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Title: <REBIRTH, ReinAiri fanfic (Tanaka Reina x Suzuki Airi)> Chapter 3 (May 13, Tues)
Post by: sakura_drop_ on February 23, 2012, 10:13:56 AM
Hello, Minna!!  :gmon hi:

Kappa's fan is here!!! sakura_drop is here!!!

Ok, so I decided to come out of the shadows and start writing something, hehe. I've been writing for AKB48, now another story came to my mind, and it's....

I still have lots of fics ongoing, so I don't know when I'll be updating next. Just wanted to know if you would like something like this...

For now,  :mon bye:
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that will make things interesting here :)
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"Tsunku-san, are you sure about this..?"

"Yes, I am. This is definitely what fans would love to see."

"But the girls are busy now. Their schedules are pretty hectic already..."

"Then do something about it. I won't change my mind, so find a place in their schedules for this. And hurry."


C-ute's manager didn't know what to do.

She had to somehow make some place for what Tsunku-san had planned..


The reality was harsh.

The schedule nowadays was pretty hectic, because after Niigaki-san graduated from Morning Musume, Shimizu-san and Suzuki-san were the ones who held the leaders' titles.

Niigaki-san stated, that though she leaves the leadership for Shimizu-san, she can't abandon Takahashi-san's wish, so leaves it for Suzuki-san also.

So now Suzuki-san has a very hard time, trying to go between studies, dancing routines, vocal lessons, TV shows, AND the leadership.

" am I supposed to do this...?..." puzzled thoughts went through manager's head, as she was going to meet Berryz Koubou's manager.


Here's the Prologue. It's short, but oh well..  :err:
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nice start to the fic :thumbsup
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You know,a ReinAiri fan fic was the VERY FIRST fan fiction I've ever read and it started my fandom of fanfics..
And its been a while since I read one..

I guess I'm kinda lacking the ReinAiri love over here!  :nervous
Interested to see where this story heads to!  :twothumbs
Title: Re: <no name yet> Prologue (Feb 23, Thu)
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cant wait to read it !!! :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on February 24, 2012, 11:34:25 AM

The room was not that big. It had mirrors on one of the walls, a good music system on the table. A few dance coaches and a main dance teacher were also there. The main one was talking with five girls, who were sitting on the ground. One of them had her eyes closed, head against the wall.

“Airiin..” whispered Chisa.
“Do not doze off. We still have a recording after this.”
“I know...”
“Airiin.” patted her lightly another girl.
“What are we gonna do with her, Chisa?”
“I don’t know, Hagitty...”

“Okay, everyone, you can go.” said their dance teacher.
Airi murmured something, and rested her head on Maimi’s shoulder.
“This is bad...” with worry said Maimi.
“Well, she is tired. I’d be more tired though, if I had this many activities...” noted Saki.
“I’m not sleeping, not sleeping..” murmured Airi, opened her eyes, stood up and took her belongings. “Are we going for the recording or not?” asked she with a sleepy voice and half closed eyes.
Her friends just shook their heads in disbelief...
“Un, we are.” answered Maimi.


The first to record was Maimi. When she was recording, Airi was a bit sleepy, but tried to keep her eyes open.

makenai kono kurai nante koto wa nai

Bye Bye mou nido to awanai keredo
suki sugite USO mitai

When the time came to record for Airi, she fully woke up, as singing gave her the power to move forward. And every time the girls heard Airi sing, they were also fired up. Her voice gave them the courage to move forward all the times, when things went wrong.

nani yo nan na no yo ikeba iin desho

RARABAI ima naraba yarinaoseru wa
asa made nemuranai?
USO yo kore ijou meiwaku kakenai

“She’s too perfect...” sighed Chisa, still in a dreamy state, even though Airi ended her recording and was already sleeping while sitting on a chair, her head on Maimi’s shoulder.
“I’m glad my recording was the very first one...” also sighed Maimi and smiled at the sleeping girl. “She’s working so hard... I wonder if she’ll get a free day... She needs rest.”
“Un. I totally agree. Tsunku-san made her work too much...” noted Saki. “Ah, it’s Chisa’s turn.”

dakedo kore ijou meiwaku kakenai

RARABAI akogare no soushisouai
ano koro ga yume mitai
makenai kono kurai nante koto wa nai

“Ah, she’s so powerful in this...”
“Stop drooling, Nakky.” snickered Mai.
“It’s in her nature. It’s Chisa we’re talking about.” smiled Maimi and patted lightly Airi’s shoulder. The girl just adjusted herself more comfortably, and slept further.
“Isn’t she adorable?” asked Chisa, who just came from the recording booth.
“Yes, she is.” mouthed silently the sentence the leader. “Ah, MaiMai’s turn.” but she paid attention just because she was a leader and had to take care of these girls. What she wanted to do mostly is just watch at Airi.

suki yo suki dakara unazuita kedo
owakare shitakunai

RARABAI akogare no soushisouai
ano koro ga yume mitai
makenai kono kurai nante koto wa nai

“She gave her best. She’s improving a lot.”
“Yes, leader, she is.” said MaiMai about herself jokingly, when she came from the recording booth.
“I mean it. You did a good job.”
“Thank you. Nakky, ganbatte!”
“Un.” she mouthed ‘fighting’ without any sound and went to the recording booth.

akogare no
kono kurai
Bye Bye

zuibun mae kara anata
kootte ita kokoro

After they ended the recording, Maimi gently patted Airi’s cheek.
“Hey, wake up, sleepy head. Time to go.”
“Un?...Ah..” she stretched herself, yawned a bit, opened her eyes fully and smiled with her usual smile, that makes everyone’s heart melt. “Sorry I slept through your singing...” she said apologetically.
“Ah, it’s ok, never mind.” said the girls one after another.
“Let’s go.” told Maimi and they went to have dinner at a cafe nearby.


“Ah, this is sooo delicious...” squealed Chisa, Nakky and MaiMai, while eating the food.
“It is.” whispered Maimi, as after eating a bit Airi again fell asleep, this time her head was resting on her hands which were on the table. Her expression was content. Well, it should be. Because she was working hard from the very early morning, now ate a delicious dinner. And here she is sleeping. Why not to be content about it..? But she’s so carefree. Maimi loved that thing about her, as she herself was an airhead, but had to put a strong and reliable image to others, while Airi was just being Airi.

“Nee nee, tomorrow is the big day for the both of you, right?” asked Mai.
“Un.." answered Maimi.
"She really needs to rest and sleep well, if she wants to be perfect tomorrow.” said Saki.
“She’s always perfect.” stated Chisa.
“You’re too biased...” pouted Nakky.
“I am. I really am. And at the same time...she really is perfect, no matter how biased or not biased I am.”
“You’re having a silly conversation...” murmured Airi, and then turned her head to the other side. She was half asleep now, as those woke her up.

“On another note, I’m really looking forward for this cover to be released.” changed the topic Nakky.
“I know, right? I remember you singing it solo, Chisa.” added Mai.
“Un, I did. But I feel this cover will be much more amazing, because...”
“...Airi will be singing in it.” ended for her Mai and Saki.
“Well...” Chisa blushed. “..pretty much because of that..” she coughed fakely. “But also because we all will be singing it. And not one person, not four, but five. It’s really different this time. And we got a pretty decent line distribution..”
“Except I didn’t get a chorus solo. But I do not mind. As I will be in the center, hehe.” laughed lightly Saki.

“Good dancers are good dancers, worth of center, still dancers.” murmured some nonsense Airi. This time she was nearly sleeping, but her subconscious still heard things, so she muttered about them and this time really fully fell asleep.
“And here ends the MC Kappa’s talk.” joked Mai.
“She’s tired, poor girl.” Maimi patted lightly Airi’s head and smiled.
“How are we gonna get her home?” worriedly asked Chisato.
“I think we’ll have to wake her again. But let’s end the eating first.” spoke Maimi and continued drinking her milkshake.


The next morning Airi woke up at 5 a.m. She had a shower, put her clothes on, had breakfast, and headed to the station, from where the bus will take her.
She waited about 10 minutes, then the bus came. There already was Captain and Miya.
“Ohayo~.” smiled Airi after she got seated herself near the window.
“Ohayo.” said both Berryz’ girls.
“We heard yesterday you had a hard day.” said Miya in a worried tone.
“Un, a bit. But today I’m fine.” answered she in her usual cheery tone and laughed a bit. “Though yesterday was really fun, as when I tried to sleep I noticed how people care about me. And how they think I’m asleep, when I’m not. Because I tried really heard...but they kept on talking, laughing... I fell asleep for real just a few times..hehe.. How was your day yesterday?”

“I had a photo shoot for CM, then we were filming our newest TV show’s segment, then I was modeling for ‘MOUSSY’.” Miyabi’s face and eyes were shinning really bright when she was remembering the moments from the photo shoot of her modeling for her favorite brand.
“I was filming at another TV show, then our newest TV show’s segment, then had a dancing competition live event.” said Saki.
“You had lots of free time...” Airi sighed.
“We heard you were busy...” more asked than stated Miya.
“Un. A photo shoot for CM, then an interview for the magazine, then my studies, then a solo recording, then a handshake event, dance lesson and a recording with C-ute. Between the breaks I had bits of lunch, bits of half-sleep and I had a delicious dinner.”
“Whoaw...” both girls were surprised at how Airi can manage everything.

The bus stopped, and let Reina and Maimi in.
“Oha~!” nearly shouted Reina in her usual tone.
“Ohayo.” smiled Maimi and wanted to sit near Airi, but Reina was first to take the seat, so Maimi seated herself near the window behind Airi.
“Ohayo.” happily greeted Airi and both Berryz’ girls.
“Are you ready for fun today?” asked Reina.
“Un, very excited.” nodded Airi.
“Just don’t fall asleep today, okay?” asked Maimi and everyone laughed.

Airi at first tried to talk with others, but soon she was not interested anymore, as she remembered what happened a few months ago.

"I just wonder why we five gathered here..." said Miya.
"Maa, we'll find out it soon, I guess." answered Reina.
"Ah, here comes the manager." Maimi turned to the woman who just came into the room.

After saying the greetings, and exchanging the usual phrases the manager got serious.
"I invited you five here, because of the special project Tsunku-san came up with. You five will be a part of it. I checked your schedules, and I think that somehow we can manage to pull this whole thing through. This project is a really important one. It will give the fans lots of happiness. You're going to revive... ..."

"...ri-chan. Airi-chan!"
"Let's go. We're already here." said Reina.
"Ah, yes, let's go." Airi smiled, picked her things and they went inside the certain building through the back entry.

After they got themselves in their dressing room, Airi sat on her seat.
“Ah, I’m so nervous like I’ve never been..”
“Airi-chan. Everything will be fine.”
“If you say so, Tanaka-san.”
“Oi, let’s go and change clothes.” suggested Maimi.
“Yeah, we have not that much time left, and we still need to rehearse and have the make up and hairs done.” whined Miyabi.
“Don’t whine. It’s not going to help.” comforted her friend Captain.

They changed their clothes and went to rehearse. It was fun, and all the nervousness was already disappearing bit by bit.
“Ah, thank you for working so hard with us. OtsukaReina~!” said Reina and they all bowed to the staff.
“This is gonna be fun.” smiled Captain.
Other girls just nodded. They couldn’t agree more. This is really going to be fun.


After the rehearsal they went to eat. The eating process was very live, as they chatted about what awaits them, took lots of pictures and ate well.
“Ah, this photo is sooo good, Airi-chan!”
“Well, it’s because Maimi is good looking today, hehe.”
“You look good today, too.” stated Miyabi.
“We all look good today, don’t we?” laughed Saki and with her laughed others.
“Un.” agreed they.

“Hey, I was wondering... When do you have free time?’ asked Saki others’.
“I don’t have. At least these few weeks.’ pouted Airi.
“E~H? Hontou ni?” Reina was in shock. This girl is really working hard, doing so many jobs, and Tsunku-san is not giving her free time?!
“Un. But it’s ok. I can do this, I just know it.”
“Airiin is so cool.” said Miya. “I could never do this much without rest.”
“Ah, do not flatter me.” blushed Airi.
“But it’s true. I agree with her.” nodded Maimi.

“Can’t we change the topic..?” asked Airi with a smile.
“Oh, I know. Let’s sing “Dance de BAKOON’ just for fun!” suggested Reina.
“Uuh, sounds fun.” nodded Miya. “I’ll take Mai’s parts then.”
“I’m going with Nakky’s.” smiled Saki and everyone chuckled.
“Then I’m with Chisa’s.” answered Reina.
“Let’s do this.” Maimi and Airi winked to each other. “One, two, three.”
They voiced the instrumental, and then started singing.

FANKII danshi
[Tan/Shi/Nat] Tabidatsu jikan da
FANKII neechan
[Tan/Shi/Nat] TOKIMEKU jikan da

Akirame yashi nai
Watashi no mirai
Dare no mono de mo nai
Mochiron tamanokoshi
Sorya noritai
Mainichi ga shoubu PANTSU


AH yadaa
Mata chotto futotta
Mou yadaa
Tegara toriagenai de~

Nanka zenbu wasuretai!
Namida ga tomaranai yo!

Konna ni sugoku setsunai no
Doushite kawakannai
Ima made tameta SUTORESU to
Konya de osaraba sa!

“Ah, that was sooo fun!” laughed Reina.
“I’m glad we’re alone here.” giggled Maimi.
“Why? It would have been fun to have some audience.” nodded Captain.
“We’ll have the audience today, so don’t worry, be happy.” chuckled Airi.
"But we won't be able to perform this song." sighed Saki.
"I think we'll be able to perform it in the future." winked Maimi to her.
"I hope so." sighed again Saki.
“Oh, I’m now so waiting for the real performance.” nearly squealed Miya.
“Then let’s go. Not much time is left anyways.” said Reina and they left the restaurant.


After they came back to the certain building, they hurried into their dressing room, so for S/mileage not to notice them. They already heard those cute girls making noise in corridors, anticipatedly running to the stage.
“They will be surprised, hehe.” smiled Airi.
“Un.” nodded Reina.
Now they were having a make-up and hairdos done for them. After that they still had some time, so other girls chatted and Airi opened an e-mail that she got a week ago.

Dear Airi-chan.

I heard the news from Reina, that you have lots of work piled up, and plus your studies and the new project.
I just wanted to say, that I believe you can manage things right, and if you feel too burdened, you know you can always write to me or call me.

Also, if you push yourself too hard, the results might disappoint you.
Better take care of yourself and try to not overwork, nee?

And another thing.
I heard from Maimi-san, that you had thoughts about graduation, because you feel like you can't fulfill Tsunku-san's wishes.
Well, don't think like this.
He gives you lots of work BECAUSE he thinks you're special.
And he is right.
You just have to try to organize things in such a way, that you can have plenty of rest and eating between the work and studies.

The last thing.
I bought your newest photo book, and I can say I like it a lot  :flower:
You have my fullest support, so just you know that no matter what decision you make, I'll root for you.
And good luck with that new project.
I think it's an interesting turn in all of your careers, don't you think?  :note:

Well, gotta go now.
Good luck, Airi-chan.
Your senpai,

She read it a few times again – like she does everyday – and smiled.
“I’m now fully ready for the show.”
“Good, Airi-chan.” smiled Reina and made some joke about food.
Airi started pulling her random jokes, too. They were having already lots of fun.
“Girls, it’s time.” said the manager, who just came in.
“Un.” they all nodded and ventured towards the stage, where S/mileage where performing.
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THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR COMMENTS!!  :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
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I guess Reina is just here to be a supportive person so Airi doesn't sleepwalk through the process although the singing through sleep is an accomplishment in itself  :lol:

good job :thumbsup
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update soon and goodluck on your exams!!
Title: Re: <REBIRTH> Chapter 1 (Feb 24, Fri)
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I'm finally updating this fic. The chapter will be short, sorry about that  :bow:


@Sora-chan: I can't promise anything, as you can see, I'm slow at updating this fic (fail author is fail)
@kurosawa87: as you will see from this chapter, Reina has a bigger role here, but your idea was good  XD
@XxRoByNxX78: Robyn-san, I'm sorry for such a slow update. I hope you will like it though it's short  :bow:



“Hai, minna, hontou ni, arigatou gozaimasu!!” thanked the crowd Wada Ayaka, the leader of S/mileage. Other members also thanked the crowd, feeling the cheers warming their hearts.
Then suddenly the crowd started screaming and cheering so loudly, they had to look around to see what happened. Their faces went into a pleasant shock, as the five girls appeared on the stage, waving their hands and saying ‘hellos’ to the crowd at their mics.
“EH?” confused looked at them Fukuda Kanon. Others were too speechless to speak.
“Hai, minna, otsukaresama deshita. The concert was awesome.” greeted them Reina, others also added their congratulating words. All S/mileage members bowed to their senpais, still not understanding what is happening.

“Eto, Tanaka-senpai, I’m very thankful for all of you coming here and congratulating us, but...” Dawa tried to be all captaincy, though it was hard, as she was thinking about various reasons why senpais could be here.
“You’re wondering why we’re here, right?” asked her and the crowd Maimi. The crowd cheered and the S/mileage girls nodded their heads.
“Well, we have a surprise announcement, and we thought your concert is the best place to announce it.” said Miyabi.
“Is it okay if we steal a spotlight a bit?” asked Saki.
The girls nodded again, as they were curious not less than the fans, who were now cheering the names of those five.
“Minna, are you curious?” asked Airi, and got back a roar of excitement from the fans. “Suggoi! Well, let’s start then, shall we?”

“Hai.” Miyabi stepped up front, and the crowed shouted her name. “Arigatou gozaimasu. Eto, today, when this announcement takes place, I want to bring smiles on your faces and to make you all happy. I hope you continue to support me further on. Thank you. Berryz Koubou Natsuyaki Miyabi desu.”
Then Maimi stepped up front. “I had the same shocked face as S/mileage members have now, when I found out the surprise that I was told by our manager. I hope this is as much entertaining as it was for me after it sunk into my head. C-ute’s leader Yajima Maimi desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” The crowd cheered her name and she thanked them.
“Okay, it’s my turn now. Konnichiwa again!” everyone cheered Captain’s name. “I know we’re teasing you now, and not telling the news yet, but introductions are a must, hehe. S/mileage members, don’t worry, it’s a happy announcement.” smiled Shimizu. “Berryz Koubou captain Shimizu Saki desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”
When Airi stepped forward, her ears nearly got deaf from the huge roaring in the crowd, her name was shouted by everyone in the hall. She nearly cried and smiled at them cheerfully. “Hai, Kappa is here! Arigatou gozaimasu, arigatou gozaimasu!” She bowed to the crowd. “Genki desu ka?” the crowd cheered again, making her smile more, showing her front teeth. “I was worried how would you react, but I got a comforting message from Ai senpai,” here the crowd rejoiced again. “and from Tanaka senpai, who is now here with me. So I believe we’ll be fine. C-ute’s Suzuki Airi desu.”

“Second floor, how are you feeling?” shouted Reina the question to the people located on the second floor. The whole second floor cheered happily. “First floor, how are you?” asked she the people on the first floor, they rejoiced and screamed her name. “Minna, genki?!” asked the last time Reina and got back a full wagon of happy emotions back. “Okay, thank you. Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina desu.”
Then they all said at the same time the announcement and bowed at the astonished crowd. S/mileage members were happily dancing around, the words sounding in their heads.
“We five are the newly formed sub-group, a mix of High-King and Aa!. Rebirth desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”
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Yay a new fanfic XD ur story is awesome so far, its hooked me  :twothumbs
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Rebirth is a new group with all-stars awesome
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:gmon ringu: H...hello~~~~

hahaha  :mon hi:

been a while guys.... Well, I am back with an update, finally... hopefully you won't have to wait for another update another... *checks*  :mon spit: :on cloudeye: two years.... OTL

Before the actual update takes place - some action and real drama starts in this chapter - I shall answer the few replies and also... THANK YOU all of you, silent and not so silent readers!!!  [emoji144]


@darkacex99: oh thank you so much!!! Hope you enjoy this following chapter as well
@kurosawa87: Tata Kuro!!! Sorry to be so late on this update... OTL



After the announcement on S/mileage's concert the five girls worked their asses off on promoting the newly formed unit. Not to mention they had loads of work on their equivalent groups and a lot of solo events and photoshoots. The girls were busier than ever but most of them managed to have a few days off. Except Airi.

Reina skipped some of her practices as she knew her skills were perfect enough to let herself sleep longer. She trusted Sayumin enough to let her lead the girls - she was the captain after all - and even went shopping on some occasions. Of course, the solo events and photoshoots and handshakes was something the yankee girl never missed and attended them no matter how tired or sleepy she was. Though there was also another thing she never, not even once missed or skipped. REBIRTH practice. She had her reasons for that but no one knew about them. So the girl noticed how pale Airi has become, how more and more sleepy the C-ute's ace was and how, despite the loads of work she had, the kappa girl kept giving her all to fans and on studying and practicing.

One day Reina was rolling lazily in bed after she decided to skip another practice of Morning Musume. Somehow, lately she felt like the group requires more and more energy from her which was not an OK thing for Reina. So she spent her morning in bed and soon her phone rang. A message came and the contents said that Airi fainted while in C-ute's practice and now was in the hospital. Reina didn't even think one second. All her laziness was gone as she hurriedly prepared - probably the first or second time in her life it took her only ten minutes to prepare - and dashed out. Her destination was hospital and she was already calling Maimi to get the address.


Airi was dozing off in the hospital's bed, not happy with herself and angry at the whole world. She felt like she failed not only herself, but all the people who believed in her also. Her frustration with herself grew bigger after she got a lot of comforting and 'get well soon’ messages from various members. She didn't want to feel pity; she wanted to be a role model and an example on how to handle loads of works. She always felt like she can really do more than anyone else to compensate for all those times the dance teacher yelled at her or the times she fell sick and couldn't attend the events. With this happening to her she felt like the world crumbled around her and the leader status that Takahashi senpai entrusted her with...she felt unworthy.

A gentle knock on the door made the girl open eyes and try sitting more properly despite the huge pain in her head.

"D...douzo..." She said weakly yet tried to put on a cheery smile. However when she saw who her visitor was, Airi's eyes went wide. She expected anyone but Reina-san. The senpai was a person who distanced herself from other people and despite being in the same unit - twice - they never talked more than casual joking around with other members. Thus this really surprised her. "Eeh... Tanaka-san..."

"Airi-chan.." Reina approached the bed with a basket of fresh strawberries and looked at C-ute's member worriedly. "How are you feeling?"

"Ah, I am fine... They should let me out soon." At least that was what Airi was hoping for. She didn't want to miss any of the lectures or lessons or any of the events. She had a lot of catching up to do. The girl felt like this one day that she is missing out costs her a lot more than others might think.

"Here, I brought you some strawberries~" Reina put the basket on the table by the bed and sat on the chair that was close by. "You probably are surprised, thinking why Reina is here, right? The senpai who never lets anyone into her own personal space..."

"Ah, to be honest, I was really surprised...Gomennasai..." Suzuki lowered her head. "It's just that Tanaka-san seems distant all the time, and to come here visit someone not worth your attention... I am sorry for not being capable by myself and making everyone worry... I'll try harder..."

"Airi. What are you talking about? You are already working harder than anyone else. That is why we all worry. We want you to rest more. Take at least a few free days from studying, eat properly, say no to some of the works or ask Tsunku-san to give you a day off. I am sure he will gladly let you rest." Reina couldn't help but worry over how Airi had such a low esteem of herself.

"...Maybe I'll ask for a day off..." Airi knew she could use the day off for studying so it was not a bad idea.


After visiting Airi Reina didn't feel one bit better. She didn't like the way the girl was talking about herself. The doctor was nowhere to be found and the nurses didn't know more than what Reina knew herself so she couldn't ask about the girl's condition and suggestions on how to better her health. At these times there was only one person that Reina always turned to and this time was no exception.

She met with Ai-chan in the cafe near the place where Takahashi was rehearsing for the musical. She was not surprised to see Risa-chan there, as she knew the two were secretly dating, despite what rumors media spread about these two dating guys.

"We heard about Airi-chan. I was thinking of writing to her but... Knowing the girl...she must be quite down..." Ai started the topic after they all got some coffee and ice cream.

"Yeah... This is why I came here to talk to you...." Reina retold the conversation she had with Airi when she was visiting her.

"That's serious..." Risa sighed and looked at Ai. "You know her really well. Is there a solution to this?"

"Mhm... I would usually message her, like... 'Go to sleep early, okay?' or 'Make sure to eat dinner.' and she would reply to me 'I will, Takahashi-senpai, thank you for all the care and sorry for making you worry'. After I talked with her in private that she doesn't have to apologize for those kinds of things she stopped apologizing but I could tell she was still down. I really don't know... She is so happy go lucky around everyone but when only with me or alone... I can tell she is burdened by a lot..."

"Tanakacchi, you must think of something. Talk with her fellow C-ute members, especially Maimi. I am sure there is a way to solve this. And we will go visit her and try to blow some life and self esteem into her, okay?" The bean girl suggested.

"Un, I'll do my best... So guys, tell me about yourselves. Oh, ice cream~"

They ate and talked cheerily but Airi not even once left their minds. They all three wanted to help the girl, an important member who was like a family to them.
Title: Re: <REBIRTH, ReinAiri fanfic (Tanaka Reina x Suzuki Airi)> Chapter 3 (May 13, Tues)
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Oh My Gosh... :on bleed: A mixing High-King and Aa! would be so epic.  :luvluv2: I can't wait till the next chapter.  :nya:
Nice job, Sacchi~  :on GJ:
Title: Re: <REBIRTH, ReinAiri fanfic (Tanaka Reina x Suzuki Airi)> Chapter 3 (May 13, Tues)
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The whole story is different when you don't touch it for almost two years XD

Well anyways Reina has more of a passionate side than people expect her to have and Airi feels that if reina had to become this character it means more than anything else to her. :nervous