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Author Topic: Welcome to the Chuuch of Charmy  (Read 22697 times)

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Welcome to the Chuuch of Charmy
« on: July 01, 2008, 05:40:31 AM »
Welcome to ...

According to Snoop Dogg, chuuch means Something sacred, keeping God in your life.

Which is exactly what Rika Ishikawa means to the HiPstaz at JPH!P - Rika IS God. The One and Only Lord and Savior. Not afraid to face take what the industry gives her, willing to tackle new challenges with no fear, she has set her mark in J-Music and Idol History and CONTINUES to do so every single day!!   :D

As demonstrated with the success of The Rika Ishikawa Viyuden Experience, our crack staff never rested to bring you the so we decided to kick it old school, a nod to the The Rika Ishikawa Graduation Project forum dedicated to Rika's Graduation and with Viyuden's Gradutation - the dawn of a new era begins -  The Chuuch of Charmy IS YOUR ONLY place to get your complete Rika freak on 4 LIFE!!

So come worship at Da Chuuch of Charmy and experience everything a fan could want. LET US PRAY

Let us pray the Charmy's Prayer. Lord, please pray for the soul of Charmy and guide my right hand and make it strong Lord, so that She may be POSITIVE 4 LIFE. Amen.

:::The Ten Commandments:::
1. "Thou shalt Worship Positive Idols with Giant Asses."   
2. "Thou shalt wank in the name of the Lord thy God"
3. "Thou shalt be POSITIVE."
4. "Remember the Charmy day, to keep it holy."
5. "Honor thy Crackstaff"
6. "Thou shalt make into thee any graven image"
7. "Thou shalt share the XXXclusive."
8. "Thou shalt PIMP the Lord with furious pink passion"
9. "Thou shall encouorage thy neighbor to chuuuch."
10. "Thou shalt covet thy neighbor's Rika Collection."

 :otomerika: :otomerika: :rikabunny :rikabunny  :shakeit: :shakeit:

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