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Author Topic: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi 8 (11/8/16)  (Read 60732 times)

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 4 (One-Shot Incomplete 10/28/14)
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Uwaahh~~~ :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

This really made my day

Including there another picture  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 4 (One-Shot Incomplete 10/28/14)
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I wonder how Acchan managed to slip out without Takamina noticing. Teleportation? or when Takamina was sleeping!

So next month is one day away, are you going to update on Saturday  XD?

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[AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 4 (11/4/14)
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@minami_pops: I used to comment a lot to encourage people to write and all that, but it seems my effort are in futile so I became a silent reader again X3 I honestly don’t know what I’m doing with Nisemono anymore… Like I had the idea and I’m still gonna stick with it… I just don’t know how I’ll end it. Thank you very much. I don’t think I intended to make Kowai! Funny, but I guess it turns out that way XD
@Minami-chan: I’m glad you liked it and thought it was funny. I honestly didn’t think it was humorous, but glad I got a few people to laugh :D
@IamNot_glad: Hey, I haven’t seen you around, but glad you like Kowai! :twothumbs The pictures really made my day too, so I was definitely in the mood to write something haha.
@Tanchan: Hmmm, good question. I don’t know the answer to it, but maybe you should ask Atsuko :P Lol you’re funny. I know that you know what I meant when I said next month, but since I wasn’t being clear, I guess this update can be considered as a prize for you X3


It's sooo rare for me to update anything at the beginning of the month, but oh well, it's my not clearness that brought me here  :nervous

anyway here is the next chapter of Nisemono if anyone is interested in it...


Chapter 4

Third POV

*Kimi wa dare nanda, Kotaete kure, Me no mae ni iru no wa, Jane Doe*

“Hold on, my phone is ringing.”

“Kohaku-san, we are in the middle of it!”

“It might be from AKB.”

“Oh, then, please go ahead and take your time.”

The girl was surprised to see the change in attitude once she mentioned AKB. She likes the power that she now holds because of them, but she knows not to abuse it.

“Moshi moshi.”

“Kohaku Uta-san?”

“Hai, watashi desu.”

“The second date has been confirmed. It’ll be at this place around three.”

“Eh? Why that place?” She didn’t mind going there, but she hasn’t been there for a long time.

“Takahashi-san picked it.” The moment she heard Minami’s name, her heart beats faster.

“I-I see. When will it be?”


“Ah sou desu ka… EH?! Today?!”

“Yes, is there something wrong?”

“How come you guys didn’t call earlier?”

“We wanted to surprise you.”

They wanted to surprise me? I only have a few hours to prepare…

“Okay. Thank you for calling.”

“Good luck.”

Utan starts scratching her head furiously. She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to make it on time with only two hours to prepare. She then look at her phone again, there hanging was the One-Piece charm that she received from Takamina.


“Hey, I have to go, I can’t continue today.”

“What? Why can’t you?”

“I have a date with Takahashi Minami today that I just found out about…” The girl looked at them with irritation. Did they not hear her conversation on the phone?

“O-oh, then please go ahead and enjoy.”

“Hey! What about me?” A guy yelled out in frustration.

“We’ll find you someone else. Now, please go Kohaku-san, you don’t want to be late.”

Again, Uta was surprised by how she can just walk out of here just because of the name AKB attached. She didn’t know AKB has that much power in Japan. She could really get used to this.

She hopped into her company’s car and went back home. She now only has one hour and thirty minutes left. She quickly went up to her apartment and bust into her shower. She needs to be squeaky clean, and smells good. She didn’t want Takamina to think about what she does. She wants to be perfect in her oshimen’s eyes.

Utan was so deep into her thoughts that she didn’t realized that she had already spent an hour in the shower. She stepped out of the shower to check the time and…


She wiped herself clean, brushes her hair, and put on her make-up. She hurriedly went to her closet, putting on jean shorts, a white t-shirt with a cute panda on it, and hi-top sneakers. She didn’t bother to dry her hair for she is running late.

She locked her apartment door and took the elevator down. A car was there waiting for her, but she was not aware of this.

“Kohaku-san, over here.”


“We’re from AKB. We’re here to pick you up.”

“Oh my god, you are a life saver, thank you.” She’s glad that she’s running less late now compared to if she had to get there herself.

“No worries, we’re on your team, I think…”


“U-uh, um, forget what I just said.” The girl was confused to what the guy was saying.

What did he mean that they are on her team?

Is there someone else who’s trying to win Minami’s love?...


Minami POV

I was getting ready for my date today, but Mariko suddenly called me to meet her at a café. I have no clue why she wants to see me all of a sudden, and I can’t blame her either because she doesn’t know that I had a thing today.

We decided to meet at the café in thirty minutes, which gives me enough time to dress myself, have a quick chat with her, and to be there early waiting for Utan.

I put on white shorts, a plain black button down blouse that is a little bit bigger than me, and my black/pink sneakers that I tend to wear during practice. My hair was newly done a few hours ago with a ribbon tying the light brown braids together in the back. My make-up was light, and I smelled good too, thanks to Chanel Chance eau Tendre.

I carried my mini purse with me out of my apartment to go meet up with Mariko. On my way towards the café, I can’t help, but be excited for the date. It’ll be lots of fun. I know it.

“Minami!” I saw Mariko waving her hand for me to come over.

“Hey, Mariko-sama.” I’m used to calling her like that. I have lots of respect for her, she’s older than me, and it’s just one way of showing our relationship with each other.

“What are you up to today?”

“I’ll have a second date in an hour or so…” I blushed, hearing her giggling at me.

“Well I’m glad you’ll have fun.”

“So you’re calling me out today for…?”

“What happened with you and Atsuko?” Wow she really got to the point.

“What do you mean?”

“She dragged you somewhere; I assume the bathroom, and then what happened?”

“I know you’re worrying about me, Mariko, but why?”

“I’ve seen what Acchan did to you. I don’t want to see that happening again… Sure, we’re all friends here, but I don’t like the way she treats you… even if it’s not on purpose.” She looks really upset, and I’m really thankful for this kind older sister who is also my friend.

“Thank you, Mariko.” I grabbed onto her hand and squeeze it, making both of us smile.

“So…” She continues to inquire about me and Atsuko.

“She pulled me into the bathroom stall, and kissed me… She told me she missed me and that she loves me…” I can feel my face heating up again from talking about it.

“I can’t believe she did that!” Mariko was shaking her head, sighing out heavily.

“Yeah… and I kind of kissed her back…”

“Minami?” She looked at me with wide eyes.

“I missed her too, Mariko, the way she holds me and says I love you to me brings back memories…”

“I know how she is, Minami, I don’t blame you… I just still can’t believe she’s doing this to you…”

I don’t know what to say to this. It seems Mariko sees something that I’m not really seeing. I guess I’m always clueless and confused when it comes to these things about me.

“Um, Mariko, I don’t really understand…”

“Don’t worry about it. You just go and have fun with your date.” Now she’s teasing me, but that’s okay. I know she cares, and just trying to protect me.

“When is your appointment?” I have totally forgotten about the time if she didn’t remind me.

“Oh my god, I have to go now or I’m going to be late!” I quickly grabbed my purse, about to leave, when I remember I need to say bye.

“Sorry, Mariko, next time okay?”

“No worries, and go Minami, go have fun.” She waved at me, and I left.

I rush towards the place, only having a few minutes left before I became late. I was running there, reaching the front gate, when a car stopped right next to me. The car looks like the ones from AKB.

What is it doing here?

The back seat opened, and stepped out was Utan. I was shock to see her coming out the car. Her hair was wet and her face was kind of red.

Is she sick?

“Minami~” She hugged me tightly in her arms. I actually feel comfortable, as I hug her back.

“I never thought I’ll see you again.” She looks at me and pouted. Kawaii~

 “What made you think that?”

“Because of my job…” She looks upset.


“Utan~ tell me.” I whined, pouting my lips, making her giggled.

“I’m Acchan.” She told me, but I didn’t understand.


“I’m Acchan. I play as Acchan…”

“What do you mean?” I’m super confused.

Does she mean she imitates Acchan or does she mean she plays in some kind of role like Acchan?

“I-I… I’m a JAV idol who plays as Acchan…” She told me and looked away.

I wasn’t sure if I heard her right, but from her reaction towards it, I guess I heard it correctly. She said she’s a JAV idol. I’m not sure how I feel about that…

I heard that in the JAV industry, there are girls out there who had to imitate us AKB members because we are popular, and men likes to…

I just never thought I would meet one of them, let alone, meeting the Acchan JAV idol version of Maeda Atsuko the real idol…

Am I Shock? Confuse? Lost? Disgusted?... Yes, yes, yes, and I don’t know. I told her that her work will not change my mind, but I never expected it to be this...

“M-Minami?” She calls my name, looking at me with teary eyes. She probably thought my silence means rejection.

“Hmmm?” Staring into those eyes made me forget about my own feelings. I just want to cheer her up instead of seeing her sad.

“I-I understand i-if you don’t want to t-talk to me anymore…” I can see tears dripping down her face.  I wiped them away and hug her.

“Just give me time to think, okay?”

“I-is that your way of saying ‘I’ll never see you again’?” She’s full on crying now. I rubbed her back to calm her down.

“No. It’s my way of saying ‘I don’t know how I feel about it, but give me time to think because I still want to be your friend’.”

“R-really?” She took a look at me. I guess to see if I’m serious or not, and grin at me, while wiping her own tears away.

“Yes.” I nodded my head, giving her a shy smile.

“C-can I have one more hug?” She stood up, opening up her arms, which makes me laugh.

“Why did you asked for it?” I followed her lead, and wrap my arms around her waist.

“I’m afraid that this might be the last time I get to touch Takahashi Minami.” She hugged me even tighter, snuggling close to my neck.

I don’t know why, but what she said made my heart skipped a beat for some reason. If I didn’t know any better, I thought one of us was dying or something. She said it so seriously, that just makes me want to never let go, and to hold her like this.

“Minami~” I looked up at her, watching as she moves her head towards me. Is she going to kiss me?

She kept coming towards me as I didn’t know what to do; I couldn’t move. Her eyes were full of emotions that I couldn’t grasp. Just when her lips were close to mine.

“CUT!” The director yelled out, telling us that filming was over, but she kept moving forward. She was inching closer and closer. I shut my eyes, bracing for the impact, and…

She kissed me… but on my cheeks. She looked at me, smiling, but it just seems sooo painful and forced. I know she’s hurt, but I can’t seem to do anything.

“I hope you’re not mad that I stole another kiss from you…” I’m not mad, not at all, but I can’t seem to tell her. I’m just speechless by this girl.

I touched her cheeks with my hands, caressing her, hoping that it was enough for her to not be upset anymore. She cupped my hands with hers. Her hand was so warm, makes me wonder if her heart is the same… it has to be.

“Utan…” I called out her name, but I didn’t know what to say. I’ve always had a hard time expressing into words when it comes to personal feelings.

“It’s okay. I understand.” I feel like she doesn’t though.


“Shhh… you don’t have to say anything.” She continues to hold my hand, but walked me out to my company car. She opened it for me, waiting for me to get in.

“I really had a lot of fun today. Thanks Utan.” I told her. At least I was able to thank her properly.

“No no, thank ‘you’ for giving me a good time.”

We were just standing there awkwardly, but I still couldn’t get what she said out of my mind. I really need to let her know that I won’t be gone. I won’t run away… but how?

Run away… I used to do that a lot with Atsuko, but thanks to her, I learned not to. I’m glad she was there to help me grow, to help me become the Takahashi Minami, I am today. Thanks Atsuko…


“Hmm?” I hugged her one more time, tightly into my arms, like my life depends on her.

“I-I, uh, I’ll see you soon.” I blushed hard and got into the car, but she still held onto the car door.

“Thank you, Minami, I’ll wait for your answer.”


She kissed me back on the cheek. For the fifth time today, I got kissed by her again. I have never been sooo touchy feely with anyone before beside Atsuko, but this girl seem to be able to push me pass my limits.

She closes the door and wave bye to me. The car pulled off, finally, giving me some alone time to think. I sigh out heavily, closing my eyes to relax for a bit.

Today was a long day and full of surprises too. The big question is still about Utan and her JAV idol work. I rubbed my temples, trying not to think about it anymore as I still have tomorrow to worry about…

*end flashback*

“Let’s just enjoy our date today, okay?” I told her, hoping to take her mind off it.

“Un~” She smiled at me, but she seems to glow and sparkle. The effect probably came from her damp hair and the sun….

Either way, she looks pretty…


Third POV

“Why is your hair wet?” Takamina asked the question that has been on her mind.

“Oh, I didn’t have time to dry my hair because I was running late…” Uta looked away with a hint of red on her cheeks. She feels a little embarrassed that her oshimen has to see her like this.

“Why were you running late?”

“I was at… I was in the middle of shooting for my work, when a staff called me to let me know the date was today. I only had a few hours to prepare, but I took too long of a shower… so I ran late…” Kohaku explained to Takahashi, making the girl laugh at how adorable she is.

“Here.” The leader pulled out a dry towel from her mini purse to wipe the water from her partner’s hair. She was so concentrated on the hair that she didn’t realize her date was staring at her with love and adoration in her eyes.

“Minami~” The girl hugged the soukantoku again, showing her affection, but it was just making it easier for said girl to dry her hair.

“There, all done.” Takamina patted the girl on the head, and smiled at her.


“Un, douitashimashite.” The captain put the wet towel into a bag and into her purse.

“Let’s go, Minami, I haven’t been here for a while.” Uta dragged the girl to the purchase place to buy their tickets.

“Me too, that’s why I picked this place.”

“Two tickets please.”

“Hai.” The lady printed out the tickets, waiting for the payment. The shorter girl thought it was split in half, tried to pull out her wallet when she heard the ding from the cash register. She looked up to see her partner grinning down at her with two tickets in hand.

“Utan~ I was supposed to pay half!” Takahashi exclaimed, seeming to be frustrated.

“I’m sorry. I just didn’t want my girl to pay.” Kohaku leaned down to peck her date on the cheek, hoping it was enough for the girl to forgive her.

“J-just don’t do it again… Hey! I’m not your girl yet.”

“You said ‘yet’. So you will be my girl, Mi~na~mi~” Uta giggled, clasping her hand with her partner’s left and walked towards the gate. The leader was stumped again by the girl’s quick wit.

They continued to walk hand in hand into the amusement part. There wasn’t that many people today, which is fine with them. There were many things for them to do. They weren’t sure where to start.

“What do you want to do first, Minami?”

The girl assumed that since Takamina was the one who picked the place, she have something specific that she likes to play. Even if she doesn’t, Uta was fine with letting her date decide.

“Hmmm, I don’t know…. What about you? Anything caught your eyes?” The soukantoku turned to look at her friend.

“There ‘is’ something that caught my eyes…” The girl looked straight at the captain, showing a small glint of lust.

The quick silence between them, and the non-wavering eye contact, made the leader understood what the girl was hinting at. Takahashi blushed at the boldness coming from the younger girl. Never have she ever had anyone who hits on her. The feeling was very new to her, and all she can do was to become really shy as the blood was rushing to her cheeks.

“T-then which ride o-or games do you want to s-start first?” Takamina tries to change the subject so they can have fun.

“How about the rollercoaster?” Kohaku suggested, giving her date a break from the teasing.

“Okay~” The girls went to line up for the ride. Even though it wasn’t as crowded today, there were still a lot of people.

Halfway through the line, a small girl came up to them, looking at the leader with sparkling eyes.

“A-ano…” The little girl spoke up.

“Hmmm?” Minami bent down to see what was wrong.

“A-are you AKB48 no Takahashi M-Minami-san desu ka? The little girl was really adorable trying to talk to the idol.

“Hai. Arigatou Gozaimasu.” The captain shook the little girl’s hand, making said girl squeal in delight.

“Mama! Mama!” The little girl’s mom immediately came over to apologize for disturbing the soukantoku.

“I’m so sorry for my daughter. Come here Minako.” The mom bows at the short girl, and telling her daughter to come to her.

“Oh, no no, it’s okay. I should thank your daughter for recognizing me.”

“You’re my daugther’s oshimen. She loves and adores you.” The mom told the idol, making her little girl blush.

Uta, on the other hand, was just smiling and watching Minami interacting with her fans. It was really interesting to see, and it always seems to amaze her how her date is sooo kind and nice. Seeing her girl or soon to be girl, like this, makes her like the shorter girl even more.

“Minako-chan is it? Thank you for supporting me.” The little girl came up to the idol and hugged her. Takamina was surprised by it, but accepted it anyway and hugged back.


“It’s okay oka-san, why don’t you take a picture of us?” The leader picked the tiny girl up and sits her on the waist.

“Say cheese.”

“Cheese.” Both girls put up a piece sign for the lady to take it.

“Hai, arigatou gozaimasu Takahashi-san, again we’re sorry for disturbing you… Minako say thank you.”

“Arigatou gozaimasu Takamina. Ganbatte ne?”

“Hai, ganbarimasu, jya ne?”

The captain turned over to her date, about to apologize when she sees a lot of people staring at her with smiles on their face. She smiled back, feeling awkward, so she went to her date.

“Gomen ne Utan, for taking so long.”

“Iie iie. I learned a lot from watching you.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You’re even godlier than what the TV had shown.” Kohaku was really proud of Takahashi.

“Utan~ I’m not that amazing…” The leader pouted even though she was really happy to hear her date compliment her.

“Yes you are. I’m really lucky to be able to go on a second date with ‘the’ Takahashi Minami.” The girl grinned at the older girl, earning a playful smack.

“Flattery isn’t going to get you anywhere, Utan~” The captain stick her tongue out the girl. Both of them laugh for having fun even though the day hasn’t even passed for that long.

“Hey, look, we’re next.”


Both girls were really excited to go on the ride. They got in and put their safety on. The kart starts moving up slowly to reach the top. As they reach mid-air, Minami and Uta automatically held onto each other hands, bracing for impact.

The kart slid down really fast, causing everyone around them to scream, but the two girls were laughing instead. They were having so much fun as the kart goes through a loop, and up another ramp.

By the time the ride was down. A few people felt sick, few wanted to go again, and few who were just completely scared.

The girls went on a few more rides, and reaching the merry-go-round. They hopped onto the horses next to each other and spin around like little kids.

“Minami look.” Takamina turned to watch her date.

“I’m your Prince Charming.” Uta said, brushing her black hair back with her hand like a fancy prince would, and squinting her eyes to add more of the mocking affect.

“Utan, you’re so silly.” The leader was laughing hard at her date. She then tries to mimic a princess in distress.

“Oh, my prince, you’ve come to save this pretty blonde hair fair skinned me. How could I ever repay you?” The captain flicks her hair back like those girly princesses would, hand lying on her chest, and trying to look sad.

“Good one Minami.” Kohaku was chuckling at the shorter girl’s imitation.

The girls got off the ride and decided to go to a café to have dinner. They both chose a secluded booth area where they can see people, but people won’t see them.

“Hello, I’m Sachiko, I’ll be your waitress for today. Can I start you with any drinks?”

“Actually, we’ll be ordering now too.” The taller girl said, making her date confuse.

“We are?”

“I know what you want, Mi~na~mi~”

“Hai, what is your order.”

“We’ll have a katsudon and a hamburger steak meal, also two cokes as well. Thank you.”

“Wakarimashita, it’ll be out in a moment.”

“Utan~ what if I didn’t want katsudon?”

“Eh? You don’t? Do you want something else?” The girl was a little nervous, she thought Takamina always eat katsudon.

“No no, katsudon is fine. I would have ordered it myself anyway… I was just wondering what makes you ordered them…”

“Well, I know your favorite food is katsudon, actually I think everyone knows that. I ordered two cokes because that’s what you ordered on our first date.” Uta smiled, remembering about their date.

The leader was surprised that her partner remembered the little detail that most people would have disregard. She didn’t think the girl sitting in front of her would pay that much attention.

“You know, you’re really amazing, Utan.” The captain smiled genuinely at the girl, making her blush.

“N-nah, I’m not amazing at all…”

“Hai, here are your drinks, ladies. The food will come out soon.” Sachiko came by dropping off the drinks and notifying the girls.

“Neh, Utan…Is there anything that you like to do or try working for instead of… um… you know?”

“Um… I like to sing. I want to try that. I was able to for a few times because I was part of Milky Pop Generation, but that was it. I also like to try acting. I think it would be fun too.”

“You should definitely do it, and try something new.” Takamina tries to encourage Uta in pursuing what she likes to do because she knows what it’s like to not be able to make those come true.

“You really think so?... Okay, I’ll consider it.” Even though that’s what Kohaku said, she doesn’t have any connection or anyone to help her with those careers.

“What about you, Minami?”

“Hmm? What about me?”

“Besides being a soloist, which you’ve already become, what else would you want to do?” The girl was genuinely interested in hearing about her partner’s activities, instead of pretending like what most people do to make their date like them.

“I do want to sing more and release more singles, but I’m also interested in politics. I want to make a change so people don’t have to feel left out.  Also, it seems I have a knack for acting, or so they said to me.” The older girl laughs shyly feeling a little embarrassed for she has never ever really shared her thoughts on these things to anyone else before, and even if she did, they barely listened.

“Well if you’re gonna release another single, I’ll be the first one in line to buy it and if you’re gonna act in movies or drama, I’ll be the first one to watch it and tell you how amazing you are.” Uta reaches her hand out to hold Takamina’s, making the girl blushed.

“Here you go ladies, katsudon and hamburger steak. If there is anything else, please don’t hesitate to call.”

“Thank you Sachiko-san.” Both girls said as the waitress took her leave.

“Itadakimasu… hmmm oishii~” The two girls laugh at each other for saying the same thing. They didn’t think they were that in sync with each other.

“Minami, you wanna try this?” Uta cut a piece of her hamburger and reaches forward, feeding the meat to the older girl.

“Oh wow, that is good.” They both smiled and went back to eating their food.

“Neh, Minami… I have a question for you, but I might be stepping over the line…”

“Hmm, what is it?”

“Have you… have you ever been involved with anyone?... of course it’ll just stay between us.” The surprising question made the captain choke on her food. She quickly drinks her coke to swallow her rice.

“W-what makes you asked that?”

“I know there is the no dating rule in AKB, but I’m just curious if… if you were involved with the other members…” Kohakau looked away, a bit nervous about finding out the answer.

Takahashi wasn’t sure what to tell the girl. She was, but at the same time she wasn’t involved with someone. That someone is none other than Maeda Atsuko, the ace of AKB. She wants to share it with her date because she believes the girl wouldn’t tell anyone, but the camera was still on. It’s hard to share something like that, as she doesn’t want people to know that she and Acchan had broken the rules when they were in AKB, and she doesn’t want to cause any problem to the ex-ace. Plus, people didn’t need to know that there may be some girls who are already together with other members.

“Utan… what about you? Have you been involved with anyone besides… um… yeah…” Uta chuckled at how cute Takamina was for not being able to say what she does. She can feel that the girl didn’t want to talk about herself, so she’ll drop it for now and answered the question asked.

“Um… I guess I have and haven’t?”

“What do you mean?”

“Feelings were not present when I was involved… does that makes sense?”

“I-I guess…” The leader understood what the girl was saying.

“Sorry, I don’t know how to answer that question either…” Kohaku couldn’t answer because she wasn’t sure if there was a time when she had fallen for someone, while Takamina couldn’t answer because the camera was on them.

The girl finishes up with their food to continue on enjoying their date at the amusement park. They rode on a few more rides, and played a few games from the stand. They decided to take a break by sitting on a bench.

“I’ll be right back, okay, Utan?” The captain left without the girl’s reply, so all the girl can do now is waiting for her date to come back.

Takamina left to go buy ice-cream for the both of them. She went without the girl because she knew the girl would offer to pay, and she didn’t want that. She wants this to be her treat. She also bought a bag of cotton candy on the way so that they’ll have more snack to suck on.

“I’m back, here, this is for you.” The soukantoku handed over a cone to the girl, making said girl surprise.

“Eh? Minami, you could of told me to get you some.”

“Nope, if I let you know, it wouldn’t be my treat anymore.” The older girl was proud of her antic. She grins at the younger one, making the girl gave up.

“Thanks Minami.” Uta leant over to kiss the leader on the cheek, making the girl’s face red.

“I-iie, it’s nothing.” The shorter girl looked at something else to not let her date see the tints, but it was too late. Her partner already knew what reaction she can get from her, so there was no point in hiding.

“You’re really cute Minami.”

“I think you’re the cute one Utan.” The girl didn’t expect the captain to compliment her, causing blood rushing to her cheeks. Now, she’s the one who is shy and speechless.

“Ne Minami… can you tell me what you feel about my job, now?” This thought has been on Kohaku’s mind since she told Takahashi about it. She’s really nervous. She wouldn’t know what to do if her work will become a problem between them, but she has to find out. She felt like it was a now or never kind of situation. It was really scary for her to wait for the leader’s answer.

Takamina sigh, figuring eventually they’ll have to talk about this, but she didn’t expect it to be this soon. She still doesn’t really know how she feels about it, but if she’s being honest, it does bother her. Though it may bother her, but she still likes the girl a lot, and wants to be friend even if dating isn’t possible for them.

“Honestly? I don’t feel comfortable with it…” Uta immediately look down to hide her sadness.

“-but… I still want to be your friend…” This causes the girl to look back up at the leader.

“I- I just don’t know how I’ll handle it if we started going out… I don’t know if I can tolerate it, I don’t know if I’ll get jealous, I don’t know if I can bear the thought of you… doing that and- and knowing it’s not me-“

“Minami~” The younger girl hugged the older one tightly, burying her face into her neck.

Kohaku had heard all she needed to hear. She felt happy that Takamina had slowly developed feelings for her, and have already thought about the future with her. She truly truly felt like she is the happiness girl on earth right now.

“Ureshii desu, Minami~”

“What?” Even though the captain was confused she still held onto the girl.

“You already thought about a possible future with me, so there is a chance we’ll be together, right?”

Takamina didn’t know that she even thought about it. Now that the girl had pointed it out, she guess she was starting to be attracted to her date, even though this was the second time that they met and hang out together.

“Uh, I-I…”

“It’s okay Minami; you don’t need to say anything.” The taller girl gave the shorter one a peck on the cheeks and went back to hugging her.

The girls stay in that position for a while until the decided to go on one last ride. They chose the Ferris wheel so they can have a little more privacy from the crew, but they were wrong. The crew set up microphones and cameras in the booth that they were sitting in.

“Ne, Minami?”


“C-can I have your number?”

“Yeah, I was gonna ask you the same.” The leader moves over to sit next to her partner, both pulling their phones out, while they were close to mid-air.

“Can I also have a picture of us for the contact picture?” It was an excuse to have more photos of her and the captain. She already has a few from their first date, but she wanted more to commemorate today’s date.

“Yeah, okay.”

The two girls lean close together taking a normal picture of them smiling.  They took another one with Uta kissing the soukantoku, and another with Takamina kissing back. For the final take, it seems they both wanted to do a kissing one again, but they both surprised each other when both of their lips met.

The photo was taken, but none of them moved. Finally, Kohaku took the initiative and put more pressure into the kiss. She took it as a positive sign since Takahashi didn’t push her away, but she figured she couldn’t steal a kiss like this.

“Um, I’m sorry Minami…”

“No no, I’m sorry too…”

The girls were too shy to look at each other, but them holding each other’s hand was a reassurance that everything was fine.

“D-do you want to take a l-look at the picture?” The younger girl offered, wanting to see the picture herself.

“S-sure.” Takamina leant in closer, still blushing from the close proximity.

They both look at the picture taken. They were both closing their eyes as their lips met, but the background was really beautiful. It was a really nice pink and orange sunset that would take anyone’s breath away.

“W-would you like me to send these to you and the ones from before?”

“Uh, yes, I appreciate that.”

While Uta was sending it to her date, Takamina kept thinking about the soft lips that touched hers. She hadn’t felt this tingly feeling since kissing Atsuko. She never thought she would get this feeling again, let alone, getting it from another person.

Could this be sign?


The leader checked her phone and the first picture she saw was the kissing one of them. She then looks through the other ones, saving them one by one into her phone’s photo album.

“Minami, I’m gonna use this as your contact picture, and this as my wallpaper.” Kohaku showed Takahashi her phone. The contact photo was of the captain kissing her, and the one for the wallpaper is the one where they both kissed.

“Ha-hazukashii Utan~” The captain whines, the red tint never left her face, making the girl grins.

“Which picture did you pick?”

“I chose these two instead.” The soukantoku showed her own phone to her date. The contact photo was of the girl kissing her, and the wallpaper was the normal one where both of them were smiling.

It’s funny how both of the girls were alike, picking the same style of picture for each other’s caller id, and same style yet different action for wallpaper. If it was Atsuko, she would have made the shorter girl pick the same thing.

“I like your choice too.”

“Thanks.” Both girls smiled at each other, wanting to enjoy what’s left of this ride. Uta laid her head on Takamina’s shoulder, enjoying the comfort and warmness from her.

“Ne, Minami?”

“Hmm?” The captain looks down towards the girl.

“Can I kiss you?” The younger girl was staring at the older girl’s lips when she said it.

“Huh?” The leader was surprised.

“I want to feel your lips again, dame ka?” Uta was now staring at Takamina in the eyes, causing said girl to blush again.

“U-um… uh… ah…”

“I’m just joking, don’t worry about it.” Even though that is what the girl said, the captain knew her date had meant it.


“The next time I’ll kiss you… is when you want it.” Kohaku smiled at Takahashi before she went back to snuggling into her partner’s arm.

The soukantoku was a little dumbfounded by what the girl had said. She thinks it’s still too soon for her to be intimate with her date, even though they are pretty intimate now.  She doesn’t think she would ever initiate something like that, it would be too much for her, and she’s very shy.

Would I want it?

The ride has reached an end. Both girls got off as they walk hand in hand towards the gate. The amusement part was about to close, and people are starting to go home, leaving the two girls by themselves again. Their company car was waiting for them, just like it did for their first date.

They look around to see if the camera crew was still there, and yes they were. This time, the director didn’t need to tell them to stop as they’ll stop the filming themselves.

“I had a lot of fun today as well, Utan, thank you.”

“Same here, and thanks for picking this place.”

“Iie iie, I’m just glad you get to have fun too.” Takamina smiled at Uta, swinging their clasp hands back and forth.

“As long as I’m with you, I’ll always have fun.” The girl pulled the leader in for a hug. They just stood in front of their cars, holding each other.

“You smell really good Minami~” The captain turns red from the compliment. She’s glad the girl won’t be able to see it.

“Ne, can I pick the next date?” The girl pulled away, asking the soukantoku for permission.

“W-what? Takahashi didn’t expect to be talking about their next date, even though she wouldn’t mind letting the girl choose, and already looking forward to it.

“Dame ka?” The girl separated herself from her date. She looked really sad, making the older girl panic.

“W-where did you have in mind?”

“Hi~mi~tsu~” The taller girl whispered, making the other girl shivered.

“Mou~ you’re so mean.”

Uta sticks her tongue out at Takamina, making both of them giggled.

“I’ll see you next time, Utan.” The leader walked towards the car, about to open the door, when someone else beats her to it.

“Or maybe sooner?... Good night, Minami.” Kohaku gave her date a peck on the cheek before she closes the door.

“Night,” was the last thing she heard before walking back to her waiting car.

Today was a good day for her. She found out about her oshimen’s feelings towards her. She gets to kiss her even though it was only an accident. They both exchanged numbers, so now she can text her or call her. They set their pictures as their wallpaper. They are practically a couple, but only when Takamina say so, only when the leader approves of the relationship.

She has hope, but there was still that unanswered question that she had asked. Was the soukantoku involved with any member? Does she have a chance if there is one? Who is this person or was this person? Can she win?

Only time will tell if Kohaku Uta stood a chance to win Takahashi Minami’s love from her rival, if there is one.


Wooo~ that was a long ass chapter. Don't expect another one with this kind of length :P

I hoped y'all enjoyed that as much as I wrote it X3

Also, I'm quite curious. If one day I were to disappear and don't write stories anymore, would anyone miss me? Probably not  :lol:
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Don't you dare disappearing or I'd hunt you till the end of the world :twisted: unless you've finished your fic  XD

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Nah... you make me freak of your story, i want more UtaMina..
that girl never forced the GM to do what she want,
always let the Captain give it to her when she's ready..
i wonder she would be a good BF for Takamina :D
treat her like normal girl.
please don't give up on this story..
thanks for update.
i'll waiting for your next update :D

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I love ur story author-san.
Ur story so cool until silent reader like me feel have to leave comment for u :ding:
As AtsuMina shipper  never think that i will say this but i love UtaMina moment!
They are so cute together  :luvluv1:
Hope Utan can make my soukantoku happy.
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Hahaha, nice update  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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good one author san xD
Hahaha I'm suppose to continue doing my 20 pages report but stuck here lol..
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Super story! I want continuation! Author, please, faster!

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I'm an AtsuMina shipper but this time I would be really happy if it ends as TakaUta ~ ♥♥♥

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Your story is very good..  :twothumbs
After reading this, I am thinking, will Acchan and Utan meet each other and Takamina will be there the same time..  :panic: ah.. waiting next update..  :roll:
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@Tanchan: Lol, it’ll be a very long time before I finished any of my fics, but thank you. Glad to know someone will hunt me down haha. It would depend on Atsuko’s action, wouldn’t it?
@minami_pops: I don’t know why, but I feel like because Uta is in that kind of profession, she understands what it’s like to be force and of course she wouldn’t want to do that to Minami. I’m glad you’re taking a liking to this crack pairing, thank you ^_^ I think Uta would be a good boyfriend to Minami, but sometimes Minami’s personality makes her the boyfriend lol. No worries, I won’t give up since I still have readers out there, even though everyone seems to disappear these days…
@ryu201: Ryu-chan! I haven’t seen you in forever. Where the hell have you been? Thanks :) I didn’t know you were reading it at all. I’m an AtsuMina shipper and I surprised myself too with this crack ship lol. Well, people eventually die, so writers eventually disappear. I’m glad at least someone will miss me though :D Hai hai, I will definitely continue.
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I have things to say, but I'll save that at the end... so go on and read lol


Chapter 5a

Minami POV

Again, today’s date was fun. On my way home, I kept thinking of the kiss, even though it wasn’t really an official one. Her lips were soft, but I guess all girls are soft.

By the time I got into my apartment, it was already 10pm. I decided to take nice long bath to relax, as tomorrow I have to continue completing the left over paperwork.


Who would text me at this time of night?

To: Minami
From: Mariko.
Subject: Lunch
Hey Minami,
How was your date? Fun I hope XP
I’m gathering our friends for lunch tomorrow and you should join us too XD
We would love to hear more about your romantic interest >_<
Let me know, okay?

I don’t mind going to another lunch gathering, but it’ll be embarrassing to share stories again, since I know they’ll tease me. I wonder if Atsuko would be there… I guess it doesn’t matter. I’ll just text Mariko that I’ll be there.


Eh? Who else is texting me?

To: Minami~
From: Utan
Subject: Date :)
I just wanted to thank you again for the fun date ^_^
I’m really looking forward to our next one.
I hope my choice would suit your taste >///<
When are you available?
- Utan <3

Should I invite Utan to lunch as well… Ah, but I can’t. The crew told us to not reveal anything, so I can’t let my friends see her yet. I guess next time then…

I’m not sure when I’m available for another date, but I’m pretty sure whenever is fine, since Akimoto-sensei would just let me go. I assume since she’s asking when I’m available, it must mean she’s okay at any time too.

To: Utan
From: Minami
Subject: Date :)
I’m glad you liked it XD
I-I’m also looking forward to our next date >///>
What do you have in mind?
I can’t do tomorrow, but I think any other day is fine ^_^

She hasn’t text back in while… I guess she must have fallen asleep, and I really need to get myself out of this bath, it’s getting too hot for me.

I checked the time and it’s already 11:30pm. I’m just so exhausted from all the fun I had today. I think I’ll be able to have a good night’s sleep.

I hopped onto my bed, getting under the cover, shutting my eyes to relax. As I was entering between sleeping and still being awake, I heard something that I do not want to hear at this time.

*ding dong*

Who could it be as this time at night? I don’t care. I just want to sleep. Eventually they will go away and I can get the rest I needed.

I didn’t hear the doorbell anymore. I guess that person left. I went back to that limbo land between being asleep and being awake, but I felt something weird.

I felt that my room has been invaded, but then again, I guess I’m just being paranoid. That is, until I felt a presence lying next to me, and wrapping me into their arms.

Somehow, this person feels familiar, and I just automatically placed my hand on theirs. I’m pretty sure this person is a girl, considering their hand is soft, and having a well-rounded chest.

There was no harm intent that I can feel from her, so I just continue to sleep, but then I figured out who it was. Atsuko…

Why did she come here at this time, breaking into my room? Well, I did give her the key to my apartment, letting her know she’s always welcome.

I felt her snuggling up to me, just like old times, and I turned around to face her. My eyes are still close, but I feel her staring at me. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling myself closer to her, like how we always do.

Somehow, I feel even more relaxed, knowing that she’s there beside me. I know I can fall asleep any moment now, and that’s what I planned to do, but I feel her moving.


“Good night, Minami, I love you.” She whispered gently against my lips, and probably went to sleep herself.

I’m a little surprised that I was kissed on the lips. This is the second time she kisses me when we aren’t together anymore. I can never seem to understand Atsuko even though I can read her like a book. This girl is messing with my mind, and now, I’m super confused.

I opened up my eyes to take a look at her. She looks so happy and peaceful right now, like it was just the two of us, and nothing else matters. She’s still as beautiful as I can remember, if not, even more beautiful.

Sometimes I wonder what we look like together. She’s the beautiful one, and I’m… I’m the rough looking one. Would we look good walking on the street together holding hands? That is a question that I will never know the answer to.

I feel sad just thinking about it and by looking at her calm face. I stroke her cheek, reminiscing about the past, and how much fun we had… though I guess we all had moved on… she moved on while I was still stuck… but that’s okay because I found someone else who gives me the same feeling as Atsuko does.

Utan, in many ways is similar to Atsuko, but I can also see the differences. Both are so aggressive, shy, fun, teasing, and having the same smile. The difference is that Atsuko is much more mysterious and hard to read. She likes to keep things to herself and I have to pry them out. While with Utan, she’s opened, considerate, always trying to find out about me instead of vice-versa. Atsuko likes to be spoiled and have things her way. Utan likes to spoil me, and do what I want. Atsuko is very impatient, while Utan isn’t. Atsuko has been with me for seven years in AKB as my partner, my ace, and my first love. Utan has only known me for a week and counting. She’s also my partner, an ace in her own way, and my… my possible second interest… Atsuko has her boyfriend… Utan has those many adventures from her work… and I… I don’t have anything except for my work…

I have the two girls in my life, but the two girls also got other people. I don’t know which situation is better. I find all of this funny. Why does my life got to be so complicated? Can’t it just be simple for me?

I don’t know anymore. I’m done. I’m tired. I need my sleep.

I tried to separate myself from Atsuko, but as always, she holds me so dearly like I’m her life essence. I gave up. I like the embrace anyway, as it makes me relax. In a sense of way, I’m glad she’s here tonight.


I woke up to multiple pressures applying on my cheeks. I turned to the side avoiding it, but I kept feeling them.

“Nyaachan~ let me sleep a bit more…”

“I would let you since you look so cute, but we have lunch with the others, Mi~na~mi~”

I opened my eyes immediately, coming face to face with Atsuko. I was surprised to see her here, in my bed, and half naked.

“W-what are you doing here?”

“I came last night, don’t you remember?”

 She came last night… last night… I remember now! I was sleeping during that time when she got in and joined me in bed. I didn’t know she took her clothes off though…

“A-ah… right… you did… why?”

“I missed you and came to see you, but I knew it was late, so I just sleep with you instead.” She said, while climbing on top of me.

“I-I see…” She was getting really close, and she’s half naked too. I wasn’t sure of what to do.

“Mou~ aren’t you happy to see me?” Now she’s pouting. Gah, she’s so adorable.

“Of c-course…”

She grins, showing me her wrinkle nose, and leaning down to give me a peck. This is the third time Atsuko had kissed me on the lips without a warning. She then laid her head on my chest and playing with my fingers.

“I really missed you, Minami.”

I missed her too. This is exactly how we were back then. It was just the two of us, hanging with each other because the two of us was enough. We didn’t need anyone else to have fun with. We usually like to be private anyway. She’ll use me as a pillow and I would let her. I’ll wrap my arms around her, and we’ll embrace each other. Then there is also our sweet loving activity, though, she’s usually the one who initiates them. I’m always too shy to kiss her first, but it seems that she didn’t mind it. In fact, she thinks I’m cute for blushing from it.

Everything was in the past… we can’t go back to the way it was, for she has a boyfriend now. A stupid messed up boy who is undeserving of Atsuko’s love, but since that is what she wants, I can only let it be.

I do wonder what he has that I don’t. Is it because he is a guy or is it something else? What can he give Atsuko that I can’t? Did she really pick him over me? These are the questions that would repeat in my head constantly.

Mariko helped me to give up, and I did, but now she’s back. Why is she back? I just don’t understand. I was fine with just being her best friend. Now, she’s kissing me again, like things never changed…

Things have changed Atsuko! Things… have… changed…



“You’ve been quiet…” Have I for that long?

“Is there something wrong?” She’s looking at me, but I’m not sure what to say.

“Iie, nothing is wrong.” I smiled at her, hoping that she would drop it.

“Don’t lie to me Minami… I can read you as much as you can read me… Tell me what’s wrong?” She cupped my face, slowly lowering her head, giving me a soft tender kiss.

I know this is her way of telling me to open up because she wants to shoulder the things that are burdening me, but I can’t exactly tell her that she is my problem… I can’t… it’ll hurt her…

I don’t want to make her sad even though she had made me suffer, well, that’s how Mariko had put it. I know she didn’t do it intentionally, and I don’t really blame her for it either, but I just don’t know what to do.

“Oshiete Minami…”

Should I tell her?


“Ah, my phone, it could be Mariko. I need to check it…” Phew, saved by the text.

To: Minami~
From: Utan
Subject: Hey
Good morning ^_^
I hope I’m not disturbing you, but… um…
Do you think we can meet today? Just for a little bit?
I know you’re busy, but I want to see you >///<
- Utan <3

*doki doki*

I didn’t expect to get a text from her at all. I’m quite happy that she did, and she wants to see me… I-I want to see her too.

“Who was it?” For as second, I felt like I was caught in the act red handed. I guess I subconsciously smiled and blushed because I forgot Atsuko was there, and she seems really scary at the moment.

“It was Mariko, she wanted to remind me that lunch was today at 2pm…” I can’t believe I just lied to her. Will she find out? I’m quite scared…

“Let me see.” She reached for my phone and snatched it so quickly that I couldn’t grasp it tight.

Oh my god. I don’t know what to do. She’ll see it! She’ll see the text, and not only that, she’ll see the wallpaper of Utan and me!

“Minami?” I can’t tell what she’s thinking from her calm face expression…


“You still kept our pictures? I thought you would change it by now… Ureshii yo~” She showed me the screen of my phone. It was true… the wallpaper on the lock screen is of me and Atsuko on the night when we met at a café. I’ve completely forgotten about it, about the phone being able to have two wallpapers.

“U-un…” It seems like she’s completely forgotten about the text message.

“I love you~” She pecks me on the lips, again, but came in for a longer one. Even though I kissed back, I pulled myself away. I need to get to work, and do as much as I can.

“Where are you going?” She asked, as I looked at her, grabbing my blanket to cover her up.

“To the office.” I went to the bathroom to freshen myself. I left her to do whatever she wants. She’s been to my apartment many times that even her own clothing is here.

I guess today is her day off or something… I should take this opportunity to reply back.

To: Utan
From: Minami~
Subject: Hey
Good morning to you too :)
You’re not disturbing me at all. In fact, I just woke up haha XD
Hmm, I don’t know, what time do you have in mind?
We just saw each other yesterday, you know? >///>
- Takamina

I wait for a reply as I got back into my room to change into white ruffle skirt, light pink lace blouse, and black heels. I guess I already made up my mind to see her today, so now I’m trying to look good.

“You look really cute, Minami~” She came up from behind and hugged me, laying her head on my shoulder, and looking at us in the mirror.

“We look perfect together, don’t we?” She’s asking me, while wrapping her arms even tighter around my waist.

If she had asked me this question back then, I would have said yes immediately, but I don’t know about it now.

“Yeah… but now you have a boyfriend...” I moved away from her to get my bag. I don’t want to be late for work nor do I want to see Atsuko at the moment.

“I’m heading off, feel free to do whatever you want here, but lock up when you leave.” I told her and walked out of my room. As I reach my main door, I felt arms around my waist again.

“Minami, are you mad?” Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t think I’m mad, but it seems so to her… I’m just really confused right now, and rather think to myself.

“I’m not, what makes you say that?” I turned around to face her. I check the time on my phone, and I guess I have a few minutes to spare.

“Because of the way you talked to me just now…”

“I don’t understand…”

“You were cold to me…” She’s tearing up, and I’m always weak to this side of her.

“I-I wasn’t. I just have to get to the theater…” I patted her head even though she’s taller than me.

“Kiss me.”

“Eh?” I’m not sure if I heard her right, but she wants me to kiss her? She knows I don’t initiate those things…

“I want you to kiss me.” She’s looking at me deep in the eyes. She was really serious about this, but I can’t. I just can’t…

She kept staring at me, waiting for me to make a move, but I seriously can’t. Maybe a kiss on the cheek would suffice because that’s the most I could do for her.

I slowly leaned in, puckering my lips to kiss her. She looked happy, so I assume it was okay. I pecked her on the cheek and step back. She doesn’t look happy anymore. She looked mad now. I have to go before something goes wrong.

“Okay, I’ll see you at lunch.” I was able to unlock the front door and open it, thinking that I can go through, but then it suddenly shut on me. I figured I was going to die as I face my best friend.

She gave me no warnings as she crashes her lips against mine. This is probably the fourth time that she has done this, and every time, I’m as surprised as always.

I don’t understand why she is doing this. I thought we were done and over. She got a boyfriend, and I… I got Utan who is patiently waiting for me… She has to stop doing this. She can’t keep doing this to me whenever she feels like it.

“I love you, Minami.” There she goes, saying those painful three words to me again.

She pulled me backwards towards the couch, making me fall on top of her, but then she suddenly stopped kissing me.

“Uhn~ Minami~”

W-why did she make that sound just now?

“Touch me here too~” She took my right hand and placed it d-down there. I didn’t even know I was touching her up here, let alone, start touching down there.

My head feels like it’s about to explode. This is too much for me, way too much for me.  I have to get out of here. I quickly got off of Atsuko and grabbed my bag, rushing out of my apartment immediately.

“S-see you at lunch!”

“MINAMI!” She shouted out my name. Her voice was so scary; I started running in case she was chasing after me.

I hopped into the taxi and went to Akihabara. At least if she were to come here, I have people around me, so she wouldn’t do anything too much.

I walked towards my office, greeting the members on my way there, and sit down. I sigh heavily, couldn’t believe the event that happened this morning. It was all too much for me to comprehend…


At least I got a message; it’ll distract me for a bit. I wonder who it’s from..?

To: Minami~
From: Utan
Subject: Hey
Eh? I thought you were already up lol
What are you doing now?
Would 3pm be okay? I’m done with my work at 2:30…
I know, but I want to see you every day, if you let me >///<
- Utan <3

Since I’m meeting the others at 2, I think 3 would be fine since I don’t think I’ll stay longer than an hour. She mentioned her work... it’s probably ‘that’… but she get out at 2:30, so why 3?

She also said she wants to see me every day. I can’t help, but smile at the thought. I wouldn’t mind it at all. It’ll help us get to know each other more outside of the dates, since you can’t really talk about private stuff with all the cameras on you…

I remember from our last date at the amusement part. She asked if I’ve been with anyone… I think I should tell her about me and Atsuko… I want to be honest with her, but I don’t know if I should tell her about the things that happened lately…

All I know is that I’m really confused with how Atsuko is being affectionate with me when she has a boyfriend. Did she get into a fight with him again? Did they break up? I don’t want to ask her, for it seems she’ll always get mad when the guy is mentioned…

To: Utan
From: Minami~
Subject: Hey
Normally, I would be up at that time, but I was tired ^_^
I’m just doing paperwork for AKB. I’m almost done, so I’ll have more free time XD
I think 3pm is fine. Where do you want to meet?
If you want to Utan >///>
- Takamina

Well, now that I feel like working my butt off, I’m gonna do those papers immediately. I can’t wait to finish these piles, which will only take a few hours, then I’ll have free time like I mentioned.

Yosh, here we go.


So I decided to split Chapter 5 into two parts because... well, I wanted to. The first half of chapter 5 seems to be more fun to read than the 2nd half, so yeah... and I'm very tired. School starts early for me, so I gotta get my ass to bed early, na mean?

I'm gonna re-post my OS fanfic 'Three Chances' here in the thread in case someone never read it before. For those of you who knows and who doesn't know, it's the OS that I won the fanfic contest with. I think it's best to group all of my work into one thread for easier access. I might post it before posting the 2nd half of Chapter 5, so just heads up.

Also, I'm working on a new fanfic story as well. I haven't really decided if it's gonna be a long OS or a chapter fic, but we'll see once I finished chapter 1/prologue.

I know I tend to start many projects, but I do intend to end them in a good way, so have patience for me :)
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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 1 (11/12/14)
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great.. i wont let you to leave this story before you finish it first. gehehe

aaah Acchan is so extrem...
i wont let her playing Minami's heart..
i'll be happy if Uta comes to help Minami to moved on..
it's hurt when Acchan suddenly comes to Minami after she hurt her so bad...

Uta.. go get you Girlfriend, you are a greatest Boyfriend for her..

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 1 (11/12/14)
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Im always here as silent reader  :mon sweat: lately my connection really slow so it make me lazy to give comment :mon whimper:
And sure i read this! if there is atsumina pairing,i always read it :ding:
U right, but i can promise that i will also be the one who miss u So dont dare to disappear :shifty:

This bad! I fall to deep for UtaMina :frustrated:
And this chapter make me starting to hate acchan for playing around with minami's heart  :angry1:
As atsumina shipper feeling like this is really bad and this is because of u!  :mon evil:
Heheh! Kidding!
Im still a loyal atsumina shipper but to be honest im happy seeing this UtaMina things.
Great job lezperv-san! :on GJ:
Please keep writing, i will waiting the update and ur OS.
Its ok if it late cause i know u must be busy with ur school.
As long as u keep writing,i will keep waiting for u  :cool1:
So~ matta ne lezperv-san :on ksweat:

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 1 (11/12/14)
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Ah Acchan, how could you do that to Takamina..  :hiakhiakhiak: but deep in side I hoped, that Acchan would see the Utanas message to Takamina..he, he..  :D  but Atsumina parts are still good.. cause they are meant to be for each other..  :lol:
Keep writing.. it's getting more and more interesting..  :ding:
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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 5 part 1 (11/12/14)
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Updating, super !!! Author, you made my day!
I'm not new, I'm a silent reader.
Your fanf "Three Chances" really perfectly written story!
And "Nisemono" really clings. Very interestingly. Honestly, AtsuMina already became boring, it's banal. There is a wish for something new. And UtaMina perfectly fits in!
Please, continue to write in the same vein!
I look forward update.

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[AtsuMina] Three Chances (11/13/14)
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@minami_pops: Wow, I never thought people would actually like UtaMina over AtsuMina lol, but I guess it’s because I made Atsuko seem like a bad guy haha. I wonder what you would think of Atsuko after reading chapter 6… but we’ll see :P
@ryu201: Yeah, I hate it when I have bad connection too, so I feel you. Hai hai, I won’t disappear any time soon, no worries lol. Eh? Really? I thought this chapter was good for AtsuMina fans. Hey now, how is this my fault? I’m just a writer :lol: I bet you would blame me even more when I start writing another version of Nisemono lmao. Thank you so much for your kind support Ryu, it makes me happy ^_^
@black_maa: I’m glad you find it interesting, and I might take that message idea from you. I don’t know how I’ll add that in, but we’ll see. Thank you :D
@Drakon: Sooo many silent readers these days!!! X3 Thank you very much. I’m glad to know you have read ‘Three Chances’ before :twothumbs Nisemono gives off something new, but at the same time, I’m a hardcore AtsuMina shipper so I don’t think they’re boring at all. Honestly, there isn’t much of their fanfic going around to even be considered boring, but thank you for liking my stories XD


So this is Three Chances. Those of you who haven't read it, really should, because it's my first official fic ever lol. It's really long, so you should grab some drinks and chips before reading :P

For those who read it already... well, it's up to you if you want to read it again :)

I read a few parts again and realized that there are some mistakes lol, so I hope you could just bypass that haha


Three Chances

I would smile every time, thinking of how we got together. It was back in 2009 when we’re learning the new moves to our new single at the time. River was definitely a complicated piece to learn with all the stomping movements. Even I had a hard time learning those steps.  Of course she was no exception. In fact, she was really frustrated with herself because she couldn’t learn those difficult maneuvers. I believe she was on the edge of giving up, but her responsibility and personality wouldn’t let her do that.

We were growing closer to one another, but River had brought us to the next level. I tried to help her as much as possible so that she can get it. I was determined to help her get those movements down. I don’t want her to feel left behind or feel that she’s not good enough because she is perfect in my eyes. She works too hard to be where she is now, for it to be taken away.

During our practice in the theater, with the other members, my attention was only on her. We started with the opening stomps, but she messed up. The other members were also having a hard time keeping up with the movements. I showed them again, slowly, so that they can remember. I told them to start again and saw some girls improved. Those who got it down went to help the others. Everyone was in their own group, while she was alone trying. I don’t know why the other members won’t approach her. Was it because of her role or was it because they don’t want to disturb her?

She tried again, but tripped. I immediately rushed over to catch her, though I ended up falling as well. I’m glad I was her cushion, but then my whole backside hurt as a result. I checked her thoroughly to see if she was hurt anywhere even though she landed on top of me.

“Atsuko, are you okay?”

“Un, thanks, Minami.”

She said she was fine, but her face was really red. I reached forward putting my own forehead against hers to see if she was sick. She doesn’t seem to have a fever, but her face remained the same. We continued to look at each other until I noticed the other members weren’t practicing.

“Oi, why aren’t you guys practicing?!” I yelled at them.

“Um… we didn’t wanna miss this moment?” Mariko answered.

“What are you talking about?” I was confused.

She then pointed towards us, moving her index finger vertically. I turned to look at the same direction, noticing my right hand was trailing up and down Atsuko’s back. I turned back to Mariko.

“I don’t-“I quickly turned to my hand, still moving on its own. I opened my eyes wide in shock. When did I start rubbing Atsuko? No wonder why everyone was looking at us! I blushed hard, looking at Atsuko. I understand why she was red now.

“G-gomen Atsuko, my hand just… gomen…” I didn’t really know how to explain myself.

“Un, it’s okay.” She looked away.

“Are you mad?” I didn’t want her to be upset with me.

“As much as we all are enjoying this Takamina, we need our leader and her ace back.” Mariko said with a straight face, but I can see the slight smirk.

I waited till Atsuko got up before getting up, myself. We went back to our position and start again.



I was so in the zone that I forgot about the others not knowing the dance moves. I was halfway through the song when someone yelled out to me.

“Oi, Takamina, we don’t know those moves yet! Slow down, will ya?!” Yuko said.

“Oh… right, sorry guys…” I stopped dancing to turn towards them. They were all staring at me like I have 2 heads. I looked at Atsuko and she was blushing again. I look down at myself, but didn’t see anything weird except that I was sweating. I shrugged it off and continued showing them how to do it from the beginning.

“Okay, who got those down?... Good, please help the others then.” I said to them, though I notice Atsuko didn’t raised her hand. She was alone, yet again. I walked up to her asking if she needs help, but she refuses. I went a couple of feet in front of her and start dancing slowly, hoping that she was watching me. I repeated myself a few times before turning back to watch her.

She stumbles again, and had an angry expression on her face. I couldn’t stand there doing nothing, and so I walked up behind her.

“Please let me help you.” I whispered into her ears before taking hold of her hands. There was no distance between our bodies as I sing and move with her to the song. My heart was beating really fast, and I’m pretty sure there was a big blush on my face, but my main mission was to help her get the dance down.

“Okay, so you do this… then this… and finally that.” I said with my head on her shoulder, moving our bodies around. I repeated this same movement a few times so that she can remember.

“After the stomps, we do this together.” I showed her again with our bodies still attached. I noticed her warmth and can’t help, but hold her tighter. She smells so good, something that was distinctly hers, as I relax into her figure.

“Is this right, Takamina?” She asked, turning her head to the right, as I turned my head towards her. Our lips touched slightly, but it was enough for me to feel the electricity. We both looked into each other eyes as we were both shocked by the accident. It took us a few more seconds to separate our lips from one another.

I looked away blushing hard, reaching my chest with my right hand to feel the beating of my heart. It’s so fast that I would think I’m having a heart attack. I breathe in and out slowly, calming myself down, before turning to look at Atsuko.

Her back was facing me, so I can’t see her expression. Was she disgusted by it? Is she mad or upset with me? It was only an accident, even though I enjoyed those few seconds very much.

“A-Acchan?” I approached her slowly, not wanting to startle her.

“Hmmm?” She is still not facing me.

“I’m really sorry, it was an accident.” I bowed down, hoping that she would forgive me. I continued to stay in that position until she approaches me, and laid a hand on my shoulder.


“Hai?” I can’t read her expression.

“Did you like it?” She asked, looking at me straight in the eyes. I swallowed hard. Her gaze was intense. I wouldn’t be able to lie if she’s looking at me like that. I looked away, trying to avoid her, but she took hold of my face.

She was only inches away from me, but she wasn’t looking at my eyes. She was staring at my lips. I swallowed again, watching her licking her soft marshmallow. She’s tempting me, and I can’t refuse her. I want to kiss her. I want to make her mine.

“Yes…” I whispered, before capturing her juicy lips. The feeling from this kiss put me in a daze. I felt that there was nothing in the world that could stop me from tasting this beauty. The only thing, or actually, the only person can stop me is Atsuko herself. I pulled away, resting my forehead against hers. I don’t think I can get enough of this feeling. I held onto her hands, entwining our fingers together.

“Be mine, Minami…” She whispered against my lips, then leaning in for another sweet tender sensation. I wrapped my arms around her waist, bringing our bodies closer. I sucked on the bottom of her lip, and then gave her a peck before sucking on the top. I like the slowness of our kiss. There was no rush, there was just serenity.

I pulled away from the kiss to look her in the eyes. I hope she can see how much of an affect she has on me.

“Even though we’re not supposed to date in AKB… I don’t think I can keep myself away from you after this, Acchan. “



“Call me Atsuko, Minami.”

“Un, I-I’ll be yours as long as you don’t hurt me, A-Atsuko.” I shyly looked away, but held onto her left hand. I felt a squeezed, and turned to her.

“I won’t.” She said which such determination. It makes my heart flutters. We walked towards the changing room hand in hand to get our stuff.

“Wait, where are the others?” I asked, finally noticing that no one was there in the practice room when we left.

“They left a while ago when you were showing me how to do the River’s dance.”

“What? Really? What time is it?”

“It’s already 10pm, Minami.”

Wah, I didn’t know we stayed that late. How can I not be aware of the others leaving? I shook my head.

“Let me walk you home, Atsuko.”

“Only today?” She pouted. Oh my god she is sooo cute!

“Mainichi Acchan. Everyday Acchan.” I said proudly, and she giggled.

“Hey! Why are you laughing?” I pouted, walking ahead. She pulled me back and hugged me from behind, resting her head on my right shoulder. She snuggles to my neck, and whispered the three words that left me speechless.

“I love you~” She embraces me tighter, afraid that I would run away after hearing those words, but it only makes my heart beat louder. My heart beats only for her, and only she can make me happy.  After those words, it only assures me that I feel the same way, and that I don’t ever want to be separated from her.

I tried to pull her arms away from me, but she only tightens it more.

“No, Minami, forget what I just said…” She panicked, and probably tears up.

I turned around in her arms to look at her. I wiped away her tears and kissed her. She responded to my kiss immediately, which makes me smile.

“I love you too.” I peck both of her cheeks, her eyes and forehead, then her lips again. I gaze up at her and was greeted with the most beautiful smile ever. I felt that this smile is and will only be for me.

I took hold of her hand again and started walking towards our apartment. It’s pretty convenient that we live close to each other. We walked hand in hand, swinging our arms back and forth like kids.

We giggled, filled with happiness, and very much looking forward to the next step of our relationship.


“Minami~” I felt someone hugged and snuggled up to me from behind.

“Hmmm?” I smiled, knowing exactly who it was.

“What you doing, sitting here, and spacing out?” She asked, but I can tell that she’s also pouting.

“Just thinking of how we got together.” I held onto her hands that were wrapped around my midsection. I turned to my right and smiled sweetly at her. Awww she’s blushing, still as cute as ever, even though it has been almost a year since we’re together.

“Mou~” She pouted. I took the opportunity to kiss her inviting lips, but not without checking if we’re alone first.

“You’re so irresistible, Atsuko.” I pecked her again.

“The others are waiting to have lunch with us.” She unwrap herself from me and started walking towards the door. Eh? That’s the response I get? Acchan is such a tsundere sometimes, but I stood up to follow after her.

As I stepped out the door, Atsuko was there waiting with the other couples. I automatically reached out to Atsuko’s left hand and entwine our fingers together. We are all walking towards the usual restaurant. Mariko’s and Tomo’s couples are on the right side of Atsuko, while Yuko’s and Sayaka’s are on my left.

Not long after Atsuko and I got together, we found out that there were other couples too. Mariko-sama was with Miichan, Nyan Nyan with Yuko, Tomochin with Tomomi, Sayaka with Sae, and Yukirin with Mayuyu. Though, the last couple only occasionally ate with us.

We reached the restaurant and went into our private room. We all ordered food before talking about our new music video shooting for today.

“So who is excited to shoot Heavy Rotation?!” Yuko, as always, was the one excited the most. She also deserves the wrath of her girlfriend.

“Itai, Nyan Nyan, why?” Yuko pouted, but Haruna ignored her. She deserves that, alright. If you are in a relationship with someone, then you should be committed to them. Instead, Yuko likes looking, kissing, and touching other girls.

I like the song, but I’m a little iffy about the video. It seems everyone is kissing each other and I don’t like that at all, but thank god we get to kiss our respective partners, so I’m okay with that.

“That’s what you get, Yuko.” Sayaka said, as we all laughed at Yuko.

“What? Why?”

“For being a perverted squirrel.” Miichan said.

“For liking other girls.” Sae input.

“For looking at other girls.” Tomochin commented.

“For kissing other girls, chiyuu.”

“For touching other girls.” Atsuko added.

“For playing around too much.” Mariko advised.

After everyone took a turn saying what’s wrong with Yuko, they all direct their attention to me.

“What?” I asked, didn’t like the spotlight.

“Aren’t you gonna say something too?” Yuko asked. Does this girl like to be abused? She wants me to say something too after all that? I shrugged.

“For not committing yourself to Haruna. You should only look, touch, kiss, like, and love her only. Your attention shouldn’t be on any other girls because she should be the only one in your eyes. Your kisses and touches should only be for her and her alone. By not doing that, you’re basically telling Haruna that you don’t appreciate her being your girlfriend and that you don’t treasure her like she treasures you.”

Everyone looked at me weirdly and had their mouth opened. Why are they staring at me like that? Even Acchan is looking at me like that.

“Minami~” Atsuko jumped on me and hugged me tightly. She starts planting small kisses around my face, making me giggled.

“Atsuko, what’s gotten into you?”

“Committing to you~” She gave me the smile that’s only meant for me. I smiled and leaned in to give her a kiss.

“I’ll hold you to that.” I pecked her lips again, and then looked at the others. Each of them is in their own zone kissing each other.

“It seems your words affected them too.” Atsuko rest her head on my shoulder as we watch the others.

“Alright you guys, enough already!” I felt embarrassed seeing them being intimate.

“Awww look, Takamina is shy.” Mariko teased, but I ignored it.

“Just be glad that we get to kiss our partners in the video, right guys?” Sayaka asked.

“Yep, but isn’t that a shame for Yuko?” Miichan, in troll mode again.

“Itai! Nyan Nyan, what did I do?” Yuko glared at Miichan, but said girl stick her tongue out back.

The food finally came to us. We chatted as we’re eating, having fun talking about our relationship, and having fun seeing Yuko get hit. All of us finished and went to pay for our food. Mariko, Yuko, Sae, and I paid for ourselves and our partner’s, while they are waiting outside.

We all took held of our partners hand and walked towards our shooting for the video. We reached our changing room and got into our clothes. We all headed to the filming area, as things were getting set up.

“Hai, girls, please come over to shoot the bed scenes.” The director asked us.

We headed over, lying on one big bed, as the director instructed us to act cute and play with one another. The bed scene was over, giving us ten minutes break before the next scene. Everyone was influenced by the song, as they all kissed each other.

Atsuko starts approaching me as I backed away. I can’t risk letting the staff members find out about us, but she kept coming closer. She puckered her soft lips, aiming for mine, but I dodge out of the way. Finally, she got a hold of me, giving me the smile that I can’t say no to. I gave in and let her kiss me. A smile was apparent on my face, but Atsuko seemed happier as she laughs out loud.

We changed into our cat-like suit to shoot the eating scene.  Since she and Yuko was the ace, they had a few scenes together. Yuko was awfully close and touchy with my Atsuko. Haruna and I both share a look of irritation towards the squirrel. Then, what happened next had cracked my heart.

Atsuko leaned in to kiss Yuko as the latter did too. Haruna and I looked at each other sharing the hurt, sadness, and understanding of how we both felt. Our friends gasp at the scene and looked at us with worried eyes. They tried to calm us down, but nothing they can say can erase what just happened.

“I’m done for the day, guys, I’ll text you later.” I said and left to the changing room. I got into my own clothes and walked out the door.

“Minami, wait!” I heard her voice, but I don’t want to see her at the moment. I’m afraid I’ll say nasty things if I don’t escape now. I ran as fast as I can out of the building.

“Minami! Minami!” She yelled louder, but I won’t stop, I can’t stop. I saw a taxi and quickly hopped in, telling the driver where to go.

I paid the driver as he dropped me off at my apartment. I looked over at Atsuko’s place before getting into the elevator. I got off and went to my door, unlocking it. I stepped in and closed the door. I made sure to lock it with the chain so she won’t be able to get in.

I head to my room, change into my pajamas before getting into bed. I let out a deep sigh as I don’t know what to do. Thinking of earlier hurts me. I tear up, not bothering to wipe it as more came gushing out.

*Mae e susume, tachidomaru na, mezasu wa hi ga noboru basho  kibou no michi wo aruke* River was playing from my phone. I chose and set that part of the song because that was my and Atsuko’s.

I don’t have to check to know she’s calling me. The song kept repeating over and over again. I had lost count because she had called that much. Finally, the song stopped, but there was another ringing. It indicated that I have a message.

I checked my text, seeing that it was from Atsuko. I debated whether I should read it or not, but chose the former.

To: Minami
From: Atsuko
Subject: Sorry
I’m really sorry Minami!
Please let me explain!
Please forgive me!
I don’t want to lose you…
Don’t leave me…
I love you <3


Reading her text brought more tears to my eyes. I grab my chest with my right hand where my heart is beating. It hurts… but it still beats for her…


Third POV

After the kiss between Atsuko and Yuko, the director yelled cut. The girls snapped out of their daze, realizing what they had just done. They quickly turned over to find their girlfriends, but the girls were not there. Instead, the only people there are their friends with worried looks.

“If you two are looking for them, they are gone. They left to the changing room, wanting to go home.” Mariko said with disappointment.

Both Atsuko and Yuko felt guilt as they each ran after their respective girlfriend. Acchan saw Takamina walked towards the front door.

“Minami, wait!” She called out to her girlfriend, but instead of stopping, said girl ran away.

“Minami! Minami!” Atsuko chased after Minami, trying to get hold of the girl to explain, only to be met with a taxi driving away.

She walked back to the others, seeing Yuko came back as well, but with no Haruna.

“Where’s Takahashi-san and Kojima-san?” One of the staff asked, making both Atsuko and Yuko cried.

“They got sick, so they went home first, sorry about that.” Mariko explained. She then walked over to Atsuko, hugging the girl and patting her head.

“I made a mistake, Mariko, now she won’t even talk to me. She ran away from me!” Acchan cried harder, holding onto the older member. Mariko looked at her friends, as they all didn’t know what to do.

It was very clear in the restaurant that they had all agreed to commit to their partners, but within the same day, two of the couples made the same mistake. Worst, they made the same mistake with each other in front of their girlfriends, right after they had shared their passion with them.

“Just give her time, Atsuko, Minami still loves you. She ran away because she doesn’t want to say something that she’ll regret…” Mariko was trying to calm the younger girl.

“S-something she’ll r-regret? Like b-breaking up with m-me?” Acchan didn’t want to think about their separation as tears kept dropping.

“No! She won’t break up with you, Acchan, its Takamina.” Miichan tried to cheer her up.

“The same Takamina that values commitment… Itai!” Sae yelled out.

“That doesn’t help!” Sayaka reprimanded.

“Why don’t you try calling her, chiyuu?”

“I’ll try that.” The ace wiped her tear away and took out her phone. She dialed the captain’s number, but said girl didn’t pick up. She called bunches of more time, then, finally settled for texting.

“She won’t pick up, so I texted her.” Atsuko said with a child-like manner.

“Just give her time, okay?” Mariko comforted the girl.


A couple of days had passed and it was evident that neither the AtsuMina couple nor the Kojiyuu couple reconcile. Haruna would always be with Takamina, talking to her, while Yuko and Atsuko got shunned by them.

During the practice for Heavy Rotation dance, Acchan kept looking over at Takamina, but said girl didn’t mind her at all. She was aware that her girlfriend was looking at her, but she wasn’t ready to talk to the girl yet.

Yuko, on the other hand, approaches Haruna, trying to talk to her and act all lovey dovey again. Though, Nyan Nyan wasn’t having any of it either. Their friends can only watch on as the couples weren’t talking to their respective partners.

The leader finally gave everyone a two hours lunch break before coming back to practice more. The group took this opportunity to dine together, like old times, hoping that this would help.

Haruna walk with Takamina who walked with MariMii and SaeYaka, leaving TomoTomo with Atsuko and Yuko.

“Have you guys tried talking to them?” Tomochin whispered causing both the girls to frown.

“We tried, Tomochin, but we only got ignored.” The ace tears up.

“I don’t get why they can’t forgive us!” Yuko let out her frustration.

“What if it was Takamina and Haruna that kissed? How would you two feel?!” Tomochin wasn’t trying to make them feel bad, but it was the truth. This silences the squirrel for she knows she said the wrong thing.

Up ahead, Mariko was doing the same thing, trying to get the girls to forgive their partners.

“I know what they did was inexcusable, but don’t you think they deserve another chance? I know you two still love them very much. “

“Mariko, you should know that it hurts…” Takamina uses Mariko’s name, which tells them that she was being as serious as ever. That statement was enough to end the conversation.

They all reach the restaurant and went into their private room. Everyone was standing, for they didn’t know the seating arrangement. Minami and Haruna shrugged, sitting down next to each other with the captain being on the right. The other couples sit down with their partners, leaving an empty seat on each side of the girls, forcing Atsuko and Yuko to sit in those seats.

They started ordering food, but after that, it was quiet. No one knows what to say or dared to say anything. The silence was uncomfortable for everyone.

“So Takamina, what will you do after practice, since we get off early today.” Miichan tried to start a conversation.

“After practice I’ll go home.” The captain answered tiredly. This causes Atsuko to frown. She wanted to be with Minami, but said girl still haven’t forgiven her.

The ace reaches out under the table to take hold of Takamina’s right hand. The leader was surprised by the sudden contact, but didn’t do anything, for she also misses their touches. Acchan took this as a good sign, smiled to herself.

The food came for them to eat. Atsuko reluctantly let go of Minami’s hand, so they can both chow down their food.

After everyone finishes, Takamina stood up to leave the room, but not before asking Mariko and Sayaka to come with her. Their girlfriends were looking at them, asking ‘what is going on’ silently. Mariko and Sayaka shook their heads because they don’t know, while Minami just look at Atsuko with no expression.

The girls left, leaving the others behind. The older two members continue to follow the small leader to the cash register.

“I’m gonna head back to the theater first to check on the other members and… I’ll pay for her so she doesn’t have to.” Minami spoke up, surprising the other two girls, and paid the bills for her and her girlfriend’s.

“Why don’t you tell her that?” Mariko asked, with an approval nod from Sayaka.

“Because… I haven’t work things out yet…” Takamina, now, has a frown on her face.

“Okay, but please make it fast. We don’t want to see our favorite couple fight, or worst, break up…” Sayaka started.

“You two are perfect for each other, and I’m not just saying that, Minami. You two really complement each other and understood each other more than anyone else can… Don’t let this one small mistake ruin that, please.” Mariko finishes.

“I’ll head out now, tell them for me.” Minami left with furrowed eyebrows. The two older members watched her retreating form and sigh to themselves.

They head back to the room. The older girls felt uncomfortable with the other’s eyes on them.

“What happened?” Miichan inquired.

“Where’s Takamina?” Tomochin asked.

“She went back to the theater first to check on the other members.” Mariko answered, but her eyes were only on Atsuko. The ace sniffed, wiping the tears from her face. They all went to the cash register to pay, and as Atsuko took her wallet out.

“You don’t need to pay, Acchan.”

“What? Why?”

“Takamina already paid for you.” Mariko gave the lady money for both hers and Miichan’s before turning to Atsuko with a smile. The ace’s heart starts fluttering after hearing the new info.

“You guys will be back together in no time.” Sayaka gave her a thumb up, which cause everyone to nod. Acchan smiled for the second time that day, knowing that her relationship with Minami is still there.

They all headed back to the theater for another intense practice.


Mariko, Miichan, Tomochin, Tomomi, Sayaka, Sae, and Haruna all gathered at a cafe, waiting for the leader to come. The seven of them suddenly received a message earlier that morning to meet up.

They had taken notice of Atsuko and Yuko not being there, which can only mean that they will be talking about the sad subject.

The captain walked in with her casual clothes except with big sunglasses covering her face. It was obvious that Minami had cried to sleep or didn’t get much of rest for the past couple of weeks.

Minami ordered some things first before facing her friends. She let out a sigh and took her glasses off. The members around the table gasp at the face in front of them. The captain eyes were red and full of dark bags underneath.

“Takamina, you look awful!” said Tomochin.

“Gee, thanks a lot.” The girl chuckled.

“Are you okay? Do you need something?” Miichan spoke up, worrying about the other member of no3b.

“No, I’m fine, thanks for asking.” Takamina took a sip of her coke after the waitress had brought it over.

“Takamina, what have you been doing?” Haruna was also concerned.

“I’ve been thinking… a lot…” The girl didn’t show any emotion, making the other members nervous.

“About?... Itai!” Sae got smacked by Sayaka, earning eyes roll by the others.

“What did you come up with, Minami?” Mariko got straight to the point.

“I… still love her… and want to get back with her-” The leader started.

“That’s goo-“ Miichan interrupted.

“But!” This outspoken word hauled everyone.

“What’s wrong Minami?” Mariko worried.

“I will stop my feelings.”

“We don’t understand.” Tomochin and the others were confused.

“People can only deserve so many chances, and I planned to give her two more…” Takamina spoke as everyone nodded for her to continue.

“I will keep a mental list of how many times she made a mistake. I love her and want to be with her, but now I’m afraid of getting hurt. I will try not to fall in love with her any more than I already have to prevent myself from pain.”

“What? That is ridiculous!” Sae said, but was stopped by Sayaka.

“Go on Minami.” The older member coaxes.

“From now on, she has to be the one to prove to me that she does treasure me like I treasure her. I will hold back my feelings until I am sure that she will only see me.”

The members still showed confusion as they are trying to understand what their captain meant.

“In short, Atsuko only got three chances. She lost the first one, now she only got two left. If she makes two more mistakes then maybe it is time for me to give up and move on.” Minami said with seriousness, the same seriousness when she was leading the whole AKB48.

All the members now understood, and are very worried for their friend Atsuko. It’s not that they don’t trust her or have faith in her, but people make mistakes even after the first one. The ace will definitely have a hard time with this since she’ll be stepping out into the real world with her acting career. They must give the girl a heads up, for they do not want to see this couple break up.

“I know what you guys are thinking and I don’t want you guys to tell her about it.” She looked at them deadly in the eyes.

“I want this to be on her own, for her to do what she wants instead of holding herself back because of this knowledge. If she’s going to make a second and third mistake… then that’s that.” Takamina finishes her thoughts.

The members looked at Minami then at each other, finally at Haruna.

“What will you do Nyan Nyan?” Miichan asked, since said girl hasn’t made up with her girlfriend either.

“I will… do what Takamina is doing.” Haruna nodded in determination, turning to Minami with a smile.

“What? You too?!” Tomochin was shocked and so are the other members.

“I don’t want to get hurt either and it seems Takamina had really thought long and hard about this… I agree with her, and I don’t want you guys to tell Yuko either.”

The others were worried about Atsuko at first, but now they are more worried about the squirrel, due to her personality.  They were all in their own world, trying to understand what went through their friends mind to have this sudden changed. While doing so, both Minami and Haruna texted their girlfriends to come to the café.

No more than fifteen minutes, Atsuko and Yuko rushed in to be by their girlfriend’s side.

“Minami, I’m really sorry, I promise this won’t happen again. I was in the moment and so I did that. Please forgive me.” Atsuko hugged Minami and cried on the girl’s right shoulder.

“I forgive you Acchan, but don’t let that happen again, okay?” Takamina said lovingly, patting and smoothing the aces head.

“Un~” Atsuko gave Minami the smile that always make her swoon. The captain wiped away the tears and smiled back. She looked over at the Kojiyuu couple seeing the squirrel in Nyan Nyan’s arm. Haruna saw her looking, gave her a nod.

The other members just watched on as the two couples made up, having mix feelings about it. They are happy that their friends got back together, but what they had learned earlier made them really worried. They don’t think they want to find out the real feelings behind those loving smile. The thought of it being fake made them all shivered.

They hope for the love of god, things will return to the way it was before this incident. They prayed that there will be no more mistakes for they don’t want to witness another changed in their friends.


Two months had passed since Heavy Rotation. AKB are now working on their new single Beginner. The girls were in the theater practicing really hard till they are all covered in sweats, especially Takahashi Minami because she’s the leader who has to work extra hard.

“Alright everyone, you get two hours lunch break.” The captain said, making everyone rush to their own group to figure out where they wanted to go.

Acchan came up from behind, embraces Takamina in a tight hug. The ace had noticed that ever since the incident, Minami had shown less affection. It seems she has reverted back to when they were just friends, which causes Atsuko to become more aggressive, and the captain shyer.

The girls had switched roles and this amuses their friends greatly. They stood to the side to watch the scene before them.

“A-Acchan, I’m sweaty and stinky!” The leader stuttered and blushed at the same time.

“Hmmm, I don’t care, I love your scent.” The ace snuggled to the side of Takamina’s neck and inhaled, causing the shorter girl to shiver.

 Atsuko had also noticed that her Minami had stopped calling her by her name. She was and still is sadden by it, but this only makes her more forward.

“A-Acchan, yamete yo…” Minami whined cutely, struggling to get loose from her girlfriend’s arm.

“Hmmm… No… unless you give me a kiss.” Atsuko negotiate. She’s been missing the leader’s soft lips against hers. It’s not that they haven’t kissed. It’s just, now she’s the one who initiate them instead.

Minami turns even redder, stood there dumbfounded. She never thought Acchan would ask her for a kiss, let alone, in front of their friends. She noticed that the ace had been demanding lately, and she was completely fine with it, but that doesn’t mean she likes to show their intimate moment with the others.

Atsuko seeing Takamina stood still, not moving an inch, made her withdraw from the captain. Hurt was evident in the ace’s eye, but her face remains the same with a smile. Her acting skill was fully used in this situation as she doesn’t want anyone to see what she feels.

“I’m just joking, Minami.” Acchan laughs it off, but the leader knows better. She was about to walk towards their friends, when Takamina pulled her girlfriend back.

Atsuko was surprised by the sudden jerk, turns to look at Minami. The short girl was just standing there, looking down, hand holding onto the ace’s sleeves. She finally looks up at her girlfriend, but with puppy dog eyes, puckering her lips for a kiss. Acchan’s heart started to flutter at her lover’s cute action. She didn’t expect Takamina to comply to her wishes.

The ace smiled, leaning in half-way, waiting for her girlfriend to complete the other half. The captain closes her eyes, reducing the remaining distance between their lips. The kiss was soft and gentle, yet it was filled with love.  Feelings that were being conveyed by Minami were fully understood by Atsuko. 

The two girls separated their lips with a tint of pink covering their cheeks. They both smiled at each other genuinely, reaching out to hold their partner’s hand. The girls walked towards their friends, seeing them fake wiping their tears away.

“Kids grow up so fast.” Mariko said, holding onto Miichan.

“That’s how you get your girl, Takamina.” Yuko gives her a thumb up, while Haruna nodded in approval.

“You can learn a thing or two from our leader, Sayaka.” Sae said to her girlfriend, but got smacked immediately. Everyone laughs at the couple, as the two laughs at themselves too.

“You guys mind us joining you today?” Yukirin walked over with Mayu.

“Of course not, we’re all friends here.” Minami said, as they all headed towards their usual restaurant.


Minami POV

It has been two months since the incident. Haruna and I both kept to our words by holding back our love for them. It was hard, but it must be done for us not to get hurt.

I love her, I love her so much, but the thought of her leaving me for somebody else had kept me back. Even though I held back my affection for her, my feelings remained the same. Once you fall in love, it is hard to get back out and pretend that you’re just friends again.

Atsuko seems to have notice this change in me and had become more aggressive. I actually welcome that because it shows me that she still wants me, but two months wasn’t enough to convince me that I won’t be hurt again. Especially, since she has been working on a new drama with this guy.

If I compare myself to that guy then I’m way better looking than him. He is all scrawny and looks really weak. There is no way he can protect Atsuko! Call me jealous, but I don’t want Acchan to know of this feeling… Should I try and see other potential girls?

There are Kuramochi Asuka, Sato Amina, and Yokoyama Yui. They are all beautiful girls who also got great personalities. Mocchi is kind and has a great body. Amina is cute and also gentle. Yui works hard and funn-

“Takamina, why are you so quiet?” Miichan asked while they were walking towards the restaurant.

“I’m just thinking about other girls.” They all stopped walking, making me stop as well.

“What do you mean?” Mariko asked, seeing Acchan being silent.

“It’s nothing to worry about.” I don’t really want to share my thoughts in front of Atsuko.

“Who were you thinking about?” Haruna wonders.

“I was thinking of Mocchi, Amina, and Yui.” I told them truthfully as I started walking again. Beside me, I can feel a squeeze on my hand. I turned to see Acchan in her thoughts. I face my friends to see their reaction and they seem to know why I was thinking about those three girls.

We all continued walking hand in hand with our partner to the restaurant. We went to our private room and started ordering food, but the only difference is that Atsuko was sitting on my left instead of the usual right. She held onto my left hand the entire time, not letting go. Even when we got our food, she still won’t let go of my hand, but it’s not like I minded. I turned to look at her, trying to find out if anything was wrong, but her face seems normal. Is she mad?

I guess she noticed I was looking at her, and gave me a smile.  She squeezes my hand again, but went back to eating. Why do I feel that there was more to that smile?

“Acchan, how is your drama?” Mariko asked.

“It’s good and fun. I like the story line very much.” She answered. Does she like it because of the guy?

“What about your co-actor? He’s pretty nice looking.” Yukirin was also curious.

“He’s really nice, always helping me and being patient with me.” I don’t like the way she talked about him. I let go of her hand to hold onto my bowl of katsudon. Is my fear coming true? Does she not love me anymore?

“Don’t you get a few kiss scenes with him as well?” It was Miichan who asked. Why is everyone interested in her drama all of a sudden?

“I’m done with my food, I’ll head back first.” I didn’t really finish it, but I wasn’t in the mood anymore.

I went to pay for me and Atsuko, and walked out of the restaurant. While walking towards the theater, I was mulling over my relationship with her. Three more days and it’ll be exactly one year since Acchan and I went out. I wonder if she remembers...

I went into the stage room, settling down my stuff to the side. No one was here yet since lunch wasn’t over. I laid down on the stage with hands behind my head, closing my eyes.  I sigh and relaxed. I was really comfortable and no one was there to bother me.


I felt a pressure on my lips, making me surprise. I opened my eyes to see Acchan kissing me. I returned the same passion, but with my eyes open. I can’t help to admire her beauty. She was so pretty and so calm. In this moment, Atsuko was just Atsuko, not the actress or the ace of AKB.

Only I can see this side of Acchan. The relax, not caring about anything, and just enjoying the moment Acchan. Why was I even thinking about other girls when she’s the one for me?



“I love you~” She gave me another peck.

“I love you too~” I pulled her down to lie on top of me. I want her to feel and hear my heart, since they are only beating for her.

“I want you, Minami~”

“I’m already yours.”

“No…” She lifts her head up to face me.

“I Want You.” I finally understood what she meant. I blushed hard thinking of us being naked together and doing… that…

“It will be one year soon… It’ll be our one year anniversary.” She continues to look me in the eyes. I can’t seem to look away from her intense gaze that filled with so much love and… lust.

“Will you be mine, Minami?” She leaned down to nuzzle close to my neck. She starts kissing and sucking on it, making me feel weird inside, like something was itching. I don’t know what it is, but all I know is that I want more.

“Ah!” She bit me. I can’t believe she just bit me.

“I left a mark on you~” She giggled. I can’t be mad at her, not when she’s acting cute like this. I leaned up to capture her sweet soft lips. If I were to give my first time to anyone, it would definitely be Atsuko.

“Okay~” I breathe out after our kiss. I looked at her, but she seems to be confused until recognition showed on her face. She smiled brightly with her nose wrinkled. The smile that I love the best, that only belongs to me.



“Minami~” Acchan hugged me tightly. She laid her hand onto my belly, touching me, and caressing me. I can feel the warmth from her hand, but seem to grow hotter as she trailed up to my chest.

“A-Acchan” My breathing seems heavier. My mind starts to become hazy.

“Atsuko.” She said as she cupped her right hand around my bra.

“At- hmm~” I bite my bottom lip to hold back that embarrassing sound.

“Minami…” She said my name in a husky tone that ignites me even more as she massages my asset.

“W-what are you do-“ She shuts me up with her lips, tracing mine with her tongue. I opened my mouth to grant her access.

She’s really aggressive, like a lioness pouncing on its prey, leaving me breathless. Her slippery tongue glides with mine as they intertwine. She sucked on it, not letting it go, as she went under my bra.

“A-Acchan” I gasp out.

“Atsuko.” She repeated as she slides her left hand down towards my waistband. At the same time, she went to my neck and started sucking on them.

“D-dame…” I told her to stop, but other than that, I couldn’t think anymore. If she continues on longer, I think I would give in.

“I want you now… Minami…” She moves up to suck on my earlobe, biting and teasing me. Her left hand continues to slide into my pants, lying on top of my underwear.

“Uhn~” I finally let out, couldn’t hold back the sounds anymore. I’m completely caught in Atsuko’s spun web.

“YUKO!” We heard Haruna screamed out, turning towards that direction. Yuko was lying on the floor with a stupid grin on her face. I blushed hard knowing that the squirrel had seen us.

I turned to look at Atsuko, but she seems indifferent. She looked at me smiling before leaning down to capture my lips.

“I guess… I’ll wait a little longer to make you mine, Minami~” She whispered against my lips, giving me another kiss before getting up.

She held her hand out to help me get off the ground. She then fixes my bra and shirt to make it look normal again. I look up at her, observing her angelic face, reaching out to caress her cheek bone.

“You’re so beautiful… Atsuko.” I tiptoed to give her a quick peck. She blushes and hugged me, laying her head onto my right shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist and do the same thing.

“I can’t wait Minami.”

That was the last thing she whispered before the gang came in. They look at Yuko and then looked at us.

“What happened to her?” Mariko asked.

“We don’t know, we’re wondering the same thing.”

“Why does she have a stupid grin on her face?” Miichan leaned closer to look at Yuko.

“She’s probably dreaming of something perverted.” Sayaka said.

“Itai!” The squirrel woke up by the wrath of her girlfriend.

“Nice one, Haruna.” Sae gave Nyan Nyan a thumb up.

“Why were you on the ground, Yuko?” Tomomi wonders.

“You guys should have been here. AtsuMina were getting it on~” Yuko grins and wiggled her eyebrows at said couple.

“You’re talking about Atsuko and Minami, as in Maeda Atsuko and Takahashi Minami?” Miichan gave the squirrel a disbelieving look. The other members nodded in agreement.

“YES! Acchan was on top of Takamina doing the naughty!”

“Takamina, I didn’t know you can be so sexy!” Yuko said turning to me.

“Minami is mine!” Acchan said, making the squirrel back up. Everyone turned to look at us.

“What?” I asked them, putting on my leader act, while Acchan was just holding on to me and resting on my shoulder.

“You’re totally delusional, Yuko. Atsuko and Minami aren’t like you and Haruna.” Miichan said.

“Hey!” Haruna smack said girl’s arm.

“You know it’s true.”

Haruna pouted because she couldn’t deny that fact.

“Stop bullying my Nyan Nyan.” Yuko clutched onto her girlfriend, trying to cheer her up.

“You know what, practice is done for the day, and we’ll pick it up tomorrow.” I said, wanting to go home and rest. After what happened between me and Atsuko, I’m too exhausted to continue our dancing.

I went to pick up Acchan’s and my bag, so we can head home. I walked over to her, holding her hands, and entwining our fingers.

“Let’s go.”


“Bye guys.”

We both walked out of the theater, not bothering to look back at our friends. We were both happy and smiley.

“Just three more days, Mi~na~mi~” I turned to Atsuko, seeing a big grin on her face. She looked at me and gave me a wink. I blushed hard as my heart was fluttering at the same time. This girl will be the death of me…


Today was the day, the day where I’ll be giving my whole being to Atsuko. I pack a few clothing into my bag and brought my necessities. She told me that she’ll be home in the afternoons because she got a shooting for her drama today. 

It was only 12pm, but I was kind of excited and nervous. This will help further our relationship and may help me with my feelings. I walked out of my apartment and went to Atsuko’s. Good thing she gave me a key, so I can get in.

I settle my bag by the sofa as I sit down.

“What should I do for the next 3 hours?”

I walked around Acchan’s apartment, seeing if I could help her with anything. I saw some dirty dishes, so I washed them while listening to our AKB songs. I went to laundry room next and see a stack of dirty clothes.

“Even if Atsuko has a lot of clothing, she still needs to wash these piles.” I help her with her clothes and then folded them neatly on her bed.

“It’s only 1:30pm...” I think for a little bit and got a great idea, since this will be our special day, and it is our special day. I’ll go buy some sweets for her.

I got out of the apartment and walked to Akihabara. There are some stores there that sell really good cakes, and I know Atsuko really loves food.

I saw one particular store and went in. They have so many varieties that I just ordered one of each. This is bad for my wallet, but Acchan was worth it. The smile on her face when she sees them will be priceless.

I continued to walk around Akihabara, finding a jewelry store. I walked in to take a look around. One item in particular had caught my attention. It was a ring, a stainless steel ring with a heart design. The cool thing about this ring is that it can be split in half. Not only that, ‘TRUE LOVE WAITS’ was carved on it. When the ring split, one half of the rings says ‘TRUE WAITS’ while the other half says ‘LOVE’.

It was such a unique ring that I had bought it. I also bought two stainless steel necklaces in case we can’t wear it on our fingers.

Atsuko is the one, and I’ll be happy to give her the half that says ‘LOVE’. This gift will be perfect, for today will also be perfect for our relationship.
I asked the person to give me a cute nice box to put these three items in. The shop keeper just smiled at me sweetly. The old lady even commented.

“I hope you and your special person last forever.”

“Hai, arigatoo.” I bowed to the lady and left the shop with a big grin on my face.

I came back to Atsuko’s appointment to set things up. I lay out all the cakes on the dining table, and then I rushed to her room to put the box on her bedside table.

“Everything will be perfect.”

I walked back out towards the living room, hearing a ruckus outside the main door. I know it’s Atsuko, so I hurriedly rush out to open the front door.

“Atsu…chan…” I saw her in the arm of a man, about to be tainted by his gross looking lips. I can feel the tears about to come out of my eyes, so I went back into the apartment.

I can’t believe what I feared most was happening, a man taking Atsuko away from me, preventing her from loving me anymore. The thought hurts, tears streaming down my face as I grabbed my bag.

I have to get out of here…


Third POV

Today was the day that Atsuko will finally give herself to Minami and vice-versa. The thought alone brought a big giant grin on the ace’s face. Throughout her work for the drama, her smile was so infectious, that everyone around her also smiles.

“What makes you smile so cutely for the entire day, Acchan?” A co-worker of her asked.

“Hmmm, nothing, Takeru-kun.”

“Come on, tell me.”

“It’s just… today is a special day for me and someone else.” The ace said dreamily, thinking of her beloved girlfriend, Minami. Said girl didn’t catch the angry look that was on her co-worker’s face.

“Let me walk you home today, Acchan.” Sato Takeru wanted the girl for himself.

“That’s okay Takeru-kun”

“No, I insist. It’s getting really late for a beautiful girl like you to walk home alone.” The stupid actor continues to compliment Acchan, thinking that it will make her fall for him.

“Okay, thanks Takeru-kun.” He is such a nice friend.

The both of them hopped into the actor’s car as he drove her home. On the way, they were just chatting about their drama. How the drama would end soon and how they were glad to meet each other.

“Well, thanks for driving me home, Takeru-kun.” Acchan smiled and wave as she got off.

“No, wait, let me walk you up.” The dude got out of his car before the girl could say anything.

They both took the elevator up to Acchan’s floor, walking to her door. The guy took hold of Acchan’s hand and pulled her towards him.

“I like you Acchan. I’ve been for a long time. Please accept my feelings.” The actor confessed, leaving the ace stunned and blushing.

He leaned in close, trying to close the gap between his nasty lips and her perfect ones. The girl didn’t do anything, but stood there.

“Atsu…chan…” The voice of Takahashi Minami made them both shock, especially Maeda Atsuko for being caught in the act in front of her girlfriend.

The door was slammed close afterwards, leaving the two standing there awkward.

“Please leave Sato-san.” Acchan spoke up, trying to calm herself from being rude to him, for he has cause another rift in her relationship with her beloved.

“Acchan, I know you like me too.”

“Please leave, now, and goodnight.” The ace didn’t wait for his reply, stepped into her apartment, and closed the door.

Atsuko hurriedly rush into her living room, seeing Takamina grabbing her bag.

“Minami” Acchan said her name, not wanting the girl to go. She wanted to explain what had happened, but she’s afraid her relationship is already over.

The captain heard the girl called out to her. She closes her eyes, taking in deep breaths to calm down, but tears were still running. She really can’t bear to be here anymore.  She walked towards the front door, but Acchan held her back. Takamina tried not to look at her.

“Minami, look at me please.” Atsuko begged in such a sad tone. How can the leader refuse when the girl she loves is also in pain?

She looked at her, trying her best to smile even though tears continues to drop. Acchan wiped them away, leaning in, trying to kiss her girlfriend, but Takamina had turned away, rejecting her. Atsuko was deeply hurt by this. She had again, made a mistake.

How can she asked for a kiss when she was about to give it to that guy?

“I’m tired, I’ll go back home, you rest well.” Even though the captain was hurt by her, she still loves the ace very much.

“Stay Minami, please don’t go!” Acchan started crying, afraid she’ll never see the leader again if she let her go.

Why is she crying when I’m the one she betrayed?

“Don’t cry, Acchan, just go to sleep okay?” Takamina was fully exhausted. She wants to leave. She wiped away the girl’s tears and kissed her forehead.

“NO!” Atsuko grabbed Minami and held her tight. The leader tried to get loose, but the girl’s grip was too strong.

“Let me go, Acchan.”

“Let me explain, Minami, please!” The taller girl pushed the shorter one on the couch, straddling her, holding onto both of her wrist.

 “I don’t want to hear it…” Takamina turned away and closes her eyes. She felt Acchan entwine their fingers together and lay on top of her, snuggling to her neck.

“I’m sorry, Minami, but please let me explain… I love you… only you… please… please…” The ace cried really hard, while begging her girlfriend to let her explain.
The leader just stayed on the couch, not saying a word. She couldn’t move, and she didn’t want to say anything. She only wanted to think.

Takamina had already said that she’ll give Acchan three chances. This was her girlfriend’s second mistake, leaving her with one last chance. She still loves the girl very much, but she needed space, needed to recover from this before she can be with Atsuko again.

The second mistake had made Minami even more closed off from her feelings. Just when she was about to give herself to the girl, said girl had ruined her trust.
She doesn’t know how long she was thinking for, but the figure on top of her fell asleep. She tries to get up slowly, not wanting to wake up Acchan, though the girl stirred by the movement underneath.

“Minami… I’m sorry… please…” The ace mumbled and had went back to sleep with furrowed eyebrows. She misses the warmth that is now staring at her sleeping face.

Takamina uses all her strength to carry her love one to bed. She didn’t want Acchan to sleep uncomfortably on the couch or catching a cold. She was about to leave when a hand held her right, stopping her from going.

“Minami, please stay… Don’t leave me.” Even though it was dark in the room, the leader can make out the tears running down the ace’s face, and the strained voice that was being used.

She didn’t know what to do. On one hand, she wanted to leave, to run somewhere so she can be alone. On the other, she wanted to stay with her girlfriend, and make her feel better.

The decision was made for her when Atsuko pulled her down to the bed.

“I love you Minami. I love you so much.” Acchan leaned her forehead against Takamina’s.

She was able to look at her in the eyes, thanks to the moons’ light. Both of them were breath-taking. Each girl admired the other’s beauty. Nothing was in their mind, except for each other’s illuminated faces.

“So beautiful.” Acchan caresses the leader’s face, tracing the girl’s lips with her thumb. She kept looking at those inviting lips, licking her own. She asked permission with her eyes to taste those lips that she desire, and only desire.

“I love you and only you…” Was the last thing Atsuko whispered before capturing Minami’s soft pink lips. The ace tries her hardest to convey all her feelings into this kiss. She was asking for forgiveness and was telling the girl that she loves her.

“I’m really sorry. I was surprised by his confession and I didn’t know what to do. He just leant in to kiss me, but I’m glad you have stopped it, otherwise I wouldn’t know how to face you.” Acchan explained, leaning her head against Takamina’s.

“Are you attracted to him?” The leader asked such a direct question, the ace didn’t know what to say. They were quiet for a few seconds, but it was enough for the short girl to understand.

“I see.” She stood up from the bed grabbing the box on the table. She was even more hurt, knowing that Atsuko was also attracted to that weak man. She left the room to pick up her bag.

“Minami, wait!” Acchan rushed out to stop the girl, but said girl had enough for the night.

“I bought you some cakes on the dining table. I figured you would like them, but it’s up to you if you want to eat it or not.” The captain said coldly.

The ace had just notice the varieties of cakes sitting there. She felt warm inside, knowing her girlfriend spent effort in making her happy, but she also felt sad because her girlfriend was using such a tone.

“Please stay…” Acchan felt guilty for hurting her beloved again. She cried, while hugging Takamina from behind.

“We have early practice tomorrow, try and not to be late.” The leader reminded before she left.

Atsuko cried hard as she slips to the ground, not hearing what Minami had whispered as the girl closes the door.

“Last chance… Atsuko…”

Acchan continued to cry in that position for god knows how long. She finally stood up and went to the cake. She will eat them all. She will consume all the love that Takamina had put in buying her all these cakes.

Even though the ace is known to eat a lot and likes sweet. This much sugar will cause a problem later on.


After the leader left her girlfriend’s apartment, she calls a member that she trusted to see if she can stay over a few days.

“Moshi Moshi”

“Ne, Mariko-sama, are you busy?”

“No, I’m just relaxing at home right now, what’s up?”

“Is it okay if I come over… and perhaps stay a few days?” After hearing this sentence, Mariko understood that Minami was having problems with Acchan. She has all the intention in finding out what the ace had did.

“Yeah, that’s fine, come on over.”

“Thank you… see you in a bit.”

After hanging up the call, Mariko had texted Miichan, Haruna, Sayaka, Sae, Tomochin, and Tomomi about Takamina, leaving Yuko out.

“What?!” was Miichan’s expression.

“Poor Takamina…” Haruna sympathize.

“What’s the problem this time?” Both Sayaka and Sae looked at each other.

“Chiyuu is sad to see AtsuMina like this…” Tomomi clung on to Tomochin as the latter soothes her girlfriend.

Mariko was angry, but she needed to know what happened first before doing something about it.

*ding dong*

The tallest member of the group went to open her door. There stood Takahashi Minami with tear stained face and red eyes, smiling at her like nothing had happened.

“Minami” Mariko pulled Takamina into a hug. The girl cried her heart out as the older member embraces her.

“Let’s go inside and then we’ll talk.”

They both went into the living room sitting on the owner’s white couch. Mariko went to make some hot tea to calm the captain.

“Do you want me to call the others?”

“I don’t want to see them right now, and you can just tell them later.” The leader was exhausted. Even the tone of her voice told the other girl she was drained.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Second time, Mariko… She made a second mistake, but this time, it’s with a man!” Takamina was very angry. She gritted her teeth and forms her hands into a fist.

Seeing the captain like this makes the older member sad. Her funny loving leader is now a mess because of her uncontrollable girlfriend, who also happens to be her friend.

“She was in the arm of that weak man, about to be kissed by him, if I hadn’t interrupted.”

Mariko was silent. She was forming images into her head, and she can see clearly what Takamina’s face had looked like.

“She told me she was surprised by his confession, but you know what hurts the most?” Minami look at her friend, giving her a painful smile, before breaking down.

“She’s also attracted to him...” That last sentence was the last straw for both the girls. Takamina cries, as she was being held by Mariko, though the latter has a different emotion boiling in her. She was mad, beyond pissed that Acchan had caused the leader greater pain.

Few hours had passed, as the captain slept with her tear stained face on Mariko’s body. Said girl had texted the other six members of the details regarding AtsuMina, and planned to meet early tomorrow at her house.

The tallest member looks down at Takamina, stroking the petite girl on the head as she relaxes on her sofa.

“I’ll protect you, Minami…” Mariko whispered before she too falls asleep.


Mariko woke up first in the morning to make breakfast and coffee, while Takamina is still on the sofa sleeping.


The tall member checks her phone for the text, as it said their friends was outside the house waiting. She went to open the door to welcome the six members that she text last night.

“Morning Mariko” Miichan greeted her girlfriend, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Where is she?” Haruna asked the question that the other girls were thinking of.

“She’s still sleeping on the sofa… come in guys, and then we’ll go to the theater together.”

They all walked in to the living seeing Minami asleep in a fetal position. The girls all had a sad look on their face, seeing their used to be energetic leader on the couch, looking like a scarred little girl.

Mariko motioned for the girls to follow her into the kitchen to talk.

“So what happened?” Tomochin asked.

“She came last night, crying into my arms, and then fell asleep…” The images that Mariko described were clearly seen by the other members.

“I don’t really know the details, but it seems she caught Atsuko in the arms of a weak man and about to be kissed by him if Takamina wasn’t there to stop him.”

“That’s not it… Acchan explained that she was caught off guard by the confession, which is why she didn’t do anything, but Minami found out that she was also attracted to him…”

The girls were shocked. They couldn’t believe their ace has feelings for another person besides their leader. They didn’t know what to make of this situation. They were mad, but at the same time they couldn’t blame the girl for liking a guy.

They were all raised up in a society where girls are supposed to be with guys, but since they are in an all-girls group with the no dating rule, they never interacted with males before. So it was only normal to develop feelings for a friend in the group. Though they are pretty sure that the person they are dating right now is the right one for them, and they wouldn’t change it for the normal relationship at all. They are all fine with being with another girl and they had all accepted that they are different.

The members look at one another, recognizing that they all share the same feelings upon this subject.

“Even if we all come to terms with it… Acchan is different… She is now out and about and experiencing new things…” Sayaka spoke up what the others had in mind.
“How’s Yuko, Nyan Nyan?” Mariko asked, wanting to change the subject for a bit.

“Ever since that incident, she hasn’t gone around looking or touching other girls anymore… What Takamina said in the restaurant really stuck with her now.”

“Well that’s good. Now, we don’t have to worry about two couples breaking up, but just one.” Sae said, immediately got smack by Sayaka.

“Itai, what was that for?”

The other members shook their head, and laugh at the couple in front of them. Normally the scene in front of them would be the Kojiyuu couple, but Yuko has stopped being an old man.

“Mariko?” A sound came from the living room.

“She’s awake, you guys go see her, and I’ll bring her breakfast.”

The girls walked out to a surprised looking Minami.

“When did you guys get here?”

“Ohayoo Takamina our greatest leader ever.” Miichan yelled and jumped on her captain.

“Ugh, Miichan, you’re too loud.”

“How are you feeling Takamina?” Haruna asked, concerned.

“Ah, Mariko, told you guys?”

They all nodded, looking at the girl with sympathy.

“Stop looking at me like that. You guys know I don’t like that.” Minami wasn’t weak, she’s fine, and she definitely doesn’t need her friends to stare at her with those feelings.

“Ara ara, don’t be mad in the morning, Minami. Here’s breakfast” Mariko came out with a tray of scrambled eggs, beacon, and pancakes. Instead of a traditional Japanese breakfast, it was an American one.

“Wah~ for me? Arigatoo!” Minami ate the food happily, commenting on how delicious it was.

Her friends watch her with smiles on their faces. Whenever their little captain smiles or be happy about something, they share the same feelings with her. They can only enjoy this small moment of happiness before the real problem kicks in.

“Ah~ that was really good.” Takamina said happily before she walks into the kitchen. The moment her back turns, her smile turns into a frown. She puts the dishes into the sink and starts washing them.

The others outside knew their leader was only putting on a face and that sadden them greatly. They’re not sure if the captain is gonna give her girlfriend another chance, for this time, it is a much greater deal than the kiss with Yuko.

Takamina came out to let the others that they should start heading to the theater. She grabbed her bag, making the other members shock from what they just saw.

“Minami, what happened to your wrist?” Mariko asked, making the short girl look down.

“Ah, must be from last night with Atsuko…” The leader seem indifference to the bruised mark sitting on both her wrist.

“You have it on both of your hand! What did you do with Acchan yesterday?”

“She pushed me down and held onto them… I guess she was squeezing too hard and now it leaves these marks…” The short girl said, tracing the mark on her right wrist with sad expression.

“Anyway, let’s head out now, I don’t want to be late.”

The members followed their leader leaving Mariko the last to lock her house. They all walk behind Minami, looking at each other to see who will asked her of her decision, but the captain spoke up before it was decided.

“I know you guys want to know my decision… and trust me, it was a hard one to make…”

They continued walking, waiting for their friend to continue her thought.

“I think… I will break up with her…” This left the other members gasp. They couldn’t believe, but at the same time they could, that Minami would break up with Atsuko.

“To prevent the third mistake from happening… I’m really scared, you know? I’m afraid that the next time it’ll happen, she’ll do something worst, and I don’t want hate her for it…” The leader turned around to look at her teary friends. She was too nice was what all of them thought, and couldn’t believe Acchan had blew it with this amazing god-like person.

“You guys, don’t cry, you’re gonna make me cry too.” The short girl laugh, but tears were falling down her face. All the members surrounded her and gave a group hug.

“We’ll support your decision, Minami. You do what you have to do.” Mariko spoke up with the silent agreement from the others.

“Arigatoo minna.”

The friends supports Takamina’s decision, but they wonder how their ace will take this bad news…


The girls headed to the theater, settling down their bags in the changing room. When they walked in, they came face to face with none other than the ace herself.
Immediately, there was an awkward atmosphere in the room, and anyone who was there can sense it.

Mariko, Miichan, Haruna, Tomochin, Tomomi, Sayaka, and Sae stood still. They didn’t want to move an inch for who knows what will happen. They can see in Atsuko’s eyes that the girl was regretting deeply, looking to their leader’s eyes to plead for forgiveness. Minami, on the other hand, looked away and continue on to her spot. The center girl left, crushed and teary eyed.

Their friends wanted to comfort the sadden girl, but at the same time, they couldn’t really support Acchan for what she had done to Minami.

“Takamina, are you gonna talk to her at all?” The older member asked.

“I have to eventually… I’ll do that after practice… will you guys be there?”

The seven girls can sense that the captain was scared to be alone with the ace. They know that she was afraid she’ll give the girl another chance when she’s not at all ready yet.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be there for you, and then let’s go eat afterwards.” Mariko said with the smiles of the other members.

“Yosh, we need to go practice now, come on.” Minami reverted back to her leader mode. That’s the only way for her to not think about Atsuko and for her to focus on her job.

The members followed behind shaking their heads. Takamina will always be Takamina no matter the situation she’s in.

“Alright everyone, we will practice all the versions for Beginner, but mostly…” The captain looked over to the ace. There was another awkward silence as the two girls made eye contact. The people there were confused to why the leader had stopped talking.

“… but mostly Atsu-Acchan’s version…” None of the members noticed the tiny slip up that Minami had made, besides the seven friends and the ace herself.

They had all started the rehearsal. First were Atsuko’s version, then Minami’s, Mariko’s, Tomochin’s, Mayuyu’s, and Yuko’s. They went back to Acchan’s, but in the middle of the song…

“Acchan!” One of the members yelled out.

Minami immediately look for Atsuko to see what had happened. The ace was lying on the ground unconscious, full of sweat, and scrunched up face like she’s in pain.

The leader rushed over to be by her girlfriend side, checking her temperature. Their friends can only stand and watch as Takamina freaked out and trying to wake the girl up.

“Atsuko! Atsuko!” The captain continued to yell out her girlfriend’s name in pain.

“Wake up, Atsuko…” The short girl had tears in her eyes. She closes them to stop them from falling.

“M-Minami?” The ace opens her eyes, coming face to face with her beloved.

“Minami!” Acchan hug Takamina tightly and closely. She doesn’t want to let go of this body in front of her.

The seven friends felt relieved to see the black hair girl conscious again. They take it upon themselves to dismiss the members that wasn’t involve with their group, while the two girls were still embracing each other.

“Is everything okay?” Yukirin asked Mariko with concerned.

“Not really… Takamina and Acchan…”

“It’s okay. They will be fine. I’ll head home with Mayu.” The team b’s captain lay a hand on the older member’s shoulder in reassurance, and took her leave.

“Nyan Nyan… why are we finished early?” Yuko asked, looking confuse.

“Takamina and Acchan needs to talk… you should head home too.”

“What happened?”

“Let’s just say Acchan did something that she shouldn’t have… and Takamina doesn’t like it one bit…” Haruna looks at Yuko with the expression that tells her she doesn’t want to talk about it, and that the squirrel should just go home.

“Okay… I hope they will work things out… because if they can’t, then we all can’t…” The team k’s ace said before leaving as well.


What the squirrel had said was true. If Minami and Atsuko can’t work things out, then what chance does the other couples have in saving their relationship when things go wrong?

The seven girls regroup towards the back of the theater to give the two girls space. They look at one another, hoping that whatever happens, they will all still be friends. The girls looked at the stage where the two figure were still in a tight hug.


“Ats-Acchan, are you okay, why did you fainted?” Takamina was worried.

“Probably from yesterday…” Atsuko looked down, probably feeling that Minami will think she’s dumb.

“What do you mean?”

“I… I ate all the cakes yesterday…” The aced pouted, trying her hardest not to look at her beloved.

The captain was dumbfounded. She didn’t even know what to say. Sure, she knows her girlfriend likes to eat, but to eat all that cake? What was she thinking?

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I love you… I know you bought all that out of love to make me happy, and I… I want… I don’t… I…” Acchan couldn’t explain what she felt, and she was having a hard time putting it into words.

The leader was silent. Her eyes were filled with love as she looks at her cute pouting lover. For some reason, she could understand what Atsuko was trying to say, and she felt happy about it, but she also felt the girl was irrational for doing that.


“I’m really sorry, Minami, I’m really am.” The ace finally looked at her captain, tears at the edge of her eyes.

“When you left last night, I didn’t know if it would be the last time for me to see you, and the thought had broken my heart. You’ve become such a vital part of my life that it’s hard to remember what my life was like before meeting you, and I can’t imagine my future without you.” Tears had finally dropped, streaming down the center girl’s cheeks.

“I know I’ve hurt you, but if you gave me the chance, I would spend every second of our life together to make up to you. I never want to see you cry or hurt you again, and to know that I’ve caused that hurts me deeply. I know what I’ve said is not enough, but please…” Atsuko was pleading.

Minami was touched by the feelings that Atsuko had poured out to her. For the girl to do that, it means something. The ace normally has a hard to expressing herself and usually keeps things to herself, but she took a big step in telling her love one. The ribbon girl appreciated and felt happy, but one thing occupied her mind.

“What about the guy…” Takamina looked away with hurt evidently in her voice.

“He means nothing to me, Minami. I love you and only you.“

“I-I’m not so sure…”

“Without you, I would not know how to smile anymore.” Acchan strokes the leader’s hair.

“Without you, I have nothing to look forward to.” She moves down to caress the short girl’s face.

“Without you, my heart won’t beat anymore.” She smooths out the captain’s eyebrow.

“Without you, life has no meaning.” She outline Takamina’s nose.

“Without you, I would be empty.” She traces the ribbon girl’s lips.

“Without you, I won’t be able to survive. So please…” She inches closer.

“Please don’t give up on me…” Atsuko whispered before capturing Minami’s soft lips.

The leader was completely swayed by the love that the ace had shown. She was captivated by how sincere Acchan was. She was in a daze by the kisses that she’s been missing. She felt content, being in the arms of her girlfriend who showered her with feelings.

Even though the captain was happy in the moment, she knows she has to do what she wanted before all of this had happened. She wants to enjoy this moment for she doesn’t know when she’ll enjoy it again.

Both of the girls ran out of breath as they separated their lips from one another. Red tints were clearly shown on both of their faces, and eyes are filled with sparkles of love.

“I won’t give up on you, Atsuko.” Takamina was the first to talk.

“Minami~” Acchan tries to hug her girlfriend, but said girl inched back.

“I still want to have a perfect image of you when I’m thinking about you… I don’t want to hate you, Atsuko, I really don’t.” The captain’s tears ran down her face, one after the other non-stop.

“Minami?” The ace was confused. She reached out to grab her chest, where her heart is beating. It was hurting suddenly, and she didn’t know why.

“I love you, Atsuko. No matter what, I’ll always love you…” The leader was full on crying at this point.

The seven friends, who were observing from the back, all had tears running down their face. Sayaka was leaning on Sae’s shoulder, holding her for comfort. Tomomi was in the arms of Tomochin as they embrace each other to the sad scene in front of them. Miichan hugs Mariko as she cried to the older girl’s chest. Haruna was left without a partner, but Miichan held her hand out for Nyan Nyan to hold.

The girls knew what Takamina had wanted, but they didn’t expect it to be this heartbreaking. The favorite and most compatible couple will break up. The two were the example couple that members look up to and followed. Now that they are over, what makes the other five invincible?

“Minami…” The ace was also crying. Seeing her girlfriend hurt also makes her hurt. You always feel what your partner feels. It’s the connection that they shared.

“I’m breaking up with you…”

Atsuko’s world completely fallen apart. She wasn’t sure if she heard it right, but the pain in her chest grew ten times worst. She felt like she was being stabbed repeatedly in the chest slowly. She was at a loss for words as she was looking at her broke down girlfriend, ex-girlfriend.

“No… NO!” Acchan slides over to face Takamina.

“Why, Minami, why!”

“Tell me, Minami, tell me!” The ace shook her captain.

“I’m scared!”

“I’m really scared of loving you, Atsuko!” The center girl was silent.

“I’m mostly afraid of you leaving me for another person…” Acchan was surprised to find out her leader’s feelings.

“I told you I love only you!”

“How would I know that about the future?” Takamina throws back, shutting up her friend.

The short girl stood up, thinking that it was already over, since there was nothing else that she wanted to share.

“J-just give me a chance, Minami. I will prove it to you. I will prove that you’re the only one I love.” The black hair girl pleaded again. She couldn’t imagine the future without Takamina, let alone the very next day. She already felt empty inside.

“I will continue to be your best friend, Atsuko. I will be there for you when you need me. I’ll cheer you up when you’re sad. I’ll be a shoulder for you to cry on. I’ll be the box for you to vent out your frustrations. I’ll support you no matter what you do, but I just can’t be with you right now…” The leader turned to look at her friends in the back. It was too painful for her to look at Acchan.

“Please understand that I still love you very much, but this will be good for the both of us… You may find someone else that you’ll love more than me. You’re now in the real world, experiencing new things. You won’t have to be stuck loving me anymore…” Takamina smiled bitterly.

“You’ll be able to try with that guy that almost kissed you… even though we’re not supposed to date, but I’ll turn a blind eye for you, Atsuko. You’ll be able to sort your feelings, and maybe I can open my eyes to the others around me…” Acchan didn’t like the sound of any of the things that the captain had said, especially the last part.

“Atsuko you’re free now, and if you do find happiness in a man, then I’ll be happy for you… “ The short girl walked over to the welcoming arms of her friends. Before she left the theater to grab her stuff, she turned over to look back at the girl she loves.

“Atsuko…” The girl looks up at Takamina.

“If you’re sure of your feelings before all that happens, or if you’re in your 30s/40s and still find no one, then… I’ll do what you want in that interview…” The leader blushed thinking of what she is implying.

“Y-you mean…” The center girl had hopes in her eyes.

“Let’s live together… and… get married…” The captain smiled genuinely at her ace, before walking to the changing room with her friends to get their bags.

“M-Minami…” Atsuko was also blushing, but very happy that she will get another chance from her beloved. She was very determined to prove to Takamina that she’s the only one for her. She promised herself that she will get the girl she loves or she’ll die trying. Nothing and no one will get in her way of that goal, and if there are obstacles, she will demolish them.


The eight girls got their bags, heading out to have lunch together. Seven of the members were wondering if Takamina was sure about her decision. They don’t want to question her, but they are eager to know.

“Minami… what you said back there to Acchan… did you mean it?” Mariko, being the oldest there, asked.

“Yeah I did… I told you guys that she’ll get three chances, so when the time comes and she is really sure that I’m the only one she sees without wavering, then she’ll get that last one.”

“What about the part that you may find another person?”

“In the meantime, while she’s figuring out things, I want to see if other makes me happy too…”

“Is that why you were thinking of Asuka, Yui, and the others at that one time?”

“Yeah… does that make me a bad person?”

“No, Minami… it only makes you human…” Mariko said wisely, while the others also agreed.

“Before I forget, can you keep this for me, Mariko-sama?” Takamina handed the older member a nice looking box.

“Can I see what’s inside?”

“I guess so…”

All the seven girls stood in a circle as Mariko opens the box. What the find inside was a stainless steel ring and two matching necklaces that Minami had bought. The members gasp at how unique it was, and the wording on their makes their heart melts.


“T-Takamina, this is beautiful, why you have this?” Tomomi asked.

“I bought it at a store for me and Atsuko for our anniversary… but you guys know how that turned out…” The leader frowned thinking back of what could be a special day.

“Why do you want me to keep this?”

“I bought it with Atsuko in mind, so it can only be given to her… The day I will ask you for it back will be the day that we’ll both be ready... Please keep it safe for me?”

The members were gushing at a how lovely and romantic their leader is. They couldn’t believe this perfect god-like human being belongs to their ace. Acchan was definitely lucky to deserve this kind of love and devotion from Minami. The girls envied their lucky friend very much. They look at their partner, sharing the same feelings that they have for this couple, and they wish to achieve this kind of specialness between them too.

“Okay, I’ll keep it safe… I do hope you’ll ask for it back one day.”

“I hope so too.”

The eight girls continued walking to the usual restaurant to share what is left of this tired, painful, and hopeful day. They look forward to the future where all the couples can be reunited to have a nice lunch together again, like old times.

What they didn’t know is that, the future may cause more disruption to the reunion of a certain favorite couple.
Will said couple survive such turbulence that will be thrown at their lives?

Let’s just pray for the best.


I hope you guys liked my first fic ever ^_^

So, I'll post Nisemono chapter 5 part 2 tomorrow, please look forward to it :D
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Re: AtsuMina: Three Chances (11/13/14)
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I don't know what to say about this new chap except that Acchan better get her acts together and confess up front what it is she's been hiding from Takamina and other girls or Takamina will get fed up with her actions soon and result in her falling for Utan more and more. Right now it looks like being with Acchan confuses her while being with Utan makes her comfortable and happy.

Looking forward to your next part :)

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Re: AtsuMina: Three Chances (11/13/14)
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This part I am reading first time and it's very, very heart broken part..  :cry: 
Never thought, that the reason is that painful for Takamina..  :gyaaah:
Waiting next update.. :)
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Re: AtsuMina: Three Chances (11/13/14)
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Three Chances


Don't like the ending of this  :( :cry:

Won't you make alternate ending?  :) :)

Hehehe  :twothumbs :twothumbs :nervous :nervous
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