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Author Topic: T's and J's no title yet -- continuara xd  (Read 55946 times)

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T's and J's no title yet -- continuara xd
« on: July 14, 2011, 11:39:51 AM »

TJ-A  *               TJ-J
TJ-B  *               TJ-K kyaa that's not it
TJ-C  *               TJ-L love's in the air~
TJ-D  *               TJ-M Mornings should be like this~
TJ-E  *               TJ-N Nice~
TJ-F                TJ-O Only if- part 1,part 2
TJ-G               TJ-P -part 1,part 2
TJ-H               TJ-Q-Quality
TJ-I                TJ- Oh dear 1, Oh dear 2

TJ no title

Still loving them 1st generation  XD :lol:

T's and J's prologue.

Tour Ship~

 6 young girls were happily playing around the ship's deck. They've just met each other on this around-the-world journey event. Having almost the same ages, they get along pretty well.

"Ikko minna! Let's explore the ship!" The smallest of them suddenly yelled.

"Yey! Yuko wanna join too" A little girl with cute dimples cheered.

"Hungry..."a girl with twin ponytails spoke, sucking her thumb gently.

"Mou Miichan-nee! You're always hungry!" whined the youngest of them.

"Leave it Jurina-chan. She'll get more hungry if you keep talking to her." A girl with curly hair spat while checking her face with her little mirror.

"What's that supposed to mean Tomochin!?" Miichan narrowed her eyes slightly, hunger forgotten.

"Oh nothing" Tomochin grinned showing her little fang .

"Oi I think we should get going. Takamina and Yuu-chan already left" The tallest girl among them then pointed her finger to the now running figures.

"Ehhh!Matte!" They then run after the two.

After exploring the ship (where they were allowed to) it was already time for dinner. Their mothers called for them.

"Let's meet here after dinner ok?" Takamina said before leaving while waving.

"Ok!" They all nodded.

After dinner~

"Ma? I'm going to meet my friends. Can I go please?" Takamina asked her mother.

"Sure honey but don't take too long ok? It's getting late."

"Hai!" Takamina then hurriedly went to the meeting place.


"Ah she's here" Sae whistled. Takamina was panting as she reached them.

"You're late Takamina. Yuko here was about to look for you, you know" Tomochin said as she was busy twirling her hair.

"Gomen gomen. I was talking to my mother." She then smiled. "Let's watch the stars!"

They all agreed.

"Wait guys, look it's the little boat from earlier !" Yuko pointed out the lifeboat.

"I wanna ride it!" Miichan clapped her hands excitedly.

"Me too Me too" followed little Jurina.

Tomochin just shrugged and followed them.

They got into the lifeboat. Little Jurina had to be lifted up by Sae and Tomochin to get on.

"Cool there's even boxes here and two woods." Takamina exclaimed.

"Let's watch the stars from here!"

"Woah soo many tiny stars!" The little girls then stargazed to their hearts content.

While they were busy pointing out different shapes the ship crashed into something hard creating  a great impact causing the lifeboat to fall down into the water, with the little girls on board.

They screamed. After that a storm came. The waves were getting bigger, pushing the boat further away.
As for our girls, well they fell unconscious.

Takamina was the first to wake up. "Bright...". Remembering what happened, she looked around and saw her friends were still sleeping.

"Girls wake up!!"One after another, the girls woke up.

"Where are we?" Asked a sleepy Miichan.

"I have no idea. But one thing I know is, we're on a big island, and probably the only people around like in the TV programs I watched". Yuko excitedly exclaimed.


"Mommy!!" Little Jurina started crying.

"Yoshi-yosh, it's okay Jurina-chan. Maybe they'll come and rescue us soon!" Sae tried to console the crying girl.

 Little Jurina slowly stopped crying but still felt sad.

"Bah! That's how is it. Let's go explore the island!!!"Yuko interrupted.

The others stared at Yuko dumbfounded. But then they had no choice but to agree. They took all the things they could from the lifeboat and began a new adventure.


Years later~

A rather big yacht arrived on the island. You could hear voices of instructions, anchor dropping and then laughter. A few minutes later, 6 women made their way to the island with one of the speedboats.

"So this is the infamous island? "The tallest woman spoke.

"Yes. This is it Mariko" Mariko just nodded and removed her shades.

"Are we there yet?" The woman playing with a ds console asked.

"Geez I'm surprised your console is not getting wet Mayu" the one reading a manga eyed the said woman. Mayu just grinned and made a peace sign. "Waterproof case~".

"It's so hot chiyuu~ but feels nice!~"

"We have to set up the camp first then we can start exploring after. We have to be careful though. Very little is known about this island. No exploring on their own, understood? That goes for you Atsuko" Mariko pointed at the said woman who just smiled and nodded. Then continued checking the map taken from the satellite.

Little thing did they know, they were being observed from the shadows.


Editing in progress  :mon study:
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Re: T's and J's prologue
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2011, 11:46:21 AM »
I'll wait for you to come back!!!!  :pleeease:

this going to be interesting~~  :kekeke:

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Re: T's and J's prologue
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2011, 11:47:06 AM »
Haha. So after all those 14 years, Takamina, Yuko and the others are still stucked in the island?! And it was them who were observing Atsuko, Mariko and the others afar?!  :pimp: Coolio!

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Re: T's and J's prologue
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2011, 11:49:27 AM »
This sounds interesting already,

Will be anticipating your return  :D

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Re: T's and J's prologue
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2011, 12:17:09 PM »
take care mom... :( :(

 :twothumbs :twothumbs update soon!

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Re: T's and J's prologue
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2011, 01:00:05 PM »
OMG they were on the island during 14 years?!!!
It sound very interesting

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Re: T's and J's prologue
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2011, 01:18:16 PM »
interesting prologue  :thumbsup

so, it's gonna be like "Tarzan and Jane" story..waiting for the first chapter...

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Re: T's and J's prologue
« Reply #7 on: July 22, 2011, 04:31:26 AM »
uhm sorry for the late update... i easily get distracted and forget things nin nin   :bow:

is 14 years too long? want me to change the time XD?

I'll just put the chapters in Alphabet mode

T's and J's A


Someone's POV

I sighed. I looked around my surrounding, full of huge trees, plants, lianas everywhere. We use it just to climb here and there, they are pretty handy.

It has been... What? 12 years counting, since the day we got stranded in this island. Many things happened during these years, we had happy moments and recently we lost someone really dear to us.. But that's how mother nature works, you can never predict what's going to happen. It just does. We were just a bunch of kids against a world without adults to guide us. Thinking about it... it was not so bad I supposed. We've been in a lot of dangers. Wild animals were everywhere, some small, some really huge, even more than so from the books we've read, but one particularly differs from the rest. It was a lone male gorilla. It came to our rescue from a cheetah that was following us all along after we arrived. At first, we were scared cause of his size, but as the time goes by we grew to like him. We even called  him grandpa/or father. He fed us, made  gorilla shelter for each of us, played and taught us about how to survive (showed us where to get tasty fruits). We even learned how to understand animal language, we can communicate with them by imitation.

Since then, we began to forget our worries and just enjoy what we had until the day he died. We cried and cried but crying wouldn't give back our father. We buried him near our home. It has been 5 years...right now I'm standing in front of his grave, flowers in hand.

"Father....we really miss you. How are you up there..?" A lone tear fell from her eye..

"Takamina.."Sae touched my shoulder from behind. She's grown so tall.

"Don't worry Sae. I'm fine now." Takamina placed the flowers in front of the grave. Yuko, Tomochin, Miichan were also present except for our youngest.

"Jurina wa?"

"Up there, she's probably looking at the sea again." Miichan answered.

"Let's head up then and accompany her." The group bowed in front of the grave before leaving. While heading to the main tree, Jurina came down with a liana, landing on the ground perfectly.

"I saw a white thing coming here!" Jurina excitedly said pointing at the beach's direction.

"Let's go check it out."

Takamina then whistled. After a few seconds a white wolf appeared from the bushes. It was bigger than a normal wolf. The wolf made its way to Takamina. She then stroked the wolf's head. "Glad to see you buddy". The wolf licked Takamina's hand in return.

The others also called their respective partners.

Miichan with her croco. She found it alone in an almost dried river from one of her explorations. Miichan felt bad cause the poor thing was still a baby so she decided to take it with her and took care of it. Since Miichan liked to eat, same goes to her buddy even though comparing their sizes...croco would win. Still growing!.

Yuko chose a Jaguar as her partner. Her reason .."What? I like cats!!!"Yuko once told us.(At least get a normal cat..geez). Anyways, her jaguar was abandoned by its mother leaving it behind and went to another part of the island. Yuko was jumping to trees on trees when she heard a sudden cry below her.
She saw the kitten meowing, calling its mother. Yuko saddened at the sight, she took the kitten with her back to our tree house. She tried her best to make it survive. Her effort was not in vain, now the jaguar is fully grown-up with hard muscles and strong fangs.

As for Sae's buddy.. well she's fascinated about birds so she chose an eagle. It grown so big that Sae can't support it on her shoulder anymore like way more. We still don't know how Sae managed to dominate it.

And next is Tomochin's baby, that's what she calls it sometimes. Ok..her buddy is a snake, well an anaconda to be exact. I still remember that time when she first saw her baby. She said it was cute, as for us ,we were freaking out back then cause we thought it was a poisonous snake. But luckily it wasn't, so since Tomochin was happy, we  agreed on her taste.

Jurina has yet to find her partner. She likes to act alone so we respect her decision.

As for my buddy. I rescued Lex from an angry bear that killed her parents who tried to protect their pups. I almost didn't make it, the bear was about to strike but with my fast reflex, I used a liana and swing my way down to grab Lex leaving the angry bear behind. I managed to get away safely and went to the tree house. I told the girls about what happened. They felt sorry for Lex dead parents and siblings so we also decided to take care of him.

Now reached her adult form, Lex stood on her feet telling Takamina she can now ride her.

"Ready girls?" All of them nodded. "Then let's go".

The group headed to where the white thing is.


Back to present

Takamina and the girls are currently observing the new comers.

Sae is looking at the long raven-haired girl.

Miichan on the other hand was eyeing the tall woman with round shiny shades on her head.

Tomochin was busy playing with her baby when she heard a very girly sound. "Where shall I put these chiyuu?" 'Something is telling me I already heard that sound before.' That perked her interest.

As for Jurina, she's just staring at the ponytailed girl who was busy playing.

Yuko was petting her jaguar while her eyes on a certain girl who's putting away the supplies. Yuko licked her lips gently. 'Uwaaa , I like her ears, it wants me to bite them and her body is just~'.

Takamina remained expressionless as she watched them set up their camp. Her eyes caught someone walking away without her friends noticing. "...…".



see that took me time  pfff

oh well this is the first part  sorry if it's short  :bow:

i'll try to update this more often from now on

along with Love Impossible and Chibi...hope so   :lol:
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Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

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Re: T's and J's A
« Reply #8 on: July 22, 2011, 09:54:39 AM »
yeah !!!! They have animal as patner!!! Awesome!!!!
Takamina's one is a wolf so cool!!!

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Re: T's and J's A
« Reply #9 on: July 22, 2011, 01:39:28 PM »
Miichan with a croco?! omg   :shocked

but then Tomochin with anaconda is just....  :banghead:

jaguar for Yuko  :lol:

taka got a white wolf so cool!!!! :cathappy:

Sae with her eagle   :grin:

make jurina have pet too  :yep:

LMAO at Yuko starring at nyannyan

necklace?  :?

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Re: T's and J's A
« Reply #10 on: July 22, 2011, 03:28:46 PM »
I like Takamina wolf, so freaking cool, I kinda want one now as a pet XD Please UPDATE ASAP


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Re: T's and J's A
« Reply #11 on: July 22, 2011, 04:59:02 PM »
I like how each of them have partners, well except Jurina..  :twothumbs

Since Miichan liked to eat,same goes to her buddy even though comparing their size...
LOL... Miichan....  :lol:

I wanna know about the necklace~~~  :shocked

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Re: T's and J's A
« Reply #12 on: July 22, 2011, 10:47:06 PM »
Waa I love their partners!! If I were to have a partner/pet I'll have a squirrel. xD Yuko!

Ehh Jurina's pet will be Rena. :]]

The very last part is...  :banghead: another mystery to find out.
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Re: T's and J's A
« Reply #13 on: July 24, 2011, 03:47:34 AM »

T's and J's B

While the others were occupied, Atsuko sneakily made her way out and headed towards the jungle. Thick forest with tall trees, hanging vines and other plants, the combined scent of vegetation, moisture, soil, and decaying plants and wood.. She could even hear distant howls, insects buzzing, birds was full of life yet so different from where they come from.

As Atsuko made her way deeper into the jungle, her friends were currently panicking.

15 minutes earlier---

"Mariko, where should I put these supply boxes?" Mariko slightly looked up from studying the map then pointed out a corner.

"Put it on top of that table please and  just open a couple of them while you're at it, thanks Yuki" "Sure" Yuki calmly carried and put the boxes tidily, not forgetting to open a couple.

Mariko then checked on the others. After getting all the things needed from the yacht, they set up the tents and put some folding barricades about 3m high around their camp to keep animals at bay.

"Mayu pass me the hammer please, Tomomi help me hold this up"

"Hai chiyuu~!"

"Here you are." Mayu lazily handed the hammer. "Thanks" Haruna then quickly finish the task at hand. Mariko appeared not long after with Yuki in tow.

"How is it going girls?"

"Pretty much done here. Could have been quicker if one helped a little bit more." Mayu looked away when Haruna looked at her teasingly. They then have a good laugh. Mariko looked around like there is something or  rather someone missing. Mariko face turned pale for a moment.

"Girls have you seen Atsuko?"

"Eto, I think I saw her heading that way..." Mayu answered, pointing towards the jungle's direction. The girls looked at each other. Mariko face palmed and sighed.

"Honestly that girl. We don't even know what danger awaits us in this  island."

"Don't worry, you know Atsuko can protect herself." Yuki reassured with her usual smile.

"Even so..just in case. Haruna go follow Atsuko and bring her back."

"Why me?!" Haruna abruptly stood up from the floor. Tomomi gently patted the dust off her shorts as she also got up.

"Told you to keep an eye on her." Haruna sweatdropped.

"But I was busy...Okay, I'll go." Haruna sighed when Mariko narrowed her eyes.

The girls helped her get the things she might need. Walkie-talkie, a little knife, insect repellent and the list go on..

Atsuko continued on tracing a path through the jungle. So far no wild animal has crossed her, strange isn't it.

That's cause a certain someone has been watching her silently since she sneaked out.

Takamina knew, deep inside she knew who this woman was but can't really remember her name.

The necklace was a proof of it. Just then a sudden flashback appeared.


"Nami-chan!!"Minami could see a petite girl crying as she run towards her. The scene looked familiar.

"Promise me you'll come back!" the little girl was now hugging the little me.

Paused flashback~

Takamina closed her eyes, trying to recall what happened next.

Continue flashback~

"Take this, so when I'm not  around, you'll still remember me" the little me handed something to the crying girl.

She took it with her tiny hands to see what it was.

"But this...your favourite necklace.."

"Keep it. So when we meet again you can return it to me." The little me then kissed the other girl and turned away.

"Let's meet again Acchan"...

"Acchan..." Minami's heart beat faster. Seeing her childhood friend all grown up into a gorgeous woman. A new feeling she hasn't experienced began to bloom.

"Nani? what is this strange feeling.." Takamina was questioning herself. Not knowing the answer, she continued to follow Acchan. Until they reached the waterfalls. The large waterfall was surging, plunging down the mountain, the bottom was deep and the crystal clear water makes you want to swim.

"Lex stay here okay? I'll go up stream so watch her for me." Lex wagged his tail in response.

"Good boy" Takamina patted Lex's head, took a vine and silently climbed. She swung and jumped a few times till she reached the top. There she stood and watched over Acchan who was currently playing with the water.

'I wonder if she still remembers....' A sad expression could be seen on Takamina's face.


Haruna went to find Atsuko. But on her way, wild animals keeps on appearing scaring Haruna to her wits. One particularly made her freeze. In front was a big jaguar( Bigger than your average one), growling and fangs showing as if it was ready to attack her at any moment.

Haruna gripped on the machete and pointed it at the approaching jaguar.

"Don't come near me or I'll hack you!" Warned Haruna while slashing about. 'Great, as if a jaguar can understand what I say.' Haruna facepalmed mentally.

To her surprise the jaguar did stop on its track and sat down. Anyone could tell it was waiting for some orders.


But then, someone grabbed Haruna on her waist and lifted her off from the ground.

Haruna shocked, looked at her kidnapper.

"KYAAAAAA!!!" Haruna's scream could be heard throughout the jungle, startling Mariko and the girls.



 :mon ghost:  chibi for later imma go   :sleep:

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Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

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Re: T's and J's B
« Reply #14 on: July 24, 2011, 04:41:32 AM »
It's Yuko for sure!!!! Once a pervert always a pervert :P please update soon , I wanna know more about Atsumina!!!

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Re: T's and J's B
« Reply #15 on: July 24, 2011, 04:43:03 AM »
I guess Yuko found her prey  :lol:

And Takamina is now a stalker  :twothumbs


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Re: T's and J's B
« Reply #16 on: July 24, 2011, 07:31:43 AM »
somehow I feel this fic has connection with your other fic...LOL... XD

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Re: T's and J's B
« Reply #17 on: July 24, 2011, 10:07:03 PM »
Haruna gripped on the machete and pointed it at the approaching jaguar.

"Don't come near me or I'll slash you!"warned Haruna.'Great,as if a jaguar can understand what I say.' Haruna facepalmed mentally.

To her surprise the jaguar stopped on its track and sat.Anyone could tell it was waiting for some orders.


ROFL :rofl:

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Re: T's and J's B
« Reply #18 on: July 25, 2011, 11:55:41 AM »
:]]] WOW if that is Yuko, then damn she can lift Haruna!

I see, so Takacchan knew each other way back.
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Re: T's and J's B
« Reply #19 on: July 25, 2011, 07:49:32 PM »
Thanks for reading this lame fic  i'm really grateful

T's and J's C


Mariko and the rest of the girls were busy in the camp when they heard Haruna's scream. Mariko abruptly stood up from her seat on high alert.  "HARUNA!"

"That was Haruna!! What to do!" Tomomi said in panicked

"Keep a hold of yourself. I still can hear her scream. But it's getting farther away."

"We need to do something quick!!"

"Yuki! Hurry get the rifles! Mayu prepare the gadgets. We are going to save Haruna before it's  too late." Yuki ran towards the biggest tent to get the rifles while Mayu went to get the devices.

"What about Atsuko?" Tomomi finally calmed down and got serious

"I bet she heard Haruna's scream already and probably will try to find her." Mariko took some bits and put them in her bag

"I HAVE THE RIFLES!!" Yuki came back with a big suitcase. Mariko opened it quickly. Inside contained customized rifles and some hand guns with complete set if accessories  and ammos.

"And here's the gadgets you asked for!" Mayu handed them the walky-talkies.

"Good, now take one each of you and don't forget to take a pistol just in case."

"Move move move!"

Before Haruna's scream~

Atsuko was busy playing with the water when she noticed another silhouette reflected in the water coming from above. She looked up and saw a figure standing, looking in her direction then their eyes met.

'What beautiful full of he living here??That can't be. He told me this island was deserted. Did he lie?' Atsuko once again questioned about his boyfriend/fiancé's intention.

'It's not the first time he lied...'Even before they meet, she knew Daisuke wasn't the honest type. With Atsuko's father's influence, she was obliged to marry  him. Being the obedient daughter, Atsuko didn't have a choice but to agree. Deep inside, Atsuko was fuming. Even her friends were the same when they heard the news.

"Atsuko!!how could you let him decide for you?!"Mariko had her arms crossed while talking to Atsuko.

"'s his wish. I have to obey them." Atsuko was staring at the floor while seated on the sofa.

"If only your mother was still here...she'll scold you father for sure.."

Atsuko sadly smiled remembering her deceased mother. "Yeah, she would beat him until he agrees"

"Can't you just look for someone you will love and ditch that frivolous guy?" Mayu spoke what's in her mind, paused her game and put down her DS.

"Mayu.." Yuki sighed.

"What? It's not like he heard it anyways."

"This girl..anyways when's the engagement?"

End of flashback~

Atsuko just sighed, still looking at the stranger. She was surprised after checking from head to toe that the stranger was a she and not a he and might be around her age.

Atsuko was about to call the stranger when she suddenly heard a  scream.

"KYAAAAAA!!"She looked towards the direction not far from her spot.

'Isn't that voice Haruna's?! Oh NO!!'Atsuko ran to where the scream was coming from.

"Shit! Haruna!!"She cursed and quickened her pace when the scream was  getting farther away.

The last thing she saw was a Haruna struggling to free herself from someone smaller than her, swinging away with the vines before disappearing from her sight.

"What the.!"

Just then Mariko and the rest arrived at the scene.



"Where's Haruna?!" Atsuko pointed where she last saw Haruna.

Mariko cursed. "Damn it we're late!."

"No time to waste. Let's hurry and go after them. Here Atsuko you might need it." Mariko handed Atsuko a pistol.

"But i don't know how to use it..." Atsuko can defend herself but never touched firearms.

"Just aim and pull the trigger."

"Ok girls, let's go! Stick together. I don't want anyone else to be in danger."

The girls nodded and they began to make their way to rescue Haruna.


"Oh my god! Put me down!!"Haruna was frantically screaming trying to breakfree from her kidnapper.

Her kidnapper just laughed and spoke in a teasing manner.

"If I let you go now, you'll die. We don't want that. Do we?" Yuko laughed even more when Haruna's face turned pale. They were still high up the ground with Yuko using the vines to support them.

"Be a good kitten and just enjoy your ride Nyan Nyan. I'll take you to our tree house."

"What are you going to do with me? And who the hell are you!" Haruna asked when she calmed down a bit but still a bit shaky.


Sae, Tomochin, Jurina and Miichan were following the girls after leaving their camp in a hurry. They had no problem doing so by using the thick foliage to their advantage.

"Ano baka ga!!"

"Sae. I think Yuko is heading to the tree house, and the strangers are doing the same."

"Not good, Takamina will get furious if she gets to know this."

"Too late!"

Just a few meters to their right, was Takamina riding on Lex glaring at them.

"Care to tell me why Yuko kidnapped the girl!?"

"Slow down there, we don't know either. "The others nodded.

"You better be right Sae or else! "Takamina growled

"I know I know "Sae raised her hands as if to surrender.

"Hurry and go! Don't let them get near the tree house!"

"With pleasure "All of them had a smirked on their face except Takamina.

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