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Author Topic: You, Me and My Son - Chapter 3 (KaixRay, Marikuu, Saeyuki & others) 18/06/2014  (Read 11120 times)

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  • No fake hope !!
where are you author-san???? fufufu

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may i ask you one thing?
can you set yuko in man role please
i prefer yuu more than riku

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  • you know you ship them!!!
after a few AP hw, i'm here. Its been like a year right? well i had new classes and stuff.
Sorry for the long waiting.  :(

This chapter two.....please don't kill me....i will update the other ones one of this days...

“Kai come with me, we are going to make a new contract with our new model” Sae motion kai to follow him.

Today Kai took his son to school, and talk to the boy’s mother who yell at Mizuki. He went to his office and now he is preparing the paper work for the new model. They headed to the main office and there was a man waiting for them.

“I’m sorry for making you wait, Sakurawa-sachou” Sae and Kai vowed.

“It’s nothing, now I have to apologize for the model because she’ll be late” Sakurawa-sachou Said.

They sat in their corresponding seats, Kai for a minute forgot that they were in the main office and thought of Atsuko, even if she did died many years ago he still remember her like it was yesterday.


“Hey do you think your mother will accept us” Kai asked while he was holding hands with Atsuko.

 Atsuko smiled and saw that her mother was coming down stairs”

“Mom” Atsuko walked towards her mother.

“I want to introduce you to my boyfriend” Atsuko walked towards Kai.

“Good afternoon Ma’am, my Name is Kai Takahashi and I’m Atsuko’s boyfriend” Kai vowed politely.

“Good afternoon, My Atsuko has talked wonders about you” Mrs.Madea said as she smiled. Kai was a little surprise by what Atsuko’s Mother had said; he never thought Atsuko talked about him with her mother.

“Please take a seat” Mrs. Madea said as she offered Kai to take a seat.

-End of flashback-

“Mr. Takahashi will you get the papers out, our model called his manager and he said she will come any moment now” A man that work there told Kai. Kai felt a little sad with the memory that he just had. His heart still ache, but he had to move on with his life. He saw Sae open the door, and heard all the commotion going on outside.

“Hey you are Mizuki’s dad” Ray smiled and pointed to Kai. Kai was a little surprise that the new model they were hiring was Ray, the person that found Mizuki.

“Ray it thought you were a singer” Kai smiled and look at her with a questioning look.

“I am it’s just that they want me as a model” Ray answer.

“I see you guys know each other” Sae said with a curious tone.

“Yeah, do you have a problem?” Ray said in an arrogant tone. Kai was a little shock by how Ray talked, she seem nice a day ago.

“Well, should we star?” Sae offer them to sit. As the meaning went, Ray kept on putting ‘buts’ to everything they say. In the end she didn’t get to say anything on the matter, her manager said everything was okay. After that Ray decided to go around get to know it. After Ray left everyone started to leave as well. Kai went to his desk where Riku and Kuu were waiting for him.

”So how was it”

“Is it true she is arrogant?”

“Guys, shouldn’t be asking me that, its rude!” Kai sat on his rolling chair. Kuu rolled over to him.

“So she is really whinnying?”  Kuu ask curiously. Kuu had heard rumors about the diva being to stubborn, whinny, and even bitchy.

“Kuu stop bothering him” Riku slightly punch Kuu in his arm. Then out of nowhere, Sae came in.

“Let’s go out to night to celebrate that for the contract we just made” Sae said in a exiting way.

“’I’m sorry Sae, but I can’t” Kai vowed.

“It’s okay Kai, maybe when our first magazine with her in the cover makes a big sale, we will go out okay”

“Yes” with that Kai stood up and went to wet some water. The meeting was actually a little tiring with Ray whinnying about the conditions of the contract. How come
when he meet her the other day she was so nice?

As got closer to the water dispenser he heard as two people were talking.

“I heard you going to work here, so how much do you miss me” a guy said as he lean close to the other person. He smirked when he saw the other parson take a step back.

“Yes, I’ll be working here….ME missing you? Don’t think to full of yourself” The other person reply with a sense of arrogance. When Kai heard the voice, he lean to
have a better view and he was right. It was Ray.

“Oh don’t treat me like that. I know you miss me” the other person, who was a guy that was the same height as ray, smirked at the responds the diva had given him. 
The other person lifted his hand to grab Ray’s cheek, but she backed away. At this Kai seemed to be a little upset.

“Don’t touch me with your filthy hands” Ray told him with a harsh tone. How dare the other person try to touch her? Ray was very upset now.

“That’s not what you said 2 years ago” The other person remarked. The other person knew he had hit a nerve because of the looks of it; Ray gave him a disgusting
kind of look.  Kai head there conversation; he didn’t know if he should interfere. He never saw this guy before. Well it’s probably because he had work there for a long

“That was 2 years ago” Ray snapped at him. She was right anyways; they both dated two years ago. For Ray, that was the biggest mistake ever. The other person grabbed Ray’s wrist and was about to say something when Kai came into their conversation.

“Hey, that not a way to tread a lady” Kai stood near Ray, eyeing the guy in front of him.

“Why do you care?” The other person looked at Kai with the same arrogant face Ray had a few minutes ago. Ray just looked at both of them. She then looked at Kai, wondering if she should tell him not to butt in or not.

“I care because she is a woman and you have no right to talk to her like that” Kai raised his voice. He never liked people bullying on other people or people being disrespectful to another person.

“Kai, please don’t get involved in this….I’ll handle it myself” Ray said in the calmest way possible. In reality, she wanted to slap the other guy.

“Oh…is he your new boyfriend? Haha…I never knew you like short people” he lean in as to make eye contact with Kai. Kai felt irritated. Ray wanted to say something but Kai beat her to it.

“Hey who are you calling short. At least I can respect someone and treat them right. I’m not a jerk like you” Kai took a step forward and made a serious angry face. He didn’t like it when people called him short. He wasn’t short…other people were just tall.

“What did you said little midget” The other person grabbed him by his collar and pulled him up. Kai just looked at him with anger. Ray step in, she was getting angry at the events that were happening.

“STOP” Ray commanded. The other person let go of Kai and looked at the diva.

“You better go before I called security, Kenichi” Ray said as she looked at him. Kai looked back at Kenichi and now that he knew the other person’s name, he would be careful.

 “I’ll see you around, Ray” Kenichi leaned in and smirk. He left. Ray was relief that he left, he could stand him anymore. But he couldn’t stand another thing. 

“What’s wrong with this pers-“Kai stopped saying what he was saying when he felt a sting across his face. Ray had slapped him.

“You don’t have to interfere. I can put him in his place by my own” Ray told him in a harsh tone. Kai was confused. He HELPED her.
With that Ray turned around and left for the elevator. Kai just touched the stop were Ray had slapped him. ‘What is wrong with her?’ Kai thought to himself.

He walked back to his working place and sat down on his chair. He was grateful that Riku and Kuu weren’t there at the moment, if not they would have asked him what happen. He looked into space and still didn’t understand why he had slapped him.
Sometime later, he realized that it was time to pick up Mizuki from school.

Please don't kill me and for the last person that commented...i can't gomene. I'll try to make one shot of yuu and Haruna but not right now.

((i'm sad that Yuko is graduating))

......until the day comes...

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Ah.. Ray met Kai again but she became her spoil self...

What's going to happen to ray and Kai?

Would Ray still be nice to Mizuki?

Why did Kenichi and Ray break up?

What was Kenichi attention towards Ray after 2 years?

What's going on next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Finally, an update.
Is that true yuko going to be graduate ? Let me google and see.

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 :lol: Please update soon!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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wht will happen next..will kai and ray relationship develop?
and how will ray fall in love with kai since their first meeting is not much good one ?
so..really looking forward to its :)

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  • you know you ship them!!!

I'M BACK!!!!!

well, anyways...i'm in spring break and i will updates this fic only. I hope you like my sloppy writting because i for got my own style of writing.
anyways, enjoy!!

Chapter 2.2

After kai went to pick up Mizuki he told his mother to watch him for the night and he wouldn’t come late so by 10, he will be there. Kai walked to the agency but couldn’t help but be confused because he never seen many people grouping in a circle.

“What’s going on?” Kai asked to himself loudly.

“Oh that’s the Great Mariko-Sama who will enter this agency. Do you know who she is?” Riku said as he walked towards Kai. Kai tilted his head a bit not sure if he
knew her or not. Maybe he did but he didn’t remember at the moment.

“I don’t think he knows who it is. He stayed in his house for like..” Kuu paused. He had come to his friends because…well…they were always together.

“…Until Mizuki grew up a bit.” Riku finished Kuu’s sentence and they laughed.

“Whatever guys. We have to go back to work!” Riku and kuu only saluted his and said “yes, sir!” and laughed again.

“You know…” Kuu wiped a tear of his cheek.

“She is very pretty…but she is old…” Kuu said and like magic the Great Mariko turned to look at the person who just called her old. Riku and Kai were silent and backed away slowly.

“That’s not the way you talk about a lady, you know” Kai said

Mariko only looked at Kuu and Kuu only looked at Mariko. What was happening? Why the staring contest? Kuu won…

“Ha! You lost old woman!!” Kuu stuck his tongue out and walked again.

“What kind of introduction was that?” Riku asked confused.

Mariko in the other hand looked very pissed.

After hours of working hard and Kuu and Mariko staring and making faces to each other, they went home.

“Daddy! You are back!” Mizuki said as he jumped to his father hug.

“Yes I am! You want something to eat?” Kai asked as he picked up his son and ruffled his hair.

“Yes, me hungry!” Kai only smiled and walked to the kitchen but before he could get there the doorbell rang.

“I wonder who it is” he put his son on the floor and let him go to the refrigerator.

“Maybe it’s my mom…she forgets stuff now and days.” He walked to the door and when he open it he was surprise to see the person that was in from of him.


Yes, Ray was standing there with some plastic bags. Why was she there was the only thing that pop up to Kai’s mind, yet he did not wonder how did Ray got his address.

“I asked Sae-san your address and here I am. I just want to apologize for what I did early, but I never get help from anyone not even from my manager. I always get things done my way.” She looked to the side avoiding Kai’s eye.

“Anyways, I came to see my little my friend”  she smiled a bit. Kai nodded slowly and was dumb fold. Mizuki came to his dad side and when he saw Ray he smiled happily so much.

“I see you are excited to see, Mizuki” Ray smiled and patted his head.

“Can she stay daddy?” Mizuki excitedly tugged Kai’s pants. Kai was in a dilemma now, would he let her in or tell her to leave.

“I’m sure Ray has a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. It will be an inconvenience if she is tiered tomorrow” Kai reasoned with his son, but Ray been the diva and all answered.

“Actually I have nothing to do tomorrow, and I brought some food” She lifted the plastic bags.

Kai had no other choice that “invites” her to his house. He was a bit uncomfortable with the situation because didn’t Ray slapped him early? That’s was a reason why he felt uncomfortable but the most important one, and the one that bugged him the most, was that another woman was in his house. Kai’s mother was the only one that went there because Atsuko’s mother lived in Osaka and he lives in Tokyo.
After hours, only two, Ray decided to leave the house; however, before she left, Ray told him sorry again but she didn’t need help nor have a knight in white armor.

okay its very stupid but hey its a long fic so what!?


.....until the day comes......

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seem like this will very start for kai and ray destiny
but its seem both didnt like each other much especially ray with her altitude
i wonder how they actually fall in love etc  :?
look forward to its and thank you for the update  :)

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Mariko and Kuu gave each other bad impression...

Ray came into Kai's house...

Erm.... what's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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  • you know you ship them!!!

I AM ALIVE!!!! anyways, its been a long time since i updated this and maybe most of you don't remeber this fanfic but still. I plan on finishing it fast, yet this does not mean that i will make some shitty story.  Love in this story is a bit of since i don't play Ray to fall in love with Kai because he told her how an ugly person she is. No. this will take time because love take time. Before they relize it they will fall in love.

Anyways, here you go!!!


Chapter 3

It was another busy day at the Miyazawa Agency, full of work, people running around from one place to another, some were running towards Room 48 or Room8, but what really made everything seem busy was that today was Ray’s Photo Shoot. This was going to be the first time the Agency had such a celebrity that they had to
give their best at what they were doing. Kai and his friends were doing all the paper work which required permissions to distribute her photos in magazines and news.

They were actually giving their best. Kuu wasn’t complaining instead he tried to finish early, well, so it seems.

Kai was in the middle of writing some permission and then stopped. His mind went back to the events of yesterday. Why was he thinking about this? Maybe because out of all his life he has never seen a woman so independent and strong. Atsuko was different; she was sweet, kind, and helpful, but this woman, Ray, was A LOT different from his Acchan. But still, that bother him. He couldn’t stop thinking about it, but then…

“Itai!! What was that for!?” a loud smack on the head was heard. Kuu was the culprit. Kai rubbed were Kuu had smacked him; that really brought him back to reality. Kuu only stuck his tongue out.

“You seemed a bit off, so I just happen to smack you. It was that or I was going to pour some water on, but Riku stopped me.” He pouted. Riku whose back was facing them nodded. Kai only rolled his eyes and continued working.

Mariko appeared, she was heading to Sae’s office but before she could get there, Kuu glared at her. She seemed to notice the glare and glared back. Surprisingly she kept on walking without taking her eyes of Kuu.

“Old gag, I’m Sor-“Kuu spoke but was Mariko interrupted him.

“Did someone heard that? I think a pig just spoke” Mariko smiled at him and walked away to Sae’s office. Walking like a boss you might say.   

Kuu looked at her in disbelief.

“Why do you treat her like that? That’s not good.” Riku who was working hard and still had his back to them said. He was right, why in the world did HE treat her bad?

“I know her from high school.” That was all he needed to say because the same flash black was replayed in Riku’s and Kai’s mind.

“Do you mean…she is the girl who you…” Riku started his statement as he turn around.

“…made a big deal because she accidently let fall your favorite drink?” Kai finished the sentence. Yes, it was Mariko-sama who did that and ever since that day he couldn’t forget about it. How dare her ACCIDENTALY let fall Kuu’s favorite drink? How? And did the narrator said ACCIDENTALY?

“Yes, damn that senior. Just because she was taller than me and two grades higher than me, that did not meant she could do it” Kuu stated with such a passion than both of his friends looked at him like ‘bro, just let it go’.

“Kuu that happen elven years ago. Just let it go already” Riku, who had much more sense that Kuu, said.

“He is right!” Kai nodded.

“Never!” those were the last words that Kuu said before storming out of the office.

Kai and Riku looked at each other and chuckled. It was around noon and kai decided thought that by now Ray had her lunch. Kai got up, told Riku to do a good job, and left to room 8. There, Ray was doing her photo shoot and he wanted to talk about what happened yesterday.

He went inside the room where people were running around from one place from another. He went there like a timid child. He spotted Ray in a table resting, water in hand and to his surprise Mariko was there. She was seating in front of her. Wasn’t she going to Sae’s office or is she that fast? He walked to her. To his bad luck, someone stopped him; it was Ray’s photographer.

Somewhere in the building, in Sae’s office, Sae was talking to someone over the phone. They were talking about things, from “it’s been a while to will you do me a favor?” The conversation went swell, which was what Sae wanted from the first place. This was the best opportunity to do this, he has been waiting for this change. A chance that he will not let go. Finally he had someone that could take care of the company so he and his wife could go to vacations to his private island. Finally they
could have some little peace.

Days passed, Kai had let go of what happen and moved on with his life. After a week of Ray’s magazine release, most of the staff and workers went to celebrate, and like promise, Kai went. He left Mizuki with his mother making sure that he would come back the next day to pick him up since it was Saturday. His mom let him and was kind of happy that after six years he would go out with his friends.

 Jiro, Ray’s photographer, Katsuyuki, Sae, Riku, Kai, Kuu, some other works, and even the charismatic Diva. First time in a while. They were having a good time, well so it seems. Katsuyuki-san couldn’t stop talking to Riku, while Riku just laughed at his jokes. Sae and Kuu were talking and laughing throwing jokes around. Jiro and Ray talked about how wonderful was her photo shoot was and how Jiro need to work a lot harder if he wanted to work with her again. Kai was talking to some other worker and laughed a bit but every time he wish that Atsuko was with him.


“Oh like that time when Kai tripped because he was running towards you?”

“Or like that time he was red as a tomato after he fell?”

“Or that time when he was shy because I said hi to him?” that was Atsuko who said that. Kai just looked at them. It was their senior party and they had been invited
to Atsuko’s house.

“Acchan stop. I was shy back then.” Kai protest

“Ha! You still are!” Kuu played around. Riku only nodded while holding his chin on the deck.

End of flashback

“Hey, Kai! Earth to Kai!” Kuu passed his hand in front of him and that’s when Kai fell down from dreamland.

“Hai?” He looked at him with a confused face. Kuu chuckled a bit and held a glass of what it seemed water.

“I dare you to drink this and out of me and you whoever gets tiered of drink this wins gets 10,000 yens” Kuu grinned. Kai looked at him like if Kuu was crazy. Wait…was he not?

“What is it?”


“I don’t believe you” Kuu drank the whole glass and didn’t show sing of disgusted or anything. Kai unfortunately believed the guy.

“Ok, I believe you. If its water, this should be easy” the worst choice ever.

After a couple of ‘water’ glass both started feeling dizzy but Kai thought it was normal since drinking water too fast was a bit bad.

“What is…this?” Kai asked as he held his head. Most of the people were taking and not paying attention, but Sae, Ray, Katsuyuki, and Riku were. Sae kept score and laughed every time Kuu made a stupid comment like “I’m gonna beat you shortie” or “I can’t wait for that money to be mine” while Kuu laughed evilly.

“Its shochu on…rocks” Kuu said before drinking the glass of alcohol. ‘Crap’ was all that Kai could thinking before everything become even dizzier.  In the end kuu won because after that Kai wouldn’t drink another drink and Sae and Ray wouldn’t let it. Kai was babbling now.

“Kai go home already. Mizuki wouldn’t be so happy if he finds about this. This is not a good example to your kid” Sae stated as he helped Kai get up.

“But….you were the one….who was…keeping score” Kai laughed and ruffled Sae’s hair. He was really drunk, but this was the first time that he was drunk. Ray got up from her seat and went to help Sae.

“oh look who….is helpin’..” Kuu pointed towards the diva as he chuckled. Ray gave him a death glare and that shut him up. Sae looked at her and was confused as to why he went to him.

“I’ll drive him to his house. You told me where he lives, so I can drive him since his two friends are kind of drunk.” Ray said.


After walking him safely to the parking lot, which took Ray a lot of time, Ray spotted her car and went to it.

“Kai-san, what are you doing?” Ray said as she tried not to laugh at Kai’s craziness.

“What? This is my jam!!” he said as he flew his hands up in the air and moving from side to side. This was the first time that Kai, one of the most serious out of his friends, was acting differently like if something let go of things.

“Kai-san this song is 7 years old” Ray said as she stopped from the stop light. Kai in the mean while didn’t listen to Ray and kept singing the lyrics of the song. Ray just shocked her head and kept on driving once the red light turn into a green light.

“Don’t take your seatbelt out! It’s dangerous!”

“No it is no-“Kai didn’t finish his sentence because Ray had stopped the car abruptly. Kai hit the window in front of him. This is why you wear a seatbelt.

“That’s why you wear a seatbelt, Kai-san!” Ray said as she help Kai get in her seat and laughed at Kai’s face.

“It’s not funny, I might had died there” Kai complain as he rubbed his head. Ray kept on driving towards Kai’s house until they finally made a turn and got to his house.

“It’s your fault. Now come on Kai-san, your house awaits.”

After having complications with Kai, they got to his house door. Ray was complaining about Kai’s drunkenness and smell. Why was she helping this guy?

I think i could have done a bit better on this chap.......

anyways, thanks for reading.

.......until the day comes.....

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Ray cared about Kai and she was not sure why?!

Yeah Kai is ready to move on

Eh... Kuu is still holding a silly old grudge after eleven years

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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 :ptam-psst: :ptam-shy: What's Happen  :? :?
where the other chapter :grr: :grr: :shock: :shock: :scolding: :scolding:

 :D :D Nantene hope you finish this story  :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

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Oooooo KaixRay fanfic  XD XD XD XD
Do update soon! I really wanna know why Ray seems so caring for Kai but at the same time she acts so arrogant towards Kai??

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Update please  :love:

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Please update Author-san :cry:
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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