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Author Topic: Ninja Trouble (WMatsui + Multiple Pairings) - The Questionnaire (lol)  (Read 38785 times)

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 10 (WMatsui) [140424]
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That cat why is with Jurina there must be somethng behind it

Look forward to next ch

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 11 (WMatsui) [140425]
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Scroll 11 - HEY HO LET'S GO!

With the sound of Eye of The Tiger music in the background, four people step out on the road with pairs of colorful shoes and socks. Then, the view zooms upwards onto their faces lining up beside each other. All of them have a smirk on their faces with confidence written all over. Today, they are not just some teenage students in a high school. Today, they are different. Today, they would be call as… humankind’s greatest warrior. They begin walking up the lonely, deserted graveled road with trees surrounding them together with a cute fuzzy creature by their side…


“Wait, what?”


The music screeches to a stop as Yuki dramatically jumps in front of everyone while pointing at the cat.


“Nyaa-kun? What are you doing here, lil’ guy?” Jurina asks…


Rena crouched on one knee as the little cat slithers its way around the ninja’s leg with a purr. After their ordeal a few days before, they have managed to gain trust and came to a decision to live in harmony for the sake of their master’s happiness. And now, it seems like the cat has more fondness towards Rena than her own owner who’s frowning slightly right now with the way her ninja and her cat interacts with each other. But she can’t help to feel the sight of them playing together adorable and cute.

“I think it wants to follow us, Jurina-sama.”

“Eh? Are you sure, Nyaa-kun? It’s dangerous for a small cat like you…”


The cat nods its head in confirmation.

“Well… I suppose one more company of a furball won’t make much different. Right, Yukirin?”


“Yukiriiiiin… Calm down…”

Mayu pats Yuki’s head to calm her down. Feeling a bit better from the gesture, Yuki lets out a sigh before walking ahead of them…

“Just don’t let the rodent get into my bag…”

Feeling relieved with Yuki’s normal way of agreeing, all of them share a smile before running ahead to catch up with the black girl. Jurina reach out a hand to the walking Nyaa-kun. Understanding her owner’s intention, Nyaa-kun jumps on Jurina’s arm as it runs up to land on the girl’s shoulder. Rena pats the cat on its head as it produce a purring sound before paying her attention on the surrounding. It was peaceful and calm with trees all around them. It was almost like there was no one except them in that place… It was too quite, it feels like something is wrong.

“Are you sure this is the right way, Yukirin?”



“I’m not good with directions, remember? With trees even… I hate them.”

Yuki could feel goosebumps crawling out from her skin as she reminisces the horrifying past between her and the trees. Rena too shivers when she felt a pair of eyes shooting glares at her from the dark girl.

“W-what? I’ve told you it wasn’t me you met that day!”

“Tch… just you wait, ninja.”

Jurina gives some eye signal for Rena to ignore the grumbling girl. Sensing the uneasiness of her partner, Mayu quickly holds Yuki’s hand before entwining their fingers together.

“Yukirin… remember what I said before?”

Seeing the warm smile on the shorter girl, Yuki feels as if all her hatred and anger had been lifted from her soul. Looking away to hide her blushing cheeks, Yuki timidly nods her head as she squeezed Mayu’s hand for reassurance while the cyborg girl smirks in an evil way with the way Yuki bows to her words easily.


Rena ordered for them to stop as she scans their surroundings. The place is getting pretty dark with the trees growing taller and taller the further they walk up the path, preventing the sunlight to shine on the pathway. Rena made a gesture for them to halt any movement as she uses her trained ninja hearing to make out any sounds around them. Yuki crouch on her knees as she puts her ear on the ground…

“You hear it, Yukirin…?”

“We’re not alone here. That's for sure…”

“But there’s something else."

“Yeah… it’s getting closer too.”

“It’s like… the sound of rolling…”

“Don’t tell me…”

Both of them look to their right as the ground started shaking like an earthquake about to ensue. They could make out the taller trees falling one by one as the grumbling sound begins to get closer and closer to them…



Both girls hold their respective partners closer before Rena jumps on top of one of the trees while Yuki runs into some wild shrubs to shelter themselves from the huge rolling bolder passing through their spot earlier. The casualties it had caused on the poor trees and any living things on the ground were devastating as it squashed them all without mercy. Mayu and Jurina had their eyes widen with mouths wide agape and shivers running through their bones from the sight...

“What the heck was that?!” Jurina shouts as she holds tightly onto Rena’s neck…

“It’s a trap…”

“A trap?”

“Ah…” Yuki nods her head calmly at Mayu’s question. “It’s a trap designed to release any type of dangerous weapons, like that boulder over there, when there is a presence of a small sound or any visible movement on the ground.”

“Usually they used kunais or shurikens…”

“I’ve encountered a giant snake once.”

“Make that one huge slimy slug…”

“Ugh! That’s worse…”

Mayu and Jurina could only watch silently still with the same shocked expression and trembles all over their limbs as the ninja and the skilled fighter exchange their horrendous encounters in a laidback manner as if it was normal for them to come across those bizarre creatures and dread situations.

"I bet they are all over the place..."

“T-Then… h-how are we supposed to reach the place if we can’t walk on the ground?”

Yuki ponders for a while before she looked at her partner. “You remember the path perfectly, don’t you Mayu?”

“Well… I guess so. We just need to follow the walking road.”

“That’s settle it then.” Yuki grab hold of Mayu into her embrace as she looked at Rena up on the tree, “See you at the meeting point later.”

“Very well... Be careful.”

They exchange a firm nod before Yuki steps into one of the shadows and vanished together with Mayu in her arms.

“Whoa! I mean, WOW! No… it was like, OMG! What was that?!”

Rena just chuckled at the amused face of her master with an increase degree of her shocking expression. “Jurina-sama, can you hold me as tight as you can?”

A tinge of pink appeared on Jurina’s face as Rena asked her the question. She thought Rena was about to embrace her into her arm or maybe lift her up like some prince or something… she was about to squeal in delight when Rena crouched on both knees while pointing at her back.


“Climb on, Jurina-sama.”

Well… that was embarrassing. So much for being in a fairy tale…

Clearing her throat from the slight embarrassment of her own thoughts, Jurina carefully glue herself on Rena’s back like a monkey.

“Umm… so, are we gonna do the same thing like Yukirin did?”

Rena giggles as she shakes her head no… “It’s better.”

“Really? What?”

With a mischievous glint and a smirk, Rena turns her head to glance at Jurina that is clinging on her back with her head on Rena’s left shoulder.

“Say… you’re not afraid of the height, aren’t you Jurina-sama?”


Without warning, Rena leaps up to the top of the tree before jumping from one tree to another with a grin as her master screamed with all her might and squeezed Rena’s body tightly like her life depends on it… well, of course she is. Nyaa-kun gets out from Jurina’s backpack to land on Rena’s shoulder, unbothered with the height to enjoy the fresh wind with a happy face.



In front of a big mansion, a couple of people were gathered doing their own things after having survived the deadly traps set by the organizer. A few of them were lazing around while having some snacks while the others are talking and getting to know the other. Suddenly, something materialized from the shadow… It was Yuki with a pale looking Mayu in her arms as they embraced each other. With a worried face, Yuki releases Mayu as she sways right and left, trying to balance herself from the dizzy ride…

“I swear, Yukirin… I’m not gonna ride in your… whatever shadowy thingy you were doing just now… Ugh! I feel sick…”

“Oh, come on… it’s not that bad! You’ll get used to it…”


 Yuki rubs Mayu’s back to ease the whirling feeling her partner is suffering from her shadow teleportation technique. While they were doing their thing, a pair approached them with a smile on each faces.

“Hello there! Seems it was one hell of a ride you’ve been through… seeing the whiteness in your partner’s face.”

A girl with a long hair and all smiles on her face greets them with another girl clad in chic looking leathers with short black hair. The short hair girl reached out a hand to greet the newcomers.

“Hey, I’m Sayanee. This smiling girl here is Milky… Nice to meet you guys.”

“I don’t need introductions right now.”

Yuki coldly respond to the pair with dark glaring eyes, ignoring the hand waiting to be shook before she averts her eyes to the still pale Mayu.

“Oh! Here, give her this… it will help your friend.” The girl called Milky brightly said still with a smile.

“Tch. I don’t trust strangers I just met.”

But without Yuki knowing, the Sayanee girl had already pour the liquid-like substance into Mayu’s mouth without the latter’s permission. Feeling angered with her action, Yuki glares at the chic girl before pulling her roughly by her leather jacket’s collar.

“Why you…”

Then, a hand grabs Yuki’s arm... “Yukirin! Let go of her! Look, I’m fine already!” but the dark girl still glares at Sayanee as the latter gulps.


Hearing the plea from the cyborg girl, Yuki let go of Sayanee but not before giving a warning to the girl.

“If I ever see you touch her again like that, I swear you’ll only see darkness for the rest of your life…”

Yuki spats the word venomously before bumping their shoulders together on purpose. Sayanee steps back a little resulted from the force of the bump but she still wears a smile as Milky approach her side.

“I’m really sorry and thank you for the medicine!”

Mayu bows to the pair before running to catch up with her furious partner. They pair watch the duo walk away from them as the shorter one reprimanded the tall girl for her unnecessary action.

“Are you okay, Sayanee?”

Milky asked worriedly while rubbing the poor girl’s shoulder but a smirk forms on Sayanee’s face…

“Nee, Milky… I think I’ve found my rival.”

Meanwhile, another pair appeared from the sky as they leap down from the tall trees to the ground. They landed perfectly in front of Mayu and Yuki who are still quarreling with each other. Mayu was the first to turn her head to the duo. Knowing Jurina’s weakness with height, she thought she would find a pale looking Jurina and perhaps make fun of her. But what she found was something out of the ordinary… The middle parted hair girl has a red face similar of a tomato. There wasn’t a hint of nervousness, being frightened or even air sick. She is normal as she is… well, except for the obvious blush present on her face.

“We’ve arrived, Jurina-sama.”

Rena pats her master’s arms to signal that it is safe to let go now. But Jurina wasn’t budging. She is still hanging on her ninja’s back albeit the nudge from Rena. But from Mayu’s observation, it seems like the girl is hiding herself behind the ninja…


“C-can I stay like this for a w-while…?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Rena let her master lingers on her back for a few more minutes... with a creepy smile and sparkling eyes as a tinge of pink appears on her cheeks.

“Heh… You’re late, ninja. I bet you can’t defeat me in terms of speed.”

Yuki tries to brag but Rena just look at her nonchalantly.

“I am? Oh, sorry… we were taking a detour just now. Something happened on our way here.”

“Grrr… you’re not making excuses, do you Matsui?”

Before Yuki could say anything, she received a glare from the cyborg girl. Knowing what it means, the black girl rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“What happened? Are you injured or something?”

“Not really… there's this-“


A loud voice interrupted Rena as the owner runs at their spot. Being familiar with the owner of the voice, Mayu and Jurina widen their eyes with a finger pointed on the girl and the latter doing the same thing.





All eyes land on Mayu and Paruru as they shout at each other with those weird lines. Trying to escape from the interrogating looks she received from others, Mayu quickly directed a question to the girl.

“What are you doing here, Paruru?”

“Beats me... I just followed my close friend here.”

Paruru signal to her another… ummm… girl? Guy? Well, a person with a gakuran outfit and white spiky hair and a head band around the forehead. The person smirk at them while raising a hand to greet them in a cool way…

“Yo! ‘Sup?”

“KYAAAAAAH! He’s so cooooool!!!”

Mayu squealed in delight as she jumps like a high school girl seeing her crush while everyone stare at her with judging eyes.

“Ummm actually… Yuihan is a she.”

“Oh…” Mayu stops her jumping while her eyes scrutinize the ikemen looking girl up and down, “Still… KYAAAAAH!!!”

“Ugh… why are girls so complicated…” Yuki grumbles from seeing her partner annoying act.

“Umm… sorry to disappoint you, but I’m already taken.”

A blush appears on their faces as Paruru averts her eyes from meeting the one who shamelessly declared her as Yuihan’s lover. She slapped the ikemen girl on her arm, annoyed for embarrassing her like that but the latter only took it as a form of affectionate gesture.

“I never agreed to that!”

“I never said it was you.”

“But you looked at me as you said that!”

“Well… glad you caught the signal of my love for you, Paruru.”

“Hmph! I did not!”

“Deny all you want, Paruru…”

Yuihan sent a wink towards her partner while teasingly nudging her back which just increase the shades on her cheeks. Meanwhile, Mayu and Jurina whistled and clapped their hands for the loving scene unfolding right before their eyes. On the other hand, the other two just watch the scene silently with a longing stare and a bit of envy shown on their faces...

“See, Jurina? Not everyone who enters the competition knows how to fight. I mean look at Paruru here… she doesn’t have any special skills or experience with fight…”

“Tch… don’t decide everything on your own, Mayu. FYI, I am a healer. That was why I worked with the medical team…”

“Oh…” Mayu gives Jurina a forced smile as the latter squint her eyes at the cyborg girl.

Suddenly, a clapping sound reverberates in front of the mansion. Everyone looked around in a wary way, trying to find the source of the sound. Out of thin air, a cloaked figure appeared as the person levitates itself above the ground.

“Is this a magic show?”

“Why would there be a magic show in the middle of nowhere?”

Jurina glares at Mayu with her all-time ridiculous question while Yuki lets out a loud exasperated sigh. Then, the cloaked person lands on the ground with a loud laugh.

“That is one fine question, young miss. Indeed, this is not a magic show…”

Mayu gulps as the floating figure turns his direction towards her although she couldn’t see any eyes or face under the hood. But she swore the person was leering at her with a menacing grin and dark red eyes with a sadistic face behind the cloak…

“Welcome everyone to my mansion! This is a competition held especially for young, trained and skilled fighters like you. To manage to go through the first obstacle, I am deeply honored to have seen your skills of coming here without any scratches!”

“Hold on! You mean… the competition had begun already?” Sayanee asks with a serious face as everyone too was curious with the revelation.

“Well, yes it has! If I might enlighten you, there were actually hundreds of participants for this competition. But we don’t want to waste any time to exclude the worthless bunch. So, we decided to put the first obstacle to pick up the best out of those hundreds. And the result is… well, the one standing before all of you!”

The person claps again as the participant wore many different expression on their faces.

“What happen to the others?”

“Well, let’s just say… they’re not gonna see the sun light anymore! Pretty sad, isn’t it?”

“You mean… they’re d-dead?”

“I don’t know. Care to join them to experience what truly happen for the losers… Miss Yamamoto?”

Sayanee glares at the intimidating person. By now, everyone is wearing a bothered and disturbed face. They were lucky enough that they had survived the first challenge, but they never know what’s going to happen after this.

“I knew this was gonna happen. No way they would let the participants win the prize as easy as eating a cake…”

“But going as far as killing?”

“That’s how these selfish people entertain themselves, Mayuyu…”

“This is why we must retrieve the scroll before it falls into the wrong hand.”

Rena said with a serious face as everyone nods their head.

“Oh, before that… You may call me S-sama. I will be the one supervising and managing the competition so if you have any questions or doubting anything, you may ask directly from me. Don’t be shy now… I don’t bite!”

Again, the eerie laughing sound echoes all over the forest. Everyone has started to become anxious, worry with the outcome of the competition.

“Now that the first challenge had ended, we will begin the next challenge shortly after lunch. Well, a fighter got to fill his stomach for some energy. There will be tents provided for your stay here and if you are lucky enough, there will be rooms prepared… considering some of you might be gone after the next challenge, if you know what I mean. HAHAHAHA! You may all be-“


Every eyes turn to the disruption as another pair appears from the forest with a motorbike.

“No way…”

“She’s here too?!”

“Damn… This is one hell of a competition.”

“That’s one good looking motorbike…”

The passenger steps down from the motorbike before she opens her helmet. With a point of her famous huge paper fan, the girl declared in a loud voice.

“I demand a repeat of your instructions, floating guy!”

Shortly after she finished, a short midget crouched beside her in a dramatic appearance before shooting a bazooka to the air.


“W-well… now that’s a real magic show. Ahahaha!” the cloaked figure joked with the appearance of AtsuMina pair.

“Good job, Takamina.”

“Glad to hear that from you, President.”

“I think the latecomers need to meet me privately in my mansion to hear the instructions beforehand. As for the others, I suppose there is nothing else to say for now... You may be dismissed! Have a nice lunch, folks! Eat while you still can… BWAHAHAHAHA!!!”

The crowd dispersed to their own tent after the figure disappeared the way he appeared. Everyone wears a troubled and worried face after the announcement. They never knew the competition could get as serious as involving death. After this, they might be killing friends or partners just for the sake of the prize. But our main characters here are not backing away after being threatened like that. They’ve come to a decision to win the scroll no matter what… even if a sacrifice is needed.

“Aaaaah! I’m hungry hungry hungry! After travelling through the shadows, I think I’ve lost a lot of energy…”

“Pfft… It should be me who’s complaining about losing energy after using the shadow technique while carrying a heavy load here and there.”

“Excuse me, are you saying I’m heavy…Yukirin?”

“What if I am?”

They start a staring match for a few minutes before Mayu pulls a tight face from the smirking girl.

“That’s it! No lunch for you, Black!”

“What? Awww, come on...”

Rena and Jurina just watch the duo bicker with each other while they unpack the bento they brought from home in courtesy of Jurina-mama great cooking… 

“Everything is a wonder with instant food!”

Jurina sits at the side as she strokes Nyaa-kun who’s scarfing down his lunch without a care of the world. Sometimes, Jurina wonders what it feels like to be an animal like Nyaa-kun. Being oblivious to the danger and worry… it must be harsh for them. Another hand joining her hand patting Nyaa-kun broke Jurina from her reveries.

“How are you feeling, Jurina-sama?”

“I don’t know… Everything, I guess?”

Rena lets out a giggle from her master’s answer. Jurina can’t help to feel a little light, like a little burden had been lift off of her shoulders after hearing the soft giggle from Rena.

“I bet that’s what everyone is feeling right now…”


They sit in comfortable silence as they watch Nyaa-kun tried to lick its paw as he rolls around with a full stomach. However, Jurina can’t help the unsettling feeling she felt since the first step she took on the forest entrance. She looked at the pair who’s still bickering while eating their lunch before she poke Rena on her arm.

“Nee, Rena…”


“About earlier… do you think we should tell Mayu and Yukirin? I mean… the person did warn us about the competition…”

“I don’t know… everything is a mystery right now. They do have to right to know… but for now, let’s keep it between us only.”

Jurina nods her head before she reached for the rice prepared earlier by Rena as the ninja too joins her eating lunch. Although she doesn’t feel hungry, she must replenish her energy for the upcoming challenge. Besides, she can’t refuse her mom’s cooking. It’s the best food she had ever had and Jurina will finish them all no matter what. After all, she might be having the last lunch of her life…



“Don’t worry… I’ll protect you no matter what happens.”

“Pedo alert! Pedo alert!”

“Hush, Paruru! Don’t spoil the scene!”

“I don’t get it how these two could get closer... Don’t you think so, spiky?”


"Urggh... Why do I have these three weirdos around me! Just kill me already!

Somewhere in the trees…


“Awww I’m hungry too…”

Ring Ring! Ring Ring!

“Hello mellow! Gakuran speaking~”


“What the? Hey, Korisu… I know you miss me and all. But get your dirty furry butt off the damn phone! I’m working here!”

“What did you say, Gakuran?”

“A-ah! M’lady! Ahahaha I was talking to the bird… yeah, there’re lots of birds here in this tree…”

“I don’t want to hear about your bird watching. Have you done what I ordered you?”

“I did. But… there’s a problem.”


“I don’t think they know the scroll’s whereabouts at the moment.”

“Care to explain?”

“I have to stalk some more but I think I know where to start…”

“Report to me soon.”

“Sure, m’lady. Oh yeah! What’s for lunch? Is there any delivery service around here? Cause I’m starving and the trees-“

“CLICK! Tuuut… tuuut… tuuut…”

“Tch… grumpy old lady… looks like I have to steal some of their lunches. Off me go!”

A/N: Just some intros of the fighters our main casts will duel with later. There are lots of mysteries and hints going on here~ :cathappy: Do you guys have the keen senses of a ninja to find them? Muahahaha let's see~ :twisted:

THANK YOU GUYS! I don't think anyone wants to read this weird fic... :cry: SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU~!!! :deco: :deco: :deco:

@River1721: Jurina is still one naive kid that's why :doh: Ahaha sorry to disappoint u with the kiss~ :P There's still many mysteries here I don't think your brain could handle it MUAHAHAA!! Thanks~  :cathappy:

@kazutoryu: NEW READER!!! I guess... lol THANK YOU FOR READING~ :grin: Glad u like MaYuki moments~ :wub:

@NewFans_48: Wow u notice the shurikens!!! Yeah Rena didn't put it there but then who??? :shocked Hmmm~ guess you'll have to wait for more chapters then :roll: THANKS~ :grin:

@yabamoe: Hahaha i'm happy you like it~ I will try my best for the FLUFF!!! :bow: Thanks~ :D

@Zita: Hahaha but Nyaa-kun is cute!!! Let me give you a hint! Korisu also has a pair which is also an animal... MUAHAHA!!! XD

@Kirozoro: Finally! Someone is suspicious with Nyaa-kun~!!! :cathappy: Let's just say... the cat is not as it seems~ :grin:
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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 11 (WMatsui) [140425]
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Ah.. I'm looking forward on what'll happen next!! :hehehe:

I'm also looking forward on the challenges and obstacles that they're gonna face later   XD

Paruru and Yuihan's love story is so cuteeeeeee !!  :shy2: :nya:

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 11 (WMatsui) [140425]
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Of course i noticed the shurikens! Its just.. Suspicious.. Lol. If its not Rena then who..?  :? Gotta find it out later~
Anyway, wmatsui and mayuki are just so cute~ plus, you add sayamilky and yuiparu to the stories~ :inlove:

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the next chapter~ :twothumbs

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 11 (WMatsui) [140425]
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just to assure you that i like to read this story because it's weird!  XD

So any more weirdness is most welcome!

pl continue updating!
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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 11 (WMatsui) [140425]
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I love when the cat talking on the phone and Sae understand it xD

I wonder the cat is human or just an animal lol

Update soon

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 11 (WMatsui) [140425]
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okay who is that floating guy??  :mon huh:
looking forward for the next update

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 11 (WMatsui) [140425]
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The story development is veryyyy interesting ~♪
Im curious about what happen next >.<
Great work,author-sama :D

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 11 (WMatsui) [140425]
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Yay! :cow: These updates just keep getting better and better! :onioncheer:
Just imagining Jurina hanging onto Rena just made me blush so much~ :luvluv2: :shy1: :shy2: :mon lovelaff:
Ya~ Nyaa-kun is so cute :gmon nya:  :mon fu:
Yuihan and Paruru are just cute together! :mon inluv:
Sayanee and Milky!! I did not expect that! :shock: :nya:
Of course Atsumina will enter in an epic way!! :on spit: :on GJ:
Ah! More mysteries!!! :OMG:
This S-Sama sounds suspicious~ I have a few people in mind to who this person is! :glasses:
“Pedo alert! Pedo alert!”
“Hush, Paruru! Don’t spoil the scene!”
Hahaha! Paruru don't ruin their moment! :mon lol: :mon duh:
Things just got WAY more interesting!! :mon squee: :mon thumb: :on drink:
Update soon~ :stuffed:

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 11 (WMatsui) [140425]
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I don't think that ninja transport is the safest way how to travel. :sweatdrop:

What are they doing there (atsumina)? :O I was really surprised  :)

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 11 (WMatsui) [140425]
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Hey guys. First of all, I'm sorry for not updating this fic. It's been rough for me for the past few days. There's a death last week in my family, not to mention I have a family matters to settle with and it's not looking good at the moment. Just wishing my life would probably have some light in it... ahahaha what am I talking about :sweatdrop:

I won't abandon my fics (Ninja Trouble & Zombie Apocalypse) NO I WON'T! Give me some time and I promise they'll be up in no time~ Aaaah I don't like telling u guys sad things but DON'T WORRY I'M OKAY AND I HOPE YOU ARE TOO~ :grin:  :deco:  :on GJ:

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Re: Ninja Trouble - ATTENTION, LURKERS!!!
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No wonder I didn't hear anything from u... Sorry for ur loss, mus

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Re: Ninja Trouble - ATTENTION, LURKERS!!!
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Ya ya ya author! So that's why you didnt update recently.. Hm..

But anyway no worries author! Take ur time~!! I will be waiting for u even if it take forever (?) lol :lol:

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Re: Ninja Trouble - ATTENTION, LURKERS!!!
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No wonder didnt see u around author-san

Sr for ur loss

Don't worry ill be waiting for you to come back

'Image' u come back with a cool entrance way


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Re: Ninja Trouble - ATTENTION, LURKERS!!!
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That's why I didn't see you around lately
It's Okay author-san, us readers understand  :mon thumb:
Sorry for your loss
Take your time, don't add more pressure to yourself  :mon determined:
I'll be waiting for your comeback :heart:

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Re: Ninja Trouble - ATTENTION, LURKERS!!!
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Hi musy-san,

Sorry to hear about your loss  :cry:

Was only able to reply today cause I was away in Osaka meeting Ninja Rena in person  :panic:

Thanks for your thoughtfulness and not forgetting to keep us informed of the reason of why u have not been updating your FFs.

Hope you will be able to settle your personal matters smoothly and come back with the same amount of energy and zealous and bring us more fantastic FFs!   :) :) :)

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Re: Ninja Trouble (WMatsui) - Scroll 12 [140512]
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50 years ago, the Great War erupted between 4 continents of the world’s greatest martial arts of the east. One of them is known as the Unknown Continent. No one knows much about the continent, much more to know if it was ever existed or not. Inside this continent, resides a great demon with magical powers. It is said that whoever managed to defeat him will be granted the secret forbidden technique of longevity and immortality. A young warrior of a girl from another continent had heard about the rumors. With the will and desire of saving her true love from an incurable disease, she travelled alone to the destination. It took her almost a year to reach the Unknown Continent, after getting lost in the mountains, forest and deserts plus the unknown whereabouts of the place. The first time she step foot into the continent, everything was beyond what she had imagined.

“The vast greenery all over the land,
the beautiful sceneries of Sakura trees lined up along the pathway,
the wonderful hospitality from the locals and the cute ladies with huge bum and big bosoms…
This continent shouldn’t have been called Unknown, in fact is should be called the Continents of Wonders!”

The warrior quoted in her journal. Alas, after a few months of searching for the demon’s location with the help of kind-hearted natives', the warrior finally found the demon. Again, it was nothing of the sorts that old men and grannies had told through their old tales. The creature was small, with two pointy ears and big round eyes. Its body was full of fur with a long tail attached on its back, swaying like a living thing. The creature walked on four feet with a fluency of many foreign languages. The creature had known the sole reason the warrior had stepped foot on its territory. With the brain of a mouse, the demon gave a riddle to be solved by the warrior with the secret scroll as the reward.

“You can find us in darkness but never in light,
We are present in daytime but absent at night,
In the deepest of shadows, we hide in plain sight.
What am I?”

The demon had given the warrior two days to think of the answer and come back to him on the third day. But there’s a catch. If he asked someone about the riddle, something unfortunate would happen. On the night of the second day, the warrior still hadn’t thought of the answer but a drunken man who was once known as the wise man of the land had stumbled upon the warrior that night. Thinking that there was no way the demon would have found out about her asking someone, the warrior went back home with a confident smile after the drunken man had answered her question. The next day, the warrior proudly gave her answer. The demon admitted defeat and soon passed the secret scroll to the warrior, but not before reminding her about the rules.

“Remember… if you lied to me, there will be terrible consequences upon you and your lover. Just like what had fallen upon my fate…”

The warrior was dumbfounded with the demon’s admonition but shrugged it off as she returned back to her hometown to save her lover. She performed the ritual, exactly as shown in the Great Scroll of Secret Forbidden Technique. Soon, her pale lover had turned back to the way she used to be when she was a healthy maiden. However, one day she caught her maiden having an affair with the warrior’s apprentice. Feeling despair and sorrow, the demon suddenly appeared before her.

“You have failed me, warrior. Now, you and your lover will suffer the horrible punishment!”

Dark clouds hover above the warrior’s mansion with thunders clapping and booming in the air. A black smoke enveloped the warrior’s body, engulfing her in an endless fit of agonizing scream and torture. The same had happened to her lover on the other room. After waking up the next day, everything had turned to normal… except for the abnormal changes that had fallen upon the warrior and her lover.

“And that’s how it ended…” muttered the ikemen girl with a solemn and sad face with birds, squirrels and rabbits scattering all around her. “You guys have been a good listener.”
Gakuran stated as she turns her expression back to the genki face she always had. Suddenly, the whole place echoed with a scream deep within the forest.


A smirk appeared on her face, “It had already begun.”


Inside the forest, everything is calm. Tall trees were all lined up besides each other while the shorter ones were scattered all over the place. The darkness of the forest due to the inability of the sun light to penetrate through had made it the best place for hiding. Be it for animals, insects, rodents… even humans that are playing a little game of hide and seek. Inside the forest, everything is calm… except somewhere among the trees where humans are tied upside down, hanging for their lives with just a single rope.


“Calm down, Jurina-san… they’ll save us soon and this game will be over before the sun sets.”

“Oh I’m not worry if they can save us or not, Milky…”



“Oh… Now that you mention it, I can feel one rubbing my butt…”

“Oh no… Don’t tell me… it’s the tentacle thingy that always appear inside those hentai mangas?!!”

“I guess so… I mean, with the way it’s trying to poke through my clothes.”

“NO WAY!!!”

Yes, the girls are hanging upside down with a plant that acts like those tentacles monsters always appear in hentai mangas hovering above them. “What the hell is going on?!” you’re saying?  Well… it goes like this…


After having their well deserved lunch, everyone gathered around to wait for S-sama to appear.

“You know… I just realized something.”

“What is it, Jurina-sama?”

“How come everyone here is female?”

They look around to scrutinize all the participants before nodding their heads at the same time.

“At least Yuihan is man enough…”

“She’s still a girl, moron.”

“What did you say, Black?”

“Why are you calling me Black since lunch?”

“I can call you whatever I want, BLACK.”

“Tch. It’s hard dealing with a stupid mouse…”

“What’s that?!”

“I was talking to myself! Geez…”

The bickering pair emanates dark air all over them, causing Jurina and her ninja to step away from them to prevent from getting any harm before the challenge started.

“Hey, those guys are weird…” Jurina points at a pair that is wearing dark blue cloaks in the middle of daylight. Rena nods her head with a serious face…

“We should pay extra caution with them.”

While they were chatting, observing others and bickering with each other, suddenly men in blacks appeared from smokes beside them. Still in the state of shock and being startled, the men grabbed their respective partners before disappearing again into smokes.


Being the fastest and most alert of them all, Rena grabbed hold of Jurina’s hand but a push from the man made her released her master’s hand before they too disappeared like the others. Not a few seconds after, S-sama appeared from thin air as he paced around the group with a laugh…

“What is the meaning of all this?!”

“Is this some kind of a joke?”

“Now, now… calm your cute asses, girls…” S-sama stopped in front of his great mansion before facing everyone. “The second challenge has already started!”


“Oh, come on… Warn us first, will ya?”

“SILENCE! I don’t need complaints from weaklings like you!”

Hearing S-sama’s outburst, everyone shuts their mouth while cowering in slight fear.

“Your second task will be all about saving your damsels in distress. The girls are all brought inside the forest while tied up on trees. Every one of you must bring your partner back here safely before the sun sets… those who failed, will be excluded from the competition. Do remember, the girls are probably in grave danger by now if you delay your rescue. You may begin…”

“Wait! Is that all? This seems too easy-”


Without saying anything more, S-sama disappeared from the scene causing groans and grumbles from everyone. But Rena and Yuki looked at each other before jumping up the trees and merging with the shadows to save their partners as soon as possible.

End of Flashback…

Rena leaps from one tree to another with tremendous speed, wanting to get Jurina out of the forest as soon as possible as she knows Jurina’s weakness with dark places. Rena glanced down as another figure running with trails of smokes down below caught up to her speed. From the person’s leather clothing and short hair, Rena figured out that this is the Sayanee her dark friend had been grumbling about all day long. Out of nowhere, a cloaked man appeared in front of Sayanee with a sword, ready to slash the incoming girl whizzing on his way.


Rena warns the girl while throwing her kunai to her target but it barely missed as the man heard her warning. The ninja lands on the ground beside Sayanee as the latter look around for any other ambush attack.

“I knew it won’t be this easy…” Sayanee spats out with gritted teeth.

“I don’t think he’s one of S-sama’s men.” Rena said as she retrieves her kunai before a movement behind the trees caught her sight.


Again Rena throws the kunai directly towards her target.


But the figure suddenly changed into a tree log.

“Clone techniques… I knew it.”

Out of nowhere, three figures of a cloaked men attack them simultaneously from three different directions. Taking her kunai out, Rena defended herself from the surprise attack while her eyes wander around the trees trying to look out for perpetrator. Meanwhile, Sayanee handles two of them with bare hands as they punch and kick her at the same time but the girl is trained in close-combat fighting. She managed to counter every blow given by the clones. Sayanee could figure the hitting pattern of the men that apparently is only focusing on attacking her chest. Engulfing her hand in fire, Sayanee punch one of her opponents through his gut, causing the figure to turn into ashes. The other one is a bit difficult. He knows he shouldn’t make contact with Sayanee’s hand or else he would go through the same fate as the other.

Making a hand seal, the unknown figure engulfs his body in a wall of water. He knows Sayanee’s fire is useless against water elements but the girl just smirks at the oblivious cloaked person. Waving and swaying her hand on air, Sayanee produced a tornado over her opponent, making the water spiral together with him inside the water wall. Gurgles and bubbles emerges from inside as the man suffocates from insufficient air. Failed to control his power, the water wall collapsed as he crouched on the ground choking and coughing uncontrollably.

“One shouldn’t mess with a fire and wind bender…”

With a hand pointed at the man, Sayanee engulfs the man with spirals of fire and wind, burning the man before he turns into ashes. With a smirk, Sayanee brushed her hands together, satisfied with the outcome of the fight.

“Easy one!”

Unlike Sayanee, Rena is delaying their fight as she tries to find the real perpetrator’s hideout. She doesn’t want to waste her energy fighting with clones. She closes one eye to activate her hidden eye manipulation technique to find out the source of chakra that had been giving lives the clones.


Using a hand seal on her kunai, Rena throws it towards her hiding target with sparks of lightning enveloping her weapon.


The kunai managed to hit the man on his arm, causing his clone to evaporate into smokes. Trying to escape from Rena, the man throws some shurikens directly towards her direction before he too disappears, leaving a single leave behind.

Rena stared at the spot in confusion. She knew that guy was one of the participants. Jurina had pointed earlier about a pair wearing dark blue cloaks and the one she encountered earlier definitely had the same color cloak on him.

Who... are they? This is bad. I must warn Mayu and Yukirin about them.

“Ummm, excuse me…”

Her thoughts were interrupted as Sayanee shouts from the ground.

“Thanks for the warning earlier!”

“Ah! It’s nothing…”


A familiar scream echoed all over the forest. Knowing her master is indeed in a critical situation from her loud shrieking just now, the ninja sped off to the source of the voice with Sayanee following closely from the ground.


A dark blush appeared on both faces of Rena and Sayanee. The sight appearing before them was one that could make blood gushing out from their noses from too much hotness and… echiness.


Shaking her head from the appalling view and disturbing image of her partner being grope with the plant, Sayanee neared Milky but one of the plants’ leaves attack Sayanee as it turns into some sort of a sharp weapon.


Sayanee hissed in pain as her arms blistered a dark red with a drop of blood.

“Ah… I forgot to warn you. This is the Groping Willow.”

“A what?”


“The Groping Willow. It’s one of those living plants surviving the wilderness for hundreds of years. Many warriors dwelling in the forest for training had fall victim to the tree. The tree likes to grope its victim regardless of genders until they submit themselves to the tree. If someone tried to interrupts its session, it’ll attack you just like the way it did with Sayanee just now. But never fear! The tree is harmless as a little child. Of course it likes to grope and fumble it’s branches and twigs around, doing all those ecchi stuff as you start to resist and move around… but a true moan sound coming from the victim will satisfy the tree’s needs and soon it will release the victim harmlessly!”

Indeed, this is one scary tree… acting like one creepy old guy who likes to grope on people. It’s a wonder how their partners can survive from this torture of pure embarrassment.

“ So… we just need to moan to get out from this plant?”

Rena nods her head still with deep crimson colored cheeks.

“W-wait! How do we know if this guy is satisfied or not?”

Rena points to a lone bud on one of the tree’s branches, “That bud will bloom into a beautiful white flower.”

With deep blush on both faces, Jurina and Milky look nod at each other before they start squirming and moving around with exaggerated movement. As their movement begins to become forceful, the groping had increase to an extreme level causing them the girls to produce some suppressed moans.



Meanwhile, Rena tightens her fists with a determined and red face, trying to give some fighting spirit to her master. “That’s it, Jurina-sama! Just a little bit more!”

Jurina’s mouth is wide open right now with glistening skin full of sweat. With the last stroke of the willow’s branch on Jurina’s neck, she lets out a moan that had made Rena’s eyes sparkles in bliss and pervertness.



“Again… you guys sure are slow.” Yuki reprimanded with a glare but not without raising a brow at the tomato red Jurina clinging on Rena’s shoulder.

“What happened to you?” Mayu asked… only to see a tears brimming on the younger girl’s eyes.

“It was the tree.”

“The tree? Wait, don’t tell me…” Yuki snapped her neck towards Rena, giving her a questioning look.


“You do know that the tree will release its victim when the person stop his movement… right?”

Jurina’s eyes widen with the revelation. She turns to Rena, expecting an explanation from the ninja.

“Ah! I forgot!” Rena exclaimed with an innocent face with Jurina already fuming by her side… "Nante-nee~"


“Y-yes, Jurina-sama?”

Rena took a few steps backwards as Jurina approached her slowly with eyes full of killing intent, it was like seeing Yuki in her furious state. Jurina raised her fist on top of the cowering Rena before a loud bang sounded from within the forest...


All eyes turn to the source of the sound, only to find black smokes trailing up into the air. Jurina and her friends heaved a sigh, knowing full well the person that had caused that loud noise pollution. Not long after that, the roaring sound of an engine blares through the trees showing a midget riding with her partner.

“That was an easy one.” Takamina commented as she steps away from the large bike followed by Atsuko.

“Ah… it seems that everyone had managed to get through the second obstacle.” S-sama appeared once again in front of them still with the hood covering his face, “Well done!”

A clap sounded from Takamina.

Again, all eyes turn to their direction, with Atsuko stepping away from Takamina to distanced herself from the weird girl. “What? It feels great to clap your hands for your success…”

They rolled their eyes and turn their attention back to S-sama.

“The third one is…” S-sama raised his cloak to reveal a drawing block with an elementary level caricatures and drawings on it. Everyone had their jaw hanging with the sight…

“W-what… what is that?” Mayu asked with a ridiculed face.

“It’s like a fish… on top of a box?” Paruru guessed with her head slightly tilted.

“Idiot. I don’t need your comments…” S-sama grumbled at the girls before resuming with his speech.

“We’re going to have…” a giggle sounded from S-sama before he shouts out loud.



“BWAHAHAH- *cough cough*… ehem… MUAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!”


“This is ridiculous… I don’t understand this competition anymore.” Jurina said as she poked the embers of small bonfire they had made earlier to keep them warm for the night.

“It’s quite fun actually…” Mayu replied with a glance at the dark, gloomy girl sitting beside her, “If not for someone who had to be so grumpy all the time.”

“…” No word was said as Yuki sent sideway glares at the annoying person who had just increased her already grumpy grumpiness.

“Where’s your partner, Matsui?” Yuki asked as she ignored Mayu who’s gritting her teeth with way Yuki acted towards her.

“You should just call me Jurina, Yukirin…”

Again, a glare… Jurina pulled her body slightly to the back with a hand in front of her face to avoid the daggers Yuki had shoot from her glaring eyes.

“B-but Matsui is also f-fine… ahahaha!” Scratching her head while inhaling a deep breath to calm her nerves, Jurina resumed, “Rena is at the loo… she had a stomachache.”

Jurina grins teasingly, proud with the information of trying to embarrass the ninja for revenge of making her go through hell with that crazy tree. Jurina silently laughs with a wicked smirk before Nyaa-kun leaps on her lap with a purr.

“Ah, Nyaa-kun! I haven’t seen you all day…” Jurina rubs the cat’s neck, increasing the vibration of his purr, “Where have you been playing?”

NYAAA~ :cathappy:

Suddenly, someone with a white hair crouched beside Jurina while she eyed the cat with big, adorable eyes…

Come come Kitty Kitty, you’re so pretty pretty- OWWW!!!”

The cat had just bit the great Yuihan’s hand with a loud growl and scary flaring eyes.

“I think he hated that song, Yuihan.” Mayu stated with as she roasted a marshmallow on a stick.

“I knew it…” Yuihan nodded slowly in agreement, “It’s an embarrassment to the entire kitty in the world.”

She reach out a hand to pat Nyaa-kun to ask for forgiveness, “Why would they make that full of s*it song anyway?”

That’s when a fuming Paruru came stomping out of their tent to reprimand Yuihan for leaving her alone in there.


“Oh gosh… I forgot I need to pee. Gotta go!”

She ran away from the scene before Paruru could catch up with her. Right after Yuihan disappeared; Rena came into view with a serious pondering face. Without any words, she pulled Jurina away from the group, leaving the MaYuki pair curious with her action. They keep observing as Rena whispered something at Jurina, only to have the latter having the same expression as the ninja. Yuki and Mayu looked at each other in confusion. After a few minutes of their discreet discussion, Jurina came back to the duo with a troubled face as Rena once again disappears from their sight.

“What’s up?” Mayu asked with a normal face to avoid suspicion.

“Rena needs some medicine.” Jurina ransack her bag for something, “She had a really bad stomachache.”

After showing the medicine with a smile at the duo, Jurina immediately took off to Rena’s direction with Nyaa-kun in tow.

“They’re keeping something from us.”

“Ah…” Mayu nods her head from Yuki’s claim. “I hope it’s not something bad.”

She put the melting marshmallow into her mouth, only to feel the taste of burnt stick on her tongue. She looks at the girl sitting besides her munching happily with bits of the fluffy white stuff on her mouth.

“Oy! That’s mine!”

“First come, first serve!” Yuki replied with a smirk. And again… their ordeal of lover’s affair starts again. It’s a wonder if these two could actually put an end to their dispute with each other before the competition ends. At least, they make a good pair with each other… don’t you think?

A/N: Miss me?  :on asmo:  Sorry for the hiatus, guys! :bow: I'm finally back on the track so no worries!!! :grin: Updates will be a bit slow, perhaps twice a week or so... sorry about that. Still got some things to settle :sweatdrop: Enjoy this~ I hope my writing is as good as ever :( 

Oh yeah! Can you guys guess the answer to the riddle? :hee: No cheating or Google-ing~ :P

P/S: THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT, GUYS!!! I was crying tears of happiness from such great support from friends (can I call all of you my friends? :grin:) That's why I'm back here to satisfy your needs with a new me!!! :w00t: Lol it's not that new but it's still the cheery me~ :cathappy: THANKS AGAIN!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  :deco: :deco: :deco:


@menamarco96:  :welcome to my story~ Glad you like them! :grin: Thanks for reading and commenting XD

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@embee5442: YOU! I love YOU :on slopkiss:
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Re: Ninja Trouble (WMatsui) - Scroll 12 [140512]
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Banzai Update! :cow:
How am I still conscious after reading this?!! :hehehe: :dizzy:
Wow~ that story that Gakuran said is deep! I somehow feel bad for the two lovers. :badluck: :err:
I'm wondering to who those two lovers may be? and will one of the couples end up in that same fate? :fainted: :frustrated:
OMG!!! Rena~ your too awesome! :wahaha: :mon star:
I'm wondering, did Rena know about how to stop the plant or did she just wanted to see Jurina moan like that? :mon unsure: :mon lol: ( Lol I probably would have that same look Rena would have , if I see Jurina moan like that! :mon crazyinlove: :mon blblbl: :mon bleed2:)
I somehow felt bad for Jurina and Milky, but a part of me loved it! :mon lovelaff: :mon heh: :luvluv2: :on bleed:
Sayanee is so cool!! :mon inluv:
Lol~ MaYuki is hilarious! Yukirin be more cheerful or something! :mon sweat: :mon exhaust:
Are are~ What is Wmatsui up to?! :mon mischief: :mon noprob:

P.S: I just noticed something after reading this
@Zita: Hahaha but Nyaa-kun is cute!!! Let me give you a hint! Korisu also has a pair which is also an animal... MUAHAHA!!! XD

@Kirozoro: Finally! Someone is suspicious with Nyaa-kun~!!! :cathappy: Let's just say... the cat is not as it seems~ :grin:
I may just have an idea to who Korisu's pair may be :glasses:. Nyaa-kun does sound suspicious, and I might be able to see things more clearly   :mon geek: :mon determined:
Can't wait for the next chapter! :mon thumb: :mon fyeah: :on GJ:

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Re: Ninja Trouble (WMatsui) - Scroll 12 [140512]
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Om that scence with the tree!!! >////< u got me there

I wonder what Wmatsui up to

Update soon

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Re: Ninja Trouble (WMatsui) - Scroll 12 [140512]
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LOLOLOL with that tree HAHA! Now im getting curious at what will happen next lol. Mayu and yuki is just soo cuteee >< while Rena and Jurina is just  :inlove:

Dont worry author! You didnt disappointed me, i completely understand ur situation! you always make me smile with all your update anyway haha :twothumbs :lol:

welcome back author~ :P

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