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Author Topic: Titi's One-Shot Collection - [AtsuMina] Acchan's Birthday (10th July 2012)  (Read 6727 times)

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Hello guys~
Since making a new topic every time I post a new one-shot is too bothersome, I'll just make this one and link my one-shots together OTL


Acchan's Birthday
(July 10, 2012)

A/N: I'm sorry Flean orz But it seems there are too much for everyone anyway, so I decided to make it in my own thread OTL Uhh... Apologies to everyone since this shot is so short, but I hope you enjoy it~ Happy Birthday to Acchan~

Edit: Have you guys read Flean's birthday collection fics? It seems the guessing is too hard... so this is one of the prizes that should have come with the right answers. The other prize is Divine's late birthday fic which is "Bunnies, Biting, and Birthdays" = 3=


“Atsuko, you haven’t even opened your present,” Minami complained from her position between Atsuko and the wall behind her. Although her situation right now would elicit a naughty comment from a certain squirrel, but since said squirrel was not here, she could only smile with a frown that said, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’

True to her words, a small rectangular box lay untouched on the shoe rack by the door of the apartment. Wrapped in a glossy black paper, the box was only as big as a normal pencil pouch. The door stood ajar; however, the girls had no fear of being watched as it was raining outside. Tiny droplets of rain managed to thread their way through the space available and landed on the outer rim of the dry carpet.

Atsuko, her forearms wrapping around the shorter girl’s neck and her elbows resting on the same girl’s shoulders, smiled teasingly, “I might have an idea of what is inside, and who wraps a birthday gift in black?”

Cheeks flushing a pinkish hue, Minami raised her hands, placed them on Atsuko’s upper arms, and bowed her head slightly as though she was ready to push-and-run any second. The space between Minami and Atsuko was big enough for her to duck and get away any time she wanted, but she decided to stay and pushed her back against the wall instead. “Well... I like black!” she stuttered.

Biting her bottom lip to suppress an incoming laughter, Atsuko gave a toothy grin and wrinkled her nose. She giggled, knitting her brows as if she just heard the silliest thing in the world, “And this is my birthday the last time I checked.” She lifted her hands from behind Minami’s neck and ruffled her friend’s hair lazily. “You even have ribbons of different colors. And you use black for a birthday gift?” she laughed lightly.

Glancing around for something to keep her friend busy, Minami asked hastily, “Why don’t you close the door? It’s cold.”

Atsuko raised an eyebrow and snickered, “Minami, you were saying how hot it was five minutes ago.”

A long grunt escaped Minami’s throat as she brainstormed for more excuses, which evoked a smirk from Atsuko. As she watched the short captain racking her brains, she smiled mischievously and bent down for a better angle. She leaned closer, her eyes twinkling with playful interest.

“Ah, ah…” Minami exclaimed softly and asked, “Don’t we have to prepare for the party? Aren’t the others coming later?” The corners of her lips curled upwards as she grinned like a five year old kid that was given a new toy.

“In the evening,” Atsuko replied and laughed when Minami dropped her jaw like someone took her favorite toy away. “It’s not even noon yet,” she added lightheartedly.

“Or…” Minami drawled out the ‘o’ sound, “you can open my gift and use it in your birthday party?”

Atsuko hummed for a while, dropping her hands back to behind the short girl’s neck, and shot down her friend’s idea. “Sounds nice, but I’ll do it later. I’m not too curious about it, you know?”

The last sentence rendered Minami deadpanned silent. Slowly, she asked hesitantly in a dry voice all of a sudden, “Did you peek when I wasn’t looking?”

Atsuko stared at Minami disbelievingly and chuckled. “Minami…that means I had to open the wrapper. If I did, I would have rewrapped it better than what you did there,” she broke down laughing on Minami’s shoulder as soon as her sentence ended.

“Hey!” Minami called in feigned annoyance, frowning. “I tried my best!” Despite saying that, she looked like she was trying not to laugh at her own artwork on the gift.

“Mm hmm, you certainly did,” Atsuko teased after she had calmed down.

Straightening up, Atsuko smiled gently, looked into Minami’s eyes, and slowly leaned her forehead closer to Minami’s. Minami smiled unconsciously at her friend’s actions and tightened her grip on Atsuko’s upper arms without hurting her. The close proximity of their faces allowed them to listen to the other’s breathing in spite of the rain falling outside.

Feeling warmth on her face coming in steady waves, Atsuko widened her smile. Breaking their eye contact, her gaze traveled downwards and stopped at Minami’s collarbone. The short girl was wearing a loose silver necklace, its pendant hiding behind her shirt.

Tracing her forefinger along the silver chain, she looped her finger around the thin string and scooped up the pendant in question to reveal that it was a locket. On the lid were two lone letters ‘MA’ engraved on its surface. The design of the locket gave her the impression that it was made with great meticulousness.

“MA…” she mused, “I’ll bet there is a picture of myself inside this locket.” The small blush on Minami’s cheeks proclaimed her a correct guess.

“How do you know?” Minami pursed her lips, seeming embarrassed.

“I’ve known you long enough. See, you’ve never worn this necklace before.” She paused thoughtfully and flicked her head slightly to indicate the gift on the shoe rack, “I’ll say it’s the same necklace with your initials and picture.”

Puffing her cheeks, Minami said in a sulking tone, “You’re no fun.”

“Sorry,” Atsuko apologized half-heartedly; her face relaxed into that of a silent, patient, and loving watcher quickly and easily, like it had always been this way.

Still resting her forehead against Minami’s, Atsuko gazed tenderly into the captain’s eyes, hugged her neck closer, and leaned in until their noses touched. Strands of hair fell from behind her ears and tickled the skin on Minami’s cheeks.

“I’ll make up for it?” Atsuko asked sweetly in a low voice.

Tightening her hold on Atsuko’s upper arms, Minami curved her lips into a lopsided smile and queried softly, “How?”

Giving a final grin, Atsuko slowly closed the distance between their lips, her eyelids drooping a little. Exhaling shakily, Minami leaned up, pulling Atsuko closer by her upper arms.

As their lips grazed against each other, they paused for a second, slowly feeling each other’s warm breath on their skin. At their own paces, they leaned in, lightly pressed their lips together, and stayed like that awhile, savoring the warmth. Inhaling and exhaling steadily, Atsuko moved her left hand to gently stroke Minami’s side bangs and played with them.

They parted slowly, their faces still only a centimeter apart. Atsuko took her time to stare at Minami before resting her chin on the short girl’s shoulder and closing her eyes.

As Atsuko snuggled against Minami’s neck and inhaled her scent, a vibration shook the comfortable silence. She ignored it for ten seconds before asking, “Aren’t you going to answer the call?”

Minami patted Atsuko’s head gently, seeming to ponder about it, and said, “Five more minutes.”

“You sound like a kid that wants to sleep more in the morning,” Atsuko commented and snickered.

Minami only hummed in reply, and as the vibration of the phone in her pocket continued, she rested her head against Atsuko’s and spoke softly, “Just ignore it.”


A/N: That's it~ Once again, I hope you enjoy~ Please tell me what you think OTL
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So sweet > <

Thx for update your Atsumina fic.
I hope to write my fic too but.. :sweatdrop:

**Postpone:: Atsumina Birthday fic,, I'm really busy.. gomen ne..

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Waaah Tii-chin this is sooo cute  :tama-heart:
It's make my heart beat ^///^

I want Acchan's birthday everyday  :k-wink: They are so cute together !
Please write more cute atsumina's OS  :luvuluvu:

See you~ (And Happy birthday Acchan)

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OMG sweet atsumina..

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titi saaaaaan  :panic:
Finally you make AtsuMina kissing on your fic  :deco: That is so good! So sweet   :wub:
Me like how you describe it, me gusta!!!  :heart: :heart:
pls write more AtsuMina w/ more kissing scene please  :bow:

Thanks a looooot

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Waa.. this story makes me doki-doki  :heart:

please write more... :peace:

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Acchan is so...ADORABLE. She's too smart for my oshi 8D She can't hide anything~

That five minutes will turn to an hour ;) Just you wait~


 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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  • atsumina
that's so cute… my heart can't take that much TT
Love the descriptions and the characterization TT
your os always seem like a suspended moment in time and i love it

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