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Author Topic: Immortal-shots Collection (Feb 14 ~ Blinded By Love: Be My Valentine [AtsuMina])  (Read 84426 times)

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Re: One-shot Collection (12/08 Hana Mendol?)
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WOW persona is there   :mon XD:

lol at nakatsu   :mon ignore:

I wonder where did Yuko go  :lol:

Sorry if this turtle is not updating her fics, many probs need to be resolve  in my union   :bow:

(now i'm starting to hate being Union Master)   :mon headbang:
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

Editing in progress ~ T's and J's
SRO(Their Journey)

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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08)
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So the last part to this Hana Kimi + mendol mix, freshly completed just tonight at work again. I hope its okay, kinda wrote it while I'm already tired from being here at work all week, just a few more hours and I will be 50% into my 120hours... yay 1 week complete just another week left OTL.

This is the only thing keeping me awake right now......
For those that haven't read the first 2 parts they are here:
Part 1 (Kai/Mizuki)
Part 2 (Persona)

One-Two-Three Shot: Hana Mendol (Riku/Yuko)

“Hey Riku, why do you look so paranoid?” Kai asked as they walked to class.

“She is still stalking me,” Riku replied while looking left and right.
“Yuko” Riku answered.

“The girl that started following her since the festival, she even found our room.” Kuu said while munching on some snacks.
“Majide!” Kai said surprised.
“You mean the one that attached herself to Riku that day and wouldn’t let go?”

“Ahhh” the three members of Persona nearly suffered a heart attack as they turned to see Mizuki beside them.

“When did you appear?” Kuu asked.
“I was here all along, you just didn’t see me because you were so concentrated in eating your snacks”


Kai, Mizuki and Kuu turned to watch an energetic blur speed across their vision and crashing into the running Riku, resulting in both of them on the ground. A sight that has become quite common, that the three just continue to walk ahead towards the school, ignoring the cries for help while the shorter girl happily snuggles up to the body under her.

“HOW COULD YOU THREE LEAVE ME THERE!” Riku shouted at the three when she finally made it to class, her clothes a mess as she struggles to catch her breath.
“Come on Riku, how could you resist such a beauty,” Nanba said as he tries to recall the features of Riku’s lovely stalker, his hands unconsciously started to twitch as drool started to make it down the corner of his mouth.

*BANG* *Crack*
“Stop imagining,” Riku said after purposely slamming her bag into the back of her sempai’s head causing him to smash into the desk in front of him, cracking the surface from impact.
“Nanba sempai!” Nakao shouted running over to check his fallen sempai.
“Stop pretending, you know you enjoy it,” Nanba sudden reappears in front of Riku only to come face to face with a textbook.
“Is that what they call facebook?” Kuu asked while she pokes at the twitching dorm leader.

Class quickly started when the teacher entered the room, but Riku wasn’t paying attention to the lecture, her mind keep flashing back to the girl that has pushed and shoved her way into Riku’s life. Thinking back to when they first met how Yuko end up nudging both Kai and Kuu to the ground when she jumped onto Riku, she really literally pushed and shoved her way to Riku. Since then that girl has been there by her side everyday, from Sunday to Saturday, not one day goes by without some ‘skinship’ as the girl calls them. Even when Yuko appears tired, the minute Riku appears she seem to suddenly regain her energy, although Riku has caught Yuko a couple times falling asleep while snuggling up to her.
“Riku, RIKU!” Kuu shouted into Riku’s ears snapping her out of her thoughts.
“KUU! Do you want to kill my ears!” Riku yelled back.
“I’ve been calling you for the last min, class is already over, come on hurry before they guys finish all the food!” Kuu said while tugging the spaced out Riku along.

“Kuu, stop taking food off of Riku’s plate,” Kai said as she watched Riku poke at her food, occasionally looking up to scan her surroundings.
“Riku are you okay?” Mizuki asked as she also notice the change.
“Yuko,” Riku said softly as she checks again to see if the girl is hiding in the dining hall.

“Hmm now that you mention it, I haven’t seen Yuko since this morning… doesn’t she usually appear after school and stick around until Mariko-sama comes drag her away” Kuu said before grabbing another piece of chicken off of Riku’s plate.

Riku frown as she looked over to Kuu, while the others might think it is because Kuu is stole another piece of chicken, Kai on the other hand knows better, it’s not the chicken that Riku is troubled about.

Next morning they still haven’t seen any signs of Yuko, Riku is beginning to get worried if something happen to her stalker. She sat in class but wasn’t able to concentrate in lecture at all, her mind filled with images of Yuko, it has just been one day and she already miss the girl.

“Riku you okay? You are so out of it all morning,” Mizuki asked.
“You know Mariko-sama said she was coming today at lunch to take some cover photos,” Kuu said while checking the time on her non-existing watch.

Riku ran out of the classroom to find Mariko, she need to know where Yuko is, her disappearance has been bugging her since.

“Mariko-sama!” Riku shouted ahead to the photographer.

“Hi Riku, were you looking for me?” Mariko asked as she watched Riku run towards her already short of breath.
“Mariko-sama……” Riku paused wondering if she should really ask, “Do you know where Yuko is? I haven’t seen her since yesterday.”

“Yuko she is in the hospital right now, she was caught in an accident yesterday, a car sped out of control and headed straight for Yuko and…” Mariko didn’t get to finish as she watched Riku turn around and ran out of the school.

An hour later Riku finally stood in front of the door to patient Oshima Yuko, after checking almost every nearby hospital, she finally found Yuko. Opening the door she walked in to find a pale Yuko lying on the bed, eyes closed with bandages wrapped around her forehead. She walked over to the side and sat down to look at the peaceful girl examining the girls face, this is the first time she see Yuko without a smile, without her usual dimples. Riku picked up the girls hands to hold them in hers, she stood up and kissed the girls forehead where the white bandage is secured.
“Yuko, please wake up, I miss you,” Riku said trying to hold back her tears, this is not the same energetic squirrel she has gotten to know.

“Funny that it’s only been a day, but I miss you, I can’t get you out of my head, I don’t like it when you aren’t with me, I can’t deny that I can’t be without you anymore, I love you,”

Riku leaned forward ready to kiss sleeping beauty only to find those lips met hers half way, shocked by the sudden pair of lips on hers, Riku failed to react, taking a step back she tripped over the chair and fell. Riku looked up to see a smiling Yuko sitting up on the bed, wearing one of those thin patient gown that fails to hide the beauty underneath.
“How…. Wha…. Huh….Yuko?” Riku gave up after failing to properly form a sentence, all she can do is staring at the girl that she thought was unconscious just 3 sec ago.
“Riku, did you mean what you said?” Yuko asked with a smile that Riku missed.
“I thought you… Mariko told me you got hit by a car?” confused by the situation Riku slowly stood up and walked over to Yuko.
“Eh? The car drove into the pole close to where I was and while I was trying to dodge I twisted my ankle and hit my head ….” Yuko trailed off, staring straight ahead trying to avoid Riku’s eyes but couldn’t help sneak glances over only to see a fuming Riku.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to get you worried… I told Mariko not to tell anyone,” looking down at her hands she started to play with the white sheets, scared to face the angry Riku.

It pained Riku to see Yuko like this, its really not Yuko’s fault Mariko tricked her, purposely making it sound like Yuko was in critical condition and it was more her own fault for not letting Mariko finish her words. It was just during that time, when Riku heard Yuko was hurt her body just moved on its own, the adrenaline that rushed into her body, the autopilot that took over her function, the only thing in her mind was Yuko. Making up her mind Riku walked over and sat down at the edge of the bed.

Feeling the bed shift Yuko lifted her head and turned towards the side to meet the eyes of Riku, she felt long arms wrap around her, the sheets that was just in her hands gone and replaced by warm hands waiting to be held.
“Sorry, I was worried,” Riku said as she tightens her hold on the smaller girl, feeling the familiar warmth and scent that she grown addicted to.

Yuko turned around to make her way onto Riku’s lap, once she settled comfortable she wrapped her arms around Riku’s waist with her head resting on the shoulder.

“Riku, I love you,” Yuko said not daring to look up, for the first time she felt shy to confess her love, the same three words she had repeat many times to Riku.
“Yuko,” Riku looked down at the girl in her arms, only to quickly direct her sight to the wall behind the girl, hospital gowns are really just cheap thin fabric made for easy access. After calming down her heart and breathing, Riku recomposed herself still feeling a bit of the heat when she felt the girl shift on her lap.

“Yuko, I don’t want to lie to you, but you need to know this, if you don’t want to see me after I understand but my name isn’t Riku and even though I go to Osaka Gakuen an all boy school and I wear a male uniform and…” Yuko finally decided she heard enough of Riku’s rambles and silenced the girl with a quick kiss to the lips.
“Riku, do you think I really can’t tell? I’ve known since the first time I hugged you. These hands can tell and these don’t lie” Yuko said as her hands went straight for Riku’s binded chest.

“Yuko!” Riku blushed then slapped the girls offending hands away before wrapping her arms around the girl securing her roaming hands to prevent them from moving.
“Riku,” Yuko snuggled into the taller girl, purposely rubbing her face across the front a couple times, Riku thought about pushing her away but decided against it, only once she will let it slide.
“Yuko, call me Haruna,” she leaned in to kiss the girl on the cheeks then trailed down planting gentle kisses down her jawline, and finally taking her lips.

When they finally broke apart Yuko smiled then pulled Haruna down with her so she can snuggle up to the taller girl. Slowly Yuko drifted off to sleep protected by the warmth of an angel, the smile never left the girls face. “Nyan Nyan”

Haruna smiled as she watch the Yuko drifted off to sleep, before pulling the blanket over them and wrapped her arms around the girl keeping her warm. Haruna couldn’t help but love the feeling of Yuko’s warm body entangled in hers, for once those cheap thin materials used for hospital gowns are appreciated.

Kuu turned over to Mariko and smiled, “See I told you it will work,” referring to the two love birds in the room, “now how will you thank me for saving you from headaches?”

“How would you want me to rewards you,” Mariko said as she pushed Kuu against the wall, with one hand on either side of her head, making sure to put as little space between them as possible.

Kuu looked like a Gachapin caught in headlights, frozen on the spot unable to respond due to the close proximity of the taller girl, she shivered when she felt Mariko blow lightly on her ears. Looking up to Mariko’s challenging stare, Kuu already know this is one battle she have no intend on winning.

“Do as you wish, Mariko-sama.”
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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08 ~ Riku/Yuko)
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I LOL'd at "Gachapin caught in headlights." LOL! That's so funny. LOL THE MENTAL IMAGE! xDDDDD

This has been very awesome! I hope you update soon! xD
Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08 ~ Riku/Yuko)
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As expected from Riku or should I say, the oh-so-ever-denial-queen Kojima Haruna. She could not remove Yuko away from her... heart? xD

LOL my eyes widen and I blurt out a quiet 'EH?' when I was eating in a restaurant as I read the part where Mariko said Yuko had an accident. My friends looked at me weirdly the moment I said my fav. person had an accident and it's just a story. -.-

Damn, Persona is back!!! >:]] I miss them.

Uff, MariKuu/MariMii is always smexy when always together.
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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08 ~ Riku/Yuko)
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Riku/ tsundere as always

I also said EH!!! out loud too.....but good thing I'm at home, reading it XP...but seriously I really thought she had an accident and suddenly lose her memory kinda thing......but good thing nothing like that happen!!!

I'm happy to that we got to see the Persona again!!!

I want more of them!!!

and of course Kai and Mizuki moments too!!!

update soon

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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08 ~ Riku/Yuko)
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This makes me wish there was more Mendol kojiyuu or Riku/Yuko lol

Ah I like crossover fanfics~

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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08 ~ Riku/Yuko)
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why it had to end? :(
mmmm :cry:
but anyways i love your fic!  :cow:
please update something soon!  XD

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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08 ~ Riku/Yuko)
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heeeee????? its end already???  :cry: :cry: :cry:

make the mari-kuu first onegaiii....  :cry: :cry:

i like this fict  :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08 ~ Riku/Yuko)
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awww, you should just make this an ongoing haha ^^, everyone seems to have their own pairings, and it's nice to see a mendol/hanakimi cross over. poor nakatsu though ):

though i still have to come back and crash your house again because i haven't watched mendol yet OTL. still waiting for atsuyuu!  :twothumbs

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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08 ~ Riku/Yuko)
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arisa03 thanks, I was initially going to leave it as deer caught in headlights but I think Gachapin fits better.
AAAice MariMii/ MariKuu always seem like an interesting pairing to me. LOL reading on your phon  :twothumbs
blughise If I made Yuko loose her memory then I will have to write so many more pages of story  :lol:
Kid_Alpha this crossover all started with a random idea from WinterAir
cmze thanks for liking my fics.  :thumbsup
sorakamiya thanks sora... hmmmm MariKuu............. why does my OS section start to feel like another ongoing story  XD
apparently no I'll just leave it as OS so I update whenever.

So here is my AtsuYuu pairing challenge from apparently, the requirement being it must be a AtsuYuu pair and the story must contain the these items/object/words: Train, Bus, Coke and Purse. So from these given requirements I came up with this OS. The girls might seem a bit out of character as if they were their normal self you would be reading an AtsuMina and KojiYuu story.

The story is written in Yuko's POV

One-Shot: A Train of Thought (AtsuYuu)

Everyday early morning I waited at the station for the first train to arrive, I would get there at the beginning of twilight before sunrise waiting for that train. I don’t care that it takes me more then an hour of commute to school, I don’t care if it isn’t the best school I can go to. I just want to be on that first train so I can see you.

I sit a few rows in away facing you, when the doors open the wind flows into the train carrying the smell of your perfume towards me. The fresh graceful scent of lilies overloads my senses as it spread to every corner of this confined space. I love it so much I went looking store to store, but none of them are the same, yours is different its fine touch leaves a stronger impact.

My eyes wonder over to the window, there your perfect reflection allows my eyes to linger on you. I take in the sight of your perfectly straighten hair, your absolute stunning eyes, your beautiful smile, your cute nodding as you fall asleep to the gentle rocking of the moving train.

When the lady pushes her cart around asking if you want anything to drink, you would always ask for a can of coke. I couldn’t help but ask for one myself as I watch you sip your coke with a satisfying smile, I never really like coke before but I love the ones they serve here, the taste is much more pleasing. Sometimes I wonder if you ever notice me sitting here watching you, dreaming and waiting for a miracle.

I wish we will never have to go our separate ways and that this train never comes to a stop. I dream that one day you would cuddle in my arms and put your head on my shoulders. I want to tell you what my heart tells me everyday, I wish that you would stay by me. Stops after stops, station after station I pray that one day you would realize that I am always here waiting for you. I glance at your reflection again from the windows after every station, but no matter how many stops we go through you never seem to take notice of my existence.

Today is no different from any other day, I sit here listen to the humming of the train softly caressing my ears while I watch you order your favourite drink surprisingly you chat with the lady longer then usual before bidding her with a thank you. The lady then made her way over to me with her cart.

“Can I have a coke please?” I asked just like every morning but the reply is not what I expected.

“Sorry we are out of coke today, would you like something else?”

“No that’s okay,” I replied trying not to sound too disappointed, unintentionally my sight ended up on the ground, dissatisfy with the change from our routine.

I didn’t even notice when you made your way over but I love the way you tapped on my shoulder to gain my attention.

“Can I sit down?” you asked with my favourite smile.

“Su..Sure,” I quickly move my bags to clear the seat for you.

“Thanks,” you sat down beside me, I feel like I’m in heaven when you are so close I can feel the heat from your arms on the rest beside mine. I was lost for words, I didn’t know what to say, I just sat there as stiff as a rock not daring to make any movements, afraid that it might scare you away.

You placed your can of coke in front of me, “I notice you always order a coke too, the lady said this was the last one,” you told me.

“If you don’t mind, we can share?” you suggested with a bit of hesitation. Surprised by your sudden request I finally looked up to meet you in the eye, captured by their charm I can only nod, agreeing to whatever you suggest.

“Maeda Atsuko, nice to meet you,” you introduced yourself, your hand out waiting for mine.

“Oshima Yuko, nice to meet you too,” I slowly moved my shaking hands towards yours and finally coming in contact with the soft gentle hands.

“I notice you always take this train too, do you go to Akihabara48 Gakuen too?” you casually asked trying to break the silence as you sipped out of the same can of coke.

My hands shake while I held the can of coke, the thought of placing my lips on that same rim, isn’t it an indirect kiss. At the moment my lips touched the can, my heart felt like it was ready to dive out of a plane.

“Yes, I go to AKB, I’m in class K,” I told you, still staring at the coke in my hands, wondering if this is just a dream.

“I’m in class A,” you replied, but you probably didn’t know I already know all this.

I tried to distract myself by looking out the windows but your presence continues to attack my senses, I can still see you from the reflection of the window, I can see us for the first time. It didn’t take long for you to start drifting off like you normally do, your head started to bob until it neatly landed on my shoulder, shortly after your arms made their way to hug onto my arm, snuggling closer while you used my shoulder as your pillow. This is my paradise, my hand reached into my purse to pull out my phone, quickly taking a photo to remember this moment of heaven.

We missed our stop but I couldn’t get myself to wake you up from your peaceful sleep, you look so comfortable and welcoming I could only close my tired eyes to rest them for just a short while.

Under the spell of darkness, I am sure I heard your voice calling for my attention, those three words clearly rang through my ears. I wasn’t hallucinating, it wasn’t a dream, I am certain I felt your soft lips on mine, your warmth still lingering after you pulled away, I was positive that I wasn’t delusional until you shook me awake by my shoulders. Was it really a dream? I can’t be certain anymore.

“We missed our stop, sorry I fell asleep,” 

“Where are we?” I ask while looking around.

“We are at the terminal station, I use to come here a lot,” you said smiling before grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the train.

“Maeda-san, we should get head back we are already late.”

“Call me Atsuko or Acchan, can I call you Yuu-chan? Come let me show you the field,” you said full of excitement, ignoring the fact that we already missed first class.

“Okay,” I said giving in, it’s not like I enjoy class anyways, and school is so boring.

You brought me to a field of lilies, they looked wild yet tended at the same time, and the random arrangements of colors seem intentional yet casual. The sight is beautiful but I can’t decide which was the better picture, the flowers or you. I watch you freely stroll through the field of gold, taking time to smell each flower, smiling to the warmth of the sun and swaying to the gentle breeze of the wind.   

We cross the field and there located down the hill is a bus stop, you slowly came to a stop in front of the sign and took a seat on the bench.

“Come have a seat, the bus won’t be here for while,” you said as if you remembered the bus schedule by heart. I quietly sat down next to you, the affectionate afternoon sun slowly sapping the last of my energy and my heavy eyelids once again threaten to drop.

“Here just rest, you look tired. I’ll wake you up when the bus arrives,” you said as you directed me to rest on your lap, my small body perfect size for the bench to hold. Everything feels so right that it seems so fake.

“Yuu-chan?” you tenderly called my name.

“hmmm…” the only response from my sleepy mind.

You kissed me again, I can feel your lips on mine, this time I am sure, I confirmed it, I can taste the flavour of your lip gloss, but before I can fully return the favour you withdraw yourself.

“Acchan…” I started but your finger silenced me.

“Just go to sleep,” you slowly ran your hand through my hair, tracing the contours of my face as I drifted off to sleep….

“Yuko, YUKO!! YUKO!!!” I was shaken awake from my sleep, rubbing the sleep from my eyes I came face to face with…., “Sae?”

“Come on, practice is about to begin, we have a play to perform in a few weeks with class A,” Sae said as she pulled me up from the chair I was sleeping on.

I looked around to see the rest of the class buzzing around getting read, while some stood around holding onto their scripts. I scanned the room for you and finally found you next to your class president, the two of you look good together, you with your arms around her shoulders. So it was all only a dream, only my imagination, I can feel a pierce in my heart as it slowly sink to the bottom, I guess it was too good to be true.

Taking one more glance at the two of you, I made my way to my purse to turn my phone off before practice begins. I opened up my bag and two piece of paper fell out as I went to take out my phone. I don’t remember leaving anything in my purse so I picked them up to see what they are.

They were train tickets…… I quickly looked up to see you staring back at me with that addictive smile, I immediately flip open my phone to scroll through the photos and sure enough, there is one of you and me just like my dreams....but if the photo is here then it wasn’t a dream….

“Yuu-chan hurry we are about to start,” you shouted over to me with a wink.

“Coming!” I smiled as I turned my phone off and ran to join you.

apparently: I hope I didn't disappoint you with this OS, they are a hard pair to put together since they are normally both the dominant and demanding ones.

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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08 ~ Riku/Yuko)
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 :OMG: :barf:


idk why you say you have horrible english because judging from this piece of FINE LITERATURE RIGHT HERE, you certainly don't D: there were a few grammar things i noticed but that's because i'm nitpicky, it didn't take away from the story at all. SRSLY THIS IS SO GOOD I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS OK ; _______ ;

i was spazzing and squealing and aww-ing the entire way through :shy2:. you kept me on my toes there, wondering whether it was a dream or not and it looks like it wasn't but maybe the entire thing was just a dream but IT ALL SEEMS VERY REAL TO ME :on gay:. i want to say so much more because I HAVE SO MANY FEERINGS but i can't just express it all in words ok wow.

thanks sososososo much kira for writing this omg i'm still creying my perpetual tears :gyaaah:

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Re: One-shot Collection (13/08 ~ Riku/Yuko)
« Reply #31 on: August 18, 2011, 11:21:39 AM »
omg Dx you almost gave me a heart attack!
>.> throwing us off like that! keke but in the end ^^ it's atsuyuu~ xD this oneshot is sooo cute! makes you feel a tug in your heart!
lol sigh >.> u made me for the first time feel like that i didn't want sae to be part of a story >.> geez...
great job on the fic! and your mission totally went so well! you used the coke so well in the story  :twothumbs

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Re: One-shot Collection (18/08 ~ A Train of thought)
« Reply #32 on: August 18, 2011, 01:02:11 PM »
You put it up :grin:

definitely one heck of a pair, this two! XD They are really difficult to write  but you did....AWESOME!!!
good job on writing this beautiful story :twothumbs

I'll be waiting for your next fics

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Re: One-shot Collection (18/08 ~ A Train of thought)
« Reply #33 on: August 18, 2011, 11:04:56 PM »
WOOOOOO!!!! AtsuYuu!!! Is it me or I've never read an AtsuYuu scene before?!

Can I just stop my lking for Kojiyuu and start loving AtsuYuu instead? :]] Gee, the OS is so beaufitul even though you make me go mentel inside when I saw Sae's name as I was thinking, Oh hell to the No it's just a dream after all! And o the part where Atsuko is with the Class President. God, I cried when Yuko saw the train tickets and when Atsuko shouted over her name. xDD

Defeating Gekikara is a dangerous dream.

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Re: One-shot Collection (18/08 ~ A Train of thought)
« Reply #34 on: August 24, 2011, 03:10:27 AM »
apparently: glad you like your OS, your request was so hard and those random words too! Doing OS request is so hard, always afraid its not good enough.
WinterAir: Haha, its okay you survived the heart attack. At least it brought you out of hiding.
blughise: Thank you, keep waiting more will come I hope....
AAAice: Thanks, I don't think I read a AtsuYuu scene before, it was all a requested by apparently. I think the best part is when Sae appears because of everyone's reaction to her name.  :thumbsup

So here it is an OS that I promise ShibuyaDokiDoki. I hope it's okay... it doesn't feel up to par when I was writing it, I can't tell if it's because I'm still tired from working too much or my brain is failing me. Please let me know what you think.

One-Shot: Heat of the Night (W Matsui)

Matsui Jurina, sat quietly in her room in front of her desk filled with exercise booklets and textbooks but her concentration is distracted by the light of the summer sun shining brightly into the earth’s atmosphere. The warm breeze from outside carries the fresh scent of blooming flowers into the room, while the delicate chirping of the newborn songbirds, Kinglets, travel sweetly into Jurina’s sensitive ears. All in all, her mother’s demand for her to improve her school grades during the summer becomes nearly an impossible task. With all these distraction, Jurina can only dream to be outside running across the perfect pack of green green grass, riding her long board down the heated cement and jumping off cliffs into the cool ocean water by the local beaches. Instead here she is, grounded and stuck indoors sitting in front of a stack of paper and new textbooks that look like they have never been flipped.

Breaking her trance of looking at the beautiful scenery separated by a thin piece of glass. Jurina poked at the same piece of paper that has been lying there since this morning with doodles edged around the sides. She sat slouched on the chair with one hand on her chin supporting her head up, her normally cheery smile replaced by an absolutely bored expression. Suddenly her phone started to vibrate and quickly followed by a message alert tone.

[Hey Jurina, we miss you! Lets hang out we are meeting at Infinity tonight! See you there!]~Kumi

After checking the message Jurina decided to head downstairs to check and see what her mom has planned for tonight. Knowing it is a saturday night, her mom is bound to be too busy with plans as usual, giving her the best chance to sneak out tonight. She head over to the fridge to grab a cup of vegetable juice and drank it slowly in the kitchen as she eavesdrop on her mom’s phone conversation in the next room. 

“How about you come pick me up tonight at 7?” her mom’s voice travelled to the kitchen for Jurina to hear. Quickly Jurina made her way back into her room and pretend to be studying. As predicted a few minutes later her mom came knocking at her door.

“Jurina, I’m going to be out late tonight so don’t wait up for me. There is food in the fridge so just heat it up when you are hungry.” her mom said as she stuck her head into the room before leaving as quickly as she came.

“yes!” Jurina whispered while she leaned back into the chair and threw her hands up in a fist . Knowing her mom, chances are she probably won’t be back tonight so she don’t have to worry about sneaking out.


Jurina’s POV

Infinity one of the popular pubs in the district that gathers and assorted range of people and backgrounds, complicated can definitely be used to describe this place. When I finally stepped into the pub, it was already late at night, the street lamps already at work beaming down to light the path of us night crawlers.

“Jurina!” Kumi’s shouted over the crowd as she immediately recognize me when I entered.

I leisurely made my way, on one side I can hear a couple guys whistling trying to gain my attention but I ignored them. I’m an what most consider the perfect jailbait, tonight I went with the rockish theme. I wore a leather jacket with a white shirt underneath and these awesomely black short shorts to show off these perfect legs while I had my hair done up on one side to add the finishing touch.

When I finally made it over to Kumi I looked around and greeted the group, crowding around a small table in a circle is Yuka, Kanako, Kumi, Anna, Akane.

“You are late!” Kanako complained.

“Sorry, Sorry I had to wait till my mom is gone before I could get change and head out.” I explained.

“Your mom still making you study?” Akane asked, “why don’t you just tell her Yuka can tutor you?”
“I already tried but it didn’t work, she even found me a tutor that comes around twice a week,” I whined to them.

“Why are you complaining, I thought you said your tutor was the perfect eye candy?” Yuka said.

“But she is so shy and proper and boring and she……” I trailed off as I caught the sight of the next performer on stage… “Rena” I unconsciously whispered your name as I listen to you static voice carry its way into my ears, I was hypnotized.

“Jurina! Jurina!” Kumi shaked me out of my trance, “welcome back.” she joked as everyone else laughed along, it felt creepy when all their eyes were on me.


"Someone caught the attention of our little Jurina,” Anna said while pointing over to you.

“I..I don’t know what you are talking about,” I denied but my eyes continue to follow your every move, my eyes roamed along your figure as you walked off the stage. I watch the swaying of your long silk like dark hair as you walked, you had them partially tied up with the ends flowing down your back. Your pale skin looks absolutely flawless giving a sense of softness and your totally stunning slim figure calls out for my attention.

“There is no use denying, you were just checking her out weren’t you?” They accused pointing over to you, little did they know you are that tutor I told them about.

“I’m going to get a drink,” I quickly told them and made my escape from any more prying questions.

“Hi, my name is Sae your bartender for tonight, what would you like?” she asked as I sat myself in front of the bar.

“How about a Bloody Mary? or a Tequila Sunrise? Long Island Iced Tea?” Sae listed a couple drinks for me but I didn’t know what to choose, I’m underage, I can’t drink.

“Hot chocolate,” a familiar voice spoke up in a not so friendly tone.

I looked up to see you standing there behind me, ignoring my presences as you glared at Sae. Sparks can be seen traveling between your intense glaring match.

“Rena, you are asking me the best bartender to serve my customer a normal cup of chocolate. It’s like ruining my title.” I watched Sae whined.

“She’s underage,” you said.

“and we never sneaked into your dad’s bar cabinet for drinks when we were still underage?” Sae retaliated.

“Sae.” the deadly tone in Rena’s voice left no room for arguments, to which Sae can only surrender.

“Hey..” I tried to speak but the heavy atmosphere proved to be an problem. You turned to look at me, the intense glare in your eyes cause my voice to die, I just sat there upset at the turn of event. I didn’t even do anything wrong.

You quickly looked away as if you realized what you just did, an awkward silence engulfed us as we waited for Sae to come back with my drink. I think I caught you glancing over at me from the reflection provided by the glasses on the bar but I can’t be sure.

“Here you go my lady, a cup of hot chocolate, only for you,” Sae said as she placed the cup in front of me with a wink.

I took at sip from the cup as I sat there playing with the paper coaster, not wanting to look up. Unlike most hot chocolate this one taste a bit different, its strong smooth creamy taste urges me to take another sip.

“Do you like it?” Sae asked, while I only nodded starting to feel a little dazed, I start to feel a little warm as I sat here in this crowded bar.

“Let me try,” You said as you held me by the wrist and lifted the cup to your lips, taking a sip from the exact spot I marked with mine. I can feel my heart threaten to jump out when you moved behind me, I can smell your perfume as you lean over my shoulders, I can feel my cheeks begin to flush.

“Ah!” Sae suddenly let out a cry, “Rena..”

“What?” You asked as you turned towards the suspicious bartender.

“Ermmm, I mixed some Bailey’s into the hot chocolate…” Sae suddenly stood there like a kid guilty of a crime.

You became stiff and then let out a silent curse, “I’m leaving.” you quickly said.

“Rena-chan, where are you going?” I asked grabbing hold of your wrist.

You turned towards Sae again before looking back at me, “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of Jurina.” I heard Sae said from behind the counter

“No, Jurina come with me” You said while dragging me out of Infinity as if you are afraid something might happen if you leave me there. 


The ride home in the taxi was quiet neither made any effort to break the silence as they sat there. Jurina quickly texted Kumi, letting the girl know she already left so they won’t be worried. The taxi came to a stopped at Rena’s house and Jurina was dragged inside and left on the couch as Rena went to the kitchen. After searching through the cupboards Rena curse for a second time that night, it seems like they were out of Benadryl.

“There is a room down the hall, bathroom is across the room. There should be some towels and clothes in the drawers that should fit.” Rena said heading straight to her room not sparing any second to glace over towards the couch.

After a min of sitting there trying to figure out what just happened Jurina decided to go and check on Rena, her behaviour since they left Infinity has left Jurina worried.

“Hey! Rena!’ she shouted at the unresponsive body wrapped up under the blankets in bed, with only her face visible. Jurina walked closer and shouted again, "RENA!” Still no response but from her perfect vision she can see Rena’s face red with hints of pain.

“Hey are you okay?” Jurina asked unsure, “are you sick?”

“Can you tone it down?” Rena mumbled with her face still on her pillow, “I’m okay… just an allergic reaction to alcohol that’s all,”

Jurina finally realize why Rena insist on leaving Infinity immediately after hearing Sae said she mixed in Bailey into the hot chocolate.

“Hey are you sure you are okay?” Jurina asked again much softer as she placing her cool hand on Rena’s burning forehead. It must be the inflammatory reaction to the alcohol that is causing her to burn up like this, just as Jurina debates what she can do she notice movements from the older girl under the blankets.

Jurina moved to sit at the edge of the bed and lifted the covers off to discover Rena had one hand scratching her other arm up and down, leaving red marks all over her already redden skin.

“Don’t do that you will leave scars on your arms,” Jurina said immediately grabbing onto Rena’s wrists and separating her arms, she can feel the heat emitting from where their skin made contact.

“Let go!,” Rena shouted trying to break free from Jurina’s grip as the itch on her arm and body starts to grow more unbearable. Rena started twitching and wiggling in bed trying to ease the itch that is crawling all over her body while Jurina tried her best to hold the girl still. When Rena swing her arms out trying to loosen the grip on her wrist she successfully pulled a surprised Jurina onto her.

The extra weight that suddenly dropped on top of her caused Rena to look up only to find a startled Jurina looking down at her, those daring eyes that Rena learn to love. The world stopped moving as their eyes met, their face so close that Jurina can feel the heat coming off of Rena, her breath leaving a tingling sense on Jurina’s cool skin.

Jurina lowered her head to touch their forehead, feeling the temperature of the fragile body under her. Rena let out a soft moan as she felt the soothing cool skin on hers, the relief she felt was better than her earlier scratch attempts. Quickly making up her mind Rena broke her arms free from the distracted girl and placed them around Jurina’s pulling her closer to help control the throbbing she feels from her burning pain.

“Meep” Jurina squealed as she felt arms around her waist, she pulled up a little using her now free hands to support herself.

Jurina brushed the damp hair away from Rena’s face and wiped the cold sweat from her forehead, her skin hot to touch as Jurina ran her cool fingers along the side of Rena’s face. A smile presented itself on Rena’s cherry lips as she felt those cold fingers run along her face, Jurina couldn’t help but turn her glaze towards those lips that calls for her attention. Jurina couldn’t help but feel the urge to kiss those lips just inches away, giving in to her inner desire, Jurina lowered herself and gently laid a kiss on those awaiting lips. It was suppose to be short but when Jurina tried to pull back, Rena held her in place returning the favour. The simple kiss became bolder and bolder as they no longer wish to separate. With a single kiss, Jurina has now awaken Rena’s hidden desire for the younger girl, her previous worries now tossed aside as she hungrily pushed herself against Jurina.

“Hey Rena I heard from Sae……” The door to the room slammed open as Yuki and Mayu came running in. They took one look at the scene in front of them before they froze in place.

Hearing the door slam open and voices of their intruder Jurina quickly pulled away, trying to get up but Rena’s hold on her waist kept her in place.

“Sorry, we will check on you tomorrow,” Mayu said as she pulled the shocked Yuki out of the room, closing the door on their way out. They stayed there with their backs against the door as the image of Jurina straddling Rena’s waist, kissing like they have been starving for days continuously flash in their minds.

*Back into the room*

“I think I should get going,” Jurina said making another effort to get off of Rena only to be pulled back down as Rena flipped their position so Jurina is now sandwiched between her and the bed.

“You aren’t going anywhere tonight,” Rena whispered into her ears, “Jurina… I love you, since the first time I saw you, I knew you are the one, the only one for me,” finally confessing her feelings for the younger girl Rena lean in and took Jurina’s lips in hers continuing where they left off.

Rena’s hands made their way down the side of Jurina’s body, stopping only to slide her hands under Jurina’s shirt she can run her burning hands over Jurina’s soft skin. This time it was Jurina’s turn to moan as she felt those delicate fingers skate across her now exposed stomach, the mixed of cool breeze and hot touch dancing over her skin. She pushed herself up against Rena to feel the blazing heat, she just can’t seem to get enough of this hot and cold mixture that plays with her senses.

“RENA!!! Sae told me….” Sakiko stood there with the door wide open, jaws painfully wide open as she watched her sister devour the poor girl under her. Rena broke the kiss and let out a displeased growl, hinting to the new intruders to leave the room.   

“Sorry,” Yuki and Mayu quickly pulled Sakiko out of the room and closed the door.

“Did Rena just growled at me?” asked the shocked Sakiko as they made their way over to the couch.

“I told you to wait but you didn’t listen,” Yuki stated the fact as she took a seat next to Mayu.

“I was worried when Sae told me Rena drank some alcohol,” Sakiko said.

“How is Rena doing?” Yuko asked with Haruna in toll, heading straight towards Rena’s room.

“Should we stop them?” Yuki said but obviously had no intention of getting up for her seat.

A few minute later, Haruna is seen dragging an excited Yuko back to the group.

“Wow, Rena is totally in heat!” Yuko said, as everyone turned to look at her.

“You make Rena sound like an animal,” Haruna said.

“She was definitely marking Jurina and ….. AH!” Yuko was cut off by a slap in the head by a blushing Haruna as the images flows back into her head.

“Well she did growled at me,” Sakiko pointed out, ignoring the antics of the KojiYuu pair.

“I hope they know what they are doing, Jurina is still underage isn’t she?” Yuki brought out.

“Look who is talking,” Yuko joked as she looked between Yuki and Mayu while the two looked away, blushing from the implied statement.

“Don’t worry, Rena knows what she is doing, it’s not like she is drunk or anything.” Haruna said as a few louder moans travelled over to them.

Just as they sat there debating Rena’s current mental status a worried Takamina and Acchan came running in, making a bee line towards Rena’s room.

“Ta…..” Yuko’s hand quickly covered Haruna’s mouth preventing her from saving the pair from embarrassment. They all sat there waiting until Acchan walked towards them pulling a very red and stiff looking Takamina with her.

Acchan glared at Yuko as she watch Takamina almost missing the chair when she tried to sit down, still shocked from the scene they just witnessed.

“So what did you see?” Yuko asked curious as to what stage the two active Matsui’s are at.

“I… They…. We….” seeing how Takamina fails to come up with a proper sentence everyone turned towards their ace.

“I’ll check on them tomorrow,” Acchan said as she got up and headed to her room pulling the broken Takamina behind her, her face red as images of what is going on in that room make their way into her mind.

“Me too,” Yuki said getting off the couch followed by Mayu.

“I’m going to bed too,” Haruna said as she glanced over at Yuko who is crouching by Rena’s bedroom with her ears up against the door. Seeing Haruna leave Yuko quickly got up to follow.

“I guess I’ll go sleep in the guest room,” Sakiko thought as she glanced at the her room next to Rena’s, before making her way to the room at the far end of the hall.


- I intentionally had Rena have an alcohol allergy instead of making her drunk, due to the fact that I don’t want her to be under the effect of anything that might cloud her judgement.  I want to make sure she is aware of what she is doing.
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Re: One-shot Collection (23/08 ~ Heat of the Night)
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Good job!!! Kira!!!

Well...I've already pretty much told u want I thought of this fic....hehehe

I'm sure Kathy will definitely love this :D

and I really want a Full RATED M VERSION.... If you can write it :P

I'll be looking forward to your next update :D

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Re: One-shot Collection (23/08 ~ Heat of the Night)
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kya~!!!!  XD



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Re: One-shot Collection (23/08 ~ Heat of the Night)
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Awww, I thought I was going to get a WMatsui lemon! XD

That was pretty cute and sweet. Thanks for the oneshot!

And I can't believe no one stopped the others when they went into the room. Dang, those Matsuis don't stop for anything, do they?


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Re: One-shot Collection (23/08 ~ Heat of the Night)
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Wow, Kira

Within one shot, there's so many pairings and the heat is really "heat"
So happening in a short moment.

love the part where one friend follow the others coming to see if Rena is okie, friendship is important.  :twothumbs

- I intentionally had Rena have an alcohol allergy instead of making her drunk, due to the fact that I don't want her to be under the effect of anything that might cloud her judgement.  I want to make sure she is aware of what she is doing.

Like the way you put it, aware of what's she's doing and leaving no regrets. :wub:

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