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Author Topic: Forever Morning Musume-A Fan's Close Encounter with MM and their secret  (Read 4123 times)

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This is my first MM fanfic I've written and posted at Hello!Online. I'll post the first chapter here to see if anyone likes it, if you want to read the whole story, you can visit my fanfic thread here --->

Chapter 1: Revelation

It's already 10 minutes past midnight but Thomas simply couldn't fall asleep, knowing that he would be in Japan watching MM's musical within 48 hours kept his adrenaline pumping all day long. Thomas turned on the bedside lamp and stared at the suitcase he had packed earlier in the evening, as to remind himself mentally to double-check for anything he might have forgotten to put in. Feeling uneasy even after checking the suitcase several times, Thomas went over to open up the suitcase again just to make sure that everything was there. Thomas was going to Japan for the summer as an exchange student to learn Japanese, it was not easy to convince his parents at first since he was still only 17, but Thomas knew how to push his parents' buttons, and convinced them that this academic trip was good for his cultural growth and for applying to college later on. His parents probably wouldn't have given permission if they knew about Thomas' secret fondness for Morning Musume, but luckily for Thomas that he happened to like chicken teriyaki, Japanese cars and video games, and his parents thought that his interest in Japan came from those things. Thomas went back to bed to try to sleep, this time he put on the ear buds and listened to MM songs, it's something that he is used to doing when he can't sleep, and listening to MM music eased his senses and helped him sleep better.

"Excuse me, would you like something to drink?"

A soft, but somewhat of an accented female's voice was heard from what sounded like right next to Thomas. After slowly opening his eyes, and looking around to see that he was sitting in the cabin of a commercial jet, he came to realize that he had dozed off from lack of sleep last night. Turning his head to the right stood an Asian female in a dark uniform staring at Thomas for a reply.

"Oh, sorry, um, can I have a Coke please?"

The flight attendant gave him a slight nod and prepared to give him a Coke and a plastic cup full of ice. Thomas showed gratitude by giving the flight attendant a big smile, and took a sip of Coke from the plastic cup. Thomas stopped wearing a watch after being used to carrying his cell phone with him all the time, but he realized that he put the cell phone in the suitcase at this time, so he asked the flight attendant for the time.

"It's 11:30am sir, the flight will last just about 8 more hours, anything else? Ok then enjoy your flight."

Thomas gave the cabin a quick glance around and saw that most of the passengers were Asians as expected, with an occasional Caucasian here and there. The seats were about 75% full, but luckily for Thomas nobody sat right next to him, relieving him of making small talk with strangers or something that he's not used to doing, as he was a bit nervous being alone for the first time as it is. Thomas took out the Japanese learning book and began reviewing the phrases that will definitely come in handy once he gets to Japan. He was confident that he could understand hearing Japanese from watching countless hours of Hello!Morning video clips and Japanese dramas, but he still had a long way to go before he could speak it fluently, so time was in premium right now for Thomas to learn as much as possible before the plane lands in Japan.

After getting his luggage, Thomas proceeded to head towards the reception area where the manager of the place Thomas was going to stay at should be waiting to greet Thomas. From the many signs of names in kanji and romaji all about, Thomas finally located a sign that read, "Tomas" which he sensed was for him, and walked over to the Asian guy who was holding up the sign.

"Hello, I'm Thomas from USA, are you Mr.Fukada?"

The Asian guy must've understood the part where his surname was mentioned, and put out his hand to shake hands with a big grin on his face.

"Ahh Tomas san, welcome to Japan! Yes, yes, I am Fukada desu, yoroshiku!"

"Nice to meet you Fukada san, thanks for the warm welcome."

Thomas tried to use some Japanese but it was not as easy as he had thought, the words just didn't come to his mind fast enough, so he spoke in English, with some Japanese mixed in so that Fukada would understand him better.

"Ahh your welcome Tomas san, toranku (luggage) watashi ga mochimashou (I'll carry it for you.), ikimashouka ja? (shall we go?)"

Thomas followed Fukada to his minivan, it was really odd to see the driver seat on the right side, but he knew about it beforehand and proceeded to take the passenger seat on the left. Fukada looked like a happy-go-lucky guy, in his late 20's, kind of thin overall, and dressed very casually, but not in a trendy way. Fukada and Thomas talked in a mixed Japanese-English about many things while on their way to the place Thomas would stay at. Fukada went on to talking about how it won't be a problem getting around for Thomas since the language school is very close to where he's staying. Thomas thought that it would be better to ask for directions to the theater right now while he has Fukada with him.

"Fukada san, there's a place I want to go tomorrow, this is the name of the theater, do you know where it is?"

Fukada looked at the name of the place written on the notepad, and immediately nodded his head and smiled.

"Hai hai, dokoka wakarimasuyo (I know the place), kantan dakara atode tsuitara oshiemasu (It's easy so I'll show you when we arrive.)"

"Great, thank you Fukada san, arigatou."

"Nee Tomas san, sokode nani o mitaindesuka? (What do you want to see there?)"

"Oh, there's a musical playing there that I want to see. It's called Cinderella the musical."

"Eh? Cinderera? Sonnanoni kyomi aruno? (You are interested in watching that?) Otokoga? (For a guy?) Haha, kimi kawatterune- (You are very unique)"

Thomas felt like Fukada was laughing at him, but he couldn't really say anything, as watching such a musical as a guy did seem odd himself. But he wanted to let Fukada know that there was a reason for it.

"Well, I'm more interested in the actresses that are in the musical, not really the Cinderella part."

Fukada seemed to finally understand what was going on, and gave one of his big smiles again.

"Naruhodone- (I see), beppin no joyu-san ni hitomeborette wakeda (You got a crush on a pretty actress), un wakaru, wakaruyo (I understand)"

"Yeah, I've been a big fan since I found out about them 2 years ago. This is like a dream come true to finally see them in person."

"Sugoina-(That's amazing) Tomas san wakainoni konjou arune- (You have guts for such a young age) ashita chanto miretara iine un.(Hope you get to see them tomorrow then.)"

"Very much so, I can't wait."

The minivan finally arrived at the place and as soon as Thomas put his luggage inside his room, he came out to get directions to the theater from Fukada, who was watering plants right outside the living room where there was a small garden. Fortunately the theater was located a lot closer than Thomas thought, it was only 3 train stations away. Feeling like everything is planned and set up just the way he wanted, Thomas went out for a quick bite at the ramen shop near the place. Feeling fatigued from a long trip, Thomas went straight to bed after taking a quick shower.

Thomas woke up to the sound of an alarm clock he had set up using his cell phone. The day has finally come, today was the day to finally see MM in person. Thomas took a quick bite of a sandwich he bought at a convini on his way back from the ramen shop yesterday, and went outside hurriedly even though it was still too early to the start time of the musical. After arriving right outside the theater 2 hours early, Thomas looked around for someplace where he could hang around until the musical starts, but it was a busy street to just stand around, and he didn't want to get lost by venturing too far away from the theater so he decided to wait at the lobby area inside the theater. About an hour later, people started to show up one by one, and the lobby area began to feel a bit crowded but still the space was aplenty for Thomas to not feel too cramped. The thought of seeing MM soon made Thomas a bit nervous, he looked around for a bathroom, but there was a sign on the door that said something he just couldn't read, so Thomas pushed on the door only to find that it's locked. Now feeling even more nervous, he really had to go but he didn't know where the other bathrooms were. After wandering about the lobby area, Thomas found the door to the stairway, and decided to go down to the basement first.

The basement floor had a wide passageway and felt spacious but many ceiling light fixtures were not lit which kept some spots quite dim and a bit creepy. Thomas looked for some kind of a sign to the bathroom but soon found himself lost in the basement where many passageways crossed each other like a grid. Thomas was no longer concerned about the bathroom, he was worried that he would not find his way back to the lobby in time and see the musical now. That's when he faintly heard a sound of a person talking from a room all the way in the back end of the passageway, where the door was about half-way open and the light from inside was beaming out like a beacon. Thomas was sure that the voice was coming from there as all the other doors around him were fully shut. Out of desperation and facing a crisis against time, Thomas approached the half-open door to ask for directions, but he suddenly froze and couldn't move after seeing the temporary sign printed on a piece of paper that was attached to the door that read, [モーニング娘様]. It was then that Thomas realized the female voice sounded very familiar, and through the door was a girl who was facing her back towards the door, apparently talking to someone in front of her to which Thomas couldn't quite see as the girl was blocking the view. But the girl's hairstyle along with the voice was good enough of a hint for Thomas to realize who it was. Thomas wanted to knock on the door to let her know that he was standing there but his body was still frozen and all he could do was keep peeking inside the room. Thomas tried to understand what she was saying but her voice was barely audible and she was mumbling a bit so the words weren't very clear. Then something had occurred inside the room that completely took Thomas by surprise, he was so shocked by what he saw that he almost fell flat on his butt, it was something he realized right away that he wasn't suppose to see, yet he still couldn't believe what just happened actually happened. Thomas suddenly sensed that someone was standing behind him because there was a scent of a perfume he didn't smell right before. Thomas slowly turned around to find a familiar looking face staring at him with her arms crossed and this expressionless face that says she's one tough cookie.

"Anta dare? Kokode nanishiteruno? (Who are you? What are you doing here?)"

Reina spoke in a calm tone but assertive enough to let Thomas know that she's not very happy.

The girl inside the room heard Reina's voice and turned around to see Thomas and Reina standing at the door entrance. Sayumi was startled to find a guy she had not seen before standing there, then looked over to Reina as if to ask what is going on. Before Sayumi was about to say something, another voice from the corner of the room was heard first, who sounded exactly like Kamei Eri.

"Ah-Sayu! Barecha mazuitte, hayaku kakushiteyo! (Oh Sayu! You can't show that, conceal it quickly!)"

"Chotto-doushite doa aitetano? Eri ga chanto shimenaito ikenaijan! (Hey why was the door left open? Eri you should've close it!)"

"Atashino seini shinaideyo-mou- (Hey don't blame it on me!)"

"Futaritomo urusai! Tonikaku, oni-san dare? Soreto kokode nanishiteruno ka kikitaine. (You two shut up! Anyway, who are you boy? And I'm curious of what you were doing here?)"

Thomas was scared when asked the same question by Reina, but to be honest he was still puzzled of what he had seen.

" name is Thomas....and....I'm your fan......and.....I got lost looking ah, toilet!....yeah toilet, you know?"

"Uwa, eigo jan, Eri sappari wakannai ya- (Woah, it's English, I have no idea what he's saying!)"

Reina stared at Eri with annoyance for her remark, but soon shifted her focus back to Thomas.

"Oni-san nihongo hanasenaino? Atashino itterukoto ha wakaru?(Boy, can you speak Japanese? Do you understand what I'm saying?)"

" little....)"

"Ne-Reina, are tsukaeba? Nanka mendokusaiyo kono jyoukyou. (Reina, why don't we use that thing, this whole situation is very annoying.)"

"Odamari Sayu, sonna koto shitara masu masu atashitachi no shoutai ga barerudeshouga. (Be quiet Sayu, if we do that it's only going to reveal who we really are even more.)"

"Te yu-kasa Sayu to Reina, kono oni-san no maede bera bera shabette iino? Sukoshi ha nihongo wakarutte ittenakatta? (At any rate Sayu and Reina, should we really talk about it in front of him? Didn't he say he understands some Japanese?)"

The three girls looked at Thomas in unison, each of them had a look that has them wondering what he was all about and how to deal with the situation.

"Toriaezu oni-san niha chotto atashitachini tsukiatte moraukara, Sayu, Eri, kono hito heyano nakani tsuretette. (Anyhow, you will have to be with us for a while, Sayu, Eri, take him inside the room.)"

Thomas wanted to say something to let the girls' guard down towards him, but he just couldn't open his mouth from the shock. The three MM members gently took Thomas by his arms and led him inside the room, and closed the door, locking it.

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Re: Forever Morning Musume-A Fan's Close Encounter with MM and their secret
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I read the whole thing on H!O, and I must say, I think this story is sooo sweet! love the ending, with the video and all =D

Gaki-san 大好き!

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