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Author Topic: Fatal Attraction - chap4 (SayaMilky, WMatsui, Mayuki, AtsuMina etc) 08/08/2015  (Read 16476 times)

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"Yooo, Sayaka get ready in 5 mintues!!" A girl named Nana shouted as she was looking at the sheets infront of her "The shows about to being"

"Yahh ok!!" Sayaka yelled back as she picked up her gutair and turned toward her band members "Are you guys ready to burn the house down!"

"YAHHH!!" They all yelled as the pump a fit into the air.

"I can't wait till after the performance" A raven haried girl named Rena said as she twried her drum stick "I'll be fun"

"I hate being the dummy..."Another girl named Yui added as she tap her fingers along her bass gutair

"Come you Yui, it our job, it what were trained to do" Another person named Mayu said as she tap her fingers along the key.

"You guys performance first, well deal with the misson later"A shorter girl named Minami said as she stood infront of the group "Their going to be in the shows and we have to impress them"

The group just nodded as they listened to Minami. Sakaya wasn't really paying attention as she tune her gutair.

"Yoooooo!!!" Minami said as she hit Sayaka on the shoulder "Did you hear what I said?"

"ummmm..." Sakaya faced Minami with a fake smile "Yahh totally haha..."

Minami just sighed as she rturend to her post. The show was about to being as the group waited for the curtains to open.

In the crowd

5 girls were currently in the front waiting for the band. They were all wearing shorts and tanks because if the hot weather.

"I can't believe were really here, we should be working for god sake!!" A girl with long raven hair yelled to her groups of firend who were currently to excited to notice her. "Were CEO for godness sake!! We need to run our companys!!"

"Come on Yuki, it just for one night" A girl with shorter hair said "It'll be our payment for our hard work!!"

"Yahh, Jurina rights we been working so hard these past years we need a break once in a while" Another girl said as she patted Yuki on the head "Look even Paruru exited"

"Well all right, Meada..." Yuki said as she smiled at her firends "Just this once i'll lets it slide"

"That the spirit!! " Meada said as she put a fist in the air.

"Can't they hurry it up I want to see Yui!!" Paruru shouted as a girl covered her mouth from any futher shouting

"Gezz Paruru your making a sence!!" The girl said "I want to see Sayaka also in person, but we have to wait"

"Yahh Paruru, patient is the best policy... I think that how it goes, but anyways Milky right!" Juirna said as she patted her pouting friend.

As the 5 chatted along the curtain were rised up revelaing 5 girl standing on stage.

"Thanks you guys for coming today!!" Sayaka said with a big smile on her face "lets introduce ourselves!! I'm Sayaka the lead vocalist and gutairst!!"

"Sayakaa!!~" Milky said as he cheered her favourite band member.

"I'm Minami the leader of this group and the main gutairst and sub voaclist!!! NICE TO MEET YOU!!" Minami yelled as the crowed cheered.

"Minami sooo cute with her gutiar!!" Meada said as she clapped her hands.

"I'm Mayu and the also the sub vocals and I play the keyboard" Mayu said as she played a few notes.

"Mayu so cool!!~" Yuki said as she snaped a few photos.

"I'm Yui and the bassist of this group and also the sub vocalist, nice to meet you!!" Yui said as she shouted into her microphone.

"YUI!!" Paruru shouted as Yui waved to the crowed.

"And last but not least!!! I'm Rena the drummer of the group!!" Rena yelled into her microphone as she drumed rolled as the fans went crazy.

"Rena!! She so cool!!" Jurina said as she video taped Rena drum roll.

"And we are BRAVE HEARTS!!" The band members said in unity.

"ARE YOU READY!!" Sayaka yelled to the crowed as they cheered back. "LETS ROCK AND ROLL"

Soon the music started olaying as everyone went crazy. The 5 girl bobbed their heads to the music as they sang along. They played 4 songs, and soon the performance ended as the group left the stage and the fans left the buliding.

The 5 friends were walking home as the chatted about the band Brave Hearts.

"They sooo cool!!" Milky said as she looked at the photos she took.

"Woah Milky I never knew you loved Sayaka so much" Jurina said as she looked at Milky photos.

"Haha yah she really cool.." Mailky said as a small blush formed.

"Haha its ok Milky!! I wont take Sayaka away from you I have my eyes set on Rena!!" Jurina said as she held her phone to Milky showing her the endless photos of Rena.

Milky was amazed of Jurina photos of Rena. Jurina even took the time to edit, Rena photos into a collegue. Then someone put their arms on both Milky and Jurina arms interputing their current discussion.

"No, one can beat the great Yui, she cool, smart and mature!!" Paruru said as she showed her photos of Yui to Jurina and Milky.

The two were amazed of Yui serious and mature face and how well the girl showed her cool aura. They were also shocked of how serious their firend was considering she was a salty type of character.

"Come on you guys Minami can beat your members any day!!" Meada said as she held a picture of a sleeping Minami to them "She the leader and of course she the best!!"

The 3 were amazed of Meada picture and looked at the leader childless, but serious photos. But then they soon got interputed by someone as she took Meada phone away.

"Hey" Meada said as she pouted to Yuki "If you wanted Minami so bad I could give you photo, not stealing my phone"

"Come you guys were CEO!!" Yuki said as she yelled to her firends "We can't get distracted by people specially Brave Hearts like Mayu for example bec--"

When the four heard the band member Mayu name they just wooed at Yuki as Yuki slight blushed.

"Ooo your little Yuki has a crush Mayu~" Meada said as she took her phone from Yuki as Yuki blushed a bit harder.

"W-whatever she cool and a-ll.." Yuki replied as she turned her head away from the group "W-we have to hurry anyways it getting dark and we have a meeting early in the morning"

The group walked along as thet teased Yuki and chatted. Milky pulled out her phone again as she found the photo she took earlier that day of Sayaka.

"She soo cool, I wish I could meet you in person one day!!" She said to herself as she put the photo of Sayaka as she lock screen.

Resting Area

 The band members were chilling in the resting area after the performance as Nana came up to them.

"It time you guys" Nana said as the group nodded.

The resting room soon turned dark as a white screen appeared infromt of them. The screen  showed 2 middle age men showing all their information of their current business they were involved in.

"Our targets as currently happy with your perfomace and they specailly want to meet Rena and Yui, which we already now what they want to do with you two" Nana said as lifted her glasses a bit "But we need kill them as quickly as possible we have about 2 hour to meet them at Robin hotel"

"Time for the fun" Mayuyu said as she rubbed her hands together.

"Let make it quick" Rena said as she twisted her drum stick as he smriked at the screen infront of her.

"Make it quick and easy" Yui added as she drank her soda.

"You guys i'll be like killing a fly" Minami said as she waved her hand on her face "I'll be a piece of cake"

Sayaka stood up as the group turned her eyes to Sayaka. She then turned her head to her band members and Nana as she was smirking at them cracking her knuckles together.

"Lets make this quick and easy death for them and please the Boss" Sayaka said the group smiled back at her "It's going to be hell of a fun night girls, lets start operation assassination!"
My second fanfic ::>_<::
Thank for everyone who read this and my previous fanfic thanks alot!!! ~>_<~~>_<~
I still currently working on Fight or Flight and i'll try my best to post it ASAP!!!
also thanks to everyone who replied to my storys their really nice replies and im greatful!!! <(_ _)><(_ _)>
Anyways hope you guys have a nice day!!! ~^O^~~`O`~
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Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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just began reading the prologue, its AWESOME!

they're band artist but also assassins, that's the best part! :luvluv2:

the rest 5, lols. they're ceo's yet here they are, at the concert! :on spit:

i've never read this kind of paruru so it's kind of new :farofflook:

who is their boss?? :glasses:

wonder how these ceo's changing the life of these SUPER COOL assassins? :hehehe:

can't wait for ch 1! update soon! :omamori:

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Uwoohh interesting  :luvluv2:

maybe... the company is the rest 5's company?  :dunno:

I can't wait for the next chapter, update it quickly! :hee:

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Its so interesting and amazing! :mon star:
Even though Paru has a salty character, she still has a fangirl side to her when it comes to Yui :on lol:
Wow! The member are assassin's while they are in a band :shock:
I wonder if the members will meet the 5 CEO's while on their mission :hehehe:
Hm~ Who could be the boss? :pig huh:
Update soon ~ :k-great:

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Ohh damn

They have two job

One job is the band job made everyone crazy for them

Seond job, they are assissant?!? That so cool

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A tsundere yukirin xDD kawaii~

The band is so cool!!!
Pls update!!
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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rena as a drummer IS SO COOL!!!! :ptam-glow:
there's no way that jurina won't like her :ptam-shy: :ptam-shy:

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Chapter 1

Mission in progress
Area: Robin Hotel 11:25pm

In a secret base somewhere in Tokyo

Rena and Yui where currently walking inside the Robin Hotel as Mayu hacked the hotel system and could clearly see the two in position.

"Alright Minami, Sayaka, Rena and Yui are in position" Nana said as she sat beside Mayu

"Alright Sayaka, Minami are you ready?" Mayu asked as she zoomed into her screen the two of them in the security video.

"Were in place waiting for your commands" Sayaka said as they were in disguise just outside the hotel.

"Alright lets start operation assassination!" Mayu said as she cracked her knuckles

11:40pm Robin Hotel

"Yui, Rena you're here!" A man in his mid 40 said as he approach the two with 2 guards beside him as he kiss both their hand  "We were waiting for you please follow me"

Mayu was closely watching her team mates and targets as she started hacking the hotel security system and information of their targets. She soon found the room that the targets blocked which was the highest floor in the building in room 450.

Meanwhile outside of the hotel

“Pretty decent hotel” Minami said as she looked at the building from head to toe.

“Better it be decent and crappy than a 5 star hotel” Sayaka replied as she played with her phone “We won’t drive any attention to the media and their isn’t even a single person in the front desk, they must be out doing something like having sex hahah”

As Sayaka and Minami were laughing to Sayaka last statment their ear started ringing into their ears as a familiar voice entered their ear drum.

"Sayaka, Minami their currently in position, follow closely but don't get caught they're going to the highest floor in this building room 450" Mayu ordered as she watched Rena and Yui as they went into the elevator

"Roger lets go Sayaka" Minami reply as they quickly followed behind taking cover with a tourist group till they reached the elevator.

Meanwhile in the other elevator

"I watched your performance today it was very impressive" The man said as he looked at them in a sincere look

"Thanks" Rena said as she winked at him as he slightly looked away as Yui laughed a bit.

"Were happy you called us to meet with you with some business" Yui added as she smiled at the man as he slightly looked away again.

Meanwhile with Minami and Sayaka

"How long is this ride going to just one floor" Minami said as her patience was growing low.

"Its only been about a minute Minami" Sayaka said as she looked at her watched "And its almost time for my drama to start"

"O that new Korean romance show!" Minami asked

"Yahh its really good!!"

"Omg I know the two guy in the drama is super hot!!"

"YOU GUYS WERE IN A MISSION REMEMBER!!!" Mayu roared into both Sayaka and Minami voice ears.

"HOLY cow Mayu, ouch my ears are bleeding!!" Minami said as she held onto her ears.

"Gezz Mayu we know we know mission first" Sayaka said as she was fixing her hearing with her finger.

A few seconds later the elevator rang into the 5th floor in the building as they walked in caution along the hallway. They were armed from head to toe with knives and guns ready for any enemies luring around the halls. Soon their ear piece started to ring again as Mayu voiced echoed into their ears.

"Sayaka, Minami their currently on one in this floor,but our targets and I suspect that their all the way down the hall in the luxury sweet be cautious their guards everywhere" Mayu said as the two nodded heads making a plan "Don't worry about cleaning up this place our Boss has us covered just kill them already so we can go home!!"

"Of course Mayu i’ll be done super fast this is what we live for" Minami said as she looked at hotel camera as Mayu on the screen watching Minami shook her head laughing a bit.

Soon after a few steps into the hallways as suspected by Mayu guards covered the whole floor. They killed about 15 guards without making a noise as they conuited to their destination.
Soon they saw the end of the hall with only 2 guard left blocked the door to the sweet.

"Bingo lets go Minami"

As they walked to the sweet the two men noticed them ready to yell at them as Minami quickly pulled out her knife and tossed it into the the guys neck as he instantly died in the spot. The other guard was too scared to pull out his gun as Sayaka quickly ran up to him and covered his mouth as she cut his neck clean.

"Well that was easy" Minami said as she cleaned her knife with the guard shirt.

"Yay totally" Sayaka said “Now we just wait..”

In the hotel sweet

The hotel sweet was pretty decent with a kitchen and lounge and 2 bedrooms that had open windows that showed the city to Tokyo.

"Please have a seat Rena and Yui" The guy said they sat down in front of him as he order his friend to grab them drinks "My name Sato and this is Touto"

"Pleasure to meet you Sato san and Touto san" Yui replied

"Please call us Sato and Touto" Sato said as Touto brought the wine pouring the deep red liquid into each person cup.

"Were currently very interest in Brave Hearts specialty you two" Touto said as she looked at the two from head to toe "We want to make a deal with you and share 1 million dollars in your band"

"Really at what price?" Rena said as she sat back in the couch

"Well its a little price" Sato said as she sat beside Rena stroking her hair.

Rena knew they wanted and Yui did too, she looked over as Yui did the same as they smirked at each other. Rena quickly held onto his hand to her chest as she stood up and guided him into the room.

Touko looked at Yui with hungry eyes as Yui walked up to him and sat beside him holding onto his arms.

"Lets have some fun nee T~O~U~K~O" Yui said in a seductive tone.

Meanwhile outside of the sweet

"I wonder how their doing" Minami said looking at Sayaka besides her.

"Their going to be fine were assassin after all!!~” Sayaka said with a smile to Minami


"Sayaka, Minami" Nana called into their ears "Rena and Yui are currently luring the bait be ready"

"Roger" Sayaka said as she took a hold of her gun and Minami did the same.

Meanwhile in the room

Yui was touching Touko thighs as his she could clearly see the shift in his pants. Yui knew what he wanted so she kissed him hard as she opened his fly open and started opening his button shirts.

Touko broke the kiss as he quickly flipped Yui under him and he opened Yui shirt and kissed her again with more passion.

In the next room

Rena quickly closed the door and Sato pulled her onto the bed and started kissing her. Rena smirked in the kissed as she slowly unbutton her own shirt.

Sato quickly kissed Rena harder as he pulled down his pants leaving only his underwear as she also pulled down her shorts.

Outside the hotel sweet

"Sayaka, Minami its time" Mayu said "lets finish this"

"With pleasure!!" They said in unity as they kicked the door wide open.

Touko and Yui soon broke the kiss as he was in shock as Yui quickly pulled Touko close whispering into his ear.

"Isn't this fun~"

Yui then toss Touko over the couch as Minami came up and shot him straight in the head. As blood splatters everywhere and blood covered the carpets.

In the other room

During their heated kissed a loud noise came from the living room as Sato soon pulled out of the kiss with confusion and anger plastered all over his face.

"What was that?" Sato said

As he got of the bed and opened the door only to see gun being point at him and his partner died on the floor. He was about to turn around but Rena had his gun in her hands as she point it on his head.

"I wonder whos going to be in pleaser after his umm and don't leave your gun in your pants honey?" Rena said as she slowly point the gun at his area.

Before Sato could say anything Rena pulled the trigger as he was in pain holding onto his area. Rena then kicked him hard as she said her final word to him before he shot him in the head.


She finally pulled the trigger as blooded covered her clothes and the now crismon floor.

12:35 Mission complete

"Well that was over" Rena said as she fixed her clothes and patted Yui on the shoulder "Well that was fun while it lasted"

"Well Rena you were totally in the moment their" Yui said as she laughed a bit and Rena laughed along with Yui.

The 4 headed into the living room as Rena and Yui sat on the couch drinking their wine as Sayaka was looking around the room with curiosity and awe.

"Well the jobs done finally" Minami said as she handed her teammates spare clothing to change in “Hurry and change Mayu will call us in any minute now and you know what's she like when we're late…”

As Rena and Yui were changing, Minami was looking around the sweet and looking out into the window on Tokyo. The night lights gave Tokyo a warm atmosphere and the calming wind of the open window gave the room a pleasant sense. Though the smell of blood was in the room it was still nice to enjoy a bit of what Tokyo can give even through such horror and crimes these girls went through. Meanwhile Sayaka was still looking around as she spotted the figure as she opened it up with awe.

"OOO they have nice beer here" Sayaka said as she went to the figure and grab a bottle of beer as she drank it and handed it to her crew

Soon Sayaka and Minami earpiece rang into their ears.

"Good job guys were currently going to pick you up be ready in 5" Mayu said as she ended the call.

The 4 soon changed clothes as they headed out of the hotel into a black vehicle to their condo yo rest for the night.

Back at the condo

"Finally the drama!!" Sayaka said

She ran to the living room as she grab the remote, opening the blank screen as she hit her recording list as the title High School Love on appeared on the TV screen.

"Aaaa finally couch" Rena said as she laid herself on the couch beside Sayaka “Ooo High School Love on!~”

“It’s the best!!~” Sayaka replied as she let Rena rest her head on her shoulder as they watched the drama.

Minami sat beside Rena as she watched the screen of Sayaka show as Yui sat in the next couch with Mayu as they chatted along. Nana soon came up covering the TV.

"Nana I was watching that old lady!!" Sayaka roaded she was trying to see the screen.

"Sayaka im not old im just 3 years older than you!!" Nana yelled as she turned the Tv off

"Anyways that Boss wants to talk you guys tomorrow at 8pm sharp got it!!"

"Roger that!!" They all yelled

"Also since you guys did a good job you all have a day off tomorrow" Nana added as she looked at them and looked at her phone message "I have to go anyways I'll text you if they're anything new"

Just like that Nana left the band members to go crazy for tomorrow day off.

"Really a day of !!" Sayaka said as he eyes gleamed with excitement "It's been years since we had one!"

"Finally a day off yay!!" Rena added as she high fived Sayaka

"Lets go to the new club I header its really good!!" Yui said as the grouped nodded

"And party till our heart content!!" Mayu added as she also high fived Yui.

"Tomorrow is going to be fun!!" Minami said stood in front of her teammates with a big smile on her face.

"Operation club time in action!!!" Sayaka said as her group cheered along with her.

Meanwhile at the CEO house

"Aa we have work tomorrow again aaa" Jurina yelled as she held onto the pillow

"Come on Jurina its our job" Paru said as she patted Jurina on the head "Its ok"

"But I don't want to go to work!!" Jurina yelled "I want another day off!!"

"Jurina we had one today we have a meeting tomorrow" Yuki said as she sat down next to Jurina as she opened the Tv

"But Yuki.."

"Jurina no maybe next time but not now"

"Umm what time does our meeting end Yuki?" Meade said as she was opening the figure

"About 5"

"I heard that new club is good!!" Milky said as she sat next to Yuki "Lets go after the meeting I heard it fun!!"

"Yah Yuki lets go!!" Jurina said as she shook Yuki "Yuki lets go!!"

"Why do you guys always find a way to bring me into situation I don't want to go to" Yuki replied as she face palmed herself

"Cuz you need a break once in awhile Yuki you're working yourself to hard" Paru added as poke Yuki in the face "were trying to help you"

"I also heard that its so popular that you need tickets to go and also only a selected amount of people can enter" Meada said as she sat next to Milky "And guess who had 5 ticket!!"

"OMG WE NEED TO GO!!" Jurina yelled as she high fived Paru

"Aaa fine fine since Meade bought it let nots waste her money" Yuki said

The whole group hugged her and laughed along to Yuki pouting face as Yuki laughed along also.

Meanwhile somewhere unknown

“Nana how did it go?” An unknown figure said as the back of the chair was facing Nana

“Pretty well sir, they killed what you asked for” Nana said as she sat on the chair pulling out her phone “I gave them a break since well you know they worked hard forming this band even though you didn’t want to and being an assassin on top they deserve at least a day off”

“Well I think they're ready Nana don’t you?” The Unknown figure said with a small laugh “They're big enough, there the first people I’ve trained since they were small and they never fail a mission ever!”

“But, sir…” Nana added as she placed her phone on her lap “Didn’t countless of people you have sent get killed on this mission”

“Yes they have countless…” The figure said still facing the back of the chair to Nana “I waited for so long for the right moment and now it’s the time”


“Nana just think about it if we get this business we have the whole world money in our hands!! We’ll be richer than we were before!!”
“I know sir” Nana said as she looked at the ground

“Nana I know this all seems wrong to you, the killing the money… But were nobodies you and I and Brave Hearts” The figure said with a sad tone “We were abandoned, torched and almost killed to death, by society even the government, teachers, police officers didn’t give a crap about us, but we had a second chance and now look at us even Brave Hearts were not nobodies anymore they're the nobodies now”

“I know” Nana replied as she looked at her phone screen of Brave hearts and her on their band concert.

“After this mission complete we can live free” The figure said “You, Brave Hearts will be able to live free we can do whatever we want”

“Now lets starts operation takeover to commence then” Nana said as she closed her eyes as she thought to herself

“I pray we won’t get into trouble or even get killed by this mission…..”

How was it?  :cathappy: :cathappy: :grin:
Sorry I haven't updated my fanfics for a while school just started and I already have tons of test and HW to do!!!! :banghead: :banghead:
I try to update as fast as I can!! :bow: :bow:
Thanks for everyone who read this and my other fanfics Arigato!!!! :bow: :deco: :cathappy: :cow: :otomerika: :grin: :heart:
HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!! :hip smile: :deco: :hip smile: :deco:
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Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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an update..~~!!! :mon beam:

i waited long enough for this~~!!

rena and yui... :mon blood:

and the CEO's.. :mon heh:

are they living together..?

i wonder who's the boss and the story of their past.. :mon cweepy: :on study:

update soon~!! :mon baby: :mon dance: :mon yeah:

ps: its 'suite' not 'sweet'
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Rena...Yui *nosebleed*

And they are CEO

Who is this mystery boss

Update soon

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Interesting story here...

CEO for Atsuko, yuki and others

Bands and Assasins for Minami, Mayu and others...

Going to be some love in there...

Got ultimate mission that they need to do....

What kind...?

Would they be free to be normal people later?

Can't wait to see more

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Yui and Rena's tactics on luring the targets :mon bleed2:
Wow, the way the group easily killed the targets and guards, such well trained  :mon star:
"Finally the drama!!" Sayaka said
Sayaka really loves her drama :mon lol:
The faster the job is done, the faster you get to do things you want :mon determined:
Seems like the 5 CEO's live together :hee:
The whole group hugged her and laughed along to Yuki pouting face as Yuki laughed along also.
Who know's maybe Yuki and the others will meet some people :bigdeal:
Hm, who could be the assassins boss?  :dunno:
And what dangerous mission will be given to them, that Nana fears of? :mon huh: :sweat:
Can't wait for next chapter :whistle:

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Fatal attraction chapter 2

Ring Ring
12:00 pm

"Can someone fircking shut that alarm up!" Mayuyu yelled as she covered her head with a pillow covering the sound from her ears.

"Rena can you close it!" Yui yelled as her eyes were still closed "I'm to lazy to close it"

"Aaa!" Rena yelled as she stood up from her bed "You fricking owe me for doing this!"

As Rena laid down in her bed as she turned the alarm off, soon the three started to drift off to sleep, till...

"RISE AND SHINE!!" A loud voiced yelled, opening the door as a slam was heard in the room.

"Aaa its only 12 let me sleep!!" Rena yelled as she covered her head with the blanket.

"Come on it's our day off!" Sayaka yelled as she uncovered Rena from her blanket "Its time for some fun!"

Rena stood up from her bed shaking her head a bit as she spoke.

"Lucky I woke up before or I would fricking kill you right now.." she said as she stretched her arms in the air as she stood up "I'll go make breakfast, is Minami wake?"

"She’s wake" Sayaka said as she slowly approached Yui and Mayu beds.

Rena shook her head as she started walking into the kitchen where Minami was preparing food for the 5 of them.

45 minutes later

"Frickcing Sayaka.." Mayuyu said as she ate her omelet "I was having the most awesome dream, till YOU interpreted it!"

"Haha come on Mayuyu!" Sayaka said as she hugged her "You were so cute when you were sleeping, I had to interpret it!"

"Sayaka found my weak spot when she tickled me..." Yui replied as she drank her coffee "I couldn't even breath for like 5 minutes .."

"Hahah" Sayaka laughed "Sorry Yui, its just so much fun tickling you!"

"Sayaka.." Minami said with a sigh "She poured cold water on me.."

There was a moment of silence, till laughter was heard around the table.

"Hahaha OMG Sayaka you fircking did that to the leader!" Yui said slapping Sayaka on the back "Good job"

Rena and Mayu were holding each other from to much laughter as Minami face turned bright red.

"You guy!" Minami said with a pout "At least say "are you ok" or "Sayaka that not nice"!!"

Soon bring breakfast ended as the five planned the day to walk around the city before going to the new club they were excited about.


"Aaa finally it over!" Jurina yelled as she as she flopped onto the couch "That was painful!"

"My neck hurts" Paruru said as she sat beside Jurina.

As the two sat down, a slim figure came into the room as she held a tray of coffee in her hands.

"Good job you guys!" Meada said as she handed the two coffee "Anyways where’s Miyuki and Yuki?"

"Right behind you" a cheerful voice said behind Meada as she turned around smiling at the two.

"Milky, Yuki!" Meada said as she handed the two their coffee "Good job in the presentation!"

"Thanks Meada " Yuki replied as she took the coffee as she sat in a seat beside Paru and Milky sat beside Jurina.

The 4 watched Meada as stood in front of them with a smirk that was visible on her face.

"Since were done the presentation.." Meada said "Why don't we walk around the city!"

"Meada!" Yuki replied "We're CEO remember, and are you sure we can just sneak out of here.."

"Of course we can!" Meada replied "We like practically own this building!"

"Yah, but still... " Yuki replied with a sigh.

"Come one Yuki!" Paruru said with her salty expression as she pinched Yuki cheek "Lets go have some fun"

"Lets go Yukirin!" Jurina replied using Yuki nickname as she hugged Yuki arm "Lets go!!"

"Yukirin!~" Milky said with her pouting face “Let go out!~”

"Aaa fine fine!" Yuki said aloud

"YAhh!!" The four yelled as they dragged Yuki along as they started to prepare for the day.

Meanwhile in the city
2:30 pm

The 5 girls were walking around in the city with their face mask on so no one would notice them. Rena, Yui and Sayaka were wearing glasses while on the other hand Rena and Mayu were wearing matching long sleeves shirts that had the words Otaku, while the other 3 wore sweaters.

"OMG!" Rena said as she ran up to the window display with her eyes shine  "It the limited edition of Kill all Kill figure!!"

"Let's go buy it!" Mayuyu said as the two disappeared into the store.

"Just like always.." Minami said as the 3 waits outside the store "Always buying anime stuff when they have free time.."

"It ok Minami!" Yui replied as she patted Minami head "We still have the club we have to go to!"

"Can't wait for that!" Sayaka replied "Well have so much fun!"

Soon the two came outside with 1 bags in each hand, as they had a somewhat happy face.

"Ok lets go!" Mayuyu replied with a smile as the groups followed along behind the happy Mayuyu.

As the two walked a certain other group was right behind them.


"Omg!" Milky yelled as her and Yuki were looking at the display "This is so cute!"

"Let's go get it!!" Yuki replied

Just like that the two disappeared into the store.

"Its good to see Yuki relax!" Meada said as she looked at her watch "It's already going 3"

"Almost time for us to go clubbing!!" Jurina replied "Aaaa it going to be my first time in a club!!"

"Jurina are you sure you're old enough?" Paruru replied as she looked at Jurina.

"Of course i am!" Jurina replied "I'm already 20!"

"So young!" Paruru said as Jurina lightly slapped Paruru arm “Were almost 22 hahah!! SO YOUNG!”

"Im not that young.."

"Awww our Jurina blushing!" Meada said as she hugged Jurina as Jurina blushed a deep red.

Soon the two came out with a bag in each hand as they noticed the awkward atmosphere around the 3 in front of them.

"Did we miss something? " Yuki replied with a confused look

"Aww why is Jurina face so red!" Milky said as she approach Jurina.

"I-it nothing! " Jurina replied as pulled away from Meada as she walked ahead.

Milky and Yuki had a puzzled looked as the stared at Meada.

"I'll go catch up to her!" Milky replied as she ran to catch up to Jurina.

"What happened?" Yuki asked.

"Just that our Jurina growing up to fast!" Paruru replied with a smirk.

With Jurina...

"I'm not that young" Jurina said to herself as she walked ahead.

Jurina didn't realize that she was about to bump into someone as she knocked shoulders with the stranger as they both fell down.

"Aa my butt.." Jurina said "i'm sorry abou-"

As she was about to stand up, she saw the most beautiful person he ever ever laid eyes one. The so called love at first sight had her long hair down, with a mask covering her face as she wore a somewhat nerdy glasses over her eyes. She wore a simple long tee and ripped jeans to top it off. To some people it was just an ordinary person, but to Jurina she was the perfect to her eyes.

Jurina quickly stood up as she started to pick up the stranger stuff on the ground as she handed it to her.

"Im sorry about that!" She replied as she blushed a deep red

"Thank and it ok" the stranger said as she dusted herself off "Just don't go running into people alright!"

"Hai.." Jurina replied as she bowed down in front of her.

As she was bowing she could hears some voices calling the other name but she didn’t pick up the stranger name.

"Well I got to go" The stranger said as she made a small sulite sign to Jurina "If you bump into me again, I shall hunt you down till your dead will anyways see ya!"

Just like that she disappeared into thin air before Jurina could say anything. Jurina never asked her for her name, and will never know who she really was. Just as she was thinking for the certain person Yuki came up to her as she head chop her on the head as Jurina yelled in pain.

"OUCH that hurts Yuki!" Jurina said as she pouted

"Well don't go running off on your own" Yuki replied as she let out a sigh "We thought you go lost and you didnt answer your phone"

"Haha sorry about that!" Jurina replied as she scratched her head

"JURINA!!" A group of girls called as they were running towards Jurina and Yuki.

"Geez Jurina.. you... need... to... slow.. down...ok..." Paruru said as she held her hands on her knees trying to caught her breath "I'm.. athletic... person..."

"aaaa Jurina your run fast kiddo!" Meada said as she patted Paruru on the back "You gave us a work out!"

"Yahh Jurina" Milky said as she looked towards Jurina who face was still red "Aww Jurina why are you blushing!"

Jurina quickly covered her face.

"Ooo I think Jurina found someone she likes again!" Meada replied as she hanged her arms around Jurina neck.

"Shut up.." Jurina said as she blushed harder

"Haha it okiee Jurina!" Paruru said as she picked Jurina cheeks "We all know how well you get the girls!"

"I'm not a player anymore your guys!!" Jurina ranted as she blushed harder

Yuki soon came up to Jurina as she patted her on the head as she calmed Jurina down.

"Lets not tease Jurina you guys" Yuki said as the grouped nodded "Jurina try not to run away like that you got it"

"Yahh" Jurina said a she nodded.

"Well since that settled it isn't it almost time for the club to start it already 5"

5:00 pm

"Oo Rena who was that person ummmm!” Mayuyu asked as they were preparing that evening
“Shut up it just this person that bump into me! nothing more”
“Well it seemed like she was in gaze when she looked up at you” Yui replied as she wrapped her arm around Rena “It seems like to me she was IN L-O-V-E with you!!’
“Aaaaa no she not you guys!!” Rena yelled as she as she started walking away from her room “I’m going to Sayaka and Minami room GOOD-BYE!!”
Rena quickly slammed the door behind her as she walked to the other room. As she opened the door she  could see the two in fine dress, Sayaka in a black dress while Minami was in a light red dress that shaped her body well. She quickly laid down on Minmai bed as she watched the two putting on their jellower and makeup.
“Why the sad face Rena?” Minami asked as she tossed Rena a lollipop as she opened it and quickly put it in her mouth
“Freaking Mayuyu and Yui are pissing me off..” Rena replied as she stood up on Minami bed
“Aaaa is it that person we saw you were talking to?” Sayaka said as she turned around picking up her guitar as she was tuning it.
“Aaaaa yes!” Rena replied as she sighed again “Can we switch rooms Sayaka please!!”
Rena ran up to Sayaka as he bowed down to Sayaka.
“Please! PLEASE! can we switch rooms I’ll do whatever you say!!”
“naan  i'm ok!” Sayaka said as she patted Rena head “We put you guys together cuz you the 2 most mature beside Minami!”
“Aaaaaaaa why me!!”
“Will figure that out later ok!!” Minami replied as she toss Rena a makeup kit “We have to hurry the limo almost here to pick us up!”
“YAHH PARTY PARTY!!!” Jurina yelled, as she was running around the house “PARTY PARTY!
Just before Jurina can yell some more Yuki came up to Jurina hitting her hard on the head as Jurina yelled in pain
“OUCH that hurts You-”
Before Jurina can say anything as she turned her eyes widen from seeing Yuki. She wore a nicely white dress that went up to her knees that fitted her body well, showing her nice curves as she hair was curled in the end. Jurina was shocked seeing Yuki like this, she never seen Yuki dress up so nicely then at work.
“Woah Yuki..” Jurina said as she pointed to Yuki boobs “You look nice especially when you show that..”
Yuki slightly blushed as she slapped Jurina on the head again as she yelled in pain
“Shut up! and will you change already the party about to start!”
Jurina slightly laughed as she headed upstairs
“Hahah ok princess!”
“Can you not Jurina!” Yuki yelled as she could hear Jurina laughing in the distance.
At the AKB Club
6:05 PM

The sun was almost disappeared in the sky as the darkness of the night was rolling in. The streets were crowded as groups of people waited outside to enter the private club. VIP came into the building one by one as Brave Hearts entered also. The crowd went wild as they watched the 5 waving as they headed towards the building. Another car came headed dropping off the 5 CEOs as they entered the club as well handing their tickets to enter as they, greeted the camera and crowds of people. Inside the lights were low as music came into the room. There was many famous people around and many CEO of different companies, to the left was a huge bar and to the right lied a large couches to sit in and tables that surrounded the dance floor as the DJ was rocking out to the beat of the music.
“Woahh!!!” Jurina yelled as jumped up and down “OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME!!”
“Woah calm down puppy!” Yuki said as she stood in front of the group as she closed her eyes “We have to stay together o-”
As she opened her eyes, she didn’t see the 4 in front of them, but air. Yuki sighed as she went to look for them.
“Woaaahhhh!!” Sayaka said as she looked around her “OMG IS THAT ONE OK ROCK OMFG!!!”
“Sayaka calm down!!” Minami said as she patted Sayaka head
“OMG IS THAT !!” Mayuyu said as she shook Rena arm

They two jumped up and down happily, dancing in a circle as Minami came up to them as she slapped them on the head as they yelled in pain.
“OK listen up everyone‼!” Minami said as she took a breath “We have-“
Just as Minami was looking up to the group, the only thing she could see was air in front of her. Minami sighed as she went to look for her bandmates as she whispered to herself.

Yui was casually looking around as she watched people start dancing, she got used to people asking her to dance but she declined their offer as she walked in the opposite direction. Just as Yui was about to leave the dance floor she could see a certain someone caughting her eyes. She slowly approached the person as she tapped her shoulder as she turned around, with big eyes.
“You look bored to death are you ok?” Yui replied as the other blushed
“ummm…. kind of…”
“Why are you so shy, is it because you never seen me before?” Yui asked with a smile as the other shook her head
“No of course I know you! your Yui the guitarist of the group of Brave Hearts‼” She yelled as she caught a few people attention she she slightly blushed again.
“Hahah you funny and cute!” Yui replied as she took the other hand guiding her towards the dance floor “Come on lets dance! What you name anyways since you know me?”
“Shimazaki Haruka… or Paruru” Paruru replied as she blushed a bit.
On the other hand…
“Where to go!~” Meada said as she was walking towards the stalls
As she entered she could see someone people kissing in front of her, she slightly blushed as she turned around walking outside of the stalls as she sat down on the large couches. She sighed as she turned to the right seeing a certain girl beside her with her head down, and an aura of disappointment. In Meada curiosity she slightly tilted her head as she spoke.

“You ok their?”
“Me ok of course I’m ok!” the girl said as she looked at the other “Why wouldn’t I be!”
“Eeeeee Minami‼” Meada said in a low tone “Minami!”
“Yess, Yess Minmai the one from Brave Hearts!” Minmai said as she took a sip of her beer setting it down in front of her.
“Are you drunk?” Maeda said as she watched Minami drink her beer in one go
“Me drunk hahaha!” Minmai said laughing “Of course not!”
Meada quickly grabbed Minmai hand as she dragged her towards the bathroom stalls
“EEE where are you taking me?” Minmai asked “Who are you anyways”
“Meada Atsuko! And I bet 5 dollars you're going to puke like right now”
Just as Meada said that Minami ran towards the nearest stall as she started puking as Meada watched from the side as she smiled to herself.
“Finally get to have Minami all to myself!~”
At the dance floor..
“Where the hell  are they!” Yuki said as she went towards the crowed of people dancing.
Just as Yuki was walking she bumped into someone. She held her head as she felt someone on top of her as she looked up she could see a certain familiar face in front of her as she eyes widen.
The girl closed her mouth as she stood up as Yuki did the same.
“You so damn loud!” Mayuyu said as she shook her head “Geez you have such a reaction!”
‘You’re you're..” Yuki said as she looked at other person in front of her “Your Mayuyu! From Brave hearts‼”
“Yahh yahh!” Mayuyu said as she waved her hand “What else am I santa”
Just Mayuyu said that she felt someone grab her hand, which was Yuki.
“Where are you bring me!” Mayuyu yelled

“We're going to chat, and I’m Kashiwagi Yuki!” Yuki said in a happy tone as Mayuyu looked at her as she smiled a bit as she thought
‘Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea to come here! thanks Maeda!”
Meanwhile at the bar stand..
“One beer!” Rena said as the bartender brought her the drink as she said in a whisper to herself “Aaa I got a signature of Eren voice actor soo happy!
Rena slowly started drinking as she caught a certain figure beside her.
“OMG!”  The girl said as she grab Rena hands “I’m a huge fan of your band and you also‼! I’ve been looking for you and I finally found you!”
“Umm can you not hold my hand” Rena said as she slowly let go of the other hand.
Rena didn’t look up, but when she did her eyes widen seeing the familiar figure that she bump into before.
“Huh what?” the other asked
“You’re the one I bumped into earlier!” Rena said out loud
Jurina then remember the other familiar face, the way she looked at Jurina when they bumped into each other. She cheeks flushed a bright red, remembering the scene as she covered her face. She never knew the person would be Rena in all of places, she was happy that she could meet the person she had love at first sight with specially since i was her favorite band member Matsui Rena.
“…I’m sorry about before still..” Jurina relied as she blushed hard “Matsui Jurina by the way”
Jurina held out her hands as Rena took it lightly as they shock hands. Rena slightly smiled noticing the shy girl in front of her as she took interest of the so called Jurina.
“Matsui Rena, if you don’t know” Rena said smiling as she order a beer for Jurina handing it to her as she spoke in a more playful tone “So what your hobbies?”

On the other hand…

“Oh gosh I lost them, where are they?” Milky said as she was walking around the club looking for her 4 friends.

Just as she was walking he bumped into a crowd of boys as they seemed drunk, they started talking to Milky as they held her arm.

“Hey there beautiful!~” one of the guys said as she pulled Milky up to him as she could smell his breath filled with alcohol “Why don’t you hang out with us?~”

“I-Im fine..” Milky replied trying to let break free from his grasp.

“Aww come on will have fun!~” He replied as she pulled her closer to him “It can be just me and you and w-”

Just before he could finish his words someone came up to them breaking Milky away as the stranger held her behind the stranger back.

“Back off, she said she didn’t want to!” The stranger said in an angry tone

“Hey we were in a middle of talking you punk!” The stranger said standing up as she cracked his neck “Want to fight little girl!”

“Hahah, just try to touch me” The stranger said holding out her fist out in front of her as she spoke to Milky behind her “Stay behind me got it!”


3 of the guys buddies came up towards the stranger trying to hit her as she doubles all of their attacks. People around them started to circle around them as Milky stayed behind the stranger as piles of people surrounding them. As Milky watched the stranger one of the guys punched her right in the stomach as she back a bit holding onto her stomach, she lifted her head looking towards Milky. Milky eyes grew wide as she noticed the figure protecting her was no other than her favourite member from Brave Hearts.


Sayaka smiled at her as she stood up again as she yelled to her opponents

“Bring it on!”

Meanwhile away from the fight

Yui and Paruru were dancing along as they Yui started talking to Paruru. Paruru seemed to zone out of it as she nodded her head most of the time when Yui was asking her question such as “are you 21?” “So do you like club so far”. As they were dancing and chatting along they heard a few people beside them as they dancing talking about the huge crowd.

“Whats all the commotion?” Yui said as she saw a huge crowd near the couches

“I don’t know..” Paruru said in a shy tone as she looked at the crowed also.

“Lets check it out then!” Yui said as she grab Paruru hand as Paruru blushed hard as she followed Yui.


“What's that over there?” Meada asked as she pointed to the crowed as they exited the bathroom

“I guess a fight” Minami replied ‘Well it’s nice meeting I have to g-”

Just as Minami was about to leave Meada grabbed her arm again as she dragged her towards the crowd.

“Let go check it out!!” Meada replied as she pulled Minami along

“EEEE Let go of ME!” Minami said as she trying to let go of Meada grasp in her arm

“Come on lets go see it!” Meada said in a happy tone

“BUT WHY ARE YOU BRING ME !” Minami yelled as she tried pulling away from Meada

“Aw come on Minami!” Meada said as she turned towards her with a pot visible

As Minami looked at Meada pouting face she couldn’t resist how cute the other was. She didn’t seem to notice how her heart had a little PING as she saw Meada cute face.

“Aaaa fine fine!” Minami replied as Meada jumped up and down happily pulling Minami along to see the so called fight.


Yuki brought Mayuyu along to one of the tables as she forced Mayuyu to start chatting with her. The two seemed to have a lot in common with how much they liked anime, even tho Yuki looked nothing like an otaku like her and Rena were. Just as they were chatting along Mayu noticed a huge crowed in the far back.

“OOO a fight!” Mayuyu said as she stood up from her chair “Let go see it!”

Mayuyu pulled Yuki out of her seat as they started walking towards the crowd.

“EEE I don’t like seeing fights” Yuki said as she was being dragged by Mayu

“Come one Reaction Queen fights are fun!” Mayuyu said as she pulled her tongue out towards Yuki

“EEEE you like fights!”

Yuki didn’t even imagine her favorite member that looked so cute and innocent was hardcore, anime liking person.

“Just come on I just want to see who fighting!”


Rena and Jurina were talking along the bar stand as Jurina seemed to be looking down at her glass of beer most of the time.

“Why are you looking down look at me” Rena replied as she took her finger as she motioned Jurina head up towards her as Jurina blushed hard.

“I-t just that I would n-never imagine I would talk t-t you” Jurina said in a shy tone as she blushed a deep red again and Rena laughed.

“Hahah you're really funny Jurina” Rena said as she smiled towards the other girl.

Just as they were talking, a bunch of girls beside them started standing up as they said out loud

“OO a fight going on!” Girl number one said

“I heard it there guys trying to beat up this one poor girl” Girl number two said as she put both her hands on her face.

“I heard the girl is from this popular new band!” The other said “But I don’t know which band it was again..”

Just as Rena heard this he took Jurina hand as they started walking towards the large group of people.

“EEE Rena-san where are you taking me?” Jurina replied as she blushed harder as Rena held her hand

“I want to see who this girl is in that fight” Rena replied as she sighed “I hope it not who I think it was…”

The 4 groups sooned were at either side of the crowd as they tried their best to get a view of the fight. As they squashed their way through Minami, Mayu, Yui and Rena mouth were open as they saw their Guitarist beating the crap of 10 guys. As they all saw each other nodded at each other as they all ran towards Sayaka pulling her away from the fight.

“Calm down Sayaka!” Minami said as she pulled her away from kicking the guy on the ground any further.

“Its over girl!” Mayuyu said as she stood in front of Sayaka protecting the guy behind her

“Sayaka it ok” Rena said as she patted Sayaka head as Sayaka seemed to calm down a bit.

“Attention everyone their nothing to see here!” Yui said as she waved her hand towards the crowd

Just as she was saying that a bunch of police came as they broke up the crowd as they noticed 10 men in pain on the floor.

“What happened here!” One of the police said as they stood in front of the Brave Hearts.

“These guys tried to harrast this girl.. I tried to stop them, but the insisted on fighting.. I tried my best… to fight them off.. i'm sorry for all the commotion” Sayaka said as she bowed towards the police.

“Is that right?” The police said as he looked at the crowd as they nodded their heads, he sigh as he motioned his buddies to help with the men in the floor.

“Well arrest them here” The police said as she gave Sayaka a tissue to clean up the blood on her lips “Be careful next time”

“Of course” Sayaka said as she smiled at him.


The club ended early as the police came to arrest the guy Sayaka was protecting from a certain girl. The girls chatted with the police as he asked a few questions. They weren’t troubled, but they got a warning about it and good thing he was a big fan of Sayaka or else they’ll be in big trouble.

“Well I see you guys” The police said he walked away. Sooned the club seemed empty just a few people here and their packing up their things.

“Gezz Sayaka!” Minami said as slapped Sayaka across the head “We almost got in trouble!”

“Ouch sorry guys!” Sayaka said as she bowed at them “I just hated seeing a girl being treated as a toy you know”

“Well it alright, by boy you beat the crap out of all of them hahah!” Mayu said as she put her arms around Sayaka.

“That why she the top dog for the Boss!” Rena replied as she shuffled Sayaka head

“Go Sayaka go!” Yui said as she started chatting Sayaka name as they laughed along.


Yuki was looking around for her friends till she saw 4 people talking around the bar stand.


the 4 noticed Yuki as they ran towards her. Yuki slapped all of her friends on the heads for leaving Yuki hanging there by herself. They started chatting about their days, and they were shocked when they day was mostly the people they meet were all from Brave Heart. They all fangirled as eached talked about meeting their favourite member as Milky as in her own little world. Milky just seemed to listen as she mind was filled with the imagine of Sayaka protecting her.

“I wonder who Sayaka was protecting?” Meada asked

“Same!” Jurina said as she looked at Paruru as Paruru nodded.

“I wish Yui would do that to me!” Paruru replied as everyone nodded.

“Milky you ok?” Yuki said as she snapped Milky from her dream world.

“O umm… you guys” Milky said shyly as they listened “Well the girl was me… Sayaka was protecting me..”

The groups eyes widen as they went closer to Milky as they shock Milky shoulders

“OMG WHAT!” They all said in unity as Milky nodded her head.

Just as they were talking to Milky a voice spoke.


The 4 turned around as they Sayaka standing behind them with a bandage on her face as she scratched her head.

“Can I speak to her for a bit..”

They turned to Milky as she was blushing hard. They all nodded as they ran to another direction as they watched from afar as Sayaka approached Milky. On the other hand Brave Hearts watched from the other side watching Sayaka.

“This is going to be good!” Jurina said softly

“OO GO SAYAKA GO!” Yui whispered

“Go Milky you can do it!” Meada said in her head

“Ummm now I have to make a couple name for them..” Paruru said to herself as she smiled thinking of a good name for the two.

“Don’t screw up Sayaka” Minami said under her breath “Don’t scare the poor thing”

“Sayaka go get her little heart!” Rena said in a whisper

“Milky, I’m cheering for you!” Yuki said mentally in her mind as she held a fist in front of her “Fighting!”

“SAYAKA HURRY YOUR ASS UP MY BUTT HURT FROM CROUCHING ON THE GROUND!” Mayuyu said mentally as she watched the two from afar.

“Are you ok?” Sayaka said as she asked Milky

“I’m ok..thanks..”

“Oo you have something on your face” Sayaka pulled out the tissue that the police gave as she wiped a little dirt from Milky face, Milky on the other hand blushed hard.

“I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Yamamoto Sayaka, guat-”

“Guitarist and Member of Brave Hearts…” Milky finished off Sayaka word as Sayaka blushed hard hearing that the girl was a fan.

“Watanabe Milky” Milky said as she held her hand out “Nice to finally meet you in person”

Sayaka shook her hand as she pulled out her phone towards Milky. Milky was confused when Sayaka gave her, her phone.

“Umm… if its ok with you… can i have your number..” Sayaka said in a blush “is that alright with you hahaha..”

Milky blushed as she took Sayaka phone as she inputting her number in as she gave it back.

“I have to go now” Milky said as she bowed towards Sayaka “Please continue being Brave Hearts Guitarist I’ll always be cheering you on!”

Just like that Milky ran away as Sayaka was still in a daze. Just as she was in her little dream world her phone revealed a call from Nana, Sayaka picked it up as she answered.



“OO SHIT!” Sayaka yelled as she ran towards her bandmates in a panic “THE MEETING WITH THE BOSS!”

The 5 called the limo they were in to an address as they drove along.


The 5 CEO got home safely as they  were fangirling with Milky as they sat in the living room.


“Yahh, and she was a bit nervous about asking me also” Milky replied as she smiled into Meada hug.

“I wish Rena ask me for my number!” Jurina said as she sat with Paruru.

“Same here!” Paruru replied with a salty expression.

“YOU GUYS WE HAVE WORK TOMORROW AGAIN!” Yuki said as she stood in front of her friends

“Yuki come on, Milky just got asked out by SAYAKA!” Meada said out loud holding her hand out to Yuki as Yuki sighed.

“I now and i’m jealous also, but work comes first!” Yuki said as the 4 nodded “It’s already going 9:30 and we have to wake up at 5 tomorrow, were meeting with a big company that wants to bind our company together with us!”

“Hai!!!” the 4 replied

Meanwhile outside a somewhat abandon building
9:50 pm

The sky outside was already dark, as the limo dropped them off at a somewhat abandoned building. The driver seemed confused why they were here, but didn’t ask as he drove away. The 5 hurried along as into the building as they went down the stairs as they entered a secret door as they saw was Nana sitting in the corner of a large red couch as she slapped Sayaka on the head as he yelled in pain

“YOU’RE LIKE TWO HOURS LATE!” Nana yelled as she sighed “Come one the Boss is waiting for you!”

The 5 entered into a room that was decorated with mostly with flowers. the 5 sat down on the 5 chairs in front of them as Minami spoke.

“Sorry Boss..” Minami said in a worried tone

“It fine you guys hahah!” The chaired turned around revealing a women with somewhat short hair.

“Sorry w- EEEE MARIKO…” Sayaka said

“Hahah sorry guys he couldn’t come cuz of important business so i’m here!~” The women said “You guys went to a club of course you’ll be late, trying to hit on girl are we hahah!”

“Mariko!” Nana said as she shook her head “Why does the boss even assign you as his helper....”

“Because I always toll  remember hahah!” Mariko said as she laughed “And Minami I told you to call me Mariko I feel old when you guys use that!” Maikro said as she looked towards Nana “You to!”

“HAI!” They all said as Mariko smiled at them “Well let's begin!”

Soon the room turned dark as the screen behind Mariko when down as a picture came up and Mariko spoke in a now serious tone.

“You guys the Boss has a serious task for you! Ever since our so called father recruited you and me when you were little, I was always watching you in his side because i was older than you he trained us, and well i train you. You guys are like my best friends, and also my somewhat students.”

Mariko took a deep breath as she continued.

“Ever since he recruited you guys, you were his top students. Well me and nana were the first people he trained, and now we have 500 people under his care that he recruited. Well firstly this task is dangerous… countless of people died according to our sources, and we have to be careful”

“Wait dangerous?” Mayuyu said “Are you serious or are you trolling us..”

“I’m not joking Mayuyu! It is dangerous, in the past we had about 50 people try this task and they died, This is a company won’t let us get what we want, and you know our moto “MONEY MAKES US HAVE WHATEVER WE WANT AND HAVE AND SOCIETY SUCK”

The 5 shook their heads as Mariko continued

“Well, since were here to destroy society this company is branched to million of million of dollars, were pretty wealth right now, but this will make us be like gods to everyone”

“Woah millions of dollars!” Yui said as she looked at her band mates “THAT AWESOME!”

“And if we succeed, our Boss said we can live our lives normally, no more killing and all that stuff”

“REALLY!” Sayaka said

“Yes really, well here the company that you guys are meeting tomorrow”

the screen showed a few buildings that have the words AKB on it.

“This is the company we need to hijack” Marko said "The CEO are about the same age as you"

"Eeeeee!" They all said

"Haha I know right well anyways a few years ago their parents died in a major plane crash"

"Wait that plane crash like 2 years ago!" Rena asked “It was like all over the news”

"Yes Rena! Well the boss was the one who killed their parents, I don’t know how he did it, but he did and he got away with it with the new just saying it was the engine or something..."

They fell silent as they noticed how much power their boss had.

"Well, since then the boss waited for a chance to hijack that company, and will he noticed how you guys might have meet them at the club you were in today!"

"EEE really?" Minami said

"Yes well here they are!"

The images showed of 5 girls images that were taken when they were busy getting to work with their names at the bottom, eye widen as they mouth dropped. Rena, Minami, Yui, Mayuyu were speechless as they noticed the figures  faces on the screen, on the other hand Sayaka was speechless, she just ask a certain girl number that she was now she was suppose to kill, just when she might have found the person she liked.

"Watanabe Miyuki....."
How was it?  :nervous :nervous
Sorry for the really late update!!! :bow: :bow:
I have like writer block when I was writing this and also Fight or Flight!!!
I might update really late for Fight or Flight! and I'm sorry if your waiting for the next chapter it might take a while!!!! :bow: :bow:
Anyways I actually want to take some OS request on a fanfic you guys want me to write haha!! :cow:
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Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

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finally, an update!!!!

you cant believe how long i've waited for this!

maa, but this update is long that it makes up for all the wait!

sure, i had an awesome day thanks to your update!

next update soon!

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Though I don't believe Minami cs are going to be released after this so called 'last mission'

They would be killed I think... better tied up all the loose end...

No witness No accomplished No evidence

What's going to happen next?

Would Minami cs be together with their love ones?

Would they choose Mission over love?

Would they betray their so called 'FATHER'?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Omg they have meet each others

Sayaka is so cool protecting Milky~~~~

Why is has be to them? Why they have to targets the girls company

What will they doo?? Are they going to betray the boss or kill te girls

I cant wait for the next chapters

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They finally met~ :cow:
Sayanee got Milky's number, but the next mission is to take care of the 5 CEO's :sweatdrop:
Cool of Sayaka to protect Milky like that :thumbsup
“I wish Rena ask me for my number!” Jurina said as she sat with Paruru.

“Same here!” Paruru replied with a salty expression.
Maybe next time you two, maybe next time XD
I wonder if the Assassin's will fall in love with their targets? :?
Thank you for the update~ :D
Can't wait for the next one!  :twothumbs

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another great and good hanging FF *pouts*....

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
[WMatsui Pair]
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this fic is awesome  :cathappy:
between love and battle
and now they must fight with their own heart hahaha :pimp: :banghead:

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