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Author Topic: Everyone Has Their Own Problem||Multiple Pairings||[GB] Ch. 11 update! 23.06.17  (Read 57216 times)

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Ahhhh!!! Why Paruru's brother punched Yuizo? Just a little bit more and then bam!!! ... But then... Interupted. LOL
Jun is really sneaky.hahaha. And Milky you should go to your Sayaka. Hahaha

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WMatsui will go to another date???   :ding:
Poor kojiharu  :on cloudeye:
I need another chapter.... and i will wait

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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soon, Rena weird attitude will gone right? cause Jun be the ones who take care of her.
can't wait for the next chap. thanks for infirmary scene. I like it.

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Heeyyy Minna-san I'm back! Though it's late, happy holiday and summer :mon fyeah: :mon fu: :mon kissy: my holiday is going to end soon, precisely a week more :mon waterworks: Let's see if I can update fast... :mon dive: enjoy this chapter~ sorry for errors you will find :) see you next with Atsumina, Wmatsui, and Yuiparu! :gmon hi:

@Janix123: it's because Paruru's brother thought Yuizo gonna harras her :nervous hahaha should I add Sayaka in this fic? XD
@key17: maybe? probably? You'll see it later~ :glasses: here's the another chapter you needed :D
@Rufy SaeYuki: you'll see when hehe :glasses: you're welcome and here's the next chapter :D

Everyone Has Their Own Problem
Chapter 10

One month later
Normal POV

Today is the day on which the class 2-B of Seiyou Gakuen will present the results of their group work for English assignment. Miyazawa-sensei gave freedom to their students to go forward by their own in syarat they are ready with their presentation. When he asked who wanted to go forward first, Yuizo raised his hand. The students were surprised and ready to close their ears for the scream which is coming but surprisingly few seconds of waiting later, Rena did not scream. They exhaled a relief breath and began whispering about Rena who was not screaming because they recalled the first encounter which Rena screamed as she was preceded will happen again.

Yuizo and Haruka went to the front of the class. Before starting their presentation, Miyazawa-sensei silenced the students so Yuizo and Haruka conversation can be heard clearly. Finally the  classroom was silent, Miyazawa-sensei invited them to begin.

YuiParu Presentation
When they were given this task, Yuizo immediately asked Haruka to write down his ideas. As a result, their work was completed on the same day and they did not need to bother planning group work in days later. Indeed Yuizo made this plan because of anxiety that they would barely complete the simple task in the midst of their busy activities as student council. Apparently the prediction was right.

Their conversation theme is "Books". The conversation mostly talked about the classic books that actually Haruka is not familiar with. They also discussed the contents of the books a little. It was quite boring for the students who listened to it but it was an exception for Miyazawa-sensei and Rena. Miyazawa-sensei at the end of the conversation clapped the loudest.

WMatsui Presentation
Jun panicked when the second turn is the turn of his group to present. Rena raised her hand when Miyazawa-sensei asked the second turn. Why would he panic? Because they have not done with their presentation. Jun whispered to Rena how they will conduct a dialogue and what to do. Rena replied remember what they did while they were having a date in game center. When Miyazawa-sensei asked what theme they use, Rena said "Game".

Their conversation was done by addressing common games in the game center and how they feel while playing it. Because they never trained their dialogue, Jun talked a little bit stuttering and forgotten a few words in English. Finished with their dialogue, Rena closed their presentation while smiling, making the students in the class surprised so much!

KojiYuu Presentation
They both present in last times. Just as WMatsui, they have not done their presentation. When the groups last their group, AtsuMina, and MaYuki, Haruna decided to go forward by raising a hand. Yuu panicked because unlike WMatsui where Rena is a smart student, his group has no one who he thinks can compose words in urgent time like her. Especially after the last incident when Haruna gave him the cold shoulder, Yuu is sure he would feel awkward later.

In front of the class they both stood in silence for a long time. Yuu felt super uncomfortable in that situation so he glanced at Haruna. Haruna unexpectedly whispered in his ear, telling her plan. The plan is to take the theme of "Idol", Haruna will asks about some idol and Yuu's duty is to give his opinion about the idol. It may seem like a dialogue of elementary school students but they do it anyway because they were hopeless.

After the presentation, Yuu's mind is filled with Haruna's different behavior.

AtsuMina Presentation
Their group and MaYuki stay undeveloped. When Miyazawa-sensei asked who would go forward first, Minami raised his hand.

"Sorry sensei, we have not completed the task. We lost our paper draft from the file when the design of our dialogue is also unfinished." Minami grounded because the incident last month involving Ray, himself, and Atsuko, make the connection between him and Atsuko were not going well.

Miyazawa-sensei pretty good give additional grace period to remake their assignment but their dialogue must be the longest in the class. Students especially Minami was shocked. It would be difficult, knowing Maeda is a robot girl who never spoke except necessary plus now there is a distance between them.

MaYuki Presentation
Before English class started (English is the first class for today), Yuma provides four sheets of paper containing their presentation to be memorized by Yuki. Knowing that Yuma makes their task made Yuki happy but she was not happy with the amount of dialogue she had to memorize.

"You just need to remember the time when we bought a dress and suit. Afterwards we follow the direction of the conversation, don't get too fixated on the text." Yuma told her.

Yuki who was still upset with the incident a month ago did not respond to his words. As a result she was only repeating the incident last month, did not memorize her lines, and when the turn of the last presentation she could not do it well. It appears Miyazawa-sensei's disappointed face is covered by a smile.
Ps, the presentation is not written. Yuizo and Yuma wrote it so their groups can memorize their dialogue easily.

=================== X ================

English class is over and now is the time between changing class. Yuki had just gotten out of the restroom. Unexpectedly Miyazawa-sensei was walking in the corridor, he will pass through the women's restroom. Yuki quickly trims her hair, shirt, vest, skirt, and tie then got out of the toilet rather clunky. Will Miyazawa-sensei see her? She was really nervous!

"Ah Kashiwagi, by chance we meet here. I have something to talk about."

Yuki absurdly happy. "What's it sensei?"

"It's about the offer to become your personal English teacher. I accepted the offer."

"Really? I can finally become smarter in English. Thank you sensei!" 'Finally I could get closer to him,' Yuki thought happily.

"Don't mention it. When are we going to start?"

Yuki smiled. "This evening."

Kashiwagi Residence
7:45 PM

Yuki and Miyazawa-sensei started the private lesson seriously in the living room. Miyazawa-sensei is a humorous type but if it's the time to teach, he became serious until the humorous side was not visible. Yuki tried several times to attract his attention but instead get scolded. Yuki has no choice but to follow the lesson until it's break time for Miyazawa-sensei. Yuki will be allowed to take a break after she could answer minimally fifteen passive voice questions out of twenty that Miyazawa-sensei gave and must be done now without supervision resting. In her mind Yuki shouted 'hate it!' every second while Miyazawa-sensei calmly sipping tea.

Yuki would not want to do it if she does not want to take a break and be able to chat with the man she likes. She read the questions carefully...which turns out are questions of dialogue. Suddenly her mind showed Yuma's impassive face then she became increasingly irritated. That  face reminded her of the incident at school today. In her opinion Yuma intentionally did their assignment and purposely give it to be memorized so when she wasn't ready it embarrassed her in front of Miyazawa-sensei. She also suddenly remembered the incident in the school hall, the engagement thing that has spread, and the unilateral decision made by the guy. Unwittingly, her lips formed a pout and her brow furrowed. She did not know as she was thinking of Yuma, Miyazawa-sensei watched.

"Hey, why is your expression like that?" Miyazawa-sensei rose from the couch, sitting beside her on the carpet and then observe the paper questions that remain unfilled.

"Did you hear a gossip about me a month ago, sensei?" Yuki diverted the question out of blue.

" Changing the conversation to your teacher is not good, you know?"

Yuki sighed in relief. That means Miyazawa-sensei did not know about her engagement with Yuma. Her expression changed as she knew the fact. "I'm sorry, sensei." She chuckled. "I'm upset caused by someone who spreads gossip about me a month ago. The person taped an article of the gossip on the bulletin board and it caused a controversy..."

"Aahh...I thought the questions that I gave are too difficult. It turns out that the problem is a gossip." Miyazawa-sensei patted her head, smiling. His smile looks so handsome in Yuki's eyes. "Then what can I help you?"

"Be my boyfriend, sensei!"

Oops Yuki was carried away! How, how, how is this??? Yuki asked herself who began to panic. She was afraid to hear the answer but it was too late, she could not turn back. Although she did not express her feelings properly nonetheless the statement implies her feelings. She was so scared thus she did not dare to look at her teacher and kept diverting her eyes anxiously.

Unexpectedly, the sound of laughter was heard. Yuki looked at Miyazawa-sensei, the source of the voice. "You're kidding right, Kashiwagi?" Miyazawa-sensei this time rubbed her head.

Hearing and seeing the reaction of the teacher Yuki loves make her annoyed. Miyazawa-sensei's reaction showed as if she was just a high school student who does not know what she is talking about. Plus she does not like it if her serious statement is considered such a joke like she is a kid. Yuki stared at Miyazawa-sensei's face seriously.

"I really like you, sensei!" Yuki felt very embarrassed but she could not stand if she does not tell her feelings now.

Silence...Miyazawa-sensei's hand was still on her head head while Yuki's body was quite close to him. The young teacher showed expression of disbelief, staring at Yuki's eyes to see the seriousness of his student. A couple of minutes have passed, Miyazawa-sensei still did not know what to do or say. Everything happened too shocking and unexpected. When Miyazawa-sensei wanted to open his mouth, suddenly the main door of Kashiwagi Residence is opened. Someone entered Yuki's house with no expression even greeting.

"Wh-what are you doing here, Yuma???" Yuki asked stuttering because she did not think Yuma her soon-to-be fiancé will come when she is in a position that could lead to misunderstanding.

"Well, your parents called me to take care of you as they were going overseas." He looked at Miyazawa-sensei. "I think it's not necessary now because there is a man here. I'm going back home."

Yuma opened the door and stepped out without saying goodbye to the teacher. Miyazawa-sensei did not understand what just happened, puzzled expression is plastered on his face. He could only be silent and stared at Yuki who suddenly moves from the carpet and runs toward the main door, chasing the guy named Watanabe Yuma.

But Yuki returned after a few minutes with an expression that is difficult to read, between sadness and anger. She returned without Yuma.

====================== X =====================

The next day

The bell just rang indicating the break time is over. As usual the Pretty Girls gathered in their special spot in the cafeteria, they just finished eating. They were about to go back to class but Haruna excused herself to the restroom. Her friends asked whether she needs a company or not but Haruna refused, saying she can go by herself and if they accompany her it will take longer time to reach class in time. Yukirin at first felt a little bit worry though she shook it off as she has realized she overthink. Yukirin and Paruru then let her go.

Haruna's father always drunk when he gets back home. Usually she locks herself inside her room but one day her dad rapped her. When Yuu touched her breasts at their first rendezvous, it reminded her of that scene thus she ran away. She reminisced that scene as she walked out of women restroom feeling sad, her head looked down. When she closed the restroom door her head straighten back to the front.

There is him, the guy she was thinking a while ago. Does she meet him by accident? Or is it more to coincidence? She was actually pleased with the reply of his message through the post-it and all the kindness he had shown to her but her trauma terrify her. She ran away again when Yuu noticed her because she is afraid he will takes advantage in this quiet hallway, afraid he is not as kind as he acted, too. Yuu was shouting, calling for Haruna. Haruna did not know that Yuu actually wanted to tell her to be careful because the hallway was slippery. Without a doubt, Haruna slipped and after that fainted.

While Haruna is unconscious...

The strong hurt grip locked both of her hands to break free. A sly smile was shown to the extent that it plastered on a person's face who let her born into this cruel and unfair world. Alcoholic smell struck her nostrils. Was that the devil laughing at her poor state? Tears began to fall on her smooth cheeks as the person in front of her stared at her nude body. He got closer and closer, at the same time laughing in joy, until their lips touched. It was a rough kiss. Soon she felt her tongue in contact with something in the same shape as her tongue. It was really wretched. Screams, cries, struggles, those were useless.

Back to the present
In the infirmary

A hysterical scream escaped out of Haruna's mouth as she shot open her eyes widely in sitting position. She suddenly out of breath and sweats started to drop off her forehead. The first thing she thought after she feels better was where is she. Under her is a single white bed. Am I in the infirmary? She asked to herself. She saw the infirmary nurse next to her when she turned her head to the left. The nurse smiled, asked her why she woke up screaming and told her if something hurt nor bother her she is ready to help. Only silence was the reply the nurse got.

The smile is not gone just because of that. The nurse gave Haruna time to calm down because she is certain she just had a very bad dream while unconscious till she got a thrill. As the time passes, Haruna had calmed down and somehow the nurse manage to persuade her to tell about her bad dream.

"I dreamt dad who did something bad to me. Whenever I think about it I will remember another bad experience, a first rendezvous with someone that cause me to remember my repeats like a circle."

"May I know who is that someone? Maybe I know him or her." The nurse said still smiling.

"It's Oshima Yuu. Do you know him?"

"Hm...I think he has visited the infirmary once or twice aback. Do you hate him?"

Haruna shook her head. "No, I never hate's just his pervert-ness scares me..."

"I see.."

"I wonder if he will ever stop approaching me. He is...kind, actually. He sincerely and deeply apologized to me yet...I couldn't accept it. I don't know why...what kind of feeling is this?"

The nurse just nodded and asked Haruna to just ask that from the first person directly as she opened the infirmary curtain, revealing Yuu. It surprises her so much.

"W-when were you here?" Damn why was I stuttering? She thought.

"I was here the whole time." Yuu nervously steps in closer and sits in a chair.

The nurse decided to leave the two of them for the sake of their privacy. Before she left, she said, "He was the one who carry you here." Then she covered the infirmary curtain again.

After an awkward silence, Yuu wanted to approach but seeing haruna flinches, he stayed on his seat. "I'm sorry because I was overhearing you. I promise I won't tell anyone about what you said." He stopped for a while and then continue. "I also apologize for making you remember your trauma. I...hardly could control myself when I fall in love with someone..."

"It's alright...wait why did you mention 'your trauma'?" Did he know about it? And...his last sentence, did he mean it? Haruna was really puzzled now.

"Because I've knew your trauma, the cause of why you can't accept my apology and keep a distance from me. Someone kind told me about it but don't worry she guarantee your trauma is safe with her."


Yuu cut her word by unexpectedly stripped his shirt, saying that there's something Haruna really needs to know. Haruna screamed once again, thinking that Yuu wants to attack her again hence she cuddles herself to the bedpost. Yuu immediately bringing haruna's hand to his chest

"Haruna, I might be a male same as your father but I'm not someone who will ever hurt you like your father did." He then hugged Haruna and told her "See..we're embracing...but it feels different, isn't it?"

Shockingly Haruna stopped screaming moreover she did not struggle to break the hug. After Yuu made sure Haruna is okay with it, he told Haruna that he might be a guy but it doesn't mean he will be the same as her father. He can wait as long as it takes until Haruna could accept both him and his feelings. Yuu pulled away from the hug, looking at Haruna in the eyes. He told her that he might be dumb and has many flaws but he will protect Haruna from any harm if given the chance to. At that moment, Haruna was taken aback at how Yuu looked. There was no trace of playfulness, only dedication and trust. Haruna thought that Yuu might be right because his body was warm and she did not feel scared at all. And even though Yuu was hugging her, it felt good. Haruna finally accepted that Yuu might be a pervert but he won't hurt her like her father did.

One last thing she realized, when Yuu embraced her and her hand touched his chest she could feel his heartbeat drumming. Somehow the heartbeat sent the same condition to her heart.

==================== X ==================

At night
Minami POV

Miyazawa-sensei's words kept lingering in my head. How am I suppose to talk with Atsuko? Since the last time we met at the rooftop (read Chapter 8) we stopped talking. When I hugged her, she did not budge but a few minutes later she broke free. Without saying anything she walked out of the rooftop. At that time, myself felt useless and hopeless. I have no idea but myself just seemed blank hence I watched her leave without even trying to prevent her. The gossip had been spread that cause me to stay away from her. It makes me take a step away to avoid any more gossip. I know I am kind of a loser but...I just want Atsuko to be safe. Or is it just me who protecting myself? I don't understand, this is too complicated.

Ever since that day, she never got out of my mind too. To be honest as the time passed I think of her in different way. I approached her not just because I want to play with her or make her fall in love with me. She is cute and kind, she is not weird. Just because she hasn't been seen talk, the students easily exclaimed she is weird whereas she is simply a talk-less person. I'm certain her family problem did huge effect to her life that's why she is like that. When I knew about it, this feeling suddenly came. I want to be her friend, make her happy, make her smile again, make her forget about her problem, and stay by her side.

Wait don't get me wrong, the last sentence meant stay by her side as a friend! Ugh why am I feeling embarrassed? Okay this is silly, Takamina. I need to sleep and stop thinking about her. Before I close my eyes, I determined to talk with her tomorrow. Put aside my nervousness and screw the gossip.

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Takamina thinking about Acchan before sleeping? Definitely heads over heels for her.

Haruna has a scary father  :cry: :cry: :cry:

Thank goodness Yuu is there for her, some Kojiyuu action huehuehhue

The presentations were cute tho lol

And I can't believe Yuki just asked Miyazawa-sensei to be her boyfriend, that was out of the blue.

Thanks for updating!
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Kojiyuu  :heart:
Waiting for WMatsui
Thanks for the update Gi-chan :)
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Don't deny it Takamina.. you like Acchan  :wahaha:
Kojiharu..  :on cloudeye: don't worry, you have Yuu now
Hmm.. why Yukirin chase Yuma?  :glasses:
I will wait for WMatsui!! :on drink:
I hope you can update fast  :prayers:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Oh... Haruna accept Yuu

What about Minami and Atsuko?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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why yuma?? :cry:

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Re: Everyone Has Their Own Problem||Multiple Pairings||[GB] Ch. 11
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Hello everyone, long time no see! I'm so sorry that I was gone without any notice for approximately a year :nervous it was because I was in senior year and then I needed to prepare for university entrance exams. You see, exams everywhere so I just put the word hiatus on my status :nervous special shoutout to MatsuiLee for persuading me to come back :D Thank you for all the comments and thanks! :wub:
Everyone Has Their Own Problem
Chapter 11

The Next Day
After School

"Wait, Atsuko!" Minami stopped Atsuko's pace just before she could leave the classroom. It made him relieved. "Our English task is not finished yet. You still remember Miyazawa-sensei's words, right? We should finish that as soon as possible. Would you do it today? Let's do it in the classroom."

The students watched them both but Minami ignored them. He just wanted to fix his relationship with Atsuko no matter how. The explanation also has not been said by him, so from that he was ignorant with those curious looks. He waited for Atsuko to respond patiently, although having to wait for him was a problem. For a month they completely fallen apart, without interacting, and it strangely made Minami's mind tormented. He wanted to hear Atsuko's voice, see her smile again, and talk to her.

The class grew quieter and that was when Atsuko finally responded. She only nodded once as a sign of affirmation, which Minami brightened his face. They wasted no more time, putting their bags on the table, they chose Minami's table (actually Minami is the one who suggest to sit there). Atsuko sits in Minami's chair while Minami sits in the chair which belong to the table in front of his. Each of them took out their notebooks and stationery without being asked.

The beginning is always the hardest thing in an interaction and it was felt by Minami at the time. He was determined to patch up their relationship but the atmosphere around them was so heavy, making his tongue to be a bone. After they sat down, Minami just pretended to be thinking so he wouldn't have seen to be nervous. Actually he wanted to talk but he was afraid Atsuko would ignore him. Unconsciously he hit his forehead with frustration. As a result he felt pain and groaned in pain alone.



Atsuko literally ignored him! She did not even glance a centimeter when Minami groaned. It made Minami sad because Atsuko is back to being her old self—like a robot. Surprisingly, Minami's determination returned after realizing it. He convinced himself that it was too soon to feel sad.

"Atsuko, you've got an idea?"


"Okay I guess you haven't got one. Well I have something that I think would be a good topic. It's something related to health sciences because this topic has not been brought up by students in the class and will definitely produce a long conversation. What do you think, Atsuko?"


Minami kept saying "patience" in the heart. He desperately needed it if he wanted to patch up their relationship. Waiting is the thing he was doing after that because he had lost his words and he needed time to stay calm, as well as for Atsuko who was looking for a topic, he thought.

After five minutes, he decided to talk again. "So what do you think, Atsu-"

"Up to you."

Minami was surprised that his sentence was interrupted, though he did not show it. He followed what Atsuko said so he writes down his ideas, tells Atsuko how to put their conversations into both long and impressive result, and also tells Atsuko what he knows about medicine from his father. Overall, their task was completed thanks to Minami who contributed to solve it (although interspersed with other intentions of wanting to fix their relationship).

Finally their task is completed, Atsuko packed up her notebook and stationery in silence. Minami was watching as he also packed up his things. Is she in hurry to go home? Minami wondered. He feels he has not made a big progress to fix their relationship but they are done with the English task. So, what to do now? He thought there was no chance to talk to her again.

Atsuko has finished packing up, her bag is already being carried. Seeing that, Minami became panic. "Wait, don't go home yet! Ano Atsuko... let me drive you home."

Minami looked at his shoes. He didn't have the courage to look at Atsuko and nervous to hear her answer. What if she is silent? What if she does not answer and goes home without a word? Too many 'what ifs' that haunts his mind. When he heard a sound, he raised his head. He saw Atsuko nodding slightly until he had trouble believing his eyesight. What a surprise!

A few minutes later they were in the car, passing the road that was quite crowded that afternoon. Pop songs rang out from the music player that filled the silence between them. Minami besides having no talks, he was also busy with his thoughts and the nervous feeling that was coming up again. This is not the first time he escorted Atsuko. Previously when she was beaten by those debt collectors and Minami took her to her house—after Atsuko regained consciousness—Minami escorted her home because it was already night (Read Chapter 3). But at that time he only escorted up at a small alley in front of her house because the road was not passable by vehicle and was so narrow. As a result he never saw Atsuko's house and it now makes him nervous. Why make him nervous? Because today he decided to drive her right in front of her house.

After arriving in front of the alley, Minami pulled over and pulled out of the car at the same time with Atsuko came out. Atsuko was seen confused and why-did-he-came-out? was plastered all over her face but Minami answered her confusion. "I want to escort you home until you reach the front of your house."

There was no answer from Atsuko, she walked straight into the alley. Minami chased her and equated his footsteps with her. Atsuko gives an answer that does not mean 'no' and also does not mean 'yes'. From her movement she walked not too fast—it means she was not avoiding Minami—in other words it does not matter if Minami followed her. On the other hand she did not walk too slowly—it means she did not want to be with Minami for too long who is now talking alone about random things.

Atsuko's move stalled suddenly and it gave effect to Minami. He stopped talking and looked ahead. There was a small building—it seemed the smallest in the area—in an unkempt condition. The walls are dirty, peeling so much to show the building bricks. The roof is made of zinc that just enough to cover the center of the house so that the front of the house is not covered by the roof. There is only one small door to go in and out. Atsuko knocked on the door before opening it wide enough, allowing Minami to see the contents of her messy house. Seeing it all he concerned Atsuko.

Atsuko turned back, looking away from the contents of her house. Unexpectedly, a statement is expressed.

"Don't talk to me again." Atsuko said.

Minami was really shocked to hear that statement. Atsuko turned forward to enter her house. Minami's hand reflexively gripped tightly on Atsuko's wrist, intending to stop her. Unfortunately, with an unpredictable force Atsuko could get loose and went inside her house.

=================== X ==================
The same day
After school
At the student council room

Today there is no meeting, only Yuizo, Haruka, and the second secretary in the room. Yuizo asked them to help him input the documents in the paper into the form of presentation documents and print outs. Most of them worked in silence unless they need to talk about the documents. It made their task complete quickly, except for Haruka who was still struggling in front of the laptop, making a presentation document.

"You can go home, Fujita."

Yuizo smiled at the second secretary whose full name was Fujita Nana. The girl looked happy and rushed home after saying good-bye. Haruka who sees Yuizo smiling at Nana makes her experience a memory repetition over last night. She pictured the moment Yuizo almost kiss her. From that memory she played back the memory when Yuizo kisses her for the first time. Why do I keep thinking about it? Inner Haruka asked. She stopped typing and fell into the depth of her mind.

Yuizo actually noticed her since. "Why are you daydreaming, Paruru?"

Haruka gasped as a hand landed on her shoulder. She hurriedly made a standby position. "What?"

"Come on, pack up your stuff and keep that document. You can continue that later."

"Eh, it's very strange, you usually become the sadist student council president."

Anyhow Haruka did what she was told because she thought it was a good opportunity to rest faster, she did not want to waste it. Yuizo looked to pack up his stuff as well. They both finished together and left the room. The room key is on Yuizo and it is he who always locks the room. Before Haruka left him as Yuizo was locking the room, Yuizo stopped her. Haruka stopped for real, waiting for him to finish locking the room out of curiosity of what he wants this time.

"Follow me." Yuizo said as he walked in front of her after locking the door.

"Why should I do that?"

"You'll find out later. I'll tell you something."

Haruka was curious by his words and what place they would visit so she decided to nod. They walked side by side out of the already quiet school. Without any sound, without hands holding each other as they did before, and beforehand as they skipped classes and then went into the city (Read Chapter 7B). At that time Haruka was not aware of Yuizo holding her hand until they arrived at the cafe. Now she just realized it and strangely she missed the warmth of his hand. She was very upset that Yuizo gave a strange impact on her...

To reach the destination they took the bus. After arriving at a stop that she thought is deserted and unfamiliar, she did not have time to ask where they are now because of the green scenery around her was seizing her attention. Haruka thought they are at the foot of a hill. The area is deserted, no passersby. The building they see after arriving is the bus stop only. The road they stand on is not paved, is made only by soil, gravels, and sands. There is a large rice field on the right side of the road.

Their journey did not stop there. They must walk far enough on an ascending path to reach a long stone staircase. Yuizo walked up very fast, leaving her behind and having to chase him to stay close. Up in front of the stairs Haruka ran out of oxygen. That caused her asthma to recur. Yuizo worriedly asked what happened then Haruka painstakingly took out the oxygen inhaler from her bag. Fortunately, her breathing could return to normal after several times inhaling from the tool. Without being answered, Yuizo knew the answer of his own question from what he saw. He asked Haruka to rest by sitting on the stairs. She nodded again and Yuizo also sat beside her.

"Where exactly do you want to take me to?" Haruka asked to remove the silence.

"Up there, you'll find out soon." Yuizo paused for a moment. "Are you having asthma?"

"Yes, why?"

"If I knew you had asthma I shouldn't have walked too fast. Sorry for that." He cleared his throat. "And also...I'm sorry for last night."

"Yes, it's okay."

As close as that to Yuizo, Haruka could see the bruise at the corner of his lips. It was from the blow her brother sent to him last night. "Does bruise hurt?" She asked as she continued to look at the wound.

"No, I deserve it." Yuizo smiled. "Have you felt better? If so, let's move on."

Haruka nodded. They climbed the stairs while chatting about their dreams. Not forget to mention, they talk about their dream university. Occasionally, Yuizo gave her interesting information that is rarely known to people. Their talk somehow shorten the distance they traveled to arrive. It did not take them long to reach the top where a sight that Haruka did not expect was visible. She thought she will find something beautiful, unique, or cool but it turns out she was in a cemetery.

Yuizo walked ahead to a gravestone under a maple tree. On it is written 'Kawaei Rina'. It was ascertained that it was the grave of his ex-girlfriend who died in an accident. He crouched next to her grave. From inside the bag Yuizo took out a flower and put it on top of the grave. He smiled sadly as he looked at the gravestone of the person he loved.

"Rina...I came with a friend of mine, her name is Shimazaki Haruka, she's the secretary of student council and my classmate." Yuizo paused, he closed his hands and closed his eyes. "I pray for your happiness there...I hope you hear my prayer, Rina. You know, I want to get rid of my sickness but that does not mean I want to forget you. I hope you can help me cure my sickness from there ..."

Haruka could not see it any longer. She felt sad. Quietly she went away from Rina's grave to the top of the stairs they had climbed. She waited there while looking into the distance. Yuizo realized Haruka was not next to him when he opened his eyes so he rushed up to look for her. Only by turning back he could see Haruka's back. He sighed with relief and then ran up to her.

"What's wrong, Paruru?"

Haruka turned around. "Let me help you heal your sickness. If you want to get well you should go to a psychiatrist, I can accompany you to a hospital or clinic."

"No," Yuizo shook his head. He seemed to think for a moment. "Hm...why don't you help me by being my girlfriend? Create new memories with me so I will no longer dwell on the past."

=================== X ==================

Still The Same Day...

Today Jun visited Rena's company because of curiosity. He knew the address and the name of the company after browsing the internet. In one article contains Rena as a strong and smart girl. The author of the article expressed his admiration for Rena who can lead a company in such a young age. Jun agreed with the article.

"Good afternoon, may I assist you?" The receptionist asked when Jun had arrived and stood in front of the reception desk.

"I want to meet Matsui Rena." Before the receptionist could ask who he is, Jun immediately said. "I'm his classmate."

Jun said that in anticipation of suspicion because he was the only person wearing school uniforms in that place. Yes, suspicion. To him the receptionist was always suspicious of the people who came. Plus they bombard people who come with their annoying questions. Often they do not let people who visit meet the person who is visited for busy reasons, especially if the person who wants to be visited is an important person of the company. Very cliché.

"What is your business with Matsui-sama?"

Jun grunted but he hid it well. "Of course I want to see her, I told you earlier."

"I apologize, Matsui-sama is in a meeting so she can not meet you now."

Jun tried to control his annoyance. I have to think of a more convincing reason, he thought. "I really want to give the results of my report for our group work, so can I see her now?" Of course it was a lie. They have no group assignments other than the completed English task.

"You can give us your report, then we will give it to Matsui-sama."

"How can I believe my report will be safe in your hands? and besides Rena herself must see and respond!"

Jun unknowingly raised his voice. The receptionist was silent to hear the answer, that's what Jun thought but it was not. The sound of shoes heading toward the receptionist was captured by Jun's ear. He saw the expression of the receptionist was turning into fear. Jun turned his gaze to the person behind him, the cause who make the receptionist's face changed. Apparently the source of the sound is two women, the other is a woman who is about forty-year-old while the other is a teenage girl.

"Ju-Matsui-kun, what are you doing here?" The teenage girl was the one Jun wanted to meet. But why Rena called him by his surname? So far it was like that but Jun was convinced Rena almost called by his first name.

"Who is he?" The woman next to Rena looked at Jun with a killing look. Scary, that was what in Jun's mind.

"She's my classmate, mother."

Jun stared at her eyes while breathing deeply after hearing Rena's answer. He felt the anger began to peak into the head. So she is Rena's mother who employs her daughter like some sort of money machine? The woman did look evil from the lines of her face and the look on her face. Jun stepped forward a step ahead of Rena's mother and looked her right in the eye. He looked at her for a long time.

"Mrs. Matsui, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Matsui Jun, a classmate of Rena." Jun could see her sharp eyes getting sharper after hearing Rena's name. She was like that because Jun did not use formality in addressing Rena.

"What do you want, young man? I see you make a scene here."

"No, I'm not. The receptionist is the one who lied to me when I wanted to meet your daughter, said Rena was attending a meeting but Rena is here now. If lying is allowed in this office then there will be a lot of scams from within the company, isn't it?"

Mrs Matsui frowned. "You have nothing to do with this company and therefore our employees do not have to bother serving outsiders."

"Client companies also include outsiders, so your employees do not have to bother to also serve them?" Jun grinned at Mrs Matsui's expression of anger after hearing the answer. She wanted to reply but Jun interrupted.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, I borrow your child for a while, and remember my words, I'll be an insider and important person in this company." Jun smiled before pulling Rena's hand and dragging her, running out of the company, attracting pairs of eyes and raising Mrs Matsui fury.

Jun and Rena kept running until they were quite far from the company, to the place where Jun parked his car. Jun quickly opened the passenger seat door to Rena and after that dashed to the driver's seat. In the car they were both gasping for breath, Rena was panting because she did not have a strong stamina even for a woman's standard size, making her the non athletic type. Without wasting time, Jun lit the engine and drove his car into the highway.

"What the hell are you doing? It's called kidnapping!" Rena started to panic while still gasping.

"No, I have asked for your mother's permission, just breath and relax okay?" Jun grinned.

Rena tried to stabilize her breath and tried to relax as Jun asked. They entered a rather quiet street as Rena managed to stabilize her breath. Jun decided not to talk and save the topic of conversation he had gained for later. A few minutes passed, they came to a busy little tavern. The shades of the store are vintage, cute, but also have an artful interior. The place is suitable to fill the stomach as well as taking pictures. Rena liked the place in one glance.

Suddenly she felt a big hand clasp her hand. Rena turned to see the owner's hand that smiled as he stared at Rena's face. "Let's go in."

As Jun finished saying those words, like a mantra, they affect her body that she has never felt before. No, she had felt the same thing but...she almost forgot what it was like. This is the same sensation when she had her first love in junior high, before she became the successor of the company and the important thing had not changed her as she is now.

They sat at a table overlooking a small lake, in fact they sat in the outdoor area because the place was quieter. Jun has a plan behind selecting the table. A waiter came to ask their order with a friendly manner. The waiter costume is also vintage style but not excessive, making it look natural as well as stylish in tumblr-ish style. Their order was recorded deftly by the waiter, which raised admiration for Rena herself. Jun noticed Rena's gaze did not turn away from the waiter and it made him annoyed unwittingly.

After the maid left, Jun immediately opened the conversation. "Do you like boys like him?"

"No." Rena answered flatly.

"You keep looking at him. Don't lie, Matsui-sama~"

Rena snickered. "Don't call me like that, it's ridiculous."

"All right, Rena-chan~" Jun giggled briefly then turned serious. "Why didn't you just call me by my first name? I'm sure you wanted to call me Jun when I saw you but you quickly said Matsui-kun."

Rena's flat expression turned worried. The answer is not she catapulted right away, she paused for a moment. She looked away as she felt she was ready to answer. "My mother doesn't like it when I interact with people too closely, especially to call their names by first names, and I shouldn't call you by first name because...we're not friends, just classmates.

"You have to call me by my first name, Rena."

Hearing that, Rena turned her face in front of Jun's face. Jun continued. "I finally met your mother, did you realize that you were hired for her own sake? I will help you out of her grip. Will you allow me?"

Rena looked hesitant. "I don't know...she's the only family I have and if I betray her, I have no one anymore..."

"You're wrong," Jun clasped Rena's hand tightly with his, looking into her eyes seriously. "You have me, so I challenge you to change, not that I don't accept you now but sometimes someone needs to change as her self/his self p now is not the self they like. It's uncomfortable but forced. Be yourself."

Rena was stunned to hear Jun's answer. She felt her heart pumping faster than usual and...she felt the heat on her cheek. She felt as though Jun was proposing to her but that was not the case and she felt foolish for thinking like that. But most of all, Jun's words opened the door of her heart that had been closed and empty.

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