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Author Topic: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; KaixAcchan] OMAKE  (Read 18152 times)

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Hey guys. . . It's my first time writing a fanfic so I'm sorry if it's like crap . . .

Also I can't speak English very well so I apologize if there are grammatical errors. . .  :sweatdrop:

This has a long story so to make it easier, I'll divide it in 3 parts. . . So, here's Part One:

(Haruna's POV)

At the School Rooftop

Staring at his picture on my phone, I sighed. I really regret the day that I made the wrong decision. I sighed again. I sat on the ground waiting for the class to start.

"You know, you should stop doing that" I glanced above only to find my best friend, Maeda Atsuko smiling at me.

"Oh, it’s just you" I replied

"Are you expecting someone else?" "Aww. . . C'mon Nyan nyan. . . You still haven't forgotten him?" she asked

"Sadly no" I replied "I mean for 4 years I felt guilty. . . I just can't get this feeling off my chest" I added.

Then a silence came in between us.

"Ne Acchan, did Kai asked you yet?" I asked her, hoping to forget my worries even just for a moment

"W-wh-what are you talking about? Were just childhood friends!" she blushed

"Really? It didn't seem that way. You look like a married couple who is always fighting" I teased

"No, we’re not a married couple! . . . . He's not even my boyfriend yet" she blushed as she  whispered her last sentence.

I smirked. "Ne~ I heard that you chased him again this yesterday" I said.

*sigh "Of course I have to, I'm the student council president and that midget having a blonde hair  is against the school rules" she replied "Honestly, when there are general assembly’s you could easily spot him. It's distracting!" she said

I giggled at her response. "At least you could spot him easily" I teased

"Mou~ Nyannyan!" she shouted while having a flushed face.


"Ahh. . . Its time already" I said

"Let’s go back, class is about to start" she said while heading to the door.

In the Classroom

I sit in the farthest corner of the room beside the window. I just stared outside hoping to pass
another boring day.

"Okay class, please sit down"

'Ah. . . The teacher already arrived. . . Not that I care' I thought

"Starting this day, you will have a new classmate" he said

The class murmured in excitement. And I just continued to stare at the window.

"You may come in now" he said

(. . . )

No response.

"I said you can come in now" he repeated

(. . . )

Still there was no response. The teacher went out of the room and searched the hallway.

"T-that guy!!!" he screamed

(End Haruna's POV)

(Someone's POV)

"Ah. . . It’s good to be free!" I exclaimed not minding the questioning looks of the people.

"So, what am I going to do today?" I asked myself out loud. I leisurely walked on the streets of

While strolling, I saw some girls around my age. I winked at them and they blushed and giggled. Then I continued to walk and stopped in front of an arcade store.

"A good place to pass the time" I said to myself

I tried the shooting game. I positioned myself like a professional marksman and began to shoot
the enemies. After some time a crowed started to gather around me admiring my sharp
shooting skills and also my good looks. I almost beat the highest score when-

"Sugoi~ He may be good but his zipper is open!" Someone shouted

I lost my concentration and died.

The crowed suddenly disappeared. I returned the gun in its holster crossed my arms on my
chest and glared at the blond midget boy who was grinning.

"You did that on purpose, right?" I asked him.

His grin turns into smirk.

"Well I just can't let anyone beat my highest score" he replied still smirking.

"Whatever. . . I'm outta here" I said. I put my hands on my pocket and decided to leave.

"Wait. . . "He held my wrist."Are you from Akiba Academy?" he asked

I faced him realizing he is also wearing the same uniform.

"I'm Takahashi Kai. I'm sorry for what I did earlier. . . You can call me Kai" he scratched the
back of his head and extended his hand.

I took his hand and shook it.

"My name is Oshima Yuu, I'm the new transfer student. Call me Yuu" I grinned showing him my dimples.

(End of Someone's POV)

(Yuu's POV)

"Woah. . . So that means it’s your first day today?" he asked

"Yeah. . . And I skipped it" I smiled cheekily

"We are so getting along!" he exclaimed

"Kai right? So do you always skip classes and hang on this place?" I asked him as we watched
to kids playing air hockey.

"Well. . . Sometimes. . . If I managed to escape" he grinned

Just then two hot girls were waving at us. And I waved back, I looked at Kai. He ignored the two girls and continue watch the kids play. Then I wondered why he didn’t notice those girls. After
wasting our time we decided to go out because it's getting dark.

"Kai are you single?" I asked him as we went out the arcade and went to the park.

"Yes I am" he replied but I noticed a slight blush. I smirked.

"So your single because you haven't confess to your crush yet" I said as we sat down the bench.

*sigh "Yeah. . . I still haven't- wait! That's not what I mean!" he is blushing furiously now.

"Yeah, yeah. .. I understand" I pat his head like a little kid.

"Kai, is that you?" I turned to the sound of the voice. And saw a girl with shoulder length hair
approaching dangerously towards us. I could see the black aura surrounding her body. She
stopped in front of us and held Kai's shoulders.

Kai closed his eyes and braced his self expecting a slap. Instead. . .

"You have no idea of how much I'm worried about you!" she hugged him tightly

"A-Atsuko!" he tried hard to breathe

"I searched around the school but I can't find you anywhere! I thought that you were beaten to
death by the yankees of the other school!. . . I thought that you got into an accident!. .. I thought- . . . I thought. . . "
She cried on his shoulder

Kai stroked her back and assured her that he was safe. The girl let go of the hug but still their
distance is close. Kai kissed her forehead and said "Don't worry. I just skipped school." he

The girl raised her eyebrow emitting her dark aura again.  "You what?" she asked sternly

"I said I was- . . . Uh oh . . "

"Don't you know I was worried to death when I didn't see you?! . . . I almost called the police!"
she shouted as she pulled his left ear.

"Itai- Itai! . . . Acchan it hurts! Yuu help me!" he looked at me with pleading eyes

"Yuu?" she finally noticed me

"Are you by case, Oshima Yuu?" she asked me still not letting go of Kai's ear

"Yes and you are?" I asked her. Resisting the urge to flirt with a beautiful girl like her because if I hit on her Kai would probably kill me.

"Don't you remember me? I'm Maeda Atsuko!" she exclaimed

"Atsuko. . . Atsuko. . . " I tried to remember

"We used to be classmates in our first year in Middle school!" she said while letting Kai's ear go

"Ah! . . . You're Acchan?!" I shouted. I got so excited that I hugged her. "It’s been four years! I
almost didn't recognize you!" I cupped her face and leaned my face closer to see a good look on her. She blushed slightly.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder and goose bumps started to spread all over my body.

"Oi. . . Don't get too excited. . . " Kai glared at me with an intent to kill

"Woah, woah. . . Easy midget. I'm not gonna steal your girl away from you" I assured him while moving away from Acchan.

Kai held Acchan close to him earning a blush from the girl.

"So   . . What's your relationship with him?" he asked her.

"Well we used to be friends during middle school. We would always hang out together." Acchan smiled . Kai felt jealous.

"Then why haven't I met him if he would always go with you? We're childhood friends right?" he asked with a bit of bitterness in his voice

"I went with Acchan on the same school on the first year of middle school but after 10 months,
 we moved away due to some cases" I answered

"And you moved back here on the second year of middle school" Acchan poked Kai's cheek earning a blush from the midget.

"But I can't believe that we're already in our second year of High school" I sighed

"But wait, how did you met Kai? You seem to get along very well" she asked me

"We met at the arcade. I was about to defeat his highest score but he distracted me so I end up losing" I said.

Then I remembered her. She also hates losing and very competitive. She could be the perfect girl but her air headiness would screw her up her image. But that’s what I like about her.  And
 Acchan and I would be always there at her side. I wonder where she is now. Is she doing well?

"A-Ah. . . Hah hah. . . Acchan!" we saw a girl panting and trying her best to run.

"Hidoi~! How could you leave me behind?! Just because he's blonde doesn't mean he's Kai. . . " she was still catching her breath. Then she looked at them. "Ah. . . It really is Kai! Sugoi Acchan. . . You're really good when it comes to Kai" she teased them.

Kai blushed but Acchan looked a little worried. She glanced at the girl and then back at me.

The girl seemed to notice her facial expression. "Acchan why are you frowning?" she asked and followed Acchan's line of sight.

She gasped when she saw me. And my heart stopped when I saw her. We stared at each other's eyes and everything around me seemed to disappear. I can only hear my own heart beat thumping inside my chest. She really hasn't change a bit. The way she stares at me, the way her big ears get red when she is nervous, the way she pouts her lips. I loved her. That right, I loved her. I was really looking forward to the day when I see her again. I was about to approach her when-

-Flash back-

"Who would want a pervert like him?!"
"Look at the way he wears his clothes, so weird! Hahahaha"

"I would never love someone like him. Never have, never am and never will!"

-End of flashback-

I remember. I remember the words she said that day. Remembering those words pierced my heart. It hurts; it really hurts so bad that I want to cry in that very spot.

I shook my head breaking the eye contact.

"Yu-Yuuchan. . . You're Yuuchan right?" she asked me holding her tears

"Yuuchan. . . I missed yo-"

"It’s been awhile, Kojima Haruna"

The name that I used to love the most, the name that would always taste like honey on my lips now tasted like rust. I looked bitterly at her.
"Yu-Yuchan. . . . Yuuchan I- I. . . . "

"Wait, wait. . .  you know her?" Kai asked me

"Of course, how could I forget someone who rejected and embarrass me in front of the class?" I said with a painful feeling inside my chest.

(End of Yuu's POV)

Tbc. . . .

There you have it. . .

Please do comment and tell me what you think about it  :)

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
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this is so freakin interesting!!!  :inlove: XD update soon!!! :bow:

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
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Atsuko and Kai...

Haruna teasing Atsuko about Atsuko and Kai acting like a marriage couple  :lol:

Wah... Atsuko was so over-protective and overly reacted when it came to Kai...

But Atsuko and Kai liked each other but still not confessing yet...

They were shy even when they knew they could be together....

Haruna and Yuu...

Ah... Yuu was a transfer student... at Haruna's school...

Oh... Haruna was so mean when she was in middle school... insulting Yuu...

Ara... Haruna rejected and embarrass Yuu in front of everyone in school...

That was why Yuu transferred...

Haruna was actually regret everything and wanted to be with Yuu...

But I think because she did not want to be teased around when she was younger....

During middle and high school... was the time when lots of bulling and teasing happenned the most.

I could understand Haruna feeling about rejecting Yuu...

But she did not need to embarrass Yuu then...

Now Yuu did not want to have anything to do with Haruna... even though he still loved Haruna....

What's going to happen in the next...?

How are they going to be together for Kai&Atsuko and Yuu&Haruna...

Can't wait

Thank you for the 1st part of the OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
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ok this is interesting

so haruna rejected and embrass him in front the class

but she loves him ^^

whooooo cant wait for the next part ^^
Love AKB

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
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Kaiii!! Y U so unfair!!  :on redcard:
But it didn't matter though   XD Coz Wmidget became bestfriend afterwards  :on gay: :on gay:

Haruna!! Y U so mean!!
I know Yuu is pervert, but you also pervert lol how could you embarrass him in front of your class??
*hugs Yuu*

Thanks for your great fic author-san  :twothumbs

Can't wait for the next chapter  XD
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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
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Lol Kai

Old friends meet up and remembering the past

Can't wait for your next update
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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
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yeah! new kojiyuu fic .thank you for write this couple
and atsumina fighting couple :lol:
yuuchan might be sad in the past and now he still love haruna
maybe haruna's rejection have a reason :(
look forward to kojiyuu and atsumina
ps. please continue it i can't wait anymore :twothumbs

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #7 on: June 12, 2013, 07:22:51 AM »
I like how this fic started
Kai and Acchan the fighting couple :)
hope they do become official
Haruna was so mean to Yuu  :cry:
I know Yuu was a pervert but still...
I feel real bad for the guy
Haruna actually regrets her actions so lets hope that Yuu loves her enough to be with her
Thank you for the fic!!

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
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OHMYGOD!  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:  :mon angel: :mon angel: :mon angel:
This fic is amazing~  :shy2: i badly need this~!  :shy1:
I luv you author~san  :on gay:
Haruna why you so bad? my poor Yuuchan.. come heerree~  :heart:
Kai confess to Acchan neh?  :wub:
Oh my KojiYuu feels~  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
Please continue this author san!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
..and update soon  :kneelbow:  :thumbsup

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #9 on: June 12, 2013, 08:26:01 PM »
I like it! Please continue! I wanna know the history of Yuu and Nyan Nyan!

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #10 on: June 14, 2013, 02:58:00 PM »
Ahhh!!~~There is KaiAcchan and KojiYuu...well i almost thought it is AtsuYuu..eeheh
 :P :inlove: :oops:

~Sugee na...first day at school...skip classes?? That's Yuu alright!!!~~~~
 :theking :twothumbs :thumbsup

~Hmm~~I'm glad that all the pairing here is my favourite one!!~!~!~!~~LUCKY~~
 XD :lol: :w00t:

~Gezz...NyanNyan reject and embarrassed Yuu-kun in front of the the past???
 :banghead: :cry: :?

~Mouu!!~!~!~This is your first fanfic!!?? Don't worry bout' it~~Cuz' it's awesome!!~~
 :twisted: :D :lol:

~OkayOkay...Pls update it soon!! This is an amazing fanfic~~Yes..i can't wait for the next one!!
 :twothumbs :thumbsup :bow:
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@Tam_atsu: Thank you for reading! Please look forward to it!  :)

@cisda83: Wow, thank you for analyzing the story!  :D  Haruna did mean things to Yuu but she  still love him  :)

@Elo: Thank you for reading and commenting!   :D

@48GGMU: Yeah, Kai and Yuu did become best friends but don't be mad at Haruna she has her reason on why she did that. Anyway thank you for reading :D :D

@kurosawa87: Thank you for reading! :)

@ptrd3009: Thank you for reading and commenting! And yes, you're right. Haruna does have a reason.  :)

@KojiYuu44: Haruna did regret her action that's why she felt guilty. And  Yuu does love her, but is not ready to forgive her yet. Thanks for reading!  :)

@AgentBlueBear: Thank you for reading and commenting. Kai will confess to Accha. . . soon  XD

@sharlatan: Thank you for reading and commenting!  :)

@Dieyg48: Well, it's gonna have a little bit. … just a little bit of AtsuYuu  :). Thank you for reading and commenting!  :D

Thank you waiting.

Here's Part 2 A:

(Haruna's  POV)

A week passed since our reunion and I still haven't talked to Yuu. I never had the chance to do so because he has always someone who is with him. Also his newly formed fan club is tailing him everywhere he goes. In class, he sits beside me but he never looked or talked to me which makes me feel guiltier for doing those things to him. So I promised myself that I will end this problem once and for all.

The class ended and Yuu dashed out of the classroom. I went and followed him outside of the room. I searched the hallways but I couldn't find him. I also searched the library, the gym, the school clinic but I can't find him anywhere.

I was already panting when I went to the shoe lockers hoping to find him there but he was nowhere in sight. I sighed loudly.

"Yo Haruna!"

"Ah, Kai!" I was startled

"What are you doing here? You usually go home early. . . " he said

"I was just looking for Yuuchan" I replied, still panting

"It seems like you looked everywhere for him. . . Hmmm. . . I think I saw him together with Atsuko not long ago" he replied with a bit of jealousy in his voice

"Oh. . . I see, thanks Kai!" I said gathering all my strength and ran to the student council office.
I arrived at the office and when I opened the door, I saw Acchan writing. She sensed me at the door so she looked at me.

"Haruna, you looked tired" she was concerned "Let me guess, you were looking for Yuu all over the place?" she added

I nodded my head

"Thought so. . . " she sighed "He's at the rooftop"

"Thank you" and I dashed out the room.

"Haruna. . . Goodluck!" Acchan's voice echoed in the hallway.

(End of Haruna's POV)

School Rooftop

(Yuu's POV)

“6:49” I glanced at my watch then I looked down from the school rooftop admiring the scene from below. One by one, the lights from different houses and buildings started to light the city up. I was grateful that I finally had sometime alone, everyday is exhausting because of the people surrounding me. And seeing 'her' everyday is not helping because she brings bad memories. It was already dark so I decided to go home. But I heard the sound of the roof's door opening and I saw 'her'. She was panting heavily.

"Yuuchan. . . Hah, hah. . Yuuchan. . . I finally found you" she said. The tempererature is so cold that I could see her breath escaping from her mouth.

"What are you doing her?" I asked her coldly but deep inside, I was worried that she might be freezing.

"I just want to talk to you" she began to approach me “ I want to apologize. . . . For all the things I did. . . . I love you! I did love you . . . . “

(. . .)

"Go away, I don't want to talk to you!" I said harshly. I adverted ny gaze from her.

Tears began to appear into her eyes and I feel sorry for what I did. I wanted to apologize to her but I stopped myself. Because my pride won't let me.

"I love you so much that I'll do whatever it takes for you to hear me out" she begged

"You'll do anything?" I asked her. 'Well this is getting interesting' I thought to myself.

"Yes. . .  anything" she answered with seriousness.

Just then a malicious idea came into my mind: I want her to feel embarrassed like she made me feel 4 years ago. 'Its time for payback' I said to myself. But somewhere in my heart there was I slight pain. I don't want her to get hurt, I don't want her to experience the pain that I went through but my brain said otherwise.

I approached her and leaned my face towards her, centimeters from her lips. She blushed from the close distance but her eyes didn't turn away from mine.

"Are you sure, are you really sure that you'll do anything I ask you to?" I asked again just to be sure

"Yes I am" she answered while gazing into my eyes

I inched even closer now my lips brushing with hers.

"Yu-Yuuchan. . . " she whispered

"Strip in front of me" I said

"Eh? . . . "

"You heard me. . . I said strip in front of me"  I said while distancing my face from her

"Bu-but. . . I- I. . . " she stammered

"You say you would do anything" I smirked.

"Now strip"

(End of Yuu's POV)

(Acchan's POV)

I wonder how Yuu and Haruna's talk went. I can't help but feel worried because of the past that the two went through. I finished my weekly report as the student council president. I fixed my stuff preparing to go home.


I glanced at my side and found Kai smiling at me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"Waiting for you" he answered

"Waiting for me? I thought you skipped class again. . . . And since when did you wait for me?"

"Well. . . . I'm not in the mood to skip classes and it's already dark, its dangerous for you to be going home alone. . . . " he scratched the back of his head

I looked at him questioningly and raised my right eyebrow.

"You never know! Some guys might hit on you and its been a long time since we went home together. . . Don't you think so?" he asked.

I sighed.
" You were the one who said 'I think we should stop going together, because we are mistaken as a couple'  ".         
" That was in the past!" he said

"And how is it different right now?" I asked

"Look,  I just want to protect you  from danger  'cause if anything bad happens to you, your Mom and Dad are gonna kill me" he said "And I want to spend more time with you. . . " he whispered

"What did you say? . . .  " I asked
"I said, let's get going now!" he held my wrist and dragged me out of the room

Funny, I thought I heard him say that he  wants to spend more time with me,  must have been my imagination.

"Ne~ Atsuko"


"What happened between Yuu and Haruna?" he asked

We now arrived at the school gate and he lets go of my wrist. We kept walking towards  the direction of my house. Kai and I lived in the same neighborhood and he used to stay at my house but he stopped doing so because he said that its 'not appropriate' for a guy to stay at a girl's house even if they are child hood friends.

"Ah. . . W-well. . . "

"C'mon . . . Tell me" he said

"Ummm. . . . *achoo~ " "Wah. . . It's cold!" I sniffled my nose and rubbed my hands together hoping that it could make me warm even just for a little.

*achoo I sneezed again. I closed my eyes then shivered.
Then I felt something warm against my forehead. It quickly spread into my body, I opened my eyes and saw Kai right it front of me. His forehead touching  mine, his eyes  are closed and his  lips are inches from mine. Lucky  for us, we are the only people on the street if not it would've been embarrassing.

"K-Kai! . . . What are you doing?!" I stuttered

"Making you warm" he simply said "I am connecting our foreheads to transfer my heat to you. . . So that you won't feel cold" he added. Even though its dark, I know that he is blushing because I could fell his temperature rising.

"Kai. . . Arigatou. . . . " I said

He opened his beautiful eyes and  his black orbs stared into mine. Looking at his eyes for several seconds feels hypnotic, I cannot look away from it.

"Atsuko. . . Atsuko. . . You're beautiful" he whispered
". . . K-Kai. . . "

He began to lean forward and so did  I. He turned his head slightly to the side and he held my chin. I could feel his breath and our lips are already touching. I was about to press forward when-

*woof woof

I flinched and he jumped back.

"Stupid cat. . . . Stupid dog. . . . Stupid. . . " he cursed

(. . . )

After that there was an air of awkwardness between us. We were not saying anything and we avoid looking at each other. But after several minutes, I spoke.

"We should go home. . . Mom and dad are probably worried"

He nodded and started to walk. I followed behind him but he suddenly stopped and looked at me. He took my hand to his own then intertwined our fingers.

"You're still cold" he turned away from me while I blushed and looked down. But inside, I was really enjoying the warmth that we shared.

After several minutes we arrived at the front of my house. He lets go of my hand, and I pouted.

"Well then. . . Just tell me about Haruna and Yuu tomorrow. . . " he was about to walk away but I held his hand

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" I asked him mustering all that I have just to form the cutest smile that he is not able to resist.

(End of Atsuko's POV)

(Haruna's POV)

Did I hear him right? He said that I would strip in front of him?
Hell no! I wouldn't even strip in front of my parents, why would I do that in front of this guy?!

I hesitated.

“As I thought you're all talk. Saying all those things but in the end you refuse to do it. . . Too proud ?. . . “ He smirked

“You used me. . . You used me to get what you want and when I decided to move on. . . , you prevented me to do so! But you didn't only do that. . . . I lost my dignity because of you!" he shouted angrily

"What did I do wrong? What did I ever do to you?! I wished that I fell in love with someone else. . . Acchan . . . . She was better than you. I didn't know why I fell in love with a person like you. . . . And I regret. . . I really regret the day that I confessed to you instead of her. . . .  “ he said  coldly

My heart ached on the things that he said and I was in the verge of tears. Its true that I did mean things to him. . . But I am a human, and I'm bound to make mistakes. Now that I think about it Yuu and Acchan were close . . . . Very close that one could think that they were going out. Just thinking about that makes my heart shatter in pieces. Another reason that my heart hurts is because he doesn't call my name anymore also the nickname the he made for me: Nyan-nyan. When he talks to me he always calls me 'you' , he couldn't say my name any longer.

Yuu leaned closer to my ear.

“It hurts right? It feels like your heart is ripped into pieces right? . . . . Just be thankful that I did not do this in front of the class like what you did to me. . . . . “ he said bitterly

He looked at his watch. “Ah, I wasted 15 minutes of my time” he turned his back from me and started to look away.

I quickly held his wrist and pushed him on the railings. I'm going to prove him wrong. I don't care about my pride anymore, all I care about is apologizing to Yuu, to return everything back to normal. . . To ask him to love me again like he used to.

“Ouch, what are you doing?!” he glared at me while rubbing his back.

I ignored him. Then I started to take of my necktie in a sexy manner. After that I dropped it to the ground then I started to unbutton my shirt one by one. My heart is pounding really fast, I'm going to show him that I am desperate of having him back.

“W-What the hell are you doing?” he seemed nervous.

I continue to ignore him as I dropped my shirt into the floor leaving me with my bra and skirt on. It was already was pitch black but the moon shone its light and the wind became chilly. I shivered slightly and began to loosen my skirt. With the help of gravity, it fell down fast.

Yuu leaned backwards and I could assume that he is blushing madly now.

I drew closer to him put my arms around his neck and pushed my body against him.

“Isn't this what you want?” I asked him “ I know you like what you see” I added

He tensed up and I could feel something bulged against my thigh.

'Oh my, he was turned on' I blushed

“Yuuchan. . . . “ I called his name in a seductive way. “You can do whatever you want with me. . . . I told you right? I'll do whatever it takes for you to forgive me and to love me back. . . .” I added

“. . . St-stop. . . “

I leaned my face closer to him. I could hear his heart pounding loudly and I listened to mine, and found out they beat at the same time. I chuckled.

“Yuuchan. . . I love you. .. . “ I said as I looked into his eyes.

“ St- Stop  it-”

I didn't let him finish his sentence I planted my lips on his and pushed my body hard against him.  He tried to push me back but I held on him tight. I sucked his lower lip and I heard him moan in pleasure. His teeth collided with mine, it hurts but I didn't care, I continued to kiss him. I was about to put my tongue inside his mouth but he pushed me hard that I fell to the ground.

“That's enough!. . . “ he  shouted. He looked confused; unsure what to do. He looked desperately at me trying to find the answer for his feelings. Finding nothing he dashed out the door. Leaving me alone in my underwear in the cold of the dark on the school rooftop.

(End of Haruna's POV)

(Kai's POV)

I cursed myself for being so weak when it comes to Atsuko. Here I am sitting beside her and across me is her father and beside him is her mother. And I am enjoying the meal right in front of me.

'Gah! Why am I so weak?! Atsuko, why do you have to be so cute?!' I asked myself

"So Kai. . . How are you?" Mr. Maeda asked

"I'm fine sir" I replied.

"Atsuko said that you always skip classes" he said

"Well. . . I only do it sometimes. . . . " I shyly replied

"Don't worry my boy, when I was your age I do it also but my wife here always drag me back to school" he laughed

"Well it's kinda like our situation" I whispered

"Kai, don't you know? Every time we eat Acchan would always mention you". “She would always pout when she doesn't see you at school and she would always talk non-stop about you beating up bullies” Mrs. Maeda chuckled

I looked at Atsuko beside me "You do?" I asked her

(. . . )

No response. She just blushed and continued eating.

Her parents looked at me then to Atsuko then back at me. Hen her father smirked.

"I assume that you two already kissed" her father said

Both of us blushed and looked away.

"So who initiated? Was it you Kai?" he asked still smirking

(. . .)

(. . . )

"I thought so" he said and we continued eating.

I'm always nervous whenever I'm talking to him, its like he is the boss and I am having a job interview.
I took a cup of water to drown my nervousness down.

"Okay, so when is the wedding?" he asked me

I coughed the water I was drinking.

"Otou-san!. . . " Atsuko shouted

"My, my. . . " her mother said

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand while Atsuko is patting my back and asked me if I was alright.

"I still haven't asked your daughter's hand in marriage, sir" I answered regaining my composure

Atsuko blushed. While her father and mother laughed heartily.

"What, you still haven't asked her to marry you? Gosh. . . . Kids these days are slow" he said

"Calm down dear, I'm pretty sure that they like to take things slowly" Mrs. Maede smiled at me

"Geez, we're not even together yet" Atsuko murmured

"Kai, I think you took into consideration in marrying my daughter because you said 'still haven't' " he looked at me seriously.

"We-well . . .  I-I" I stuttered

"I'm done eating. . . Thank you for the food" Asuko rose up her chair

"Kai, let's go to my room"

She held my wrist and dragged me upstairs.

"Children, be sure to keep it down" Mrs. Maeda said

Atsuko and I blushed as we proceed upstairs.

We entered her room. It's was different than it used to be. Dolls and posters of princesses used to found but it was replaced by nail polish and make-up kits also the posters of her favorite idol group, AKB48 are plastered up on  her wall. But in the corner of her room, I could see a mountain of stuff toys, I guess she still has her childish side.

I chuckled.

I took out my phone and mailed my parents that I might go home late.

She led me to her bed. She sat down and patted the space beside her, indicating me to sit there. An air of silence.


"So. . . "

"I'll tell you what happened 4 years ago" she said.

(End of Kai's POV)

Tbc . . .

So that's Part 2 A.

I decided to put the flashback in Part 2 B.  :D

I might not update this week due to school work and I still have to finish my research paper, so yeah.  :panic:

So tell me guys what you think and please feel free to comment!
 :)  :)

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #12 on: June 17, 2013, 07:02:52 PM »
Yuu had his way and was surprised she would do so

Kai and Acchan has too much baggage from the past.

I wonder how they can move forward from their past troubles
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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #13 on: June 18, 2013, 02:50:59 AM »
What... I understand that Haruna indeed hurt him and his pride then...

But asking a girl to strip... that was wrong in any case... some more in public place like at school rooftop...

Some people could come and go anytime they wanted....

I think Yuu was very spiteful.. for doing that to Haruna... when he knew that Haruna regreted her past doing...

Some more Haruna was still young then...easily influence with the flow

Now Yuu was was older by taking revenge on Haruna and humilated her was wrong; he should know what's right and wrong

Well Haruna was so desperate that she would throw herself to Yuu.. like a slut... she really disgracing herself... 

Poor Haruna... she was being left on the rooftop by herself like that...

If only Yuu was such a gentleman... He should just gave her jacket or try to cover Haruna or stopping her from taking her clothes off like that...

Ah... Kai and Atsuko were so cute and sweet together...

Eh... Kai was also influence when he was younger that he did not want to walk home with Atsuko anymore... I understand...

Kai wanted to look tough and cool in front of Atsuko... when he was shy and caring on the inside...

Ah... unfortunately... the cat and dogs... disturbing... their near kissed...

Atsuko's parents were such a teaser.... already planning their wedding.. if they could...

Poor Kai and Atsuko being teased around... Well at least if ever they wanted to get married Atsuko's parents already gave their approval.

Yeah... the next up is going to be the flashback over Yuu and Haruna's past...

What's happening to Haruna?

Would Yuu go back and see Haruna if she is safe?

Would Haruna go back home by herself?

Would Kai be brave enough to ask Atsuko to be his girlfriend officially...?

Can't wait to find out...

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #14 on: June 18, 2013, 02:51:50 AM »
breve haruna!! hell yeah!! you need to fight for your men haruna... this what im talking about!!.. but yeah yuu need to think a little... and the kiss was hot!

Of course yuu was surprised because 4 year ago haruna wasn´t so hot...

about atsumina.. well... we need a little space for both

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2013, 04:40:43 AM »
yuu, you are a bad boy why do you want haruna strip on you
for show her love ? it' s a jerk boy
i want to slap your head :banghead:
ah kaiacchan is very cute  :lol:
can't wait for next chapter :deco:

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #16 on: June 18, 2013, 06:12:15 AM »
imagining haruna stripped gave me a minor nosebleed :on bleed: me and my perverted mind :on bleed:

yuu...why you become such a jerk like that!!!!! don't you know haruna had suffered much for her wrong doing?throw your pride away and forgive her already...

loled at the cat and dog...such a nice timing to ruin kai and atsuko's sweet moment :on lol: and atsuko's dad...he's so blunt...good job sir,that midget really need a push to make a move on your daughter...a hard push if I may suggest :kekeke:

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #17 on: June 18, 2013, 07:59:56 AM »
ugh... Yuu is totally riding on his emotions
making Haruna strip lik that  :smhid
Haruna is definitely desperate tho
stupid cat and dog...
they were having a good time
Acchan's parents are sooo funny!!!
I would have been so embarrassed if my parents did that
nice update  :twothumbs

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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #18 on: June 18, 2013, 08:36:51 AM »
I don't know why , but seeing the bit about the ago poster made me giddy.... :?
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Re: ♬♪ The Day you Went Away ♪♬ [YuuxHaruna; Kaix Acchan]
« Reply #19 on: June 18, 2013, 11:37:13 AM »
that was really a great update!!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
didnt expect that from nyan nyan  :lol: XD
update soon pleasee :thumbsup :bow:

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