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Author Topic: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 10 [15/08/2015]  (Read 14660 times)

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 9 [23/07/2015]
« Reply #40 on: July 29, 2015, 04:38:28 PM »
Author-san is that Jurio at the end of the story with Mayu? Or is that Jun that slowly develop his feeling toward Mayu? :shocked
Anyway I'm love your fic.. :inlove:
I prefer JunxMayu cz they are cute together and always fun to read due constant bickering to each other.. :lol:
Not that I don't like JunxAnnin, Its just you know I can't see their future together cz they are siblings eventhou as step sister or step brother...
But forget about what I said cz either way I like your fic .. :banghead:
Thanks..  :twothumbs

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 9 [23/07/2015]
« Reply #41 on: July 30, 2015, 04:33:12 AM »
!This is amaziing!,,, woohooo 😍😍
Can't wait for next update,,,,
Ganbatte author san!😄 :deco:

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 9 [23/07/2015]
« Reply #42 on: July 31, 2015, 08:01:37 PM »
Oh Panda-san, isos is so fantastic, I am torn between Jurio and June, both are so kakkoi ~~  :on gay:

Continue giving your best  :on GJ:

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 10 [15/08/2015]
« Reply #43 on: August 15, 2015, 05:48:42 PM »
Yahoo! The day after tomorrow is my country's Independence day! Thankfuly I got some holiday to write one or two chapter.
Thanks for all of your replies!! And sorry to make you all wait for too long.

Is it bad enough?
Chapter 10

"Pst! Kai!" Jun tried to call his friend that sitting quite afar across him. They were attended a meeting about sports meet with all representative from each dormitory. And it has been split up again in first, second, and third year. So there is twelve student in there plus president council as a chairman and also moderator at that meeting.

The tables arrangement has been set up became U-shape, facing to the whiteboard, where the president was explaining all things about the upcoming school's sports meet.

"This Kai is dave or what" Jun's thought as he furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance. Jun waiting for Annin to turn her body to the white board.

"The route for marathon is.." After waiting for about a seconds, finally Annin turned her attention to the board to draw the marathon's route.

Jun hurriedly tore a piece of paper from his notebook. Squezeed it into ball-shaped before throwing that paper hardly to Kai's face. Jun then smilling happily seeing Kai has turned his attention to him. But he didn't notice that the midget now was making some angry face. Kai felt himself being humiliated by Jun's act. So he took a revenge by throwing an eraser to Jun's head.

"Fuck." Jun cursed in whisper. Without hesitation he threw his notebook with powerful to Kai's face. "Ouch! What do you want?!"

Annin turned her head to the source of the voice.

Jun stood up from his chair and pointed his finger to Kai's direction "I've called you plenty of times but you won't turn your head to me! And when I gave you a little touch with paper, you threw my head with this dang eraser! What's wrong with you!"

"A little touch you say? You hit my face!!"

"Could you guys calm down a little?" Annin came and try to arbitrate their silly quarrel.


Annin slammed her marker onto Jun's table and strike him with a death glare. "No. You are not, Matsui-san. And if you won't calm down and start a noise again, please leave this room because you've just disrupted our meeting."

"..." He gulped a tennis ball-sized spit down to his throat. Not only Jun, but the other meeting's members in that room was scared at the sudden intense scary aura from the president.

"Is there something you want to ask?"

"T-there is"

Annin raised one of her eyebrow "What is it?"

"Do you have a pen? Because I want to borrow a pen to the midget over there before." Annin sighed before putting back her smile that really could turn the atmosphere opposite becomes warm again. The audience now felt relieved.

She took a pen out from her blazer pocket and handed it to Jun. "Next time please prepare yourself."

"Yes. Thank you" He sat back on his seat. And the meeting continued again.


- Jun's POV -

All of my dormmates gathered on purple dorm's hall. "So, what does the president says?"

"There is relay race, futsal, boxing, tug war, basketball, marathon, and the closing match is polo. I already prepared the soft copy. Any volunteer to print it out?"

"How could you prepare that in short time? Even when Iriyama-san gave you a pen, that time your book still with Takahashi-san, isn't it?" My senior whispered with a panic look.

"Hhaha you're so funny, senpai. Of course I recorded her voice." How can I record it if I have no phone or recorder. Of course Annin helped me out. That's a pleasant to have a president council as my girlfriend.

"What a clever kouhai I got here. Then let me print and hand it out to them."

"Sure." Jun gave his flashdisk to his senior.

"How many people per match, the rule, what should you wear, and else is already in it. After you get the print out, please read it properly and don't miss a thing. So I'll leave the rest to you guys." I closed the meeting and left the hall.

"Fyuh.. I'm so tired. Why that short-tempered teacher have to choose me as a respentative." (Can you mention all your work for today? You just handed those 'Annin's work' to your friends)

"Can you just shut up for once. You always commenting every single of my act. Stupid author. Go fix your grammar first, then I'll listen to every word you say."

Bug! Someone had just bumped on me.

"Ouch. Where is your eyes?" This dumbass asked.

"Where's my eyes? Let's take a f*cking wild guess."

"You are real pain in a butt, Jun." He grabbed my collar an pulled me closer. I noticed this idiot face, and oh it's him again. The one who shockguned me last time.

"Howdy, dum-dum." Now this time, I won't let him go undamaged. I gave him a sweet punch on his cheek and makes him instantly fell on the ground. "You like it? Come on. Stand up or I'll make you."

Seems like he was so angry as he gots up and ran towards me to reply my punch, but sorry.. I can easily dodged that and gave him a straight uppercut on his jaws. Before he fall to the ground again, I grabbed his neck and pinned him to the wall. I pulled him up by his neck.



"OWW!" Something hit my head. That makes me reflectly let go of Kawaei's neck and grabbed my head. "Goodness me! Mayu! You hit my head? Again?! Now with trash bin? Are you out of your mind? Next time you do that I'm sure I'll got amnesia."

"Don't blame her! We're the one who supposed to ask are you out of your mind!? You're going to kill him!" Yuki helped the idiot guy that now was sat on the floor panting.

"S-sorry, I don't mean to. I was just trying to bluff him."

"He was near to death, Jun. And you called that just trying to bluff?" Mayu asked me, I could see a hint of fear in her eyes. What am I that she need to look at me like that? A beast?

"Look. He doesn't even got a single  broken bone, okay? He just... over reacting! Now will you excuse me?" I hate them because they choose him over me! Yes. That idiot boy.

I walked away from them to anywhere my foots bring me. I don't feel like going back to my room anytime soon.


"What agai- oh Kai. 'Sup?"

"What are you doing here?"

"Here? Where?"

"My dorm."

"Oh! I'm in blue dorm already?" Seems like Kai got confused. I bet he had no idea with what I was talking about.

"Um, Jun."

"Yes, Kai?"

"Sorry for earlier." He try to hand me a pudding in his hand.

"Oh. That? It's okay. I already forgot about that."


"Yeah. You can keep it." I pushed his hand that holding a pudding.

"Thank you. So I can eat it?"

"Of course. It's yours." I chuckled. "Ok. I need to go." I turned my body, ready to leave.

"Oh sure. See you, Jun." He also ready to leave.

"Hey, Kai."

"Yes?" He turned back his head to me.

"Send my greetings to Iriyama-san." I winked.

"Huh? Well, okay." He winced his eyebrows and smiled at the same time.

- End of Jun's POV -


- Annin's POV -

Tabdak! Tabdak!

I was practicing my horse for the upcoming polo match. He is a pony. A competitive pony. But this man rarely get some work out, so maybe he is not as good as before. I need to make sure that this horse is trained enough for my match.

After one or two hours practicing alone at this polo field to get my horse muscles back, I feel enough for today, so I'm riding him go back to his cage. But when we almost got there, he lifted up both of his front foots.


Makes me lose my balance and fell from his back. I shut my eyes ready for the pain but I felt something catched me, prevent me to get contact with the ground.


"Annin!" He carried me in bridal style and grinned like there's no tomorrow.

"Boots? Check. Knee-pad? Check. Helmet? Check. Guard? Oops... You have no guard with you. That's not safe enough~" He kissed me on lips. Gently. Not roughly like usual. That's just make me wanted more.

"You want more?" What? Did he just reading my mind? I slapped his chest playfully. "Put me down!"

He chuckled "As you wish, my princess." Then he put me down, just like what I said. He never argue everything I want. Everything. Even since I became his step sister. He never refuse any kind of my demands.

"Wait here. I'll get him in first." He climbed up on my horseback and put him back into his cage. After locked the cage's door, he went back to me.

"Don't push yourself too much. I don't want to see you drop." He took my helmet off and stroked my hair. "Next time, you have to call me when you want to practice. And remember! I won't let anyone to be your guard."

"Since when you became overprotective like this?" I laughed.

"I'm a jealousman as well."

"Jealous of what?"

"Your fans! You see their eyes when I'm talking with you? Feels like they can eat me up whenever they want!"

"And do you think I'll choose them over you?" I teased him. But I didn't know that he will take it seriously as he let go of my hair and walking past by to sat in the middle of the polo field's grass. "I don't know."

I followed Jun and sat next to him. "Something's troubling your mind?" I put my hand on his shoulder and gave a little squezee on it. He responded on my touch by turning his head and look at me with his sad eyes. He nodded his head as an answer.

"Mind to share it?"

He took a deep breath before starting his story. "So let's say that I have some friends. And also I have an enemy. One day, I was fighting with this guy, he is my enemy. My friends come and choose to protect him. I don't feel like it's my fault. I just.. I-I'm scared that you'll gonna do the same as them. I'm scared you'll go and leave me. Argh! Sorry, Annin. I sounds like a kid. Nevermind it."

"I'm not gonna do that. Because you promised me that you also will always be with me." It's funny to see his jaw dropped like that. That was a rare sight of him.

"And listen. You have to treat your friends good like you treat me. Even when they do something bad to you, they're still your friend."

He grabbed the back of my head and landed a soft kiss on my forehead.


"I will keep that on mind." He smiled before sneaked his arms around my waist and leaned in to kiss my lips for a second times today.


- Back to Jun's POV -

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Jun... could you turn it off?" Someone softly gave a several poke on my cheek.

Beep! Beep!

I reached my hand out from blanket searching for the source of that noisy sounds. Found it. So I turned the alarm off, with my eyes still closed.

"*sighed* It's already time for breakfast?" I groaned.

"Yes, honey" A girl replied with a low voice.

"Just five minutes more..."

The girl beside me caressed my right cheek with her hand that for a couple seconds ago it has been comfortably placed on my cheek. "We're going to be late, let's go."

"Noooo I still want cuddling with you, Annin..." I lowered my head going inside blanket and attacked her tummy with my kisses. It just earning a laugh from her. She is so ticklish, it makes me eager to tease her more. But I'm not a sadistic. I stopped my attack and rested my lips on her belly, puffed my cheeks and exhaled so much air making a silly farting sound on her navel.


I got a slap on my head for that. "Jun!!"

"Ahhahah... Morning~"

She sat up and pulled down her blanket, showing me more of her flawless face. "Morning, Jun. How's your sleep?"

"I just don't feel perfect until I get my morning kiss." I moved my face forward close to hers and puckered my lips, asking for a kiss.

"Here." There, she gave me a peck.

"Ehh?? I expected it to be a long kiss~"

"Go wash your face." Danger. Danger.

"Okay, Ma'am." I got up from bed and start walking to bathroom,

"Anyway, Annin."


"Next time, we should doing something more than a kiss!"

I could see a pillow flying.


- Hallway -

"You came to my room just because you said you don't want to sleep at your own room with your roommate that time. And also I'm still underage! Why are you asking for that?"

Meet Iriyama Anna. A president council, a girlfriend o' mine, and sometimes she took my Mom's rule.

"Sorry. I was just joking." Your personality makes me always thinking that you're older that me, Annin. Is that still my fault?

"If being president council makes you got a special private room and no CCTV in there, I should run myself for it next year." I smirked.

"No. I won't let you do that." She knew I would bring some girls and hold a party every night in my room if that happen.

"Oh, come on."

"You hear me, right?" She was on her badmood.. better to not continue this... "Yes. I heard it clearly." I want to call her 'my Princess' and kiss that sulking face of her so bad, but we're on public now. Argh I really hate to keep this relationship in secret.

"Yo! How it's goin', bro!" Someone gave a punch on my arm out of sudden. "Ouch. Get lost, Yuu!" I shoved away his hand from my arm.

"Where were you last night?"

"Picking up some hot chick"

"Oh man, why didn't you invite me- ah! I-Iri.. Iri.. Iri.."

"Iriyama Anna." Annin complement his uncomplited word with her usual friendly smile. I rolled my eyes "Don't know your president council?"

"So um.. Jun, is this the chick you're talking before?"

"YOU SON OF A-" before finishing my words I glanced to Annin and found her looking at me with meaningful smile. "-nothing hehe"

"So.. we will parting here. See you, Annin." I pulled Yuu's hand to get away from her sight "Next time do not appear all of sudden when I'm together with her!" We were heading together to dining hall.

"You haven't tell me the story why do you end up dating your own sister. Come on, I like incest story! Too bad I just have brother."

"Not now. And errm.. Yuu can't you let go of my hand?"

"Ah. Oh sure."

"And please don't go any nearer to me."

"Sausage fears?"


Sorry for my grammatical errors. Btw, whenever I saw Annin's face on that pict, I always want to sing James Blunt's song, you're beautiful~
And please ignore my bad photoshop if you disturbed by that :banghead:
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Re: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 10 [15/08/2015]
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Panda-san I was very happy when you update this fanfic. I waited a long time you know :( LOL. I hope you dont make me a long wait .. By the way thank you for the update.
I will always wait for the continuation of this fanfic
 :bow: :twothumbs

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 10 [15/08/2015]
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KYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,YOU MADE ME SQUEAL LIKE A CRAZY FANGIRL !!!!!!!  :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:,update soon  Panda-san :shy1: :shy1: :shy1:

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 10 [15/08/2015]
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Oh a update!!!! Cant wait for the next chap!!!  :on GJ:

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 10 [15/08/2015]
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Jun hurriedly tore a piece of paper from his notebook. Squezeed it into ball-shaped before throwing that paper hardly to Kai's face. Jun then smilling happily seeing Kai has turned his attention to him. But he didn't notice that the midget now was making some angry face. Kai felt himself being humiliated by Jun's act. So he took a revenge by throwing an eraser to Jun's head.

"Fuck." Jun cursed in whisper. Without hesitation he threw his notebook with powerful to Kai's face. "Ouch! What do you want?!"

Me    : Throwing both with my shoes.
Both  : Dafuq! What da heck, baka-reader??!!! :angry: :angry:
Me    : What?? :? I'm just trying to get myself some fun too.. :huhuh
Annin: *glaring* GET LOST!!
Me    : Hiks.. She's still pretty when glaring... What's with that face?? I want dat face..
             :on speedy:

Happy (soon) independence day... :on woohoo: :on GJ:

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 10 [15/08/2015]
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Author-san when will u updatee ??
I'm waiting lol
 :? :peace:

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 10 [15/08/2015]
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I think i miss this fanfic lol

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