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Author Topic: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (Nami/Ray, Nami/Acchan) - COMPLETED  (Read 166704 times)

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
« Reply #80 on: November 09, 2010, 07:41:33 AM »
Thanks for the update once again  :) .. Okuma finally solidified his theories.. What will happen now.. DUN DUN DUN... That date was fun to read especially the beginning parts where the usual trio were spying on them  :lol: .. And Persona is gonna be back.. Awesome  O0

Thanks again for updating.. CAn't wait for the next chapter.. YaY for Hinata and her antics again  :twothumbs

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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okay.....this update made my day complete again.... XD XD XD when i saw there's an update i was like  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

i was acting so silly while reading  :P ive got those 'warm' and 'fuzzy' feeling your talking about..... :rofl:

and girlfriends huh?  :D i say more fluff stuff  :twothumbs just can't get enough with those two.... :panic:

ne, author-san...why is it that you end your chapters with that yuu-jerk face always..... :huhuh now that i mentioned him, guess he would start terrorizing those two love birds  :angry: :angry: :angry:

just hope, really hope...despite his villainous acts there would still be more fluff scene, *cough* more kissing scene *cough*

Nami-chan's a tsundere...she's definitely it! :heart:

and author-san, love the 'got period cramps' alibi,  :twothumbs believed it or not, it actually works in real life  :twisted:

PS: make some Gori-san appearance in next chap, so that yuu-jerk face could taste some of his own medicine....
and looking for the Persona appearance again.... XD make it a ruckus one and lastly, when did Yukarin knew that no sleeves are Persona :?

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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OMG,I have read lots of fics but you're the best. :cow:
I can understand everything though english is not really my language :P

Nami and Yuko fighting :cry:
I cried on this chapter :cry:

Please update :jerk:   3 days without jphip is depressing :catglare:

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Update   :inlove:
Hahaha their first date XDDD It HAD to be something that special XDDD I laughed at Ray's list of things she missed from Nami... Height and posture, wtf?!
 :lol: HiMari!!!
OMG Nami and Ray are just  XD Really, they are so shy and cute that I just wanted to appear in the story and tell them "Awww so cute!!!" And lol at Asahi who wanted to follow them in the cinema xD
And Yuko standing here with flowers is too cute too :D I hope she and Asahi will be "friends" again =D Hey I want to know more about it >_>
 :angry: Yuu.... I'm impatient to know what is going to happen now...  Wait a minute, if the secret is revealed to everybody, then Maeda will know it too right? Or maybe she already does? Anyways, I want to know Ray's reaction too ^^
Update soon coz your fic is now my favorite so far  :twothumbs

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Ugh finally an update. I was so struggling to make this chapter. It's like I can't write. So frustrating. I apologize for the crappy chap. Going to edit that if I have the time. :banghead: Life finally caught up with me...and is still currently following me. That's why I have yet to read bou-j525 and immo fics. I'll read them later after I get away from Life who's stalking me. Ugh. Life...get away from me.  :lol:

Thanks guys for the usual!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:


Chapter 16

“Why are we dressed up like this again?” Nami asked as she sighed. She glanced at her two flatmates, waiting for their answer. Asahi shook her head and shrugged while Hinata beamed at her saying,

“Because it’s fun!”

“Exactly!” Yukarin gave the three a thumbs up as she held a camera in her other hand. She aimed her camera at the three who were currently dressed as their alter ego, Persona.

The three thought that Yukarin’s plans were canceled as she didn’t confirm them that it was still on that morning, so the three decided to relax for a bit. It was when they finished eating their lunch when Yukarin suddenly rang their doorbell. Thinking nothing of it, Asahi opened their door with a smile. Her smile suddenly disappeared when Yukarin gave her a devilish grin. Asahi let out a slight yelp when Yukarin dragged her inside to where Nami and Hinata are.

Screams of protest were heard from the inside of their apartment as Yukarin and Hinata dressed the two.

Asahi sighed as she looked at the clothes she’s wearing. She’s not wearing her usual Riku clothes, except for the wig. The three actually kept their wig as a remembrance of being Persona. Asahi didn’t know how Yukarin found out about that, but she has her suspicions that Hinata told her about it.

Going back to his clothes, Riku is wearing a white button-up long sleeved shirt, which is tucked in to his black slacks and a black button-up vest. He’s rolling up his sleeves just below his elbow as he glanced at the other two. Nami, dressed up as Kai once again, is wearing a black sleeveless hoodie with a grey shirt underneath and a dark blue jeans to complete his get up. He’s wearing his usual scowl on his face as he crossed his arm and looked away. Lastly, Asahi turned to Hinata, who’s dressed up as Kuu. He is wearing a black open vest with a blue shirt underneath and blue faded jeans, a bright smile can be seen on his face as he looked at the camera.

Riku frowned not liking that he’s somewhat dressed differently unlike the other two. He felt a bit…left out.

“Why are they dressed so casually while I’m dressed…like this?” Asahi whined at Yukarin since she was the one who brought the guy clothes with her, borrowing them to her teenaged cousin.

“Eh? I think it suits you. You’re like a gentleman unlike those two.” Yukarin answered back. The two ungentle man-like cross dressers simultaneously let out a ‘hey’ to Yukarin as if they were offended, making Riku chuckle. 

“What I mean is…you three are like different types of boys. Among the three of you, Riku is the gentleman type, Kuu is the boy next door type, and Kai is like the ‘chibi’ bad boy type of guy who looks like he hasn’t reached puberty yet.” Yukarin explained.

“Hey!” Kai growled making Riku and Kuu chuckle.

“Aww. But you’re a cute little boy. Yes you are. Yes you are. Such a cutie boy.” Yukarin said mimicking how a mother would talk to her young one.

“That’s not making me feel better. That’s rather insulting.” Kai grumbled as he looked away.

“Aww. Did Yukarin hurt your feelings? Should we call Ray to kiss the pain away?” Kuu teased, making kissy sounds. A cute blush spreads across Kai’s face as he hears Yukarin and Riku giggling. Kai then remembered that he wasn’t the only one kissing someone last night.

“Like the gentleman here didn’t kiss someone.” Kai said as he tried to avert the embarrassing attention to Riku who blushed slightly, glaring at Kai. Yukarin and Hinata let out a ‘ooohhh’ as they watch the two glare at each other.

“I d-didn’t kiss Yuko!”

“Really?” Kai leered at Riku making him nervous. Well, he did kiss Yuko…but not like how Kai is thinking!

“I...I didn’t kiss her like the way you kissed Ray!” Riku pointed out making Kai blush again. How would Riku know how she kissed Ray? And didn’t Ray kiss her, not the other way around? But still!

“B-but you still kissed Yuko!”

“That’s not the point!” Riku answered back. Both boys…well, girls pretending to be boys rather…glared at each other, their face were red from blushing. Kuu, who was amused at the two bickering, decided to get in between the two. He wanted to prolong their argument since its amusing seeing the two getting redder and redder as they defended themselves. But if this continues…the two would probably explode or faint from blushing too hard.

Now that is fun to see…but he’s trying to be the mediator here.

“Now, now. Calm down you two. Why don’t we hold a ‘no-talking-about-our-girlfriends’ rule for today, eh?” Kuu grinned and placed both his arm around the two pulling them closer to him as the two avoided the others eyes.

“Let’s enjoy being a…bachelor for the rest of the day, kay?” Kuu added as he looked back and forth at the two trying to gauge their reaction to his suggestion.

“Okay.” Riku sighed defeatedly.

“I…guess.” Kai mumbled, frowning with his eyes on the side.

“Great! Now say, ‘we’re-going-to-have-a-great-bachelor-party-today-cheese’!” Yukarin said as she once again aimed the camera at the three.

“We’re going to—“ Kuu was really going to repeat what Yukarin said but Kai covered his mouth and rolled his eyes.

“Just say cheese.”

Hinata nodded as Kai removed his hand. The three looked at the camera and exclaimed,


The three ‘boys’ posed for a couple of more pictures as per Yukarin’s order. Kuu was the only one who seemed to enjoy posing as he kept the wide smile on his face almost in every picture. Kai would often scowl while Riku would give a shy, hesitant smile at the camera.

Looking at them, Yukarin realized why every girl in Japan is crazy about them a couple of months ago. There’s a certain charm that the three has when they’re dressed like this. Just by looking at them, Yukarin can see a certain image on what the three boys are like when it comes to the girls.

Looking at Kuu smiling, he’s like the type of guy that every girl would sure to have fun with. There’s never a dull moment if a girl would go on a date with him. He is the type of guy that girls would like to be a friend or a boyfriend. Guys like him have lots of friends.

Kai on the other hand, is like the ‘untouchable one’ that every girl would dream to have. He has a certain, lone wolf aura…or maybe a lone puppy aura making him somewhat dangerous when untamed. But the thing is, when he is tamed, that type of guy would show you a soft and sweet side that would probably make any girl squeal.

Probably the main reason Ray is whipped on Kai.

Lastly was Riku. The perfect, nice and popular boy that every girl…or probably even a boy, which is true since he is the reason why Katsuyuki-san turned gay but Yukarin doesn’t know that…would sure to have a crush on. Just to see him smile would surely entice whoever that smile is directed at. The perfect boyfriend.

This IS Persona. The handsome ikemen idols of Japan and the group who’s 2nd single placed the top diva’s song, which was number one for seven weeks, to 2nd place in the charts of Music 10. It brought the new group the respect they somewhat lost especially when the Riku’s gay scandal escalated. It made them the top idol at that time, but that ended immediately after the group suddenly decided to disband, much to their fans dismay.

Yukarin was disappointed at that time too since she liked the group. But suddenly finding out that THE Persona is really the three girls that she often spends time with, brings a certain joy to Yukarin since she never saw them this close before.

She should definitely thank Mariko for the slip up about them.

“What’s with the creepy smile?” Kai asked, his eyebrow raised at Yukarin who is staring at the three with a creepy smile on her face.

“Do you want to know?” She asked giving Kai an even creepier smile. She wasn’t thinking anything really, but Kai doesn’t know that. Watching him squirm is just so fun.

Kai shook his head, looking away as he slightly hid behind Kuu. Yukarin and Hinata were somewhat alike with them being impulsive at times. But, thinking about it, nothing tops Hinata in being impulsive. Yukarin was more like Hinata and Mariko combined so she was somewhat stable. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s still a bit dangerous though.

The four then heard the front door open then close. Footsteps and Mariko’s voice could be heard as she made her way to where the four are.

“Sorry I’m late. I slept so late because of that gruesome movie and Ray’s constant blabbering…didn’t………………?” Mariko’s voice trailed off as she stared at the three dressed up as Persona. She looked stunned as her eyes moved to one person.


“Looks like your…old mistress is here.” Kuu said as she elbowed Riku’s side, grinning and wiggling her eyebrow. Kai and Yukarin chuckled while Riku smiled nervously. Kuu really shouldn’t say something like that where Mariko can hear her perfectly.

“If you want to live, I’d suggest you to keep your mouth shut.” Mariko said glaring at Kuu who just shrugged.

“Mariko! You should meet Persona. C’mon!” Yukarin said as she took Mariko’s arm and dragged her to where the three stood. The two stood in front of Kai first.

“Mariko, this is Kai. Kai, meet Mariko.” Yukarin said smiling. Mariko looked at her confused as to why Yukarin is introducing her to them when she perfectly knows who they are. Kai decided to play along though as he nodded his head and smiled smugly at the tall girl.

“Osu! Kai desu.” Mariko narrowed her eyes at Kai. Yukarin nudged her, silently telling her to play along. She sighed and looked at Kai. It was actually her first time seeing Kai this close. When Nami dressed up as Kai a couple of days ago, she didn’t get to see him much since he had to quickly dress up as Nami again just so they could avoid another run in with the press.

This was the guy her best friend fell so hard on huh?   

Looking at him closely, Mariko thinks that he’s actually good looking. He really looks and sounds like a man. But…there’s an unmistakable flaw in his man-like appearance.

“You should really listen to your mom when she tells you to drink your vitamins, eat your vegetables, drink lots of milk and sleep early.” Mariko said as she shook her head and smiled sadly at Kai who narrowed his eyes. She pats his shoulder adding salt to the wound she just opened.

“She’s right. You should really be a good boy and obey your mother.” Yukarin pats Kai’s head, smiling. Kuu and Riku’s chuckled upon hearing the two. Kai decided to just ignore the two making fun of her height, even though he always did all those things that Mariko pointed out. If he says something about that, for sure Mariko would have another comeback for him. So ignoring her was the only safe option for him.

Kai huffed as he looked at the side with his arms crossed to his chest. Yukarin pats his head one last time then moved Mariko to stand at the next Persona member.

“This is Kuu. Mariko, meet Kuu.” Yukarin said as she motioned at Kuu who was grinning at Mariko.

“Osu! I’m Kuu, the ‘kuul’ member of Persona.” Kuu said drawling on the wrong spelling word he created. So according to Kuu, Kuu + cool = Kuul. He really likes to combine words or even names, doesn’t he?

He kept his grin on the tall girl and even gave the tall girl a wink.

‘Lame.’ The four thought simultaneously as they looked at the grinning boy with their eyes narrowed. Kuulboy seemed unfazed by the looks that were being thrown at him as he added,

“How about you and I hang out later on, pretty lady? We’ll hit the streets and show all how awesome the ‘MariKuu’ coupling is, eh?” Kuu said as he leaned closely to Mariko, looking like a perverted man. It wasn’t surprising to the other three watching as Mariko’s palm met Kuulboy’s face pushing his face away from hers.

“God, even your boy self is insane.” Mariko rolled her eyes. She can’t believe Kuu…or rather Hinata here…made up another coupling name for Kuu and herself. MariKuu?! That’s like…insulting her name or something! What’s up with her and this coupling thing anyway?! And why is it always her??

“Hey! That hurt!” Kuu pouted making him look like a cute boy. Mariko wouldn’t admit it, but Kuu does look…a little bit cool. Just a little bit though. If he hit on some other girl right now, besides Mariko, he’d probably win her heart what with his confidence high as ever. Mariko wouldn’t say that to him though. Knowing him, he’d probably get a big head and hit on some of the girls or worse…he’d hit on Mariko again!

Thinking about that, somehow brings chills to Mariko.

“I think that’s enough introductions from Kuulboy here.” Yukarin sighed and shook her head. She pushed Mariko to stand in front of the…well…main event. Even Kai and Kuu turned to look at the two who were facing each other curious to know how the great Mariko-sama would react in front of her Persona crush, Riku.

Yukarin tried not to grin but she just couldn’t help it. She remembers Mariko blushing when Ray told her about Mariko having a crush on Riku, which is Asahi in disguise. That’s why she somehow dressed Riku like he is now, because she wanted to stun the tall girl, which worked earlier when Mariko first saw Riku. Now the tall girl seems to be avoiding our pretty boy’s eyes as she looks at the side, her arms crossed to her chest with a scowl on her face. The three watching would’ve believed that Mariko didn’t like seeing Riku with the way she’s scowling, but the slight blush on her face gave her acting away.

The two boys smirked at that. Even Riku seemed amused as he looked at Mariko.

“And last is Riku. Mariko, this is Riku, the leader of Persona.” Yukarin grinned as she looked at Mariko. Thinking that is his cue, Riku gave the tall girl a gentle smile and held out his hand for the girl to shake.

“Nice to meet you, Mariko-san.” Yukarin beamed at how Riku is handling this. She told him earlier to act like a gentleman to Mariko just so they could tease the girl a bit. Riku didn’t seem to mind as he also wanted to tease Mariko. So now, he’s trying his best to charm the great Mariko-sama.

Mariko glanced at the offered hand and at Riku who looked…handsome. Definitely a pretty boy as he somehow retains Asahi’s femininity. But there’s definitely a masculine side on Riku that somehow draws Mariko. Maybe it’s because of his messy hair? Or the way he looks at you with those piercing eyes? Or maybe it’s his voice? The way it sounded husky to Mariko’s ears as he tries to hide his real voice. Mariko didn’t know anymore. But one thing is certain when she looks at him.

She’s definitely not seeing Asahi anymore.

It’s a scary thought really. That’s why Mariko decided to ignore the offered hand from pretty boy.

“Whatever. Introductions are done. Can we go now or what?” Mariko sighed moving away from the four. Kai, Kuu and Yukarin smirked knowing quite well that Mariko was just trying to hide the fact that she’s somewhat embarrassed to be in front of her Persona crush. Yukarin decided to follow the tall girl with Kuu following behind. Kai, who was still amused at how Mariko handled the situation, pats Riku in the back and grinned at him.

“Nicely done there, loverboy. Nicely done.” With a last pat, Kai decided to walk to the front door where the others were, leaving pretty boy looking a bit stunned at being ignored by Mariko.

He tilted his head, confused as to why Mariko ignored him when he was just being nice. He looked at his hand that he held out then at where the others are. Finally, he chuckled and decided to join them. He thought that he really shouldn’t mind the brush off Mariko did to him.

For all he knows, the girl was probably just shy.


The three boys were now wearing sunglasses and hats as they walked down their apartment building. Kuu wore a flat top cap, Riku wore a flat cap and Kai just pulled over his hoodie just so nobody would recognize them. A couple of people stared at them, especially Riku who looked like he just came out of a magazine, but luckily no one recognized them as Persona. Luckily for the three, Yukarin ‘borrowed’ her parents’ SUV car.

And by ‘borrowed’ she meant that her parents were out of town and she decided to take their car out without their permission.

Hearing that, the three looked at her skeptically. Except for Kuu who immediately ran towards the front passenger seat saying that he’s riding shotgun. Yukarin turned to the three giving them a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry. I’ll return the car in one piece.”

Somehow that didn’t reassure the three since they were wondering if Yukarin could really drive or not. Kai sighed and shook his head.

“Might as well die together then.” He said as he walked towards the car. Seeing Kai walking towards the car door, Riku suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be the ‘gentleman.’ With that, he dashes past Kai and opened the door.

“Ladies first.” Kai looked at the opened door in front of him then at pretty boy, his eyebrow raised.

“Not you…since you’re not a lady at all…even if you’re not dressed like that.” Riku smirked. Kai rolled his eyes underneath the sunglasses he’s wearing. Why does it seem like this day is another ‘make-fun-of-her-flaws’ day?

Sighing, he turned to the ‘lady’ who was looking away with a slight blush on her face. Or maybe she could turn this day to ‘make-fun-of-Mariko-sama’ day. He smirked, stood at the side then bowed slightly, motioning towards the opened door looking playfully at Mariko.

“Well lady, you heard the man, ladies first.” He grinned. Riku fought back a chuckle and just gave Mariko a gentle smile with a teasing glint in his eyes.

“Hurry up lady! We’ll reach your age if we wait any longer!” Kuu groaned from inside of the car. Yukarin and Kai quickly covered their mouths trying not to laugh. Riku kept his gentle smile but you could see his lips moving and twitching as he tries to control himself from laughing.

‘I think I like it more when I didn’t know their real identity.’ Mariko thought as she looked at the two laughing.

Mariko gave a murderous glare at Kuu as she walked towards the door. She stood in front of Kai who immediately removed his hand from his mouth giving the tall girl a smile, his lips twitching a bit. Kai was surprised when Mariko punched him on his shoulder before going inside.

“Hey! That hurt!” He said as he rubs his shoulder. The girl was stick and bones, well mostly bones. So for a bony person like Mariko to punch him…well…it hurt. It hurt a lot. Why did Mariko punch him and not Kuu or Riku?! Oh right. Scratch Riku since she does have a crush on him. But why did she punch Kai and not Kuu?!

Riku closed the door and then began pushing a grumbling Kai to the other side. Once everyone is inside the car, Yukarin then drove away from Persona’s apartment building. The three who were hesitant to enter at first were somewhat surprised to find that Yukarin was actually a good driver. Somehow with that thought, it put the three at ease.

Well Mariko wasn’t slightly at ease since Riku is sitting next to her. Add Kuu’s staring and that ease suddenly disappeared.

“What are you looking at?” Mariko growled at Kuu who was staring at her, smiling.

“I should be jealous since Riku here is stealing my coupling partner…” Mariko rolled her eyes. Not the coupling madness again!

“…but, it’s kinda cute seeing the two of you together.” Kuu added. They do look good together. Riku smiled nervously as Mariko looked away, blushing furiously. Kuu couldn’t help but grin when he saw them making those faces.

“Need I remind you that pretty boy here already has a girlfriend.” Mariko said as she looked at Kuu. Just because they’re dressed like boys now, doesn’t mean that they should forget that they have girlfriends. But looking at Riku blushing, it doesn’t seem that he’d forgotten her squirrel girlfriend.

“So you really do care about our coupling! ‘HiMari’ and ‘MariKuu’ F-T-W!” Kuu exclaimed loudly as he pumped his fist in the air.

“That’s not what I meant.” Mariko mumbled as she narrowed her eyes at a grinning Kuu. That’s not why she said that. It was just a subtle way of her saying ‘stop teasing me with someone who already has a girlfriend.’ Mariko probably forgot that it was Hinata she’s talking to. There’s no subtle when it comes to Hinata you know.

“But you know, if Riku and Mariko WERE to become a couple, they’d be named as ‘MaRiku’ too right? Or maybe it’ll be RikuMari or RikoRiku.” Yukarin smirked as she drove. Mariko looked at her incredulously. Now Yukarin is also into this coupling thing?!

“Tch. MariKuu is much better than MaRiku or any of those ridiculous names since it has a longer ‘uuhh’ sound!” Kuu huffed. Mariko wanted to tell them both to stop with the MariKuu or MaRiku already since it sounded like they’re insulting her name. But she decided to keep quiet and just face palm herself as the two continue to make up other coupling names for herself and Riku.

Ugh. Maybe joining them is a bad idea.

Riku who was just listening at the conversation, noticed that Kai wasn’t talking much. He glanced at him and saw him looking at his phone, a smile on his face. Riku subtly inched closer and read the message that came from Ray.

“I wish our date last night didn’t end. I miss you.”

Riku smiled at the sweetness of the message. She felt a little bit jealous though since Yuko has a different way of saying that. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and looked at the message her little squirrel gave him earlier.

“Nyan-Nyan I miss you. I wish I can fondle you right now.” He sighed.

Same meaning, just different in how they say it…right? Still, even if Yuko can’t send her sweet messages like Ray, the important thing for Riku…or Asahi is the warm feeling she always feels whenever her little squirrel is near or smiling at her.

Riku smiled warmly as he thinks of her perverted little squirrel.


Ray sighed as she closed her phone and leaned back at the couch to rest inside her trailer. She’s currently on break from shooting a commercial. She’s been working non-stop since the crack of dawn making her feel dead tired and a bit sleepy since she hadn’t slept much yesterday.

Maybe watching that horror movie yesterday with Nami-chan is a bad idea?

She sighed again, this time with a smile on her face as she remembers the events that happened yesterday. She felt so euphoric just thinking about Nami and the day they had yesterday. It’s an amazing feeling. It tops the happiness she felt when she first reached the top in every charts making her the Top selling diva in Japan. Heck, it even tops the fluttering feeling she felt when she first kissed Kai.

No…wait. She felt elated that time as well. Hmm. When she made out with Nami on the rooftop? No way! That was…wow! Just remembering that moment made Ray feel…hot. That’s a no then.

Then maybe it doesn’t top anything Nami related since every time she’s with Nami she feels…blissful, a feeling she’d never felt before. Maybe it just tops everything that happened to her without Nami. It sure feels like it. Just by thinking of Nami makes her smile and feel warm all over. Just by sending her a message makes her feel giddy just imagining Nami reading it even if she’s wearing her usual scowl. She could feel those butterflies in her stomach that she’d heard so much about.

That’s love…right?

Ray felt like squealing at the sudden excitement she’s feeling just by thinking of Nami. She quickly pulled the pillow to her and placed it to her face, squealing to her hearts content. This is Nami’s fault! It’s her fault that Ray feels so…so…


She stopped still holding the pillow on her face, frowning. Who dares to enter Ray’s trailer while she’s having her Nami moment?! Growling, she removed the pillow and was even more pissed when she sees Okuma Yuu standing by the door, grinning.

“Hello there, princess. Missing your boyfriend?” Yuu smirks which angered Ray more as she glares at him. The warm feelings that she felt earlier were replaced by resentment as she stares at the arrogant newbie.

He grinned even more as he saw the murderous glare the diva is wearing.

“Or should I say…girlfriend.” He added and watched as Ray’s murderous glare slowly turned into a dazed expression. He pulled out the brown envelope from his jacket pocket and showed it to the diva.

“Lookie what I found.”


“Near, far, wherever you are…I believe that the heart does go oooooohhhhoooon!” Yukarin sang as Kuu cheered for her loudly, saying how he loves ‘Celine’…which is Yukarin at the moment…every now and then. Riku was laughing while Kai sighed and shook his head.

The five decided to go to a karaoke bar since it’s been a long time since the five went to one. Sure they’ve been singing in the theater, but they can’t sing different songs there right? They can’t sing Celine Dion songs there. What would the wotas say? Maybe that’s why Yukarin is singing one right now.

And no they don’t know why Yukarin picked a Celine Dion song to sing.

Yukarin saw that Kai wasn’t cheering her on, so she decided to move towards him while singing. She surprised Kai when she straddled his lap and wrapped her arm to his neck, caressing the back of his neck.


“In my life we'll always go on…” Yukarin sang to a struggling Kai. He could hear Riku and Kuu cheering for ‘Celine’ to kiss him making him face away from her as she slowly leans forward. ‘Celine’ surprised him once more as she cupped the side of his face and let him face her, giving him a seductive look.

And no, Yukarin is not intoxicated…yet.

“And you're here in my heart and…my heart will go on and on…” Yukarin caresses Kai’s cheek making him gulp; a blush spreads across his face as Yukarin’s face slowly nears his. Luckily for him the door suddenly opened.

“Look who found me…” Mariko sighed as she came back from the restroom with Sae, Sayaka, Tomo-Tomo, Yuko and Maeda behind her. Everyone stopped and stared in shock, including Mariko who looked at Yukarin and Kai, who are in a compromising position. The four looked shocked as well at the newcomers.

Maybe it wasn’t lucky for Kai that the door opened.


After the shock and the squealing of the other members at meeting Persona…well Yuko and Maeda didn’t squeal…everyone then settled down and started having conversations with different Persona members, the karaoke machine and the incident earlier were suddenly forgotten.

Kuu was sitting in between Tomomi and Yukarin, chatting with Tomomi who looked smitten at Kuu. Riku was sitting in between Tomochin and Mariko. Tomochin looked like she had fallen for the pretty boy who smiled at her nervously; his eyes kept glancing at Yuko who was sitting next to Sae. Kai was in between the twin towers, who were asking him if he knows self defense since there were rumors that he fought a big guy and defeated him earning him his respect.

Kai smiled nervously remembering how he did challenge a big guy back then when they weren’t well known, but he didn’t defeat the guy. He just blocked the punch and unfortunately, the punch ended up in Katsuyuki-san’s face. He wonders who spread that silly rumor though.

“I heard about that too. Is that true?” Yukarin asked as she looks at Kai who is sitting on the other side. It seems that everyone heard the conversation as everyone’s eyes turned to Kai. He glanced at Maeda who is sitting next to Tomochin, looking at him curiously as well.

“Uh…well…” Kai struggled for words. He really didn’t know what to say. Kuu noticed and decided to help his friend.

“Kai is very good at street fighting!” Kuu said with pride. He actually hadn’t seen Kai/Nami fighting with anyone as he and Riku would always pull him away if ever he is about to charge at someone, though he does remember Nami punching Jiro one time. That looked like it hurt, so he assumed that Kai would be good at fighting just by remembering that incident.

“And getting the ladies.” Riku added, chuckling. Mariko and Yukarin were trying not to laugh. Kai narrowed his eyes at them. They’re not helping at all.

“I wouldn’t argue with that since Kai-san’s girlfriend is Ray.” Sayaka nodded making Kai blush.

“Yeah. Kai is the man for getting a hot diva for a girlfriend. He really is popular with the ladies.” Kuu grinned as he wiggled his eyebrow at the now glaring Kai.

“And Yukarin seems to have taken a liking at Kai-san with the way she attacked him earlier.” Sae added chuckling.

“Hey! I was just joking around. Though, I have to admit, he is a cutie.” Yukarin gave Kai a wink. Kai resisted an urge to roll his eyes.

“Ray would tear you to pieces if she heard you.” Mariko mumbled.

“Hey, Acchan is a big fan of Kai-san too.” Tomomi suddenly remembered. Everyone turned to Maeda who blushed as she looked at the floor. Tomochin glared at Tomomi who didn’t know that she shouldn’t have blurted that out so suddenly. She’s going to have to talk to Tomomi about that later.

She looked at Maeda worriedly.

“Uh…y-yeah. I’m a big fan of yours, Kai-san.” Maeda said shyly, trying to look at him but her eyes kept on shifting away. Kai found it cute.

“Thank you.” He gave her a sincere smile making her smile slightly, a blush still across her face. To Mariko, it looked like Maeda has a crush on Kai here. She wonders what she’d do if she realized that Kai here is really Nami.

She decided to drop that thought when she noticed something.

“Hmm? It’s rare to see Yuko quiet. Are you alright?” Mariko asked Yuko who was staring at the table. Hearing her name somehow brought her back as she turned to look at Mariko.

“Eh?” She said softly. Her eyes shifted to Riku who was looking at her worriedly. She frowned slightly finding it odd that Riku would be worried about her. And why is it that…his eyes feel somewhat…familiar…?

Yuko yelped when Sae suddenly threw her arms at her and pulled her closer.

“Don’t worry about her. She’s just missing someone.” Sae grinned locking his arm to Yuko’s neck. Kai and Kuu glanced at Riku who was blushing, looking at the floor. Both were wearing knowing smiles.

“Yeah, it’s why we’re here. To make her forget that someone for awhile and have fun.” Sayaka chuckled as she looked at Yuko who was struggling to break free from Sae.

“We happen to bump into the three of them while we were shopping and decided to join them.” Tomochin added.

“Yeah, and then I bumped into Mariko in the restroom and ta-da! We’re here meeting Persona!” Sae said as she gives them her genki smile.

It wasn’t really Sae bumping into Mariko that happened at the restroom. It was more like Sae suddenly yelling her name as she opens the restroom door while Mariko was washing her hand. It made Mariko jump and scream in surprise, her voice echoing through the hall. The two apologized for the disturbance as a staff quickly appeared thinking that something bad happened.

Mariko could still remember the angry glare the staff threw them as they walked away. Why does it seem like she’s always apologizing for causing a commotion?

Mariko sighed.

“Is it true that Persona is making a comeback?” Tomochin suddenly asked the leader of Persona, her eyes shinning anticipating the answer.

“Yeah. It would be awesome if Persona makes a comeback! I love ALL your singles!” Tomomi gushed at Kuu who grinned, obviously liking the attention.

‘You say that like they have tons of singles released. They only have two singles you know.’ Mariko thought. She looked around and noticed that they were all anticipating the leader’s answer. Even Yukarin seemed hopeful. It looked like she momentarily forgot that the Persona are currently Akb48 members in disguise.

“Uh…well, we’re just here for awhile, just visiting. We’re really not here to make a comeback.” Riku said feeling a bit bad as he hears some of them sighing sadly. They really can’t make a comeback since they’re now Akb48 members. And the only reason why they’re here is because Yukarin wanted to hangout with Persona.

But he can’t really say that now, can he?

“While we’re here in Japan, we often see you guys on TV though.” But he can say that to them to make them feel better. It worked as their sad faces were replaced by excitement knowing that Persona watched them.

“We heard you guys are going to release another single soon. I’d bet it’ll be great like your last single. Ray also has a copy of your last single and she says that she likes it.” Kai said as he smiled. It is true. Ray does have a copy of their last single. She told Nami back then that she bought a lot of their CD and says she really liked it. It flattered Nami but she told Ray to buy only one if ever she’s going to buy again in the future. Ray is trying to be nice and all, but she really doesn’t need that many CD.

Unless she’s planning on opening up a record store.

“Yeah. Akb48’s single rocks! We’ll definitely buy your next single for sure!” Kuu added giving them a big smile and a thumbs up. Riku and Kai nodded as well giving the members encouraging smiles. It seems to work as they can see the excitement from everyone’s faces. Since Persona isn’t planning on making a come back, then the only thing Persona could do for the other group is…

…to encourage Akb48 to do their best.

Mariko looked at the floor smiling, proud of what the three is trying to do. For a group like Akb48 who’s just starting, it’s a big deal for them to hear that a group like Persona is watching and anticipating their singles. It encourages them, especially if they are fans of Persona, which by the looks of their faces they are. 

The members, except for Mariko, bowed and thanked the three members. The three boys smiled nervously feeling that the members shouldn’t thank them for that since they’re also members of Akb48. Somehow it just feels wrong for the three.

Kuu decided to change the mood since he was getting a bit hungry.

“Hey. We should use this room in its full capacity! We should be partying instead of talking about work! I say we order food and party!” Kuu suggested as he grinned.

Everyone agreed as everyone yelled out a ‘yeah’ all with beaming smiles.


“Kai. Kaaaiiii! Are you there?” Kuu called out softly as he peeked inside the ladies room. He quickly hid when a middle aged woman suddenly came out of a cubicle. He sighed then panicked as he hears a bunch of women heading his way. He pulled down his cap, covering his eyes and made his way back to the room passing by the women heading towards the restroom.

He opened the door, went back inside and sat back down next to Mariko, ignoring Sae singing ‘Cha-La Head-Cha-La’ exaggeratingly with Yukarin as a back up singer. Sayaka and Tomomi were cheering for the two while Tomochin was trying to get Riku’s attention who was also cheering for the two singing. He kept on glancing on Yuko who seems to be busy with her celphone.

Mariko noticed Kuu’s uneasiness.

“What’s up with you?” She asked as she leaned at him.

“I wanna pee.” He whispered to her.

“Then go pee.”

“I don’t want to pee inside the men’s room alone.”

She pulled back slightly and looked at him weirdly.

“God what are you, 6?”

“Not helping.” Kuu said as he looked at the side looking uncomfortable. Mariko sighed and decided to play nice.

“Didn’t Kai say he’ll go to the restroom?”

“Yeah. But he wasn’t there.”

Mariko frowned. Now that she thinks about it, Maeda said she’s going to the restroom a little while ago before Kai decided to go as well. Could they be meeting in secret?


Nami/Kai’s POV

I walked up the stairs towards the roof as I pulled out my celphone from my pocket. I really can’t look at my phone inside that room since people might peek and read whatever messages I have. So pretending to go to the restroom seems to be a good enough lie for me to take some time off. Plus, Yukarin has been looking at me weirdly like she’ll ask me to do something. I think that’s signal enough for me to start escaping that room.

I opened the door as I looked at my phone.

No messages.

That’s odd. Usually Ray sends me tons of messages...


I quickly closed my phone and hid it behind my back, looking at the person who called me.


Good thing I didn’t call her Acchan. That would be weird for her since Kai only met her today. I placed my phone on my pocket and walked towards her where she stood by the railing. I stood a few steps away from her and smiled.

“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted some fresh air.” She said smiling shyly at me.

“I guess the rooftop is the best place for some fresh air.” I chuckled then looked at the scene in front of us. It is kinda refreshing to look at the bright lights coming from different buildings or houses at night and feel that gentle wind blowing on your face.

“That’s deep.” She giggled. I face palmed myself.

“Ugh. Did I say that out loud?” I asked feeling stupid.

“Yeah, you kinda did.”



“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Kuu hummed trying to somehow stop himself from peeing as she looks at Tomochin feeding a nervous Riku. Mariko who was sitting next to him looked at him in disgust.

“Oh God, are you peeing here?”

“No! I’m trying to stop myself from peeing.”

“Like humming will make you stop that. C’mon.” Mariko rolled her eyes and stood up holding Kuu’s arm. Riku noticed them and asked.

“Wh-where are you going?” He was nervous by being left alone inside especially since Tomochin wanted him to try to eat some stuff and even fed him. He’s really not used to the sudden attention of her teammate. It was…making him nervous.

“We’re going to get some more drinks. Kuu’s treat.” Kuu was about to protest but decided to just give in. The others let out a ‘you’re the best Kuu-san!’ while Yukarin let out a ‘yeah Kuulboy!’ as he let himself be dragged by Mariko outside of the room, leaving pretty boy who looked like he wanted to come as well sigh defeatedly.

Mariko then dragged the poor boy towards the restroom. It touched Kuu that Mariko was trying to help him.

"MariKuu..." He said softly, pouting a little. Mariko glanced at him.

"Say that again and I won't help you." Mariko growled then looked up ahead to focus on dragging Kuulboy towards the restrooms. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked at her back. He really is thankful that Mariko is helping him. It goes to show that the tall girl somehow cares for him even if she often threatens to kill him and give her death glares.

Just like Nami would.

Both stopped when they’re at the ladies room. Since Kuu didn’t want to pee inside the men’s room the only other option is the ladies room. Mariko let go of Kuu’s arm to look inside to check if there’s someone inside. Finding none, she told Kuu to do his thing. He quickly ran to a cubicle and removed his pants without even closing the door completely. He was beyond caring as he released what he was been holding for awhile now.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Kuu moaned.

“You sound like a man peeing.” Mariko said as she looked at the mirror checking her appearance. Kuu ignored her and smiled as he let himself finish.

“Are you done yet?”


Mariko sighed and decided to look outside to see if ever someone was heading to the ladies room. She froze when she sees two middle aged women walking towards them. They were quite near and if Kuu walked out, it’ll be embarrassing for him.

Without thinking clearly, Mariko went inside the cubicle wherein Kuu was fixing his pants. He jumped surprised when Mariko closed the door and locked it. He was about to ask what’s up when she quickly covered his mouth, whispering for him to be quiet. They then heard the two women enter and began chatting.

Mariko wanted to groan when another group of girls entered the ladies room. Mariko didn’t want to wait inside a small cubicle with Kuu. How long are they going to wait if people kept on coming?!

Noticing the uncomfortable look Mariko has, Kuu decided to plan a way out. He actually came up with something, creative. He removed Mariko’s hand from her mouth and whispered his plan. Mariko looked at him incredulously and he shrugged, grinning challengingly at the tall girl. Mariko sighed and decided to give it a try. What’s there to lose?

Probably just her pride as she let out barfing sounds.

Everyone inside the ladies room suddenly went silent as they hear the barfing sounds coming from the closed cubicle.

“That’s it honey. Just let it out.” Kuu’s male voice said inside the cubicle. He smirked and Mariko rolled her eyes and let out another batch of fake barfing sounds. After a few more barfing sounds, Mariko ruffled her hair slightly as Kuu flushed the toilet. Both nodded and Kuu took hold of Mariko’s arm as he opened the door, revealing themselves to the people inside. Mariko bowed her head trying to hide her face as she staggers a bit. Kuu kept his hold on her arm and wrapped his arms around her slim waist.

He looked at the spectators, smiling widely.

“I’m going to be a father! I’m so happy.” That earned him a couple of smiles and a congratulations. He smiled and thanked them. Mariko was wondering why they can’t just walk out instead of saying these ridiculous things.

“We’ll call them ‘HiMari’ or ‘MariKuu’ or—“ Before Kuu can think of another stupid name, Mariko stomped his feet with her heels.

“Ahhooowhoooooooowwww! I…I’m going to be a…something.” Kuu gritted his teeth and glared at Mariko who glared back. Knowing what she meant, Kuu bowed at the ladies and slowly ushered the ‘pregnant’ girl outside as he limps.

Once they were in a safe distance from the restrooms, Kuu glared at the tall girl who was glaring back at him.

“You didn’t have to do that! I was acting!” Kuu growled.

“Well your acting took too long!” Mariko answered back.

“You have no acting skills.” Kuu grumbled as he crossed his arm and looked away.

“Ugh. Why am I even arguing with you?!” Mariko said exasperatedly, turning away from him to head back to the room.

“Where are you going, woman?!” Kuu asked a bit pissed. A few girls from the ladies room passed by him whispering ‘a lover’s spat’ and giggled as they glanced at him.

Mariko stopped and turned to him, still glaring.

“I’m going back, doofus. Go get those drinks and get me some water. You so owe me.” With that, Mariko walked towards the room leaving Kuu to glare at her back.

Grumbling about women who are tall and still wear high heels, he walked towards the ordering station and ordered a couple of non-alcoholic drinks. They are still underage, so the only thing they could drink are non-alcoholic drinks.

“Hey, did you deliver the vodka on the rocks on the room 23?” He heard a waiter ask another waiter who nodded his head.

Vodka on the rocks? Isn’t that the one he and Kai drank at that hustle bar that Katsuyuki-san bought them? Kuu chuckled as he remember him and Kai thinking it was water and ended up getting drunk. Now that’s funny.

Wait. Vodka on the rocks? Water? Drunk? Tall women? Dinosaurs?

He smiled deviously as an idea coming to his mind.

Mariko won’t know what hit her…

…since it just tastes like water.


Nami/Kai’s POV

“Really? That really happened?” Acchan asked as she giggled.

“Yeah. We were so wasted that we ended up having a hangover the next day.” I told her as I chuckled remembering the time we went on a hustle bar and ended up getting drunk. We ended up having a massive hangover and a whip from Sachou for breakfast. I still remember how happy Sachou looked after she whipped us.

She really is a scary…transgendered person.

“It sounds like you three had a lot of fun.” She said as she smiled at me.

“Yeah. We did. We still do. We’ve been through a lot and well…I really don’t know what I would have been if I hadn’t met those two.” I smiled placed my chin on my arm that’s resting on the railing. The three of us really have been through a lot.

“Though they probably don’t know this but…I’d give my life to them if I have to. That’s how important they are to me.” I added. I felt her eyes on me probably observing me for being a mushy person now. It’s probably not how she imagined Kai to be.

“I think they know that already.” She whispered. I turned to her as she gave me a warm smile.

“Because I’m sure they’d do the same for you.”

She then turned to look ahead as I stared at her for awhile. Talking at her like this, it felt like I was talking as Nami…not Kai. It also feels like she’s seeing me as Nami as she smiles at me. She’s always been a shy girl, so why is it she’s smiling at Kai so warmly? I wonder…does she see me?

The real me…?

“What about you? Are you having fun with your group?” I asked. It felt like I was talking non-stop about Kai so it’s only fair to ask about her. Plus, I’m really curious as well.

“I do. It’s a lot of fun being a member of Akb48.” She said still with a sincere smile on her face.

“Yeah, you guys do look like you’re having fun.” I chuckled. Being an Akb48 member is a lot of fun. I’m glad to know that she’s having fun as well. Even though, I somehow already knew that, it’s still nice to hear.

“I heard you’re studying to become a nutritionist.”

Now that’s something not nice to hear. I groaned.

“Whoever wrote that probably said that just to make fun of my height or something.”

She giggled.

“Why do you say that?”

“Being a nutritionist? C’mon. He probably thought I wanted to get much taller so I decided to study being a nutritionist to know what to take…or something like that.”

She laughed at that making me chuckle. I miss this, laughing with her. It feels like we haven’t laughed together for awhile now. Which is somewhat true since there was the whole ‘her kissing me’ incident where I went all avoidy with her. Then I got distracted with Ray, then the whole thing with Yuko and all those drama. It really has been a long time since we’ve talked this much. Sure we send messages, but…it’s still not the same.

I really do miss my Acchan times. Hmm. Maybe I could invite her somewhere and we could go hang out. That’s a great idea.

My phone suddenly rang, surprising me. I pulled out my phone and sighed when I saw Hinata’s name blinking.

‘Hehe…’ Inner Mariko-sama grinned.

Yeah, yeah so I was expecting Ray. Shut up Inner Mariko-sama!

Grumbling, I answered it.

“Yo Kuu. What’s up?”

I glanced at Acchan who was looking at the sky, smiling. She looks happy for some reason. It’s nice…to…

“WHAT?!” I yelled as Kuu explained the situation downstairs. Damn it Kuu!

“Alright, alright. I’ll be there ASAP. Stop laughing and help him!” With that, I hanged up and sighed. I think I’m going to have a head ache later on.

“Everything alright?” Acchan asked worriedly.

“Kinda. But don’t worry. I’ll handle it. You just stay there and…breathe or something. Come back down when you breathed enough.” I honestly don’t know what I was talking about anymore as I waved at Acchan, who looked at me confused. I quickly ran down the stairs, hoping that Mariko-sama isn’t doing something that she’ll regret later on.

I’m so going to kill Kuulboy for this!


Kai quickly went inside the room and gasped at what she’s seeing.

Mariko was straddling Riku, biting his ear as she tries to unbutton his shirt. Kuu, Yukarin and Tomochin were trying to pull her away from Riku who was pushing the girl away too, looking terrified. Meanwhile, on the other side was Sayaka trying to strip as she sings…the Barney song. Yuko, Tomomi and Sae were trying to stop her as she tries to pull her shirt off.

Riku saw Kai and turned to him, his eyes a bit teary.

“Kaiiii. Help me…” He pleaded and gasped as Mariko bit his neck and started licking it.

Kai sighed feeling the impending head ache coming.

Just what the hell is with that vodka on the rock that makes people act wild?!


After dropping off the other girls from their homes, the three sighed tiredly. Mariko was asleep in Riku’s arms as Yukarin headed towards the Persona’s apartment building. They decided to let Mariko stay with them since the girl is dead drunk much like Sayaka is who was going to stay in Yuko’s apartment. Yukarin is going to stay with them too for Kuu’s sake…since Kai know that Mariko is going to kill Kuu tomorrow. Somehow they needed the extra strength to hold off Mariko.

Kuu turned to the three seating behind him and grinned.

“Now isn’t this day the most fun you had in your whole life?!” He asked happily. The two boys glared at him and growled,

“NO!” Kuu shrugged at their answer.

“For me it was fun. You should have seen Mariko kissing Riku over there. They were practically making out! Ha! Epic!” Kuu laughed loudly making Riku blush in embarrassment. Riku then glared at Kai who let out a chuckle but instantly stopped when he saw Riku glaring at him.

Kai glared at Kuu his lips twitching a bit.

“S-Stop making fun of them, Kuu! That was all your fault! You know Mariko-sama is going to kill you tomorrow right?”

“Eh. I’ll worry about that tomorrow.” He shrugged not worried at all. He noticed a smudge of lipstick on Riku’s cheek and pointed at it, smirking.

“There’s evidence of your adultery in your cheek.” Riku looked alarmed and tried to wipe it off.

“Is it gone?” He asked still wiping, unable to tell where it is.

“Na-uh.” Kuu answered as he smirked. Kai who see’s the lipstick smudge, decided to help pretty boy out. He fished for his hanky and frowned when he didn’t find it in either pocket. He sighed thinking that he probably dropped it somewhere. Oh well, no need to worry about that.

“It’s over here.” Kai said as he reached out to Riku’s cheek and wiped it with his hand. He feels somewhat bad that he didn’t get to see Mariko attacking a defenseless Riku. It would’ve been epic to see. He wonders what other things did Mariko tried to do with Riku.

Kuu who was still looking at the three, amused at what happened earlier, wanted to remember this epic day forever. Though he had enough blackmail pictures that he took, he still wanted to take more pictures. So he pulled out his phone and aimed it at the three.

“Say cheese guys! No wait! Say epic instead!”

No one said cheese or epic as he took their picture, but Mariko did snuggled closer to Riku, smiling.


Nami, out of her Kai costume and fresh out of the shower, sat down on her bed. She pulled out her phone and opened it thinking that the diva probably sent her a message. She was disappointed when she found none. Maybe the diva was still busy? Or was dead tired that she decided to sleep without sending Nami a message.

Thinking that the diva was indeed sleeping now, she sent a message to the diva saying goodnight, a heart after it.

She smiled imagining the diva reading her message.


The diva was indeed reading her message as she sits on her bed. She stared at Nami’s message feeling her heart ache. After awhile of staring, she pressed the erase button and erased the message. She looked at her inbox and erased every message she received from Nami. She stared at the word empty.

Her inbox is now empty…just like her heart is.

That’s love…right?


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Damn that O..something Yuu!!  :angry: I hate him! wherever he appear, it's tell me that nothing good gonna happen. Poor the Diva who love Nami so much to have that decision.. But Nami and her friends will figure out and try to help, right? I'd like to see how Kai/Nami will do to that jerk.. hmmm...

Can I just jump into your fic and beat that jerk?? :bleed eyes: I'd love to.. haha..

Great great job!! I think I will wait for you to get rid of your life for a while.. but don't take it too long.. otherwise, immo will hang his/her fic until you comeback and that gonna be torture!!

EDIT: hopefully a certain "someone" don't play the whole hanging game too..yeah, you know who I talking about *point down*.. that someone's fic is already sooo sad *point down again* and I will blame you if everybody die in that fic..  :P  :P
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UPDATE!!! FINALLY!!! YEAH!!!  :w00t:
It was a great chapter ^^ I like them being back as Persona XD And the AKB girls joining them... PARTY  :cow: Oh, by the way... MariKu and everything about it is hilarious   :lol: It's just epic xDDD
Can we have a flash back about what happened between Yuko and Asahi plzzzzzz  :bow: Coz I so want to know about them ^^
LOL at the alcohol  :lol: I think I really like Kuul now :P But I tried to imagine Mariko like this and.... yup, fail. I always have the impression that Mariko just can't do something like this... And Mariko being pregnant XD
And... what's going on with Maeda? HEY JUST WHEN I DECIDED I WAS A NAMIXRAY FAN, DON'T TELL ME MAEDA LIKES KAI  :banghead:

Finally, this is not a crappy chap... It was excellent as always of course... except for the thing with that damn Yuu. Speaking of it, NAMI WILL FIGURE IT OUt AND DO SOMETHING RIGHT?! If not... I swear everyone will die in my fanfic  :angry: Because the end is soooooo sad  :cry:

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Can we have a flash back about what happened between Yuko and Asahi plzzzzzz  :bow: Coz I so want to know about them ^^

Yeah that's right~!!! I want to know about them too~  XD
So please update as fast as you can~  :twothumbs

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Oh man, what a nostalgic chapter.. I miss PERSONA so much so thanks for making this chapter.. Damn, Yuu's on the move already.. Poor Ray.. I hope Nami goes all Itoshisa-light saber-slashing on Yuu.. Yuko is Asashi deprived, Maeda is starstruck and SaeYaka and TomoTomo makes an appearance.. All star cast right there..  :lol: .. Thanks for the update  :)

Again, YAY for Hina-- err KUU!! :twothumbs .. MariKUU FTW indeed  :lol:  :heart:

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wah! im on a psycho rampage mode right now!  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: damn that Yuu! it breaks  :bleed eyes: my heart how Ray chooses that kind of way in protecting Nami  :banghead: well, it make'd the plot more interesting  :P right ?

are you thinking on a role reversal here? Nami would be the one chasing Ray  :lol: :lol: :lol: and let me guess, she'll act like she'd hate Nami, right? and please, don't tell me im right in guessing that Yuu wants to publicized there so called hooking up together?  :panic: :panic: :panic:

i really hate that jerk-face!  :catglare: :catglare: :catglare:

anyway, i love the Mariko-sama acting all shy towards Riku  XD especially her being drunk and attacking Riku  :lol: :lol: :lol: i hope more PersonaxAkb48 hanging out together  :twothumbs

I really hope there's hope about the MariKuu or HiMari coupling..... XD XD XD

suguio update!  :D :D :D

PS: we'll wait about the side story of KojiYuu  :grin:

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Yah,I agree with the flashback with Yuko and Asahi :grin:  :heart: actually that's what I'm expecting for this chapter.
I love Kuu and the MariKuu pairing  :rofl: XD
Tomochin as expected ''so straight'' :lol:
Poor Riku being the center of attention of drunk Mariko-sama. :lol:
What is Ray doing?  :twisted: :twisted: I'm afraid she'll sleep with that guy for the sake of Kai's real identity. :twisted:

All in all great chapter :cow: :yossi:  :) :) :) :yep:
Waiting for the next update :jerk: :jerk:

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Thanks for the usual.  :bow: :bow: :bow:
Don't you guys worry about Asahi and Yuko since I'm going to write their story after Nami's POVs (which I believe will be over in about 2-3 chaps).
So here's my plan: Nami's POVs = 2-3 chaps left (yey for that!)
                            Asahi's POVs = 4-5 chaps (their side story on what happened between them in Nami's POVs)
                            Hinata's POV = 1 chap (a special chap for her since well...she's a very special girl for me.  :nervous)

So yeah, that's my plan. It will be a bit confusing and well...I have a massive headache right now so I don't think I can explain it at this moment.
So I'll do whatever when I'm feeling better. (like editing and reading fics and whatever) Right now, :imdead:


Chapter 17

“Aren’t you nervous?” Maeda nudged Nami as she smiled teasingly at her.

The Akb48 were once again going to perform in Music 10 as their latest single reached number 9 in the charts. Everybody was ecstatic when they heard the news. They couldn’t believe that they were once again going to perform in Music 10, the most watched program in Japan! And for their single to be included in the countdown, was truly a dream for most of them. Their group was finally getting the attention they wanted.

Nami turned to Maeda and chuckled, remembering the time she asked her the same question a couple of months ago while they were on the bus heading towards Tohto TV. It was a memorable moment for Nami because it was then that the two finally break the ice and talked comfortably to each other.

“I was earlier. But then I realized that I shouldn’t think about it too much and just go for it.” Nami smiled replaying the exact same words Maeda said to her at that time. Maeda noticed and frowned at her, pouting slightly. It made Nami laugh, seeing her look at her like that. She flinched when Maeda suddenly punched her on the shoulder.

“I don’t get it.” Hinata said to Asahi who shrugged, also not getting the joke behind what Nami said. It was probably just a joke between the two.

“It’s probably a green joke between them.” Yuko smirked as she clings to Asahi’s waist. Nami rolled her eyes while Maeda shook her head smiling as a response to Yuko’s assumptions.

“Oooohhh.” Hinata nodded as she looked at Nami and Maeda as if finally understanding what the two were saying.

“Don’t tell me you believe that?” Nami asked flatly as she looks at Hinata.

“That dumdum would believe anything.” Mariko snorted as she looked away with her arms crossed to her chest.

“Hey! I’m not a dumdum!” Hinata glared at the tall girl who rolled her eyes.

“Whatever, dimwit.” Hinata was about to lunged at the girl when Yukarin quickly stopped her as she took hold of her shoulders. Hinata struggled to break free, growling at the tall girl who looked unaffected by Hinata’s anger. It seems that Mariko was still pissed at Hinata for what happened yesterday.

“Hey, look! It’s Ray!” Sae pointed out at the diva who was heading their way. All eyes turned to look especially Nami who felt her heart beat fast at the sight of the diva.

The girls, who were hanging out backstage, made way for the diva to pass, staring at her in awe. Mariko who was standing beside Nami, suddenly pushed the girl forward blocking the diva’s path. Ray stopped, frowning slightly at the girl who looked shocked at what Mariko did. She could hear the smirks coming from the people who knew her relationship with the diva.

Slowly she turned to the diva who was looking at her expectantly.

“U-uh…R-Ray-san. It’s nice to see you again.” Nami stammered bowing slightly, a blush across her face. This is the first time she’d seen the diva since after their first date…and well, she didn’t imagine seeing her like this.

Like a noob idol star struck at the sight of the top selling diva in Japan.

Ray stared at her for awhile. Her eyes didn’t hold the warmness that it often holds whenever she’s looking at Nami. It just held a certain…emptiness inside them. It felt empty to Nami.

Ray surprised Nami when she suddenly pushed her to the side making her stumble and fall to the floor. Without a glance at her, Ray huffed and walked towards the stage. The others gasped at what the diva did to their captain. The most surprised of all was sitting on the floor, stunned as she looks at Ray’s back.

Why did…why did Ray do that to her…?

Maeda crouched down at her and started shaking her.

“Nami…are you okay…?” She asked as she shook the stunned girl.

“Uh…y-yeah…” Nami replied but Maeda kept on shaking her. She frowned at the girl, confused as Maeda moved her to the right, then the left as if trying to dodge something.

“I’m going to kill you!” Maeda said in a different voice.

Isn’t that…Mariko’s voice?



Hinata quickly dashed to Nami’s room, climbing on the sleeping girl’s bed. Mariko, who was hot in her pursuit, entered Nami’s room. She growled when she saw Hinata.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Hinata quickly took hold of the still sleeping Nami and sat her up making her a shield to the enraged Mariko who was trying to reach her. Asahi and Yukarin quickly took hold of Mariko who struggled to break free.

“Wah! I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me!” Hinata cried still keeping Nami as a shield.

“I’ll forgive you once I kill you!” Mariko snarled at the frightened girl. Nami, who was slowly regaining consciousness, opened her eyes slightly.


“Nami! Wake up and help us with—“ Asahi didn’t get to finish her sentence as Mariko breaks free from their hold and lunged forward. Hinata screamed and pushed the still half asleep Nami to Mariko, surprising the tall girl. The dead weight of the short girl surprised Mariko that the two ended up falling from the bed and unto the floor. A loud thud was heard from the fall making Asahi and Yukarin flinch.

“Itaii…” Mariko groaned as she gritted her teeth. Her tailbone definitely felt that.

“Wahhhhhh!” Hinata cried as she ran out of the room. She added another reason for Mariko to kill her again!

“Come back here!” Mariko yelled as she lies on the floor with Nami on top of her. She flinched when she felt the short girl wrap her arms around her and nuzzling her head to her chest, mumbling incoherent things. Nami suddenly pulled away slightly and frowned.

“Why is my pillow hard…?” She mumbled, her eyes slightly open.

“Get off of me!” Mariko pushed the disoriented small girl away from her as she quickly stood up to look for her fleeing target. Asahi and Yukarin soon followed her.

Nami, who was fully awake now, frowned when she noticed that she was lying on the floor.

“Eh…? Did I roll off the bed again…?” It was then she heard Hinata screaming and Asahi calling for her did she finally realize what was happening.


“Oh shit!”


“Itaiii…” Hinata pouts as she cradled her arm. Mariko hit her pretty hard earlier that she couldn’t help but flinch every time she moves her arm while they were practicing. She got a couple of scratches on her arm too and one above her right eyebrow that’s covered in a band aid.

“Be thankful that you only got a couple of bruises and that she really didn’t kill you.” Asahi smiled slightly feeling bad for her friend who looked like she had gotten a fight with a cat.

A cat named Mariko.

“Well she couldn’t kill me what with the three of you stopping her.” Hinata mumbled as she looked at the side. If the three didn’t pulled Mariko away from her, then she’d be dead by now. Mariko was really pissed off that she wanted Hinata away from her, that she didn’t want to see, talk or look at Hinata for she might kill the girl. That’s why Mariko didn’t want to join them once it was their break time as the three wanted to grab something to eat. Yukarin decided to accompany the still pissed Mariko and just told them to buy them something.

For some odd reason…it hurt Hinata that the tall girl was ignoring her. She was really sorry for what she did yesterday.

Uh…well maybe not REALLY sorry. Maybe ‘somewhat sorry’ would be the right term for what Hinata feels since the girl really had a blast yesterday. Just thinking about the time they had yesterday still made Hinata grin.

Um, shouldn’t she be remorseful now since Mariko is mad at her…? So no grinning!

For now.

“Now…Mariko is mad at me…” Hinata pouted. Asahi glanced at her and smiled somewhat amused at how sad Hinata looked. Looks like Hinata doesn’t like it when her coupling partner is mad at her. That’s really not a good thing for the ‘HiMari’ couple. But then again, this is going to be their first fight as an imaginary couple. And some say that having fights can bring a couple closer together.

But…is that also applicable to imaginary couples?

“How about buying her a peace offering then, right Nami?” Asahi said as she wrapped her arm around Hinata’s shoulder trying to somehow console the girl. She then looked at the other girl who seems to be in her own world as she looks at the floor while they were walking, a frown on her face. Asahi placed her hand on the other girl surprising her a little. She looked at her worriedly.

“Uh…sorry. Asahi’s right though. You should buy Mariko-sama a peace offering.” Nami smiled slightly trying to somehow ease the worry look that Asahi is giving her. She was bothered by something…but she didn’t want to make it a big deal. Maybe…she’s just worrying over nothing.

Asahi decided to let Nami’s bothered look slide and focus on the pouting Hinata.

“What should I buy her?” Hinata asked the two, eagerly. Maybe giving a peace offering to Mariko would make everything better. Maybe, just maybe, Mariko would forgive her and then they’ll get back to their ‘HiMari’ moments. Thinking about it, Hinata can’t help but feel slightly better and a little bit giddy at the thought that they’ll get back to being the ‘HiMari’ couple of Akb48.

And no, Hinata didn’t hit her head when Mariko attacked her. She’s just being…Hinata.


“Mariko, Hinata wants to say something to you.” Asahi said, smiling as she pulls Hinata towards the tall girl who was sitting on the floor together with the other members who partied yesterday. Nami sat down next to Maeda who gave her a smile. She grinned back then looked at Asahi who is pulling a shy looking Hinata.

“I don’t want to talk to her.” Mariko growled as she looked away from the two. Hinata sighed sadly behind Asahi. She suddenly felt like crying, feeling hurt at what Mariko said. Maybe…there’s no hope for the ‘HiMari’ coupling to reconcile.

Nami saw the hurt look Hinata has and decided to help the poor girl out. She frowned at Mariko.

“Aww c’mon! Give her a break. It really isn’t her fault. Just hear her out!” Well to Nami, it really is Hinata’s fault that Mariko got drunk. But it wasn’t her fault that Mariko suddenly attacked Riku. At least…that’s what Nami thinks. She still doesn’t know what happened last night. She could have asked, but decided to let the tension pass, especially the tension between Mariko and Hinata.

Mariko looked at her and gave her a murderous glare.

“Please and thank you.” Nami squeaked as she hid slightly behind Maeda who looked amused at their interaction. The spectators who didn’t know what was happening just watched the scene in front of them. They find it odd that Mariko was mad at Hinata. It was actually the first time the girl was mad at anyone. So they can’t help but wonder what the other did for her to be this mad.

“Just hear her out.” Asahi pleaded as she squeezed Hinata’s hand. Yuko, who saw the pleading look her Nyan-Nyan is giving Mariko, decided to help them out even though she has no idea what Hinata did to Mariko. She just didn’t want to see that sad look on her Nyan-Nyan.

“C’mon Mariko. Hear her out.” Asahi looked at Yuko and gave her a warm smile as thanks. Yuko smiled back just as warmly glad that she somehow wiped the sad look on her Nyan-Nyan. Maybe she could ask for a reward later on.

“Yeah, just listen to her.” Sayaka decided to help Hinata out as well. Soon everyone, including the people who weren’t sitting near the group decided to help Hinata, even if they have no idea why Mariko should hear Hinata out. They just probably heard the group and decided to imitate them just for fun. Nami could see the wall that Mariko put up slowly breaking down as she hears the girls pleading her to listen to what Hinata has to say. She chuckled when Mariko sighed defeatedly.

“Fine! I’ll hear her out.”

Everyone’s eyes then turned to Hinata who was blushing at the sudden attention she has gotten. Asahi pushed her to Mariko and whispered,

“Just apologize.”

Hinata’s eyes then turned to Nami who gave her an encouraging smile. With the two of her best friend supporting her, Hinata took a deep breath and approached the tall girl who has her eyes away from Hinata, frowning.

“I…I’m sorry for what happened. I really wasn’t thinking of the consequences and just…decided to play a trick on you just to amuse myself. I’m really really sorry.” Hinata did a 45 degree bow at the girl as she held out a bento for Mariko.

“I hope you accept my apology and still be willing to be my friend. I don’t want to lose your friendship…and so…please accept my peace offering.” Nami and Asahi were quite impressed at Hinata’s apology. You can hear the sadness and the sincerity in her voice. Somehow it also made the two realize how important Mariko’s friendship is to Hinata. Makes them wonder…just how deep that importance is for Hinata. Could it be that the ‘HiMari’ coupling isn’t imaginary as they thought it would be…?

Everyone’s eyes then turned to Mariko who was glancing at the bowing Hinata. She could see that the girl is uncomfortable at the position she’s in. She noticed earlier that Hinata’s arm was somewhat bothering her because Mariko hit her there hard. And well, she knew Hinata’s arm must be hurting so much right now, but the girl didn’t show it as she kept her hand held out, offering the bento to Mariko. It somehow impressed the tall girl seeing her like this especially when she heard the girl apologizing sincerely. Noticing that everyone’s eyes are turned to her, she really has no choice but to accept the crazy girls’ apology.

With a huff, Mariko snatched the offered bento and scowled,

“Peace offering accepted. Apology under scrutiny.” Mariko grumbled. She narrowed her eyes as everyone cheered and gave the two a round of applause. A few catcalls can be heard as well. What’s with the applause? This isn’t a play you know.

Hinata beamed in delight as she stood up and looked at Mariko.

“Thank you.” Hinata said with unshed tears in her eyes.

“I said your apology is under scrutiny. I didn’t say that I forgive you.” Mariko scowled.

“I know…but I’m still…I’m so happy.” Hinata beamed, a tear falling from her eye. It was weird for Mariko to see Hinata so happy with what she said. She also felt embarrassed by it as Hinata looks at her warmly.

“Whatever.” She said as she looks away, a slight blush across her face. Hinata giggled and nodded her head. Asahi pats Hinata’s head smiling as Hinata wipes the tear that escaped her eye. Nami glanced at Mariko who was frowning at the bento in her hand. She chuckled.

It seems that a real moment for the ‘HiMari’ coupling has finally happened.

That’s a good thing for the imaginary ‘HiMari’ fan club…right?


Ray sighed as she took a seat, taking a break from her TV recording. She closed her eyes momentarily, listening to the people around her fussing. She didn’t get to sleep as she kept on thinking of…

“What’s this I hear about your new boyfriend?” Sarukawa suddenly asked as he looks at his prized talent. He was surprised when some of their staff telling him about Ray’s new rumored boyfriend that he was totally unaware of. It was only a couple of days since the diva’s run in with the press together with Kai of Persona, and now, this? If this rumor is true, then he needs to lecture the girl about this sudden changing of boyfriends. This could affect her career you know.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Just…leave me alone.” Ray said softly, her eyes hot as tears once again forms inside of them. She just didn’t want to hear anything that would make her think about…

Sarukawa looked at her for awhile. The diva has her eyes closed and was biting her lips softly as if preventing herself from…crying…?

“Fine…” Sarukawa mumbled as he walks away from the broken diva. He doesn’t know what to do for her prized talent in this kind of situations as they never go beyond their professional relationship. They never talk about their problems or even just have a friendly chat with each other. They were just co-workers. No more, no less. So comforting her was out of the question. He did however tell the staff members not to disturb the diva for awhile.

That is the only thing he could do for her.

Ray took a deep breath trying to stop the tears that were forming in her eyes. She really didn’t want to cry. She kept telling herself that she’ll never once let the tears fall from her eyes since…this is what she wanted.

To cry would only mean that she regrets her decision that she made.

She sighed again and felt her phone vibrate. She pulled out her phone and stared as Nami once again sent her a message. She stared at the unopened message for awhile until she erased the unread message.

No…she’ll never regret her choice…ever. Even if it’s silently killing her.


With the apology accepted…or rather under scrutiny…the group decided to resume eating their food. Tomochin recalled the events wherein she met the handsome pretty boy Riku, a dreamy look on her face. Sayaka and Mariko groaned as Asahi smiled nervously.

“God, please don’t ever remind me of what happened yesterday.” Mariko growled glancing at Hinata who looked away finding her sandwich interesting. The two were seated apart as they still have that tension around them.

“Yeah, that’s probably one of my embarrassing moments in my life.” Sayaka said as she sighed. She could still feel the slight head ache from last night’s partying. Sae and Yuko smirked remembering Sayaka’s funny moment as she sang the ‘Barney song’ while attempting to strip. For the two, Sayaka’s strip moment wasn’t that embarrassing compared to Mariko’s make out session with Riku.

But they really can’t say that out loud without the tall girl killing them.

“It was surprising really. I mean, who would’ve thought that someone would spike your drink.” Tomomi frowned at Mariko who again glared at Hinata again.

“Yeah, I wonder who would do something so cruel as that?” If looks could kill, Hinata would be dead by now. She decided to eat her sandwich silently ignoring the heated glare directed towards her.

“Uh…it looks like you guys had fun yesterday.” Asahi smiled nervously trying to somehow change the subject just so Hinata won’t melt under Mariko’s glare.

“Where were you guys anyway? I sent you guys a message didn’t I?” Sayaka asked as she looks at Nami who was staring at her phone, frowning. All eyes turned to Nami expecting her to answer. It was only when she felt a hand on her shoulder did she avert her attention from her phone.

“Are you okay, Nami-chan?” Maeda looked at her worriedly.

Nami turned to look at the others who were staring at her in wonder. Nami gave them a nervous smile not knowing what to say. Hinata decided to help her friend out, even though she herself is wondering what’s up with Nami.

“Uh…the three of us visited my house. My mom wanted to meet them so…yeah.” Asahi backed her up by nodding her head.

“Eh? But didn’t you tell me the other day that you were going to hang out with Mariko and Yukarin?” Yuko asked frowning at Asahi. It had been bugging the small girl since yesterday and now seems to be the appropriate time to ask it.

The moment Asahi forgave Yuko for her stupidity; Yuko asked her if they could see each other the next day and have a…date, since the two finally acknowledge what they both feel for the other. But Asahi told her that she can’t since she had plans with Mariko and the others. So when Yuko and the others bumped into Mariko yesterday, she thought she’d get to see her Nyan-Nyan, but she was utterly disappointed when she saw Persona instead.

Not that it’s not nice to see Persona since Yuko also liked them…but still…she prefers her Nyan-Nyan over them.

“Oh…uh…we had…a sudden change of plans. Hinata’s mom just suddenly invited us and well…we just couldn’t say no to her, you know.” Asahi explained as she gave a reassuring smile to Yuko who looked like she didn’t buy any of it. She decided to give her Nyan-Nyan the benefit of a doubt…for now…since the girl is giving her a nervous smile and well…she found it cute.

Yeah, so Yuko folded easily. Don’t blame the girl since seeing her Nyan-Nyan’s smile makes her melt.

“Too bad you guys weren’t there. Since we met and hang out with…Persona.” Sae whispered softly just so she won’t draw any of the other girls’ attention. If other members get a hold of this information, for sure they’d press the group on what happened when they met Persona. There are a lot of girls within Akb48 that like Persona and all. And well, for now they just want to bask in the moment that they met their idols.

“Really? That’s cool.” Nami smiled. Maeda glanced at her, worriedly. Mariko, who was observing Nami, felt that something is wrong with the girl as well. Her fake smile and fake enthusiasm should be evidence enough.

“Yeah. How are they like?” Hinata asked seemingly curious to know what the members think of Persona when they finally met them.

“They’re so…great!” Tomomi gushed remembering a certain kuulboy.

“Kuu-san was fun.” Sae said smiling. Tomomi nodded her head excessively.

“Riku-sama is such a gentleman.” Tomochin added dreamily, making Asahi a bit nervous again.

“Kai-san was cool.” Sayaka grinned and gave the three a thumbs up remembering the blonde guy who was said to be a good fighter and the fact he’s also good at getting the ladies. Plus the guy was really down to earth earning him plus points from Sayaka.

Nami felt somewhat flattered that Sayaka would think of him as cool since Sayaka was a lot cooler than Kai, in her opinion.

“Yeah, but…I feel somewhat bad for Kai-san.” Sae sighed making the five girls who spent the night together frown and look at her, confused.

“You heard about that too?” Tomochin asked.

“Hey, I heard about that too. Poor Kai-san. How could Ray-san just…do that to him, you know. And he’s such a nice guy too.” Tomomi frowned thinking about the news she heard earlier. That somehow added the growing curiosity of the five girls…especially Nami.

“What are you guys talking about? What about Kai and Ray?” Mariko asked curious to know what they were talking about.

“Apparently Ray-san has a new boyfriend. There were footages of a man visiting and leaving her trailer yesterday.” Yuko explained to Mariko who frowned.

“But, it could just be a misunderstanding and all. That could be her bodyguard or something.” Yeah, for all they know it could just be Gori-san.

“If it was, then Ray-san should’ve denied it earlier when the press attacked her while she was going to work, instead of saying that she broke up with Kai-san again.” Sayaka shrugged.

“She what?!” Mariko’s sudden outburst surprised the girls. It seems that Mariko was getting mad by the minute. In fact, four other girls looked disturbed at what they were hearing. It confused the others as to why these five seemed so affected by the news. Were they…die hard fans of Kai and Ray…?

“Didn’t you guys hear it? It was all over morning news.” Sayaka asked frowning slightly. Then again, maybe the five woke up late. Sayaka herself almost missed it if it hadn’t been for Yuko who woke her up.

‘Ray…and Kai are over? What the hell is that girl thinking now?!’ Mariko thought as she glared at the floor. Her gaze then turned to Nami who was looking at the floor, frowning. Mariko wonders just what the other girl is thinking. Yukarin, Asahi and Hinata wonders as well as they looked at Nami worriedly.

It didn’t surprise them when Nami suddenly stood up, her eyes shifting away from the gazes that were on her. 

“I…excuse me…” Nami said softly as she made her way out of the room. Mariko didn’t hesitate on following the other girl with Asahi, Hinata, Yukarin following shortly behind.

The other girls left behind frowned confused as to why the five were acting strangely.


Asahi is following shortly behind Mariko. She glanced behind and found Hinata and Yukarin following them as well. She was taken aback when she noticed Yuko running towards them. This isn’t good since Yuko doesn’t know anything.

She stopped then turned to Hinata and Yukarin stopping them from walking further. The two frowned at her, confused. Yuko finally caught up with them and stood behind the two looking at Asahi.

“I need you guys to stay here.” Asahi said at the two who looked at her incredulously.

“What? We’re coming too!” Hinata frowned not understanding why Asahi wanted them to stay. They too were worried for Nami! So why…?

“You guys need to distract sensei since, I have a feeling this confrontation would take awhile.” Asahi explained aware that Yuko was looking at her confused. She glanced at Yuko then back at Hinata who glanced back noticing Yuko for the first time.

“Oh don’t mind me, please continue with your SUPER SECRET conversation.” Yuko spat feeling a little bit angry that her Nyan-Nyan is keeping secrets from her. She felt left out. She’s her girlfriend for God’s sake. Shouldn’t there be a no-secret-rule for girlfriends?

Asahi shook her head and sighed, defeatedly.

“I promise to tell you all about it if you distract sensei until we get back.” Well, there is no harm in telling Yuko all about it since she knows that Yuko can keep a secret. Plus honesty is an important thing that she wanted to instill in their relationship. She could start with the whole Persona story later on.

Yuko frowned and folded her arms to her chest, looking at Asahi skeptically.

“Then we’ll go on a date afterwards?” Asahi blushed at Yuko’s sudden demand. It was surprising…and well, she really has no choice but accept. It’s not like she doesn’t want a date with her squirrel anyway.

“O-okay. It’s a deal. We’ll go on a date if nothing bad happens later.” Asahi stammered, blushing as she felt Hinata and Yukarin’s amused gaze at her. Yuko gave her her dimpled smile and a salute.

“Alright! Leave it to us, then!”

“Us??” Hinata and Yukarin simultaneously questioned at the small girl who ignored them. Yuko quickly took hold of their arm and started dragging them away towards the training room. Asahi watched them for awhile giving Hinata and Yukarin a hesitant wave goodbye. It’s a sure success if those three are in charge of distracting sensei. Hopefully they won’t overdo it though.

But…that’s the least of Asahi’s worries now as she ran to catch up with Mariko and Nami.

She failed to notice the confused look Akimoto-sensei has as she passed by him.


The three were quiet as they ride a cab towards Tohto TV. Asahi was seated between Mariko and Nami who were both looking out the window. She could’ve taken the seat up front, but she felt the need to sit beside Nami to somehow comfort the girl.

She glanced at her and wonders if something happened between the two for Ray to once again say that the two are over. Is this the reason why Nami keeps on spacing out today? Probably. She could ask, but there’s this nagging feeling inside her that tells her that she shouldn’t…not now. She should comfort her friend and ask questions later.

She placed her hand on top of Nami’s, making the girl to look at her.

“It’s going to be okay.” She said softly reassuring the small girl who nodded slowly. It doesn’t look like Nami believes her, but then again she felt Nami turn her hand to face hers, squeezing it softly. She squeezed back letting her know that she’s there for her.

Nami turned back to look out of the window.

As much as she wanted to believe Asahi’s words…it still felt like it’s not going to be okay.

Mariko who was also looking outside the window felt the same.

They were quiet; each in their own worlds throughout the ride, feeling the dread in the pits of their stomachs as they finally reached Tohto TV.

They quickly walked towards Ray’s dressing room, ignoring the stares from the people they pass by, since they were still wearing their work out clothes. When they finally reached their destination, they found an itsy bitsy teenie weenie problem. They looked up and stared at the problem.

Big guy Gori-san was blocking Ray’s dressing room door.

“No one can enter besides Nami-chan.” Gori-san said with his big voice as he looked down at them making Asahi smile nervously and Mariko to raise her eyebrow. Nami frowned finding it odd to find Gori-san standing in front of them since she’d never seen Gori-san guard Ray’s dressing room before. And if she remembers correctly, Ray hates it when someone is guarding her outside door. So why is Gori-san suddenly…guarding her?

“Oh really?” Mariko asked skeptically, unfazed by the big guy blocking them.

“I’m sorry, but it’s Miss’s orders.” Gori-san smiled slightly feeling a bit nervous with the way Mariko is staring at him. She just reminds him of his boss, the diva, so much and well…he’s always been skittish when he’s around women like his boss.

Mariko was about to retort but stopped when Nami turned to her, shaking her head.

“I’d like to talk to her alone.” Nami said frowning slightly as she looks at Mariko. Even if there’s this nagging feeling inside Nami to not talk to the diva, she still wants to know what’s going on. Something tells her that Okuma Yuu was somewhat behind this sudden admission from the diva. If it does concern jerk face, then Ray won’t say anything if Mariko is inside the room with her.

Mariko stared at Nami for awhile. The two are keeping something from her, something big. She really doesn’t like it when she’s kept in the dark especially when it comes to Ray’s life. But she really doesn’t have a choice does she? Gori-san would probably pick her up if ever she attempts to go inside. He can probably pick the three of them at the same time if he wants to.

She sighs defeatedly.

“Fine. Do what you want.” That earned Mariko a timid smile from Nami.

“Thanks.” Mariko just waved her off as she looked at the side. Nami turned to Asahi who gave her a nod, smiling slightly. She nodded back then turned to look at Gori-san who let her enter.

Mariko and Asahi saw Ray talking to someone on the phone when Gori-san opened the door. She has her back turned and from the looks of it, is about to turn and face Nami when Gori-san closed the door.

Talk about a cliff hanger.

Since they’re going to sit here and wait, they might as well have a little chat with Gori-san.

“So Gori-san, I haven’t seen you in this crazy story for awhile. Where have you been?” Mariko asked the big guy trying to make a conversation.

“Oh, Miss sent me on a secret mission.”

“Secret mission?” Asahi tilted her head slightly. Gori-san nodded, smiling smugly at the two girls as if he’s proud on the outcome of his mission.

“Wanna tell us what that mission is about?” Mariko asked as she raised her eyebrow at the big guy.

“A secret.” Gori-san responded.

“About who?” Asahi asked, curious as well.

“It’s a secret.”

“Why?” Mariko frowned.

“Because it’s a secret.” Gori-san replied. Both girls stared at him for awhile thinking that he’s going to continue on telling them about his mission. When they noticed that he’s not going to continue, both girls just looked away feeling a bit awkward.

And just like that, their little chat ended in less than a minute as silence surrounds them, thus ending the tale of Gori-san’s secret mission.

Super secret mission indeed.


“Did you talk to him? So he agreed? I don’t want to hear it.” Ray sighed as she shook her head. She wonders why she feels drained when she’s talking to this woman. It’s probably because the woman often warns her of her actions whenever they’re talking. Damn crazy woman with…

Ray frowned slightly as she hears the door open and close. She slowly turns around while she’s talking to the damn woman.

“I said I don’t want….to hear…it…” Ray trailed off as she found Nami standing by the door, a frown etched on her face. As sappy as it sounds, seeing Nami in front of her somehow took the diva’s breath away as different emotions flooded her. One emotion stood out the most.


“I’ll call you back.” She said to the receiver and closed her phone; not bothering to hear the woman’s answer, her eyes not leaving Nami’s angered ones. She really didn’t expect Nami this soon. Hopefully, Ray is prepared for this.

“What are you doing here?” Ray asked softly, frowning.

“Why aren’t you answering my messages?” Ray could hear a tinge of sadness in Nami’s voice. It added to the pain that’s growing inside of her.

“I’m busy.” She answered emotionlessly as she looks away.

“Bullshit.” Nami snarled. Ray turned to look at her surprised to hear the small girl curse.

“What’s going on Ray?” Nami asked as she took a step forward. Ray looked at the side trying to avoid Nami’s eyes.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“What did that damn Okuma do this time?”

Ray didn’t answer her as she clenched her jaw tightly.

“Did he hurt you? Threaten you? Answer me.” Nami growled obviously angry but Ray could tell that Nami is also greatly worried about her. If this happened a couple of days ago, she would’ve smiled and lunge at the girl for worrying about her. But that was then…this is now.

“He didn’t do anything.” She answered softly, her eyes on the floor.

“Liar.” Nami whispered wearily as she looks at the floor. The anger in her eyes was replaced by sadness. It hurts her that Ray would lie to her. Why won’t she tell her what’s going on? Since morning she was worried that something might’ve happened to the diva as she didn’t reply to any of Nami’s messages. And now that she’s asking for answers, all she’s receiving are lies. She felt tired…and hurt.

“There are rumors that you have a new boyfriend. That some guy visited you in your trailer yesterday.” Nami recalled what the members said earlier.

“That was Okuma Yuu…wasn’t it?” Nami looked at the diva and found her eyes shifting as she looks at the floor. She prayed silently for the diva to tell her the truth. No matter how much the truth hurts, Nami wanted to hear it.

It’s as if someone answered her prayer as the diva let out a tired sigh and turned to look at her.

“Yes it was. He came to my trailer yesterday to talk, nothing more.”

“About what?” Nami asked, frowning. She felt that disturbing feeling she has whenever Okuma Yuu and Ray are in the same room together. That disturbing feeling called jealousy.

“Do you know that my career is very important to me?” Ray asked as her eyes remained locked on Nami. 

“That I’d do anything just to keep my title as the Top selling diva in Japan?”

Nami kept quiet as she doesn’t know where this conversation is heading. She just frowned confused as she stared at the diva.

“I’ve forgotten how important my career is. He made me remember it.” Ray recalls the hardship she had to go through to become the top diva in Japan. She practiced a lot; she gave it her all until finally she earned that title. She was happy at that time. Her fans were happy for her. Seeing them happy for her, she made a promised herself to always strive to be number one no matter what, if not for her then for her fans. But somehow, she forgotten about that vow she made since she met Kai or Nami.

She barely made it to number one on her latest single. And the sales had dropped immensely. Back then, her singles would be number one for at least 5 weeks. Now it barely made it on the first week. She couldn’t concentrate and would often look at her phone just to see if a certain someone left her a message. All she could think about is that certain someone, day and night. She was clearly distracted.

Nami was distracting her.

“He made me realize…that you’re becoming a distraction for me…instead of being an inspiration.” Ray’s eyes weren’t wavering when she said that, making Nami feel the sudden ache in her chest as she stared surprised at the diva.

“I’m…a distraction to you…?” Nami whispered, her voice cracking a little.

“I usually give 100% on everything I do. Now…it feels like I’m just playing around. I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to be…who I was before I met you.” Ray’s voice trailed off as she looks at the floor.

“So that’s it? You’re just going to throw away everything? Just like that?” Nami says as she clenched her jaw and fist. How could Ray just say those things like she’d forgotten what they’ve been through?

“We have to be real here, Nami. If someone found out that we’re in a relationship, both our careers would be over. Would you risk your career just to be with me?!” Ray looked at Nami defiantly, challenging the small girl to give her an honest answer. Part of her wanted to bang Nami’s head to the wall and tell her to wake up…that they couldn’t be together in this business. If they continue this, they’d both lose what they’ve been working so hard on. They’d lose their dreams.

Nami felt the pain again at everything Ray said.

Real? Isn’t her feelings for her real enough? Isn’t the pain she’s feeling just by hearing Ray calling her ‘Nami’ rather than her ‘Nami-chan’ real? How could a simple name, bring so much hurt inside of her? It’s tearing her inside to hear Ray talk to her about her career like it’s the most important thing to her rather than…her. Is being an idol important than feeling those warm and fuzzy feelings? Could Nami really risk her career just to be with the diva? Would she risk her dream just to be with Ray?

Remembering how Ray would often look at her with those warm eyes of hers, she instantly knew her answer.

“Of course I would.” She replied softly but firmly. Her eyes stayed glued at Ray’s surprised eyes. If it would mean that Ray would look at her again with those warm eyes of hers, then yes, she’d risk her career just to be with her. Because for Nami…that’s love…right?

She saw a flicker of something inside of Ray’s eyes, but just like that, it was gone before Nami could see what it was. Ray sighed and looked at the floor again.

“Well…I won’t.” She answered back just as softly. It cut Nami just hearing those three words that Ray uttered. Her eyes were tearing up as she looked at the floor.

“I can’t believe you’re just…going to give up.” She whispers, her voice full of pain and sadness, the hope inside her slowly fading. She couldn’t believe that…this is happening. Just the other day, they were so happy…and now…now this. What went wrong…? How could something that felt so right…suddenly felt wrong…?

“I’m not giving up…I’m just letting you go…for both our sakes.” Ray sighs as she closed her eyes, telling herself not to cry. Like Nami, it’s also tearing her up, saying those things to Nami…felt final. This is their final moment.

“Then…I guess I should go, for both our sakes.” If that’s what Ray wants…then she has no choice but accept it…even if it hurts.

Nami turned around to walk towards the door but she stopped for awhile as if thinking. With her mind made up, she suddenly turned around and walked back to Ray.

Ray noticed Nami heading towards her and was surprised when Nami suddenly placed her hand on the back of her head and pulled her down for a kiss. Her eyes wide as Nami kissed her softly. She could feel her lips trembling to her unmoving ones. She felt something hot grazed her unmoving lips. Something hot…and wet.

Nami slowly ended the kiss and pulled away. Her eyes away from the diva’s surprised one’s as she whispered,

“You gave me my first…I think it’s only fitting I give you the last…” Ray looked at her noticing a trail of tears on Nami’s face. She didn’t stop the tears that also fell from her eyes as Nami turned to walk away towards the door.

Nami stopped once again and without glancing at her sincerely said,

“I really hope I’d get to see you always on the top showing that bright smile of yours.” Nami smiled sadly as she opened the door and stepped out. She didn’t get to hear the diva gasp as her knees finally gave in making her sit on the floor, finally letting the tears out that she’s been holding out since yesterday.


The two girls who were sitting on the floor of the hallway suddenly stood up as the door opened revealing a dejected looking Nami. Both saw the tears falling from her eyes. Nami didn’t even glanced at them as she quickly ran away leaving the two to momentarily stare at her retreating back.

“Nami!” Asahi yelled and quickly ran to catch up to the girl, feeling the dread double inside her. Gori-san felt sad for the cute Nami-chan and his boss as he hears the wracking sob coming from inside.

Mariko, who was surprised to see a broken Nami come out, turned towards the door, enraged at the person inside. Gori-san saw the tall girl heading towards the room and quickly stopped her knowing that her boss needs some alone time.

“Ray! Damn it! Get out of here right now! How can you do that to Nami?!” Mariko yelled as she struggled to go inside the room but Gori-san kept his hold on her. This time she didn’t care if she’s causing a commotion. Just seeing the broken look her friend had made her wants to rip Ray’s face off.

Gori-san saw a couple of people wondering what was up as the tall girl kept on yelling to Ray. With no other option, he quickly carried the tall girl off of the ground and carried the still yelling girl away from the dressing room. His boss doesn’t need another scandal.

Inside the diva was still sitting on the floor with her knees resting on her chest. The tears just won’t stop falling.

“Just…leave me…alone…” She choked out quietly between sobs as she hears Mariko yelling at her. She lay on the floor, her shoulders shaking as the uncontrollable sobs wracks her body. She finally let out the all the pain she feels inside as she remembers how broken Nami looked.

To cry would only mean that she regrets her decision that she made.

No she still doesn’t regret her decision.

The only thing she regrets is hurting Nami and seeing her so broken because of her.


“Nami!” Asahi yelled as she ran after Nami outside of Tohto TV. Finally Nami slowed down and stopped, her back facing Asahi who stopped a couple of feet away from her. She wanted to approach the girl and comfort her, so she took a step towards the girl but then stopped when she heard the cold voice coming from her friend.

“I need some alone time.” Nami said firmly, her voice cracking a little. She didn’t want to leave her friend in this state. Nami clearly needs someone to talk to. She’s worried that the girl might do something stupid. But…

“Please…” Nami let out a quiet sob making Asahi’s heart ache for her friend. She doesn’t have choice but to let Nami go.

“Okay. Just…come home safe.” Asahi whispered. Nami didn’t reply as she ran once again leaving Asahi to stand and watch her, unable to do anything for her friend. Asahi suddenly felt like crying herself. Tears of frustration began to form in her eyes.

Just…what is going on?

“Hey! Where’s Nami?” Mariko asked as she ran to Asahi who turned to her. The tall girl was surprised to see the unshed tears in Asahi’s eyes. Like her, Asahi must be feeling frustrated as well. It couldn’t be helped since something big is going on here.

She placed her hand on Asahi’s head and gave her a comforting smile.

“Don’t worry. We’ll figure out what’s going on and do something about it.” Mariko reassured her. Asahi smiled slightly and gave the tall girl a nod.

They’ll get to the bottom of this…

…and make whoever responsible for this mess to pay.


Nami ran and ran until she can’t run anymore, falling down on the grass in the park. Her heart was beating so fast, her lungs feels like its on fire as she gasped for air. Her breathing was hard, panting. But still the pain in her chest and tears falling from her eyes just won’t stop.

She moved to rest on her back looking at the darkening sky as sobs once again escapes her mouth. It felt like she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t tell if it was because of her running or because of the heart ache she felt.

This is another first for her. Looking at the sky, she realized that Ray gave her a lot of firsts.

Ray gave her her first kiss…
Her sweet first date…
Her probably first love…
And her definitely first heart break…



Extra notes: God I'm so tempted to write 'The End Forever' instead of 'TBC' here. I mean, I think this chapter is a fitting end to this crazy story. Or maybe that's just my headache talking. Oh well, I can edit this anyway.  :twisted:
Hopefully no characters in other fics will be harmed...for now. Just wait for the 'The End Forever' at the end.  ;)
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yay an update \(^O^)/ .. gotta go read it now

                            Hinata's POV = 1 chap (a special chap for her since well...she's a very special girl for me.  :nervous)
:tama-apeshit: You don't know how happy I was to read this..
Onto the story... HiMari coupling FTW!!!.. Good thing they "sort of" reconciled.. Don't want my crack pair being all Nami-Ray on me right now.. Seriously WTF!!! Lemme go get my chainsaw and hack that Okuma's head off  :angry1: .. Imma bring Gori-san with me just in case the chainsaw is too heavy for me to swing.. Poor Nami and Ray..  :cry: .. good thing it say TBC on the end.. don't change it, I have a snap shot xD..

Thanks for the update.. And YAY for Hinata  :twothumbs and Fight-O!!! Ray and Nami..
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You know, as well as I love to read your fic asap, I'd love to see it have a happy ending more.  :lol:  :lol:  so please.. This gonna be a heart break party if your fic have sad end too.. the other is sad already!!! And I think I can wait until you fully recover.. Is your headache really bad? Hope you get well soon.

I know Ray have her reason to said about her career, and yes, she try so much to be the top of Japan..but what? she's already there, having Nami by her side, and she can't let go of her career? I hope that just what she trying to say to push Nami away..or if she really meant it, it's just half of the truth. I love to blame that bastard!! :angry:  :angry:

And I love to see Nami's POV is only 2,3 left. YAY for that!! At least I have something finish soon to look forward.  :cow: :cow:
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Wow~ wow~ wow~  :twothumbs
Can't wait for Asahi X Yuko~  XD
Please continue~  :D

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I'm gonna read this tonight :) :heart:
And please get better soon :D


Am I the only one here who cried while reading this?  :cry: :cry:
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HiMari coupling   :oops:
Asahi/Yuko  :heart:
Nami/Ray  :cry:'s so sad.ray why you did this  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
after this maybe some more Nami/Acchan  :wub: :wub: :wub:

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woo :O2......the beginning really did scare me :panic:.....i thought Ray is back with her bitch mode, good thing it was a dream! XD

but then, well....she have to lose her to protect her! how ironic is that!  :cry: :cry: :cry:

im just hoping whatever the secret mission had gori-san will help the couple back together so that they can feel the warm and fuzzy feeling again, ne? :P :P :P

besides, i don't want the little captain to feel miserable over the diva :(.....i just want them happy together!  :wub:

oh well, just gonna wait patiently, the time where Nami or Mariko or Asahi or Hinata or Yukarin or Yuko or better yet GORI-san would pummel the shit out of Okuma Yuu jerk-face.... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: but i want Nami to do it... :twisted:

PS: excited for the side story!  XD XD XD
and u should really take a break and spend less time in front of your computer! with the radiation thingy will make your headache worse u know!  :nervous

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I can't believe you posted your chapter the only day where I couldn't go on computer  :smhid Bad luck x 1000

But yeah this is a great chapter... except for a mini detail... DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT WRITING "THE END FOREVER" UNTIL A GOOD THING HAPPENS TO NAMI AND RAY!!!  :angry: UNDERSTAND?!? T_____T and hell I was reading the end of your chapter during math class and I almost broke my ipod because I couldn't talk/scream about it  :banghead:
No seriously, this is so sad so PLEASE I want Okuma to suddenly die  :grin: Please  :grin: Right now  :grin: Nami will kill him, right?  :grin:

OMG This chapter was so sad  :cry: Nami  :cry: I hate this kind of chapter. Like a lot.... especially in math class >_<

The only thing that made me laugh a little was the HiMari thing as usual XD (Oh I'm so looking forward the Hinata chapter XD)

So... yeah I won't say anything else about this very sad chapter and be nice to you because you're sick (you don't know how lucky you are now >_>).

Take care of you ^^ and come back with a chapter.... where Nami will kill Okuma :D XD Just kidding. But I want Nami and Ray to talk together and be back together because... well... because that's what I want XD

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My Gosh!! I've been folowing this fanfic for the very beginning and this is my first post!!  :smhid   :smhid

I do hope that Ray and Nami will be able to fix the problem... Well i think Okuma Yuu Should Be Shot Dead :bleed eyes: and then NAmi and RAy will have their never ending fluffy time  :yep: :yep: :yep: (like their date, perhaps or maybe the rooftop scene again  XD  :inlove: )

Anyway, still waiting for the next chapter :D ... I do hope that you aren't that preoccupied with your life  :P... Just like me...  :D   :nervous

Thanks sooooo much again....   :D  :D   :bow: :bow: :bow:

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