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Author Topic: IZUMI's one shot collections- COMPLETED  (Read 10256 times)

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IZUMI's one shot collections- COMPLETED
« on: May 27, 2013, 03:47:27 PM »
Welcome to Izumi's one shot collections!!!
Here, I will post all of my one shots.

So, enjoy your stay~~  :lol:

My last one shots--
 Just to let you know
A Peek To The Future (Acchan ver.)
A Peek To The Future (Takamina ver.)

My puppet-MaYuki (Down there~ :P)
Bitterweet love--AtsuMina
Kataomoi Finally--wMatsui

My Puppet- MaYuki

“Daddy, you’re back!” A loud shrill was heard with sounds of frantic footsteps rushing down the stairs. The man, who was at the doorstep, turned his head and saw her precious little girl, was running with her frilly white dress. The man opened his arms, immediately greeted with a warm embrace that he missed so much. He patted her head softly, chuckling.

After a moment, the little girl stared at him with intense deep brown orbs. He let out a loud guffaw, and asked the servants to take his luggage from the horse cart. One of the servants handed him a small present, and he nodded while the servant walked away. The man smiled sheepishly to her daughter as he held the present above his head, making the girl moaning and groaning about how she wanted to know what’s in the box.

“Daddy, daddy, what’s that?” The girl asked with a cute tone. Unable to see his girl’s almost crying face, he handed the gift to her.

“Take good care of him, won’t ya?” The man smiled, ruffled her hair and walked up the stairs. The girl held the gift tightly to her chest and nodded cutely. She immediately ran up to her room, wanting to know what was inside the box.

The present was unwrapped, and it revealed a puppet. Not just an ordinary puppet, it was a very handsome, cool puppet that made the girl shrieked a little. The girl touched gently at the puppet’s features, the body… and just a slightly contact, she could feel that the electrifying touches were running through her body. This puppet was special, and its eyes were made so real, so real that she could feel that this puppet was alive.

“From now onwards, I’ll be naming you Mayu-kun!” The girl grinned, held the puppet closely and went out from her room to show everyone about her new puppet.


“Yukirin! You have a new puppet?” A girl with shouldered-length hair, said.

“Ah, Acchan, where’s yours? I thought you have a new one last week…” Milky asked, mocking Acchan.

“Tehehe… I forgot where did I put…” Acchan touched her head, blushing.

“Oh, here’s my new puppet, Mayu-kun!” Yukirin proudly showed her friends her puppet. Her friends gasped as they saw how perfect the puppet was. Everyone wanted to touch but was declined by Yukirin.

“Mayu-kun is mine!” Yukirin pouted, sticking her tongue out as she hid away her puppet.

“Eeeh~~ Yukirin, not fair!!”


Days passed as Yukirin and the puppet’s relationship was growing. Yukirin, whenever she had problems or troubles, she would complain to Mayu-kun and sometimes when she was throwing tantrums, she would release her anger towards it. The poor puppet was thrown and beat by its own master, but it stayed quiet. After some time, Yukirin will pick up Mayu-kun and apologized to it. She will share her happy and bittersweet moments with Mayu-kun. Sometimes, she would even dream of Mayu-kun talking to her!

She was very happy. Whenever she goes, she always brings Mayu-kun with her.

But then…




Little Yukirin was awaked by the noises. Rubbing her eyes, she saw a servant rushing and tried to carry her. She was brought downstairs, and she saw heavy smoke puffing and covered the atmosphere. She coughed, and finally remembered her puppet was still in her room. Her eyes dilated with fear as she struggled, wanting to bring her Mayu-kun.

“P-Pup-cough, pu-puppe-cough cough….PUPPET!! MY PUPPET!!”

The moment she could yell, she was already out from the house, watching the flames slowly engulfed the big mansion in one night.

“MAYU-KUN!! MAYU-KUN IS STILL IN THERE!!” She sobbed, kicking and punching one of the servants. “My puppet is still in there! Why won’t you save him??!!” She shrilled, moaning and groaning, wanted to rush into the burning mansion but was stop by the servants.

“Please… Let me… save… Mayu-kun… H-He’s screaming for help…”

Yukirin cried. She gave up because they were too strong.




Yuki narrowed her eyes to clear her visions. She saw a faint figure, but getting clearer as the figure walked towards her direction. She gasped, after seeing the figure was actually the puppet she got last five years. The cool puppet stood there, revealing his stunning features, especially the azure blue orbs that made Yuki gasped again.

“Mayu-kun, I thought… you were burned… i-into, as-as-ashes…” Yukirin gulped, trying to hide her tears but in vain.

The puppet, moved slightly towards Yukirin’s side, patting her. “I may be burned in ashes, but I will always be with you.” Mayu smiled, making her heart skipped a beat.

“I-I-I’m sorry, Mayu-kun… I can’t save you…” A finger was placed onto Yukirin’s mouth. She tilted her head, deep brown orbs met azure blue’s. Mayu used its rough clothing fingers to wipe off the tears. It got up, and gave Yukirin one last smile.

“Where are you going, Mayu-kun?”

“Someday, we’ll meet again.” Saying its last sentence, the puppet vanished, and Yukirin was left alone again.


The sunrays shone into a maiden’s room, reflecting the beauty of the maiden’s face. She squirmed a bit, but eventually got up as she heard a loud knocking and noises downstairs. Yukirin ruffled her hair, and walked to her private dressing room to dress herself. She knew that a special guest was coming but she did not expect the guest will come so early. In a fast speed, she was dressed in a magnificent one piece dress. She walked out of the room and she heard murmurs and mutters of the servants.

“The guest looks hot…”

“I wonder if it’s Yuki-sama’s fiancé… He really looks gorgeous…”

“Ah… what a handsome guy…”

Yukirin smirked. Her father must be the one who asked him come to meet her. But in these years, she kept refusing every guy that her father tries to introduce. She shook her head, walked gracefully down the stairs with an aura of a maiden.

Every guy that came here will endure the pain of being refused.

She only accepts one guy in her heart. Only he can fill her heart, not other random guys from what so ever royalty family and so on. She only wants her Mayu-kun, but she knew that it was impossible because Mayu-kun was burned down in her previous mansion, and…

… He was not alive. He was just a mere puppet.

Yuki chuckled, mocking herself how stupid to fell in love to a puppet. She brushed her hair strands as she reached the hall, seeing a young man standing politely, talking to her father.

“I’ll make you suffer the torture of refusing, like any other guys that came here.” Yukirin thought to herself, while hiding her ‘black side’.

She only smiled when her father finished his conversation with the guy. He slightly bowed, making Yukirin’s heart jolted as she saw the smile.

…It was exactly the same smile like Mayu-kun.

Yukirin took a step back, not wanting to accept the fact that he has caught her heart. She saw the figure, the features… it was all so familiar…


“Someday, we’ll meet again.”

The young man was now in front of Yukirin. She closed her mouth, tears started rolling, unable to trust what she saw in front of her eyes. The man smiled. He held Yukirin’s hand, squatted down, and kissed her hand softly.

Yukirin’s emotions were mixed up when the man said his name. It was him, after all. He came back.

“…my name is Mayu. Watanabe Mayu.”

Comments WELCOME~~ :welcome
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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- My puppet(MaYuki)
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2013, 04:01:20 PM »
Yuki and Mayu as a puppet...

Poor Mayu... even if Yuki loved him, she would beat and throw him away every time she would like to release her anger

OMG.... Mayu turned into a person after being burned to ashes...

Somehow there is no logic how that could have happened...

But it was sweet love story...

I like it...

Thank you for the nice OS

Can't wait to see more OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- My puppet(MaYuki)
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2013, 04:10:52 PM »
Awww so sweet

she fell in love with a puppet but in the end her love will be real

write more OS please
Love AKB

Love this Pairing
                                And more ^^

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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- My puppet(MaYuki)
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2013, 04:33:24 PM »
hehe yuki doesn't want to share mayu-kun with anyone :P XD
wah its so sad when mayu burnt into ashes and yuki couldn't save her :cry: :cry:
nawww its so sweet and cute when yuki starts crying cuz mayu returned :heart: :yep: :deco:
this was really good and well writen :luvluv2: :shy2:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- My puppet(MaYuki)
« Reply #4 on: May 27, 2013, 05:37:05 PM »
Sweet like sugar


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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- My puppet(MaYuki)
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2013, 12:16:15 PM »
This story is a bit hurt. Hope you like it  :lol:

Bittersweet love—AtsuMina

“Acchan~ I just bought you your favorite dish, katsudon!” Takamina stared at Acchan, smiling.

“Its smells nice! Come, I’ll feed you~” Takamina scooped the rice, wanted to feed Acchan. But when it almost reached her mouth, she retracted back.

“ahahaha! Acchan baka!” Takamina laughed.

“Hmp, you are, not me!” The person in front of her knocked her head, earning a cute pout and a soft mutter of “ouch” from Bakamina.

“I’m quite smart, y’know…… I’m very smart, Acchan!” Takamina smiled sheepishly.


[High school]

“Minami~” Seeing that Acchan dashed towards her, she quickly hide herself beside the wall.

“Ehh~ Minami is so cold towards me today…” Acchan knocked Takamina’s head. “Let’s go to the rooftop, shall we? I don’t feel like studying today…”

Actually Minami wanted to decline the offer. But seeing Acchan pouting was so cute, she just nodded her head.

She didn’t realize she will only say so few words.


“Nee, Minami~ A lot of people seems to say that we are in a relationship…” Sunrays hit down the school compound. It shone down on Acchan, making her glimmered under the sun, beautifully.

“Its impossible… We already said this before, right? I’m not your type and, I will not be in love with you.” Although used a very light-hearted way to say this sentence, but Minami could feel that her heart jolted a little.

Acchan just turned back, smiling.

Just that Minami didn’t realize that, the smile was a wry smile.



“Darling~… Not yet sleep?” Acchan was talking to the phone with a seductive tone.

“Ah… My thesis still not yet done… you go to sleep first… no need to accompany me.”At the end of the phone line, Minami was yawning.

“Nee, do sleep early. Don’t stress yourself out, OK? Muaxx!” Giving a flying kiss, Acchan hung up the phone.


“Acchan, go find a guy.” Takamina said to Acchan when she saw her. She just handed in her thesis early this morning.

“Ah… Minami don’t love me anymore…” Acchan pretended crying, but Takamina did not notice the real meaning of it.

Takamina just gently patted Acchan head. “Fool, we’re best friends, isn’t it? I will love you forever!”

Takamina did not notice that the Acchan she was hugging, her eyes was dimmed down, as she was a little upset.


[After graduation]

“Takamina, I’ve just promise that guy…” Acchan said using a soft tone.

“Ah… not bad~” She don’t know why, she found out her heart was a little aching after hearing Acchan’s statements. It was her who ask Acchan go find a boyfriend, isn’t it?

Using a happy tone she finished up the conversation. The moment she hung up, yet she found out her own smile was a fake.


That wedding, Takamina did not attend. The things that she did not know, it was all clearly playing in her mind when she got an invitation wedding letter.

On that invitation letter, the last sentence was written out like this: “If you’re not an idiot or a wood, then you’ll understand this invitation’s implication. If you are unwilling, I will accompany you, Minami.”

Inside of the invitation letter was of course the name of Acchan and an unknown guy’s name.

But then, Takamina did not know, Acchan waited too long. On the wedding day, she was waiting for Takamina to object…

…yet she did not make an appearance.


“Minami~ we’ve just bought you some stuff! Did you listen to…” Words were stuck in the throat as Haruna and Yuko was dumb folded at the ward doorstep, watching the patient inside.

“Acchan~ come… I’ll help you wipe away the stain on your mouth.” Takamina was taking a cloth, moving, not noticing her friends were behind her.

Watching this way of Takamina, Haruna buried her head onto Yuko’s shoulder.

Forgot how long, from that day onwards when Acchan ran away from the wedding chapel and had an accident, Takamina was already in this current situation.

Yuko embraced the sobbing Haruna, looking at the Takamina who was talking and laughing herself to the air, she quietly closed the door.

On the door, the number 48 of the psychiatric wards, was now a bit dazzle.

:twothumbs tehehe.... told ya it hurts. xD

I love AKB48 whole heartily.
I love writing stories and draw manga.
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Takamina is really Bakamina...  :banghead:

Poor Acchan always waiting for Bakamina, but now it's too late..  :bleed eyes:

Nice story...

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Poor Minami... can't be with Atsuko... EVER...

If only one of them say everything more clearly...

Great OS there...

Can't wait to see more

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Hey ya guys~ New OS but split into two parts.
Here's part one! wMatsui this time xD
Enjoy. douzo.

Kataomoi finally

Breeze quietly tingled her cheeks as she lied down on the vast field. Her delicate fingers ran across the gentle grass which was swinging side by side because of the wind. She brushed away locks of her black hair that covered her face, revealing a pretty face with motionless orbs staring at the azure sky, day-dreaming.

She stretched out her hand, and it froze for a moment before putting down on her chest. She sighed, but smiled.

“When will this unrequited love end?” She closed her eyes, as if she was enjoying the windy day.

“When will the outside me have the courage to confess?” Light brown orbs gazed at the sky.

She continued her day-dreaming again.


Rena rushed out of the building and slammed the door behind her. She could not believe what she saw just now. Her mind was still interpreting but she knew that these things happened a lot in many girls’ school. But she never expected to encounter one, and one of her friends was involve. She also could not believe what she had witness. She wanted to forget about it but it seems remain stuck in her mind.

“They… kissed.” Rena mumbled softly with a trembling tone. She clenched the broom tightly, gritting her teeth. She kept on shook her head and murmured, “I’m normal, I’m normal.” Until she realized someone was staring at her, she stopped and titled her head up.

Adrenaline rushed up instantly and the heartbeat became unstable. She saw a girl, probably younger than her was staring at her from up. The short haired girl smiled, making her flinched and her face became red.

“Isn’t that… Matsui Jurina? The ‘playboy’?” Two students passed by, noticed the young girl on the balcony.

The other girl gasped, “It really is her! OMG! She’s so gorgeous and hot… no wonder she was so famous…”

“Eh, but I heard that she broke many hearts. She was called ‘playboy’ for a reason you know. She likes to toy with people’s emotion and crush their hearts.”

“Oh really? But with a charming girl like her I don’t mind if she toy with my feelings~ Kyaa~~”

Rena gasped a little after hearing the conversation of the two pass-byers. “So this is the infamous Matsui Jurina, eh?” She chuckled a little. “And, I’m her next prey?”

For the last time, she took a peak to see Jurina. She was still there, watching her with a small grin on her face. Rena looked away, blushing. She quickly grabbed the broom and went back into the building.

“What was that… My heart was beating furiously when I see her… Gah, why am I feeling so uncomfortable?”

Rena never knew that her heart was already stolen by that infamous ‘playboy’ of the school.


Her stomach growled loudly when she was in class. She bet that every classmate heard the sound because of their weird facial expression they gave to Rena. Both hands pressed on her stomach tightly, hoping to reduce the grumbling sound that embarrassed her in the class.

“Finally,” she sighed while walking towards the cafeteria. “Some food…”

The cafeteria was crowded because of the peak hour. Rena swiftly passed through throngs of students and managed to get a nice meal out of the all foods.

“…Where should I sit… Oh, there should be nice…” Rena muttered under her breath. Little she didn’t realize, Jurina was staring her since she entered the cafeteria. Probably because of the crowds Rena did not notice Jurina.

She took her tray and proceeded to her ideal place. A girl bumped on her, making her staggered a bit but she managed to hold her tray without splatting her food down the floor. She felt relieved. She let a few students passed before going to the place.

Jurina still kept on watching her quietly. She was about to pass by her place and Jurina had something in her mind to gain her attention. Megumi, the girl who sat beside Jurina and likes her, feeling distress as Jurina’s eyes only glued to the girl named Rena. She was crossed, judging by her furious eyes and pouting lips. But Jurina did not seem to care about her. She was even madder.

Rena was humming as she passed by Jurina’s place. Jurina took the opportunity to gain her attention. She slipped her hand, trailing Rena’s thigh up to her skirt. Rena shrieked a little, confused and angry at the same time. She found out that Jurina’s smile was imbued with mockery and also the girl next to her was glaring angrily at her. Rena blushed, giving an indulgent smile she walked away.

Jurina just smirked. Megumi was more furious as she crushed the plastic drink on her hand.


“Hey,” Jurina called Rena when she bumped on her during changing classes. Rena did not even look at her and continue her way.

“Hey, you.” Jurina called again but was ignored. Lips twitched into a sly smile, she followed Rena and called her again.

“Matsui Rena, 4-1 class, isn’t it?” Jurina crossed her hand, leaning against the wall, smirking. Rena stopped walking. Taking a deep breath, she turned around to
face Jurina.

“What do you… want?” Her voice was clearly rattled when she made an eye contact with this charming girl.

“Nah, just want to know you more.” Jurina ruffled her hair. “Come, let’s go to the rooftop, shall we?” She held out her hand.

“S-sorry, I got class to--…” Before finishing her sentence, she was already being pulled by Jurina towards the rooftop. She could refuse, but she doesn’t want to. Seeing Jurina’s back made her heart skipped a beat, and the hand that Jurina pulled, was warm and fuzzy.

She really hoped that time could freeze on that time. Jurina was so charming.

“Eh… What…Why do you bring me here?” Rena retracted her hands. Even though she liked it, she still denial the fact that she likes Jurina.

“Skip classes for knowing you more!” A breeze gently blew across Jurina. She brushed her hair and gave a playful smile.

“EH? But that’s… bad…”

“Really?” She just grinned.

“Y-yeah…” In instant, words were swallowed as Jurina brushed her lips to hers. The sudden action made Rena jolted. She immediately pulled away.

“haha~You're really cute, Rena.” Jurina smirked as she wiped her mouth.

Rena’s face was as red as tomato. “Do you like me? I like you, Rena. I really like you since the first glance I saw you.”

“E-eh? I-I…” Rena trailed off. She looked away, gritting her teeth. Was she for real or she just playing with her? Her mind could not interpret about her motives.
Jurina cupped Rena’s cheeks softly. They eyes met and Rena flinched a little to see how beautiful her orbs could be. Jurina pinched her nose gently and walked away, leaving Rena alone in the rooftop, confused.

“I’ll be waiting when you’re ready, Rena.” Jurina turned back, giving her a playful grin.

 :lol: want the continuation?
 :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- Kataomoi Finally (wMatsui)[updated 3/8]
« Reply #9 on: August 03, 2013, 10:50:50 AM »
hell yeah!!!
of course i want the continuation

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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- Kataomoi Finally (wMatsui)[updated 3/8]
« Reply #10 on: August 03, 2013, 07:25:21 PM »
Part 2!! :B please

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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- Kataomoi Finally (wMatsui)[updated 3/8]
« Reply #11 on: August 03, 2013, 07:51:41 PM »
Despite it's the same KataFi setting as a lot of fics, but the vibe is abit different and remember that readers never said no to part 2 of fics. XD

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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- Kataomoi Finally (wMatsui)[updated 3/8]
« Reply #12 on: August 03, 2013, 07:53:26 PM »
kyaaaaaaaa(?) XDDD
Part 2 pls!!!!

I'm waiting >.<
and ahh I hope a happy ending, no like the PV :"D xD


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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- Kataomoi Finally (wMatsui)[updated 3/8]
« Reply #13 on: August 03, 2013, 08:12:33 PM »
I want you to continue. :)
But I am afraid that will break my heart. Sorry :sweatdrop:

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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- Kataomoi Finally (wMatsui)[updated 3/8]
« Reply #14 on: August 04, 2013, 11:23:20 PM »
oh! if Jurina is a playboy

she break the heart of Rena....

i dont want that....WMatsui is a really cute couple....


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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- Kataomoi Finally (wMatsui)[updated 3/8]
« Reply #15 on: August 05, 2013, 06:33:32 PM »
Don't leave us hanging like that!! Part 2 please!!! :3
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Re: IZUMI's one shot collections-- Kataomoi Finally (wMatsui)[updated 3/8]
« Reply #16 on: August 06, 2013, 04:17:07 AM »
Part 2 please..

Interesting story there...

Can't wait to see more

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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