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Author Topic: Immortal-shots Collection (Feb 14 ~ Blinded By Love: Be My Valentine [AtsuMina])  (Read 84423 times)

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Re: One-shot Collection (08/11 ~ Ace of hearts)
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lolol i am back here~ only just to comment on this atsusae you told me about it earlier keke. i'll read your other one shots later... and possibly comment again if i'm not feeling too lazy :3

you're such a troll haha.. didn't think sae would be so resisting to acchan's actions aha but in the end looks like they both got that they wanted. each other. LOL. anyways, i learned a new game today~ never really knew how to play texas hold 'em before lmao. i always feel like i'm learning something new when i read something of yours. they're usually drinks or something LOL. sew goooood, expect more soon!

i started a trend with this give a pairing + 4 words thing didn't i? (x

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Re: One-shot Collection (Nov 8th ~ Ace of hearts)
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Acchan is such a teaser and evil!

 :panic: umechan is there!!!  :panic:
wishing that Miicha is also there!  :sweatdrop:

poor Sae...  :rofl:
or... hmmm...  lucky Sae!  :grin:

and the kids were playing board games with Takamina and Yukirin!

 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



OS request change!
Note: still a super random pair!

Lovetan and Ami

4 words
-Mayuyu PB

i don't know what kind of gift it is... Lovetan's bday is Dec.8, its to early for a bday gift right???
or maybe... a gift for Sasshi???
it's up to you

 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Re: One-shot Collection (Nov 8th ~ Ace of hearts)
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Pair: UmeMii (Umeda Ayaka and Nonaka Misato.)

4 Random Words:

- Ice cream

- Fat

- Skate

- Gym
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Re: One-shot Collection (Nov 8th ~ Ace of hearts)
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 :cathappy: sup buddy~

Anyway thanks for the fanfic! Haha drinking games.... >_> im thirsty for a beer... anyway it would be cooler if you used my original words but what can you do!

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Re: One-shot Collection (Nov 8th ~ Ace of hearts)
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hello~ lol finally dropping by again
LOL i didn't know you write such hot stories like these @___@
atsusae~ lol haha and why is yuki listed as a good kid? lol
interesting turnout xP definitely not a dream~
lol won't promise i can drop by more often >< but i'll try

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Re: One-shot Collection (Nov 8th ~ Ace of hearts)
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YAY more emo stories from your favorite emmortal_K LOL. The idea came from a song that I was listening to while being pissed off by parents. Part of the dialogue at the beginning is modified to fit the pair from the song.

I gotta thank my bro (Flean) for checking through it for me, since I'm kinda a bit glazed out right now... its been a while since I slept... not a good thing but I will be heading to catch a bit of sleep right after I post this. I thought about using this idea to complete one of those OS requests but I decided it isn't a good idea to make those requests emo fics HAHA. Sorry in advance for any errors in my writing, my English really isn't that great so there will be many grammar issues below. Hope you like the OS, please leave me some comments, if you have time.

Can you figure out what song sparked the idea?

To Be Honest (MariHaru)

Mariko sat alone on the couch holding onto a glass of wine, she can't remember how long she has been there in the dark. Moving her eyes from the carpet to glance up at the clock again, it has only been five minute, just quarter to three in the morning. Mariko tighten her grip around the glass with nails starting to dig into her skin.

The sound of keys ringing by the door carries itself to the awaiting model, it has been hours since she placed herself there just like every other night. Quiet steps can be heard as Mariko's wife finally returns.

As Haruna steps into the living room her only welcome was the clashing of glass on glass as she came face to face with Mariko, arms crossed over her chest staring back at her with those fierce glare. 

"Where were you?" Mariko asked.

"I was at work," Haruna replied moving to leave the room, not wanting to bother with the same argument they had many times already.

"You were with her again!" Mariko accused.

"Here we go again, I already told you it's not what you think! There is nothing between me and Yuko" Haruna defended herself. "You claim that I've been having an affair behind your back, hurting you but... YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS!" unable to stay collected after being accuse by Mariko, their familiar argument once again begins.

"Jealous? Really? So what do you do? Check yourself into her room wearing skimpy bathrobes while hugging and kissing that pervert? I'm sure she will appreciate that!" it is like adding fuel to fire as the temperature in the room continue to rise.

"What proof do you have, stop making things up without any foundation or evidence! DON'T start lecturing me!"

At this time both parties are standing face to face, neither ready to back down as this is a battle of pride. Things that were left unnoticed, unsaid are not being exposed as they have came to a point that pretending will no longer be a choice.

"Starting a company and working with her is just a cover, it's a lie, I'm not dumb! What time do you normally get together?"

"Is that it? Will it make you feel better if I just give up? Give up everything and stop striving for success? If you can work than why can't I? You are crossing the line! DON'T YOU TRUST ME!" Haruna shouted back fist clenched.

"TRUST? You talk about trust, I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN DAYS!"

"Fine whatever you say, I'm going to sleep" Haruna shouted turning around exiting the living room. The sound of broken glass can be heard as bottles were thrown across the room, books and lamps are sweep off the tables.

"You drank too much," Haruna said as a fact.

"Don't you point fingers at me, I'm not drunk, this is all your fault," Mariko sudden turned around to look straight at Haruna, "If I leave then I don't have to be a burden to you anymore,"

"Leave, GO why don't you leave!" Haruna replied pointing to the direction of the door.

"I don't have to leave, it is you that should get lost, I am confident that I have been wronged," Mariko closed the distance to her wife.

"Get away from me," Haruna quickly pushed Mariko away.

"Let's face it you are guilty, no use crying over the facts"

"I just realize I really don't know you, who is this that I've been sharing my bed with," Haruna spoke to no one in particular as she made her way up the stairs to their room.

"I've spoiled you too much," Mariko quickly followed after Haruna, the two of them continue their quarrel while they made their way along the halls.

"I love you, the nights we spend together weren't fake," Haruna said without turning around, making quick strides to their bedroom.

"You were just curious, god knows which one of us has reason, I think about you day and night but where are you when I need you?"

"I already told you, I have work, you aren't the only one! You are just jealous, all you do is criticize and complain... you just want control" Haruna continue to reason with the raging Mariko, they both knew this was waiting to happen, the topic has been left untouched for too long, now everything is coming out all at once.

"So you are now saying I'm not good enough for you. Is that it?" Mariko asked lifting her hand to grab onto Haruna's arm only to have it fling off in one motion.

Stomping towards the closet Haruna pulled out a suitcase and started to stuff clothes into it, packing as quickly as she can with only one thought in mine and that is to leave. Anger started to rise in Mariko as she watch the girl in front of her pack her belongs. Mariko moved herself over to the closet and pulled out a couple shirts and threw it at Haruna then kicked the door close taking her anger out on it instead.

"FINE LEAVE! SEE IF I CARE!" Mariko stormed out of the room, heading back into the living room where the wine cabinet is kept. Picking up the closes bottle she quickly popped the cork out skilfully from all the practice she has been getting at nights when she stayed up drinking. Taking a swing straight from the bottle she dropped herself back into the couch, the same position she was in just moments ago. It didn't take long for the bottle to empty itself, but to Mariko it seemed too long for her liking. Unsure if it's because of the alcohol or giving the opportunity to cool down her anger has already faded, bring her back to the facts that presented itself tonight.

"Maririn..." Haruna slowly inched herself into the room, her suitcase left outside the room as she moved closer to the couch afraid that any sudden movement might set off another round of shouts.

"Can we talk?" Haruna pleaded knowing they really need to sort things out. After receiving a nod, Haruna pulled up a chair and sat herself down across from her wife.

"To be honest, I care about the way you always act superior, why does every time after an argument or fight you can ignore me," Haruna started slowly, speaking out her true feelings.

"To be honest, you treat me very cold, your tsundere attitude never reveals your feelings, I never know what I should do." Mariko spoke up after hearing Haruna's confession.

"You have a very self-centered personality, it feels that I just revolve around it but never find the center, your inner nature." Haruna readjusted her position feeling somewhat unease as she paused for a second before continuing, "at first I thought I could overcome all your shortcomings, I can love your positive and forgive your negatives but I over estimated my own abilities."

"You never appreciated all the things I did, the things I did for you, for us..." tears slow made its way down Haruna's face, drop by drop forming a pool of sadness on the ground.

"Sorry, I was never able to understand you, to let you feel loved... I thought I was willing to let myself go and love you freely but I was too absorbed in myself..." Mariko finally came in terms with her contributions to the problem. As people say a problem between two people is never just one sided, but she was too blind to see her own troubles.

They both sat there in silence, neither willing to make any eye contact as they kept their eyes on the floor, deep in thought. They both know things have finally come to an end, it is impossible to continue on like nothing ever happened. Funny thing is if they really want to, they will probably be able to casually name a million of reasons why they should split. In the past they have endured, tolerated and put up with these reasons like giving charity. Both were afraid to speak up, afraid that it proves they never loved the other enough but it's now time. It is like finally escaping this prison of love, to forget everything and using their actions to speak for themselves and to the other, to be just friends.

"I only wanted to be loved, to have no secrets between us, no distances. I wanted to be hugged whenever I come home from a rough day at work..." Haruna finally looked up at the one she loved.

"I did, it's just you never felt it, if you look back you will find those times," Mariko slowly lifted her head looking back with sadness in her eyes, "Whenever I call you, it was always forward to your voicemail, is there still love between us?"

"I think it is already very obvious, instead of dragging this on let's just call it," Haruna stood up and walked to where she left her suitcase on her way out the doors.

"Mari...Mariko, I'll have the papers sent to you after I've signed them."

"Does Yuko treat you well?" Mariko asked, taking one last look at the familiar back she faced many times in the past.

"Yes, yes she does.... What about that gachapin girl from work?" Haruna stood there facing the door, not wanting to turn around afraid that her will might wavier if she look at the girl behind her.

"We bicker all the time," Mariko answered her lips slightly curved into a smile as she thought of the shorter animated girl.
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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 6th ~ To Be Honest)
« Reply #86 on: December 06, 2011, 02:13:10 PM »
Yeah!!! MariHaru~~  :onioncheer:   Even though they end up to broken up~~  :depressed:   Now, I'm waiting for the request OS~~  :glasses:

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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 6th ~ To Be Honest)
« Reply #87 on: December 06, 2011, 06:40:41 PM »
I like Kojiyuu but break up make my heart break T_T

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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 6th ~ To Be Honest)
« Reply #88 on: December 07, 2011, 03:12:45 AM »
I like Kojiyuu but break up make my heart break T_T

Sorry kahem, i just wasn't able to write anything happy last night. I'm still avoiding my parents lol. Sleeping all day and waiting for them to go sleep before i come out of my dungeon haha

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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 6th ~ To Be Honest)
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THEY BREAK UP!!!!!!  :on speedy:

i'm sorry... i'm just too lazy to write a comment! OTL

Thanks!!!  :twothumbs

write more!!!!

my OS Request BTW! LOL

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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 6th ~ To Be Honest)
« Reply #90 on: December 08, 2011, 05:37:59 PM »
Okay to make up for breaking up MariHaru, I wrote up a 2nd part to the originally OS now TS (two-shot). Hope this make you feel better. Sorry for any errors, I'm sure there will be many.  :bow: My usual work haven't been proofread or edit.

Flean, kahem and aoi_sora: thanks for spending the time to leaving me a comment for this heart breaking fic, I apologize for breaking them up like this but I hoping to make up for it with this 2nd part that I thought up in the middle of the night.

I also like to thank everyone that read and left me a thank you: Flean, kaizoku_gal, oist, Ryo Hiroshi, kahem, Divine Vengeance, aoi_sora. At least it tells me there are people that still read my emo/depressing/dark/crazy/or whatever other category of stuff that I might come up with in the future...... haha

To Be Honest Part 2 with you

Mariko woke up next morning to the sound of her alarm, she turned to her side to find it empty of the warm body she had gotten accustom to waking up beside. Staring at the untouched pillows, blankets and sheets, Mariko can’t help but feel a slight tug in her heart. The cold and empty feeling didn’t last long, and surprisingly it isn’t as bad as what she imagine it to be. For a relationship that lasted so long, part of her want to acknowledge the lie they have been living by, it is time for them to let it go. Quickly gathering her thoughts Mariko extended her arms out for a quick stretch before getting up and heading straight to her walk in closet, glancing through the clothes she picked out her choice of the day before jumping into the shower. She still has a long day of work ahead, can’t stall now because time doesn’t stop to wait for you.


“Good morning Mariko-sama,” Staff around the studio greeted the model as she walked in heading towards the photographer in the middle diligently checking all the equipments. Occasionally Mariko stopped to nod or wave to acknowledge the greetings she has been receiving since she stepped into the room.

“Hey, Mari-troll good morning!” the photographer greeted with her usual nickname and smile reserved only for Mariko.


“Are you okay, you look exhausted,” Miichan asked voice filled with concern when her bickering buddy failed to follow through with their normal routine.

“I’m fine, it’s just…” Mariko paused to think about how she should explain to her gachapin what happen in the last 12hours. Deciding to be honest she continued, “we had another argument last night,”

“Ahhh, I’m sure things will work out for you two,” Miichan replied a little unsure of her own words, she motioned for her tall companion to take the chair in front of her before moving over to massage those tense shoulder muscles. Miichan’s hands skilfully work the knots out of her shoulders before moving in closer to the base of her neck, working her magic to release the stress bottled up.

“It’s over,” Mariko said after a couple minutes, eyes remain closed to enjoying the treatment she is receiving. She felt the hands come to a stop on her shoulders.


“We are getting divorced,” Mariko stated as a fact.

“Did you sit down and talk about it? You don’t want to make the wrong calls with your emotions clouding your judgements.”

“We all knew it was coming, Haruna and I, we talked a bit after… now that it is out I actually feel a lot better, I feel free and no longer tied down.” Mariko tried to explain but was finding it hard to put her feelings into words.

Miichan lean forward sliding her arms around Mariko’s neck and gave her a warm hug from behind, “just relax, release the tension from your shoulders and take a deep breath,” Miichan whispered into Mariko’s ears before releasing her hold on the girl. Mariko stayed in the same position reminiscing the warmth she felt just moments ago, eyes closed as the clouds in her mind cleared a path for the light. Her thoughts were disrupted by the sound of soft clicks and closing shutters. Mariko opened her eyes to discover Miichan standing in front of her with her camera out abusing the shutter button as she saved as many photos as she can of this moment. It is not everyday she is given the chance to see the perfect Mariko-sama so relaxed, eyes closed and a slight grin on her face. If anyone ask Miichan to describe this moment of her life, her answer would be, ‘I’ve been bless by an angel’

“Come on Mariko-sama, we have a long day ahead of us, I have yet to capture the best of you,” Miichan said with a grin while she extended her arm out for Mariko to take.


*knock* *knock*

“Nyan nyan?” Yuko spoke towards the closed door of the guest room thinking back to last night.

In the middle of her sleep, Yuko was woken up by the knocking at her door, she found Haruna at her door step, eyes red from crying as one hand gripped tightly around the handle of her suitcase, her appearance wiped the sleep out of Yuko’s eyes immediately.

“Can’t I stay here tonight?” was all Haruna asked and without missing a beat, Yuko quickly lead the taller girl into the house and straight to the washroom to allow Haruna some time to fix herself and freshen up.

It didn’t take long before Haruna emerged from the washroom, face cleaned from the tear streaks but trouble still sketched over her features. Yuko frowned from the way the girl carried herself, it is not the same carefree, airhead girl she had gotten to know over the years.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Yuko asked as she lead Haruna to the couch, no wanting to beat around knowing it won’t do them any good.

“It’s over… and… and,” Haruna started crying on Yuko’s shoulders, “I… Mariko was right.”

“Shhhhhh…it’s okay, everything will be okay,” Yuko spoke softly while running her hands up and down her back in attempts to stop Haruna’s crying and relieve her grief.

“Yuko?” Haruna finally lifted her head from Yuko’s shoulder and looked her in the eyes. Before Yuko can decipher the complicated emotions running through those deep orbs, Haruna closed the gap between the two of them and met her lips with a gentle kiss. The contact was short, the feelings gone before it can be properly register in their mind, Haruna never broke eye contact as she continue to struggle for an answer to a question that she can’t identify.

Finally Yuko stood up pulling Haruna up in the process, “it’s late, you should get some sleep we still have work tomorrow.” Yuko purposely redirected the focus. Even if she really want to sort things out with the cat-like girl now is not the right time.

*knock* *knock*

“Nyan Nyan?” when no answer came Yuko gently pushed the door open and peeked inside.

She found Haruna sprawl out under the covers, with one arm hugging one of the many pillows close. Yuko slowly walked closer to get a better look at the sleeping beauty, with one hand she lightly brushed a couple strain of long hair to a side so she can examine the serenity washed over those stunning features. After what seems like minutes Yuko broke her staring and decided to wake the peaceful girl.

“Nyan Nyan, wake up, we are going to be late,” with a hand on each shoulder Yuko shook the girl until she showed signs of life.

“Yuuchan?” Haruna mumbled in her sleep, as she slowly open her eyes to adjust to the morning light shining in through the windows. Sitting herself up Haruna lifted one hand to rub her eyes as her other pulled the pillow up to her chest hugging it close, a pout made its way to her lips as her sleep has been interrupted.

“Come on Nyan Nyan, time to get out of bed, breakfast is ready,” Yuko lectured while she tried to pull the bigger girl up with her miniature size body.


“Good morning!” Yuko shouted after slamming the doors open to the company, a little too cheery for the morning as her enthusiasm was returned with a couple grumpy good morning and nods from her employees.

“Yuuuuko, the samples have been completed and are in your office,” Amina shouted across the room before disappearing to who knows where.

“Come on Nyan Nyan, let's go see the finish product,” Yuko said taking Haruna’s hand and dragged her to their office.

“Yuko!” Haruna scold but allow the energetic girl drag her across the room.

“Look! Look!” Yuko shouted excitely jumping up and down checking the pieces of lingerie fitted on the mannequins, “they are perfect!”

Haruna ignored her jumping business partner and moved closer to closely examine the finishing on the products, seeing no defects on them she stepped back and gave her approval.

“They look great, now we just need to get the promotion and marketing processes going and have them start production.” Haruna said planning to concentrate on her work to take her mind of the events of the night before.

“Nyan nyan, why don’t you just relax and get some rest on the couch, I’ll go talk to them,” Yuko suggested as she pointed to the couch at the corner of their office. Seeing how Haruna is hesitating but cannot hide the exhaust written over her face, Yuko pushed her Nyan Nyan towards the couch and gently with force sat her onto the couch.

Yuko crouched down a little so she is eye levelled with the sitting Haruna, beaming her best smile, Yuko placed one hand tenderly over Haruna’s cheek, “Nyan nyan you don’t have to pretend, it’s okay to be weak. I’ll always be here if you need me okay,” after receiving a slight nod Yuko excused herself to talk to the team.

At the door Yuko glanced over to the sleeping girl before slowly backing out of the door, quietly closing the door when a voice startled her from behind.

“Yuko, did you just confess?” asked a noisy Sasshi from behind.

“HOLY! Sasshi, don’t sneak up on people!” Yuko started shouting but managed to bring her volume back to normal afraid any outburst might wake the tired girl in her office.

“Oshiri-chan! Come one tell us, what’s going on between you to? Isn’t Harunyan already married?” Mayu suddenly appeared to the other side of Yuko, scaring her short little boss. Both her and Sasshi watched Yuko quickly pick herself up from the ground with a hand still over her chest, trying to catch the breath she missed.

“She is getting divorced,” Yuko blurred out before she realize what she just said, both her hands quickly went up to her mouth to prevent herself from saying any more but the damage is already done.

“Chance boss! Go for it!” her two best friends/ employees pointed out the obvious.

“It’s not like that…. I love her but I am willing to wait, wait until she is ready,” Yuko said with determination and letting anything wavier her decision. She won’t force Nyan Nyan into anything against her will or put any pressure on her, if Nyan Nyan decided to be with her then it will be because of love.

From inside the room, Haruna heard the whole conversation outside as the door never closed properly and Yuko’s earlier outburst kept her awake. ‘Sorry Yuko, I just need some more time,’ Haruna thought as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

“You two better get to work, I want the scripts, graphics, animation and whatever else you two can think of for promotion done by the end of the week or I’ll be calling Meetan and have her take over the photo shoot for you two this weekend.” Yuko threatened.

“WHAT YOU CAN’T” Sasshi and Mayu shouted in unison, on their knees praying that Yuko was just kidding.

“Keep it down, and yes I can if you two don’t get to work right away,” Yuko emphasize each word, while keeping her voice to a manageable level.

“Nooooo, my Yuki!!” Mayu frantically ran to her desk to get started on her part of the planning.

“Ehhhhh, my Akicha!!” Sasshi ran so fast it almost seem like she teleported back to her desk if not for the fact that she tripped over a chair on her way there.

Yuko let out an evil smirk as she watched her two best friend diligently work, for sure this projects promotion will be successful given the motivations those two are given at the moment.


*Takahashi Law Chamber*

Sitting across from barrister Takahashi, Minami is her two long time friend as they approached her for help with their current issues. Minami explained to them the details and legal segments of their divorce papers. To be honest, this was something many of them had thought would happen but wished it didn’t at the same time.

“So do both of you understand, what I just explained?” Takamina asked as she looked at them one by one to make sure she gets a nod from both party.

“By signing these papers you have agreed to and comply with the requirements for a no-fault divorce. All the clause listed will take effect. When I sign under the witness the process will be completed.” the professional barrister paused to let them digest the information, “You won’t be able to turn back.”

Takamina asked once again, just to confirm with her client/best friends that this is their wish and they won’t regret what they are about to do. Mariko picked up her pen and quickly signed her name on the papers before passing them over to Haruna. When both party had signed their life back to single freedom, they finally relax in their chairs.

“So how does it feel to be single again?” the suberi queen joked but seeing the expression on her friends face told her it didn’t work like it was intended to.

“Friends?” Haruna said as she turned to face Mariko with her sudden new found courage.

“Friends,” Mariko replied with a matching smile when their hands connected for a sincere hand shake.

“Come on, I'm going to meet Acchan and Ami for lunch, why don’t you two join us?” Takamina said as she stood up from her chair.

“Say, I have a question that I’ve wanted to ask for a long time, are you sure Ami is yours? She’s so tall…” Mariko asked as she stood towering over her petite little friend.

“… yes, apparently in Acchan’s family she is the shortest and from her mother’s side they have some tall genes floating around…” Takamina replied trying not to remember those family dinners she was force to attend.

“What about those thick brows? I mean although your aura screams ‘male’ your brows are pretty thin.” Haruna followed with her own question that she and Mariko had once argued over.

“…You should’ve seen the brows of my uncle, I think flies drown in them….”

“Oh” Mariko and Haruna uttered together.

“Wait but why is her last name Maeda and not Takahashi?” Mariko continue to bring out all her enquires while they are at it.

“You know how Acchan decided to keep her family name to avoid the hassle of going through all the paper work to change it right?” Takamina started and waited for her two friends to nod, “well when she was giving birth to Ami she was screaming and shouting for a divorce from the pain of the deliver…” she explained to her friends the one day she wanted to forget in her life, well maybe not the whole day just those couple minutes when everything happened.

“And you took that seriously?” Mariko questioned the little one as if she is insane.

“No I didn’t take it seriously…. just because of that Acchan threw a fit, coming to a conclusion that I won’t ever take her words seriously... so out of anger she told the nurse her child will be named Maeda, Ami…” Her shoulders slowly slouched down making Takamina feel even shorter then she already is beside the two towers.

“And the nurses took Acchan seriously?” Haruna asked?

“Acchan was admitted to the hospital under Maeda, Atsuko... so they thought my family name is Maeda… it was just all a misunderstanding but by the time Acchan calmed down it was already official….”

“Come on, it’s not that bad. Ami is a good kid whether she is a Maeda or a Takahashi.” Haruna said, trying to make Takamina feel better.

“Let’s go, Acchan and Ami won’t be happy if we are late, they might burn a hole in my wallet again, it’s difficult to feed Maeda’s you know.” Takamina said pushing her two friends out the door with her.

"I can walk, no need to push," Haruna complained as she tried to walk properly without being pushed around.

"Oh, one more thing Takamina, I just have to tell you that pink ribbon on your head totally clashes with your choice of clothing today." Mariko pointed out the mismatch in the barristers fashion sense.
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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 8th ~ To Be Honest: Part 2)
« Reply #91 on: December 08, 2011, 06:20:16 PM »
I was about to comment on part 1 then I saw part 2  :nervous

I must agree that this is an emo fic... breakups are always sad, but im glad that at the end both parties wanted to stay friends  :thumbsup I also like how you were able to insert other characters in part 2... I wasn't expecting Aamin to be Atsumina's daughter  :lol: i also lol'd how Mariko commented about Takamina's pink ribbon  :nervous

great one shot emmo-k! keep writing! will look forward to your next story  :twothumbs

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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 8th ~ To Be Honest: Part 2)
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Hahaha Takamina!!! So epic!!!

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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 8th ~ To Be Honest: Part 2)
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woaaaah atsumina lol, that was great two-shot story kira ^_^.

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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 8th ~ To Be Honest: Part 2)
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Just had to write this to get the scene out of my head, its been floating in my mind for a while and since I can't get rid of it I thought maybe this will help. I didn't really go back to edit/ check my work because I really can't read my own stuff keke. (A Thanks for Mari07 who did a quick diagnose scan to correct the major errors for me) Sorry for any errors that might have slipped, my mind is running on coffee since I got woken up earlier then usual.

Deeper Impact - KumiNon

So soft, so warm, I can still remember the taste of those lips that I kissed over and over again this morning while cameras crowded around us in that tight stall. Never in my mind would I expect this kind of scene to happen for our PV's sure the theme for this single is a little sensitive but I thought it would just be playing with camera angles. That was until we were sitting there listening to the director describe to us the scenes we are about to do, a kiss with feelings that will make people feel the impact "with deep feelings" he said to Kumi. I was shocked, as thoughts ran through my mind when all I can hear is the giggling coming from Rena and the laughing from the staff. I turned my eyes over to take a look at Kumi when I heard her ask if she really has to kiss me on the lips but I can't read her expression. I wonder if she is okay with this, what if she doesn't want to kiss me and what if... I never had the chance to finish my thoughts as we were hurried over to the little stall where all the cameras are set up.

The first take wasn't okay, we had to kiss many times as they shot from various angles with photographers around pointing their cameras at us. I can feel my cheeks heat up as we continue to act out the scene again and again, as I taste her lips again and again. This is so embarrassing to be kissing in front of so many cameras and my first kiss too. I tried many times to read Kumi, I looked into her eyes but they left no room for betrayal; loyal to their owner’s her eyes withheld any hint of feelings as I once again felt her soft lips pressed up against mine. I lifted my head slightly to welcome her lips as she deepened the kiss with intensity, I really can't tell if she was just getting into the role and I really don't want to know. Right now all I can think about is the gentle set of lips that I'm starting to love. It definitely left an impact on me.


Akane and Riina walked into the dressing room after a day of filming, their scene took a while to complete as they tried to perfect their bed scene. Surprised by the script and the director the girls can only be as professional as they can but having never experience this kind of situation cause the two girls to be lost. Their first few attempts were awkward when they somehow got tangled up with each other bringing laughter to everyone that is present. It took them a couple tries and a few extra pointers by the staff before they were able to get into their role and finally made progress.  When they finally heard the "okay" from the director they quickly untangled themselves and left the room trying to hide their blush. The uncomfortable silence accompany the two as they went to collect their bags before heading home, there they found a spaced out Kanon sitting in front of the mirror deep in thought.

"Non? Kanon? You okay?"

"Huh?" the spaced out girl answered as she turned over to the speaker.

"You look spaced out, are you feeling okay?" Akane asked as she place her hand over the younger girl's forehead.

"I'm okay, just feeling a bit tired from the filming" Kanon replied not wanting to get the captain -- Churi worried.

"Are you sure? Didn't you finish a while ago? We can take you home if you aren't feeling well, you seem a bit flushed." Akane suggested while she started getting worried, their little ones always try to hide it when they aren't feeling well. The last time Jurina almost fainted during their performance so they are all very precautious with watching them.

"I'm okay, really. Say, Churi what happened to your lips, there's a cut on the corner," Kanon asked with a growing smirk as she pointed to the side of her lips in the position where she notice the cut on Akane's lips.

"Ehhhhh?" Akane quickly check her lips in the mirror as she noticed Riina trying to sneak out of the room quietly without being notice after Kanon brought up the cut.

"RIINA!!!!!!!!!" Akane screamed as she chase after the girl that just bolted out of the room.

Kanon just smiled sitting there watching Akane screaming and chasing after the girl through the halls, their voices getting farther and farther away. Once she was surrounded by peace, Kanon fell back into her thoughts about the morning she spent with Kumi in that small little stall. The lyrics of their song playing over and over in her mind 'I'm in love, I'm in love with you from the moment that we met...You've been able to excite my heart more strongly than anyone else in my memory...'

That is the position Kumi found Kanon in when she walked into the dressing room. Slowly walking up to the younger girl her eyes did a quick scan admiring the calmness that surround the girl while she is deep in thought. Even so, the cuteness explodes out of their little team member, unlike Jurina who is like a ball of energy, Kanon always has this kawaii appearance that make her so irresistible that Kumi just want to run over and hug the girl.

"Non?" Kumi spoke up when she stopped behind the girl.

"Ahhh!" Kanon was brought back to reality and was shocked to see the girl in her thoughts look straight at her from the mirror. Trying to quickly turn around Kanon's leg got caught by the foot of the chair causing her to fall to the ground with a soft thump.

"NON!" Kumi moved quickly to the fallen girl.

The shock that they felt when their hands touched caused Kanon to look up and once again they were trapped in a staring match. The atmosphere seems familiar as they are just inches apart face to face with Kumi kneeling beside the fallen Kanon, they were calculating and trying to predict each other's next movement. They stayed in that position while their eyes searched the depths hoping for any hints that will give them the upper hand.

It was uncertain who made the first move but they were grace with an all too familiar taste and sense when their lips met once again. This time it was much more intense as Kumi moved in with one hand holding the edge of the dressing table for support while another made its way around Kanon's waist pulling her closer. Kanon leaned in to return the kiss with one hand supporting herself on the ground and another wrapped around Kumi from under her arms. They continue to explore each other building on the experience from earlier that day; sparks can be seen flying across them as they enjoy the sensation, eyes closed to feel the moment.


"Hey want to grab some dinner together? Hmmm? Why are you two on the ground?" asked the clueless Jurina as she finally notice Kumi and Kanon on the ground a meter apart looking at the ground.

"Errrm I dropped... my contacts and Kanon is helping me find it." Kumi sluttered out as she pretend to be looking for something on the ground, hoping that Jurina will buy her excuse.

"Oh, let me help you!" Jurina announced happily as she start to move closer to her two friends on the ground.

"NO!" Kumi suddenly shouted causing Jurina to stop in her tracks, "I mean... it's okay we can look for it ourselves."

"Jurina, didn't you say you were hungry, come on lets go. If you hurry maybe I will decide to treat you dinner," Rena said from the doorway before glancing over at the sweating Kumi.

"Really!?" Jurina asked after hearing the possibility of free food, seeing the nod she quickly went to grab her bag and ran out the dressing room missing the small exchange of nods from the older occupants and the silent 'Thanks'.

After quickly grabbing her bag, Rena moved to exit the room before she lost sight of their energetic ace. Just when Kumi was about to let out a breath she was holding, Rena's head reappeared at the doorway.

"Oh, next time you should remember to lock the door," Rena said with a smile that caused the two girls in the room to shiver.

The girls were left in an awkward situation with both of them still on the ground looking everywhere in the room but each other. Finally having waited long enough, Kumi decided to get up and walk over to help the poor girl off the cold floor. With a pull on the arm, Kumi was able to get Kanon up and off the ground but the amount of power she place in the tug caused the younger girl to lose her balance falling straight into Kumi's embrace. Staying like that for a little longer, then intended while their brain try to catch up to the events surrounding their masters.

"... I'll walk you home," Kumi finally spoke up to the girl still in her arms as she finally gained control of her functions.

"It's okay I can walk home myself," Kanon spoke softly while she slowly moved away from the warmth to pick up her bag.

"It's getting late. It’s too dangerous for you to walk home alone, plus we should tell your parents about the new single and PV so they don't get surprised when they show the preview at the handshake." Kumi explained as she threw her bag around her shoulder and took Kanon's hand before leading them out of the room.


"Wow, your parents are very understanding," Kumi said as she dropped herself onto Kanon's bed after explaining to them about their new concept and apologizing to them personally about taking their precious daughter's first kiss.

"So you are staying for dinner right?" Kanon asked as she watched the older girl flip her phone over to fire off a text.

"Yea, it's rude to decline the invite, right?" Kumi said with a smile as she checked her text message before sending it to her mom; letting her know she will be staying at the Kimoto's for dinner.

"You know my parents always let me have what I want."

Confused by the sudden statement, Kumi looked up from her position only to feel arms on her shoulders, pushing her back onto the bed. She stared up at Kanon with a smirk that she had seen once when they were filming for Majisuka; it was Miso's smirk after she stabbed Gekikara. Before Kumi could let out any protesting sound she found herself silenced by a set of lips and a body holding her down to prevent any unnecessary struggling.
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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 20th ~ Deeper Impact [Kumi/Non])
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*A* speechless!


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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 20th ~ Deeper Impact [Kumi/Non])
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Freakin' LOVE~! As expected from an Immortal fic~ Lol

(btw, I followed your tumblr)

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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 20th ~ Deeper Impact [Kumi/Non])
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Chu~ Chu~

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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 20th ~ Deeper Impact [Kumi/Non])
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OMG!!!! nice~~~ KUMINON virus~~~

i follow you on tumblr hehe


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Re: One-shot Collection (Dec 20th ~ Deeper Impact [Kumi/Non])
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OMG bro!!!! This is awesome!!!  :on GJ:  I need more of this!!!!  :on lol:

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