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Author Topic: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (MaYuki x WMatsui) 14/01/2016  (Read 9619 times)

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INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (MaYuki x WMatsui) 14/01/2016
« on: January 11, 2016, 04:24:21 PM »
So i decided to remake my stories, tho the old ones its not finished yet, but sorry not sorry...

This is the story from before :

feel free to give your comment~ ^o^


I was crying back then..
Alone in this dirt of cruelty..

"Daijobu ? Are you okay ?"

with those words.. you give me hopes..
You brought such an overwhelming happiness to my heart.
I thanked god for sending such an angel to me.. YOU

"Mayu.. I Love You”

Those word keep ringing in my head.. .
I smiled. i was too shy back then. i just.. dumbstruck, i just smiled.. dont know what to say
You smiled back, you slowly approach me, you grab me and bring me to your embrace.

"i'll protect you.. i'll never leave you.. i'll love you forever.. and i promise.. we’ll be together and no one or anything could separates us"

For a moment.. i believe in those words.
Like stupid.. i answer you back.. with a 'kiss'.

We make a promise. A lover promise. A holy promises.
And they who broke the promise... will be pierced with a thousands swords.

"i'm sorry mayu..."

We vowed and promise with love..

"i'm sorry.."

But why ? why ?


Then it was the end for us..


Watanabe’s residence, Mayu’s room.

"Good morning, Honey~"
A soft voice make mayu shudder in instant. A low deep voice that can make every women fall for it. Right behind mayu’s ears. So gently.. too gently if she could admit, its awaken mayu from her deep sleep.


Its just a moment of silence between them. Mayu still pretends like in sleep, silently peeking at the man beside her. She try to open her eyes, and later smiled softly as she was welcomed with such a sweet smile from him. While he, who is now resting his head at the edge of bed, looking at mayu, staring at her.. like she's the most precious things he ever have.

"good morning too, Jurina.." Mayu answered short.

Jurina’s eyes still glued on mayu's georgeous features. This girl in front of him has captured his whole attention. Her puppies eyes, her beautiful raven hair, her slender neck, that is so tempting to jurina to land a kiss or two, her pinky-rose lips, her smooth-milky skin. Jurina gulped, try to mantain his calm, he found this lady in front of him was so endearing yet so.. yummy.

Meanwhile, without Jurina knowing, mayu was trying her best to hide her shyness. Jurina’s intense gaze sent to her this undescribed feelings -the feels of being wanted, the feels of being..consumed-

Not waiting for any seconds .. Jurina moves closer.. leaving the gap between the two. A grin slightly appears on his face the time his lips finally in touch with mayu's softer ones.

"you look so beautiful even in the morning", Jurina mutters in the midle of their kiss.

Mayu stopped and looked at jurina’s eyes, a furrow slightly appears between her eyebrows. She gigled softly after then..

"what ?" jurina looked at mayu obliviously.

Mayu poked jurina’s nose, "Oh my.. how can you be so cheesy in early morning.." mayu chuckled and then later sat up from the bed.

"oh... I’m stating the fact, mayu", jurina’s eyes following mayu who’s now getting up from the bed. “You’re pretty.. So pretty!! and that’s a fact”

Mayu laughed softly, “Okay okay~ thank you for the compliment…… handsome~”, she pinched jurina’s cheeks softly, making him smiled like idiot.

Jurina's eyes still glued on Mayu. He like to watch mayu, he like watching and exploring every gesture of mayu, her eyes, her smile, her everything. Jurina's most joyful time is when he can spend his time watching and enjoying his beautiful fiance and every of her moves.

Mayu turned around to jurina, “What ?”

“No.. its just, you’re so beautiful”. Jurina blurted out nonchalantly like a kid-who-just-saw-their-first-crush, with still locking his eyes on mayu.

And this time mayu reacted differently, her cheeks flushed in red, she thinks, she must be stupid, because again.. she fall for jurina's words, though he's been saying it thousands times already. Jurina is like a magic for mayu, no matter how much times jurina has said those words, mayu will always fall for it, her cheeks will turn red like tomato and her chest will filled with butterflies. Just like some midle-schoolers who just got confessed by their crush for the first time.

“I love you, mayu”. Jurina's words flowing full of love. He brought mayu to his embrace, hugging her so dearingly.

Mayu closed her eyes, enjoying the feels of jurina’s hug. She love this warm, she love the warmness of jurina's hug, she loves when she can smell jurina’s nice fragrant, cause somehow it would make her calm.

“I love you too”, mayu answered softly. And Jurina smiled happily as he heard the answers.

After a moment, Jurina release the hug and cupped mayu’s forehead softly. Mayu breathed out, and later she smiled reassuringly. She's glad she have someone like jurina, who always giving so much loves to her and care for her. Mayu thinks, Jurina is like a comfortable house for her, where she can let out her feelings wiithout being worried or afraid of something, and she felt so thankful for that.

“Now hurry up and prepare yourself, we'll have breakfast with your father”, jurina said while brushing mayu's hair to the side, “I don’t want my soon-to-be-father-in-law scold me cause I was late in his appointment, you know how strict your father is”.

“He is, but he never scold you, and he never will”, mayu eyes locked in jurina’s, confident in her words, “You’re like his beloved son, that’s why..”.

Jurina chuckled from mayu’s words, “he still sometimes scold me though, you just never seen that”, this time its jurina’s who’s raising his eyebrows, “Come on, you need to hurry, I’m coming all the way here just to wake you up, so please pretty~”.

“hhh okay okay~”, Mayu noded obediently, “anyway…thanks for waking me up, you’re the best alarm ever”, mayu grinned and then walked to the bathroom, but later stopped before she can stepped in. She suddenly turned around and running-cutely back to jurina’s direction.

“I forget to give you this.. *chu*..”

Mayu smiled sheepishly, her cheeks flushed in red, a seconds later she's already running as fast as she can to hide her embarrassment.

Jurina stood still in his place, a smile appeares across his face, “How cute~..”


Mayu’s POV

In Bathroom,

I can feel the coldness from water lingering to my skin

Its cold but..

Why i remembering this again ? this happens again and again.. Those memories.. why ? I have jurina now, and I love him, but yet you still keep appearing on my head..

its been 6 years... six fucking years !!!

And i have engaged with jurina. but you...

why you cant just disappear from my mind ?

"Fuck.. stop crying like idiot mayu" i cursed at how stupid myself right now.

suddenly i feel sorry to jurina.. this is not what i intend to do..

"Mayu.. I’ll wait downstairs", i could hear jurina shouting from the outside. The thought about jurina suddenly come to my mind. Fuck !! I hate myself right now, I hate it when I’m weak like this, why !! just WHY ??!! I have jurina now, but I’m still crying over you.

"I'm sorry.." i mumbled at myself.. i felt bad for jurina.. I should apologize to jurina.

"Mayu!! remember dont get in shower for too long or you'll catch a cold !!", i can hear jurina shouted again.

I'm such horrible person.. even after all these years.. . jurina is still cares and loves me. But me, what am i ? a trashy loser? .. Yeah, thats right, I'm just horrible and stupid.

I shouldnt have this feeling... i make jurina as my fiance but yet this feeling still dont dissappear ?? is it really my fate to alwys hurting like this ??

"I'll protect you ? I'll never left you ? i'll love you forever ? we'll be together until dead separate us !?!?.... what a fuckin lies!"
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Re: INNOECENT LOVE [remake] Mayuki x Wmatsui
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2016, 04:30:57 PM »
Finally! Ugh I've been waiting for God knows how long
Thank goodness you're not going to drop this fic

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Re: INNOECENT LOVE [remake] Mayuki x Wmatsui
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2016, 05:00:51 PM »
Finallyyy you're back
I almost forgot this fanfic
But thank you for updating again
I will wait next chapter and until the end
Asap please lol

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Re: INNOECENT LOVE [remake] Mayuki x Wmatsui
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2016, 05:32:56 PM »
Hmmm... first I like your writing style

although I think you need proofread ,because you mistype "her" in jurina desc and in this fic is gender bender rite ? hehe

but I'm looking forward for next

otsukare~ :on gay:
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Re: INNOECENT LOVE [remake] Mayuki x Wmatsui
« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2016, 06:30:38 PM »
I really want to read it,iknow i make mistakes too but...
even the title written with spelling mistake  :huhuh

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Re: INNOECENT LOVE [remake] Mayuki x Wmatsui
« Reply #5 on: January 12, 2016, 04:04:03 AM »
I hope wmatsui,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.1 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
« Reply #6 on: January 12, 2016, 02:20:49 PM »
I think i messed up this story  :(

Sorry for the grammar mistake, and like always, feel free to give comment ^o^

Innocent Love
~Chapter 1~

Night in some luxurious hotel.

A woman in black dress stood alone while holding a glass of wine, patiently she stood alone at the front of big glass window of her room, analyzing the town, enjoying the night view of the city. With her sharp eyes, she throws her gaze to the big building not so far from the hotel she staying at. She smirked as to see that big building, nothing has changed, its alwys been the same since forever, still look magnificent as ever, like as if to say that “It’s the building where the whole city is centered”.

And she didn’t like it, she hated it, that building right there is the source of her pain and suffer.

“Fuck... I’ll destroy them” , she muttered while taking a sip of her red wine.

*suddenly phone ringed*

“Yes ?”, The girl picked it. “Yes, I just arrived today..”

“Yes, I’ve been workin on it, I’ll sent the details tomorrow”

“Yes, please don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”. She smirked, taking another sip of her wine, and moved to the table around the corner of the room.

“All the things will be going as we planned”, she took a bunch of paper from the desk and take a look of it, “And I have meeting with them tomorrow”.

The girl glanced at the big building again, another smirk appear across her beautiful face, “Please don’t worry, I can take care of myself”

“Yuki..” a low deep voice from a man calling the girl name from other line.

“….”, the girl silenced, waiting what the man would says.

“I'm waiting for your results”, the man finally ended the call.

After the call ended, the girl put her phone back on the table. And once again, she throw her gaze to the prestigious building. Scanning them carefully as it was her next prey.

Darkness, sadness, hatred. That's the right phrase to describe this girl. She and her suffer. Her life that has been destroyed. And in those prestigious building. She will have a revenge to her suffer. She will avenge to all those peoples who have made her suffer, She will sent the judgment to those who have snatched the Happiness from her.


Next afternoon on Watanabe residence

A young lady sat silently in the chair, painting something.

“this house is too big.. dont you think ?” the young lady muttered in boring tone, still focussed in her painting.

“a-ah.. yes”. A man in butler suits stuttered, taken aback from his mistress question. He’s been there since ago, accompanying his mistress doing her painting. Sometimes he’ll steal a glances or two and enjoying the beauty of the paint –and of course the beauty of his mistress too-

The mistress turned her attention to him. Her face makes a little frown, pouted a bit. Some twist feeling suddenly bloomed inside the blutler's heart, he find its incredebly cute when she pouted like that.

"......” The young man keep in silence. His thought is still wandering around the cuteness of his mistress, and its driving him crazy.

“..? miyazawa-kun ?” 

“no..nope..nothing. i'm sorry, miss”. Snap out from his daydream, the young buttler stuttered in reply, again. look so dumb.

The young lady laughed softly at her butler's act, she find its quite cute when he flustered like that.

Meanwhile with the young butler, his heart is beating so fast right now. Thats so silly of him, how such a simple actions from his mistress can drove him crazy like this. He shook his head again, try to clear his mind.

“I’m sorry, mayu.. its my fault for liking you in the first place”. The butler mumbled to himself.

The name is miyazawa sae, a young man in his twenty, 27yo to be exact. He’s been working in watanabe residence since a year ago, and mostly working as mayu’s personal buttler, also at the same times as her private bodyguard. He’s so capable in martial arts. Not to mention his handsome looks that would make every women fall for him. He’s a complete package to be called ‘the perfect buttler’.

Meanwhile hiding from the appearance, the butler actually hide the twist feeling towards his beloved mistress. He’s falling in love with mayu, since the first sight, mesmerized by mayu’s beauty, he never thought that he would meet such an angel like mayu. And its just need 3 seconds for him to fall for mayu, and yes he is.. he fall for her.

But miyazawa knew that he'll never have his hance, he’s nothing but just a butler, and beside, he also knew that mayu alrdy has her soulmate of life, a fiance who will always stay on her side.

“i'm sorry for my rudeness, but.. mayu-sama, its almost time for lunch.. and your father want to have a lunch with you, so we should go now”, Miyazawa glanced at his watch and walked closer to mayu, try to remind her about the lunch with his father.

“Uh ? Again ? Its rare to see father like this.. dont you think so ?” mayu stopped her painting, she rolled her eyes while made an exclusion about the attitude of her father.

“......” miyazawa keep in silent, he wanted to say something but he afraid he may pick wrong words. So, he choose to remain silent.

“lately he always asking me to have lunch with him.. its rare you know.”, mayu squezed her eyes tightly, she paused for a moment before continue again, “Back at the time when i was kid, he never asked me to have lunch with him, not even once. He always busy with his work.. and almost forgot that there's family who alwys waiting for him in home”, the young lady eyes turned sad, her teeth clentched and her face darken.

“Mayu-sama..” the young butler mumbled his mistress name, somehow feels pitty for her.

“My father..”, the young lady letting out a sigh, and then back focussed on her painting again, “i dont know anymore about him..”, mayu closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before continuing her words, ”He's changed a lot, he—“, Mayu suddenly cant finish her words, her breath became heavy and her eyes became teary, “Why my life so miserable..” the young lady unconciously spoke her sorrowness

“........” the young butler remain silent, he just stares blankly at mayu.

Realizing the sudden wkwardness, mayu let out a small giggle. She looked at the young butler then she clapped her hands up, making a pose like she was apoligizing. The young butler seemed surprised from the action.

“ah~ gome..gome.. that's not what i mean..” the young lady gave this an apologizing smile to her butler.


“ah ! please give me 5 more minutes, okay ? I almost finished my drawing..” she said again while throwing her best smile to him.

Again, miyazawa's face turned pink, he cant help but looked away from his mistrees. Its not his fault, he think mayu’s smile is so beautiful, the smile of angel. And he cant hide the truth that whenever he saw that smile, his stomach will churn and his heart will melt. And stupid miyazawa… he give mayu 5 minutes more~


Still in the same day at Watanabe Corp. Building Tower

A young man seemed busy in his office. For a view, his office is such luxurious. Too luxurious if we could say. The big room. The property. The everything. And everything in his office is so so perfect and arranged beautifuly.. it will amaze everyone the time they stepped in and see the looks in there.

That is his own office, the office of the Executive Director of watanbe corp.... Matsui Jurina.
Suddenly the door of his office swung open, revealing a beautiful lady in her elegant attire. It was Miss Managing Director of this company.. Matsui Rena.


Heard someone calling his name, Jurina stopped his activities, He looked to the direction of the voice, he knew who the guest is, that’s why he gave a super flat expression to this lady who just enters his room.

“Miss Mastui ? is there any problem ?” he replied formally, and its good decission for jurina, because he succed to make this lady felt irritated with his formal response.

Rena's eyes scanning jurina carefully as she walked closer to him. Her gaze sharp, sultry, and seducing. she's trying to hitting on jurina.

She stopped right beside jurina, bowed a little bit till she reach jurina’s ear, “its lunch time already... could you accompany me to have lunch, mr. director ?” it almost like whisper, right beside jurina ears.

Jurina try to maintain his calm, he turned to face rena “I really felt thankful matsui-san .. but I’m sorry, I couldn’t take your offer, I still have much job to do here”, jurina replied in formal-style, his eyes turned serious. “so, if you don’t mind.. could you leave the room please ?”

Thanks for jurina’s reply, rena is getting more pissed now, “oh gosh… don’t run away from me jurina, you cant alwys avoid me”, rena rolled her eyes, still couldnt believe with what jurina has said to her.

Jurina ignored her, he choose to back on his work, having conversation with rena is no help.

Rena didn’t give up yet, she move to jurina's back, putting her hands around jurina’s neck, she lean her front so its in touch with jurina's back, “Come on.. jurina, please accompany me~”, rena pleaded, she whispers at jurina’s ear seductively, resting her head against jurina's shoulder.

And thats when jurina reached his limit. “Please rena, stop it”, he dropped 'miss matsui' and started to use 'rena' this time.

“why ? what stop ? I do nothing, jurina~”, rena pleaded more, her husky voice sent shiver to jurina.

And jurina, he suddenly stood up and break the hug, “Leave rena, now”, his voice is clear and deep.

Rena glares back to jurina, not want to lose, “Stop avoiding me..”,

Jurina rolled his eyes as to hear rena’s response, he throw his gaze away not want to meet with rena’s, this girl is too much to handle.

“Stop avoiding me !!!”, rena shoot again

“oh please.. stop this, rena”. Jurina really cant handle this girl, she have no chill, like really!!

“fuck it jurina.. you didn’t have any courage to face me, you always avoiding me, and that’s so childish of you, jurina”.

“I’m never avoiding you.. its you who kept pursuing this rotten relationship rena.. and look, we’re over now.. and me or you is nothing than just a working partner, so face it” jurina calm and deep voice somehow screwed rena, and rena hated being screwed.

“w-what !?!?”, rena's eyes widens, her jaw going slack, speechless. She pierced her eyes onto jurina, only then turned her gaze onto jurina’s table, and in seconds, with only one swept, all the paper and everything from jurina’s table has already flying in the air. 

“what the hell, rena !!!?”

“Fuck !!! rotten relationship you say ?!!”, rena let out a bitter laugh. “Its you who make our relationship gone that way jurina !! you’re the jerk !!!”

Jurina try to find a way to stop rena before his entire office became a mess, he grip rena's hands and try to drag her away. “who hurt who, huh ? you knows better why I leave you rena…. You hurt me”.

Rena silenced as to hear jurina's statement, she cant answer any, jurina is right.

“And, please rena.. I have mayu now, and I love her, so please..”.

Rena is broken to hear jurina’s words, she never imagine that jurina will ever dare to say those words in front of her, not ever. She swore she saw the worlds suddenly spinning in front of her, would it be really over ?
*suddenly jurina’s phone ringed*

He saw mayu’s name displayed on the screen, he try to make some distance from rena to answer the call, he didn’t want rena to hear anything about mayu, especially now.

“Hello.. mayu ? whats wrong ?”

Rena snapped from her daydream as she heard mayu’s name. She walked closer to jurina.

“A-ah.. I’m sorry, I’m busy, I will call you later”. Jurina ended the call as he sense rena’s presence come closer.

Rena smirked, “In the end, its all about mayu”, rena rolled her eyes in annoyance, “Yes, that’s right, remember jurina, its you who start the flame with playing your hearts with mayu”.

“Oh god.. we’ve been discussing this over thousands times rena, mayu is my childhood friend.. and she’s your cousins, its you who overly jealous with mayu for christ sake”. Jurina felt so frustated with his ex.

Rena looking deeply at Jurina’s dark brown eyes, searching an answer, “No… since the first, I knew you love her… but you knew she loves someone else, and that’s why you came to me”.

This time rena make jurina speechless. Rena knew the truth since long time ago, about jurina's feelings towards mayu. But its an old story, because at the time jurina is in relationship with rena, he loves rena with his whole heart, he's already move on from mayu, and only to love rena’s presence at that time, but not until rena and her over jelousy towards mayu ruin everything.

Jurina closed his eyes, he let out a big sigh, he cant give any answer, or to be exact, he doesn’t know how to anwer that statement.

“See, I was right”, rena smiled bitterly and her heart is hurting so much. “You never love me in the first place jurina.. that’s why—mmm mmm..“

Rena cant finished her words as jurina suddenly kissed her forcefully, stopping her to talk. Rena got taken aback with the sudden action, but slowly… she started to reply jurina’s kiss. The kiss grew firey and hot, it became more and more passionate. Rena miss jurina touch, she really miss it, and she miss his lips, so much. She’s melting in jurina’s touch, always. Its not even arguable for rena to fight back, because her heart always belong to him. Rena started to put her hand into jurina’s neck, pulling him into a deeper kiss. They kissing like there's no tomorrow, eating each other in hunger –glad that they’re still in jurina’s office so no one can see them-

They stopped as the two need some air to breath,

“I need to leave now”, jurina became the first one who break the silence, he release rena from his grip, and then walked away to leave the room.

Rena’s body started to shake, its been a long time since their last kiss, and her body is melted from it. And she demand more, she loved the kiss, of course she will, and will always. Jurina’s scent is still overwhelmed through her whole body, giving her a crazy sensation from it, she never felt any instant attracation towards anyone before, except to jurina.

“I will take you back jurina… I will”,  rena muttered as she touched her red lips.

Meanwhile in a certain room of some hotel.

A certain girl just come out from the bath and began to checking her phone, and it was when she suddenly stumbled on the new email in her phones. She open the email and smirked to see the email content.

A pic of two people kissing.


She then calling the sender,  “Hey, can we meet tonight ?”


In Jurina's car

Jurina sighed heavily as he drove his BMW towards mayu’s residence, his mind is still messed up caused the rena's scene from before.

He picked his phone and start to dialing some number, calling mayu.

“Hello, mayu ? where are you ?”

“I’m in home, but i will have lunch with father just now, so i'll be goin”

“Wait, I’ll drive you, lets go together”.

“Uh ? But you said you were busy when I called you before”, mayu's voice sounds so calm, “Its okay jurina.. don’t need—“

“No.. I-I mean.. I’ve asked someone to handle the task from before.. so, I’m free right now, and I wanted to eat lunch with you~  I miss you already.”

Mayu giggled softly, “Okay~”

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes”

“Hemm mm.. okay”,

Jurina could hear mayu’s soft laugh from the phone. And somehow that make jurina calm a bit.

“I’ll cut it now, I love you sweetheart~”

“I love you too”, mayu answered soft.

And with that, Jurina ended the call, and started to speed up his car to mayu’s house direction.

Meanwhile in Watanabe’s residence

10minutes later..

*The sound of bell ringed*

“Ah.. it must be Jurina !!” mayu who is waiting for jurina, run to the front door excitedly.

When she running.. she meet with sae in the hallway.

“Miyazawa-kun !!.. just let me to open the door.. it must be jurina !!” mayu shouted while still running to the front door.

“ ?,, yes..”, the butler leave dumbfounded to see his lady attitude.

Mayu was running happily.

“Yess !! i'm coming !!”

And when she reached the door and open it..

“Welcome hoome !!.. Jurii--....... na ?” mayu got confused to see unfamiliar figure in front of her.

“who are you ?” mayu try to ask, guessing the guest.

Mayu began to analyze this unknown figure in front of her, She sure its a woman, her hair is long, wearing a certain red uniform, like some postal workers. She scanned again more carefully, this women have long raven hair, and its beautiful. Also using masker to covering her face. Holding a boquet ? wait, a flower bouquet ?

Somehow mayu felt familiar with this unknown guest. But she cant tell about it, yet this girl remind her with someone from her past. 

“is this watanabe mayu residence ?” the girl asked.

the voice make mayu wake up from her daydream. “a-ah.. yes it is.” 

Something is bothering mayu's mind, she didn’t know who this girl was, but for sure she felt familiar with her, and that familiar feeling somehow get mayu anxious.

“can i meet with.. mrs. Watanabe mayu?” the girl asked again.

“o-oh.. yes.. its myself”

“ah..  this is a bouquet of flower for watanabe mayu.” the girl handed out a boquet flower to mayu, A yellow forshytia, its beautiful, and have a very sweet scent overwhelmed from it.

“..?.. for me ?”

“yes. ..and this.. is the letter.” the girl pull out a small paper from her pocket and giving it to mayu.

“letter ?.. from who ?” mayu raised her eybrows, curious.

“i do not know.. i'm just courier. My boss didnt tell me about the details of the sender.”

Mayu tilted her head. She confussed. Not only because the flower and letter, but also with this courier.

“the boquet is beautiful”, to mayu’s surprise, the unknown girl give a compliment to the bouquet.

“A-ah.. thanks”, mayu replied short.

“Yellow forshytia, its mean Anticipation, its an aware from someone that she will comeback to you”, the unknown girl continuing her words.

“i'm sorry ?”

“I’ll take my leave now”, the unknown girl was ready to walk away.

But suddenly mayu grip her hand, stopping her to walk.

“Did we ever meet before ? somehow i felt familiar with you.” mayu asked seriously.

“.. it was my first time meeting with you”. The girl try to loosen up mayu's grip.

“eh.. i'm sorry then, maybe i mistook you with someone else”. Mayu said and bowed to this unknown courier.


“I'll take my leave now.. thanks, watanabe mayu-san~”

DEG !!

Mayu was dumbstruck,

“eh.. i knew her !! i'm sure i knew her.. !!”

“wait.. no way !! it was... it was..”

“but.. it was her voice”

“No..i’m sure... it was.”

Mayu suddenly panicked. Her eyes searching for the courier but to no avail the girl was already dissapear from her sight.

She running panickly while searching for the courier girl.

She's running.. running.. and running.

She still cant belive with this truth..

it was her.. and .. she comeback.




and there.. where mayu stopped in the midle of street, cause she already running out of breath. She stoped in there. A tears has formed around her yes, running down onto her cheeks.

Her leg weakened, and drove her body down to the ground

“i knew it was you !! ”, mayu muttered unclearly while still holding her boquet, she’s broken in tears.

everyone was staring at mayu...  she is squatting in the midle of street, and crying like crazy.

“Yukirin..” mayu cried hardly.

her breath is off.. mayu has already lost her strength



“Yuki... .” mayu finally given up.

“why you back ? WHY YOU COMEBACK !?!?!?”



Yuki POV.

Hiding in the crowd. While looking at mayu.

“nice to see you again, Mayu~”

Rena POV.

After having a scene with jurina in his office. She try to take a walk in the street, and what a surprise for her. She found mayu crying like crazy in the midle of the street.

She smirked while looked to mayu.

“well.. seems i dont need to dirtying my hand this time.”

then she walked away.

Jurina POV

Jurina was buying some flower for mayu.. and it was surprised when he heard some crowd outside of the shop. And when he try to take a look..

He shocked like hell.

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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.1 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
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ah finally you edited the title :D

quite long update, ii ne

looking forward the next~

otsukareeeee :on gay:
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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.1 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
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Huaaa wmatsuii
I wanna know why jurina and rena break up ..
And then why jurina with mayus now
Renaa-san please take back jurinaaaa
I cant wait :(

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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.1 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
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I cant say anything , i really like this story
Thank you for remake this story i really love it
Asap pleasee m(-___-)m

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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.1 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
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All i can say is  :twothumbs

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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
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This chapter is a complete new  :)

Like always feel free to give you comment ^o^

Innocent Love
~Chapter 2~

Night in Mayu’s room

“I’m sorry, sweetheart”, Jurina whispers quitely. A small sigh escaped from his lips. He held mayu’s hand tightly as his eyes still staring at mayu. He really don’t want to leave, but its already night, and he couldn’t stay any longer there, “I’ll go back tomorrow..”.

“un..”, mayu smiled and noded weakly, her eyes swollen, showing the traces of her-crying-like-crazy from the afternoon incident, “I feels better now, thanks jurina”.

“You need to take a rest”, Jurina’s hand cupped on mayu’s cheeks, caressing them softly like it was the most precious thing in the world. He’s definetely get emotionally hurt as to see mayu in this state.

Mayu caught jurina’s gaze, she smiled, try to reassuring him that she’s okay and he didn’t need to worry. Jurina catch what mayu’s mean, he got himself up, “I love you, sweetheart”.

Mayu noded softly. Jurina smiled in reply, and after making sure that everything is alright, jurina began to walked away and leaves the room.

As she heard the sounds of the door being closed and sense that jurina’s presence has gone. Mayu began to wake up, she straighten her body, resting her back at the bedsted, she brought her palms to cover her face, and then she broke into tears again. Mayu was obviously in very shocked condition right now.

“Why… why..”, she mumbled in the midle of her cries. “Yuki..”

And all of the memory from the afternoon incident suddenly wandering inside her mind, like a piece of puzzle, it started to rearanged and makes into one clear picture.

Meanwhile with jurina, he’s not in his clear mind either. He felt so frustated to himself and especially to mayu. “Fuck !!”, he shouted as he punch the stir of his BMW car, cursing and swearing as the way to letting out his anger.

Actually things between mayu and jurina has been not doing so well after the last afternoon incident. Jurina could not deny that he is incredibly worried about mayu. He try to ask mayu what actually happens, but mayu, act like a little kid who's tryin to lie at their parents, she try to avoid jurina's question, even if she answers, her answer would be far from satisfying jurina. Said that she meet with a thief and the thief has stole her precious necklace. Jurina couldnt bring himself to believe on that, how could he ? mayu’s explaination sounded more a like a cheap lies from teenage girls trying to hide something from their parents.

Jurina clenched his teeth, he need to know what is actually going on with mayu, and after a moment of thought, he started the engine of his car and drove it to certain destination.

Back to mayu, after couple minutes of crying, she try to calms down a bit, she try to catch a breath, her emotion is a mess right now.

 “……..”,  mayu fixed her position on the bed, she sat in silence. She took a glance at the boquet flower wich on the table near her bed. Her eyes didnt leave that boquet for a moment, remembering the courier girl aka yuki and what she said when she give her that boquet

““Yellow forshytia, it means Anticipation, its an aware from someone that she will comeback to you”

“What do you want, yuki..”, mayu mumbled to herself, her heartbeat is beating so fast as she remembering the incident from last afternoon. She thugged the blanket where she sat on, feeling nervous.

Mayu suddenly got herself up from the bed and walk closer to the where boquet at. She took the boquet and brought it closer to her chest. She rub her face onto the boquet, inhaling the swret scent from the beautiful flowers, somehow she loves that smell.

“the letter..”, mayu muttered as she spotted a piece of paper inside the boquet. Guess its jurina who put it in there. She yet read the letter, and honestly she don’t want to read that. Its scares her…

but it seems her curiousity is bigger than her fears..

She try to open the letter, and then read it…

Its just short and simple words..

“Like I’ve promised. I find you again, mayu...

Mayu’s body suddenly collapse to the floor, she’s broke into tears again.


7 years aago..

A certain girl in high school uniform running panickly as if she's in some kind of danger. But actually its not the case, she’s not in danger, she’s looking for someone.

Wearing her favorite training pants under her skirt, she keep running and running, and thanks to that training pants that she can move freely and faster.

She run as fast as she can, ignoring everything. She scared, the thought of losing that person terrifies her. “Fuck !! if I found her.. I’ll kill her for real”.

Her phone suddenly ringed, a name displayed on the screen, its written “Mayu”. She picked it up.

“Did you find her ?”, a boy from other lines suddenly bombarded question to the girl.

“No.. not yet”, The girl answered while trying to catch a breath after running for an hour.

“I don’t know..She suddenly disappear.. and she left her phone too.. I’ve been trying to look on every possible place where mayu would comes, but still I cant find her”, the boy sounds apanicked now.

“okay.. calm down .. jurina”, the girl said the boy name, “calm down.. and think… where will mayu go when she wanted to be alone.. “, the girls try to calms down beside the lack of breath. “Do you have any Idea ?”

“…………..”, the boy stayed silent.

“Hello… Jurina ?”.

“There’s a place, but its far”. The jurina’s boy sounds hestitated.

“where ? where it is !?”, the girl expression lighten up as to heard the answer.

“There’s villa.. and its belongs to her mother”.

That’s it!! the girls screamed in her hearts, “Sent me the details.. I will look in there”.

“o-okay.. and yuki ?”. The boy suddenly asked.

“what ?”

“Thanks”, the boy thanked from the other lines,  “I know maybe it’s the first time I talk to you… and I know I never meet you.. but I just want to say thanks”. somehow the tone from this jurina’s boy becomes sad and mellow.

“………..”, okay, this is new, yuki thought in her mind.

“I trusted mayu to you, please find her and protect her", and with that last sentence, jurina ended the call.

The girl –wich is yuki— just staring at her phone in disbelief, she laughed softly, “This jurina brat…, did he finally given up ?”, yuki smirked, somehow feels happy that finally she will have mayu all for herself now.

A message come up on her phone, its from mayu –remember its jurina who’s helding mayu’s phone— the messages contains a certain location address, “Mayu.. you’re in big trouble now, no one, neve ever anyone, making me so fucking worried like this”. yuki mumbled to herself.

Not waiting for any seconds, Yuki suddenly run into the street, stopping a taxi, giving the destination to the driver, and in no time.. the taxi already run in full speed and goes to the destination where yuki has directed.  –and yuki still keep shouting and kicking to the drivers seat asking to the taxi driver to speed up more—

30 minutes later…

Yuki finally arrived at her destination, she throw some money to the taxi drivers, and then go skyrocketed to the villa building. She didn’t care if she tired or not, it doesn’t matter anymore.. Right now her mind is only focussed to mayu. And she need to find her, hurry.

She walk fast to the front door, not even bother to knock the door, she break in into the house and shouting mayu’s name like crazy, “Mayu !!? Mayu !?!? where are you !?”, her eyes wanders around try to looking for mayu.

“Damn.. where is she ?”,  yuki muttered as she search around the house.

Yuki, worried, frustated and tired, was try to looking for mayu with her remaining strength, she hurriedly checking every room and every place inside the house/villa.

But she found nothing. The villa is empty, no mayu.. no one… no hope.

Yuki become more frustated, she slow down her moves. And after a moment.. she stopped. She leaned her body onto the wall, turned, tossed her head to the wall. Cursing and swearing as she let out her anger and frustation.

“where the hell are you mayu !?”, yuki muttered in silence, she almost giving up.

Yuki’s phone suddenly ringed, its mayu’s again -it means jurina called again- but she didn’t even bothered to answer. She felt so exshauted, and its unbearable, her body felt sore.

She sat in there for a moment, try to calm herself. But her thought started to gone wild, a past memories about mayu suddenly flashed through her mind, and it scares her, “No.. no.. no way she’s doing that again.. please mayu, please don’t do that”, yuki’s eyes widened just imagining about that incident.

Yuki stood up in sudden, her strength has back again after the thought about mayu doing bad thing, “Shit !! I wont let you doing something like that again, mayu”.

Yuki started to run again, get away out from the house.. but its just a few meters after she stepped out from the house when suddenly someone is shouting at her.

“Hey !! You !! Who are you !!!?”,

“….?”, yuki looked back only to find an old man standing not so far from her, glaring at her.

“Thief!!!”, The old man shoouted,, “I’ll call police”.

“No.. no. no”, yuki widens her eyes with the man mistook her as thief, she waved her hands in panic, “No.. mister, I’m not a thief—“

“Then who are you !!”, The old man retorted cutting yuki’s words, “You broke into someone house without permission, of course you’re a thief !!”. the old man already pulled his phone from his pocket, ready to call the police.

oh gosh, why at the time like this… Yuki thought in her mind.

“No.. mister, please listen to me first… I’m not thief”,

".........", the old man ignoring yuki and now calling the police.

“Okay, I’m sorry for entering the villa without permission”, yuki make a puppy eyes, pleaded to the old man, “but I have my own reason—“.

“Hello, mr policeman there’s some—what the..”, the old man stared in awe when his phone got snatched from him, “yah !! Give my phone back… you little !!”

Yuki held the phone as she make her way off from the old man, “Please mister, you must hear my explaination first…”, yuki pleaded more, trying her best to show her innocent faces. “I’m the friends of the villa’s owner…”

“Huh ?”, the old man suddenly stopped, he try to proccess the information, but a seconds after, his faces turned into a scary ones and anger, “How dare you !?!? … what did you say !?”, his eyes wandering around, he find a broom not so far from him, he grab the broom and.. “This little brat really !! come here.. I will give you some lesson….how dare you say that to Kaoru-sama !!”

Huh ? Kaoru ? wait.. its mayu’s mother!! yuki thought. She snapped from her daydream as she saw the old man already standing in front of her, ready to beat her, “Wait.. wait.. no.. not kaoru… but mayu !!  mayu !! I’m mayu’s friends !!”, yuki shouted while closed her eyes, ready to get beaten. But it was a moment later and yuki felt nothing, she try to peeked and saw the old man was statued in front of her.

“…mayu-sama ?”, the old man asked, his expression soften, he try to analyze yuki, head to toe, “you… mayu-sama’s friends ?”

“Yes, I’m mayu-sama’s friends”, yuki noded fast, repeating the old man words, her face enlighten.

“What do you want ?”, the old man scanning yuki once again, “what business ?”

“I….I was looking for her”, Yuki gulped in nervous, “I was looking for her all day, I was worried about her… I need to find her, mister. I must !!”,

The old man looking at yuki, intensely. He can see the nervousness from yuki’s words, he can tell that this girl is really worried about his lady and she sincerely cares about mayu's whereabout

“Mayu-sama just leave a moment ago…”, the old man said while putting the broom away and make some distance from yuki.

Yuki’s eyes gone wide, “W.. wha—…..D-did she just.. she's here before ?”, yuki so shocked that she souldnt move her body, her breath gets heavy, and her eyes became teary.

“Yes, but she leave a moment ago. Right before you broke in…”, the old man turned away, and walk leave.

Yuki still statued in her place, she realized that she cant handle it anymore, a tears already flow from her eyes, her gazes wanders around, frustated with the situation. If only she come a bit early..

No.. I cant give up yet, yuki thoughts. She run to the old man and stopped in front of him. “Mister, do you know where did she go ? where did she go !!??”

“…….”, the old man sighed, looking at yuki with pitiful stares.

“Answer me.. mister. Where did she go !? where the fuck is mayu go !?!?”, yuki shouted unconciously, she frustated like crazy, she’s uncontrolled.

The old man quite taken aback with yuki’s shout, but decided to keep in silent. He glanced at yuki for the last times before then walked away and leaving yuki still dumbfounded in her place.

Yuki can feel ache in all her body when the old man walked away. Honestly, she was already reached her limit, she’s already searching mayu for all day, and she’s tired of it. Even though her mind kept telling her not to given up yet, but it seems her body does not agreeing with it.


Yuki snapped out of her thought and looked back the direction of the voice.

“There’s a small lake not so far from here.. try there”, it was the old man,

Yuki frowned her eyebrows, but after hearing what the oldman says, she suddenly remembered something. It’s a couple weeks ago..

“I want to show you my secret place..”,

“hmm mm ?”

“It’s the place where only me knew about it….and my mom”.

“Hemm~ this is interisting. What secret place it is ?”

“A lake..”.

That’s it !! Yuki screamed inside her mind. And without any seconds, she got herself out to the new destination, hoping that she’ll find mayu in there..

15 minutes later…

Yuki panted hard as she reach her destination. Her eyes wandering around to find the figure, and not so long after…. she already find the person she had longing for.

Mayu was sitting in there, on the grass, near the edge of the lake, staring at the lake.


Mayu snapped from her daydream as she hear a loud voice from behind, she turned and find a figure from afar, but again, she barely caught who this person was.

“hhhh… hhh.. hhh.”, Yuki still trying to catch a breath, the results of her whole-day-running-to-find-mayu was still in there, “Now you’re dead… watanabe mayu”, she muttered as she started to walk to mayu’s direction.

And as the person walk closer to mayu’s direction, mayu started to wonder who this person is. Mayu caught some hints about this person figure as it was much more clearer each times the distance between them became closer. It was a girl, with long raven hair, high scool uniform –and mayu’s knew it’s from her highschool-, training pants, mayu chuckeld to see that training pants, oh my~.. this person fashion is so bad, mayu thought. –she still didn’t know it was yuki—

But as the times of their distance became closer, mayu’s hearbeat suddenly raced fast, she suddenly felt extremely nervous. Meanwhile with yuki, she didn’t know if she could hold her feelings anymore, what should she do, Angry ? worried ? calm ? what she need to do ?

On the other sides, mayu’s heartbeat felt like stopped as she finally saw yuki’s face, her eyes widened. She wanted to run… but she couldnt because her body suddenly felt stiffen, her legs are shaking and glued to the ground, she hope its just a dream or she being delusional, but too bad it is not.


“hhhh..hahh..hhah”, yuki finally stopped in front of mayu, she’s still out of breath, “you… idiot”,

“w-what..? I’m wha— eh ?“

Yuki didn’t give mayu chance to finish her words as she suddenly hugged her, tightly. She didn’t uttered any words, she just letting her body to take the lead right now - And mayu, she just standing in there quietly, trying her best to maintain her calm, her cheeks turned pinks. The sudden hug from yuki sent some electric feelings to mayu’s whole body, and she loved that.

The two girl keeps in that position for a couples minutes, enjoying each other precense. Yuki rested her head onto mayu’s, and she felt all her feelings started to melt as her hug on mayu become tighter, she wanted to hug mayu… like forever, she didn’t want let her go, she wanted to protect her, always.

Meanwhile with mayu, she still remained in silent and gave no response to yuki, she felt extremely nervous right now, she could feel her face get heaten up, she kinda think that her face must be as red as tomato right now. But as the time yuki’s hug get more tighter, mayu started to calmed down and felt comfortable, slowly she put her hand around the taller girl waist, to returns the hug.

Yuki herself started to think that hugging mayu is so addicting, mayu’s is so small and.. soft. She squeezed her eyes tightly as she enjoying hugging mayu. She hopes she cant stop times right now as she want to hug mayu forever.

While mayu, she loves the hugs, the most. The feels when her body being pressed against yuki’s, and she can feel yuki’s chest on hers, mayu cant help but felt excited about it, not to mention she can smell yuki’s neck scent from close, and she really love it. “oh god.. she smells so good”, mayu thought naughtily.


After some happy moment between the two's.

“why ? you dont want to see me ? being alone is not helping, mayu”, yuki said as she turned to face mayu. Now the two girls sat side by side, staring at the lake.

“Yes…”, mayu sighed, her eyes still focussed to the lake. “i know yuki.. but, its just that--"

"Dont do that again", yuki cut mayu and stares at her intensely.

"I-I'm sorry", its all that mayu can say that time.

and then silent wrap around them again..

"u must’ve read the news already…”, mayu closed her eyes, the first one to break the silent. “I just wanted to have some private times and thinking about it”.

Of course yuki knew what mayu means, she read the news, its became a headlines news this morning. Watanabe Souchiro, the leader of watanabe group, uncovered relationship with actress S. And he's mayu's father. Yuki then thought about it, more or less it must be the reason of mayu’s disappearance today.

“But.. how did you know about this place ?”, mayu frowned her eyebrows, turned her face to yuki.

“hemmm.. I just know”, yuki grinned.

“ugh please yuki…”, mayu rolled her eyes, laughed softly.

Yuki can feel her heartbeat started to beat so fast as she sees mayu’s laugh. There’s nothing in this world can beat mayu’s laughter, and she can bet to her whole life that mayu's laughter is the cutest laughter in the world. And she also thought that mayu looks so beautiful when she laughs.

“Come on.. tell me, how do you know about this place ?”, mayu’s make a puppy eyes, winning over yuki’s hearts.

Yuki chuckled, “Its easy.. Its just.. i always have my way to get to you”, yuki said in husky voice, “because you’re belong to me..” she staring at mayu’s eyes, deeply.

Mayu looked away, blushing. Yuki was right, she always have her own way to get mayu. She own mayu.

“s-shut up”, mayu stuttered, shy.

“You heard me clear, mayu”, yuki murmured, “I said you’re belong to me..”,

Mayu turned her face to yuki, “Funny~… then I just need to find a new secret place—“.

“Then I just need to find you again”. yuki cutted. 

“Then I’ll go to the far place where no one knows… so that you cant find me”. Mayu said, now somehow in serious tone.

“No matter what.. I’ll still gonna find you”. Yuki replied, not letting off her eyes from mayu’s.

Mayu got busted, she didn’t know how to response, she didnt even know how can it be ended like this, this conversation is weird, but somehow she likes it.

“T-Then how did you find me ? in what way ?”, mayu asked, hoping yuki’s answer could satisfied her.

Staring at the two-black-orbs of mayu, yuki try to find what the girl wants, and she knew what the girl wants.

“I don’t know what way, but I’ll find you no matter what, even if it costs my life… I promise”, yuki’s words flowing beutifuly from her mouth, beautiful.

Mayu caught of guard with yuki’s answer, she didn’t knew… no, she knew, and she satisfied about yuki’s answer. A tears flowing from mayu’s beautiful eyes.

“Should I kiss you now ?” yuki asked out of the blue.

“Just do it, stupid..”

Flashback end.

Mayu trying her best to stood up from the floor, her strength is all drained out just from reading the small letter. She cursing herself at how weak she is everytime she face with yuki.

Her head felt like spinning, giving her so much pain wich unbearable. She need jurina… no, its no help, she need yuki.. yes, she need her. She try to walk to the door, she open the door, but its only a few step after she stepped out from her room before she finally collapse on the floor….


Roppongi VVIP Club.

The bar look busy with the crowd, and peoples are having fun there. Not to mention a certain girl who’s also enjoying the atsmosphere of the club. She having a good time there, and she in her red mini dress, showing her perfect curves, look flawless, sexy, and yummy.

“Rena..”, some of friends warned the red dress girl, “be careful rena you drunk !!”.

“Huh ? I’m not drunk bitch”, the rena girl snorted, “I’m having fun !!!”. she shouted as she continue with her dance.

“Oh gosh.. whatever”, her friends then leave the rena’s girl alone.

Like its been warned by her friends, rena is drunk, but she’s having fun, so who cares. And as the time of the music beats more faster, its also driving rena more crazy. She fed to the crowd, she lost to the crowd.

“Hey beautiful..”, a guy suddenly appears before rena, “Mind if I join you..”.

Rena didn’t care to answer, she have so much fun right now.

The guy come to face rena, joining rena's dance, he try to put his hands around rena’s waist, making rena a bit uncomfortable, but well.. its a club, so she thought its normal. But its start to gone too far when the guy's hands started to exploring rena’s body in some private area.

Rena felt disgusted, she shoved the guy away, “Fuck off !!!”, she shouted.

But the guy didnt give up, he pressed his body against rena, and try to kiss her.

Rena felt her anger has been pilen up, She shoved away the guy with full force, making him fall to the ground, and not only that, she grab her heels, and then walked to the guys direction, and then with one strong swing, she slapped the guy face with the heels, making him growl in suffer.

“Fuck you !!! you choose wrong person to mess with, you fucker!!!”, rena retorted and then walked away leaving the club, her moods ruined, sucks.

The next minutes after incident, rena alredy got herself in parking lot to take her car.

“urrgh.. my head hurt so much”, rena complained as she opened her car, she's ready to get in when suddenly someone grip her hand and pushing her to the car seat.

“What the fuck…”, Rena try to fight back.

It was the guy from before, he followed rena to the parking lot, and yes.. there he was, attacking rena like crazy stalker.

“Get the fuck off !!”, rena shouted. She kicked, punched and do everything she could do to fought the guy back.

“Hahaha.. its you who choose the wrong person to mess with, bitch”, the guy laughed in evil. His hand start to exploring rena’s body.

“HELP !!! SOMEONE HEL—mmmhhh.. mmmmhh”,

The guy covering rena’s mouth with his palms, stopping rena from asking help.

Rena cried, she felt…. Worst, and it was when she almost given up when suddenly soemone pulled the guy away from her..

“sorry to disturb boy”, the person who pulled away rena’s attackers said in calm tone, ”but it seems your girl didnt like what you did there.”, the person smiled mockly.

Rena caught of guard, she didn’t know who this person was, but she felt thankfull to this person for helping her.

“Who the fuck are you !?”, the rapist guy shouted out loud.

“You just cant use force to girl mister.. thats not nice~”, the person smirked.

The guy suddenly smirked in devilish way, “you're quite pretty too, it must be my lucky day to have two prey in one night..”, he laughed and then run to beat the rena's helper

The guy throw some punch to the girls face but missed it cause the girl moved faster than what he thought and a seconds after, the girl already give two jab at the guy face plus one flying kick to his neck (I’m sorry, I’m not good at writing fighting scene >,<)

The guy fall to the ground, leaving unconcious. The kick on his neck seems quite fatal for him.

“Are you okay, miss ?”

Rena finally caught her eyes to the person who helped her. And how surprised she was when she found that her hero is a girl, and she’s beautiful. Rena gazed down to the guy who’s attacked her.

“D-did he died ?”,

The girl laughed softly, “Do you like this guy ?”. she rolled her eyes and then walked to the guys body, she checked his breath, “I’m your hero, but instead of asking me.. you’re asking about this guy. How funny~.. and yeah, he’s still breathing”.

Rena glanced to the girl, scanning her carefully. The girls was in her black leather jacket and black skinny jeans, look so manly.. but also sexy at the same times. She have long raven hair wich is beautiful, and two brown-orbs wich so hypnotizing, not to mention she’s tall, not tall so tall, but at least she’s taller than rena.

The girl walked closer to rena, “Where’s your key ?”, she asked out of the blue.

“W-what key ?”, rena frowned didn’t understands.

“Your car key..”,

“W-what do you want with my car key ?”. rena gasped try to protect her bag, who knows that maybe this girl is a car thief, she thought.

“Oh gosh, just give me the key already..”, the girl stares at rena, intensely. Sending shiver to her spine.

Rena hestitated, but then after some thought she decided to give her key to the girl.

The girl snatched the key from rena’s hand, “Get in..”, she ordered.

And rena just doin the girls order, she get in to the car, while the girl walk to the driver seat and sat in there.

“Where’s your address ?”

“h-huh ? w-what do you want ?”

The girl turned her face to rena, her gaze soften, and somehow it makes rena calms.

“You’re drunk, so you should not drive”, the girl smiled, “I will drive you home”.
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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
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Ooh rena meeting with yuki
Yuki is superhero lol
I understand now . . .
Thanks for the updatees
I cant wait till the end aaaaaah
Asap please XD

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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
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Finally my favourite fic update
Thank you :)
I'm waiting for the next chapter

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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
« Reply #14 on: January 15, 2016, 05:35:24 AM »
It's been a while to see you here author-san.. (*´▽`)ノノ
Am I right?

Hmm is it going to be more dark than before? (•́ι_•̀*)

If it's right, then i'll be looking forward your fic! :D

Nice to see you again mayura48-san :)
Thanks for your update and... please i need your update :D
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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
« Reply #15 on: January 16, 2016, 04:02:01 PM »
Hwaaa~ I accidentally find this fic, and somehow I like the story a lot  :deco:
I've imagining there will be many troublesome conflicts between these four people (or more :v), but I think that what makes this story interesting, so I'll wait for it happily~  :ding:
Keep going, author-san~~~  :cow: :cow: :cow:

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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
« Reply #16 on: January 22, 2016, 12:01:03 PM »
 :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
Author san....
Even thought I was MaYuki shipper,
But I love Rena to...

Don't hurt Rena.. Can you?

Thanks for update
Take your time...
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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
« Reply #17 on: January 24, 2016, 02:25:56 PM »
uwahhh,, the next chapter... the next chapter pleaseeeeeee

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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
« Reply #18 on: January 24, 2016, 05:08:54 PM »
This action. This conflict, I'm excited for the next chapter   :)

Update soon please!
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Re: INNOCENT LOVE [remake] CH.2 (Mayuki x Wmatsui)
« Reply #19 on: January 28, 2016, 11:28:21 AM »
After so long not reading Mayuki fics.. Update soon please... :D

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