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Author Topic: Immortal-shots Collection (Feb 14 ~ Blinded By Love: Be My Valentine [AtsuMina])  (Read 84428 times)

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Re: One-shot Collection (03/09 ~ Message for You)
« Reply #60 on: September 11, 2011, 11:56:05 AM »
:glasses: KIRA~

 :twisted: I DEMAND would like to request a one-shot of...
 Sae X Acchan
Four Words are....
1. Cheese
2. Diabolic Dishes
3. Endophenotype Mattress
4. Xenoplasm Poker
How I came up with this...
I flipped a coin for the pairings and flipped through my dictionary for 4 fours randomly! Had to change the words cos you're lazy!
Hope to read this soon!
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Re: One-shot Collection (03/09 ~ Message for You)
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Another random idea, and late night OS that I wrote up, to be honest I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote it and it feels like a disappointing piece of work... I don't know, everything that I have been writing recently feels lacking. I asked Keichan and she said it's decent and doesn't need to be scrapped so I guess I will post it.

I just wrote it up, hot off the keyboard so I'm sure there are millions of mistakes given that it's 4am as I'm posting this. Sorry if it seems a bit long for a OS, I initially wanted to leave in just Sasshi's POV but then decided to play around and added the other two as well. Sorry for my trend depressing stories. I promise a happy one for my next OS.

One-Shot: It's not love, its a Habit (Rie/Sasshi/Aki)

*Sasshi's POV*

In the rain, I watched the blue hue of the street lamps seeping through the darkness of the streets. I turned to watch you, we stood there staring at each other feeling the world revolving around us. You closed the gap and hugged me tight as I slowly place my arms around you. The same hug, the same gesture, the same people but it's not the same anymore, the silences between us fills the streets as we tried to find the warmth that is missing. Those lovely days in the pass, the times we spend together, those happy times are no longer in sight.

I let the rain drizzle onto my face, hiding those tears that made its path down my face, letting the rain wash away any trace of my pain. My heart is confused, a mess troubled by these feelings that it holds. I want you do feel the change in my attitude hoping that I don't have to hurt you with words that I can never take back once they are out.

We stood here together in the cold rainy night, here I wish you would know, I wish you would understand my heart, it's not the same as it use to be. We are only desperately holding on trying to pretend our love has not changed.  I don't want to head home tonight, I just want to continue to walk in this rain, tasting its bitterness. I'm afraid, I know we need to talk, we can't go on like this but I'm scared, I'm afraid, I don't want to hurt you but in the end I'm just hurting us. I'm sorry this is all my fault, if only I could make up my mind sooner before everything becomes a mess, I look up into the dark sky letting the raindrops cover my face as I let out a bitter smile.

"Sashiko, let's go home, we are going to get sick if we stay out any longer." I turned to you and nod, before lifting my hand for you to take.

"Let's go Rie," Your hands are freezing, it must be because of the rain, I saw you shiver as a wave of night wind sweep across us. You moved yourself closer to me and like a habit I placed my arms across your shoulders to keep you warm.

I waited until Rie have entered the shower, made sure the water is running before I took out my phone, quickly dialling a number that I know by heart I lifted the phone to my ears, turning around to check the door to the bathroom.

"Rino~!" the voice cheerfully greeted me over the phone, the way you call my name caused my heart to flutter.

"Aki~ I miss you"

"You say that all the time," your giggles travelled through the phone into my ears, I can't help but smile.

"Are you okay? You left pretty suddenly earlier" you asked with concerned, I can imagine a frown making it to your face.

"I'm okay, Aki can I come over later?" I asked.

"But Rino what about Rie? Have you told her? She has to know, we can't keep on like this..." your worried voice travelled to my ears again.

*Sigh* "Please give me some more time, I'll tell her, " I selfishly asked again.

I know you are worried, my persistence finally won your heart but you are still holding back because of me. I know it is selfish of me but I just can't find the courage to tell Rie. I know you offered to be the bad one and tell her for me but I don't think that is right. I am the one who is wrong, I should be responsible for my action. You didn't know about me and Rie until it was too late, I'm sorry I hid it from you but I'm happy that you understand and is willing to give me time. I pray to the Selene every night wishing that you will never leave me, because I am sure you are the one. Being with you feels so right, it is like you fill in the missing piece in my heart, a feeling that I never got when I am with Rie.

"Aki, I have to go, I'll see you later, Bye" I told you as I heard water stop.

"Bye Rino, I'll see you later,"

"Aki... I love you," I quickly added.

"I love you too," you said before I hang up and put my phone away just in time for Rie to step into the room.

"Sashiko who were you talking to?" I watched Rie dried her hair with a towel as she slowly made her way over to me.

"No one, I was just sitting here waiting for you." I lied.


Sasshi, Sashihara Rino, waiting until Rie fell asleep that night before untangling herself and sneaked out of their shared apartment. She quickly made her way through the emptied streets, the rain has long stopped, leaving only the humid air and wet cement.

Finally Sasshi came to a stop in front of a door, taking a second to catch her breath she excitedly lift her hand to knocked on the door announcing her arrival. When the door finally open she came face to face with Aki, Takajo Aki. Without missing a beat Sasshi quickly entered the house and hugged onto the taller girl like they haven't seen each other in years. With her free hand Aki closed the door before returning the hug and leading the girl inside.

"Rino?" Aki asked as she sat them down  on the couch with Sashihara still in her arms, she can feel the girl shaking as the arms around her waist tighten.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't do it, I don't want to hurt her, I'm scared." Sasshi cried while hugging onto Aki.

"Shhhhh, it's okay, I'm here," it pains Aki to see Sasshi like this, she wish there is something she can do, if only she can take all the blame but Sasshi refused to let her do it. All she can do is sit here and hug her while she suffers.

"Please don't leave me," Sasshi said weakly in between sobs.


*Aki's POV*

I watch as her breathing slowly settle and become shallow as she fell asleep listening to my heartbeat. It's a habit that she has since, she told me once she likes the sound of my heartbeat, it sounds soothing and it keeps the nightmares away.

I gently lifted her up from the couch and placed her in bed, before getting in myself, it didn't take long for her to snuggle into me with her head resting over my chest where my heart beats away in the night.

The first time I saw you like this I was heading home after a long day, I heard sounds of someone crying so I went over to check and that's when I saw you sitting there alone, crying your soul out in the corner. It pains me to see you crying like that, in my eyes you have always been strong, no matter how bad things are, you always comeback, you fight, you talk yourself down when you fail but the smile never left but this time... My grandfather once told me that when I am happy and when I smile, it makes him happy, I never really understood it until now. Seeing you cry, I can't help but feel pain, I want to see your smile, I want you to be happy.

I walked over and sat beside you, I didn't say anything, I didn't ask, I just waited, waited until you are ready to tell me, we have been friends for so long, I know we aren't close but I want to be here for you. I can be stupid, I can be naive sometimes but if I can I am willing to keep you company like this forever, I am willing to wait.

I wish to care for you, not matter how bad situation is, I don't care if there is rain, even a storm won't stop me. I just want to see you smile, like a child safe in my embrace, I will protect you from this brutal world, I wish you to trust me, for you I can do it. I will be there for you when you are in need, I will attend to you and protect you from anything that awaits you.  I want to be with you forever and always  be by your side, for as long as I remember you have already hold a piece of my heart. I held onto you as you cried, you told me everything, you told me about her, Rie, Kitahara Rie.


*Rie's POV*

Why am I here all alone? I felt you leave, I was awake all this time, I just pretend to be sleeping making it easier for you to go. I heard your conversation on the phone, I know but I just don't want to believe it. I'm tired. Where we use to spend our days together, our hugs and smiles, our laugh and teases are all gone. What is left is the whispers of memories, of you and me... I gripped onto the blankets as I heard the door close as tears wetted my pillow. I know you are heading over to her place and the emptiness I feel from your departure is like a knife silently piercing through my heart.  The love that I wished for, why does it have to be so hard to attain. I feel cold as I tried to sleep the darkness away.

I noticed recently you have been quiet, when I asked you if there is anything wrong, if there is anything that is bugging you.. your answer is always "I'm fine" but I can see it in your eyes the pain. I heard that you seem lonely but I was never there by your side.

I know what you want, I cannot give you, and what I can offer is not what you need. We aren't meant for each other but I didn't want to give up, there were a few times when we hugged, I felt like crying. You told me once that this is just the start but I think we both know everything has already come to an end. We should just free ourselves right? Then the pain will go away right? Maybe we will come across a better path.

I think it is time we make a decision, what we have is not love, it is a habit. Something we have gotten use to but the love that we once had has left us long ago. The way we hug, the way you put your arms on my shoulder, the way we kiss, it's nothing but a habit that we've become accustom to. They no longer held the meaning and the purpose it once did.


*Sasshi's POV*

I woke up to the light coming through the windows, I closed my eyes again to keep the intruding light out as I continue to listen to the beating of your heart. I smiled as I took in your scent and feel your chest rise to your shallow breathing. I'm glad I met you, for as long as I remember you were always there for me, you never left my side and never abandon me when I needed help. From that day, that moment when you sat there with me while I cried my heart out, you stayed by me and didn't asked any questions, not wanting anything in return. I know, from that moment on you are the one because with you my world suddenly became significant. Every minute, every second I feel attracted to you, wanting to protect you but I was afraid to make any moves. I'm guilty I already have Rie, but I cannot forget you.

If I fall in love with an angel's, how can I wish to possess that love... unless my angel is willing to fall from heaven. Aki, you hold the eyes of an angel, beautiful like the stars in the sky, shining on me and for me. You have the wings of an angel, that protects me from the world as you wrap your arms around me, taking away all my troubles. You will always be my angel.

"I love you," I whispered before moving up to capture those angel lips of yours. Punish me if you want but you are my angel and forever I will be yours.

I felt your arms snake around my neck as you pulled me closer and deepen our kiss before pulling away.

"Good morning," you said with a smile,

"Good morning my angel," I said as I snuggle closer into your warmth.

"Rino, it tickles," you said while giggling, "come on let's get washed up," you start to untangle yourself to get out of bed.

"Together?" I asked as I watch you blush from the question before disappearing into the bathroom.


*Aki's POV*

I splashed some water on my face to try to calm the heat rushing to my face, images continue to run through my mind as I try to shake them away. That Rino! Even when it's just words, I can't control myself, especially after the method she choose to use to wake me up. I checked myself in the mirror before smiling, still remember the warmth of her lips on mines just moments ago.

I wiped my face dry with a towel before staring back at my own reflection on the mirror, in my eyes I can see our story. When you leaned over and softly whispered into my ears, those words of yours still fresh in my memory.

"My  tenderness is only for you to have, my spirit and soul will only guard at the gates of your heart, my pain and tears will disappear as they fall when you are near, I will always love you, the world can change, the earth can continue to rotate but I will not waver. My pulse will only run for you, I will strive for our love, for our future. Aki please don't push me away, I love you."

I cried, I am happy that you return my feelings but you have other commitments, I cannot be so selfish. I had tried to push you away, I tried to reject you but my heart told me otherwise. I'm a sinner but I can't live without you by my side, I already know it's too late, I'm too far into this to turn back. I made a mistake and now we all have to suffer. It's not right, it's not fair to RIe...


*Rie's POV*

Early morning I made my way through the streets, stopping in from of my destination, making sure I have the correct door I took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

"Who is it?" I heard Sasshi's voice before the door opened and there she stood shocked.

"Rino, who is ..." I saw her come up behind Sasshi before she stopped mid-sentence.

"Good morning Sashiko" I greeted her, "Hi Aki," I said with a smile.

"RIE....Why are you here?" Sasshi asked me surprised by my sudden appearance.

"Sasshi, we have to talk," I told her seriously, I need to get it all out before my determination wavers.

"Come in," Aki said motioning for us to enter before closing the door behind her. This is the first time I've been here, I looked around the cozy little apartment and found everything nicely put in place, tidy with nothing out of place.

I took a seat on the couch and waited until both of you sat down before I broke out the words that I'm sure you wanted to say for a long time.

"Let's break up," I said.

"...." I sat there watching Sasshi imitate a fish out of water, as no words came out while she tried to speak. I let out a soft chuckle.

"Are you that surprised?" I asked as I turned to look at Aki who seem to be fairing a bit better.

"Why?" Aki asked me.

"After Sasshi left last night, I thought about it and looking back we are all suffering. We were too stubborn to realize that our love has long disappear. We just held onto each other as a matter of habit." I tried to explain.

"A habit?" Aki asked again, confused, the way your face tilts and how your face scrunches up just slightly, I can see why Sashiko.. no Sasshi fell for her.

"It's like brushing your teeth, you do it every day, you don't even think about it. It is the same for our hugs, and our greets it become a habit that we go through every day, we don't think much about it anymore. For hugging to hug, the gesture becomes meaningless, I realized ...that I haven't been there for her when she needed me, I couldn't give her what she want. Our love died long before you appeared, your presences finally made us realize that there is no hope for our future." I looked over at the two of you before continuing, "I was selfish and too stubborn admitted that I lost, I thought if I tried to keep Sasshi close and continue to hold on it will change but thinking about it if we continue on like this, I doubt any of us will be happy, so it is probably better if we just end it, for myself and for all of us, if there was meant to be pain then I rather I just end it now."

"Rie...did you just..." Sasshi finally recovered enough to speak, I looked over at her to see her confused face and couldn't help but laugh.

"Yes, Sasshi. I said let's break up," I repeated my words again, after spilling all that is in my chest I feel lighter already, if only the stupid weigh at home can lie to me once in a while.

"RIe...." I look over to see tears rolling down her face.

"Hey, don't you cry on me here! I'm doing us a favour," I said trying to hold back my own tears as I swatted at her.

"Sorry," She said wiping the tears with her sleeves as I watch Aki move to hug her while passing me some tissues for me to dry my threatening tears.

"Thank you," I said quietly.

"No, it should be me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sorry I haven't properly introduced myself, Takajo Aki,"

"Kitahara Rie," I moved to take her hand in a firm handshake, with all our misunderstanding now put aside I feel we can get along.

"Okay, time for me to go and leave you two lovebirds alone," I said standing up from the couch making sure to tease the two of them. I can see a hue of pink make its way to Aki's face and I let out a smile.

"Rie, Thank you!" that was all I heard as I was suddenly tacked by an unknown object that now has me in a tight embrace.

I looked to see Sasshi hanging onto me like there is not tomorrow, repeating the words 'Thank you' like a broken record. Unsure if I should return the hug I looked up to see a smiling Aki who nodded toward us, a gesture that indicated she doesn't mind. So I throw my arms around the girl and give her a hug.

"Sasshi, friends?" I asked after untangling myself and lifting my hand out for a handshake.

"Friends," She said with a smile, while shaking my hands up and down.

"Sasshi, make sure you take good care of Aki," I said before I turned to put on my shoes.

"Hey shouldn't it be the other way around?" Sasshi asked, sticking her tongue out at me as I walked out the door laughing hearty, it's been a while since I last had a good laugh.

On my way out of the building I turned and walked straight into someone on the streets.

"Sorry," I quickly apologized for not paying attention where I was going. I crouch down to help her pick up her fallen groceries.

"No, I'm Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going," she apologize in a soft voice as she tried to pick up her many bags again.

"Here let me help you with some of those," I offered while picking up a bag in each hand.

"No, it's okay I can take them myself," she tried to argue.

"So which way are you heading," I asked pretending to not hear her and slowly took a couple steps forward.

"Thank you," she said.

"Kitahara Rie," I introduced myself with a smile seeing how our hands are currently occupied.

"Yokoyama Yui," She said with a shy smile.
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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
« Reply #62 on: September 16, 2011, 02:25:03 PM »
Yeah! Sasshi~!!  XD

I love Sasshi X Akicha~  :wub:

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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
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Honestly, I read this with mixed feelings...

:) because it involves Sasshi and Kitarie, :( because they aren't meant to be with each other. (Because I'm actually shipping KitaRino)

Such a good attempt to shake my feelings.. :D Keep updating!
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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
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I don't know how to take it but it's great, I guess lol poor Kitarie T_T

For Chiyuu, I just don't wabt her to die

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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
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RenaChii: Thanks, I'm just exploring and trying different pairings for my writing  XD

aruka: Did I manage to shake anything up? LOL Yea I was debating how it should go since either way works but I couldn't make myself write a sad Akicha and Rie feels like someone who is stronger and able to realize the problem, since she did get first in the last exam thing on shukan too LOL

Kahem: to be honest I don't know how to take it myself, I kinda wrote it after getting pissed off at my psych assignments LOL End up finishing this faster then I can finish my assignment haha.

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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
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You know I've been thinking about reading this oneshot since you uploaded it, as I don't usually read pairings that I'm not that familiar with. But this, when I read it, I feel like I'm starting to like all the pairing in this fic. Though the starts is a bit emo-ish but in the end they all got their "happy" endings

Just as I expect from you, You never disappoint me! That's why I love all your fics, even though almost every fic you write are a bit emo....  :P

I'll be looking forward to your next update!!!!!!!!!

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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
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 :mon runcry:


Aki and Sasshi!!!! i love them!

at least Rie-chan and MY Yuihan met!  :D

My grandfather once told me that when I am happy and when I smile, it makes him happy!
you remind me of AKBingo! episode...... Aki's touching story!  :ptam-cry:

i'm loving Akicha more than i do... because of you and HashirePomeranian!  :twothumbs


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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
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You know I've been thinking about reading this oneshot since you uploaded it, as I don't usually read pairings that I'm not that familiar with. But this, when I read it, I feel like I'm starting to like all the pairing in this fic. Though the starts is a bit emo-ish but in the end they all got their "happy" endings

Just as I expect from you, You never disappoint me! That's why I love all your fics, even though almost every fic you write are a bit emo....  :P

I'll be looking forward to your next update!!!!!!!!!

THanks for liking this emo fic...... emo is like a trend for me right now.... such a hazard LOL maybe once I finish my course and finals things will be better.  :twothumbs

Aki and Sasshi!!!! i love them!

at least Rie-chan and MY Yuihan met!  :D

i'm loving Akicha more than i do... because of you and HashirePomeranian!  :twothumbs


I think its all Pommie's fault that I got this Aki X Sasshi idea.... she planted the idea in my brain somehow.... and I guess I'm in the mood of trying different pairings, to a point that if this trend continues, not only will I have a collection of emo fics, I will also have a collection of different pairings HAHA  XD
Thanks for reading my emo stories  :twothumbs

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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
« Reply #69 on: September 30, 2011, 02:14:34 PM »
A bit sad, but somehow it felt good to read, and Akicha/Sasshi/Kitarie my top3 favorite member. :)
I liked the end Kitarie and Yui meeting.

But I prefer Yui x Sasshi pair.  ;)

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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
« Reply #70 on: October 02, 2011, 04:56:20 AM »
sasshi and akicha  :heart:
 they my fav members..this is the first time i read a fanfic abaout sasshixakicha..and i love it..

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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
« Reply #71 on: November 03, 2011, 12:08:06 PM »
 :wub: :inlove: Kyaaa~~~  :inlove: :wub:
 :thumbsup I love Dr. Watanabe~~~~~  :heart:

                  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:
I  :heart: how Mayu looks like when she Danso~~  :luvluv1:

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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
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awww <33 MARRY ME.........please.

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Re: One-shot Collection (16/09 ~ It's not love, it's a habit)
« Reply #73 on: November 07, 2011, 10:02:49 PM »
Kiri-el Thanks for your comment, glad to know you enjoy the reading  :D
yukofan Thanks, I seem to be on a trend of writing all these rare pairings these days :nervous
skytsuna Thanks, and yes Mayu's danso is pure  :inlove: I still remember writing that one during my break at work  :twothumbs Glad you like it.
haruhi16 Haru  :heart:  Thanks for the comment

I'm Alive!!!!!!! after my whole months struggle with trying to finish all my assignments and studying for my final exam, I'm finally done with everything  :lol: To make up for my absences I decided to write up one of the requests I got a while back. Part of this was written a month ago so I had some trouble remembering what I was trying to do and half way through trying to figure it out, I decided to just go with the flow and just write it. After being away from writing for a whole month, I almost forgot how to do this so I'm back at the beginning, trying to get the hang of it all. I will try to make more updates so thank you for your patiences.

Keichan here is your challenge request for pairing AtsuSae with your choice of four words cheese, dishes, mattress and poker. Sorry if this doesn't meet expectations.

*Note: I'm referring to Canada's legal drinking age, which is 19yrs old, so Miichan is technically still underage until Nov 15.

Bacardi 151 - a liquor that has an alcohol content of 75.5%, normally NOT used for shots but for cocktail mixes but I thought it sounds cool to have them take 151 shots here.... Don't take more than a few of these shots if you plan to try it... if you can get it down your throat.

Ace of Hearts (AtsuSae)

"Let's get started!" spoke the excited Yuko.

She quickly distribute the cups around the table, setting the shots ready for the games to begin. Today is the national energy conservation day so the girls decided to reduce energy usage by conforming into few group activities to keep electricity use to the minimal. They went as far as having all their laptops and cell phones turned off to make the night more meaningful.

This particular group decided to pull out a table ready themselves for a night of drinking poker. They had long decided that loser will take a shot instead of playing with poker chips for money, they just want to have fun and when money is involved friendship can end up being put on a stake. Too risky for the girls so whenever they set the table for poker it has always been for shots, which means all underage members are prohibited from joining in as well. They have to be good role models after all.

Around the table sat the aces of their teams Yuko and Acchan as they waited for the game to begin. Of course the older members Mari-sama, Umechan, and Sayaka are already sitting there eyeing the bottles of Bacardi 151 displayed at the side ready for action.

"Hey Sae, don't sit over there come and join us!" Yuko yelled across the room excitedly to get the game going.

"I already said I don't want to play," Sae shouted back then added, "why are you setting up the table in my room anyways?"

"You really don't want to play or because you don't know how to play?" Mariko asked, reading right through Sae's reply.

"We are here because your room is the biggest," Sayaka answered as she took another piece of cheese of the platter.

"It is either that or just because if your roommates catch you playing poker and drinking you will be in big trouble?" Sae said as she pointed over to Mariko, Acchan, Yuko  and Sayaka.

"Don't blame them, Miichan is underage and Yuka just turned 20, Takamina is Takamina and Haruna will have Yuko's head if she goes near her with alcohol." Umechan reminded everyone.

"Didn't Acchan just turn 20 too? What about your room?" Sae turned to ask Umechan, "and why are we snacking on cheese?"

"Don't people like alcohol with cheese?" Yuko asked as she placed a couple slice of cheese into her dish so she doesn't have to try reaching for them later.

"I thought it's wine and cheese, not 151 and cheese....." Sae replied with a sweat drop.

"It's all the same" Yuko said as she ignored Sae's comment.

"It's right next to where the kiddies are gathering having their board game night, supervised by Takamina and Yukirin," Umechan answered as she pulled out the deck of cards and shuffling it like a professional dealer.

"Hurry up Sae, come over here we will give you a quick rundown on how to play Texas Hold'em." Mariko said already out of patience from all the stalling.

Texas Hold'em is a variation of a standard game of poker, it consist of two cards being dealt face down to each player and then five community cards being placed face up in the center by the dealer. It comes in a series of three cards called the "flop" then two single cards each called the "turn" and "river". The players have an option to check, bet, raise or fold after each dealt, in the case of these girls they get the chance of adding 151 into their shots glasses.

The girls each have 3 shot glasses in front of them and each shot glass has been skilfully marked so that they can pour according to the markings at the side of the glasses. If they want to follow they fill it up to the same level as the highest bet, if they want to raise then they will pour more into their glasses and the next card will only be dealt when all players either have the same amount of alcohol or they fold which they will have to down the shot themselves.

In this game winning doesn't necessarily reward the winner with anything, other than watching the losers that dare follow the betting down the remaining alcohol that they poured. At the beginning it might seem boring if the winner just sit and watch the rest down the beautiful bottle of 151 but as the night continue, a few win might just be what saves them a headache the next morning. Although some say losing is also a strategy "losing is winning", by letting your opponent think you are weak.

"So do you understand how the game is played now?" Sayaka asked the confused Sae beside her after trying to explain the game to the genki girl.

"I think so, let's play..." Sae replied a little hesitantly but does not want to admit she didn't really understand the game fully, thinking after a couple game she will get the hang of it.

"Alright let's get the party start!" Yuko cheered while she twisted off the cap to the bottle of 151 and passed it to Acchan who started off the bet.

After quickly checking her cards, Acchan poured up to the 2nd measure on the shot glass before passing the bottle over. "I call two lines," she announced with a smile that Sae couldn't help but let her eyes linger over those soft cherry lips.

A nudge from the side brought Sae back to the walking plain as the bottle of 151 settle itself in front of her. Looking down at her cards she tried to remember the instructions and explanation she received just a few minutes ago but the more she tried to concentrate the more she found herself distracted.

"Sae, you are stalling," Mariko voiced out, " I know you want to get your hands on the ace but looking at Acchan won't work."

"Emmm, I follow" Sae said and with shaking hands she poured some liquid into her shot glasses, missing the snickers from her teammates.


"Let's call it a night, I don't think Sae can handle anymore," a slightly buzzed Yuko said as she watched Sae wave around an empty bottle, speaking half gibberish that most would have trouble understanding.

"Yea I think I had enough, I need to go take a shower before heading back to my room, I reek of alcohol," Sayaka said as she made a motion to smell her clothes not that she would be able to tell given the amount of alcohol in the air.

"Me too, I don't think my head will survive any beatings tonight, and tomorrow will be a pain," Yuko said as her hands unconsciously moved to rub a spot on her head.

"I guess that is it, should we help clean up?" Umechan said, before looking over at the giggling Sae hugging the empty bottle of 151.

"Let's clean it tomorrow?" Mariko suggested, her cheeks mildly flushed from the alcohol she consumed from the few rounds she lost.

"WHAT, you already leaving? Let's keep playing!" Sae half slurred out while she attempted to grab onto the closes person, preventing them from leaving.

It took a few tries before she was successful in latching onto another warm body, trapping the girl with her arms.

"I'll stay for a bit longer and help clean up the mess, you girls go shower and sleep, I'm sure your roommates won't appreciate your current odours." Acchan said as she appeared to be helplessly watch Sae snuggle up to her.

"Good night Acchan, Thanks for cleaning up. I will let the midget know you are staying here to keep Sae from getting in trouble," Mariko said as she walked out behind the others with a slight wobble.

Normally the girls are very good with cleaning up after themselves but tonight just isn't their night of luck, everyone has drank a fair share of shots with the exception of their ace. To win a majority of the game isn't surprising but to win every game, the girls at one point thought she was cheating but they soon found out Acchan's poker face is not only flawless but also deceiving so It isn't a surprise she is the only clear one. Leaving the cleaning to her is definitely most appropriate since she won't be sporting any headaches when morning comes by, a fair trade if you think about it.

"Acchan, let's keep playing" Sae said as she pulled their center girl towards the table, "but we only have the two of us now." Sae continue while sitting there with a pout after realizing there is only the two of them left.

"Then let's play something else," Acchan suggested with a devious smile that Sae missed.

"What game?" the excited Sae said, if one didn't know they might believe she is bipolar.

"Here is how it works, we each pick out four cards and see who has the higher card, loser strips."


"Oh well, I guess you don't want to play, that's okay I'll just start cleaning up." Acchan said making a move to start clearing the table.

"Let's do this! I'll win for sure!" Sae said as she struck a pose with the empty bottle still in her hand.

"Alright then, ace is the highest with 2 the lowest okay," Acchan said as she watch Sae pick out her cards while obviously trying to cheat and look at the cards to pick out the higher numbers.

"Okay on a count of 3, 2,1" Sae flipped over her Queen of spade with a triumph smile daring Acchan to do better. She watched the girl in front of her casually picked up a random card and flipped it over showing the Ace of diamonds.

"Sorry, Sae it seems like you lost this round," Acchan said.

"Again!" Sae said as she quickly pulled off her t-shirt leaving her in shorts and her bra, exposing her perfect darker tan. In attempts to switch out her card Sae misses the set of eyes that make their way around her taking in every detail of her upper torso.

"HA! Beat that!" Sae half shouted as she flipped over a King of diamonds, expecting to be rewarded this time she watched as Acchan reach into the pile and pulled out another card which revealed to be the ace of clubs.

Sae stood still and stared at the second ace on the table, before starting shuffle a bit unease having just remembered what the stake was.

"I'm waiting," Acchan stated as she kept her eyes on the taller girl watching Sae's hand reach down to pull off her shorts leaving her standing there in only her undergarments.

Sae shifted a bit before trying to use her hands to cover up some skin as she finally came to her senses that she is standing there in the middle of her room wearing only a bra and underwear with someone else watching her. Sure she is use to posing in swimwear for photo shoots but this is different. Goosebumps starts forming on her heated skin as the air seems exceptionally cooler than normal due to the alcohol that worked to warm up her body higher then usual. Before Sae can reach over to pick up her discarded clothes she felt a pair of hands push her back, causing her topple over into her bed with a slight bounce on the mattress. Sae looked up to find Acchan dangerously close leaning over her.

"Sorry Sae it seems like you lose" Acchan said as she held up the ace of spade in her hand with a smirk, "you should know better than to play against the A..."

Acchan didn't get to finish her sentence as a very warm and active pair of lips decided to intervene, making small subtle movements asking for entrance. Once granted Sae allowed her tongue to make advances to regain the control she lost just moments ago. For a second Sae was unable to figure out if it was the alcohol or her unconscious desire that cause her to lip lock with the girl on top of her but at this moment she could care less, working only to enjoy this new sensation as both party seem to be enjoying. Finally remembering the importance of breathing, they both came up for air panting from the fire that is still spreading across their skin, faster than a forest fire.

Before Sae can leak out any words she found herself being pulled up into another kiss, and instantly she returned it, shocked how the reaction came to her on instinct. She felt Acchan nibbling on her bottom lip while running her tongue along the sides tasting her lips. It took all her will to break apart their kiss and ignoring the warmth of the body pressing down on hers.

"Acchan, we shouldn't be doing this," Sae tried to reason, even though her body has already started to betray her.

"Sae you know as well as I do we both want this, I can see it in your eyes. Don't think I haven't caught you watching me. You really need to work on your poker face." Acchan lean in to capture the awaiting pair of lips again as her hands reached over to remove the last layer of clothing that is hindering her advance.


"Hey Sae! SAE! WAKE UP!" Sae slowly opened her eyes with her hands half trying to block out the intruding sunlight. Sae finally sat up in her bed and came face to face with Takamina.

 "Sae, it's time to get up, breakfast is going to be ready soon, hurry and go take a shower, you smell like alcohol," Takamina said in a tone that remind Sae of her mother. She watched Takamina leave before remembering the events of last night, but her mind appears to be failing her as everything seems like a dream and illusion as her headache reminds her of the amount of shots she took the night before.

Sae quickly looked around her room searching for evidence to confirm her quickly failing memories, she looked down to see herself wearing the same t-shirt and shorts as last night, everything under appears to be intact. She scanned her room to find the table cleared and cleaned, with the shot cups neatly stacked up at the side.  All in all, everything seems to be in proper place, without any support for her memories of the wild night.

"I guess it was all just my imagination... must be the alcohol, it was too good to be true," Sae half whispered to herself as she got up to grab her clothes and towel before heading into the showers.

Just as she made a move to hang her towels on the hooks something fell out from the layer of cotton, reaching down Sae picked up a single playing card. When she flipped it over she came face to face with the ace of heart, shocked by the sudden appearance of the card Sae pinched herself to make sure she isn't still dreaming.

"You know that could leave a bruise," a voice spoke from behind Sae.

Recognizing the voice Sae quickly looked up into the mirror to confirm the owner and found Acchan casually leaning on the back wall staring back at her with her famous smile.

Thank You for reading  :)
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Re: One-shot Collection (08/11 ~ Ace of hearts)
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AtsuSae... it's a refreshing pairing and I enjoyed your fic. It was interesting and flowed very well :thumbsup

"It's right next to where the kiddies are gathering having their board game night, supervised by Takamina and Yukirin," Umechan answered
I laughed at this. Takamina, forever the chaperone. I kind of want to see what was going on on her side while the "adults" were playing poker.

Anyway, great job on this and congrats on completing your school stuff! :D

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woahhh.. those horny people! and that troll author... xD

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Yay! You posted it!  :onioncheer: I knew that you're gonna use that as your title :wahaha:

Alcohol and poker is such a naughty combo if you ask me... it makes you give out horny bets and by the time you wake up in the morning, you're not sure if it really happened or just a dream  XD As always, I expect Acchan to be the teaser. I love the ending (like I said when we had our last derping convo  XD )

Thanks for posting!


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Yo bro... here my request~~~  XD

Pairing : AtsuMina~~  :inlove:

The 4 words :
  • smile
  • blind
  • pink
  • snickers

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Oh Acchan is such a bad girl~

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Interesting! Haha!  :twothumbs

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