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Author Topic: WMatsui OS Collection | The adventures of Nyan Nyan Kamen [Kojiyuu/WMatsui END]  (Read 14505 times)

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Hello everyone  :)

I will be posting here my OS and short fanfics about WMatsui!

Her Sun | WMatsui one shot (just scroll down)
The Adventures of Nyan Nyan Kamen | WMatsui & KojiYuu 3-part collaboration fanfic with Facarous

WMatsui one shot
Characters: Jurina Matsui, Rena Matsui
Story: Inspired by the lyrics and videoclip of SKE’s song Bukiyou Taiyou

Thanks to Bukiyou Taiyou for the poster!

by Sophcaro

It was the middle of Summer 2016, and the sun was watching over the city of Nagoya with benevolence. The sun always remained quiet in the sky, but it didn’t prevent it from observing the people walking down the streets, pleased to notice the happiness its warm ray lights would always bring them.

The sun had been watching over the entire earth for far too long to remember. Its role was unique: to warm people’s bodies and hearts, as well as enlighten this world. The sun was loved by many, and it rewarded this affection by shining even more brightly day by day. The sun cared for everyone on earth, and made no distinction between human beings. From little children to elderly people, the sun considered each human being as equally important.

Until now, the sun had always watched over the earth without making any distinction but this particular day of July 27, a girl unexpectedly managed to catch its attention.

It was her cheerful laugh that attracted the sun to that particular girl that day in Nagoya. The girl had black, shoulder-length hair, and was wearing a high school uniform: a white shirt closed by a blue ribbon around her neck, along with a grey and white checked skirt. She was chatting eagerly with her group of friends as they were heading back home after finishing school. That girl who was standing in the middle of the group was the center of attention: all the other girls were listening to her in great interest.

She was one of the popular girls, the sun guessed as it followed the group of girls in curiosity, its attention always set on the one at the center. She harbored such a bright smile and looked so happy, that it prompted the sun to shine a little more brightly over the group of friends.

The girl who was chatting with so much enthusiasm with her friends suddenly stopped walking, and looked up to the sky. The sun gazed at her in curiosity, just like every other girl in the group who was wondering why their leader had not only stopped talking, but also stopped walking altogether.

The sun knew the girl was only looking in the direction of the sky, but for a minute it strangely looked like she was looking straight at the sun. The sun brushed it off as a figment of its imagination, and contemplated instead the girl who was smiling, her eyes never leaving the blue sky over her head.

“She’s beautiful,” The sun murmured, admiring the girl’s juvenile face. Because of her athletic body, the sun figured she had to be apart of a sports club. Maybe the running club? The sun didn’t know how long it gazed at the girl, but it suddenly noticed her smile growing larger, her eyes widening slightly as she was still looking at the sky intently.

“You’re beautiful too,” the words left the girl’s lips.

The sun stared speechless at the girl who was grinning back at the sky, before turning on her heels to join again her group of friends who were waiting for her.

The sun followed the group of friends as it resumed its chatting, the words recently uttered by the girl rolling over in its head again and again. What had just happened? Had the girl just heard the sun and… answered?

But it was impossible, the sun kept repeating. No one could hear the sun! No one had ever heard the sun before! It had to be a figment of its imagination, the sun tried to convince itself. Maybe its inner, profound desire to be able to communicate with a human being was playing tricks on its mind. Yes, it could be the only explanation, the sun mused at it followed the girl pensively.

It was getting quite late now, and the sun knew it would soon need to disappear from the sky. Still, the sun kept watching the girl as long as it was allowed. The sun saw the girl parting ways with her friends and waving goodbye at them, before heading towards a quiet neighborhood of Nagoya. The sun followed her until she arrived in front of a house, and opened the front gate to enter.

The sun couldn’t help but feel a bit sad as it realized its short, but memorable encounter with the girl was about to come to an end. Somehow, the sun wished it could see this girl tomorrow again.

However, the sun knew it wasn’t reasonable to give in to its selfish desires. Its role was to enlighten the whole world. Its attention couldn’t possibly be set on one person in particular. Otherwise, it could get distracted, and forget about the other human beings that populated the earth.

The sun made up its decision, and gazed sadly one last time at the girl. “Farewell, Jurina,” the sun whispered softly to the girl who was about to enter her house. It was almost sundown now, but the sun wanted to take advantage of the last seconds to look at the girl one last time. All of a sudden, the girl turned around, a bright smile plastered on her face. “See you tomorrow, beautiful sun.”

The sun didn’t have time to react that the girl had already turned the handle of the door, and entered the house. The sun’s resolution to forget about that girl and move on went through the window after realizing the girl could truly hear it. The sun had no idea how such miracle was possible, but it simply knew it couldn’t leave the girl’s side anymore after this shocking revelation.

The next day, the sun was ready to welcome the high school student as soon as she stepped outside her house. The sun found itself happy to see her, and embraced her warmly when she looked up to the sky and smiled. The sun followed her silently as she headed towards school, and met her group of friends on the way. The sun wished it could keep on watching over her all day long, but it was unfortunately impossible during classes.

During those times, the sun found itself missing the girl, impatient to be reunited with her to be able to shine upon her head again. The sun’s wish was finally granted when the girl’s last class ended, and she left school. The sun followed her as silently as usual, watching her carefully as she was surrounded again by her group of friends. It amazed the sun that the girl was always the center of attention, all pair of eyes glued on her when she opened her mouth to speak.

Jurina was a very talkative girl, the sun quickly discovered. And enjoyed very much the congratulations she would receive each time she made a pun. Jurina loved making puns; that was another characteristic the sun couldn’t possibly miss about the girl, considering how many puns she made per day. The sun had to admit it sometimes needed a few seconds to fully understand Jurina’s puns. However, it always ended up being very impressed by how elaborate her puns were. And she was able to come up with a new pun so fast and effortlessly! The girl had a swift mind, the sun couldn’t help but agree.

Jurina had been chatting quite a lot with her friends now, when she suddenly indicated she needed to go somewhere. Judging by the surprised reactions she received, the sun guessed it was quite uncommon for the girl to make a change of plans on her way home. The sun was very curious to discover where the girl wanted to go, and it followed her as she said goodbye to her friends, and walked towards the opposite direction of her house.

The sun followed her as she walked for fifteen, long minutes, until seeing her heading towards the river bank. The girl suddenly stopped and looked around her, looking quite satisfied when there was no one in sight. She placed her school bag on the grass, before laying down and closing her eyes.

The sun wondered what prompted the girl to make a sudden stop here. It was quite far from her home. However, it took advantage of the moment to shine brightly over her unmoving form, noting how the warmth falling on her skin seemed to make her more relaxed and appeased. The sun watched over her for a little while, now understanding the magnetic effect the girl had on people. 

The girl was always very energetic during the day but right now, she looked quiet and peaceful. The girl who had kept her eyes shut since she laid down in the grass suddenly opened them, and the sun couldn’t shake the feeling that she was looking right in its direction.

The sun felt contented just watching the girl, and it certainly didn’t expect to hear the girl’s voice again. “You’re beautiful today again,” the girl stated with a smile. “But maybe a bit too hot.”

“Sorry,” The sun stuttered. Immediately, it shined a little less brightly over the girl’s head, hoping the change would be enough to satisfy her. The pleased expression the sun received in return told it definitely managed to meet the girl’s expectations. Now, the sun was entirely convinced it could communicate with the girl. For an unknown reason, the girl had acquired the capacity to hear its voice. However, the sun didn’t know what to say. Not only this situation was completely new and unforeseen, the sun found itself a bit shy in the presence of the beautiful girl.

A few minutes passed by without any word being exchanged, and the sun saw progressively a frown falling upon the girl’s face. She was still gazing at the sky, but now looked slightly upset. “Why are you not saying anything? I want to hear your voice again.”

The sun heard the request well but didn’t know how to proceed, torn between its wish to engage in a conversation with the girl, and the nagging feeling that this wasn’t right. And there was a question that still was unanswered after yesterday’s astonishing discovery. Why could this girl hear the sun talking? What made her so special?

The sun didn’t know if those questions would ever get an answer, but the now displeased look the girl was sending to the sky didn’t go unnoticed. It appeared Jurina didn’t like the silent treatment she was receiving. The sun was still unsure whether it was the right decision, but it refused to make the girl upset any longer. That’s why it spoke up, albeit a bit hesitantly. “Hello, Jurina.”

The words uttered were nothing but simple, but managed nonetheless to place a smile upon the girl’s lips instantly. “Finally, you’re answering.”

The sun noted the way her smile broadened as sunbeams caressed her skin softly. “I don’t understand why you can hear me,” The sun admitted its confusion. “No one has ever been able to hear me before.”

The girl sat up on the grass, and her face turned serious as she pondered thoughtfully over the sun’s words. “I don’t know either why I can hear you, but I don’t care. You’re beautiful, and you always keep me warm. I want to keep talking to you. Do you have a name?”

“I don’t,” The sun replied, wondering where the girl was getting at.

“Then I’ll give you one!” The girl announced cheerfully. “You have a lovely, feminine voice. I imagine you as a beautiful girl with long, black silky hair and small brown eyes. Your skin is slightly pale, even though you always shine so brightly.”

The sun gazed at the girl in amusement, thinking she surely had quite a lot of imagination. However, it didn’t mind at all that nice description and accepted it willingly.

“What about ‘Rena’?” The girl suggested. “Do you like it?”

“Rena?” The sun repeated the foreign name in surprise. Where did this name suddenly come from? Did this name have a particular meaning to the girl? In the end, the sun decided to keep its questions to itself, admitting it liked the way it sounded. “Alright.”

“Great!” Jurina clapped into her hands in joy, before raising her left hand towards the sky. “Nice to meet you, Rena-chan.”

July 27 marked the beginning of the relationship between the sun and Jurina. Every morning, the sun would accompany the high school student on her way to school and, as soon as classes were over, would follow her on her way back home.

Since that day, Jurina always pretended to have to go somewhere to part earlier with her friends. The other girls always seemed surprised when they saw their friend turning on her heels quickly, but they never questioned Jurina about it. The sun didn’t miss their curious gaze following her – nor the whispers they would exchange – as she drew away in the distance. The third day, the sun was feeling just like Jurina’s friends: it had no idea where the girl was running towards with such enthusiasm.

The sun followed the girl in curiosity, until noticing she was heading towards the river bank again. The place was desert just like the previous day, and Jurina didn’t waste time to leave her school bag aside, and lay down in the grass. The moment after, she looked up to the sky and spoke up. “I missed you during classes, Rena-chan. Did you miss me?”

The sun took in her somewhat mischievous expression, and it laughed softly at her childish behavior. The wind suddenly blew over Jurina’s face, brushing away a few strands of hair. The sun couldn’t help thinking she looked very beautiful today again. It shined a little over Jurina’s lying form carefully, not too much to not incommode her like the other day. Judging by Jurina’s pleased smile forming on her lips, she seemed to enjoy the attention. “I missed you too, Jurina.”

They spoke every day. As soon as classes ended, Jurina would head towards their spot and engage in a conversation with the sun. Well, it was mostly Jurina speaking at first, as the sun was often too shy to say anything. It felt much more at ease simply listening and observing the other girl.

Not a day passed without Jurina joining her spot by the river to talk with the sun. After three months, the sun was pretty sure it knew everything about the girl. Her friends, her family, her studies. Her dreams and expectations in life. Jurina, the girl who the sun was now very fond of, held no more secrets.

The sun enjoyed their time together more than anything. In fact, as soon as the sun was down, it couldn’t wait to be reunited with Jurina, and listen to her cheerful narration of her day again. However, as time went by, the sun couldn’t help noticing that Jurina was drawing away progressively from her group of friends.

Indeed, Jurina shortened the time she spent with them more and more, in order to be able to have more time to speak with the sun. That’s why, one day, the sun couldn’t help but broach the subject tentatively. “Jurina… maybe you should stop spending so much time with me.”

The sun immediately regretted its words when it saw Jurina taking a seat on the grass, and shooting the sky a very upset look. “Why? Don’t you like me anymore? Am I boring you?”

“Of course not,” the sun reassured her immediately. Jurina was the most interesting human being the sun had ever met. How could she believe she was boring? Those few hours they were able to spend each day together were the best moments of the sun’s day. “But you are spending less time with your friends. I’m sure they are missing you.”

Jurina let out a sigh, and looked down to her feet guiltily. “I have many friends, but I never felt this way with anyone else before,” she admitted, her voice lowering down in a murmur. “You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, and the last when I fall asleep. I think… I like you.”

The sun blushed at the admission, and hid carefully being a passing cloud. However, Jurina immediately noticed that the sun was not shining over her anymore, and she looked up to the sky, scared. “Please don’t leave me,” she pleaded to the sun that was still refusing to show itself, “I just can’t help how I feel. We’ve been talking to each other for more than three months. Don’t you like me… just a little?”

“I like you too,” The sun admitted softly, showing itself progressively from behind the cloud that was sheltering it. And not just a little, the sun almost added, realizing how much the girl’s presence was brightening up its day like never before. However, there was one fact the sun couldn’t ignore. The sun was to remain in the sky, unreachable. “But this is impossible.”

“I guess it is,” Jurina murmured after a little while, and the sun didn’t miss the melancholy entering her voice. “I wish I could touch you. Just as you embrace me every day with your warmth.”

“My touch is dangerous,” The sun replied painfully to the girl who was not looking up to the sky anymore. “If you were to touch me, you would burn and die.”

“I-I see,” Jurina stammered, tears sliding down her cheeks silently.

They didn’t speak after that anymore and for the first time since they met, the sun regretted giving in to the temptation of getting to know that girl better, and ever engaging a conversation with her. Its intent had always been to make her happy and keep that bright smile upon her lips. Now, it was doing the exact opposite as it couldn’t possibly meet the girl’s expectations.

Jurina went back home a little after that, and the sun pondered over what to do to comfort the girl who had kept silent on the way home. The sun tried tentatively to shine over her head, but the warmth didn’t have the expected effect as the girl barely reacted and looked as despondent as before.

The sun waited until the girl entered her house, hoping she would turn back to look up to the sky one last time. She didn’t, and the sun watched sadly as the girl closed the door behind her without sharing a single word with the sun as she always used to. The sun knew the girl was upset right now, and it didn’t feel offended in the slightest by the silent treatment it was getting. Jurina would be feeling better the next day, the sun firmly believed as it watched through the window the girl meeting her mother in the living room.

However, the sun couldn’t ignore Jurina’s confession. Her feelings for the sun were genuine, and the sun knew they would only grow stronger if they kept speaking every day as they had done for the last three months. The sun didn’t want to make such a decision; especially when it was conscious it felt the same way for Jurina. However, the sun knew Jurina would hurt even more if they kept interacting. For Jurina’s sake, their precious conversations needed to come to an end.

The sun still followed the girl and embraced her with its warmth the next day, but it stayed quiet according to the decision it made the evening before. Jurina tried to engage in a conversation again as soon as she left school, but the sun remained silent the whole time. To be honest, it was hard to stuck to such resolution when the sun saw the reaction it provoked. Confusion. Sadness. Despair.

Albeit the fact the girl never received a reply from the sun, she stubbornly kept on talking. The sun never replied once, no matter how painful it was to see the girl looking up to the sky, asking again and again why the sun refused to speak. In the end, the sun’s efforts to remain silent paid off.

One day, after weeks of trying, Jurina stopped going by the river bank. Her friends seemed surprised when she didn’t excuse herself to leave the group as she had been doing for months. The sun looked painfully at the girl who had lost all her cheerfulness. A few of Jurina’s friends were trying to talk with her, but the girl was barely listening and reacting to the attention.

It was unbearable for the sun to see the girl in such a devastated state, and at one point the sun almost gave in, pondering answering to the girl again just to finally see the light back in her eyes. However, it refrained itself at the last minute, realizing it would be counterproductive. The sun never wished to distance itself from the girl, but it had no other choice. Jurina was asking something the sun couldn’t provide. This relationship had no future, so it was best to say goodbye before it was too late.

That day, the sun decided it would also stop following Jurina altogether. It was so painful to witness the girl’s sorrow on a daily basis; the sun couldn’t bear to see it anymore. The sun had no other solution but to let go of the girl completely, nevermind how much the idea was hurting.


Months passed, and Jurina never heard the sun’s voice again. Jurina’s pain gave way to melancholia, soon realizing it was impossible for her to fully forget about Rena. Yes, she spent more time with her friends again, but she never managed to fill the void Rena had left in her heart. She still passed by the river bank on a few occasions and each time, she couldn’t help but look up to the sky, remembering the times she would speak freely with her beloved sun.

At first, Jurina would pass by the river bank on purpose, just in case the sun would finally decide to answer back. However, when she realized it was only wishful thinking on her behalf and the sky remained completely silent, she realized her wish would never come true. Her chest constricted in pain at the terrible thought. Was that what they called a heartbreak? If yes, then she never wished to go through that experience again.


The next Summer arrived faster than she would have predicted. Jurina knew she needed to move on if she wished to get over her heartbreak, and she put all her energy in her studies. Her hard work paid off: she ended at the top of her class, and graduated from high school with a high score by the end of the year. Without surprise, she passed the entrance examination of one of the best universities in Tokyo with great success.

It was the first Saturday of August 2017, and Jurina had decided for the holidays to go back to her hometown. After spending some time with her family, she was reunited with her childhood friends as she went to enjoy the Osu festival. Jurina followed them happily, admitting it was nice to finally spend some time with her friends, and enjoy the short respite the holidays procured.

After watching the Osu festival they all went by the river bank, her friends immediately starting to play with handheld sparklers. Jurina accompanied them, admitting the lights looked beautiful in the now pitch-dark sky.

Jurina was having fun and enjoying herself but for an unknown reason, her thoughts suddenly went to the sun, and she gazed sadly at the starry sky over her head. The sky was beautiful, Jurina admitted, but it was nothing compared with the beauty of her sun. Her impossible wish, buried deep inside her all this time, resurfaced. She missed the sun so badly.

Jurina got extracted from her thoughts when she heard her friends laughing, and she gazed at them pensively. Her mind was filled with thoughts of Rena, and she wasn’t having fun anymore despite the good company. That’s why she decided to take a walk by the river bank, in the hope it would clear her head. She didn’t wish to go too far so she took a seat on the grass, close enough to her friends in case they asked for her. 

She contemplated the starry sky for a little while, until hearing soft footsteps approaching. At first, Jurina believed it was one of her friends coming to see her and she quickly tried to think of a good excuse to justify her wish to isolate herself. However, the face that soon came into view was completely unfamiliar to her.

“Are you alright?” The girl, who seemed in her twenties, asked in concern.

Jurina gazed at her in awe, taking in her yellow yukata and her black hair tied into a neat bun. Jurina couldn’t help thinking it was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen on earth. Realizing the girl was still expecting a reply Jurina nodded quickly, a warm smile plastering progressively the stranger’s porcelain face.

The girl didn’t seem willing to leave quite yet but Jurina surely didn’t mind, taking advantage of the moment to observe her more carefully. She was positively sure she had never seen that girl before – she would definitely have remembered otherwise - which was very strange considering her voice sounded oddly familiar.

“Please take care of yourself,” the girl continued. “The night is going to get chilly.”

Jurina nodded a second time, wondering why she couldn’t find her voice in the presence of this girl. The stranger gazed at her at length before turning slowly on her heels, but Jurina couldn’t detach her eyes from her as she drew away. Despite knowing she had never seen this girl before, she couldn’t shake the feeling she had heard her voice somewhere. She searched her memory again and again.

She had never met that person before – Jurina had no doubt about it – but she recognized this voice. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more it looked similar to…

No, it was impossible! Jurina stood up at once, staring at the yellow yukata that was drawing away. Was her desperate wish to be reunited with the sun again making her go all crazy? This woman couldn’t be…

Jurina realized how strange she would look like if it ended up being a stupid mistake. All of a sudden, she heard one of her friends calling her, and asking her to join them. But Jurina didn’t pay attention to it, her eyes glued on the girl who had addressed her a few minutes ago, and would soon be out of reach. Realizing it would soon be too late, she shouted the name she had assigned to her beloved sun more than a year ago. “Rena-chan!”

The girl she had just shouted at didn’t stop as she predicted, and Jurina was now truly starting to believe she had gone crazy. “Of course it was not her,” Jurina muttered, a bit angry at herself for getting her hopes up so foolishly. Her sun was supposed to stay in the sky forever, and couldn’t possibly be walking on earth amongst mere mortals.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and Jurina wondered if she would ever be able to forget about the sun that won her heart so effortlessly more than a year ago. The fact that she had just mistaken that stranger for her beloved sun was a clear indication that she still had a long way to go.

Jurina felt the tears rolling down her cheeks silently, and she buried her face in her hands. From afar, she heard one of her friends calling her name again, but it was unconceivable to show herself in such a state in front of her friends. Jurina tried to compose herself, much in vain as tears kept streaming down her face as she cried.

Jurina froze when she felt a pair of arms enveloping her gently, and heard a trembling voice murmuring in her ear. “Forgive me, Jurina... Please don’t cry.”

Jurina let the words sink in, warmth spreading through her chest when she heard again the voice she had missed so much. She took a step back and lowered her hands to stare at the girl clad in a yellow yukata standing in front of her. Jurina opened her mouth to speak, but no words managed to come out. It was really her. It was her sun!

“Can you… forgive me?” The sun asked tentatively, brushing away her tears tenderly.

Rena’s fingers were so warm, that Jurina couldn’t help fluttering her eyes close at the pleasant sensation, and leaning into her touch. “I will forgive you on only one condition,” she managed to finally utter, looking straight into Rena’s eyes. “Don’t ever leave me again.”

The sun found itself a bit taken aback by Jurina’s serious tone. However, it knew there was only reply it could give the younger girl. “I’ll keep you warm as long as you want me.”

Jurina read the sincerity in Rena’s eyes, and tears slid down her cheeks in a mix of relief and joy. Jurina had no idea how this miracle was possible; even less what the future had in store for both of them. However, she was very decided not to let go of her sun now that she managed to find her again.

Jurina embraced the other girl tightly, relishing the warmth the body against her emitted as she felt two arms wrapping around her waist in reaction. It was a dream come true, Jurina couldn’t help thinking as she was finally able to hold in her arms her dear sun. She had waited for so long to be able to touch her, that she needed to keep repeating to herself again and again that this was really happening and not a figment of her imagination.

Jurina pulled away from the embrace slightly, just enough to be able to gaze back at the other girl. She was as beautiful as in her dreams, she thought as she caressed her cheek softly. She fitted so well the description she had once given the sun. And, as she closed her eyes and placed her lips against Rena’s, realized they were also as soft as she imagined.

Jurina simply knew she would never let go of Rena after that day.

Her beautiful and beloved sun. 

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Re: Her Sun | WMatsui OS
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I am An awkward sun
Since the day we met
I’ve been burning here
Still and unmoving
A cowardly sun
With a feeling that
If I got close to you
You might disappear
I love you
Though I love you

ske48_bukiyo taiyou
great fic as always sophcaro san
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Re: Her Sun | WMatsui OS
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So Beautiful!

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Re: Her Sun | WMatsui OS
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My WMatsui heart  :heart: Thank you Author-san for this beautiful fic.
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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Re: Her Sun | WMatsui OS
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So inspiring and beautiful fanfic!!  :cry: :wub:

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Re: Her Sun | WMatsui OS
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Before you remind me to comment. So here I am hahaha😂
At last,  how did rena transformed into human's form?
Or do I misunderstood something here? 😅😅

But yeah immediately "bukiyou taiyou"  played as its bgm
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Re: Her Sun | WMatsui OS
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I'm speechless.

I literately can't find the words to describe how much I like this story!  :on woohoo:

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Re: Her Sun | WMatsui OS
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Whoa! I super like this fic! Before I continue, let me dance for you as my gratitude. :yossi:

I like the ending hehe.. I mean, I like the whole story of course, but the ending when the Sun becomes Rena is nice. It's unexpected.
Especially when Rena appeared with THAT yellow yukata. My poor kokoro screamed a little. :wriggly:
And I actually laughed in some passage. I found it funny when the Sun took time to understand Jurina's puns.
It's genuinely punny! Not only the Sun, I also need time to understand her puns! Haha!  :wahaha:

When the Sun blushed and hid over the cloud, I was like, "YOU CUTE LITTLE SUN!"

I have to admit that I was pessimistic when I first read it. I prepared my heart for a sad ending.
But then when you transformed the Sun to Rena, I'm happy. I don't even care how haha!

Nice story, Sophcaro-san! As expected from you!  :on woohoo:
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Re: Her Sun | WMatsui OS
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I am An awkward sun
Since the day we met
I’ve been burning here
Still and unmoving
A cowardly sun
With a feeling that
If I got close to you
You might disappear
I love you
Though I love you

ske48_bukiyo taiyou

Yep, this videoclip definitely inspired me when I wrote this OS  :thumbup

So Beautiful!

So inspiring and beautiful fanfic!!  :cry: :wub:

My WMatsui heart  :heart: Thank you Author-san for this beautiful fic.

I'm speechless.
I literately can't find the words to describe how much I like this story!  :on woohoo:

I'm glad you enjoyed it  :)

At last, how did rena transformed into human's form?
Or do I misunderstood something here? 😅😅

You understood correctly! And how did she do it? I'll leave it to your imagination  :P

Especially when Rena appeared with THAT yellow yukata. My poor kokoro screamed a little. :wriggly:

That yellow yukata was a big clue that it was Rena, right?  :lol:

When the Sun blushed and hid behind the cloud, I was like, "YOU CUTE LITTLE SUN!"

Awkward and shy Rena sun is cute  :heart:

I have to admit that I was pessimistic when I first read it. I prepared my heart for a sad ending.
But then when you transformed the Sun to Rena, I'm happy. I don't even care how haha!

I wanted to show Rena in that yellow yukata, so the sun had to take human form at some point. I couldn't imagine this story without a happy ending  ;)

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The adventures of Nyan Nyan Kamen [KojiYuu & WMatsui short fanfic 1/3]
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Hello everyone,

I'm posting a collaboration project I did with another Spanish fanfic writer, Facarous.  It's a comedy 3-part fanfic with KojiYuu and WMatsui as main pairings, the result of an idea that popped up in my mind one crazy evening. Written in Spanish and English, I'm posting here the English version. I would like to stress Facarous deserves most of the credits for developing this story, as my role mainly consisted in improving her English version, and suggesting some scene ideas here and there.

PS: If this story ended up having more WMatsui moments than originally planned, it's probably my fault  XD   



It was a beautiful day: the sun was shining, the wind rocked the treetops, the birds chirped and she had won a coupon with 50% discount for her next visit to the Doki Doki bar. It was a quiet and peaceful Sunday with nothing to do at the police station…

It was.

Who the hell was in charge of the weather section in the newspaper?

Sunny all day long or at least that’s what they promised. She didn’t remember reading anything about a sudden ‘apocalyptic storm’ on the forecast today. It had to be a joke designed by a very sick mind.

So there she was: in a dumpster, completely soaked from head to toe, thunder echoing in the background, and lightning flashing as cameras trying to immortalize her moment of shame.

Could this get any worse?

“Senpai, are you all right?”

Oh, of course it could be worse!

“Of course, officer Matsui. I’m just enjoying the view from here. It’s so…” she took a deep breath, “refreshing…”

“I only smell garbage…”

“Shut up and help me out!” Wan Wan Yuko stamped her feet, exasperated. She surely didn’t want to stay stuck there. Soon, a pair of restless ears with dark fur appeared, followed by two sparkling brown eyes. Her partner smiled cheerfully.

“Hai, hai…” A pair of hands began to pull her out forcibly. After several failed attempts - and covering her with even more garbage from various and very suspect origins - she managed to stand up at her full height. Which was not much considering she was only 4 feet 11 inches tall.

“Oh, senpai… you have a banana peel on the top of your head…”

“Stop it, stop it!!” Yuko slapped her hands away to try and stop her partner who was clumsily attempting to clean her up. “Puppy, stop it!”

Yuko had a headache. Her brown fur was a mess, and she smelled so bad she was pretty sure she would need at least two showers to get completely rid of the smell.

“I’m not a puppy anymore,” Her partner frowned, “I’ve not been wagging my tail in days.”

Yuko looked at her in skepticism. Despite her vehement protests, the young officer was wagging her tail in excitement.

“Sure, sure,” Yuko waved her hand at her to calm her down, “What about that cat. I suppose you did not catch it?”

“She is very fast! Bad cat! Daring to steal from the cute shop owner…” the puppy-not puppy pouted in displeasure.

Yuko sighed. That was the third store in a week that was stolen by a mysterious - and sexy - looking-cat thief.

One hour and two showers later…

No money stolen. She had only emptied the cat food section. Well, apart from a certain brand, the whole cat food had been stolen. Just like with every shop in the neighborhood.

“That’s suspicious…” Yuko massaged her forehead as she waved her tail lazily, “Why did she leave that brand behind?”

“It’s the cheapest and less popular brand,” Yuko turned around to meet with the owner of the shop, immediately noticing her elegance and beautiful features. Thin ears, black curly fur nicely brushed, serene eyes and short tail. A real ojou-sama, Yuko thought.

Her partner was following the owner of the shop’s every move, her eyes glued on her with a sparkling intensity. Yuko could almost see small hearts emerging from her chest, and flying around in the sky as butterflies.

She sighed for the umpteenth time that afternoon.

“Don’t worry, miss!“ Her partner suddenly exclaimed. "We’ll catch that thief! She’ll never set a foot in your shop again.”

Yuko raised an eyebrow and growled at her enthusiastic words. The puppy had a silly expression on her face, and was waving her tail cheerfully. Why couldn’t she have a normal partner?

She cleared her throat, and addressed the owner of the shop once again. "You’re saying you didn’t notice anything unusual in your store, until the thief ran out with all the food?”

“I don’t understand how she managed to enter,” The princess replied. “Believe me officer; if I had seen her before, she would never have set foot in this place. Would you let someone wearing a mask and with a huge bag in her hand enter your shop?”

“Definitely not,” Yuko wrote down in her notebook, while sniffing the air here and now to try and capture the scent of the thief better. “Well, miss… uh… uh…”

“Matsui. Matsui Rena.”

 “I’m Matsui too! Matsui Jurina!” Jurina, who had been in her own dreamy little world until now - and staring almost obsessively at the shop owner - suddenly exclaimed while agitating her hands in the air.

The victim of the theft and owner of the shop, Matsui Rena, raised an eyebrow at the young officer’s childish enthusiasm. Now, she was truly starting to doubt those two officers’ ability to solve the mystery of this theft.

As of Yuko, she took a deep breath to try and calm her nerves at her partner’s impossible behavior.

Kojima Haruna was not very happy right now. She adjusted as best as she could the huge bag on her back, and began looking for her keys. She was completely wet… and her damn keys were nowhere to be found.

She felt the pain in her arms once she finally dropped the bag inside the hall. A small sigh escaped her lips in relief before her attention got caught by a strange, strong smell.

“Guys?” She called, slightly apprehensive about what she was going to see. She took a few hesitant steps towards the living room, her eyes widening in shock at the terrible sight in front of her.

Chaos… that was the correct word to describe what she was seeing. It was as if a hurricane had suddenly invaded her apartment and destroyed everything on its passage.

"What did you do!” Haruna protested.

Soon, several meows could be heard, and a few pair of ears appeared behind furniture and at every corner of the room. “Mou… I told you I wouldn’t be long… I went to look for some food!”

Meows increased and soon a mountain of fur, claws and tails approached her.


Dozens of cats approached the newcomer. With their large, bright and hypnotics expectant eyes never leaving her.

“I brought food… lots of food.” Haruna said with a proud smile. “This time, it was a big success!”

Walking into the kitchen she cleverly jumped over clothes spread onto the floor and avoided puddles of water, all along while trying not to step onto any of the little fur balls that were following her closely and wagging their tails.

She took multiple bowls that she brought back to the living room, doing her best not to trip on any cat in the process.

Kojima Haruna also known as ‘Nyan Nyan Kamen’ for the police and media - but more known as ‘mom’ for all those cats she has rescued and were homeless until two months ago - slumped into a chair. Well, one of the chairs that was not already occupied by one of her adopted cats.

It had not been an easy task to enter that store. Not since pictures of her wearing her legendary mask were posted everywhere in the city. The police was clearly adamant to catch her, and doing everything in their power to reach their objective.

She had to sneak discreetly into an alley, climb on garbage cans and jump into one of the windows that she knew belonged to the store. Or at least, that was what her logic was telling her. She was very happy when she realized that she was not mistaken. She was successful in finding the small storehouse.

There she found enough of everything. She opened her bag and grabbed all the cat food she could, only leaving behind the cheap brand her children didn’t like. When the bag was about to burst, she decided it was time to go. Lightning could be heard from afar, and it was obvious a storm was coming.

And the storm did come sooner than expected.

She hated rain. Her cat part bristled and hissed. She didn’t want to get wet, of this she was certain. She couldn’t stay here much longer. It was a matter of time until the staff or the owner of the shop would find her with her large bag full of cat food she had stolen.

She was trapped.

But she could not give up. After all, she was Nyan Nyan Kamen: the very sexy and elusive thief who had emptied two stores in solely one day. She had a reputation to maintain, and staying here waiting for people to catch her was not an option.

So, she did the first thing her brain could come up with…


She opened the door of the storehouse, and ran through the store without looking back once. Police was shouting and ordering her to stop, but she successfully managed to make her way out and slip through their fingers.

Once outside, she ran like hell with the bag secured on her back.

The last thing she saw before jumping over a fence and finally losing her pursuers was a cute and small police officer falling into a dumpster.

She smiled.

It had been a piece of cake.

Rena counted once again the money in the cash register. She was about to close the shop, but the whole thing about the theft had left her nervous enough to keep an eye on the door every five seconds. In addition to that, she had this annoying feeling that every one of her movements was being watched.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable she massaged her neck, before clearing her throat and finally tearing her eyes away from the money when she was done counting. A pair of lively and big brown eyes stared back at her. Silence enveloped her for a little while, not sure what she was supposed to do. She sent a desperate glance at her employee who was cleaning the window glasses, but she didn’t get the expected help.

“Officer, is there something I can help you with?” Jurina’s tail stirred warmly when she was called. She shook her head vigorously.

“No, I’m just doing my job. I’m looking after the shop in case the thief tries to come back.” Rena gave her a somewhat cautious look.

“Officer… don’t you think…”

“Jurina,” the officer stopped her abruptly. “You can call me by my name… and so I could call you Rena-chan.”


“By the way Rena-chan, when you close the shop, I have orders to escort you home.” A huge bright smile was the perfect finale for such a claim.


Yuko was looking with displeasure at the infamous cat-food bag resting on her desk. It didn’t seem to have anything special; it was blue and had a photograph of a grey cat with blue eyes, long whiskers and a focused look on it. Yuko raised an eyebrow… the latest victim of the thief who was named by the press as Nyan Nyan Kamen, had mentioned that this was the less popular brand of cat food. It had to be very bad to sell so less despite its low cost.

How badly could it taste?

She smiled.

There was only one way to know.

“Takamina…” she called the catlike officer who was sitting at the desk next to her.

“Hmm?” It was a disinterested response, but Yuko could see the ears moving in curiosity.

“Have you ever heard about this brand of cereals?”


“Humm, it’s a new brand. Yesterday, they gave us a bag at the store where we went to investigate.”

“Ah, you’re in charge of the case of this Nyan Nyan, right?” The honey-colored eyes of her partner looked back at her.

“Hmm… yes… Would you like to taste it? There’s a picture of a cat on the bag.”

“Doesn’t sound bad. Today, I didn’t have time for breakfast and I was thinking of going out to buy something.” The catlike ears’ twitched happy. Takahashi Minami better known as Takamina by her friends, got up from her desk and grabbed the bag under the expectant look of Yuko. “It really won’t cause any problem if I take some?”

“No, no, go ahead.”

Smiling, Minami opened the bag and slipped her hand inside, only to grab a handful of the croquettes and unceremoniously throw them at her partner’s face.

“Hey!” Yuko got up quickly from her seat, wiping off her uniform.

“Do you think I’m stupid? This is cat food!”

"I just wanted to know how bad the taste is…”

“Am I a guinea pig?”

“No, you’re half cat…” Yuko started amusingly, before clearing her throat nervously under Minami’s angry gaze. “Okay, bad joke…”

Haruna walked around the neighborhood with attentive ears and her eyes checking every centimeter of the place.

"Brandy!” she shouted for the umpteenth time. She kept quiet for a moment, attentive to any reply. “Brandy!”

Think, think… if you were a naughty kitten, where would you go?

She sighed. She had repeated over and over to her cats that they were not supposed to go too far away from the apartment. They were still small, and could get lost very easily. Her missing kitten had missed lunch, and she was beginning to fear the worst. It wouldn’t be the first time a cat ended up under the wheels of a car.

She felt a lump in her throat. She had to stay positive.


A very soft mewing stopped her immediately.

“Brandy? Brandy!” she shouted in hope, hearing the same mewing a few meters forward. Haruna smiled in relief… but that smile faded when she noticed where her little friend was. Indeed, the small Brandy was trapped inside a sewer. How on earth did it get there? Haruna had no idea how long the cat had been trapped inside but it was wet and looked very scared, ears pulled back and eyes anxious and wide open.

“Brandy? It’s me… I’m going to get you out of there.”

Haruna, not caring in the least if she was in the middle of the street, lifted the grid and laid down on the pavement to try and catch the little animal inside. Everything would be much easier if her arms were longer and Brandy wasn’t moving backwards, completely scared.

“Brandy, It’s me. Come closer, let’s go home.”

“S-Sorry…” a tentative voice interrupted her desperate attempts to convince Brandy that it was much safer to come back with her than to stay in the sewer.

"Can’t you see I’m busy?” she replied without looking away from the small and wet hairball. “Brandy! It’s me! You need to get out of there.”

“Miss… I must insist…”

Haruna ignored again the unwelcomed interruption, instead focusing on trying to get her hand closer to the kitten. She pushed her arm further inside, ignoring the pain of her skin scratching against the pavement. She was just a few centimeters away from the scared kitten.

“Miss, this is very dangerous…”

“I’m really busy here,” she said in annoyance, finally turning around to look at the person who was constantly interrupting her. Behind her, was standing a blushing police officer. Haruna frowned at the sight of the visibly hesitant and uncomfortable officer. That’s when she realized her embarrassing position - her behind was raised in the air with her tail wagging from side to side - and her cheeks colored immediately. Hurriedly, she stood up from the floor and adjusted her skirt as best as he could. “I’m sorry, officer…”

“You can’t stay in middle of the street like that… it’s dangerous.”

“I’m really sorry, but Brandy is trapped in there,” she explained, pointing at the sewer. “My cat is very scared, and doesn’t seem to recognize me. I’ve been looking for him all day long.”

“I understand, but you could have called the fire department for help.”

The cat-girl kept silent at the suggestion. She had not thought of that.

“I’m officer Oshima. Let me take care of the situation.”

Haruna was about to scream. She knew that police officer: she was the one who had chased her the other day. Oh yes, she remembered her perfectly.

“Of course…” she replied, even though her guts were telling her to run away as fast as she could. The officer didn’t seem to recognize her, but she was sure it was just a matter of time.

Three hours, two firetrucks and an ambulance later, the small Brandy was purring inside Haruna’s lap. The police officer had a slight nervous tic in one eye as she thanked and dismissed the poor injured firefighters who had received more than a few scratches thanks to the wild hairball.

Yuko looked up to the sky and thanked the gods who had so generously given her such a beautiful view of the girl’s ass. To be honest, she had to use all her self-control to face the situation with professionalism.

Her day had not started well. Takamina had technically kicked her out of the police station, and her interview with the owner of the brand of cat food Cat Chow Chow had simply been unproductive. The whole thing did nothing but reaffirm her suspicions of the possibility that the brand was probably launching a campaign of sabotage against its competitors.

It was obvious that, if there were no other brands in the stores, customers would be forced to buy their food of dubious origin.

However, her day improved greatly with that glorious vision. That cat girl had a very nice ass, and what about the rest? She was just stunning.

“Yuko… concentrate, you’re on duty,” she scolded herself as she approached her.

“Thank you very much…” the cat girl smiled and Yuko believed that was the most beautiful smile on earth.

“Yuko, Yuko Oshima…”

“Ah… yes, sure… Oshima-san, thank you very much but I have to go.”

“If you want, I can walk you home. It’s my duty to protect citizens from any danger…”

“Uh… well… but my apartment… is really close…” Haruna was starting to feel really nervous, every second spent with that officer putting her in danger of having her identity revealed. The police officer was very insistent, and she couldn’t tell if it was because she had already been recognized.

“At least, tell me your name,” Yuko inched closer to her and looked straight into her eyes. For a moment, Haruna was mesmerized by those brown, clean and crystalline orbs. She had to admit that since the first time she saw her, she found her very cute.

Officer Oshima suddenly stepped back, and her eyes widened in amazement. Haruna hugged tightly Brandy against her… That’s it, she had discovered her! She needed to escape as soon as possible! She stepped back slightly, ready to turn around, when two hands grabbed her shoulders and the officer’s deep look made her freeze.

“Your eyes…” Yuko seemed so focused, “your eyes…”

“Officer… you’re hurting me…”

“Your eyes are beautiful!” Yuko exclaimed. “My decision is made! Please go on a date with me!”

Haruna wasn’t sure if she wanted to laugh, cry or run away.

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Matsui Rena was walking down the street with hurried steps, followed enthusiastically and closely by the officer Matsui Jurina who was all eyes, ears and nose alert to any danger. It had been an impossible task to dissuade her from not walking Rena home. The young police officer seemed to ignore completely the meaning of the word no.

Occasionally, Rena would look back, trying to convince herself that Jurina was really still there escorting her, and whenever that happened the officer caught her gaze and smiled playfully, wagging her tail cheerfully. Rena massaged her temple. God, she was still a puppy. A cute puppy, she had to admit.

“Ne, Rena-chan?”

“Yes, officer Matsui?”

“Jurina! Ju-ri-na…”


“Never mind, let’s start again! I’ll say: Rena-chan, and you shall answer: yes, Jurina-chan or Juritan or Juri…”

“Yes, yes… got it,” Rena sighed resignedly. This must be a joke.

“Ne, Rena-chan?”

“Yes… Ju-ri-na…” she heard a snort behind her. An amused smile formed on her lips. “Yes, Jurina?” She asked again at the lack of response.

“Would you like to go for an ice cream?”

“Huh?” Rena looked up at the cloudy sky. “Officer… I mean, Jurina… I don’t think the weather is right for an ice cream, not to mention you are on duty.”

“It’s always a good time for an ice cream and I’m doing my job. My job is to escort you home and if by any chance your route diverges to buy an ice cream, what can I do? I cannot leave you alone…”

Even though Rena had her back turned, she was sure the officer had a smirk on her face. She was incredible. Was she really thinking of using her as an excuse to go and buy ice cream?

“Sounds like you are trying to manipulate me, officer Matsui.”

“Ju-ri-na… and no. Rena-chan, I’m only taking care of your safety and wellbeing and I think an ice cream would do you some good.” Rena turned to face the police officer, not believing what she was hearing. What a mischievous girl! And Jurina had such a beaming smile on her face. “It’s on me.”

Rena blinked, not understanding why on earth she was about to give a positive answer. She chuckled; the puppy was smart. Cute, smart and sassy… Kami, she couldn’t find it in her to say no to those imploring eyes that were staring back at her.

“Okay, Jurina. You win.”

“Yeah!” The young officer jumped in joy. “You will not regret it, Rena-chan.”

Rena was starting to get worried. That smile of victory on Jurina’s face suddenly seemed absurdly appealing.

Inside her head, a red light turned on in warning… this was not right.

Kojima Haruna was terrified.

Completely terrified.

Outside her apartment, was standing and adjusting her hair the officer who helped her save Brandy. Haruna knew she should have moved out, left the city and changed her name the moment she had followed her here after she had taken the kitten out of the sewer. Now, two days later, the officer was standing in front of her apartment in civilian clothes, in accordance with her wish to have a date with her.

What should she do? Pretend dementia? Refuse to open?

She cast a panicked look at her living room, where a dozen of cats was doing their mandatory 18-hour nap. She looked towards the shelves of her small kitchen; shelves that were full of cat food. Cat food that she had stolen.

The bell rang again. One of her cats yawned lazily and shot her an annoyed look, silently complaining that she was not stopping the terrible noise preventing him from sleeping peacefully.

“Kojima-san?” This time it was a couple of knocks on the door. “Kojima-san, I know that you are in here… Are you alright? I heard something falling.”

Haruna cursed her clumsy feet.

“Y-Yeah… it’s just that I’m… putting away… umbrellas!” She smacked herself. She did not even have umbrellas! Hurriedly and without thinking twice she opened the door, stepping out to face the police officer. She made sure to close the door behind her carefully. “H-Hello, officer Oshima,” she smiled as best as she could.

"Hello, Kojima-san…” Yuko arched an eyebrow. “Are you going to leave like that? It’s not that you don’t look cute, but… don’t you think you should at least put… shoes on?”

Haruna realized that she was still barefoot, and wearing pajamas. It was not that she had forgotten about the date, but until the last minute she had hoped she could escape from it. The neat appearance of the officer standing in front of her was a sharp contrast with her pair of pink pants and her red sleeveless shirt decorated with heart patterns.

The officer was wearing a beige coat above a neat, white shirt, along with a pair of tight jeans and sneakers. Haruna concluded that it was a nice outfit for an innocent date between friends. Except for the fact that they were not friends. In fact, technically, she was going on a date with the enemy.

“Oshima-san… I don’t think we should go on a date.”

“Is it because of the coat? I knew it was a bad choice!”

“No, no, no… it’s not that. It’s just that I can’t accept your invitation.” Yuko, who was checking her coat, stopped moving immediately. Her ears dropped a little in disappointment.

“Do you already have someone you like? Sorry, it was very selfish of me to invite you the way I did.” Yuko slipped her hands into the pockets of her pants, her tail completely immobile behind her back. Haruna almost felt sorry for not meeting her expectations. “So… well… have a nice afternoon, Kojima-san…”

“Thank you for your understanding, Oshima-san.”

The police officer nodded and turned around. She walked away with all the dignity she could; it was not every day someone canceled a date with her like that.

“Eh… Oshima-san?” Yuko immediately turned, her tail wagging in anticipation.

“Y-Yeah?” She showed her best smile.

“Er… what’s behind your back?“

"Huh? My tail?” Yuko blinked in confusion.

“No. Inside your coat…” Haruna smiled in amusement.

“Ah… that…” Yuko reached inside her coat, arranged her clothes a little until she could take out what she had hidden. “I thought you’d like it.”

It was a small bouquet of flowers, which had been awfully uncomfortable to hold in place. She didn’t want to appear with a hand behind her back - that would be very predictable - so she had managed to put the bouquet of roses strung by her belt and hidden under the coat. She must have looked very comical with that bump in her back all the way to the apartment of the girl-cat, but she thought it was worth it.

“Oh, they’re beautiful,” Haruna approached the officer, now feeling a little remorseful. “Are they really for me?” She was speechless and looked into the officer’s eyes, suppressing the urge to take the bouquet. To be honest, she found the officer cute from the first moment she saw her in that alley trying to desperately catch her after stealing the cat food.

“They are, if you accept them.”


“Let me go out with you today, as friends!” Haruna shook her head. “Then, at least, accept the roses…” Yuko placed the bouquet in the girl-cat’s hands, but before she could turn around, those same hands stopped her.

“Actually, Oshima-san… I called you for another matter.”


“I left my keys inside the apartment. I can’t get in.”


And here was Kojima Haruna, stuck outside her apartment, asking help from the last person she should.

Jurina smiled warmly as the vanilla flavor flooded her mouth. Her ears fluttered cheerfully as she cupped her cheeks with her hands. That ice cream stick was her favorite and the only thing better than eating ice cream was undoubtedly having Matsui Rena sitting next to her on that little table.

“You really like ice cream, don’t you?” Rena said amusingly.

“These are the best ice cream in town!” The officer raised her hands to the sky to emphasize what she said.

Rena’s day had started like any normal day of the week.

She woke up a little late that morning, trying to take advantage of the fact that her presence in the store wasn’t necessary until the afternoon, when she was in charge of counting the money and checking that everything was in order.

With nothing else planned she had decided to take a seat in front of the TV to watch a marathon of her favorite anime for the rest of the day, but for now she headed towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

However, she soon understood things were not going to go according to her plans when out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a certain silhouette in her front yard.

The shopkeeper had spent a few minutes watching amusingly the young officer Matsui trying to ask her to go out. She looked tense and nervous, and had difficulty finding the right words. In the end, it was Rena who suggested to have breakfast outside, then go for an ice cream.

“The next time you want to come and visit me, it would be a good idea to knock on the door instead of standing in the middle of my yard for hours,” Rena said playfully before looking at her companion who was sitting with her at a small table inside the ice cream shop.

“Mou, Rena-chan,” Jurina looked embarrassed. “I was afraid you wouldn’t accept my invitation.”

“And not taste the best ice cream in town?” The girl-dog raised her hands to the sky mimicking Jurina’s previous action. “However, I was surprised to see you outside my house. How long had you been there?”

The officer played nervously with her ice cream, trying to hide her blush.

“Quite some time.” The truth was that Jurina’s feet had led her to that house without her consent. Her initial plan was to go out for a morning jog, and she was now sitting inside her favorite ice cream shop enjoying the company of the older dog like-girl. “I wasn’t sure whether to ring the bell or not.”

“And I was not sure if I should call the police or not. After all, there was someone suspicious in my yard.”


Rena laughed in amusement.

The officer’s behavior contrasted so much with her attitude the previous days. Today, the dog like-girl was shy and a bit nervous, and seeing her without her uniform was a strange thing for Rena, who had already grown accustomed to seeing the young police officer always following her behind. Her playful spirit and that air of self-confidence stunned the shop keeper who had always been characterized by a more composed personality.

Maybe that was what Rena found so appealing. At first, it was the young officer who couldn’t detach her eyes from her and took every opportunity to flirt with her. However, Rena soon found herself stealing quick glances at the other dog like-girl, or eagerly awaiting the moment when the doorbell of her shop would ring, announcing the arrival of Jurina.

After the previous ice cream that the shopkeeper had accepted a bit reluctantly, things had begun to change, slowly but surely.

Jurina’s laugh brought her out of her thoughts. The officer seemed to have said something funny but she had not paid attention, too busy watching her features and analyzing even the smallest of her gestures. The shop keeper smiled. She extended her hand to wipe off some ice cream that had fallen next to the younger girl’s lips.

The laughter ceased at once.

Both remained motionless, Jurina not understanding why suddenly all that surrounded her seemed to have disappeared. Rena’s heart was now pounding fast.

“Did you like your ice cream?” Jurina asked, not knowing what else to say in the close proximity of the other dog like-girl.

“It’s very good,” Rena replied, taking a bit of her strawberry ice cream that was almost finished. “You want to try?”

“Of course…”

Rena cut the distance between them and joined her lips with those of the officer, the kiss being immediately reciprocated.

"I…” Jurina suddenly seemed unable to coordinate properly. “I think I’ll need to try it again.  Did you say it’s cherry flavored?”

“No, it’s strawberry,” Rena replied with a smile, moving forward to connect their lips again.

Takahashi Minami had the privilege of having her desk next to the one of the officer Oshima Yuko. Sometimes that was very entertaining, some others, very exasperating; but today… today was a peculiar day. Yuko was quiet.


There was no fuss. There was no usual attempt to grab officer Watanabe’s butt; she wasn’t either playing any silly prank on any of the other cops. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Yuko sat staring into space with her ears down. A huge contrast with the officer Matsui.

Matsui Jurina was a very promising young talent. The youngest cadet to graduate from the academy. She was restless, but she learned fast and had a strong will to do the right thing, which made her a reliable partner.

Today, the young Matsui had her head in the clouds. She was humming a song that Minami didn’t know, but she suspected was part of the repertoire of a certain idol group the dog-girl was obsessed with.

What the hell had happened to those two?

She cleared her throat, trying to get the attention of the two officers… without much success.

“What the heck?!” Yuko jumped out of her seat when Minami hit her on the head with a newspaper.

“Did you read the paper today?” The officer moved her mustaches in irritation. “There is an article about your case… the Nyan Nyan Kamen.”

“And that’s why you hit me on the head?”

“They’re making fun of your work!”

“They are?” Jurina approached them, trying to take a peek at the paper. “But we’ve been working on that case for weeks.”

“Exactly. Weeks without any result.”

“Put your cat’s nose elsewhere, Takamina,” Yuko waved her hand at her, trying to dismiss the matter.

“Hey! This case may affect your career…”

“I have a plan,” Jurina and Minami looked at her in disbelief. “We’re going to catch her… then the newspapers will stop writing nonsense about us.”

“What kind of plan?” Yuko smirked at Minami’s question.

“Puppy!” She turned to Jurina, who winced in disgust at the nickname. “Are you still in touch with the pretty owner of that store?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Don’t play dumb with me,” Yuko frowned.

“I don’t know what your plan is, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to involve Rena-chan.”

“Rena-chan?” Yuko huffed. “Let no one see you wasting your time during working hours, it may affect your career.” This time, it was Jurina who frowned. Minami looked at both officers, afraid a fight would start at any second in the middle of the police station.

“That’s enough,” the cat officer intervened and separated them. “Why don’t you explain us your plan? That way we can see if it’s a good idea or not to involve civilians.”

The sun looked shy behind the clouds, seemed undecided on whether or not to warm the wet streets after the morning rain. On the edge of a window layed two black cats with yellow eyes, moving their tails lazily as they tried to find a good position to receive a small sunbath. One of them yawned, stretching his body as best as he could before looking disinterestedly at the girl-cat who was laying on a couch next to them.

A sigh came from the girl-cat’s lips… the thousandth of the day. She looked at a vase on the table containing a few red roses. She felt discouraged, and although she didn’t understand the reason for her distress, she knew it had something to do with the officer whom she had rejected the day before.

“Stop thinking about her!” She scolded herself.

The girl-dog looked attractive, yes. But she was Nyan Nyan Kamen, a thief who worried about the safety of homeless cats, whereas Oshima-san was a police officer who had tried on more than one occasion to catch her.

She looked at the flowers once more. It had to be a joke.

Yuko had a beautiful dimpled smile on her cheeks. She was kind; of that she had no doubt. Because, who gives you the number of a locksmith to help you enter your apartment after just being rejected? Not only had she given her the number, she had also let her use her phone to call the locksmith. The officer had remained by her side until she was able to enter her apartment again, before silently leaving.

Oshima Yuko knew how to get on her good side.

Her thoughts about the cute, attractive, and nice Oshima Yuko were interrupted by a mewling.  Brandy and three other cats were staring at her with their big and mesmerizing eyes, which could only mean one thing: It was time to eat.

Haruna was making her way to the kitchen when her feet suddenly slipped, causing her to fall backward on the floor. Disoriented and not understanding what had happened, she was progressively surrounded by several small hairy heads with pointed ears.

All of them mewled at the same time.

Standing up, Haruna realized there was a pool of water on the floor. One of her adopted children had knocked over a jar of water from the dining table, and she had walked directly into the slippery trap without realizing it.

“Guys… what did we say about knocking things over?” As she cleared the mess, she caught a familiar voice coming from the television. Her ears perked in recognition. It was Oshima-san. She directed her attention towards the television that had been on for hours, but ignored until now. The news was on.

They were interviewing the officer about the arrival of a new shipment of cat food, and the probability that Nyan Nyan Kamen might try to steal it. Haruna smiled; she had enough food for the rest of the week. She had no intention of stealing it. However, it was good to know that the stores were soon going to receive more supplies.

“Do you think it’s wise importing luxury food when there is a thief on the loose?” The reporter interviewed the officer Oshima, who appeared to be in the commercial district of the city.

“It’s a request from the Chamber of Commerce. Whether we believe it relevant or not, it is not our place to say. Our job is to protect this shipment.” The officer looked seriously towards the camera.

“When will the shipment arrive?”

“It is planned to supply stores with food at the end of the week.”

“Do you think it’s wise to give this kind of information so easily? What if the fearsome Nyan Nyan Kamen is watching this interview?”

“I count on it. I hereby publicly challenge that thief. I want her to know that we will not let her get away with it.”

The interview ended after that. Haruna stood still for a moment. Fancy food? A public challenge? The officer was taunting her. The police were expecting her to be here at the time of the food delivery. She let out a laugh. Officer Oshima was not very intelligent if she thought she would fall into her trap.

“We have enough food, guys. We’re not going to follow their silly games,” she stroked Brandy. “Now, who’s hungry?”

She would not go; she would not expose herself. She was the only hope for those cats. If the police caught her, her cats would have to wander in the streets again to look for food, and take the risk of endangering themselves.

It didn’t matter how fancy or expensive that food was, or how famous she could become if she once again ridiculed the police.

Although… She might as well give a lesson to that officer and the whole police department too. She scratched her head thoughtfully, hesitating between being cautious or playing a little prank to the police.

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Hi Sophcaro,

It's a very nice collaboration project between you and Facarous. I really enjoy reading the story. It's fresh, funny, and fluffy. :nya:

The writing style of this OS is different with your usual style, but I can feel your touch here and there with your choice of words.

I have read it on your tumblr, but here on JPHIP I read it again and some scenes are still able to make me giggle/laugh/asdfghjkl because it's too cute.
Well yeah, this story is mainly is about Kojiyuu; but as a WMatsui shipper, I'm more than happy that my OTP had quite a part in this story.

One other thing that I really like about this story is that both of you and Facarous really understand the characters of your story.
I can imagine when Yuko looked right at Haruna's eyes only to tell her that she has beautiful eyes.

Quote from: sophcaro
“My decision is made! Please go on a date with me!”

I have no doubt that Yuko would say that. She's spontaneous like that.

When you described that Nyan Nyan Kamen only stole expensive cat foods and left the cheapest and less popular brand, I think it's so Haruna. She would make sure she got the best quality. Jurina is cheerful and playful, and Rena is that kind of our ojou-sama. Your narration/description suit the characters you "created". (I'm not sure if I explained this part well, I hope you get it.)

From many notable moments in this fic (part 1 and 2), I have two scenes that effortlessly become my favourites.

*drum rolls*

Quote from: sophcaro
How badly could it taste?

She smiled.

There was only one way to know.

“Takamina…” she called the catlike officer who was sitting at the desk next to her.

I started to giggle when Yuko called Takamina. I don't know...maybe somewhere in my brain recognizes Takamina as someone funny. Like, I expected something hilarious happened.

Then it did happen.

Quote from: sophcaro
“Hmm… yes… Would you like to taste it? There’s a picture of a cat on the bag.”

“Doesn’t sound bad. Today, I didn’t have time for breakfast and I was thinking of going out to buy something.” The catlike ears’ twitched happy. Takahashi Minami better known as Takamina by her friends, got up from her desk and grabbed the bag under the expectant look of Yuko. “It really won’t cause any problem if I take some?”

“No, no, go ahead.”

Smiling, Minami opened the bag and slipped her hand inside, only to grab a handful of the croquettes and unceremoniously throw them at her partner’s face.

“Hey!” Yuko got up quickly from her seat, wiping off her uniform.

“Do you think I’m stupid? This is cat food!”

"I just wanted to know how bad the taste is…”

“Am I a guinea pig?”

“No, you’re half cat…” Yuko started amusingly, before clearing her throat nervously under Minami’s angry gaze. “Okay, bad joke…”

It's so funny that I did laugh imagining that scene. It's very comical. Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

Now I will proceed to my most favourite moment in this fic.

My #1 easily goes to the moment which involved ice creams and a very happy puppy.

YEP, you guess it right!

Quote from: sophcaro
“Did you like your ice cream?” Jurina asked, not knowing what else to say in the close proximity of the other dog like-girl.

“It’s very good,” Rena replied, taking a bit of her strawberry ice cream that was almost finished. “You want to try?”

“Of course…”

Rena cut the distance between them and joined her lips with those of the officer, the kiss being immediately reciprocated.

I felt like I was on the cloud nine, running and singing happily. :on gay:

And just when I thought it couldn't be any better...

Quote from: sophcaro
"I…” Jurina suddenly seemed unable to coordinate properly. “I think I’ll need to try it again. Did you say it’s cherry flavored?”

“No, it’s strawberry,” Rena replied with a smile, moving forward to connect their lips again.

It always gets me. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

My poor kokoro can't take too much fluffiness. :pleeease:

Quote from: sophcaro
“I think I’ll need to try it again. Did you say it’s cherry flavored?”

WELL DONE, YOU EVIL LITTLE PUPPY! You deserve a gold! (And certainly another kiss!)

Thank you for writing this story. I'm not sure if Facarous is on JPHIP, but please tell her that I do enjoy this fic.


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So they are an animals?

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Note: The writer, Facarous, doesn't have an account on JPHIP but she saw readers' comments, and asked me to post these replies on her behalf.

@Bukiyou Taiyou: Thank you for your comment! It really pleases me to know you enjoyed this story, and that you think the characters' personalities reflect accurately the personality of the real people they are based on. The "cereals scene" is one of my favorite moments in this part 2. About the "ice cream scene", it's actually the result of a conversation with Sophcaro. One evening, as we were plotting ideas for the story, she suddenly mentionned ice creams and one thing leading to another, that scene came to life.

@Rhythm: They are anthropomorphic animals, which is not exactly the same.
Sophcaro's addition: I suggest you to watch this video so you can visualize better the idea. > https: //


“Public challenge?!” The chief commander of the police station glared at Yuko. “Officer Oshima, it’s not a secret that you are one of our best elements, but I think this case is getting out of control.”

Yuko made herself confortable in her chair, not taking her eyes off her superior. The old man-cat waved his mustaches in disgust. His glasses had fallen off his nose due to the agitation.

“We will put an end to these robberies. I can promise you that.”

“The whole city is watching us, Oshima. Are you aware that if you fail this would not only sign the end of your career, but also damage the reputation of your colleagues?”

“Yes sir, and my team is aware of it.”

“You have the best freshman this police station has seen in years. I’m taking her off the case, we can not expose her to something like that.”

“Will you take her away from every complicated case you see? A relief that she has so much potential!”

“Do not abuse my patience. If this goes wrong, I expect your resignation on my desk first thing on Monday.”

Outside the office, a very curious Jurina was waiting impatiently. When Yuko stepped out, the girl-dog approached her at once.

“You’re off the case, puppy,” Yuko announced simply, before walking towards her desk.

“What?” Jurina followed immediately. “You can’t leave me out, we’re a team!”

“Chief’s orders, I have nothing to do with this.”

“No! I want to catch her too!”

“It’s no use protesting, Matsui…”

Rena sighed as she looked in the direction of the kitchen table, where a despondent Jurina was playing with her plate of food. The young officer had arrived after the end of her shift, her morale unusually very low. Until now, she had not told her what was going on, but it was obviously not good. The girl-dog used to be very energetic and playful, but today her ears were down and her tail moving lazily.

“Is there something wrong with the food? I thought pasta was your favorite.” Jurina looked up at the question, only to wince and push the plate away.

"Sorry Rena-chan, it’s just that I have no appetite.”

“Hey!” Rena played with Jurina’s hair. “I prepared this food with you in mind, and you just don’t have appetite?”

“Sorry, Rena-chan…”

“Stop apologizing, what’s wrong?” Rena hugged her from behind, resting her chin on Jurina’s right shoulder. “Maybe talking about it will make you feel better.”

“The boss pulled me out of the case. He’s going to partner me with another officer less problematic.”

“Eh?” Rena’s ears quirked curiously.

“It’s always the same thing,” Jurina sighed. “He doesn’t trust me. He never lets me conclude a single case. Before Yuko-san, all my previous partners were the same; always fearing something might happen to me, or that I would mess things up. Yuko-san however, always let me be part of everything. I don’t want to change partners. There’s so much I want to learn from Yuko-san…” Jurina’s tail moved with reluctance.

“Well, what do you think of helping me with the store when you’re off duty?” Rena tightened her hold around her.

“I don’t understand…” Jurina gave her a side glance to try and visualize the other girl-dog’s face.

“If Nyan Nyan Kamen tries to rob me again, you might as well do something about it.”

“But I’m not on the case anymore.”

“True, but if you are with your girlfriend and she is suddenly attacked, you can’t be blamed for trying to defend her,” Rena released her hug and faced Jurina with a warm smile. “I’m surprised the clever officer Matsui is giving up so easily.”

Jurina’s eyes gleamed with pleasure, her ears raising in alert and her tail wriggling playfully.

“Could you repeat that?”

“Oh? The clever part?”

“No, the girlfriend part.”

Rena laughed, giving her a quick kiss on the nose. “Now eat or it will be the last time I cook for you.”

“Hey! That sounds like a threat!” Jurina protested, but a smile fell on her lips when she started to eat and received a satisfied kiss in return.

“Oy! Where’s Jurina-chan?” Minami was surprised to see the young officer’s desk empty.

“The boss pulled her off the case,” Yuko growled a little before answering in displeasure. “I think he partnered her with Sashihara.”

“Eh? But Sashihara is in charge of the surveillance of schools for puppies.”

"Exactly. He gave her a partner less… problematic.”

“Pff! I guess she must be very happy.”

“You have no idea.”

“And I see you’re also in a very good mood.”

“Don’t try me, Takamina.”

Minami chuckled as she sat at her desk and began to sort out some papers. The day had passed quietly without any major incident, only a small traffic accident that was solved easily by contacting the insurance companies. She gazed back at her co-worker who looked very bored and was playing distractively with a pencil. The Nyan Nyan Kamen’s case was proving to be much more complicated than anticipated.

The lack of real motive behind the robberies was driving the dog-officer crazy. After investigating the company that produced the only brand of cat food that was not stolen, it appeared it was not a clever scheme from their behalf to weaken their concurrents. Moreover, the famous thief didn’t only target small neighborhood stores but also big, famous ones. As a result, there was no real pattern in the attacks.

The press was alert to any new appearance of the masked cat, which increased the pressure on the police, making it more than necessary to capture the culprit as soon as possible.

The sound of the phone ringing pulled both officers out of their thoughts, and Yuko answered immediately.

“Police station, officer Oshima speaking… Matsui? What is it? Do not follow her! We will arrive in a moment! Where…? Hey, Matsui! Matsui! Damn it!” Yuko hung up the phone quickly.

“What happened?”

“Nyan Nyan! She robbed the same store!”

Minami stood up at once and ran to notify the operators, alerting on the way the patrols nearby the site of the robbery. In the end, it appeared the thief had decided not to wait for the arrival of the cargo full of luxury goods.

The whole police station was in alert. Nyan Nyan Kamen was striking again.

Jurina ran as fast as her feet could allow it… which was quite a lot. She had the best speed record in the police academy and it was time to demonstrate why Matsui Jurina was unstoppable. The thief was wearing a white cape, and was carrying on her back a huge bag full of food she had just stolen. 

She was going to catch that thief and prove she was not a puppy that needed to be protected, but could on the contrary be trusted and work on difficult, important cases.

“Stop! Stop in the name of the law!” Jurina screamed. That was something she had always dreamed of saying.

The cat-thief turned a brief instant towards her, but quickly ignored her as she continued to run. No, she would not allow it, Jurina was more determined than ever, and increased her speed to the point of feeling her legs hurting. Soon, she saw the distance between them decreasing, and she knew it was her moment to act. Gathering all her strength she jumped forward and caught the thief by the waist, causing them to both fall down.

“It hurts! It hurts!“ Jurina held her left arm which had entered in contact with the asphalt, but she refused to stay down any longer. Not without difficulty she got up on her feet, seeing Nyan Nyan getting up as well a few feet away. “You’re under arrest!”

The thief grinned in amusement, before sending her a flying kiss. Jurina felt the heat rise up to her cheeks at such a provoking act. She was making fun of her!

"Not today, officer-chan,” Nyan Nyan gripped tightly the bag and jumped on a cornice. Jurina could only watch powerless as the thief jumped next to the roof of a building, putting some distance between them. No, this would not end like that! Jurina turned at the corner of the street, following the thief who was jumping from roof to roof with great agility.

As for Haruna, she was keeping good distance from the police officer, doing her best to lose her very persistent pursuer. She had been surprised to see her in that store, but it only served in making things more entertaining. With that in mind she decided to slow down a bit, willing to stay visible from the girl-dog. She was going to teach them all a lesson.

Entering the store had been easier than the previous time… she had simply passed the front door. The real challenge had been to find a quiet place to change into Nyan Nyan’s famous outfit without anyone seeing her. Everything would have been going according to her plan, if she had not unexpectedly crossed path with the police officer on her way out.   

Haruna was still keeping good distance from the young police officer when she suddenly heard sirens, the sound getting closer and closer. The good guys were approaching.

She turned to the left, making a big jump to the next building. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the officer still following her, even though she showed evident signs of fatigue. Obviously, she had much less stamina and agility than a girl-cat like her.

“Jurina, stop!” A patrol car approached the young girl-dog. Inside, was seated Yuko in the passenger side. “We will handle it.”

“No!” Jurina refused stubbornly, “She attacked Rena-chan!”

“Enough, pup! She’s ours, and has nowhere to run. We’re surrounding her. Damn it! At least, get in the car.”

It didn’t take very long before they reached a building under construction. The tall steel skeleton rised to a height of five floors, some cranes were parked outside and unpleasant fresh cement could be smelled.

“The suspect was seen entering the building,” Minami’s voice sounded through the patrol radio.

“Teams A and B stay on the periphery. Team K entering the building,” Yuko stepped out of the car, gun in hand. “Puppy, stay close.”

Hastily, they entered the building. Behind Yuko, was following her trusted team of officers: Kuramoshi, Yokoyama, Umeda, Nito, Kitahara, Sato and someone who was not supposed to be here, and could possibly cause her problems if her boss ended up knowing about it: Matsui Jurina.

“Everyone, form pairs! Matsui, you’re with me. Let’s cover as much ground as we can.”

They advanced to the third floor and were about to go upstairs when a small stone suddenly hit Yuko’s head.

“Over here, officer-chan!” Nyan Nyan jumped a few times to be visible. She waved her hand enthusiastically, as if she had been waiting a while for her date.

“Hey! Stop!” Yuko shouted, which only caused Nyan Nyan to turn around and run.

“I tried it before… it doesn’t work at all,” Jurina explained in defeat.

Both officers chased the thief, soon arriving at what appeared to be the central part of the floor. It was almost sundown, and it wouldn’t take long before the place would plunge in the obscurity. They tried to distinguish the thief’s smell, but the smell of cement and lime was burning their noses.

“That was a bad idea,” Yuko said as she sneezed.

“Wow, watch out, senpai! There’s a big hole in front of us,” Jurina stepped back as she noticed the big hole traversing the building top to bottom. The young police officer deduced it had to be the hole designed for the elevator. Some thick cables could be seen hunging from the ceiling.

“I’m not far, officer-chan!” Along with the cheerful voice, several lights suddenly came on at the same time, leaving the police officers momentarily stunned. When they got their sight back, they noticed Nyan Nyan suspended at one of the cables just above the shaft pit. Behind her, on the other side of the floor, was laying casually on the floor the bag of cat food she had stolen.

“I like playing with you, but you need to understand I don’t like challenges. I’m a bit lazy,” Nyan Nyan pouted. “Officer-chan, I don’t care how expensive the food is, as long as it tastes good and you can eat it.”

“Get down, now!” Yuko pointed her gun at her, ready to shoot if needed.

“Mou, officer-chan, that’s dangerous. You shouldn’t be playing with guns… but if you really want me to come down…” She waved them goodbye, letting herself fall into the elevator shaft.

“Stop!” Both officers shouted in unison, running towards the edge of the hole. Darkness was all that greeted them as they glanced down.

Nyan Nyan had escaped.

“Team A, the suspect is trying to leave the building,” Yuko immediately informed the other officers by radio.

“Senpai!” Jurina exclaimed, after approaching the bag of food. “All the stolen food is here.”

Haruna checked her purse for her appartment keys, walking up the stairs. It was almost time to feed her cats. She hummed a cheerful song, even though she was feeling a little tired after running so much today. She had given a good lesson to those arrogant officers! Celebrations were in order. For the first time, one of her plans had wonderfully worked.

“Good evening, Kojima-san,” Haruna suddenly stopped and looked up. Leaning against her apartment door was the one and only officer Oshima.


“Did you have a nice afternoon?”


“I’m glad. I also had a very interesting afternoon… Did you hear about Nyan Nyan Kamen? I was chasing her half across town.“

"Oh… did you catch her?” Haruna tried to muster her best smile.

“I don’t know, only you can give me that answer.”

“Oshima-san, I’m not in the mood for games. I remember telling you that we could not see each other,” she thanked God when her fingers finally encountered her keys.

“I must insist,” Yuko took a few steps towards the girl-cat, showing her a bag of cat food. “Have you seen this brand of food before?”

“Sure, in the store… Oshima-san, I don’t want to be rude.”

“Why rob a store to leave the booty behind?”

Silence envelopped them, Haruna desperately trying to find a way to get out of this unconfortable questionning.

“I still don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“Really?” Yuko placed the bag of cat food on the floor, pulling out from the pocket of her blue skirt a white mask. “You left this behind, Kojima-san.” She approached Haruna, who took a few steps back until her back hit the wall. Yuko placed gently the mask on the girl-cat’s face. “Your eyes are beautiful. That’s how I knew it was you.”

“Are you going to arrest me?” Haruna asked suspiciously.

“Should I?” Yuko smiled. That unique smile that showed her beautiful dimples.

“You have no proof. I don’t think a jury would accept my beautiful eyes as a proof,” Haruna teased her back.

“Tell me why you’re doing it. What do you need so much cat food for?” The officer was now drawing dangerously close, their faces only a few inches apart.

“I need it. I tried to get help, but nobody seems to care.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Would you like to get in, Oshima-san? That way, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.”

Yuko took a step back, considering her options.

After finding all the stolen cat food in the bag Yuko had left the building in a haste, trying to find the possible escape route of the thief. It didn’t take long before she found the sewers connected to the building and behind a large garbage container, the iconic Nyan Nyan Kamen’s clothes neatly folded in a black bag. Who on earth left their clothes in such a place? Didn’t the thief think one minute they could be mistaken for garbage?

The news of the thief’s escape soon reached the press and the only thing that saved the police from being laughed at was that they had recovered the stolen bags. The police had publicly challenged the thief, and the latter had retaliated by stealing again from the store owned by Matsui Rena.

As soon as they entered the apartment, a choir of meows greeted Yuko. At her feet, dozens of sharp pairs of eyes were staring at her intently.


There were way too many cats in that small appartment.

“What the hell?”

“They are stray cats. They come here to either spend the day in a safe place, or to get fed. Associations refuse to come to their rescue. They spend days without food, or without any safe place to sleep.” Haruna took Brandy in her arms. “I really tried to get help, to no avail. I don’t make enough money in my job to feed them, so I decided to rob stores.”

“Do you know I can use what you just said as a confession?”

“You will not arrest me, Oshima-san,” Haruna shook her head. “If you wanted to do it, you would have done it already,” she chuckled playfully.

“You can’t keep stealing. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a good cause.”

“I can’t leave my cats in the need. I tried to ask help from food factories, but nobody cared.“

"I’ll help you, but you must promise me you will never steal again.”

“Oh? Officer Oshima, do you plan on leaving a criminal free?” Haruna scoffed. She walked towards her kitchen, taking care not to fall because of the cats that crossed her path, before opening the shelves full of food cat. She poured food in bowls under the attentive look of the officer who still couldn’t believe how many cats there were in that small apartment.

“Kojima-san, I like you,” Yuko confessed, refusing to beat about the bush any longer.

Haruna stopped what she was doing instantly, stunned by the unexpected confession. Without her realizing it, her heart started beating faster inside her chest. 

“Let me help you. I know someone in the Chamber of Commerce,” Yuko added quickly, figuring it was wise not to push the subject further for the time being. “She helped me with the luxury food issue… She can also help raise funds for setting up a shelter.”

“Oh yeah?” Haruna resumed progressively what she was doing, relieved she wasn’t expected to give a reply to the officer’s confession straight away. She filled other bowls with water and placed them close to the food so the cats could drink. “Who is this important contact?”

“The owner of the store you stole from… twice in a week,” Yuko smiled broadly, amused by the irony of the situation.

Once again, Haruna found herself destabilized by the police officer. Oshima Yuko knew how to render her speechless, and the sound of her pounding heart was telling her the officer surely didn’t leave her indifferent.

“Jurina,” Rena approached her girlfriend cautiously, whom was moving further and further away from her. “Jurina, this is necessary.”

“Noooo,” The young cop shook her head fiercely, using her best abandoned puppy eyes. “I’m fine, I’m fine. I promise.”

“Jurina… it will be quick. Just let me see…”

“Nooooo… Rena-chan, take that thing away from me.”

“What happened to the brave officer who defended me against Nyan Nyan?”

“The brave officer says it’s not necessary for you to do this.”

“Jurina,” Rena sighed. “If you don’t let me check that wound, it will get worse. Do you want to go to the hospital?”

“It’s just a scratch!” Jurina’s watery eyes had unfortunately little to no effect on the shop owner.

“Exactly. So, it won’t hurt… too much.”

“Noooooo,” the cop-dog jumped back, moving her injured arm away from her very concerned girlfriend. “It’s fine. It doesn’t even bleed anymore.”

Rena placed back on the table the antiseptic, cotton and bandages that she intended to use to tend to the bloody and swollen elbow of her very childish girlfriend. She frowned, and placed her hands on her hips in defeat. This was taking longer than planned.

Jurina had arrived at Rena’s house in the evening, after finishing all the paperwork and interviews with the press about Nyan Nyan Kamen’s new attack. In the following days, the young officer still would need to have an undesirable conversation with the head of the police department, for having intervened on a case she was supposed to stay away from. Despite feeling really tired, she decided to make a stop at her girlfriend’s house, to make sure she was okay.

As soon as Jurina put a foot inside the house, a strong smell of cement and lime reached Rena’s nostrils, and she immediately noticed the dirty uniform of the young officer who was holding her arm tightly. It didn’t take too long for Rena to see that the girl-dog had a small injury on her elbow, dried blood mixing with dust.

And now here she was, trying by all means to convince her girlfriend to allow herself to be cured.

“I’m not playing, Jurina. Come back here and let me see that arm.”

“But…” Rena’s frown and serious look gave her the strong sensation that it would be dangerous to refuse once more.

“I will not repeat it again.”

The girl-dog decided to make a final attempt and gave her girlfriend a hurtful look, trying to make her understand that she didn’t want her poor arm to be attacked with alcohol. However, she knew it was no use insisting by the strict look Rena was sending her.

Reluctantly, she sat at the table and focused her attention on anything else but Rena. The latter opened the bottle of antiseptic and impregnated a cotton swab with the liquid, the unpleasant smell reaching Jurina’s nose already irritated by the smell of cement.

“I’ll do this as fast as I can. If it hurts a lot, let me know,” Rena’s tone was soft and reassuring, trying to make her feel better. Jurinna nodded, ears dropped, a small pout on her lips.

The older dog-girl took gently Jurina’s injured arm and smiled, trying to cheer her up. She knew it wasn’t a serious injury, but it was always better to be safe than sorry. The simple fact of seeing the officer hurt was causing her an unpleasant feeling inside her chest.

A puppy cry sounded as soon as Rena placed the cotton impregnated with alcohol on Jurina’s injury, but she didn’t stop cleaning and disinfecting the area until she was satisfied with the job. Her girlfriend was holding onto the edge of the table with her other hand, trying to overcome the urge to run away. The plaintive cries continued for a few more minutes after the task was successfully accomplished, and Jurina’s displeased expression said she was definitely not happy with the bunny bandage Rena had placed to protect the wound.

“You’re mean, Rena-chan,” the officer looked at her girlfriend with teary eyes. Rena couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“There, there… I think I know a way to make you feel better.”

“Really?” Jurina’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.

“Yes,” Rena smirked. “It’s a secret technique my mom taught me.” Walking around the table she sat on Jurina’s lap, folding her arms around her neck to give her a soft kiss on the lips. “What do you think?”

“I’m not sure… I think it still hurts,” Jurina shook her head in a playful way.

“Oh, I must have done something wrong. Nevermind, you can always…” She couldn’t finish her sentence. Jurina captured her lips again but this time in a slightly more passionate kiss, which was reciprocated with haste.

Rena’s heart pounded fast. Who could have guessed Nyan Nyan’s robbery would be the best thing that could have happened to her? This young police officer, who sometimes looked like a spoiled puppy, filled her heart with a feeling difficult to describe.

She looked at her with a wide smile when they parted. “That definitely should have helped.”

“Yes, but I think I have a problem with this cure,” Jurina replied mischievously. “It’s very… addictive.”

Eight months later...

"Nyan Nyan! Nyan Nyan!” A weeping Yuko wagged her tail forcefully to try and free herself from the grip of the wild beast attacking her, much in vain.

“What is it now?” Haruna, who was putting some cat litter away in the shop sighed and turned around, widening her eyes in shock at the improbable scene playing in front of her. “My God! Brandy, let go of Yuu-chan!” Haruna pulled away the cat that was hunging to Yuko’s tail. “I’m sorry, Yuu-chan, but your tail attracts a lot of attention.”

“My tail is not a toy for cats!” Yuko protested.

“Really?” Haruna giggled. “I don’t remember you complaining much the other night.”

Yuko blushed madly. Behind them, could be heard the laughter of some of the employees who hadn’t missed a bit of the exchange. “Nyan Nyan!” Yuko complained.

“Phew! Phew! That was too much information for me!” A third voice said with disgust.

Yuko and Haruna turned towards the direction of the voice only to see Jurina, and behind her Rena who was trying to hide a smile.

“Hey! How long have you two been here?” Yuko’s face was now completely red.

“Ne, Rena-chan, I just heard something very perverted from someone I used to admire a lot,” the younger one said innocently. “Can you believe it?”

“You’re a spoiled puppy…” Yuko snarled.

“There, there… I need help with the milk supply for kittens. Rena-chan received a new brand, and I’m not sure my cats are going to like it,” Haruna intervened immediately, exchanging glances with an amused Rena.

“It’s a new brand and the distributor is very interested in sponsoring the shelter,” The shop owner was carrying a folder with some papers that seemed important. “I’d like you to review his offer, Haruna-san.”

They walked past the wooden building they used as one of the cellars, and Yuko shared some information about the new case she was investigating. She had resigned from the police and now worked as an independent detective, although she still cooperated with the public forces from time to time, which kept her in touch with Jurina.

They entered the main office just in time, as the phone started ringing. “Neko Neko Kamen cat shelter, what can we do for you?”

Yuko smiled at the sight of Haruna answering the phone and taking notes, slowly approaching her and beginning to play with the girl-cat’s ears while she was giving some instructions to whoever was on the other side of the line.

As of Rena, she was checking again the papers she had brought with her - a few invoices and estimates – when she suddenly felt a tentative tap on her shoulder.

“Rena-chan…” Jurina murmured in a low voice. “I don’t think we’re needed here.”

Rena arched an eyebrow at her words, before looking in the direction Jurina was pointing at discreetly. Yuko had embraced Haruna, and was burying her nose into the crook of her neck. The girl-cat was definitely having a hard time focusing, between the phone call and her girlfriend’s affectionate gestures.

“Sometimes, Yuko-senpai forgets everything around her,” The young police officer still had a hard time getting used to the detective’s demonstations of affection. The place, time or the numbers of people surrounding them never mattered when it came to showering the former thief with affection. Jurina wrinkled her nose when Haruna had to stop the adventurous hand of her girlfriend.

Rena merely smiled. Leaving the folder of papers on the table, she knew it was indeed best to postpone her conversation with Haruna to later, preferably when Yuko would have calmed down a little. Jurina was already making her way out of the office in the evident intention of putting some distance with the other couple, and she followed her shortly after that.

“Mou, Yuu-chan… I already told you not to do that while I’m on the phone. You distract me,” Haruna pouted and faked annoyance.

“There, there… don’t get mad. How can I please you, then?” Yuko smiled broadly. "Ah, I know… How about a kiss?”

“Not in front of the visitors!”

“But there’s no one around…” Yuko wagged her tail in content as she managed to get close enough to the girl-cat’s lips. “Besides, I have every right in the world to kiss my girlfriend.”

Outside the main office, Jurina tried not to puke rainbows at the sight of her senpai being so lovey dovey with the girl-cat.

“Rena-chan, we’re not like that, right?” She asked her girlfriend in concern.

The shop owner looked at her in amusement. Jurina could sometimes be worse than Yuko, but she preferred not to broach the sensitive subject. Her girlfriend would surely deny it with fervor. “I’m not entirely sure,” Rena replied, leaning forward to give her cheek a tender kiss.


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