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Author Topic: Random Morning Musume / SayaIshi: Our Ace shines bright  (Read 5752 times)

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Random Morning Musume / SayaIshi: Our Ace shines bright
« on: January 31, 2014, 09:12:56 PM »
After the success of Egao no kimi wa taiyou sa and the promotion the girls are preparing for their next single. The girls took a break to lunch properly and rest a little except for one person who's still practicing the new choreography.

Sayashi Riho looked around she noticed first that she wasn't with them but didn't say anything because she's very shy and more when it's about her. "Where's Ayumin?" Masiki asked as she picks what she's going to put on her plate.

Everyone looked at each other's face "Don't worry.. she's still practicing, she really hates to lose!" Haruka replied with a smile as puts a lot food on her plate.

"I think she's still a little pissed cause our choreographer comment about her dancing.." Masaki let out.

Riho looked down and felt a little bad about it.

As a wise leader Sayumi noticed Riho's behaviour "It's so good always having someone to make you bring out the best this kinda remind me of Aichan and Reina chan despite feeling as rivals they owe each other some credit.They reached their maximum vocal rage." She said as she eats.

Everyone sat next to Sayumi and started eating Riho was still feeling uncomfortable so she grabber her last cider and without anyone notice she went to the practice where she found Ayumi laying on the floor tired.

As soon Ayumi saw Riho's reflection on the mirror she sat and tried not to show that she was exhausted. "I was about to go, you didn't have to come here Sayashi San." She said with a smile as Riho comes closer.

Once Riho was next to her she looked at her "Are you okay?" The older of the two asked feeling confused. Riho offered her the cider can.

Both were having eye contact Ayumi grabbed the can. "Don't hurt yourself.." Riho said still shyly and almost whispering holding the half of the can. Ayumi had a cold expression on her face "Okay.." she let out carelessly.

"Because I need you dancing next to me.." Riho said louder and blushing. Ayumi was caught off guard she was shocked.

"COOL!!" Someone shouted.

"Machan shut up!" Haruna said trying to not get discovered that they were hearing through the door.

Ayumi and Riho looked at the door "Those persons.." Ayumi thought then looked at Riho who was still even redder. "Bye" she said nervous then got out hitting her members with the door.

"What you guys are doing?" The ace asked to the members. They looked at each other waiting for someone to replied "Nothing Sayashi San.." Sakura said nervous.

Ayumi heard everything but then just looked at the cider can on her hand she smiled warmly.

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Re: Random Morning Musume / SayaIshi: Our Ace shines bright
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"So long without having a free day.. I'm not going out of bed just there's no way!" She said not opening her eyes "But..on a day's like these a can learn more about..." she opened her eyes then grabbed her phone which was next to her "Morning Musume'14" she wrote on YouTube.

"Hmm.. maybe I should look Morning Musume' 14 live or no something old and compare to how I do it now!" She said a little more awake.

"Waratte you.. this is from Tanaka San' s graduation this might be good!" Ayumi thought before putting play. Somehow as she watches the video her eyes looks for someone else not herlself. "She.." she let out as she watches the performance.

Ayumi couldn't focus on somebody else, it wasn't cause she has more or screen time actually it was really well divided but she only wanted to see the Ace.

"She does so well, that I feel like... " Ayumi puts her hand on her chest.

»»»»»»The next day««««««««

After the practice the girls agreed on going to a restaurant to have a good time and relax. Surely they had a good time and time flies when you're having fun.

Soon it was a little late so the girls made groups to go home.

"I'm the only one going to the station so I guess I see you tomorrow!" Riho said with a smile before going out. "I think I'm going to the station too!" Ayumi said then said goodbye and reached to Riho.

"Ayumi Chan..." Riho said shocked as she sees her next to her.

Ayumi smiled "I wanna use the station too hope you don't mind Sayashi San.." she said warmly. "Of course no.." Riho replied fast then fekt embarrased and looked down.

"Here.." Ayumi said grabbing Riho's hand and putting it on it.

"Huh.." Riho thought then looked at it "This is a.." she said shocked.

Ayumi looked down "Handmade amulet.." she said red. Riho looked at it "Ganbatte.. it's my color..Red" Riho whispered hypnotized by the present.

Riho looked at Ayumi who smiled nervously then noticed it was combing"It's just.. You dance, you're the center and ace of Morning Musume so you suffer more because of their high expectations so I just want you to know.. Our Ace shine bright!" She said red before get on.

Riho was shocked first but then just looked at the amulet and smiled widely. 


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