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Author Topic: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (Nami/Ray, Nami/Acchan) - COMPLETED  (Read 166704 times)

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
« Reply #100 on: December 02, 2010, 11:49:09 AM »
i've been reading this fic for about 3 days.. from beginning to this last chapter...
i love the "oogoe diamond" and "namida surprise" thing really cracked me up! :twothumbs
Hinata antics is always epic!  :lol:
the transformation of hinata to HINATA is well explained! :twothumbs
KojiYu is  :heart:
if mariko-sama don't like that HiMari coupling thing...
then fair Hinata to Acchan... AtsuMii!!!
she Miichan's waifu anyways! hehehe!  :banghead:
please don't kill me!
for suggesting something like that!

namiXray FTW!!!!

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Good work as usual!! I like the reason you gave for Ray giving up Nami. It was the just the right answer so that Nami would give up on Ray without a fight. Ray didn't have to be a bitch to get Nami to leave. Nami would have just been suspicious and fought on because she knows Yuu is up to something.

Can't wait to see how you resolve this.

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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I'm actually sad that you haven't updated yet.... :fainted: Reading fanfics (especially you fic) always makes my day, that's why seeing that there's no update....  :mon waterworks:... anyway, just want to quote this.... it's been bothering me since, well.. since I've read your fic...

“Did you talk to him? So he agreed? I don’t want to hear it.” Ray sighed as she shook her head. She wonders why she feels drained when she’s talking to this woman. It’s probably because the woman often warns her of her actions whenever they’re talking. Damn crazy woman with…
I'm wondering.... was Ray talking to.... Saeko Sachou?!  :mon closeup: Just a wild guess...  :mon sweat:

Anyway, please update soon FoF sama.... so that I'll stop guessing.... hehehe and also pls... take care of yourself first...  :D


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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Thanks for the kind comments about the story and about my health.   :bow: :bow: :bow: I'm 90% better now.  :)
Reading all your comments made me laugh. Seriously. I didn't know you guys really hated Yuu that much.  :lol:
I'll reply to your long comments since you guys are so nice. plus i'm not doing anything right yeah.  :P

@Ra-nyan: I knew you're going to like the future Hinata chap. Like you, I'm liking Hinata more and more. Though I think I exaggerated on her free spirit and all. Hey, the chainsaw bit made me laugh.  :lol:

@Dee1711: I'll see what I can do about that happy ending. About Ray mentioning her career to Nami, well, I think that's sort of a wake-up call for both of them. People seem to love blaming that bastard too.  :lol:

@RenaChii: You know, your excitement for Asahi and Yuko is making me excited as well.  :D

@Riama: You cried? Really? That's flattering on my part. Not that I want you to cry or just made me feel that I did something right in the previous chapter. So thanks for crying.  :lol: That sounded so wrong. :smhid Again, no evilness intended.  :)

@Shahi: Well I did write a Nami and Acchan interaction in this hope you like it.  :)

@Dark-atrox: Gori-sans mission is like...meh. It's really not that great, but it is helpful. Yeah, I'm actually excited for the side story too.  :D I actually did your advice on spending a break from the computer. But I did spend my spare time in front of the TV.  :lol:

@Bou-j525: Damn, math. Sorry about the whole bad luck. Hope your ipod is okay. So, I'm post-poning 'The End Forever' for awhile. I'm actually tempted that time because of my head ache.  XD

@Alexiel17: Sorry I couldn't update early. Bad luck x 1000?  :nervous No clues to whoever that woman is.  :lol: I'm actually not busy for a couple of days, so I could probably devote my time to finishing this fic.  :thumbsup

@Aoi_sora: 3 days? Wow. Thanks for sticking to it for 3 days. I actually thought about Hinata and Acchan thing and you mentioning it made me think about it again. Hmm. I'll think about that if it's possible. Don't worry, I can't kill you online. You're safe.  :twisted: Kidding.  :lol: :lol:

@Sici: Yeah, Nami is kinda hard headed so bitchy Ray wouldn't make her go away. A slap of reality probably would. I can't wait to resolve this too!  :lol:

With that done, here's next chapter! Thanks again guys!  :bow: :bow: :bow:


Chapter 18

Nami’s POV

Ever heard the saying; ‘The burned hand teaches the best?’

That was from a book made into a movie right? Somehow remembering that line made me remember my mom telling me what I was like when I was little.

A little child I mean.

Apparently, I was a curious child, like I’d touch things that were new to me or even…eat things. I’m not going to elaborate on what those things are since some of them are just…gross.

Anyway, I remember her telling me about my first birthday.

My parents and relatives were surrounding me as I wait for my birthday cake to come. She told me how I would stare at everyone one of them, with my mouth slightly open, like I was trying to wonder who they are and why are they looking at me with those scary happy faces. I looked scared at that time but then my attention turned to my cake as my dad slowly placed it on a table in front of me. A lonely candle stood and my eyes grew wider when it was lit.

I stared at the lit candle in awe, ignoring everyone as they sing happy birthday or even my dad who was calling me as he aimed his camera at me. My eyes were locked in the candle, especially the flame as it dances slightly. Looking at the flame probably enticed me as I reached for it, burning my finger. I let out a piercing cry and my mom quickly made her way towards me to look at my burned finger. She carried me and comforted me as I cry my eyes out. She told me how I would whimper and look terrified whenever she moved me towards the cake where the candle still stood, unlit. She says that since then, I’d never gone close to a lit candle until I was like 6 years old.

It took me six years to get over that burn I felt. Six years to avoid the burning candle. I was a child, I know. Now, I’m old enough to know the things that would burn me…or even hurt me. Like a child, I’d avoid it at all cost just so I could forget the burn or the pain.

It took years, not days.

Stepping into Tohto TV after two days of getting the burn of my life is too soon to make me forget, but…

…It can’t be helped right?
“Aaaaannnnnnddddddddd cccccuuuuuttttt!!!!”

I sighed in relief and leaned back at the couch.

“You okay?” Acchan asked as she looked at me worriedly. We were once again paired up for a TV recording at Tohto TV.

“I’m fine.” I assured her as I gave her a slight smile. Well, I didn’t tell her that I have a slight headache since I know I’ll worry her more. Lately, she’s been worried about me, more than usual. It makes me wonder why. I mean, can she see that I’m hurting since two days ago? Can she tell that my heart is bleeding right now?

I hope not. Like Asahi and the others, I don’t want them to worry about me. But with the look she’s giving me, I don’t think she believes my answer.

“I’m fine, really.” I said as I stood up giving her a smile now since well, a slight smile didn’t work. I suddenly have this urge to massage my temples but decided against it as she stared at me with a slight frown.

She sighed and was about to say something, probably to mother me, when our manager called her. She frowned and turned towards the man who was ushering her to come to him as he was speaking to someone.

Saved by the manager.

“I’ll be right back.” She sighed as she patted my shoulder.

“Sure, I’ll just go over there and get some water.” I pointed and she nodded her head. I stood there for awhile as she made her way towards the two. I watch her as she bowed and smiled politely while our manager introduced her to his companion. Looking at her like this, it makes me wonder…as a face of Akb48, would she too choose her career over…love? Just like…

What am I thinking? Why am I comparing Acchan to…

I sighed and shook my head as I head towards the water dispenser. I took a cup and filled it with cold water. I gulped it down easily noticing that I’m feeling slightly dizzy as well. Having a slight headache and feeling slightly dizzy is really not good.

Ugh. Maybe I should sit down or something.

With another filled cup, I walked towards a couch to sit and wait for Acchan. I stopped walking as my eye sight suddenly blurred.

Wh-what was that…?

I shook my head and tried to focus while I massaged my temple with my free hand. Maybe skipping dinner and breakfast wasn’t such a good idea.

“Hey, isn’t that Nami?” I stood stiff as I heard that voice, a voice that I loathed to hear. His voice…

…Okuma Yuu’s.

I slowly turned to look at him and froze again when Ray was standing a few feet away from him as he walks towards me. We stared at each other, frozen in spot. I felt my heart beat fast at the sight of her. I immediately felt that familiar warmth that I feel whenever I look at her.

This is what I dreaded would happen if I stepped inside Tohto TV again. Why didn’t I just…accept Asahi’s offer to take my place earlier? Why didn’t I just make up some excuse to not go here? Why didn’t I listen to my brain? And where the hell is inner Mariko-sama?!

I suddenly felt that familiar pain that I’ve been feeling since our last encounter. The warmth I felt when I saw her…was easily replaced by pain.

“Well hello there Nami-chan. Long time no see.” Yuu grinned as he blocked my view. Just seeing his cocky jerk face makes my headache worse. My head seems to be throbbing with pain but I still gave him my fake smile as I bow slightly at him.

“Okuma-san. It’s nice to see you again.” Ugh. It sucks to be polite to him. How I wish I could kick his…

“Another TV recording I see. You girls are getting popular eh? Short skirts really are dangerous creations eh?” He smirked and my fake smile slowly disappeared as I look at him. Is he implying…what I think he’s implying…?

“Aww, don’t look at me like that. It’s just a joke.” He grinned as he pats my head. God, can I just kick his…

“Oh yeah. Aren’t you going to say hi to your friend Ray-san over there?” He asked as he moved slightly away and motioned towards Ray who stood afar talking with Sarukawa-sachou. I stared back at her and found her glancing at me every now and then.

I glanced at Yuu, frowning as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me to him as he looked at Ray.

“I guess you really don’t own her huh?” He whispered as he grinned, his eyes still at Ray. I frowned not understanding him. What the hell is he saying now?

“Heard she has a new boyfriend and that she broke up with you…again.”

Eh? Again? What is he…?

My eyes slowly went wide with realization. I gripped the cup on my hand slightly, my hand trembling a bit. My other hand turned into a fist.

Does…he know…that I’m…?

“Too bad. And here I thought she belongs to you, that she’s yours. I guess that wig of yours just…got into you huh?” He shook his head and let out a tsk-tsk sound as I glared at the floor with my jaw clenched tightly. I can feel my heart and head, pounding hard.

“That’s okay though, you still have your skirt, right?” He smirked and pats my shoulder. I just stood there unmoving. My eye sight once again blurred and I suddenly felt nauseous. I was breathing rapidly feeling a cold sweat forming in my forehead. Oh God, this…really isn’t happening…right? This is just a nightmare…right?

With a last pat, he then walked away from me, heading towards Ray. He stopped then and turned to me. I stared at him, waiting for another blow as he grinned at me.

“Oh, about that new boyfriend of hers, I believe she’s going to reveal him in a couple of days through a press conference. I’ll save you a seat in the front row okay?” He winked at me then turned to walk away. I stared at his back noticing that everything was getting blurry. I felt the cold sweat on my forehead trickle down.

I…I think I’m going to…faint.

“Nami-chan, are you okay?”

I slowly turned towards the voice to find Acchan walking towards me. She stopped when she was near and frowned, looking at me worriedly again.

No…everything is not okay. I’m not okay.

I didn’t get to say anything though as everything went black.


“N-Nami-chan!” Maeda yelled as she quickly took hold of the girl who fainted, her arms wet from Nami’s cup water. Everyone turned to her as she kept on calling the girl in her arms. Ray and Yuu turned and saw Maeda cradling a lifeless Nami in her arms.

Ray stood shocked to see Nami…her Nami…

“Nami-chan!” Ray quickly ran towards the lifeless girl surprising Sarukawa who was standing beside her. She didn’t get to reach Nami as Okuma Yuu prevented her from going further. He took hold of her shoulder, keeping her away from the fainted girl. Ray struggled for a bit wanting to get near the girl but Okuma Yuu kept a tight hold on her.

“You’re the diva right? Act like it.” He snarled softly. She stopped struggling as some of the staff and their manager quickly went to Maeda’s side to take a look at Nami. It was heart breaking for Ray to just stand there and do nothing. She could watch as their manager carried a pale and lifeless girl, passing her like she is nothing to Nami. Which is true…

…she is nothing to Nami. She’s been nothing since two days ago and that’s all she will ever be because…

…this is what she wanted.

She clenched her fist as she turned to look at Maeda, their manager and some staff carrying Nami, moving further and further away from her. Her heart is bleeding but all she could do is watch.


“Ugh…” Nami groaned as she slowly opened her eyes. She squints her eyes trying to adjust them to her surroundings. She could still feel the slight painful throb of her head. She was right though, she did faint.

“Nami-chan.” Maeda quickly stood up from the chair she’s sitting on to look at her friend.

“Where…where am I?” Nami asked as she looked around, hoping that she’s not in a hospital. If she is then she’s in big trouble.

“Infirmary of Tohto TV.” Maeda answered making Nami sigh in relief as she sat up. Sure she feels relieved that she wasn’t taken to the hospital, but then again, looking at Maeda’s stern face, probably doesn’t get her out of the trouble just yet.

She gulped.

“You didn’t eat breakfast, did you?” Maeda’s eyes narrowed dangerously as she looked at the nervous looking Nami.

“M-maybe…” Nami stammered as she looked at the side, avoiding Maeda’s eyes. Maeda was about to say something when the door suddenly opened and in walked their manager.

Saved by the manager yet again.

“Ah, Kawachi-san. Good to see you awake now.” He smiled slightly as he stood beside Maeda holding a bowl of Katsudon. Nami eyed it and raised her eyebrow.

“The doctor said that you collapsed due to stress and perhaps the lack of eating breakfast.” Plus she didn’t eat dinner last night and the lack of sleep for two days straight, but Nami really shouldn’t say that since Maeda still looked at her with such dangerous eyes. Their manager handed Nami the bowl of Katsudon but Maeda quickly grabbed it, frowning slightly.

“I’ll feed it to her. Just so she eats it…ALL.” Nami gulped as Maeda growled the ‘all’ part. This side of Maeda is giving her the creeps. Their manager seems to be weirded out too as he raised his eyebrow at Maeda-san.

“Ookkaayy. Anyway, I just talked to Akimoto-san and told him what happened.”

Nami groaned. She is so dead. Not only will Maeda chew her out later on for not eating breakfast, but also Akimoto-sensei for not taking care of her body. Also, if the news that she fainted traveled to Asahi and the others, they’d probably scold her as well.

What a fine day for Nami don’t you think?

“He proposed for you to be taken to the hospital.”

“NO!” Nami protested surprising their manager. Maeda just raised her eyebrow at the girl.

“No hospitals…please. I’m fine. I just…skipped breakfast…that’s all.” Nami mumbled as she looked away. It’s not her fault she didn’t have any appetite lately!

“You do know that you will be reprimanded for this negligence right?” Their manager said as he frowned at the still pale girl.

“Hai.” Nami sighed. She’s already anticipating all the scolding she’s going to receive today. She could already feel the scolding eyes of Maeda right now.

“Alright. Then I guess I should call Akimoto-san and tell him you don’t want to go to the hospital.” Hearing that from their manager somehow gave Nami hope that he’s not going to mention about her little negligence.

“And that you confessed to skipping your breakfast.” Their manager added as he made his way out of the room, smashing Nami’s hope to pieces. Guess there’s no escaping the impending scolding that’s going to happen in the immediate future.

Let the scolding begin.

She sighed noticing that she was now left alone with Maeda whom she was sure is going to scold her too. But surprisingly, the scolding didn’t come. Maeda just sighed, scooped some of the food with a spoon and then held it up for Nami to eat.

“Uh…I can feed myself you know.” Nami said looking uncomfortable. She flinched when Maeda glared at her.

“Or not.” Nami mumbled and hesitantly ate the offered food. She looked away feeling uncomfortable as Maeda continue to feed her in silence. For Nami, this is far worse than being scolded. She really hates it when someone is doing the silent treatment on her. Well except for Hinata since she wouldn’t mind if the girl gives her the silent treatment once in awhile, but that’s not the point is it?

“Are you…mad at me?” Nami asked timidly as she glanced at Maeda who was looking at the bowl of Katsudon trying to scoop some more food for Nami.

“What do you think?” Maeda grumbled not looking at Nami.

“Uh…no?” Nami guessed sounding hopeful that Maeda wasn’t mad. But from the glare she’s giving Nami, it looks like she is.

“Try again.”

“I’m sorry okay? I just…I wasn’t hungry and decided to just…skip it.” Nami sighed, defeatedly. Truthfully, this is the first time she skipped a meal. She woke up extra early just to get out of the apartment while Asahi and Hinata were still sleeping. She just didn’t want them to pamper her which the two have been doing since the whole incident with Ray happened. She’s thankful and all but…it was…suffocating for Nami, when all she wanted was to just be…left alone.

“Somehow I get the feeling that there’s a reason why you suddenly lost appetite. There is a reason…right?” Maeda asked as she looked at Nami, frowning slightly. The day after the Persona party that Maeda and the others had, it seemed that Nami just suddenly felt…off. It’s like…Nami isn’t Nami lately. It worries Maeda and judging by how the others were looking at Nami earlier, they were worried for the little captain too.

Nami looked away, unable to look Maeda in the eyes knowing that the pain is once again visible in her eyes. She really didn’t want to talk about it. Somehow it hurt Maeda a little bit that Nami wouldn’t talk about her problems to her, but a part of her understood the little girl’s hesitation.

“I’m not going to ask what that reason is. Just please, promise me you won’t be so hard on yourself anymore.” Maeda sighed as she placed her hand on top of Nami’s. If Nami can’t tell her what’s wrong, then she’ll wait for the girl to tell her. This is all she could do for Nami right now.

Nami looked at their hands and smiled slightly.

“Okay, I promise. No more skipping breakfast.” And dinner.

“Good. Because you scared me to death when you fainted you know!” Maeda removed her hand on Nami and punched the girl in her shoulder, pouting. It hurt Nami a little but she just chuckled.

“I was so scared that I even sent Asahi an SOS message about you fainting.” Maeda looked at the side smiling slightly.

“YOU WHAT?!” Nami exclaimed. Maeda…sent Asahi an SOS message?! Now she’s really dead!

“Well I promised her earlier to take care of you. And when you fainted, I can’t help it.” Maeda shrugged still keeping that small smile on her face. Seeing her like this, Nami can’t help but feel that there’s an evil side in her.

“You did that on purpose huh.” Nami narrowed her eyes at Maeda who just gave her her usual smile, her eyelids fluttering slightly.

“What do you think?” Nami stared at Maeda for awhile as the girl smiled at her sweetly. There is definitely an evil side in Maeda. Nami sighed and grabbed the bowl from Maeda’s hand.

“That’s evil. But I probably deserve that.” Nami grumbled as Maeda just smiled watching Nami devour her Katsudon. It looks like Nami is slowly returning to normal as she finished her meal and asked for more, holding out the empty bowl to Maeda, pouting slightly. Maeda chuckled at the cuteness and took the bowl from her.

She stepped out of the room noticing that the door was slightly open. Their manager probably didn’t fully close it. She slowly closed the door and frowned when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Looking at her right, she saw Ray’s retreating form.

Maeda stared at the diva’s back as she walks further and further away down the empty hallway.


Nami’s POV

Thank God I persuaded Acchan and our manager to let me go home alone. It took me half an hour to convince them that I was fine to walk and that I don’t need a ride home. Well…Acchan took half an hour to convince, but our manager just took 5 minutes. Honestly, that guy doesn’t care much does he?

But…that’s the least of my problems now, isn’t it?

I sighed as I walked towards the park remembering a certain jerk face that I’ve encountered earlier. If that cocky-jerk-face-bastard knows that I’m Kai, then this is going to be a big problem. Not only is it a big problem for me, but it might also be a problem for Asahi and Hinata since they’ll probably get dragged into this if ever that Yuu let out my secret identity. Ray might get dragged into this too.

I suddenly stopped walking as a realization hit me. Could it be that Ray…?

My phone suddenly started ringing interrupting my train of thoughts. Frowning, I pulled it out from my bag and sighed when I saw who was calling me.


Great. Maybe I should just ignore it. I don’t need the scolding right now.

‘Don’t be stupid Nami. If you don’t answer your phone, Asahi is going to call Maeda and she will once again worry about you. Both of them will chew your ass off if you don’t answer the phone.’ Inner Mariko-sama answered shocking me.

Inner Mariko-sama is alive?! Where the hell have you been?!

‘I only appear when you’re being stupid.’

So skipping dinner and breakfast wasn’t stupid for you?

‘Oh that’s just dumb. I just wanted you to experience how dumb that move is first hand.’ She shrugged.

Okay so I missed Inner Mariko-sama for just about a second until she called me stupid.

‘And dumb.’ She added making me sigh. Maybe answering the phone would be better than this inner insult I’m receiving.

Shaking my head, I answered my phone.


“You skipped dinner AND BREAKFAST?! Are you insane?!” She yelled. I even had to pull my phone away from her loud voice.

‘So you’re stupid, dumb and insane. Anymore synonyms you want to add?’ Inner Mariko-sama smirked and I just rolled my eyes.

“I’m sorry okay? I just…I wasn’t thinking.” Lame excuse, I know. But since Inner Mariko-sama called me stupid and dumb, I think that excuse is appropriate enough. Hell, if Hinata was an adjective I’d be telling her ‘I’m a Hinata.’

“That’s her excuse?! Give me the phone!” Is that…Mariko-sama?

“She fainted because she didn’t eat my cooking last night!” Hinata?

“Where is she?! I’m going to run her over!” And Yukarin? What the? Where are they?

“Nami! Where are you right now?” Mariko-sama asked.

“Uh…at the park.” I hesitantly answered.

“Okay, stay at Asahi and Yuko’s private meeting place and we’ll meet you there! Understand?!” I could hear Asahi protesting about her and Yuko’s private meeting place. Yes, they have a secret meeting place, according to us that is since that’s where we saw them together one time acting all coupley. I’ll let her tell you guys the story to that.

“Ookkaayy.” I drawled as I frowned slightly.

“If you’re not there, you’re so dead!” With that Mariko-sama ended our phone conversation. I’m really not THAT stupid and dumb since even before our conversation started, I already know that I’ll be dead.


Okay, so I’m waiting for death to arrive as I’m sitting at a bench. I can’t help but think back on jerk face and Ray. If Ray knows that Yuu found out about me being Kai, then it might be the reason why she suddenly broke up with me.

Wow. It’s the first time I’ve acknowledge that Ray broke up with me. I mean, we haven’t really established what we are. We only dated once.

‘But she did call you her girlfriend when you guys dated.’ Inner Mariko-sama said.


I flipped my phone open and scrolled down to look at her number. In my phonebook, she’s ‘The Diva.’ Reading that somehow brought a sad smile on my face. I opened my inbox and scrolled down to that one message that I kept on reading since two days ago. Her last message for me.

“I wish our date last night didn’t end. I miss you.”

I wish that too and I do miss her.

“We have to be real here, Nami. If someone found out that we’re in a relationship, both our careers would be over. Would you risk your career just to be with me?!”

I sighed feeling the hurt once again as I remember her words. I kept remembering those words of hers making me unable to sleep at night. It was slap in a face. A real hard slap, telling me to wake up…

…and to stop dreaming.

I frowned when I suddenly heard a car honking making me look ahead. My eyes went wide as Yukarin’s car…I mean her parents’ car…is heading right towards me, fast. I quickly stood up and stood behind the bench afraid that she really is going to run me over. Is she serious about running me over?! Is she crazy?!

Thankfully she stopped in a safe distance from where I am. I sighed, relieved to be alive as I heard the door of the car open and heard someone walking towards me. When I turned to look, Mariko-sama immediately slapped me across the face, hard. It stunned me as I felt my left cheek stinging from her slap. I could hear Asahi calling out to Mariko-sama as they walked towards us. I turned to look at Mariko-sama and was once again surprised when she took hold of my shirt by the collar and pulled me up to her. She was fuming mad.

“So what? You’re so depressed that you’re not eating anymore? Is that it?!” Mariko-sama roared shaking me slightly. The other’s footsteps died down as they stood to watch.

“Don’t act like you’re the only one she left! She left us too!!” Her voice cracked and her grip on my shirt tightened. I looked at her hurt, angry filled eyes noticing the tears forming in them. I can feel the unspoken words of how Ray left her too.

“You know how she feels about you right?! You know that she’s head over heels for you! That she’ll do anything for you! You feel the same for her right?!” I didn’t say anything and just let her continue her tirade.

“So why the hell aren’t you trying to bring her back?! Why the hell are you wallowing yourself in self-pity when you should be going there and telling her how you feel?! Is that skull of yours too thick?!” She gritted her teeth pulling me a bit closer to her. I think that’s another synonym for stupid.

“If it is thick, then just follow your GOD DAMN HEART IDIOT!!” She yelled. Great. Another one. How many is that already? Five?

We stared at each other for awhile, unmoving. She kept her glare at me as she gritted her teeth. I noticed that the tears that formed in her eyes earlier was now gone. Good, that way it won’t make me feel bad to finally let out the chuckle that I’ve been holding. I heard Hinata say, ‘she’s dead’ probably face palming herself as my chuckles turned into a full laugh.

“What the hell are you laughing at?!” Mariko-sama asked looking at me incredulously. I stopped laughing and grinned at her.

“I’m just glad that you didn’t advice me on shopping for a dress again and went with the sappy, ‘follow your heart’ advice this time.” She narrowed her eyes probably remembering that time we had on the roof a couple of months ago. Hey, don’t blame me if I’m glad that Mariko-sama gave me a sappy advice. It’s actually fitting don’t you think?

“That’s it. You’re dead.” Mariko-sama said impassively as she pulled her right arm to send a punch, probably to my face while her other hand kept its hold on my shirt. It was then the three started pulling her away from me and I struggled to break free from her hold, smiling nervously as I wheedle myself out of this mess.

Maybe I am stupid, dumb, insane, thick-skulled and an idiot for reminding her of that.


“So this, Okuma Yuu…the guy to be said as the boy wonder of music because his first debut single reached number 9 in music 10…is harassing Ray?” Mariko-sama asked as she looked down at me as I sat down the bench with Asahi next to me. After the whole struggling bit as Mariko-sama attempted to murder me, and her mumbling an apology for slapping my face which is now a bit red, I told them all that I know about what is happening. Right to where I first met Okuma Yuu to what happened earlier.

“Yeah, and it may be possible that he’s blackmailing her too because he knows I’m Kai.” I added looking at my hands on my lap.

“That’s highly plausible since we’ve already established that Ray WOULD do anything for you.” Mariko-sama sighed.

“Then if that is true, the reason she broke up with you is because she wanted to protect you.” Asahi said, smiling.

“I think she’s trying to protect all of us.” I smiled sadly. It is true. She wanted to protect not only me but also Hinata and Asahi…even Mariko-sama. She didn’t tell Mariko-sama about Yuu’s harassment to protect her. She knew that Mariko-sama isn’t just going to sit knowing that her best friend is being harassed. Mariko-sama would do something about it and Yuu would probably do something about her too. That’s why she was so mad at me when I faced Yuu as Kai because she knew what kind of person Okuma Yuu is. She was trying to protect us.

“Even the world?” Hinata asked tilting her head slightly. We turned to her with our eyes narrowed.

“What? Can’t we have a superhero moment just once?” Still silence as we continue to stare at her. Unfazed, she continued her fantasy.

“Since Ray is protecting us and all, we’ll call her ‘The Shining Diva’ rescuing us from the clutches of the evil scheming adversary, ‘Dr.Yuu.’” Hinata gave an evil laugh at the end. We decided, even without communicating to just ignoring her and her out of this world fantasy.

“You might be right about her protecting all of us Nami.” Asahi nodded. Mariko-sama seems to agree too as she nodded her head. Hinata just grumbled about her being ignored.

“Even me?” Yukarin asked pointing at herself as she smiled at us with hope in her eyes. We now turned to Yukarin and stared at her as silence once again surrounds us. Was Ray trying to protect her too?

“Uh…s-sure. Of c-course she’s protecting you too.” I offered smiling at her nervously. Though I’m not sure how Ray is protecting Yukarin, but what the hell. Ray is protecting all of us. She might as well protect Yukarin too.

“Okay, since we’ve cleared that Ray is protecting all of us…” Mariko-sama sighed.

“And the world.” Hinata added as she raised her hand. She glared at Hinata.

“Fine! And the world…” She grumbled making me and Asahi chuckle. Hinata smiled widely as she nodded.

“Can we now focus on what we should do to that Okuma Yuu to help Ray out?”

“I say we cut his head off.” Hinata suggested as she raised her hand. As much as I think Hinata’s way is…brutal, I think that should solve all our problems making the world peaceful again.

“Good suggestion, but I don’t think murder is going to cut it since we are idols and all.” Mariko-sama sighed massaging her temples. That is our main problem huh? But…

“Then how about we just not be idols for one day.” I shrugged.

“Okay, so we won’t be idols for one day. Don’t tell me you’re seriously thinking about killing the guy?!” Mariko-sama looked at me incredulously.

“Don’t blame me if I’m tempted to kill him.” The thought did cross my mind and all.

“Tch. I’ve got nothing against gay guys but after hearing what he did to Ray and Nami, I’m all on killing the guy.” Hinata shrugged. Ugh. Is she still on with Okuma Yuu being gay? Ugh.

“He is not gay.” I reminded her as I remember the heated conversation we had when Hinata met Okuma Yuu. She just kept on assuming that the guy is gay just because Yuu had a guy friend with him that day and they ordered take-outs. Honestly, how can she assume someone’s orientation just by that?

“Says the girl who said; ‘I’m not an L’ for a year and turned out to be one.” Hinata answered back making Asahi and Yukarin smirk.

“Maybe we should just cut your head off instead!” I growled standing up and taking a step towards Hinata who immediately hid behind Yukarin sticking out her tongue. Doesn’t she know that doing that would just make me want to kill her more? She whimpered behind Yukarin as I took another step towards her. I was actually formulating a plan to get to her but then we heard a familiar squirrel coming towards us…or rather…towards Asahi.

“Nyan-Nyan!” Yuko glomped on Asahi as she stood up, surprised to see her squirrel there.

“Yuko? Wh-what are you doing here?” Asahi asked as she tries to pull Yuko away from her but Yuko kept a tight hold on her waist.

“I was heading home and wanted to see if you were in our secret meeting place.” Yuko answered smiling happily at Asahi who sighed.

“I can’t believe we have a secret meeting place.”

“Of course we have. It’s our secret place only for us.” Yuko grinned. Uh…no it’s not. We’re here too you know. The four of us started waving at Yuko hoping that she’ll notice us standing there…in their not-so-secret meeting place.

“Oh, hey you guys. What are you doing here?” She asked as she let go of Asahi. She obviously didn’t see us earlier. Why didn’t she see us? That we don’t know. I guess there are times when she only sees Asahi.

“YOU!” Yuko growled as she pointed at Mariko-sama, her smile instantly disappeared to be replaced by a glare. She moved in front of Asahi as if she was protecting the girl.

“What? I’m not the only one who knows your secret meeting place.” Mariko-sama defended as she raised her eyebrow at Yuko. That’s weird, why is Yuko suddenly angry at Mariko-sama?

“You kissed my Nyan-Nyan!”

Oh, so that’s why. But wait…Asahi told Yuko about…?

“You told her?!” Mariko-sama exclaimed at Asahi who was smiling nervously.

“Y-yeah. I told her…everything. Hope you guys don’t mind.” Asahi looked at us gauging our reaction. Mariko-sama seems to be the only one who cares that Yuko knows. But it’s more on because of the alcohol incident. The ‘AsaMari’ kiss.

And I can’t believe I’m making up coupling names in my head too.

“Next time, brief me first before you say something that involves me.” Mariko-sama sighed.

“Stay away from my Nyan-Nyan!” Yuko growled still keeping her glare at Mariko-sama.

“I am away. Notice the distance?” Mariko-sama motioned at the space between her and Asahi. That didn’t stop Yuko from glaring at Mariko-sama though. Yukarin, Hinata and I watch the scene, intrigued. It kinda felt like the three of us were watching a dorama with Mariko-sama being the third wheel.

“So who do you think Asahi is going to pick?” Hinata whispered making Yukarin and I to raise our eyebrow at her. Clearly everything is getting crazier and crazier by the minute.

“Okay, enough with this…tension you three have.”

“We do not have a tension!” Mariko-sama glared at me. I shrugged.

“That’s right! Mariko has a tension with me, her coupling partner! Not just any tension too. Sexu—“ Hinata didn’t get to finish whatever tension she’s going to say as Mariko-sama cut her off

“Finish that and I’M going to cut your head off.” She snarled making Hinata gulp nervously. Hinata leaned to Yukarin and whispered the tension she’s talking about.

“Oh…that tension.” Yukarin looked surprised darting her eyes to Hinata and Mariko-sama who was growling heading towards Hinata. Good thing me and Yukarin immediately held her and pushed her away as Hinata hid behind Asahi.

Like I said…getting crazier and crazier.

“Let’s just once again focus on the matter of hand on what we should do with Okuma Yuu.” I suggested. We’re supposed to planning on how to murder the guy if it hadn’t for…our insanity taking over, we would’ve picked out the weapons already.

‘How true.’ Inner Mariko-sama sighed.

“Why would we do something about Okuma Yuu?” Yuko asked as she looked at Asahi.

“Ray broke up with Nami because Okuma Yuu is blackmailing Ray with him knowing that Nami is Kai. So we need to do something about him so Nami and Ray could have their happy ending.” Asahi answered as she smiled at Yuko. Why didn’t I just explain it like that earlier rather than giving them the more detailed one?

“Oh. Then can I suggest you blackmail the guy too?” Yuko smiled as she raised her hand. We stared at her for awhile, wondering how simple yet good her suggestion is. How come we didn’t think about that?!

“Besides murdering the guy, I think that’s a great idea.” Mariko-sama nodded looking impressed at Yuko. Sure it’s a great idea…but…

“How can we be so sure that Yuu isn’t going to reveal it after we blackmail him?”

“We can’t be sure. That’s a chance we have to take. Unless…you guys have other ideas?” Mariko-sama asked as she crossed her arm and looked at us.

“Whack him in the head until he has amnesia?” Yukarin suggested as she raised her hand.

“No. Any other ideas?” Mariko-sama narrowed her eyes. When you think about it, that’s actually a good idea. Somewhat impossible though, but still a good idea.

“Ask him nicely…” Hinata said sweetly as she smiled. Somehow hearing her and seeing her smile like that makes me remember the old loli Hinata. That doesn’t change the fact that what she said was crazy though.

We all turned to her and raised our eyebrow.

“First you suggested that we cut his head off, now you want to ask him nicely?!” I questioned. She looked at me making her eye flutter slightly.

“But I’m not done yet.” Hinata said with her sweet voice.

“Do tell.” I ushered her.

“Ask him nicely…then whack him in the head until his head opens making all those blood pour out with his brains gushing out, then cut his freaking head off, throw his body in the sea and keep his head in Nami’s room as a prize.” Her voice was sweet in the beginning but then it turned scary while she’s doing hand motions on murdering Yuu. Somehow hearing her like this…kinda scares me. Hinata would be the perfect killer if ever she decides to change her profession.

“Uh…no. Let’s just go with Yuko’s idea…please.” Mariko-sama sighed massaging her temples again.

“I say we vote!” Hinata just wouldn’t give up huh? She really wants to kill Okuma Yuu doesn’t she?

…I love Hinata.

“Fine. We vote just for the fun of it. Everyone who wants to cut Yuu’s head off, please raise your hand.” Mariko-sama said dryly. Hinata immediately raised her hand up high. I actually want to raise my hand too…but Mariko-sama is right. Blackmail seemed to be the only way we could put an end to Yuu without us going to prison.

“Okay. Everyone who wants to whack Yuu in the head until he has amnesia, raise your hand.” Yukarin raised her hand and frowned slightly when she saw that she was the only one with her hand raised.

“Okay. Everyone who wants to ask Yuu nicely and…uh…do those gross things that Hinata said that I’m sure is impossible to do, please raise your hand.” Hinata once again raised her hand.

“You can only vote once you know.”

“It’s a free country.” She shrugged as I shook my head.

“In favor of blackmailing Yuu, raise your hand.” Everyone except Yukarin raised their hand. Mariko-sama glared at Hinata.

“What? I believe in democracy.” Hinata shrugged.

“In favor of me killing Hinata, raise your damn hand.” Mariko-sama growled. Everyone besides Hinata raised her hand. She pouted seeing the raised hand.

“That’s not nice!”

“I’ll show you nice!” Mariko-sama once again attempted to kill Hinata, but Yukarin and I held her.

“Okay, so we’ll blackmail the guy. Do you guys have any idea how we blackmail him?” Asahi asked trying to somehow change the ‘kill Hinata’ atmosphere to ‘let’s get back to business.’ How can we blackmail the guy we barely knew?

“We need to pin him on something that’ll ruin his career forever.” I said as I looked at everyone’s serious face.

“Then I suggest we have a general in this black operation that we’re going to have.” Yukarin suggested as she tap her chin as if thinking.

“Yes. We must choose a general that is evil minded.” I nodded.

“She must be dark, sinister, despicable, fiendish, corruptive, devious…need I say more?” Mariko-sama shrugged.

“The ultimate villain.” Yukarin grinned. Everyone turned to Hinata who tilted her head, confused. I grinned, walked towards her and pat her shoulder.

“Congratulations. You’re the general of the black ops.” If anyone should be general, it should be Hinata. Her ideas are crazy enough to work anyway. Plus the girl really has a creative mind…in an evil sort of way.

“M-me?” She asked as she looked at everyone.

“Yup. You’re the ultimate villain of our team.” Yukarin nodded.

“Make us proud.” Mariko-sama sighed.

“Hell yeah!” Hinata yelled pumping her fist up. That’s probably her battle cry or something. Somehow hearing her like that makes me think that we have a chance on blackmailing Yuu.

“We’re going to fight fire with water!” Hinata grinned still with her fist up.

“You mean fight fire with fire.” Mariko-sama corrected.

“Why would you fight fire with fire? It’ll just make the flame worse.”

“It’s an idiom.”

“I’m not an idiot! Stop calling me an idiot!” Hinata growled at Mariko-sama.

The earth is doomed. The black ops is going to fail and Dr. Yuu will have his sinister laugh at the end.



Extra Notes: I think I exaggerated a little bit on the gang's part.  :lol:
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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Firstly, Hinata really is cracking me up here!  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: with the four choices about how to get back on Yuu, I'd go with Hinata's idea! her evil ideas remind me of....Me.  :twisted:

Ah! Mariko-sama reminded me of Sado's character where she slapped Yuko. Scary friend but a loyal and overly caring one!  XD

And... :cry: and... :cry: Ray, grr...stupid jerk face,  :banghead: and here the diva was about to show her soft side to 'Nami-chan'  :( Hah! she's really miserable right now, and seeing Atsuko there taking care of her Nami...i really want to read her POV about this scene.  :catglare:

anyways, why is Nami so adamant in not going to hospital?  :? don't tell me she has some super secret illness i can't say it.!  :shocked: just, no, no way! haha  :smhid :smhid :smhid

and maybe, Hinata was right.  :lol: jerk face being gay  :yossi: oh well, just gonna wait for the next chapter......the highlights are Hinata's antics! hoping she'll be a great general.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

PS: glad to hear youre alright now!  :)
and i hope there would be shachou's appearance here  ;)

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an update!!!! wooooooh! :cow:
thanks for not killing me... i mean... coz you can't! hehehehe!

HINATA always funny!!!!! :twothumbs
who's in favor on kill that Yuu.... me!
maybe that jerk is gay!  :angry: anyways.. just kill him! :angry:

*sometimes i'm also having an inner mariko-sama! 8)2
it's your fault!!!!! :smhid
joke!!! :lol:

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gratz an update!!!XD

i seriously ROFL when i read the part about how to kill Yuu lol

and i seriously LOVE this part!

"Ask him nicely…then whack him in the head until his head opens making all those blood pour out with his brains gushing out, then cut his freaking head off, throw his body in the sea and keep his head in Nami’s room as a prize.” Her voice was sweet in the beginning but then it turned scary while she’s doing hand motions on murdering Yuu. Somehow hearing her like this…kinda scares me. Hinata would be the perfect killer if ever she decides to change her profession."

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Omg sun~! YAY :D I vote for cutting jerk faces head off~! Wait no... ASKING HIM NICELY ONE :D HEHEHE Hinata cracks me up to no ends xD and yea... sometimes i get the "Inner Mariko-Sama" and i'm like omg sun really now?!

maybe Hinata and Yuko would come up with a something that can blackmail because Yuko is in that work space? AKB is only just starting right? so yea :D
Kill Jerk Face~~

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The bottom half of that chapter killed me..  :rofl: .. I like it when the hilarious-as-hell group meets .. Their reaction and ideas are just so crazy-funny.. I couldn't stop laughing starting from "Even the world?"  :lol: to the Idiom..  XD .. I sooo can't wait for Hinata's special chapter.. Hinata I love You!! ..  :heart:

Thanks for updating  :bow: .. I can't wait to know what they'll use to blackmail Okuma .. Gay scandal? I mean his name practically gives off the vibe Okuma --> OkAma.. see?  XD I suggest an OkuGori pair..

Thanks again =D

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I'm so sorry because being late, even I'm the first one who read your update, I believe.. but I just have to go for work, so I just have time to leave a thanks

Now... time to COMMENT!!! :cow: :cow: :cow: Oh God, you have no idea I happy I am since I visit this page every half day to check  :P :P

It was heart breaking for Ray to just stand there and do nothing. She could watch as their manager carried a pale and lifeless girl, passing her like she is nothing to Nami. Which is true…

…she is nothing to Nami. She’s been nothing since two days ago and that’s all she will ever be because…

…this is what she wanted.

aaaahhh... so sad... I think I can understand Ray's feeling.. it's just hurt and you feel hopeless yourself..

“So why the hell aren’t you trying to bring her back?! Why the hell are you wallowing yourself in self-pity when you should be going there and telling her how you feel?! Is that skull of yours too thick?!” She gritted her teeth pulling me a bit closer to her. I think that’s another synonym for stupid.

“If it is thick, then just follow your GOD DAMN HEART IDIOT!!” She yelled. Great. Another one. How many is that already? Five?
THIS! IS! AWESOME!  :w00t: OMG, I'm so glad that you bring our Nami back to the strong personality we know..the one that make Ray fall, she just need to realise that her friend always beside her.
Talking about friend, are you intend to bring Acchan into this mission as well?  :? I think it would be fair for Acchan to know everything about Nami though..  (Just my thought XD XD)

“Even me?” Yukarin asked pointing at herself as she smiled at us with hope in her eyes. We now turned to Yukarin and stared at her as silence once again surrounds us. Was Ray trying to protect her too?

“Uh…s-sure. Of c-course she’s protecting you too.” I offered smiling at her nervously. Though I’m not sure how Ray is protecting Yukarin, but what the hell. Ray is protecting all of us. She might as well protect Yukarin too.
:lol: :lol: it just..  :lol:

“He is not gay.” I reminded her as I remember the heated conversation we had when Hinata met Okuma Yuu. She just kept on assuming that the guy is gay just because Yuu had a guy friend with him that day and they ordered take-outs. Honestly, how can she assume someone’s orientation just by that?

“Says the girl who said; ‘I’m not an L’ for a year and turned out to be one.” Hinata answered back making Asahi and Yukarin smirk.
Why didn't I notice this detail?? It could definitely be!! LOLs!! Hinata is the smartest!!  :lol: :lol:

Oh, I think I quote too much, ok I stop here.  XD Just let you know that I can't wait to the REVENGE!!! No one mess with PERSONA and AKB48!! And how Hinata handle this must be EPIC!! Please update soon.

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OMG!!! :wriggly: An Update!!! :mon mad:  :farofflook: And a comment for me :shy2: (well,not only for me... :mon suspect: well, you get the picture) :mon ignore: (Actually, I don't really mind who Ray was talking with.. but I just have a big hunch that it's Sachou  :glasses: :mon geek: hehe)

You don't REALLY know how happy I am!!  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: (I sooo want to kiss you right now!! :mon kissy: hehe  :mon inluv:)

Anyway, still haven't read this yet (Yeah, just seeing that there's an update..  :mon angel: you always make my day...  :mon squee:  :on gay:)

I do hope that this chap. will (somewhat) solve Ray and Nami's condition.... Ohh PlZZZ!!! :mon pray2:

Anyway, thanks soooo much for the update.. Thanks very much  :mon dance: :mon dance:  XD

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“Ask him nicely…then whack him in the head until his head opens making all those blood pour out with his brains gushing out, then cut his freaking head off, throw his body in the sea and keep his head in Nami’s room as a prize.”

GO HINATA!!!!! VOTE FOR HINATA FOREVER!!!!! YEAH!!!!  I'm sadist.  :grin:

Haha your fic kinda... transform me. Or maybe it's just Hinata... or both. Or just the fact that Yuu's a ******
Anyways, for some reasons I think it won't be enough to help Ray >_< Ya know if Yuu can be so cruel, I guess blackmailing him won't change a lot... Maybe it will be worst! Maybe Ray will..... defend him!!!   :panic: NOOO!!!! I feel sick just to think about it.... MAKES HIM GAY!!! MAKE HIM MEET KATSUYUKI!!!!!!! LOL

Except the fact that Hinata was pricelss as always, I love this chapter :D It's both sad and funny.... though I wish Ray would have talk a bit to Nami.... Or maybe not since Nami would be sadder  :smhid But I'm glad Atsuko is here for her!  :) It was a cute part with them... especially with Atsuko mad at Nami XD But tell me... If Ray heard their conversation, she must know that Nami doesn't eat because of her.... she must feel guilty and so on.... SO WHY DON'T SHE JUST KILL YUU AND GO BACK WITH NAMI  :angry: God I think I'mma kill someone soon......... Yuu. I'mma blackmailing you until Yuu dies!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and that was cute seeing Yuko trying to protect Asahi XD I'm glad she knows the truth now ^^ Will be much more funny XD When Atsuko's turn?

Ok, need to calm a bit... That's be all for today XD
Waiting for your next chapter!  :thumbsup

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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1.thank u for little takacchan  :heart: acchan really cares about nami.i like the moment when she feeds's so cute  :wub: i really want to kill this guy too  :twisted: vote for hinata

3.OMG. XD XD XD yuko & nyan-nyan.they sectet place is no more secret  :P  :P  :P

4.and ray  :( sad

hope happy end for nami and ray  :heart: :heart: :heart: (and after all now i really want HiMari couple) it will be interesting XD XD XD XD

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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hehe.. just going to reply again.. :mon sweat: I don't really have any internet at home, that's why I don't have the time to read the fics fast and comment about the story... (All I do for the love of fanfic... :mon exhaust:) Anyway it's all worth it (just update quick ps... hehehe.. :mon fu:)

I really despise Okuma Yuu!!! He shoud die you know... for hurting my beloved Ray and Kai :mon evil:
Dunno how you can boost up my strength with your fic (after my hectic and tiring day..) hehe  :mon heh:

Anyway I'm really loving Hinata right now. She's so funny (and sadistic)... She so creative and all.. I love her ideas, very funny to read and to imagine :]  :mon fu:

I just want to quote this (even if it's not that important)

“Another TV recording I see. You girls are getting popular eh? Short skirts really are dangerous creations eh?” He smirked and my fake smile slowly disappeared as I look at him. Is he implying…what I think he’s implying…?

And another one...

“That’s okay though, you still have your skirt, right?” He smirked and pats my shoulder.

I'm really pissed at Okuma Yuu!! It's really weird that he talks about Takamina's... err.. I mean Nami's skirt.
I mean WTH?! Why would he mind so much? What's so wrong with Nami wearing skirts anyway? I think it looks cute on Nami. He's so weird I mean is he really that pissed with Nami or is he that jealo..... OMG!  :mon ehh: I've read all the comments here and all they can say about that jerk face is that he's GAY!! (and that's also according to our precious Hinata-chan :mon determined: ) Hohoho, FoF-san are you giving us hints from the very beginning? I'm so slow... so slow indeed..

I think I'm fond of guessing here.... THIS is a strong prof that Okama... I mean Okuma Yuu is really gay (CONFIRMED!!)   :mon geek: :mon geek: (not really surprised at all since everyone thinks the same)  :bored:

Anyway pls.. update as fast as you can!!!  :mon dance: :mon dance:

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Thanks for everything!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
And I'm sorry for the lateness and the fact that I have to divide this chapter once again.  :(
I'm not done with the rest so... :nervous I'm sorry.  :(


Chapter 19

Mariko and Nami narrowed their eyes. Asahi raised her eyebrow. Yuko frowned, pouting while Yukarin tilted her head confused as they stare at their General who was waiting for their response.


“Why?” Mariko asked flatly.

“Because we need codenames if we’re going on a mission. Codenames are essential in a mission.” General Hinata explained. The other day, after she was appointed as General, she played a couple of espionage games just to get a feel of being a spy. She noticed that some of the protagonist of the game she played had some codename just so they could keep their real identity hidden. So thinking about it, she thought it’d be a good idea if they had codenames too!

Her explanation didn’t seem to faze the group as they still stared at her with the same expression. She cleared her throat and walked in front of her troops that were standing in a line facing her.

“Let’s go over it again okay? I’ll be Miichan.” She said as she placed a hand on her chest.

“Nami-chan will be Takamina, Asahi will be Kojiharu, Mariko will be Sado, Yukarin will be Sanae and Yuko will be Yuko.” Hinata beamed at the five who was still looking at her with the same expression they had earlier. She came up with good names so she was slightly confused as to why the five aren’t saying anything. Maybe the five were just impressed at their great codenames she picked out for them. Yeah…maybe that’s it. The five were just speechless because of their General’s greatness.

“Why?” Mariko asked again with the same flat voice as earlier. Hinata frowned slightly at her. Why what?

“Why is my name still Yuko?” Yuko finally asked bothered that the four had different names while hers isn’t any different. Hinata shrugged as she turned to Yuko.

“I think it suits you.” Plus if she thinks about it, if they were living in an alternative universe wherein Mariko and Yuko are studying in some yanki school called Maji high, Mariko will be named Sado while Yuko will still be named Yuko. Yukarin on the other hand will be going to their rival school and will be named as Sanae. So in a sense, it’s a perfect name for the three.

How’d she get that? Well it’s perhaps a figment of Hinata’s imagination. It is Hinata afterall.

“But I want a different name.” Yuko whined. It wasn’t fair for her that everyone gets different name and she doesn’t. Mariko turned to her and raised her eyebrow.

“Why?” She asked again with the same flat voice. Hinata rolled her eyes at Mariko and ignored her constant questioning.

“Let it go Mariko-sama. Let’s just follow Hinata, alright?” Nami sighed and shook her head.

“Why?” Mariko looked at her incredulously. Hinata turned to Mariko and was about to talk down to her subordinate when they heard a honk of a car. The girls turned and saw a van stop in a safe distance from them. Hinata grinned as the door opened.

“Finally! And here I thought you’d chicken out!” The five wondered who Hinata is talking to. They can’t tell who it is since the van’s windows are tinted.

“I wish I could, but since you said that Asahi is also in trouble…” The man said as he stepped out of the van and closed the door revealing who he is.

“…I really can’t say no, can’t I?” Jiro grinned and winked at Asahi.



Ray sighed as she dries her hair with a towel, walking out of the bathroom. She walked towards the bed and sat down, looking around the hotel room. It’s been four days since she moved in at a hotel just so Mariko wouldn’t find her. She cut off communication to the tall girl knowing that she’ll probably ask her tons of questions about what is happening. The girl would probably beat her up too since she really has quite a temper when it comes to Ray keeping secrets.

But this is one secret that she need not tell the tall girl.

She sighed again and flopped down on the bed. With her eyes closed, she began to embrace the silence that the room offered. She welcomed the familiar emptiness she felt. This is what her life is like before she met Kai or Nami.


She turned her head and stared at the bedside drawer knowing what was inside. She hesitantly opened it and took out her special notebook that was with her since Middle school, a notebook given to her by her best friend. She skimmed through the pages, looking at some of the songs she composed. She smiled at some of the purikura photos of her and Mariko in middle school and in high school, bringing out some memories behind them. There was also a photo of Hinata, Asahi, Mariko and her dressed up in their boyfriend-girlfriend disguises as they spied on Nami and Maeda. Hinata wanted to take a photo of the four of them and the three reluctantly agreed. She asked Mariko to ask Hinata for a copy not wanting to talk to the girl for she might kill her because of the kissing incident. Thinking about it, she still can’t believe Hinata kissed her. The girls’ unpredictability is dangerous. Now Ray knows it first hand.

She turned the page again and stopped when she reached the one photo that she’s been staring at almost every night.

The purikura picture of her and Nami.

A sad smile appeared on her face as she looks at their wacky poses and her favorite photo wherein she surprised Nami by kissing her on her cheek. Nami looked like she was a little bit uncomfortable with the diva. Sure she was smiling, but it somehow looked a bit…forced. The girl obviously was still a bit uncomfortable at that time what with Ray persistently pursuing her. It’s the same smile Kai often gives her back then. But it was a different smile Nami gives her when they got to know each other later on.

It was entirely a different smile as to Nami’s warm smile when they went on a date.

“Somehow I get the feeling that there’s a reason why you suddenly lost appetite. There is a reason…right?”

“I’m not going to ask what that reason is. Just please, promise me you won’t be so hard on yourself anymore.”

Ray growled as Maeda’s words haunt her once again. She glared at Nami’s photo.

“Even though I really don’t like that…Acchan hanging with you, I’m glad she’s there or else you would’ve been in so much trouble.” Ray was really tempted to enter the infirmary wanting to say a piece to the little girl as she saw their manager head out of the room. Thankfully their manager didn’t fully close the door as she saw Maeda and Nami talking. She quickly leaned at the wall, hiding and just listened to their conversation not wanting to see Maeda with Nami. She really didn’t like it when the girl was with Nami. Her jealousy towards the girl just kept on flaring whenever she sees both of them together.

But now that she thinks about it…she doesn’t have the right to feel jealous since she and Nami are…nothing now. Right…?

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted as the phone began ringing. Sighing, she let go of the notebook and made her way to where the phone is.

“Yes?” Her voice doesn’t contain the usual softness and perkiness it once had. It sounded different in her ears. It sounded…empty.

“They have arrived miss.” Gori said.

“Okay. Tell the boy he could order anything he wants.”

“And the two…ladies…?” She sighed as Gori reminded her that the boy wasn’t alone. She wanted to forget about those two...but…they are helping out and all. So…

“Get them water.”

“J-just…water…?” Gori asked nervously. Ray rolled her eyes finding it a bit annoying that someone as big as Gori to be afraid of ladies. Maybe she should find him a girlfriend or something. Maybe that’ll cure him of his nervousness.

“Fine, get them water with ice.” That is slightly better than just water right? She heard Gori sigh defeatedly at what she said.

“Tell them I’ll be with them in a short while.”


“I mean it Gori, water with ice. Just that! If I see anything besides water, I’ll deduct that in your pay.” Ray growled knowing that her bodyguard would offer the ladies to order whatever they want. He is that kind of man.

“It’s okay.” Gori said nervously not caring if his boss deducts his pay for the two ladies’s meal. He didn’t want to be rude to the two ladies…especially the older one. She looked…scary to him.

“Fine! Get them whatever they want.” Ray sighed. Of all the weaknesses Gori could have…why did it have to be girls?!

“Thank you miss.” Ray could tell that he’s smiling through the phone. She rolled her eyes. She definitely has to break that weakness of his.

“I’ll see you later.” She grumbled and finally ended the conversation as she placed the phone down. She walked back towards the bed where the open notebook lays. She picked it up and stared at the purikura pictures.

Hopefully the boy would comply with their plan and his doubts would disappear when he meets the diva.


Asahi stared at Jiro who was grinning at her. She’s a little bit surprised at him being here. Three girls didn’t seem impressed or surprised though. The other one was glaring at him not liking that her girlfriend’s ex is with them. Nope, she didn’t like it one bit.

“Your entrance seems a bit…perfect. You and Hinata planned it didn’t you?” Nami pointed out with her eyebrow raised at Jiro who was taken aback by what she said.

“I was actually thinking the same thing.” Mariko nodded.

“Ditto.” Yukarin sighed. Jiro shook his head nervously and looked at Hinata as if silently asking her to help him out. Hinata shrugged, her eyes on the side avoiding Jiro’s pleading ones.

“I told him it’s a little bit too much but noooo…he wanted to impress Asahi.” Jiro face palmed himself as Hinata explained what is supposed to be a secret. And here he thought that Hinata would help him out what with him helping them out and all.

He glanced at Asahi and found her sighing tiredly. Great, now Asahi will think that he’s a loser once again. And why is Yuko-san glaring at him…?

“Th-That doesn’t matter now since we have some planning to do.” He said as he tries to change the awkward subject.

“Though his attempt on changing the subject is lame much like Nami’s lameness is…he’s right.” Hinata nodded ignoring the glare directed at her by Nami.

Hinata was once again in general mode as she turned to Jiro who was looking at the ground a bit down for making a fool of himself in front of Asahi. He imagined the scene differently with Asahi praising how manly he is for helping her when she’s in trouble. But no, Hinata and the others had to ruin that fantasy for him. Now how on earth will Asahi go back to him now?!

Jiro seems to be oblivious as to why a certain squirrel is still glaring at him.

“Have you fixed the costumes our troops are going to wear?!” Hinata barked suddenly making Jiro jump.

“H-Hai!” He replied standing in attention. Asahi rolled her eyes.

“Alright. Show me.” Hinata nodded. She turned to her troops and pointed at them as Jiro made his way to the van.

“At ease men!” Four girls raised their eyebrow at the command as Hinata made her way to where Jiro is. Hinata seems to be taking this General thing seriously.

Mariko sighed and glanced at Yuko noticing that the girl still hadn’t stopped glaring at Asahi’s ex. She remembered the time when Yuko first met Jiro. That was before Asahi kissed Yuko and all those drama scenes occurred. Yuko just looked a bit sad when she met Jiro, completely different to how she looked at him now that she and Asahi hooked up. It goes to show that Yuko is certainly the jealous type.

Well she did experience that first hand when Yuko kept glaring at her the other day and even yesterday. Thinking about it, Yuko is so much like the Ray when it comes to their partners huh?

Mariko smiled slightly as she sees Asahi slowly reach out for Yuko’s hand, squeezing it. Yuko looked at their hand smiling as she squeezed back. Both didn’t need to look at each other or to say anything to know what they were secretly saying to each other. Just a simple squeeze is enough for both of them.

Somehow, seeing the two of them like this being sweet and all, Mariko felt a twinge of something she can’t figure out what.

Both Asahi and Yuko instantly let go when Hinata walked towards them.

“You guys know the plan to our ‘Mission Gaypossible’ right?” Hinata grinned at her troops who either sighed or rolled their eyes at the lame mission name.

How did Hinata came up with that mission name? Well…


“We’re meeting who again?” Mariko raised her eyebrow at Asahi who was sitting across the table from her. She ignored Yuko who was sitting beside Asahi glaring at her, obviously still mad at her and Asahi’s kissing incident. And here she thought the girl had forgotten about that since she assured her that that incident won’t happen ever again.

That didn’t seem to stop Yuko from glaring at the tall girl every now and then though.

“We’re meeting Katsuyuki-san. He’s an executive director of Sunny Music.” Asahi explained.

“Why are we meeting him?” Yukarin asked, sitting beside Mariko. She was a bit confused. Was this meeting about the Okuma problem or is it an Akb48 related thing?

“Our General said that he could help…so....” Asahi shrugged. Mariko and Yukarin turned to Hinata who was sitting beside Yuko, busy ordering stuff. Nami, who was sitting beside Yukarin and across Hinata was trying to stop the girl from ordering too much making the waiter who was taking their order to look at them nervously.

Asahi sighed and shook her head.

After the whole appointing Hinata as General and some forced oath taking on everybody’s part much to Hinata’s demands, Hinata immediately asked Asahi to contact Katsuyuki in order for them to meet. It confused the other girl but decided to follow her hoping that this meeting is related to their Okuma problem. Surprisingly, Katsuyuki replied fast saying that it’s okay and that he’ll meet them the next day in the afternoon at some restaurant. So after finishing their workload, the girls decided to meet up as per ordered by their General.

And that is why the six of them are sitting in a cramped booth waiting for Katsuyuki. Oh, and they’re also waiting for Hinata’s order as well.

“Can you tell us how this Katsuyuki-san would be helpful?” Mariko raised her eyebrow at Hinata who turned to her, smiling.

“Well, he is gay much like Okuma Yuu is so…” Hinata shrugged. Asahi, Mariko, Yukarin and Nami face palmed themselves for Hinata’s answer while Yuko stared at her with mouth agape.

The black ops will surely fail now.

“Oh God, tell me I didn’t hear that.” Mariko shook her head with her hand still covering her face.

“You don’t even have evidence to know that Okuma is gay!” Nami pointed out. Maybe appointing Hinata in charge of this whole blackmail thing is a mistake. The girl is clearly too unstable for such an important task.

“What I saw is evidence enough. Don’t you know the saying; ‘to see is to believe?’” Hinata answered back.

“Do you know the saying; ‘Hinata is an idiot’ too?” Mariko snorted as she glared at Hinata who glared back.

“I am NOT an idiot!” Hinata growled and the two glared at each other.

“Katsuyuki-san…is…gay…?” Yuko mumbled in awe as she turned to look at Asahi who smiled slightly at her.

“You’ve met Katsuyuki-san?” Nami asked Yuko as she frowned. When did Yuko meet Katsuyuki?

“Yeah. I met him when I bumped into him and Nyan-Nyan having lunch together.” That was the day when she realized that Asahi was never going to be hers. Well that and meeting Jiro. But thinking about it, meeting Katsuyuki was like a slap in the face than meeting Jiro that was like a simple pat in the head. Why? Well maybe it’s because it’s Jiro. You know…Jiro. Compare him to Katsuyuki and well…it’s Jiro. It’s still Jiro.

That’s the only answer Yuko could think of. Can’t blame her since…it is Jiro and all.

Asahi sighed in relief as she saw Katsuyuki heading towards them. With him here maybe everything will be…well no scratch that. Nothing will ever be normal as long as their group is gathered together like this. Asahi really should face that fact.

“Asahi-chan. Sorry I’m late. I got held up with work.” He lied as he smiled at her. The truth is, Katsuyuki got held up because he was too busy flirting with some guy. But Asahi and the other need not know that, especially his favorite jealous little girl.

“Oh, that’s okay. I hope we weren’t interrupting you working what with us meeting you.” Asahi smiled as she stood up. She really hopes that they weren’t interrupting him especially now that they know the reason why Hinata wanted to speak to Katsuyuki. Clearly this meeting is a mistake.

“No it’s okay. Work is going along just smoothly.” Just a little more at that cutie he’s flirting with would cave. But again…he didn’t need to say that.

“Well you remember Nami, Hinata and Yuko right?” Asahi motioned towards the two who smiled at him while Yuko hesitantly waved at him obviously still shocked to know he’s gay.

“How can I forget?” Katsuyuki chuckled as he looked at each one of them. He winked at Yuko as she stared at him in wonder. Clearly he has no idea as to why the girl is looking at him like that.

“And well, this is Mariko and Yukarin. They’re from Akb48 as well.” Asahi motioned to the two who stood up and shook hands with the man.

“I’m Miyoshi Katsuyuki. It’s a pleasure to meet such beautiful ladies.” He smiled charmingly at the two. Yukarin looked smitten while Mariko smiled nervously at the gay man.

“They know you’re gay you know.” Hinata mumbled as she took a sip of her drink that the waiter just delivered, eyeing Katsuyuki’s hand shaking Mariko’s.

“Hinata!” Asahi glared at the rude girl who frowned.

“It’s true! Plus he’s flirting with my coupling partner!” Hinata explained as she pointed at the joined hands of Mariko and Katsuyuki. Mariko glared at Hinata mumbling a ‘shut up’ to the girl.

“Coupling…partner…?” Katsuyuki frowned slightly as he looked at Hinata.

“Yes. She’s mine. I got dibs.” Hinata growled as she waved off her hand trying to tell the man to let go of the other girl’s hand. Katsuyuki quickly let go of the hand as he looked at Mariko who once again face palmed herself, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you two are…” Katsuyuki backed away slightly as he darted his eyes to Mariko and Hinata.

“No we’re not. She’s just delusional.” Mariko sighed defeatedly as she sat back down. As much as she wanted to kill Hinata for that outburst, she decided to just give up since she doesn’t want to cause a scene inside the restaurant. Yukarin sat back too, pouting as she remembered that Katsuyuki is gay. It seems that everyone is either gay or an L nowadays.

Nami who was somewhat amused at the scene, decided to pull a chair for the perplexed Katsuyuki. She motioned to the chair which he thanked and sat down still feeling confused.

“You’re…gay…” Yuko said, astonished. Asahi face palmed herself. Don’t they know that it’s rude to just blurt out something like that to a person they barely know?

“Yes I am. I have to thank Asahi-chan for that.” Katsuyuki chuckled. Three pair of eyes turned to Asahi, amazed. Asahi…turned Katsuyuki gay?!

“Why?!” Yukarin cried, disturbed by the fact that Asahi turned a good looking man such as Katsuyuki gay.

“Th-that’s a rather long story. L-let’s not get into that and just stay on topic please.” Asahi smiled nervously not wanting to divulge what happened since it was somewhat embarrassing to her. Nami had other plans though.

“Katsuyuki-san here fell for Riku that is really Asahi and well…he picked Riku who was supposed to be male rather than Asahi.” Nami explained as she took some fries from Hinata who glared at her. Asahi glared at her as well.

“Why thank you for that unnecessary explanation Nami.”

Nami shrugged in response as she took another batch of fries from Hinata’s plate.

“Don’t worry Nyan-Nyan. If it makes you feel better, you made me gay too.” Yuko smiled as she placed her hand on Asahi who turned to her and smiled slightly. Though Asahi is smiling, hearing that she turned Yuko gay didn’t make her feel better. She did feel better when Yuko placed her hand on hers and gave her that warm smile of hers. For her, that’s the ultimate comfort.

Katsuyuki saw the sweet exchange and grinned.

“So you two are together now. Good to know.” He was glad that the jealous girl, Yuko finally found her courage to tell how she feels. He’s a bit curious how it happened though but maybe he and Asahi could discuss that when the others aren’t here.

“Y-yes…we are together now.” Asahi said smiling shyly with a slight blush on her face. He nodded then turned to Hinata remembering her statement about her coupling partner.

“And uh…I didn’t know you play for the other team as well.”

“As you can see, I’m eating. I’m not playing any sports right now. So I’m not playing with any team.” Hinata said in a matter-of-fact voice.

‘Idiot.’ Mariko and Nami thought simultaneously.

“Uh…right.” Clearly Hinata didn’t get what he meant. He then turned to the last member of Persona who has her eyes narrowed at the eating girl.

“Heard about the split up…again. Must be hard on you.” Katsuyuki placed his hand on Nami’s shoulder, comforting her a little bit. Nami turned to him a bit surprised at the sudden concern etched in his voice.

“That’s actually why we want you to meet us.” Mariko said as she looked at Katsuyuki who frowned slightly.

“About the break up?”
“Yes…well you see—” Asahi nodded.

Soon the troops explained what is happening while their General is eating happily. Well not happily since Nami and Yuko would sometimes steal some of her fries. Even Katsuyuki stole some, completely unaware of Hinata’s glare. He’s too engrossed at Asahi’s story to hear Hinata growl as he took Hinata’s drink and took a sip.

“So you guys believe that Okuma Yuu is blackmailing Ray to be his girlfriend because he knows Kai’s real identity and you want to blackmail him too just so you can save Ray?” Katsuyuki frowned as he took the last piece of fries from Hinata who just sighed defeatedly and ordered another batch. She’ll make them pay for that one since they almost took everything.

“That’s right.” Asahi confirmed.

“And this is where you, Katsuyuki-san, come in.” Mariko pointed at Katsuyuki who raised his eyebrow.

“Our, oh so smart Hinata here has a theory about Okuma Yuu being gay. Can you please enlighten her by saying that she’s clearly insane and that he’s NOT gay?” Mariko sighed as Asahi and Nami nodded. Yukarin and Yuko noticed the disturbed look Katsuyuki has. All eyes turned to him, waiting for what he’s going to say.

He leaned back to his chair and crossed his arm to his chest. In his serious voice, he said,

“Well…I hate to disagree with you guys but Hinata is right. Okuma Yuu might be gay.”

“You see Hinata he said—wait what?” Mariko frowned confused. That’s not what she told him to tell Hinata! That’s…the opposite of what she wanted him to say!

The others stared agape at Katsuyuki, except for Hinata who quickly stood up and beamed at the group.

“Ha! Who’s the bitch now, bitches!” She gloats as she laughed loudly with her hands on her waist. Katsuyuki smiled nervously, glad that he decided to pick a not-so-known restaurant as their meeting place since the girls are getting noisy.

“Don’t ever say that again.” Nami sighed as she shook her head. As much as it shocked her to hear that Okuma Yuu is gay from Katsuyuki…like really really shocked…the fact that Hinata was swearing so loudly brought her back to reality. Nami glanced at the group and found them still gaping at Katsuyuki. Maybe she should join the gaping group again since she’s still feeling the shock from finding out that Okuma Yuu is gay and that…Hinata was right.

The latter one seems to be the shocker of them all.

Hinata immediately sat down and apologized but still kept the huge grin on her face.

“You see. I’m not an idiot. Idiots don’t have gaydar you know, which I have!” Hinata huffed. That somehow brought the others back to reality as they turned to Hinata and frowned. Hinata decided to prove to them how accurate her gaydar is.

“I knew you were an L the moment you walked out of the recording studio, yelling that you hate Ls the most.” Hinata pointed at Nami who narrowed her eyes remembering that time.

“I knew you were a groper when I saw you at auditions secretly looking at Asahi’s breasts!” Hinata pointed at Yuko who looked caught. Asahi narrowed her eyes at Yuko while shaking her head.

“You! I don’t know what happened to you, but the moment you and Jiro became a couple, I knew instantly that he’s going to make you an L.” Hinata pointed at Asahi who raised her eyebrow.

Lastly, she turned to Mariko and grinned.

“And you! Haven’t you ever wondered why I picked YOU as my coupling partner?” She said as she wiggled her eyebrow at Mariko who glared at her.

“I’m not an L.” Mariko said.

“Sure you aren’t. That’s exactly what Nami kept on saying for a year and look what happened to her. If I were you, I’d just embrace what I am and accept it.” Hinata winked at the tall girl who just banged her head to the table wanting to wake up from the nightmare she’s in. She’s really not an L!

“Uh…what about me?” Yukarin raised her hand and everyone turned to her. Yeah, what about her? What does Hinata’s gaydar tell her about Yukarin? Everyone then turned to Hinata as she explained about Yukarin.

“Well, my gaydar doesn’t tingle when I’m around you. So you’re straight. Makes me wonder why a straight girl like you likes to hang out with a bunch of Ls and a gay guy though.” Hinata shrugged. Everyone’s eyes turned to Yukarin who felt a bit out of place now that she knows that everyone around her is an L…and gay

“Uh…I love Ls and gay people? Go LGBT. Whoohoo.” Yukarin lamely cheered as she smiled awkwardly at the group.

“I am not an L!” Mariko exclaimed as she slammed her hands on the table making everyone jump. They stared at her for awhile then decided to ignore her as Nami asked,

“What makes you think that Okuma Yuu is gay anyway, Katsuyuki-san?”

“Well, there had been rumors circulating around the gaydom about him being gay. There are a bunch of guys saying that they’ve slept with him or something. Plus, there were blind items pointing at him being gay and all in almost all of the tabloids around.” Katsuyuki explained.

“So…it’s just rumors.” Mariko grinned slightly, feeling a bit relieved. Why is she feeling relieved? Maybe because she’s somewhat afraid that Hinata is right at everything…including her being…an L. That’s a frightening thought for her. If Hinata IS right about her being an L…then…what now?!

“Well I did say that he MIGHT be gay. There’s still not enough evidence to point out that he’s gay and all.” Katsuyuki shrugged.

“Tch. He’s gay…end of story.” Hinata mumbled as she took a sip of her drink. She frowned when it was empty.

“Why don’t you enlighten us again, Hinata-sama as to why you’re so sure that he’s gay.” Mariko snarled. Hinata shook her head and did the tsk-tsk sound looking at Mariko like she’s disappointed at her.

“It’s actually quite simple. It’s in his motive.” Hinata said as she rests her chin on her hand, a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

“Motive?” Yukarin asked.

“Yup. You have to ask, why would Okuma Yuu blackmail Ray? It’s probably because he IS gay.” Hinata nodded. Everyone except Katsuyuki frowned knowing that Hinata is going to say more to solidify her theory about Okuma’s gayness.

“He wanted to erase those rumors of him being gay so he decided to have a girlfriend to cover the truth from everyone.”

“But why Ray? He could have gone with other girls to erase those rumors. What’s so special about Ray?” Yuko asked.

“Well, the answer to that is fame.”

“Fame?” Nami frowned. Hinata nodded and continues her theory.

“Okuma Yuu is the type who likes to be in a spotlight. He wants all the attention. A normal idol wouldn’t give him the attention he wants, so he decided to go with what the people and the press loves to see, the top selling diva Ray.” Hinata sighed as she looked at her empty plate.

“The press loves Ray. They would follow the girl constantly because she’s what the people want to see or read. Surely you noticed how powerful she is with the press right now when the news about her and Kai running off was published. It’s been in every newspaper in Japan and it’s still the talk of the country together with Ray’s new mysterious boyfriend. So if you think about it, if Okuma Yuu went with other girls…say another idol…the news would only stay for about a day. Two day tops. After that, they would have forgotten about him and his fake girlfriend. But with Ray…he’d be the talk of the country for days, weeks, months or even years. Like Ray, the press would surely follow him constantly. That how it’s like to be with’s like a spotlight is on you, always. No privacy or whatsoever. All you have is an addicting spotlight. It’s a lonely road. Sadly, that is the price of fame…and that’s what Okuma Yuu wants.” Hinata explained seriously. This is her theory on Okuma Yuu. She has one for Ray as well, on why she broke up with Nami, but she decided not to tackle it as she knows it’s a painful topic for her friend. Besides, Nami is a smart girl; she’ll figure it out eventually.

She turned to look at everyone and found them looking at her in awe.

“At least that’s my take on how he’s gay. If he’s not…then you should just erase that part about him being gay and go with, ‘he’s an attention seeking bastard that is using Ray to become famous.’” Hinata shrugged as she beamed at the new batch of fries that the waiter had placed in front of her. Yay! Fries!

Katsuyuki chuckled as he looked at the astonished faces of the girls that Hinata seems to be ignoring.

“With that out of the way, let’s go with the planning of our mission.” Hinata beamed as Katsuyuki nodded. The others still stared at Hinata in awe.

“You have to help out too Katsuyuki-san.” Hinata pointed out.

“Of course, I’ll help out in any way I can.” Katsuyuki smiled at her.

“Great! We’ll call this mission, ‘Mission Gaypossible!’” Hinata yelled as she stood up and held up a French fry in her hand. Everyone smiled awkwardly as they looked at her except for Mariko, who once again banged her head on the table saying,

“I’m not an L!!”

Maybe the black ops won’t fail after all. Hopefully.

End of flashback

Hinata seems to be completely unaware that their Shachou had already used that mission name back in their Persona days. Could it be that Hinata is like their Shachou as well?

“Well you did send out scripts and all.” Mariko sighed as Yuko and Yukarin nodded. Asahi and Nami turned to them confused.

“Script?” Nami asked with her eyebrow raised.

“Why weren’t we given one?” Asahi asked as she tilted her head slightly, looking at Hinata.

“Well you two are in command post with me. I think it’ll be much safer that way since the plan is to face Okuma Yuu directly.” Hinata explained.

With Yuu finding out that Nami is indeed Kai, there is a possibility that he might find out about Riku and Kuu’s identity as well if he were to see Asahi and Hinata. Sure, Yuu had seen Hinata before, but it was only a fleeting moment as Yuu seemed much interested in Nami at that time. So she was somewhat safe. But that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s dangerous for them to face Yuu. Hinata sought out Mariko, Yuko and Yukarin’s opinion about it and they agreed to relieve the three of the dangerous role in this crazy mission.

Sure she thought that…but then again her evilness seems to be taking control again.

“There’s a slight change of plans or rather, we’re going to add a phase one to our original plan.” Hinata smiled at the four.

“Phase one…?” Yukarin tilted her head slightly. The other four frowned as Jiro carries something huge in his arms as he stood beside a smiling Hinata. Why is Jiro holding a…?

“One of you is going to wear this, together with the suit.” Hinata said as she motioned at the thing Jiro is carrying.

“Why?” Mariko asked again in a flat voice.

“Because we need to monitor Okuma Yuu’s movements. How would we know if he’s going to the Phase 2 of our plan?” Hinata reasoned hoping that her troops would take the bait. Yukarin and Yuko seems to be okay with it…but the other girls doesn’t seem to be buying it.

“How can that monitor Okuma’s movements?” Asahi asked pointing at the thing.

“Whoever is going to wear this suit has to implant a certain device in Okuma Yuu. It’s like a tracking device.” Hinata said as she motioned at the thing Jiro is holding.

“Tracking device…? Like…in the espionage games or something?” Yuko was astonished. They have real spy gadgets and stuff?! Cool!

“Yup! We even have earpieces to communicate!” Hinata beamed.

“And spy cameras too!” Jiro added as he pointed at the things forehead wherein a hole can be seen.

“Where the hell did you get those?” Nami asked. Sure she’s impressed but then again she had to cautious since this is Hinata…plus Jiro. Did they steal from the police or the Naicho?!

“Well, I have a friend who is a genius when it comes to gadgets and stuff. He actually made some, the others he just bought. I borrowed a couple and he lent me.” Jiro smiled nervously. His friend did owe him a favor. Plus they gave him a couple of pictures of Mariko and promised him that he’ll get to date the tall girl for one day because they found out he was a fan of her. But Mariko doesn’t need to know that until much much later when Hinata can escape freely.

That’s a pretty good bargain to borrow the hi-tech stuff for free you know. Trading stuff for a date with your coupling partner huh.

“Why does your friend have those?” Mariko raised her eyebrow. Is Jiro’s friend some kind of a…stalker or something? It’s really creeping her out. Jiro is also creeping her out since he’s friends with the creepy stalker.

“That’s not important right now! We’re here to determine who is going to go do the Phase 1 mission.” Hinata sighed. Her troops sure have a lot of irrelevant questions huh? At least they seemed irrelevant to Hinata.

The five girls looked at her skeptically. She erased those looks immediately by saying,

“Nami is the one who’s going to wear it.”

Hearing their General saying who’s going to wear the ridiculous outfit, the four sighed in relief as Nami looked at Hinata like she’s insane.

“No further objections from us then.” Mariko smirked as the three nodded.

“What?! No way! Why me?!”

“Because you’re the only one small enough to fit the suit.” Hinata shrugged. Plus she wanted to see Nami wear it anyway. But she forgot one minor detail…

“Yuko’s small too!” Nami pointed out. Oh…good point.

“You’re smaller than me by 4 inches!” Yuko retorted. Another good point.

“The point is you’re small too!” Nami gritted her teeth. The two chibi’s glared at each other. This could be problem since the two really are small and both can fit inside the suit. But that doesn’t mean that Hinata doesn’t have an idea to solve this.

“Okay, okay. Let’s solve this in a civil manner. Let’s have a drawing contest.” Hinata beamed at the two who raised their eyebrow at her.

“That’s your civil manner?” Mariko mumbled as she shook her head. Hinata gave the two some paper and pen from her bag which the two hesitantly took.

“What should we draw?” Yuko asked.

“How about you two draw…Okuma Yuu.” Hinata shrugged. Well this day is about defeating Okuma Yuu, so the two might as well draw him.

It took a couple of minutes for the two chibis to finish their drawing. The two faced the four girls plus Jiro who were the judges of their contest. Nami first showed her drawing of Okuma Yuu. It was an anime style drawing of Okuma with a caption, jerk face. It was actually a good drawing as the girl really is a bit skillful when it comes to drawing. Next up was Yuko who showed her drawing. It was a drawing of a grave with a caption; ‘R.I.P.M.F.’ and below was Okuma Yuu’s name.

“What does RIPMF means?” Yukarin asked as she tilted her head.

“Rest in peace, motherfu—“

“Yuko wins!!” Everyone exclaimed as they censored the girl’s explanation. Everyone, except Nami, clapped and cheered for Yuko who grinned as she took a bow.

“That’s just a grave!” Nami scowled not liking how everyone is going for Yuko’s drawing of a grave rather than hers.

“But not just any grave…it’s OKUMA YUU’S grave.” Yuko pointed out earning her another round of applause from the girls…and Jiro who nodded.

“That’s not fair!” Nami pouted. Hinata wrapped her arm around the pouting girl’s shoulder and shook her head.

“Life is never fair, dear Nami-chan. Now that you lost, you—“

“I’m not going to wear that!” Nami cut her off as she growled. No way she’s going to wear that…that thing!

“Oh, but you don’t have a choice.” Mariko grinned at her evilly as she walked closer to the girl. The others followed suit.

“No choice at all.” Yukarin wiggled her eyebrow.

“A win is a win and a lost is a lost you know.” Yuko grinned.

“Sorry, Nami.” Asahi shrugged not looking sorry at all.

The girls surround her, looking at her evilly making her gulp nervously. Jiro stood afar pitying the small girl. It’s a good thing he wasn’t the one Hinata wanted to make fun of or else the girls would definitely make him wear the stupid suit.


“So…Ray huh?” Yuko grinned as she puts on the clothes given to her by their General. Hinata decided to add Yuko as Nami’s support in the monitoring mission. Yuko wasn’t against it since the only thing she didn’t want is to wear the weird suit that Nami has. Good thing she won the drawing contest then.

Yuko and Nami were inside a bathroom changing their clothes to their ‘mission clothes’ as ordered by their General Hinata. Both were occupying different cubicles inside a bathroom of Tohto TV, so Yuko couldn’t see the narrowed eyes Nami gave her as she stared at the cubicle door.

“You know, when Nyan-Nyan told me you guys were Persona, I couldn’t believe it.”

‘No one would really.’ Nami thought as she tries to put on her weird mission clothes. Why did she agree to put this on again? Oh right, it’s because they bullied her until she agreed. How could she forget that?

“But you know, looking at Riku’s photos, I could see the similarities of him and Nyan-Nyan. The roundness of her face…those plump kissable lips of hers…those magnetic eyes…her—“ Yuko babbled as Nami grumbled having a hard time putting on her clothes. Yuko’s babbling didn’t help as her frustration increased. Damn Hinata for having this additional ‘chibi mission!’

“My Nyan-Nyan is so beautiful…and handsome.” Yuko sighed finally finished with her babbling as she walked out of the cubicle. She was wearing jumper pants and a shirt.

Yuko seemed to forget that she’s wearing an earpiece and that the other girls plus Jiro can perfectly hear her inside the van outside of Tohto TV. Asahi blushed as the other girls grinned playfully at her. Jiro just looked confused still unaware of the relationship of the two.

“If only I’d known about her being Riku that time when you guys were dressed up as Persona, I would have pulled Mariko away from her when she kissed her.” Yuko grumbled as she glared at the mirror. Mariko rolled her eyes inside the van while Nami responded by grunting as she bumped to the closed cubicle door.

“Are you okay?” Yuko turned to look at the closed cubicle. Nami sounded like she was fighting with her clothes or something.

“I’m fine!” Nami growled. She is fine! If only she could just reach the zipper on her back and close the damn thing.

“O-kay.” Yuko frowned slightly and faced the mirror once again to fix her hair. She’ll go with pigtails this time since it will look cute with the cap on. Plus she is supposed to act cute since she is going to sell cookies and all.

Yuko ignored Nami’s constant growling and struggling as she fixed her hair. She was putting up the finishing touches when the cubicle suddenly opened revealing Nami wearing a monkey suit. She walked and stood beside Yuko who looked occupied with her hair. Nami’s smiling monkey head just stared at the mirror as silence surrounds them.

Finally, Yuko glanced at Nami through the mirror.

“You look good.” Yuko said in a matter-of-fact voice. Nami turned her heavy monkey head to Yuko.

“Just so you know, I’m giving you a dirty look right now.” Nami said muffling her voice slightly because of the monkey head she’s wearing.

“Noted.” Yuko chuckled. Nami turned to look at the mirror once again forgetting about the camera in her forehead and the earpiece that they were wearing. She jumped slightly when she heard Mariko through the earpiece.

“I think you finally found the perfect clothes for you, Nami!”  Mariko laughed. Nami could hear the others laughing as well and Hinata telling Mariko to call Nami Takamina instead of Nami. The tall girl ignored her as she continued laughing obviously enjoying the phase one of their mission.

Nami sighed and shook her heavy head.

“I want a codename as well.” Yuko pouted.

“How about I call you RIPMF?” Nami chuckled as Yuko rolled her eyes putting her cap and glasses.

When the two finished preparing, or rather when Yuko finally finished preparing, they unlocked the bathroom door. They began walking through the empty hallway holding a bag of monkey cookies.

“According to Katsuyuki-san, Okuma Yuu should be at…Studio 5 doing a TV recording.” Hinata informed the two.

“If Katsuyuki-san knew where he is…then why didn’t he just plant the damn tracking device?” Nami grumbled.

“Because Katsuyuki-san has a meeting somewhere in Tohto TV. He doesn’t know when the meeting will end and said that he’ll head towards Studio 5 as soon as he can. In the mean time, while he’s still not there, you two should implant the tracking device in Okuma Yuu. That is your mission. Do you get it, Takamina and RIPMF?” Hinata said making Nami chuckle as she called Yuko RIPMF. Guess Yuko has a codename now.

“Yuko is fine. Just call me Yuko, please.” Yuko sighed.

Inside the van, Mariko quickly closed the microphone just so the two chibis won’t hear them talking.

“Nami has a point you know. Katsuyuki-san can just go there and implant it himself. This mission seemed…irrelevant.”

“That’s because it is irrelevant. I just wanted to see Nami in the suit so…” Hinata shrugged. The moment she saw the costume she immediately wanted to see Nami wear it. But in order for Nami to wear it...she needed something that'll make the girl wear it. Appointing her this mission seems like a good excuse.

“I knew it.” Mariko sighed. It was already suspicious in the beginning, the useless Phase 1 mission that is. But then again, it is not everyday that Nami would wear a ridiculous outfit such as that so…

“Good job.” Mariko grinned as she looked at the screen once again. Yukarin and Asahi chuckled while Jiro stared at the girls with fear in his eyes.

Girls can really be scary sometimes.



Extra notes: Yes, I've been giving out clues since Kai showed up.  :lol: I think it's somewhat clear who those ladies are huh?  XD
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an update!!!!!
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yeah! ur late author-san!  :smhid :smhid :smhid jsut kidding!  :P :P :P

anyway,! RIPMF rocks!  :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: Yuko really is amazing, ! :bow: :bow: :bow: i was laughing so hard while reading that! :grin:

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and thanks for Ray's POV from the beginning..... :thumbsup poor Gori-san though  :nervous he's acting cute  :D

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I'm really excited for the phase two  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: 'Mission Gaypossible' will definitely possible  :twothumbs

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codenames? hinata is really something  :P and mission Gaypossible?  XD XD XD
mariko's "I'm not on L!" maybe she is really not on L???  :) :) :)
  :oops: yuko and nyan-nyan is  :heart: :heart: :heart: kojiyuuuuuuuuuuuuu  yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy  :D
"i think you finally found the perfect clother for you,nami!"  :lol: monkey suit?is n't this suit that she wear at akbingo?  :? :? :? is so than she was very cute   :inlove:

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