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Author Topic: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (Nami/Ray, Nami/Acchan) - COMPLETED  (Read 166702 times)

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Read this and gotta say... bravo. And as promised, will be updating my own tonight. :P

Hope I get another update soon! Angry making out is always awesome. And wow, look at Nami... she finally seems to be seeing things Ray's way :D Rip her clothes off! WOOO!!! I mean... uh... hahaha. lol.

You've made Yuu into a very unlikeable character, good job.

Really like this line --> Who threw that?! You are so dead!” The diva growled glaring at Asahi who shook her head nervously and pointed at Mariko who just shrugged. Nice hit…wrong person to hit though.

lol. I could so see Ray doing that too.

Now I really can't wait til you give us the next one! :D Come on!

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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I had no idea that such a godly AKB48/Mendol fic existed on this forum.

Its taken me days/hours to catch up (I'm still in the process of reading as I'm posting this comment) but its sooo worth it. I'm looking forward to your updates :D

The Nami X Ray makes me squeal :lol:
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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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FoF, I've been learning from Ray. lol.

Doing whatever I can do to get what I want. Which is MORE UPDATES FROM YOU. O_O Will I do it again? huh? Will I with-hold the next chapter? We don't know. Lets see. lol.
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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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I didn't realize that chp14 would be so long (for me) so I decided to divide it in half. I'll post part 2 later when I finish it.  :nervous
chap14 is probably the most stressful chap for me. Ugh.  :panic:
Anyway, thanks for the thanks, the replies and the pms!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
Seriously, thanks so much!  :)


Chapter 14 (Part 1)

Nami’s POV

My senses went overdrive as she kissed me angrily against the wall. She’s kissing me, hard…and without thinking...I’m kissing her back just as hard.

Her smell intoxicates me as I breathe in her scent. Her hold on my shoulder…is tighter than ever.  I can feel pain in my shoulder as her long nails digs into my skin. Her body is pressed up against mine. She’s still pushing me…even though my back is completely pressed against the wall.

I…I wonder if she can feel my heart pounding hard.

I wonder if she can taste me…like I can taste her.

I can feel her anger as she kisses me. I tried to mimic the movements of her lips on mine, moving them and pushing back to her just as hard to let her know I’m angry as well. I don’t know if I’m doing it right though since…

…this is the first time I’m actually kissing someone back.

I moaned slightly when I felt the tip of her tongue brushing against my lips. Her tongue moves around, feeling my lips and wetting them, silently asking permission for her tongue to enter me. Finally, she parts my lips with her tongue and enters my mouth. We both let out a soft moan when our tongues came in contact with each other for the first time.

Oh God.

I feel lightheaded as I let her dominate me, not anymore caring to let her know I’m angry at her. It actually feels like this kiss that we’re sharing isn’t out of anger anymore…it’s more like evolving into something…else.

I can’t hear anything besides the pounding of my heart as our tongues continue to dance together. I moan again and felt her press into me harder. I guess she likes it when I do that since she kisses me hard whenever I moan. I never pegged myself as a moaner…but then again, I’ve never experienced something this intense before.

I suddenly had the urge to hold her. It was then I realized that my hands weren’t holding anything as they stayed limp on my sides. With that, my right hand slowly made its way up, cupping the side of her face. I gently caressed the side of her face with my thumb and felt the bruising kiss we’re sharing ease up. She’s kissing me slowly now…softly. It’s as if she’s trying to memorize the feel of my lips on hers and my tongue against hers. Much like the bruising kiss earlier…this kiss is also intense.

I wonder how long we’ve been kissing.

‘Long enough for Asahi or anyone to catch the two of you making out.’ Inner Mariko-sama reminded and I suddenly remembered why we’re here in the first place.

We’re supposed to wait for Asahi to come back…not to make-out! And my God! I’m making out with Ray!

Surprisingly, it wasn’t me who pulled away from the kiss. Although, when you think about it, I really can’t pull away since I’m pressed against the wall. Still, it was surprising that Ray was the one who pulled away first. Did she read my mind?

Slowly she pulled away from me slightly, placing her forehead on mine. Both of us are breathing heavily from the intense kiss we just shared. I kept my eyes closed and felt her nuzzle her face on the side of my face. I find it funny that earlier she was so angry and now she seemed like a tamed kitten. I swear she’s almost purring as she breathes into my ear.


She said breathlessly as if telling me to open my eyes, feeling myself shiver as she calls my name. I slowly opened my eyes when I felt her pull away. It wasn’t surpring whe I found her gazing at me. Somehow, I feel like I’m the mind reader now since I can tell that she wants me to say something or answer the one question that’s apparent in her eyes.

Why did I kiss her back?


The warmth I felt earlier suddenly disappeared to be replaced by a sudden chill. I suddenly felt the need to run and hide from that warm gaze of hers.

What can I say to her?

I looked away.

That’s right…nothing.

“I...think we should head back down…to where the others are. They’re probably waiting.”

This is all I can offer her for now, which she reluctantly accepted as she stepped away from me, giving me space to turn and walk away. With my knees weak, I slowly walked towards the door, not bothering to look if she’s following me. I went back inside and sighed, my fingertip caressing my tingling and burning lips. I licked my lips and I can still taste her.

She tastes like…

End of Flashback


“Ehhh? Strawberries? Are you craving for some Nami-chan?”

I turned to Hinata who has her head tilted slightly as she looked at me, confused.


She sighed and shook her head.

“I’ve been talking to you for awhile now and you suddenly said strawberries. Do you want some?”

I must’ve said strawberries out loud. I shook my head to answer her question and she frowned slightly still confused.

“You know…you look a bit flushed. Are you coming down with a fever or something?”

She asked as she placed her hand on my forehead.

“Hmm. Nope…no fever. You do feel warmer than usual.”

“I’m fine!”

I growled as I removed her hand on my forehead. Frowning, I began to eat my katsudon again hoping that Hinata doesn’t ask anything…Ray related...since that’s all I ever think about since it happened the other day.

Hinata and I are at a restaurant having our late lunch after finishing our recording session. Just my luck that I was paired up to Hinata today. Knowing Hinata, she’ll pry on what’s bothering me. I know she’s just trying to be helpful…but sometimes I just need to figure things out for myself.

Especially something as big as this.

I glanced at Hinata and found her looking at me curiously. I frowned slightly finding it disturbing that she’s looking at me while I’m eating.


She sighed and shook her head, looking at the side.

“Be thankful that I promised Asahi not to question you on whatever.”

She mumbled.

What? Asahi told her not to ask questions? Why would Asahi tell her that?

Before I could question her about Asahi, she looked at me and smiled excitedly as she changes the topic.

“So? Are you going to help me or what?”

“Help you with what?”

“You know, helping me to get Mariko to agree on the ‘HiMari’ coupling.”

I narrowed my eyes at the ridiculousness of what she just said. I don’t know anymore if she’s serious on pursuing Mariko-sama or she’s just joking around. But then again, looking at her like this, I can’t help but think that she is somewhat serious about hers and Mariko-sama’s ‘HiMari’ coupling. Is she crazy to think that Mariko-sama would want to be a part of that?

‘She’s Hinata. What do you expect?’ Inner Mariko reminded me as she rolls her eyes.

Oh, right.

“Listen, I suggest you let go of that illusion that you and Mariko-sama would become the ‘HiMari’ couple because there is no way Mariko-sama would agree to that. Just the fact that she’ll be coupled to YOU would send her running away.”

Though I can’t imagine Mariko-sama running away. Hmm. Mariko-sama running after Hinata with a knife on her hand would be the proper visual for that I guess.

“Wow. Way to break it to me gently Nami-chan. You really are a true friend.”

She said flatly as she looked at the side.

Well, they say that true friends stab you in the front. And I know if I break it to her gently, she still won’t understand it. So I guess stabbing Hinata in the front is the way to go. Maiming her would be good too.

“I guess I’m just a bit jealous of what you guys have, you know. Back then, I have Kuro-nyan. But it was an unrequited love...”

Ah. Kuro-nyan…or better known as the snake man that was hunting us for a mere toy that Asahi picked up. Well, it wasn’t a mere toy because it has some chip inside of it that has a data about some illegal business that Sachou’s…long time love…was trying to hide. Kuro-nyan was among his goons and well, he’s Hinata’s ‘Prince’ back then in our Persona days. Those were the days that Hinata seemed blind in love. Like literally.

I know he saved Hinata and all, but hearing Hinata calling him a prince somewhat brings a sour face to me and Asahi. Well, every woman has different tastes in men I guess.

Hinata sighed.

“And now, I see both of you and Asahi with someone…and well, I’m jealous. I want what you have.”

She looked at me, pouting a little looking sad.

“…can I have that?”

She said softly, her voice breaking a little. I never realized Hinata feels this way. She’s always showing us her…deranged and happy side without knowing that she’s somewhat feeling…lonely. I felt somewhat guilty.

“You know that someday you’ll find someone you love right? It may not be now, but someday you will. Until then, we’re here for you. Always.”

She looks stunned at what I said. If I were her, I would be, since I hardly speak such sappy lines to her. I feel myself blushing at her gaze. It was my turn to be stunned when she replied,

“What are you saying? I’m asking you if I could have THAT.”

She pointed at my half eaten katsudon. I narrowed my eyes at her as she somewhat rendered me speechless.

What…just happened?

‘Well she did say that she wants what you have and asked you if she can have that. Clearly you misunderstood her. Pay attention Nami! This is Hinata you’re speaking to.’ Inner Mariko-sama said as she shook her head.

I sighed and pushed the katsudon to her which she eagerly took and eat.

“I’m never going to say something that sappy to you ever again.”

I grumbled as I rest my chin on my hand and looked away. She looked up from eating my katsudon and smiled brightly.

“I doubt that. I would have hugged you for that, but I’m eating now. So maybe later.”

She winked and I just rolled my eyes. If she tries to hug me later, I’m going to choke her for making me feel stupid.

Watching Hinata devouring my katsudon and even drinking my juice…which I didn’t give to her but that didn’t stop her from taking it…bored me. So I took my phone out of my bag to see if someone left me a message. I was somewhat disappointed when I found that there’s no new message for me.

Not even a stupid message from Ray.

I shouldn’t be surprised since she also didn’t call or leave me a message yesterday. That’s actually the first time that ever happened. Ray not calling or bothering me, I mean. I guess she’s avoiding me or something. It’s understandable that she distance herself from me. So I shouldn’t be surprised about it right?


But, why do I feel miserable about it? Why do I suddenly miss her stupid calls and messages? Why do I suddenly want to see or hear her perky voice? Should I…send her a message telling her that I…miss her?
“Hmm? I knew you looked familiar! Nami right? From that 48 group.”

I froze when I heard that unforgettable voice. I slowly turned and found Okuma Yuu smiling at me.

“How’s it been?”

Japan’s population is hundreds of millions and out of that millions, I get to bump into him?! Of all the places and people to bump into…why is it got to be HIM?! Is God torturing me??

I’m trying my very best not to make a face as I stood up and bowed at him slightly. If I could, I’d head butt the guy until he pass out. But that’s so un-idol-like.

“Uh…Okuma-san. I’m doing good. What are you doing here?”

I’d be great if you just get out of my face.

“A friend and I are buying some take-outs.”

I can’t believe he has a friend. What is wrong with this world?

Okuma Yuu noticed Hinata who was watching us curiously. It’s courtesy to introduce them, so I motioned at Hinata and gave him a forced smile.

“This is a friend of mine who is also in akb48. Okuma-san, this is Hinata. Hinata, this is Okuma-san.”

Hinata stood up and they both bowed at each other.

“Another member huh? That’s nice. You guys must be having some time off from working so hard.”

Yes we are. Unlike you who’s probably out there harassing people. People like Ray…

I clench my fist as I once again recall when I saw him harassing Ray. I’m getting mad as he continues to smile at us trying to be friendly. Thankfully, his friend called him over.

“Well, I got to go. It’s nice meeting you Hinata. Nami, we should catch up sometime.”

He winked at me then waved goodbye at us. I hesitantly waved back with Hinata smiling. We watch as him and his friend walked out of the door, laughing. I sat back down once he was out of sight, grumbling at how unlucky I am. Catch up?! Me and him?! Ha! I’ll let him catch my fist when I see him again! Damn jerk face!

Hinata sat back down with a blank face. I frowned wondering what she’s thinking as she kept her gaze at the door.

Don’t tell me…

“Don’t tell me you like him?”

She looked at me and shook her head, frowning.

“No way. He’s not my type. Plus, Kuro-nyan is princelier than him!”

If I say something bad to Kuro-nyan, then I’m in Okuma Yuu’s side so…I think I’ll agree with Hinata in this one. Even though, I can’t really imagine Kuro-nyan as being princely. I wonder though, if someone was telling her some fairytale with some prince in it, would she imagine Kuro-nyan wearing some princely costume?

Nope, I still can’t imagine him being a prince.

“So, do you think that friend of his is his boyfriend?”

Hinata suddenly asked as she leaned towards me and wiggled her eyebrow. I narrowed my eyes at Hinata once again.

Only Hinata would come up with something as insane as that.


“Hey, look at this.”

Hinata said as she pointed towards an article on Kai and Ray’s run-in from the press while we’re walking towards our apartment. It’s getting dark now and well, we were supposed to get home a couple of hours ago, but Hinata kept stopping as she saw something cute along the way. She’ll drag me from store to store pointing at the cute stuff she saw. I find it funny that she looks like a child as she kept on pointing out stuff that she finds cute, though I was getting tired of her dragging. She finally stopped dragging me when she saw a newspaper which features yet another article about Kai and Ray. She immediately bought it and focused her attention at it.

I looked at it and saw a picture of me as Kai running while dragging Ray with me.

Ugh. Not another article. Yesterday, ‘Kai and Ray’s romantic escapade’…that’s what they call it…made it in the front page of every newspaper in Japan. Everybody is speculating on Kai’s return as ‘him finally realizing that Ray is the only girl for him.’ Persona fans are ecstatic thinking that ‘Persona is back in business.’ Even the members of akb48 are pretty excited as each one held different newspaper yesterday, reading about what happened. The only one’s who weren’t THAT excited about it were us four who was at the scene of the crime when that ‘romantic escapade’ happened.

I guess we made a big mess the other day.

‘You mean YOU made a big mess the other day.’ Inner Mariko-sama said.

Right. Blame it on me.

“It says here, that ‘Kai, who just came back from the U.S. to become a nutritionist…’”

U.S.? Nutritionist?!! WHAT?! Where the hell did they get that crap?

“… ‘visited Japan’s top diva, Ray, who is also his ex-girlfriend, immediately at Tohto TV as soon as his plane landed. He wanted some alone time with the diva but die hard fans of his saw him and chased after him dragging the diva with him.’ Hey we’re on this too!”

Hinata smiled excitedly as she pointed at the article. I rolled my eyes at her.

“Yeah, as Kai’s die hard fans.”

“Still, we got in! This is probably the article closest to the truth.”

Except for the studying in the U.S. to become a nutritionist part. Seriously, who came up with that?!

“It says here that ‘Ray’s manager and president of Monkey Productions, Sarukawa Keiji, decided not to comment on anything.’”

Typical of him. I bet he’s having a hard time now what with the press is constantly following him or even calling him for his comment. Now that I think about it, maybe Ray is experiencing that as well.

I frowned at the thought.

“Hmm. You know, reading this article remind me of Acchan. Did you talk to her yet?”

I was taken aback by the suddenness of her question. I raised my eyebrow at her.

“Reading that article reminded you of my problem with Acchan?? How is that even related to Acchan?”

She shrugged.

“Dunno. I just suddenly remembered her. So, did you talk to her?”

You know, I would’ve wondered if she’s suffering from ADD with the sudden shift of conversation we’re having. But then, she just reminded me of another problem that I have yet to solve…and that I’ve somewhat forgotten.

I frowned though when I remembered her words earlier.

“I thought you promised Asahi not to ask me anything.”

She did say that earlier. I wonder why Asahi would say that to her, but that’s not the point.

“Ah, but she told me not to ask you questions about RAY not Acchan.”

She grinned looking proud at herself. Sure she promised Asahi that, but the decision is still mine if I want to answer her or not. And I decided to not to answer her as we head up the stairs of our apartment building.

“I know you didn’t talk to her yesterday because you were brooding again.”

She said scoldingly as she glances at me. It’s true. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her yesterday because…well…what happened with me and Ray still plagues my mind. It’s all I could think about yesterday. Plus the whole deal with Yuu. So somehow, my problem with Acchan got buried because of the new events that occurred.

“I was watching her a bit yesterday and she seemed like she wanted YOU to approach her. She kept glancing at you again.”

Great. Now I feel guilty for not talking to Acchan yesterday. She must think I’m avoiding her or something.

‘Weren’t you?’ Inner Mariko-sama asked.

No I’m not! I…I really wasn’t aware of what is happening around me yesterday. Mariko-sama even had to slap my head because I wasn’t listening to her. A-And Acchan only stayed a couple of minutes in the rehearsal room…and in those couple of minutes, I was busy…thinking about stuff. The only time that I noticed Acchan was when her manager came to the rehearsal room to pick her up for her dorama. I…I didn’t even get a chance to say hi to her…

Now I feel ten times guilty. I fail at life.

‘You could say that again.’ Inner Mariko-sama sighed.

“You should really talk to her.”

“I know.”

I sighed as I pulled out my key and opened our apartment door. Maybe I should call her now and we could meet somewhere to talk. Prolonging this problem would just make it worse.

Hinata quickly walked inside, removing her shoes then headed towards the kitchen excitedly. She looks deflated when she noticed that there’s no food ready on the table. I joined her and frowned.

“Wh-where’s the food?”

As much as I want to narrow my eyes at Hinata for noticing the lack of food first than the lack of Asahi, I just kept my gaze on the empty table, frowning.

“That’s odd. Asahi should be back by now.”

Usually, when it’s Asahi’s turn to cook, she’d be back before sunset. And if ever she’s got plans she’ll either call us or send us a message telling us that she’ll be home late. So it’s understandable for me and Hinata to find this scene a bit…odd.

I decided to check her room just in case she just lazily decided to walk to her room without even removing her shoes. It hasn’t happened before to Asahi, rather it happened before to Hinata, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

I walked towards Asahi’s room with Hinata following me, pouting. Asahi’s door was slightly open. Without knocking, I slowly opened the door and was surprised at the pair of eyes that turned to look at me.


Seeing her made my heart skip a beat, but when I turned to see the person whose head is resting on her lap, I suddenly focused my attention on that person rather than the warmth I felt when I saw Ray.

It was Asahi.

Ray turned to look at Asahi with a sad look on her face. She caresses Asahi’s head as the girl sleeps on her lap. Asahi whimpers softly, nuzzling at Ray’s warmth. Streaks of tears were visible on her cheeks which were slightly red along with her nose. She looked like a child who cried her eyes out and is now seeking comfort to her mother. I have an inkling who’s behind her tears. If I’m right…then that person better have a good explanation…

…or else I’m going to kick her ass for making Asahi cry.


Ray quietly closed the door of Asahi’s room and turned to the two girls who were waiting for her to come out. Both girls are frowning but Ray could tell that they weren’t feeling the same emotions as the other. One girl looked disturbed. The other…looked seriously pissed off.

Ray sighed and both girls turned to her silently asking for an explanation.

“I came here to…talk to you…” Ray said as she looks at Nami smiling slightly.

“…and then I saw her crying outside, out of breath. I think she ran all the way here while she cried.” She looked at the floor remembering what happened earlier.

“I took her in and held her as she told me what happened.”

Nami looked at the side glaring as she listens to Ray.

“…She kissed Yuko…and Yuko just…ran away.”

With that said Nami quickly took her bag and walked towards the front door. Ray knew what Nami is going to do as she saw those angry eyes of hers. She was about to stop her when she felt a hand on her arm, halting her. She slowly turned to Hinata who shook her head sadly.

“Let her go.”


“I get what she’s feeling. She needs to do this, so let her go.” Hinata said softly, her hand still tight on the diva’s arm.

“What is she feeling?” Ray asked frowning. She knew what Nami was feeling. Seeing those angry eyes of hers gave it away. It surprised and confused Ray when Hinata answered a completely different feeling as to what Ray is thinking.



“I wonder what’s wrong with Yuko?” Sae asked as she looked up at Sayaka who was leaning at the wall with her arms crossed.

“Yeah, ever since she came back from our break time she’s been…down.” Sayaka frowned slightly finding it weird to say Yuko’s name and the word down in the same sentence. It was unusual for Yuko to be down since…well…she’s never been down before. Yuko is a happy-go-lucky girl that you would always see smiling. So for the twin towers to see their friend looking depressed during practice…well…it disturbed them. It disturbed them a lot.

The two sighed as they waited for Yuko’s return. They were the only one’s left inside the rehearsal room as they wait for their friend who was currently talking to their sensei. Even though Yuko didn’t make any mistake during team practice, their sensei still sensed that something was wrong with the girl so she decided to have a talk with her after practice. The twin towers noticed as well and decided to wait for their friend.

“You guys are still here.”

The two looked and saw Maeda smiling as they head towards them.

“Acchan, what are you doing here?” Sae asked as she stood up and returned the smile that Maeda is giving them.

“I just came to get something from my locker and saw you two. I guess team K’s practice ended early?” Maeda said as she looked around noticing the lack of team K members around.

“Yeah. Team practice ended an hour ago.” Sayaka said smiling.

“Why are you guys still here then?” Maeda asked frowning slightly. The twin towers looked at each other unsure of what explanation they could give to Maeda.


Before Sayaka could explain to Maeda why they were still there, the three heard footsteps and turned to see Yuko walking towards them, frowning at the floor. She stopped when she bumped into Maeda. Her mind is clearly somewhere else if she didn’t notice Maeda standing there.

She looked at Maeda surprised.

“Oh. I didn’t see you there Acchan. Sorry about that.” Yuko said as she smiled slightly. Even her smile looks sad. Maeda noticed Yuko’s lack of energy and perkiness as she greets her. Something is definitely bothering the girl.

Maeda looked at Sayaka and Sae who smiled slightly. As if understanding the unspoken words from the two, Maeda turned to Yuko worriedly.

“Are you…okay?”

Yuko sighed sadly as she looked at the floor.

“Of course I’m okay. Why…wouldn’t I be?” Yuko said softly, her voice breaking slightly as tears forms in her eyes.

“Yuko…” Sae took a step forward. It breaks her heart to see her friend like this. Heck, it pains the three of them to see Yuko like this.

The three looked up as they heard heavy footsteps coming from the hallway. They were surprised when Nami appeared, panting heavily as she leans at the door frame. She looks like she ran a marathon with the way she’s panting.

“Nami?” Maeda was surprised at seeing Nami at such a state. As soon as Yuko heard Maeda, Yuko quickly turned to look Nami. The latter looked at them and saw her target. She pushed herself from the door frame and marched towards them.

She looks…dangerous.

“What are you doing here Nami?” Sayaka asked but Nami ignored the question and just kept walking. She ignored the confused gaze coming from Sae and Maeda and just focused her eyes on one person.

Her target, Yuko.

Without any word or warning, she quickly took hold of Yuko’s shirt by the collar and slammed the girl hard to the wall, pushing her against it. The three were surprised. Yuko looked like she expected it as she stares at Nami’s fiery eyes dejectedly.

“Oi! What are you doing?!” Sae placed a hand on Nami’s shoulder. Sayaka took hold of Nami’s arm looking alarmed as well.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!!” Nami yelled at Yuko’s face. She was seething as she stares at Yuko who’s eyes were looking away from her now. The twin towers frowned confused. Even if they were holding Nami, they weren’t pulling her away. They were confused and wanted to know what’s going on. Besides, it looked like Nami wasn’t going to do anything that would harm the other girl. If it looked like Nami would hit Yuko, that’s the time the two would pull the other off.

“I thought you were better than that!! How could you do that to her?!!” Nami grip on Yuko shirt tightened as Yuko’s eyes still wouldn’t meet hers.

“She cried herself to sleep because of YOU!” Yuko’s eyes went wide at what Nami said. The three spectators somehow had an idea of who Nami is talking about. They glanced at Yuko who was still looking away from Nami. They noticed that the tears that Yuko was holding back earlier have finally fallen from her eyes.

“Why would you do that? Why would you do that to her? Is it THAT fun to play with her feelings? Is that it?!” Nami said softly, tears were forming in her eyes but she didn’t let them fall. She couldn’t understand why Yuko did that to Asahi. She wanted an explanation, a good one. But Yuko kept her mouth shut and it pissed her off.

“ANSWER ME GOD DAMNIT!” With that last frustrated yell from Nami, Yuko quickly turned her head to face the girl. Tears were streaming down her eyes.

“I got scared alright?! I got freaking scared when she kissed me so I ran away!!” Yuko yelled back finally looking at Nami’s eyes. Nami was slightly surprised as she looked back at Yuko, still keeping her grip on Yuko’s shirt.

“I never once thought that she might return my feelings for her…I mean look at me. I’m a joke.” Yuko softly said as she looks away. The four could feel the pain behind those words that Yuko uttered.

Yuko does seem like she’s always joking around when it comes to Asahi. But that was somewhat Yuko’s way of saying to Asahi, ‘I like you, even if you don’t like me back…it’s okay.’ It was always been a one-sided love for Yuko. She accepted the fact that Asahi would never return her feelings for her and she’s okay with that. It does hurt her whenever she sees Asahi with other men but she always thought that even if Asahi never returns her unsaid feelings for her, what’s important to Yuko is to see Asahi happy and for them to be friends, always. Yuko became used to that idea. So when Asahi suddenly kissed her, she got scared.

She got scared of ruining those important things for her. Because…to her…she’s a joke…

…and Asahi deserves more than just a joke.

Nami stared at her, surprised. Somehow, it felt like she was staring at herself. She remembers the cold feeling she had when she looked at Ray’s pleading eyes the other day when they kissed. She suddenly realized that she too got scared at that time when she gazed at those warm eyes of Ray. That’s why she chose to walk away from Ray at the rooftop of Tohto TV. Now that Nami thinks about it, she and Yuko were so similar to each other. Not only because of their small stature, or the fact that they could pass as sisters, but also because of the situation they’re in. Both chose to run away afraid of what might happen next, afraid of the changes that might occur. In short…

…they were both cowards in the face of happiness.

Still glaring at the girl, Nami asked Yuko,

“You love her right?” It wasn’t a question; rather, it was more of a statement for Nami as she knows that somehow, Yuko does love Asahi. She just needed to see from her eyes what Yuko truly feels for her friend. It was somewhat similar to when a parent asks their daughter’s suitor what his intentions are. She wanted to know if she could entrust her best friend’s heart to Yuko.

Yuko looked at Nami with tears still falling from her eyes. Pain still apparent in her eyes but Nami could see the huge amount of seriousness in them. Her eyes weren’t wavering as she stares back at Nami.

“Of course I do.” Yuko said firmly, as if stating the obvious. That’s when Nami saw it. Yuko’s firm answer and her eyes fighting Nami is what Nami needed to see. What she wanted to see. With that, Nami pulled her slightly towards her then slammed her back against the wall. She was impressed when Yuko didn’t blink or flinch back keeping her eyes glued to Nami’s.

Nami, with her voice breaking a little, painfully said to Yuko,

“Then stop joking around and fix it…because to her…you were never a joke.” With that said, she let go of Yuko then turned around and walked away, leaving four pair of eyes to stare at her.

Yuko stares at the exit frowning slightly. She didn’t even bother to look at the person who quickly followed Nami out of the rehearsal room. She just stood there as she remembers Nami’s pain-filled eyes when she walked away.



Extra notes: Posting it here doesn't seem long.   :nervous

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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ya did good. :D And I updated too.

If you update the next chapter soon , I'll be having a hard time keeping up with you.

And think about what I said about the coupling. lol. I really think you can make it happen :D

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woooooowwwww...... i have waiting for the update so long... thanks :bow: :bow: FoF sama u such a good writer...  :thumbsup :thumbsup i really like your story line... i'll be waiting for the next update and i hope it not take so long...  :cow: :cow:

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YAY an update.. the beginning I like  :P .. and the drama.. Can't wait for the next part of this.. THanks for updatinf FoF-sama ..

and YAY for Hinata  :twothumbs ...

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hello im a new reader here and i love this story it's so interesting to =) i wonder if the person who followed nami is acchan.... well i need to wait for 2nd part to know right?? AHHHHHH i like to read more of nami and acchan (takacchan) even tho i love all the pairings/couples :) well i'll be waiting for part 2 :] *so excited* XD

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Yay~! great chapter~! keep it coming  XD

cant wait till the next update~! :panic: :cow:

you are AWESOME~! :bow:

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FoF-san your fanfic is so AWESOME~!!!!!!!!!  :luvluv2:  :nya:
Want more~  :tantrum:
Please update as fast as you can~  :kneelbow:  :gyaaah:
THANK YOU VERY MUCH~!!!!!!!!  :on cny1:  :on GJ:

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Thanks for the usual!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:


Chapter 14 (Part 2)

Nami kept her frown as she walked through the empty hallway. She’s hurting and wants to cry, but held back the tears. She stopped walking when a hand held her arm tightly. She turned and saw Maeda frowning at her. She looks…angry.


Maeda didn’t say anything as she drags Nami into an empty room. She let go of Nami’s arm and turned to her. Nami could see the heated glare that Maeda was giving her. It was actually the first time Nami saw her like this.

“What were you thinking? How can you do that to Yuko?!” Not only did Maeda looked angry at Nami, she sounded angry too. It felt like Maeda was accusing her of doing something wrong. Somehow, that angered her a bit since for her, she didn’t do anything wrong.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Yes you did. That’s your friend, Nami. How can you do that to your friend?!”

“Asahi is my friend too!” Nami replied back a little louder than usual.

“Is this really about Asahi or is this really about you?” Maeda asked. Somehow, as she watched the heated scene earlier, she can’t help but feel that there were some self-hate in Nami’s words to Yuko. Sure she was blaming Yuko, but there’s a certain feel to it that Nami was also blaming herself especially when she said those last words to Yuko before she walked away. She really can’t explain why she can read the other girl so easily, but she can.

Nami seems to be taken aback by Maeda’s sudden question. It was then Maeda saw it again. She saw those eyes earlier when Nami turned and walked away, passing Maeda without a glance.

Those eyes filled with pain…and guilt.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Nami sighed tiredly as she turned to walk away again. She stopped when she heard Maeda ask her sadly,

“Why are you avoiding me?”

With her back facing Maeda, Nami looked at the floor.

“You…promised me that…nothing will ever change between us. So why does it feel like…it has…?” Maeda said softly, pain evident in her voice. Nami felt the pain behind those words. She slowly turned to look at Maeda and found her looking at the floor, dejectedly.

“I…I didn’t mean to avoid you. I’m sorry. You just…surprised me when you suddenly kissed me. I just suddenly felt…uneasy, especially when I don’t know the reason why you did that.” Nami reasoned as she looked at the side avoiding Maeda’s eyes. She wasn’t prepared for this confrontation, but she knew she couldn’t avoid it. If she avoid it, she’ll hurt Maeda and she really doesn’t want to do that again. Ever.

Nami glanced at Maeda and saw a sad smile on her face. She looked at Nami and sighed.

“Do you remember when I told you about me having a dorama?”

Nami, who didn’t know where this was heading, looked at Maeda and nodded. She does remember when Maeda told her that some TV producer wanted her to have a dorama. But…what does that have to do with their kiss?

“Well, they said that in that dorama, there’s a chance that I might kiss my co-star.” Maeda noticed that Nami still didn’t get it as she frowned slightly.

“I didn’t want my first kiss to be…a job, since I’ve always believed that a first kiss should be shared with someone special.” Maeda explained as Nami’s eyes widen with realization. Maeda kissed her…because she wants her first kiss to be with someone special…and she’s Maeda’s special someone.

Somehow being Maeda’s special someone made her nervous. She wanted to know to what extent is she special to Maeda. How is she special to Maeda? Somehow, finding out the answers to those questions scared her as she felt her heart pounding.

Maeda noticed Nami’s look and waved her hand nervously.

“I-It’s not what you think. Y-you’re a special friend to me. Always has been…and I hope…you always will be.” Maeda smiled shyly at Nami. Without any second thought, Nami walked towards her and hugged her, which surprised Maeda.

“Of course I will be. You’re a special friend to me too. You’ll always be. Nothing would change that.” Nami smiled as she nuzzles her head at Maeda’s shoulder. She could feel the other girl’s heart pounding and wonder if Maeda could feel her heart pounding as well.

Slowly, Maeda’s limp arms that we’re on her side made its way to Nami’s back hugging her back. She smiled a brightly as she held Nami, a slight blush on cheeks. They stayed like that for awhile until Maeda slowly pulled the girl away and they stared at each other, both giggling.

“So…are we okay now?” Nami asked pouting a little. Maeda rolled her eyes and pushed her slightly.

“I still think you went too far with Yuko.” Maeda reminded her. Nami’s looked sad all of a sudden as she looked at the floor. It reminded her of Asahi. The guilt she felt earlier suddenly came back.

“Talk to her. You’ll feel a lot better.” Maeda said as if reading Nami’s thoughts. Nami looked at her with sad eyes and nodded. She walked towards the exit but stopped and turned to look back at Maeda.

“I’ll talk to you later?”

“Yeah. Later.” Maeda smiled. Nami stared at her for awhile with a blank sad stare then turned and walked out of the room leaving Maeda alone. Maeda stared at the closed door…


Nami slowly opened Asahi’s door and found her awake with Hinata snuggling next to her as they’re both lying on her bed. Asahi turned her head and gave her a smile. Asahi’s cheeks were now tear streaked free but you can still tell that she cried earlier what with her eyes puffy.

“Hey.”  Asahi greeted Nami softly as she sat up, leaning at the headboard. Hinata just lay in the bed watching her two friends, her arms wrapped around on Asahi’s waist. She knew that she should stay quiet knowing that Nami wanted to say something to Asahi. Sure she could give the two their privacy, but something tells her that Nami doesn’t mind Hinata being there. In fact, she’d like it if the two were present to hear what she has to say.

“Hey.” Nami greeted back just as softly and just stood near Asahi’s bed with eyes away from her. She just…couldn’t look at Asahi now as she felt the guilt slowly tearing her inside.

“Are you…okay now?” Nami asked. She clenched her fist when her voice cracked a little. She silently cursed herself feeling the tears forming in her eyes. She didn’t want to be emotional but…she couldn’t help it. It’s just tearing her apart.

She suddenly felt a hand on her clenched fist, squeezing it. She looked up at Asahi who gave her a warm smile.

“I’m okay.” Asahi replied softly as she smiled slightly. Sure it still hurts to be somewhat rejected by Yuko, but she felt slightly better seeing her friends comfort her and such. She felt loved. And feeling that, somehow made her feel okay.

The smile on her face slowly disappeared when she saw the tears falling from Nami’s eyes. A tear dropped on her arm and she felt the girl’s hand tremble on her hold as Nami clenched her fist tightly.

“I’m sorry.” Nami said softly, her voice trembling. Both Hinata and Asahi stared at their friend who, was breaking down in front of them for the first time. It hurt them to see their friend like this. Tears were forming in their eyes as well.

“I’m not a good friend to you. I was so focused on my problems that I didn’t realize that…you were having problems as well. I kept on saying to myself that I’ll ask you how you are with Yuko, but I never did ask.”

“Nami…” Asahi said as she let the new batch of tears fall from her eyes. Hinata slowly sat up holding back the tears from her eyes. 

“I was selfish. I kept on thinking about myself when you were always there to help me…but where was I when you needed help? Where was I when you were hurting?” Tears kept falling from her eyes almost blurring her sight, but she didn’t care as she still kept her eyes on Asahi who was also crying.

“I’m sorry I messed up. I’m sorry I wasn’t a better friend for you. I’m sorry I didn’t try harder to help you. I’m sorry that you have a failure as a friend. I’m sorry.” Nami wailed. It pains Nami so much that she wasn’t there for Asahi. The three are like a family inside their apartment. Asahi is the airhead mother, Nami is the protective father and Hinata is their…crazed daughter. It suited their personality perfectly. So, being the father figure, she has the responsibility to protect her family.

But she failed in that didn’t she? She failed to protect something so important to her.

Asahi quickly pulled Nami down to her, hugging the little girl tight. She really looked like a little girl now, crying in her arms. Never once did Asahi see Nami as a vulnerable little girl because she was always the strong one in Asahi’s eyes. She never once showed any weaknesses and to suddenly see her so vulnerable and broken, hurts her. It hurts her a lot.

She caressed Nami’s head as the girl whimpers in her chest. She could feel Nami’s hands wrapping around her tight.

“You didn’t mess up. You are a good friend Nami and never once failed at being one.” Asahi said assuring the girl. The tears finally stopped falling as she tries to comfort the small girl. She couldn’t help but smile slightly at the girl. Hinata who was watching the touching scene, rests her chin on Asahi’s shoulder and caressed Nami’s head as well, smiling. It relieved the two that Nami somehow calmed down a bit upon hearing Asahi.

“You shouldn’t feel guilty for such things. You actually helped me a lot you know.” Asahi said softly and felt Nami shook her head not believing her.

“And for the record, if you asked me about Yuko, I wouldn’t have answered you since I wanted to solve it myself. Mariko tried asking me, but I just waved her off. Even Hinata failed.”

Nami slowly looked up, sniffling.


“Yeah.” Asahi smiled as she wiped Nami’s tears. Looking down at Nami like this…she really looks like a little child. Is it evil for Asahi to think that Nami looks so cute like this? Hmm. Maybe she should make Nami cry often just so she could see this cute side of hers.

Now that thought is cruel.

“Oddly enough, the only one who I somehow confided my Yuko problem with is…Ray.” Asahi giggled remembering the time when she asked the diva for an advice. Hinata and Nami looked at her incredulously.

“Really?” Both asked at the same time. They actually can’t imagine the two talking alone.

“Yeah. It was…probably one of the awkward moments in my life.” Asahi giggled remembering that time she talked with Ray. It was really awkward. That’s understandable since the two barely talk to each other.

Nami frowned trying to imagine Asahi and Ray talking. She giggled a little when she imagines Asahi looking awkwardly at Ray as she asks for an advice.

Somehow it made her smile that Ray helped Asahi. Earlier too, Ray helped Asahi who was probably crying her heart out as she held her and led her inside. It goes to show that even though the diva shows that she doesn’t care about Nami’s friends, like forgetting their names and such, she still cares for them. She is like her best friend Mariko, who also tries to hide her caring side to others. Nami somehow found it cute.

“Aww. You’re girlfriend is such a sweetie pie.” Hinata grinned as she pinched Nami’s cheek. Nami growled pulling Hinata’s hand away from her. She hid her blushing face to the two by moving her head back to Asahi’s chest nuzzling a little at Asahi’s warmth. It was then she noticed how soft, warm and nice Asahi’s breasts are.

She pulled back slightly at Asahi.

“Now I know why Yuko likes fondling your breasts.” Nami mumbled looking at the side making Asahi blush. Hinata suddenly placed both her hands on her shoulder.

“Her breasts are so awesome! Touch one.” Hinata said grinning. Nami swear she could see the drool there. She glanced at Asahi who sighed defeatedly.

“Go ahead.” It didn’t feel awkward like the way Yuko touches her breasts, so she decided to let the two have their way.

Nami, with her index finger, poked one of Asahi’s breasts. Well, it does feel soft.

“You won’t feel it unless you touch it you know!” With that, Hinata grabbed Nami’s hand and placed it on Asahi’s breast. With Hinata’s hand on top of Nami’s, Hinata squeezed Asahi’s breast. Asahi whimpered blushing furiously.

“See? Aren’t they soft and…perfect?” Nami narrowed her eyes at how perverted that sounded. Though…she has to admit, it is soft and well…perfect. It feels nice.

The three suddenly froze when the door suddenly opened.

“We bought food for you guys!” Ray said perkily with Mariko on her side. The two gaped when they saw the three in a compromising position. Both parties are staring at each other waiting for someone to say something or move. Nami gulped when Ray’s eyes kept on darting on Asahi and Nami’s hand that was on Asahi’s breast.

Caught red handed huh?

“WH-WHAT TH—“ Ray exclaimed fuming with jealousy but Mariko quickly stopped her when she placed her hand over the diva’s mouth, silencing her.

“We’ll just be outside while you three continue your…business.” Mariko said as she started dragging the struggling diva out of the room. Mariko sighed muttering how weird the three are as she closes the door.

The three stared at the door still unmoving. It was Hinata who finally broke the silence.

“Isn’t Asahi’s breasts just perfect Nami-chan?” Hinata said squeezing Asahi’s breast again with Nami’s hand over hers. Nami and Asahi narrowed their eyes at Hinata who looked at them excitedly.

Crazed daughter indeed.


Nami’s POV

I walked outside of our apartment to find Ray and Mariko-sama waiting. I frowned, confused as to why they have to wait outside like literally outside and just not on the living room. Hmm. Maybe they want us three to have some privacy or something. Hopefully they don’t think we need some alone time to do what they saw us doing earlier.


As soon as Ray heard me, she quickly walked right into my face, surprising me. She placed both her hand on my shoulder and started shaking me.

“Why would you touch her breast like that?! I have breasts too! Touch mine instead.”

Ray said frantically. I can’t believe she said that. I think Mariko-sama has the same thoughts as mine as she groaned at the back.

“Oh God. I so don’t want to hear that. I’ll leave you two to have your perverted talk.”

Both Ray and I turned to watch Mariko-sama walk away down the stairs leaving the two of us alone in the hallway. I suddenly felt nervous being alone with Ray. Odd I know. But somehow, I think she too feels nervous as she took a step back, removes her hand on my shoulder and looked away, blushing slightly. I guess I’m blushing as well since my face feels hot.


Both us said at the same time as we both looked at each other. We quickly looked away and I felt hotter than before. Where the hell is this sudden nervousness coming from? Well, I’ve always been nervous when I’m around Ray…but it wasn’t this bad. This is probably the aftermath of that kiss we shared.

Should we…should we talk about that…? No way! It’s too…embarrassing!

“Uh…so how are you?”

I stuttered. I couldn’t help feel the lameness of my question and the way I delivered that question. Why am I so lame?!

“I…I’m fine. W-why do you ask?”

Well at least she also stutters. Makes me feel slightly better.

“Uh because…well…you didn’t call or left me any messages yesterday and well…today too…so uh…”

I said as I scratched my head nervously, still looking away from her. Who is this lame shy girl and where the hell is the rash and aggressive girl that everybody knows?!

“Oh. I uh…I thought that you needed s-space after what happened…”

Then it seems that the Goddess of Silence made an appearance as both of us kept quiet knowing where our conversation is heading. I don’t like where this is going. What the hell do I say now? Where the hell is Inner Mariko-sama when I need her?!

“H-how’s Asahi?”

She suddenly asked finally breaking the uncomfortable silence. Her voice was so soft when she asked that. I glanced at her and saw her smiling slightly still looking away from me. I turned to her and smiled feeling the nervousness fade as she changes the subject.

“She’s fine now. Thank you for taking care of her.”

Finally, she turned to me giving me that soft smile of hers.

“She’s important to you and that makes her important to me as well.”

I stared at that warm gaze of hers feeling my heart pounding. It warms me when she looks at me like that. This is the same gaze that scared me the other day. Thinking about it, I’ve always ignored that gaze of hers, always thinking nothing of it. But now I can’t seem to look away as I finally understood what her eyes are telling me constantly.

Looking at her like this, made me want to answer back, but I didn’t.

Instead, I held her hand, squeezing it and leaned to her giving her a kiss on the cheek. I remember doing that to her back in our Persona days as a goodbye…but this time, it felt different.

It is different.

I pulled back and gave her a warm smile of my own.

“Thank you.”

She looked at me stunned and I noticed the cute blush spreading on her cheeks. I chuckled upon seeing it.

“I guess…I’ll talk to you tomorrow?”

I sounded hopeful and silently prayed that she got that. It doesn’t seem so since she just nodded still looking stunned. I guess at this point talking would be pointless.

“Goodnight Ray.”

I gave her hand a last squeeze then I let go as I went back inside the apartment. I leaned at the closed door and sighed. I looked at the floor and smiled remembering the stunned look on Ray’s face.

I never thought that I have that  much power on Ray, Japan’s top diva. Hmm. This could be interesting.

I can’t seem to wipe the smile on my face. Asahi noticed as she walked towards the kitchen.

“With that smile of yours, it looks like you did something right.”

“Actually, I did something that felt right.”

She smiled and I smiled back.


Mariko sighed, mumbling,

“What did I do to deserve this?” She felt Ray tighten her hold neck as she rests her forehead on Mariko’s shoulder. Mariko is giving the diva a piggyback ride as they walk the streets of Japan. She received a call from Ray, when she was only a floor away from the diva, asking Mariko to pick her up because apparently, the diva’s legs can’t move. She narrowed her eyes when she found Ray sitting in front of Nami’s apartment wearing a stupid smile on her face. She didn’t ask what happened since it was probably something Nami related.

No doubt about that since the diva can’t seem to wipe the smile off of her face.



Okuma Yuu is sitting on a couch looking at the coffee table wherein various articles about Kai and Ray’s run in with the press are laid. Something has been bothering him since he first saw an article about them. That’s why he bought every newspaper or magazine that contained pictures of the two. He took a newspaper and stared at the picture. He stared mostly at Kai’s face finding it odd…

…that the mustache that he was sure Kai has, was gone.

When Kai confronted him, he had a mustache, but the pictures in the articles are showing him Kai without a mustache and just a goatee. He was sure that this run in with the press happened after their confrontation since the two were wearing the exact same clothes in every article. Plus, a couple of minutes after the confrontation, he heard the security guards making as fuss about protecting Ray from the press. So…a mustache wouldn’t just suddenly disappear in that short of time…unless it was a fake mustache and it fell off of Kai while he was running.

But why would Kai wear a fake mustache?

He sighed and dropped the newspaper on the table. He picks up a magazine which shows another picture of the two. It was a lot clearer. In the picture, Kai was turning on the hallway with the diva behind him. Another picture was beside it which shows an enlarged photo of Kai’s face. He stared at it for awhile.

“Hmm? What’s this?”

Finding something, Yuu looked at another picture, then another and another trying to confirm that it was also in every clear shot of Kai. He frowned thinking that he saw something similar like that.

He slumped on the couch, groaning. Thinking about it is giving him a slight head ache. But he knew he was onto something.

He felt his hand hit a paper bag and he looked at it. It was the take out he bought earlier wherein he met that girl from some 48 group.

That girl had a…

His eyes went wide with realization. A coincidence?

“Could it be…?”

He sat up, took the magazine and looked at the picture again. If he’s observation is right…then…

He pulled out his phone, calling someone as he held the magazine at his hand.

“Hello? This is Okuma Yuu. I was wondering if you guys have a couple of good pictures of Kai of Persona. I want some high quality pictures. Yeah, I’ll pay for them. Can I have them by tomorrow? Yeah great. I’ll come by your office.” Good thing he knows some photographers.

“Oh yeah, do you know a group with 48 members? Oh, Akb48. Yeah, do you happen to have photos of them? Oh you have. Any chance you have some solo pictures? Great!” Yuu grinned

“I’m looking for a solo picture of a girl named Nami of Akb48.”



Long Extra Notes: I know Takaachan fans are so going to hate me for that. Ok so I hadn't planned this fic to be a Takaachan fic. I think some of you guys know/felt that and some of you probably thought that this is a Takaachan fic. I'm sorry for leading you on like that. My bad. And now, I feel guilty for disappointing you guys. I actually did something for Takaachan fans as a peace offering knowing that this day of reckoning would come. >>FoF's Peace Offering << It's not much but...Is it working??? Am I forgiven now???   :( 

So yeah, if my peace offering didn't work...well, I could write a Takaachan fluff fic with a new storyline and no third parties involved. I actually want to do one and have one in mind...but there are a lot of promising fics appearing out there that makes me want to read rather than write. XD guys would just forgive me for the wrongness I've done, patting me in the back, saying; 'That'll do FoF...that'll do.'  :lol:

Anyway, hate mails, hate pm, and hate comments/replies are so welcome. I'm sorry again.  :cry:
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okaaay~, I have to say that I actually have thought about stop reading this fic  :roll: (yes, I'm a takaacchan fan XD ) , but I curious what will happen next so I go on stalking this site :P, please continue 'coz your fic didn't make me regret my decision one bit (and I think I'm taking a liking to the rayxnami couple in this fic too XD), and please make sure to post your REALLY takaacchan fic XD, I'm waiting for it  :inlove:

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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You don't have to apologize. If its a great story, then its a great story. All the pairings are full of win. The Takaachan was cute, but I can't help but like the even more adorable Ray+Nami. :heart:  I support both. :lol:
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Haven't read the second part still, but I'm going to do so in a second. I'm reviewing 2 story at the same time XDD I read first part yesterday (but didn't have time to review, so I came back today (and I wanted to kill you because you had separated chapter 14 XD) and... UPDATE!!! OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! YEAHHHHH !!!
So yeah, short review of first part: BEST STORY EVER O_O
I really like the beginning of the chapter, how you described the kiss and so on... Not that I'm pervert (a bit, really, just a little bit xD), but I like how you described it ^^ So since I still haven't read part 2, I will say that (maybe my opinion will change after but it would be surprising): I don't care anymore about Acchan, she can just be outside of the story now  XD I want Nami to be with Ray !!! And Yuko..... Poor Yuko!!! And poor Asahi!!! And hell that's a great bond you made here O_O Yuko and Nami are so the same >_< And lol at the nutritionist thing  :lol:

EDIT: Review of part 2:
You are actually God to make me love so much NamixRay. I don't change my mind with what I said before  :nervous
I like Nami's cute side ^^ And I don't know why but I still think Acchan is sad for a reason that may not be her dorama ...  :?
On a last note, I hate Okuma. I REALLY hate him.
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Wait so if we don't forgive you then we get an extra TakAcchan fic .... oh :twisted: ... But don't worry about it.. I actually like that you kept the pairs like this 'coz I like my Mendol to be Nami(Kai)/Ray and keep TakAcchan separate.. I should really post my fic too but then we have a lot of Mendol fics now :nervous

Anyways, Thanks for updating again FoF-sama

and Yay for Hinata..  :twothumbs

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wooooooow..... another great story line.... :twothumbs thanks lot FoF sama  :bow: and about the takachan part thats no problem. i also like NamiXRay  :yep: :yep: :yep: but maye it will be more interesting if u put some 3 angle love  XD and i hope u update it as fast as possible....  :bow: :bow: i really curious what will happend next.  :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:

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woooooooo!  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

i just read all the latest chapters i missed,  :( and wah-la  :shocked it made my day  XD XD XD

Author-san, i could hug u right now  :lol: :lol: :lol:

The intense kissed between Ray and Nami was wow!  XD XD XD MOAR......... :inlove:

they're acting cute together....kyah!  :panic:

and im right, with that yuu-jerk face as the catalyst to rayxnami relationship....... :twothumbs but i dont like him being the know it all thing!  :angry: :angry: :angry:

ne, ne before you i mean Yuu (damn homophones :P)  ruin their relationship, make some fluff scenes more author-san!

can't wait for the update!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

PS: can't wait for the KojiYuu scene too.... XD

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^ how'd you know what I'm about to do? 'Have their moment then break it' I always say. :lol:

Thanks so much for the usual guys!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
I wanted to have some fun with these two so I wrote this chapter. 
That and because I suddenly miss them.  :(
WTH is mendol season 2?!!  :angry:  I miss my kai and ray.  :(


Chapter 15

Asahi fixed her sunglasses as she stared at her target. Her target was sitting by the fountain looking at her phone. Asahi could tell she was a bit nervous with the way she would look at her phone every now and then. She really couldn’t blame her target since this is her first time. She smiled feeling giddy for her.

“Did it start already?” A voice suddenly asked startling Asahi. She turned and saw Hinata who was also wearing sunglasses looking at her target as well.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you have something to do later on?” She asked Hinata as she frowned slightly. Hinata looked at her and shook her head as if she’s disappointed at Asahi.

“My dear Asahi. You should know by now that when you send me a message saying that Nami-chan asked Ray out on a date, I would immediately cancel all my appointments just to spy on them.” Ain’t that the truth? When Hinata received Asahi’s message, she immediately walked towards their manager clutching her stomach, pretending to be in pain and said,

“I’ve got menstrual cramps. Can I…can I have the rest of the day off…?”

Their manager looked at her doubtingly. She groaned noticing the look their manager is giving her. She decided to up her acting.

“You’re lucky you’re a man…you don’t know the pain that we girls are going through. Would you suffer from morning sickness when you get pregnant? Would scream in pain while you give birth? Would you suffer the pain of having menstrual cramps every month? Do you bleed every month?! No…because you’re a man. Women are always the one to suffer in pain!”

She said dramatically, her eyes a bit teary and her voice cracking a little. Maybe her acting was a bit exaggerated since their manager stared at her for awhile with those doubtful eyes of his. She let a tear fall and finally their manager let out a sigh and told her to take the rest of the day off in a defeated manner.

Oh well, even if their manager doubt her excuse, the important thing is that she was able to get the rest of the day off to spy on Nami and Ray’s first date.

“What’s your excuse?” Asahi asked.

“Menstrual cramps and that women have a hard life than men.” Hinata shrugged.

Asahi raised her eyebrow at the girl but didn’t question Hinata’s excuse. Knowing Hinata, she’d probably pressured their manager into letting her have a day off. Thankfully Asahi didn’t need to find an excuse since she was free after the event she, Nami and the other akb48 members attended earlier. If ever she had to find an excuse to spy on Nami and Ray’s first date, then she’d probably use Hinata’s excuse as well.

Minus the ‘women having a hard life than men’ that is.

“Hey, isn’t that…Mariko…?” Hinata asked pointing at the person who was sitting in a café wearing a hat and sunglasses with a magazine covering her face. That said woman kept on looking at Nami. Finally, the two confirmed that it was indeed Mariko when they saw the birth mark on the woman’s arm and the stubby thumb she has.

Yup, that’s Mariko alright.

The two discreetly made their way to where Mariko is. They sat down on the empty seat in between Mariko. Mariko didn’t seem surprised when they appeared.

“Where were you guys?” She asked looking at the two still holding up the magazine to cover her face.

“You came here to spy on them too?” Hinata asked.

“Of course! Like I’m going to pass the opportunity to miss something this big. I even cancelled my TV recording just to see this.”

“What’s your excuse?”

“I’ve got my period.” Mariko shrugged. Asahi narrowed her eyes as Hinata grinned.

“Hey, that’s my excuse too!” With that, Hinata and Mariko shared a high five grinning at each other while Asahi shook her head.

“So Ray told you about the date?” Asahi asked tilting her head slightly. She didn’t send Mariko about the two having a date because she knew the girl had a TV recording. But now that she ‘got her period’ together with Hinata, Asahi couldn’t help but wonder how the tall girl knew.

“I was actually with her when Nami sent her a message.” Mariko replied.


Mariko and Ray were having their brunch at a certain restaurant. The two decided to meet since their mornings were free. Besides, Ray owes Mariko anyway when she suddenly disappeared without paying her meal that one time.

Ray sighed sadly as she rests her head on the table.

“What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?” Mariko asks frowning slightly.

“I won’t get to see Nami-chan today. I’ve got a busy schedule.” Ray pouted. She couldn’t believe that she could miss Nami this much even though she just saw the girl yesterday. Ah, yesterday…the day when Nami kissed her goodnight on the cheek. Thinking about it still makes her smile as she remembers the look Nami gave her. That look that made her knees weak. She wants to see that look again. But alas, God…or rather, Sarukawa is keeping her back from seeing Nami making her schedule tight that she can’t visit the other girl.

She sighed again.

“I just want to see her. I miss her eyes, her cute dimples, the way she blush cutely, the way she laughs, the way her she would frown and pout at the same time, her voice, the way she growls like a puppy, the way-“ And the list goes on as Ray babbles on what other things she miss about the girl. Mariko rubs her temples feeling her head slightly hurting from Ray’s babble mode about Nami. This was so like those times when the diva would babble about Kai or even her mysterious girl endlessly back then.

Ah, it brings back painful memories.

“-I miss her height, her posture-“

Who the hell misses someone’s height and posture??

“-her eyes-“

“You already said that.” Mariko groaned.

“That’s because I love her eyes. And her dimples and-”

“Shut up! I get it already! You miss Nami. The end!” Mariko irritably said. If she didn’t stop the girl, she would go to ‘I miss’ to ‘I love’ to probably something else that would prolong her babble. These are the times when she wanted to choke Nami to death for making Ray fall so hard on her. Hmm…or maybe she should choke Ray instead. Or both.

“You don’t have to be so rude. I remember you babbling as much back then about Riku you know.” Ray mumbled as she looks away.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.” Mariko said as she narrows her eyes. The diva was clearly exaggerating. She does not babble that much about Riku back then.

‘I think.’ Mariko thought, not remembering if she did babble that much about Riku.

Ray just pouted still looking away. It was then she heard her phone’s ring tone indicating she received a message. Sighing, she pulled out her phone and looked at the message like she’s bored.

Mariko who was relieved to finally get some peace from Ray’s babble turned to her magazine. Ray’s mood had been shifting nowadays. A couple of days ago she was normal, then she got depressed, then sad, then yesterday she was deliriously happy like she’s floating in cloud nine and now she’s back to being sad again.

Really now, is her best friend suffering from mood disorders or what?

She was about to turn the page when Ray suddenly dropped her phone on the table looking like she just got the shock of her life. 

“What now?” Mariko grumbles as she glared at the stunned girl. She rolled her eyes when Ray didn’t answer her and grabbed her phone to look what the fuss is about. She apparently received a message from Nami. Mariko read it.

“Hey, I’ve got some free time later on. If you’re not busy, maybe we could hang out together? That is if you’re not busy…if you are then, it’s okay.”

Mariko stared at the message a bit shocked as well.

Did Nami…really send this?

If Nami did send this, then Ray deserves a pat in the back for whatever she did to Nami. This is like…huge! But there is still a possibility that Nami didn’t send this. 

“Stop looking so stunned. It might not be Nami who sent this.” Mariko said feeling a bit bad when she saw Ray looking disappointed realizing that she might be right. Mariko sighed and pulled out her own phone. If Nami didn’t send this message to Ray, then it could only be one person.

She called that person and asked,

“Hinata, do you happen to be with Nami right now?” Yup, Hinata would be the only one who could have sent this besides Nami.

“Eh? No. Nami is attending an event at the mall with Asahi.”

So…Hinata isn’t with Nami. Then Nami did send that message to Ray. Asahi wouldn’t dare to make a prank like this. Asahi was never a prankster like Mariko and Hinata is. So…could it be…?

“Oh I see. Asking about Nami is just a cover up. The real reason you called me is because you  miss me soooo-“ Mariko quickly hanged up not letting Hinata finish her ridiculous sentence. She’d probably mention their imaginary ‘HiMari’ coupling if Mariko didn’t hang up. She really didn’t want to hear that again.

Mariko turned to Ray who was patiently waiting for her. Ray looked hopeful that it was really Nami who sent the message. Mariko couldn’t help but grin slightly.

“Looks like Nami really sent that message to you.” Mariko didn’t expect the squeals of delight that came from the diva once she finished her sentence. She immediately covered the diva’s mouth when everyone inside the restaurant started staring at them confused. Mariko smiled at them nervously.

“S-sorry. She’s just suffering from sugar high. Please, don’t mind her.” Mariko explained which somehow eased the stares that they’re getting. She turned to the diva who was smiling.

“Do you promise not to do that again?” She asked Ray who nodded. She removed her hand from the diva’s mouth and sat back down to her seat.

“Nami-chan is asking me out on a date right? Right?” Ray asked desperately hoping that she wasn’t the only one thinking about this as a date.

“Well, she did say together…which probably means just the two of you…so yeah. I guess she’s asking you out on a date.” Mariko couldn’t believe it herself. Although she did have a feeling the little captain is slowly developing certain feelings for the diva. It still didn’t enter her mind that Nami would ask the diva out on a date this…soon. She can’t help but wonder what happened between the two to make this ‘wooing’ develop so fast.

Ray opened her mouth to squeal again at Mariko’s answer but stopped herself when Mariko gave her a glare.

“Don’t even think about it.” Mariko growled. Ray just opted to give the tall girl a brilliant smile instead. Mariko rolled her eyes from seeing it. She was happy for her friend. Really. But there’s one little problem.

“Didn’t you say earlier that you were busy today?” Mariko reminded her. Ray’s smile suddenly disappeared being reminded of her tight schedule. It is a problem, but a really small one that isn’t fixable, especially for someone like Ray.

Mariko smiled and pushed Ray’s phone towards her.

“But I don’t think that’ll stop you from having a date with Nami since…you are THE DIVA and all.” Mariko winked at her friend. Ray looked at her phone then at Mariko’s devilish smile. As if reading Mariko’s thoughts, Ray smiled back, took her phone and decided to give the best bitch fit ever.

Poor Sarukawa.

End of Flashback

“Somehow, I have a feeling you were the one who pushed Nami into sending that.” Mariko said as she smiled at Asahi. Sure Nami sent that message, but Mariko was sure that Nami couldn’t have done that if no one talked her into it. That’s when Mariko thought of Asahi.

Asahi smiled and shrugged.

“Guilty as charged.”

Another Flashback

The event ended in success. The akb48 girls were heading towards their dressing room at the mall to change their clothes. Asahi and Nami were walking side by side behind the other girls who were chatting.

“So um…did you talk to Yuko?” Nami asked, hesitantly. She didn’t know if she should bring up the subject or not since it just happened yesterday. It’s still a fresh wound for the other girl…but she just wants the two to patch things up immediately, especially if they both feel the same way.

“No.” Was Asahi’s short and sad reply. She was actually glad that she didn’t see Yuko earlier. If she did…well…she just didn’t know what to say or how to act in front of the girl. How do you act to someone who rejected your feelings?

Nami glanced at the girl. She was a disappointed that Yuko didn’t immediately patch things up with Asahi last night. She was actually hoping that the girl would show up in their apartment to talk to Asahi, but she didn’t. Nami only hopes that Yuko would talk to Asahi soon. Or else…

…or else nothing since she promised Asahi not to beat up Yuko when Asahi found out that Nami seeked out Yuko yesterday. Nami didn’t tell Asahi what happened though. She just assured the girl that she just talked to Yuko.

“Don’t worry. Everything will work out fine.” Nami assured Asahi as she squeezed her arm. Asahi smiled at her but Nami could still see the sadness that lingers in her eyes. She could only hope that Yuko would talk to Asahi. If not now, then soon. Even though she’s disappointed with Yuko for not showing up last night, she still trusts the girl to do the right thing. She has a lot of faith in Yuko that she would make Asahi happy.

Especially after seeing those serious eyes of hers.

“Hey, wanna hang out later? We could go to that shop where they sell your favorite muffins and just pig out. C’mon. My treat.” Nami grinned hoping that it would somehow make Asahi forget her problem. Asahi noticed what Nami is doing and shook her head. An idea suddenly popped into her mind.

“I can’t. I actually have something to do.” She lied.

“Oh. Well, that’s okay. I guess I’ll just go home then.” Nami said still smiling. She somehow understood if Asahi wanted some alone time to maybe…clear her head or something. Nami could just go home and maybe sleep or watch some TV. Hmm…that’s not a bad idea.

“Rather than go home, why not spend your free time hanging out with someone.”

“Someone?” Nami asked, frowning.

“Yeah, someone who happens to be the top diva of Japan? That someone?” Asahi chuckled when she saw the blush creeping into Nami’s cheeks.

“Wh-what?” Nami stammered surprised at what Asahi is suggesting. Both stopped walking as they turned to each other. The other member’s voices were slowly fading.

“Ask Ray out on a date.” Nami blushed even more at what Asahi said. Asahi couldn’t help but giggle as she found Nami blushing cute. Nami seems to be considering her suggestion as she kept her gaze on the floor as if she’s thinking about it.

Asahi had a feeling that Nami is finally realizing her feelings for the diva. She saw it last night when the little girl can’t seem to wipe off the smile on her face. Nami’s eyes held a warm look last night. She’d never seen Nami look like that before. Well…not really. Thinking about it now, Asahi somehow remembers another moment when she saw that look Nami had last night. It was brief, but she saw that look when she witnessed the two making out on the roof that day when Kai appeared.
But no one knows that.

“She…she might be busy.” Nami said as she looked away still with a cute blush on her face. Asahi wanted to squeal and hug the little girl right there and then for being so cute. But she was afraid that if she tease the girl, she would wimp out on the idea of having a date with the diva. It was a silly thought, but it might happen so Asahi retrained herself.

“You won’t know that unless you ask her. C’mon. Ask her by sending her a message.”

“B-but w-what do I say?” Nami asked. She seriously doesn’t know what to say. She’d never asked someone out before. No one even asked her out before. Minus Ray that is. Back then in their Persona days, Ray would often ask Kai out. So when you’re tallying a score between Kai and Nami, it would be: Kai = 1, Nami = 0

Now that’s a sad thought for Nami.

Asahi noticing her dilemma decided to help the poor girl out. They both composed a simple message for Ray and sent it. She watched her friend nervously wait for the diva’s response as they head towards the dressing room to change. Nami was so nervous that she was a bit jumpy. Asahi giggled when a member approached Nami to ask her something and Nami squeaked in reply, jumping a little.

Half an hour later, Nami’s phone beeped. Nami nervously opened her phone and read the message from Ray. Asahi walked to her somewhat anxious to know the diva’s reply.

“What did she say?” Asahi asked. Nami showed Ray’s message to Asahi and read it.

“I’d love to. I’m actually free all afternoon. Where do you want to meet? What time?”

Reading that, Asahi squealed and stopped restraining herself as she hugged the girl, happy that she will have a date with Ray. The other members stared at them confused.

End of another Flashback

Nami was a nervous wreck but Asahi assured the girl that she can call her anytime and she’ll be sure to help the girl out in her dating problems. That goes the same with Ray and Mariko. Ray was a bit nervous asking Mariko for help as she didn’t want to somehow ruin their first date. It was a rare sight for Mariko seeing her best friend like that. But she assured the girl that she’ll be fine and that she’s just a phone call away. Both Nami and Ray were unaware that their two side kicks…plus Hinata…are just sitting in a café, spying on them.

The three frowned when Asahi and Mariko’s phone simultaneously started ringing. Nami was calling Asahi, while Ray was calling Mariko. The three turned to look at Nami who was still sitting at the fountain with her phone held to her ear. But…where was Ray?

“Well, you two know what to do.” Hinata said as she grinned at them. The two hesitantly answered both their phones.

“Asahi, I think I see her. What should I do?” Nami asked frantically. Asahi frowned and looked around not seeing Ray anywhere. Where is Ray?

“Where are you? What?! Stop hiding in the damn tree and approach her!” Mariko growled looking at the other side of the road. There was Ray, dressed up as Reiko, peeking at Nami around a tree. Asahi couldn’t help but chuckle. The two were clearly a nervous wreck.

“Wait for her to approach you.” Asahi replied to Nami. She saw Nami nod.

“Okay, then what?” Nami asked but Asahi didn’t answer her immediately telling her to hold for a minute. Asahi listened to what Mariko is saying to Ray. She wanted to advice Nami on what to do next that would also correspond to Mariko’s advice to Ray. Just so the two wouldn’t be a mess…like they are now.

“First, stop babbling about your failed future if you mess this date up. You are not going to end up fat and marry a fat man in a suit and have hideous children if you mess this up. You’re exaggerating! Geez!” Mariko said as she rolled her eyes. Asahi couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

“Okay, this is important so listen okay? Normally I would suggest that you should just be yourself, but this isn’t normal…you aren’t normal when it comes to Nami. So in this case, DON’T BE YOURSELF. Don’t cling on her or what you usually do to Nami. Let HER make the first move. This is important Ray, so please just act like a normal, shy girl for once instead of acting like…well, yourself.” Mariko suggested as she smiled slightly. She glanced at Asahi and nodded her head understanding that Asahi wanted to know her advice to Ray. Asahi smiled and went back to Nami.

“Nami, are you still there?”

“Uh, yeah. She hasn’t approached me yet. I think she’s talking to someone on the phone or something.” Nami replied. Somehow Asahi could tell that the girl calmed down a bit.

“Good. Now listen, Nami. I want you to take the initiative in this date.”

“What? Wh-what do you mean?” And nervous Nami is back.

“Have you imagined yourself in a date with a boy?” Asahi asked.

“Uh…yeah.” Nami admitted. She was a bit embarrassed about admitting it…but it is Asahi, so it’s okay. Unknown to her, Hinata and Mariko were listening to them, smirking. Mariko just said goodbye to Ray telling her to approach the girl once she calmed down a bit.

“Do all those things that the guy in your dream date would do. Be the guy in this date. Be Kai and Nami at the same time. Show her that Kai and Nami likes Ray. Do you understand?” Asahi asked, smiling. She knows that Nami isn’t that vocal when it comes to feelings…especially something as mushy as a confession, so maybe she could just show it through her action that she likes Ray.

Mariko quickly covered Hinata’s mouth as she knew that the impending fangirl squealing would occur any minute now, so she decided to prevent it from happening. Mariko couldn’t blame Hinata really, since Nami and Ray were both acting cute being nervous and all. She too was having the urge to squeal at their cuteness. But she wasn’t the squealing type, so she just smiled as she looked at Nami.

Guess Mariko is a bit of a fangirl herself.

“I…I think so. Uh, sh-she’s heading this way now. I’ll call you up later if any other problem arises?”

“I’ll be waiting.” And spying at the same time.

“Thanks a lot! Talk to you later.” With that, Nami hanged up. The three looked at Ray who was walking towards Nami who stood up, smiling nervously. Hinata, who was watching everything in interest, removed Mariko’s hand on her mouth and pulled out a bag of popcorn from her bag.

“This is going to be SO fun to watch.” Hinata said grinning as she eats some popcorn looking like she’s watching a movie. Mariko and Asahi couldn’t agree more.

Though it would be nice if Hinata shared some of her popcorn to the two.


Nami’s messed up POV

Okay…just breathe…



Is that all I’m supposed to do..?

‘Stand up and greet her stupid!’ Inner Mariko-sama said. Ah, Inner Mariko-sama, don’t fail me now.

I stood up smiling nervously as she approached me. She looks nervous as well.

“Hey, sorry for being late. I got stuck in…traffic and all.”

Ray said as she laughed nervously. Uh, no you didn’t. You were hiding behind the tree just moments ago.

I didn’t say that though and decided to just let her white lie slide.

“Oh, I see.”

“I…hope you didn’t wait long.”

Ray gave me a shy smile.

“Uh, I didn’t.”

I looked away feeling myself blushing. Ugh, shy Nami is back. I so don’t need shy Nami.

Both of us were quiet as we both looked away from each other. I glanced at her and well…she looks uncomfortable. I’m feeling uncomfortable myself. Shouldn’t she…say something so that I could say something back…?

“…Be the guy in this date. Be Kai and Nami at the same time. Show her that Kai and Nami likes Ray…”

That’s right. Asahi suggested that to me. I should act like the guy here. Why do I have to act like the guy?

‘Don’t ask something that’s so obvious and just get on with the date please.’  Inner Mariko-sama rolled her eyes. She’s right even though she insulted me again.

Taking a deep breath, I gathered up my courage.

Osu! I can do this!

I turned to her and smiled, feeling the nervousness inside me slowly fading.

“Shall we go then?”

Ray turned to me, blushing slightly. She gave me a shy smile as she nodded her head.



Mariko was struggling to break free from Asahi and Hinata’s strong hold as she tries to get her phone that’s on the table. She wanted to call Nami and yell at the girl to do something as both her and Ray were just standing by the fountain looking all shy. Sure it looks cute, but it’s frustrating for Mariko. They should just get on with the date!

“L-let go of me! I’ll stop Nami from being so lame!” Mariko growled.

“We shouldn’t interfere. You should understand her since this is her first date.” Asahi said keeping her hold on Mariko.

“I don’t care! Let go of me!”

“Hey look!” Hinata said as she pointed towards the two. The three stopped their struggling as they watch Nami turning to Ray and saying something. Ray nodded and soon the two were walking away from the fountain. 

Hinata and Asahi slowly let go of Mariko as the three finally sighed in relief. Finally! After what seemed like a decade, the two can finally get on with their date. Now, let the spying begins.

They shouldn’t waste what they learned from the diva since she taught them how to spy you know.


Nami’s still (a bit) messed up POV

We decided to walk towards the mall. Both of us were quiet again as we walked the sidewalk side by side. I’m getting nervous again as I don’t know what I should say to start a conversation.

‘Asahi told you to imagine your dream date with a boy and act out the things that you like the boy to do to you while in a date right? How about doing that now.’ Inner Mariko-sama reminded.

Hmm. What I want my dream boy to do or say to me huh? Well, first I want him to compliment what I’m wearing. Maybe I should…say that to her.

“Uh, y-you look nice.”

I said as I glanced at her. I smiled and noticed a blush creeping on her cheeks.

“T-thanks. You look nice as well.”

She smiled shyly. She’s acting like a shy girl today. Kinda cute. Although it’s making me all shy as well.

‘Don’t you go all shy with me again Nami. You need to be the man today. THE MAN! Be the man and hold her hand or something.’

Hold her hand? Now that Inner Mariko-sama mentions it, our hands were just dangling on our sides. Usually, she’d loop her arm on mine, but today…it’s like she’s making me do all those mushy stuff. She’s making me…take the initiative? Is that why she’s all shy today?

‘Then shouldn’t you do something about it since the poor girl is somewhat expecting it from you? C’mon. Take the initiative for once Nami.’

I didn’t dare to argue with Inner Mariko-sama.

Looking away, I hesitantly held her hand. Even if I’m not looking at her, I can tell she’s looking at me, surprised. I can feel my face burn as I intertwine my fingers to hers. I can feel those warm and fuzzy feeling again as I held her hand. I glanced at her and found her blushing furiously her eyes away from me, a small smile on her lips.

I couldn’t help but smile feeling the silence a bit comfortable now. No words were needed. Just feeling her squeeze my hand back is enough.


Mariko had to stop her two companions from fangirling too much, especially when the three saw how nicely Nami handled the whole hand holding thing. Watching that made Mariko grin impressed at the little girl, while it made the two hug each other from excitement, jumping slightly. It was embarrassing for Mariko since people kept on looking at them. So she decided to break their mini celebration and drag the two girls to where the couple went.

‘Couple huh. Now that’s a word that I never thought I’d use to describe Nami and Ray.’ Mariko thought as she smiled watching the two look around the mall.

It looked like the two are loosening up a bit as they look at some stores. Ray would drag Nami inside a store and Nami would either scowl or chuckle at whatever Ray is pointing at or saying. They do look normal to Mariko now, but there’s one thing that Mariko noticed differently.

Their hands would always seek out the other.

Mariko found it cute. They would look at different things inside the store, releasing each others hand. But when they walk out, you’d find them holding hands again, much like what a couple would do.

“I’m so…proud. Nami is growing up so fast. I…I think I’m going to cry.” Hinata says sniffling a little. Asahi chuckles as she pats Hinata on the back. Mariko rolled her eyes but still kept the smile on her face. She wouldn’t admit it, but she is a little bit proud of Nami.

…Just a little bit though.

The three followed the two and found them going towards the cinema. They watch the two as they seem to be arguing about something in front of the ticket booth section. Ray looked like she was pleading at Nami for something as Nami looked like she was against it. Finally, it looked like Nami decided to go with what Ray wants making the girl jump slightly in excitement. Nami bought their tickets, got some snacks and then the two walked inside the cinema.

Once Nami and Ray were inside, the three walked to where the two went and read the title of the movie they’re going to watch. It was a horror movie.

“I guess this concludes our spying.” Mariko said. Hinata nodded in agreement.

“How about we grab something to eat?” Hinata suggested.

“Great idea. C’mon.” The two were about to walk away when they felt Asahi wrapping her arms over both their shoulders.

“Oh. But we’re not done yet.” Asahi said as she grinned at the two wickedly. Both Hinata and Mariko gulped not liking the glint in Asahi’s eyes.


Nami’s POV (not anymore messed up)

I don’t know why she kept on insisting we watch a horror movie when she’s this scared. I remember clearly what happened when we were in that haunted mansion back when we went to the amusement park. She was so scared at that time…so why did she kept on insisting that we watch this? Is she the kind of person who loves horror stuff, but is really a scaredy-cat? Is there a kind of person?

I heard a bunch of people screaming and someone asking for their mommy. Oddly enough, that sounded like Mariko-sama and Hinata who was asking for her mommy. Frowning, I was about to look back when I felt her grip my arm tight again, her face on my neck. I can feel her warm breath making me blush.

Thank God it’s dark here.

“Is…is it over…?”

She whispered making me shiver slightly. Her breath is tickling my neck.

“Well, if it’s the movie, then no. Scary scene isn’t over too. The girl is--“

“I don’t want to know!”

She said as she gripped my arm tighter. It hurts, but the pain is bearable. She’s really scared. I scowled at her.

“Why do you want to see this anyway if you’re that scared?”

I asked as I turned to her. She pulled back a little to look at me, her face a few centimeters away from mine. She smiled slightly and whispered,

“I just wanted an excuse to hold you.”

And she stunned me with her answer. I can feel those warm and fuzzy feeling tripled as I stare into her eyes. Should I…say something back…? Or should I just lean forward and…?

I didn’t get to do anything or say anything as she glanced at the screen again and went back into hiding. I sighed and smiled slightly.

“Tell me if it’s over.”

She whispered again and I nodded. I know its evil for me to think this but…

…somehow I didn’t want it to be over.


Asahi sighed as she looked at both her arms checking if she was bleeding from the constant gripping she experienced from her two companions. There were scratch marks, but it doesn’t seem that she’s bleeding. She didn’t even get to spy on Nami and Ray because the two kept on clinging to her, blocking her view. Maybe it was a bad idea to drag the two into watching a horror movie. But there’s no use thinking that since it’s over now.

“Look, I think they’re going to grab something to eat.” Hinata said as she pointed at the couple. They watch as Ray and Nami enter a restaurant to eat dinner together. Mariko and Hinata were about to enter the restaurant too but stopped when Asahi took hold of their collars.

“I think we should give them their alone time now.” Asahi suggested as she glanced at the two who were ordering. They had been spying on them for hours now, and well, giving them a bit of privacy to get to know each other seems to be the right thing to do. She wanted to see Nami being sweet to Ray and to somehow see if their date would work out fine, that’s why she wanted to spy on the two. Looking at the two, seeing them smile at each other comfortably seems to be an indication that things would work out fine now and that they didn’t need to spy on them any longer.

“You want to give them their alone time NOW when we could have given them their alone time earlier preventing us from watching that gruesome movie?!” Mariko looked at her like she’s insane. She really didn’t want to watch the movie but Asahi kept on saying things like ‘the two might kiss inside’ and such to make both her and Hinata concede. Plus she gave the two a murderous glare and dragged them. Now, after the whole horror movie is over…she wants to stop?! Is she insane?!

Asahi sighed and released her hold on the two.

“Personally, I think we’ve spied on them enough. They need their private time to get to know each other. If you’re on a date, would you like your friends to eavesdrop on you and your dates’ private conversation?”

“…No…” Mariko mumbled finding that Asahi does have a point. They had been spying on the two for awhile now. Maybe it’s time to stop?

“Depends on what the private conversation is. I mean, how PRIVATE could it be?” Hinata replied wiggling her eyebrow, doing that perverted look again. Mariko and Asahi narrowed their eyes at Hinata. The two took hold of Hinata’s arm and started dragging her away.

“You know I was questioning if we should stop spying or not, but hearing your answer made me want to stop now.” Mariko said as she and Asahi dragged a protesting Hinata away. Asahi just nodded her head in approval.


Nami’s POV

“Okay, I’ll be right back with your orders.”

The waitress smiled at us, then left us alone. I looked around the restaurant and found a couple of people inside. I noticed a guy, sitting alone by the window, keeps on staring at us. I decided to ignore it and turned back to look at Ray giving her a slight smile. She smiled back.

And then…silence.

Uh, what do I say or do now…?

Before I could say anything, the guy who was staring at us suddenly walked towards our table. He approached Ray, introduced himself and asked for her number. She smiled uncomfortably at the guy as the guy charmingly smiled at her. It disturbed me for someone to approach her and just suddenly ask for her number, especially when I’m with her. It was the same feeling I had when I saw Okuma Yuu calling her.

I sighed and looked away giving them a little privacy, feeling…

…what am I feeling? Am I…jealous…?

“I’m sorry, but I’m currently having dinner with my girlfriend.”


I looked back at them and saw her smiling at me. She took my hand and looked back at the guy, who was shifting his eyes to both of us looking confused. 

“It would be rude to ask someone’s number when they already have someone else you know.”

The guy then started bowing, apologizing to us for being rude. I smiled at him nervously feeling a bit uncomfortable as he kept on apologizing to me. I guess I couldn’t blame him. But…it was kinda rude.

But then again, if someone looked at us, we…don’t really look like a couple…do we…?

When he finally left us alone, I sighed.

“It must be common for you to be approached like that.”

“I guess. But, I don’t really care about them.”

She said smiling as she played with my hand. So she does get hit on by guys often. I can’t really blame them since…well…she is beautiful.

Somehow, I don’t know what I feel about the thought of guys hitting on her.

Sighing, I clasped my hand to hers, squeezing it lightly.

What I do know is…I really don’t like this feeling.


“We should have spied on them some more! They could have done something…epic right now.” Hinata said walking in between Asahi and Mariko. The three were heading towards Hinata, Asahi and Nami’s apartment.

“And what epic thing would that be?” Mariko asked raising her eyebrow at the girl.

“Well…they could be making out right this minute.” Asahi restrained herself from chuckling as she remembers that time on the roof.

“Yeah right. Like that’ll happen.” Mariko rolled her eyes.

‘It already did.’ Asahi thought.

“Anyway, I’m glad those two finally have their happy ending. Don’t you think?” Asahi said smiling at the two trying to change the subject.

“I guess. It’s kinda sappy if you ask me.” Mariko said, shrugging.

Hinata was about to say something back when Mariko’s phone started ringing. The three stopped walking. Hinata and Asahi turned to Mariko who sighed.

“God, I hope this isn’t Ray asking me to pick her up again because her legs wouldn’t move…” Mariko mumbled. Hinata and Asahi shared a look wondering what Mariko is mumbling about. The tall girl pulled out her phone and sighed in relief when she found that it wasn’t Ray calling her.

It was Yukarin.

“Hey! When are you coming back? Oh tonight? That’s great! Tomorrow? Yeah sure. Oh you saw that. Yeah I was there, too bad you weren’t. What? Well…I don’t know if they’re going to say yes to that.” Mariko trailed as she looked at the two who were watching her.

“Yeah I’ll ask them. I don’t think they’ll say no if you do that. Yeah. Okay. Get on your plane then. Yeah. I’ll talk to you later. Have a safe trip. Yeah. Bye!” With that, Mariko closed her phone and turned at the two who was somewhat waiting for her.

“Yukarin is coming back. She’s boarding her plane right now.”

“Yeah…and…?” Asahi asked somewhat suspicious about the way Mariko looked at them earlier.

“She wants to hang out tomorrow since it’s our day off.” Mariko trailed and started walking again. The two followed her still not satisfied with Mariko’s answer. It looks suspicious to the two especially the way Mariko is smiling.

“And…?” Hinata drawled as she looked at Mariko with narrowed eyes.

“She saw the article about Kai and Ray and was pretty pissed off that she wasn’t there to witness it. And well…she kinda wants the three of you to dress up as Persona tomorrow…while we hang out.” Mariko grinned slightly.

“What?!” The two stopped walking as they looked at Mariko incredulously. Dress up as Persona?! Just to hang?!

“Not my idea. She said if you won’t dress up like that tomorrow, she’d be the one to dress you guys up herself. She seemed pretty pissed off you know.” Mariko smirked as she looks at the two. Asahi looks pretty surprised as Hinata was…well…it looks like she’s thinking about it.

“No way we’re going out tomorrow and dress up as Persona.” Asahi shook her head, frowning. They were over that cross dressing thing months ago. Plus, there’s a risk of getting caught by the press. And don’t forget the fact that they’re supposed to be dead…although those bad men were already caught. But thinking about it, that didn’t stop Kai, huh? Still! What would Sachou say when she sees them in a newspaper?! She’d probably fly back here in Japan and whip the hell out of them.

“I actually think it’s a fun idea.” Hinata mumbled looking away.

“What?” Asahi turned to Hinata. How could Hinata say that? But then again…it is Hinata.

“Well, the press already thinks that Persona is back here in Japan because of Kai’s run in with the press. So it should be okay to be Persona for a day.” Hinata shrugged and Mariko nodded. Hinata does have a point but still…Asahi have her doubts.

“I…don’t know…” Asahi said looking at the ground. Hinata wrapped her arm around the girl and grinned.

“C’mon. Live a little. It’s just for one day.”

“Exactly.” Mariko nodded. Hinata narrowed her eyes at her still grinning.

“Ehh? I think you like Yukarin’s idea because you’d get to see your precious Riku again.” Mariko rolled her eyes at that and turned to walk away, hiding the fact that she was slightly blushing. The two walked briskly to catch up with her.

“Admit it. You want to see Riku too!” Hinata teased the tall girl while walking. Asahi couldn’t help but giggle.

“No comment-o.” Mariko replied ignoring the teasing gaze from the two.

She stopped walking though when they were in front of their destination. She stared at the person in front of the building. The two turned to look at whatever it is Mariko is staring at. Their smiles slowly disappeared, especially Asahi who looked surprised.

There stood Yuko smiling sadly with a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

“Looks like you’ll get your happy ending as well.” Mariko said as she glanced at Asahi, grinning.

“About damn time.” Hinata said frowning slightly at Yuko as she removed her arm from Asahi.

Mariko and Hinata walked towards Yuko. Mariko pats her shoulder.

“Make it right.” She smiled slightly. Yuko looked at her still with that sad smile on her face and nodded slightly. With a last pat, Mariko walked away towards the apartment building to leave the two alone.

Hinata then stood in front of Yuko. She looked serious.

“They say there are people who can read someone’s emotions through their eyes. If you’re one of those people, then I think you should perfectly know what I’m saying through my eyes.” Yuko stared at Hinata. She nodded knowing perfectly what Hinata is trying to say.

‘Hurt her…and Nami will sic you.’

Hinata surprisingly chuckled and gave Yuko a pat on her shoulder. She then followed Mariko to leave the two soon to be couple alone.


Nami’s POV


She asked as she looked at me. We’re walking with our pinkies intertwined towards her house.

“Yeah. What’s your family like?”

I was curious since I never heard her mention her family before. Even when I was Kai she never told me anything about her family. So…I guess I was curious about it, but somehow, looking at her sad smile as her gaze turned to the ground made me regret asking that question.

“My…parents died when I was young…”

“I’m sorry, I…didn’t know. Y-you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

I offered feeling guilty. She moved her hand and clasped mine as she shook her head telling me that she’d like to tell it to me. I hesitantly nodded and she moved on with her story.

“I have a brother. He was a lot older than me. He didn’t get to finish high school when our parents suddenly died.”

I squeezed her hand silently telling her that it’s okay.

“I think I was seven at that time. My relatives didn't want to help us since they never liked my father. My grandfather even wanted to put me in an orphanage since I was still young and keep my older brother.”

Should I ask for her relatives address and kill them especially her grandfather?

“My brother didn’t want to put me in an orphanage and decided to just raise me himself. My grandfather didn’t care and decided to let us stay at our own house giving us some money. We can actually get by because my parents left us a couple of money too. But that didn’t stop my brother from having different jobs and at the same time taking care of me.”

She smiled slightly.

“He was such a hard worker, that I never did get to spend so much time with him. We never grew close. I sometimes think of him as a stranger whenever he comes home. It’s sad really…since I wanted him to somehow notice me. I guess, that’s part of why I became what I am now.”

What she is now? The top selling diva in Japan huh. I’m sure you’re brother notices you now. He’d be blind not to notice you since there are a bunch of billboards with your face in it. Is that also the reason why Ray has those game consoles in her home even though she’s not a gamer? I remember playing those as Kai and she asked me how to play. I thought at that time she was joking, but I was surprised that she wasn’t because of how she sucked at playing.

It probably is the reason. She really wants her brother to notice her huh.

“Where…is he now?”

I asked hesitantly.

“I told you he’s a hard worker right? Well, he was smart too. Some big shot guy from a big company saw his potential when my brother worked there and decided to take him under his wing. Now, my brother is the president of that company.”

She smiled proudly but I can still the sadness in her eyes.

“He’s out of the country now, doing business stuff. I’m not sure what country though since he’s been traveling quite a lot.”

“But he still talks to you or write to you…right?”

“Well, yeah. He checks on me sometimes to see how I’m doing and stuff. But…it’s rare…you know.”

She sighed and I decided not to ask anymore. Somehow, there’s a part of me that wants to meet this brother of hers.

Probably to smack him for ignoring his sister.

“What about you? What’s your family like?”

She asked as she looks at me, smiling. I shrugged.

“They’re nothing special. Just a typical average family I guess. I have a younger brother who is somewhat like me.”

She giggled probably imagining my little brother.

I squeezed her hand and she turned to me. I looked away from her as I nervously say,

“I…I can introduce them to you…if you want.”

I’m blushing slightly. I glanced at her and saw her smiling brilliantly, a slight blush on her face.

“I’d love to meet your family.”

I scoffed trying to lessen my face from turning red completely.

“You don’t have to be THAT happy. I told you they’re not that special.”

“But it’s still Nami-chan’s family! I’m going to meet Nami-chan’s family!”

She said excitedly as she started swaying our hands back and forth. She had that usual smile she always has and she was jumping slightly as we walked. Somehow, looking at her like this made me dread the day she will meet my family.

Maybe saying that to her is a bad idea.

We continued our small talk until we reached her house. She faced me still holding my hand, pouting.

“You didn’t have to walk me home you know.”

You know, she could’ve said that earlier when we’re not already in front of her house.

‘She’s just saying that to be nice. That’s how women are. They tell you something when the meaning is completely the opposite. Geez, don’t you know that? Oh right, that’s because you really are THE MAN Nami.’ Inner Mariko-sama rolled her eyes.

I wonder if there’s a doctor to help me with my Inner self returning back to normal.

“It’s okay. I kinda wanted to anyway.”

Well, part of me does. Plus Asahi told me to do what a boy would’ve done in my dream date. This is what they usually do after a date right?

“I had fun today.”

She smiled and I chuckled.

“Surprisingly, I had too.”

She poked my shoulder, pouting.

“You’re surprised? That’s mean!”

I laughed as she kept on pouting. Her lips were twitching and I could tell that she’s trying hard not to smile or laugh. I stopped laughing and it was then she stopped pouting and gave me that smile that she was trying so hard to hide.

“Well, I guess this is goodnight. I’ll talk to you later.”

With a last squeeze on her hand, I turned to walk away. I was about to take a step when I felt her hand on my arm. I turned confused and was surprised when she cupped my cheek, tilted my head up and kissed me, softly.

‘THIS is what usually happens after a date.’

That warm and fuzzy feeling is acting up again as I felt her soft lips on mine. It took me a few seconds to slowly close my eyes and enjoy my good night kiss.



Okuma Yuu finally got the pictures he wanted. Slowly, he opened the brown envelope containing the photos and sat down the couch. He pulled out the couple of pictures of Kai of Persona and stared at them. Yup, it was still there.

He took the other brown envelope that contains a bunch of pictures of Nami of Akb48. He opened it and pulled out the pictures. Flipping through the pictures, he found a perfect angle of the girl. He took a picture of Kai and compared the two.

He grinned.

“Well I’ll be. A perfect match eh?”



Extra notes: God, that's such a long chapter. Hopefully the next one would be short. Have to end Nami's POV soon so I kinda have to speed up a bit. My butt is sore from sitting too much though.  :lol:

So yeah, next chap, I think I'll have some fun with Persona next.  :lol:

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