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Author Topic: (OS Collection) WMatsui OS  (Read 3877 times)

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(OS Collection) WMatsui OS
« on: June 06, 2016, 09:45:40 AM »
WMatsui OS - Sister's Love

"Kashiwagi san Umm.. "


"I have something to tell you." Matsui Rena finally talked. It took all of her courage to do it. Since the semester begin, she'd already liked her classmate, Kashiwagi Yuki but she never had any courage to confess.

The two girl stood outside their classroom after classes were finished and everyone had gone home. Rena purposely waited until everyone went home or else she wouldn't brave enough to talk to Yuki. Luckily Yuki always went home late since she was the class reprsentative.

"What is it?"

"I.. Um.. I.."

Yuki waited patiently without even asking.

"I li-"

"Onee chaaannn!!!" Suddenly a girl younger than the other two girl came, made the confession interupted.

"Ugh.." Suddenly the girl stumbled and so she bumped at Rena made her almost hit the door beside her. Not just that, the worst part was the drink which the girl brought spilled all over Rena.

"Jurina!! What have you done!" Rena yelled frustratedly. Not just because Jurina's drink spilled all over her but also Jurina had ruined her long awaited confession.

"Oh crap! I'm so sorry nee chan! I didn't mean it." Jurina tried to clean Rena's shirt but to no avail.

"It's no use. We have to go home now. Come on." Jurina grabbed Rena's hand. "Sorry we're going first Kashiwagi senpai." Jurina bowed and then dragged Rena away along with her.

"Hey Jurina wait. What is this?"

Jurina didn't care at all and just kept dragging Rena.



Rena's POV

My name is Matsui Rena. I'm a third year high school student. I have a little sister 2 years younger than me. Okay not an actual sister we're stepsister since my mom and her dad remarried when i was 10.

Jurina has always been a good kid. She sure is loveable that can make everyone love her so much. Even i always feel my mom loves her more than me. Everytime we play and she cries mom always scolded me even when i'm not at fault at all she still do so. But nah.. It's not a problem. I just need to getting used to this kind of pattern. We were really close and i love her very much till now.

-Flashback (3 years ago)-
Normal POV

"Ne ne Jurina you know what? Today at lunch Airin confessed to me and now we're dating!" Rena said excitedly. "Ah i can wait to meet Airin tomorrow." Rena then lied down beside Jurina.

The two girl was inside their room and they were just chitchating happily until Rena told Jurina the news.

Sensing no reaction from her little sister Rena looked at the girl worriedly. "Jurina? Are you okay? What's wrong?"

"Huh? No-nothing.." Jurina looked aside.

"What's wrong? You don't like it huh?"

"Wha-whatt? No no.."

"Hmm... You scared i will abandon you because i have Airin too now right?" Rena giggled. "Calm down.. You'll always be my number one sister. Okay?" Rena tried to ensure her jealous sister.

"That not what i want."

"Huh? What did you say?" Rena asked.

"Nothing.. Forget it. I'm tired, let's go to bed.. Good night." Jurina said without even looked at Rena.

Rena didn't understand at all what had happened. Why Jurina being this mad. She just thought Jurina must be jealous but maybe she never thought it was more than just sisterly jealousy.

Since that night Jurina never really talked to Rena. It felt like she distance herself from Rena.

"Jurina.." After a week since that night Rena couldn't stand it anymore. Like usual Jurina went home after her track and field club activity. Rena waited at the school gate and stopped Jurina.

"What happen? Why are you avoiding me? Is it relate to me and Airin going out?"

"Nothing is wrong nee chan. I want to go home now. Let me go."

"No! Answer me first! Please..." Jurina stopped resisting but still didn't want to look at Rena.

"Can you stop avoiding me? I miss you."


"You don't like me and Airin being together right?"

"I never said i don't like you and her being together."

"But you show it clearly."

#sigh "Right. I don't like you and her together."

"Why? Can you tell me why?"


"Alright just do as you please. But.. At least please stop avoiding me."

"Okay i'll stop avoiding you." Jurina then left Rena surprised by what she just heard.

'Sorry nee chan.. I know i'm really selfish but i just can't let you with other person. I'll do anything even if you hate me in the end.'

Since that day it was true that Jurina stopped avoiding Rena. She was back being the cheerful and clingy Jurina, much more than before to be exact.

She always came and all clingy whenever Rena was with Airi. She would ruin Rena's date and wouldn't let the two talk to each other. She would suddenly come and make chaos. She made sure nothing would go smoothly between them.

"Rena.. I'm sorry but.. I don't think i can't take it anymore." Airin suddenly said one day on their way back after school.

"What do you mean?" Rena stopped, she felt something bad would happen according to how Airi talked.

"If your sister hate me that much and always ruin our time together how can we continue this relationship any longer? I'm tired Rena."

"Please stop it."

"I think we better to be just friends."

"Please don't do this to me Airin. I'll do anything to stop Jurina. She won't disturb us again." Rena's eyes started to blurry with tears.

"That will be useless. It won't change the fact that she doesn't like us being together." Airin came closer and hugged Rena, soothing her.

"I'm sorry." Rena said between her tears.

"It's not your fault. It's my fault that can't make your sister like me. There there.. Please stop crying. We can still being friend. Okay?" Rena just nodded still crying.

Since then Rena never even had any chance to confess. It was like Jurina put some tracker device on Rena. She would suddenly appear out of nowhere and stopped the confession.


"What is it this time?" Rena confronted Jurina after the arrived at their home.

"Just clean yourself first nee chan." Jurina was about to leave but Rena stopped her.

"You did that on purpose. I know it. Why do you always ruin every confessions i did. You already have mom and dad love you just let me feel how to be loved too! Just leave me alone!" Rena bursted out.


"We were so close but look at us now. Why must you do this to me?" Rena left Jurina alone.

#sigh "Why can you understand nee chan? It's so obvious but you still don't get it. Are you that dense?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's just that you don't want to understand nee chan. I'm tired." Jurina walked away.

"It's me who should be mad. Hey Jurina!" But Jurina didn't care and still walked away from Rena.

'What's wrong with her? Ever since i went out with Airin our relationship ruined.'


Next morning..

"Jurina let's go to school together." Rena asked her younger sister when she saw her walked pass the kitchen. But to her dismay Jurina didn't even care to look at Rena.

"I'm going now.." Jurina said before went out.

"You two had argument again?" Rena's mom asked.

"Nah it's nothing serious. I'm going too then. Bye mom bye dad!" Rena ran trying to catch up Jurina.

"Jurina! Wait up! You still angry?"


"Hey don't ignore me.. Beside i'm the one who should be mad." Rena crossed her arms and pouted. But still Jurina didn't care and just kept walking straight.

"Mou Jurina!! Stop ignoring me! It's like 3 years ago when you suddenly ignored me after i told you about Airin."

"It's better for me to ignore you. I have my own limit nee chan." Seeing how serious Jurina was made Rena taken aback and stopped.

"What do you mean?"


#sigh Rena put her head on table right after the bell went off indicating lunch break.

"What's wrong? You look stressed out. I don't know how many times you have been sighing today."

Rena looked up to see who was it. "Ah it's you Airin.." She put her head down again.

"Jurina again?" Airin asked.

"I don't wanna talk about her now."

"What is it this time?"

"She's ignoring me again! What the heck is that?! Suddenly this morning she said she has her own limit. Don't she think i'm already at my limit too? With all her ignoring me like this."

"Calm down Rena." Airi chuckled. "You had argument again yesterday?"

"She interupted me confessing again. How come i didn't get angry. But instead she is the one who angry now."


"And you know what's more iritating? She said i'm dense."

"I can't deny that she's right. You're really dense."

"Huh?? You too?"

"Just talk with her tonight. And stop fighting you two."

"Alright alright i'll try okay?"

"But you're really dense. I understand how frustrated your sister is."


"Just by hearing this once i already know what happen. You're hopeless Rena."


"Forget it forget it.. Just try to talk to her again tonight. And think about what she said first before you meet her. Open up your mind a bit." Airin gave suggestions. "I'll leave you so you can think better."

"Eh? Wait Airin! I don't get it. What did i miss?"

"Try to think about it yourself Rena. Bye.."

"She doesn't make me feel better. This is all Jurina's fault."


That night...

Like usual their parents hadn't come home. It was the best time for Rena to solve their problem without their parents worrying. But not just their parents but Jurina also hadn't come home which made Rena worried a little of course.

"Jurina.." Rena called when she heard the front door opened. "Where have you been? Coming home this late. Don't you know how worry i am?" Jurina didn't bother to talk and just left to her room.

"Yah! Jurina!" Rena ran catching up her sister. Jurina opened her room's door but it wa closed again by Rena.

"Nee chan! What is that? I tired now. Leave me alone please."

"We need to talk now."

Jurina peeked and saw Rena talked seriously. In the end she gave up and faced her.

"Okay.. What do you want to talk?"

"You said you have your own limit but don't you think i'm already at my limit too? You're always ruin my confession. You even ruined my relationship."

"Seriously nee chan.." Jurina looked at Rena with disbelieve look.

"What's with that look? It's me who should be angry don't you think?"

"I'm tired. This talk won't get any better." Jurina went inside her room behind her but followed by Rena who wouldn't let this pass.

"Wait. I won't let it end like this."

"Just do as you like. I don't care anymore." Jurina put her bag on her desk and then went to her bed, put her pillow on her face.

Suddenly she felt weight on her body. It seemed Rena sat on her, not letting her ran away anymore. "Tell me your reason for not letting me get into any relationship first."

Jurina finally gave up again and remove the pillow from her face just to be surprised by how close Rena's face was above her.

"You really want to know the reason?" Jurina said after recover from her shock.

"Of cou-" Before Rena could finish her word Jurina turned their position and made Rena under her.

"This is my reason."

Jurina kissed Rena who was under her, still surprised by this sudden situation. Not long after when Rena finally grasped what happened she didn't know what's wrong with her but she returned the kiss.

After some time they realised they need to take a breathe.

"Sorry.." Jurina pulled away and ready to go when Rena stopped her.

"I never realise this. I'm the one who should say sorry." Rena caressed Jurina's cheek. "You must be hurt so much."

Jurina just shook her head and started to tear up.

"Please don't cry."

Rena pulled Jurina closer again and they kissed for the second time.


Next day..

#beep beep beep

"Ugh.." Rena was woken up by the sound of alarm. She turned of the alarm and felt weight from her side that turned out to be Jurina hugging her just woke up too.


"Morning nee chan." Jurina said then closed her eyes again still hugging Rena.

"We need to wake up now or we'll be late."

"Just 5 more minutes. I still want to hug you." Jurina snuggled closer.

"Hahaha this lazy girl."

"Jurina! Rena! Wake up now or you'll be late!" Their mom shouted from downstair.

"She's so mood breaker." Jurina complained.

"Let's continue tonight."

"That's a good idea." Jurina grinned.

"I see you two have made up. Don't quarelling over little problem. You made us worry you know." Their mom said when saw their two daughter got down together.

"Hai~" Jurina then looked at Rena and grinned which got Rena smiled back at her.

"Let's go now Jurina."


"We'll go now then."

"Take care you two." Their dad said.

"Bye mom bye dad!" Jurina said cheerfully.

"Wait for me nee chan.."

"You're so slow."

"Mou you're so mean." Jurina pouted.

"Aww my little sister is mad." Rena stroked Jurina's head.

"Mou you treat me as a kid again."

Rena chuckled. "Okay sorry sorry. I'll stop treating you like that."

"Really? Promise?"

"Yes i promise."

"Yey! I love you nee chan." Jurina hugged Rena.

"Then you should also stop calling me nee chan."

"..." Jurina blushed so looked aside.

"Come on..."

"Okay okay... Rena chan.."

"So cute..." Rena stroked Jurina's head again.

"Mou you treat me as a kid again."

"There there. Don't be angry. Come on." Rena extended her hand which Jurina took happily. "Love you Rena chan."

"Love you too Jurina." They walked together hand in hand.


My first OS with my favorite pairing..  :D
Miss Rena so much...  :fainted:

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Re: (OS Collection) WMatsui OS
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Very nice author-san. Tell you the truth, this is very nice for your first OS using your fave pairing.

(Me too, I miss Rena)😥😥😥
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Re: (OS Collection) WMatsui OS
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Very Good OS!

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Re: (OS Collection) WMatsui OS
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Nice fic  :twothumbs

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: (OS Collection) WMatsui OS
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It's quite cute.. I just feel sad that it's so short...
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Re: (OS Collection) WMatsui OS
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It WAS my favorite pairings after it sinks in the ocean....  :cry:good job there

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