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Author Topic: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 10 UPDATED (10/03/2015)  (Read 23594 times)

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 4 UPDATED
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Oh no dont tell me that figure is Yuki?!

Omg Rena look ai Jurina body and even say it 'H-O-T' *blush*

Update soon

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 4 UPDATED
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I LIKE IT   :onioncheer:

please UPDATE a.s.a.p  :ding:

\(-,-)/ ARE U MAD??? O.o

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 5 UPDATED
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Sorry for the delay of Chapter 5 (ノД`)・゜・。 :banghead: :banghead:
BTW thanks for everyone that read this fanfic i'm grateful!!! (´ ▽`).。o♡(´ ▽`).。o♡ :deco: :deco:
I'll try by best to update Chapter 6 next week or even earlier!!!! :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:
Anyways enjoy!!!~(☆^O^☆)(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・  :deco: :heart: :deco:

Chapter 5: The Beach Part. 2

The mysterious figure walked away from the shore line as it entered a black toyota car.

"What's your destination Miss Kashiwagi," the driver asked looking up from the rear view mirror.

"The hotel please" Yuki said as she comfortable sat down putting on her seat belt.

Yuki Perspective

I looked out the window taking in the beautiful scene in front of me. The darkness of the night gave a romantic feeling to me as the car drove in a silence.

"Rena..." I whispered looking out to the window.

Its been about 7 years since I last saw Rena. I was currently studying in the USA because of my family business that was currently expanding into international areas. Now 17 years old I finally decided to move back to Japan to finish my high school studies.

"Miss Kashiwagi were here" the driver said as he opened my door.

I soon entered the hotel room as I layed on the bed face first.

"Aaaaa so soft~" I said smiling to myself as I turned over looking up at the ceiling.

To be honest I’ve been kind of following Rena considering her father told me about her transformation to a guy. He told me that Rena was currently with her friends, and so with a little research I ended up following them here. I noticed this so called girl named Jurina getting really close to Rena like REALLY close

"Aaa I wished I could have meet Rena first before that Jurina girl" I said as I clenched my fist in the air.

Rena perspective

"Waaaa that was so scary" Churi said as she hind her face in Airi shoulder.

"Mou Oshiri, you scaring everyone" Yuko said as Haruna protected her ears the whole time.

"Hahah sorry you guys hahah!" Mayuyu said as she laughed "It wasn't that scary, but your faces were was totally priceless "

"Never let Mayuyu tell a scary story" Minami said as she wiped her tears away as Maeda shook her head in agreement.

I looked beside me as I noticed Jurina holding onto my arm tightly as small tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Jurina are you ok? Did Mayuyu scary you to much?" I asked in a concerning voice wiping away the forming tears from her eye.

"I-im o-ok" Jurina said as she shyly smiled as a blushed formed from her cheeks as she slowly let go of her hold on my arm “I was a little bit scared, but i’m ok Ren"

"Ok" I replied smiling back at Jurina as she smiled back.

"Since this is our first night lets makes this break a memory we can all treasure forever!" Mayuyu yelled as she stood up, suddenly yelled to the sky “LETS MAKE THIS TRIP THE BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES!!!!"

We all cheered in unity as Mayuyu started to head towards the ocean yelling non stop. Everyone soon followed along as we splash water on each other, laughing along. Soon it was getting really late we all helped cleaned up the place. We all headed into our separate rooms for the night.

A few days later

Days pass since we arrived at Meada vacation house. We all got super tanned and Jurina told me that she could even see Mayuyu tan line of her swimsuit which made me laugh. We also went around the area we found small shopping and hotels. We eating along they way to small food stalls. Today on the 7 day and currently our last night before we left home and started school again. Yuko called all of us in the living room as we went into forest that was right behind Meada vacation house.

“LISTEN UP EVERYONE!” Yuko yelled as we gathered around her clearly seeing the forest behind her “Since it’s our last night here me we should do the test of courage!!!”

“MOU YUKO CAN WE NOT” Jurina yelled as she held my arm “ You know clearly I hate the dark…”

"I hate this also, please don't let us go alone!!" Churi said as she held Airin which we all currently called her since we started to get to know each other.

“Relax you guys were going to be in partners” Yuko said with a smile “But to make this interesting were going to make a draw on what partners were getting"

Yuko took out a plastic bag from her pocket as she explain what was inside.

“In this bag there is 9 pieces of paper, two of which have matching number which can determine your partners in the end, but their one strip of paper that doesn’t have a number that matching with it they can be consider to be the somewhat pranker" Yuko said as she held the plastic bag out calling Maeda name "Well lets start! Maeda can start first”

“I hope I get paired up with Minami I want to see her scaredy face” Maeda said smiling as she pick a strip of paper first

“I hope I’ll be the pranker so I won’t have to do this !!!” Minami said as she went after Maeda.

One by one we all picked out the sheets still we all had one. We all opened our numbers as I saw I had number 5 on mine.

“Ok everyone show your numbers to each other” Yuko said as we all held our numbers to each other. “Lets see~ aaa me and Maeda are a pair and….. Airin and Minami…… Haruna and Churi… and Jurina and Oshiri!~ and lastly Ren as the pranker!!!!”

“Lets do our best!” Churi said as she looked at Haruna as she shook her head.

“Airin if I die can you tell Meada that I love her!!!” Minami said as she cried onto Airin looking at her as she grabbed her shirt.

“Ummm Minami your not going to die” Airin said as she tried pushing Minami away from her.

“YAHH IT’S JUST YOU AND ME MAEDA!!!” Yuko said as she put her arm around Meada “WE CAN FINALLY BE TOGETHER LIKE BEFORE!!”

“Mou….. Yuko…. Minami can see us” Maeda said as she pouted a bit as a small blush could be seen on her cheeks.

“Well Jurina it’s me and you” Mayuyu said as she patted Jurina as Jurina slowly nodded her head.

“Ok lets start since Ren the pranker he can set up the pranks which are in this bag” Yuko said as she gave me the bag full with unknown items.

I headed out first putting up signs that said the direction they would go till they reach the house again. I put creepy items around the area and put some invisible string that they would get caught in. I looked around at the creation I made with a small nodded as I headed back a bit and yelled to the group.

“YOU GUY YOU CAN START!!!” I yelled as I walked a back



I started to head back in another direction as I clearly saw Yuko and Maeda head first holding each other with their flashlights in front of them as they headed into the forest. One by one they all went inside till I was the only one left that was just outside of the house.

“Well i’ll just be by the beach till they come back” I said as I headed toward the shore line.

I quickly headed out into the beach taking out my sandals and feeling the cool breeze of the ocean and the soft sand on my feet as I walked alone. I could smell the ocean natural perfume and the sounds of the waves crashing along the shore line. I suddenly lied down on the sand as I looked up at the into the starry night sky. A voice echoed though as it sounded like it was calling me as I sat up looking around for the source of the voice till someone poked me on the shoulder. I slowly turned around finding someone I've currently haven't seen in 7 years…

“It’s been a while Rena or should I say Ren”


Back at the forest

Team: Maeda and Yuko

Yuko and Maeda were currently ahead of the rest of the group as they walked along following the sign. Yuko eye caught a mysterious item on a tree. Maeda was holding onto Yuko as she flashed her light on the mysterious item revealing a creepy face of a pumpkin.

“HOLY COW!!!” Yuko yelled backing back a bit as she continued looking at the scary mask on the tree “That scared the the hell out of me, how about you Meada?”

Yuko turned around to see Maeda holding onto her arm crying

“Yuko lets go!!” Maeda said loudly as she grabbed Yuko shirt as she ran as fast as she could dragging Yuko along.

"Meada can you slow down a bit will you!" Yuko yelled as Meada keep dragging Yuko along.

Team: Minami and Airi

Minami was currently alone as Airin left her as she ran ahead. Now alone and afraid of dark she flashed her only light source in front as she walked along by herself.

"AIRIN WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!!" Minami yelled as walking slowly looking for Airin.

Minami turned around as she heard a small shuffle of a bush near by. She quickly walked a bit quickly as the sound subsided. Then as she slowed down her pace she suddenly heard a low moaning sound.

"Minami calm down! their no ghost here its ok! its just a game nothing more right???"

As she trying encouraging herself the moan started to get louder as she quicken her pace a bit more than before. The sound soon died out as she stopped to caught her breath, then suddenly a hand landed on Minami shoulder. She turned around seeing Airin face close up with the a bright light on her face showing a weird face up close to Minami.

"AAAAA!!!" Minami yelled as she fell on her butt.

"HAHAHA I GOT YOU, HAHAHA YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR FACE HAHA!!" Airin said as she was laughing on the floor rolling around. "YOUR FACE WAS PRICELESS HAHAH"

"Airin!!!! Just you wait till I get my hand on your face!!!" Minami said loudly as she walked to Airin currently on the floor as Airin looked up seeing a dark aura around Minami figure.

"Oo shoot.."

Just like that Airin ran for her life as Minami ran and followed behind.

Team Churi and Haruna

Chuti and Haruna were currently walking not so far from Airin and Minami team. They soon heard a loud yell as they walked along.

"Was that Minami? Haruna said as she turned her head to face Churi who was on the verge of tears.

"I-I think s-so" Churi said as she held onto Haruna arm tightly.

"Its ok Churi" Haruna said as she replaced Churi hold on her arm to her hand. "Im scared to, but lets do our best!!"

Churi admired Haruna leadership considering she and Haruna had to take care of their girlfriends the whole time here. She considered asking Haruna about some tips to handled Airin considering Yuko and Airin were sort of alike.

"Ok!" Churi said loudly as she followed Haruna

Churi then thought about asking Haruna some advice since they were currently alone and though it could ease the situation they were in.

"Oo by the way Haruna can you lend me a few tricks on how you handle Yuko?"

"Sure!" Haruna said "Can you also tell me how you handle Airin perveness too!"

The two soon forgot the current situation they were i'm as they talked about how they handled their relationships.

Team Mayuyu and Jurina

As for Mayuyu and Jurina, they were currently walking slowly holding each other for dear life.

"Mou I hate this I hate this" Mayuyu said as she guided her and Jurina along.

"Are we their?" Jurina said in a low voice hiding behind Mayuyu

"Nope" Mayuyu said as she beamed her flashlight.

As they were walking they suddenly got caught in a fake spider web. They were both screaming out loud as Mayuyu felt someone grab her hand as she was dragged out of their at lighting speed.

"AAAAAAAA GET ME OUT OF HERE!!" Jurina yelled as she grab Mayuyu hand running for her life, as she passed all the teams.

Rena perspective

"YUKI!!" I said I rubbed my eye thinking it was a dream "Am I dreaming?"

"Of course not silly i'm here in flesh and blood" Yuki said as she hugged me

I hugged her back as I cried a bit on her shoulder. She slowly patted my back comforting me. We soon sat down as my cries started to subside as Yuki started to explain why she was here. She told me that my father told her my transformation from a girl to a guy and she also told her experience in America. We talked non stop as we laughed and told our lives to each other.

"You should have called me at least" I said looking at her.

"Sorry I wanted to surprise you so I kind of followed you here"she said as she smiled at me "By the way you look super cool as a guy"

"Hahaha thanks!" I said as a small blush appeared as I looked at the waves crashing onto my feet.

We soon sat in silence as we watched night light shine on the ocean giving it a romantic glow. Then I saw Yuki stand in front of me telling me words that I never knew she felt.

"Rena I know this is sudden, but the reason I came here was to tell something I've wanted to tell you in forever" Yuki said as I stood up looking straight at Yuki as I waited for her replied "I wanted to tell you that... I LOVE YOU RENA!!!"

At that moment my heart stop. What I never knew she felt this this way, but why so sudden?

As Yuki looked at me she held my hand looking into my eyes as she told me words, that I never knew about.

"I know you must have forgotten about this haha" she said as she looked down at her scandals "Were currently engaged at the moment hahaha"


Did I hear her right engaged? Not it can't be haha... can it?

"Rena were going to get married like for real"

"WHATTTTT!!!" I yelled out loud "you joking with me right hahaha..."

"Rena don't you remember we even planned this even before I left to the USA"

After I while I remember. Yuki was always their for me since we were young, protecting me and comforting me when I was bullied and scared. When we were 10 I remember crying to Yuki telling her that I love her and would wait for her so we could get married and she agreed and even told her parents which they approve....


How could I have forgotten about this! AAAAA I should I've know aaa why did I have to forget!!

I even kissed Yuki telling her that the kiss was a somewhat seal of us to see each other and get married. I can't believe that Yuki even remember this!

"Hahaha I know this is sudden "Yuki said as she looked at me with serious look on her face "I love you Matsui Rena!!"

At that moments I felt Yuki lips on mine as she kissed me lightly. I was shocked at the sudden kissed and froze with the sudden contact.

Then as they kissed they both heard sudden scream as they broke the contact and turned their heads to see 2 girls.

" J-J-Jurina, M-M-Mayuyu did you hear us b-before" I said slowly as they shake their heads.

"I never knew you were engaged Ren!!" Mayuyu said loudly  in a sad voice "Especially to a girl I had high hopes of dating..."

I could see Jurina standing up bowing at me as Mayuyu did the same.

"I-I-I'm sorry for disturbing your privacy Ren and..." Jurina said as she got cut of but Yuki voice.

"Yuki Kashiwagi, can call me Yuki" Yuki said as she went up to me kissing my cheek lightly as she whispered into my ear.

Mayuyu watched as she had her mouth open to the sudden boldness that Yuki had to kiss me in front of them. I could see Jurina face in anger as she kissed my cheek lightly.

"Lets text each other ok!~" Yuki said happily as she walked past me and pass Mayuyu and Jurina.

As she passed by them Jurina had a sort of distasteful expression on her face as Yuki went away to into a black car. Jurina then walked towards me as she was looking at the ground.

"Ren lets go back ok..." Jurina said sadly as she walked along side Mayuyu who looked at and shrugs her shoulder.


10 minutes earlier

Team Mayuyu and Jurina

Jurina perspective

I was running for my life with Mayuyu as we finally found the exit.

"Holy cow Jurina you run so freaking fast!" Mayuyu said as she was catching her breath.

"AAAA SORRY, BUT WERE FINALLY OUT!! " I yelled out loud as I laid on the floor.

"Yahh and were first to get out also" Mayuyu said as she helped me up on my feet "How about we find Ren, I bet he wondering at the beach again like always we should follow him!!~"

We soon walked along the shoreline as they spotted a 2 figures not to far up from where they are.

"Yoo Jurina is that Ren?" Mayuyu said pointing to the figures in the distance.

"It must be, but who is he with lets go check it out"

We soon got too close to the pair as we saw the other unknown figure that had raven haired. She had white shorts and a blue tank that had the word USA on it. They found a good spot to watch the two up close near a band of rocks.

"Woah!!" Mayuyu yelled as I quickly put my hand over her mouth.

"You're too loud" I whispered as holding a finger to my lips as I removed my hand from her mouth.

"Sorry" Mayuyu whispered back looking at the pair again "It just that that girl Ren with is super hot!"

"Well why don't you ask Ren to hook you two up" I said smirking at Mayuyu as I could see a gleam of happiness in her eye.

"OMG Jurina you so smart" May Mayuyu whispered to me holding a fist in the air "I'll make her fall in love with me!!"

"Sure sure and keep your voice down I think their conversation getting good!" I whispered to Mayuyu as we listened to the two conversation.

"Rena I know this is sudden, but the reason I came here was to tell something I've wanted to tell you in forever" Yuki said to Ren in front of her yelling out loudly "I wanted to tell you that... that I LOVE YOU RENA!!!"

As I heard though lines my heart stopped. Why is this girl suddenly asking Ren out? She must asking as love as friendship.... yahh friendship.

"Woah Ren got confessed!" Mayuyu whispered to me "Jurina you have to take Ren back"

"W-what are you talking about I dont like him that way!" I whispered back.

"You're lying!!! Your face shows jealously  the moments that Ren got asked out!" Mayuyu said as she smiled at me."

"Aa whatever I don't like him, lets just keep hearing what their talking about" I whispered back as a small blushed formed on my cheeks for the current discussion.

As we both listened closely I heard Ren engagement to this so called Yuki. My heart stop as Yuki explained further of the vow they told each other and she even told her parents about getting married to Ren, like what the heck!!??. I felt a sort of pain in my heart hearing Ren engagement. As we listen we suddenly saw Yuki boldy kiss Ren on the lips.

My heart broken into a million pieces seeing the scene of Ren getting kissed by another girl. This pain it can't be brotherly love..

"OMG REN!!" Mayuyu yelled loudly as she lose her grip on the rock as we tumbled down on the ground.

"J-J-Jurina, M-M-Mayuyu did you hear us b-before" Ren said slowly he looked at us with a shocked expression.

We shook our head as she stood up. I could see Yuki glare at me with an unamused expression at us. I bowed my head as I nudged Mayuyu to do the same as I aloposued.

"I-I-I'm sorry for disturbing your privacy Ren and..." I said as she got cut of by Yuki voice.

"Yuki Kashiwagi, can call me Yuki" Yuki said as she went up to Ren cheeked and kissed it lightly.

At that moment I felt the rivalry between me and Yuki as she walked towards me as she whispered into my ear.

“I wonder who’s going to take Ren heart now, Jurina” Yuki whispered in my ear before walking away into the car as it broke away.

As the car disappeared from my sight. The words that Yuki said still roamed in my head. For some reason I felt a stab in my heart hearing those words from her and seeing Ren being engaged and get kissed by... by Yuki.

"Ren lets go back ok..." I said as I sadly walked along with Mayuyu. As we were walking tears suddenly feel from my eyes as we walked in silence as Ren walked behind us.

“Jurina…..” Mayuyu said softly as she walked a little bit slower letting me have time to myself.

Ren perspective

As we headed towards the group  Yuko ran up to us as the others cleaned up the item.

"Where were you guys!!" Yuko said loudly as she pouted at us "We were waiting for you and we clean this up without you!!"

"Sorry Yuko" Jurina said as she patted Yuko head "We were a little carried away when we headed out first, so we meet Ren and we took a walk on the beach"

"Haha yahh we did!" Mayuyu said "Right Ren!!"

"Yahh we wanted to look at the seas before we headed out tomorrow morning" I added as I scratched my head.

"Well I'll let this slide since Oshiri and Jurina won!!" Yuko said as she put her shoulders on both Jurina and Mayuyu. "You guys were super fast getting the heck out of their hahaha!!"

soon the whole group came up as Yuko told the details.

"I never seen Jurina run that fast ever considering she part of the track team" Maeda said in excitement.

"Yahh jeez at least you didn't get hit in the head by your girlfriend, Maeda she can fircking hit hard!!" Airin said as she had an ice pack on her head.

"Well thats your fault for scaring me in the first place" Minami said as she patted Airin head "At least at the end Churi came and kissed you so you could recover"

"You guys..." Churi said as she blushed slapping Minami on the shoulder.

We all laughed along as I saw Jurina in the corner of my eye. She seemed a bit bothered and I wanted to ask, but considering the situation earlier I considering leaving her by herself.

"Well since this is our last time before we head home let play on the beach!~" Haruna said as she clapped her hands together.

"Same I want to spend time with Nyan Nyan!!~" Yuko replied as we all watched her groping her hands on Haruna boobs.


Just like that the Kojiyuu couple ran off to the ocean as we all looked at each other and ran off also.

I quickly grab Jurina hand as I said words to ease her since she had a bothering look on her face.

"Let enjoy ourselves Jurina!!" I said smiling at her as we started run to run towards the group "You should smile also you look more beautiful when you smile"

As I looked behind me I could see Jurina blushing hard as she shook her head laughing as she smiled widely.

"Thanks, Ren!" She said out loud as she held my hand tightly as she ran ahead of me as we crashed into the water putting our heads out from the water as we laughed.

That last night of the week we laughed and played like no other till it was midnight and headed off to sleep.

A days later

After we went to the beach everyone went home for the week to prepare for school to start again. Mayuyu told everyone about Yuki and about our engagement and about the incident she witness. *facepalm* I got mad at Mayuyu considering Churi and Airin texted me first when Mayuyu called about it to me a few minutes earlier.

Dear Rena






From Churi

From Airin!!!

YOOOO dude you're getting married to a GIRL!!!

Never knew you like girl like me!!!!

I can give you a few tricks when getting in bed hahaha

Tell me the detail, Churi going crazy here about this so text mee!!

From Airin!!

As the friends that are the only people plus Yuki to know I'm a girl I invited them to my house and explained to them a bit, and smack Mayuyu as for telling about this as we gathered in my bedroom.

"What are you going to do!!!" Churi asked as she held a pillow in her hand as we gathering inside my room. "Your getting engaged and you didn't tell us!!"

"Sorry you guy... well to be honest Jurina and Mayuyu saw when they finished the test of courage.."

"WHATTT!!" Airin and Churi yelled as they looked at us "Mayuyu you saw!! everything that happened!!!?? "

Mayuyu just nodded as I quickly explained the situation last night.

"Woah I did see Jurina yesterday seem a bit bother" Airin said stroking her invisible chin "I would consider that she finally realized her feeling for y-"

Before Airin could finish her sentence Mayuyu closed her mouth as she looked at me with a smile and Churi looked confused.

"She meant ummm...feeling of happiness for you haha" Mayuyu said as she grab Churi and Airin by the arm to the door "Will be right back we need to go to the umm.. washroom"

Just like that they went away as I sat there confused as I quickly shrugged it off.

Mayuyu perspective

I quickly brought Airin and Churi to the washroom.

"Why did you bring us here!" Airin said loudly as looked at me.

"I brought you here because we shouldn't confused Rena that Jurina likes her!!" I told them as they listened "Rena just got asked by her childhood friend and bring up Jurina would confuse her more about her decision"

"OOO!" The couple said as they looked at each other.

"Well, but if Rena says yes to Yuki what about Jurina!!" Churi added "We three can clearly see that they like each other, but they can't even acknowledge the fact they do"

They two nodded their heads as they tried to figure out what they should do about the situation.

"Well I could get closer to Yuki " Mayuyu said blushing "N-not that I want to know her more or anything hahaha…..."

"Mayuyu you're a genius!!" Airin said as she held everyone hand "Considering we shouldn't interrupt Rena decision about Yuki we could some how make Rena realize her feeling for Jurina and Mayuyu here can finally be able to be with her ture love!!!!"

"Well if that happens what about Rena telling thats she a girl..." Churi added as the three of them forgot about that.

"Well let the Wmatsui couple to do" I replied as the rest of the group agreed.

They headed back to Rena room, they all further planned to meet the while group at Mayuyu house considering Rena had to change to Ren. I soon texted the other to meet me at my house to converse about the Ren announcement that I made about him being engaged.

At Mayuyu house 3 hours later.

Ren perspective

"Ren tell us why you got engaged!! " Minami said as Airin and Churi And Mayuyu nodded head at Minami statement.

"I'm just happy for you, but let me plan your wedding!" Maeda said happily clapping her hands

"Meee tooo!!~" Haruna said as she high fived Meada.

"Woah our Ren growing up!!" Yuko said as fake cried to me as Mayuyu did the same.

I saw Jurina sitting beside me as she looked down on her drink not even joining in the conversation. I quickly asked her if she was ok, but she just nodded as she punched on the arm.

"I'm fine, Ren!" Jurina said as she smiled at me. I could see a hint of sadness, but I thought it was just me so I didn't bother with it.

"Ok you guys calm down i'm not engaged or at least I don't want to be engaged!! " I said loudly to the group as they listened

"WHATTTT WHYYY!!" They all said circling around me at Mayuyu table.

I sigh quickly as I explained to them.

"Firstly when she told me where about it I remember about it, but that was such a long time ago I don't know my feeling anymore since I just saw here now in 7 years." Everyone nodded as I continued "Also I have mixed feeling for Yuki at the moment..."

Jurina perspective

As Ren said he had mixed feeling for Yuki I got a bit happy considering he doesn't want to be engaged and I might have a chance... wait a chance what am I saying.

As Ren was telling us his feeling for Yuki at the moment Mayuyu looked up at me as she winked at me.

I quickly looked away as a small blush formed.

Ren perspective

As the meeting ended everyone seem to be down considering I didn't want to be engaged and had mixed feeling for Yuki, but they encourage me to pick what was right for me.

We all parted from Mayuyu house as me and Jurina walked side by side.

"Ren" a familiar voice said as I turned to Jurina. "Just follow your heart, don't let the engagement get to you ok?"

"Of course... it just that I
 forgotten about it and it's been years and Yuki still remembered..."

"Whatever right for you i'm happy for you" Jurina said as I saw a hint of sadness in her eye even though she seem happy on the outside.

"Thanks Jurina" I said as I smiled back at her.

A few days later

I haven't seen or heard from Jurina in a while since we had the meeting and I gotten worried about her. And school coming up in 2 days.

"Aaaa I wished we could go back to the beach again..." I said as I flopped my body on the bed.

Ring ring

I looked up on the desk as I saw a text message from Jurina I quickly opened the text message.

Dear Ren

Im sorry I couldn't text you these past few days<(_ _)>

Don't worry about me i'm ok!!!!

 I'm pretty busy with some catching up to do on homework >o<

I can't to see you at school!!  ~^O^~

From Jurina

I quickly replied back as I laid on my bed holding my phone in front of me.

Dear Jurina

I've been worried sick and I thought you die or something o(╯□╰)o

Better caught up on thoughts homework before the break ends!

Take care, see you at school!!

From Ren

As pressed send on my iphone held the phone to my chest.

Jurina perspective

I soon got a text from Ren as I quickly read it.

"Ren..." I said as my head reached the couch.

Ever Since the incident with Yuki announcement to Ren of their engagement I've felt something painful in my heart...

As the days went by being back at home I finally realized my feeling for Ren. I love him more than a brotherly figure.

"Why didn't I realize this earlier.... " I said sadly as I held my favorite pillow into a bear hug.

Ren perspective

I laid down on the bed facing the ceiling in front of me as my dad opened the door.

"Rena" My dad said as she slowly approach me sitting on the side on the bed facing towards me as I sat up to face him.

"What is it dad?"

"Well it was just since you came back from your trip with your friends you seem down" He answered as he look at me.

"Its nothing really just tried and all" I replied as I remember to mention something to him. "I as see Yuki dad she told me everything you told her and she even found me at Maeda house"

"She pretty commented to find you, she pretty fond of you since you guys were kids" He responded as she ruffled my hair. "So hows the new school Rena?"

"Its pretty good I just wished that I could be a girl than a guy.."

"Sorry that your old papa has to make his music business popular and make you pretty well known also and you hate getting attention haha" He replied as she patted my back. "Well I better go now I have an interview to go to and new people to sign into the business "

As he walked along as question came up to my mind as I thought about it for days since I came back from the trip.


"What is it buddy?" He said as she held the door turning around.

"Well I was wondering ..what did you think mom felt when you told her that you love her ...."

My dad paused as he closed the door thinking for a bit before he answered.

"Well when she said yes I felt like I was going to die on the spot and I remember your mother telling me she felt as if she had butterflies in her stomach and couldn't even considering the thought that I asked her out" he said as he nodded his head from the current memories.

"Thanks for the answer dad" I said smiling at him "well you better get going or you'll be late"

"Haha ok well if you need to talk just ask me" he said as he finally left the room.

I laid down on my bed as I thought of Yuki confession and sudden announcement of engagement we planned as kids. What my dad said about my mom feeling was sort of like mine. When Yuki told me her feeling I felt happy. At one point I really did love Yuki as she loved me. But ever since me and Jurina got closer I had this feeling in my chest every time I see Jurina, but Yuki.....

"Aaaaa what i'm I going to do!!!" I yelled as I fell on my bed again.

I then received a text message as my phone sent a ring tone throughout my room. I quickly opened the message revealing it was from Yuki.

Dear Rena

BTW tomorrow i'm going to be in your class when school starts again!!!

I haven't been in the same class with you in forever!! (´∀`)♡

I can't wait and also let go on a date!!! (∩˃o˂∩)♡

From Yuki

The message Yuki sent me gave me a slight blush as I thought of her being in my class and the sudden statement of dating!!

Dear Yuki

Haha I can't wait either.

I just wanted to tell you that the sudden announcement of your confession caught me off guard and when you told me we were engaged it shock me (・_・ヾ

I remember when we were kids we liked each other, but that was such a long time and I need time to think and I want to take things slow (ノ゚0゚)ノ~

I haven't even said yes and I wanted to think about it till school arrives and I'll give you my answer!!

From Rena

Yuki perspective

As the text arrive I saw that Rena was thinking hard about the confession I said. And school coming in 2 days!! I hope Ren would consider dating me!!!

I flopped on my bed with a smile was plastered on my face as I texted her back.

Dear Rena

Rena if you want us to slow down then i'm ok with it!! I'll even lets us date before we get engaged again!!~ (*^▽^*)

I Love You Matsui Rena And I Always Will!! ♡♡♡♡

From Yuki.

As I finished the text I look at my calendar and noticed a red circle confirming the day that I could be in Rena class and the day I’ll get Rena answer to my confession!!

"I can't wait for your answer!! I hope you say yes!!" I said as I flopped on my bed "I can’t wait for till school starts!!~”
Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 5 UPDATED
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What!! Rena and Yuki are engaged! :OMG:
If only Rena and Jurina realized their feelings for each other sooner :depressed:
"AAAAAAAA GET ME OUT OF HERE!!" Jurina yelled as she grab Mayuyu hand running for her life, as she passed all the teams.
As expected from Jurina :mon lol:
"I never knew you were engaged Ren!!" Mayuyu said loudly  in a sad voice "Especially to a girl I had high hopes of dating..."
Wait does Mayu know Yukirin? :dunno: Did I miss something? :mon huh:
I can give you a few tricks when getting in bed hahaha
Lol, here comes pervert Airin :on lol:
Eh! :stoned: Yuki is transferring to Rena's class!  :dizzy:
How will this work out for Mayu and Jurina :mon star:
Thanks for the chapter :mon thumb:
Can't wait for the next update  :tama-apeshit:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 6 UPDATE
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Chapter 6 broken

Rena POV
2 days later

"Everyone today we have a new student" Miss Mariko said as the class listened "Please, come in and introduce yourself"

"Hello my name Kashiwagi Yuki, nice to meet you" Yuki said as she bowed down to the class "Please take care of me"

I could see all the guys eyeing and some girl whispering around the class. I could see Churi looking toward me with a she-in-our-class look on her face. I shook my head up and down as and Churi mouthed a O to me before facing turning towards the front. I turned towards Jurina as I saw a somewhat irritating look on her face plastered on her face. For a couple of days, Jurina been acting a little bit weird around me but I just shrugged it off thinking it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

Jurina POV

Why does Yuki have to be in our class! Ever since that night I finally realized my feelings for Ren and now Yuki also like him also!! How can I compete with her now…. they knwo each other since they were little….

"Class settle down, Yuki you may sit in front of Matsui Jurina, Jurina please raise your hand" Miss Mariko said looking towards me.

As I raised my hand me and Yuki locked eyes. I could see her smirking at me as she took her seat in front of me. The class started of normally just like any other day just with Yuki in my class.

Ding dong ding dong

The class shuffled around as lunch started to being me and Churi headed out first to the meet the others. I noticed Ren waiting behind for Yuki as he motioned us to go ahead first.

Normal POV

Jurina headed outside along with Churi as they greeted their friends sitting in a circle as the tree shaded them from the blazing sun.

"Where Ren and Yuki!!" Yuko asked as she looked around trying to find the two.

"They'll be here soon" Churi replied as she took her seat beside her girlfriend

"I bet there kissing each other haha" Airin said as she did the kissing face towards Churi as she pulled her face away.

The group laughed along to the Airin respond. 10 minutes passed and there was still no sign of the two anywhere.

"There taking really long” Minami said as she packed her bento box into her bag.

"I wonder what happened?" Meada added as she looked around trying to see any sign of Ren and Yuki “Maybe their eating out or something for lunch?”

"Umm maybe, Jurina lets go look around the school" Mayuyu said as she stood up in front of Jurina

"..Ok.." Jurina replied as she stood upside Mayuyu.

The two stood up as they walked towards the school looking for any sign of Ren and Yuki anywhere.

Rena POV

I felt bad no telling my friends, for eating lunch with Yuki today. To be honest it was nice just to hang out Yuki today. Its been years since we hanged out like this…. It felt like old times when were kids.

"Ren..." a voiced asked beside

"What is it Yuki and please call me Rena their no one around but us haha" I responded as laughed a bit

"Rena did you think about your answer?" Yuki asked as she leaned in closer to me on the rall



I looked up into the sky as I closed my eyes. Is this a good choice for me....I wonder if it is. I thought long and hard about this and even considering dating a girl made my decision so hard... I wonder if this is the right choice...

"Rena?" Yuki asked as I continued to look at the clear sky.

"Yuki I thought long and hard about this.. about your confession..."


"... would you be my girlfriend?" I asked with my best smile plastered on my face "We haven't been together and well... i want to get to know your better..."


Yuki jumped towards me as we landed on the concrete as we laughed along. we soon finished our lunch I took a hold of her hand as I smiled at her.

"Yuki come on lets go"


Jurina POV

Me and Mayuyu looked long and hard as we looked around the school from the carfiera to tge library but we couldn't see any signs of the two...

"Gezz where are they!!" Mayuyu yelled as she was looking inside an empty class "How hard is it to find two people?!?!"

"Really hard" I replied as I laughed a bit of Mayuyu pout at me from my answer.

"Whatever come on the last place to look is up in the school roof top"

We walked through the halls as I looked out the window beside me admiring the weather outside, as a voice interpreted my thinking.

"Ne Jurina.."

"What is it?" I replied

"Do you love Ren?"

"Eeee!!" I replied aloud as Mayuyu came up to me facing towards me

"I said do you like Ren?"

"Umm.. haha of course not.." I replied as I pushed her aside as I cpunited walking "Hes just a friend thats all.."

"Jurina I can see you like him.."



"Ok I like him, but how can I since Yuki came along, how can I complete against her, their like childhood friends.. " I replied as I looked at the ground "Its hopeless..."


"Come on let's go find them" I replied

"Jurina wait.." Mayuyu said as she grab a hold of my arm "Ren likes you too I know it.."


"Come on Jurina the way your guys look at each other you like each other" Mayuyu said as she stood in front of me "I know I haven't dated anyone, but well you know if Yuki can't make up Ren mind only Ren can, you still have a chance!"


"I know this is weird conco to talk about, but Ren likes you, and promise me you'll never give him up to Yuki and once you guys confirm feeling and he tells you everything about him don't give up on him!!"

"Woah mayuyu.." I replied as I smiled at her "I won't give up then and what about this once you confirmed feeling and he tells you everything that you should still love him?"

"You'll see sooner or later..." Mayuyu respond as she let a sigh escape her mouth "he'll tell you sooner or later.."

Just like that Mayuyu grab my hand as I followed her into the hallway. I was confused about what she said.. did Ren have something he hasn't told me yet... I wonder what it was. As we walked a bit further we could see someone coming closer to us. I wonder if that Yuki and Ren...

Normal POV

Jurina and Mayuyu walked closer as they finally found Ren and Yuki.. but something seemed different..they were holding hands...

"O Jurina, Mayuyu!~" Yuki responded as she climbed on Ren arm

"Ren.. what the meaning of this?" Mayuyu added as she had a confused face plastered her face “Don’t tell me…”

"....." Jurina didn't seem to say a word as she looked that the two in front of her being lovey dovey.

"Well how do I say this..." Ren replied as he scratched his head

"Were dating now!~" Yuki replied as she kissed Ren on the cheeks as he blushed a bit.


"Shh Mayuyu be quite" Ren said as he covered Mayuyu mouth “It’s a long story… Yuki asked me a couple of day before school was going to start again and I many things to think about…. and I chose to accept Yuki confession…”

"What dating... but.. but..." Mayuyu said as she pulled Ren hand away looking towards Jurina.

As the group turned their eyes towards Jurina face. Her head was looking down at the ground her hands tightly formed into a fists.

"The bells going to ring soon... i'll on ahead.. anyways congrat!"

Just like that she ran her hardest away from the scene leaving a confused Ren, shock Mayuyu and pleased Yuki behind.

"Well anyways congrats!" Mayuyu said as she faked a smile as "I'll go on ahead also and caught up to Jurina...see you"

Just like that The two left Ren and Yuki alone in the hallway of the school…

Jurina POV

Why... why…

Why does this have to happen to me... why does fate have to be so cruel...

I wished I could go back in time, and stop myself from running down the halls so I wouldn't have to bump into you...I wished I could go back in time and go with my friends instead of walking home by myself and have you save me...

I wished I could erase your from my life and start a new...

I wished I could stop myself from loving you...

I continued to run finding a decent place that no one would find me as I let my tears flow down my face.

Rena POV


"Come one Ren she just shock thats all" Yuki replied as she held onto my arm "let's go to class!!"

The two of us went to class hand in hand as people started eyeing on us. In about a few minutes we were the hottest new couple at the school. My friends were shocked also and even came during class to congratulate us which got them scolded from Mariko san. As class was starting I noticed Jurina hasn't come back from her running away from us...

I wonder where she is....

Mayuyu POV

"Jurina where are you!?" I said as I was skipping class, looking for Jurina.

I looked everywhere from the gum to the place we usually eat, but she was no where to be seen. I then found a shed just outside of the gym to the main field as I opened up the door to find Jurina crying.


I Came up to her as she looked up at me with her eyes puffy and red as she started to cry again holding onto my arms.

"Its ok im here..." I said as I stroked her back wrapping my arms around her "Cry it out..."

Normal POV


"Woah Ren and Yuki dating that not shocking at all" Minami said as the group was walking home

"Yahh RenYuki the newest couple!" Meada added as she pulled her phone tweeting about it.

"Ren and Yuki 4ever!" Yuko said as she clinged onto Haruna "Ne Haruna arent they cute!!"

"Of course they are haha!" Haruna replied as she was tweeting about it also.

Just behind the group Mayuyu, Airin and Churi were quietly listening to their friends chatting about Ren and Yuki.

"Stupid Ren.." Churi said as she whispered to Airin and Mayuyu "she so stupid... now Jurina all sad, he didn't even considered knowing he had feelings for Jurina!"

"Well its Ren chose to chose Yuki or Jurina.." Airin replied holding Chrui had to comfort her "How is she Mayuyu?"


"Mayuyu.." Churi asked as she shook Mayuyu "Mayuyu.."

"She ok.. she went home after 3 period ended"

"Ok..." Churi added.

The 3 walked along as they listened to the 4 conversation.

‘Where Ren and Yuki anyways?” Churi asked as she looked beside to Mayuyu

“They left early than us…” Mayuyu replied as she looked at Churi “They left like 15 minutes earlier than us…”

At Yuki front gate

"Ne Rena.." Yuki said as she looked into Rena eyes.

"What is it?"

 "I love you!"

"I love you to"

The two shared a quick kiss as Rena said goodbye to Yuki. The kiss to Rena seemed sweet and soft as her lips pressed along with Yuki. The kiss wasn’t long, it was sweet and pleasant for the two, they soon parted from the lack of air as Yuki kiss Rena cheek as she ran up to her door unlocking the door as she entered her house. Rena soon biked home as she entered her house changing onto her short short and letting her long hair flow from the wig as she grab a baggy shirt.

Rena POV

I quickly took a shower as I flopped on my bed. I quickly texted Yuki a goodnight text as she did the same. I remembered the kiss we shared and it brought a blush on my face. I scrolled my contact on my phone as Jurina name came up from view. Jurina hasn’t been acting the same around me… she didn’t even told me she left school till Mayuyu told me after school ended.

"Jurina...maybe I should call her..."

I quickly dialed her number as the phone started ring, someone soon answered the call as a somewhat sad voiced echoed into my ear.


“Jurina its me Ren..”


“Are you ok i've been worried about you”

“I'm ok Ren im just a bit sick thats all..”

“Are you sure you're ok... i don't want you to be feeling down…”

“I’m fine don't worry about me haha”


“I'll be fine and anyways Congrats with you and Yuki!”


“Well anyways its getting late Churi told me we have homework due tomorrow, goodnight!””

“Goodnight Jurina”

“Goodnight Ren..”

We soon both hanged up as I flopped on my bed again. I looked up at my ceiling as I closed my eyes..Jurina why are acting like you're ok when you're not…..soon my eyelids started to close by itself as I fell into a deep slumber.

Jurina POV

I hanged up on Ren as I flopped into my bed as I held onto my pillow...


My heart ached from knowing Ren was dating Yuki... I wanted to tell Ren my feeling, but I couldn't anymore... it was too late... I just wished that time could move backwards so I would be able to erase my feeling from Ren from my heart...
Finally I update this!!!!!!! :cow: :cow: :cow: :otomerika: :otomerika:
It been ages since I last started writing this chapter!!!! :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
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Fatal Attraction:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 5 UPDATED
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Thank you for this chapter~ :cow:
The title of the chapter says it all. A broken heart :mon ignore:
I guess once Rena stops being able to talk to Jurina, she will find out her feeling for her. :bigdeal:
As the group turned their eyes towards Jurina face. Her head was looking down at the ground her hands tightly formed into a fists.
I'm so thankful Mayu was with Jurina and comforted her when she needed her. :mon determined:
I wonder how Mayu felt when Rena told her the news about the dating. :dunno:
"Stupid Ren.." Churi said as she whispered to Airin and Mayuyu "she so stupid... now Jurina all sad, he didn't even considered knowing he had feelings for Jurina!"
Well Churi is mad about Rena's decision :mon sweat:
I wonder if RenYuki's relationship will affect the group of friends? :mon huh:
Can't wait for next chapter :whistle:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 6 UPDATED
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Urggg...Rena/Ren r u sure that u chose Yuki..dont u have feeling for Jurina

Poor Jurina

Mayuyu go steal Yuki so Wmatsui can be together

Update soon

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 6 UPDATED
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Chapter 7: Feelings

Rena POV

Its been almost year now since me and Yuki started dating and our 2 year of highschool ended, our last year of school has started began...

Haruna, Yuko, Minami and Meada graduated a few months after me and Yuki started dating, their now currently in college right now. They sometimes comes to visit after school and ask how are we doing and stuff like that.

In our homeroom the rest of us were in the same class. Mayuyu and Yuki got along pretty well and well became best of friends which didn't surprise me, they liked they had the same interest which make them click and instantly became BFF. For Jurina and Yuki they seem to get along and chatted a bit.  As for Airin and Chrui they were still the same like before, but Churi became more loving considering her let Airin kiss her without Churi yelling at her like before.

As for Rena Matsui... well she still famous. I've been pretty busy with interviews and tv shows for a few months now. Guys in the industry still hit on me, but I rejected them telling  them I wasn't interested (which wasn’t the case) Churi still fangirls about me here and there when she and Airin and Mayuyu sometimes comes to hang out and well for my dad he knows about me and Yuki, and he was ok with it, he even told me "love is love kiddo, you just can't help, but fall in love with someone"

As for Me and Jurina well we grew rather distant after I asked Yuki to be my girlfriend. I noticed for some reason the pain in my heart grew worse as Jurina grew more distant from me.

As for my male to female transformation i've haven't told anyone, but Yuki, Mayuyu, Airin and Churi. Its wasn't time to tell Jurina and the other. Its seemed that of I told Jurina she would distances herself from me more which I didn't consider risking my friendship for.

It’s the middle of the school year and me and Jurina still haven't talked like we use to. We still texted each other, but it wasn't like before... did I do something wrong.. why can't we be like before Jurina....

Normal POV

"Alright class were in the middle of the year and your graduation is about to start!" Mariko said aloud to the class "You guys have to study extra hard ok!!"

"Yes sensei!" The class roared

Ding dong ding

The class shuffled around as packed their things and they some went home for the day and others when to their club activity for the day.

"Well see you guys" Jurina said as she waved to the others "I have track practice, so see you tomorrow "

Jurina soon disappeared into the hallway as the rest were finishing packing up for the day.

"Yuki, we have a meeting today!" Mayuyu said to Yuki "Hurry it abou to being!"

Yuki quickly packed her things as she kissed Rena on the cheek as she winking towaed her.

"I text you" Yuki smiled as she quickly hurried along with Mayuyu disappearing into the hallway.

Rena soon packed her things as she walked toward the door waving at Churi and Airin before heading toward the Kendo club.

40 minutes later

"You've gotten better since last year!" Yui said as she patted Rena on the back as Rena was panting as sweat came down from her wig.

"Haha thanks, but your a bit better than me!"

"Haha well practice is over everyone!" Yui yelled as the member gathered around her "Pratice on thursday at 6 in the morning got it!!"

"Hai!!" The class yelled as they headed out of the room to change.

Rena POV

I quickly finished cleaning up as I bid goodbye to my teammates. I quickly went to the bike rack as I grab my bike till I saw Jurina  walking to the school front gate. Its seemed she finished early since her track practice lasted about 20 minutes longer.


As I called Jurina she quickly turned her head as she saw me. As I bike a bit towards her as she smiled at me with her cat like smile.

"Going home?" I asked

"Yahh, just finished practice and they let us out early you?"

"Same" I replied as I took out an extra helmets to Jurina "Since you're going home let me bike you back"

"..its ok.." Jurina replied as she seemed rather shy towards me look at the ground.

"Please I miss going home with you"I replied smiling at her as I tossed the helmet to her as she caught it.

"Well ok.." Jurina replied as she sat behind me.

"Haha hold on tight!" I replied as I felt Jurina wrap her arms around my waist.

Thump thump

This feeling again...

We soon rode off as I biked down the familiar rode to Jurina house. Memories flowed from my mind as I recalled the events of me and Jurina going home together, laughing, hanging out....

Jurina POV.

Its been since a long time since Ren biked me home… he usually waits for Yuki and bikes Yuki home…. I miss this days when its just the two of us.. but I have to move on...

Ever since Ren starting dating Yuki it was hard for me to be the same room as them.. its was just hard seeing Ren... after Mayuyu comforted, i’ve told myself to let my feeling out before graduation comes. I want to let it out, these hidden feeling for you Ren… I want to move on, not feel this heavy burden in my chest. I just wished I noticed my feeling for you sooner Ren….

“Jurina…” I voice interrupted my deep thinking, I looked at Ren back in front of me.

“Jurina, I don’t know what happened… but we haven’t been like we were before…”


“Jurina please… Graduation almost here… I want us to be friends like before…” Ren said as I felt the bike stop as I saw his foot land on the ground as he slight turned his face towards me “Jurina did I do something wrong…”

I looked at his face as his dark brown eyes pierced into my heart. I could feel the intention between us getting awkward. I slightly saw him sigh as he slowly turned around again towards the sidewalk.

“Forget what I said Jurina…” Ren replied as he slowly started to pedal again “I’m sorry for asking so much from you…”

“Ren it not your fault we're not like before” I responded as the bike suddenly stopped again “Ren it me who’s not like myself not you”


“Ren… I…. I’m sorry I have to go now” I replied as I quickly hopped out his bike as I suddenly ran as tears started to fall down my face.

I could hear Ren voice calling my name as keep running letting my feet take me to a place. I don’t want to face Ren again.. why can’t I just let him go. Why can’t I just like someone else….

Normal POV

“Jurina…” Rena said as he saw Jurina running.

Rena was a bit shocked about Jurina, why was she crying… if its not her fault then why is their relationship falling apart. Rena soon threw her bike on the ground as she started running after Jurina. Rena soon came towards a field as rain started to fall down hard as the rain soaked Rena clothes from her jet black wig till her, white shirt to her dress pants as. Rena could see  Jurina sitting on the hill side with her knees together as her face was buried into her knees


Back at the school
Mayu POV

“Well thats all for today!!!” I yelled to the club members as they gathered around me “Pack up everyone”

Soon the club room was empty as me and Yuki headed outside of the school. The sky was dark as rain started to pour down hard.

“It’s raining hard!” Yuki shouted as she looked towards me “It said i’ll be sunny the today..”

“Well I guess the weatherman was wrong” I responded as I pulled out my umbrella under me and Yuki heads “lets go home today, i’ll bring you home since it’s raining hard”

“Aww thanks Mayuyu!~” Yuki responded as she lightly kissed my cheek

“Yuki!! what it Rena saw what your doing I’m going to get killed!!” I yelled as I retreated from Yuki attack on me as I blush slightly.

“Hahah, Mayuyu!” Yuki replied as she linked arms with me “Come on you know you're my best friend and I always do this to you silly”

Best friend....

Ever since we became closer to each I felt the same feeling that Jurina has for Rena. The moment I saw you at the beach with Rena, you took my heart away without me knowing it.... But how can I love you while you only look at Rena eyes...

"Lets hurry home" I replied as I took a hold of Yuki hand "I bet Rena will be mad at me if you come home late"

We finally stepped outside as I guided Yuki all the way home. We finally made it to Yuki house as she looked toward me as she let herself out of the protection of the umbrella.

"Thanks for bring me home Mayuyu!!" She said as she smiled widely at me "see you tomorrow "

She quickly stole a kiss on my cheek as she ran opening her door as she ran inside waving at me as the door slams shut. I touched my burning cheek as the kiss still lingered on my skin. I slightly blushed as I started to walk home pulling out my phone and headphones as I blasted music into my ear.

At the field
Jurina POV

I ran all the way to an empty field as I let myself bury my face into my knees as tears started rolling from my face. As I was crying I could feel the rain droplets start to soak my clothes, but I didn't care. I just wanted to alone anywhere but with Ren. My thoughts quickly abandoned me as a familiar voice ran into my ear.


"Go away..." I replied as I could feel someone get closer to me

"Jurina..." Ren voice replied as I could hear the shuffling of his feet as he started to approach me "let talk abo-"

"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled as I stood up facing the field as my back was towards Ren "CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME BE"


"Please, just leave me be..." I respond as I looked up into the sky "Just  leave me be...."


It hurts me just seeing you like this. I wished we could talk like before... be like we use to... why are you acting like this Jurina.. why are you distancing yourself from me...


I quickly turned Jurina to face me as I hugged her tightly into my arms. I could feel her shocked for a bit, but she quickly calmed down as she started to cry on my shoulder. I slowly started to rub her back as the rain started to pour. As jurina tears started to subside she slowly  pushed herself from me as he had her hand was holding her arm, as she was looking at the ground.

"Jurina why did you run away from me?" I asked holding onto her shoulders


"Jurina!" I yelled as my patience was running out "damn it, why can't you tell me whats bothering you! Is it me if it is I'll just leave you alone!"

I quickly started to walk away from Jurina as I couldn't handle the attitude of Jurina. As I was walking away from her I felt her grab my shirt. I turned to face Jurina now staring straight to my face with a somewhat serious expression.

"what is it?"I replied "Are you going to tell me or not?"

I was looking at Jurina, she quickly came closer to me as a felt flesh on my lips. My eyes widen from shock as Jurina keep kissing me. Her lips were soft and the kiss brought chills down my spin and electricity came through my whole body. I quickly clamed down as I deepen the kiss as Jurina grip my shirt tighter.My heart was racing fast as Jurina kissed me. The kiss ended as Jurina back away a bit still looking at the ground.

"I-I have t-o go..." she said as she ran off in a different direction.

Did me and Jurina just kiss...

I quickly touched my lips as I could still feel the sensation of her lips on mine. Her kiss was different from what Yuki kiss was. Her lips made me want to kiss her more. When did Jurina feel this way... it must be my fault she likes this.... im so stupid!!

"Damn it!!" I yelled as I sat on the wet grass "DAMN IT DAMN IT!!

Why didn't I notice sooner. Its my fault she like this... why is my heart racing so fast now.... this feeling.... it just like when I rescued Jurina... could it be.. it must be

I gripped my shirt as I looked up into the sky. the rain slowly started to get turn into a light drizzle.

"Jurina... i'm sorry.."

The next 4 days

Its been 3 days since Jurina kissed me and she hasn't come back to school. When I went home that day, I thought a lot about Jurina. I also got scolded by my father for soaked from head to toe after walking all the way home in the rain. furthermore I didn't tell anyone about what happen even to Yuki. I didn't want drama to start anyways considering Jurina likes me.

"I miss Jurina..." Airin said as the group was eating outside "She hasn't even replied to my text"

"Jurina..." Churi replied as she looked at her food in front of her.

"Come one you guys she'll be back, she must be sick!" Yuki replied as she tried to cheer the group up "You know Jurina she'll be alright right Ren!"

"Yah.." I replied as I faked a smile.

"...." Mayuyu keep silent as she continued eating her lunch.

The group suddenly became quiet till the bell rang for class to start again. Jurina quickly corrupted my mind, these past day and Yuki was getting worried about me. My heart still raced even now just remembering the kiss we shared. It was magical nothing like I experience before, it was like this kiss was meant to only be shared by us... was I falling for Jurina...

Ding dong Ding dong

Class ended for the day as everyone was packing for the day. Yuki came up to me as she held my hand as I looked into her eyes.

"Ren are you ok?" She replied with a sad tone "You haven't been like yourself"

"Im fine" I replied smiling at her "I can't go home with you today, I have to meet up with Mayuyu today"

"Ok just text me when your home ok" she replied as she kissed me

The kiss was different from Jurina kiss. It didn't get me that spark down my body it was more normal. We quickly ended the kiss as Yuki bid farewell to me. I quickly texted Mayuyu.

To Mayuyu

I need to talk to you, Churi and Airin. Meet me at my house at 4

From Rena

I quickly went home as I changed into my home clothes as the bell rang. I quickly opened the door as the three entered the house, as we headed into my room.

"Rena what is it?" Churi said "Is it about Jurina.."

I quickly nodded as the group looked at each other.

"Rena do you love Jurina" Mayuyu blurred out in front of the three.

Normal POV

"Mayuyu!" Airin yelled towards Mayuyu "Why would you say that!"

"Answer me do you love Jurina or not" Mayuyu asked again ignore  Airin comment.

"......" Rena didn't say anything as she was looking at the ground in front of her.

"Ren answer me!" Mayuyu yelled as she grab Rena shirt



the whole group was silent from Mayuyu aggressive question towards Rena. Rena quickly sighed as she answered Mayuyu.

"I do..."

So after Rena answered Mayuyu slapped Rena face. The group was shocks from Mayuyu action as Churi slapped Mayuyu across the face.

"What the hell Mayuyu!" Churi yelled "Rena didn't do anything wrong!"

"No Churi its ok, I deserve that" Rena replied as she placed her hand on Mayuyu shoulder

"Jurnia..." Airin replied as she held Churi back

"Its my fault Jurina isn't coming to school" Ren replied as tears flowed down her redden cheek "Its my damn fault Jurina hurting inside, I didn't even consider her feeling, damn it!"

As Rena started crying Mayuyu came up to Rena as she hugged Rena comforting her as the Churi and Airin helped comfort Rena.

"What are you doing to do, about Yuki" Mayuyu replied as Rena states to calm down "she won't be pleased about this"


"Rena you can't live your relationship with Yuki with a lie now that you know, you love Jurina" Mayuyu replied

"I know"

Jurina POV

One woman is becoming a disaster
Even though the man is still singing
I’m tearing at the though of break up
I can’t touch you, I know yeah
I’m falling, catch me (hello)
I hate this love song, I hate this love song
I hate this love song, I hate this love song
I hate this love song, I hate this love song

The song rang into my ears as I blasted my music to full volume. It’s been exactly 3 days of me not going outside of my house. Its a good thing my parents are currently in USA right now, so I wouldn’t have to be scolded by them, seeing me at this state. I looked up at the ceiling as a grab a pillow into my arms, as tears started to go into my eyes as I though about the incident.


I quickly wiped the tears aways as I took my phone opening the endless messages of Ren texting me.

“I have to face him again, one way or another” I said as I looked over to the calendar in front of me “just one more month..then we all graduate…”

Maybe when we graduate I’ll be able to forgot about him. I don’t want anyone to worry about me.. especially Ren..
I'm making progress!!!  :cow: :cow: :cow:
I'm trying my best to finish this fanfic and i'm sorry about the storyline being a bit lame!!  :panic: :panic:
Just a few more chapter and I'll be able to continued with Fatal Attraction and a few one shot here and there :grin: :grin: :grin:
Anyways thanks for everyone reading this!!! and for people who comment on this fanfic!! :deco: :deco: :deco:
Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 7 UPDATED
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Thank you for the update! :cow:
Yes!! Rena finally noticed Jurina's feelings!!  :mon XD:
So, its already been a year since RenYuki dated. This also means, it been a year of Jurina suffering with her feelings :farofflook:
Her kiss was different from what Yuki kiss was. Her lips made me want to kiss her more.
Now, that Rena realized her true feelings what will she do about Yuki? :dunno:
As Rena started crying Mayuyu came up to Rena as she hugged Rena comforting her as the Churi and Airin helped comfort Rena.
Such a nice group of friends :mon determined:. Mayuyu was there to comfort Jurina, now its time to comfort Rena :hee:.
Only one more month left for Rena and Jurina to patch their relationship.  :depressed:
That also means that Mayu only has one month left to tell Yuki about her feelings :mon exhaust:
Rena still hasn't told Jurina about being a girl :mon sweat:
I wonder what will happen next chapter, can't wait :tama-heart:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 7 UPDATED
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Finally she realize it.!!!!!!!!
GO after HER,,RENA.!!!!!
Thankz for the New Chapter. . .


 :heart: :heart:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 7 UPDATED
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Oh my, Jurina is stupid for keeping that feeling for the whole year. And Ren is a stupid too! Tsk, guys are insensitive about girls' feeling (if Ren is considered as guy, :lol: )
UPDATE !!! Щ(ºДºщ)

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 7 UPDATED
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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 7 UPDATED
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Finally Rena u realize ur feeling for Jurina

How are they going to deal with Yuki now?

They already graduated i want them to be in school more :<

Update soon

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 7 UPDATED
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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 7 UPDATED
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Chapter 8-I love you!

Normal POV

1 week later

The sky was somewhat filled with cloud here and there and the wind give off a pleasant scent as the 6 sat together for lunch. 3 more weeks were left till graduation was coming, Jurina came back 3 days later and rejoin the group, and told them she just had a cold. As for Rena, her feeling for Jurina grew day by day and she couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss they had. She knew that her love for Yuki wasn’t the type of love she thought she had, she did feel love at a point with Yuki, but that was a long time ago. Rena didn’t want to hurt Yuki feeling, she also didn’t want to be awkward between Jurina, because well she loved her. But one thing still stood in Rena way, telling Jurina that she wasn’t actually a guy, but a girl…

"Time flies fast!" Airin blurred out as the group watched the clouds pass by "Just a few more weeks then were offical adults!"

"Mou, Airin!" Churi said as she smacked Airin shoulder a bit "We're not that old and besides, we still was a few more weeks to hangout!"

"Yeah totally!" Yuki said as she led Rena hand "I'm happy I came to visit you Ren, and could meet everyone else!"

"I feel the same way.." Rena said as she plastered a smile towards Yuki as she continued to watch the clouds.

"No more homework, and pain ass exams" Mayuyu added as the group laughed a bit "And no more bloody english class!"

The grouped laugh along to Mayuyu statement as Jurina stayed quiet.

"Jurina what about you?" Rena asked as she sat up and looked towards Jurina direction "anything else to add?"

"Being able to get these feelings off my chest.." Jurina said in a somewhat whisper.

"Sorry what was that?" Rena asked

"Nothing, just that i'll miss the times we shared after graduation" Jurina said as she faked a smile towards Rena.

The bell soon rang as the 6 settled down in class. Hours passed and the last bell rang to go home for the day. The 6 headed towards the gate as they splitted off, Churi and Airin in one way, Mayuyu in the other, Jurina in the other way and Rena and Yuki towards a different direction.

Rena POV

I walked Yuki home as we planned the afternoon at the park. I went home as I changed my attire into a more suitable wear. I looked at the mirror in front of me, I wore a light blue short with a white top over a brown hoodie cardigan that covered my knees and my hair on my left side. As I was looking for my bag a knock came from my door as it opened revealing my Dad.

“Where are you going?” he asked as he watched me, as I finally found my bag.

“To meet up with Yuki” I replied as I picked up my phone texting Yuki “Were just going to hang out in the park that all”

“Alright, I came to tell you I called the school today saying that you have an interview tomorrow” He said as she shuffled my head “You look fancy today, I almost forgot that you were a girl, despite you wearing that boy uniform and wig for almost 2 years now”

He quickly bear hugged me as he kissed me on the forehead.

“I wished your mother was here to see you grow to a beautiful young women”


“Well anyway, Yuki waiting for you!” He said as he changed the subject as he softly pushed my room “You don’t want your date to wait for you”

I quickly kiss my dad on my cheek as I hurried outside, wearing my hoodie on my head as I pick up my bike as I rode the way to the park.

Normal POV

Rena hurried her way to meet Yuki. She finally saw Yuki on the swings with her headphones on. Rena chuckled a bit as she silently came up to Yuki closing her eyes. Yuki laughed a bit as she pulled off the hand covering her vision. Yuki turned around meeting the face of her love one as she planted a kiss on the soft pale lips. The kiss lasted for a few seconds, it was a sweet kiss that they shared, they parted laughing a bit as Rena sat on the other swing. They sat in silence as they watched the sky getting darker and darker.The silence was broken as Rena turned her head towards the direction of the voice.

“Is something wrong Rena?” Yuki asked as she continued to watch the sky “You seem a bit worried around me?”


“Rena?” Yuki asked as she held Rena hand “You can tell me anything you know?”



Rena stood up from the swing as he softly let Yuki hand slips off hers.

Yuki POV

I continued to watch Rena as she didn’t seem to look at me. Did I do something wrong…. Rena you haven’t been like yourself for a few days.

“Yuki” Rena said as her back was facing in front of me “What do you feel when you're around me.. I’m just wondering”

“Well, when we're together my heart feels like it about to exploded” I said “When we kiss I feel like it just the two of us and nothing else is around us”

“Thanks for answer” Rena said as she faced towards me with a smile plastered on her face “Well, anyways I won’t be at school tomorrow and I want to tell you something important tomorrow also..”

“Ok” I replied as I watched Rena sit down on the swing again.

“It getting late I’ll bring you home” Rena replied as she turned towards me as she came closer to.

I felt something warm in my lips as I closed my eyes. The kiss was sweet like all our kisses and it brought a sparks down my spine. Rena pulled aways as I quickly took her breath away again as we kissed a bit longer, as we finally parted as our foreheads were touching.

“Lets go it already dark haha” Rena laughed as she stood up in front of me pulling her hand towards me.

I took the warm hand as we I rode behind Rena holding onto her waist as we headed to my house as I quickly whispered 3 words as we rode home.

“I love you”

“I love you to..” Rena replied as she pedaled harder on her bike.

Normal POV

Rena and brought Yuki home as they kisses goodnight to each other. Rena quickly went home parking her bike in front of her house. She headed straight into her room, changing into her night wear as she flopped onto her bed face first. She watched her phone light up as she knew Yuki texted her, she quickly faced the other way looking towards the window in her room.

“I have to tell her tomorrow” Rena replied as she looked towards her calendar “Tomorrow...I have to break up with Yuki..”

Rena felt a tug in her heart thinking about Jurina. All the things Yuki said about her feeling towards her was what he felt being around Jurina. She couldn’t bear to still be Yuki and having Yuki love be one sided, while in reality she loved Jurina.

“....” Rena closed her eyes as she thought about what was going to happen tomorrow

Rena eyes soon turned heavy as she fell into a deep slumber. beside her the lighten phone was still blinking revealing Yuki message.

My Lovely Rena,

text me when you want to meet up tomorrow, love you!


Love Yuki

The Next Day
At School

“Where Ren?” Churi asked as she was looking around for Rena “Where is he?”

“Don’t ask me” Airin replied as she was busy playing with her nintendo 3DS

“Same” Mayuyu replied as she watched Airin play “I texted him a few minutes ago, and still no reply”

“I wonder where he is?” Churi said as said that she saw Yuki as she quickly yelled her name “Yuki!”

Yuki quickly came towards the group, as she greeted them.

“Yuki do you know where Ren is?”  Churi asked “I haven’t seen him today?”

Yuki quickly gathered the 3 around her as she whispered into the small circle.

“She in a interview with her dad today”

“REALLY” Airin said loudly as Churi quickly shut her mouth

“Anyways, when does her interview start?” Churi asked

“I don’t know..” Yuki said sadly “She didn’t tell me what it at about at all, even when and where its being held..”

I grouped noticed something odd happening as they glance at each other. They quickly circled around each other, as they were whispering to each other.

“Do you think…” Airin said “Would she?”

“We don’t know for sure..” Churi added “But it weird for Rena not to tell Yuki anything..”

“You guys I think she going to say it” Mayuyu finally said as the two yelled loudly

“OH MY GOSH!” Churi and Airin said loudly.

Yuki was watching the 3 as they turned towards Yuki direction as they waved awkwardly at her. They then quickly huddled back as they whispered to each other again.

“OMG!” Churi said so only the 2 could hear “She should have told us!”

“Well anyways Mayuyu” Airin turned towards Mayuyu “You have to comfort Yuki when everything goes down tonight!”

“I’ll try..” Mayuyu replied shyly

“Come on Mayuyu you have a chance to Yuki your feeling” Airin whispered as Mayuyu turned bright pink “ Awww our little cyborg is growing up, can’t believe you're already in love and all!”

“AIRIN!” Mayuyu said as she broken the huddle

“What were you guys talking about?” Yuki asked as she popped beside 3 “Was their something you guys were talking about, care to share?”

“Nothing” They all said in unity

Just as the 4 were talking Jurina come into the class as she headed towards the group.

“What happening?” Jurina asked as she looked towards Yuki.

“Their hiding something from us!” Yuki responded as watched the 3 acting weird again.

"Haha nothing, nothing were just talking about... hanging out today right you guys!" Mayuyu said as the 2 shook their heads.

"Well ok, anyways where Ren?" Jurina asked as she looked at the empty seat where Rena suppose to sit.

"She has an interview" Yuki replied "Has he texted you Jurina? about anything?"

"Not that I know of" Jurina respond as Yuki slightly sigh.

The group was soon interrupted as tree teacher started.

Rena POV

I walked around the building as I looked at the clock.

'12:13 already..'

As voice interrupted me as one of the guys for a popular band came up to. He seem shy and had his hand behind his neck as he approach me.

"Matsui san its nice to meet you" He said timidly.

"Nice to met you.."

"Kai, call me Kai.." He said as he smiled towards me "I came to ask you something.. "

Soon I noticed what he was going to say. I knew this would happen considering people liked me by my princess aura, that charmed everyone wherever I go. I quickly responded back before he could ask.

"Kai I know what you're going to say, but i'm sorry, I'm currently not interested " I replied as his eyes shocked as looking somewhat sad

"Is there someone that you like already.."

I quickly blushed from his question as Jurina came up into my mind.

"You could say that.."

"Well can you give me a shot, let just go for one day at least!" He said as she held onto my hand as I back a bit from him "please!"

"I'm sorry, but my daughter said she wasn't interested " A voice replied behind me replied, as Kai quickly let go of my hand.

"Sorry Matsui san" He said as she bowed down "Anyways I'll see you two soon, bye"

Just like that he disappeared away from the room as a hand landed on my shoulder.

"Interview starts in about 1 hours" Dad replied as she shuffled my hair "Still being out like always haha"

"Dad" I replied as he chuckled a bit

"Haha joking honey" he replied as we walked to the filming station, as another interview going on, as we stood backstage.

"Dad thanks for being there" I said "I didn't know what to do back there"

"Haha i’m always here for you" he replied as he patted my shoulder "Anyways you can watch in the next room, before your interview starts"


"Another thing" He said as he turned towards me "You better fix what you're feeling right now I can tell buddy"

Just like that he walked away leaving me behind. He was my dad after all and I bet he knew what I was going to do. I quickly turned to the next room seeing AKB practicing. I looked at my watch as 30 minutes were left.

Normal POV

School ended as the 5 headed home as they waved good bye to each other. Jurina quickly biked her way home as she change her uniform into a baggy sweater and short. Jurina quickly turned on the TV as she flipped through the channels finding an interview going on with a somewhat 40 year old man and a princess like girl was sitting next to him.

"Oh its Matsui Rena" Jurina replied as she watched the interview going on.

"Well Rena do you have someone in your life, considering your rise of popularity?" The interviewer said "Or do you have someone you admire or even possible like?"

"Well, I do" Rena replied shyly.

"Please tell us" they insisted, as they plastered a smile on their face.

"Well their this girl I admire a lot" Rena replied blushing bright pink "She very athletic in sport especially  track and every funny and kind "

"O do you possible have feeling for this girl?" The interviewer asked "How do you respond Mr. Matsui that your daughter is considering even liking a girl!"

"Love is love isn't it!" He replied as the audience clapped "Whatever my daughter loves male or female i'll support her!"

"Awww" the audience replied

"Such a supportive father you have Rena!" The interviewer said "So Rena, have you considered dating this so called person you admire?!"

"Well, to be honest I haven't been able to tell my feelings out..I'm sort of scared about the outcome when I let everything out!" Rena replied as she face showed seriousness "

Jurina POV

As I watched the interview going on, I could see the seriousness in Rena eyes. To be honest I kind of admire Rena... she pretty and has the aura to charm any male and possibly even females.. As I watched her I could sense something weird with Rena. She sort of reminded me of Ren.. in a way the person she admired so who made me feel likes it was me. Well there was tons of girls that are athletic and all, but for some reason it felt like she was aiming her feeling towards me.

"So have you decided?" The interviewer said "Are you going to try all the person you like that you love them!"


"Well go luck in your relationship and please tell us the detail soon!" The interviewer said with a smile.

"I will!"

"well that not everything!" The interviewer said as they shock with the 2 Matsui's "We'll update about this love life of Rena soon, please tune in for the next interview!"

Jus like that the show ended. I closed the tv as I thought about Rena revealing of her love.

"She brave telling the world her feeling.."

I wanted to let these feeling go away. I knew I had no chance in beating Yuki.. and never will. I quickly glanced at the calendar noticing the few weeks we had before graduation.

"Just 3 week..”

Rena POV

Aa I can't believe I said my feeling on live TV! What was I thinking!! Argggg! on top of that now I have to tell Yuki that I love someone else!

"Are you going somewhere tonight?" My dad replied as he approached me from behind.

"Meeting with Yuki..thats all"

"Well you want me to drive you?" He asked as we walked outside as a black car popped out.

"Its ok i'll walk, its just that we're meeting at the bridge.. "

"Well be safe ok" he said as he shuffled my head before headed towards the car .

Just as he was about to enter the car he slightly turned around as he looked towards me.

"Don't worry buddy everything will be alright!"he replied 

Just like that my dad left me in front of the building as he entered the passengers side of the car as the car drove away into the streets. I quickly put on my hoodie as I walked to the bridge. I stopped at the rail watching the night rolling in, listening to the rushing water and gentle breeze. I looked at my watch checking the current time.


I quickly texted Yuki as she replied. I could imagine her rushing this way to meet me. I closed my eyes as I thought about what I was going to do and what I was going to say.

I'm I doing the right thing...

Just as I was thinking I could sense someone behind me as I turned around. Yuki quickly came up to me as she planted a kiss on my cheek as she blushed a bit, she stood beside me as we silently watched the water rushing below the bridge.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about?" Yuki replied looking at me



Be brave Rena, be brave!

Normal POV

"Yuki, I love you and you know that " Rena replied as she looked into Yuki eyes

"I know and I love you to" Yuki replied smiling a bit

"But your love is different from my love..." Rena replied looking at the ground at her feet "I love you as a friend.. I did love you once, but that was long ago...i'm sorry Yuki.. I love someone el-"

Before Rena could finish her word she was cut of by Yuki voice that sounded rather harsh and sad.

"It Jurina isn't it"


Yuki took a long sigh as she looked at the sky then towards Rena. Her eye was somewhat watery as she tried to hold back her tries.

"I always knew you liked Jurina...I should have seen it sooner..."

Just like that Yuki cried in Rena arms as Rena held Yuki, comforting her.

"Yuki im sorry... I sorry for not loving you, the way you loved me..."

Yuki soon pushed away softly as she wiped her tears.

"Its ok... I just want one more thing before we break up for good..." Yuki replied as Rena nodded "Will we kiss one last time..

"Of course.."

Rena soon approach Yuki as their lips touched. The kiss was different for the other kisses they had which was more sweet. They out they feeling into the kiss. They soon broke off as Yuki started to run off in a different direction.

Yuki POV

Why.... why...

Why .. it hurt so much... I always love you Rena... why can't you love me like I loved you.

I soon ran to Mayuyu house as I quickly rang the doorbell. Mayuyu came out as she had a shock looked at her face as she brought me into her house. Her farbtest were home and were in Korea for a few weeks.

"What happened?" Mayuyu asked

"Rena broke up with me.."

Mayuyu soon hugged me tighter as we sat in her bedroom as the room was only filled with crying. My crying soon deceived out as Mayuyu wiped my face from the tears. I could see Mayuyu serious face, and her features. I never considered Mayuyu to be this cute...

"Yuki.. I know you love Rena, but there's better people in this world" she said as she took a hold of my hands "Yuki... I know we only know each other for a year.. and you just had your break up... but i thought this was just a good time.. and well i like you Kawika Yuki!"

My heart stopped as Mayuyu confessed to me. My heart was no longer filled with heartbreak, but actually shock. I never knew Mayuyu had these feeling... and for some reasons my heart was racing just hearing Mayuyu confessing to me.

"I'm sorry if this is too fast..." Mayuyu said as she looked as our hands. "I'm being stupid, you just broke up haha.. forgot what I said.."


I took a hold of our hands as I gripped it tighter as she look up to me.

"Mayuyu.. this is a bit too fast.." i rolled as Mayuyu looked down a bit "but will you be by my side.. so ill forgot about Rena.. and maybe if i forget we can you knoe.. date.."

I could see Mayuyu eyes lit up as she stood up kneeling down like a piece in front of me as she took my hand as she lightly kissed it as I chuckled a bit wiping my tears away.

"Anything for my princess"

Mayuyu POV

OMG HOLY! I actually told Yuki my feelings and she somewhat accepted it, but OMG THIS IS THE MOST HAPPINESS DAY OF MY LIFE.

as I kneeling on my knees Yuki slightly pushed me as we laughed. Her tears were no longer visible, just her smile that melt my heart everytime. Now it just time for Rena and Jurina to tell each other their feels before its too late...

Rena POV

As Yuki left me started running towards Jurina house. I didn’t know why, but for some reason I need to tell Jurina about everything… about my feelings for her. I couldn’t hold these feelings anymore.. I didn’t want Jurina to suffer anymore. I started to run as soon as the crosswalk sign turned green.

As I was halfway from the other street someone started shouting as people pushed me here and there, as feel on the ground. I could hearing a loud honking as I turned towards the direction of the noise as a truck came to view as the headlights were blinding my eyes bit… I could see the driver eyes full of fear. Time seemed to slow down as the car started to get closer to me, I couldn’t do anything, because for some reason my body didn’t move. I soon felt a sharp throbbing in my head as I rolled on top of the car, as my head smashed itself into the concert....

I could hear the call of people around me. Their voices nothing, but a blur. I touched the red substance around my head. I felt somewhat light headed as my vision started to grow dark... was I dying... but... I dont want to die... I...I have to tell Jurina.... I have to tell her...why does God have to do this to me now...I need to tell her...

That I love her...

Normal POV

At Jurina house as photo frame soon fell from the table, as Jurina picked up the frame in her hands dusting the frame.

"That weird... i’ll fix the frame later.."

She soon placed the broken frame down, a crack was shown placed right in between Jurina and the Rena.
I'm sorry for the sucky story now!!!  :banghead: :banghead:
This story almost done maybe just 2-3 chapters left!! :yossi: :yossi:
anyways thanks for everyone who read this till now!!! i'm very grateful that people actually read my fanfic and i'm happy to be able to join this community!!! :deco: :deco:
anyways HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY EVERYONE!!!! :cow: :yossi: :otomerika: :hip smile: :deco:
Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 8 UPDATED
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Thanks for the update~ :cow:
"Mayuyu.. this is a bit too fast.." i rolled as Mayuyu looked down a bit "but will you be by my side.. so ill forgot about Rena
Aw~ Its nice how Yuki gave Mayu a chance. Mayuyu will definitely do anything for her Princess  :mon fyeah:
"Love is love isn't it!" He replied as the audience clapped "Whatever my daughter loves male or female i'll support her!"
Rena's dad is so supportive! :mon determined:
Now that the whole media knows about Rena liking someone, there will no longer be admirers asking to date her :mon sweat:
but... I dont want to die... I...I have to tell Jurina.... I have to tell her...why does God have to do this to me now...I need to tell her...
That I love her...
No! Rena don't die!  :OMG:
Just when she was going to tell Jurina her feelings and the truth that she is a girl! :depressed:
She soon placed the broken frame down, a crack was shown placed right in between Jurina and the Rena.
That broken picture frame is adding to the suspense!! :on freeze: I hope Rena survives  :mon prayer:
Update soon :tama-heart:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 8 UPDATED
« Reply #36 on: October 12, 2014, 03:59:37 AM »
No! Rena!!!

Dont make her forgot everything!!

But congratulation for mayuki beside there not official yet but still

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 8 UPDATED
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wait what nooooooooo REEEEEN

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 8 UPDATED
« Reply #38 on: October 12, 2014, 07:22:44 AM »
No no no no noooooo !!! Щ(ºДºщ) Rena... Don't die, don't be amnesia, don't!

Update soon! :bow:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 8 UPDATED
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Are you kidding me?!?

Why does it have to be like this. When finally Rena decide to tell her ceeling for Jurina

Please dont made a sad ending

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