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Author Topic: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)  (Read 13708 times)

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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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Chapter 10: Tokyo Disney Land

The end of the week came fast. All the Hello Project girls were very busy with their concerts during two days.
Riho left Sendai Saturday morning to go back to Tokyo for some photoshoots and handshakes events while Ayumi stayed in her hometown for the taping of Ara Ara Kashiko, the TV show she co-hosted. She went back to Tokyo late in the afternoon.

She had to meet Riho in the train station at 7 pm. She feared she might be late but everything went as planned. As she was running in the corridor with her travelling bag, she saw the ace of Morning Musume leant against a wall. She seemed tired and totally lost in her thoughts.

“Sayashi-san, are you ok?” Ayumi asked with concern while stepping in front of Riho.

“A...Ayumi-chan! You surprised me! I…I’m fine! Just a little tired…” The taller girl answered awkwardly.

“You put such great performances these last two days, no wonder you’re tired!” Ayumi stated with a smile full of admiration for her loved one.

“Huh…yeah…” Riho answered mechanically. She was lost in her thoughts again.

“Sayashi-san?” The shorter girl looked at her dance partner worriedly.

“Sorry Ayumi-chan! I think I’m still in the concert mood but I’m glad to go to Disney with you! Let’s…let’s catch our train, ok?” The ace answered, embarrassed, with a shy smile.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Ayumi concluded while looking suspiciously at the girl. She was definitely hiding something from her and she clearly didn’t like it.

In fact, Riho just realized that tomorrow was Valentine Day and that she was going to spend it with Ayumi. Since they were both girls, she had no clue about who were supposed to offer chocolates to the other. Riho was Ayumi’s senpai, so, the Juuky member should offer chocolates to her but Ayumi was older too. The more she thought about it, the more it was giving her a headache. And she clearly couldn’t buy chocolates anymore, it was too late.

Sighing and sulking, Riho took her seat beside Ayumi in the train. The girl seemed to have decided to not question her anymore since she remained silent. The mood was awkward, which made Ayumi sad and uneased. The ace had to change the situation quickly to avoid beginning her Valentine date on a bad note.

“Did Ara Ara Kashiko tapings went well?” Riho asked awkwardly.

“Yes, it was fun! I was nervous but still it was fun! I learn a lot of things in this TV show and the staff is nice with me…” Ayumi pleaded sincerely.

“You must be tired…” The ace asked with concern and a sweet smile on her face.

“Sure I am but I’m glad to go to Disney with you Sayashi-san!” The tiny girl exclaimed with a bright smile and sparkling eyes.

“I’m glad too!” Riho exclaimed awkwardly with a wide smile.

“Sayashi-san, are you sure you’re ok?” Ayumi tried again with concern on her face.

“Yeah…yes! I just fucked up something…that’s all…” The ace confessed while chuckling. She was clearly ashamed and embarrassed.

“You fucked up what? I’m sure there might be a way to…”

“No, it’s clearly too late…but don’t worry for me! What’s done is done, unfortunately…” Riho retorted while looking away. She seemed somehow frustrated and angry. 

Ayumi raised an eyebrow at her dance partner’s cryptic words. She really wondered what upset her so much.


The two girls finally arrived at Tokyo Disney Land. They went directly to their hotel room to get rid of their luggage and take a shower. Since it was already late and they were quite tired, they decided to order a room service and eat while watching silly TV programs. The plan was to go to bed early to fully enjoy their Sunday together.

The room consisted of two twin beds. Riho was lying beside Ayumi, on the same bed. The girls were already wearing their pajamas.

“You don’t wear cute pajama anymore?” Ayumi asked casually, noticing her dance partner’s dark and simple pajama.

“Well…I’m a little old for that now…I’m not the cute type anymore. I only wear frilly and cute clothes when I meet Michishige-san, to please her…” Riho explained, embarrassed.

“You’re always cute to me…” The older girl confessed while looking away to hide her blushing cheeks.

“We see each other on a daily basis Ayumi-chan, so, you don’t have a chance to notice how much my face has changed these last years…”

“I’m pretty sure Michishige-san agrees with me…” Ayumi retorted while pouting cutely.

“Michishige-san continues to say that I’m cute just to flatter me…” The ace answered matter of factly.

“Michishige-san is always true and honest. Yes, your face changed but your expressions and reactions are always cute Sayashi-san.” The Juuky confessed with conviction.

“I think Michishige-san just want to reassure me. I’m not stupid. I know full well that I can’t rely on my cute face anymore to stand out and I can’t really compensate with my personality…” Riho confessed bitterly while turning her back to her dance partner and pretending to sleep.

“Your face may be a little less cute than when you were younger but I find you more charismatic and cool now…more…attractive too…”Ayumi babbled. She was now bright red but well decided to not duck out.

“Thank you Ayumi-chan for your support. I’m glad it never changes during the years…”

“And it will never change!” The tiny girl added with insurance.

“Don’t say such things!” The ace exclaimed in a high pinch voice while slapping gently her dance partner’s head without even bothering to turn back.

“Don’t surprise me like that!” The Juuky cried out.


“No, it’s ok…”

An awkward silence then filled the room. Ayumi turned off the light a few minutes ago and the two girls were now lying in the same bed, in the dark.  The only sound that could be heard was their breathing’s ones.

“Don’t be so kind with me Ayumi-chan…You know how I like to be spoil and I…I’m not really the pure type you know…”Riho began suddenly on a unusual serious tone.

“Oh? And what are you gonna do to me?” Ayumi asked playfully, not understanding the situation yet.

“Something you might regret…”

“Oh…I really wonder…” The older girl continued on the same teasing tone.

“I think I better go back to my bed.” The ace stated while standing up.

“Sayashi-san?!” Ayumi exclaimed, shocked by this sudden turn of events.

“I‘m sorry to make you sleep with me Ayumi-chan…I can sleep alone, I’m now used to it…” The Kyuuky confessed sadly while slipping under the blanket of her bed.

“It’s fine Sayashi-san, I’m now used to it and I know how you hate to sleep alone, so…” The Juuky pleaded on a reassuring tone, not understanding the sudden change of mood.

“That’s not the point.” Riho retorted quite harshly this time.

“Sa…Sayashi-san, are you sure you’re ok?” Ayumi asked, stunned. 

The short girl decided bravely to go beside Riho, in her bed. She wanted to understand what the problem was.

“I can sleep with you, it doesn’t bother me Sayashi-san.” The older girl repeated patiently on a soothing tone.

“Ayumi, please, go back to your bed.” Riho ordered coldly while turning her back to her dance partner.

The Juuky obeyed and went back to her bed where she began to sob silently. In the other bed, Riho was breathing slowly and deeply in order to calm down. She was currently fighting hard against her desires, the urge to take her dance partner in her arms, to kiss her madly, to tear her pajama off.
The ace cursed her youth and her hormones that tormented her right now. She was literally trapped in an emotional turmoil.

Unable to slow down her thoughts and her heart rate, to cool the hotness she felt from the tip of her tow to her hairline, she decided to stand up to drink some water. She chose to not turn on the light to hide her crimson face. She do hoped she could grab a glass with her sweaty palms.  Unfortunately, her clumsiness was still there and she violently hit her little toe against the bed leg. The poor girl instantly knelt down and cried out but quickly shut her mouth and just growled on a low tone.

“Oh my God!!! Sayashi-san!” Ayumi freaked out. She was already in front of her loved one, her hands on her shoulders with a face full of concern. She had turned the lights on, to the ace’s much displeasure.

Riho was not red anymore but totally pale. The pain from the shock had numbed her foot. She still noticed Ayumi’s puffed and watery eyes. No doubt, she was crying in her bed.

Feeling ashamed and guilty, Riho slowly stood up on one leg, helped by her dance partner.

“Sorry to have woken you up Ayumi-chan…” The taller girl confessed with a faint voice.

“It’s ok Sayashi-san. That’s why you didn’t turn on the light? You didn’t want to wake me up?”

“Yeah…yes…” The ace lied the best she could with her cheeks reddening again.

 “I think we should go back to our bed and try to sleep.” Ayumi suggested pragmatically.

“You’re right.” Riho nodded but went to Ayumi’s bed instead of hers, to the girl’s much surprise.


“I’m sorry about earlier. Please forgive my selfishness Ayumi-chan…” The ace confessed softly while taking tenderly her dance partner in her arms.

“It’s…it’s ok…” Ayumi babbled her face totally red now.

“You kindly invited me to Disney and I’m messing up. I’m really sorry…” Riho pleaded sincerely.

“No, it’s ok Sayashi-san…But what happened earlier? Why didn’t you turn on the light? We were in bed for less than five minutes, I don’t fall asleep so fast, you know…” The Juuky asked on an amused tone. She was getting used to be in her dance partner’s arms. It was getting more and more natural and Riho’s arms were indeed so comfortable.

“Nothing…It’s just a hormonal problem…” Riho confessed quickly.

“Hormonal…problem?!” Ayumi repeated skeptically, not understanding the girl’s explanation.

“But it doesn’t matter anymore! What I just want to say is that I’m really sorry about earlier!” The ace cut off to get out of this awkward and embarrassing conversation.

“And you’re forgiven!” Ayumi answered on a soft tone.

She had already closed her eyes and was fully enjoying the moment, relaxed and cradled by Riho’s light perfume. Ayumi snuggled up to her loved one and noticed, surprised, that they stayed like this. Riho quickly fell asleep, still hugging tightly her dance partner.  She seemed totally at peace now, nothing compared to a few minutes ago. A sweet smile adorned her lips.


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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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Riho is still having the weight of her thoughts upon her.

Thnx for the update
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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
« Reply #22 on: September 19, 2016, 04:18:00 AM »
I'm reading it sweetie :)
and I really lovelove it !
I am a SayaIshi lover   :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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Thank you kuro_808 and maikeatoot for your reviews, it matters for me! :thumbsup
I'm glad you like the story so far and here is a new chapter! :)


Chapter 11: Valentine’s Day

It was a cold, yet bright Sunday.

Sun rays gently filtered through the curtains. The room was silent. Two girls were sleeping soundly in the same bed.

One of the girl’s head, resting on the other one’s chest, was going up and down slowly, in rhythm with her partner’s breath. The other one was sleeping on the back, hugging tightly the smaller one who rested on the side. The two girls seemed comfortable and totally at peace.

Suddenly, a light tune played in the room. It was the alarm clock on of one of the girl’s phone. The shorter one slowly opened her eyes. She instantly blushed. Her face was resting against the other girl’s chest and her right leg was entangled with her mate’s left one. She felt a foot against hers which was definitely not hers.

“Oh God…” She thought, wondering if she was dreaming.

The tune kept on playing, the sound volume growing gradually. The taller girl on the back moaned, keeping stubbornly her eyes closed. She clearly didn’t want to wake up. The smaller one lifted her head to look at her, only to feel a firm hand pressing her head back against her chest.

Smiling, the awoken girl gently took the still sleeping one’s hand in hers and took it off of her head. She then slowly lifted her head again to look at the other in the eyes. She was frowning but still sleeping and she was terribly cute.

“Sayashi-san…it’s time to wake up.” Ayumi whispered on a soft tone.

Although she definitely enjoyed being in her loved one’s arms, she remembered that they had to leave the room at 11.30 a.m and they clearly wouldn’t make it in time if they kept on sleeping.

“Sayashi-san…” The short girl repeated softly.

Riho’s hand, gently resting in Ayumi’s one, freed itself and went to cup the girl’s cheek slowly and gently. At first surprised, Ayumi’s face turned into a crimson red but she instinctively leant to the touch. Riho’s eyes were still closed but her face was slowly moving closer to Ayumi’s one. Was the ace dreaming? Was she imagining herself in bed with another girl? With Fukumura Mizuki? The older girl could almost felt Riho’s warm breath against her skin when a sound of a key in a lock echoed in the room.

Ayumi instantly opened her eyes in shock and found Riho’s ones in hers. Well, the ace was struggling to open just one eye.

“Oh my God! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” A young woman exclaimed, in shock, with a high pinch voice.

She was standing at the entrance of the room, witnessing Ayumi laying on top of Riho, the two girls ready to kiss.

As soon as she saw the maid, Ayumi jumped off of the bed and ran toward her in a desperate attempt to explain the situation. Riho, not fully understanding what was happening, hid under the blanket in a survival mode and curled up in a ball.

“That’s not what you think!” Ayumi shouted while catching up with the maid in the corridor.

“I’m sorry to have disturbed you and Sayashi-san! I’ve been rude, I’m so sorry Ishida-san!” The woman cried out while bending low.

“No, it’s ok! We’re late by the way, so, thanks for waking us up! But that’s definitely not what you think!” The tiny girl retorted with a reddish face. Although she was smiling, she was clearly tensed and agitated.

“Don’t worry Ishida-san, I’ll say nothing to no one!” The maid reassured, still panicked.

“So, you do know us! Oh my God, that’s bad! That’s really bad!” Ayumi exclaimed, totally panicked.

“Of course I know you! I’ve been a Morning Musume fan since the very beginning! You’re a 10th generation member and Sayashi-san is a 9th generation one!” The woman answered on an utterly enthusiastic tone and with a sudden big smile.

“Please! Please, don’t talk to journalists! I beg of you! It would be the end of our careers!” the short girl pleaded with watery eyes. She was the one bending down now.

Ayumi was already imagining the tabloids ‘covers and their titles:

“Sayashi and Ishida from Morning Musume in a lesbian relationship”.

“Princess Sakura succumbed to the charm of Lieutenant Kiri in real life too!”

“One more scandal in Morning Musume: Sayashi had sex with Ishida last night and clearly enjoyed it!”

She looked totally horrified now.   

“Don’t worry! As I said, I’ll talk about this to no-one. I know how scandals can ruin careers! But, I’ll allow myself to ask you a favor~” The maid pleaded with a playful smile.

“I’ll do whatever you want!” The tiny girl shouted, distraught.

“Could you please sign me an autograph? I’d like one from Sayashi-san too!” The woman asked while slightly bending.

“Of…of course, we’ll do it! What is your name? For the autograph I mean…” Ayumi asked, surprised. She was relieved to have found what seemed to be a solution to this huge problem.

“Kyoko! Gosh, I’m so glad!!! You know, I understand, Sayashi-san was so cool in Triangle…” The woman began to chit chat casually but with her fan’s enthusiasm.

“I really count on you to talk to no-one about what you saw Kyoko-san!” The Juuky repeated while putting her hand on the maid’s shoulder in a desperate attempt to convince her.

“You can count on me Ishida-san! By the way, I’m sorry to have disturbed you but usually, our customers leave their room at 11, so, I’m used to clean the rooms by this time and…”

“Wait, what time is it?”

“11.15 a.m, why?”

“See you Kyoko-san! I’ll leave our autographs in the room!” Ayumi shouted while running back hurriedly to her room, leaving a stunned maid behind her.


When Ayumi went back to her room, she found Riho still sleeping soundly in their bed, well hidden under the blanket. Quite annoyed, the girl took off the blanket to witness her dance partner curled up in a ball, growling. She then gently, but firmly, took her hands and had her sit. Riho slowly slumped in her arms, eyes still closed.

“Ayumi-chan~…” The ace mumbled cutely with a cat smile.

The older girl couldn’t help but hugged back her loved one. Blushing furiously and with a heart pounding frantically in her chest, Ayumi managed to resist the urge to kiss her cute ace. She whispered with a quivering voice:

“Sayashi-san, it’s time to wake up! If we don’t leave the room in 15 minutes, we’ll have to pay for one more night and I clearly don’t want it to happen…”

Riho slowly opened her eyes and mumbled a faint: “Hum…what time it is?”

“It’s already 11.20 p.m.” The Juuky answered matter-of-factly.

“Shit…” The ace wheezed. She then realized she was in her dance partner’s arms, her head resting on her shoulder. She instantly blushed and stood up to looked away, unable to look at Ayumi in the eyes.

After that brief sweet interlude, the two girls got dressed hurriedly, packed their things and left the room. They met the maid in the corridor. Ayumi winked at her while Riho smiled politely, not recognizing the woman who entered their room a few minutes ago.

Their autographs were waiting for her in the room.


They finally left the hotel without paying one more night, thanks to the manager’s kindness.

It was a cold but very bright day. They decided to have breakfast in a not far away café and drink something hot to warm up.

“We were very lucky to not have to pay one more night! You owe me one Sayashi-san!” Ayumi frowned cutely while walking beside her dance partner.

“I’m sorry! I know it’s a pain to wake me up…” Riho confessed while joining her hands over her head in a “forgive me pose”.

“No, it’s ok since you’re gonna run some rollercoasters with me!” The older girl announced playfully with a sudden big smile.

“A…Ayumi-chan, you know I’m afraid of heights!” The ace tried to protest.

“It’s gonna be ok since I’m with you!” The Juuky answered proudly with a reassuring smile. She was clearly enjoying the teasing.

“But Ayumi-chan, situation was not so bad in the hotel!” Riho pleaded, already giggling for what she was about to say.

“A maid saw us in an embarrassing situation. We could face a scandal Sayashi-san!” Ayumi retorted on an indignant tone.

“At least, we wore pajamas! We could have been naked and…” The Kyuuky teased with a smirk.

“Mou~ Sayashi-san!” Ayumi exclaimed in shock while slapping lightly her dance partner’s shoulder. She was totally red and looking away now.

Riho burst out laughing. That day might be a little scary but at least, she was sure to have fun!


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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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That would be awesome :) kiri-sama and sakura-hime in real life!!!

thank you for this update author-chan we want more! haha
I'm sure there are lots of silent readers and followers, silently reading your stories! so, keep up the good work!! thank you so much :)

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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
« Reply #25 on: September 22, 2016, 08:04:33 PM »
That was a horrible incident to be caught in between the two :3
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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
« Reply #26 on: October 04, 2016, 07:27:21 PM »
Thank you maikeatoot and kuro_808 for your reviews! I'm glad you liked the last chapter and that you took time to give me feedbacks. I have a lot of kudos for this story on Archive of our Own but unfortunately very few reviews so, I'm always pleased to know what my readers think of my stories! ;)
And now, a new chapter! :deco:


Chapter 12: Rollercoaster confession

“Geeeez…How…How can you enjoy this type of thing…I’ll never understand!” Riho confessed in a sigh while slumping on the café’s table.

Ayumi smiled fondly at the girl who only ordered a green tea while she was eating a parfait. She remembered her surprisingly high pinch screams earlier in the rollercoaster and her efforts to keep a stoic face when her eyes told everything. Riho was totally panicked and although Ayumi took her hand in hers and squeezed it gently, it barely changed anything. The ace was definitely afraid of heights and she couldn’t help but chuckled at the thought.

“I do enjoy rollercoasters because I feel a lot of different and contradictory feelings in them, like fear, excitation or pleasure and I always feel satisfied when I get out of them.” Ayumi confessed seriously but with a soft smile.

“I just feel dizzy and nauseous when I get out of them personally…” Riho blurted out with a faint voice.

“That’s because you’re afraid of heights!” Ayumi concluded while laughing whole-heartedly.

“Maybe…” The ace confessed with a sweet smile.

“In fact…I do like rollercoasters because it feels the same as being in love when you ride them.” The tiny girl continued on the same serious tone although her face was reddening quickly now.

“Oh…have you ever been in love Ayumi-chan?” Riho asked, intrigued, with a teasing smile.

“Yes and I still am but unfortunately, my feelings are unrequited...” Ayumi confessed with a quivering voice. It was clearly a painful topic for the Juuky.

“I’m sorry…” The ace uttered awkwardly. Riho had no clue of what to say to soothe a girl in this kind of situation. She was surprised too since she could have never imagined her dance partner being in love. She always thought that the only thing that interested her was mostly work and especially dance routine.

“It’s ok…I’m somehow able to deal with it now but I struggle to move on since I see this person every day…we work together…” The older girl confessed quietly while looking at Riho in the eyes. Pain was all over her face.

“Crap…and how…how can you be so sure it’s not mutual?” The ace tried on an insured tone.

“Because this person prefers another girl who is much more feminine, beautiful and sexy than me. I…I can’t compete with her…”

“I really wonder what this girl looks like…” Riho mumbled dreamily with a smirk on the face. She was very curious now.

“Well…She has a pretty face, a sexy body, a smooth skin and her family seems quite wealthy.”

Ayumi was now looking at her ice cream and seemed very embarrassed. She knew she was playing with fire this time since this conversation could lead her right away to a confession and the possibility to be rejected. But Riho seemed intrigued by the whole story and she wanted to be true to her feelings and to her dance partner, for once.

“Funny…reminds me of Fuku-chan!” The ace exclaimed, amused.

“Indeed! In fact, it’s her.” Ayumi confessed seriously while looking at her dance partner in the eyes. She was well decided to not give up this time.

“WHAT?!” Riho shouted without realizing it, her eyes widening in shock.

“Shhhh!!!” The older girl hissed, feeling all eyes in the café on them.

“Sorry…well…sure Fuku-chan is attractive but you’re cute and pretty too Ayumi-chan!” The ace exclaimed in an awkward attempt to erase her goof.

“In fact…I got praised for my lips a few times by this person but it’s quite all…” The Juuky confessed shyly. She was now digging nervously in her parfait, her face totally red.

Riho lifted an eyebrow. The whole situation seemed awfully familiar but she needed more details to be sure. She decided to ask more questions to her dance partner, choosing carefully her words this time. 

“And how can you be so sure that this person prefers Fuku-chan? She is praised?” The ace asked on a neutral tone to not seem too curious.

“A lot! This person is always saying things like: ‘Fuku-chan has such a smooth skin!’ or ‘Fuku-chan is so sexy!’ She even said that she wanted to bath in Fukumura-san’s sweat! That’s gross!” Ayumi got off her chest on an indignant tone. As soon as the final word left her mouth, she bit her bottom lip, realizing that she went too far this time.

“Shit! It’s me!” Riho thought while frowning and twisting the corner of her mouth in a strange way.

“Forget everything I said Sayashi-san! It’s just old business…” The older girl exclaimed out of the blue while still digging in her ice-cream. She seemed quite panicked.

“Ayumi-chan…I think this person just hides her true feelings behind dirty jokes and you shouldn’t take them too seriously.” The ace began calmly and seriously while doing the effort to look at the other girl in the eyes. She was well decided to clear the misunderstanding.

“What a poor excuse!” The Juuky retorted. She was shocked and upset.

“Believe me, this person loves you both but she’s just too much of a coward to confess. She is just…awkward…as always…”

“I’m sorry but I’m not fond of two timer, you know!” Ayumi scowled angrily with watery eyes. The situation was getting bad and Riho knew it. She had to turn things quickly.

“And I’m sorry to be honest but…”

“I think I would have preferred to never hear this! Excuse me but I must go to the bathroom!” The older girl lashed out while standing. She was fighting hard to hold back her tears.

Riho stood up too and caught her dance partner’s wrist to hold her back. Indeed, it was time to reverse the situation. Everything began like a clumsy declaration from Ayumi and now Riho had to make it the proper way.

“Life really sucked sometimes!” The ace thought but decided to be brave and got concentrated to find the right words. She began calmly:

“You said you will never betray me the other night, do not doubt me now! Do not doubt…my feelings. I…I’ve always liked you Ayumi-chan…I…I’ve always found you cute and pretty and…but now it’s different…I…I think I…”

Ayumi waited patiently for Riho to finish.  She knew that her dance partner often struggled with words and it was not different this time.

“What I’m trying to say is that I’m in love with you Ayumi…chan.” The ace confessed quietly with blushing cheeks. She still found the courage the look at her comrade in the eyes and she was damned serious.

“Oh…And what about Fukumura-san?” Ayumi asked on a jealous tone, well decided to test the truthfulness of the ace’s feelings.

“Well…Sure Fuku-chan is attractive but…you’re the one I fell in love with, Ayumi-chan…not her…”

“Follow me…” Were the only words the older girl said before taking Riho to a less crowded place. Once she was sure nobody could see them, she put a hand on the ace’s face and gently stroked it before kissing the girl on the lips. The kiss was soft and tender. When she thought they would part, Ayumi felt Riho kissing her back with passion.

Taken aback at first, the tiny girl finally surrendered herself to it totally.

When they finally parted, Ayumi cradled in Riho’s arms and the taller girl hugged her tightly and tenderly. The Juuky couldn’t help but close her eyes and smile, enjoying this moment of love where time seemed to have stopped. Tears of joy were now pouring freely on her cheeks. She had dreamt of this for so long after all. She had always thought it would never happen. She was so sure her feelings were unrequited.

When she felt Riho’s head resting gently on top of hers, she couldn’t help but blush deeper. Her heart was beating fast in her chest but she was feeling warm and comfortable, totally at ease. She never felt so good in her whole life, so happy.

Everything was strangely perfect. A few words just needed to be added. She had to find the strength to say them. Riho was brave earlier, it was her turn now.

The words echoed in the small and desert alley as soon as they escaped her lips. They were simple and yet summed up everything.

“I love you too.”


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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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Good job Ayumi in trying to get Riho offline :lol:
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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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Is this the end?! hoho :)

i love riho's reaction when she realized it was her and oh my gosh i was smiling the whole time reading it.

you're the best author-chan! i want more!!! MOOOORE!!! 

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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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kuro_808> Ayumi is the best and we all know it! :lol:

maikeatoot> Thank you and don't worry, you'll have more since we're far from the end of this story ;) And I have an idea for a new SayaIshi fic! :P

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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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Chapter 13: First time

Two weeks had passed since Valentine Day. Riho and Ayumi were dating on a daily basis. Thanks to rehearsals, they could see each other every day and never missed a chance to hug when they could or kiss when no one was looking.

They were always together and although Riho was not that much talkative, Ayumi greatly enjoyed her calm demeanor and found her clumsiness terribly cute. Everything seemed strangely natural when they were together and even silence didn’t make them feel unease. Ayumi was happy and felt comfortable with her ace and every day was surprisingly peaceful. Even rough rehearsals seemed a lot easier now.

Their friends were pleased for them too. Masaki and Erina unexpectedly hung up with them. Sure, her Suberizu buddy often argued with Riho but Ayumi always succeeded in arbitrating their quarrels.
Haruna was very glad to finally get the opportunity to know Riho better while Mizuki was delighted to have gotten rid of her annoying and pervert generation mate.

In fact, the situation could easily be summed up in one word: perfect.

And today was not different except that the ace of Morning Musume was not here yet and it was getting late. Ayumi couldn’t help but worry about this lateness since she sent a mail to her loved one and didn’t receive any answer. She do hoped it was an oversleeping case, like every day.

Girls had begun rehearsing one hour and a half ago and it was time for a break. Ayumi went to their locker room to look at her cellphone and the result was predictable: still no news from Riho.

What was she doing?

The older girl didn’t like the situation and couldn’t help but frown.

Suddenly, the locker room’s door opened wide and a familiar chunky silhouette with messy hair rushed inside. The girl threw her bagpack on the floor and began to look at herself in the mirror to arrange her hair. She quickly sighed, annoyed.

She never noticed how Ayumi was looking at her with an amused smile.

“Good morning Sayashi-san ~! Want some help?” The tiny girl proposed with a sing sang voice.

“Still calling me like that?! Geeeeezzzz…” Riho wheezed while slumping on the vanity.

“Don’t be grouchy, you’re right on time for the pause!” The older girl teased while giggling lightly.

“I hate morning…It shouldn’t exist…” The ace mumbled faintly.

“What can I do for you to make you feel better?” Ayumi asked while standing and getting closer to her lover.

“You know it perfectly…” Riho whispered on a seductive tone and with a smug smile. She was already grabbing Ayumi’s waist to make her sit on her lap.

Ayumi was surprised at first but didn’t resist. And she couldn’t fight against her cheeks growing too red too fast. So, she was now sitting astride on the ace’s lap, her arms resting around her neck.

“This is quite embarrassing…” Ayumi babbled. She was blushing furiously and was unable to look at her lover in the eyes.

“No, my head is embarrassing.” Riho chuckled while looking away.

“You’re always beautiful Sayashi-san, even with messy hairs and sleepy eyes.” The older girl confessed with a sweet and caring smile while cupping her lover’s cheek.

“Then, if you really mean it, kiss me.” Riho whispered in Ayumi’s ear.

The tiny girl obeyed. Smiling brightly, Ayumi closed her eyes and kissed Riho tenderly on the lips. No doubt, the ace wanted more but the older girl pulled out.

“It’s funny how I love to be spoiled but I still prefer to spoil you. I really love it…” Ayumi confessed on a lingering tone.

“If you really want to spoil me, then, kiss me again.” Riho suggested with a smirk.

“You’re a hopeless…”

“…pervert, I know, and I don’t care since I have the cutest girlfriend in the world!” The ace said proudly with a charming smile.

“I love you.” Ayumi whispered before kissing her lover again. She deepened the kiss this time, to Riho’s much delight.

The two girls were now kissing passionately.  Ayumi’s left arm was tightening its embrace around Riho’s neck while the right one was seductively stroking her hair. Riho’s hands were slowly going down across her dance partner’s back. The tiny girl instantly moaned in the ace’s mouth when she felt her hands on her butt.

Riho instantly felt very proud and satisfied of her bold move.

Unfortunately, it was time to put an end to the fun.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOOOOOD! I’m witnessing a rated R scene! No, no, no, no, no, NO!!! I’m too young for that!!! My pure eyes!!!” A high pinch voice exclaimed on a false shocked tone.

Ayumi instantly pulled out and hid her face in the crouch of her lover’s neck in a desperate attempt to conceal her crimson cheeks.

“Ha…Haruna…sorry…” Riho articulated with difficulty while looking low. She was as red as a tomato too but didn’t forget to bring her hands up on Ayumi’s back.

“I always found you cute together but I never thought you could be so sexy ~! So cool! But I think it may be dangerous to leave you two alone in an empty room~!” Haruna teased with her usual giggle.

“Well…you know, it’s adolescence, with its hormonal problems and others things…”The ace babbled awkwardly with a faint voice.

“If you may excuse me!” Ayumi announced while standing up and leaving quickly the room without turning back.

“Sorry…” Haruna apologized, embarrassed.

“No, it’s ok.” Riho reassured the girl with a soft voice and a sweet yet embarrassed smile.

“Sayashi-san, if I may just give you one advice, it would be to take your time with Ayumi-chan and to not rush things.” Haruna suggested on a friendly tone.

Haruna’s words echoed in Riho’s head and stunned the girl.

Was she doing a mistake?

Was she hurting the one she loved?


-A few days later-

Morning Musume last day of rehearsals was finally over.

Riho and Ayumi were going back to the locker room to take their shower and get changed. The two girls stayed later again to continue repeating dance steps while everyone left.
They were now alone in the room and the situation was indeed very tempting, too tempting for one of them.

Ayumi quickly went to the shower without talking. No doubt, she was exhausted and in a hurry to go back home to have a good night’s sleep. Riho was tired too but had other plans in mind.

When the older girl went out of the bathroom, the ace jumped playfully on her with a cute “Ayumi-chan~!” and began to kiss her teasingly.

As Ayumi was enjoying Riho’s childish teasing, the ace quickly grew serious.

While they were still kissing, Riho made Ayumi fall softly on the couch and went on top of her. She then began to trail soft kiss on the girl neck and witnessed the sole towel wrapped around her naked body slid slowly but surely down her chest.

The ace was totally delighted and...aroused.

But she still felt her lover’s hand tightened on her back.

Ayumi was slightly wincing while keeping her eyes closed. Riho still decided to go down on her chest but was stopped by a hand under her chin.

“Stop please…” The older girl whispered faintly while readjusting the towel she was wearing.

“Why?” Riho whined painfully in spite of herself.

“It’s not that I don’t want it but…” Ayumi began carefully, noticing that her lover was hurt and probably felt rejected right now.

“So why? Are you scared?” The ace asked eagerly. She needed answers.

“Yes I do but that’s not the problem. I…I don’t want my first time to be in a messy locker room that smells…sweat.”

Riho reflexively looked at herself. She didn’t shower yet and her clothes were still damped of her earlier efforts in the dance room. In fact, she stank and totally understood why her lover rejected her. Yet, she couldn’t help but feel upset.

“I’m sorry…” The ace mumbled faintly, feeling very bad.

“Sayashi-san, it’s not about you. You see, it’s my first time and I assume it’s your first time too. It matters for me and I want it to be special, that’s all.” Ayumi explained on a soft tone while taking her dance partner’s face in her hands and looking at her fondly.

“I…I think I understand…” Riho uttered while looking down. She was feeling bad for putting selfishly pressure on her loved one.

Ayumi smiled brightly at her and took her gently in her arms.

“Sayashi-san, don’t worry, I love your scent even when you sweat profusely.” The tiny girl confessed on a soothing tone while hugging the ace tightly.

“Thank…thank you…” Riho babbled awkwardly, totally embarrassed and not sure about what to answer.

“Sayashi-san, why don’t you come at home for the white day? We’ll be on tour but still in Tokyo by the time! I’ll cook for you and you could spend the night…with me…” Ayumi suggested shyly while looking down to hide her blushing cheeks.

“Oh…ok…” The ace nodded. She was totally red and felt very shy and embarrassed too. She was not used to such bold moves from her dance partner. But she was still very glad thing turned that way.

“Now you should go to the shower before I change my mind!” Ayumi exclaimed while leaving her lover’s arms to get dressed. She was smiling playfully and humming.

“Uh?! What?! What do you mean?” Riho stuttered, totally stunned.

She never got an answer.


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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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Oh no! my pure eyes! hahaha!
thanks for the update author-chan!!!

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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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You're welcome maikeatoot ;)


Chapter 14: The White Day

It was finally the day.

Fortunately, Morning Musume just began their spring tour and thus, were still in Tokyo. So, Riho could spend the entire day at her girlfriend’s home and enjoy her cooking.

It was already noon and the ace was late, as always. As she rushed her pace toward the crowded area, she finally entered in the subway. She was bound to be thirty minutes late, at best. She had to warn Ayumi and she already feared her reaction.

But she had to do it.

And so, Riho took reluctantly her cellphone from her dark coat’s pocket and began to text her.

Sorry Ayumi-chan, I’m late!
I try my best to be here at 12.30 pm
I’m so sorry! I’ll do whatever you want to apologize! >__<

She didn’t have to wait long to receive an answer. It was surprising since Ayumi wasn’t known for responding quickly to mails. She might be waiting for her message...

Well...I’m not really surprised Sayashi-san but don’t worry, it’s ok, since I’m quite late too ^^”
I still take on your offer.
As an apologize, I want a dance with you after lunch ;)

Riho couldn’t help but frown. If it was ok, why Ayumi still wanted her to apologize? It was illogical.
As the girl was lost in her thoughts, she quickly arrived to her destination and almost missed her station. Ashamed and embarrassed, she quickly left the subway with the big and cumbersome gift-wrapped package she was carrying clumsily and went to the street.

The weather was cold but a bright sun shined in the blue sky. The ace was well wrapped up in the red muffler her lover gave her as a present for Valentine Day. And she wore the coordinated red gloves she got this day too. No doubt, she felt warm and comfortable although she was still sleepy.

Riho soon arrived in front of the building where Ayumi lived. She entered and went upstairs.

She knew the way now.

Once she was in front of her apartment’s door, she rang the bell.

The Juuky opened and a bright smile instantly cracked on her lips. Her cute ace was in front of her with a sleepy face and her so beautiful long straight black hair too! She wore her usual black coat with a red muffler and red gloves. Ayumi noticed satisfied that she was wearing her Valentine’s gifts and carrying a huge present. Riho wore a pair of navy blue jean too with high-top sneakers, which picked her attention.

“What are these shoes? I never saw you wearing them...” Ayumi asked, intrigued.

“Oh, that’s the Air Jordan Sanma-san gave me, as a present for my graduation...” Riho answered shyly. She felt embarrassed, and at the same time proud, to be examine like that.

“For your...graduation?” The older girl repeated while lifting an eyebrow skeptically. She had no clue what her lover was talking about but still took her coat and muffler to put them in the closet.

“Yeah, I left Young Town by the end of last year, remember” The ace said matter of factly while still carrying her gift and waiting for an opportunity to give it to her girlfriend.

“Ah yeah, I remember now!” Ayumi exclaimed while clasping her hands.

“You were a guest in November and you were not happy to be here due to circumstances. And Sanma made quite fun of you...I’m sorry, he can be quite...annoying...sometimes...” Riho confessed apologetically with a sweet smile.

“It’s ok Sayashi-san, it’s old business now and your sneakers are really cool! No doubt, Sanma-san really appreciates you.” The older girl noticed on a reassuring tone.

“Well...He kinda treats me like his daughter...which is strange since I’m not a little girl anymore!” The ace chuckled. It was clear she was upset. Too much people continued to treat her like a child although she was a grown up now.

“That’s because he is far older than you and he cares a lot for you I think. Don’t worry, he’ll see you as an adult soon enough.” Ayumi pleaded on a soothing tone.

“I do hope so even if I like to be spoiled!” Riho announced playfully with a smirk. No doubt, she was clearly throwing a bone to the older girl.

“Oh...Am I not the one that should be spoiled today? It’s the White Day!” Ayumi giggled with a bright smile.

“Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Here Ayumi-chan, happy White Day!” The ace exclaimed with her most beautiful and genuine smile while giving her present to her girlfriend.

Amazed by the size of the gift and moved to tears by her lover’s sweet attention, Ayumi carefully unwrapped what appeared to be a giant size jellyfish plush.

“So cute!” The tiny girl exclaimed while hugging tightly the plush.

“I’m glad you like it! How will you name it?” Riho asked with a satisfied smile.

“Hum...I think it’ll be Lindy. Makino-chan was a really cute jellyfish in Triangle after all!”

“Hum...Sounds good!” The Kyuuky nodded with a smug smile now.

“Thank you Sayashi-san! I love it!” Ayumi exclaimed with a bright smile and sparkling eyes.

“You’re welcome!” The ace answered mechanically while looking at her feet to hide her blushing cheeks. Her girlfriend was indeed too cute, far more than her jellyfish plush...

“But how did you find it? I never saw jellyfish plush in store...”

“Well...I went to the aquarium with Michishige-san last week...”

“Oh you saw Michishige-san?! You’re lucky! Is she fine?”

“Yes she is. It was nice to see her. She doesn’t change, still beautiful...”

Riho’s smile faded a bit and her eyes softened as she talked about her senpai. She seemed nostalgic right now, almost melancholic. Ayumi couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. The ace had always loved and respected their ex-leader who was the person that understood her the best. Without a doubt, Riho missed her and her graduation was still a vivid and painful memory.

Eager to change the subject to cheer her lover’s mood up, Ayumi asked to Riho if she was hungry. The ace nodded, still daydreaming about her senpai. Ayumi took her by the hand and guided her to the living room where she set a table for a romantic lunch.

Riho smiled when she saw her girlfriend’s efforts to please her. And she was sure to feast today, unlike other days where she had to cook for herself…

And so the two girls ate and chatted happily without forgetting to lovingly feed each other. Unsurprisingly, Ayumi cooked too much for two persons but it was decided that Riho would take the leftovers to eat during the week. At least, she would have something better to eat that the junk food she usually bought at convenience stores...


Ayumi quickly cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. When she came back from the kitchen, she seemed quite excited. In fact, she had waited for this moment all day, the better of the day, a dance with her ace.

As Riho was slumped on the sofa, ready to take a nap after this good meal, she saw her girlfriend coming to her and reaching out. Finding her cute, the ace smiled and naively took her hand. She found herself quickly back to her feet. Surprised and not understanding the situation, the Kyuuki instantly asked what was all of this for.

“Well...Don’t you remember that you promised me a dance after lunch?” Ayumi explained while taking Riho’s hands in hers and squeezing them lightly.

“Ah...yeah...It reminds me of something...” The ace chuckled, embarrassed. After all the food she ate, she was clearly more in sleeping than dancing mode.

“You don’t seem motivated...” The older girl noticed, squinting.

“Please don’t pout Ayumi-chan! Of course, I’m gonna dance with you! I just need time to wake up since I was falling asleep on the couch...” Riho confessed, slightly panicked. She couldn’t back down now. All she could do was say goodbye to her well deserved nap.

“Life is harsh...” The ace thought, totally roved.

“And what do you wanna dance?” The Kyuuki asked while putting on a quite contrived smile.

“I want to do our 4 minutes dance...” Ayumi answered with conviction.

“Are you sure? Because we’ll perform it at each concert during this tour...” Riho warned her partner, surprised by her choice.

“I know but I love it and it’s our very first dance together on a full song so, it’s really not a problem for me...” The Juuky pleaded sincerely.

“Ok, sounds good but do you have the music?” The ace gave up, quite jaded.

“Yes, I’ve got it on my phone...wait...”

As Ayumi put the song, Riho couldn’t help but leave out a sigh, which wasn’t unnoticed.
In fact, the ace never really understood why her dance partner loved to dance with her so much. Sure, dancing was fun and she liked to dance with Ayumi too but Riho would have preferred to take a nap with her this afternoon, even a chaste one.

Even so, the ace made a promise and was well decided to fulfill it.

Ayumi stood in front of her and began to move according to the rhythm. Knowing thoroughly the choreography, Riho moved in sync with her dance partner.

The dance began with Ayumi’s hands wrapping around Riho’s neck while the ace snapped her fingers in rhythm and kept a hand on her partner’s hip. The Juuky was supposed to sway her hips and then turn her back on the ace on a “chase me” mode.

That never happened.

The older girl began to dance seductively, improvising totally, to the ace’s much surprise. Riho quickly stopped moving, mesmerized by her partner’s beauty and sexiness. Then, Ayumi went closer and wrapped again her arms around the ace’s neck. What began like a powerful and sexy song changed into a slower and languorous one.

Surprised at first, Riho quickly adjusted her steps to her partner’s ones and moved in sync with her on the slow rhythm. Ayumi was looking her lover in the eyes with a soft smile and glittering eyes. She went closer and ended in Riho’s arms, her head resting in the crouch of her neck. The ace gently pressed her head against hers and closed her eyes.

Breathing slowly and inhaling the floral scent of her hair, the Kyuuky savored the moment, a sweet smile on the lips. But she was taken out of her reverie by a soft hand gently stroking her left cheek, then down to her jawbone, ending its travel on her lips. Slowly opening her eyes, the ace moved slightly her head and put a hand below her lover’s chin. She then lifted slowly Ayumi’s head and kissed her softly and tenderly on the lips. The Juuky kissed her back without stopping smiling.

The two girls continued to kiss while dancing slowly and languorously. Ayumi’s hands was caressing seductively the hairs of Riho whose thumb was slowly drawing lines on her back.
The ace was well decided to keep her hands on Ayumi’s back but she felt her partner’s hands going to her nape and then on her shoulders. The older girl was stroking her back and her hands were slowly going down to her waist.

Surprised and quite stunned, Riho pulled out, slightly panting.

“A...Ayumi-chan, we should stop here...” The ace began, Haruna’s words still echoing in her head.

“Why? You don’t want it?” Ayumi asked, surprised by her lover’s sudden shyness.

“Of...of course I want it!” Riho blurted out and, understanding what she just confessed, looked at her feet, blushing and embarrassed.

“Then why?” The tiny girl lifted an eyebrow while still looking intently at her lover.

“I...I don’t want to rush things...We can...we can take our time you know!” The ace explained quite awkwardly while still looking at her feet.

“If you’re afraid of forcing me to do thing I don’t want to do, don’t worry Sayashi-san! You don’t force me at all! I...I want it too you know...” The Juuky confessed too while blushing madly. She was the one to look at her feet now.

Riho put on her most genuine and beautiful smile and looked at her girlfriend with very soft eyes. She then kissed her hairs and trailed kiss on her face until her lips. As she captured them, she felt Ayumi kissing her back with passion. The tiny girl seemed relieved and totally relaxed now.
As the ace deepened the kiss, she felt her girlfriend sliding her tongue inside her mouth. Her hands were exploring freely her body now too.

Riho didn’t have to hold back from now on.

Her hands were wandering freely on Ayumi’s body and she felt very hot. It was time to feel more at ease and get rid of those annoying piece of fabrics called clothes. Riho stripped quickly and helped her lover get undressed.

The two girls then fell on the sofa without stopping kissing and touching. They were already making love to each other and everything seemed strangely natural. Was it because they had danced together for years and thus, were used to each other body? Either way, they reached the seventh heaven together with joy and carelessness.

Riho instantly fell asleep, her head resting on Ayumi’s chest, a cute cat smile adorning her lips. Below, Ayumi dozed, her legs entangled with the aces and her hands stroking gently her back. The two girls stayed like this nearly two hours and finally got up, feeling a little cold. They bathed quickly and went to the bed to warm up.

There, feeling their naked body so close and unable to resist the temptation, they made love to each other again. After that, they quickly fell asleep, exhausted.

The lovers slept soundly until morning, hugging each other tightly, comfortably curled up in each other warmth.


Ayumi slowly woke up in her bed the next morning. It was already late since the sun shone brightly through the curtains. Feeling the coldness beside her, she instinctively searched for her lover with her hands. 

In vain.

She was alone.

Riho was gone.



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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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Re: Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (with a lot of guests involved!)
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The sequel is finally here! Enjoy! :cow:

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