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Author Topic: girls48: Make Me Fall in Love With You - Prologue (WMatsui) [2013.09.07]  (Read 4487 times)

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I'm sorry if this story is too long and you may will get bored lol

And excuse me for this kinda lame :))

Last, I'm sorry for my fail grammar and spelling


My used to be ordinary day changed ever since a year ago, right after I met this the most annoying girl in the whole world.


It just like any other boring day where I choose to spend my breaktime in the music room. I’m not the hangout type girl since I prefer to be alone. Quite is a peace for me.

I walked to the window near  the seat where I always choosed to sit. I opened both of the window and let the fresh air entered the room. I closed my eyes and tried to breath in. I smiled when I inhaled something fragrance. It came from flower graden near this music room. That’s also one of the reason why I love music room. It smeled nice. I looked up and let the light of the sun shining on my face. The sounds of birds chirping could be heared. I felt like to stay in this state forever.

So just like any other day, after I thought I had enough get some fresh air, I walked to the corner of the room and  took my guitar from its place. I went to the chair near the opened window, sat and open the guitar’s case. I pulled it out and rested it on my lap before I started to strum the guitar. I closed my eyes the sound of its strings when I played it. After a while I played it, the song came to end. I let out a sigh.

Suddenly I heared claps that startled me and my ears perked up. I turned my body which face the window to see the instruber. I saw a raven-haired girl staring at me with her glittering eyes. I quickly got up from my seat and glared at the disturber. “What do you need?”

The raven-haired girl just shrugged off nonchalantly and walked in. “I was bored so I decided to walk around  and when I walked by near this room,  the sound of your guitar attracted me. It was beautiful,” she said while walking to the opened window. “It’s beautiful here,” she commented. “Never know this school has this great place,” she continued

Her words caught my atention. Is she a new student? But it kinda imposibble for a new student since we’re already in our 3rd grade which means exam is nearer. Or a new freshman student?

I just stayed quite and observed at her.

“You know, look at people for too long is not polite,” she said, interrupted my thoughts, She spun her body around and smirked.

Okay, this girl successed to annoyed me. My dear peaceful day.

“Am I interesting to you?” she asked, full of confident

I ignored her. I took my guitar and walked to put it back to its place.

I heared she grunted. Somehow, I could feel the left corner of my mouth curved. But, I believed she didn’t see that because now I was back-facing her.

“Hey, don’t ignore me,” I could hear her whine childishly

Her voice sounded.

After I put the guitar back, I took my book that I put in the near table and walked out the room, keep avoiding her.

“Hey!” she called me and yanked my hand

I glared at her and hissed. “What’s your problem?”

“Why are you ignoring me? I just complimented you” she replied and pouted

“I don’t need that!” I snapped at her which make her startled

I saw her walked backward with a startled face. I guess I was too harshed at her. Then I saw her turned her body around and walked out this room.

Damn. Now I felt guilty. Should I stop her? Well, it’s true she didn’t do anything wrong. She was complimenting me. But I believe I will regret it if I stop her. But.....

“Thank you,” I said quitely

My angel side win.

She stopped and I swear I could feel her smile.

She turned around “No problem!” she replied cheerfully in high notes and  continued to walked off before she stopped her trace right at the door. “You sould be more confident with what you have. Yamamoto-san,” and she disappeared

Ya-yamamoto-san? How did she know my name? Did I meet her before? But her face looked unfamiliar for me. She left me with so many unanswer question.



Finally school has ended. I’m dead tired right now. Listening to chemisty and biology all day long were practiaclly killing me.

Now, I was collecting all my stuffs when my bestfriend, Yui, came and stood beside me

“Hey, ready to go home now?” Yui nudged me

“Yep! Oh, didn’t go home with Haruka?” I kinda surprised to see no Haruka beside her because as far as I know, Yui could be annoyingly protective when Haruka wasn’t beside her

“Nope. She’s helping her cousin who just came back from America and transfered to this school,” she explained. I guess it makes sense for me

I hummed as my replied. Then we walked out to the parking lot.

“By the way, today I met a really weired girl,” I started a conversation

She faced me and raised one of her eyebrow. Looked confuse with my statement.

“She has raven hair this long,” I tried to demonstate that. “And she has this childish voice with a stupid grin on her face. She’s a little bit taller than me,” I continued

I didn’t realize I observed her more than what I thought.

I saw Yui thinking for a while before grinning.

“I think I know who she is,” Yui replied

I stopped on my track. Kinda surprise with her reply. “You knew?”

“Uh-huh,” she replied confidently while nodding

I looked at her suspiciously.

“If you think of some nonsense then cut it off. Of course I knew her, if she’s the right person. The girl in your description sounded a lot like Haruka’s cousin, the one that I told you before. She also will shchool here,”

“A new student in 3rd grade. Isn’t that kinda hard?” I asked concernly as we continue to walk

“I didn’t say she’s on 3rd grade right? She’s a year younger than us,” she answered my confusion

I hummed, now I got the point. But the left question is how did she knew me? Ah, probably from Haruka’s story.

The sounds of vehicles made me realize that we already at the parking lot. I saw Yui walked to her bicycle that’s parked opposite from mine.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” she said, broke my thought and disappeared

After that, I hopped into my bicycle and drove off.



“I finally met her,” Miyuki announced

Haruka turned her head to face Miyuki while they’re on their way to Haruka’s house

“So?” Haruka smirked

“She even more handsome than the picture. And she’s playing guitar,” Miyuki said excitedly. “You never told me,” Miyuki whined

“Count that as a surprise,” Haruka replied as she laughed, turned her attention again to the view outside the window

“But yeah, I just can’t believe she is way more handsome than she should be,” Miyuki muttered, more to herself


“There you are,” I heard a loud voice behind me that pulled me off my thought

I turned my face to faced her and nodded before I turned my attention back to the view outside the window

“Can you just say something? It’s better with “Get the fuck off!” or “ Don’t bother me!” than a silent Sayaka,” I know she tried to cheer me up

I heared her footstep came near me and I heard a chair putted beside mine but I didn’t bother to take a look.

“Something happen,” she said. I’m not sure if she said it to herself or me

I gave no reply.

“It’s okay if you didn’t wan...,”

“Haruka told me everything,”

I didn’t let her to finished her words. I stole a quick glance at her. She bpwed her head, she hide her face behind her raven hair.


Then we both stay in silence while watching the people playing soccer in the field outside the windows.

“Why you never tell me?” I broke the silence. “You didn’t have any plan to tell me?” I demand

She didn’t give any reply and seemed like she lost of words.

“I’m sorry,”

Another silence creeped in.


“Hi~,” the stupid grin and childish smile appeared in front of my eyes

I took a deep breath before hissed.”What do you want know?” I asked, annoyed

She ignored me before pulled a chair beside me and sat on it. “They told me to sit here while they buy the food,” she pointed to a shoulder lenght hair girl who were standing with a long black hair girl who were busy took food from here and there.

I stared at her. “Fine,”

After quite long stay in an awkward atmosphere, I heared some noise from the chairs opposite mine. I lift my head from the food that I ate and found those two girls already sit there.

“Hi, I’m sorry for leave Miyuki with you,” Haruka said

I smiled before shook my head. “No, it’s okay,”

“Ah, I haven’t introduce myself properly,” the raven haired girl who apperantely name Miyuki reach out her hand. “I’m Watanabe Miyuki, from 2-A. I’m sorry for my indecent acted yesterday,”

So, this girl name Watanabe Miyuki. I stared at her hand for a while before shook it. “Yamamoto Sayaka,” I replied shortly

“So, I guess you already know that she is my cousin,” Haruka stated

I just nodded before continue to eat.

“She is way too cold,” I heared Miyuki whispered to Haruka, this girl should turn down her voice volume. I noted in my mind.

I could hear Yui’s giggle.

It’s been 2 months since this annyoning Watanabe Miyuki came into my life. She might be annoying but to tell you the truth, she’s really such a caring person which make me felt comfortable that I thought when I’m around her. But I definitely won’t say that to her. Never.

“Sayaka-chan~,”she annoyingly called me

“What now?” I replied boringly

“I don’t understand this one. Can you teach me?”

Well, now we’re sitting in front of a table with the books scattered all over place. I promised Haruka to help her with her grade since she’s new and she’s not that smart and I turned out to be one of the smartest kids in the school so..sigh.. I ended up here with her.

“Which one?” I asked tiredly

“This one,” she pointed a number in the book

After quite a while I explain to her, I guessed she understand now. Then I stretched my body. I felt so tired right now.

“You can sleep you know,” she said quitely still eyeng her book

Seemed like she could read my situation. She’s kinda smart in this kind of thing but unfortunately not in study.

I straighted up my body. “I’m fine,”

“Just sleep. I can handle it,” she smiled gently

Did I just think that she’s cute? Oh well, I must admitted she looked cute when she is being...quite and gentle.

I strecth my body,  adjust my body in a comfortable position and closed my eyes.



Ah. I think my body went numb now.

“You know, you are actually such a cute girl. And not to mention, a handsome one too,” I heared a voice spoke

Is that Miyuki? Ah, right, I was in her house, teaching her before I fall asleep. Wait a minute. Did she just said that I was cute and handsome?

“I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t avoid this feeling,” I could hear her voice again. “Though I know you hate me but I can’t fall in love..with you,” I heared her voice grew smaller

Wait? Love me? Did I hear it right? Did she just said she fall in love with me? But how?

And no. I didn’t hate her. She might be super annoying but I didn’t hate her. Though I wouldn’t say I like her either. It’s just between that.

“I’m sorry,”

That’s the last thing that I heard before I felt something warm and soft touched my lips. After that, it left my lips and I heared a footstep became distant. I let out a heavy breath that I didn’t realize I held.

What the hell in the world was just happen?



Ever since that day I tried to avoid her but seemed like that’s impossible because she became even more clingy with me and acted like nothing happen. Well, that was because she didn’t know that I was awake the whole time. And now I’m the one who is in suffer. Is it okay to call it suffer?

“Sayaka-chan~, you know tomorrow is weekend right? Do you have anything to do tomorrow?” Miyuki asked cutely and took a seat in front of me

I was thinking for a while. “No. Why?” I looked at her suspiciously

“It’s settle then!” she announced excitedly

I glared at her. “Oi oi, I haven’t say anything,”

“Well, since you don’t have anything to do, you shall join us,” she stared at me with full of hope while blinking

I flinched which make her giggled. And I just realized something.

“Us? Who us?” I asked, raised one my eyebrow

“Yui-chan and Haru-chan are planning to go to the beach to have some fun and I definitely have to join. So do you,”

“Didn’t you think that you’ll bother them?”

“Bother what? I’m the on who gave this idea so I must join it,” she puffed

I couldn’t help but laugh at her childish gesture.

I saw her eyes sparkling. “You-you just smile,” she smiled widely which make me thought that she’ll rip off her cheeks

I gave her a poker face which make her giggled again. “You should smile more, Sayaka-chan, because you look so cute when you smile,” she said while tried to strech my lips into a smile

The moment her hand touched my lips I could feel an electric in my stomach.

“Stop it,” I brushed her hand away and earned a pout from her

“So? Your answer?” she brought up again the topic

“Well, if it’s Yui how can I say no,” I replied nonchalant

I swear I saw her sad face right before it changed into a cheerful one.

“I’ll tell Haru-chan then,” she eagerly run out the classroom and once again I laughed

This girl is really something.



The girls ran to the shore right after we arrived at the beach. It felt refresh somewhat. The air and the view gave me some peace.

I closed my eyes and inhaled the air. So refresh.

“Sayaka-chan, come here~,” I heared Miyuki called me

I opened my eyes and saw her waving at me following Haruka who’s waving at Yui, called her to came there as well. Then again my smile appeared without I realize it and I saw her giggled.

This girl. I ran to her and tried to catch her. We’re running around, trying to catch each other and splashing water to each other. It was really fun.

After almost an hour we’re playing around, me and Miyuki decided to took a rest for a while so we went to the nearer tend and buy some drinks when a group of guy approached us.

I knew it really well. Kind of guy who always disgust me.

“Hi girls. No guy here? Do you want to join us?” one of the 3 guys asked and grinned

I cringed.

“Ah, sorry, we need to go,” I heared Miyuki said politely and threw a smile at them while pulled my right hand and tried to escape

I took a look at her and I saw her face somehow looked scared.

“Oh come on. Why don’t you guys join us. It will be fun I promise,” one of the guys insist and tried to grab Miyuki’s hand

I could feel she’s freezing. I saw her body start to shake.

I couldn’t stand seeing her like that and in instant I yanked that guy’s hand and pulled Miyuki to run.

After some times of running finally we managed to stop when it looked safe. And I turned to her to see her trembling hard. A Watanabe Miyuki scared of guy? This is weird.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, unsure about what to do

She suddenly crounched down and curled up her body.

She bowed her head and seconds later I saw tears falling down her cheeks.

This is the first time ever since I met her to saw her cry.

I’m freaked out. I don’t know what to do. Because this is also the first time I stand in this kind of situation.

Slowly I started to knelt down beside her to stroke her hair which make her stopped her sobbing and lifted her head. She stared at me with her widen eyes. I guess she never expected me to did this but I keep on stroking her hair and smile and there I saw that smile that spread the warmth all over my body. The sincere smile, not the playful smile that always plestered on her face. Somehow, I love this moment.


I believe I heard someone clearing their throat. Then I turned my body to see Yui and Haruka standing while grinning.

I close my eyes tried to calm myself before I scold them for nothing.

“What are you guys doing here?” Yui asked, still wearing that stupid smile

I stood up and brushed the sand from my body. “We were escaping from some stupid guys who tried to hit on us,”

“And what with Miyuki’s swollen eyes?” Yui stared at me suspiciously

“I told you some stupid guys tried to hit on us,” I replied sternly which make her stop asking

I saw Haruka hugged her and whishpering something to calm her.

How I wish I can do that. But why would I?

Something bothering me. Why did she react like that?



“I never put a hope that you’ll join us. What did she do to you?” Yui nudged me and whispered when we’re relaxing in the sand with the girls play in the water

I turned to face her and gave my flat face. “Are you kidding me? Of course she did nothing”. I face the sea again

“She changed you,” Yui said out of blue still facing the sea

I was surprised. My mind went blank just with that words.

“You didn’t realize it or more like you didn’t want to believe it. But she change you,” she continued. “I never saw you smile or laugh again ever since that day but I saw it again right after she came,”

I smiled bitterly. That day. How can I smile after that happen.

“You should give her a chance,”

That’s the last words that Yui said before she went to Paruru.

I’m lost.


I feel like to scream now. I’m so frustrated. Why did she lie to me? She said that we have to be honest with each other. But why did this happen?

I get up from my seat and straighten my body.

“You lie to me. All this time,” I said, feel so disappointed

I feel like to slam the window and make it break into pieces just like how my heart right now.

She shift uncomfortably. She still avoid my eyes. I grab her chin a little to rough, startled her. I stared right into her widen eyes. Demand for a reasonable cause.

She close her eyes and suddenly tears falling down her cheek.

“I didn’t want to worry you. I didn’t want to bothering you. I don’t want to be a barrier for you to achieve your dream,” she replied haltingly

With the view in front of me, I can feel my eyes start to burning. It’s hurt to see those tears. And it’s hurt even more that I’m the one who cause those tears. But I couldn’t stand with the thought of loosing her. I can’t. I just can’t.


“You always had this sad smile everytime you play the guitar,” Miyuki came like a wind and stood near the window

She put her stuff on the near table.

It was the end of school but I still want to have some peace which I got from this music room.

This music room somehow became like our secret place.

It might sound weird but yeah, I started to accept her. As a friend.

As for her question, I didn’t give any reply.

“You know, sometimes I was wondering what are you when you were a kid,” she said and I could see her smile. “I want to know were you already this cold since you were born,” she turned to face me to shot me a cheeky smile but she stopped when she saw my painful face.

She had this worry face while running toward me.

“Is there anything wrong?” she asked in concern. “Did I say anything wrong?”

I shook my head.

Suddenly she cupped my face. “You know you can tell anything to me,”

I brushed off her hands a bit too rough which surprised her.

“I’m sorry,” she aplogized in quite voice and distance herself

Again, guilty ate me up. Why I have to be so harshed to her?

“I’ll leave,” she said

I grabbed her hand, “Stay”.

She stared at me, shocked. Then she nodded understandly and standing quietly.

We stay in silence for a while. I still need to collect my words. I want to tell her but I didn’t know from where to start.

“It was happen when I was 7 years old,” I started. “My mom is a famous musician. She wanted her only daughter to be as awesome as her or even more. That’s why she started to taught me anything me. But as I grew up, I started to realize that my love is only for guitar right at that age. I was trying hard to learn piano, drum, saxophone, trumpet and everything she wanted me to, but still, in the end I can’t,” I stopped for awhile and took a look at her

I saw sadness and sorrow in her eyes. It was like she understand what I feel. It’s like she felt it too. Or even more, it felt like she was also stand in my position.

“When I was 11, she left me, she said she couldn’t stand with this useless kid. She said I never appreciated what she tried to gave me. I’m just a dissident child. I should be gone,” I continued and suddenly something warm rolling down my cheeks

I touched my cheek to see something gleaming. I didn’t realize I was crying. And beside me, I saw her swollen eyes as well. What a crybaby she is. I smiled. It made feel like she fully understood what I felt.

“After that she never came back?” she asked, avoided my eyes

 “Ever since that day I stop learn everything. The only thing that I keep on playing is guitar. I want to prove to her that one day I will be as famous as her just with a guitar,” I answered sternly

“What about your father?” she asked in low tone

I paused for awhile as I let out a heavy breath. “He’s...dead. Ever since my mother left us, he became a drunker. He dumped his works and keep on drinking. Then he introduced to gambling which made him keep on gambling every night until one day a bunch of people killed him because he couldn’t pay his debts,” sorrow in my eyes while the flashback crossed my mind

After I finished my story, to my surprised, I heared a sob. I turned to her to saw her surprisingly sobbed hard.

Automaticly my hands reached her and hugged her. I knew she was surprised as I could feel her body stiffen. But as I caressed her back I could feel her body relaxed a bit.

“You are funny,” I said to broke the tense. “Aren’t you the one who supposed to calm me, not me,” I laughed heartly which brought her smile

She broke the hug and stared at me, sternly. “You are amazing. The most amazing person that I’ve ever met. You are so brave. And your guitar... are perfect. All you need is confident. I believe you can prove to your mom that you’ll surpass her. Trust me,”

Somehow, I believe in her words. It brought my hope again. The long-dead hope.


I close eyes try to calm myself before I feel something warm against my lips. I couldn’t hold it anymore. Tears start to stream down my cheeks which surprise her.

I didn’t dare to open my eyes. I scared that she will disappear once I open my eyes. I’m scared that I’ll lose this warmness. Slowly I feel she pulled herself before she touch my cheeks, wiping my tears.

I grab her right hand that caressed my cheek, bring it to my mouth before I kissed it gently.

“I’m sorry,” I heard her voice again

I know she’s crying as well because I could hear her breaking voice.

Slowly I challenged myself to open my eyes to meet her big red eyes.

When her eyes meet mine, she cried again. It’s worse than before and I could feel myself follow her action. I pulled her for a hug. I hugged her tightly that I think it can break her bones but I don’t care anymore. I let my heart take the lead. I cried hard.

I never cried this hard. Not even when my mom left me. Not even when my father’s dead.

The thought of not seeing her childish smile anymore. Not hearing her playful remark. Her annoying but addicted voice anymore. The thought of not seeing her are killing me.


“Haruka, may I ask you something? There’s something that really bothering me until now,” I faced Haruka when we’re waiting for Yui who’s buying an ice cream for her


“What did happen to Miyuki?” I asked her, surprised her

Seemed like she got what I mean.

“What are you talking about?”

Ok, she played dumb now. But her sincere curious eyes make me believed she didn’t understand what I was asked. All I can think of now is how many secret did Miyuki had that make me earend that expression.

“At the beach, she looked so scared when a stupid guy tried to grabbed her and after that she trembled hard when you tried to calm her,”

There was an awkward silence. I believe sho got the point now.

“You have to ask her. I don’t have any right to tell you about it,” she gently smiled at me, hope that I will understand

I nodded understandly.

This make me even more curious.

Then Yui came back with the ice cream that Haruka asked her to buy.

“What did you guys talked about?” she asked as she licked her own ice cream

“Nothing. It’s just how kind you are for bought me an ice cream,” Haruka smiled sweetly which make Yui looked at her suspiciously

I just laughed at them. What a cheesy couple, I thought.



It’s near the end of summer, so, one day Miyuki asked me to acompany her to went to a festival. She said she want to see the fireworks so bad. So, here I am, sitting in a bench with her by my side. I moved my head to the left and right. Kinda amused with the situation.

“Stop moving your head. You make me dizzy,” she said playfully

I stopped and looked at her before I moved my head once again.

“Stop it,” she said again before she grabbed my head to stop its moving

I gave her my straight face.

“You know, you look like a little kid who just came to a festival for the first time. Don’t tell me it is~,” she teased me

I growled before stood up, pretend to be angry. I could see her surprised eyes in the corner of my eye.

She suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me down again.

“Geez, I was joking. Can you take a joke?” she whined and crossed her arms

What a childish girl.

I didn’t give any reply which make her stole a glance to my direction. I couldn’t contain my laugh which turned to be a big laugh that startled her.

I keep on laughing until she putted her hand in my mouth to stop my mouth.

I took off her hand before threw a smile that full of win.

“I was teased you as well~,” I sang that which earned a glare

She stood up and walked away while stomped her feet. She looked like a sulking child.

I chuckled before I got up and tried to caught up her pace.

I keep following her until I saw some guys approached. From my position, I could she how scared she was. I took a look at my own appreance when I realized I dressed like a guy. I should take an advantage from it. I walked toward them.

I embraced her from behind before whishpering in low deep voice, “You shouldn’t leave me,” as I threw a wink at her while she’s blushing.

I was grinning when I heared someone clearing their throat. I raised my head to face those guys.

“Ah. I’m sorry. I was just too mesmerized by my girlfriend,” I smiled apologetically

“We’ll leave now,” I grabbed Miyuki hand and walked to the direction where we came from.

“Act like we’re couple,” I whispered to her who was still in daze after what happen

Then after that, she clung to my arm which make me felt a little uncomfortable.

After I thought we’re pretty far from those guys, I let go of her hand and clearing my throat before spoke, “I’m sorry about earlier,” I apologized

She had this poker face which make me couldn’t read what she’s thinking.

“Thank you for saved me,” she mumbled softly

She looked like a scared child right now. I grabbed her chin and made her to face me.

“Let’s get some drinks,” I said before I lead the way

I tried to looking for a stand that sell some drinks as I walk but to my surprise I didn’t hear any footstep near me. I turned around to Miyuki’s direction to met Miyuki’s empty eyes who looked deelyp at somewhere.

I approached her and tapped her shoulder.

“Hey, let’s go,” I said as I intertwined our hand and pulled her to walked with me

Her hand felt so cold yet so perfect with mine. She must be really scared. But why? This question still left unaswered.



After we bought our drinks, we sat on the near bench afterward.

I raised up my head, watching the sky.

“You looked so close with Yui,” Miyuki broke the silence

I looked over her.

“Of course, she’s my bestfriend, we’re friend since we were in the elementary school,” I answered nonchalant

She let out a soft laugh. “You like her,” she said as she sipped her drink

I looked at the can in my hand and chuckled.

“I used to like her,” I replied shortly

She glance at me before continued to sipping her drink.

As we sipped our drinks, suddenly...


We tilted our head to met this beautiful view.

While we’re watching the fireworks, suddenly Miyuki called my name. “Sayaka-chan,”

I turned my face just to met a warmness.

I was stiffen. My eyes grew bigger as reality hit me. Miyuki was kissing me.

I couldn’t lie, the warmth washed over me at the moment I felt her lips against mine.

And as my brain worked on its own, I replied her kiss which make her stunned. My lips moving against her. I caressed her lips gently with my tounge. Not long after ,she moaned cutely and I took an advatage by entered my tounge in her mouth. Our tounges tangled.

We pulled away as our lungs were shouting for some air. I stole a glance at her to met her redden face. I saw her panting, same as I.

We shared our first kiss under this beautiful fireworks. Well, not actually first kiss if I recall.

After that, awkward silence took over. No one dare to talk.

“I’m sorry for my rude action,” she muttered slowly

I didn’t know what to say.

I saw her shifting uncomfortable in her seat.

“Thank you for acompany me today. I had a lot of fun,” she continued, swinging her legs back and forth

“I had a lot of fun too,” I replied softly

Moment later, I felt her stop doing anything she did before.

“It sounds creepy, but truthfully, I already like you even before we met,” she said, avoided my eyes

I close my eyes, inhaled the air. “How?”

“ I saw your picture in Paruru’s photo album,” she began to shifted uncomfortable again

I opened my eyes as I heard the voice in the surrounding “So, how did you found me in the music room?” I asked skeptical while staring at the candy vending

“It wasn’t planned,” she stopped her movement again. “I was touring around the school when I heard your beautiful playing which attracted me to the music room and it really surprised me to see that the person was you. Because I used to really want to meet you before,” she confessed

I gave no reply. I let the wind brought her voice. As a minute passed by, that question suddenly appeared again. The question that has been taunted my mind in this past months.

“May I ask you something?” I asked doubtly

I was fighting with my mind. Should I ask it or not?

She seemed surprised but she nodded in the end.

“Why. Why are you scare of guy?” finally I said it

She tensed up and I could feel the atmosphere changed. I cursed in my mind for asking this, probably, taboo question to her.

“Just ,never mind,” I said immedietly as I got up from the bench

“No, you had the right to know,” I heard her soft reply

I still back-faced her, waiting for her to continue.

“When I was a kid, I had a broken family. My mother was such a workaholic. She was rarely home and one night,  I didn’t know what possessed my father but he..he tried to rape me,” she stopped and inhale, I didn’t dare to turn to face her. Not now.

“That was the first time,” she continued. “Then it happened again on the other night. I was so scared that I ran away from home. My mother heard about this and she decided to took a more care on me. She did her work in home and we’re moved out. But one night,” she paused and I could hear her voice broke. “My father came, drunk, accused my mother for kidnapping me. Then suddenly he took something hard and smacked it into my mother’s head. I was so scared that I didn’t move an inch from where I was hiding. I saw my mother faint after the hit, but my father didn’t stop there. He kept on hitting my mother until she breathed her last breath,” I heard she sniffed

I gritted my teeth and gripped my fist. I don’t know why but I felt mad. I felt like to kill her father over and over again.

I tried to calm my self before I turned to her and embrace her.

“After that, Haru-chan’s aunt foundme and adopted me. So, here I am, being a part of Shimazaki family now,” she tried to joke, but I know she really hurt inside

“I’m sorry for brought up this topic,” I apologized and caressed her back

“No, Haru-chan was right. I need to tell someone about it. To let the heavy weight out from my chest,” she replied as she leaned on my shoulder

I didn’t mind, otherwise, I liked her warm. After that, she said something that made me stunned.

“I trust you, that’s why I thought you had the right to know,” she paused before, “But I’m sorry, because I think I’m falling in love with you,”



When she finally calmer, I asked her to go home and she nodded as her reply. We’re sitting at the near bench while waiting for the train in silence. I want to talk about what she said earlier further, but seemed like she tried to avoid that. The night wind passed us, gave us chill. In the corner of my eyes, I saw her rubbing her hands. I took off my jacket and put it on her shoulder which took her by surprise. She tilted her head and smile warmly at me before mumble out a soft thank you. I smiled back as response and the comfortables silence surrounded us.

I heard noises right before my left ear which made me turn my face to saw the train coming upon us. I stood up from my seat and tried to help Miyuki.

We walked in the train as I choosed a seat near the window. It was so dark outside the window, but I could see a lot of stars are shinning like they asked for our attention.

I shift in my seat tried to find a comfortable position before I glance at my right to saw her eyelids start to close. I giggled softly, scared to surprise her. She’s adorable when she’s sleeping.



The train stopped which meant we arrived. I shook her body gently, tried to wake her up.

“Miyuki, wake up. We already arrived,” I shook her body once again

Her eyelids started to open. I saw her blinking a few times before she got the clear view.

“Let’s go,” I said, offer my hand

She took my hand and we walked out the train in silence.

“Thank you for today,” she said while bowing by the time we arrived at a crossroads

“No problem,”

As she straighten her body, quckly she walked to the opposite direction from mine, but before she could take her fifth step, my words stopped her.

“I love you too,” finally it’s out

I’ve been thinking about this all the way home. I didn’t want to regret my choice but it seemed like or more like I made the right decision.

She spunned around faster than it should be and threw me a really bright smile.

“See you tomorrow,” she waved at me and run off eagerly

I could only laugh at her antics.


I stared at the view outside with her leaning over my shoulder. I can feel her breath tingling the hair on my neck.

“You know that you might be never come back. But why in the end you still make me fall in love with you?” I asked to no one in particular but I can feel her body tense up

Slowly her wamth left my shoulder. I turned to take a look at her and I saw her curling her toe.

 “It wasn’t like what I plan. I didn’t plan to fall in love with you or made you fall in love with me,” she stated quietly

She swing her legs back and forth. It became her habit when she’s nervous.

“That was a month before my move here. I was looking through Haruka’s photo album before I found a picture of you frowning with your eyes looked like it lost in somewhere that couldn’t be reach by anyone. In an instant, my heart told me that I want no I have to help her. She live in her sorrow for too long. Because I know how the feelings when we lived in sorrow..,” she stopped for a while

She giggled softly.

I frowned.

She frowned as well. “See, you should stop frowning,” she said as she tried to straighten my eyebrows

“Then I must help her to get away from that. To enjoy this beautiful life,” she pecked my eyebrow

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss. I felt myself relaxed a bit. Then I reopened my eyes.

“You should stop thinking about yourself. You have to be aware with the people surrounding you. Your friends who love you so much. Let them help you to get through all of you problems,” she smiled warmly

“You know, for a kind of stupid girl, you’re pretty wise,” I tried to joke which earned an elbow on my stomatch

I grunted while rubbing the spot that got hit. She smirked before mumble, “Stupid”.

I laughed seeing her being all grumpy. I have to admit I smile and laugh a lot since she appeared in my life. She brighten up dark days.

But why after all of this......


One day, when I had nothing to do, just sitting down with guitar in my right hand, Miyuki suddenly barged in with a flyer in her hand.

“Look! Look!” she said excitedly as she running toward me while waving a flyer

I lifted my head which used to stared at the floor and looked at her questionly

“What’s got into you?”

“Here,” she handed me the flyer while grinning

I read it once. Twice. Thrice. A competition? National competition? Is this girl crazy?

“Are you crazy?” I looked at her furiously

“You want to prove it to your mother right? It’s the right chance!” she replied and pumped her fist in the air which make me laughed at her antic

“Oi, I’m being serious here,” she snatched the flyer from me and sulked

I sighed. Should I? Or shouldn’t I? Truthfully, I’m scared. I’m scared that I will embarras myself. I’m scared to make my nother hate me even more. But there’s a special price as well. What it could be?

“This is the nth time I have to say it. You have to be confident. Be yourself. You are great in  your own way,” she scolded me with her hands on hips

I think for a while.

“It’s a once in aliftime chance,” I heard her encourage words again

I got up from where I sat. “Thanks,” I ruffled her hair and took the flyer before walked out the room

I could hear her footsteps following me. I smiled.

I wouldn’t ask for more. Having this girl is more than enough for me.



Ever since that day I started to practice, to made myself perfect. With her who keep on encouraging me, I felt my confident went up. And with all the support from my friends, I believe I will make it.

I close my eyes listen to the sounds of cheering people mixed with the sounds of birds chirping. The grass below me felt so soft. It almost felt more comfortable than my bed. I chuckled at that silly thought.

This might be the first time I spend my free time outside the music room. Well, since the sun shining so brightly and wind was so comfortable, it’s tempting me.

I took out my ipod from my pocket and put the headphone to both my ears.

Minutes passed before I felt another presence beside me. I opened my eyes slowly while rising my hand to block the sunlight that’s shining too bright. I blinked for a few times before I could see clearly who is that person. It’s none other than Watanbe Miyuki. Sitting comfortably while hugging her legs with that childish smile plestered on her face.

I closed my eyes again before I felt her shook my body.

“Oi, wake up. I’ve been waiting for you to open your eyes since almost half an hour ago,” she said pretend to be angry

I chuckled before something click on my mind. “What did you say? Almost half an hour ago?” I asked, surprised

I tried to sit before wandering my eyes to find no one there.

“Why you didn’t wake me up?? The break time has ended,” I got up and rushing to my next class


“You look tired so I didn’t want to bother you,”

That’s the last words I heard before I heard nothing.



Today is the competition day. This is the said day. I was really really nervous. All of my friends came, all of them except her. I was searching for her all the time but still no sign of her. Haruka also told me that she didn’t know where she is. I genuinely worried about her. What if something happen to her? What if she met those guys who tried to hit on her?

Also, I haven’t heard any news from her ever since that day. And everytime I asked Haruka or Yui, they said that they know nothing. I knew they’re hiding something from me.

“Hey,” someone tapped my shoulder

I turned my body around to met Yui’s worried eyes.

“Are you okay?” she asked worrily

“A little nervous yes, but I more worry about Miyuki. She didn’t give any of us news about her whereabouts,” I asked, frowned

I saw a guilt expression crossed her face before it changed into the same worried face like mine. I thought maybe my mind played with me. I shook it off.

“Yamamoto-san, please get ready because it’s your turn next,” a man in suit told me before left

“What should I do?” now my nervousness came up

I thought my hands were start to shaking.

“Calm youself. Think about nothing but your performance,” Yui said, patted my back

I tried to gave her a smile but I just couldn’t. I’m too nervous right now that I instantly forgeting about Miyuki’s matter.

“Contestant number 14, Yamamoto Sayaka,” I heared the host announced

I took a deep breath before took my guitar and walked toward the stage.

“Wish me for the best,” I said before disappeared to the stage



A thousand eyes were staring at me which got on my nerve. I was deeply nervous. And no Miyuki who usually could calm me. No, she help me to get this far, so I have to return her kindness by win this competition with or without her.

Slowly I sat on the chair that stand in the middle of the stage. I put the guitar on my lap and begin to strum the strings. I playeda song titled monochrome map. It’s the song that I wrote and I played itfor the first time at the first time I met Miyuki.

I closed my eyes while struming the strings and in the middle of the song I opened my eyes to see a figur in the corner of my eyes. I saw her standing right there. But something wasn’t right. There’s a painful expresson in her face that worried me.

But, I have to focus on my play now.

I keep struming until the end of the song before I stood up and bowed.

I walked quickly to the backstage.

I gave my guitar to Yui before tried to searching for her. I ran all of over the place but I couldn’t find any sign of her. She was so frustrating. This was so frustrating.


“I’m sorry I can’t escort you to the airport on the day,” she whispered softly, I can’t sense regrettable in her voice

I took her hand before intertwined our hand. “Why?” I asked though I already knew the answer

“I have to perform surgery on the day,” she answered flatly

I feel her shift in her position before I can feel her lips on my neck.

“You know, everyday, I always wondering why did I fall in love with you?” she said out of blue

My body tense up.

She giggle.

“You are impatiance, short-tempered,  selfish, awkward and dense,” she continued

She got me, but before I could say something she continued which made me forget everything that I’ll say. “But, you are a really warm and caring person. You are the first one who care about me as much as you do. Even though you didn’t realize that,” she chuckled

“I never believe in love ever since all the things that happen in my past. I never believe that there’s someone really care about me, but Haruka’s family broke those thought. And you,” she straighten her body and pulled me to face her. “You taught me that love is exist,” she smiled whole-heartly before connecting our forehead

I replied her smiled before kiss her nose.

I know it sounds really stupid but in the end I still ask the question.

“Will you be there when I come back?”


She oftenly disappeared in this past two months. I hardly reach her. And sometimes she’s nowhere to be found. When I asked Haruka or Yui, they always told me the same thing, they didn’t know it as well. She really made me frustrated. Until one day I got a phone call told me that Miyuki collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital.

My heart stopped beating. What happen to her? What thing that happen to her that left unknown by me? This girl always gave a lot of unanswered question.

I ran furiously through the hall of the hospital. I was wandering my eyes around looking for room number 1.

When I got nearer the room I saw people standing in front the room with worried face. As I walked nearer the front door, I saw a familiar face who appeared to be Haruka and....Yui.

Yui notice my presence because I could see her turned to me and smiled tiredly.

I frowned. What’s going on? Is she okay? So many question went through my mind.

“What happen to her?” I demand as Haruka walked toward me

She patted my shoulder. “She fainted on the way to your house,”

To my house. I couldn’t be more surprise. Am I the reason why she collapsed?

“What? Why? Why is she going to my house?” I felt like to shook her body and make her spil out everything

“She’s going to tell you a good news,” she continued before looked at the bench beside us and gestured us to sit there

I obligingly sit in there, following her.

“She’s planning to tell you a good news that though you lost in the competition but there’s someone who interested with your talent and plan to assign you to a great music school in America,”

This was really surprising me. What? Great music school? In America? Wha-what?!

BUT. How did Miyuki faint? I mean, she fainted, not involved in accident or got hit by car.

“But, why did Miyuki faint?”

Haruka lowered her head. I heard her took a deep breath before lift her head and faced. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes. I frowned. What’s going on?

“Actually,” her voice broke my thought. She lowered her head again, tried to hide her face. “I shouldn’t tell you this. I promised her but I couldn’t bacre to see you hurt too,”

“Miyuki, she had cancer,”

And suddenly, I feel like my whole world collapsed. I couldn’t feel anything at all. I went numb. I couldn’t even feel if my heart was still beating or not. And the next words even made it worse.

“And her chance to survive is really tiny,”

Oh God, why when I was about to find my happiness, you’ll take it from me.



Days later she was allowed to get out of the hospital. I tried to be the usual me.

When she woke up in the hospital, she lied to me. She told me that she collapsed because of her lack of sleep and she didn’t eat properly. I know very well that it was a lie. All of that. But, I still plan to keep it for myself. There will be a time where I will tell her.

After that, she excitedly told me about the golden chance and persude me to take it since as she said “It’s a once in a lifetime chance”. She kept on persuading me until finally I gave her and promised to accept it.

So now, here I was sitting at a park wait for her to come back. She told me to wait her because she’ll go to buy some thing and she believed I will be bored if I follow her, so, obdiently follow her instruction.

After almost half an hour, when I was about to went to her place, I saw her running toward me. What an energic girl.

I saw her right hand is gripping something. I raised my eyebrow and stared at that hand. She smiled cheekily when she where my eyes were staring.

She brought the right hand to the front of my eyes

and open it.

There I saw two beautiful necklaces.

“I know it didn’t much, but I want you to have something from me, to remind you of me by the time you’re in America,” she smiled shyly

I stiffen at the time she said that. But I tried to didn’t show it.

I smiled gently. “This means a lot to me. It’s beautiful,”

“One is for you, while the other one is for me,” she smiled gently and led us the the nearer becnh

We’re sitting on the bench before she spoke. “I hope this will be a fortune necklace that will help you to achieve your dream,” she grinned before gestured me to turned around and tried to put the necklace on my neck

I held her hand and smile. A genuine smile that I could never put on my face after a long time ever since Haruka told me about her disease.



“Actually, she didn’t have any surgery that day,”

“She said that she just couldn’t bear to see you go,”

“She didn’t want to be a selfish person,”




“She’s gone,”

“The doctor told me that they did their best but it’s already her time,”




The sun is shining so brightly above me. The warm breeze remind me that it’s summer now.

I stare into nothing but the space in front of me.

This music room is still the same as the last time I left.

Nothing change beside the dust that cover all over place.

If I didn’t wrong, Yui told me that they close this room a year after my movement because they’ll re-open the music club and found a bigger place then here. But, thaks God they didn’t destroy this place.

This is the only place where I can feel her presence. Her warm. And even her voice.

I feel like I lost everything that probably I never had.

That stupid grin. That playful smile. That cheeky smile. And that sweet gentle smile went through my mind.

But those tears, I can never ever forget those tears when I asked that question.

I’m sorry for brought that tears. I’m sorry to became the reason of those tears. But thank you, because in the end you still show that smile. That beautiful smile that I love the most.

I brought my right hand to my neck. Touched the pedant on my neck. Our pedant.

The proof of our love.



You filled the big hole in my heart and fixed it for me

though in the end, I was left in pieces again.

Thank you for taught me about love and hope.

Watanabe Miyuki, thank you for introduced me to this beautiful life that I thought never exist.



Somehow, the title and the story got inspired by this song
And thank you for reading this, I hope you like this story  :D
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Re: SHE (SayaMilky) [2013.09.04]
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It's so sad...  :cry:  :cry:

Why SayaMilky story always end up having a bad ending??  :cry:

I want them to be happy together.. :cry:

Why you must make Milky die???? :cry:

I'm crying while reading this fic.. :cry:

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Re: SHE (SayaMilky) [2013.09.04]
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yo-you kill miyuki *sulk in the corner while crying*  :cry:
 anyway awesome sayamilky u got their :on GJ:
i cant wait to read more of ur fic :on gay:

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Re: SHE (SayaMilky) [2013.09.04]
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GAHD. I almost cried. T^T

Thanks for the wonderful oneshot.

I want more SayaMilky! ; _ ;

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;A; Miruki!!! you are a bad person! this is so sad, poor Sayanee! ;A;


but was good xD I'm happy to read a good Sayamilky fic <3

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OMG!!! THIS IS SO SAD!!!! I'M LITERALLY CRYING!  :gyaaah: :depressed: :fainted:


How am i supposed to get back to studying now.. haha!

I liked this fanfic, despite the sad ending.

It was very nice!!! But MIRUKI!!!!

Loved the fanfic though!! :D keep it up!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: SHE (SayaMilky) [2013.09.04]
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Thanks a lot for the positive repsonses ^^
I'm glad you like the story  :D
And here, I decided to post my other one-shot that I already post on my tumblr.

Birthday gift for Bis

All the senbatsu members were doing whatever they do in the waiting room while waiting for their turn when a bored short-haired girl lazily poking a busy Kiyoto girl.

“Ne, ne, what are you doing?” the short-haired girl who turned out to be Shimazaki Haruka asked the busy girl beside her

The busy girl, Yokoyama Yui, slightly tilted her head to face Haruka before turned her head back to the book in her hands. “Can’t you see?” Yui replied sharply

Haruka who feel ignored pouting while making noisy sounds to attracted Yui’s attention.

“Oh please, Paruru, can’t you see I’m reading here,” Yui snapped, slightly mad

Paruru who was sulking in her seat surprised by the action. She muttered something softly before got up from her seat and stompped out of the room.

Yui sighed at the sight before she saw Sayaka walked toward her while smirking. “Seems like someone being short-tempered here,” she teased her before took the seat beside Yui, the one that Haruka left before. “You hanged out too much with Takamina-san,” Sayaka continued, earned a glare from Yui and felt chilly  from behind her

Sayaka turned her head to meet Takamina’s bored face. Sayaka turned her face again toward Yui before gulped. “Yeah sure, I hanged out too much with her,” Yui replied nonchalant as she got up from her seat, tried to chase Haruka

Either Yui was teased her or she was not too care about Sayaka’s joke.

Yui walked passed the each hallway tried to find the short-haired girl’s figure but still no luck. As she still couldn’t find the girl, she decide to took a rest and sat on the bench beside the vending machine.

While she was gulping her drink, she saw Miyuki passed by, she abruptly got up and tried to stop her. Maybe she had a hope this time. “Milky! Did you see Paruru?” Yui asked Miyuki with eyes glittering with hope

Milky laughed at that before nodded. “Yes, I saw her standing by the window near the emergency stairs,” she answered as she pointed to the direction that she meant

“Thanks,” Yui thanked curtly before ran toward the direction that was pointed before

Miyuki shook her head at Yui’s antic.

Yui putted her hands on her knee while panting, tried to catch her breath. She tilted her head to saw the figure that she’s been looking for. Slowly she walked toward the figure before stopped as the short-haired girl spoke.”Why are you so mean to me?” she said softly, but the hint of sadness still could be hear

Yui shook hear head tried to clear her mind before continue to walked toward the girl. She wrapped her arms around Haruka from behind as she stood right behind her.

“I’m sorry,” Yui whispered softly as she rest her head on Haruka’s right shoulder

Haruka gave no reply. Yui decided to didn’t push her any further and wait until she’s ready to talked. As she waited, they were watching the view outside the window while hearing the sounds of their breathing. They enjoy their silence before Haruka’s question sent  chill to Yui. “Are you on your period?” she asked bluntly

Yui abruptly took her head off from Haruka’s shoulder and turned Haruka’s body to her.

“What kind of question was that?” Yui replied at Haruka’s bluntly before flicked her forehead. “Can’t you think more romanticly,” Yui grumbled

Haruka pouted as reply as she rubbed the spot that got hit. “You act like one,” Paruru mutterd innocently

Yui raised her hand to soothed Haruka’s forehead. “I’m still wondering why did I fall in love with you,” Yui mumbled softly which earned an elbow on her stomach.

“I’m done,” Haruka replied coldly as she walked away from Yui

“Hey, sorry sorry,” Yui grabbed Haruka’s hand to stopped her before she pulled her in her embrace

“I’m sorry, okay,” Yui whispered sweetly while caresssing Haruka’s back

Yui suddenly broke their hug before asked, “Oh, by the way, do you remmeber what day tomorrow?” out of blue

Haruka raised her left eyebrow while thinking. Looked confuse. “What is that?” Haruka tilted her head slightly to the right as she’s thinking

She putted her thumb and forefinger between her chin while keep on thinking. “Baseball day?” she asked which earned a heavy sigh from Yui. Yui felt like to self-palmed her face.

“Nevermind. Let’s just say I never asked,” Yui replied while rubbing her head. “You are really a ponkotsu, aren’t you?” Yui mumbled softly, more to herself

“What’s that?” Haruka tugged Yui’s costume, hope for an answer

“I said nevermind,” Yui insisted. “Let’s go back to the waiting room. Our turn is nearer,” Yui continued as she pulled Haruka to walked with her

“See, you act so mean again,” Haruka whined, as she tried to pulled her hand from Yui while they’re walking and stop

“Stop sulking will you?” Yui replied irritated and stopped as well

“Then tell me~,” Haruka continue to whining

Yui sighed. A tired one. “Tomorrow is Bis’s birthday,” Yui muttered, rubbed her forhead

“And you scared you couldn’t make it because we’re in Osaka now~,” Haruka sang it, turned to tease Yui

One point. It got straight to the point. So, it’s the reason why Yui become so moody today. Haruka giggled at the thought.

Yui turned her body and start to walked away from Haruka.

“Look who’s sulking now,” Haruka continued to tease as she following Yui like an obedient puppy while giggling cutely

How wil I mad at this cute creature? Yui thought desperately

SayaMilky were O-ing when they heard what Haruka said. “No wonder,” Miyuki the first one to gave a reply

“And all you did was teasing her?” Sayaka asked disbelief

Haruka shrugged.

“And you didn’t remember her beloved Bis’s birthday? Even Riho was really exciting about it and I don’t even know why,” Miyuki replied

“Not surprised, as I recall, Yui ever told me about how Paruru didn’t know or realize or care about her concurrent position and about her captaincy,” Sayaka grimced as she shot a glance over Yui’s direction

Haruka followed Sayaka’s eyes to saw Yui was talking with Takamina-san. Haruka continued to poundering her eyes around the room where everyone were relaxing after the tiring performance. She could see Mayu was playing her DS as Yuki keep on talking to her. I’m not sure if she listened to what Yuki said. As she brought her eyes to the right, she could see the puppy Jurina was teasing the pissed Rena. She giggled at the sight before stopped as she felt a soft touch on her shoulder.

She glance over her shoulder before following the source of the hand to met Miyuki’s face.

Miyuki smiled gently. “Though she didn’t show it to you, but she was really hurt when you forget about those small important thing for her,” Miyuki took Haruka’s hands. “Please put more attention to her, because she need you the most. And as you can see, she is a captain now, she really need someone who she can lean on, someone who’ll support her when she is down, someone who’ll give her some advice when she’s in trouble,” Miyuki said as she gripped Haruka’s hands softly to gave an encouragement while stool a glance at her lovely girlfriend, Sayaka, who was dragged by Yuko minutes ago

“Thank you, Milky,” Haruka replied as she replied the grasp

“So, what are you talking about guys?” Sayaka asked, join them again after she successed to escape from Yuko

Miyuki let go of Haruka’s hands and lean over Sayaka before whispering into her left ear which still could be heared by Haruka, “Women business,”. She pulled back and threw a wink.

Sayaka’s cheeks were growing redder. She clearing her throat and face Haruka. “So, what’s your plan?” Sayaka asked sternly

“Do you guys have any plan after this?” Haruka replied, wearing a mischievous smile

“I’m so tired. Aren’t you have anything in your mind?” Sayaka whined, massage her legs as they’re sitting on the food court

Miyuki glared at her. “You such a whiny. Stop whining,”

“Said by the one who dragged me here. I told you this isn’t my thing,” Sayaka sulked

Miyuki couldn’t help but find it adorable which made her pinch Sayaka’s cheek. “Stop whinning, you whiny. We still need to find the present,” she said, giggling when Sayaka pouted

“We’ve been wandering around for almost 2 hours for God’s shake and it’s only for a cat,” Sayaka complained. It felt like she wanted to scratch someone right now

“Yeah, said that to Yui and you’ll see no tomorrow,” Miyuki laughed follow by Haruka

Sayaka got up from the bench and stretch her body. “Yosh, let’s move now,” she said energitically, turned 180 degrees from a minute ago

Miyuki just shook her head at her girlfriend’s antic while Haruka was laughing and following them.

After wandering around for almost an hour, finally the girls gave up.

“Seriously, what kind of thing is suitable for cats?” Sayaka grumbled

Haruka think for a while before asked the two other girls. “She was a kennin, right? Then, you guys must know what kind of things that liken by Bis,” Haruka said full of hope

Sayaka shook her head hardly that looked like it’s going to come off. Miyuki smacked her head to stopped her. “Stop acting so silly,”

Sayaka hissed at Miyuki before replied Haruka’s question. “You are her girlfriend and fyi, she spend most of her time with you,”

Haruka didn’t reply and seemed like she’s in her deep thought before she’s grinning widely. “I got an idea,” she said eagerly before ran into a direction

It’s nine in the morning when the morning wind was blowing and sent a chill to a short-haired girl who stood in front of a door waiting for it to be open. She was rubbing her hands before put that into her pocket, hoping that will warm her. When she heard footsteps coming near the door, quickly she took something that she put on the floor earlier and tried to hide it behind her.

The owner of the house opened the door and gasped in surprise when she saw the person who stood by the door. The short-haired girl smile sweetly before surprisingly peck the stunned girl after her’s lips and walked into the house.

Once she’s inside the house, the short-haired girl quickly walked to the side of couch that face the kitchen and put something in her hand on the floor at the side of couch as the house owner locked the door.

“What are you doing?” the house owner who apparently is Yui, asked suspiciously as she approached the stunned Haruka, who bent by the couch

“Nothing,” Haruka replied, straighten her body and walked to sit on the couch

Yui decided to shrugged it off and do the same as Haruka.

“What bring you here?” Yui asked nonchalant, turned on the TV with the remote in her hand

Haruka lowered  her head as she recall that they haven’t talked since their little fight yesterday. No wonder Yui acted all suspicion.

Since she received no reply, Yui decided to check on Haruka by turning her head to Haruka’s direction to meet a sluggish Haruka. Yui softened. She’s reaching out to caressed Haruka’s cheek and brought her face to face her.

“I’m sorry,” Yui whispered and smiled gently

Haruka replied the smile before glance at something behind Yui. Curiously, Yui followed Haruka’s eyes to met Bis’s pleading eyes. Seems like he wanted to join them. Yui picked him up and put him on her lap before giggling. Then she heard chuckled.

“You are too spoiled,” Haruka mumbled

“Said by the one who act like one,” Yui teased her

Haruka stroked Bis’s head before exclaimed, “Ah”.

Raising her left eyebrow, Yui looked at Haruka curiously. She saw Haruka bent at the other side of the couch, tried to reach for something on the floor before brought it up and put it on her lap, just like Yui.

“What’s that?” Yui became more curious

While grinning, Haruka took out a cute little cat that’s busy licking her foot.

“Another Bis?!” Yui exclaimed, Haruka could see how her eyes are sparkling and her cat-like smile appeared

“I realize that Bis needs mate since his master is too occupied with someone else,” Haruka said proudly

Then Haruka leaned forward. “Happy birthday, Bis,” she said as she stroke Bis’s head

Yui couldn’t contain her happiness as she threw a big happy smile to Haruka and picked up the little cat that’s mewing at her.

“This couldn’t be any better,” Yui admiring the little cat before put her down on the floor as she put Bis down as well

“I hope they’ll getting along well,” Haruka commented, watched the two cat mewing at each other

It’s too adorable for them that they couldn’t stop giggling at the view. As they’re staring at the two adorable cats, suddenly Yui called Haruka’s name before pulled her for a kiss. “That’s the best birthday give that Bis ever had,” Yui whispered between their kiss. But before Yui could deepen their kiis, Haruka suddenly pulled back and panting. “I’m sorry for teasing you yesterday,” Haruka said while caressing Yui’s cheek

“I should be the one who apologize for act like I’m on period,” Yui stool a peck before grinning proudly

“Ah, by the way,” Haruka exclaimed as she remembered something. “What name we should give for her?”

“I think of this name while we’re watching them...interaction with each other,” Yui showed her cat-like smile again

“What is that?”


“Yuka?” Haruka asked, hesitating

“Yes. It’s a combination of our names. Yu for Yui and ka for Haruka. It’s Yuka,”

Haruka laughed heartly before turned her attention to the little cat that was playing with a ball with Bis sniffing her.

“Hey cute little cat,” Haruka started.”From now on, your name is Yuka. Remember that. It’s Yuka. Y-u-k-a,”

The little Yuka just turned her back and continue to play.

Haruka who feel ignored puffed her cheeks.

Yui giggled at the sight before pulled Haruka into her embrace and watching Bis and Yuka playing with each other.


Once again, I'm sorry for my fail grammar and spelling  :nervous

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Re: girls48: Birthday Gift for Bis (YuiParu) [2013.09.05]
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To people who ever visited my tumblr probably already know about this story. Yeah I know, I dumped this fic lol And after such a long time, I finally decided to finish it soon. I will try to do my best and probably there will be a few changes with this fic that I post here and the one that I posted on my tumblr. And also, I'll post this story as a one-shot not as an on-ogoing like the one on my tumblr.
Once again, I'm sorry for my grammar error. Please pardon me for the cheesy title OTL
So, without any further, I'll put the prologue here

Make Me Fall in Love With You


Rena’s thought
Jurina’s thought

Matsui Jurina. Perfect girl that everyone envy. She’s rich, a soccer player, but such a trouble kid. She likes to drunk, smoke, and also a big player. She likes to dressed like a boy, that makes many girls fall in love with her but that doesn’t make boys didn’t love her either, every boys and girls in her school love her except one girl, Matsui Rena. A smart and quiet girl. She really is a mysterious girl who loves melonpan and unbelievable smart.

Jurina didn’t believe in love until one day, the day that changed her mind about love.

“Jurina, I know your father is one of the donors of this school, but that does not make you to be able to act all you want,” Mrs. Hirata, her principal scolded her

Now, Jurina is in principal’s room since she caught up drink in the school.

“Jurina, I’m tired of scolding you everyday. I want you to change. Don’t you see your score for last exam? Got 40 from 100,” Mrs. Hirata said, shook her head

“You make me frustrated. So, I’ve decided to give you a tutoring from a tutor,” Mrs. Hirata continued

“What? Tutoring? A tutor?” But-,”

“No buts Jurina, you are the one who made me did this. So, no complain. You’ll meet her this evening. Come again to my office when the school’s end. Now, you can go,”

Then Jurina got up and left the room.

So, the tutor is a she? It’s gonna be easy. Make her fall for me then stop this stupid tutoring thing.

Jurina knocked the principal’s room.

“Yes, come in,” Mrs. Hirata said from inside her room

Jurina opened the door and walked in.

“Oh, you’re here Jurina,” Mrs. Hirata said, when she lifted her head
“Wait a minute. Your tutor is on her way. Please make yourself comfortable,”

A knocked could be heard again.

“Ah, it must be your tutor,” Mrs. Hirata said, stared at the door. “Please come in,”

Then a girl walked in. A black-hair girl with cold expression.

What? My tutor is this girl. I mean THIS GIRLS Mrs. Hirata must be crazy.

“Oh, Rena-san, you’re here. Please take a seat,”

“So, who’s the girl Mrs. Hirata?” Rena asked as she sat

“That girl is beside you,”

“What? This..this...troublemaker,” Rena said, with disgust expression while pointing Jurina

“OI! Watch your mouth!” Jurina replied, angry

Rena scoffed. “Mrs. Hirata, I’m sorry to disobey you, but if the girl is THIS girl,” Rena said, emphasis the THIS word while pointing at Jurina,”I’m sorry I can’t. Now, I think I should go,”

Rena started to got up when the next sentence stopped her.

“I’m sorry Rena-san, but if you disobey me, I’ll give you suspend for one month,”


“I’m sorry Rena-san. But you’re my only hope. You’re the smartest student here so I believe you can handle her,” Mrs. Hirata said, pleading

Rena nodded her head then let out a heavy breath.

“Mrs. Hirata, I reject,” Jurina said, stand up and face Mrs. Hirata

“YOU,” Mrs. Hirata pointing Jurina. “Stop disobey me and start tomorrow after school she’ll come to your house and you’re gonna study together,” Mrs. Hirata continue

This will be the most miserable thing in my life.
This will be the most miserable thing in my life.

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Re: girls48: Make Me Fall in Love With You - Prologue (WMatsui) [2013.09.07]
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oh! interesting

continue ASAP



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I read it on tumbr :panic: authorauthor-san please continue this fic please :( i really love it :(:banghead: like you dropped it at chap 3 :( long time has gone :( just be my wish :bow:
WMatsui in my heart <3
Kamaoshi : M.Rena

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Trouble maker and smart girl  :?
interesting, please update author-san  :grin: :twothumbs
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i read it on your tumblr hehe

glad you post it here :D

please finish it! i want to see jurina fall in love with rena XD XD

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Pls update it ASAP

Jurina a bad girl...Rena a good girl


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Jurina a bad girl...Rena a good girl


Jurina gonna make a good girl go bad (song reference)? ;)

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