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The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ebisu Muscats
« Last post by lpcs1 on Today at 10:55:52 PM »
Kana will be graduating on the 12/15.

Shit i thought you meant Kanna Hano at first, my heart skipped a beat xD
Happy Birthday.
Miyawaki chan

Graduate Plaza / Re: The Ogawa Rena Thread (小川麗奈)
« Last post by muppet on Today at 06:02:40 PM »
Hoping that Rena’s parents and brother are there for her and offering her support.
The prospects for the marriage are not (statistically) good, but hopefully they can stay together.

That being said, best of luck to this young family, as hard as it can be, young parents also have a lot of energy to raise a child.
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Juice=Juice Thread
« Last post by bluewind78 on Today at 06:01:19 PM »
you can tell from LT Miyamoto and SGT Dambara's facial expression that as Special forces, they are often restless when they have no missions assigned after the conclusion of their stage play performance and the Esperanza campaigns...guess they are all forever adrenaline junkies who never gets tired of being on the performing stage:

Japanese / Re: Mari Yamachi 山地まり
« Last post by Horlicks on Today at 12:07:55 PM »
[FRIDAY] 2018.10.05 山地まり 飛び出しそうなFカップ

Japanese / Re: Tomomi Morisaki 森咲智美
« Last post by Horlicks on Today at 12:04:12 PM »
[FRIDAY] 2018.10.05 森咲智美 バストトップが透けて見えた!トップグラドルがついに

Japanese / Re: Ami Hinamura 稲村亜美
« Last post by Horlicks on Today at 12:03:50 PM »
[FRIDAY] 2018.10.05 稲村亜美 グラビア復活「神ボディ」

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