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Author Topic: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS # 19 En Garde (Mayuki OS)  (Read 57802 times)

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #8 : Crazy Stupid (Wmatsui OS)
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OS # 9 When is the right time? (Wmatsui OS)

Note : This OS wil be entirely from Jurina's POV

When is it the right time to tell someone you love that you've decided that they're the right person for you? Apparently for me the answer would be: too late. It took for the girl I love to be in a coma for me to realize that I love her more than anyone. I regret telling Rena that I wanted to see other people, she cried but understood that I wanted to have new experiences with other people. That was one of her admirable traits. She told me before we left that she would always be there for me, whenever I needed it. I told her she would always have a place in my heart. Our relationship had helped me grow.

My last few relationships were good, but nothing like what I had with Rena. She hadn’t found anyone else, she was busy between school and many volunteer opportunities. She had a good heart. I received an invitation in the mail, inviting me to her birthday party. She was the star of it. I remembered that I had smiled at the invitation. She had hand wrote it, it said it would make her immensely happy if I went.

I packed up my things and caught the next train back into the city. I stayed with my family. When her big day came I wore my best clothing and brought flowers, her favorites. There was many unknown people but also some of our friends were there. I remember that I was anticipating seeing her, it had been a while. The whole group was asked to proceed to the ceremonial room. Myself and a cluster of friends were asked to sit on one side of the room. Across, on the other side, I recognized her family.

About fifteen to thirty minutes later Rena proceeded into the room. She looked beautiful, more so than what I last remembered. She wore a white gown that fit her slender body. The waist section was pulled in just enough to show her figure. Her raven black hair was long now, reached to the middle of her back. Throughout the day, everyone bombarded her with congratulations. After they would go eat, I stayed behind and waited for her. When she saw me, her black eyes lit up with excitement. I think a tear escaped. Her smile was wide and inviting.

“You made it!” Rena said excitedly. I couldn't forget her excitement.

“I wouldn't miss it for the world,” I told her returning the smile. She smiled again. Then the crowd of people took her away again. I still stayed, wanting to talk to her more than ever. It took a good half hour for her to be by herself. She was packing the presents. I gave her the flowers and she smiled again. Then she hugged me. I hugged her back. It had been a year or two since we hugged. It felt good to have her in my arms again. All I wanted to say was 'I love you', maybe out of habit. But I did still love her, she still had a place in my heart. I wondered if she still loves me.

“How's your life been?” Rena asked still embracing me.

“Good, busy.”

“How's the partner aspect?” she asked.

“The last one was too needy for my taste. Always needed my attention, always needed my money” I said. I couldn't tell her that I still loved her and that I missed us being more. She let go and picked up some bags. I picked up the rest.

“Thanks.” she said with a small smile. Her cheeks were red. The rest of the evening went by pretty fast until there were just a couple of stragglers. She finally sat down and ate in peace. I walked over and sat next to her. She looked up and smiled. We spoke for a while, trying to catch up. It was late when we left. Rena hugged me and whispered something in my ear then left in a car. She told me that she still loved me a lot. I never got to tell her that I loved her too. I told myself that I would call her in the morning.

I called her in the afternoon. I left her text messages. Her phone finally picked up but it wasn't her. It was her mother, telling me she was in the hospital. Last night her car crashed, as far as they knew she was in a coma. And that's where I was for the first couple of days, right next to her, holding her hand and stroking it with my thumb. The doctors tried telling me that she may not come back, and if she did she may not be the same. I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to go back and tell her and offer her a ride home.

Today makes it a week since the accident. If she stayed asleep anymore I'll lose her forever. I held her hand. I wanted to tell her everything.

“I'm sorry that I left you. You know, I couldn't find anyone like you, Rena. I love you a lot.” I kissed her hand. “I want you back. I want you to smile at me again. I...I want you with me again. I'm sorry I took so long, I wasn't sure if you wanted me back.” I looked down at the floor. Tear droplets made a little puddle on the floor. Then I felt something squeeze my hand. I looked up and saw Rena. Her body was still in the same position, her face expressionless, but I saw something reflect light on her face. It was a tear drop that escaped her eye. One of the monitors that had been a straight line now had a jump in it. Doctors rushed into the room and I was kicked out.

About one to two weeks later I was allowed to see her. I walked in with her favorite flowers and she was sitting up in her bed. She saw me and smiled. Her face looked worn, as if she was deprived of much sleep. But she was alive.

“Hey.” I said with a smile as I placed the flowers on a table.

“Hey.” Rena said in a weary voice. She managed a weak smile. I sat down and took her hand and began stroking it with my thumb like I had before.

“You did this before didn't you?” She asked.

“Who told you?” I asked still smiling, I was happy to hear her voice again.

“This feels familiar.” she said. I lifted her hand and kissed it. Her cheeks attempted to turn red.

“I love you.” I said finally to her.“I know, I heard you.” she said.

Two months passed and she was out of the hospital. She was in my arms again as we swung in a hammock.

“Why did you let me go if you still loved me?” I asked her as I played with her hair.

“You wouldn't have been happy if I held you down. If you love something, you let it go. And if it comes back to you then you can keep it.”

“And never let go again,” I said as I hugged her.


When is it the right time to tell someone that you love them? Apparently for me: almost too late. Right now I am in a hammock with my beautiful girl friend, she’s sound asleep. I was still stroking her raven black hair. I had almost lost her, for a second time. The first time we were in high school. She was always beautiful, back then I never had enough courage to tell her. I remember always seeing her in the hallways. I was always eager to see her smile her brilliant smile. I was too nervous to even try to talk to her.

The week I almost lost her was like any other week, boring, trying to see her smile. She had been acting strange that week. She wasn’t talking to anyone, her boyfriend wasn’t around. Her usual cheeriness was missing and was replaced with a negative feeling. It was as if she was replaced by some clone. I decided that day to go up to her and ask if she was okay.

“Hey Rena, are you alright?” I asked her. She seemed to be looking elsewhere. I waved my hand in front of her.

“Huh?” she asked. She saw me, then her cheeks started turning red. I stupidly thought she was sick. “You were talking to me?” she asked.

“Um yeah,” I looked at the floor, “just wanted to make sure you were okay, you seem sick.”

“I’m …fine,” then she walked away.

The next day she didn’t come to school. I was really worried; she never missed a day of school. That much I knew because I hadn’t missed a day of school, and I always saw her smile every day until this week. I was sick to my stomach with worry. All I did was, I kept telling myself that maybe she was home sick. After I had managed to calm myself down I began laughing. I thought it was stupid of me to care so much about her, even though she had no idea of my feelings for her. We rarely spoke and she never smiled at me. I couldn’t help but feel stupid.

As I walked in the hall way I couldn’t help but notice that no one had made a comment about her strange absence. Then I saw her boyfriend in the hall way, flirting. As I walked by them I overheard:

“Aren’t you already taken?” the girl asked.

“Who says that? I haven’t been taken for a while,” he said with a sly smile.

If Rena’s not with him anymore then where can she be? Was all I could think of. It explained a little why she was acting like the she had been. I tried listening to all of the gossip, in hopes of trying to find out if anyone knew anything. It was useless. I went home and felt depressed and sick to my stomach. I tried to go to sleep that night but my mind was coming up with a list of endless possibilities of what could have happened to her. I finally fell asleep.

I thought it was the next day – it felt like it. I went down stairs and saw the mail, there was a letter for me. The letter was from her. The letter said that she was sorry, that she had to get rid of all the pain in her head. It said no one cared about her, no one loved her. all I could think of was ‘No this can’t be happening!’. Then on cue the news reported a high school student was found dead in the river, multiple lashings on the arm. It was Rena, she killed herself; the bridge was right by our school. I burst into tears, it was stupid but that’s how my anger and frustration came out as. I dropped the letter on the floor. Then I saw there were two pieces of paper. It said she had to tell me one last thing, it said that she like me so much she thought it might actually be love. And that the other day when she said she was fine, she really wasn’t. I ran to look at a calendar and saw that it was Saturday; I knew that couldn’t be right because yesterday was only Wednesday. Then a loud annoying sound caught my attention.

My alarm woke me up, and it was Thursday. Something told me that I might have just seen the future but I wasn’t going to risk anything. I grabbed my bag and ran to her house; I overheard it one time, and knocked on her door. Her parents said she wasn’t feeling good yesterday and that she was at school that day. I ran as fast as I could. I remember how fast my heart was pounding. I thought it would break through my chest. I was quite surprised that my legs hadn’t given out, good thing I did my morning jogs usually. My throat was becoming parched but I couldn’t stop. Not until I knew she was safe and nothing of killing herself.

I got into the school and ran through the hallways to find her locker. It was still early. I bumped into several people but I couldn’t stop. I knew Rena’s locker was close by but what would I say to her? She was at her locker; I saw her long raven black hair. I still had no idea what I should say to her. The last part seemed like slow motion to me. She looked up and looked at me. Her black eyes were wide, scared most likely because I was running towards her. Then I knew exactly what to say. I slowed down enough then I kissed her. My hand went to her cheek and pulled her closer to me. I pulled back so I could breathe. Her black eyes were full of surprise and her cheeks were red.

“Did you mean that?” she asked. I couldn’t speak because my throat was too dry. She stated to walk away. I couldn’t let her get away. I grabbed her quickly and pulled her close to me.“Don’t…Don’t kill yourself,” I said with heavy breaths in between, “I love you, I care about you, I need you. Please don’t go.” She looked up at me. There was a slight tug at the corner of her mouth. A smile for me. I smiled and pulled her in for another kiss, her arms wrapped around my neck. I didn’t care that the whole school was watching.

And now here we are, together in a hammock. She stated to wake up. She looked at me and smiled her brilliant smile. I smiled back. She leaned closer to my face and kissed me.


Is it the right time? That's the question we ask ourselves isn't it? Is it the right time for me to propose to my girl? So I can ensure that she's with me forever. For me there is no right time. The amount of times death has tried to take her is an unusual high amount. Then again I'm not necessarily a usual person.

It had started off not like any other day; I woke up calmly without any crazy dreams. I was back on campus for class. She was still in the city. When we were kissing good bye, I told her I had a bad feeling about leaving her there and that she should come with me. She gave a look, one that said she wanted to believe me but didn't. The feelings I get, dreams whatever the case may be have been a warning for me for her that I had chosen to ignore. Every time something close to a near death experience was to happen to her, I would be warned. I use to brush it off, believed for a hot second in high school, but afterwards I ignored it. But after the car accident, I haven't ignored those feelings. She said that she would be fine and safe and that I shouldn't miss so much school. Then I left her at the train station.

I leave her messages through all forms of media. She doesn't get back to me in such a long time and it kills me. The feelings and dreams attack me when I'm not awake and aware. I told myself that it meant she was still alive everyday if I still felt it. So for me to wake up calmly from a good night’s rest is unusual for me. It scared me more than anything. I tried calling her all of that day. I got her mom on one of the lines, she tells me her daughter is fine. Her mom scared me sometimes. Not exactly the nicest person in the world. The way she said "she was fine" had me on pins and needles.

That day was the last day of my finals. I finished packing my bags and ran off to class to ace my test. The Dean inquired why I wasn't going to commencement. I told him I had other important things to do. He gave me a look but didn't insist that I elaborate. Instead he handed me my diploma that said I graduated with high honors and all that fun stuff that came with a masters. With a letter that says they loved my thesis.

I tried calling Rena again, I left a message like usual, "Hey babe, I'm getting ready to head off campus, can't wait to see you. Will you be at the station? Give me a call when you can. I love you," I said before hanging up. I got on the train and found I couldn't sleep an ounce the entire travel to the city. It wasn't because of the feelings I get, that's what terrified me the most.

When I got to the city I got a hotel room so I could put my stuff somewhere and ran to Rena’s house. It took an hour to get to her house. It felt like the longest hour in my life. I have a copy of her key. I went in and looked around. I was in shock. Her place was a mess and looked like a fight broke out in it. The scariest thing I saw was when I saw blood smeared on the wall. The amount scared me. How much of her blood isn't in her? Logic told me to call the police. My feeling told me I didn't have time for the police right now.

I hailed a cab and went over to her mother's house. Her mother used to scare me. Her parents were divorced. Her father was a nice man happily married to a nice woman. Her mother married a drug lord....I think. How this happened I will never know. So it didn't surprise me that her mother tried killing me after she let me in the house. Her husband wasn't home thankfully. I don't think I would be able to handle them both.

I called for her in the house, screaming her name in the bit of voice I had left. The running and fighting took away a lot of my energy. Rena didn't respond, maybe she couldn't respond. I felt my adrenaline pumping like crazy. I had an urge to break everything in the damn house until I found her. Then I noticed a door under the stairs which led to the basement. The damn basement why didn't I think of checking there? I yelled at myself.

I watched my step down the darkened stairs, unsure of what I might find. There I found well put together greenhouse for guess what - weed. Why the hell did I leave Rena here? Who knows what could have happened. I searched the entire floor but didn't see her. Where could she be? I stood in silence. I heard small knocking sounds. I panicked thinking it was coming from upstairs. That her mother had come to or worse her husband was home. But it didn't sound like it was coming from upstairs. I walked around the room to find the source of the knocking noise.

I discovered that it came from behind a metal shelf. I pushed it aside and discovered another door. I ripped open the door wide not caring of what possibilities lied inside. But I was not prepared to find her behind the door. She was beaten purple from what I could tell in the low lighting. There was blood on her, around her, everywhere. I knew hot tears were coming down. I bent down and brushed her brown hair away from her eyes gently. Her beautiful eyes open and I saw how they recognized me.

Rena started crying and then began muttering, "I'm sorry I'm so sorry. I should've listened to you before and-"

"Shh..." I said to cut her off as I ran my hand over her face, "Now isn't the time for I told you so’s" I said. I took off my jacket and put it on her. The damn bastards had her nude. My jacket was big enough to cover her up to thigh high. She needed more than that. I grabbed a disgusting sheet and wrapped it around her. Rena still seemed a bit shocked and scared. I took a moment and leaned my forehead against hers carefully. She closed her eyes and I kissed her lips gently to assure her that everything that was happening was real. The kiss tastes salty from our tears and I saw her wipe away some of her blood from the corner of my mouth.

Before I picked her up to carry her, I gave her my phone. "Call the police okay?" I told her. She was scared again but nodded her head. I felt danger coming, danger that would kill her. And I couldn't let it kill her. I managed to open a small window and try to climb out of. It was too late though, the husband was home. I heard him storming for the stairs down here. I pushed her out and she began calling for help. There wasn't enough time for me to get out with her though. And I knew it. It was why I had her leave first. It's why I gave her my jacket, there would be cash for her to get away and buy whatever she needs.

She ran away from the window. Turning back to see I wasn't coming but she kept running. She's safe at least. It's not her turn to die yet I thought. I turned and punched the husband in the face. He had a gun. I ducked and dodged bullets somehow. I managed to turn one of the tables with the plants on it over to use as a shield. This went on for who knows how long. After a while though we smelled smoke. The husband tried going upstairs to discover that the whole hallway was on fire. After the next part though I don't remember what happened. He was charging at me to get to the damn window and I wouldn't let him.


My eyes opened and I found myself in a white room feeling very stiff and uncomfortable. However there was something warm attached to my right arm. I glance over and saw that Rena was there. Her hair had fallen to one side of her face that I could see was healing. Her hand was wrapped around mine; her head was resting on my arm. I saw tear streaks on her face. She started waking up and as she did she started crying a bit again.

“I’m so sorry,” Rena said.

“Don’t blame yourself,” I said rolling my head closer to her.

“You’re just saying that,” she said as she wiped away tears, “I know somewhere inside of that head of yours, you're saying ‘I told you so.’”

“I’m just glad you're safe,” I said with a smirk.

“Don’t you start that damn speech. You're not dying. The doctors said you were healing and that you should be out soon.”

“Hey, there’s something in my coat for you,” I said. She looks suspiciously at me. Then she got up and went to my coat and pulled out a small present with her name on it. Her eyes were wide with surprise. “I meant to do it right but that never happened, however I think now is as good of a time as ever to ask you this. Will you marry me?” I asked.

She opened the box to reveal a diamond ring, one that I have been saving to buy for her. She cried some more.

“Yes,” she said as she bent over and kissed me. She was happy.

“Is everything okay with you?” I asked after she let me breathe.

“We can talk about it later. I just want to savor this moment. I suppose I will have to start packing,” she said. She must have been able to decipher my face because she quickly laughed, “I assume you will want me to live with you when you’re feeling better.”

“It’s up to you where we live so long as I’m with you,” I say with a smile. She smiles again. I can see that she’s hurt and possibly a bit broken but I can also see that she’s getting better. I can see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Hope that she will be able to move past this all. I will help her as best as I can because…I love her.

“You know, you’re the only damn person that causes this many tears from me, you know that right?” Rena asks with a laugh escaping at the end of the question. All i can do is just smile back at her.

“I love you.” she whispers against my lips before kissing me again, not allowing me to return the words to her.

OS # 9 When is the right time? (Wmatsui OS)

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Can't wait for your other story.. :grin:

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jurina was so cool~

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another wonderful story for Wmatsui...

Jurina is so great

Can't wait to see more OS

Thank you for the OS

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I love how you keep delivering new WMatsui fics for us. ヾ(*´∇`)ノ You are a blessing to the shipper's heart.
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OS # 10 The Kiss (Wmatsui OS)

My name is Matsui Jurina and I’m eleven years old. I go to AKB Elementary Girl School where I’m in the sixth grade. Today, after school, I have to kiss a girl.

Now, you may be asking yourself how a girl can get herself in such a pickle that she’s got to kiss a girl. In the movies I’ve seen and heard about, it happens all the time. It usually happens because of a confusing but funny string of events, and afterwards, both parties are happy about it. The reason I have to kiss a girl is simple, and I’m not happy about it at all.

It all began today during recess. The sixth grade students were playing dodge ball on a sea of black asphalt the teachers call the playground. The only grass at my school grows out in front of the principal’s office. You get in trouble if you step on that grass. So, instead of playing on grass, we have to play on black asphalt painted all over with lines to make boundaries for games like two square, four square, futsal, and my favorite game, dodge ball. The playground also has hopscotch squares painted on it, and the students like to draw their own squares with chalk they take from the classroom. The sea of asphalt, painted lines, and chalk lines stretch for miles in all directions, at least it seems that way, right up to the bungalows the principal keeps moving onto the playground to handle the new kids that show up every week. It’s funny to think that as the school grows the playground shrinks.

Another thing worth mentioning about the playground is that in the 38 degree heat of summer, you can see waves of heat being pumped out of the asphalt making the school buildings, monkey bars, and surrounding houses shimmy like they’re doing the hula. The asphalt becomes so hot that it melts the patches laid down over the cracks in winter making pools of hot, sticky tar that’ll sure ruin a new pair of shoes in a hurry. Take my word for it.

Anyway, I was about to tell you how this kissing thing got started. Like I already mentioned, I’m in the sixth grade, what’s called an upper classman, but what I haven’t mention is that I’m the biggest kid in the sixth grade and that all the other girls in school look up to me as their leader. Being a leader can be tough and one good way to keep being a leader is to win at dodge ball. It was looking like my team was going to win again today, and I was slinging the ball really hard to make sure that’s what happened, when something I hadn’t thought would happen, happened instead.

It all began with a try at splitting Watanabe Mayu’s lip with a shot to the chops from the red rubber menace with some heat on it. Mayu was a wise-cracker and it was time to remind her why it was best to direct her wise-cracker-ness toward kids other than yours truly. I launched the ball using my catapult sling technique borrowed, with some important improvements, and to my satisfaction saw that my aim was dead on. Unfortunately, Mayu was looking straight at me, she was prepared, and she was squirrely, and by that I mean quick. As the red sphere of death came whistling toward her kisser, she managed to drop to all fours in time to have her hair parted by the passing shock wave but to avoid more serious damage. Matsui Rena wasn’t so lucky. She was glancing my way, and therefore must have clearly seen the dreaded orb speeding towards her face, but she was not prepared and she was definitely not squirrely. Her reaction to the ball could best be described as tortoisey.

What happened next, happened quick. Only later was I able to replay it in my mind in slow motion to fully appreciate the magnitude of the disaster. The rubber ball hit Rena high in the head, just above the left eye. The speed behind it made the ball seem to deflate on impact, turning it into a wide sheet of rubber that slapped itself hard onto her face then wrapped itself around her head and ears like a mask. The mask then blew itself off her face as the energy from the ball was converted to a sharp backward snap of Rena’s head, followed by her body when her head could go no further. She went down like a felled tree, and would have received even more abuse from the asphalt if she hadn’t been lucky enough to fall backwards into the arms of Kashiwagi Yuki, who fell on Oshima Yuko, and so on. A line of girls went down like dominos, receiving little harm beyond black asphalt smudges on their dresses and butts. Except Rena. After the shock wore off, which also happened pretty quick, she started to wail.

I ran fast to Rena’s side, not just to help, but to shut her up, and here’s why. As I already mentioned, I’m the biggest kid in the school, and in response to past accidents, I had already been warned by Principal Mariko to take it easy with the smaller kids. Based on many past conversations, I knew the principal would believe me when I told her that hitting Rena was an accident, but what about my intended target, Mayu? Principal Mariko was no dummy and I had no interest in finding out whether rumors of a spanking machine hidden in a back office were true.

“Rena, I’m really sorry,” I solemnly offered. “Are you okay?” I asked quickly, slipping into my earnestly concerned face.

By this time, the domino girls were beginning to set themselves upright and take notice of the asphalt stains on their clothes. It was obvious that things were about to go from bad to worse when their voices joined in a piercing chorus of whining.

“My dress,” said Kashiwagi Yuki. “You completely ruined my Sunday dress!”

Her dress was pretty badly smeared owing to the fact that she had been at the back of the conga line and most likely bounced and slid the most when she hit the ground. Of course, my first thought was to point out that it served her right for playing dress up for school. Fortunately, this probable trouble-maker stayed buried in my mouth as additional voices sang out.

“Oh, I think you broke my backside, you stupid idiot!” Oshima Yuko accused. Oshima Yuko had a huge backside which I doubt could be broken by a fall from an airplane. “You big jerk, you hurt Rena!” Takahashi Minami bellowed, punching me in the shoulder – didn’t hurt. And then came the real killer. “I’m telling!” Kashiwagi Yuki threatened, hands on hips and turning to seek out the recess lady.

Holy smoke, I thought. I had to do something and quick. Having no time to think, I blurted out the first thing that came to mind hoping to buy time.

“Rena, I’m really, really sorry,” I tried again, this time doubling the really part to show that I meant it. “I didn’t try to hit you. It was an accident. Please don’t tell!” I added in short bursts. Getting no response, I decided to go for broke. “I’ll do anything to make it up to you. Anything, just name it!” I pleaded.

I really didn’t expect this last gasp effort to work, the previous concerned look and apologies having done no good. So, I was surprised when I heard Rena stop crying. I guess the domino girls were surprised too since the threats and attacks stopped and all eyes turned to Rena; except Yuki’s of course, which were instead turned my way along with a look that said “Now you’re going to get it, you big creep!” Yuki is just that kind of girl.

Rena looked up from her lap. Although her eyes still pooled with tears, they were no longer filled with pain and anger. Instead, they hinted at confusion and a touch of curiosity in response to my offer. I wasn’t sure but that I didn’t prefer the pain and anger. She brushed her hair out of her face and I could clearly see an ugly red bruise forming over a large portion of it. She seemed to be mulling over her options, her eyes staring straight through me; then I guess she made up her mind since she broke her stare and dropped her gaze back to her lap.

“You can kiss me,” she offered timidly.

I blinked hard, then swallowed harder.

“What did you just say?” I asked, sure that I’d heard what she just said but equally sure that I couldn’t have actually heard what she just said.

“You can kiss me,” she repeated, this time with confidence, returning her gaze to my eyes. I noticed that all confusion was now gone from her face, replaced by a look of stubborn determination. Now I found myself missing the confused curiosity.

At first, I didn’t know what to say. After some thought, I still didn’t know what to say. Being this close to her, what she’d just said, and the creepy look she kept giving me, all combined to make me feel antsy. It didn’t help that the other girls started whispering and giggling, then turning their heads back and forth between the two of us like picnickers watching an egg toss and hoping for someone to get egg on their face.

“If you really, really mean it, that you’ll do anything, then today after school you can meet me behind the bungalows and kiss me,” she said, restating her terms in greater detail and keeping me pinned on the tines of a wicked I dare you glare. I had to admit that it was pretty clever throwing that repeated really thing back in my face.

“If that’s what you want, then fine,” I said flatly. “I’ll meet you behind the bungalows right after school.”

I remained crouching beside Rena, returning her glare. Then I realized what I’d just said. I felt my stomach begin to cramp up and sweat begin to form on my forehead. I thought I was going to heave but we continued to glare at each other instead. I was sure that this stare-down would soon end with me passing out in front of everyone from the terror I felt punching me in the gut, then Rena up and ended it for me.

“Fine,” she said smiling and bouncing to her feet as if nothing had happened. She then turned and walked away across the playground, the rest of the girls following like a herd of geese, but looking back over their shoulders to blow me kisses.

What had just happened? Was she faking it? Did I really just say what I know I just said? Did I just get conned?

I was very confused and feeling very shaky. What a girl like me needs at a time like this is her friends to stand by her, tell her everything is okay, and most important of all, help her figure out how to get out of the mess she’d just gotten herself into. Apparently sensing my need, my friends gathered around me and a raucous discussion was soon under way.

“Geez,” my best friend Takayanagi Akane said to open things. “I mean, just geez.” Admittedly, this was not the most brilliant contribution, but her statement did manage to convey a proper degree of concern and certainly summarized my thoughts at the moment.

I was still stunned by what had just happened and by the fact that Rena wanted to kiss me; especially after I hit her in the face with a scorcher. I knew she liked me but, as Akane would say, geez! I think I first impressed Rena by not getting involved when others started calling her Raining; that having a similar pronunciation with her name. I mean, I agree that Rena is a funny sounding name, but didn’t see it as a big put-down getting tagged with a weather most people hate. I think Rena saw that I was the reason they stopped, and that may be the reason she wanted to give me something now. To say thanks. But a kiss? Why not a matchbox car or a neat marble she found on the way to school – anything but a kiss.

“Jurina, you can’t do it,” said Watanabe Mayu, looking at me like I had just been condemned to the gas chamber. I returned a look that showed that I fully agreed, but threw my hands out to show that I didn’t know how to avoid it, not wanting to be a welcher. I did the mime act because I couldn’t speak yet. Mayu acknowledged my dilemma with a nod, then got an excited look on his face and blurted, “Maybe you can kiss her but be wearing wax lips. I got a pair last Halloween.

”It seemed to me that Mayu was on to something with this advice. After all, using wax lips to kiss a girl made sense the way that a drop drill makes sense. Drop drills are something teachers make us practice once a week just in case the Reds decide to drop the big one on us. They involve dropping onto all fours, crawling under your desk, and throwing your arms over your head to protect yourself – and doing it all as quick as possible. And the teachers always holler at the kids about keeping their backs to the windows so flying glass doesn’t get poked into their faces and eyes. Now, I view drop drills as a good thing; after all, if the Reds are in such a hurry to bomb my school, then I want to be ready for them. But I’ve always wondered how good a wooden desk could really be at protecting you from an explosion strong enough to knock all the windows out in your school. Heck, the Yagami family, who live three houses down from us, built a concrete and cinder block bomb shelter in their side yard to protect them from the big one. What chance did I have hunched under a flimsy, wooden desk? And besides, wouldn’t there be other bad stuff going on if the commies did try to bomb our school? It seems to me that handing out guns might be a better way to protect ourselves from attack than learning how to climb under our desks fast. Anyway, the point is that I was willing to hear Mayu out, but with what my dad calls reservations.

“Okay Mayu, I like your idea,” I responded.

“Aw nuts,” Mayu interrupted before I had time to urge her on. “I think I ate my wax lips last week,” she explained. I was crushed by the news. After a short exchange, round-table fashion, I found that no one else had a pair of wax lips and that this was the only plan that made any kind of sense that anyone could think of to avoid kissing Rena. I hung my head in defeat and despair.

“You’re gonna get cooties,” said Takayanagi Akane, staring up at me with eyes that always looked too big for her head but now looked like they might pop right out. Akane is a second grader, so technically, she shouldn’t speak directly to me. Instead, she should have given her two cents to someone in the third grade, maybe forth, to be considered and then forwarded if it made sense. However, realizing that this breach of command structure probably had more to do with concern for my well being than a need to challenge tradition, I decided not to give her a wedgy on the spot.

“There’s no such thing as cooties, numb nuts,” said Furukawa Airi in reply. Airin was the member of our group who was always coming up with neat, new expressions she heard from her two older brothers. I had heard the numb nuts once before, and although I knew what nuts were and what could make them numb, I still wasn’t sure what accusing a kid of having been kicked in the family jewels, another of Airin’s expressions, had to do with their opinion. In any case, Airin had in a round-about way supplied support for my own feeling that cooties were like Santa Claus: fun to believe in but a bunch of nonsense.

“She’s right,” I stated confidently. “There’s no such thing as cooties.”

At this point the bell rang, putting an end to recess and further discussion. Although I felt that more information could only help, I was also pretty glad to stop talking and head back to class, disappointed that it took so little time to learn all that my pals knew about both kissing and girls. So, I joined the stream of kids marching back to their classrooms. Sitting down at my desk, I was without a plan and running out of time. But at least I would be running out of time slowly since this would prove to be the longest afternoon of my life.

The hands on the clock across the room slowed to a snail’s pace. School clocks don’t have second hands, probably to keep kids in predicaments like mine from simply watching the second hand go round while attempting to psychically will the hand to speed up, like Dr. Strange in that comic book. Instead of slowly advancing, the big, minute hand on the clock instead jumps forward making a loud clunking sound that you can clearly hear if you’re waiting for it. However, the clock in my classroom was broken, the clunking sound tolling the minute coming around only once an hour by my internal clock. Instead of watching time fly, I got to feel time crawl.

Then Mrs. Haruna began the afternoon with spelling. I hate spelling, probably because I can’t spell. To hear my dad talk about it, I would guess I inherited the bad spelling bug from him.

I was glaring up at the clock, trying to psychically will it back into working order, when Mrs. Haruna called on me.

“Jurina?” she asked, and from the tone of her voice I could tell that she already knew I hadn’t been paying attention and didn’t hear the question.

“Sorry, Mrs. Haruna,” I replied, “I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t hear the question,” I confessed.

Possibly due to the hang-dog expression I was wearing, but more probably due to the fact that she had already caught word of my plans for this afternoon, Mrs. Haruna decided to take pity on me rather than read me the riot act.

“That’s alright, Jurina,” she replied, flashing me a really convincing concerned look of her own. Mrs. Haruna could sometimes be unexpectedly kind. “It’s obvious that you have important things on your mind. So, we’ll move ahead to Yamamoto Sayaka,” she continued, finding a new victim to drag from her day dreams into her dreary world of words.

Of course, being left out of the spelling and vocabulary milieu, which proves that I’ve paid enough attention to pick up some pretty big words along the way, also left me to stew in my own juices. And boy did I stew. As I came to terms first with the fact that I was indeed going to be kissing a girl in a little under an hour, I then found that I needed to consider just how to go about it. I mean, I didn’t want to come off like a complete ignoramus in front of Rena and who knew how many other kids. As I started considering the finer points of kissing – whether and where I should touch her, how long to kiss her, whether to wet my lips first, and if so how wet, and if not what to do if our lips stuck together – I felt my intestines seize up and wondered if I would need to emerge from my comfy classroom exile to beg permission to run to the bathroom.

Uncoiling my legs from around the legs of my chair, I was preparing for a potential dash when I noticed first that I had had my legs tightly coiled around the legs of my chair, and second that my heart was racing like a stallion. The former fact pointed to a condition known as spaghetti-legs where a growing boys feet end up sticking out sideways from being forced outward by being wrapped around the legs of a chair all day. The other fact, my pounding heart, hinted that I might be having a heart attack. If caught with spaghetti-legs in class a kid is sent to a special class with special kids to work on improving their posture – potentially a fate worse than death. A heart attack can kill you – a fate that is death. I decided that with a little focus I could hide my spaghetti-legs for the rest of the day, since my feet already stuck out sideways like a duck’s anyway, so I should instead focus on my heart attack.

The more I tried to steady my heart, the more I realized I just wasn’t going to pull it off. I would never have admitted this to another person, but had to admit it to myself – I was excited. I was curious about what it would be like to kiss Rena. I was scared that I might not do it right. I had short fantasies of sweeping Rena into my arms like in the movies and then leaving her yearning after me as I went off to war. I wondered if she’d taste good, like candy, or bad, like liver. In the end, I wondered if she’d like it or hit me in the face after I was done.

I was pondering all of these thoughts, and many, many more, when all thought was suspended by the sound of the bell tolling the end of the school day. I could have sworn I heard the class share a collective intake of breath, but realized it was probably just me gasping for air. I noticed that this day had not ended with the typical excited talk of kids waiting to be dismissed, and looked around the class to find all eyes turned my way, even Mrs. Haruna’s.

“Class dismissed,” Mrs. Haruna announced, sounding like the voice of doom. I rose from my seat on legs of rubber and was glad to feel a hand slip under my arm to steady me as I turned to find Mayu at my side. She guided me like a blind man out of the room and back onto the playground where this whole stupid mess had begun.

Once more on dry ground, I soon found my land legs and started to walk. I rounded the corner of bungalow 12B to find what looked like the people on either side of a street waiting for a parade to pass. I was expecting cheers and confetti to start flying any time. But as I walked through the crowd, instead of cheers, I heard nervous laughter and whispered words; instead of confetti I saw anxious looks of concern and disbelief. I guess the kids who had stopped by to see the show were surprised that the lead hadn’t decided to take a powder.

Assuming that Rena was most likely already waiting for me, I led my posse to the farthest bungalow on campus, 13A, intending to continue behind to meet my fate.

“No,” a voice announced to accompany an out-thrust hand. “Only Jurina may pass.” It was Yuki and Yuko of course, two of Rena’s right hand girl.

Turning back to my buddies, I indicated that they should stay behind rather than rushing both Yuki and Yuko and pinning them down while the rest of us passed. I wanted to avoid any unnecessary violence, there’d already been enough of that, and besides, I didn’t think that an audience would help with what needed to get done.

Taking a deep breath, I put one foot in front of the other and ended up walking around the bungalow into the secluded alley way formed by the building I’d rounded. Looking up, I spotted Rena about ten paces ahead, midway down the alley. I cleared my throat and she twirled to face me.

The dress she wore, I only just noticed, was white and had little flowers on it. Although now stained in several places with black smudges, especially in the back, it was pretty. She wore short white sox, with a decorative fringe on top, which were folded down to make them even shorter. These socks rode within a pair of nicely polished black, patten leather shoes in which I felt I should be able to see my own reflection. Her raven black hair was pulled back away from her face to be gathered and then cascaded down her back of her head by one of those springy hair things. When I saw this, the fascination I felt in examining her gave way to shame that I felt turning my own face red.

I walked forward to get closer and she shyly looked down at her feet as I approached. I stopped in front of her and she looked back up with a smile, which made me smile in return.

“Hi, Jurina,” she said.

“Hi, Rena,” I replied.

“I didn’t think you were going to show,” she said, cocking an eyebrow to show her curiosity.

“Neither did I,” I found myself confessing.

I was surprised that she seemed so calm considering the situation. She then explained.

“You don’t have to worry, Jurina,” she began. “I’m not actually going to make you kiss me.”

“You’re not?” I asked a little shocked. I was also shocked that it was actually possible to feel both relief and disappointment at the same time.

“No,” she said smiling back at me. “That’s why I decided to meet you alone. We only need to wait a few minutes, then walk back out and tell the others whatever we want them to believe.”

Wow, this girl’s mind had a seriously devious streak running through it. Sometimes you’ve got to be tricky to get what you want. Rena was apparently quite tricky. Her stock had just jumped several points in my books.

“Yeah, you’re right,” I answered. “That’s a really clever idea,” I had to admit aloud.

Rena’s smile broadened as she walked back to stand next to me.

“Although, I should make you pay for hitting me so hard with the dodgeball,” she said pointing right at my face. “Maybe pin you down and give you an Indian rope burn. Isn’t that the standard price for such an offence?”

“Yeah, that would be about right,” I admitted as we shared a laugh. I couldn’t believe how quickly a person’s world could change. A few moments ago, I had been afraid I was going to puke and even more afraid of this girl standing beside me. Now I felt great and was really beginning to like Rena a lot.

“Well, that’s probably enough time,” Rena said beginning to walk to the corner of the bungalow. “Let’s go show our faces and tell our tales,” she concluded.

“Rena,” I said stepping up to her as she stopped, then forgetting what I was going to say. “Thanks,” I offered as the obvious choice, then added something a little closer to what I was really feeling. “You know, you’re alright.”

This last statement seemed to please Rena since it forced a huge smile to stretch across her face. I liked that smile a lot, and I wanted more.

“Rena,” I began, then simply decided to go for broke one more time.

What happened next happened even quicker than the dodge ball fiasco, but in this case I knew that what was happening was something I’d replay many times in slow motion the rest of my life. I grabbed Rena by the shoulders and pulled her to me, surprised at how light she was in comparison to any of the other people. She seemed a little shocked and scared, but I didn’t have long to check on her expression as my face moved quickly toward hers. I was pleased that I had the intuition to turn my head sideways to avoid a nose collision. Then our lips were touching. I continued to press my lips against hers and was at first concerned by the rigidity of her response, but then felt her relax as both our lips parted slightly to more fully experience the contact. Her lips felt good, and she sure didn’t taste like liver. Of course, she didn’t taste like candy either. She tasted different, but really, really good.

I have no idea how long we remained with our lips together. At first I thought that I wanted the kiss to last forever, and then I started to feel self conscience. I began to wonder if I should be moving my lips, or my head, or squeezing her tighter. Guessing that I had probably reached the point at which the spell had been broken, and finally understanding what that meant, I gently pushed Rena away causing our lips to part. I then felt the muscles of my face tense in preparation for getting hit, but Rena didn’t seem to be paying any attention to me. Her eyes were still closed and she was rocking slightly on her heels. Her tongue poked out of her mouth to lick her lips, like she was getting a tasty bit of sauce off her mouth after spaghetti night. Then she opened her eyes and smiled real hard. I felt her grab my hand and was afraid I was in for another lip lock, but instead she simply squeezed it twice before turning to run away around the corner of the bungalow. She never said a word and didn’t even look back. Just like that it was over.

My name is Matsui Jurina and I’m eleven years old. Today, after school, I kissed a girl. They say that being a leader is hard, but being a follower is even harder. I don’t know much about that, but I do know that I plan on doing a lot more kissing in the future. So, watch out, you’ve now been warned.

OS # 10 The Kiss (Wmatsui OS)

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #10 : The Kiss (Wmatsui OS)
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Dear kevinwkl,

You made me squeal to death thank you very much...

Your fan  :deco:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #10 : The Kiss (Wmatsui OS)
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Kevs, thank you~!!!!!

God, this was so cute~!!!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

GAH, my wMatsui feels~!!! MUAH~

ask me for a pairing, I'll write you an OS with them ;)
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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #10 : The Kiss (Wmatsui OS)
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Alright then. I honestly haven't commented on your fiction before, kevinwkl-san, but I shall let this be the first time you receive a comment from me haha. :)

Guess we'll start off with my usual response and opinions on this one shot.

So I see that Matsui Jurina here is a sixth grader. Reminds me a bit about my younger self, haha. Except the only difference is by the time I enter into my sixth grade year and higher, there wasn't anymore "free time" to spend outdoors. It's just studies and... more studies to perform in classrooms. Anyway, the beginning statement was a little startling. Giving us the message that Jurina had to kiss a girl. And it looks like it's under a circumstance that she doesn't particularly like. :nervous Then of course, knowing that Jurina is an athletic girl who plays dodgeball and apparently smacked Rena by accident... Guess she should be prepared for the consequences. :sweatdrop: Poor Juju... Getting yourself involved in this sort of mess.

But after agreeing to what Rena had said, Jurina went to complete the little task she was asked to do. It seems though that Rena really is nice and just wanted to brush it away so Jurina doesn't have to face the wrath. Okay, aside from the infamous Indian burn technique that we all like to perform on someone intentionally, of course. Though it seems that Jurina surely is starting to like Rena... And even gave her a kiss for her personal sake rather than for the task. Oh you Jurina. :cathappy:

Then there's this quote:

I don’t know much about that, but I do know that I plan on doing a lot more kissing in the future. So, watch out, you’ve now been warned.

Oho~ Looks like we found our reason to why Jurina is such a kissing, flirty monster. :rofl: Sometimes a single event can create a domino effect (aside from knocking down the girls in the beginning, LOL). And so far from what I'm seeing, we're beginning to see a growing seed sprouting out into a full-fledge player. :nervous

wMatsui here is very cute and it's even cuter to realize that some of these parts of the story came from your experience in your life. :cathappy: I'm glad I got a chance to read your work and I'll personally be looking through your other work. The tension in the beginning that Jurina experiences surely can be felt, but alas, looks like it was all relieved when Rena explained to Jurina her motives. :sweatdrop: Thanks for posting it up and looking forward to more of your work! :deco:

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #10 : The Kiss (Wmatsui OS)
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Matsui Jurina you'r my Hero!!!!


continue with another OS....

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #10 : The Kiss (Wmatsui OS)
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MamaBbSis almost made everything, cause I'm baka at editing! still Happy Birthday Bro! Have a blast  :on BDay:
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my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #10 : The Kiss (Wmatsui OS)
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Happy Birthday, my son~~ Mama is proud of having you as a son  :heart:

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #10 : The Kiss (Wmatsui OS)
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Thx for your wish, Tii-chan and mom~! XD XD XD

That's a nice poster~

Thank you soooooo much XD

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS #10 : The Kiss (Wmatsui OS)
« Reply #73 on: November 16, 2013, 01:55:47 PM »
A little present for sakura_drop for being such a wonderful friend of mine~

Here comes the very first YukoRena fic I made~! XD

OS # 11 Falling into Place (YukoRena OS)

If you asked Yuko to pinpoint the moment that it all happened, the catalyst of it all, she wouldn’t be able to. It was such a natural progression. Yuko thinks maybe it was leading up to it since the very beginning. Everything just slowly syncing up and falling into place. The shifts so slight she hadn’t even noticed they were happening at all.

When Yuko was younger she used to feel quite sorry for herself when her Mom dropped her off at prep school with a quick kiss to the cheek, and a distracted wave, a mobile pressed firmly against her ear the whole time. She remembers her eyes following the sleek black car as it drove out of site willing her to turn around and at least pretend like she might miss her.

It never happened, and eventually Yuko learned that she didn’t need it to. She learned that, though her mother seemed immune to it, she was the type of person people wanted to love. She learned that she could get away with quite a lot if she just grinned wide enough for her dimples to press into her cheeks.

She made friends easily, and teachers couldn’t help but be amused by her. She didn’t find it overly strenuous to keep up with her classes, and she didn’t even mind wearing the blazers now that she was used to them.

This was a place where she didn’t have to run a marathon just to get someone to spare a glance in her direction, and so now she didn’t even mind when her driver dropped her off at the start of the semester instead of her mother like most of the other kids. There was hardly even a twinge when she saw Yukirin trying to stop her mom from pressing kisses to her cheek while tears welled up in her eyes. She gave her a small wave and they made their way towards their dormitory together.

Yukirin informs Yuko that there is a new girl in their building this year since someone had been kicked out just before the term ended last year. Yuko is mildly interested, just because there hasn’t been much variation since she first started coming here. The school prided itself on being selective. So she allowed Yukirin to babble on about what little she had heard about ‘Rena’ in the five minutes she had been here.

It doesn't take long for Yuko to meet Rena, because the school isn’t that big, and Yuko is friends with everyone. And everyone includes Takamina. Takamina invites Yuko and Yukirin to her room for a small gathering. They have to sneak quietly down the creaky steps after curfew, but they’ve done it enough times to know which spots to avoid.

When Yuko and Yukirin arrived, Mayuyu is already sunk into a red bean bag chair with her hand rooting around in the bottom of a bag of crisps while Takamina sits on the couch chatting to who Yuko assumes must be Rena (she doesn’t recognize her so it seems like the most viable option).

She is vaguely aware that Rena is probably the most attractive person she has ever come into contact with. It’s not really the type of thing a person can be unaware of, the fact that Rena is beautiful, that is. She assumes they are all aware of it really. It’s nothing she particularly pondered over or anything, just a fact like any other little tidbit of knowledge one has stored in their head.

Rena’s a bit quiet so the only other thing Yuko really knows about Rena is that she’s smart, but not just smart, because really that would be nothing special at a school like this, but off the charts smart. Apparently Rena’s made it into the academy on a scholarship, something Yuko’s never heard of happening before. One time Yuko’s English teacher reads out one of Rena’s essays in class and Yuko knows why they’ve made an exception.


Takamina seems to have really hit it off with Rena so now if Yuko ever meets up with the other girls after lights out he expects Rena to be there too. Yuko finds out that she’s actually not that quiet once you get to know him.

One particular Friday night, Mayuyu had somehow managed to smuggle some cheap beer into her room. So, they all lay sprawled out on the floor staring up at the ceiling, their heads meeting in the middle forming a vaguely starlike shape as they pass a bottle around taking turns sipping from it.

Yuko laid there feeling relaxed and only slightly buzzed as they took turns asking questions and answering them. The questions started out silly, things like, “Would you rather have an elephant trunk for a nose or dolphin fin instead of a left hand?” but then slowly edged into deeper more revealing questions. Questions about their families (a subject Yuko was never too keen on) and questions about their thoughts.

Yuko listened carefully to all of Rena’s answers. She had known Yukirin, Mayuyu, and even Takamina too long to be surprised by any answers they gave anymore, but Rena was surprising Yuko almost every time he opened her mouth. Maybe it was the slight buzz from the just a bit too warm beer, or the fact that it was too dark to see anyone’s faces, but Yuko felt like Rena was a lot less guarded than she usually was. Yuko decided she liked it. She found herself unconsciously scooting closer to Rena.


After that night Yuko no longer thought of Rena as Takamina’s friend, but also as her own. And Yuko doesn’t remember exactly when they started hanging out with just the two of them, but she knows that’s how she spends most of her free time now.

Sometimes they just lay on their stomach’s with their legs kicking back and forth, as they work on their homework, with Yuko’s iPod playing in the background.

Other times they wrestle about on the floor and play video games throwing random things at each other trying to distract the other, and steal the victory.

Sometimes they take turns telling jokes, and even though Yuko’s are always completely awful Rena laughs every time. And not just the pity laugh they usually earn from Takamina, but a full on laugh. The kind where Rena’s eyes crinkle up, and her nose scrunches, and her head falls back. “That’s so bad it’s funny!” she gasps out, and Yuko didn’t even bother pretending to be offended. She figured she didn’t really mind being crap at telling jokes as long as she got to hear Rena laugh.

On just such a day Yukirin came striding into Yuko’s room without bothering to knock. Actually Yuko doubts Yukirin has even once bothered to knock on a door before entering it. She looks at Yuko and Rena suspiciously, and then asks, “What’s so funny?”

“Yuko told me... this.. joke... and” Rena tried to get out in between fits of laughter.

Yukirin held her hand up stopping her. “Say no more. I’m sure it was awful.”

Yuko pouts a bit at that, and Rena starts up a fresh round of laughter.

“Anyway, I definitely didn’t come in here to hear Yuko’s failed attempts at being a comedian. I just came to ask if you two wanted to come to mine tonight. I’ve found Mrs. Mariko’s secret wine stash, and stolen a few bottles. Bunch of us are meeting up after lights out, you in?”

Yuko and Rena share a glance at each other briefly and then Yuko looks back at Yukirin, slinging an arm over Rena’s shoulder, and says, “Nah. Rena’s forcing me to watch some awful movie with some weird actress in it tonight. Next time yeah?”

Yukirin looks at her a bit incredulously, and then throws her hands up in the air. “You two are sickeningly domestic I hope you know.” she says before promptly making her way out the door. Yuko and Rena laugh a bit as they hear her huffing all the way down the hallway.


Yuko lies in bed that night with her ears peeled waiting to hear the teacher on night patrol pass so she can slip by and make her way to Rena’s room. Once the coast is clear she peeks her head out the door looking both ways, and then silently creeps down the stairs and across the hall into Rena’s room.

When she gets there, she sees Rena rummaging around her closet where all her blazers are neatly hung (Yuko briefly recalls that all of hers are strewn about on the floor), and pulling out secret stash of sweets. “I had to hide them, because Mayuyu stopped by earlier” she says in explanation.

Yuko has a bit of a laugh at that, and makes her way over to sit on Rena’s bed. Her eyes scan over the familiar room. Rena is rather tidy, but the whole room is filled with little pieces of her. The bookshelf is filled with all the books Yuko has heard her quote a hundred times, the walls have various paintings and drawings Rena’s done in her spare time, and the desk has a simple black photo frame surrounding an image of Rena’s family smiling brightly with their arms all slung around each other.

Rena flops down next to her on the bed with her laptop in hand. She pops the DVD into the tray and starts it up. They sit up backs against the headboard passing an open bag of skittles between them.

They briefly lose track of the movie when a contest arises involving catching the skittles in their mouths. It quickly deteriorates into them throwing skittles at each other’s faces. Once they got tired of that, they go back to watching the film, and even though Yuko’s sure it didn’t start that way they are now sitting right next to each other. Legs and arms pressed together, and Rena's skin is warm and somehow familar. For the first time in known history Yuko feels quite pleased to be missing a party.

Yuko had intended to stay awake, she really had. The movie really wasn’t all that bad, and Rena had said it was one of her favorites. Yuko had been genuinely curious, but it’s not too long before her eyelids are getting heavy, and her head is dropping onto Rena’s shoulder.


The next thing Yuko knows it’s morning. She’s smiling, and she’s not exactly sure why. Her mind still foggy with sleep. She’s also quite comfortably warm. After a few seconds her mind is no longer disoriented, and she figures out why. She’s got her arms wrapped around Rena, and Rena’s snuggled up close with her face pressing into Yuko’s neck and her arms tight around Yuko's back.

She feels Rena stir a bit, and then sees her open her eyes. They looked at each other for a few seconds, before they give way into a giggling fit. Maybe this should be weird to Yuko, but for some reason it’s really not. So she leans forward and presses a loud kiss to Rena’s cheek and then laughs again, before finally making an attempt at untangling all their limbs.

At this point Rena glances over at the alarm clock sitting on her desk across the room (because the only way an alarm clock actually works for Rena is if she actually has climb out of her bed to stop its obnoxious beeping), and realizes they’ve already slept through three quarters of their first class.

They rush about as quick as they can rooting around for uniform items, and hurriedly throwing on their white button ups. Once Yuko gets to the bottom button she realizes she’s missed one somewhere along the way, and now one side is longer than the other, but she just tucks it into her wrinkled slacks anyways. Rena’s got one shoe on and is digging around under the bed searching for the other one with a toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. Rena successfully locates the missing shoe just as Yuko finishes sloppily wearing her clothes. Rena heads over to her closet, slides two blazers off their hangers and chucks one to Yuko.

They make their way down the stairs skipping every other one, laughing while they slide their arms through the sleeves of their jackets. The sleeves are bit short on Yuko, but it smells distinctly like Rena so she really doesn’t think she’ll mind.


After that it becomes routine for Yuko to slip into Rena’s after patrol has passed. They sleep all curled up around each other with their fingers intertwined, and wake up with stupid grins on their faces.

Yuko would have expected some dramatics after the realization that she and Rena were more than just friends, but it seemed she was wrong. She and Rena continued on as they had been, except now they kissed a lot more. Lazily licking into each other’s mouths as Heavy Rotation piped out of Yuko’s speakers, and sharing quick pecks on the cheek between classes.

In fact that first morning after Yuko and Rena woke up in each other’s arms it had barely even caused a stir when they walked into lunch with their fingers interlocked, tugging each other along and grinning at at one another.They took their seats next to Mayuyu, sitting across from Yukirin and Takamina looking up at them expectantly. For a brief moment Yuko suddenly felt nervous. However, not one of their three friends looked the least bit surprised. Yukirin raised one neat eyebrow and simply said, "About time" and that was that.

OS # 11 Falling into Place (YukoRena OS)

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS # 11 Falling into Place (YukoRena OS)
« Reply #74 on: November 16, 2013, 04:03:26 PM »
This is actually good for a start of making YukoRena fics~ :)

I like how it's from their first meeting to their ongoing relationship. It shows the process of their feelings being realized, so good job on making that! ;)

Can't wait to read more of your oneshots, thanks for making this one! :D
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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS # 11 Falling into Place (YukoRena OS)
« Reply #75 on: November 16, 2013, 06:06:14 PM »
Hello KEVIN! are you surprised? I'm here  :ph43r:

What I like about this OS (aside from it's YukoRena *cough*) is that it's quite new and refreshing reading with less character lines and need not to say anything for the fluff part,  the interaction between Yuko and Rena is so cutey-lovey-dovey 'says the one who said who doesn't write FLUFF' *flips table and throws popcorn at you*

btw thanks for le MaYuki service  :wub:

*TO OZ!!*
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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS # 11 Falling into Place (YukoRena OS)
« Reply #76 on: November 17, 2013, 01:24:02 AM »

Thank you, Kevs  :deco:

(sorry for the lame comment, my head is in wonderland right now  XD  :nervous)
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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS # 11 Falling into Place (YukoRena OS)
« Reply #77 on: November 22, 2013, 04:50:28 PM »
The very first Atsumina OS i did...despite Acchan being my kami-oshi.. OTL

I blame Wmatsui for being my kami-OTP and distracted me away from Acchan  :PP :PP :PP :PP :PP it is~!


OS # 12 Good to be home (Atsumina OS)

“Acchan, you around?” Takamina yelled as she walked into the flat and found the front room empty, after having been away for a week.

“Minami!” Atsuko came running out of her bedroom and barrelled straight into Takamina, wrapping her arms around her. “You’re home! Why didn’t you tell me you’d be home?” Atsuko said into her ear as she squeezed her.

Takamina latched onto Atsuko intent on not letting go. “Didn’t think I’d be back so soon. Thought I’d surprise you.” She pulled the girl down to the sofa with her and let out an ‘oof’ as Atsuko landed on her lap. “Yes of course sit on my lap.” She said sarcastically but even as she was saying it she wrapped her arms around Atsuko’s waist.

“How was your holiday?” Atsuko asked as she snuggled into Takamina’s neck.

“It was alright. Missed my kawaii little girl.” She said tickling Atsuko’s side.

“Missed you too.. I got bored without you.” Atsuko squirmed under the tickling. Takamina continued to tickle her until she was rolling and wriggling on the floor. “Stop! Stop!” She yelled laughing.

“Never.” Takamina grinned at the giggle that escaped her beautiful girls’ mouth.

“Minami please.” She was gasping, a grin splitting her face. “I surrender.” This got Takamina to stop, and in the time she spent sitting up, Atsuko had grabbed her and flipped her so that Takamina was under her. “Sucker!” She grinned and laughed as Takamina tried to flip her to the floor. “You can’t escape me.”

Takamina kept wriggling but when it became apparent she wasn’t going anywhere, she decided she needed another tactic. She tried to distract the girl on top of her by making stupid faces and making her laugh but it still wasn’t working. She turned to her next tactic. She began to softly run her fingers up and down Atsuko’s arms and side. She and Atsuko were in each other’s space a lot and were no stranger to intimate touches but it might just distract Atsuko enough to get back on top.

Sure enough Atsuko’s eyes did begin to glaze over and she got that look in her eyes that made Takamina insides melt. Atsuko was so gorgeous like this that Takamina nearly forgot what she had started this to do and was content to stay like this with Atsuko. Suddenly it came back to her and she picked Atsuko up and threw her onto the sofa. “Come on now, Acchan. You know you can’t beat me.” She sat down close to Atsuko.

Atsuko was now sulking, lips sticking out obscenely as she pouted. Takamina put her hand under Atsuko’s chin and made her look in her eyes. “Acchan, I’m sorry.” Takamina felt guilty. She hadn’t meant to upset Atsuko. She began to stroke Atsuko’s cheek softly until Atsuko grinned cheekily.

“I’m just playing. I’m not upset.” She smiled and lean into Takamina touch.
“Cheeky!” Takamina sat back and looked at the girl properly for the first time. She was wearing tight sweats and a pink t-shirt, all of which looked remarkably familiar. “Acchan, are you wearing my clothes? An entire outfit of my clothes?” She smiled softly as the girl in question went pink and pulled at the t-shirt.

“I missed you.” She said in a quiet voice and damn if that didn’t make Takamina’s heart melt.

“They look good on you.” She said and put her free hand on Atsuko’s waist. “You should wear them more.” Takamina wasn’t stupid. She knew what she felt about Atsuko wasn’t friendship and she thought Atsuko at least felt something for her, but she wasn’t sure. Takamina was also sure she’d made her feelings fairly well known and she wanted Atsuko to make the choice. She rested her hand under her own t-shirt on Atsuko’s body and cuddled up next to her. “What do you want to do?"

I was going to make some food. Do you want to help?” Atsuko said as she pulled herself off the sofa.

“Are you sure?” Takamina looked apprehensive. She wasn’t good at cooking and she didn’t want to be in Atsuko’s way.

“Come on, I missed you too much to let you go away.” Atsuko said laughing, pulling Takamina with her.

“What are we making?”

“Spaghetti Bolognaise I think.” Atsuko said getting the appropriate food and utensils out.

“What would you like me to do?” Takamina said looking around the kitchen.

“Chop up those vegetables for me?” Atsuko said pointing. Takamina wandered over to them and began to cut them up. Badly.

“No. No, babe, no.” Atsuko said laughing, even more so when Takamina pouted.

“Don’t look at me like that. Here, I’ll show you.” Atsuko crowded her from behind and placed her hand over the hand on the knife and then placing her other hand on the vegetable in question. “Like this okay?” She said as she guided Takamina through the action.

“You’re going to distract me, Acchan.” Takamina breathed as she leaned back into Atsuko.

“Pay attention! We can cuddle later but I’m hungry and I’d rather not ruin my dinner.” Atsuko grinned into Takamina’s neck, pleased at the reaction she was gaining from her ‘secret’ crush.

“Okay! Okay, okay.” Takamina said as Atsuko moved away and set to chopping the vegetables and looking around at Atsuko occasionally as she did whatever she was doing with the pasta. Takamina didn’t think cooking should be this complicated, but if Atsuko looked this good while doing it she really didn’t mind. Her smooth black hair was plastered to her forehead from the heat and her eyes gleamed in happiness. Takamina moved the vegetables over to where Atsuko was and when she turned around to take them, Takamina pushed the hair off her forehead so it stuck up at a funny angle.

“Cute.” She grinned. “What next?”

“Go and set the table, baka.” Atsuko smiled, smacking Takamina on the bum before continuing on with her cooking.

Takamina set the plates on the table, found some nice music to put on and then lit some candles. She’d been without Atsuko for too long and she’d decided tomorrow they were going to spend the day together and she was going to spoil Atsuko. She knew it wouldn’t be hard to get Atsuko to agree. Atsuko loved being spoiled by Takamina no matter how much Atsuko protested in vain. Content with her table work she went back to the kitchen taking in the gorgeous smells coming from the room.

“I’m so glad to be home.” Takamina said as she breathed in the smells and looked at Atsuko, the picture of domestic life. “I’ve done the table, dear.” She said right in Atsuko’s ear, who was so absorbed in cooking she hadn’t noticed her. Takamina laughed loudly, doubling over as Atsuko jumped into the air and started hitting Takamina.

“Minami! Why do I like you?” Atsuko said frowning although Takamina could see a smile threatening her features.

“Cos I’m gorgeous and lovely and funny and perfect and you loveeee meeeeee and I loveeee youuuuuuu.” Takamina sang. Atsuko got a funny look in her eyes and started smiling sappily, grabbing Takamina into a hug.

“Thought you were hungry, babe.” Takamina smiled pulling Atsuko to the table and pulling her chair out for her. “Sit.” She said as she went to get their food and drinks. She served food to Atsuko before putting food on her own plate and sitting down opposite.

“So tomorrow.. I was thinking maybe we could go out? Shopping or something? All day. Go out to eat as well” Takamina asked. She didn’t know why she was feeling shy; she just needed Atsuko to herself for a sustained period of time.

“That sounds really great.” Atsuko grinned reaching over to touch Takamina’s hand. “How’s the food?”

“Great. Especially the vegetables.” She beamed. She was so happy to be home, here with Atsuko.

“You’re funny.” Atsuko said trying to keep a straight face. “Eat your food. Need your strength for all the shopping tomorrow.”

“Minamiiiiii.. Minami, wake up!” Takamina woke with a start as she realized someone was bouncing on her bed. “It’s 8am and you promised to take me shopping. Get up.” Atsuko said as she jumped down next to Takamina.

“No.” Takamina grumbled, burying her head back into her pillow. Atsuko was still fidgeting around and moving, stopping Takamina from drifting back to sleep. She reached out blindly, wrapped her arms around Acchan to pull her towards herself and then plastered herself to the girls’ back. “Shh. Sleep time.” She said into Atsuko’s ear, grinning at the shiver that elicited. Thankfully Atsuko quieted down and moved back into her, settling down to rest.

“Mm, good girl, thank you. Shopping later. Sleep now.”

“Ohay, Minami...” Was the last thing Atsuko said before her breathing evened out and she fell asleep, Takamina following close behind.

Takamina blinked awake as she felt sun hitting her face and groaned when she realized she hadn’t shut her blinds last night. Her mood however lightened when she realized that Atsuko was still wrapped in her arms. She moved gently away, trying not to wake her up, and after washing in the bathroom went to the kitchen to make the two of them a fry up before shopping. A fry up was something she could actually cook as Atsuko had insisted on teaching her over and over how to make it properly so Atsuko could be made it by Takamina whenever she wanted it. She set to work, singing along to the radio.

When Atsuko woke up, she was momentarily confused. This didn’t look like her room. She then remembered what had happened this morning and grumbled when she realized Takamina had convinced her to go back to sleep. Not only had Takamina convinced her to go back to sleep, she now wasn’t even in the room! Still grumbling, she wrapped the fluffy duvet around herself and stumbled through to the living room. The grumbling stopped however when she saw Takamina dancing around the kitchen. Atsuko laughed quietly, alerting Takamina to her presence.

“Oh no! It’s a marshmallow monster!” Takamina fake screamed. Atsuko kept laughing trudging forward, opening her duvet prison to Takamina and capturing her inside.

“The marshmallow monster seems to have eaten you.” Atsuko laughed. She looked at Takamina; her sleep mussed hair, bleary eyes and too big pajamas and pulled her into a hug. She loved this girl so much. “Morning, Minami.”

“Morning, Acchan.” Takamina said and pressed a kiss into Atsuko’s hair. “I’m making you a full English breakfast.” She grinned as she escaped the duvet. “Go sit down and watch TV and I’ll bring you food when it’s done.” Takamina declared, shoving the giant white blob that was Atsuko towards the sofa.

“Tada!” Takamina shouted as she shoved the food in front of Atsuko’s face and sat down next to her with her own. “Better get your strength up for shopping.” They ate together in companionable silence before Takamina went off to have a shower and Atsuko got changed.

Clean and dressed, Takamina ambled into the living room and looked at Atsuko with a raised eyebrow. “Hey you said I should wear your clothes more often. So I am.” She grinned cheekily. Atsuko was drowned in one of her big jumper, Atsuko’s own jeans and a pair of Takamina’s shoes.

“I did and like I said it looks good on you.” Takamina said ruffling Atsuko’s hair. “Let’s go!”

The car ride was filled with loud obnoxious singing to silly songs, both of the yelling until their voices were sore and they had tears of laughter streaming down their faces. They got out of the car and Takamina immediately started dragging Atsuko into shop after shop, buying her whatever she even mentioned was nice. “Minami! Minami stop!” Atsuko stood still, grabbing onto Takamina to stop her from charging into the next shop with all their shopping bags. “Why are you buying me all this stuff? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just missed you. I want to spoil you.” Takamina smiled.

“Minami, I’d be perfectly happy to spend the day doing nothing with you.” Atsuko said pulling her towards a nearby café.

Takamina tried to resist, whining “But Acchan, I wanted to take you somewhere nice for lunch.”

“We’ll go out tonight yeah? Have some sandwiches now and do some more shopping?” Takamina looked slightly placated at this and she settled down while Atsuko went to order their lunch.

After lunch they’d managed to find their way to a jewellery shop, Takamina insistent on going in nearly every shop and buying something.

“Go on then Acchan. Go choose something.” Takamina said propelling Atsuko towards some stands. Atsuko looked aghast.

“Minami no. Have you seen some of these prices? I’m not letting you buy me anything in here.” Atsuko looked determined and Takamina knew she wasn’t going to win.

“Fine. Go and sit outside and I’ll choose something for you. Please Acchan. I just.. I really want to get something for you.” She leaned in close to Atsuko, so their foreheads were touching and she was looking earnestly into her eyes.

“Okay.” Atsuko sighed. Takamina beamed, knowing Atsuko couldn’t resist presents or her, especially one that was going to be as special as this. Atsuko trudged out of the shop and sat down to wait. 20 minutes later, Takamina danced out looking insanely happy with herself. “Well?”

“Nope I’m not going to tell you, it’s a surprise.” And with that she grabbed the shopping and sped off to the next shop.

Eventually Atsuko grew bored of shopping and Takamina’s arms were tired. “Come on Minami. We’ll go home and re energize ready for dinner tonight.” She wrapped her arm around Takamina as they walked to the car.

Takamina knew Atsuko was dying to know what her present was and after making Atsuko show her all the clothes they’d bought on her, which she looked great in, Takamina consented to giving it to her. “Come here.” Atsuko said, opening her arms for Takamina to sit on her lap. Takamina settled down and got the bag out, giving it to Atsuko. She watched as Atsuko undid the paper and opened the box slowly, trying to gauge her reaction from her expression. However Atsuko was being unnaturally silent, it was unnerving.

“Acchan?” Still the girl said nothing. Takamina tried to move off her lap and the movement seemed to bring Atsuko back to herself. She tightened her arms around Takamina and looked up at her through her eyelashes, eyes gleaming.

“It’s gorgeous.” She breathed. Takamina blushed and tried to move, for once not liking the attention. She looked down at her knees and mumbled, “It’s for you so it had to be.”

“Babe it’s gorgeous. Look at me.” Takamina still wouldn’t look up. Atsuko nudged at Takamina’s face until she looked up. “I love it. Put it on me. Minami, please.” Takamina looked slightly happier now Atsuko was talking again and saying she loved it. Takamina grabbed the small box and pulled the contents out.

Inside it was a thick bronze ring with some leaf patterns on the outside, the leaves twisted into each other and twined together. She took her right hand and put the ring on her gently. Atsuko lifted her hand up and looked at the ring in the light.
“I just saw it and it made me think of you.” Takamina said sheepishly.

“Minami, seriously. Trust me, I love it.” Takamina looked closely at Atsuko’s face. Her eyes were watery and completely focused on Takamina. She looked so full of love that it made Takamina’s heart hurt. Atsuko leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to Takamina’s cheek. “I love it. Like I love you.”

Takamina nuzzled into the soft touch and said “Mmm I love you more.” She curled further into Atsuko’s warm body and closed her eyes.

“No Minami, no sleepying” Atsuko grinned, poking Takamina in the side. “We’re going to Mayu’s for lunch and X-Box.” Takamina still refused to move so Atsuko hoisted her up and then dumped her back on the sofa. “I guess I’ll just go all alone then. I mean what sort of best friend would buy her friend a beautiful present and then leave her to go out alone.”

“Noooo.. Wanna cuddle.” Takamina pouted hoping to make Atsuko crack. Atsuko however walked away.

“I’m leaving.” Atsuko opened the door; leaving it open knowing Takamina would follow her. Atsuko was about to start the car when Takamina bundled herself into the passenger seat. “So you have decided to join me?”

“Couldn’t let you go all alone. You’d look like a loser.” Takamina moved further into her coat and wrapped a scarf tighter around her neck. “I’m cold.”

Atsuko looked at Takamina, concerned. It was chilly yes but not that cold. “Maybe you’re coming down with something. Maybe we should go back in.” Atsuko said, frowning.

“Nahh, it’s alright...” She smiled at Atsuko and poked her. “Come on let’s go.” Atsuko gave her a funny look but they set off none the less.

Yukirin opened the door and the two came bounding through.

“Afternoon girls.” Takamina shouted, immediately coughing after. Atsuko was suddenly next to her, rubbing her hand along her back. “I’m fine..” Atsuko looked unhappy but left to go to the kitchen where Mariko was rummaging through the cupboards. “Where’s Mayu?” Takamina asked Yukirin. As if on cue Mayu came in.

“Oi Mariko, stop eating all my food!” A muffled sorry came through but the rummaging didn’t stop.

“You ok?” Mayu asked, pulling off Takamina’s beanie.

Takamina whined and tried to get it back. “Acchan. Acchan, Mayu took my hat and she won’t give it back.”

“Give Minami her hat back, Mayu.”

“Oh does the princess need her knight in shining armour to save her?” Mayu mocked, sitting down on the sofa and grabbing a controller. Eventually it was Yukirin who got her hat back, hitting Mayu on the head for good measure, shoving it back on Takamina’s head. Mariko then emerged with food, Atsuko in tow with drinks. They arranged themselves around the living room; Mayu on a bean bag, Yukirin leaning on her, Mariko on the armchair and Takamina and Atsuko on the sofa. The 3 controllers were shared around the room, shouting, swearing and laughter as people won or lost. Takamina wasn’t really participating much, content to just sit and lean on Atsuko, breathing in her scent, drifting off to sleep. Her head hurt, her throat hurt and she couldn’t open her eyes. She groaned a little. Atsuko looked down at Takamina on her shoulder. She didn’t look good at all. She placed her hand on the girl’s forehead. She was burning up!

“Girls,” she said quietly, “I’m going to have to take Minami home. I think she’s ill.” The other girls looked at Takamina anxiously and nodded.

“If you need anything, call us ok?” Yukirin said as they all trudged out to the car, supporting Takamina as they went. Atsuko strapped her in; made sure she was wrapped up and started on the journey home.

Takamina felt like she was been shaken and began to groan loudly in protest. “Hey now, Minami. It’s okay. I’m just trying to get you to bed. You’re not looking too good.” Atsuko said looking down at her.

“I always look good.” Takamina said bitchily, still unhappy at the movement. Atsuko was carrying her upstairs to the flat. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on something other than the movement.

And there it was, the shaking again, except this time she was on the sofa being moved around until she was in a comfy position with enough room for Atsuko to slip down next to her. She felt Atsuko begin to move away and whining she tried to pull her back. “Hey, I’m just going to make you some drink and some food okay?” Atsuko ruffled her hair and she moved into the kitchen. Takamina struggled into a sitting position. She had a massive headache and her voice felt scratchy. She hated feeling ill but at least Atsuko was here to look after her.

Atsuko came back in with the food and made sure Takamina ate it all before helping her to bed. When she tried to leave however Takamina quickly grabbed onto Atsuko. “No, don’t go. Stay with me. Please.” She pulled out her most pathetic look and pulled at Atsuko. Atsuko sighed and climbed into the bed next to her, “Yeah, I’ll stay. Come here.” She pulled Takamina towards her and wrapped her arms around her waist. “Wake me up if you want me okay? I’m here to look after you.” Takamina nodded sleepily. Atsuko smiled as Takamina fell asleep quickly, curled up in her arms. She pulled her phone out of her pocket as she felt it vibrate and frowned at the message on it. Yuko wanted to see her tomorrow. She couldn’t very well say no, but she needed to look after Takamina. In the end she just said yes, thinking she’d deal with it tomorrow and settled down to sleep.

The next morning Takamina was in the living room when Atsuko got up so she decided to just get ready to go out straight away. “Minami, I’ve got to go out.” She didn’t want to face Takamina. She knew her best friend was still feeling ill and she didn’t want to leave her but she’d already agreed.

“But who’s going to look after me?” Takamina frowned. She was still pale. Atsuko went to the kitchen, got some soup, medicine and Takamina’s favourite tea out of the cupboards.

“Minami, I’ve put everything you need in the kitchen.” Atsuko still didn’t look at Takamina.

“But I thought we could just watch films and cuddle today until I feel better.”

“I have to go out.”

“Where are you going?” Well that was a question Atsuko didn’t want to answer.

“Yuko asked to see me.”


“I don’t know, I didn’t ask.” That wouldn’t sound great and she knew it.

“And that’s more important than me? Not just me, but me ill as well?” Atsuko felt herself getting angry but she couldn’t help it. Takamina was making this harder than it was.

“Look I’m sorry okay? I’ll be back later.” She tried to leave but what Takamina muttered next stopped her.

“Yeah I get it. I’m the most important until another person comes into your life.”

“Seriously?! Minami I’m not your keeper. You’re feeling ill, I get it. But you’re not that ill. Get over yourself. I don’t have to look after you. You aren’t my girlfriend. I can go out with whoever I want. Just shut up. I’ll probably be back later. Then again I might not.”

She stormed out to the hall still fuming, trying to find her jacket and her keys, while trying not to listen to the wracking sobs coming from her best friend and the sounds from her throat that sounded painful. She couldn’t stay those sounds were killing her and she didn’t think Takamina would want her near her right now. Why did she have to say that? Takamina was right, she should be staying with her.

No! No, Takamina was wrong. She picked up her stuff finally and swept out the house.

She drove to where she was meant to meet Yuko, all the while thinking about Takamina. Why had she said all that? Now Takamina probably hated her. As she thought that, she got a text, she pulled out her phone, heart breaking as she read the message,

I’m sorry, Acchan. Tell me if you’re coming home later or not. I’ll order dinner. I love you.

Of course Takamina would feel bad for what happened. This was so stupid, why was she even here. She should be with the girl she loved, who was feeling ill, who she’d left alone after an argument. God, she was so stupid.

I’m coming home now.

She sent that to Takamina and set off home.

At home Takamina was curled up crying on the sofa crying. She heard the door go and tried to wipe her eyes. She heard Atsuko come up behind her but refused to look at her. “Minami. Will you look at me?”

Atsuko knelt down in front of Takamina and put her hands on Takamina’s knees. “Minami, please look at me.” Even though this was her request, she felt guilt shoot through her as Takamina looked up. Her face was sheet white and her eyes were rimmed red, tear tracks down her face.

“Minami, I’m so sorry.” She couldn’t resist any more; she swept Takamina into her arms and started rocking, the words flowing out of her mouth without abandon. “I’m so sorry Minami seriously. You are the most important. You are always the most important person in my life. I should have stayed with you. I always want to stay with you. You mean everything to me, Minami and I was being stupid. I’m so sorry.” Atsuko was crying into Takamina’s hair, Takamina wrapped in her arms crying. Atsuko was startled when Takamina laughed.

“Look at us. A pair of hormonal girls. All we need is some ice cream and a crap film and we’re set.” Takamina smiled at Atsuko. “Acchan, I’m sorry too. I was being a stupid jealous fool. I just wanted you all to myself.”

“I should never have left. You’re ill and I should have stayed with you anyway.” Atsuko put her hands into Takamina’s hair and started rubbing, smiling as Takamina melted into her. “I’ll make it up to you okay?”

“Hmm you can make me some food and then come and snuggle with me.” Takamina said shoving Atsuko off the sofa and settling down properly.

When Atsuko sat down, Takamina leant up to kiss her cheek jokingly at the same time Atsuko leant down to nuzzle her hair and their lips ended up colliding in a soft kiss. Both of them pulled back in shock, eyes glazed over and eyes not leaving each other before Atsuko shot off the sofa heading out of the room.

“Acchan!” Atsuko stopped dead in her tracks still facing away from Takamina. In a quieter voice this time she said “Don’t you dare walk away from me again.” The air left Atsuko’s lungs and she slouched. She turned back around slowly and made her way back to the sofa. “Sit down Acchan.” She sat as far from Takamina as she could and looked at her hands. Takamina sighed, “Acchan?” She smiled when Atsuko looked up. “Hey, gorgeous. What’s up? It was an accident, ok?”

“Yeah I guess so.” Atsuko blushed red.

“So why are you so embarrassed?” Takamina sensed her chance to make Atsuko hers, however Atsuko wasn’t answering her. “I want it to happen again. You know that we’re different Acchan. I love you and I know you love me. I know we should be together. We basically are. Acchan, I love you so much and I need you. I can’t be without you any longer so please put me out of my misery and please, please don’t ever leave me again.” Takamina didn’t want to look away, didn’t want Atsuko to leave. “Tell me you love me, Atsuko.”

Apparently Atsuko couldn’t even get that out because she surged forward and re-attached her lips to Takamina’s softly. Takamina let out a noise of appreciation, scooting herself closer to Atsuko and whining as Atsuko moved. “I thought you want me to tell you I love you.”
“Kissing now, I love you later.” Atsuko laughed at Takamina’s statement.

“Minami, I love you.” Atsuko smiled, giggled and beamed, showing all her teeth at Takamina. Leaning down to kiss Takamina again was interrupted by,

“I’m ill!”

“So?” Atsuko moaned.

“You can’t kiss me.” Atsuko groaned but pulled herself together.

“Let’s just focus on getting you better then.” She bundled Takamina up in a duvet, got her medicine and set about getting this lovely girl better.


"Honeyyyy I’m home!” Takamina sing-songed as she came through the door. She threw her jacket and keys down and headed the kitchen where she could smell some lovely smells. She crept up behind Atsuko and wrapped her arms around her, kissing her neck. “Hey Acchan.” She whispered, nibbling Atsuko’s ear.

“Stop it, Minami. That tickles.” Atsuko giggled. “We’re having Chinese food, because I couldn’t be bothered to cook.”
“Mm knew it smelt good. Better than what I usually get.” She grinned cheekily, spinning Atsuko around before she could get angry. “Hey.” She said before she leant in and gave her a soft kiss. “How’s your day been?”

“Alright. Haven’t done a lot. Would you like to go out to dinner tomorrow?”

Takamina nodded her assent before grabbing her plate and her girlfriends hand and dragging them to the sofa. Atsuko sat down in the corner of it, Takamina next to her, feet tucked up under her. They sat in comfortable silence eating their meals before Takamina turned to Atsuko.

“Why are we going for dinner?”

“I fancy going out with my girlfriend. Is that alright?” Atsuko winked.

“As long as you pay!” Takamina grinned, jumping up as Atsuko tried to swat her. She ran away from Atsuko, who was chasing her, and ran towards her own bedroom. Atsuko followed her in and kept chasing until Atsuko could throw Takamina onto the bed and jump on top of her.

“Déjà vu?” Atsuko grinned, breathless.

“Kiss me baka!” Takamina giggled, equally breathless. Atsuko leaned down and pressed her lips onto Takamina’s. After some slow, casual kissing Atsuko lay fully down a top Takamina, letting them touch everywhere. Takamina pushed harder into their kisses, melted further into Atsuko and let out little whimpering sounds. “Everything okay gorgeous?” Atsuko smirked. Takamina pouted and pulled Atsuko closer. Takamina pushed her fingers into Atsuko’s smooth black hair. She rubbed at Atsuko’s scalp before removing them, chuckling at the pathetic noise she emitted. “Don’t want to ruin my princesses’ gorgeous hair.”

“Minami.” Atsuko whined until Takamina put one hand back in her hair and the other on her hip. Atsuko continued to press down into the kiss hard. She slipped her tongue past Takamina’s mouth and bit softly on her lip, eliciting a quiet sound from Takamina. Suddenly Atsuko’s phone rang and she leaned up to grab it.
“No baby no. Leave it please.” Takamina pouted and tried to stop Atsuko from grabbing the phone.

“It’s my mum. I’m sorry.” She said, genuinely looking guilty as she picked up the phone. “Hey mum. Yeah everything’s okay. No it’s good we fixed it. Yeah she’s here now. Oh my goodness mum yes we that sort of fixed it! Yeah yeah I love you too.” Atsuko grinned as she hung up and turned to face Takamina who had settled under the covers in the time she’d been on the phone. She looked nervously at Takamina and bent to kiss her goodnight to go to her own room before Takamina stopped her. “Stay.”

“Tonight?” Atsuko asked innocently.

“Every night Acchan.” Takamina looked nervous before Atsuko pulled her trousers off and jumped into bed next to Takamina. They snuggled themselves into each others’ embraces.

“Stuck with me now.”

“Can’t think of anything better.”

OS # 12 Good to be home (Atsumina OS)
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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS # 12 Good to be home (Atsumina OS)
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I CALL THY, LORD OF 69!!!!!!

Damn the diabetes-inducing fluff in this fic.
Atsuko had a branching for a bit to choose either TKMN or Yuko.
She chose TKMN in the end *sigh*
Ah well, glad to see you finally do an OS of yer Kami, mate :lol:

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Re: [Atsuko_love's OS Compilation] New OS # 12 Good to be home (Atsumina OS)
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Cute fic..

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