glare?

“Are you out of your mind?! Why did you do that?”

She asked me exasperatedly. That surprised me…but I quickly glared back at her. Isn’t she supposed to be thanking me? I just saved her from being harassed! What’s the deal with her?

“You’re welcome by the way.”

I snorted as I crossed my arms, looking away.

“I’m not thanking you for doing something stupid such as that.”

She said gruffly as she took a step towards me. She looks really mad as she’s glaring at me. I stepped forward, glaring up at her. I don’t know what the hell her problem is…but I deserve a thank you and what I did isn’t stupid! For God’s sake! I did it for her and this is what I get?!

“Why are you mad at me for?!”

She was about to retaliate when we someone cut her off.


We both froze. The voice came from behind me. And well, I know that voice too well since my inner voice had taken her form and voice.

This is not good.

“Uh…M-Mari-chan…a-and N-Nami’s two friends…”

Ray stammered and I just kept my back to the three that I know are standing behind me.

“Who’s that with you?”

Mariko-sama asked as she drawled her words. I can imagine her standing a few feet from me with her arms crossed. I’m sweating here. I can somehow feel her stare from the back of my head. Ray glanced at me then smiled nervously at Mariko-sama.

“Uh…no one…?”

Nice one Ray. Real nice.

“Rrrreeeaaalllyyy. Can that no one please turn around so that we can see their face?”

Nope…not good at all.

“Uh…how can they turn around when there’s no one there to turn around?”

I narrowed my eyes at Ray. I’m sure Mariko-sama is looking at her in the same way. I know she’s trying to prevent them from seeing me, but what she said is just ridiculously… like what Hinata would say.  So ridiculously like Hinata.

“Ray, I maybe spending so much time with Hinata…but I’m not THAT dumb.”

“Hey! I object to that!”

Yes, Hinata. You should object to that since Mariko-sama just called you dumb. I sighed and shook my head. I decided to do what is right in this situation that I’m in. And that is…

…to run.

Taking Ray’s hand, I made a dash away from them dragging the diva with me.


And it’s not surprising that they are running after us.


Five girls are playing tag…well…they’re not really playing tag. It’s more like three girls are chasing after the other two. Well, one is pretending to be a guy and all…but that’s really not the point.

“Stop! We won’t hurt you!” Mariko yelled at the two they’re chasing. She quickly took Asahi’s last muffin in her hand…much to Asahi’s surprise…and threw the muffin at Kai. It didn’t hit Kai though…it hit the diva instead on the back of her head. Bits of the muffin were left in the diva’s hair. Asahi flinched when the diva looked at them while running.

“Who threw that?! You are so dead!” The diva growled glaring at Asahi who shook her head nervously and pointed at Mariko who just shrugged. Nice hit…wrong person to hit though.

The chase continues. People are staring at them but that didn’t stop Kai who was trying to loose the three girls chasing after them. Kai kept on turning and turning on the hallways dragging the diva with him. Makes you wonder what kind of place the Tohto TV station is for them to run like they’re running inside a mouse maze huh.

The three were getting tired. Mariko notices the gap between them and the two they’re chasing is slowly getting longer. In this case…they’re going to loose the two.

Asahi and Mariko stopped running. They were panting as they watch Hinata still chasing the two.

“Stop…” Hinata exhaled looking at the two. They’re getting away! She stopped, feeling tired and suddenly with all her remaining strength…she yelled…


Kai’s name echoed in the hallway. Ray and Kai stopped and stared with their eyes wide as they looked at the people at the end of the hallway.

They were photographers who obviously heard Hinata call out Kai’s name.

Both parties stared at each other for awhile. This isn’t good for Kai and Ray. The fact that Kai from Persona is there…after a long months of disappearing in the entertainment business and Ray being the top diva are together…holding hands…even though they supposedly had broken up…is something like a grand feast for the press. Surely the photographers would want some photos to publish right?

Right. That seems to be what they were thinking as they suddenly start flashing the two with their cameras, running towards them.

“Shit!” Kai quickly dragged Ray running in the opposite towards the three who was looking at them surprised. As Kai and Ray passed them, Kai growled at Hinata.

“Hinata you…BAKA!!”

The three watch as the photographers chase after the two. This is bad…like really bad.

“Opps.” Hinata said looking at where Kai and Ray disappeared to.

“Nice going Hinata!” Mariko growled as she punched Hinata in the shoulder.

“How should I know that the press was there?!” Hinata defended herself. She does have a point.

“No use worrying about that. Let’s just figure out how to help them.” Asahi suggested. Good suggestion…but how can they help the two?


Nami’s POV

God there’s no end to this.

I looked behind me and the photographers are still chasing us, flashing us with their cameras. Maybe we should just…give up? Let them take some pictures of us. Let the world know that Ray and Kai are back together. That way, jerk face would probably back off for good.

Ugh. I really hadn’t intended for this to happen. I just want that Yuu to stop pursuing Ray. I didn’t want anyone to know that Kai made an appearance. But now…everyone would know.

Mariko-sama, Asahi and Yukarin would tease me endless for this. Hinata would…probably be dead once this is over so she won’t get to tease me. This is her fault and all. Hmm. I wonder what Sachou would say if she saw that Kai is back.


I said suddenly as someone grabbed me pulling me inside an…elevator? I turned towards the person and found Hinata pushing the close button like crazy. The three of us looked horrified at the photographers running towards us. Luckily, the elevator closed right in time and we all sighed in relief.

I sat at the floor panting. Ray was leaning on the wall trying to catch her breath as well. I noticed some yellow stuff in her hair. Wonder what that is?

“You guys should be safe for now.”

Hinata smiled looking down at me. I glared at her and quickly stood up. I grabbed her in her collar and pulled her face towards mine.

“This is all YOUR fault! I’m going to maim you for this!!”

I shook her and she smiled nervously.

“Now, now Nami. Calm down.”

“Calm down?! CALM DOWN?! YOU—“

“Hey! If you didn’t run away from us in the first place we could have prevented this you know!”

I stopped shaking her and just gritted my teeth knowing that she’s somehow right. I just didn’t want them seeing me like this. They’ll ask me questions and tease me to death. Now that I think about it, that’s kind of stupid of me huh?

I pushed her away and moved away. She looked at me frowning slightly.

“What’s with the goatee anyway?”

Oh yeah, I forgot I put that. My fake goatee is still there but my fake mustache seems to be missing. It probably fell from all that running. I shrugged at her question.

“Where are we going?”

Ray asked coldly. I glanced at her and she seems to be pretty angry. It makes me wonder if she’s angry at the situation we’re in or at me since she seems pretty mad earlier when I faced jerk face. Again I can’t help but wonder why she’s mad at me for that.

“Top floor. Asahi is already there.”

“And Mariko-sama?”

“She stayed below monitoring the photographers’ movements. I’m going back there to accompany her after I drop you guys off. The ‘HiMari’ coupling should stay together you know.”

I decided to stay quiet rather than make a comment on their imaginary coupling she has with Mariko-sama. So the three of us just stared at the ascending numbers as we wait for the elevator to stop. Hinata slowly moved closer to and leaned to whisper…

“Ne Nami, are you two…okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s just that…Ray looks scary than usual.”

Hinata said as she glanced at Ray who was glaring at the door. I glanced too and noticed her looking like she’s about to kill someone. Hinata slightly jumped surprised when Ray’s angry gaze turned to her.

“I can hear you, you know. This isn’t exactly a large room for me not to hear you.”

Ray growled giving Hinata a look that made her freeze in fear.

“H-Hai! G-Gomen!”

Hinata said as she bowed at Ray who looked away. She stood stiff beside me and just stared at the ascending numbers. I just rolled my eyes at them. Somehow I get the feeling Ray is still mad at me.

Like I care! Let her be mad! I’m mad at her for being mad and for her not thanking me.

The three of us quietly wait for the elevator to stop. Hinata, being in the middle, is somewhat glancing at us every now and then. She seemed uncomfortable as she kept playing with her clothes while looking at the numbers. She could probably feel the tension coming from both of us which makes her uncomfortable.

She almost let out a squeal of delight but quickly covered her mouth when we finally reached the top floor. The door opened and Asahi greeted us with a smile.

“Hey. I’m glad you guys are fine.”

She smiled but then that smile slowly turned into a frown as me and Ray stepped out of the elevator. Asahi could probably tell that something is wrong from the way me and Ray are frowning, avoiding each others eyes.

“W-well, I leave them up to you Asahi! Good luck!”

“Wh-what? W-wait!”

Too late. Hinata immediately closed the elevator leaving Asahi to take care of us. She sighed and shrugged smiling slightly.

“I’m actually just a lookout for you guys.”

She motioned for us to follow her up the stairs leading us to the rooftop.

“You guys can hide here for awhile until everything cools down. I’ll come pick you up. I have to get back down and lead the press in the wrong way if they ever check the rooftop.”


I smiled and she smiled back nodding her head walking back down. I turned to look at Ray who was by the railing looking down.

“Oh yeah. Hey Nami!”

Frowning, I turned around and was surprised when a flash blinded me momentarily. I blinked back and found Asahi beaming at me holding her phone.

“It’s nice to see Kai again, though I like him better without the goatee.”

She giggled and I removed the goatee on my chin. It looked good together with the fake mustache. I only added them because I was somewhat afraid that Yuu might recognize me. Plus, Kai disappeared a couple of months ago…so it would be somewhat believable if there were some changes in his looks.

At least…that’s what I was thinking at that time.

“You have to tell me later why you needed to make him appear alright? Well…I’ll see you later. Good luck.”

Asahi winked at me, closed the door and went back down. Is she saying good luck for me to make peace with Ray? If she is implying that…then she’s mistaken if she thinks that I’m going to say sorry to Ray when I didn’t do anything wrong. If Ray doesn’t want to talk to me…then fine! I don’t care!

I sat down on the ground, leaning at the wall. Ray was still on the railing looking ahead at the scene in front of her. Looking at her like this suddenly reminded me of where we are. We’re at the rooftop…of Tohto TV! The place where Ray first…

“I want you to stay away from Yuu. Be it Kai or Nami, just stay away from him and don’t do anything stupid like what you did earlier.”

Ray said as she kept her back to me. The way she said it irritates me. It’s like she’s talking to a child with the tone of her voice.

“What I did wasn’t stupid.”

“It is stupid! Don’t you know what might happen because of the stupidity of what you did?!”

Ray said as she turned to face me, her voice a louder than usual. She was angry. Furiously angry. I was getting angry myself since I still don’t get why the hell she’s angry at me for.

I quickly stood up and glared at her.

“Then why don’t you tell me! Tell me what’s so stupid about that when I only did that to protect you!”

That seems to leave her dumbfounded as she stares at me, her eyes wide. She clearly needed to hear why I did that. So yeah, I did that to protect her. I did it for her. Can’t she see that? Why is she mad at me? Why does it seem like she’s protecting that dumbass?

That last question seems to hit me. It does seem like she’s protecting Yuu. Don’t tell me…?

“You…You like him…don’t you…?”

Surprisingly, my voice sounded soft. Unsure. It sounded like I was hesitating on asking that question. Or maybe…I was hesitating because I didn’t want to know the answer.


She asked frowning at me.

“That’s why you’re mad at me…because…you’re protecting him. You like Okuma Yuu!”

“I’m not protecting him! I’m protecting YOU!”

She said as she stepped closer to me, glaring. I’m frowning as I can’t comprehend if she said she’s protecting me…or she’s protecting Yuu. Did she say you or Yuu? Damn homophones!

‘Need I remind you that you are in Japan, so you can’t blame homophones on this one.’ Inner Mariko-sama reminded me as she rolls her eyes.

Oh yeah.

I frowned slightly, my eyes still glued at her.


She sighed defeatedly.

“He’s a lot like me. He said so himself. If that is the case…then he’d do anything just so he can get what he wants. He’ll destroy anything that might get in his way. That’s why I never told anyone about him. Not even Mari-chan knows. I don’t want anything to happen to you guys…especially you.”

She said the last part softly as she looks at the ground. So this is the reason why she’s mad at what I did. I get it but…

“So what? You’re just going to deal with him yourself?! Is that it?!”

Yes, I’m still angry. She doesn’t need to handle this alone when we’re here for her. I’m here for her.

She clearly doesn’t know that or cares as she turned to look at me, scowling.

“Yes, I’ll handle it myself! So stay the hell out of it!”

“Oh yeah?! Well, newsflash! I won’t let you handle it yourself because I want to protect you too!!”

I yelled at her angrily and she surprised me when she grabbed my shoulder, slammed me to the wall and kissed me hard.

Well, it did surprised me a little…but what surprised me the most is that I’m kissing her back…

…just as hard.



Extra notes: Ugh. Too much drama. I suck at drama scenes. Next chapter would be crucial for crucial... :nervous
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