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Author Topic: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS # 19 En Garde (Mayuki OS)  (Read 59569 times)

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OMGOMG so scary i read it at 530 ><

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Lol using Hatsune Miku doll is what ruin the mood for me. XD

If it was a Barbie doll, I would freak out more.

Though I don't really get the 5 mins thing. It's a mystery~

Everyday Juriken

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A special Wmatsui OS made for Sherin~

Happy early Birthday~~~
:on BDay: :on BDay: :on BDay:

Now you owe me something~

OS #3 Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)

A single drop of blood hits the pond's surface, sending small ripples across the clear water. The red murky liquid doesn't dissolve, but stays its own as it twists and tumbles 'til it hits the sandy bottoms. Only then does the blood disappear, seeping into the small crevices between the tiny crystal like sand grains. I dig the blade deeper into my palm. Blood begins to trickle off my finger tips and run down my wrist. I grit my teeth and choke down the shrieks that want to escape my frozen, chapped, lips.

“Why are you doing this, Jurina? You've never done this, you've always thought this as pathetic and weak!”

I can just hear her yelling at me for cutting myself, but it's the only way - the only way I can feel better. The pain that is shooting up and down my arm is much easier to cope with than the internal emotional heartache that is tearing me into shreds.

It's all her fault for me being like this. She is the reason I feel depressed, weak, pathetic, and fragile. She left me. She had to go off and ... and get herself killed. She should have called me - I would have been there in a heartbeat. I should have gone - I could have made sure she never got drunk. I should have asked if we could do something different - all of this would have been avoided, no temptation of alcohol hanging over our heads.

But no, when she called asking if I could go to that party, I refused and said see you later. Unknowing that I would never see her alive again. I would never feel her soft breaths in my ear, hear her murmuring heartbeat, or listen to her soft soothing voice. I would never be able to hold her hand again. I would never be able to feel her skin against mine, no small gentle squeeze to reassure me that everything will be fine.

I need her to squish my hand again, one last time. I need to know that everything will be okay. But I will never know if I will be fine, or if she will be fine. She's dead, forever gone from this world, never to hold me, never to assure me again.

I look down at my bloody hand and glance at the knife. I see a bloody reflection of my face, the whole scene of my parents telling me the news about her comes to mind. No. No. No! I don't want to remember, I want to forget, but I can't. I can't ignore the memory.

My mom knocks on my bedroom door, soft and timidly, "Jurina?" she asks, slowly opening the door. I glance up from the book I'm reading and look at the tears in her eyes. She's pale and shaky. My dad comes into the room after her. "Jurina, we have some news for you. D - don't ... " and then she just stops and cries. Salty water drops fall out of her eyes, runs down her cheeks, and drips off her chin landing on the back of her hand.

Dad pats Mom's back, and then looks at me with his dark brown piercing eyes. "There has been an accident," he begins, glancing between my mother and me. He wants to continue, but the rest of the sentence is lodged in his throat.

"Dad, Mom, what accident? Who was in an accident? What happened?" I scream, wanting to know. I need to know, what if ... If they say -

"Rena isn't coming back from the party," Mom says in between her sobbing. I stare at her in shock. What does she mean she's not coming back? Of course she is, she has to!

"What?" my voice was shy, nervous, scared.

My dad sighed, and took a seat next to me on the bed. "Sweetie, Rena was driving back home from a party and she didn't see the stop sign, nor the other car coming ..."

"She's not ... she didn't ...?" I ask, my breathing becoming heavy with each word, each thought.

Dad shakes his head, "She forgot to wear her seatbelt." he doesn't have to finish. I don't need to hear the rest, I don't need all the gory details.

All I need to know is that Rena, my best friend, is gone forever.

I feel soft water drip down my cheeks, and land on my black dress. Today is her funeral. I am supposed to be there right now, praying and giving a eulogy, but I can't. I can't go there and see the faces of crying people, people who didn't know her like I did. So I'm here, letting myself bleed. Letting myself think about everything. Letting the thundering clouds above me rumble and try to scare me to go away.

Rena had to die, she had to get drunk, and she had to forget her seatbelt.

One stupid mistake and it killed her.


I was always a loser. Seriously, I was. I got picked on at school for every possible reason: Mama’s child, nerd, totally out of style, ugly, etc. The usual stuff, I know, but it hurt all the same. High School wasn’t any better. I never had a girlfriend. Hell, I barely had friends, and they weren’t exactly the socialites of the century either. Like minds stick together and all that I guess.

Once I got into the real world, I drove a crappy car, because I couldn’t afford a nice one with the crappy pay from my crappy job. I barely even got the job I had, and only because the shear mass of my pathetic life weighed down on my boss’s conscience so much that it’d have been like kicking a three-legged puppy while it was down. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job and the people I worked with. It was just crummy pay, which resulted in the crummy car.

I did manage to move out on my own, but much like my car, my place wasn’t exactly fantastic. The roof leaked, the tap leaked, the shower leaked… pretty much anything that could leak, did. On top of that, it was above an Indian fast-food joint. This resulted in everything I owned smelling a tad too strongly of every kind of curry and spice known to man, and all at the same time. It had one window, and it was small. Really small. Insanely, stupidly small. I paid too much rent for it, but I was too much of a sucker to say anything.

I hadn’t kissed anyone until I was 24, and I won’t even bother embarrassing myself further by going into the details of my non-existent sex life.

Suffice it to say, I was pathetic in every possible way. I was the definition of ‘last place’.

Then I met Rena.

Rena was a girl I met at a coffee shop while waiting in line in a coffee shop to buy a coffee that was far too exotic and far too expensive for me. I have had a rather good day at work, and I felt like treating myself. She was in line behind me, though I only found this out after I had bought my way-too-expensive drink.

As I turned around, our eyes met.

I was in love, simple as that.

As I walked past her, I knew that she was ‘The One.’ I had to talk to her. I had to talk to her and find out her name and what she likes and what she hates and if she had pets and if she liked to read. There were a million other things I wanted to ask her, but at that moment I slipped on a wet tile and went down like a sack of potatoes.

When I came to realise, I was still on the coffee shop floor; my coffee raising the price of the tile that it had spilled on, and many a gawking person hovering over me. Rena actually had the decency to try and help me up. It took a couple tries as I was slipping far too much. She told me to sit still because I was bleeding, and it would probably be best to get a doctor to have a look at me. I’m pretty sure I agreed, but the whole thing is a little hazy. I remember asking her name (Rena), but after that I forget. From what I gather I passed out.

When I came around again, I was sitting in a gurney. Rena was sitting there, as worried looking as anything but hadn’t noticed I was awake. I managed to steal a couple moments to appreciate her.

She wasn’t the cutest girl in the world, but she had a charm about her that blew me away. Just looking at her nearly brought me to tears, though that could have been the endorphins wearing off. Time slowed as I took every part of her in: her eyes, her hair, her skin, her mouth, even the way she sat. Everything about her was breath-taking.

Then the doctor came in, and time resumed its normal speed. He used some of that faux ‘trauma doctor charm’ and said that he was glad to see me conscious. Not exactly a high bar, but it was good enough for him. He asked Rena what happened as he didn’t trust me to retell the tale. He had a look at my head and said that I was indeed going to need a couple stitches. He left for a moment, and returning with a nurse in tow, he told me to turn around so he could “patch me up.”

When the doctor had finished stitching me up, which took a couple tries because apparently my scalp rejects local anesthetic, he told me that I’m lucky I didn’t have a concussion and that my friend was smart to call paramedics. With that, he disappeared through the doorway to treat some other person with minimal enthusiasm.

Rena asked me if I was okay, and I asked her if she wanted to go get something to eat.

I didn’t expect myself to say it. Asking her that showed way more confidence than I actually had. I still blame the fall to my momentary lapse of Loserdom. She was so blind-sided that she actually agreed! My first date in years, and I got it from a trip to the hospital.

If only I had known it was that easy.

We walked to a little diner near the hospital, because neither of us had transportation. I had ridden in the back of the ambulance, and apparently she had as well.

We started to talk, awkwardly of course. I asked her about herself, if she had pets, if she read, and about three percent of all the questions I wanted to ask her. In turn she asked me similar questions, and we ended up having a lot in common. It was at this point that my previous feeling of The One had been confirmed. I had to be with her, and that was that.

Finding a diner, we went inside and got some late breakfast. We finished dinner, and I asked her whether I could see her again in a less hospital-related way. In a shocking turn of events she said yes, and I nearly choked on my much-less-expensive coffee. She thought I was cute in an awkward, nerd-next-door sort of way. I decided to take this as a compliment and asked her for her number. She scrambled through her overly-large purse and dug out a pen and paper. She scribbled her number down, handed it to me, and then somehow managed to flag down a near-by taxi.

This girl was magic.

I walked the 43 blocks home.

Our first so-called-date is something that was so wonderful, so pure, that it will forever be burned into my memory. We met at a park half-way between our homes. I brought a picnic basket filled with the nicest foods I could afford. Granted that didn’t really add up to much, but as Rena put it, “It’s the thought that counts, silly.” I can believe in that.

We met with it feeling almost like it was the first time all over again. We walked down a wide path surrounded by trees, both of us afraid to start talking. Mothers with strollers would walk past us, giving us knowing looks. Children would run blindly past us oblivious of the awkward air that they too would have to deal with when they grew older. I listened to the world, trying to glean some knowledge from the winds and the trees and the dirt.

She broke the silence by asking me how my day had gone, and told me about hers. I couldn’t trust myself to talk much, so I listened. I didn’t mind being the silent one since it’s something I’m used to. No one bothers to pay attention to me, so I end up being a listener anyway. She was thankful for someone who was such a good listener. Who would have thought that being ignored for a good portion of your life would finally pay off?

When we came to a nice clearing, I set up the picnic and we sat down to eat. The sun was just moving through the trees providing us with a semi-shade, and the wind blew through the leaves softly, creating music that you can only hear in your memories. If the day could have been any more picturesque, there would have been little ragged mice with violins playing to the side, tears in their eyes.

As we ate, I made it my mission to sit beside her. Juvenile I know, but I didn’t have much experience at this. Back to basics and all that. My self-induced mission took roughly 2 hours of eating, drinking and conversation, all the while my minds wheels turning on how to find any excuse to move closer. She either didn’t mind or didn’t notice; I assume she knew what I was doing but let me do it. She was always so understanding; she could read me like a book.

I made her laugh, and she made me smile. I told her jokes that I had heard, and she told me about her life, and the little things that made it special to her. I told her she was special, and so special things naturally came to her. She blushed, and I blushed, and we sat there on the ground silently competing for who closer match the shade of an apple. This would be later be my fondest memory within what is already my fondest memory.

As the sun started to set amongst the trees, and the winds started to cool, we opted to pack it in for the day. If I had had it my way, we would have sat there until the ends of the earth. She made everything brighter and more wondrous. She opened my eyes to all the little things I never appreciated. Her laughter was music, and her smiles fought the sun.

We packed the food and the wrappers; the forks and the plates. I folded the blanket we sat on and stood up. We walked back to the entrance to the pack in silence, listening to nature sing us to the end of the date. The air was no longer awkward, but full of magic and a creeping joy. I would have jumped and clicked my heels if I hadn’t been sure that I would have fallen right onto my face. I opted for allowing my insides to vibrate in happiness.

When we were parting ways, I stumbled over myself asking of she’d had a good time, if she was happy, and if she’d like to go out again. I know I got all three questions out but they may have all been one word. She laughed, put her finger on my lips and shushed me. She brushed her hair behind her ear and leaned towards me. Before I knew what was happening, she was kissing me. This soft, electrifying, burst of joy. It wasn’t a hard kiss, or even a long kiss, but I returned it, and for a moment in time, everything in the world was right.

We separated, the world returning to normal. I watched her walk out of the park and hail another taxi. It was only after I watched the taxi leave that I had no idea if I would see her again.

I still think she did that on purpose to make me call her again.

Our relationship wasn’t like any other relationships. It was in the borderline of best friend and a girlfriend. After a couple months of meeting up, we were officially mad for each other. We had done all the stupid cuddly stuff that hideously cute couples do together: going to the beach, going to carnivals as I spent way too much money winning her a stuffed animal (I’m not a very good throw or aim), watched the night sky, the whole lot.

We were together whenever possible.

The best part about it was that I didn’t feel like such a loser when I was with Rena. She was so cute and smart that by simply being around her, I felt smarter and cuter and not as much of a loser. She helped me find a nicer place, helped me find a better car for the same money, and even convinced me to ask for a raise at my job. She turned my life around, little by little.

In return I gave her the only thing I could offer: myself. If she ever needed help with anything, I was there. If she needed laundry picked up, I was already on my way. If she needed someone to call in sick to work for her, I was on the phone. Whenever she needed to cry about something, I held her like it was the end of the universe.

We were in love like it was the only thing that mattered.

Eventually things got more… intimate. After meeting up for nearly a year, our occasional snuggling had been pushed further and further into an adult-oriented scenario. I’m not going to gloat about it or release any sullen details because I don’t need to. Our love was progressing physically as it was mentally.

One night after going for an evening walk and getting ice cream (again, very sickly cute couple) we came back to my place and things got a little more serious than usual. We made it onto the bed, and after some tossing and turning, It happened.

It was wonderful, magical even. All of our emotion and our love was concentrated into that one moment, and for a split second we became one person. I know it sounds corny, but that’s honestly how I’d felt at the time.

As we lay in bed after, we just looked at each other for a while. Things were different now; we’d crossed that line and there was no going back. This wasn’t like a one night stand (which I had never had, thank you), or a fling. This was the real deal. As our eyes stared into each other, I asked her if she’d like to move in with me because I wanted nothing more than to wake up to those eyes every morning.

She started to cry, punched me lovingly on the chest, and called me an ‘idiot puppy.’ I just smiled and said “If you want to call me that, that’s fine. Just say yes.” And you know what? She did. Between her happy sobs, she smiled at me and I knew that I had achieved the one goal I had ever set for myself. I would be with this girl forever. I’ve managed not to screw everything up, and now she’s going to be with me forever.

We slowly fell asleep holding each other, and I cherished that moment more than anything else in my life.

Then the day comes. Rena was invited to a reunion party in which she invited me along. I denied her invitation as I wasn’t feeling too well on that day. So, she ended up going to the party all by herself.

Little did I know that she was drunk. Little did I know that she had forgotten her seatbelts. Before I knew it, she was gone.

I could deal with having a crappy place, a crappy car, and a crappy job. I could deal with being a loser with no hand-eye co-ordination. How could I deal without Rena? I loved her.

I still love her.

And I can still feel her when I fall asleep.


I drop the knife into the water, a loud splash cracks the wall of silence. And just as the stillness of the water is broken, the clouds start to growl and cry. Rain pours down, first as a small sprinkle, then into a down pour. My hand is pounding, a searing pain that won't stop pulsing.

I'm not sure what I should do any more. I don't know where my life is going any more. Where am I heading? It's been two weeks since Rena's death, and I can tell how much I've dropped. I'm almost at rock bottom. I just need her hand, I just need to feel her touch, I just need her to whisper those simple words: Everything will be okay.

Gusts of wind wrap around me, my hair whips across my face, and the rain starts to come down lighter. Then the wind stops suddenly, I think there is a break in the storm. A golden ray of light blinds my eyes and everything has become calm. Then I hear her.

“Take my hand”, she purrs into my ear, sending chills up and down my spine. It can't be her, I'm just going crazy. It's just the wind, it has to be. “Jurina, take my hand”, the voice sounds more demanding, but still sweet and gentle.

"You're not here, this is all a dream!" I yell, covering my ears with my hands. I can't let this get to me, in the end when I figure out that this was all my imagination, I'll be crushed. I cannot sink any further to the bottom.

“No, I'm real. I'm right here, just look. Look up, Jurina.”

And I have to. Something deep in my soul is forcing me to look up, because it believes that Rena is right there. My eyes look into the golden light and there I see a shimmering figure standing right before me. Black sparkling eyes, soft raven black hair, Rena. I know I'm dreaming, this doesn't happen in real life. Angels don't just fall from the sky. Dead best friends don't just appear in front of you.

“Take my hand”, she repeats holding out her hand. It looks real except it's blurry and not holding a specific shape, it keeps disappearing and reappearing. I'm scared to take it, won't my hand just go through hers? But I let my bloody hand reach up to hers, and miraculously she grasps it. Her touch is firm, like she'll never let go. I am completely befuddled, this isn't real.

"How?" I quiver.

Rena just smiles and embraces me into a hug, the entire world around us melts. It's like she never died, she never got into that stupid car crash. We're back at her house, watching a movie in her room. Me, cuddled in her lap and she, stroking my head. We're just two best friends or lovers hanging with each other. Nothing in the world can tear us apart.

“Everything will be okay”, she murmurs, stroking the back of my head. “Everything will be okay, I swear”, Rena takes a step back, and grins at me. “I love you, Jurina. We'll be together again ... Someday.”

The wind picks up again, the light begins to fade and the rain comes back down to earth in large amounts. And the pain is gone. Just gone. I lift up my palm, and there is no more blood, not even a cut mark from the knife. It's like I never pushed the blade against my skin.

Everything will be okay. And for the first time in the last couple of weeks, I do believe that everything will be fine.

"I love you too, Rena." the wind catches my voice and sends it up to the heavens where Rena is looking down on me.

"I now know that everything will be fine. And she's waiting for me, up there in the clouds. Rena has a bowl of popcorn and our favourite movie waiting for me when my time comes, and we'll be together forever, as the two best friends that we are," my voice rings out across the crowd of people at the graveyard. I take a step down from the speaker and head back to my parents. Out past crowd, I see a golden angel, smiling. Some people may say it was just a trick of the light, or I was thinking things, but I'm positive that shimmering figure is Rena, my best friend, my lover, my guardian angel.

OS#3 - Guardian Angel

I'll write an epilogue for this story~
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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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For now I'll ignore that small crossed out sentence.

First I'd like like to say thank you so much for the wonderful BD gift.  :farofflook:

I always love reading miserable Jurina, BUT this is good ending?!!!!   :stoned:

Do you really have to kill off Rena in my BD fic?!!!!  :scolding:

You're supposed to make me happy.  :gyaaah:

So many WMatsui.  :pleeease:

And yes I hate you, Vinnie.  :tantrum:

(And thanks once again.)

Everyday Juriken

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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Don't hate me =3=

You asked for a Wmatsui OS and i gave it to you..

But I will write an epilogue about this..

So, it may not be a sad ending after all~~ :on GJ:

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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Lol I know all that crying won't be for naught.  :wahaha:

I am so looking forward to it~  :hee:

Of cuz it shouldn't be a bad ending, I told you from the start, I want good ending.  :bored:

Everyday Juriken

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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quite sad that Wmatsui can not be together in live...

But at least they can be together in death

So good story there....

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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Do you know what i looked like while i was reading this?
i was all like "oh" then "d'aawww"
literally mixed emotions haha. i can say i might be crazy but anyway,
i've been so deprived about wmatsui that i think i already read all One shots that have been written.
i've been thirsty about wmatsui moments too

and you, sir, are my thirst quencher.

thank you for the wonderful shots. :D

I fucking love nail art.

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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i couldn't believe when rena died here so saaaad

Lovers, keep on the road you're on
Runners, until the race is run
Soldiers, you've got to soldier on
Sometimes even right is wrong

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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RENNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :panic:
I can't breathe.

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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OK right now I'm really scared because of that game hide and seek. (I have a good imagination. I see quite lively all these things. Also I watch really a lot of horror movies.)
I'll NEVER play that game.

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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Oh there is the film about it. Going to see it right now.
I just love horrors.

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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Um... this might sound selfish, but my birthday is this Thursday(day of Sayaka's graduation concert). Can you...

Can you make a Saeyaka fanfic for me?

I really like your fantasy fics... Maybe something sad, but sweet. Y'know, a happy ending.

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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I like it...

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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 :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:
YAY! I like THIS! Finally got the chance to read it! ><
That's just so sweet between Rena and Jurina!
I don't mind Rena's just so SAD!!!! ><"
This story really touched me.
What an amazing OS~ I like it and I truly look forward to see the epilogue of this!  :fap

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #3 : Guardian Angel (Wmatsui OS)
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The epilogue of Guardian Angel dedicated also to Sherin~ :on BDay: :on BDay: :on BDay:

Not sure if you all will like it though..

It doesn't seem that interesting....

Well, anyway i already did it, so.....

ENJOY!!!! :on GJ: :on GJ:

Guardian Angel (Epilogue)

My name is Jurina. People used to stray away from me. But everything changed since I met Rena. The first time in my life that I actually felt useful or needed by somebody. Basically Rena was the best thing that had happened to me. She was the only reason for me to continue living on. Which is why when Rena lost her life in a car accident, I couldn’t handle the news at all. In the end, I attempted to commit suicide. I just didn’t want to continue living without Rena. There was no more meaning in life. Then she came. With a golden shimmering light, Rena stopped me and embraced me for one last time. I still remember her final words before she left me once again… “Everything will be okay, I swear. I love you, Jurina. We'll be together again ... Someday.”

It’s been two years since Rena had passed on to the afterlife. I no longer drive a crappy car now. I was promoted to the manager of my company. Ever since Rena’s death, lady luck had been on my side. It was as if Rena was the one who was bringing me all these luck that I had never dreamt of getting. I live in a bungalow now. Every Sunday, I would buy a bouquet of flowers and a melon pan before visiting Rena’s grave. I would sit down there and I would talk about how my week had been going while munching on Rena’s beloved food melon pan. I wonder if she heard everything I told her for the past two years.

As I made my way down the street after paying a visit to Rena, I sighed loudly, making a little girl, who was tightly holding her mother’s hand, look at me before I passed her. She smiled, and I gave a weak smile in return. She was really cute. She kinda reminded me of Rena. I was walking back to my home. I tend to day dream a lot about Rena as I walk, it’s a bad habit. While thinking things over, time seemed to escape me. It was 11:30pm. I caught a glimpse of something that seemed off. Three figures were standing in a shady spot on a dead end street. There were no street lights. I moved closer, hiding behind a tall, dead tree. The group didn’t seem right. Two of them were dressed in all black, while the other, smaller figure, was in what seemed like red or pink, I can't tell. But what would people be doing in place like this, at this time of night? It can’t be anything good, that’s for sure. When I got closer, the two tallest figures were rugged looking men. The shorter one was a girl, no older than me, but she was struggling… What the hell is going on? Her eyes were wide with fear, looking about, trying to find someone or something to help her. The girl’s mouth was covered with tape and her hands were behind her back. They were held tightly by one of the men, he seemed so much stronger than her. She was helpless. His partner stood facing her and was talking in a hushed tone.

“If Daddy doesn’t comply to our requests, well, he’ll never see his precious daughter again now, will he?”

She desperately tried to speak but her voice was muffled due to the tape.

Wait, who was she and what did these guys want from her father, money? That’s the only thing I could think of. They suddenly moved. I guess they didn’t want anyone, who were actually out this late, to see what they were about to do. The positioned themselves to the darkest part of the dead end street. No houses were built on the short block, the land was a vacant lot. The man who wasn’t holding the girl started to undo her shirt.

She desperately tried to get away. She tried kicking at him, but the man holding her wouldn't allow it. He barely seemed to notice her failed attempts at freedom. The guy working on her shirt glared at her.

“Now, now, don’t be like that. Do you want us to hurt you? Daddy wouldn’t like that very much.”

He smirked and went back at trying to undo her blouse. His hands were shaky though, that much I could tell. He was probably worried someone might see.

Shit. What was I going to do? A part of me was saying, “Get the hell out of there!” and some other force was pushing me to go to her rescue. I had to help. There was no time to turn back. I began to advance toward them.

I was only a short distance now. The two men were too preoccupied in trying to figure out how to undo a simple shirt button to notice my advancement towards them.

Luckily for me, they probably never had too much luck with women and a simple shirt button was considered rocket science in their minds. It gave me enough time.

I was close enough now. I charged at them, aiming for the man that was trying to get the shirt off the girl. He never saw me coming.

I punched his nose. I felt his nose break and my hand sank deeper into his face. The dirt-bag fell backwards to the ground. God that felt good! All the rage that was stored inside me from losing Rena alone was put into a single punch.

The other guy dropped the girl and took off the other way. She stumbled to the ground and looked shaken. She began to take the tape off her mouth; two pieces were crossed over her mouth like an "X". I stood with my back toward her, standing over the man I knocked out. “You disgust me…” I mumbled aloud. I glared at his unconscious body. There was a pool of blood around his face, gushing out of his nose. I could have killed him if I really wanted to. I, after all had learnt some martial arts when I was younger.

I heard the girl gasp. I turned around to see what was wrong. “Hey, you, alri-?”

I heard something, but didn’t have time to figure out what it was. Something hit me. I couldn’t breathe.

I fell to my knees.

I coughed up blood.

My vision started to become blurry.

I heard a scream.

Then, I heard the sound again. I began to lift my head to see what it was but I was struck for the second time. My body fell to the ground.

I realized what hit me, but it was too late.
The other bastard shot me…

Now he took off in the opposite direction. He was running away.

But, was she OK?

I slowly lifted my head. The girl was on her phone, crying. She seemed to be frantically speaking to the person on the other line, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. In fact, I suddenly realized I couldn’t hear anything. Everything was silent. The other man was still unconscious lying on the street next to me. There was more blood now. My head dropped. Everything was slowly becoming dark around me. I couldn’t see, everything was blurry and the darkness was taking over. My eye lids felt heavy. I didn’t have the strength in me to keep them open anymore. I closed my eyes, giving up.

It was over.

But then I heard a voice…

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”

What the hell just happened?

When I opened my eyes, the girl was gone. I was in, what seemed to be, an isolated location. I was surrounded by white. Looking around, all I could see was a plain white floor. But there wasn’t a ceiling, and there weren’t any walls. It seemed to go on forever in every direction.

“Where am I?”

I looked down at my chest, I had no bullet wounds and I was dressed in all white. My hair was the darkest thing in this place.

If this was heaven, it didn’t seem so great. I wonder if Rena was somewhere around here. But there was no one. Not a single soul. I sighed. I did feel strangely at peace though. I had no worries and I felt great. For once, I didn’t have a headache or stress about my job and I felt almost… free. I was about to look around when I stumbled across a door. Where did that come from? I knew it wasn’t there a second ago. This place is weird, and I had no clue where it was, yet it had a relaxing atmosphere.

The only thing I knew for certain was that I was dead. Or that I was just having a really bad dream. I took the chance and went in.

The room was very similar to the world outside.


In fact, the room was exactly like the place on the other side of the door, other than the fact there was a huge desk a few feet away. Someone sat behind it in a big, off white leather chair. The back of the chair was facing me.

“Hey there, Jurina.”

For some reason, I trusted the voice. It seemed so familiar. I walked forward with some hesitation. The chair swivelled around and a girl turned to greet me. The face of a girl that seemed way too familiar to me. She was dressed in a white blouse. She doesn’t seem much older than I am, maybe in her twenties. She had long black hair and wearing a warm and friendly smile. Then I realized, it was a face of a girl I had known for a long time.

“R-Rena?” Jurina’s eyes widened

“It’s been some time, Jurina.” Rena instead replied with a loving smile.

“R-Rena?? I-Is that really you?” Jurina’s eyes was immediately blurred by her tears.

Rena chuckled.

“It is me, Jurina.”

Jurina couldn’t hold in her tears any longer as she laid her head onto Rena’s shoulder and embraced her body for a long time.

“I’ve been taking care of you from up here all these time, Jurina. You did really well. I’m very proud of you.”

“W-what do you mean?”

“You see… Everybody on earth has a guardian angel looking after them. I am your guardian angel, Jurina. Or rather, was your guardian angel.”

“Am I not dreaming instead?” Jurina pinched the right side of her face.

“Here, let me help you.” Rena pinched the left side of Jurina’s cheeks.


“You’re not dreaming, Jurina.. This is, in fact, heaven.”

“I wasn’t dreaming after all.. I really did die.”

“You have saved a life, Jurina. You’ve shown the one of the most unselfish acts that any human can display. Most people worry about themselves before others. You, on the other hand, didn’t care what was going to happen to you and just wanted that girl to be safe, and thanks to your unselfish act, she is.”

“The girl was saved?”

Rena nodded. “Yes, Jurina. Why don’t you take a look at this book for yourself?”

Rena took a book from her table and passed it to Jurina. It looked like a diary. To be exact, it is Jurina’s life journal. Everything that had happened to Jurina or the people she encountered was recorded in this very book. Everything was written in detailed even until the day of her death. In the book, it was written that the police came in time to the scene and managed to catch both the criminals and the girl, saved.

“Wait… So, you knew I was going to die today?”

Rena smiled and nodded her head.

“Well, why didn’t you save me then?”

“I’m only a guardian, Jurina. The furthest I can go is to stop you from committing suicide. I can’t interfere if the cause of death was by someone other than yourself.”

“But I’m kinda glad though.. That I died. I get to see you once again.” Jurina smiled warmly.

“The life you gave up for her will not go to waste, Jurina. Take a look at this.” Rena passed another journal to Jurina.

The journal had the picture of the girl that Jurina gave her life for.

“Her name is Maeda Atsuko. In five years time, she will be a professional idol and a very successful actress. Everything would have ended for her tonight if you hadn’t saved her.” Rena replied.

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. You do not want to live with a guilt forever carved into your heart, am I right?”

“I understand this, Rena. That is why I think I had made the right choice. You were right. Death is not the greatest loss.”

“We can watch over Maeda together, Jurina. Now, we can be together forever.” Rena held out her hand.

“Never to separate again...” Jurina held Rena’s hand as both of them faded away together in a shimmering bright light.

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
-Norman Cousins

Guardian Angel (Epilogue)
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great epilogue....Wmatsui together... at last...

But make a smalll sequel of adult Atsuko please...

and make it Atsumina too....

can't wait to see more OS

Thank you for the lovely ending

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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She saved acchan, nice
It's pity that she died but also I'm happy that they are together. :grin:

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  • atsumina for life....
But make a smalll sequel of adult Atsuko please...

and make it Atsumina too....
^wahh me like it!
Atsumina :wub:

Omg i just love ur fic and i cant wait to read more XD
Thank you for the awesome update :on gay:

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  • Acchan 4eva~ <3
Just a Wmatsui OS i did~

OS # 6 Always you (Wmatsui OS)

Today is about taking risk. And I’m about to take one today. I was dreading this day to come… but I have to face it. Confidence surge through me like I was morphing into some mighty creature. I have to confront her either the consequences are good or bad, I don’t care. I just have to do it. I scanned the hallway, and notice that there are still several people walking in and out of their rooms. I waited for the others to go because, for all I know, she will be left alone in their classroom since that day was her duty as the cleaner. My heart was pounding quickly and my hands were trembling. Tension was surrounding me like pouring rain. It’s unavoidable, unless I brought an umbrella with me. But unfortunately, that’s not the case here. After waiting for approximately 10 minutes or so, the hallway is finally void. But I can see through my whereabouts that she is still in the classroom. Perfect timing. So I breathe in deeply and walk straight through their room. Eventually, I knock on their door although it’s open. She abruptly discontinues brooming and looked at me. I swear, whenever she looks at me, I felt paralyzed. My heart is throbbing rapidly, so rapid I thought it would get out of its system.

“Hey, can I talk to you?” I asked. I went inside the room.

She detached her hand from the broom and walked towards me. “Sure.”

“Uh… ah…” My mind went blank. How should I start?

“C’mon, just tell me.” Her tone was impatient like I was a waste of her time. Besides, I am really just a waste of her precious time.

“Nothing,” I turned around and dash out from their room. I didn’t even bother to look at her.Earlier, I was so confident I thought I could just step up and say, “Hey, I like you. That’s all.” But that was earlier. Just looking at her made my mind goes vacant. Those ravishing eyes and those lips. Oh my gosh. I could kiss those lips forever. And her hair, styled nicely and that body.... She is so beautiful, it hurts. And me, I guess I don’t have to portray myself. I’m absolutely, no more protesting, out of her league.

“Rena, wait!” someone yelled from behind. I looked back and realize that it was her. It was Jurina. I froze. I had no clue that she was chasing after me. Perhaps I was too busy thinking about her that I wasn’t aware that she’s already at my back. You know, I always dreamt of someone chasing after me, but not like in the horror movies. Not ghosts. Not some psycho killer. Her. Jurina. I could not believe this.

She abruptly stops running when I stopped. All of a sudden, she put both her hands on my shoulder, pushing me backwards and my back bumped the wall. “Why on earth did you run away?” She was panting hard, to the extent that her voice came out breathy. It brought chills to my whole essence.

I can’t look at her face. Not now. “Look, it’s no big deal.”

“Is it true that you like me?”Wow. I didn’t expect that that question will come out of nowhere. But then I took a deep breath and look at her. “Y-Yea.”

There was an awkward silence.

More awkward silence.

“Please, don’t do this.” I broke the silence.

“Huh?” She looks confused.

“This.” I opened my eyes wide and did a gesture on the air “Pinning me on the wall.”

“Why?” She leans more closely.

“Crap.” I muttered. “Look, I like you but you can’t just pin me on the wall.” because it is turning me on. Except I didn’t say that. I continued, “Are you doing this to everyone who likes you? Pinning them onto the wall?” I gave her a hard look.

She started laughing hysterically.Did I just say something really funny? Well If I did, congratulations to me.“You know,” She laughed. My face is starting to warm up. “I was about to talk to you today but when I went to your room, you weren’t there.”

Because I was looking after you for the past 10 minutes. I thought. Wait, he was about to talk to me? About what? Intriguing.

“And what’s funny there?” I folded my arms onto my chest. Still giving her a hard look. For a second, I realized that I was tough. Or at least, I’m acting like I am. Whatever. But I can tell its working. She stopped laughing.

She then continued. “You see, when I texted you,” Indeed. She texted me. I remembered that because her texts were all saved in my phone. I was freaked out when I received her text. But later on, I figured out that she was just forced by her friends to text me. It was really sad, though. “I was really really nervous… I have no idea why. Like I can’t think of anything witty to tell you―”

“Because you’re not interested.” I snapped.

Despite my boorishness, she resumed talking like I didn’t cut her off, “Because you’re different. You see, you’re smart and all that. When I heard the rumors that you like me, I―”

“Jurina, why are you telling me this?” I cut her off again. She gaped at me for a long time. I started to get nervous. So I veered my eyes to another direction.

“Damn it. Will you please let me finish speaking first? If you’re going to keep butting in, this conversation is going nowhere.” Jurina demanded.

Shame well up around me. I didn’t speak. I nodded for her to continue. “So, here was I? Uh...” She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. Sexy. I can say that she’s trying to decipher. “There. When I heard the rumors that you like me, I... didn’t believe it.” She shook her head.

“Anyhow, believe now. You heard it from me. I like you.” I smiled at him. Isn’t it strange to think that I was courageously smiling in front of her? Isn’t it strange to think that I once was so terrified to look at her because she might catch me? Everything that’s happening right now is extremely foreign to me.

“I’m so sorry.” She said.

“For what?” I thought, but then I already reckon what was it. “No, don’t be, I unders―” But then she cut me off. Jurina cut me off by pressing her lips onto mine.

Every cell in my body was tingling with anticipation. My mind went out of focus and my core was throbbing furiously. I place my hand onto her chest and suspected that her heart was throbbing furiously just like mine. So, this is what it feels like being kissed by the one you really like. It was nerve wrecking, odd and most of all exhilarating. I shoved her away slowly and we both gasped for air.

“I’m very sorry. I can’t take it anymore. You can smack my face if you want to.” Jurina veered her face sideways to show her cheeks.

“Are you crazy?” I said laughing, still hangover from the kiss. “Why would I smack your face? I’ve been waiting for this since a long time ago.”

“Oh god. I was such a coward for not expressing my feelings to you.” She said. “I was so happy when I heard that you like me and was much happier when I heard it from you. I do really like you.”

“Figured. But are you serious with the stuff that you’re telling me? You really like me? Is the kiss just a phony?” I emphasize the word really and raise my right eyebrow.

“More serious than I had ever been” She winked.

“Soo...” I teasingly said.

“Soooooooooooooooooooooo....” She said it longer.

I jumped and embraced her relentlessly like she was going to die. She embraced me back, tighter, I thought my spinal cord would break. For an instant, I want to picture this moment forever and put it on a photo frame so when I got old and frail or even though, if ever, fate has forbid us to be together, I’ll still be looking at it when I thought of Jurina. I also want to reiterate the moment when she kissed me. I want to rewind everything. But I presume I don’t have to. I have all the time in the world. Besides, Jurina admitted that she likes me back. I’m not really sure that she does but I have to trust my instinct. And I felt that she is stern with her words and actions. And that’s more than anything. Maybe this isn’t the last time that she is going to kiss me. My heart is fluttering right now. The exhilaration is contagious. We are still embracing. Jurina whispered something into my ear; I didn’t fathom the words because she laughed instantaneously before I asked what was it.



“I remembered something that my friend told me,” Her laugh was soft. “Is it true that you kept the candy wrapper that I once thrown?”

Oh crap. I can melt out of embarrassment right now. How did she freaking know? And who is this friend of hers who told the most mortifying thing I had done? She has so many things to tell me.

“Shamefully, yes.” I gave up.

“It’s cute.” She said. I can still tell that she is chuckling even though I can’t see her face. I unwrapped my arms around her and she does the same too.

“I think you still need to finish your work.” I looked at her classroom.

“Oh. Right.” Juria rubs the back of her head.“You should go.” I said.

She walked away slowly but then she suddenly returned to me.

“But not without you now.” Jurina kissed my forehead and held my hand as we went back into the room.

OS # 6 - Always you

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